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2023.06.05 18:30 CryptographerEqual85 There is a 1995 Honda Legend in my town that has probably been sitting there for a few years

There is a 1995 Honda Legend in my town that has probably been sitting there for a few years
Hello there. I found this Honda Legend in my neighborhood that has probably been sitting there for a few years. It huts to see the car rot like this, and I would like to approach the owner and ask if he is selling it. Could be my first project to work on. Apart from the moss, he looks very good on the outside. If the car was in good shape. If the car was technically in good condition before it was sitting for so long, I would definitely buy it. However, I don't know what the value of this car is in this condition. Here in Germany, the Legend sells for 5-10K € in good condition and for around 3K in “bad” but drivable condition. What do you think I can do for an offer on this car?
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2023.06.05 18:29 BMF272 A little breakdown from a shot in my film that I was proud of. The cheapest hospital set we could find cost $2000 a day. Rented a room for $75 and did this in Blender.

A little breakdown from a shot in my film that I was proud of. The cheapest hospital set we could find cost $2000 a day. Rented a room for $75 and did this in Blender. submitted by BMF272 to cinematography [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 18:29 NewFlatThrowAway Upstairs Neighbor Noise Issue - How to Proceed?

My husband and I recently bought a ground level flat in North London (split terrace house). Our only qualifiers when speaking to an estate agent was that we couldn’t live in a building with smokers, and I wanted to make sure we didn’t live under a large family. I have some medical issues that make both of these things VERY challenging, so I was trying to be as diligent as possible.
When we viewed our flat, we were told by the estate agent that the residents above us were the owners of the flat (a couple in their 40s) with no kids, non-smokers. We always viewed the flat mid-day, although at various times. We got a good deal on it, and it’s generally in an area we’re happy with, and the sale moved super quickly (offer to completion in 60 days).On the first night it sounded like a full circus circus above us. It specifically started at about 8-9. It literally gave me a panic attack, and I didn’t sleep that night. It’s been the same nearly every single night since, for the last two months. To be clear, the above flat is a 2 bedroom.
I have since learned that the family above are renting, and is actually a set of parents, their three young kids PLUS the grandmother, an uncle and his young son. In addition, they have family/friends/kids over constantly from their home country. So the MINIMUM is 4 kids/4 adults, but often times it’s more of both. To top it off, all of the adults (residents and visitors) are smokers.
These are huge issues for me, but the family is so fucking nice.
We have to communicate via a translator app, but that’s no problem, we’ve figured it out. I even wrote them a note in their native language (using ChatGPT and translator app - and yes it was probably terrible) about the smoking, and I delivered it with wine and some homemade cookies. They’ve since made an effort to smoke away from the doors and windows, and so our windows/hallways are clearing up of the smell!
But the noise is absolutely constant. It literally never ends.The kids are always running up and down the communal hallway stairs, as well as the stairs in their flat. With four (but often 5-6) kids who are younger, the running everywhere is constantly shaking our walls. We believe the kids room is above our room, so they regularly stay up until all hours of the night, and we think they jump around/from a bunk bed, and are often rolling a computer chair above our head. Between that and the adults waking early for work (4-5 AM) there’s never a break from noise. With the sheer number of people, someone is always coming and going, opening/closing the door, going up and down the stairs. We literally won’t be able to hang anything on our bedroom walls because they are vibrating all the time.
It feels like their flat is a hub for their family, friends and community. To be fair to them, they’re not throwing parties or playing loud music or TV, and I can absolutely tell they’re trying to be good neighbors.I want so badly to be understanding and get used to the noise. Hell, I lived in a split level before without issue! They’re good people, and a lovely family, but the noise is making me feel insane. I live in my headphones during the day and overnight, and I find myself constantly anticipating noise, so I’m always tense and on edge.
I am so bitter at the estate agent for knowingly lying to me. I actively tried to avoid this because of my sensitivities, and I don’t know where to go from here. My husband mentioned to the uncle about the noise, but there’s been no change. Not because I think they don’t care, but really how can they reduce the noise with an average of 10 people in the flat at any time?
I guess I wanted to ask for advice on how I might handle this going forward? I’d like to try to escalate my concerns as kindly as possible, and I want to be able to communicate the issue without anger or resentment.Does anyone have any suggestions on next steps, specifically on what to say regarding the kids/running/wrestling noise?
I’m also asking my solicitor to figure out who manages the rental agreement, just so I can have that information to hand, but it would be my last resort to report them. I would feel dreadful if it resulted in them having to leave. And whose to say the next renters wouldn't be worse?
TLDR; Upstairs neighbors are extremely noisy due to the amount of people living/visiting flat, but they're very nice. I'm struggling trying to understand how to proceed.
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2023.06.05 18:29 BC_LOFASZ Hi guys. Is there an official repair shop for legions in every country? (Basically a TMX rant)

I live in Hungary and I had to send my laptop to TMX which is I think a worldwide or at least European company which manages the official warranty for some electronic devices.
In Hungary (as I know) there're only Thinkpad official repair shops, there is no legion one, only the TMX.
Now, TMX is a shit company, at least I have very bad experience so far. It took a month for them to recognize the issue (top plastic that has the input labels on it cracked on top right) and 2 more months to repair it. Also, no phone calls, no emails from the updates, you have to spam F5 on their site (for 3 months) which is pretty idiotic and not logical, at least for me. Other repair shops call you if they have to do a drive wipe, I got nothing and they wiped it.
And it does not stop there!! I got my laptop back after 3 months and when I opened it, it was full of some white things. I clean my laptop weekly, so that was clearly not there when I sent it to them. Also, which was pretty hilarious, they kicked the box pretty hard, there's literally a hole which fits a knee. The whole box is smashed and very easily falls apart because they treat it so "well".
And I didn't even mention the worst thing... So after 3 months of waiting I got it back and they've detached the battery... So basically I couldn't use it because I use it in school from the battery. So another one month to wait for them to plug in the battery...
This is not the end.. when I got it back finally, the part that broke before, the part that they replaced was not fully attached and clicked where it needs to be. I had to click it down because they probably forgot it. Also, when I move the screen, so basically when the lid moves there are cracks because the replaced part is not attached perfectly, but I don't want to push it, I am afraid that I will break it again.
So a complete disappointment, but I think I don't have another place to send it here in Hungary and this quality is unacceptable.
If I do have another palace though, please comment it here. :)
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2023.06.05 18:29 JoannaSarai Tables have turned

This may be chaotic, I’m on mobile and English is not my native and also I want to lay down and cry…
Last week I was so happy with my two years old anniversary in my company, this week just started worse than I could imagine. I changed my agreement from being a sole trader and having to manage my own taxes and invoices to much less engaging form - less money but also less stress.
Unfortunately, the company accountant is, I think, even less competent than I am in the matter of finances so I had to start the day with a very heated discussion titled “where’s the rest of my money?”. Turned out, for many reasons I don’t understand, I would be paid circa 100$/month then our agreement was.
Also, overtime is somehow counted differently than I imagined, so even more less money than I expected.
But they offer me some solution - I would simply have to fill up some form and submit it somewhere, and from next month it would increase a bit my salary (smaller tax - more for me). I asked why nobody mentioned this previous month. Long story short, they will pay me this month. Fine, it’s my win. After a very stressful weekend. When I was trying to understand anything about taxes and corporate law.
But then, just when I thought it’s somehow still going quite good (I have high anxiety, and I am a people pleaser, I HATE and I am AFRAID of standing for myself, especially in money topic) I checked my account. I must have forgotten to pay some old tax, because surprise! They took my money. The missing amount but from every account I own, so I am two days before my trip to Copenhagen (I’m from Europe - it’s quite a cheap trip) and I can’t even buy myself a cake. Or bus ticket. Or anything, pretty much… I don’t even know what did I forget to pay, I don’t care… I am done, I don’t know how to end this neverending story, I had quite debts few years ago (was left before wedding I put all my savings into, lost my job due to - well… not being able to function properly and had to move out from my apartment) and every time I hope it’s finally done - it’s not. I want to spend maybe half year in a terrarium, while someone else would be responsible for keeping me alive…
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2023.06.05 18:29 Naked-Dave BBQ Restaurant That Smokes Meats Brought In By Customer

I’m looking to see if I can find a bbq place that will smoke meats customers bring in. For example, if I had a brisket that was trimmed and seasoned I could bring it to them and then they’d smoke it for a fee.
I’ve seen a few of these places before and it’s really great when you can’t operate a smoker at your apartment, etc.
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2023.06.05 18:28 ConsciousProfessor27 Game breaking bugs

(Xbox series X downloaded and cloud)
Great game so far but there was a point of no return for me when the game just started to break down. It started when I built the shuttle. Half of the power in my base stopped working, I added way more generators but it did nothing. Then all the stockpiles on the side of the base missing power became inaccessible. I tried restarting/saving and quitting. Nothing worked. I managed to shuttle to the second planet and back when everything fell apart. Upon reloading I spawned on the second planet without a shuttle, I am stuck here, my colonists died of starvation and I’m sure my base is ransacked. The entire power grid and a few work stations from my first world base are visible here on the second planet but most of it is floating and not corporeal… I liked this game a lot until it was completely broken and unplayable.
Some other smaller bugs: 1. Weapons have no damage signifier (I don’t know which weapon does more damage) 2. Uncrafted items don’t inform you what they do. I don’t know which armor does what, what armor slot it occupies, what any of the armor slots do… 3. On xbox the first build menu (workstations) is not selectable, you have to select a different menu first then navigate back to it. 4. Hyperweave and Plasteel are on a separate planet? Nothing is explained you can research things that don’t exist and can’t be made?!? Where is the laser miner!!!? 5. A single save file? Why do we continue down this road? Every game with one single save file is going to fail. That never works. Duh! 6. You need some sort of escape rope or something. I was exploring a cave that kept dropping down further than I could jump up, so I just assumed there was something at the bottom that would fast travel me back to the top because that’s how games work, they bock off the entrance until you find the exit. But there was no exit. It took me 3 hours to dig my way out. It was 130°F when I finally started digging up. What a nightmare.
Please fix this game it was fun, and had so much potential.
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2023.06.05 18:28 Relative_Frame_4410 Thought I was doing better but I had another bout of depression come on suddenly and it scared the hell out of me.

I have been struggling with depression my whole life but it’s gotten really bad in the past 2-3 years. I recently did a week and a half stint in inpatient and was surprised how fast I felt better with a new med regimen and a break from normal life to focus on healing.
Most of my increased depression came from a 3 year relationship ending a little over a year ago. I was a wreck for a while and then decided to “get back out there” as people say. Had some ups and downs and finally met someone I really connected with and we’ve been together for about 6 months. She’s been super supportive of my mental health issues. Well we had a minor disagreement over the weekend and I went on another downward spiral of depression and self hate that scared the crap out of me. I feel like everyone I love just runs away from me eventually and I’m left alone and heartbroken. She tried to reassure me but I still can’t convince myself that our relationship is ok. I just feel like I’m never going to feel secure in a relationship after my last one was so good until it wasn’t and she ran away across the country and started a relationship with a longtime friend I was told “not to worry about”.
I’m just worried that this is just who I am now. Am I just always going to worry about another relationship falling apart and leaving me feeling worse at the end than my previous relationship? What’s the point of putting in work to build and maintain a relationship if I’m just going to screw it up in the end? I feel like my last relationship might have broken me and I’m beyond repair. In patient was like my last hope to get this handled and I feel like I’m right back where I started and trapped in a life I don’t want anymore. I see a future in my current relationship but I’m also kind of terrified at this one ending and what THAT breakup experience will be like. The last one almost killed me and what if this one is worse?!
I just don’t know if it’s worth the risk and if I need to just accept that I’m going to be alone and save myself more heartbreak and frustration.
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2023.06.05 18:28 Comfortable-Big-8486 I sobbed after going through my boyfriends phone

my boyfriend and I are both currently in college and live together in an apartment with some buddies. often, he gives me his phone to play mobile games (he downloads seriously almost every ad he sees, not kidding). while cuddling on the couch, i accidentally opened his notes app.
what i found made me extremely emotional. i found a note page completely dedicated to me. all my likes and dislikes, things to remind me to do to be helpful (my ADHD often becomes a problem in my daily life), and a list of 50+ date ideas.
needless to say, since this point i felt so secure and loved in my relationship. he doesn’t know i found this, but i make sure to let him now how much i appreciate him and everything he does for me daily.
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2023.06.05 18:28 _sadie_ Clair Howard Excommunicated before he died of AIDS. We can't forget people like him

Clair Howard Excommunicated before he died of AIDS. We can't forget people like him

At the end of 1985, a 26-year old man named Clair Harward from Ogden, Utah went to speak with his Mormon Bishop. Harward had been diagnosed with AIDS and his doctors told him he didn't have much time to live. Penitent and facing his mortality Harward sought out his Bishop (the leader of a local congregation in the Mormon Church) for spiritual guidance during his darkest hour.
What happened next made national news: Bishop Bruce Don Bowen told Harward not to return to Church and excommunicated him in January 1986. Harward later told the press that his family and friends had abandoned him, that he had no money, and could not work. Harward stated, “There was just so much guilt. I was going nuts and I was convinced I’d go to hell if I didn’t [speak to the bishop]. I wanted peace of mind.”
Harward’s bishop spoke to the press as well. Bishop Bowen confirmed that the Church did not excommunicate Harward because he had AIDS, but because Harward identified as a homosexual. According to Bishop Bowen, the Church believed homosexuality to be “an abuse of God’s gift of procreation” and he reiterated the belief of sexual relations outside of marriage as a “sin second only to murder in seriousness” and therefore an excommunicable offense. Bowen said he advised Haward to “shun homosexual friends and activities” and assume personal responsibility. Harward said that his friends offered him "solace and free place to live” but that Bowen “ask[ed] me to be alone” when he needed his friends the most.
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2023.06.05 18:27 Cheap_Grapefruit3039 Peer Kaaes truecrimearbejde/“efterforskning”

Hej TruecrimeDK Jeg er nyt medlem herinde efter min truecrimeglade veninde viste mig forummet, så bær over med mig, hvis jeg gør noget forkert 😅 Jeg har læst et par bøger af truecrime forfatter Peer Kaaes bøger om forskellige truecrime sager (bl.a. Dobbeltmordet, Maries morder) og desuden fulgt ham sporadisk på Facebook hvor han med jævne mellemrum deler analyser af forskellige interviews eller sager baseret på fonetic statement analysis. Jeg er rimelig splittet ift. hvad jeg synes om hans bøger og mangler nogen at tale med ham/dem/hans take på sagerne om 😂 jeg synes ofte at han i hans analyse/“efterforskning” (som han selv kalder det) finder én gerningsmand, han tror det er, og derefter finder alt han kan for at støtte op om den tese. Det virker aldrig som om han tester eller udfordrer sine egne ideer, men altid kun undersøger noget, der kan bekræfte ham i at have fat i den rigtige. Jeg har ikke fået læst Stine Geisler bogen endnu, men jeg kan forstå herinde at han er rimelig sikker på musikjournalisten og tilsyneladende bare har skrevet en bog, der beviser hans tese. Jeg har i øvrigt også læst herinde, at han påstår, at ingen hørte skrig den aften, mens flere vidner fortæller, at de hørte skrig - igen fordi det passer bedst ind i hans historie om at hun er gået frivilligt med og derfor ikke har skreget. Så nu til spørgsmålet: dem af jer der har læst en eller flere af hans bøger. Hvad synes I om dem og om ham som efterforskende journalist? Er mine betragtninger feje eller mener I det samme? Derudover giver jeg altså ikke meget for det der fonetic statement analysis gejl, det synes jeg simpelthen virker for fjollet 😅 og hele det med, at hvis man eks. Siger tallet tre i en afhøring betyder det åbenbart med det samme at man lyver. Altså hvad hvis klokken rent faktisk VAR tre, man var tre personer, havde tre tæpper eller whatever 🤔 Hvad tænker I? Og kan nogen anbefale den nye Stine Geisler bog eller er den FOR farvet af at han tror han har fundet den rigtige gerningsmand?
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2023.06.05 18:27 Mun_Senpai Leaseholders sent bill to old address. Now sent to solicitors and they're trying to charge more despite not receiving it

I live in England, was previously renting a property before the purchase on my lease
In the lease document, the address under my name was of the rented property which of course was right at the time. Though I had no contact with them so I'm not sure where this came from.
Since moving, the lease company had sent the service charge bill to my older address. I of course hadn't received this and now that I've picked up my old letters I've seen that they've referred it to a solicitor and are trying to charge me a penalty for not paying.
They're not backing down and are trying to argue that they've done nothing wrong as the address on the lease was of the old property but if seems like a super illogical argument to me.
It's worth noting also that this was meant to be paid annually so it's not something we proactively chased having not record it at our new property.
Any help?
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2023.06.05 18:27 rkalo What should/could I do with my busted Huion 24 inch kamvas?

Earlier this year I mistakenly busted the power port of my 24 inch kamvas. Meaning I took a similar-looking power adapter, and in trying to see if it was a match, I accidentally pushed in "the connector" for the power supply (because I was not using the correct adapter even if it was shaped similarly) and now even having the correct adapter plugged-in doesn't power my display.
And these things really aren't conducive to taking apart because I unscrewed all the bolts on the back no issue, but it really feels like i'm going to break something on a more serious level if I try to force the backing of the display off, because it makes taking apart those classic iPods look like unscrewing a water bottle and there is no information online to guide me whatsover.
WHATEVER. Im assuming my display has some value in the electronic parts. And i'm moderately curious if I can still recover the paperweight. Any insight would be kind.
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2023.06.05 18:27 Helpinhell Only tenant in flat paying affordable rent

Hello I live in London, England. I have been renting in a housing association flat for 7 years now. I have recently found out that I am the only tenant in the building that is on affordable rent, the rest of the tenants in the building are on social housing rent. In comparison I pay £230 per week and the other tenants pay £110 per week. The tenants in the building all work and have children and are permanent tenants as myself.
Im struggling to understand why I have been put on a different rent scheme to the others and if this is normal and can I be changed to social rent and reclaim back some of the rent paid?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 18:27 obsidiancat29 I finally understand how my fawn response poisoned my relationship and now I have urges to "come clean"

I've basically been dissecting my entire life over the past few years to figure out how the hell I ended up here. Every year, every decision, every relationship etc. One of the big realizations is about why my relationships haven't worked out, with one in particular standing out. We'll call her J.
When J and I met it was magical. It was probably a bit of limerence, but also a lot of rare genuine chemistry. We were both smart and funny people that came from broken homes and if you know what that's like, there's a level of connection there that's only possible when both of you "get it". I haven't met anyone else like her and I doubt I ever will.
Without going into too much detail, we had a very messy relationship. We met a few months before I was leaving the province for a year and there was a ton of turbulence over the next few years. I think I broke up and we got back together 5 times. But each time was a serious breakup, like we didn't plan to get back together. I can take responsibility for my impulsive decisions and running away when things got tough, but the truth is that it was the fault of both of our traumas. But she was always willing to remain in the relationship where I was often the one to get fed up and lose my feelings. At the time, I didn't know any better and just figured I was broken since I would have such strong feelings for this person that would slowly erode over time. But now I understand what was happening.
Anytime I'd try and express my feelings about something, whether I was upset or hurt or angry, she would always make it about her (probably unknowingly). She would take it as a criticism, and would make it my fault for making her feel bad. These big emotional reactions to me sharing my thoughts or feelings were super uncomfortable for me. It was exactly what I went through with my mom. She always held the emotional microphone and it was up to us kids to manage her emotional state. So with J, as time went on I would just bottle these feelings up or pretend to agree with her, or even sometimes legitimately agree after being gaslit for so long. Basically I would just fawn to restore peace in the relationship and calm her down. From her perspective, she had gotten her emotional release and everything was fine, but I was stewing on the inside and slowly growing to resent her. I wasn't completely aware of this, as I would forget about the specific instances. But that feeling of being invalidated or minimized or punished for expressing my feelings is a huge trigger for me because I was invalidated constantly for the first two decades of my life. That would just slowly fester until I lost all attraction and desire to be in the relationship. Add in a few trust issues, like her constantly being suspect of me and requiring me to prove my feelings, and my side of the relationship would slowly die.
The problem is that by the time it would get too much and I'd end things, all the little "cuts" would be a distant memory and so I wouldn't really have any justification. I'd just say that I didn't feel how I should. I'd tell her that I love her, I'm just not in love with her. Which was true, I always cared so much about her and hated that I was ending things, but I couldn't ignore the resentment that had built up inside of me. I never told her about this resentment, because I didn't want to hurt her more than the breakup was already going to. But by not telling her the truth, she had no reason to reflect on our relationship or work on anything in our time apart. So I'd fix some of my issues during my time apart and get back together hoping this next time would work, but she still had the same issues because I never told her what they were or why we were breaking up.
All these years later and I finally understand. I wish I could go back and speak up for myself more. Tell her that my feelings were legitimate and that she can't make it about her everytime. Tell her that she needs to listen to me when I share my thoughts instead of debating my experience and putting the blame on me each time. I wish I could have told her the truth about why we broke up all those times. Because as far as she's concerned, she was always willing to keep trying and it was me who gave up on us. It was me who didn't want to be with her, and it was me who was broken and had all the problems. So all this time while there was something she could have legitimately worked on/fixed, I just treated it like there was nothing that could be done, took the blame and broken heart, and went on my way. Now it feels like I lied to her. Fawning is basically just "well-intentioned" manipulation, and it feels like I manipulated her for years by not sharing my true feelings.
I'm just so upset about it all. Angry at my mom for conditioning me to always put others' feelings above my own. Angry at my parents for punishing me for speaking up. Upset at myself for being so unaware of what was going on inside of me. Frustrated that I used up all my chances with this person before I even knew what the real problem was.
The worst part is that I still have to see J. I see her on dating apps, and we pass each other on the paths in our city sometimes. And it kills me that we have two totally different views of how things went. From her perspective, I'm someone who hurt her many times and never really gave a reason why. I can't imagine what it would be like to be rejected by someone 5 times, despite loving them and wanting to make a relationship work. From my perspective, I loved this person so much but was always in the dark as to why I would lose feelings and she wouldn't. Why she thought things were okay and why would end up stewing in resentment.
It feels like such a perversion of reality that I'm stuck with. Now that I understand it, I want so bad to correct the record. To explain what was actually going on. Because I know her perspective isn't right, I'm not just some broken guy who can't get it right. But she has no reason to question her perspective, as I played into it and fawned every time. So I'm left with this burning distortion and she is none the wiser. I'd like to think that clearing it up would help her too, because I know our relationship really messed her up and maybe the clarity would help her heal. But obviously this is just speculation, my desire to correct the record is mostly based on my frustration with the whole thing. But I know she is never going to reach out because again, as far as she's concerned, she did everything she could and this was all on me (because I told her that/agreed with her).
Is it crazy to think about hashing things out 5 years after this started (2 years since we were last involved)? I'm kind of at the point now where I either have to leave it forever or say something now, because I need to move forward with my life either way. It just feels wrong to leave it as is. Feels like I really manipulated a situation and now I'm just leaving it twisted. But it's always been hard for me to leave things be, I keep thinking I can make it better "if I could just explain." My feelings on this are probably also influenced by the fact that my life has gone completely downhill over the last 3 years and I'm stuck ruminating on all the mistakes I've made.
Thoughts? Advice?
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2023.06.05 18:27 lichan30 Should I leave my son with her?

I am a father of a 3 year old boy. I love my son, and I would do anything for him. Even if I have to stay with his mother.
His mother and I have been together for 5 years. I got her pregnant. We don't exactly have a healthy relationship. We get into fights, and I mean huge and physical ones. I cheated on her before once (which might have been the reason why we got to this point). But even before the cheating started, our relationship was very toxic.
Before cheating: - She wouldn't let me go out with my buddies for a night out (We work in the same company, live in together, and we go out to the mall everyday) - She wouldn't stop calling her parents and siblings about our fights. She would always bring them into our fights. (Which I did to to let her have a taste of her own medicine - She couldn't stop spending money to go to the mall. Eventually, I had to ask money from friends and co-workers just to pay rent and buy a meal for the day. (I was known to be someone who lends money not borrow it). - She will force me to to have a conversation that I am most definitely uncomfortable to share AKA my depression. - She wouldn't let me make decisions for our apartment since her mom says that it should be this and that. (Her mom is very superstitious)
I have lots of complaints about her, but even then I loved her and thought that I need to be a better man. But I cheated, no excuses, I just wasn't happy. I tried to break it off before I cheated, but I couldn't because she was hurting herself (she stabbed herself multiple times), and I just felt stuck with her.
I felt more stuck when she got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I love my son, but it wasn't supposed to happen yet. She kept wanting me to cum inside even when I don't want to. She kept saying that she's not gonna get pregnant because she has PCOS. Well, you know the rest. I lost my job, because of her unending jealousy of my office buddies (which are guys). She decided that we should live with her parents. I said no, we should be more independent if we wanted to be parents. But she really insisted, and I had no choice since we don't have any money left.
When my son was born, and I was getting enough money for an apartment. I told her that we should get an apartment closer to work so that there was less travel time. It was a little more expensive but it'll help us get more control of our lives. But no, she wanted to get an apartment right beside her parents. (The apartment was her parents old apartment, they moved to the unit beside it since the old one was renovated and expensive) What could I do but listen to her decisions? I cheated, and she will always bring it up even if my decision is for my son.
When we moved, her parents would make decisions about the unit and our lives. It was just like I wasn't paying for the apartment with my own money. But what I really don't like about our life there was when we get into fights, she would always yell for help. She was shouting that I was hurting her even when I didn't. When in fact, she was the one who mas grabbing my arms, pressing her nails into my skin. She was the one who was pushing me. She was the one who kept calling me gay. She was the one who kept verbally abusing me. But I reached my melting point when she said that she'll break the picture frame of my late sister, I shouted back and, she becomes the victim. I hated it. I hated my life, I wanted to die. But I can't die. Who will feed my son, how will I see my son grow up and become the man and person that I'm not.
So I swallowed it all.
We moved again, and this time closer to work. I thought everything will be easier. But no. The debt keeps filling up. Our debt now is around 450k, because she couldn't stop spending money on useless things. She couldn't stop going out to the mall. I had to get a loan to pay for another loan. I got terminated for redundancy from my work, and I don't know how to pay for it all. Nothing changed from my relationship with her.
There are a lot more abusive stuff that I experience with her. It's just too may to mention.
I know that there are two sides of every story. I just wanted my side to be heard, even from strangers.
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2023.06.05 18:26 luminous-baby Is it worth to move from Hamburg to Ingolstadt?

I am already studying in Hamburg, but found a good major at the TU Ingolstadt and considering about moving there. However, I have some concerns. First of all, is it hard to find an apartment there (WG, Studentenwohneim). I know that some students who studies in Munich prefer to live in small villages around Munich. So will it affect on it? Is it true that apartment/WG costs min 350€? On Numbeo it’s written that everything is cheaper for 20% in comparison with Hamburg.
Most importantly, how is it the situation with werkstudent jobs for engineering students? I know that Audi is there but what about other companies? Because I assume it’s pretty competitive to get to Audi. Or should I expect to work in a cafe/restaurant for the first year? But I already have around one year of experience as a werkstudent in an engineering company here in Germany.
Almost everyone here tells about boring life in Ingolstadt, but to be honest I am kinda introvert and do not need to party every week. I traveled to Munich by a car and was really amazed by landscapes there. What about hiking in Ingolstadt surroundings? Because around Hamburg it’s decent but basically flat hiking routes.
Many thanks!
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2023.06.05 18:26 SeaweedAdept2746 Am I being manipulated?

I 19(m) am in a open relationship with my (21f) girlfriend. We’ve been dating for 2 years. Sometime after we moved in together on my second year of college, she mentioned the possibility of wanting to experiment with girls and what not and I was supportive. She mentioned an open relationship but only for the same gender, personally I couldn’t do anything with a man but I agreed. I told her to just communicate when she finds someone. She would change the rules over the course of 3-4 months to I can have part of it with girls long as she can do it with guys ( my suggestion to a degree because guys are easier ). I supported her, encouraged her, and had no problem with it as I can trust her to tell me everything. Fast forward like a month ago, she asks me if we could have sex, I was shocked that she meant that instance but I asked if I could do a couple things first. I sat in the living room and she came and sat on my lap and said “if you don’t feel up to it, I can try to find someone to hookup with” not even 3 seconds later, her Snapchat notification goes off and it’s a guy asking to “hangout”, and at some point they agreed it’ll be at our apartment. She assured me that she wouldn’t have sex with him on the first night of meeting plus she didn’t have condoms. I told her I’ll get her condoms and to let me know when he’s there. Well, I get the message he’s there on my way back, and I expected them to be in the living room. Instead I walked in, her bedroom door closed with the TV left blasting. I went to my room and texted her to let me know if they were gonna do anything so I can leave, she thanked me and said she will. 10 mins later, I hear them kissing, 5 mins later, having sex, and her asking him to “go harder” has been engraved in my brain. Keep in mind, last 5 times we had sex, I’d stop half way because she doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself or existence. I left for a walk and came back and they seemed to have finished. 10 mins later, again, I went to sleep. I woke up to them leaving the house and I figured she was going to take him to his car and come back. They were outside smoking a joint for 30 mins, ( I sell him weed, which makes this worse, he also doesn’t know I live there, nor that she is my girlfriend ). I stay awake to make sure she’s safe and then she texts me that they’re just “talking and hanging out” and asked if she should ask him to leave, immediately after getting that text, I can hear her moaning. It hurt me a lot. I went back to sleep, only to be woken by her asking em to unlock my bedroom door. She told me that since he smoked and was so stoned, that he’s not responding to he taking the hint (I have smoked weed for 4 years, I have some this man weed for 2-3 months, I know his tolerance, and I know marijuana, this does not happen), I asked her to just let him know that her parents where coming in the morning, I also asked her to let me know if she decides to just let him stay, but promised she’s trying to get him out as she wanted me to sleep on that bed with her that night ( absolutely not and this was a slap on the face ), I listen to the vents since they’re connected, and immediately after closing the door, I can hear them talk, him responding consistently, then moans and kissing, not even a minute after she went back. I text her for nearly an hour asking her if she’s okay and if she needs me to get rid of him, no response. I went back to bed, only to be woken up later by her telling me that he didn’t take the hint and she’s just gonna let him sleep till 7:30. She went back in, I listened in again, she let him know and gave him a kiss, and both went back to sleep, this right here hurt the fuck out of me. Anyways, he leaves and then she thinks I’m mad because I didn’t wanna sleep with her on her bed, where she lied that he wasn’t gonna sleep, instead slept on my pillows and fucked her all night. She said he didn’t have the heart to kick him out, and didn’t wanna leave the relationship sour. We don’t talk for the weekend but on Monday, I decided to check her phone and she had posted to Reddit about the condom slipping after he had finished, and he had to pull it out of her. The next morning she asks me if she should get STD tested since she said that she would want me to get tested after each hook up, I told her that it’s not a big deal unless there was any mishaps or anything she might be remotely concerned about, she said no multiple times. Later that night I confront her, and said that she didn’t think it was a big enough deal, but why else would she post it? She understood where I was coming from and admitted but I asked her several times if there was ANYTHING she should tell me.
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2023.06.05 18:26 fleetwoodsrose My gf is incredibly lazy and I feel like her mother- advice?

TL;DR I (f21) feel like I’m more of a mother to my (f21) girlfriend who is unmotivated and does nothing all day- leaving me to take care of everything in her life and relationship. I am starting to resent her, but I love her. Advice?
Ok so first off, lazy is not a great word to use. It’s more like she is unmotivated. We just started dating (it’s been 3 months) and we’re both 21 and in college. I describe myself as a more type A person, I’m very particular about my routines, I work really hard to get straight a’s in school and I put a lot of energy into my job. I don’t expect everyone to be the same as me, sometimes I even over do it. But my girlfriends level of just not caring is starting to really bother me to the point where I feel like I’m starting to resent her. She doesn’t try in school and instead chooses to make up lies (that I have to help her with) to get out of doing assignments and writing exams. She has missed about two weeks of work to just stay home and play video games and I’m worried she will be fired. She makes way more then I do and fortunately, lives a lifestyle where she’s constantly excused for not doing work. It makes me mad because I can’t afford to be lazy- I have to work my ass off in order to stay afloat. She sleeps all day and then drinks all night and when I come home exhausted from work, I have to buy groceries (with my pay check) and cook all her meals for her or she won’t eat. She keeps her apartment a dirty mess and I’m constantly cleaning up after her, nagging her to pay her bills (which are always over due) and I make her appointments and phone calls. It’s gotten to the point where I’m more of her mother then her partner. She doesn’t have a drivers license either and I have to drive her everywhere and she never offers to pay for gas, even though I use the most of my gas on her. I love her though and I really want to make it work but I can’t change her behaviour. Any advice?
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2023.06.05 18:26 ScreenBackground9943 Looking for a house/room to rent

28 y/o f, i have two standard poodles. i’d prefer to rent a house (at least 2 bed/1 bath) or a room in a dog friendly house/apartment. im a grooming salon manager for a petsmart, i work 40 hrs a week and am clean and respectful. i can help maintain a property and if you need any animal care im your girl! i sold my home to move and have been trouble finding a place to go. happy to provide references! budget no more than 1400. thank you!!
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2023.06.05 18:25 no-user-name-found ELI5 - rent control

How does rent control work? When you rent, you sign a 1 year lease with the owner, when the 1 year lease is up, you either negotiate and renew or you leave.
The agreement to lease is standard (Form 400 for Ontario), I don't see anywhere that states a maximum raise of 3% /year.
Also, same with kicking tenants out, I see this on the US news a lot regarding tenants not leaving/paying (paying is a separate issue), but why are landlords having a hard time kicking tenants out if they waited out the lease?
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2023.06.05 18:25 Gr8panjandrum Convertible/expandable small purse to daypacks (20L+)?

I can't tell if this exists in real life or just my fantasies, but I'm looking for a small crossbody/bum bag that converts into a medium sized backpack. Usually when you see a convertible backpack, it's the same size bag except you just change how you use the straps.
When I'm not traveling, I'm pretty minimalist with my EDC - it's just a small crossbody that only fits my phone, my card wallet + keys, and a reusable shopping bag. When I'm traveling ie spending the whole day out, I'd like a small purse that converts into a fairly spacious backpack that I can store lunch and/or shopping, etc in. Ideally, I'm looking for like a 20-30L capacity - if it's just 10/15L I might as well use a Decathlon UL stuffable day pack and stick it in my existing purse (which is what I do now, but then my purse is just awkwardly stuffed in my bag - I like the idea of an integrated design).
I like the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Convertible Backpack in theory, but the crossbody is too big to be worth it for me - I might as well carry a medium backpack to begin with instead of a medium/large crossbody to backpack. The Beis expandable pouch is actually really close to what I want, but the quality of that brand is hot trash (I bought my sister their weekender for her bday and I saw it literally fall apart in front of me lmao). I'm open to anything including unbranded stuff, even amazon knockoffs lol.
There's quite a few bum bags to backpacks, but everything I've seen has been giant/masculine - e.g. the North Face/Supreme one or the Lululemon convertible backpack.. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it!
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