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2021.08.12 16:36 ampersand12 GardeningWhenItCounts

"We can live into the future with hope rather than hopelessness, feeling empowered rather than powerless." - Leah McElrath A positive community to discuss gardening, farming, and other means of food production when it counts. Our future looks scary, but we aren't helpless. Being resilient by growing food is an important skill in an uncertain future. We promote the ideas of mutual aid and community support. In hard times all we have is each other. Please share knowledge and ask questions.

2017.05.17 05:53 Milkpanda Advanced Asian Beauty

A sub dedicated to experienced/veteran AB users to discuss beauty brands, makeup, skincare, and product reviews from Asia. We also have PSAs about the latest products and sales.

2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.06.02 23:35 NeoStarr0999 I have no motivation anymore,?

I used to love doing things like going to friends houses, playing on my xbox with friends, or even simple things like walking my dog, or swimming and things, but now I’m not motivated to wake up, anymore. I will wake up and nearly cry because I have another day that I don’t want to do, and I don’t know what to do anymore because there is nothing I really like, and nothing makes me happy anymore
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2023.06.02 23:34 FreezeOut13 30[F4M] East Coast/US- We found Dove in a Soapless Place

I am not looking for love here and neither should you.
I am looking for a battle of wits. I want some verbal sparring. With that being said—I’m not looking to be mean to each other. I just want to avoid the “hey. What’s up? How are you?” Conversation types.
I want to be my true authentic sassy self and you just “get” it. And maybe even appreciate it?
There’s a certain push-and-pull/give-and-take in a back and forth with someone that not everyone can effortlessly weave in and out of. I want to be able to hop from topic to topic as they come to mind and we naturally get to know each other better.
I’m interested in finding a guy to talk to that’s slightly irritating but for some reason I want to keep talking to him. A lot.
Life is chaotic and beautiful. Who knows where we’ll be in the next few months? (Who cares?)
You:you’re not married—you’re very single. You’re 28ish to 40ish. Did I mention you have to be unattached? Only reply if you’re actually looking for a real on-going conversation.
If we vibe well I’m totally down for voice calls too. So if you’ve got a deep voice that’s a +
Sunglasses. Lipstick. Mascara. Gardening. The Beach. Hockey. Jigsaw puzzles. Reality TV— just a few of my favorite things.
I haven’t found the type of conversation I’m seeking in a long ass time and I’ve decided I won’t give up looking for it. I’ll just look for it more sporadically now.
I’m aiming for quality over quantity. If something in my post actually resonates with you— let me know. If you include your age, location and relationship status I’ll know you read this. Let’s make each other laugh.
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2023.06.02 23:34 thethugbaker I don't find shooting enjoyable because of the amount of setup and travel involved.

So the closest usable gun range to me is 45 minutes away.
If I want to go shooting, I need to pack up my guns, bring targets, target stand, steel target, screwdriver to assemble said stand, don't forget ammunition, gun rest if I'm doing rifle, etc.
Then I have to drive 45 minutes to the range, hope it's not packed that day, and then shoot. I legitimately have zero desire to shoot. I love collecting and building guns and gear, but I rarely ever go shoot because it's just not accessible.
Unless you live out west with the rapidly shrinking BLM land or live near a national forest that allows shooting.
Really not sure what to do.
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2023.06.02 23:33 valentine_fucks Need help to advance

Please help , I just defeated Norg oh the garden sequence, well I tried to find Director Cid everywhere but he don't Appear , I read a guide and he should be at the nursery ,but when I go there and talk with the nurse instead of showing the dialogue that gives the possibilities of taking with Cid she only answers me if I a wanna playa cards , I search everywhere I can advance, I am playing the remastered version of ps4 by the way
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2023.06.02 23:33 NeverGonnaGetBanned Request: Does anyone remember that podcast that had Jeff talking about porn and Brad looked really uncomfortable lol?

Do you remember this podcast? It's a vivid memory I think about from time to time. I'll give you as much info as I can remember: it was a podcast that Brad, Jeff and Jason were on. They were talking about the Bing search engine not being as good as Google but Jeff chimes in saying "But it's good for porn" leaving poor Brad to visibly look a little shaken lol. And it was near the beginning of the podcast before they actually talk about games.
I'm not expecting anyone to go searching for me but if anyone remembers which one I'd appreciate it just so I can lol again.
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2023.06.02 23:33 Ringostarfox Nintendo & Sound Options?

Have you ever noticed that most Nintendo games don't have options for adjusting volume levels? Maybe this is due to some in-house design philosophy, or maybe they just want their games to be presented as a uniform product for as many people as possible, but for me it can be frustrating as someone on the autism spectrum.
Sometimes I do not like the mix of the audio (Pikmin 3 is so cluttered and it's unfortunate because it obscures some of my favorite VG music of all time), or sometimes I get tired of the soundtrack but I like the audio feedback (BoTW after putting in near 100 hours), or even if someone else near me is listening to music while there's music going on in the game (really overstimulating). It just baffles me that they don't allow for this, as it has been pretty standard for over two decades.
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2023.06.02 23:33 ShootingIn8k (Selling) Just dropped some prices! D&D 4K, Ant-Man 3, Creed 3 4K, 65, 3:10 to Yuma, Tar 4K, Missing, EEAAO, Cocaine Bear, Alien 6-film Collection, Babylon 4K, Rocky 1-4 4k, Training Day 4K, Smile 4K, Belly 4K, Pulp Fiction 4K, Reservoir Dogs 4K, Bullet Train 4K, Clerks III 4K, Highlander 4K, etc!!

Question for people who also sell/buy on DCS. When is the ideal time to post? When are you looking to buy on a regular basis? Also have you noticed the formatting failing recently? I used to be able to copy and paste my previous posts and just remove the ones I've sold. Now it bunches everything up and the bulletpoints no longer function. I had to bring an older version into a word proccessor. Just werid and frustrating.
Trying to clear out my codes! If someone wants to buy every single code for a deep discount HMU I’ll sell orders of $100 or more for 40% OFF, $200 for 50% OFF, $300 for 60% OFF, $400 for 70% OFF and $500 for 75% OFF!!
Just went through and dropped some prices! Not interested in discussing discounts on single codes.
Codes Never Split
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  5. Annie
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• Zeros and Ones (2022) - $5 HD Vudu (1 Left)
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2023.06.02 23:33 ceciliat99 Help - I’m so exhausted, and in so much pain

Hi everyone. I was in a situationship with a man who is three years older than I. When we met, I was 17 and he was 20. We are currently 24 and 26. From the start, it was clear he did not want a relationship, but I kept interacting with him and we ended up hooking up on and off for 6 years. Two years ago I moved to the same city as him and the most toxic part of our “relationship” began. Here is an example of an incident : We agreed we shouldn’t hook up anymore. I reached out. We flirted. I wanted to see him in person instead of talking on the phone and I went to his house. I said “I can leave if you want me to”, and he said I could stay. We had sex twice. A week later, a common friend was throwing a party and he stormed out. In subsequent texts he was saying “you can’t get away with doing things like that”, “forget I exist”, “I don’t want you”. This attack, I see as a result of his inability to say “I didn’t like you showing up at my house that way. We shouldn’t have had sex. Please don’t do that again”. But the way he escalated and started demeaning me resulted in a lot of trauma. Incidents of this flavor of emotional intensity and actions/reactions happened many times over. He said he hated me being clingy, but a pattern was created of me saying “please” and then him eventually giving in (probably because of his own urges, weak boundaries, feelings over the years, combination). But it made me sick overtime. It was a massive form of self betrayal, one I continued, and one he enabled (probably without wanting to). At times, he pointed out “I want you to get better. It can’t be that you’re this way after all these years”. After 6 years of involvement, he said things like “I want you too” or “I miss you too” in December (I know it’s peanuts, but to me it was insane to hear).
In November, he took a video of me without my consent while we were hooking up. I expressed a lot of anger and pain over this - in unhealthy ways perhaps. It took him months to properly explain why he thought it was okay to do that. He expressed regret for not telling me the night of, and for creating a sense of secrecy that scared me. But also said things like “I was drunk and embarrased about what I did, I wanted to find a better time to discuss it with you”. I don’t even know if it makes sense that I was angry in the context of our dynamic: It felt like he saw me primarily as sex object, and I kept making myself into one to be near him. Each time I was consenting to my own erasure.
We last saw each other in February, and he ended things, after months of me not being able to give him the space he needed. My failure to stop was a mix of me feeling too much pain and regret over everything that happened, and me not being okay without him around. Approx two weeks after ending things with me, he said he was dating someone new seriously. Unable to accept this end, I kept messaging him - sometimes to be around him, sometimes to express anger or pain about everything that transpired. He has expressed that he feels harassed by this behavior and wants it to stop. Sometimes saying “I won’t be around you unless you become normal again.” A week ago he said we can go for a long period of no contact and catch up at some future point. But I broke it again. And failed him and myself again.
I know my mistakes. I know the ways I self betrayed. The ways I crossed boundaries. The way I threatened the relationship when I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I know his mistakes and flaws too. Part of me feels like we were just too young (we are now 24 and 26), and that we recreated childhood dynamics. That we fell into this, and we have the power to change it and get better. Maybe eventually find healthy love together. But I am concerned holding onto this idea will hinder my own growth and healing. The things is, I love him - and I see all our issues clearly, and I want life to give me the chance to get to know this person away from this initial dynamic that was formed at such a vulnerable age. But during one of our arguments I confronted him about love, and he said “If you want to make me cruel and hear me say it, fine, I don’t love you.” I feel broken by both our mistakes, broken by his decision to be with someone new, broken by my own efforts, and I feel stupid for my own hope for something better in the future.
I don’t know where to go from here. I have stable relationships with all other people in my life, I am able to articulate my needs and stand up for myself. I have a job, I’m pursuing a master’s degree and I also have hobbies. I just feel so disappointed in myself for the mess all this is - and I don’t know how to stop the mental loops that keep happening. I feel do dejected, both in terms of how I treated someone I loved - and what I’ve done to myself. Could I ever have a healthy dynamic with this person?
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2023.06.02 23:32 YehuditYael Anyone see anything? Hit driving south on I-5 near downtown exits

Hey all!
This is a bit of a long shot, but I was rear-ended today going southbound on I-5 and the driver who hit me drove off. It was at 10:25AM in the I-90E Bellevue lane of I-5, right near the 164 downtown exit. I was driving a grey Mazda CX-30.
I was really shaken up and didn't get a good look at the other car, but as they were driving off I thought I saw 370Z. It was a black SUV-type car.
I thought I'd post here to see if anyone happened to see anything, and would be able to provide more details of the other car for my police report.

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2023.06.02 23:31 AnnaGraeme Pressure in head, blood pooling in limbs and other new fun symptoms after stopping antidepressants

Curious if anyone else has experienced this...
About 2 months ago I started having mild chest pain with palpitations. (I'd had palpitations before, but the pain was new.) My doctor thought it might be related to a new antidepressant I was on. I'd been wanting to taper off anyway because antidepressants seem to cause me a lot of memory problems, fatigue, and confusion, so the doctor told me to go ahead and stop taking them. (I was on the lowest dose so there was no tapering.)
I also got referred to a cardiologist. I had a holter monitor, echocardiogram, and everything was basically normal (although I have a slightly enlarged aorta and mild mitral valve prolapse). The palpitations are harmless though.
My issue is that in the month and a half since I've stopped the antidepressants, my POTS symptoms seem to be getting worse. At first I thought it was because I'd been told not to drink caffeine, which has always been helpful for keeping me upright, but now I'm allowed to have it again and it's not helping that much. I'm having a lot more near-fainting episodes, even in situations where I normally wouldn't (i.e. I can usually stand without too much difficulty in cooler weather, at night, etc), blood pooling in my hands and feet and ears with a hot stinging feeling, and weird pressure in the right side of my head a few hours after I exert myself. This last one is the most annoying as it's often accompanied by really bad confusion and disorientation.
The cardiologist prescribed me metoprolol as needed for the palpitations, which often come with the pressure on my head and confusion, and get worse a few hours after exerting myself or changing positions a lot. (It seems like my body is belatedly trying to send blood upwards even though it's not necessary anymore.) The metoprolol does seem to help, but now I'm starting to have the pressure in my head pretty often, even when I don't have palpitations and haven't exerted myself.
I guess I'm trying to figure out what to do about all this and what caused it. I do feel pretty anxious and I'm not sure how much that's related to going off antidepressants vs. the sensation that my body just isn't working right. I also wonder if going off antidepressants could be causing some of these symptoms (even though going off them was supposed to help the palpitations, but they've gotten worse). I remember I used to have a weird sensation on the right side of my head before I started taking antidepressants, but it didn't bother me in the eight years I was on them. Does that mean it's just anxiety then? I don't really want to take antidepressants again because they make me so tired I can only work an hour or two a day. Assuming these new symptoms are related to stopping antidepressants, I don't know if they'll get better as my body adjusts or if they're going to keep getting worse.
So, that was a big wall of text, but I guess my question is, has anyone else had dysautonomia symptoms get worse after stopping antidepressants? Was it permanent or did it get better with time?
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2023.06.02 23:31 tanon789 To get what I want, I have to do what I hate

Does anyone else feels this way?
Let me explain.
I am not a social person. I want to have a girlfriend so I can spend my time with her and only her. Just chilling at home with her, cooking together, sharing memes, going for a bike ride, play tennis, badminton, drinking wine while sitting on the balcony or whatever together. I also imagine my girlfriend would be my safe person that I would trust telling about anything.
I hate going to parties, loud bars, drinking alcohol or other group activities. I actually hate meeting new people. I don't feel comfortable with new people untill I get to know them for few months or years in some cases. I also don't know how to make conversation with strangers, literally too nervous to say something.
See where I am going with this? I just want one close person, but it seems like in order to find her, I have to put myself out there, meet as many people as possible, talk to them and pretend to be someone I am not.
Let me give one more example which isn't related to FA. I dream of a house with big garden so I could spend lot of time outside, growing plants in the garden or just chilling, swimming in my pool or whatever. The point is, I wish I could spend more time outside but on my own property, not in public places. I hate I am almost always inside.
But now I live in apartment and I cannot afford a house. I think it's in my power to afford it. But I would have to go all in, super focusing on my career, putting in extra hours, studying extra courses, switching jobs to increase my salary and so on. It would involve spending many extra hours sitting in front of the computer. And just doing my regular job is hard enough for me already.
And all I wanted was to chill on a fresh air in my garden. But in order to get there, I would have to grind in front of the computer for years. Exact opposite of what I want to do.
Sorry for my rant. Just curious if anyone else is in similar situation?
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2023.06.02 23:29 Auronspectre Diablo 4 Freezing PC / Crashing Streams

Hey folks,
Has anyone experienced Diablo 4 crashing and freezing PC's?
I was streaming it on launch day June 01 and played for a good 2-3 hours before the game suddenly crashed, and froze my entire PC forcing me to reboot. This happened just walking around not even near any monsters or cut-scenes.
Specs for Reference:
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2023.06.02 23:28 AngleFew4184 I’m 24M and my GF is 22F, and I don’t get affection from my gf

I’m(24 M) and my gf (22 F)
I’ll give y’all context to where we started and where we are now so y’all can get an idea as to whats going on. Sorry if this is a bit long. I just have no idea what to do..
I’d describe myself as a really sexual man, but I’m also a very affectionate man. I’ve been blessed with a libido that rivals breeding bulls. But it’s not all about sexual stuff with me. I value affection first, sexual intimacy second.
I’d describe my gf as a quiet introvert, not nearly as high a sex drive, but beautiful as hell. She’s not an affectionate person whatsoever, and altho we’ve had our moments, she’s not sexual either. She’s not very expressive of her emotions either. She has an ex who was abusive and raped her. I understand that can have consequences on someone’s future behavior.
altho we were friends since 2014, we didn’t truly start getting to know each other or hang out until 2019 a little after I broke up with my ex. When we first started talking, we were more sexual and affectionate. We had sex a few times, and the cuddling afterwards was always a treat. When we got more serious was during covid when the pandemic shut the country down for a few months. In the beginning things were somewhat smooth, but things got bumpy when the world opened back up. Ever since we got together, she’s not nearly as affectionate or sexual. She’s a college student who goes to a school in Alabama while I stayed in Illinois for college. I’ve only been able to see her for a month during winter break and for the summer time. When she’s at school, she hardly speaks to me but makes the excuse of being busy with her friends, sleeping, or school work. I’ll always message her good morning, good night, are you ok?, or I love you messages for days at a time before I do get a response back. I honestly don’t believe that she can’t make time for me because I’ve been with someone who’s in the same major as her who was able to balance school, sleep, friends, and our relationship and had no issue. I’ve told her many times how it makes me feel and she always says she’ll change but nothing ever changes. If anything, when she’s at school it’s gotten worse each semester she goes back.
When she comes home, she doesn’t show excitement to see me, but when I’ve went with her to alabama to see her friends down there, she’ll show hella excitement and hug them n what not. When she see’s me for the first time in months, I have to wait before I can get a hug. There are times where I want a kiss, and I’ll ask for a kiss and she’ll either tell me no or just give me a look and move to a different topic like I didn’t say anything. We’ll be in my room and she never wants to cuddle or be affectionate or close to me. She gives such little affection and I can’t even name the last time we’ve been sexual. I have to ask for hugs, hardly get kisses, hardly get to hold her hand. If I try to give her affection sometimes she’ll aggressively shrug me off like I’m a pest.
I’ve told her on many occasions how I want affection and she’ll always tell me that she’s just not an affectionate person but she’ll meet me in the middle. And nothing ever changes. I’m tired of having to ask for hugs, kisses, to cuddle, to be close, to hold her hand.
The last time I brought up intimacy to her was after a convention where she ended up yelling at me after I brought up to her that I want to cuddle. Mind you, we were on my bed as such: She’s wrapped in my blanket watching tiktoks with her back to me laying on her side while I’m laying next to her staring at the ceiling.
She’s brought up to me that her and her friends can sit in a room for hours not saying anything to each other and be perfectly fine, but I’m not her friends. I’ve brought up breaking up before because I don’t feel the love and intimacy I need in a relationship to be happy and she’s always said she’s trying to change but needs time. It’s been over a year since then and nothing changed. There was a night where I was super emotional and typed 14 pages (yep) of what I was feeling and that I was genuinely on my last leg with this. In all honesty I don’t want to break up with her, but I also find myself waking up feeling empty inside each morning wishing I was feeling more affection. Sometimes I struggle to eat or focus on anything, and when I do see her, I am practically BEGGING in my mind that she at least lets me sit close to her. We had good times together, her family likes me and I’ve been on a couple vacations with them. She also claims she loves me a lot and expressed that she wants a future with me at some point. I want a future with her too, but I don’t want to be in what feels like an affectionless, sexless relationship for the rest of my life.
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2023.06.02 23:28 megaboto A Questionable Bargain - AaD

Terror gripped my mind as the gigantic bear started to charge towards me. My army critically wounded and the first of the few defensive lines compromised, outnumbered, overpowered, overrun... as I desperately searched for any options, a way to defeat my foe, temporarily or permanently, I just found myself running into a wall sooner or later - I could only delay, never actually stop this attack, even if I were to sacrifice my spawners for the temporary mana gain that could let me pump out more denizens, but even then they would just be crushed by the monstrosity, it's hatred alone enough to pierce my defences, a body so large it might uproot the tree itself and a mind behind it that would not stop at anything short of absolute annihilation. "Is this really so bad?" I thought with a weak voice, "Death just means I get resurrected again, does it not?" with every passing thought the idea seemed more enticing, before I came to the horrifying conclusion that I did not actually _know_ what would happen if I died here. I may have been resurrected before, but who is to say that I would have the same chance again, especially after failing, _giving up?_ This core is not just a body, it is the soul of mine - so if Deepholm takes it, _IS_ there even such a thing as heaven or hell for me? And would I accept giving up all of what I've built here to have all my progress and my memories wiped, damning this place to be taken by this abominable presence below?

No matter how I tried to argue, losing here was not an option I was willing to accept, and I could not sink even deeper in my contemplation as I was torn out of them by the bellowing roar that was far closer to me than previously, emitted by the Bear with the Jackalope on it's back, having shaped the bow into a spear and penetrating the thick hide to lodge it between the bones, using it both to delay it's advance and find grip on the movable Bulk which tried to shake her off. Focussing on the Scene, the bear was pelted by a mass of flechettes, though they did little more than slow it down as the few that actually pierced it's pelt were simply pushed out by the regenerating factor, leaving it enraged rather than hurt. And Jackie herself, despite her amazing growth and skill, was struggling to remain on it as it shook, before rolling over and crushing her with it's ~~meaty posterior~~ massive weight. Though I saw Jackie still living, protected by her Aether armor and fast sprouting vines that formed a dome, she was heavily wounded and exhausted by all these actions, the spear still lodged into the bear but proving to be as effective as a nail would against an elephant. Is this really all I can do? Was I doomed from the start, simply for having appeared above something that would not tolerate any other existence? Did I fail to plan for the invasion properly? Is it all my fault, that my loyal denizens, scions and all the people in my domain will die? was I that useless? I feel myself on the verge of tears as The slow but steady grind of Deepholm crushed all that I have, the battle brutal but ultimately hopeless.

Kelvin was making hasty progress through Deepholm's domain but I knew that he would not find the core in time, let alone reach it, and even if he did I doubt that it'll be found without resistance. Giorno was commanding the swindling troops to hold the line just that little bit longer for me to come up with something. Emmet was trying to rushing the production of concoctions, her supplies already low and the draughts providing little advantage against such an overwhelming foe, Alexa was in the air watching over her companions which were decimated just like that time when Deepholm tried to deprive me of another spawner, though this time around there would be no more survivors. And Jackie was still fighting tooth and nail to keep herself from being crushed as well as attempting to find some form of weak spot, some kind of special strike just to hurt the Colossus in any meaningful way yet found herself at her limit as no amount of effort provided any change, her strength waning by the second. Is this it?

I close my vision, praying to the heavens above, as the last of my hope bled out and I had nothing more left. "Heavens above, God, Guardian Angels, please help me! I do not want to die!"

The noise of the fighting continued, my denizens trying to hold off the endless horde

"Please, was it not your will that I find myself upon this planet, fulfilling the role of a dungeon that you so desperately wanted?"

Alexa cries out, having been hit by a sonic wave of the Bat scion, her equilibrium disturbed, falling to the surface

"Why do you do this to me, when I was just doing what I thought you wanted? Did I do something wrong?"

the secret laboratory is consumed in an explosion as the desperate mixing led to a fatal mistake, the chain reaction devastating the entire place

"How can you expect us to live in your image when you allow this to happen? We do all we can, and this is how you reward us?"

Giorno gives off a scared croak as the structures that serves as the defences started to collapse, leaving him under the collapsed rubble

"Do you not love your creations? Is this a punishment for some transgression that our ancestors committed?"

I feel Kelvin panicking as the last of his potions wore off with him nowhere near Deepholm's core


But the only answer I got was the crumbling of the makeshift fortifications as the badgers and bears started to flow in, tearing apart whatever defenders were left. I look to the stars shining upon us, their light providing no guidance


Jackie was lying on the ground, the Armor gone, the horns broken, lungs collapsed as her attempts at simply staying alive were weakening


The twins lie unconscious, exhausted of all their mana and wounds marring their body

*"save me"*


Without even an instance passing I find myself in outer space, or someplace akin to it, stellar bodies surrounding me like trees in a forest, so close yet so far away with their infinite beauty as the nebula in the back ground stretches it's orange, purple and all other facets of color into infinity. There is no up and down, no past or future, and for a moment I find myself left speechless at this arcane wonder I found myself in. There were no words spoken, no sound made and no interruption of the visage had, but a foreign thought reverberated through my mind. Safety. Power, to defend myself against those who would seek to subsume me. The knowledge and guidance to achieve victory once and for all. And a price to be paid, a prize of my choosing. Without even thinking properly, I answer with the one thing that comes to mind, something as priceless yet worthless to me as could be

"In turn, I offer you Deepholm. all it's territory, all it's land. It's scions, it's spawners, it's knowledge. I want none of it. And once the last piece of it's core was subsumed, the last of it's offspring removed, it shall all be yours"

not a sound came out of me, yet the offer was made, and the stars shone in acceptance. The universe itself seemed to expand and contract at the same, my vision focussing out. I let go of the reigns and let s̸̨̧̢̧͓͙̞͖̠̬̊͐͊̈́̅͋̈́̿͋̀̀͆̈́̋̋̓̐̽̀͜͠͝H̷̡̙̖̖̤̻̽͊̎̒̔̓͆̏̈́̎̉̉͛͝e̸̢̼̯̥͇̱͖̻̣͖͒̄̾̐̽̎̒̿̀̈̀̀̇̄̅̔̊̾̆̽͒̽̚̚͝y̸̖̲̯͂͌̅̈̀̕͘ take the lead ***control*** as I black out


Fire. Fire everywhere

That is all I could feel, despite knowing fully well that there was none. And yet, in spite of the calming words I was trying to tell myself, the unconvincing lies that it might be alright, any focus I tried to direct inwards was just torn apart by the horror instilled into me. The battle - no, _slaughter_ that was happening on the once almost idyllic dungeon, the fields and tree covered in blood, the screams of dying creatures of all kinds, and the marks of a battle soon lost, not a single able bodied scion in sight with the last spark resistance pushed back deeper and deeper. Though the comparison seemed far fetched in a sense, my brain lapped it up like a dog from the desert, the colossal bear's brutality and iridescent glowing blood floating around the battlefield almost having a morbid beauty about them if it were not for the uncanny resemblance with the past. I knew I had to get away, if not for my own safety then to report about the murdering that Deepholm has committed, but I was torn. Ignoring the fear that the execution caused, I still felt the need to do something to help Caldera in the back of my mind, as if I would lose something far more important than I could imagine if I just left her to die. Yet, what could I even do? I am merely an inspector, and I already almost got killed by Deepholm's assault when I rushed here to warn the mining party and then Caldera, and now it was an entire army that stood before me, not just some rogue animals. Looking at the exit while contemplating my options, I realised that fleeing was actually just as hopeless as fighting directly, as badgers have set up an uneasy line, disorganized but loyal enough to not abandon their post. Whatever miracle let me live those few days ago, it would not save me now, especially not now that they were on the lookout for anyone else fleeing and had air support as well. The only bit of grim spite I could find was the note that everybody else packed up already, hopefully able to make it back in time without being targeted by Deepholm and maybe even deliver my message for me.

Having no choice in this matter, I finally decided to do what I am best at, my mind slowly calming as I pull out my kanabō

"Let's see how many of you fuckers I can take down with me"

_well, this is it then_ were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I charged into certain death. _Sorry papa. I guess I won't survive for as long as you hoped me to_

strike by strike, I kept the badgers at bay, dodging the hits as I dished out my own, the dead bodies slowly mounting yet the amount of living ones piling up faster

I did not last long until the only thing left that I could do was keep the monsters that encircled me away, my stamina at it's limit. The badgers looked at me with hateful hunger in their eyes and approached me as my strikes slowed to a halt, my body unable to keep this up. A sneering sound akin to a laugh came out of them before they pounced on me and started tearing my flesh from my bones

_"damn. This will be our end then I guess. and you were such a good dungeon too, Calde-_

My thought was torn apart by the abyssal boom that swept over the battlefield, a deep emotion of wrongness griping my body at the shockwave that even the colossus seemed to be unsettled by. A deafening silence followed the wave that everybody witnessed yet nobody heard, every being that was not knocked out staring at the core's location with various looks of confusion, nausea and fear, as even the scions could not comprehend what they perceived. yet then it washed over us all at once, as if god himself has descended to give the answer

***this is not Caldera***

my body merely gave off a croak before I started throwing up, still standing straight and looking at the tree. The tree, once full of life, was now glowing a black light, the skies torn open from any clouds that could obscure the judging stars gazing upon us, and Hell was let loose upon earth

My vision swam together as bears and badgers burst, unholy tendrils and roots having taken their place, their blood watering the soil for the being to fester

The bats, once dominating the skies now were frozen in place, as if time itself has abandoned them, screaming silently into the void with contorted expressions of pain on their face.

the once overwhelming colossus started vibrating in unnatural frequencies, their body torn apart from the inside as their flesh warped and melted into forms I could not comprehend, regenerating factor turned malicious cancer then servant as the new hulk dragged it's boiling body like an amoeba, chunks left behind in it's wake that the dark one all too eagerly consumed.

and worst of all were the denizens, the once animalistic beings' faces contorted into an expression with hate that only gods could muster, their screeching rage tearing apart their voice bands as they rampaged, bodies spitting into pieces through the sheer fervour they fought with, yet still charging even as entire sections were missing.

above them all, 100 meters in front of the tree, a storm started to form, one of purple darkness and of magic not meant for this world, an unmoving vortex twisting matter around it like an artist may in a drawing, unnatural and impossible, an orange haze forming around it all the while

my brain felt like it was about to burst. the universe wept as reality itself screamed in rage, celestial rays piercing the ground at the transgression as I desperately tried to cover my eyes, only staining them with the blood flowing out, my body's wounds closing and sealing as my mind betrayed and consciousness failed me, my body writhing on the floor


"What an utter waste of mana"

Deepholm spoke to itself in third person, mentally pacing through the lavishly decorated sanctuary

"The interloper dares to enter his claimed space, and then resists elimination. INSOLENCE!"

the ground shook, the waves reverberating through his domain. a satisfied smirk appeared on his face. how could it hope to ever stand against him? Whatever trick it pulled against his voice, He would not fall twice for it. That cat it sent, it was a surprise to see it appear in his domain so suddenly, but taking care of it would not take long. Whatever plans it had were shattered with it's body, The sorcerer no match when in foreign domain, and the armies that were sent were probably not even a necessity as his scions alone could have uprooted the tree and destroyed the core.

"What an absolute waste"

It starts laughing, wondering how for even a moment it could have expected anything more. The rush of imminent victory fills his soul as he listens through his bond with the scions about the progress they made, how the last of the interloper's scions fell. How nothing was left to stand between it and defeat. The laughter silently swept across the room, showing itself as ripples through the steady flow of mana pulsing out of the core. This is what it meant to be powerful! He feels mighty! he feels great! he feels-


a scream washes through the dungeon, wiping away any semblance of happiness it felt just a moment before as it recoiled, writhing at the new sensation filling it's perception. Turning his attention at the source hatefully, it finds the once the warm, pulsating domain that laid there like prey gone, replaced with a wall of torment and hostile intent, cold and black as it stood there unmoving. Raging, Deepholm reached out to it's scions, a mistake that it would regret soon after. The moment it established a proper connection with the scions horrifying visions filled it's mind, from the entirety of the universe to a place that was not meant to exist, twisted and tangled in shapes that would cause any other mind to babble and break. As if their body was it's own, for that split second it felt itself growing larger, tendons and muscle mutating into new organs that kept up the painful expansion, as eternity itself stretched out before him, a never ending stream in any given singular instance.

Wailing with unknown emotions, the Dungeon retreated back to it's core, the momentary insight sweeping across him like a wave of acid, leaving festering wound across the entire mental space. "What..._IS_ that damned creation..?" words that came out heavy, tinted by a fear never felt before. The answers came like tendrils, stretching out from the foreign domain and piercing his, deepening the wounds that were already inflicted. "Impossible..." was all he could mutter as his body was pierced by the blackening roots, dividing him into pieces - the pain keeping Deepholm from drowning in the surrealism and impossibility of it all.

And there, where once the corpse of the scion lay, an orb of nothingness manifested itself, the orange glimmer on the outside being the singular thing that prevented all from collapsing in it, a momentary space of reality and it's absence melding together. He could only stare, no arrogance, anger or joy remaining as the space grew to the size of the cave, light seemingly bending around it as he stared into the abyss, and the abyss stared back. There was no need to speak to understand that this was it's end. There is no reality where it could resist, and so he whispered the only thing he could

"How..? " a single word uttered in complete helplessness at the happenings of an assault turned into utter annihilation. Orbs of Plasma from the void all burned him with their stare, beings that were not meant to be seen by the earth locked creature.

a single voice, spoken in a chorus answered










This hurts like Hell

I groan, my entire body aching as if I trained nonstop for seven days straight, opening my sore eyes slowly

This is Calderas domain... ugh, my head is killing me. Did she pull one of her tricks again and knocked me out so badly that I don't even know what I was doing?

I squint my eyes, the glaring sunlight doing wonders by making me feel even worse than before, as I shield my eyes with my hands, providing some much needed relief

"So much for hospitality" another groan, as the thought of Deepholm attacking shoots through me like lightning. The instant jump just makes me sit again as nausea overtakes me, the fast movement not serving well to my intentions of stopping this incessant headache. Looking around, I find the grass swaying in the wind, The tree still standing tall and the pond in the background. there were some denizens here and there, though all seemed to be asleep as me before. Affirming that there does not seem to be an immediate threat at least I focus inwards, letting my stagnant ki slowly come into proper motion, undoing the headache like untying a knot. Feeling somewhat better at least, I stand up, slower this time, and walk around. Though the relative silence is unusual, there seems to be no threat in sight. Deepholm's thralls are not to be seen, and any adventurers that could have gotten hurt must have departed already, as was planned.

suddenly a gust of wind came from below and I felt like throwing up again. Barely holding it in I look down, and stare at the small crack in the ground revealing a cave that looks like burning charcoal if it's fire was a dim purple. from it, I could feel nothing. My senses are still messed up and I cannot afford to find out what it is, so I do the next best action and start running towards Caldera's Core


I lie in a sea of nothingness, swimming through the molasse like a log on a slow river. Lack of duties, a space where there is no touch and I relax in a space of my mind's making...there is no better feeling one can get. I drift, slowly and without direction, my eyes closed in the infinite comforting darkness, faint smile on my face. Yet it was not meant to be. I frown, as I make out some sound. Nooooo...I don't want to wake up. Can't I just sleep five more minutes? Groaning, I turn around, the comfort slowly slipping away and making way for light. I don't think I can ignore the alarm for that long... Ugh, I guess I'll have to do the shitty daily routine then as I always do. As the light embraces me I open my eyes, just to realize that I have none. Ah, right. That happened.

focussing on the noise, I find myself at my core, a red woman yelling something something. Huh? what does she want? I focus on the noise made, slowly tuning my own hearing until I can hear the words

"...DERA! oh thank the shield you are awake!"

Huh? what's that? is it not missing a 'finally' before telling me how I was trying to cross the border with her and that bandit over here? wait, why does it sound like it's so important that I am awake?

sharpening my attention I look at the surroundings, realizing that the aforementioned red woman was Lydia, standing in my sanctum without anybody else to guard her, no frogs, no Jackie - and the network of information spread by Alexa was nowhere to be found

Panic mode settling in I rapidly skim around my domain, finding no invasion, no delvers, not a single thing happening. I quickly calmed down, partially, as the brain fog I woke up with still has not left me, and since this amount of quiet was far too unusual. Refocussing back to Lydia, she notices my attention immediately and asks "Do you know what is going on? I just woke up in the middle of the field, and there is no one to be found"

Trying to answer her I am once again reminded of the lack of voices, so I simply divert my attention to finding my scions, starting with Jackie. I realize mid search that maybe Giorno or Alexa are better choices but I can just search for them later, for now I'll just focus on the task at hand

Finding Jackie in the small space that is my former sanctum, I notice how her horns were shed, lying by the sides as she muttered in her sleep. Now how about you wake up? Of all my scions I expected you to be the least lazy one. In return she simply turned around and muttered something else, the intention this time being felt through the bond and translating roughly into "I do not want to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy". Oh haha, very punny. Well if that won't work, let's try... Hey Jackie, Lydia stole your strawberry chocolate cake and is eating all of it!

Immediately her form changed from 5 more minutes to ready to fight the world as she jumped up and immediately hit her head on the root above, slumping into a crouch as she held her head from the ache as I laughed my ass off, getting an upset glare from her. Her faked anger was short lived however as she touched her head repeatedly to find the horns she's used to missing, just to see them lying on the floor. Looking around frantically, wondering if this is some prank or if she is sick, I focused her and myself away from the distraction on Lydia still waiting anxiously at the core, telling Jackie to sprint over to her while I look for the other scions after a flash of sharing information on the current situation.

Before I was able to find any others however I felt a shudder run up my spine, as my clarity is regained yet the feeling of wrongness only intensifies - and now can actually be pointed somewhere. Right below me, where my border meets - Deepholm! switching over there immediately I find the source of that uneasiness, though it's not Deepholm, and I am unable to decide if what I see is more or less threatening

Right at my border the uneasiness identifies itself as emptiness that rubs against my border, a feeling similar to driving a car with maybe a centimetre of space between it and an obstacle to the left or right, except I also cannot see; not truly. Because what I find is a shrouded space, purple swirling vortexes and darkness, A place where mana may go in, but nothing ever comes out. Whatever it is, it seems to be the only thing there, so from what I can tell...

Deepholm is no more. And I do not know what to do with that.
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2023.06.02 23:27 Ok_Technology390 A 90's UFO comedy-style movie set in midwestern farmlands USA

I think I know the name of the movie. I just can't find it anywhere online.
I remember the conclusion of the movie. The UFO or alien ship empties the lavatory waste over the farmland. In the morning, the farmers awake to find that their crops have grown enormous overnight due to the alien fertilizer.
I fed some of these details to Chat GTP, and it says it might be "The Farm" (1998). I can't find it anywhere.
Maybe I'm confusing several plots?
Here's what Chat GPT gave me:
In the movie, a UFO lands near a small town, and its arrival creates panic among the residents. As the situation escalates, a group of people, including farmers, townspeople, and the military, gather to fight off the alien invaders.
In one particular scene, a man yells the line, "More grenades, more ammo!" during a nighttime battle against the aliens. The film explores the chaos and survival instincts of the characters as they face the alien threat.
Please note that "The Farm" is not a widely known or critically acclaimed film, so it might be relatively obscure compared to other movies from that era.
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2023.06.02 23:26 funkykid122 PSO station warning

Now let me start off by saying that this could be an isolated incident but considering the current situation in Pakistan, thought I'd let y'all know.
Two days ago, my car was basically out of fuel, the needle was on the E line and I went to the PSO near model town and got 4000rs petrol so 4000/262 ~~ 15.2 lit. My car's needle was showing up a range of 80Kms and the needle didn't even hit the first mark and was off by a little so basically 3/4 of the first. I didn't think much off it and shrugged it off and reset the reading so I knew I would get an average of 160-170km. After crossing 85km my needle went down even under the E line and it shut off.
Went to a Total station and got 8500rs worth of fuel to about 32 lit and low and behold, the needle went exactly the way it was supposed to and the range showed up to 388km. There is no way am I ever going to a PSO pump ever again, I've had my suspicions of them before as well, especially the Johar town one. So yeah, just something that I experienced recently and thought I should spread the word that fuel scams are happening.
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2023.06.02 23:26 bunny-mama MIL making remarks that we don’t visit her enough

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here because me and MIL’s relationship have improved tremendously but lately her comments have started getting to me.
She works at a grocery store and is a manager for one of the departments. She is the generation that thinks it is noble and honorable to work at the cost of spending time family. She is hardly ever off weekends, and when she does have an odd weekend off, she doesn’t know until the Monday before. We usually make plans weeks ahead of time since we are pretty busy ourselves. We try to accommodate her when she’s off by canceling plans whenever we can, but it’s not always possible.
Back on Mother’s day weekend, we tried asking her a week and a half in advance about her plans so we could make sure both my mom and his mom get time with us. She worked that weekend until the afternoon, and whenever we asked what time she was off, she’d say “well we are leaving Monday for vacation” or “I have a nail appointment”. Never a straight forward sentence saying she wants to see us. Instead, she said “I don’t want you guys to drive 2 hours just to see me. You don’t have to do that” but we KNOW she would be upset if we didn’t, and she is aware that we are visiting my mom who lives in the same town. After she repeatedly beat around the bush, we decided to surprise her at work with gifts and a card, and spent the day with my mom since we already had plans in stone.
Fast forward to this week - my beloved grandmother passed away on Monday. We asked if it was okay for her to take care of the cat for the 4 days we will be busy planning/attending the funeral with my side of the family in the same town. We are staying at my mom’s, who has a big dog, and our cat is afraid of dogs. All we need is for her to feed the cat some wet food, make sure the water bowl isn’t empty and maybe scoop the litter box once or twice. She was like “oh just the cat? But you’re not staying here?” And then also said “I’m busy and work all day so are you gonna be able to come feed the cat?” Keep in mind that we have watched her dogs multiple times when she went on vacation, and I NEVER made a comment when the dogs puked and pooped on my nice rugs, or when they woke us up 4 times throughout the night to go outside. When we told her if she couldn’t that it was okay, she said “oh no don’t worry about it”. I’m so confused.
During this conversation, she also gave us an update on the phone about my fiancée’s brother’s job and how he doesn’t work at this place he’s been at for a while. We were both shocked and said “wow since when?” And she just goes “yeah you guys don’t come over enough to talk to us”.
I’m angry, emotionally exhausted and disappointed. I’m trying to process my grief but now I feel horrible having her take care of the cat. This “not seeing her enough issue” has been an ongoing issue but I guess this week it really got to me. She also has the option to leave this job and work somewhere else, especially because she spends all the time we are there complaining about the teenage workers and how “nobody wants to work anymore”. In reality, those kids know how to prioritize other things in life, and don’t sacrifice their mental health for a near-minimum wage job - kudos to them because I was never brave enough to do that at that age. Ever since she became a a manager, she has been grumpier and doesn’t seem happy when we visit anyway. When we watch a movie she just scrolls on social media and then complains about people.
Maybe I shouldn’t have asked her to watch the cat. Perhaps that is where I went wrong especially since we haven’t seen her in a while. Regardless, I’m just emotionally drained and can’t handle this right now on top of grieving.
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2023.06.02 23:25 lynxmouth At First, the Pain Is All You Know

Hang on. It does get better, if you keep working on yourself and release your ex with love. The last part is hard because usually there are two sides to a break-up, even if you were the one dumped. There are more factors that contribute to that moment. In a way, being able to be upset with them for hurting you can make it seem that you were a victim, not someone who also made mistakes that are bigger than fixing in a conversation. The reality is, not everything can be forgiven, and sometimes we have to sit with that.
During the initial phases of the breakup, you feel like you cannot function. Your sleep disappears. You cannot eat. You want to hide and disappear. You try to be friends with your ex, but friendship that early will not be genuine because the lingering feelings falsify any true friendship. You obsessively read posts on Reddit looking for signs that they will come back. You rehash all of your mistakes. Tears are a way of life. You are terrified that your ex will not speak you again or worse, will find someone else.
Then, you start taking care of yourself. At first, it’s just to distract yourself or not to sit in a quiet, empty house. You may still talk to your ex, but it tapers off, right when you’re making personal progress. You go through the phases of grief and mourning all over again. The tears return and you feel like a dog that someone abandoned, waiting for them to return. But if you stay the course, it will get better. Eventually, you may even be friends with your ex again, true friends. And maybe as you’re healing, you’ll put aside your hurt and write your ex a letter than makes no excuses, that apologizes for the things you’ve done wrong. You don’t write the letter for forgiveness or to impose yourself on their life. You do it because it’s the right thing to do. When we set others free, we set ourselves free also.
So how do you pull yourself out of the pit? These are things that have helped me.
Realize that life goes on and it cannot wait for someone who may not have known your value or who you weren’t compatible with. You are worthy of love and being your best self. Your person is out there, waiting for you.
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2023.06.02 23:25 burkechrs1 My dog handled a gang of Chihuahuas perfectly

I gotta humble brag a bit here cuz I'm so proud. I have a 6mo old gsd/pit mix. I've been working with her a lot with defensive behaviors since she has a very protective attitude towards me and my kids. She's not reactive or aggressive but if someone or something approaches us and we aren't all smiles towards them, she lets her presence become known and assumes a position between us and whatever it is that's approaching. Because of these natural instincts she has, I have been working very hard on her responses to certain situations. Ideally I've been training her to sit and stay and look for me in stressful situations without being commanded to, and then working on a recall through stressful events where I call her and she's to stand at the heel position and await further commands. In training I felt like we were making strides but she was nowhere near "fully trained" if that makes sense. She have her moments when the puppy in her would come out and training would flop. I also can't act out "stressful" situations with other dogs so we do our training in the middle of the neighborhood kids and our kids playing, which is pretty chaotic for a dog.
Well the other day we went to a dog park connected to a large body of water. The dog area is fenced off and they have access to grass as well as water and it's clearly stated it's an offleash area which is great, lots of people bring their GSDs there to train with groups. We show up and are the only ones there. Awesome, we're playing in the water, she's learning to swim, were playing fetch it's a great time. Then a family brings in SEVEN Chihuahuas and immediately takes them off leash. My dog is at the waters edge about 50 yards from me, the Chihuahuas make a break for her, clearly showing aggression. She gets cornered at the water and I expect chaos. Instead....she sits and she waits, eyes dialed on me just like we've trained. The Chihuahuas lunge at her, I immediately recall her. She does a dodgy maneuver and gets around the other dogs then books it to me, turns at the heel position, and stares straight up at me. The Chihuahuas have the both of us surrounded, barking, being little mean dogs like many Chihuahuas are naturally. I snap my fingers which is a new command we've been learning for "stay on my side" and I begin pushing through the dogs ensuring they're dialed on me, not her.
She stays at my side the entire time, we get out the fenced area, we close the gate, she sits and waits for her leash, keeping her eyes locked on me. Literally every bit of training I've been spending the last 35 days working with was executed basically perfectly. I'm so proud of my girl. I did not expect her to handle that situation as perfectly as she did. She showed no aggression in response to theirs, she kept focused on me, she remembered the training and we were able to keep a stressful dog situation under control and prevented it from escalating.
I had a few choice words with the Chihuahuas owners because during the entire ordeal they did nothing but laugh at the situation but all in all, I couldn't be more stoked about how my girl handled it. I haven't been this proud since my daughter learned how to ride without training wheels.
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2023.06.02 23:24 BeTheUnicorn85 Cliché but genuine question...

Should I initiate a divorce or stay with my husband for the sake of our children?
We have 3 children together, 2 year old triplet boys. We were trying for one and got three. We didn't do fertility treatments so it was a complete surprise.
I don't want to stay in this marriage because I don't feel loved or respected.
I could go on but I have had to edit this post several times for length and I can answer any follow-up questions in the comments. I hit the main points above. I don't expect a perfect marriage. I know I'm not perfect and also have my flaws which have contributed to the degradation of our marriage but I don't think I expect much. I just want someone who wants to be an equal partner.
My kids are little and love their dad. I think I could deal with the situation if I knew it was best for the kids. If we were to divorce I would have to move to a different state to be near my family because he is my only support here. I have to travel for work sometimes and can't leave the kids alone with him because he doesn't know how to care for them so I drive 6+ hours when I travel so my mom can watch them. She can't come here because my dad is allergic to cats & my husband has a cat and every time my dad has visited he's gotten very sick and it's too hard on my mom to watch them alone. My mom was older when she had me, and I was 36 when my kids were born, so she isn't a young grandma and needs the extra help. My concern with staying is my kids learning that our relationship is normal & that he'll treat my kids the same way he treats me and make them feel bad about themselves.
I don't know what to do. Help?
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2023.06.02 23:23 lovekaraa sweeney todd audition

gendeage: female, 15
show/role: beggar woman in sweeney todd
vocal part: alto/mezzo
ideas: stay with me - into the woods witch’s lament - into the woods cinderella’s mother at the grave - into the woods the garden path to hell - edwin drood everybody loves louis - sunday in the park the miller’s son - a little night music
access to an accompanist: yes
venue: high school, but an extremely competitive one known for its theater program
i want something that can show off my acting abilities while singing, especially the type of emotion required for the beggar woman. thank you for any audition songs you could critique/suggest!
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2023.06.02 23:23 Routine-Traffic4584 got these two today!

got these two today!
i got these clowns today! i’m really happy, i wasn’t expecting them to be in the stores near me yet. i actually never buy squishmallows, these are my first- but they appealed to me so much i just had to get them.
they were really expensive IMO, are 8” squishmallows usually $27? i want the fruit bats too but i think my debit card would hiss at me if i tried to buy more.
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