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2023.06.09 03:47 ariannnnnnnna Teenage Girl Gift

I’m not a teenager, sorry for invading. My little sister is turning 16 in a few weeks and I’m looking for a really great gift to give her but I have no idea what to get. (I can’t afford a car lol) but other then that my budget is pretty big. Any advice?
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2023.06.09 03:45 JoldersDildo Car rental for Dolomites

Hello all,
I have a long trip to Italy coming up in the summer and have a few questions if anyone has some insight. Towards the last week of my trip I will be visiting the Dolomites for four days and Venice for two days. I will be flying out of Venice at the end of the trip.
My question is, I will be taking the train from Rome to northern Italy, what is the best place to stop off the train to settle for one night and then to get a rental car the following morning?
Should I take the train straight to Marco Polo Airport and rent the car there? As I will be coming back down to Venice after the 4 days in the mountains. Or is there a better place to stop to rent a car?
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2023.06.09 03:45 WhatDaHell- Made an Amazon list instead after scam

I previously requested help on here but I think it might’ve been from a different account. I ended up getting scammed after asking for help with parking ticket expenses after BIL took car and parked in a no-park zone. Truth is that we’re broke even after. To avoid getting scammed again i made an Amazon list of some essentials and things that would help me and my partner out. I am disabled and unable to work. In the heat (California baby!!!) it makes it nearly impossible to leave the house. My partner got laid off after reporting a manager for harassment. We’d sue because we’re pretty sure it was illegal - but lawyers are more money than it’s worth. The items in the list are mostly self explanatory. Of course a 2k$ wheelchair is pretty generous lol I’m not expecting it but I have it for myself so I might purchase later. We need a hairbrush, some basic hygiene items, etc. I may add some things and don’t want to seem greedy, even the cheapest item would be a blessing for us right now. We can’t even afford soap that works for us. Again, I am disabled and allergic to so many things that I try to buy hypoallergenic options to avoid a reaction. (Plus I just love all natural options anyway, but sometimes we gotta sacrifice that for our budget lol). Either way, any kind of help would be wonderful for us. Thank you, strangers. But not you, scammers.
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2023.06.09 03:35 Pristine-Plan8155 Facebook ads account for rent, 24/7 support

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you just need to access and set up the campaign as you like,
- account rental fee will be 8-10% of your daily spending
- we accept payment in crypto, USDT, ETH, BTC....
- telegram u/lequyen152
- whatsapp +84349112040
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2023.06.09 03:28 ClotheslessCaroler CX-5 Mileage

A few weeks ago I rented a 2021 CX-5 from the airport and took a trip to Michigan with it. 8 days and 1800 miles later, I calculated mileage over 4 tanks to be 31 mpg.
Fast forward: I purchased a 2023 CX-5 CE after turning in the rental (the rental was a test run to make sure I liked the car!) and my first fill-up this morning yielded 22 mpg! 258 miles on a brand new CE; 11.88 gal fuel.
Anyone explain this? Did I make a mistake? Is the engine calibrating itself in terms of fuel ratio or something during this period after being brand new? The 2023 CE has the same engine as the 2021 lowest trim level, I think...
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2023.06.09 03:25 Lalulilelo99 Alaska Avis Preferred Plus Complimentary Status for MVP

I hadn't seen this posted anywhere around here, just noticed it today. Nice to add another free status to the utility belt. National is my primary rental car but I suppose this will be my new backup.
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2023.06.09 03:22 LakeSplake SAAQ (Insurance) Definition of Spouse for Death Benefit

A friend (Ontario resident) was in a car accident (in Quebec) and their partner passed away. Upon notifying their (Ontario) insurance, they were told that they were required to select between Ontario insurance benefits and Quebec insurance benefits.
We discovered that the death benefit for spouse in much greater in Quebec, and we are leaning toward this option, but we want to ensure they can legitimately claim this benefit as a "spouse". Some information for consideration:
The SAAQ claim guide for death benefits defines spouse in three different ways (page 13), one of which as follows:
a person who, on the date of the accident victim’s death, was living in a de facto union with the accident victim and had been publicly represented as that person’s spouse for at least three years;
My Questions:
  1. Given they were unmarried, what type of evidence and documentation will the SAAQ require in order to substantiate and satisfy this particular definition of spouse? The wording states "de facto union" and "been puclicly represented as that person's spouse" - does this mean that "witness" statements are to submitted or do rental agreements or bank statements suffice?
  2. If they do opt to go with Quebec benefits (as an Ontario resident), I also want to ensure that Quebec (and SAAQ) spousal definitions will prevail for the purpose of death benefits, and not Ontario definitions of spouse as it relates to car insurance.
I tried calling the SAAQ a few times and I was disconnected / or wait time was too long....
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2023.06.09 03:19 IbrokeMaBwains Rental cost: $400, Uber ride: $175

Due to a family emergency, my husband had to take a 70 mile trip from one major city with an airport, to another major city with an airport (I had our car that day - living in a city, you only need one car). He looked at the car rental agencies at our city's airport and no one had any cars available, except for Hertz. Hertz wanted just under $400 to rent the car for a couple of hours, to drive from one airport to the next. He was really surprised by the price, not because we can't afford it (we can), but because we've never had to pay that much to rent a car before (we just rented one this past Fall). My husband looked to see how much an Uber ride would cost, and it was half the price (including a generous 40% tip). Needless to say, he opted for the Uber because, heck, who wouldn't want someone else to drive?
This isn't a complaint, it's more that I think you all should know.
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2023.06.09 03:17 Ashi-Ryu [Country = US] [Platform = PS] [Server Name =(IMMORTALBEINGZ)Boosted/BotShop/CustomZones/BanIn2hIfNotInDiscord.gg/t7qcrFP32R] [Map = Chernarus]

Hello survivors! Looking for that PC vibe on console? Are you tired of always getting the wrong spawn point to meet up with your friends? Not on my server! Frustrated not finding a tent or your favorite weapon/ammo? Well not anymore!
Come join ImmortalBeingZ DAYZ server and get rid of the headaches especially with driving due to unlimited in-game cash rentals! We are a 21+ community looking to grow. We offer working bunkers with puzzles and top tier loot, a singular spawn point that comes equipped with basics like a sword and map(that actually shows your live location in game). 15 minute spawn protection which whill ban anybody who kills you within the first 15 minutes of each new life. An automated shop ran through a bot that can deliver items in game using the currency you earn just from playing, car and item spawns to your exact location, custom bases, friendly active admins, awesome events, cool minigames and so much more! So what are you waiting for come join today!
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2023.06.09 03:11 jbogs23 Do you think the 2023 2WD SuperCrew can safely handle bumpy dirt/gravel roads?

I am really into this truck, but due to budget I can't opt for anything but the base model (i.e. 2WD & no off-road package) I do field testing on construction sites for work and sometimes the terrain can get a little rough. I'm not going to be trying to drive some crazy inclines or rock climb, but I don't want to be bottoming out or getting stuck in divots in the ground from large equipment, uncompact soil, bumpy gravel, etc. Let alone mud or snow.
For reference, I used to drive on sites like this with a beat up 2010 Honda Insight, which is also a hybrid with front wheel drive. Its ground clearance is about 3 inches lower than the maverick, but obviously the maverick has a larger wheelbase.
I know that the maverick can technically handle these conditions. Like I said I drove in the same ones with my old hatchback, and plenty of people drive their low sedans and hatchbacks on sites like this. I'm just trying to decide if its a safe idea because taking a bad bump in an old beat up car seems different compared to hitting one with a new vehicle if that makes any sense.
Any advice or insights are very appreciated!
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2023.06.09 03:11 AffectionateStep5001 American Express SimplyCash Preferred Referral - Up to $400 in statement credits 🍁

For Canada only 🇨🇦
You can earn a $40 statement credit for each monthly billing period in which you spend at least $750 in purchases on your card. This can add up to $400 in statement credits in the first 10 months.
You get 4% cashback on groceries and gas, and 2% on everything else. It has a fee of $10 per month ($120 annually).
Also comes with AmEx insurance, such emergency medical insurance, car rental insurance and other benefits.
*Please note this is a credit card.
Link here to get started.
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2023.06.09 03:07 purpleorangeblackx Am I doing the right thing in selling home and then renting?

My husband and I are struggling financially. We live in Australia.
When we bought this house almost 4 years ago we were both working full time and he was doing OT. When we bought the house we used the $40K I had saved and got a personal loan (GAP loan) of $30K (which in hindsight was a terrible idea but the broker recommended it to us and wanted to make it work for us). My husbands money and some of mine paid off some small debts which is why we didn’t have as much for a deposit. So our deposit was $70K and borrowed $631K from the bank. We bought our house for $701K and it’s being looked at today but I think we’d get minimum $850K for it now. Originally our mortgage was $2800 a month which very doable for us plus $950 a month for the GAP loan. Since then rates have gone up over the last year and a half and now our mortgage is $4200 a month (yes you’re reading that correctly), I have had 2 kids since then so I’m working part time and my husband is suffering from depression (has always had it but exacerbated by stress and he’s only able todo the bare minimum for the past few months which means no OT) and my husband is on medications that add up to over $300 a week/$1200 a month. We haven’t been able to make our mortgage repayments for almost 6 months and it was suggested we sell our home and pay the bank back what we owe, and we should still have some left over afterwards for savings.
It seems like the only option since renting a house in our area is anywhere from $550-650 max a week ($2200-2600/ month) compared to the $1050/week we are paying now and we can’t pay that. My thinking is if we can pay off our debts to the mortgage, the GAP loan and we have a couple small ~$2000 debts for payment plans with dental and Afterpay. We can pay all those off and be debt free and start fresh. It’s really hard to budget with bills coming out of our ears and being behind on them all. We also sold one of our cars last year to help with bills so if we could get a second car that would help me be able to work an extra shift or 2 a week since I could drive my kids to my mums and also get to my shift.
My parents don’t understand what a mess we are in but said we shouldn’t sell and that they can help out, which I’d never accept 1. Because it’s not their mess to cleanup and 2. Because it just creates more debt to payback which we aren’t capable of doing. I do worry about judgment since my 2 siblings have their own place and are managing and my parents are very well off (all due to my dads hard work but I’m in no position to make that kind of money). My parents view owning a house as a success (which it is) but I guess they view renting as a failure or not doing well. It used to be not much point renting since you paid a couple hundred less a week and pay off someone else’s house but at the moment we will be saving >$1500/month which is a lot.
While I write this out it seems I am doing the right thing and maybe I just fear being direct with my parents since I’m used to always pleasing them and they are quite nosey asking for specifics with numbers and it’s not just my business they’re delving into it’s my husbands which he doesn’t like. But I’m 31 now with a 1 and 3 year old and I feel like this is what’s best for us.
Anyone advice or reassurance welcome TIA
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2023.06.09 03:05 Suspicious_Piece1374 Express rental return

I bought myself a decent car and i want to return my Lyft rental, even though that I still owe the rental for this week, can I return that tomorrow or should I return it on Friday?
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2023.06.09 03:03 Trollinator7876 Enthusiast car that gets decent mpg?

Basically I might be taking a job that will have a 90 mile round trip commute through a major city (Houston). I've always been a firm believer that life is too short to drive boring cars- but I don't think my current line up would be great for commuting nearly 500 miles a week.
So what's something that can be fun to drive, but still get "decent" (as in 20+) mpg? Only comforts I care about are AC and radio. I'm open to a lot of brands except euros.
Currently in drive a 2010 Ford expedition EL, a 2004 ram 3500 dually, a 1993 Ford explorer (5spd, 4x4), and a 1964 Ford galaxie.
Not looking for anything new, don't want a car note. Budget will probably be 10-15k, I'd probably sell the expedition.
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2023.06.09 02:58 toptoyouyoutube Uber enters car rental market Fox Business

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2023.06.09 02:45 StrangerCruise LF: Suzuki Dzire Car Rental 1500 Unli mileage tomorrow

I am currently located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
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2023.06.09 02:29 Redacted_Reason Is GTC Really Unusable While on PCS Leave?

I’m on PCS leave and was advised by my S4 that I could not use the GTC to pay for a rental car nor hotel. Reason being that I’m on leave, so it’s not technically official travel and I have to find my own room and board while on leave. I found it a little dubious, but I didn’t feel like finding out the wrong way so I’ve been paying out of pocket for all of that. But after asking around a little, nobody else seems to think that’s right.
The only thing that is a little odd is that since I outprocessed the barracks, I’m not to stay in them anymore. That meant that I had to get a hotel and car for the days leading up to my flight.
Is my old S4 correct, or should I have been using the GTC the whole time (and what about food expenses?)
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2023.06.09 02:27 erin214 Help me with planning.

I’m flying into a city at 1230am with a 16 month old. Hotels are all about 20 mins away from the airport. Car rentals don’t open until 8am the next day. Everything is about 20 mins from each other. We are leaving on a holiday morning. Most car rentals are closed on Sunday. Fly in Wednesday to holiday Monday. For some reason I’m having trouble planning this lol out!
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2023.06.09 02:22 fragglevision1 Epiphany regarding "Everyone Knows That"

Found a commenter in a YouTube upload of the song we currently know as "Everyone Knows That" or "Ulterior Motives", claiming to remember the long version of the song playing in two places, one of which was a car rental place in San Diego in 2016. They said that the place also played "Your Love", which made them believe that it came from an 80s radio station. There appears to be at least one of those in the area. But what if it was actually playing SiriusXM's "80s on 8" station? I haven't listened to any SiriusXM in a long time, let alone 80s on 8, but I know that station has a recurring feature called "Lost 80s Hits" where it would play a relatively obscure 80s song. I remember one of them being a Stevie Wonder song called Skeletons. So could the people who run 80s on 8 have any record of the song? I say we should contact them just to make sure.
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2023.06.09 02:10 Flffdddy Looking for recommendations on a replacement stereo for my 2017 Jeep Wrangler

Just want a nice quality sound system that is compatible with Carplay Wireless. It's mostly going to be used with Spotify. The current stereo is terrible, easily the worst sounding stock stereo I have ever owned. It doesn't have bluetooth, so I've used an an adapter, but the aux jack stopped working, and after leaving the top down and sleeping through a rainstorm, even the radio has stopped working. (Although it managed to make it through a few of those.)
  • What vehicle? - year, make, model, type (coupe, sedan, SUV, truck, etc.)
2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. No Alpine system.
  • What is your maximum budget? Prefer to keep it under $500ish. This is mostly a function of not wanting to lose too much if somebody steals it.
  • Will you be installing the gear or are you going to a shop? If a shop is doing the work, does your budget include the cost of labor?
I honestly don't know. I could do it myself. Wouldn't be the first time. I see Best Buy will do it for free, plus the cost of the install kit and steering wheel control adapters, and that seems too good to be true. Would like any advice on that.
  • What gear is in your existing system? (Is it stock? List any aftermarket gear.)

Stock everything.

  • What is your country of purchase? Leave any finishing thoughts here.
US. I've always been a fan of Pioneer. I don't need CDs, DVDs, or anything fancy. Just want it to place music and play it relatively well. This is a vehicle that's pretty noisy as it's got a soft top. My biggest concern is I don't want to go spend $1200 only to find somebody has stolen the stereo when I come out of work. For that reason I don't want something really obvious, and I don't want anything that I will be crying too much over replacing. Thank you very much. I'd really like to get a stereo in there so I can start listening to music again. Would also like to know if there's any recommendations on where to buy. I've always just used Crutchfield or Best Buy.
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2023.06.09 02:07 polarfang21 A bit off the subs topic: what car should I rent?

Hey all, not sure if this is the place for it but I’m curious what y’all would recommend.
I’m taking a trip down to the Florida Keys later this year, and I’m looking to rent something from Turo Miami that is a bit more fun than your average airport rental (I’m not 25 yet so that’s another issue with them)
I’d have two other people in my car and we’d be staying for about a week. Not taking anything crazy maybe a few fishing rods and then a suitcase or so per person
Right now the most practical seems to be something along the lines of a Bronco or Wranger, but I was also eyeing a BMW 4 series or Mercedes C class for the convertible top.
Any other ideas or comments? I’m fairly certain the BMW would not have enough trunk space for everything.
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2023.06.09 02:04 Euphoric-Plantain-97 Hertz / Geico / Uber Insurance Claim Question

Hello - hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a complex situation.
I rented a car from Hertz under an Uber partnership they have with them. I paid for the additional insurance for the car. While I was driving for personal use, I got into an accident.
I thought Herts would handle the claim, but they requested to pass it over to my personal auto insurance company Geico. Geico is working on the claim now.
Can anyone tell me if Geico will cover the damage/loss on the car since the rental vehicle wasn't being used for Uber at the time of the accident? Or can they deny coverage since it was rented under the Hertz/Uber partnership?
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