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Subreddit for the MTV UK/US series "Ex on the Beach". It features single people enjoying a holiday in paradise whilst looking for love. However, they are joined by their exes to shake things up, looking for love, revenge, or both. 8 non-celebs on the UK version; 10 reality TV + social media stars on the US version. Season 5 premieres Thursday March 31, 2022 at 8pm ET

2022.12.18 05:41 realitysheeit ExOnTheBeachUSA

The official Ex on the Beach subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the MTV dating reality series Ex on the Beach. Seasons 1-4 now streaming on Paramount+ & Seasons 5-6 now streaming on

2021.03.26 12:22 marcus159111 TesxEOTB

Fotos van tessa ex on the beach gooi ze erin

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2023.06.01 05:00 H4km4N The mysterious case of Carrie Selvage

The mysterious case of Carrie Selvage
In March of 1900 a forty-three year old Indianapolis schoolteacher named Carrie Selvage was admitted into Indiana Union State Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown, her family were a prominent fixture in the society and at the hospital she was given a big private room overlooking the Hospital grounds on the ground floor of the two story building. On March 11th 1900 nurse entered the room to check on her and saw the forty three year old standing by the window taking in the view, she asked for a glass of milk, after the nurse stepped out of the room to get the glass of milk and returned less than 5 minutes later she was shocked to discovered that Carrie was gone, escaped out the locked room, last seen wearing a long blue night dress and felt slippers. An extensive search of the ground's and surrounding area was done by the Hospital staff, despite the efforts there was no trace of the missing school teacher. Later in the day Carrie's brother Joseph came to visit that's is when the rest of the family and he became aware of her disappearance. With the cooperation of local law enforcement and a group of volunteers, family set out on their on search for the forty three year old, spending days exploring nearby field's, creek's and lakes also searching small space's on hospital ground's but they found nothing. Carrie's family offered a generous reward for information that would bring her home but it went unclaimed.
A few witnesses claimed that they saw her boarding a train bound for Ohio where the forty three year old was born but they were soon proven to be false. It wasn't until 1902 where in a Medical School, student thought that the corpse had a striking resemblance to the missing Carrie Selvage and the Professor agreed. Her dentist was sent to by the Professor who noted that there was a gold filled tooth in the same location. This seemed like a good confirmation and Professor called for her brother, who couldn't be sure if that was his sister body and wanted further proof. Once law enforcement was involved the school staff was questioned how the remains came in their possession, they responded that the remains were purchased from a local black man named Rufus Cantrell. He was subsequently arrested, Rufus a infamous grave robber from Indiana who was called The King of The Ghouls reportedly spoke freely with the investigator's, named a number of surgeons who paid him extra for fresh corpse, explained the ins and outs of stealing and selling a body even supplied the names of others working with him. Then confessed to kidnapping a woman on the night of March 11th, 1900 when he and his men were stealing from a cemetery and noticed a woman sneaking on nearby Hospital grounds, fearing that she'll give them up they snatched her too. Took her to the basement of an old disused farm house where they abused her for day's before selling her body to the Medical School. Cantrell later denied having confessed to the Police claiming that law enforcement, the media or both made up the story. Cantrell received 10 years in Prison and Carrie was laid to rest among her long deceased family members.
The Indiana Union State Hospital was closed soon after the disappearance and turned into a boarding house which shut it's doors too not long after opening. Later it was purchased by a company that planned to convert it, the construction work began quickly after it was bought by removing pieces of the building including a section of the attic. After an iron worker was given the job of removing the cupola he decided to enlarge the opening from the attic and looked in, there he came face to face with a skeleton. The remains were in a sitted position with a blue night gown, Carrie's suitcase and felt slippers laying nearby. Investigator's arrived with Carrie's family, they identified her clothing and believed that the body was hers and no cause of death could be determined but law enforcement did not believe that the 43 year old was met with violence, her intact skull was laying on the floor and her upper bones leaned against the wall. They theorized that she starved or froze to death.
Carrie's family were not satisfied with these two answer's especially her brother, Joseph in particular stated his belief that a Hospital worker had taken his sister's life and stashed her body in the attic. Coming to the conclusion because Carrie was partially blind and suffered severe arthritis so he couldn't understand how she'd manage to climb into this space by herself. Newspapers at the time described this as a building of unusual construction the space where the body was found is apparently a second attic access by going through a door to the left of the main attic climbing over an inside roof and down to the right into a small corner where the skeleton was found which accounts for the length of time the body lay in the attic without being discovered.
The body that was initially thought to be Carrie was exhumed and returned to the Police, remains never identified.
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2023.06.01 05:00 bae_star Coastal Rust On Charging Componets

We've got some XP 2.0s that we took to the beach. We stayed a few weeks on the other side of a dune with a lot of wind so I guess ocean spray was coming across. Despite trying to wash the bikes often, the charging tip and the battery port are rusted pretty good. I've tried putting sand paper and shoving a q-tip with some vinegar to try and loosen it up. I typically have to spent several minutes fiddling with the charger to turn red and flow some juice. My wifes bike I had to drape the cable over the seat and hang the charger so it had weight to pull on the tip to make contact to charge...
Anyone have any suggestions on cleaning the port on the battery especially? I don't want to short, or damage it by spraying liquids into the port, etc.
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2023.06.01 04:59 DawnlightWarrior 27 [M4F] Spain/Europe/Online - What if this is the start of something?

Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this message. I hope you like this message and here is a bit of information about me:
Who the hell I am?

Have you decided to talk to me yet? Maybe these opinions will help you
He is a really handsome boy - My grandmother
My brother is special and crazy, don't talk to him. - My brother
I want to make him mine, break up after a few months and write a song about him. – Taylor Swift
I wanted him as my padawan, but they imposed Anakin Skywalker on me and you know how it ended. - Obi Wan Kenobi
He was going to be the model I used for my sculpture David, but he's neither as handsome nor as strong. - Michelangelo
I was about to hire him to play Sebastian in La La Land, but he can't sing well or play the piano, Emma Stone preferred him to Ryan Gosling. - Damien Chazelle (La la land's Director)
I turned down Ted Mosby for so many years because I waited for him, he never came and in the end I had to stay with Mosby. - Robin Scherbatsky
I'd like to see him die in one of my movies - Quentin Tarantino
He has a good musical taste and at least he does not put the music to full volume - My neighbor
If you think we can get along, do not hesitate to send me a message or a chat invitation, you are pretty welcome. The chatting app that I use most now is Discord, but I can use any other app if you prefer or just chat on reddit. Please include some information about yourself in your message. If you're not sure how to break the ice, ~throw a iceberg at me~ include an interesting question you've been thinking about lately, a song you love or any interesting thing, if you can't think about a question, this is my question for you, What would be the last song you would listen to if you knew today was your last day on earth?
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2023.06.01 04:58 krebstar10000 What is your favorite adaptation of a Stephen King story?

There are so many Stephen King stories that have been adapted into iconic movies His contributions to film as an author are maybe unmatched by any other single writer. Some are better than others, though, for sure. For me, The Shawshank Redemption is the best SK movie adaptation. It follows the story mostly to a T, and portrays it on film in way that does perfect justice to the novella and even enhances it imo. What is your favorite Stephen king adaptation?
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2023.06.01 04:58 No-Change6959 Inaccurate responses again

Inaccurate responses again submitted by No-Change6959 to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:57 Advanced_Piano_9361 It’s funny, because Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein are very good friends and Donald Trump is literally a traitor.

It’s funny, because Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein are very good friends and Donald Trump is literally a traitor. submitted by Advanced_Piano_9361 to ShitThe_DonaldSays [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:56 Chunky_Lover64 2007 Reverend Club King 290

2007 Reverend Club King 290
Recently purchased this 2007 Club King and it feels great but 1. The action is high. 2. There is some annoying buzz from the bridge saddles I think. 3. It doesn't stay in tune very well when you use the trem.
The Les Trem may or may not be OEM. So will the action always be on the high side with a Les-Trem system? Any way to lower the action? How can I get rid of the buzziness? Any way ti improve tuning stability?
I checked the neck relief and it appears to be at the factory spec.
submitted by Chunky_Lover64 to ReverendGuitars [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:56 Madnapali [Follow-Up] 19,891 Miles in One Year Review - 2022 P2 DMLR Pilot/Plus

Hello friends, I'm back! I put off posting this since I have seen a few others of this nature, and figured I would just hold off until I had more data. Not a whole lot has changed, really.
Original Post including edits
About the Dehumidifier - note that as of 2.2 or 2.3 this seems to work when eco climate is active
Long Trip with My Family
That Time My Charger Melted - update to this... it was a loose connection. Oops. The Lectron charger from Amazon is still going strong and I'm pretty happy with the 16 amps. It's all I need.

Same as last time, we are going to start with the gripes!

If something was a gripe in the last post and isn't below, I either no long care, or they fixed it. I'll remark on a few of them after this section.
Android and phone shenanigans

Updates to the good stuff, and comments on things that have been solved

TL;DR - I am still 110% satisfied after a year and almost 20,000 miles. Will absolutely look into another Polestar product as my next car. I think any other follow-up posts will be if something goes seriously wrong, or I hit 100,000 miles :).
I need to get to bed soon, so I'll check out the comments in the morning.
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2023.06.01 04:56 thenormalbias Went on vacation with my family and had a horrible time because I felt picked on and therefore super rejected the entire time

There were a couple nights toward the end where I just sat and sobbed because I feel like nobody likes me and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Even my niece started being shady toward me and it was too much.
This was a couple of weeks ago and I had a tormenting dream last night that I was back at the beach house with them all feeling super rejected and disliked.
I’ve had a problem with Rejection Sensitivity for a while now but I’m only just now realizing how much it permeates my life. I was on an antidepressant for a year and it got better but still was there and now I’m off of it and feeling worse than ever before.
submitted by thenormalbias to rejectionsensitive [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:55 Laxiken $5 Turbo Online Hand Check

Online Turbo - 8 Handed
Hero in LJ (40bb) with KsKd. V is weak player, a lot of limps and doesn't follow any range charts. V is UTG+1 with with 43bb.
V limps. Hero raises 3BB. BB calls. V calls.
FLOP (10bb): 3h7s3s
BB checks. V leads 2BB. Hero raises to 5BB (dont like my sizing, could have flatted or I think 5.5/6 would be more acceptable). BB calls. V min clicks 3bet to 9bb. Hero and BB call.
TURN (29BB): Td
BB checks. V bets 8BB. Hero and BB calls.
Alarm bells ringing, I think pocket kings are still too strong given the board to fold.
River (60BB): Jc
V lead jams for 23BB. Hero folds.
In theory, given the odds I think we can call here.
Looking back at V's line, V calls 3bet pre, leads flop, then min click 3bets my raise, Leads into two people on turn, then donk jams river. A lot of value hands beat me, tens and jacks make a set, we block kings, aces have us beat. 89 makes a straight. Random two pairs beat us. Were only hoping V shows up with queens. We hold Ks so we block flush draw holdings, realistically given V's line I don't see too many bluffs, especially since its a $5 turbo where players underbluff massively. V could have went out of line with AJ/QJ spades but the min click 3bet on the flop screams value with a 3 that filled up? While I could have folded on the turn I feel like KK with spade blocker is way too strong to fold on flop.
submitted by Laxiken to poker [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:55 Supper_Champion Favourite/best dog park in or near Vancouver?

Couple weeks back I had some time to kill out in PoCo and took my pup to the Shaughnessy Dog Park. It's fantastic; large, woodsy, lots of water for dogs to drink, seats for humans. Just really nice.
I live in Vancouver, however, and it's a bit of a drive just for a dog park. The ones near me - Olympic Village, Andy Livingstone, Broadway&St George - are basically just dirt lots.
Are there some hidden gems around Vancouver I should know about? I do need a fenced area because my dog will chase things like skateboarders, but she's pretty good if those kind of distractions can't be seen/heard from the park. (for reference, at in-laws in the woods and the dog beach near Vanier she can be off leash, at the city dog parks, probably not.)
submitted by Supper_Champion to NiceVancouver [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:54 lmc5190 I appreciate Brooks drumming on G, but wtf is that song. It reminds me of Gunslinger, a complete throwaway song

Gunslinger. They will never play that song live because it’s trash George Bush dick sucking music. G… whose dick is getting sucked in this song? OmgIKilledKenny the Reddit user who leaked the album. Which is cool,
But this song is a fucking throwaway piece of trash. Who thought it was a good idea to release this as a song? syn? Zacky? Brooks? Johnny? Definitely one of the low iq members of the band wtf
I will have no choice but to leak the truth. They really wanted Brooks to feel included on this album. God was his idea, and mshadows felt bad for him so he put one the album. I’m sorry brooks. You add mediocre.
submitted by lmc5190 to avengedsevenfold [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:53 DistinctTomato5453 Fan Fiction/Theories- Maylie and Edward

This might be a series but I love to make up theories/stories but I don't love to write a bunch of stuff. So here's just a summary of a story I made about Graham's past.
King Richard of Daventry wants his son, Edward, to marry a foreign noble, Lady Lane of Llewdor, the daughter of the widowed Lord Erik of Llewdor. The Royal Family heads to Llewdor to discuss the marriage, accompanied by Sir Geoffrey Cracker, his First Knight, Geoffrey's wife, Lady Forsythia (story about them later), and their son (Edward's best friend) Hereward. While there, Geoffrey and Forsythia meet Erik's adoptive daughter and Lane's lady-in-waiting, Maylie. Impressed by her simple background and strong values, they want her to marry Hereward. In a turn of events, Maylie and Edward fall in love, while Hereward and Lane fall in love. Throughout the fan fiction, they would navigate their love while also trying to delay the marriages. When they finally confront their parents, King Richard disagrees, until Erik relays his past.
When Erik was younger, he was engaged to a foreign noble, Laila, who had a crush on him herself. She would write messages that would be sent to him and recited by her lady-in-waiting, Marianne. Although it was Laila's words, Marianne's appearance and manner had charmed Erik, and the two began a relationship. The two married secretly but had to part ways so Erik could marry Laila.
Marianne returned to Llewdor pregnant, and told Laila it was someone else's. Marianne then wrote a letter revealing everything to Laila before labor, and died giving birth to Erik's daughter. Laila and Erik received the baby and the letter weeks later, and Erik explained everything. Laila went into labor and from the grief and stress, died, taking her last breaths holding her twins and Marianne's baby, accepting her as her own. Erik adopted Marianne's baby, Maylie, and raised her alongside Laila's twins, Lane and Liam.
The title of Lady of Llewdor goes to the most senior legitimate woman in the family, and without any wife to take the title, Erik gave it to Lane, his "eldest" legitimate daughter. With this new information, the rightful Lady of Llewdor was Maylie, and so Lane transferred all her titles and status to Maylie, making Maylie a royal, and eligible to marry Edward.
Hereward and Lane move to Llewdor where they have Graham (following the reboot's storyline) and Edward and Maylie have their \incidents*.*
I'm sorry this was super long. I hate writing and reading long Reddit posts but there was no way to shorten the story. Anyway, if y'all like it I can post more about Lane's brother, Liam, Hereward's parents, Amaya and Hagatha, and even the Royal Family of Kolyma!
submitted by DistinctTomato5453 to kingsquest [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:52 SpicyTabasco3000 42M going on a family vacation with wife and 4 kids + MIL & FIL that my in-laws and my wife planned that no one else wants to go on

My in-laws and my wife are country fans and romanticize everything about the south.
I have never really fully embraced it, neither have our children.
Our oldest just graduated from high school, and now they are making us go to Gatlinburg Tennessee for a week on vacation.
It's going to be a 20 hour round trip by car to go to a part of the country most of us don't even think about, to enjoy a culture we really don't care for.
I thought we got out of it when our van started having mechanical issues and the shop wasn't going to be able to have it done in time for us to go.
But, no. Our in-laws are now renting a car.
So, now I am driving a 20 hour round trip in a rental car full of angry kids that don't want to go.
Sucks that this may be the last trip that we get with our oldest child and it's probably going to be on a low note.
I can't even begin to explain how difficult it has been trying to explain this to my wife and in-laws.
Our trips are usually pretty big, like bucket list big.
Disney World, Disneyland, beaches, major cities, skiing in the Rockie, kids' first experience in a new ocean to them.
From what I can tell we are going to be spending a week in a geriatric tourist trap with a southern drawl.
Now, I like some country music. It's all much older stuff not the formulaic buzzword pop music that's getting churned out these days.
Like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and the like. Now, my kids are getting older and they cannot stand country music. Even after explaining who Dolly Parton is and playing her music for them many times, they're not interested.
Apparently 2 of the days are going to be at Dollywood
Sure, 3/4 of the adults going will enjoy themselves. But these vacations aren't supposed to be for the adults and I just don't see the kids enjoying themselves.
Is there any way to make this something they'll enjoy?
I've been trying to play it from a "surprise" angle by not telling them what we'll be doing. But even then they're not enthused about the idea of sitting in the car for 10 hours only to end up in Tennessee.
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2023.06.01 04:52 Optimal-Working-2399 Transferring (are my incomplete songs lost ??)

I have 2 MacBooks one strictly for music the other for just personal use … the music one just completely stopped working and all the incomplete songs I have I can’t access … I only use GarageBand and I’m completely novice when it comes to these things … is there anyway I can pull those files back up from my other MacBook ? I would think they’d just transfer over because I just put garage band on the other one now but my existing projects just don’t pop up
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2023.06.01 04:52 Impressive-Meet-9600 Ayesha Erotica New Album “Touch Me”

So me and my friend listen to Ayesha, but have listened with the understanding that she was doxxed for problematic things a long time ago and that her songs on Spotify are just reposts. But today, May 31st of 2023, that reposter that somehow surpassed the Spotify copyrights completely has now posted a new album. This album is called “Touch Me” and it has 5 songs: - Kink - Wild - Yours - Inside Out - Neon
I find this very odd and confusing, because- well she’s supposed to be gone and done with music. I’ve listened to the album and what’s even stranger is that the music just doesn’t sound like something she would make. It’s borderline house and EDM and has no rap verses, not at all in the same ball park as her old music. Im wondering if anyone knows if this album is just another repost of her ancient music, whether heavily modified or an actual untouched repost, or if all this time the ‘reposter’ has been her all along capitalizing on her recent gain in popularity? I’m so curious because I’ve never even heard the songs from the new album anywhere (and I’ve dug deeper than most) so if anyone has any insight on this I’d love to know!
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2023.06.01 04:51 TwistedTiime why does this guy look like if DanTDM had a brother

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2023.06.01 04:51 ConsiderationKind436 AITA for wanting my own hotel room?

36F here. I’m going to an out of town wedding in August. This was a fairly fast-planned wedding and the couple just gave me and everyone else all the details and accommodation info. The wedding is going to be at a lovely beach venue near a super nice hotel where they have a block of rooms for their guests.
Our friend group is all coupled up except me and our other friend, A. Well A immediately said to me, upon getting the official wedding details/booking info, “Sweet, you and I can share a room.” I love A, but I am honestly not interested in sharing a room with her. It is truly nothing personal. There are only a handful of people I would ever want to share a room with, and these are friends from childhood, who are like sisters to me. I also have some other long term friends I am super comfortable traveling with but I do not feel quite the same about A. A and I have been friends for about 3 years.
I guess I feel like at 36 years old, we are a bit past that phase of bunking up just for the sake of it. I do that enough with my friends that I mentioned above when we travel. We’ve been doing that for years and we know each other so well but I am not trying to get to know someone else’s hotel habits at this age. Even if we have separate beds, I truly just want my own space to relax and get ready in.
Plus, I recently got a big promotion at work and am making really good money that I can actually afford a nice hotel weekend on. A I think does fine money wise but I know she wants to share a room to cut down on costs, which I totally understand, yet I do not feel like that is my problem or business to worry about. Although it does make me feel immediately guilty as there is no one else she would be able to share with. I don’t think it’s all about the money though- she tends to try and cling on to me a bit and is the type of person to try and gently trap me into plans (for example, we could literally be out to dinner together and she will already try to set up our next two outings within that week). I say all of this because I know I wouldn’t have a good or relaxing time with her right there in the room. And damn I am such a fuddy duddy but I sure do love my alone and decompression time.
Is is unreasonable of me to want my own hotel room? AITA?
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2023.06.01 04:51 JoyfulJourneyman Public Journal To Fix My Life Day 2 of 90

Hello again, wonderful people! First of all, I just want to provide a summary for the new readers... This journal is meant to keep me accountable while I'm on my journey of healing and self-improvement. I must get out of a really deep hole, and I feel this is a great step. I can't promise that reading this will be interesting or fun, just real. That said, let's begin. Today was (mostly) a MASSIVE W. I woke up around 6 am (pretty early for me) and with more energy than usual. I suspect it is because I went to bed early too. I then did a 10-minute meditation and went to college. There, I managed to focus completely on getting some projects done. Blocking social media played a HUGE role in this. I feel like I entered a "flow state" where I was super focused on what I was doing. When the class was about to finish, a group of classmates invited me to a park. Normally, I'd come up with an excuse to avoid socializing, but I was brave and accepted the invitation. I went to the park with them after class, and this situation is where I feel the importance of doing this because I knew that going there would be a great addition to today's journal. In the park, I had a great time. I avoided using my phone and tried to be present. I played volleyball with my classmates (although I suck at it, lol) and I also had the courage to go and try to dance "salsa" with them. It was some silly dance just to laugh among ourselves, but normally, I don't do that kind of stuff as I'm too shy. In the park, there was a group of guys playing cool music, and I had the courage to go and ask them about their socials (after overthinking for 10 minutes) as I really liked what they were singing. I think they were improvising and came up with a REALLY good song on the spot. After that, I went to eat Pho with a friend. I feel like this is important because he used to invite me to a lot of stuff, and 90% of the time, I declined due to my shyness. I was feeling like I was slowly losing a friendship, so today I invited him to eat, and we had a good conversation for about an hour (pro tip: never eat spicy soup while you have the flu; it'll make you cough like crazy). Then, I came home. I was really tired but feeling great. I watched the extra time of the UEL final in my room and I realized how quickly my mood changes sometimes. I got kinda annoyed because the team that I was rooting for lost the match, lol. But it is not a big deal, just a sudden mood drop. Anyway, after that, I cooked rice and meat for the rest of the week, and while doing that, I talked with my friend and roommate - which is good because the past couple of weeks, I was isolating myself and trying to not engage in a conversation for too long. But today, I managed to talk to her, and we had a good conversation. Overall, today was a great day. Engaging in physical activities and being surrounded by people really feels like a big improvement. See you guys tomorrow! Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 04:50 Spyrothedragon9972 Has anyone moved from cars to bikes and never looked back?

I love cars. I always have since I was a little kid. Then I myself a half decent "fun" car that I absolutely love, but there are a few problems.
I can NEVER really use the power on the street. I can't even floor it from a red light before going way above the speed limit. Really the only time I bomb it is on highway onramps when there's no one in front of me. That's less fun than just taking hard turns here and there.
It all seems kinda pointless. My car has become a mobile stereo system I use to jam out to music and I personally think the car looks really good, so I get a kick out of that. But as I'm getting older, that doesn't seem to be worth tens of thousands of dollars.
I just got back from a cross country month long roadtrip in my Subaru Crosstrek (daily driver and winter car) and I had more fun in that car than I've had in any vehicle, although it's a totally different kind of fun. I even drove it fast as shit around mountain roads and was surprised how good it felt. It made me feel like I didn't even need a sports car because I wouldn't want to go any faster regardless of the car.
Enter the motorcycle. My bike was cheap, it's faster than I need it to be and frankly much faster than I'm capable of safely riding. It sounds great, gets 52mpg and it's fun at every speed. At this point I'm thinking I might just sell my fun car and go all in on bikes. The only thing I'd miss is the look, the music and having friends in the vehicle with me. My daily driver looks bland and the stereo sucks lol.
Does anyone else feel this one or gone through this?
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2023.06.01 04:50 MyNameIsMattYeah Do most things annoy or irritate you?

Including, but not limited to:
Most other people, cotton, money, oxygen, planets, solar system, the universe, the human body, keys, necklaces, napkins, Kleenex, plates, tv screens, cable tv, sports, the super bowl, smiling, laughing, crying, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, cars, roads, trees, dirt, air, the sky, clouds, math, algebra, calculus, addition, subtraction, chairs, tables, beds, grass, water, coughing, walking, biking, running, kindness, rudeness, frisbee, football, swimming, swimming pools, food places, coffee places, dancing, yoga, meditation, work, medical doctors, medical school, high school, middle school, elementary school, colleges, puberty, glasses, contacts, Lasik eye surgery, old people, retirement homes, hospitals, eye clinics, dental clinics, rain, humidity, Mediterranean weather, airplanes, airports, light, lightbulb, flashlights, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, shoes, boots, sandals, Disney World, cartoons, amusement parks, roller coasters, water slides, sleeping, dreams, hair, beards, clothes, shopping malls, streets, roads, highways, houses, apartments, chatting, social settings, learning, reading, drawing, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, soap, showers, bathtubs, washers, dryers, cabinets, closets, towels, wallets, jackets, parking spaces, candy, food, soda, milk, juice, wine, beer, vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, YouTube, Reddit, people disliking videos on YouTube, people liking videos on YouTube, people downvoting posts and comments on Reddit, people upvoting posts and comments on Reddit, nostrils, jumping, bouncing, jumping-jacks, music, movies, singing, talking, chewing gum, throat clearing, slapping, biology, bacteria, maple syrup, pancakes, waffles, bacon, being respectful, following rules, being kind, being honest, lying, cheating, having conversations, breathing, sneezing, sleepwalking, school bullies, hitting, smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, California, Florida, Texas, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, American Idol, choir, vacuuming, sweeping, skipping, breakdancing, beaches, palm trees, hot weather, cold weather, snow, tailgating, cheerleading, thunderstorms, Pi, teachers, camping, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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