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I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA

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Notorious for bullies.

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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.06.01 05:01 ThrowRA_Overseas My [36M] job has sent me overseas, she's [28F] been acting strange after 1 month

Been dating for 7 months when I left. When I found out I had to leave, she insisted we do a long distance thing. I was hesitant but I really love her so I've put in all my effort into it. But immediately the 2nd day I was gone, communication nearly dropped off. There are only 3 hours a day that we overlap being awake and not at work, 2 in the morning, and 1 in the evening. Sometimes, I only get 2-3 facebook messages a day. "Hi", "How are you", "wyd" and then silence.
The first weekend I was gone, she was at a bar and couldn't talk to me because some guy didn't understand how periods worked? And it was her job to explain it to him? Anyway, this last week has been the worst of it. I havent eaten in 2 days, been sleeping whenever I'm not at work. I can't focus, feel miserable.
Let me lay out the facts as she has laid them out to me and then I'll explain what I think.
- About a week ago, she posted on facebook that "if [her] momma and therapist say she can do something, no one can tell her different" I asked her about it and she said it was just general encouragement.
- Last Thursday, a person at work told her that the only reason she was liked there was because she was pretty. I told her that person likely had a crush on her, and she suddenly stopped responding.
- Two days ago she was supposed to go to the movie with 3 people from work. The other two bailed and she went alone with a guy. Turns out it was the person in the last bullet.
- She said a lot has changed in her life over the last month
- She said the communication dropped because she dedicated the last month I was there to spending time with me and needs to catch up on chores and projects. Including puppies she's fostering.
- She has a wedding in another state coming up. She told me she might bring someone and don't worry its just a road trip. I told her I wasn't worried but if she had to tell me not to be worried, then that worries me. I asked if it was a guy, she dodged the question and explained that she's bisexual so it wouldn't matter guy or girl.
Here's what I think. I think her mom and her therapist both encouraged her to date other people while I'm gone. I think she has a crush on the guy above and that's why she was so upset when he said people only like her because she's pretty. I think the movies was a date. I think she intends to bring him to the wedding of her best friend that I havent even met yet. I think no straight guy goes on an out-of-state road trip with a girl to a wedding without intentions to hook up.
We've talked about marriage. If I am right, and even if she completely cut contact with the guy and her therapist - we could never get married. I wouldn't ever want her mom there, and that means her sisters and father wouldn't come either. I'm not going to be responsible for cutting her of from her family.
Reddit, please tell me I am being jealous, controlling, and abusive and give me advice on what to do? The 7 months that we lived in the same city were the best of my life, she loved me like I like to be loved. I don't want to break up because my jealousy has led me to a conclusion that's entirely in my head.
We're planning a date tomorrow over facebook, she's dressing up. She missed our last one. She's made an effort these last few days when I told her that communication has been poor.
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2023.06.01 05:01 DruChainz4 First time soft top buyer, please dispel some of my concerns

Long time Wrangler owner (hard top only) live in northern New York and experience harsh winters 8 months out of the year. How much can the cold pierce through the top and make driving a burden?
Also how much extra noise does it allow?
Had to trade in my old wrangler for a much more fuel efficient vehicle, as I was commuting long distances to/from work. New job that’s much closer, I’m ready to get back to my Jeep life. Looking at all the options around me I found that soft tops are around 6-8k less than a hard top and that is probably the biggest selling point as to why I want to make the switch now.
Any advice or others concerns I should be taking under consideration would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 05:00 asMohWrites My intro : feel free to connect or self-promote in the comments.

Hi I'm Moh, a 24 yo FX trader and Linguist, deviating into writing lately and I want to make a job out of it, I have leads for gigs but I wouldn't mind more lol. Also engaging with interesting creative content, creators and writers is a big part of my goal here. DM if you've got something for me to work on, I do creative, copy, article and research writing.
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2023.06.01 04:59 lambslavender Inkbird hydrometer/thermometer? Humidity help!

Inkbird hydrometethermometer? Humidity help!
I used my father in laws very old incubator to incubate some quail eggs that were given to me (the owner said to either hatch them or eat them so I thought why not give it a go). Most chicks developed to maturity but I had a really low hatch rate and had several birds die fully formed in the eggs.
So, I decided to give it another shot with chicken eggs and purchased an inkbird thermometehydrometer so I could be sure the temp and humidity were correct.
I’ve turned on the incubator and waited for about an hour. The incubator says 37.5 degrees and the humidity says 40% BUT the inkbird says that the humidity is nearly 30% higher than I want! The temp is also out but only by under 1 degree so that’s easy enough to fix.
Do I trust the inkbird with the humidity? It’s not a small adjustment to make - it’s pretty huge. I don’t want to kill another batch of chicks 😅
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2023.06.01 04:59 EducationalCake3 Team Lead Pay

Does anybody know how much TL make in Tulsa, OK. I just applied for a position. My current job doesn't pay me enough.
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2023.06.01 04:58 Frankie239 Thinking about Working Holiday in Germany!

Hello! I visited Germany last year's summer and was stunned by this beautiful country, I was thinking about taking a working holiday year and had some doubts about it. Some context:
The doubts I have are:
Thank you for your time and for reading all of this!
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2023.06.01 04:58 RazzleJazzles My (26F) boyfriend(34M) seems so dismissive and defensive at times

I F(26) hurt my little toe, bad. Tried to kick a giant teddy bear out of my way, only it wasn't just a giant teddy bear. It was his steel toed boots under that teddy bear. I immediately went down and held my foot and holding back a cry because he was in a call with his friend. My boyfriend (M34) immediately started asking "what happened?" like 3 times back to back in an annoyed tone. I shook my head to try to indicate I couldn't talk at the moment and he just rolled his eyes and went back to playing his game. A minute passed with me on the floor and I said, "When I was in a lot of pain, the way you responded wasn't helpful to me in that moment." If he gets hurt, I get up, I go near him and I acknowledge his pain and ask him if there is anything I can do to help. If he can't speak, I just stay there and rub his back or arm. I am not sure why I can't be afforded the same level of compassion. When I confronted he just got very defensive and started going "Oh next time I will just pretend it didn't happen and let you limp around." I was also trying to understand why he got upset when I couldn't immediately explain to him what happened. He gets mad I am even trying to have a discussion about this and that this is a pointless conversation, and it escalates to him throwing his headset and controller, and ending with him saying, "yea, you're right, now the conversation is over." I shared my perspective of what happened and asked him if it was any different to how he viewed the interaction and he never shares his perspective. He just tries to end the conversation as soon as possible. We hardly ever argue, and I hate hate hate confrontation, but if I ever question his actions or appear to be questioning his actions it always ends in a total shutdown on his end. I am just frustrated. :(
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2023.06.01 04:58 ComprehensiveSign429 I 18m have a “thing” 27f coworker.

For context I got a job at delta airlines last year making food carts. And 6 months after I started working there was this one girl who was hired in my department. We didn’t talk much until December of last year. And as of recently we’ve had a lot of people quit so I had to help her with the flights she had left. This is kinda out of the subject but but I’ve been dealing with anxiety and withdrawal. so one day me and her were on our lunch break and she had a “cart”. Mind you I still had a hangover so after we finished smoking it, I tried to go to sit in my car and she pulled me aside and we sat on the curb. So then she started hugging me and Idk what got into me but I almost kissed her and I sobered up for two seconds so I just told her “I love you,” as a friend” but deep down I feel something different and I don’t know what the hell I should do, i love her. I just need tips on this type of situation
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2023.06.01 04:58 Difficult_Damage5979 How can I [20f] meet someone at this event?

As title says, I’m 20F. There’s a semi-local horse show near my hometown that I’ve just started attending. I don’t ride, I just go to hang out and watch others race. Show dates are here and there and quite a few cancellations already due to weather. None of the riders happen to be my age. I wanna walk around next time I go and possibly meet a nice guy that’s also just hanging out, but I don’t know how to go about that, especially as so many of the guys that come are already taken. How would I know if they are or not unless it’s just really obvious? Also, I just don’t know how exactly to strike up a conversation with a total stranger while they tailgate. How can I go about talking to the guys my age that come to this event too and how would we stay in touch?
Also side note: I’ve not entirely had much luck even trying to date by looking elsewhere either lol. I’ve already graduated from college, tried going to countless different churches, and worked numerous jobs. I don’t get invited to parties and local events tend to be too cumbersome to strike up conversations with again, total strangers. I’m not athletic or available enough to play a sport and I can’t afford any hobbies.
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2023.06.01 04:58 ihavecloroxwipes Workplace - Trainees who don’t wanna take a break when their trainers tell/ask them to go on a break

I work in healthcare and I train new hires during my shift… on top of running a clinic. Almost all new hires are so shy and hesitant to go on a 15 minute break because they do not want to look like a bad employee by saying yes to uninterrupted breaks.
I don’t care if you wanna look like a good, new addition to the team. Please take a break because I need a break from training. I need you to get away for a minute so I can play catch up with my clinic. PLEASE. For the love of God, please. Training slows me down. I can’t work at my normal pace. I have to play by the handbook so you get adequate training. I just need a moment to myself to respond to my emails and patient messages. I’m not sending you on a break so I can get a break as well. I’m sending you on a break so I can keep my job.
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2023.06.01 04:57 NemoMeansNobody Would someone be willing to mentor me please? It's time to face the music. I am lost.

Let me start by apologizing if I'll be speaking english in a Filipino-based sub. Mas comfortable po kasi ako mag-type sa english pero bokya ang fluency ko sa vocal. Di po ako yung typical na englishero that people may have imagined. Sorry din kung napahaba yung post ko. I just like to share my experience and I feel like doing this will make you guys understand my situation a little bit better. But here goes.
I'm a 27 year-old turning 28 next month. I have a year of experience in web development. It was couple of years ago. And it was my first job. It was my first actual job in web/software development ever since I've decided I will be a “software engineer" when I was this young and naive 17 year-old kid in my first year in Computer Engineering. I pursued computer engineering due to my parents' strong encouragement, as they believed it was a worthwhile field of study and having the title of an "Engineer" added a sense of “prestige” and as I suspect, pride on their part. At first I've resisted and hesitated kasi bokya ako sa math nung highschool and elementary. I know my limitations pag-dating sa math. Ewan ko ba, my brain doesn't work pag-dating sa math. Nakakahilo. But my brain is pretty okay with science(without all those math stuff), literature, history, and art. Di sa pag-bubuhat ng sariling bangko but I'm pretty skilled pag-dating sa mga drawing-drawing. Fine arts was even my first choice when I was in high school but we all now how that went. So I came up with a compromise, I told them I want IT because I'm pretty fascinated with technology anyways. This was way back 2012 after my hs graduation. Long story short, I ended up taking CpE instead. To no-one's surprise, first school year pa lang may mga bagsak na ako (algebra and trig). If you know engineering curriculum, it's a disaster coz algebra and trig are prereqs for most subsequent subjects. I'm required to take up make-up classes over the summer break so I did. Second school year came and ayan na nga, bagsak nanaman sa Solid, Mechanics, etc. Nevertheless, I wasn't discouraged and I took make-up classes after that over the summer once again. Do you see the pattern building up in here? All in all, the what supposed to be a 5-year degree protracted to an 8-year long struggle for my survival for college in the end. I worked hard to finish college for 8 long years with no summer breaks in-between. I don't know if I should be proud of my grit or I should be ashamed of my performance and outcome.
So why did I take up programming if I suck at math then? Well, the naive part of me says I'm pretty good at logic, that probably supersedes all the maths I had to learn. That I will be a good programmer with sheer grit, tenacity, and passion alone. A thought that was probably reinforced time and again when I found myself being at the forefront of every programming class I took. I've been the go-to guy in programming in my class. I've been considered one of the good ones by my peers and my profs. So I was proud of that little accomplishment. I dabbled with quite a few programming languages from C to VB and developed pretty functional projects with them. Nothing I can show on GitHub because that was a long time ago and I wasn't aware of version control then. During my 3rd year I've decided I wanted to take up Web Development as a career and started doing little coding with PHP, and then Python. I've Studied vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS too. But again, nothing too serious and too functional, and nothing I can share on GitHub for the same reason as before. With some later exceptions, I suppose.
So I got a remote job opportunity from this overseas startup company 2 years ago. It was pretty established in their country though. Lots of people have been using their SAAS software and they are growing by the day. I sought the job because COVID were on the rise and I felt pressured to support my family financially. I wouldn't elaborate too much but that job experience did not really go well. I wasn't able to communicate effectively being that it's my first job and some personal reasons I am not comfortable discussing in a public forum. More often than not, I've found myself insufficient with a lot of things in soft skill and hard skills like coding because I'm too inexperienced for both and too socially inept to have an honest conversations with the people I've worked with. I felt so stupid. And even more stupid when I've learned that every one of my Filipino co-workers studied from a known school here in the country whilst I graduated from a “no-name” college. It wasn't a good start. The mental toll is already setting in and I almost quit after 3 months but decided to push on for a year. That is probably something that I regret because I've burnt out so bad after a year it took me another year to fully recover and get back on track. I guess it's my persistence working against me at this point. Why one year?, you ask. I don't know. I was so depressed, I did not talk to anybody, did not do anything coding-related, I did not learn anything new, I practically gave up on life altogether. Saying all this seemed silly now without enough context but again, I've got some personal reasons I can't discuss as well.
So what am I up to now? Just a couple of months ago I've decided enough is enough and I want to reclaim my life. I want to do something for myself. So I've started learning programming web development again. I've even build my own portfolio website. I've found this new focus and determination to achieve my goals. But there's not a day in my life where I wonder where all the years went and what had I been doing with my life and I felt pity and shame for myself. It's been 6 years after my supposed graduation and I'm still struggling to get my foothold on the industry. I've been applying here and there. Updated my resume and stuff. Been getting messages from recruiters and employers but nothing substantial so far. I just worry that my education background or my age is affecting my chance of getting into the industry. I was born in the province, I studied in the province, I had my first remote work experience from the province, and now I'm still out looking for a job online from the province. I have promdi problems and this personal problems too weighing over me. Man, I just want to get my life together. I'm so far behind the curve on experience in life and in the career path I wanted to take. If there's just someone who can nudge me even if just a little bit to the right direction from time to time I would be eternally grateful.
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2023.06.01 04:57 Huge_Research_8639 Got scammed in the stupidest way

Throwaway because I’m too ashamed anyone ever finds out…
I (F35) got scammed fot 1000 CAD from an account that managed to pass as my boss.
I get an email from my boss asking for some help getting the staff gift cards for performing well. Boss is out of town for an event and the email that reaches to me is someone using his very email signature for mobile messaging. It also gives so many details and the writing is so similar I manage to go and get it bought. Since I can’t get more than that it is done. I keep asking him about the money and he says he’s having issues with the account. But he’ll write me a check if I go in the office one of the 2 days he’s not around. I think nothing of it because he’s been away a lot.
Today I get a spam using his signature and when I see this I come to think about the other email. That’s when I check the email account and turns I’ve been scammed.
I am so pissed with myself for this. Specially since I just arrived to Canada so money isn’t exactly something I can waste…and also too ashamed to tell it to anyone. To make things worse? On day 1 at the job said boss was telling me has had issues with people posing as the staff and scamming others. I feel like the dumbest person on this planet
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2023.06.01 04:56 Responsible_Rip_3903 advice needed! starting internship next month but need psychical therapy

hi all,
I am a 21F who is set to start my internship next month. I have had neck issues my whole life which has been manageable at home but I've reached a point where physical therapy is probably needed due to constant pain/headaches. I have been feeling a bit better lately with at home exercises but I'm at a crossroads in deciding paths. My two options would be to do physical therapy throughout the summer because it is the most realistic time to start it (would be a full time student in the fall then start working) or just push through the summer and do the internship. Internship would be too far from any doctor near me to commute.
I'm also graduating so I'm worried I would have a hard time finding a job once I'm out the student bubble especially without an internship on my resume.
Any advice on what route to take would be appreciated!
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2023.06.01 04:56 cgo1234567 Does anyone have a spare wheelchair for a large 65-pound dog?

I apologize in advance for posting this here even tho im located in west covina. This subreddit was the only big subreddit near me besides the LA one
I'm looking for a spare wheelchair for a large 65-pound dog that I could rent or borrow. I can't find any wheelchairs at the local stores and I'd like one as soon as possible. My dog has bone cancer(osteosarcoma) and has lost function of his right hind leg. Even tho he can't walk anymore I still take him to the park so he can lie down on the grass and get some fresh air. Whenever other dogs walk near us he starts whining and I can tell he really wants to walk again. His condition is getting worse by the day so I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me.
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2023.06.01 04:56 Ok-Account-998 Almost Heaven?

West Vriginia is suppose to be closest to heaven due to the scenic beauties that it has to offer, but their are secrets that lie behind the beauty of the state.
In this article you will learn of one person who was suppose to help people, but ended up doing the exact oppisite.
With her work in a Veterans Hospital here in WV she was suppose to care for her patient's needs at any given moment they were needed. What was shocking to find out was that she was not only ingoring their needs but she was murdering these people.
Her name is Reta Mays and she is a 46 year old woman working in Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, WV.
What she done was not only very sad but in my personal opinion was terrible, and cruel.
Mays murdered seven different people during her time working at the medical center between 2017 and 2018.
Her victims were: Robert Edge Sr., Robert Kozul, Archie Edgell, George Shaw, W.AH.( which I could not find a name for those initials), Felic McDermott, and Raymond Golden. She also admitted to assault with the intent to commit murder on Russell Posey.
Her method of killing these victims was to admister the hormone Insulin to the men causing them to have Hypoglycemia.
Hypoglycemia is a deficiency of glucose within the bloodstream causing them to have very low blood sugar.
She was quickly suspected for the murders when authorities launched an investigation after a doctor reported concerns that patient's seemed to be dying from the same causes, including one of them who did not even have a medical history of diabetes. She was fired from her job for giving lying about the actual qualifications that she had to do the job she was hired for. She was not qualified to be giving medicines at any time during her emplooyment with the Medical Center.
Diabetes is a disease in which the body's ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine.
During the investigation the inspector general of the hospital said, "That an extensive investigation found that serious and pervasive clinical and administrative failures allowed for Mays to go unnoticed in her actions."
He also stated that, " He hopes the victims families can find some measure of solace knowing that Mays was caught and punished, and that steps are being taken to ensure other families do not suffer the same loss."
She was sentenced to multiple life sentences , and never gave a reason for her actions at the Medical Center. She did say. "There are no words I can say that would offer any comfort. I can only say I'm sorry for the pain I caused the families and my family." She also stated is within her sentencing. " I don't ask for forgiveness, because I don't think I can forgive anyone for doing what I did."
During her trial her attorney did explain that she suffered PTSD and military sexual trauma folling her service time spent in Kuwait and Iraq.
I am wondering how you, the reader would feel if you allowed your family member to be admitted or cared for at a hospital and this was the end result?
I for one would be extremely upest at the actions this woman protrayed in. Why? Because I feel that I allow my family to go to a place where they are suppose to feel safe, and this was not the case here. She negleceted her duties as a care giver and deserves every bit of time that she received in that courtroom. I do not feel that she had any right to play God and take the lives of these men.
If you made it this far, please let me know how this would make you feel, and also do you think she got the justice she deserved?
Have an amazing day!
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2023.06.01 04:56 greenmushroomlad Is it selfish of me to want to be taken care of?

For the past year and a half I've been in a bit of a limbo in my life... I haven't been able to hold a job, I had to move back home, and my social life has gone down the drain. I've had a lot of time to think. While it would feel good to be able to support myself and be independent with a good job... I feel hopeless about ever doing so. I struggle with a severe anxiety disorder that keeps me from independence. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to live the life my grandmother had. I grew up watching her live the stay at home wife roll. Hubby goes to work, she stays home and cleans, gets groceries, hangs laundry on the line, mends clothes, and gardens. Then around 5 starts dinner... I want that.
I'm scared that now that's selfish of me to want in life though. To stay home while I leave someone else to work for and pay for everything. I know that's how things used to be (and still can be), I just don't know how realistic it is with how the working world and economy has changed.
To get right down to it... I just want to be taken care of... to be told not to worry about it, because my partner will handle it. I just have to take care of errands and chores and then welcome someone home with open arms and help them decompress from the work day.
I know such a life wouldn't be rainbows and butterflies, that there would still be things that stress me out and that I would still have bad days. But genuinely believe that's what I would be good at. That's what would make me happy because I'm good at it.
Like I said, I just feel like it's selfish and unattainable now... any comments/thoughts/advice on this is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 04:56 rayletter1997 Korsica

Oh man, she’s right there! On her computer.
And she’s still looking at SPECTRA files!
OK, that’s good! She wants to know more; she’ll listen to us.
I’m like a chameleon…
Mister Chai, are you listening?
Waiting to strike…
Now, this is important…
All you need is to subtly–
What the–!?
(Muffled) This isn’t what it looks like!
This isn’t what it looks like!
So what does it look like?
Uhh… that I just want to talk?
I think all my defenses did my talking for me.
All I heard was a lot of ”meh”
Mister Chai, ​do not escalate!
You are such an idiot!
Oh, this is bad…
I take pride in my work. You’re not slipping away this time.
Ehhhhh… Hrm…
Guys… Pretty sure she wants to kill me.
Try to talk her down!
We saw you spying those SPECTR files, so you know I wasn’t lying!
Assessing the problem is my job. I don’t need you to tell me.
Well, apparently I do, since you aren’t getting it!
Don’t belittle me!
Chai, don’t attack her! Protect yourself!
Just chill, Korsica!
You broke into my office! You destroyed my security!
To peacefully resolve this.
Wow. Do you even listen to what you say?
So, let’s put down the stick…
Not a chance.
Peppermint, you plan blows.
But I got a better idea! Let’s get her really mad.
Keep the attacks coming and wear her down… Chai, you’re a genius!
Whoa, now. Let’s calm down there.
Stop chatting! Put your guitar where your mouth is!
You think you can strong-arm ME?
Hey, YOU chose to fight–
Wait, you like puns too!?
What? No! W-Whatever… Let’s see how you handle this!
What the–?
Caught you off-guard.
OK, scratch Parrying everything.
Yeah, that didn’t work. Plus, she’s totally lying about hating puns.
Just get out of the way! But don’t give up.
I felt a breeze just now. Was that you?
I’ll make sure you stay down this time!
Way to go, Chai!
I can rock this beat all day. You look like you’re sweating
Impressive. Mister Chai really is good at aggravating others!
This was known, CNMN
How about this?
You’re doing great!
Is that a floating cat? Ugh, nothing about you even makes sense!
Admit it: You’re enjoying this.
You cocky LOSER!
I worked hard for this job! I won’t just give it up.
What are you doing this for? Kale?
What does it matter?
He doesn’t care about you! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have kept you in the dark.
You don’t know that.
I KNOW you’re not like the others, Korsica! You can feel something’s wrong!
Chai, you are... surprisingly convincing.
De-escalating... I think we may have a chance–
Or are you just too OBLIVIOUS to figure that out!?
Ohhh, COME ON!
That’s it! Now I’m mad!
In your own words: You really blew it, Mister Chai.
Wait, what does “oblivious” mean?
Enough distractions. Fight’s over here, Chai!
Keep it up, little guy!
It’s getting late. I’m supposed to be back at the hideout by dinnertime.
You... are so... annoying!
(Sucks air through teeth)
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2023.06.01 04:56 Throwitawaynoww110 Should I start up at back up job next week or wait for another offer?

Hi all
Throw away account here. I’ve been unemployed for some time due to an injury. I’m finally better and have been aggressively job searching for a few weeks. I have a job offer i accepted purely as a safety net that starts next week. However, I have some other positions currently cooking that look promising and have more to offer. They’ve made final round interviews and one has requested references. I should know by next week.
My issue is the soonest these other jobs would start would be July due to background checks etc. Ideally, I was hoping to back out of my current accepted offer but not working for another month is financially difficult since I’ve drained my savings. Additionally, while I know one of the other positions will likely be offered to me by next week (after meeting with another leadership executive), nothing is guaranteed until then.
What would you do in my position? Start the back up job and resign promptly after? Advice appreciated!
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2023.06.01 04:56 Anxious_guy18 Probably gonna kms later in life. Read if u care.

Idk when, my life is so boring and useless. Graduated a week ago. No college, no job. Just wasting my life away. I don’t even want to talk to people. I decided to say fuck it and challenge my anxiety. Its a gamble but I still going give up soon regardless, im tired and Idfk what I want in life. Everything fee way too meaningless to me. Am I just nihilistic? Maybe yea. Im close to giving up, you can’t change my nihilistic mind, people have tried to help for a year. I just think differently i guess. Idk how someone is going to convince me.
And sure, some people have it worse than me, I should be grateful for the things I have. That doesn’t mean that my depression is cured. Everyone says It gets better, of course It does, it did get better, but I really don’t give a shit, im a selfish loser, u shouldnt help a guy like me. Even if I was rich or im with the love of my life, I still think about suicide. I dont like all the good things life has offered me, depression is beyond strong. Love everyone who tried to help, even if this is different account, i still remember yall. Never said a proper goodbye but it doesn’t matter. Im loved by family and friends…but I don’t love myself at all, Im putting myself to sleep. I’ll form a plan and it will take a few days, gonna make the best with what I got…
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2023.06.01 04:55 ubekittyy first day... so lost

had my first day the other day as a tech in training and felt so lost. my coworkers that were "training" me did everything so fast and barely explained, then acted like i should already understand how to do it. people seem to be bothered when i ask them for help too.
my biggest fear right now is them forcing me to work the register when i don't really understand how the computer system works yet, and patients getting mad at me. i worked the register for a bit the other day and had to keep asking for help.
i knew this job was going to be a lot going into it, but now that i'm here i feel quite dumb. i'm planning to stick it out for at least a month though.
any advice to help me ?
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2023.06.01 04:55 Jabba_the_hot My brother (M 36) never listens to me (M 32)

I (M 32) have an older brother (36) who never listens to anything I say even when I am the authority on the subject.
For example, while I am a not a professionnal photographer, I have worked in a similar field for the past ten years and have produced work of a certain quality.
Every 2-3 years, he asks me for a picture to update his business profile. I do it, for free, because he’s my brother. I ask for reference of what he wants. I tell him what I think would be the best setup to reach the desired result (how to dress, a place, etc. ) knowing my capacities and my gear as well. I cannot achieve what a professional photographer does with 20k worth of equipment. But I can do a pretty good job using natural light. He then tells me he had an idea for a place (in a mall, in a store of the company he works for). I tell him the light won’t be the best there and the background will be quite blurry and small since he wants a closeup. Might as well pick a place with nice lighting and textured background then he keeps arguing that his idea is good and it’s all gonna work great. And we might do a larger shot while being there. So he asked for something and that thing became another thing (one close-up portrait to 3 different pictures )
I’m so used to this that I don’t even bother explaining my reasons for why I think he should listen to me. I end up being passive-agressive, I do a bad job (to my standards), I just want to get on with it, I am not being paid, I use my gear, and I have to wake up on a saturday morning at 8 to do this before the store opens.
Every subject, he knows better than I do. And I should never worry, it’s always gonna be okay. And I should do « this », why don’t I already do « this »?
Fuck, I’m tired of this. How do I deal with it? How do I re-orient de conversation to something productive?
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2023.06.01 04:55 Supper_Champion Favourite/best dog park in or near Vancouver?

Couple weeks back I had some time to kill out in PoCo and took my pup to the Shaughnessy Dog Park. It's fantastic; large, woodsy, lots of water for dogs to drink, seats for humans. Just really nice.
I live in Vancouver, however, and it's a bit of a drive just for a dog park. The ones near me - Olympic Village, Andy Livingstone, Broadway&St George - are basically just dirt lots.
Are there some hidden gems around Vancouver I should know about? I do need a fenced area because my dog will chase things like skateboarders, but she's pretty good if those kind of distractions can't be seen/heard from the park. (for reference, at in-laws in the woods and the dog beach near Vanier she can be off leash, at the city dog parks, probably not.)
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