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A place to discuss ALL things relevant to being part of a Plus Size Wedding, including but not limited to bride and bridesmaid fashion, bridal salon woes, weight loss, body acceptance, haimake-up

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Contains comedy pictures, gifs, and videos of kids trying to cut hair, apply makeup, and do other salon things... and not being very good at it.

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Welcome to the Salon 427 Customer Show-Off Gallery, where we post all of the awesome hair styles, cuts and more from our salon here in Spring Hill, FL.

2023.03.25 09:31 heartofagoddess 35[F4R] irl friendship or more in LA

Hi, passionate curvy woman seeking a fun person to get to know & go out & do things with. Ideally we have things in common otherwise it will not work. We don’t have to be into all the same things, but same wavelength you know what’m sayin? I cherish my alone time, too.
Im spiritual, artistic, kind, I enjoy farmers markets, trying new food spots in LA, I don’t drink alcohol but 420 friendly (I’m still not fond of that term but it is what it is,) an amazing cuddler, I enjoy reading and being home as well. Hit me up if you’re into funny introverted thick women. I’m single and pan.
Not looking for just texting buddies. I like to meet people with all types of stories and experiences, and I also want to see what it’s like to see you smile irl when you talk about that thing you’re really into.
My type: dad bods, beards, beautiful smiles, beautiful souls, average to thick women, NBs with great dance moves and dark hair, age range 25+. Don’t be shy, there’s only room for one shy person and that’s me.
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2023.03.25 09:30 BaseballBot [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 3/25/23

So what's this thread for?

For game threads, use the games schedule on the sidebar to navigate to the team you want a game thread for.

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Saturday's Games

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Day Feature
Sunday 3/19 ICYMI: World Baseball Classic Quarterfinals 2 Game 2: United States @ Venezuela (Miami, Florida) - Postgame Thread
World Baseball Classic Semifinals Game 1: Cuba vs United States (Miami, Florida) - Postgame Thread
Monday 3/20 Why will the Guardians exceed expectations? Why won't they?
World Baseball Classic Semifinals Game 2: Mexico vs Japan (Miami, Florida) - Postgame Thread
Tuesday 3/21 Why will the Padres exceed expectations? Why won't they?
World Baseball Classic Championship: United States vs Japan (Miami, Florida) - Postgame Thread
Wednesday 3/22 Why will the Yankees exceed expectations? Why won't they?
Thursday 3/23 Why will the Phillies exceed expectations? Why won't they?
Friday 3/24 Why will the Astros exceed expectations? Why won't they?
Saturday 3/25 Baseball Movie Club: Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns (1994)
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2023.03.25 09:29 Food-Poisoning My First Hilarious Experience

For the purposes of this story, I will be, for the most part, referring to people by the class they are playing.
Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here after being drawn here by , so apologies in advance if there's any poor writing.
I am relatively new to D&D still. I had always been interested in playing, but I never really had anyone to play with and did not want to join a random group. To scratch my itch, I watched campaigns on YouTube/Twitch. Namely the One Piece D&D run by Rustage. Due to that, I became very familiar with the mechanics of D&D but had never actually played in a real game.
However, recently an online friend of mine started to set up a campaign for our group. The primary purpose of this was as a sort of Trainer Campaign to help familiarize new players. Pretty much everyone in this game I already knew.
For obvious reasons, we all start the campaign at level 1 (except for one player, but we'll get to that). The first session was pretty basic. Fought a couple rats, nearly get knocked comically unconscious by them, it was fun!
The group was small at the time as not everyone who wanted to play was ready. So for session one the players were:
DM: DM My Friend: playing an Elf Paladin (who I will be referring to as Paladin) DM's gf: playing an Aasimar Sorcerer (Sorcerer) DM's Sister: the only person in the vc I actually hadn't met yet. They were a more seasoned D&D player, so they were starting the game at level 3 to essentially be a Co-DM. She was playing a Warlock. (Warlock)
And finally Me: playing a Warforged Cleric.
Now that the general context is out of the way, we can move to where the story really begins.
Session 2: At the time I'm writing this, this session happened only a few hours ago. I just can't stop thinking about what happened.
Unfortunately, Paladin couldn't make it to this game, but we actually got 3 more players to join us for this session.
Another friend: playing a Human Ranger A friend of Sorcerer: playing a Kobold Hexblade Warlock (calling him Hexblade) And A third friend of all of us: Playing a Custom Lineage, Half-Tiefling Barbarian named Gaston (this is important).
We're all part of an adventurers guild based out of the city we are all in. The session began with the guild master "assigning more newbies" for Warlock to mentor. Intro Gaston, Ranger, and Hexblade. We then received a quest to go check out a request to take care of a disturbance for a farmer and his wife caused by the local wildlife in a nearby town.
Upon the start of our trek there, Hexblade, like the little gremlin kobold that he is, says, "I want to climb onto the shoulder of the tallest member of the party." Who just so happened to be me and my 6'4 warforged.
To that I just thought to myself, "screw it, this'll be interesting." We arrive at the barn and the first thing everyone notices are the 7ft tall cobblestone walls surrounding most of the property, save for a few exits/entrances and gates here and there.
The walls turn the property into essentially two squares one of which is only accessible through a gate connecting the two areas.
The area is pretty trashed, and after a few perception checks, Warlock, Hexblade (still on my shoulder), and I all round a corner to see a bear just across the way from us.
Roll Initiative. (The order doesn't matter too much but the most important thing to note is that Hexblade is first and I am dead last)
Hexblade springs off my shoulder and engages with the first bear. We all gang up on it and it falls pretty easily.
Certain that it likely wasn't the only one, on my turn I scoop up Hexblade as I walk past him and we head just outside the wall through a secondary exit onto the fields. Immediately spotting another bear.
Meanwhile, Warlock went through the gate into the second area and also discovers a bear. Ranger had also snuck into that area and was now on an 8ft high platform so that she could see both Warlock and Hexblade and I.
Soon after Gaston and Sorcerer have joined us in the fields and we dispatch the second bear swiftly. Warlock then calls out for a bit of help as, even at level 3, she's having a bit of trouble soloing a bear. Socerer, who was closest to the entrance dashes to Warlock's aid but then:
Now the real fun begins. A fourth, significantly larger bear emerges from within the larger storage house.
Hearing all the commotion and too far away to get to and through the gate in a turn, I get a brilliant idea. A spark of genius, or one of stupidity.
Throw the kobold.
I turn to Hexblade and say, "you gotta trust me. Roll yourself as tightly as you can into a ball."
While Hexblade's player was absolutely on board with this, he figured his character would need to be persuaded. But after a successful persuasion check, it was time. I grabbed my little gremlin Kobold ball, rolled my athletics, 16+4. Hexblade soars over the wall and rolls for his Dex save to land.
Natural. 20.
He flies about as beautifully as a kobold can and lands right next to Ranger. Then, because Hexblade was right after me, he got to immediately throw a dagger at the now final big bear. Satisfied that we pulled off what I thought would be the highlight of the night, I prepared myself to make the long trek around.
But oh boy was I wrong. Not even 10 minutes later, Gaston flies into rage and decides that he is getting to the other yard, and he tries to crash through the cobble wall. With rage granting advantage on his strength checks, Gaston rolls.
Natural. 20.
Gaston absolutely catapults through the wall like The Koolaid Man or the Armored Titan. With his attack, Gaston pulled the attention of the bear off of Hexblade and Ranger as well as made an easy way for myself to join the fight as well. With its attention turned, Hexblade JUMPS ONTO ITS BACK and starts attacking with his axe. Warlock and Sorcerer blast spells, and I heal Gaston (he got knocked unconscious almost immediately after by the bear lmao).
The bear is looking weak and again Gaston, fresh off the ground, gets ANOTHER natural 20 for his javelin throw. This kills the bear and ends the combat.
Wow, this ended up being longer than I expected. I hope you all enjoyed! While definitely not the most crazy of stories I've seen or read, this was my first D&D event that I know I will remember for quite awhile.
Thank you all for reading!
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2023.03.25 09:28 TheGirlWick3d Customization help

Customization help
My boyfriend has a huge collection of these cups and literally a tower of unopened boxes. I wanted to make a custom cup based on me and my hair color as a gift. Do yall have ideas/recommendations?? I've looked on etsy and can't find anything like my idea. Any help pls and thanks!!
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2023.03.25 09:28 Omi_zzz Being 15 yo (4 months for 16) , i get beard, it is similar to the space occupied by facial hair in an adult but the density is low( the colour is also dark grey) hence I don't want it coz of the space it consumes and I wanna look cute. Suggest me should I break my beard or just clean shave?

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2023.03.25 09:28 rebeccaisalifestyle My (23F) bf (27M) refuses to have a real with his parents because of me

Ok so, his parents showed some really impolite behavior towards me. I got in a big fight with his mother over how she advised him to break up with me. They showed racist behavior towards me a few times too (comments on my hair, asking me to cook a certain dish because of my origins, asking me religious questions even though I don't believe in god). Bf now doesn't want to see them anymore, but I feel like it's really bad if he goes NC with them. He used to have a really nice relationship with his family and I feel like I'm the one ruining it. I've been considering letting him go because i dont want him to have to choose between his gf and his family. I also feel like encouraging him to go NC is abusive behavior.
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2023.03.25 09:27 death_to_the_ogre Best brand that doesn’t bleed everywhere??

So i’m looking to dye my hair purple. right now it’s a maroon/reddish purple color and i’m trying to find a brand that isn’t gonna drip everywhere if i get caught in the rain because it rains frequently where i live. i love the color payoff of splat but it leaks like a mofo and i don’t want drips all over me. is there a certain brand that is best for coloration that won’t bleed everywhere??
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2023.03.25 09:27 mugiwara_lebron Love

Love for me is that you know someone whole heartedly without needing to explain anything to them. You know all their quirks and perks and whatever they do, without any realizing it. You know littlest thing about them that no one else does. You know their understanding without them having to explain it to you. You stand up for them when no one is. You cherish them. You smile for them and if they hurt you, you’re cut way deep more than anyone. You’re there for them and you can’t imagine a life with out. You love them for the sake of Allah and are great full of them. Allah creates a bond for you for them. Allah makes you realize how much you love them and how much little you are without them. Love is something you imagine your family with and umrah and hajj. And it will devastate you to not do it with them. They’re the wall and anchor you need in the world. Their smile, hair, eyes, any and everything is a constant reminder to be grateful that you have them. That’s what love is to me. Loving someone is begging for half of your soul to be reunited and you are restless without it.
So I miss you every single day.
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2023.03.25 09:25 throwaway501327 Battlefront II Issues on EA App

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced any of the following issues since EA forced their shitty EA App down our throats.
  1. I prefer to play in windowed so as to allow easy access to my other tabs between rounds. Since I was forced off Origin, I am no longer able to maximize, minimize, or exit the window using my mouse.
  2. My regular cursor is on the screen at all times, including in-game. As a result, moving the mouse moves the cursor and not my crosshairs, severely limiting my range of motion as well as my look speed.
  3. My cursor being on the screen also causes certain tabs to be highlighted randomly as I move the mouse even though the cursor is nowhere near the tab. For example, on the Collection screen, if I hover my mouse over the options for game selection, settings, or the main menu, it will randomly highlight Slave I.
  4. I cannot smoothly rotate my characters. It gets really choppy and will not allow me to make a full rotation.
Any fixes or advice in dealing with these stupid issues that didn't exist with Origin, but which EA insisted on thrusting upon us?
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2023.03.25 09:23 charlestonsign 8 Tips to Make Your Business Signage Stand Out

8 Tips to Make Your Business Signage Stand Out
sign companies near me
Signage is often disregarded despite its critical role in promoting a company's products and services. Everything from storefront and car wraps to window graphics and internal signage is included. Store signage is crucial because it not only informs customers about your goods and services but also guides them through your establishment.
Making a Signage Impact on Your Clients
When it comes to their signage, businesses are free to be inventive, but they still need to ensure that it works. While simple signs may not get people to pay attention, complex ones can be perplexing. Get your signage noticed by adding the WOW element with these 8 helpful hints.
Introduce yourself to the reader
To be effective, your signage must convey important information about your company, such as its values, purpose, and products and services. Adding a bit of personality to your brand's signage will increase its effectiveness and recognition. Include your brand's colors and logos in all of your signage, and don't be hesitant to get creative to show off your company's unique character.
Employ Unique Shapes
Recognizable shapes are often used in signage designs, but you should not be hesitant to get creative and use non-standard or even entirely original shapes. Differentiate your logo or signs from the competition by incorporating distinctive shapes into the design.
Make use of vehicle signage
It's a fantastic idea to make your signage mobile with the help of a sign companies near me if your company has vehicles that are frequently on the go. Vehicle wrap signs, which can be attached to your vehicles, can help get your brand and message out there and in front of potential consumers. An annual average of 15,000 miles on the road means your business car will pass 9 million others.
Distribute Floor Markings
Contrary to what you might think, carpeting is something that gets noticed. People are more likely to observe floor signage and graphics after the COVID-19 pandemic, when they were used to promote social distancing.
In addition to promoting sales, floor signage can also be used to guide customers through shops and events. Using some of the above-mentioned design advice to improve the design of your signage will help attract even more attention to the floor.
To Add Texture
Adding texture is a great way to draw attention to your signage, whether it's a big format sign or a business card or flyer. Applying a glossy or matte coating to your signage is a straightforward way to attract attention. A matte finish is more subtle, while a glossy one produces a more luxurious appearance. Both patterns can be used in tandem within a single sign's design to highlight specific features. Try playing around with different textures to simulate the look of metal and timber, for example.
Add some new dive graphics to your signage
The aforementioned suggestions can give your signage that "WOW" factor if you want to change it up to create more eye-popping designs and attract more attention from prospective customers. Your signage should feature the same messaging and branding that customers are used to seeing from your company, but feel free to get inventive if you want to stand out from the crowd.
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2023.03.25 09:23 powergummie Can Ayurvedic Home Remedies Ease Period Pain?

Can Ayurvedic Home Remedies Ease Period Pain?
Can Ayurvedic Home Remedies Ease Period Pain?
Ayurvedic herbs have been a part of the home remedies given by your grandmothers. However, their benefits are numerous. Not only can these assist in reducing your menstrual pain but would also help in managing your mood swings. Therefore, considering the above-highlighted home remedies can be beneficial. Besides these, you can pop gummies for menstrual cramps to provide nutrition to your body that has been lost during menstruation.
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2023.03.25 09:23 methodwriter85 I just realized that current college guys can only remember Daniel Craig as James Bond. They were literally toddlers when he took over as James Bond in 2006. The '06 outrage over him not fitting the part of Bond because he has blond hair would be beyond them.

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2023.03.25 09:23 cipzer29 Cipzer Ashwagandha Capsules calm the brain, lower blood pressure, & alter the immune system.

Cipzer Ashwagandha Capsules calm the brain, lower blood pressure, & alter the immune system.
Cipzer Ashwagandha Capsules have many benefits for the body, mind, and other general health. Apart from boosting energy levels, it can also help manage stress through its adaptogenic properties. It can help fight depression, and boost fertility and testosterone in men. Many studies have shown that Ashwagandha contains compounds that can help fight certain types of cancer. It soothes anxieties away, relieves depression, relaxes the mind, and has a good deal of benefits for the entire body. It is globally known for its unique and abundant benefits for human health and possesses special importance in the ayurvedic system of medicine. It reduces cortisol levels. It treats viral infection, cough and cold symptoms, fever, and chronic pain. It prevents hair fall and breakage due to stress and anxiety.
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2023.03.25 09:23 Blank_Browser Help trying to differentiate science from pseudoscience/misleading science on gender-affirming care and dysphoria.

So I looked at the "evidence" of the Abbot letter arguing that gender-affirming healthcare is child abuse and the Yale report review of its scientific accuracy, and realized just how large proliferation of pseudoscience on transgender issues is, such as that produced by the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine is.
However, while looking at the SEGM "research," I came upon the studies page highlighting literature in the field that aligned with them, and I was somewhat perturbed by how some of that literature is peer-reviewed sources I can find at my university.
For example, SEGM mentions an article titled Clinical and Ethical Considerations in the Treatment of Gender Dysphoric Children and Adolescents: When Doing Less Is Helping More. According to the university I attend, this article is peer-reviewed. After reading it, I was unsettled by its characterization of trans-affirming healthcare and gender dysphoria. If I took a generous view of that article, then the author was just really trying to remind practitioners that they have the tool of psychotherapy to approach mental health treatment, and was prompted to do so just because of their anecdotal experience in treating gender dysphoria.
However, they characterize gender-affirming healthcare as a rush to diagnose children as trans and a rush towards dangerous surgical and pharmacological interventions (p. 440-441). They also seem to characterize gender dysphoria in children as an obsessive preoccupation hiding some deeper psychological issue (p. 446-448), and argues that the research indicates that gender dysphoria in pre-adolescent children is a condition that ameliorates by itself in most cases if you are just patient (p. 443).
This seems too close to the kind of SEGM-style pseudoscience/misleading science that would get onto the Abbott letter. But, I'm reading this from a peer-reviewed journal produced by someone with a phD, and I know nothing about the affiliations/history of the author that would betray any kind of bias. I am just too out of my depth to figure out exactly what to think about this article in any informed way, especially considering its contradicting of the aforementioned Yale report on WPATH standards of care. Am I just supposed to believe a peer-reviewed article from a person with a phD that cites research I can look up is just ... wrong?
Hope this isn't too incoherent. Thanks. Sorry if this is in a wring subreddit.
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2023.03.25 09:22 ohkathala A Quick Results Guide to Editing Photos, Darkroom-Style

A Quick Results Guide to Editing Photos, Darkroom-Style
Hi all,
before deleting this, dear mod, I thought some of you might get some help or impulse out of this. It’s a quick breakdown of the darkroom-inspired editing I do as a photographer, i.e. a) true to the original scene and image, b) easy to grasp without getting lost in technicalities, and c) with the main focus of my attention and time still on photography, not editing.

1) Observe your scene!
Light: Direction, Intensity, Directness (vs. soft overcast light), light colous and how they influence the colour of objects
Objects: Colours, Surface texture, Roughness, …
Wind, Air, the subtle things

2) FEEL. How does all this make YOU feel? Are you sweating on a beach, freezing in a blizzard, are you moody in late autumn?
Remember all this, with mind and belly.

3) ALWAYS use RAW. If you need JPGs, know why, and choose RAW+JPG

4) Work in 16-bits and either ProPhoto RGB or, if that is not available, Adobe RGB. Work on one photo at the time. Select the best of a series. Even if the entire series is great. Start with the best. This allows you to focus on ONE photo, and reduces 1ooo shots to 1o. That's a manageable goal.

5) Choose two or three tools, and learn them by heart. Every craftsman, from the carpenter to the drummer, starts with one tool. Many never add a lot more in their lifetime.
The most powerful tool is the Grading Curve. It puts the dynamics of the entire photo at your fingertips. Move them carefully. The art is subtlety! It takes a LONG time to master, but it's worth it! And you'll see impressive results even after your first try.
Be aware that any alteration you make affects ALL the photo: brightening the dark areas brightens the highlights as well. Work from shadows to highlights. This results in a more organic ("film-ic") grading. Set two, at the most five anchors. Keep the curve vaguely S-shaped.
Tweak the curve until you are happy. It's often easier to open the tool several times than try achieving everyting at once.
The goal is to recreate the light quality you observed and felt. The technical goal is to have no areas in the picture that are complete black, without details, nor white.

6) Next, colours. They can be modified with Curves as well, but that's even more of a learning. Feel free to use the colour balancing tool (Ctrl+B in Photoshop). Start with the Shadows, then the mids, then the Highlights. Adjust every slider to taste. Again, subtlety is key. The goal now is to recreate the MOOD you experienced. Was it cold - give it more blue. Was it hot - give it more yellow. Toxic - more green. And so on. SUBTLE! This is not a toning, nor a commedy effect. It's about subtleties the untrained eye never perceives, but that make all the difference from stock White Balance. Practice. Feel free to throw an edit away and start again. Many, many times. Look at it tomorrow and next week. Still fine? Something you'd change?

7) The next big step ahead is selective editing. Not layers, masking channels etc., just simple selections: take a tool to mark which area of the image you want to work on. Select the area of the image on which you want to apply more of the above settings. The rest of the image stays untouched meanwhile. This is the most powerful add-on tool you can learn to master. Think of a scene in shadow AND sunlight - make the shadows darker, but not completely black. Make them colder, i.e. blue, but still believable. Ditto for mixed-light scenes, like a candle in front of a window with a cold, dark dusk scene outside.
This is all you need. You can expand your tool set after you master these, but you should find little need to. Ditto for buying plugins, filters, LUTs etc. - these can only ever impose THEIR (generic) presets to your picture. You want the opposite. You want a per-picture approach, and you want to recreate what YOU experienced.

8) Save your RAW file. You can come back to it in a few years, with grown skills, and extract magic from it!
Save your final edit in a lossless format (TIFF etc.), but 8 bit is enough.

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2023.03.25 09:22 mhmmmaria Where to watch "Der vermessene Mensch" ("Measures of Men") w English subtitles

I just learned about this newly released movie "Der vermessene Mensch" on the topic of Germany's genozidal past in Namibia. It sounds super interesting (and I, as ginorant as I am, didn't really know anything of substance about Germany in that regards) and I would love to watch it.
However, I'm struggling to find a place it plays w English subtitles (this is the case SO OFTEN w German or other non-English movies). Any ideas?
Review on the film by The Guardian here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/ma22/most-are-unaware-film-highlights-germanys-genocidal-past-in-namibia
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2023.03.25 09:22 AngryRobot42 Again, found something about the DLC, Completely by accident. Need help continuing the thread.

First, I don't know if this pertains to the big puzzle, but I may have found part of or a portion of the upcoming DLC. It doesn't sound like it is going to be a happy story.

I swear I wasn't looking for anything this time. I was running around, and It occurred to me.... actually, it was my wife who picked up on it. She does not play video games. :(

The Zen garden. If you walk into the zen garden across from the statue in Corpo plaza, you will see a large tree and the sounds of birds playing. There are no birds; it's just the recording of them. Fun fact all of the bird sounds are native to North/Central America. My wife is a birder; she pointed out the constant Oriole chirp.
All of this reminded me of the "Songbird" data mine from the following post; she is briefly shown in the trailer.
Okay, here is where it gets crazy. Orioles are "songbirds," and in the picture, the woman has two tattoos. a flower and a bird with the same or alternate name.
The bird is a Black Oriole, and the flower is a White Dahlia. A Dahlia is a type of Oriole flower. Okay, for the hardcore fans, you already know where this goes. Black Dahlia is in the Cyberpunk pre-2077 table top game.
"The strongest Killer program on the market"
It gets even weirder. Black Dahlia is also the name reference of the house where the supposed murderer lived. The murder of a Dark haired aspiring actress. According to the following post (read the comments), Night City stretches from Morro Rock to the Butterfly preserve in L.A..
If you were to line up the famous Lloyd Wright house, it would overlap the Casino. The surrounding hills and water reservoir align with the cyberpunk 2077 map. It may be rough, but this is common due realistic sizing of Night City. This last theory might be a bit of a stretch, but you can see there is something here.
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2023.03.25 09:19 Tongibongi Hairdresser for straight, thick Asian hair?

Hey peeps,
I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a hairsalon. I used to go to barbershops for classic men's fades, but wanted to grow my hair out and get something along the lines of curtain/middle part.
I have straight, thick hair, which makes simple growing out of my hair a little awkward (my sides are sticking out like needles haha), so I am looking to maybe get a transitional haircut as well.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.25 09:19 semconindia72 The Great Sound Effects from the Surround Sound Systems

The surround sound system is an additional gadget to your home and appliance settings that is very entertaining for those who liked it. This is also known as home based theater in which you are experiencing the full and good sounds that came from your appliance speakers. Most people are trying to have this sound system because this can highlight the exciting moments while watching t.v. shows and movies. mixers Distributor in india
This sound system is an enriched system and producing a good quality of sounds and audio sources using audio channels with its dedicated speakers. This system can attract the human in three dimension-hearing whether above, side and below the listeners. The speakers must be in a quality condition and being set to encircle the listeners or the audience like those on the movie theatres.
But if you are planning to have this surround sound, then there are lots of ways and tips on buying the product and there are lot of stores that are selling these and even online stores have it also available. Aside from buying a quality product of surround sound system there are some considerations to be considered before having your sound system and have it install in your home. You must measure first your room whether it is good enough for your surround system to install it. Measuring the width and the length of the room determines on how many speakers will you install according to its measurement to ensure that you have a good quality of surround sounds inside your visual room. p audio speaker bm-300
When trying to look for a sound system make sure that those stores have the services that may come in your home then installing the sound system properly. They used to know where to put those speakers and also resetting the television for your convenient and optimized home-based theatre experience.
There are a lot of brands of speakers that are marketed now a days so choosing the brand that has a quality can be considered because you will regret if you have chosen a brand that does not fit for you. Some people are much wiser to have those speakers installed all over the house to maximize its capacity on spreading the sound even you are working anywhere inside the house. This method can save money and maximizes the experience of surround sounds.
View More: p audio challenger
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2023.03.25 09:17 welcometo_oblivion A little update (not important, just wanted to share)

Last night, after dyeing my hair lol, I realised I was a transman again and not just transmasc. I really wanted to share this here because I’ve posted a big amount of my journey on this subreddit and you’re all so kind here. I use he/void pronouns now, and definitely a trans man - Love you all 🫶🏻
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2023.03.25 09:15 Adept_Victory3201 31 M Professor from 🇬🇧. Settling into my new role and ready for a new chapter in my life [chat] [friendship] [relationship]

Hey there,
I’ve just started a new job which, I have to say, is pretty close to my dream role.
However I have found the adjustment a little difficult since I’m in a new city away from family and friends I’ve developed over the years. The social scene is also a little difficult as there still a large chunk of the workforce still working from home. So yeah, definitely a barrier to making friends in your thirties!
I’m happy to chat and see if we get along. Here is a little about me: 6ft, brown hair, blue/grey eyes, love sports (both doing and watching), I try and spend a lot of time outdoors as I can, music is great and need to get some house music recommendations, and finally I do like to game a little too but mainly FPS.
If this is interesting enough to you then I’m happy to chat!
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2023.03.25 09:14 AdministrativeAd180 Can you play pinball?

Pinball is one of those things that makes me uncomfortable even thinking about. It just doesn’t go well with my tremor. Like it highlights my awkward clumsiness.
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