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2023.05.29 13:57 ECrispy Lounge access at HND?

Incoming flight is at 14.30, connecting flight next day 10.20, flying Premium Economy on JAL which has lounge access.
Will they let me enter lounge when I land, stay till 1am (when it closes) and reenter next morning?
from here -https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/inteservice/lounge/hnd/
"Customers arriving at Haneda on JAL operated International flights with JAL flight number are eligible for the service on the day of arrival."

So this is a yes, right? Can anyone confirm please?
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2023.05.29 13:56 triscuit000 Me (17M) and my girlfriend (18F) are in a struggling LDR

TL;DR Me and my girlfriend are in an LDR. Things have been amazing, but more dreadful since the beginning. I make many mistakes and we argue intensely. I cant let go of the relationship for how close weve gotten. We met in person and I am really close with her family. I cant move past all the pain between us two. Its difficult to get on with my own life with her. Im deathly afraid of what will happen if I break up.
Hello everyone, recently I've been thinking to myself about the future of my long distance relationship. I dont know if it makes me happy anymore.
Backstory, we met over 2.5 years ago online. We hit it off and had everything in common- I had the craziest butterflies and we talked all day and all night. I helped her work through some previous issues and she did the same for me. Then we got into a relationship.
Ever since the beginning of that relationship we've had a lot of arguments, I was always the one making mistakes again and again; I was too emotional over some things that I felt hurt me, and isolated myself from time to time. I never intended a single bit to harm her through my shortcomings. I wish that my shortcomings never grew into a wildfire each time.
Weve had our share of good times of course, the hardest Ive ever laughed, have had some comfort ive never recieved, and love and gifts too. But for the majority of the relationship, and I mean a solid 75% of it I only remember the late nights weve stayed up crying over me making the same mistake again. Every mistake I made, small or large, led to an argument and I took notes of reflection each time. I pushed myself to change but it just kept happening that we argued. I reflected on many mistakes, and counted up to 50 arguments in the span of a few months.
The thing is, we kept on pushing. We forgave and made some amends, returned to loving and such despite all of the pain I caused her. I think doing that for so many months just ran me out, since I never felt as lively as I did before we were together. And I think each time made me dread the relationship more.
It got to a really horrible point for us, to the point when I would physically beat myself up each time we got into another argument and when she would start self harming herself because of how much it pained her that I wouldnt stop making mistakes. It got even worse a year ago where i tried strangling myself over something that she said that hurt my feelings. During all that time, I felt guilty and horrible for ever hurting her, but ever since that I felt horribly numb to everything and fell into a depression, now really neglecting the relationship. It was horrible. And I am horrible for putting her through all of that.
It went on this way for a while, and when I started senior highschool i only got more occupied with my own business. Up until new years, we actually met in person and it fixed us for a while. I met her and I gave her a lot of meaningful gifts, met her family and went to disneyland too. I would tell anyone else that it was an amazing experience, but in truth I dont think I felt euphoric in any way, and I feel terrible for that.
With everything said, some might say to break it off but I hope you all understand how difficult it will be for me.
I dont think that shes a bad person at all, and even her family accepts me happily as their own. Her parents and her sisters like me a lot. She herself is always giving to others and gives the greatest advice. I just hate what weve become and I dont want to put the pieces back together. Im afraid of not only whats going to happen with her family, but mostly for her wellbeing. Weve reached a low point before where we exchanged breakups. I was ready to accept, but apparently she was just "testing" my love and we rebounded back together. I just went along with it, like with everything else because I felt like I had no other choice. But it causes her great distress, and might make her hurt herself again, and even just cause her to fall back into a depression. Ive made this relationship my whole life at this point. All my posts, every interactions, all the connections in my life are with my girlfriend. It feels so rough and I just want to be my own person again with my own friends and goals.
Recently I landed a job after so long of searching. I was happy earning it and she was too, but I work until night. Im able to talk to her for a while but always nod off before she herself is ready to go to bed (I always look after her on videocall because she cant fall asleep without me). Shes stayed up for the past few nights from paranoia, and is sad the rest of the day. I try to comfort her but end up hurting her by falling asleep again during our talks. I dont understand why if shes able to nod off its okay, but I hurt her when I do. Its terribly hard to make it up to her, and I only worry for when I start working full time or when college comes around. I feel like I can never sleep properly because of that.
Im just tired of all of the pettiness between us. Im tired of all of the arguments. Im tired of not being able to have my share of my own life. Im tired of making mistakes. Im tired of the few friends I have being judged so much. Im tired of having to apologize so much. Im tired of hurting. Im tired of being hurt. Im tired of feeling like I have to stay with her because shes done so much for me. Im tired of being tired. And I cant stop worrying about what will happen if I break it off.
I dont know what to do, and Im sorry if this read through was stupid to some of you. Im just so lost.
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2023.05.29 13:55 acurioushart Polyester Warning

Not sure if you’ve felt the same, but I’m starting to wonder if dog toy companies have our dogs’ best interests in mind.
I'm usually not one for dramatic posts, but I have a story about my dog, Tesla, that I think every dog owner should hear.
Tesla, our 5-year-old dachshund, loves squeaker toys. Specifically, she loves destroying them – shaking and tearing them ragged. And over the past three years, this love has landed us in the emergency vet clinic multiple times.
Here's what happens: Tesla tears up a toy and accidentally swallows a bit of the polyester stuffing. Her stomach starts to make noises. Then, she vomits. If it was just once, I could manage, but it's not. It goes on for hours, to the point where she's throwing up blood, which is when we freak out.
Each time, we rush to the vet, worried sick. Every single time, the scans come back clear. No blockages, no sign of the polyester, but clearly, something's not right. She needs an injection to stop the vomiting and then we switch to a bland diet for about a week until she recovers. By the end of the ordeal, she’s stressed beyond belief and dehydrated.
We've spent over $3k on vet bills dealing with this in the last three years. All because of toy stuffing.
So, I'm writing this as a heads up. Watch out for toys with polyester stuffing. Honestly, I'm at the point where I'm about ready to throw anything with polyester stuffing out.
I'm also beginning to question why toy companies manufacture toys with materials that clearly cause distress to our pets. I’m about at the point of just making our own toys for Tesla, without the polyester.
Hopefully not many have had this experience, but for those that have, what are your recommendations or how do you make sure to avoid situations like this?
Stay alert, and take care of your fur babies.
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2023.05.29 13:55 VidenHarbin Ask Reddit: Did Game Informer ever sway you?

I know it's mostly a joke this days, but I remember vividly Game Informer being the man factor for me getting Dragon Age Origins, Fallout New Vegas and Fable 2 as child. DAO and Fable 2 now quite possibly being me favorite games from that generation. Did Game Informer or any other games mag ever land you with a great game?
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2023.05.29 13:54 realbassist Statement from the LNI Leader

My friends, I come before you with a humbled heart, and a heavy duty. Northern Ireland has, this term, been served by an honourable Executive, to which I am eternally grateful to be a member. The First, and Deputy First Ministers I have worked under have been among the most enterprising in our history, and I am proud to call them my colleagues and my friends. I believe Northern Ireland has seen considerable progress in these last several years, and I hope to see it progress further in the years to come.
I come to you with a promise, nay a covenant. I have been asked to become the new First Minister of this noble country, and, having spoken with the current FM, I wish to accept. My covenant with you will be fully on my part to uphold, and I shall do it to the best of my abilities. It is to be accountable in every case, without flinching away. That is what you, the people of Northern Ireland, deserve most of all. It is to be honest to you, and to ensure the best co-operation between the branches of government that I can. Finally, and perhaps most keenly, it is to do my duty for you, and to finally try and bring sectarianism out of Northern Irish politics.
I understand that to some, I am a divisive figure. My history of parties is well known, but I wish to assure those who would believe me to be false, I have no constitutional view on the future of this country other than what I believe is best for the people. For now, that is not Unionism or Nationalism. As the leader of the largest Other party, mine is to work for the people of this great land without the labels of both communities. I first wish to do this by inviting the Leader of the Ulster Borders Party to work more closely with the government should they wish, and as a sign of goodwill I wish to apologise to them, personally, for any offence I have caused in the past.
Furthermore, I wish to see this land free, peaceful, and economically stable. To quote the Book of Exodus, “A land flowing with milk and honey”. I have no illusions in my mind this will be an easy task, or even necessarily that I shall be in this position the entire time to see it through, but I hope to do my part. With God as my witness, I swear to you to do my part for your futures.
My friends, I love this place. While I am a Cork man, Northern Ireland has quickly become my home. A noble and resilient people, brave and kind who can weather the storm from any direction. A culture of beauty, of tragedy and of reconciliation. I thank you all for giving me a part in this culture, this land and this people. It is for my love of Northern Ireland and her people that I ask your permission to allow me to serve you, through thick and thin, for as long as you’ll have me. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 13:54 dsotm60s “To check, or not to check, that is the question”

Last year, I got around 70 marks in GS1 and around 120 in CSAT. Never prepared for CSAT, not even a single mock test but still got a decent score. Therefore, I was confident that I would be able to manage CSAT this year as well. Studied way more for GS1 though, worked on every weak area.
Paper 1 - came out of the hall clueless without any idea where I would land, but was still a little hopeful.
Paper 2 - started with math and realised mid-way that I might screw this up completely and started regretting being overconfident about csat in general. Every question seemed to have an extra option in the end saying ‘aagaya swaad? aur halke me lo.’
Now, despite promising myself to not check answer keys for 2 days at least. Thanks to csat anxiety this year, ended up checking my csat score just to be sure of qualification, scoring around 100-105 in it.
It was a little surprising for me, calming as well. However, the calm didn’t last long. Decided to check my GS1 marks as well, because why not? Thik hi gaya tha shayad, right? Scoring around 50 in it.
Never had such a rollercoaster of relief and disappointment, occurring alternatively with such high intensity. I am not even sure what is it that I am more pissed about, not being able to score good? Or checking my answers despite deciding to relax for a few days? I regret giving away my 2-3 days of peaceful sleep, long drives, music and binge sessions just to curb my curiosity.
All in all, if you feel like you need a break for a few days, just take it. You deserve it. DON’T check the answers till then, no matter what. Just don’t. Gear up after the break, check your answers. If it‘s good, start slogging for mains. If not, just start slogging for whatever next in line. All the best!
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2023.05.29 13:53 PageAccomplished8438 Not uncle Lubu😭

Not uncle Lubu😭
On a more serious note, what would having Lubu as your uncle be like??
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2023.05.29 13:53 itchyspiderbutthole I’m wondering if I was in like a watered down version of this program

First off my memory is trash because I was abused by my parents for my entire childhood so I barely remember anything, but I do remember a therapist suggesting I get away from my parents and have some space. Her suggestion was summer camp. I was 17.
I was super excited at the idea! I really wanted to stay at a camp that had the cliche outdoor activities.
Instead, my parents found a wilderness camp where you backpack the entire time. They told me it would be fun because it would be a bunch of kids my age like 20 of us and it would be just like a more active outdoor camp. I was just happy to get away from my parents so I agreed.
I flew in, and bumped into another kid going to a wilderness camp thing. He said he loved them and did them every year and they always had a bunch of teens so I was starting to feel more excited. However, when we landed it turned out he was part of a totally different camp that happened to be meeting at the same airport. when I met my group it was literally 5 other kids all younger than me by at least 2 years.
I called my parents crying and telling them it was nothing like what they told me, they said “hang in there” and that was that.
We backpacked very intensely. It was not pleasant. Lots of screaming at us to go go go. No time to talk to each other. We also did some stuff that was pretty unsafe. One of our camps was right by a bear. We crossed an ice ridge. I’m very active and love the outdoors but this shit felt unsafe and wrong.
The kids all hated being there, we all took turns running off when ever we happened to stay at a shared campsite we would look for pay phones to call our families and try to convince them to pick us up.
I can’t remember much but I remember thinking a few times I might die out here. I Remember crying on the phone to my parents and they repeatedly telling me to “hang in there” before I was back out on the trail.
In total the program was like 2 months. It was super traumatizing and I had told a few friends about it over the years and they all thought it sounded like one of those troubled teen wilderness programs.
But some of the kids didn’t seem like they were there as a punishment, it was almost like their parents just didn’t know what the place was. I only remember one kid on the trip who was a bit of a shit and I remember finding out his parents sent him on this as punishment.
I’m sorry this is unclear, it’s hard to remember I only recall bits and pieces here and there but it’s like trying to grab tissue paper out of the wind I keep catching a piece and then losing it again.
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2023.05.29 13:52 ms061886 Since I wasn’t able to snag the Cute to Brute deck, I made my own Esika deck focused on Planeswalkers.

I started playing Magic a few months ago with my son and we really enjoy commander. I am still learning but the journey has been great so far!
Trying to make a five color deck with hood land and card draw balance. There is even a proliferate based win condition with [[Azor’s Elocutors]].
Comments, improvements and suggestions are welcome though I should note that I am certainly cost conscious.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 13:46 Old-Chair126 Does overlord and/or texaco ever land for fuel??

Come to think of it I have never ever seen either land or takeoff. Do they do either ever??
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2023.05.29 13:46 holdemholmes Visiting Maiden and Charlotte this weekend; looking for spots from land

I’d really like to do some trout fishing, but really anything would work. Any recommendations on spots from shore you can catch something? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 13:44 Hyper-Countess what I mean by "I love deep conversations"

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2023.05.29 13:43 Anarasha Zona paper is hard to come by - suggestions?

So I live in Europe. It appears that Zona Paper is an Eagle Land product, and as such I have a hard time tracking it down, and the stuff I do find is priced ridiculously because of the import costs and such.
Have any of you fellow Europeans found a product that's a valid replacement? So far I've been using regular sandpaper up to 7k grit and a rotary tool with polishing wax, but it does seem like Zona paper gets better results, at least on the videos I've watched.
Any suggestions?

Bonus question: What's the actual difference between Zona paper and regular aluminum oxide paper?
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2023.05.29 13:39 -_Gandalf_- A Pretty Serious Matter.

I have travelled at least 90% of India. I visited many temples, the architectural wonders of Aryavarta. In every temple I have gone to, I noticed names scribbled with red rocks on the surfaces of these monuments.
What is this? What sort of illiteracy causes this? What sort of lack of knowledge causes this animal-like behaviour? Such people shouldn't be just fined, they should be fined and arrested and put into jail.
I have noticed beautiful, like seriously, BEAUTIFUL places being freely littered while the guards just stand and watch them litter our architectural wonders. What is this?
If we cannot bring this change in them, we will change and inspire others to change! Rise my brothers and sisters, respect our land, respect your culture!
Respect education, respect cleanliness. Only then can India improve, only then can the golden bird revive. Our glory is covered in the swamp of slavery in our minds and the garbage we have covered our motherland with.
We are the youth, and we must be the change, and bring the change! The Gods await our revival, and the ground shakes with fear as we expect to revive while disrespecting our motherland.
Be the change, bring the change.
ॐ शांति। 🕉️
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2023.05.29 13:39 sheiseatenwithdesire Inner landscape - somewhere left/possibly Ruby

Inner landscape - somewhere left/possibly Ruby
I know I’m very late with this one. I have a toddler who takes up most of my free time and it took a while to really figure out what it means to me. I had to work up the courage to be vulnerable. I also had to think quite deeply about my inner landscape and how I want my style to feel and the difference between the two. I found it difficult to stick to just one mood board so I made a triptych. All of these are photos I’ve taken myself in some of my favourite places including my backyard with some of my little animal friends including a big saltwater croc, see if you can spot her. I’m an animist, a witch and a beekeeper and this land is etched on my heart, my mind and my dreams. My inner landscape reflects the exterior one, it’s only that, perhaps, in my day to day life I don’t get to take the time to engage with the landscape as intimately as inner me yearns for me to. But, I know it’s always accessible whenever I get the time to be still, close my eyes, and journey.
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2023.05.29 13:39 Johnny_Boy398 Africa Rework: The Leopard of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko

Africa Rework: The Leopard of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko
(This is part of an ongoing series, links to which will be posted in the comments below)
The Nationalists of the “Mouvement Authenticité de la Révolution” (MAR)
Who is Mobutu Sese Seko? Just another warlord who got a lucky break? A champion of the nation willing to do what is necessary for unity and freedom? A traitor to the people who was happy to crack congolese heads until his pay got cut? A revolutionary Father-Marshal or a reactionary kleptocrat? No one can say for sure, but when the Congo war begins in 1966 it will become clear what he wishes himself to be: the great liberator, unifyer, and undisputed master of the great Congo nation. And with Japanese help he may just pull it off. But no man is born great, and even the Fuhrer does not rule alone. So let us discover how Mobutu came to be, and what his victory will mean for the Congo and Africa at large.
For the Japanese, who will become his greatest supporters and headaches, he is the African Oda Nobunaga: a martial and cruel man whose vision for unity and glory far outweighs whatever sins he may have committed. Always one for the cameras and adept at winning over an audience, Mobutu will successfully win over the Japanese public by playing the role of the justly tyrannical “Great Man”, even while he personally prefers western delicacies.
Joseph-Désiré Mobutu lived an unremarkable life before being thrust into greatness. He was only 16 when the Congo was violently transferred from Belgian to German hands, and like many rebellious students he joined in the 1949 protests against the construction of the Congo dam, stowing away from boarding school to do so. In the aftermath of the MNC repression Mobutu was assigned to the still technically Belgian controlled Force Publique as punishment. Unlike many of his fellows however Mobutu immediately took to military life, embracing the strength, discipline and martial values it provided. In part because of this he served without noticeable disobedience, and was even bribed to be an informant on clandestine communist cells within the force, ratting out a few of his “comrades”. From the point of view of the Belgians he was a model soldier. But this was an act: in truth Mobutu never ceased holding resentment for his arrogant Belgian commanders or the priests who had “educated” him. Behind their back he was a contributor to the native underground press, writing under assumed names and attacking the Belgian presence. It came as quite a shock then when in 1955, as his mandated time in the force was drawing to a close, Mobutu did not accept demobilization quietly but instead went into revolt. It is still a matter of debate about what pushed him into this. He claims that this had been the plan all along, while cynics say the impending annexation of the belgian Congo by Zentralafrika forced him into it. Some think that his double life was about to be exposed, while the more conspiratorial leftists say that he never went into rebellion at all, and that his “revolt” was ordered by the Belgians as a way to counter the APL insurgency. But whatever the case it was here that the public figure was born.
After killing several belgian officers and stealing as many weapons and valuables as they could Mobutu and his co-conspirators quickly fled east. This was not entirely unusual: the sudden annexation of the colony led to many sporadic demonstrations and revolts. But it immediately became clear that Mobutu had larger ambitions than these local disturbances. His strategy at this time was one of survival: he would only accept those who could move fast and hit hard, with his armed band always staying on the move as they fled to the east. But unlike other petty warlords he understood the importance of a political and social message for his long term survival, as well as local alliances. For this he essentially copied the platform of the now underground MNC while adhering to none of its tenants in reality: he would tell the people whatever they wanted to hear so long as it got him what he wanted. More practically he made tight alliances with local eastern notables as well as Tutsi refugees which had fled reprisals to the east. In this he was successful, forging for himself a loose alliance in the north east which permitted him to slip the noose where so many others were eventually caught.
One of his most important lieutenants in these early days was Victor Nendaka Bika, his de facto “foreign minister” and torturer who would make initial contact with those Mobutu saw the need to coerce or charm. Unlike many warlords Mobutu never gave into the temptation to rule by fear alone, instead seeking to co-opt useful men into his own organization. But he was just as happy to let loose his jackal to show the consequences of disloyalty.
These early years from 1956-1962 were defined at first by mere survival: banditry, illegal trade and bribery were the only ways to stay alive. But slowly, with plenty of self promotion to help it, Mobutu’s reputation as a survivor and a winner grew locally, and then regionally. As the remnants of failed rebels and warlords drifted into his growing camp Mobutu was able to step beyond being a bandit king and into becoming a local powerbroker. He had already made himself the allied protector of the Tutsi refugees, and soon after the APL’s protracted people's war in the north began he sought to become the patron of his own native Ngbandi people as well. Where he had the most power in the eastern fringes the pan-Africanist APL held the north, with the Ngbandi in the middle still “up for grabs” between the APL, Mobutu and the German administration. It is here that he first developed his own separate political platform: unwilling or unable to come to an agreement with either of the other two factions Mobutu began developing his own ideology of an “authentic” congolese nationalism which was opposed to both pan-african and communist radicalism, “self defeating” regionalism and demanded the full liberation of the congo from european imperialism. But most importantly to those who heard his call was for unity under Mobutu: if the African people remained divided and timid they would be slaves forever, and only a great leader like Mobutu could bring them true liberty. As one may expect, this call for subordination won him very few new friends.
The see-saw of influence in the Congo north and east is set to be radically upended in 1962, as kommissar Krogmann finally thinks he has enough stability in the west to launch a pacification campaign. In this he will be superficially successful: all anti-German factions will be forced to retreat and large swaths of land will be returned to German control. But it will not accomplish its primary objective of capturing and killing the leadership: Mobutu will once again avoid the hangman and will return when the Zentralafrika army goes marching south to the SAW. And when he does it will be with a new purpose. Much of his army was scattered or deserted by the German offensive, with many of the local allies he thought were in his hands all but begging to come to terms with the Germans after he was forced out. He had survived yes, but only by the skin of his teeth: this time he would do things differently. Taking lessons from the APL he will return in 1964 as a popular revolutionary rather than as a mere warlord with a printing press. Though still not fully developed it is here that “Joseph-Désiré” would become “Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga” or “The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, goes from conquest to conquest, leaving fire in his wake”. A new ideology of “Authentic” nationalism came with this new name, seeking to truly win over the hearts of the people as well as the loyalty of their leaders. It was a threat and a promise, as he would go about tearing down symbols of westernism in his wake and giving personal “gifts” to people or organizations which he wished to win over. He also sought to portray himself as an avenging angel, throwing “bad actors” such as denounced priests and hated collaborators against the wall.
This new ideology, disseminated through the “Manifesto of Goma” is long in emotion and short in concrete policy. As such it was quickly denounced by the intellectuals of the Pan-Africanists and Liberals as not a “real” ideology and merely a cheap populism. But it is taken deadly seriously by the newly declared Mouvement Authenticité de la Révolution: for its supporters it promises a true rebirth of the congolese people from within rather than without. The Congo would be purged of malignant western influence by remaking the congolese individual in body, mind and spirit. This was the way to true freedom and dignity, far more than mere “material conditions” or to ape their constitutions.
With his newfound identity and strategy Mobutu will of course be a prime target for Huttig’s retribution, but as is always the case too few men and not enough supplies will stop Huttig from ever putting him down for good. Plus Mobutu had found a new friend: the Japanese. In the immediate aftermath of Huttig’s takeover the Japanese will support the APL, but will quickly grow disenchanted: the naked radicalism and distrustful nature of the APL will lead to the Japanese looking for a more reliable partner, and Mobutu will aggressively angle to become just that. After having been rejected by the Americans in favor of the MNC Mobutu is the only big game left in the Congo for Japan to back, and was always a master at co-option and personal magnetism. He will charm the Japanese mission to sing his praises in Tokyo, even if there is little they can do for him at the moment. This will change when Huttig dies: taking a gamble Mobutu will strike at Stanleyville, successfully forcing the retreating garrison to leave behind most of their weapons and capturing an airport through which he will finally have solid connections with the outside world. The bad blood between him and the MNC and APL will mean that there is no choice but to fight it out as the Congo war begins in 1966, this time with Japan backing him to the hilt.
Mobutu now seeks to become a legend. Already having gained a personal mythos after having been declared dead by the Germans several times, his wartime strategy will be to force the mass mobilization of the population. Under his personal name and with the backing of Japan he will force every man who comes under his control into his army, seeking to form a tidal wave of men which will overwhelm his enemies and make up for his lack of supply. If an enemy cannot be rooted out with simple force of numbers, it will be the job of his all Ngbandi “Leopard Division” or even better of Japanese “volunteers” to root them out. The success of this strategy is heavily dependent on momentum, and will rely on Japanese backing to arm itself. But if it is successful Zentralafrika will be no more, and neither will the Congo: The Republic of Zaire will rise as the newest power in Africa under the leadership of the nation's great guide: Mobutu Sese Seko. After a partial demobilization and a reconfirming of his alliance with “internal allies” such as the Tutsi under François Rukeba and the Bakongo under Holden Roberto he will initiate a grand campaign of national revolution and self aggrandizement: Zairianization.
Asian inspired architecture of the newly built Presidential Palace. Among those celebrating the creation of Zaire will be the Japanese. All sides have poured a great deal of resources into the conflict, and the victory of Mobutu will doubtless be a strategic boon for Japanese influence on the continent. Mobutu for his part recognizes the usefulness of his new “friends”, but neither side is blinded by the propaganda: the dangers and opportunities of Nationalism are all too familiar.
As mentioned in my previous post there are several common issues which any native unifyer must account for. The first among these is The Looming Famine: in the aftermath of years of war and mismanagement the supply of food to urban areas is critically unstable. And it is in this issue that the weaknesses of Mobutu’s regime will first be seen. Mobutu’s agricultural reform centers mostly on seizing land owned by the whites and his political enemies, and then redistributing it to himself, his political allies, and occasionally to the people. As everything with the Zairean revolution the purpose is twofold: to meet the needs of the people and to entrench Mobutu's personal political power. But often the second goal far outstrips the first: many of the people who gain this land do not know how to use the land productively, or if they do, are more interested in producing cash crops than they are in food staples. This is certainly the case for the massive amounts of land brought under Mobutu’s personal ownership, which will most often continue to grow the same way as the colonial plantations they were before. This reckless reorganization and focus on exports ensure that hunger will be an early and acute crisis for Zaire. The issue will be solved slowly, as roads are repaired and the rhythm of agricultural life is no longer disrupted by war, but the people need food now and more than anything else it is cassava and rice which the people demand from their leaders.
It is by meeting this need that Japanese influence first becomes a powerful thing. Though motivated in part by genuine charity from well off Asians, the provision of food and aid is also cynically used by the Japanese state to buy the support of the people and the local power brokers away from Mobutu, and towards themselves. This aid, plus the government's own subsidies of food imports, plus the natural healing from war, will lead to the crisis fading away but leaving all sides on notice that the future of Zaire is still being made, and that the Japanese are a major player in it.
The Mutilated Independence: The inability of Mobutu to take Leopoldville during the independence war is a blow to Mobutu’s prestige, not to mention Zaire as a whole. However he is pragmatic enough and has enough friends in Japan to hash out a deal with Nigeria and Gabon: the loss of the major port will not strangle Congolese exports or imports, only make them more expensive. But for both political and economic reasons the retaking of Leopoldville and the Kabinda port remain absolutely vital to the continued reign of Mobutu. To this end Mobutu’s solution to retaking Leopoldville is direct conquest, not because he can think of no other option but because it will give him the greatest personal prestige as a great conqueror. As such along with his policy of “Zairianization” and economic consolidation he will also invest a great deal into the army.
This army will see its strength tested as Mobutu tries to expand his influence beyond the Zaireian borders. Gabon may be protected by America, but unleashing blitz style attacks on Angola and Rwanda is fair game. In Angola he will seek to set up Holden Roberto as a fellow autocratic “Authenticité” leader by supporting his meager army against the warring angolan factions in an attempted knockout blow. In Rwanda he will need to be somewhat more cautious (unless something very bad happens) but ultimately seeks to return Kigeli V to the throne on the backs of his long time exile allies. In this way he will both expand his influence as well as surround Leopoldville with friendly regimes. When the oil crisis hits Mobutu will leap at the opportunity to crush the Germans by launching an all out assault on “Festung Leopoldville”, and if successful will greatly increase his prestige, as well as rehabilitate his image in the eyes of other revolutionary leaders as a “true revolutionary”. If he fails in these wars however he will decline, and need to lean ever more heavily on Japan to prop himself up. This is somewhat awkward for Japan itself: having previously backed leftist movements as their best options they must now choose between their old allies and the new anti-leftist gambles taken by Mobutu. But despite the heartburn Zaire is simply too valuable in the african chaos for Japan to not continue supporting it, and so the rising sun shall backstab their allies in the name of pragmatism to the benefit of Mobutu. And besides, these new factions typically promess a better deal than the socialists did.
Mobutu walks a fine line in African politics: though he has denounced the APL’s brand of pan-africanism he also wishes to be seen as a great revolutionary. Surrounded as he is by pan-african or otherwise revolutionary movements it is only good sense to say you are one of them. And to many Mobutu is just that: a liberating revolutionary who both freed and united great swaths of africa from pernicious white influence. But for the wider Marxist inspired world of African liberation his clear anti-communist is difficult to accept, no matter how well he speaks the language of pan-african pride.
Lingering Regionalism: In this question Mobutu is the most radical, and his policy is what you may know him for OTL. While all revolutionaries desire to establish a united identity, and some of them will do so by autocratic centralization, Mobutu makes the establishment of a “true” Zaireian nation a core part of his rule. As established in the Manifesto of Goma Mobutu promesses a national revolution in which regionalism will be swept away by a new, authentic program of nation building which will decolonize the Congolese mind as well as their hands. In practical terms this means the creation of a totalitarian state which will regulate and make “african” all aspects of life. Western influence will be attacked via the banning of christian names and nationalizing catholic church property. A citizen dress code will be implemented as well as a “traditional” family code which will favor male-dominated polygamy and property laws. Though his own praetorian guard of the leopard division is tribally biased the army as a whole will have a new organization forbidding any unit to be more than 20% uniform in tribal origin. This campaign is carried out with special zeal against the influence of Catholicism. Seeing it as both a challenge to his own power and as a malignant foreign influence Mobutu will make a great show of putting priests on trial and instructing his followers to declare that Mubutu is like Jesus and the MAR like the church. Schools, previously run almost exclusively by religious organizations, will be nationalized and their curriculum no longer permitted to teach Christianity but instead to teach “Mobutuism”. Though he will not have the strength needed to wipe out the church entirely during the 60s or early 70s Mobutu will be able to effectively cow this institution and dare any priest to say “sacrilege”.
This campaign will provide a degree of unity, pride and self confidence to the shattered nation beyond what any other program could do, but it is all provided through the image of Mobutu as the great sun king of the new nation. Mobutu will seek to become the center of a pseudo-religious cult of personality with mass public celebrations of his figure following him wherever he goes and an entourage singing songs in his praise.
A consequence of the personalism in this campaign is than any embarrassing failures will not only reflect poorly on the nation but on Mobutu himself. As such he will often get worked up by seemingly trivial matters: if the football team should be lucky enough to participate in the world cup they will do so under the threat that if they do not perform well enough it will see retribution on them at home.
But as part of building this cult he must never let any other person, even his own children, get a moment in the spotlight. Below him is transient chaos, while above him is none: he alone is the rock on which Zaire can be built. This policy is most clearly seen in his handling of the Warlord Plague. Here Mobutu has a two sided policy: All those military figures which he believes could pose a threat to his rule will at first be executed publicly and brutally. In the opening months of his reign he will institute a mini reign of terror to make an example of many warlords and political enemies. However, once the example has been made he will move on to a policy of co-opting these same men. Often through direct bribery, or through positions of prestige and other perks, local strongmen who will accept his rule are brought into the state machine by promising the opportunity to profit in exchange for loyalty. This opportunity is often revoked without notice or reason and personal rivalry at the top is encouraged: in this way no other individual is able to form a stable powerbase. But at the same time individuals previously kicked out of power may be rehabilitated just as quickly, rising once again to wealth and prestige on the auspices of Mobutu’s favor. In this way no elite is a permanent outsider, and the best move for many will seem to be “wait and see”. This of course makes the internal administration of the nation hell, but it does keep Mobutu in undisputed power without even the glimmer of a rival.
This policy of personal co-option extends even to The Belgian Question. The Europeans remaining property will be nationalized and they will be deported, but it will not come with the punitive brutality of the pan-africanists. Mobutu has no love for the Belgians, and will not tolerate their continued dominance, but he also has no special hatred for them, seeing them mostly as political liabilities and rivals rather than ideology defining enemies: that distinction goes to the Germans. But after this show of nationalistic force the door will be left open to their return: many of the nationalized properties are redistributed to those without the knowledge, skill or desire to maintain their productivity. As such when those same Europeans are offered the chance to buy back their property or even return to the Congo Mobutu will not get in their way: so long as they avoid getting lynched along the way by Mobutu’s notoriously brutal and poorly disciplined soldiers he will let them have their piece too so long as they accept that it is by his grace alone that they keep it.
Part of this leniency is out of a calculated mercy to Europeans: Mobutu is smart enough to know that making himself solely reliant on Japan is a poor strategy, and will seek to make connections with America, Italy and Brazil. Having mercy on the Belgians and keeping the door open to cooperation with the Euros is an easy way to mollify western opinion and thus maintain his own independence on the world stage. Of course even this policy has limits: Germany and those under her will see the door slammed shut.
Which brings us neatly into the great struggle which defines the early Mobutu regime: addressing the Economic Devastation. In keeping with his Authenticité program Mobutu wishes to nationalize all previously foreign owned industry, which is the vast majority of all industry, under the one-party state. These national corporations, modeled off of the Japanese Zaibatsu and Italian corporatism, will be either controlled directly by Mobutu, by his close political allies, or (to his own displeasure) by East Asians, most often the Japanese. Mobutu’s Japanese backers are willing to prop up his regime, to allow whatever social and political organization he wishes, but they have come to the Congo for a reason. That reason is money and resources, and with Authenticité pushing for the cartelization of all money in the Congo the Japanese demand to be let in. Mobutu cannot simply dismiss them: it is Japanese credit and weapons which ensure he stays secure and on top. But he is also unwilling to simply roll over for them: he is a nationalist and a deeply ambitious man, and will not be satisfied with anything less than personal ownership of the Zaire economy. As such the 60s and early 70s will be a contest between true Mobutu loyalists and pro-Japanese opportunists for who will gain a majority share of the new nation's economic resources. Japan offers cash, guns, food, technical advisors and diplomatic support (all of which Zaire really needs) in return for shares in the national corporations and local extractions. They will also play dirty by employing bribes, intimidation tactics, organized crime and even clandestine support of anti-mobutu civil resistance to put pressure on the regime to open up more space for the Japanese. To counter this Mobutu has all the tools of the state at his disposal, as well as the mobilization of his own hard core group of supporters for intimidation or political pressure on local leaders.
“Kazi ndjo baba, ndjo mama” (work, it is my father, it is my mother), is a common phrase in Katanga which alludes to the paternalist role played by large companies such as the Union Minière, which would provide housing, education, and sometimes even wives to their workers in exchange for productive loyalty. Even after the full German takeover “company work” maintained a facade of this relationship. Japan is well positioned to take up the old Union Minière paternalism tactics, offering workers higher and more regular pay than what native organizations sometimes can, while also reinforcing a culture of dependency which Mobutu is trying to break (or bend to his own ends).
It is this contest for the hard cash and rare metals provided by the Congo which will determine the final form the Authenticité regime takes. If Mobutu is victorious and secures the lion's share of the economy for himself and a large enough share for his allies the Zairean Revolution will be complete with major bonuses to stability and political power, and even more importantly to Mobutu’s personal fortune. Though never giving public access to his personal books Mobutu will be plausibly rumored to be worth billions, with he and his family being some of the foremost african business people in the world and minor celebrities in the co-prosperity sphere. However the economy will suffer greatly from this as all economic efficiency and business skill has been sacrificed in the name of Mobutu’s personal power: though he is the undisputed master of Zaire it will be a deeply dysfunctional country economically, and if commodity prices were to fall he may need to go crawling back to the outside world to bail him out. On the other hand if Japan wins Zaire will become a neo-colonial strip, with its most lucrative industries owned in part or in full by the Japanese and the state unable to do anything about it without critically undermining its own elite support. This will make Mobutu into only a multi-millionaire rather than a billionaire, as well as undermine his public image of all powerful invincibility. With the Japanese ambassador keeping a hawkish eye on him and his party Mobutu will be left to stew in his unhappy lot knowing that if he ceases to play the part assigned to him the Japanese can always find someone else. This will also be the end of the Authentice campaign as even uneducated workers can see that their bread comes not from “Father Marshal” but from their places of work, owned by foreigners once again. But it is arguably better economically, as the extractive industries are at least run competently and its workers will be paid in full and on time more often. In all cases Zaire will be a sphere observer, but in this case it will be a part of the Japanese economic sphere as well. The later 70s and 80s will be difficult times for either end as prices crash and the cumulative effects of bad government and foreign domination come to the fore. But that is a story for another day.
Japan or Mobutu, success or failure, unity or farce, one thing remains constant: the Zairean military officers are the new nobility of the new nation. Corruption is an endemic and potentially crippling issue in Zaire, and this is seen most clearly in the military, where officers will steal wages and army units will act close to bandits in the more remote regions, creating an atmosphere of fear. But the best position is that of an Air Force officer, with prominent families often paying through the nose for their sons to be educated in Japanese military academies to earn their wings.
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In books, you usually see something like
her baby blue orbs shone as the leaf fell from the yellow tree. She waved to her friend and moved to talk to her. She tossed the long strands of her auburn hair out of her lovely eyes as she talked. The air is murky, and the sun is like a raw wound in the grimy flesh of a beggar, and the rags of the clouds are clotted. The sky has been stabbed and has been left to die above the world, filthy, vast and bloody. And then the great winds come and the sky is blown naked, and a wild bird screams across the glittering land.

How do I achieve this ?
cr to Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake.
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2023.05.29 13:36 IgorVozMkUA Around 11:30 am, Russians attacked the Kyiv region with "Iskander" land-based ballistic and cruise missiles. A total of 11 "Iskander-M" and "Iskander-K" missiles were launched from the northern direction. All the 11 missiles were intercepted

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