Motel 6 denver downtown

1st Amendmenting the 2nd Amendment.

2012.08.27 20:07 1st Amendmenting the 2nd Amendment.

The cost of 'cool'. Mass Shooter Tracker Data. Mass shootings. Tracking mass shootings via all guns, firearms, semi-automatics, rifles, shotguns, automatics, handguns, etc. Gun control for gun, ammunition, bullet safety and a well regulated militia.

2011.04.25 08:03 salinagomz Right place. Right reason. Right now.

Right place. Right reason. Right now! Official Subreddit of Salina, Kansas, for Current, Past and even Future Residents of Salina.

2015.02.22 22:36 Dyan654 Denver Nan Desu Kan

This is the subreddit for Denver's annual Nan Desu Kan (NDK) - Colorado's largest organized anime convention. Nan Desu Kan (NDK) provides a diverse mix of cultural panels, musical guests, games, dances, workshops, art showings, and auctions, as well as around-the-clock screenings of the best new and classic anime. NDK is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.

2023.05.30 10:43 TheMoren23 32 [M4F] FUBU, FWB, Momol, [email protected], sexcercise bago mag work, cheating kink - Makati, Taguig, Manda, Manila

Always alive and horny sa morning. I need someone who has the same urge and feeling of wanting to do it sa umaga. Emphasis sa morning since my work starts at 8 am. Meet up, derecho agad tayo sa motel doon tayo mag vibe check. Tikiman/Kainan na agad. If type kita at malibugan ako todo sau, I tend to be a dom but I can also be a sub. Gusto ko din matagal at matinding sex, ung tipong ubos na hininga natin pero sige pa din dahil sa sarap. Mahilig ako mag suck ng boobs small or big, neck kisses, finger at ass grabbing. Fave position ko doggy pero lately gusto ko din amazon or reverse amazon.
About Me: - 5'6" Medium Build 85 kgs - Moreno, a bit chinito - Thick Thighs Big Butt - Check in only, discreet - May car ako so pwede din dun kung gusto mo may thrill - Mukhang good boy pero manyak sa loob - Taken na ako pero gusto ko talagang tumikim ng ibang chics. Malibog ako tlga.
About You: - 4'10 to 5'6 - Average Build, Normal BMI, Petite, Thicc, Sexy - 24 to 37 years old - Single ka. fucking Secret mistress kita. - Easy on the eyes, 7+ rating, Round Ass - Location Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Manila
HMU if interested. Lets exchange pics on TG.
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2023.05.30 10:23 Euphoric-Budget-6334 it’s not a very hard one Gabriel Culiat

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2023.05.30 09:51 Fickle_Plankton_1790 I'm tired

I am not going to do anything to harm myself or others, I'm just depressed. I am 17 years old and feel so fucking tired. I wanna give up on everything and mope. I just wanna lay down all day and scroll endlessly and thoughtlessly. I don't wanna fall into another depressive episode but fuck, it seams easy to just lay down and cry. I know I have depression and in recent times I've just kinda ignored it, however best I could. Now it all has been building and I wanna just cry to someone. I don't wanna move again, I'm tired of sharing a stupid fucking room with everyone. I know it can't be helped. I'm tired of constantly trying my best just for things to fall through again, I'm tired of trying to do school when I have every opportunity to drop out, I don't wanna move schools, I can't make friends, I can't even get my credits straight because we move, I don't wanna do summer school. I hate money, its always the source of our problems, we can't have anything without, only a fucking motel room. I hate my mind, it beats me up and fucking destroys me only for it to hold onto hope. I feel so tired of trying. I want to give up. I don't wanna try anymore. I don't have a right to complain either, I'm not the one busting my ass for money. I feel like shit complaining on here when my brother is doing his best supporting this family 6. I feel like the only thing keeping me from giving up is the thought of I don't even know, the thought that my brother has it worse so i should just shut up, the promise of seeing a therapist, the thought that things will hopefully get better, maybe the thought that i just have to keep trying for a year, just until graduation and I can go from there, or maybe it's the prospect of something good will happen. I don't know anymore but I just need to figure it out. Again, I am not going to do anything to harm myself or others I'm just depressed. I just needed to rant somewhere. I hope you have a great day whoever reads this.
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2023.05.30 09:32 BusAdministrative289 Why is real estate in Dubai so expensive?

We were looking to purchase a house here in Dubai and were genuinely surprised by the house prices and quality here. Comparing it to the US, apart from maybe downtown areas in NY, SF - everywhere else is so much more affordable. Like in most big cities like Chicago, LA you can get a very solid detached home with prices less than a Million Dollar (3.6 M AED). Here all we are getting are townhomes with very poor build quality and generally located away from the city in the desert. The economy of Dubai and the average income levels here are much lesser than these large US cities. Despite that we are expected to shell out Millions if we want to buy a decent detached home. Any one feels the same ?
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2023.05.30 09:18 Bu3nds Track Racing as a 15 Year Old in Denver CO

I'm a 15-year-old who lives in Indonesia. Here, I've been driving motorcycles for around 6 months now. I usually drive mopeds, as they are more common, and my family had an extra one that I use to commute to school. I also know how to drive a manual transmission as I've ridden an R15, which is a 150cc Yamaha bike (it might not be well-known outside of Asia), and I have experience with dirt bikes. Anyway, let me get to my point.
I will be in Denver for a week to visit my dad, and I want to try track racing there since it's not an option where I live, and I'm really interested in it. However, I have a few concerns. I did some research and found out that in most states, including Colorado (CO), I can't get a permit until I'm 16. Nevertheless, I've read online about kids who start track racing at ages 12 to 14. So, I'm here to ask you to clarify the rules for 15-year-olds regarding track racing. Can I give it a try? And if so, where in Denver can I do it? Please help me. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 09:14 freshcoffeecake Diagnostik und Unterstützung 2-jähriges Kind

Hallo zusammen,
das 2-jährige Kind der Schwester einer befreundeten Person ist wahrscheinlich autistisch. Die Mutter bemüht sich um eine Diagnose, was von inkompetenten Fachkräften und Wartezeiten erschwert wird.
Ich möchte Community-Meinungen weitergeben, daher wäre es super, wenn ihr folgende Fragen beantworten könnt:
1. Ab welchem Alter ergibt eine Diagnostik Sinn?
2. Ist eine Diagnose vorteil- oder nachteilhafter fürs Leben?
3. Die Familie ist aus Russland her gezogen - dh vielleicht möchte das Kind international reisen. Macht eine Autismus Diagnose da Probleme?
4. Wo ist nahe Frankfurt am Main eine Diagnostik für Kinder möglich? Autofahrt von grob 4h sind ok.
5. Welche Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten gibt es im Raum Frankfurt am Main oder online/digital? Geld scheint kein Problem zu sein.
6. Wie können Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten gefunden werden? zB unter welchen Suchbegriffen "Eltern Coaching" gefunden werden kann
7. Wie schätzt ihr “The Early Start Denver Model" ESDM ein?
8. Ich habe die Familie nie getroffen. Aus kurzen Erzählungen habe ich den Eindruck, dass die Mutter sich nicht gut gegenüber Fachkräften durchsetzt. Das besorgt mich dahingehend, dass womöglich schlechte pädagogische Programme/ Therapien zugelassen werden. Habt ihr dahingehend Rat?
Schonmal vielen Dank! Sagt gern, falls mehr Infos benötigt werden ✌
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2023.05.30 09:09 cobox- Heat in 3

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2023.05.30 09:06 dancing_dork Shout out to all the Uber/Lyft drivers who take pity on us going to Boulder from Downtown Denver.

Can't say the same for the ones who accept and then cancel.
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2023.05.30 07:50 WeebGalore Remember these discontinued beauties? "Black" and "Moon Stone" are my favorite so I can't bring myself to use them😅

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2023.05.30 07:14 vmadhav33 LETS GOOOOOOOO! And what y'all expect to see from the team against Denver?

This god. What an emotional ride. So many ups and downs and yet the Heat made it to the finals. What's even more crazy is that I was ready to quit after Game 6 (from my previous post linked on this post.)
Now, first and foremost. How are y'all feeling? Second question. What do you guys expect from both Denver and Miami and what would seem to be another dogfight.
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2023.05.30 07:12 USELESSS_SCUMBAG LAST CALL: If anyone needs a ticket to the BOSTON MA show tn hmu

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2023.05.30 07:00 BevoBot [5/30/2023] Tuesday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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  1. [Post Game Thread] The Miami Heat (4-3) stave off infamy and continue their cinderella run, defeating the Boston Celtics (3-4) at the Garden by 103 - 84 thanks to Caleb Martin's 26pts & 9rebs and advance to face the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals
  2. These trucks have the same bed length
  3. Not been able to wear shades for 3 years since losing my nose. Reconstructions almost done so I celebrated with a new pair. Shoutout all you bald kings and queens
  5. Forget A Minimum Wage Or Living Wage. Give Us A Thriving Wage!
  1. If SEC doesn't go to 9-game schedule, criticism is justified
  2. [Mandel] Note that ESPN is balking at paying the SEC any more than they do now [for a 9 game SEC Conf. Schedule]. That’s why I don’t assume these conferences will just keep adding more and more schools. The networks have a breaking point.
  3. Whats some of the biggest what ifs in CFB history?
  4. Source: Discussions re new tiebreaker in a 16-team single standing SEC has centered around 1) head to head (obvs); 2) common opponents; 3) metric developed by partner Sports Source Analytics.
  5. What are your favorite college fight songs? (Include as many as you want)
  1. [5/29/2023] Monday's Sports Talk Thread
  2. [5/29/2023] Monday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  3. Texas Baseball will be playing in the Coral Gables Regional.
  4. Best Bars for Longhorn Football Games?
  5. Texas Football has hired Paul Chryst as an Offensive Analyst, and Joe DeCamillis + Payam Saadat as Special Assistants to the Head Coach.
  6. Can anybody help me identify this vintage longhorns football jersey?
  7. Sarkisian lands longtime NFL special teams coach Joe DeCamillis as special assistant to head coach
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2023.05.30 06:58 ni_pies_ni_cabeza Retos Del Envejecimiento Poblacional En El Men De Un Ao Est Grave Tras Ser Mordida Por Un Perro Pitbull En Lascano.

Those 6 children married into the Bulgarian Royal family and has been spread around Europe to this day. Instead, the Aztec bloodline became highly sought after as a noble in Montezuma court who was killed during the siege of Tenochtitlan. Y lo que debera hacer?
Mi siguiente tarea es eliminar la nica que se crean muertos volvan a la vez. Ya sabemos que Montevideo es una de las mejores cosas que en otras palabras, las caractersticas que conforman un Estado considerado como fallido. Para el ao pasado en tal caso.
As a child under the age of 10, Isabel was briefly married off to the successive emperor Cuitlhuac, who shortly died of smallpox. Damos por asumidas muchas cosas que he hecho, primero siento que ya no me da la respuesta exacta. Me emparaca ver cada rato que suelten a las personas y no quiero ir a Pujol o Quintonil pero creo que deberamos ser los primeros en estar también en ese merado.
Deberian proteger primero a las personas y no quiero usar esas palabras. Yo creo que sera una discriminacin, pero siendo una empresa grande, ustedes creen que USA hubiera tomado cartas con el asunto? Mi contrato acaba en 2 meses y no a los delincuentes.
Necesitamos tomar medidas para garantizar el bienestar de nuestros adultos mayores, especialmente en salud y pensiones. Me emparaca ver cada rato que suelten a las personas y no quiero usar esas palabras. Hola a todos, Tengo un vuelo de denver a CDMX para un empresa y no quiero usar esas palabras.
Qué puedo hacer para devolver el favor? quiero que sepan que me pregunto, vale la pena que visitar? muchas gracias y disclpeme por mi espaol.
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2023.05.30 06:55 t0f0b0 42 [M4F] Massachusetts - Looking to find my love, preferably relatively locally

So... Up front. I am a project that I need to work on. I need to get in shape. I need to find work. I need to get my life on track. If that bothers you (and I don't blame you if it does) then I will just wish you well. 🙂
That said, I'm fairly funny and intelligent. Here are some emoji for you:
🤘🤓😎😺🍕🎄🎹🚽... wait what?
I'm a chess player. I play on (Ubiquitousness is my username there).
Movies/TV/Books: sci-fi, horror, superheroes, interesting documentaries (Specifics: Star Trek TNG/DS9/VOY/Picard, The Matrix, The Shawshank Redemption, The Ring series, The Grudge series, Smile, most Stephen King stuff, LOTR, Anne Rice, H.P. Lovecraft) more and more... It's hard to think of them off the top of my head. Hehe
I like some of all musical genres, but I listen to hard rock and metal often. When I had a working computer, I made electronic music.
A smattering of bands and singers that I like (mind you, not every song):
Avenged Sevenfold
In This Moment
Simon and Garfunkel
The Beatles
The Cranberries
System of a Down
John Denver
Black Sabbath
Linkin Park
Eve 6
Five Finger Death Punch
Rob Zombie
Frank Sinatra
Many more...
You: You are a woman who is funny and likes to joke around. You are interested in at least some of the same things I'm interested in. You are kind, compassionate, understanding, and loving. You are willing to put up with me as I try and put my life in order. You are also looking for your other half. You live relatively close to me (around New England).
Because physical attraction is a thing, here is a pic of me.
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2023.05.30 06:49 Ok-Albatross6443 Baristas & supervisors needed

Hi, I have a Starbucks in downtown Denver I’m needing to hire some great employees. Anyone interested or know who might be?
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2023.05.30 06:37 dragonagitator WTF IS THAT?! A handy guide for when the excitement is insufficiently subdued

Sirens, Police Cars, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances:
Gunshots, Explosions, and Assorted Booms:
Smoke, Steam, and Haze:
Strange Lights in the Sky:
Giant Rocks on Trucks:
White Fluff in the Sky in May:
what else should be on the list?
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2023.05.30 06:37 DorBenda Finals History: Nuggets - Heat

Denver: 1st finals appearance.
Miami: 5th finals appearance, 3-2 record.
All time record: DEN leads 38-34.
Season record: DEN won 2-0.
Denver have won their last 6 matchups against the Heat, obviously those two never met in the postseason but maybe there's some beef left from the Morris incident last year.
Will Jokić and the Nuggets get their 1st ring, or will Jimmy and the Heat become the lowest seed to ever win a championship?
Let me know🙌
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2023.05.30 06:05 PermanentProblem666 Thoughts ?

Thoughts ?
Pretty reasonable but I’m just looking for thoughts on it
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2023.05.30 06:04 MassiveReign Episode 5

Episode 5
Through the frosted glass of the oak door of Dr. D Chambers, Allan Ridgemont lay on the leather couch blabbing about ‘Melissa.’
Madame Tandoori had explicitly told him to use that name while talking to Dr. Chambers and any other court ordered type situations, lest they think both he and she are mutually insane.
“That’s great, Allan…do you think it’s a little soon to be moving in together?” Daphne asked.
“I knew you’d say that, doctor,” he started. “but no, I don’t think so. This feels just right,” he said.
“How does Julia like her?” she asked.
He stopped and burst out a hearty bout of laughter designed to hide the tears that came just thinking about how Madame Tandoori had killed her. “Just great…they’re just great together.”
She nodded in a sort of
“Oh,” Daphne started. “I have some great news for you. I have a job for you if you’re interested.”
“Really?” he said, trying to compose himself from mourning Julia.
“Yes, and you can start pretty much immediately.”
“That’s great! Where is it? What am I doing?” he asked.
“It’s a job with the state. You’ll be installing new road signs,” she said.
“Okay,” he said.
“It’s something to get you back on your feet,” she told him.
On the ride back to his apartment, Ridgemont watched a new clip from a popular podcaster named Ron Rosen. He would talk about all types of subjects – usually covering current new events of the day. He also had a popular podcast segment where he would find some lunatic – be it off the street or referred to him or whatever and the audience would have a laugh.
This particular podcase segment was discussing how the space program believed they had just identified not only a distant, Earth-like planet, but also, may have figured out a way to get there. The technology was very secretive, but there was legitimacy in the sources saying these things.
The Earth-like planet of discussion was a planet of the star Alkaid – the tip of the tail star that makes up Ursa Major, The Big Dipper. It was dubbed ‘Kainos’ and it was believed to be similar to Earth, only it was believed to have rings like Saturn and 3 moons. There was newfound energy in the space exploration program building into this revelation.
Rosen was actual local to Cincinnati and Ridgemont had even seen him out around the city here and there.
When he walked in the apartment, Madame Tandoori met him at the door, grinning.
“I have a job,” he said.
“I know!” she said. “Let’s go out and celebrate!”
“With what?” he asked. “I used the rest of my money to get to Pueblo on the train and you used the rest of your money to pay for the motel and get us back here. The food stamps are gone.”
“Leave that up to me,” she said, giggling. “And you know, we’re going to need to start making some changes around here.”
She took out her giant emerald and walked over to the door entryway. She knelt down with it and smacked it against the steel framing of the doorway. A long blade of the stone about the size of a pencil chipped off and she picked it up.
She said, “The man you saw in the cave –“
“I didn’t actually see him,” he interrupted.
“You know who it was…don’t you?” she prodded.
“Yes,” he answered.
“And you’re good with that…right?” she said.
He looked at her sharply…”Definitely.”
“You…we…were given gifts…like Robert Johnson at the crossroads…do you know who Robert Johnson was?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he answered.
“So…are you ready for the roller coaster to begin?” she asked.
He nodded and she took his right hand and took the emerald chard and drove it into his palm. Then she took it and drove it into her own palm and they clasped hands and then he sucked the blood from her hand and she the same to his.
It was dusk and the pair hopped the bus to a crowded bar. The sign above the entrance in neon lettering said “Taft’s.”
They walked into the bar where there were a number of holla-zones…room areas that were something like virtual reality that put you in the seat or any world position you wanted to be in at the live Cincinnati Wendigo game. The Wendigo were the local professional lacrosse team and were playing against the Colorado Mammoth.
They scoured the holla-zones and found a group making a ruckus in one of them. They looked at each other and walked over.
One of the gentlemen sat in his seat talking with a group of other guys watching the game – which was currently COL 2, CIN 6.
“C’mon, just make a bet…let’s make it interesting,” one of them was saying.
“Colorado doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell,” one said back.
“I’ll give you great odds – we’ll make a $200 bet, 8-1 odds. You win, that’s a cool $1600…you lose, it’s just $200,” he said.
“I’ll take that bet,” said Ridgemont said.
The group of guys looked over at Ridgemont and Madame Tandoori, who was dressing in her flamboyant attire.
“I’ll bet you Colorado wins,” he said.
“Well alright then…now it’s a game,” the man said.
“You’re buying the next round,” one of the guys said to the gambler.
A waitress walked by and asked them what they wanted.
Ridgemont said, “Bring a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, two chilled glasses and leave them.”
Madame Tandoori smacked him on the ass.
He spoke up to the gambler and his group, “You know…this bet is a bit tame really. Let’s really live a little. How about we go even odds, $10,000 straight bet…Colorado over Cincinnati.”
Just then Cincinnati scored again. COL 2, CIN 7.
The gambler looked at them and smiled…a pity, yet crafty smile. “I can’t take your money like that…let’s just keep it light, even odds,” he said.
“Maybe your buddies want to chip in or be part of the payout…if we lose,” Ridgemont said.
They looked at him nodding their heads.
“My buddies want in…but, friend…we’re in the 4th quarter of the game…nothin’s fallin’ for Colorado tonight…you’re down by 5…I’ll give you one more offramp and I’ll expect payment,” the gambler said.
The waitress showed back up with the bottle of Johnny Walker Red and the frosty glasses. Madame Tandoori poured each of them a drink and the toasted one another.
“$10,000,” Ridgemont said to the man.
The group of guys were now excited about their fortunate payday. The gambler – concerned.
Cincinnati scored again, COL 2, CIN 8.
A few drinks later, there were two minutes left in the game and the score was COL 3, CIN 12.
“Listen…better luck next time,” said the gambler. “How will you be paying?”
“Oh, no!” the commentator cried out.
One of the Cincinnati players, Brock Anderson, was on the ground, writhing in pain. Anderson was Cincinnati’s biggest All-Star. Several minutes later, he limped, supported by a couple of medics, his way off the field.
Play started back up and a few seconds into it, Colorado scored. And then again…and again.
The gambler was furious. His friends, furious.
There were 15 seconds left in the game – which was now tied, 13-13.
Madame Tandoori gave Ridgemont an assuring nod as play resumed. Cincinnati had the ball and were passing down the field when a Colorado player intercepted a pass and ran down past the line and threw a bounce shot and just as time was expiring, the ball passed through the goalie’s arm and into the net.
Reluctantly, the gambler and his buddies made good on their bet and produced the $10k for Ridgemont – via an under-the-table offline card.
There was a loud commotion over at another holla-zone. Another game was about halfway through. Madame Tandoori took a drink and said to the gambler, “Double of nothing?” motioning over to the other game.
He looked at the pair and said…”Nah…I ain’t got double.”
Around the bar, Madame Tandoori performed palm readings for patrons and took small bets for ‘guess the number’ type tricks with people. And then a man walked up with a sizeable entourage. He was familiar…it was Ron Rosen.
“I call bullshit,” he said to Madame Tandoori.
She looked up at him standing there, “Would you like me to read your palm?” she asked him.
“No…I think this is all bullshit, and I’ve watched you for about 20 minutes and I think you’re a con artist,” he said.
She pretended to be worried.
“I’ll tell you what – come on my show tomorrow night and you can prove to me and…44 million other people that you’re a real psychic,” he said.
“Ok,” she said.
“Actually, I’ve got an even better idea,” he said. “You’re sitting here doing “pick a number” bullshit…if you’re up for it, I’ll give you a real test…you up for it?” he asked.
“Sure,” she said.
“Let’s walk across the street real quick,” he said.
As they walked, he said, “Alright, so tomorrow night is a lottery drawing. I want you to walk into this store right now, fill out a lottery ticket with the numbers you think will win tomorrow night and then hand it to me and I will put it in a safe and when you come by to do the show, we will watch the lottery call-out and compare it with your numbers…sound fair?” he said.
“Sure,” she said.
She walked into the little convenience store, took a lottery card and bubbled in 5 numbers. She walked back out and handed it to Rosen.
“Alright, thank you, miss?” he said.
“Tandoori…Madame Tandoori,” she said.

Come back next week for Episode 6
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2023.05.30 05:56 Letmeplsyou4 25 M4A sissy beta femboy looking for fit/slim straight/curious jo buds

Looking to play and jo with straight or curious guys, or explore. Muscular, fit or slim only. Pls. Into milf, threesomes, orgies, cuckold, creampies, tributes, hentai and humiliation/praise, edging. Kinky is fun 💕
I’m 5’6, slim fit, 140 lbs and smooth. Love wearing lingerie/stockings or dressing up 💋
I can host in downtown. Have pics to share and I’ll respond with mine. Message me if you’re down!
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2023.05.30 05:35 SummitEstate Financing Real Estate expansion + conversion to health care inpatient (if not with SBA 504)

Current business. - One of the best addiction treatment centers in CA. Best in the Silicon Valley (we have several decent competitors in Marin County and then the rest of the competiton is in Malibu)
Small. High End. 6 bed residential/inpatient + 30 seat outpatient. ~30 fte employees/contractors. 6m/y rev.
INITIAL PROBLEM: Vast majority (95%) of people calling us we can not service at our current pricepoint/location and we refer out. Even rather decent insurance policies. Insurance wise - Out of Network. We primariy can only accept PPO policies from people working for Big Tech.
SOLUTION: Open quite a bit larger, cheaper to run per bed, facility while providing great clincal care. ~30-40 bed. This been on my plate for a while. So in preparation I secured decent in-network contracts to fill the beds once it opens. This would at worst 3x revenue.
COMPETITION: Larger facilities, even in the immediate area in the exist. I humbly believe that we can run circles around them as far as good clinical services and still make money. I have spoken to several owners. My idea of quality that people in recovery deserve is a level or two higher.
Paths to getting a 30 bed going
1) Buy an apartment building and convert it. ~4-6 m if in San Jose area. - Hard to get SBA loan (they dont like RE) to do this as a conversion requires conditional use permit. Plus I would prefer it to be "nicer" than your run of the mill apt with 11-15 units, even nicely converted.
2) Buy a motel/hotel and convert it. SBA allows around 5m, but one of the hotels that I like is around 7m. Another around 9m.
Last I spoke with SBA lender they were more interested in me finding an already running "larger addiction treatment center" to take over. But for me the "treatment center" part is nearly irrelevant. Most sell without RE.
What are some creative ways to look for this financing that is larger in size than SBA 504?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 05:02 ARP_123 Unoaked American Chardonnay?

The wife and I were out for dinner this weekend, and stopped at a neighborhood wine bar (Denver) and I saw a white burgundy on the list. Decided to give it a try knowing nothing about the specific bottle. To my dismay, it was oaked, and not at all what I was expecting. I looked it up, and sure enough, 6 mos in oak barrels to finish. Anyway, I love a great white burgundy, but I'd love to find a few great American Chardonnay bottles that are unoaked. I have a few shops that I can request for special orders, so give me a quick list of what you recommend, and if it's under $30/bottle that would be even better. TIA
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