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2023.04.11 17:43 ScallionGrouchy2945 What Are UofC's Sororities Like?

I'm thinking of rushing next fall, but some of the reviews on Greekrank are tripping me up lol
Anybody have first-hand experiences?
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2023.03.27 20:49 AdmirableSea1112 Election Updates: The Final Stretch

Election News:
Last weekend there was a debate between all the candidates, it did not change much as there seemed to be very low attendance. Although Respect got a pretty harsh attack in about Kappa Kappa Gamma's endorsement of Meera/Bipasha (Forward Together) given KKG's problems with racism (ref 1-3). The Independence Union continued its attacks on the budget and mismanagement of over $200,000 (ref 4, 5).
The Daily Reported on the debate, too, with a more in-depth analysis than I provided here (ref 6).
There has been some controversy with the MPower ticket and reports by Canary Mission (ref 8) over allegations of antisemitism by Hamamy which seem minimal, but the allegations of antisemitism against SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine), which Hamamy is affiliated with, seem much more concrete (ref 9-13).
Campaigning and Odds
Elections passed have indicated the number of candidates a party fields dramatically influences success (ref 7) -- meaning it looks like the race will be between The Independence Union and Forward Together. However, the MPower campaign is putting up a great fight, and it would not surprise me if they did very well.
Given that this is a ranked-choice system, the disparity in advertising, and general discontent with the status quo, I would project the first ballot would be like this:
Tony "Mask Michigan Musk" 1-7%
Respect (Fields) 12-20%
Forward (Herle) 22-28%
MPower (Elkolaly) 22-28%
Independence Union (Ervin) 22-28%
The election is anybody's game due to the fact that the "change" vote is split three ways between Respect, Mpower, and Independence Union. Forward is likely going to have to win over some voters who were unimpressed by the previous administration, which could prove difficult. The assembly is a whole different story...
May the best ticket win!
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2023.03.03 04:33 A-ListCeleb My favorite hobby is leaving fake reviews on Greekrank

I love starting Sorority drama I'll never get to experience
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2023.02.03 20:41 jewcyjewcy WARNING: Don't go to Beta Theta Pi Toga Party being advertised all over campus
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2023.01.20 14:42 BlubberyGuy Should I wait till im a sophomore?

It's rush week at my college, and everyone's posting about it everywhere. There's one frat i know a few brothers in, and their rush chair has been in contact w/ me for a while
The problem is that I'm sick as hell, and have missed a few frat council events. I might not make it to the open houses today, since im still coughing a ton and would probably give off a bad impression even if im fine otherwise
Its made me reconsider whether I want to rush given how little I know about each frat here, and I don't know whether I can really make the best decision right now. The one frat I really want is the only one I actually know brothers in, all the rest seem foreign to me even if I've been to their parties. And yea greekrank is absolute hell
I still do want to go to parties, but so far knowing a few brothers has been enough. I want to get to know a bit more about frats and maybe reconsider rushing until fall next year, would that be too late?
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2022.10.22 02:20 Xryolix What's the reputation of the fraternities at ole miss?

I don't trust Greekrank
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2022.10.19 06:13 Forsaken_Net_6507 What are the reputations of the various Frats and Sororities on Campus?

Was just generally curious about what the general consensus around different frats/soroities are, I know there is that greekrank site, but half of the posts there seem to be bots, figured reddit could give a better run-down.
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2022.08.29 02:37 Cabruh Peak greekrank behavior.

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2022.08.15 04:06 Alarmed-Bread-9186 Greekrank

I think Alabama rush broke greekrank
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2022.08.15 04:05 barackhusseinobama10 Greekrank down?

My life in shambles
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2022.08.03 11:15 Independent-Sea9245 Response to Letter to the Editor: Why Greek life should be abolished (Reposted!)

I am an incoming first-year student and wow I just read this. I was so scared of being hazed and Greek Life, so I asked around and apparently the Band, Trojan Knight(?), Greek Life, business fraternity, and sometimes professional clubs haze at USC. I literally only search up "Greek Life" in the reddit subreddit and found this??? Why is nobody talking about this anymore??
Catch me dead over joining Greek Life lol

Response to Letter to the Editor: Why Greek life should be abolished (original post)
In response to Letter to the Editor: Why Greek life should be abolished by SAHIBA GILL June 9, 2020
I want to first say Sahiba Gill wrote a tremendously well-written article asking to abolish the Greek system from a layperson perspective that illuminates the nepotism, cronyism, and quid pro quo herd mentality (“merit” amirite? giving people jobs/opportunities just because you know them) that is rampant in these informal gangs called fraternities and sororities that ostracize more people than actually create an open and inclusive community. These contemporary race and class divisions these elitist people and systems create in our university will not stop until we end greek life.
However, I want to outline some on-going real concerns about why we MUST abolish the Greek system.
Another perspective to strongly consider is the misogyny and double standards that run through the greek life system—which btw are all named after fake greek symbols and that doesn’t even mean anything other than to replicate Greek symbols used in white academia. Just like the empty platitudinous statements that the has greek system have recently retorted on social media for maintenance of the status quo (as a response anti-black racism to appear up-to-date), they seem to lack interconnections of sexism, racism, and classism that have bred toxicity in their own community.
So, I don’t understand what the Greek system is protecting? The philanthropies? But doesn’t it seem better to just directly donate instead of throwing extravagant day get-together? USC Greekrank’s insightful, intellectual forums? Cisgender separatism? Clearly, there is a lot of pent up anger by these members in greek life who have doxxed people’s names and addresses, endangered people over their gangs’ “reputation”, and created considerable brainless derision based on baseless hate and jealousy.
Moreover, the price of the greek life system’s party scene is at a disadvantage to many women, especially women who will be 3x more likely to be raped and sexually assaulted in the age group of 18-24 compared to the rest of the population in the US). Or should we refer back to the economics of sex at USC in these greek systems in Part I: The Price of Sex at USC: The Problem by Nathaniel Has? that describes Sean Hernandez's Sexual economics: an econometric study of a university Greek system and the “oligopolistic model of sexual competition”, which is just a really gross way of talking about how fraternities in greek life exploit naïve women who don’t believe in the sexual assault propaganda before entering university system.
But they’re true for incoming students. The system perpetuates violence that parallel existing research that can be corroborated by various statistics that “. . . 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the United States have been raped at some time in their lives, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration.
Another reason why must abolish the Greek system is that we need to be inclusive and safe because (17,700,000 women have been victims of rape in the US since 1998) where—yes, you heard me loud and clear in the next statement— where 99 percent of perpetrators ultimately walk free. Greek system is inherently misogynistic logic as described in Hernandez’s Sexual economics logic of party exchanged for sexually assaulting women (acquaintance rape), which makes it so difficult for so many people to come out about their assault or risk their social reputation.
Moreover, why does it seem like cisgender folks are so quick to avoid talking about gender? The gender separatism should bother anyone who is interested in mending and deconstructing the rigid gender binary AND gender inequalities that occur in all aspects of our lives, but apparently that is not worthy of contention as long as oppressors, abusers, rapists/sexual assaulters, sadists, and other groups of individuals thrive under a hierarchal and controlling system that determines the in/out of membership (and protecting their friends, too, by silencing others).
If you want to talk about abolition and banning, let’s give you a list of schools who have phased out or ABOLISHED the system because they recognized how damaging exclusion these organizations have created in their universities. Before anyone says iT is NoT pOsSiBlE because it damn is possible if this university wants to be held accountable for their perpetuation of institutional racism, sexism, and classism:
[Random: I love Harvard’s randomly assigned to House system, which helps maximize exposures to diverse individuals unlike themselves because learning about differences in our society should be important in order to reduce misunderstanding and build intercultural awareness. And I love that Harvard recognizes how “Unrecognized single-gender social organizations (USGSOs” outsized and negative impact on the social and personal experiences of Harvard College students.” We need to take notes now.]
Bates Mission Statement: “Today Bates is still recognized for its inclusive social character; there are no fraternities or sororities, and the wide variety of student organizations is open to all. In the 21st century, the college values a diverse student body more than ever, striving to create an academic community that reflects the rich diversity of the world into which our students will graduate.”
If USC wants to listen: I’ve been researching about the abolition of greek life for a while, and the solution is the residential system (they’re like Hogwarts houses without Jk Rowling’s transphobia) where people are randomly assigned and it becomes many people’s tight-knit communities without the hazing, the abuse, and the parroting of wealth, racism, and sexism.
Amid this intense political climate, it is no denying that national opinions are shifting to the left, and the greek symbol represents the past when the university was more culturally homogeneous, overwhelmingly white, and affluent, and we must adopt, adapt, and grow as a university to embrace inclusion and diversity—we need a loving and caring diverse student body without the toxicity of greek system. Otherwise, we negatively impact our community and extend that negativity outside our university. A community with greek life culture, climate, and experience that is hurting many students is not a community I want to be part of in this day of age, and many people should acknowledge this.
Lastly, If we have OPENLY racist top greek life members, then that is the basis for grounds to dismantle the system that allows these harassers to thrive and maintain their positions until their inevitable exposures. Everyone in our university should be actively anti-racist in ALL aspects of institutional life including greek life, including incoming 1st year and transfer students. I rest my case: abolish the system**. And, if these steps are too draconian for the oppressors, then that is the price of recognizing equality is coming for you.**
If we don’t address these cultural impacts of these organizations in undergraduate life, then the deeply disturbing prevalence of drinking and sexist treatment of women, sexual assault, discrimination, and hate on our campus will continue without any possible remedies/reforms.
USC, please don’t be shy. Open that public Reddit AMA ✨🕊🧚🏼‍♀️🌿❤️ 🌟 Let’s talk abolitionism.
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2022.05.10 20:00 jackolantern1007 General Sense of Which Frats/Sororities are decent and regularly host events?

I'm just looking to get a sense of what the GreekLife culture is like around campus. If anyone would want to fill me in on the general scope of the scene (i.e. which to avoid, general standouts, most regular hosts) I'd love to chat for a little bit. I've been using Greekrank to try and get some sort of understanding, but between groups leaving terrible reviews on others and self-reviews It's hard to get an accurate picture of the campus greek culture.
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2022.05.10 15:44 jackolantern1007 Question about Frats from a non-UW student

I work for a company that is involved in the event hosting business with many different fraternities across different campuses. I've been using GreekRank to try and get some sort of semblance as to what is the popular places across campuses. Not sure what is up with your schools GreekRank but it seems like a cesspool of self reviews and trashing others in an attempt to climb the leaderboards. From the perspective of a student who isn't associated with the Greek life, is there a general ranking or clear standouts that host more/bettesafer than the majority of other houses? If anyone would be down to chat for a quick bit about the general goings-ons around campuses I'd love to hear the input.
Much appreciated
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2022.05.09 02:51 Agtfangirl557 Has anyone actually been hazed by a sorority? Please spill

I'm so sick of the constant posts on GreekRank (yes, I know now I shouldn't trust GreekRank) saying "ABC hazes!" "No they don't wtf are you talking about?! No sororities on campus haze." "Of course they do don't be stupid, no one would tell you that they haze."
I'm genuinely curious if anyone has actually been hazed by a sorority. This reddit is completely anonymous and I'm dying to know if it's a thing sororities still do so if anyone could spill any info (you obviously don't have to name your school/chapter) I'm really curious!
And please no "my friend's sister's cousin supposedly..." I only want to know from the word of mouth of people themselves if they were hazed.
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2022.05.04 22:44 mehesasa Aryan khan on the USC Greekrank page

Found these on greekrank from people who go to usc. Greekrank is a website where people involved in greek life rank each sorority and frat and they also use it to basically talk shit about each other and spread rumors.
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2022.04.13 02:33 BusyBuilding381 The Absolute S***show That Is PIKE.

Just before I talk, I want to preface this with a little more about myself. I’ve been a member of a smaller fraternity on campus for almost 4 years. For most of us invested in the Greek Life system here (in frats and sororities), a lot of our time on campus is spent at our respective organizations. So to us, it sometimes seems like our whole life revolves around them. We are not actively involved in a lot of the stuff that goes on with the stuff I’m talking about, but we hear a ton about through people and IFC (Inter-Fraternal Council).
Anyways getting into it more, a little bit of background: PIKE, also known as Pi Kappa Alpha, is a frat on campus typically gearing towards the athletic or jock guys. You might have also heard the term SLAG used when talking about them, which is their motto (stands for Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Gentlemen). They’re also the people who do the firetruck pull in Quad at the beginning of the year. In recent years, PIKE members have been involved in a bunch of SA allegations. I don’t know exact numbers, but from the sounds of it, easily in the double digits for just the last year.
PIKE has a bad culture of what they think is allowed. I’ve been told that pledges have been directed to steal from other organizations, including mine. PIKE also does not like other fraternities for whatever reasons. I always hear of beef started by PIKE between them and DU, DKE and FIJI (all other large frats on campus), but never any other conflicts between other frats. These are also just things off the top of my head and I’m sure there are more things that I don’t know about.
They also have an internal judicial board. Short story: it’s no good. I’ve from my sorority friends that the judicial board follows bad practices like placing the victim in the same room as the accused. In addition, nothing happens even when multiple people bring forth allegations; there is a huge culture issue surrounding sheltering of brothers. Individuals should never be afraid or harassed for bringing forward allegations and your process does not prevent any of that.
I don’t want to criticize Greek Life as a whole. Greek Life has a lot of potential to fit in with the standards of today, it’s just up to the organizations to change. I’ve seen mine undergo extensive culture changes in order to be better men.
Am I biased when I say that PIKE should be kicked off campus? Yes. Does it seem extreme? Maybe, but I will say this: PIKE has had way too many chances to change, but they don’t and continue to make us all look like shit. This isn’t an issue in my organization. This also isn’t an issue with almost any other fraternity on campus. PIKE’s GreekRank (a website to rate frats and sororities) was very recently tanked due to allegations. If you look back to the last little while, you can see them there.
If PIKE changes their culture, I’d be happy to start associating with them. DKE was known back in the day for their culture, and slowly I’ve heard stories over the past couple years of them changing.
I already know that the PIKE president is gonna hop on below and write up a whole thing about how “we are continuing to change, if you have an issue, bring it up with us,” and here’s what I have to say to you: I have read so many of your responses like that. This keeps happening. People don’t bring stuff to you because your whole judicial process is screwed up and you don’t persecute members with (way too many) allegations. Don’t write another PR message below. Instead, go back to your house and change the way you operate or leave. Stop being sad when you don’t get your way and throwing a hissy fit. Stop sheltering brothers who do bad things. Stop tarnishing your relations with other frats.
Also side note, I don’t know why PIKE keeps calling themselves the “best” fraternity on campus. There’s also a lot of weird stuff like PIKE winning their own event. There is a limit to cockiness, especially when you have all of this stuff behind you. It’s kinda cringeworthy.
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2022.03.28 06:24 rc9gn_fan Is Greek rank as toxic on your campus too?

Seeing a lot of sl*t shaming, misogynistic, and discriminatory conversations and comments on our campus’s greekrank page, and it feels so male-focused. Is this common?
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2022.02.08 02:32 trow9992721 rushing asian frat vs ifc frat?

hello i am an asian freshman and im rushing both rn and i saw this post. anyone can give insight?
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2022.02.08 01:48 exbiomajor Rushing at UNC Fall 2022

I'm a UNC 2025 and I'm considering rushing in the fall of 2022. I don't know very much about any of the fraternities and I'm trying to figure out which one I would like to rush for. I know it follows a different structure to rushing sororities where you narrow down your options until you find the sorority that fits you best. How do you go about finding a fraternity that fits you? I've looked at to try and get an idea of each but every fraternity has both positive and negative reviews. How do I go about doing this? I just wish it followed the same methodical structure of sororities, it sucks.
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2022.01.28 01:29 twofactorauthent Metoo Washu Lied

The below is copied from greekrank
user 1:The latest post on metoo washu claims: “Unlike clubs, which can modify their bylaws without seeking approval from a national authority, fraternity and sorority chapters cannot unilaterally implement policies that enable them to expel perpetrators.” This statement is absolutely false. It may be true for select chapters, but for all the organizations I’m familiar with, they absolutely can and have implemented such bylaws without national approval. I know expecting objectivity from the account is too optimistic, but it’s crazy how they can just make up lies and people eat it up.
user 2: Literally just came here to post this. If it is brought to a chapters attention, anyone can be removed with a vote. No National approval. AGL lies to get their way- don’t believe it.
user 3: Also it really bugs me because I was raped by someone in MUN, and one of my friends was sexually assaulted by a guy in Ashoka, and another friend was raped by a guy in stereotypes, and all of these clubs literally did NOTHING. And these are just the stories I know of. Hold Greek life accountable when assailants are protected, but also hold other clubs accountable. It’s not a problem unique to frats
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2022.01.11 00:13 capstagrammm realistically, do you think greekrank actually impacts rush

i know we don't want to admit it, but i think that greekrank actually impacts rush. i heard a pnm this past semester say we went to XYZ frat because we heard good things about them but you guys are more fun. where do you think they heard these "good things" ? i think greekrank
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2022.01.09 02:24 thepnmprincess The PNM Diaries

Good evening fellow GreekRankers and congratulations on the official finale of Open House. Now I’m sure we’ve all had our gossip sessions — on both sides — and I’m sure we’re all dying to know who will be returning for the coming rounds. I’ve noticed this site is almost completely dominated by srats, frats, and an unnecessary amount of geeds who clearly have nothing better to do than trash an institution they couldn’t get into if they tried. (If you don’t give a fuck about us why do you feel the need to rant on an anonymous site? Seriously, just because you can’t get a life doesn’t mean you have to irritate ours. But, I digress.) It’s time that GreekRank sees the other side of rush — and that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Welcome, Geeds and Gents, to the PNM Diaries.
So, you want to know what we thought. Here is, to my best ability, my opinion of each house respectively and in a (mostly) unbiased manner:
AXO — By far the most authentically outgoing group of women I met. They were smart enough to address diversity within their chapter, something a few other houses conveniently didn’t mention (cough, cough, Tridelt.) By far the best conversation flow I had. Everything was smooth, connected, natural, and actually genuine, which lots of recruiters seriously flubbed at other houses. By far my favorite house, and I didn’t go into the process thinking they would be (don’t go getting any ideas fellow PNMs, that bid is mine)
ADPi — Honestly, I was disappointed. However, I don’t think my experience was entirely fair to compare with; the girls I talked to seemed to be some of the less friendly ones. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t mean — just not as bubbly as I’ve heard other recruiters have been. I wrote this off as a fluke. ADPi is known for being sweet, and I decided not to judge based off of this one experience.
AEPhi — Why are these girls in the upper mid? There wouldn’t be enough sense of humor for one normal person if you combined every girl in the house. The conversation was fine, but the jokes that landed at every other house went completely flat. I hate to say it, but hardly any personality. I also hate to say that the rumors are true — VERY jappy. We get it, you’re from New York.
AGD — Well, I mean, what do you expect. I have to say, the shitty video that was spliced together on portrait mode *kinda* set the tone. I found myself scrounging to talk about how great Greek Life is and how lucky I am to be joining it because I had literally nothing else to talk about and didn’t want to rip my hair out after another awkward pause. Don’t get me wrong, they’re sweet — but that’s it. Definitely the best personality of the lower houses, though.
Aphi — Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. I had a fantastic conversation with them. Don’t get me wrong, the intimidation was there — they know that they’re arguably the best house on campus, and we do too. But the thing that impressed me was how well they hid it. Tridelt, in juxtaposition, had their fakeness shining even from behind a screen. But APhi hid it well. That doesn’t change the fact that they dirty rush, which honestly, is just tacky. If you’re so worried about your rank that you have to recruit high school seniors, maybe it shows that you’re not in as high of demand as you thought. I fully expect that the majority of the PNMs had similar experiences as I did — but only half of us, if that, will be called to the next round. These women are highly trained — but that makes me wonder if they’re closer to being sisters or attack dogs.
XO — I had a good experience with ChiO. That’s it. It was good. It wasn’t exquisite, it wasn’t horrible, it was good. In a way, that’s exactly what you want for the first round. Granted they want me, I will be coming back. They had good flow of conversation and girls that were sweet but not in a pathetic way. Not much more to say on them.
Tridelt — Tridelt, Tridelt, Tridelt. (Do you like how I said it three times?) I mean really girls, we can tell when your heart’s in it and when it isn’t. Don’t think you got off scot-free, you dirty rush even more than APhi. If you get a chance, go through the followings on the Tridelt insta — interesting how some of the girls on there have “umich ’25” in their bios. One of the girls was a fantastic conversationalist, and the others would have been better if you couldn’t see right through their fakeness. Overall, however, I can’t say I had a bad experience — but that’s exactly what they wanted.
DG — Similar to ADPi, I think I need to give DG a second chance. I didn’t have a great experience, but it was by no means bad. They seemed to be the most “chill” of the houses — a little too chill, honestly, considering one of the conversations I had was centered around how much the recruiter didn’t want to be there. However, she seemed to have one foot out the door in general — I would consider her to be a fluke. DG, get ahold of your girls. A different PNM may not have been so forgiving. However, the second two girls I talked with saved it — I was in need of a drop, and those two girls secured DG in my sacred 11.
Deeph — Awkward from the get-go. They played music to start off, and the girl on screen sat there with an awkward white-person-smiling-to-a-person-they-pass-on-the-street kind of look on her face, not even moving. Very disjointed, and frankly horrible to watch. The girls were not much better. I wrote three bullet points in my notes during the meeting: •Boring •SO BORING •Drop
GPhi — I don’t know how to describe it, but GPhi gives engineering vibes. And not in a badass women in stem kind of way. The girls were all nice enough, but at some points painfully awkward — it was pretty clear that they’re bottom tier. However, it wasn’t SO bad that I felt the need to drop. Let’s just say I sincerely doubt they will be making it on my list for Sisterhood, though.
KD — Mark my words, Kappa Delta is on the rise. For being a “bottom tier” sorority, they held one of the best Open Houses of all 15 chapters. KD has been slowly making their way up, ESPECIALLY for being barely a decade old on campus. Friendly girls who weren’t friendly in the painfully awkward way you find in GPhi and AGD. If you ask me, they’re going to be slowly but surely making their way up in the ranks. Watch out SDT, your lower-mid rank is currently in jeopardy.
KKG — By far the most fun of the houses. They won me over with their personality from the beginning. Unpopular opinion, but I think they are right to be roped with AXO and Skrappa over APhi and Tridelt — not because they aren’t competent enough to be top tier, but because they actually have a personality. They definitely do give off daddy’s money vibes, but at least they aren’t snobby about it. It would have been a good move on their behalf to have their diversity chair give a little speech, but that’s just the damage-control side of my brain talking.
SDT — Decent. They were fine, definitely capable of normal conversation. However, the topics of the normal conversation was what differentiated them — it’s pretty clear that the SDTs weren’t popular in high school. Which, hey, there’s nothing wrong with. It’s just my observation. In fact, for some people, that’s a positive. Overall a mid experience. Nothing special, but nothing bad enough to drop.
Skrappa — I had a fantastic time at Skrappa. The girls were fun, bubbly, and great conversationalists. There was never a dull moment, and I wasn’t ever scrambling in my psyche to find another conversation topic. They were relatable and fun, which is all you can ask for during rush. I am very excited to go back, and can say with confidence that they are among my top choices moving forward. Similar to AXO they gave a talk on diversity, which was a great move on their part.
Pi Phi — Last, and certainly least. This isn’t YikYak Pi Phi, you can’t silence my voice by getting your entire PC ’21 to downvote my post. I don’t know what went through Pi Phi’s head when they decided to put two PNMs and two sisters in each breakout room, but it was a fatal mistake. I haven’t heard a single girl express that they had a positive experience with this house. Everyone either had a mid experience, or like me, a horrible one. Two on two would have been good in person, but it was HORRIBLE online. I ended up being completely ignored while one of the sisters talked to the other PNM for minutes on end. It felt like you were fighting for the chance to speak — I think the one YikYak that Pi Phi couldn’t manage to vote down said it best — it felt like a two on one Bachelor date, and I was definitely not getting that rose. I seriously think that after this rush they will officially drop to bottom tier. Let’s be real, it was inevitable.
Overall, for a highly Greek Life-educated PNM, there weren’t that many surprises. The tier system has been overall true to form — the only discrepancies are Pi Phi needing to drop, and KD needing to rise. I would also argue that AEPhi should drop, but I think their bank accounts are what are keeping them afloat.
Now before you tirade the comments, remember what you always tell us — everyone’s experience is different. This just happens to be mine.
Until Philanthropy,
The PNM Princess <3
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