Dji mini 2 battery not charging

Minibikes: Really small, really fast

2012.04.11 16:49 Sandcracker Minibikes: Really small, really fast


2019.03.31 03:45 badon_ r/AAMasterRace: Since 1907, 98% market domination. AA batteries are the best thing ever.

Future-proof your life. If you use only AA batteries and you want 3 spares, you only need 3 spares. With 5 different batteries, you need 15 spares plus chargers. With AA you can carry it all in your pocket. AA-compatible devices can include AAA, AAAA, C, D, F, 14500, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32600, 32650, etc. Right to repair was first lost from tolerating proprietary batteries, pay per charge, and self-destruct explosions. To regain right to repair, you need the right to put in standard batteries.

2009.05.26 20:24 longbow7 Nerf Blasters: Because it'll never not be fun.

The premier community for enthusiasts of blasters of non-harmful projectiles (darts, straws, disks, balls, bands, water, or anything else) and the culture surrounding them. /nerf is not affiliated with Hasbro, or anyone else.

2023.03.25 09:42 roro15915 Question about TV Tax and SCHUFA

I moved to a student apartment in berlin with my girlfriend from October 2021 to October 2022. During this time we didn't pay the TV tax but now we no longer live there and have no way of receiving the mail from there. I moved out of berlin for a while but now I have come back and I am going to try to get a SCHUFA score to find an apartment so my questions are:
  1. How do I pay the years worth of Radio Tax when I cant receive mail and Im not even really sure how much ill have to pay
  2. Will my SCHUFA score be terrible? If it is, is there anything I can do about it?
  3. Will they charge me for the months I wasn't in Berlin since I never deregistered my apartment? (October 2022 - now)
Thanks so much for the help
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2023.03.25 09:30 Zacklee84 Would you watch Growing up Bravo

I would love to see a Growing up Bravo version of Summer or Winter House. It would be similar to RHUGT. So bringing 1 sibling on and 2-3 from the same franchise.
I would love to hear from some of our adult Bravo kids. Breaking 4th wall, using the show as a platform to jumpstart their careers like influencers, models, fashion brands. Not wanting to be on TV. Being embarrassed by their parents.
21 and up:
Ally Shapiro, Avery Singer, Gia Guidice, Ashley Holmes, Lauren, Albie and Chris Manzo, Noelle Robinson, Riley Buruss, Kairro Whitfield, Victoria and Noel de Lesseps, Sophie Beador, Brianna Culberson Arielle and Brianna Biermann, Christina and Jillian Staub, Shane, Colton and Kira Keogh, Alexis and Raquel Curtain, Farrah A. and Sophia and Alexis Umansky, Frank and Gabrielle Catania, Amelia and Deliah Hamlin, Victoria and Joey Walkile, Kim Richard's daughters Whitney, Brooke and Kimberly, Sami Sheen, Brooke Marks, etc.
Not sure if the 3 Haddid children would. Anwar does some modeling.
Pandora and Max are on VPR.
Some kids didn't get much screen time like Mason and Jude Grammar. They maybe not be fan favorites and automatically picked for the first few seasons.
Excluding Tamara Judge son's Ryan Vieth bc of DV charge and Brentt and Bryson Leakes bc of Nene's lawsuit.
Quincy Morgan is very private and only joined IG 2021. Some like Shane Keogh hated being on the RHOC but I might want to give his side of the story and update. I think Shane and Colton work in real estate and/or sales.
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2023.03.25 09:25 iheartrms Outdoor solar/battery/USB power?

I've got a few Abode cameras which work with my home security system. The problem is that they can only be USB powered and come with USB wall warts. That is no good as I don't have outlets right where I want to put these, particularly outside. So does anyone sell or have a parts list to build an outdoor rated solar-battery-USB setup?
The camera draws 7 watts max. I'm in SoCal so plenty of sun. Our shortest day is 10 hours of daylight/14 hours night. That means worst case is we have 10 hours to collect 7A*14 night hours=98Wh of power needed to make it through the night. That's 8 3500mah 18650 cells. In ideal conditions we need 98Wh/10 hours daylight= 9.8 watts of solar panel to fully charge the batteries on our shortest day. Of course, ideal doesn't happen so let's double that to 20 watts.
That's around $45 worth of batteries, a raw 20 watt panel looks to be in the neighborhood of $35.
Now I need a charge controller and a USB power supply to run off the battery.
Presumably a 3s3p pack for 12.6v (if 3.8v is nominal, I see some use 3.7v) and 119.7Wh of power which should do the job.
And that's where I get lost in the sea of choices.
This seems like it should be a very standard and common setup. I don't understand why I can't find this pre-made.
My house is a simple single story affair with a 15 degree slope roof and I would love to position the panel just up on the edge of the roof, put the battery/charge controllecamera just under the eaves on each corner monitoring that side of the house. But there's no power there and I'm not about to run conduit and everything to get power there so it seems it's solar or nothing.
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2023.03.25 09:24 RemarkableCoffee4 Reading proprietary BAP RFID tag transmission

Preamble: I'm not sure whether or not what I'm trying to do here is OK to do — please tell me if it is not. I started this research off by trying to copy my garage keys for my girlfriend, down an nRF24 rabbit-hole, then realizing there are many different protocols on the 2.4GHz spectrum, and TX chips aren't necessarily interchangeable between them, and I'm now just plain curious how this all works.
I have a MarkTag MeM operated garage door, and I have a fob of my own. It is a Battery-assisted Passive RFID tag on the 2.4GHz spectrum. It seems to "listen" to continuous transmissions by the reader, and instead of just back-scattering, it activates its battery and sends out a short packet with a fused-in unique key + CRC combo.
I'm trying to replicate this fob for my girlfriend, but as I described in the preamble, I'm the definition of a beginner in this area. Is there a way for me to "listen" to what this fob transmits—which seems to be a unique protocol implemented on an ASIC on the fob die, not nRF24 or anything like that—and save it? The frequency band it transmits it in seems "random", defined by the reader. I'll need to "sniff" packets on a ~150MHz wide spectrum and find the ones I'm looking for.
If this is indeed possible, I'd love some pointers on how to go on my way figuring this out. What do I need, a SDR + 2.4GHz receiver? Even if I capture this data, I can't produce my own fob since the key is fused into the chip. Can I build something with an Arduino, or a Flipper that can replay the packet? Thank you!
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2023.03.25 09:24 newvegasdweller How much of a risk is an outdated phone realistically for a private network?

I had a discussion with a friend last night, about how I really need a new phone (currently using a galaxy S7 with a worn out battery) and I said that I wanted to get an expensive one but that one phone should get me through the rest of the 2020s, as I don't see the reason to throw away a perfectly fine phone as long as it's specs hold up to modern demands. (I had the rog phone 6 in mind)
My friend then freaked out how much of a security risk older phones are due to software updates usually covering just 2-3 years and how I'm just begging for someone to steal my bank account. How he knows many people where hackers got access through their phones etc.
I know that outdated software is a security risk in general, but I want to tell you guys my setup and I'd be really gratefull if you could determine if that risk really is significant.
First: I do NOT do any finance stuff on my phone. I might be careless with my firmware, but I know not to trust that old thing with inportant stuff. My phone is for whatsapp, telegram, reddit, youtube and facebook. That's it.
I have two wifi networks on the same router (fritzbox 7530).
Guest wifi: My phone(galaxy S7 with avast mobile security), a robot vacuum (ecovacs, controlled via phone app) and sometimes guest phones.
Home wifi: a raspberry pi 4 for adguard and firewall (IPFire), a fritz!WLAN repeater N/G, a win10 laptop (where I do bank stuff, also on the same telegram account) and a win11/mint PC for gaming.
Also I keep all my passwords on a keepass2 file on a network drive on my laptop, just so I don't have to memorize all kinds of passwords.
So what do you guys think? Is my friend paranoid here or am I underestimating the security risks?
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2023.03.25 09:20 Roshe83S Old code.. if you like it then take it..😉

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2023.03.25 09:16 0O00O0O0O00OO00O0OO0 Rog Phone 3 Battery Drains 100-30% in 8 hrs even when turned off

So I just bought the ROG Phone 3 for 100 bucks. The seller told me the battery seems to be damaged. It is in almost mint condition and looks like it hasnt been used much since he bought it new.
I have had several smartphones with weak batteries by now but this one seems kinda off.
It completely drains the battery from any percentage to zero even when turned off within 8 hours.
When I plug it in after work to use it at home it starts blinking its red light for 15 minutes until it actually starts to charge.
When charging it to 80 90 or 100% I have let it lay around without any extra app installed and no sim card inside and it shows what is using all the battery: others.
I can click it but nothing happens.
Is this really just a weak battery? After 2 years of no actual use?
OS: 12
FW: .258
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2023.03.25 09:13 emmy1300 Security deposit due date in CA

Hello. I was wondering how the security deposit due date of 21 days from the time the tenant vacated the premises works? I’m in California
I had vacated the room I was renting in 2/27. I have the receipt from movers and various witnesses to attest to this and had informed my landlord of this ahead of time. My lease was for the entire month of February.
On March 1st, I get an angry threatening email from my landlord that she is going to charge me fees daily for not returning the key. I apologize and return immediately rush same day.
She did not submit a final itemized receipt until 3/22 and surprise, she’s keeping nearly my entire deposit.
If I vacated on 2/27, would 3/20 have been her due date or 3/22 because I returned the keys on 3/1 as a purely innocent mistake which cost her nothing as she has always had full access to my room. Thanks!
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2023.03.25 09:12 susdodo anyone know how to fix case not charging

So basically my AirPods Pro’s 2 are not charging I hav used two different cables and when I connected the cable into the AirPods it just makes the sound for charging but doesn’t charge and stays at 0%. Also the buds don’t get charged too but I have had times where the bids charge but no the case.
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2023.03.25 09:11 The_Mysterious- Special attack charge rate

I am having issue while I battle other players. I notice that their special attack charges fast and they are able to use use 2-3 times before I can use mine once. I press the screen as fast as I can to get my charge meter up but it does not move fast. Am I not doing something right?
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2023.03.25 09:07 alexsinha Get Your Wings: — Paragliding In The Stunning Vagamon Hill Station

Get Your Wings: — Paragliding In The Stunning Vagamon Hill Station
“A Journey Through the Clouds — Paragliding in Vagamon”

Paragliding vagamon
Paragliding is one of the most exciting adventure sports in the world. It is an experience that lets you soar high up in the sky, like a bird. Vagamon, a scenic hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala, India, is one of the best places for paragliding in the country. In this article, we will take a closer look paragliding at Vagamon and what makes it such a thrilling and unforgettable experience.


Vagamon is located in the Western Ghats, which are known for their picturesque hills and valleys. The topography of the area provides an ideal setting for paragliding, with its rolling hills and lush green landscapes. The paragliding take-off site in Vagamon is located at the top of a hill, which offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and valleys. The landing site is at the base of the hill, which is on a large, open plain that provides ample space for a safe landing.

The Experience

Paragliding in Vagamon offers a unique and exhilarating experience. As you take off from the hilltop, you will feel a rush of adrenaline as you soar high up in the sky. The cool breeze and the stunning view of the hills and valleys will leave you mesmerized. The flight lasts for about 20 minutes, during which you will be accompanied by an experienced pilot who will control the glider and guide you through the flight. The pilot will also provide you with a briefing on safety measures before the flight, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Best Time to Go

The best time to go paragliding in Vagamon is from September to May when the weather is dry and pleasant. During the monsoon season, which is from June to August, paragliding is not recommended due to the heavy rains and strong winds.

Vagamon Distance from Major Cities

It is known for its lush greenery, rolling hills, and serene atmosphere, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. However, before planning a trip to Vagamon, it is important to understand the Vagamon distance from other major cities and tourist destinations in India.
  1. The distance from Kochi to Vagamon is approximately 110 km (68 miles), and it takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach by road. Kochi is one of the major cities in Kerala, and it is well connected by air, rail, and road. The nearest airport to Vagamon is Cochin International Airport, which is approximately 100 km away. From Kochi, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon.
  2. The distance from Thiruvananthapuram to Vagamon — is approximately 250 km (155 miles), and it takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach by road. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala and is well connected by air, rail, and road. From Thiruvananthapuram, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon.
  3. The distance from Kottayam to Vagamon — is approximately 65 km (40 miles), and it takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach by road. Kottayam is a small town located in central Kerala, and it is well connected by rail and road. From Kottayam, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon.
  4. The distance from Madurai to Vagamon — is approximately 190 km (118 miles), and it takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach by road. Madurai is a city located in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu and is well-connected by air, rail, and road. From Madurai, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon.

A Guide to price and Experience

The price for paragliding in Vagamon can vary depending on the operator and the duration of the flight. A single flight in Vagamon paragliding price between INR 3,000 and INR 4,000 (approximately $40 to $55) for approximately 20 minutes. Some operators may also offer longer flights or packages that include multiple flights, which can cost more. It is always recommended to check with the paragliding operator for their specific pricing and packages.
In addition to the cost of the flight, some operators may also charge extra for photos and videos of your flight, which can be a great way to capture your paragliding experience in Vagamon. Paragliding in Vagamon is a unique and exhilarating experience, and the cost is generally reasonable considering the experience and safety measures involved.

Nearest Railway Station

Vagamon nearest railway station is approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) from Kottayam. Kottayam is a major railway station in Kerala, and it is well-connected to major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.
From Kottayam Railway Station, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon. Taxis are readily available outside the railway station, and the journey takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic. Buses are also available from the Kottayam bus station, which is located next to the railway station. The bus journey takes around 3 to 4 hours, and the fare is relatively inexpensive.
Alternatively, if you are coming from cities located further away such as Chennai, Bangalore, or Mumbai, you can also consider taking a train to Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, which is located approximately 100 km (62 miles) away from Vagamon. Ernakulam Junction is a major railway station in Kerala, and it is well-connected to major cities in India. From Ernakulam Junction, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Vagamon.


Paragliding in Vagamon is an experience you will never forget. It is an adventure sport that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature from a unique perspective. With its stunning hills and valleys and well-organized paragliding infrastructure, Vagamon is one of the best places for paragliding in India. If you are an adventure enthusiast looking for an unforgettable experience, then paragliding in Vagamon is something that you must try.
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2023.03.25 09:02 stromfeeme Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager

Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager
Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price managerPotential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager There are several potential applications for using a power price manager in conjunction with a battery storage system. Some of these include:
  1. Peak shaving: By charging the battery storage system during times of low power prices and discharging during times of high prices, the system can be used to smooth out the peaks and troughs in power demand, reducing the need for expensive power generation during times of high demand.
  2. Grid services: Battery storage systems can provide grid services such as frequency regulation and voltage control, which can help stabilize the power grid and improve its overall reliability.
  3. Renewable energy integration: Battery storage systems can be used to store excess energy generated by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and then discharge it during times when the renewable energy sources are not producing enough power to meet demand.
  4. Load shifting: By charging the battery storage system during off-peak hours and discharging during peak hours, it can help shift power demand from peak to off-peak hours, which can help reduce overall energy costs.
  5. Self-consumption: Battery storage systems can be used to store excess energy generated by a solar panel system, and then use that energy to power the building during the evening, reducing the dependence on grid power and increasing self-consumption.
Overall, using a power price manager to optimize the charging and discharging of a battery storage system can help reduce energy costs, improve grid reliability and support the integration of renewable energy sources.
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2023.03.25 08:57 Smasher_WoTB The status of the Sons of Retribution Chapter Fleet&Armour as of the Lions return and the start of the Fourth Tyrannic War, Circa unknown year M42.

We have not suffered too greatly, fortunately we were not in the path of the Cicatrix Maledictum when the Eye of Terror erupted when Cadia fell. We were down in the Galactic Southwest, helping some ForgeWorlds purge an Ork WAAAGH and update a Sectors defenses to be as efficient as possible against the Tyranids should those foul Xenos assault them. Tragically, 2 of our Strike Cruisers and 7 of our "Escort" Class Warships were damaged beyong repair by the damned Greenskins. We managed to savage one of the Strike Cruisers, but the other crash-landed on a Planet was identified as a dormant Necron TombWorld some 350 years prior and all we could do was evacuate any survivors and briefly have some Techpriests&Techmarines salvage as many Relics as they possibly could from the wreckage before the Necron Defenders arrived at the Crash Sites. We did not have the power to take down a Necron TombWorld before it could call for aid and potentially awaken it's entire Dynasty, so we had the Ark Mechanicus' in our Battle Fleet tow the wreckage of the 5 "Escort" Vessels that weren't blasted into trillions of fragments by the Greenskin Ships aswell as the one dead Strike Cruiser towards the nearest ForgeWorld and begin savaging as much as possible and constructing new Ships with the salvage. This occurred in 967 M41.
It was then that I entrusted the 4 most powerful ForgeWorlds in the Sector with all the Ancient Wrecks&Derelict Vessels my Chapter had acquired and safe-guarded over the Millennia we'd existed to try and repair&restore them when possible, and create new Vessels of War with what could be salvaged from the Vessels that were damaged beyond repair. My Chapters Chief Librarian had a premoniton of a vast conflict against Chaos and the Tyranids that would occur at some point within the next 400 years. It was not enough for us to go to the High Lords of Terra, but it convinced me and all other major Imperial Commanders within 2 Sectors to begin putting all our production capabilities into the maximum possible overdrive in preparation, aswell as warn as many Chapters and ForgeWorlds as best we could, and so every ForgeWorld and Chspter within these 2 Sectors sent out emissaries to warn as many Chapters and ForgeWorlds of the potential arising conflict of beyond apocalyptic scale.
And thus, by using the Wrecks of some 50 Imperial and Mechanicus Warships we barely completed the construction, repairs, restoration, and/or retroftitting of some 27 Warships at least as large as a Cruiser before the Indomitus Crusade Fleet arrived in our Sectors in early M42.
And thus, my Chapter had swelled to some 1,780 Astartes, 250 Scouts and 45 Capital Class Vessels. Aye, we did encounter several Inquisitors who raised concern of ud attempting to Legion-build but we swore that if there was no such conflict or emergency to the Imperium within the 300 years foretold in the premonition that we would devote any "excess" Resources, Personnel and Assets towards the founding of 2 other Chapters that the High Lords of Terra or Inquisition could then order to be deployed anywhere within the Galaxy they deemed most fit. And so, when the Indomitus Crusade issued our Primaris Reinforcements we started up our own Crusade to head into the Imperium Nihilus and hopefully link-up with other Chapters of The Unforgiven.
That, is a summary of why my Chapter has grown so much.
Here, is a fully up-to-date list of my Chapters Fleet, our most valuable Infantry Assets, our most valuable Vehicle Assets and a rough summary of the other Forces that are within our Crusade Fleet:
Chapter Fleet:
-Chapter Flagship: the BattleBarge Indomitable Hammer is fully functional. Length is approximately 18 Kilometers long. Primary Armaments: 1 Nova Cannon, 4 Twin-Bombardment Cannon Batteries, 4 Quad-Lance Batteries and 10 Macro Cannon Batteries.
-Fortress Monastery: Mobile StarFort the Armoury of Caliban. Approximately 70 kilometers in diameter, fully capable of Warp Travel. Primary Armaments: [REDACTED].
-Seconday Fortress Monastery: Unnamed Space Station approximately 140 kilometers in diameter(armed only half as well as the Armour of Caliban but it's durability surpasses that of 3 of the 5 largest known SpaceHulks due to the myriad of technologies that has gone into it's fortification&upgrades over the 14,500 years since it's initial construction) capable of simultaneously dry-docking and repairing 4 Strike Cruisers or 1 BattleShip of any Class or size. It is capable of carrying and supplying 200 Titans, 300 Knights and 1,500,000 Unaugmented Human Soldiers simultaneously and has the means to teleport or drop-pod deploy all 500 Titans&Knights simultaneously and deploying 400,000 Unaugmented Human Soldiers at the same time. It was used to store many of my Chapters Relics and helping safeguard anf maintain many of the Relics and Ships my Chapter has been charged with Safeguarding over the Millennia we have been around. Now it serves as our Mobile Logistics Center.
-13 other BattleBarges of varying sizes&classes(including 2 IronClass Class BattleShips converted into being fully capable of independently supporting&transporting 450 Astartes+Support each and still having all of the normal Armaments&Armour of an IronClad Class BattleShip).
-25 Strike Cruisers of varying sizes&classes.
-6 BattleShips yet to he converted into BattleBarges, we felt it more important to use the resources needed to convert these 6 BattleShips into BattleBarges on boltering the local Fleets, Titan Legios, Knight Households and Armouries of ForgeWorlds, Fortress Worlds and Hive Worlds.
-60 "Escort" Class Warships smaller than a Cruiser but large enough to be capable of it's own independent Warp Travel and not getting bullied by 2 small VoidCraft in a Naval Engagement.
We now have so many Vehicles that it would take up too much time listing the numbers, classifications, variants and patterns of Vehicles my Chapter has. But we now have 1,130 Astartes Vehicles each at least the size of a Rhino, 200 of which are SuperHeavy Vehicles...we were incredibly fortunate in what we found when we salvaged a SpaceHulk in 990 M41.
We also have over 1,000 smaller VoidCraft including Gunships, Fighters, Bombers, Transports and Interceptors.
We have over 400 Suits of Terminator Armour and 350 Suits of Gravis Armour. Aswell as several hundred Primaris Marines.
We do expect to distribute many of our unneeded Vessels, pieces of Equipment, Vehicles and VoidCraft to other Astartes Forces in greater need of them aswell as send several hundred of our Astartes to join other Chapters to reinforce them, aswell as most of our Scouts and Initiates.
-Crusade Fleet Composition:
-60 Titans of various Classes from 3 different Titan Legios.
-180 Knights of various Classes&sizes from 7 Knight Houses.
-40 Bulk/Mass Haulers carrying some 3,000,000 Skitarii and 1,500,000 Imperial Guardsmen aswell as all their Vehicles, Support, Supplies and Equipment.
-25 Imperial Navy Cruises of various sizes&Patterns.
-6 Imperial Navy BattleShips of various sizes&Patterns.
-74 Imperial Navy "Escort" Ships.
-87 Adeptus Mechanicus Warships of nearly every size, Class and Armement within Mechanicus Records and Imperial Records.
However, all the remaining Forces within the Sector we departed from have gathered within the 7 most well fortified&built up SubSectors in order to ensure that there is a massive Imperial Bastion Force still within the Sector.
I would go into greater detail on our Forces...but time is of the essence, and our Astropaths and some Librarians have received communications and visions that the Lion has returned, and that The Rock has come into truly great danger several times already. I have a Primarch to re-unite with....even now I can hardly believe it, that the Lion has returned. I truly wept when I learned that he had gone missing during the Destruction of Caliban....but I and everyone in my Crusade Fleet still held out hope. And even through the following 11,000+ years it has been since then, the Chapter that was founded from the survivors of my Crusade Fleet after The Scouring still held out hope he would return one day and help us get our revenge on those Traitorous Curs. And nearly every single Chapter we had interacted with since then said it was foolish to hold onto hope, except for the Imperial Fists, Salamanders, SpaceWolves and their Successor Chapters. They understood the desperate hope we held onto, and they understood why we always held onto that hope....and now, I feel more vindicated than ever, and I, a Veteran of many long, vicious and brutal Wars will be re-united with my Primarch once again. I was there, during the Unification Wars on Terra when the Thunder Warriors were put to rest..I was there, by the Lions side during all of the Rangdan Xenocides. I was there for the horrors of the Ork WAAAAGH of Red-skull Blorok mu-thraka in the Galactic Southwest. I was there, burning down countless Xenos&Warp Abominations during the Great Crusade. I was there, during the fires of the Great Heresy when we heard word that several thousand Sons of Sanguinius had been corrupted by the Warp even worse than the Word Bearers....I was there when a Warmaster Titan of a now long-dead Titan Legio blasted it's horn one last time in sorrow and anger and then it died when we heard news of The Emperor being stricken down during a duel with Horus as we were committing to a final assault against the last of those Bloody Angels and their foul Dark Mechanicum allies...I survived being lost in the tides of the Warp for 11 long years and then being spat out into real-space....nearly 12,000 years after we had entered the Warp. And now, I shall be there by the Lions side once again...I, one of the very few Loyalist Astartes left who fought on Terra during the Unification Wars might also be the one to witness the reunion of the Lion and Guilliman.


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2023.03.25 08:52 tired_eyes_black_sky What is currently the best watch focused on health and battery life?

I am looking for a watch for my girlfriend so she can monitor her blood pressure with accuraccy which is the top priority (1).
(2) The second priority would be other health accurate readings.
(3) The third should be the battery so she wouldn't have to charge it all the time and therefore use it during sleep so it can monitor stuff.
(4) The fourth would be that it should look a bit like a ladies' watch.
So far I am looking at: - Garmin LILY, - Garmin Forerunner 45S - Fitbit Sense 2
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2023.03.25 08:48 throwaway1nsfw1 Waiting outside the club

So today was my first fun experience of its own kind in an Austin byob.
I went out to perfect 10, and since it closes at around 2, I left for Foxy's nearby afterwards. It was on my way, and I decided to stop by for a few more dances. It's also fully nude, so that helps as well.
Anyhow. I reach the club, and there are 4 kids (2 young couple) in front of me, and they are chatting, having fun, taking their own time. I am right behind them, and another couple soon joins after me.
Security guard pats down everyone, checks id and let these 4 kids in. And asks me and the other couple to stop outside. He says let them pay inside and then he'll let us go. I'm buzzed from previous club, and want to see some pussy. But we patiently wait outside.
10 mins and we are still out. I ask what's going on. He opened the door and those kids were still talking to the receptionist, who knew about what.
I ask this dude to let me in. I have cover charge in cash in my hand that I took out in car so I can go inside and do what I want to do. But he says please wait.
So we wait. 15 mins. They couldnt let fucking 4 people in in those 15 mins. I ask one last time if he is letting us in. He opens the door and now one of those kids peeks outside and starts asking him questions about how the club is and what not. While other 3 are still talking to the receptionist.
I dont recall who turned back first, but me and the other couple just turned around and said fuck it. Literally ruined the mood for us and some girls inside lost out on couple hundred dollars just because these people don't know how to keep the line moving. This was tonight when half the parking lot was empty.
Rant over.
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2023.03.25 08:44 sumitaryaa Doorstep Laptop Repair in Delhi - Urep

Doorstep Laptop Repair in Delhi - Urep
If you are looking for a Laptop Repair Service in Delhi, then you should definitely consider Urep Doorstep Laptop Repair. This company is highly experienced and specializes in repairing laptops and other electronic devices. They have a team of highly skilled technicians who are able to repair any type of laptop, including those that are not usually repairable.
If your Laptop is not working properly, then Urep Doorstep Laptop Repair is the perfect option for you. They have a wide range of laptop repair services available, including:
  • Laptop repair
  • Laptop restoration
  • Laptop installation
  • Laptop maintenance
  • Laptop upgrades
Doorstep Laptop Repair in Delhi

Why Choose Urep in Delhi?

Doorstep Laptop repair services in Delhi

At Urep in Delhi, we offer a wide range of the best Laptop repairs services like Screen and Battery Replacement, Motherboard Repair, SSD and RAM Upgrade, Keyboard and Touchpad Replacement, Liquid Damage Repair, and much more.

Service at Your Convenience

You get FREE pick-up and drop service for your Laptop at your location in Delhi according to your chosen time slot. In any case, you can also bring your Laptop for repair to Urep Delhi and Noida

Why choose Urep for your Laptop repair service in Delhi?

Doorstep Services for Free

We offer FREE Doorstep Services in Laptop repair services. Our customers are the driving inspiration for us to work hard; thus, we fix their devices at their convenience at home without charging any visiting fee.

Assured Warranty on All Laptop Repairs

We use high-quality spare parts, and hence we offer an assured warranty extending up to 3 months warranty on all repairs and one year warranty on replacements done by Urep. (Except Motherboard)

Usage of High-Quality Parts for All Replacements

Urep uses high-quality spare parts for your Laptop. All spare parts replaced come with an assured warranty of up to 1 year, and our warranty period for spare parts doesn't go under 90 days.

Pick-up & Drop for Free

Our free pick-up and drop services anyplace across Delhi and Noida for those who are too busy to visit the Urep repair center directly. You can finish your work peacefully while we take care of your Laptop device.

No Fix, No Fee

Our customers are our first priority; in this way, we have a "no inquiries asked" ensure for them - No Fix, No Fee. In the event that we don't fix your Laptop device, we won't charge any fee!

Multiple Payment Options

  • Paytm, UPI (Google Pay, Phone Pe, BHIM UPI, etc.)
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Net Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Pay after service

Laptop Brands We Repair in Delhi

We repair all brands and models of Laptops from all major brands, including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Samsung, MSI, and many more. We have premium repair centers with Top-quality tools and trained technicians to repair your premium devices like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro. We also repair other Apple products, including iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watch.
For more information visit:
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2023.03.25 08:42 safelyhq-com Unordered Package, Delivery - Inglewood, California - I just received 2 pair of socks from Online Seller Inglewood, CA NEVER ordered anything from them. I will check my accounts and make sure they didn't charge me for them. I do not want... #unorderedpackage #delivery

Unordered Package, Delivery - Inglewood, California - I just received 2 pair of socks from Online Seller Inglewood, CA NEVER ordered anything from them. I will check my accounts and make sure they didn't charge me for them. I do not want... #unorderedpackage #delivery
I just received 2 pair of socks from Online Seller Inglewood, CA NEVER ordered anything from them. I will check my accounts and make sure they didn't charge me for them. I do not want them I'm in Troy, MO
Read full report here
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2023.03.25 08:41 angelleb711 [WTS] OLIGHTS/ LEATHERMAN/ 5.11

FRYER NEW IN BOX- 78$ Besides normal white light, it also produces red, green and blue light for night vision protection, investigation, signaling and directing traffic. ⬤ Max 1750-lumen output with the white LED, and max 15-day runtime with the moonlight mode. ⬤ A side switch to select a colored light on demand, and a tail switch to operate the white light tactically. ⬤ Proximity sensor to dim the output automatically when it detects an obstruction ahead. ⬤ Customized 5000mAh 21700 battery, rechargeable via an MCC3 charging cable
Olight Seeker 2 Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery Black NO BOX - lightly used in perfect condition 75$ OBO
Olight S2R Baton II Ti Honor Titanium -75$ new Beam Distance (ft) 443 Beam Distance (m) 135 Max. Performance (lumens) 1,150 Charge type MCC 1A Magnetic USB Charging Cable Compatible Batteries Customized 3,200mAh 3.6V 18650 Battery Light Intensity (candela) 4,600 Light Source Luminus SST-40 CW LED Mode Operation Side Switch Form/Size Factor Medium size (Permanent Marker)
• Powerful for Its Size: Compact and lightweight while delivering a max output of 1000 lumens and a max throw of 600 meters powered by a single 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery. • Uniform Hot Spot: Olight's first EDC flashlight with a round light source, providing a softer and more balanced beam. • Simple User Interface: Dual-stage tactical tail switch to access high/low output momentarily or constantly. • Magnetic Charging: Compatible with MCC1A/MCC3, the cable magnetically snaps onto the tail cap and shows red when charging or green when it's fully charged. • Two-in-one Tail Cap: Magnetic charging and thumb operation.
LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters, Spring-Action Scissors and Nylon Sheath, Stainless Steel new in box 90$.
5.11 2-BANGER PACK LIKE NEW 50$ Quick-prep Design Dimensions: 7" x 9.5" x 3" Material: 500 D Nylon w/ 1050 D Reinforcement Waterproof Backing Self-healing YKK Zippers DuraFlex Hardware Laser-cut MOLLE External Loop
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2023.03.25 08:41 xMrPink85 [USA-CA] [H] Nintendo/Playstation/Xbox Consoles/Games [W] Paypal/Lists/Offers

Prices are negotiable but do not include shipping unless noted. Minimum purchase is $10. Add $4 for individual games. Discounted shipping on bundles. I will pay the shipping on all GAME purchases over $50. Let me know if something doesn't seem right. I will offer better deals and priority to those looking to bundle.
ONLY ACCEPTING PayPal F&F for payment or come trade with me on GameSwap!
Willing to meet in the Sacramento area.

Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X Brady Games Strategy Guide Very worn. Has tear in front cover. No poster.
Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X -2 Brady Games Strategy Guide Moderately worn. Has smaller tear in back cover. Includes Poster. Both Guides for $25
Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Silver - Works - Normal Wear $27
Playstation 2 Dual Shock 2 Translucent Blue - Works - Normal Wear $29
Playstation 2 24 The Game BL/CIB $8
Playstation 2 Guitar Hero II BL/CIB $5
Playstation 2 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's BL/CIB $7
Playstation 2 Wheel of Fortune BL/CIB $5
Take all 4 PS2 games for $19 Shipped
Playstation 4 Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Steelbook Edition book w/Slipcover BL/CIB $18
Playstation 4 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 BL/CIB - Spine damage/tear $10
Playstation 4 Middle Earth Shadow of War BL/CIB $5
Playstation 4 Nascar Heat 3 BL/Boxed $6
Playstation 4 Overwatch Origins BL/Boxed $8
Playstation 4 Persona 5 BL/Boxed $9
Playstation 4 Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition BL/Boxed $25
PSP PSP 1001 - Loose. PSP ONLY Body and screen are pretty scratched up, includes a rubber grip cover and I can include a white replacement shell... Charge port can be touchy sometimes so it also includes a replacement port. No charger. $50 - Pending
PSP Tekken 6 BL/CIB $40
PSVITA Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Loose $22
PSVITA Wipeout 2048 Loose $18
Take both Vita games for $35 shipped

Xbox Blowout BL/CIB $6
Xbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban BL/CIB $10
Xbox Indiana Jones and The Emperors Tomb BL/CIB $12
Xbox Pac Man World 2 PH/CIB $8
Xbox Return To Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War PH/CIB $5
Take all OG Xbox games for $30 shipped
Xbox 360 4GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply and controller. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed. $65 - I will include one free game below under $10 and I will toss in a couple free mystery sports games (CIB)
Xbox 360 250GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply, controller and Kinect. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed. $85 - I will include one free game below under $10 and I will toss in a couple free mystery sports games (CIB)
Xbox 360 Dead to Rights Retribution BL/CIB $12
Xbox 360 Dead Space 3 PH/CIB $5
Xbox 360 Fable 2 Limited Edition BL/Boxed - No special features disc - Includes manual $10
Xbox 360 Fable 3 BL/CIB $6
Xbox 360 Forza 4 BL/CIB $6
Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto 5 BL/Boxed w/map $6
Xbox 360 Halo 3 Limited Edition Steel book w/sleeve (minor damage) BL/Includes manual, but no book.. $15
Xbox 360 Hitman HD Trilogy - Premium Edition BL/CIB - With slipcoveartbook. Moderate wear. $20
Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat BL/Boxed $8
Xbox 360 NBA Live 2010 BL/CIB $6
Xbox 360 NBA 2K18 BL/CIB $16
Xbox 360 The Orange Box BL/CIB $18
Xbox 360 Portal 2 BL/Boxed $5
Xbox 360 Test Drive Unlimited BL/CIB $10
Take all 360 games for $99 Shipped
Xbox One Ark Survival Evolved Boxed $10
Xbox One Battlefield 4 Steelbook Edition Boxed $12
Xbox One Dark Souls 3 Boxed $9
Xbox One Dishonored Definitive Edition Boxed $8
Xbox One Madden 22 Boxed $5
Xbox One Prototype BioHazard Bundle Boxed $35
Xbox One Rare Replay Boxed $9
Xbox One Skylanders Trap Team Boxed $32
Xbox One UFC 3 Boxed $6
Xbox One Watch Dogs 2 Boxed $5
Xbox One Wolfenstein The New Order Boxed $7

NES Bart vs The Space Mutants Manual Only $8
NES Gradius Manual Only $11
NES Mega Man 1 (Not pictured) Manual Only $65
NES Mission Impossible Manual Only $5
NES NES Advantage controller Manual Only $5
NES Zodas Revenge Manual Only $12
NES Castlevania II Simons Quest Loose $14
NES Kung Fu Loose $12
NES Ninja Gaiden II Loose $11
NES Skate or Die Loose - Worn/snagged top label $4
NES Wizards and Warriors III Loose - Worn/torn top label $24
NES Game Genie Loose $15
SNES Buster Busts Loose $8 Manual Only $8
SNES Hey Punk! Are You Tuff E Nuff? $10 Manual Only $10
SNES Lawnmower Man $5 Manual Only $5
SNES Mega Man X $17 Manual Only $17
SNES World Heroes $9 Manual Only $9
N64 Standard N64 Console Includes OEM expansion pack. $80
Wii Mario Party 8 BL - Boxed $28
Wii Metroid Other M BL - Sealed $22
Wii Red Steel BL - Boxed $5
Wii Trauma Center Second Opinion BL - CIB $9
Wii U Super Mario 3D World BL - CIB $14
NDS Red Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Edition DSi XL Loose - With charger. Does have some minor wear and teascuffs on corners $80 - Pending
NDS Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Loose $10
NDS Spyro The Eternal Night Super Smash Bros 3DS $10
3DS Super Smash Bros 3DS Super Smash Bros 3DS $10
Switch Red and Blue V2 Switch Console Includes everything but the box. Decent condition with a few blemishes. Everything works. $210 shipped - Will also throw in some third party Joycon controller grips..
Gameboy Ren and Stimpy Veediots Manual Only $5

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2023.03.25 08:32 Cursenet Stuck on this screen, ho a do I fix

Stuck on this screen, ho a do I fix
Running a m1 mac mini and I just restarted my Asahi linux and I am stuck on this screen
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2023.03.25 08:32 Lobotomist Unpopular opinion : its boring

As someone who at this moment has Diablo 2, Diablo 1, POE, Last Epoch, Grim Dawn, Wolcen, Titan Quest, Dungeon Siege installed and actively playing - my opinion of Diablo 4 after some 12+ hours is not that great.
I started with Rogue, got to level 10, and honestly could not imagine I would play that class in live game. I started thinking it will resemble Demon Hunter from D3, but it seemed like it was that with all the "pazazz" removed.
So I decided to start fresh with another class. And I chose Druid. This showed much more promise and mechanically was fun to play. Build wise possibility it was heads and tails above the rogue - but still the whole tree felt very limited compared to other modern ARPGs
But let me get into why I think the game is boring. And why honestly I don't see how it will work as MMO of any longevity.
  1. Open world design. So open world is always the same map and not randomly generated. I won't argue with this choice. But in this case the open world should really be stunning with memorable locations. Instead what we got is overworld that looks like it was procedurally generated, has same structure, and is simply bland to the point my eyes got tired and looked for some diversion from gray nothingness and blandness. More over, the zone is not even that big. I would say its size of 4 D2 open world zones side by side. Now remember - this is ACT1 , there will be what 4 acts ? So if this a MMO , you will be looking at this exactly the same zone for 1000 hours.
  2. Dynamic events. That are put in the zones to spice up otherwise dreadful slog, got boring so fast I even seen people simply avoiding them. To make it worse they are always at exactly same place. If player wants they can just stand in same spot and do them over and over ( or even bot ? ). So its 1-3 scenarios happening one after another on the same spot.
3.Mini Dungeons They are always on the same spot on the map. And they are smaaaal. Literally takes you 50 seconds to finish them
4.Dungeons The meet and bones of ARPG and Diablo, are among most linear I have seen among all games mentioned above. They seem to be procedurally generated, but expect just a straight line of O shape. They usually have 1 or two type groups of monsters and take some 10+ minutes to clear. And the worst is that if you want to do them again, you can not simply return and new dungeon will be generated.
  1. Gameplay Mechanically the gameplay was good, and monsters had interesting mechanics. The health potion mechanic was cumbersome , but other than that it was pretty good ( Reminded me of Wolcen ) However the build mechanic is very linear. I wont go to much into this because I am sure other will talk about it.
  2. Staying true to old Diablo games I can see how important is that the game stays thematically the same. But lot of abilities and class mechanic seem same as D2 just remixed into ability tree. Hate to say but D3 was far more innovative and fresh.
All In all, after playing I have serious doubts for how long it will take me to get bored. I was already bored after 10 hours. And this game is supposed to be MMO with thousands of hours.
I think that the biggest offenders are static open world that is really bland and small. And really really disappointing dungeons.
... But of course that is my opinion
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2023.03.25 08:29 SufficientContact684 Balance proposal

Surge is too strong chromatic, don't you think that having super every 3 beats and at the same time spamming it is cool? So let's also add real damage, where even you tanks can be destroyed in 3 blows. I would like to offer my own version of the nerf of this brawler: 1. Reduce damage by 150 units 2. New super charge, now to go into the third phase, you will need to deliver 4 blows, and in the fourth phase all 5, this is to get rid of the constant spam of super 3. Gadget on the shield now gives not 2 charges, but 1 projectile
I want to emphasize that this is my opinion and my version of the Surge nerf, you can argue with me, but I will not answer, offer your varints as if you weakened it or taught it
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