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I feel like Destiny's take about the rise of the anti porn movement online is somewhat correct but so incomplete

2023.04.19 21:29 French_Insight I feel like Destiny's take about the rise of the anti porn movement online is somewhat correct but so incomplete

I would like to say first that I’m biased, I have been and maybe still am a porn addict. For me it started at 8/9 where i saw ads late at night for erotic Hotlines in between WWE commercial breaks. I got caught about a month later once my parents couldn’t believe the 3 figures hole I had made in their budget by repeatedly calling these Hotlines.

I think there is something that deeply bothered a large part of the internet (men mostly) seeing women make bank on Onlyfans. I think the reason for that is twofold:

1- We live in materialistic and competitive society, and I bet it is hard to watch for people to see how much money can be made through fans sites as it contradicts what society typically values as «real work».

2- A shift in mental representation of sex work happened as the Harem/Don Juan fantasy got challenged. I have noticed for a long time watching video on YouTube and live streams that featured hot girls with some sort of male «top dawg» approving of them would see a drop in gendered insults and slut shaming comments.
With an Andrew Tate, Dan Blizerian, Hugh Hefner, there is a physical and symbolic representation of a fantasy appealing to men. It is so powerful that something like Andrew Tate bragging about how he would scam men out of millions by playing on their emotional cord is weirdly glossed over.
Without these male figures things are changing. The illusion that she is only there for your pleasure and that you are in control is challenged, she out earns you and you’re probably not in her league, and from what I could decipher from coomer forums and comments people typically lack the self control/power not to be turned on by the the very models they do not like.
I think this shift is one of main reason why we’re gonna see streams with multiple of girls and «alphas» blow up. OF will be normalized through them and I think we will see the rise of a big streamer version of Johnny Sins.

When Destiny makes the argument about how few people seem to have an issue the sex scene in the Witcher 3 but are set ablaze seeing females booby streams cosplaying Yennefer or other female characters I am puzzled. The difference to me is pretty clear as the Witcher doesn’t make an effort to funnel you towards buying porn as opposed to chats where links are spammed with that intention in mind.
I have to state again that I’m biased, I’ve spent thousands on fan sites over the years, and even more thousands on camgirls. I pretty much know most of the coomer places in the internet, I've experienced and witnessed every scams in the books, from a girl needing money for her wisdom tooth surgery to OF models selling you a 20 second video for 50 dollars ( at the time you couldn’t see the length of the video you were buying on Onlyfans).
My main problem is this. I obviously do not have the best relationship with porn, and have met plenty of people like me usually exposed to it at a young age; the major difference between back then and now is that now there is almost no buffer zone anymore. I undestand that kids like I was back then will see porn, but shouldn’t we gate-keep to the best of our abilities anyway?
Even at age 12, when I was sharing my first torrent, I still had social spaces online that weren’t so aggressively funneling you to porn. I also don’t believe this is a new problem being talked about as I remember pretty viral anti pornography take form Terry Cruise Years ago in 2016 ( and even movies like Shame and Don Jon that made me relate to a T back in 2011 and 2013.
I can admit that most of anti porn advocate are pretty cringe, a lot of them have religious undertones and lack nuance, but they do have a point in my opinion when decrying how in your face porn and things relating to it are.
My sense is it is a widespread problem more common that people think. What makes me think that are the different interactions I had in the different coomer corners of the internet. I really believe people underestimate the number of actual «coomers» and how much of them have an unhealthy relationship with porn.
I was in one the most popular coomer forum some time ago called thotsbay (replaced by simpcity today) with millions of users. One day a thread popped up about porn addiction. You guys would be surprised at the amount of replies it got. In fact it became one the most popular thread of the forum, with such great number of dudes expressing how they could not break the loop, how they would get triggered by seeing something stimulating online, how it was their drug for coping with being lonely, or stressed or angry, how impulsive the consumption of content had become.
Last thing I wanted to add about the fans sites and how damaging they can be is to expand one their unethical ways they are used. Back to what Tate was bragging about when describing how to scam men out millions, I have witnessed from several top creators the same behavior, where the goal is to maximize what a «fan» can pay through creating the most parasocial experience possible. A former big creator under the limelight try that same shit with me, and I could not believe the messages I was receiving. Nobody can make me believe these people don’t know what they do, and in that sense the critics these type of practices are right. Not mention the rampant scams happening on there
The vitriol around the Uberization of porn that Onlyfans made possible surely is colored by men hating women having that influence and money over them. I may be coping, but I really don’t believe they represent the majority of the opposition to the porn wave that is online right now. For me OF might be the best way that has ever existed to ethically sell porn, but the very worst when it comes to its promotion.
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2023.03.02 03:35 hijoput4 EXTREME PICTURE DOWNLOADER (download entire threads from simpcity)

This program is great for hoarding entire threads on Simpcity forums (entire threads means all pages of the thread in one go). Its also very useful to download image searches from google and others.
It is based on scripts that the community shares, you can also create them and download new ones; it has a lot of scripts available for many NSFW pages and normal pages too.
And yes, it works for videos too.
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2023.02.22 21:42 Reasonable_Row_1002 Te latest news on simpcity and thotsbay forums accessing link

The latest relaunch of simpcity and thotsbay community site & forums for best content can now be accessed.
The link is encrypted using Base64 so you can use any Base64 decode on google or use a recommended one such as:
The decrypt code to access the new site is: aHR0cHM6Ly90aG90c2JheS5jeA==
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2023.02.20 05:31 overcast1766 Fucckkkk I really need to let go. FOMO kills me.

Clarity came today I guess.
I deleted my
I still have left
I had purged previous forum accounts like end of Dec, but I made them again, including the paid one. Through an image board I found a girl that I came across before had more recent content. And I ask about girls I've talked to before to see if anyone has nudes from them too. I have content from girls I've chatted with online from like 5-8 years ago. They've blocked me and everything, we don't talk but I still look at their pages and look for alias pages, you know "just incase" they've posted any nudes themselves. Recently, I've been waking up and checking the forums and image board too routinely, just hoping someone would post pics or vids or links to content from these couple girls. Or nights I would just be searching the half dozen or so girls name/locations looking for any chance they posted anything. I'm a weirdo, I hate myself for my behavior.
I know it's not healthy, but it's a habit. And the thought of deleting my folders, it's like well that'll be the last I ever see of them. It's making me so fucking anoixous today. I hate this so much.
With the other accounts, I have to delete, it's fine whatever, I can pay again and find them (though I shouldn't). But yeah the more personal girls, like how am I supposed to forget what they look like, their bodies are like.
Kinda ranty sorry,
Edit: as of 2023-02-24, it's all gone.
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2023.02.14 16:00 HY71PER [PROOF] SimpCity SUCCESSFUL DMCA Takedown of AN ENTIRE Piracy Forum Thread of a Female Model

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2023.01.08 14:36 blackn3kko Caught my(F20) boyfriend (M21) on a private VPN to look at women

Hello Reddit,
So my boyfriend and I had a huge argument before about his twitter and how he had women on there he was hyping up and was looking at to get off. It’s a boundary for me and I consider it cheating. When I confronted him about the tweets and the retweets of these women, he said it wasn’t him and he got hacked.
If that was the case then why keep it up on your twitter?
I don’t mind him watching porn, I do it as well. But when it comes to watching JUST a woman and her body and getting off to that, it’s considered cheating for me. I told him if I ever see anything like that again, I would break up with him.
Fast foward to now. I find this app on his phone, a private VPN called Aloha… he’s been on this website called SimpCity which has forums of women. I clicked on all of them, and they date back to DECEMBER and even longer, of him clicking on random women forums and looking at their body who LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME.
When I confronted him about it last night he says he wasn’t looking at individual women but he has a huge past of having nude women on his phone, WHITE women… I’m black…
We JUST came back from an expensive trip THAT I PAID FOR in full, he didn’t have to put out his wallet for anything. We were gone for a week for his birthday and I’m pretty sure I spent like 200 per day on him, not including the clothes I bought him, the shoes I bought him, and the haircut. So this hurts that even on his BIRTHDAY it says he was in his website.
When he kept denying it, I walked away and when I came back the app was gone… he did that same thing with the tweets, he quickly deleted them and considered the situation solved. For him it was, for me, I felt unresolved and lied to. I asked him PRIOR to me walking away to let me go through the links with him and if he had nothing to hide and he was telling the truth then I should be able to look through them with him and prove he was right but as soon as I walked away they were gone JUST like he did with the tweets and then he took my phone and deleted the pictures I took of the tweets so I had something to confront him with… I hate that he deleted it without actually proving to me he wasn’t looking at other women… Because now it makes me feel like me being upset is for nothing and now that it doesn’t exist, it’s kinda hard for me to hold on to this feeling but I feel betrayed and lied to..
What should I do?
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