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2023.06.03 10:40 Luvluvu I’m going to be a dad at 20

My girlfriend of 2 and half years has decided to continue her pregnancy. She is due in 7 months. We are both college students. My parents are paying for my undergraduate tuition, and I have a job at a pizza place during the summer. The college we attend is a 10 hour drive from home. I was hoping to attend optometry school after undergrad and I have a high gpa as a biology major. Should I continue working towards this or change my major to something with a shorter long term commitment? I am freaking out and I don’t know what to do. We both have a lease on apartments near the school but we don’t live together. To top it all off I am raising a puppy that I bought just before we found out she is pregnant. What should I be doing? Am I / are we doomed? I still haven’t told my parents yet. I am not sure how they will react.
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2023.06.03 10:38 TechnoMasterIndia Find Your Dream Job in Mumbai Through JobsNEAR.in

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For more details, please visit our website

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2023.06.03 10:38 dougtrudyjudy I feel like I'm about to have a breakdown. My entire story. Very Long

I'm at a total loss now. It has been 3 months since my world fell apart. I have come to the conclusion that my ex is a covert narcissist. We had been together 11 years, were sleeping together until February this year and now he is living in our family home and has moved his new gf in. I worry I am a narcissist all the time.
When I (35, F) first met him (34, M), he love bombed me. He came back to my house one night and didn't leave. He told me he was in love with me not even 2 months in. Proposed after 5 months. Bought myself and my friends presents. I thought I was so lucky, he loved me so much, he put me up on such a pedestal. I used to joke that one day the love bubble for him would pop when he realised I was not perfect like he thought I was. I grew up with an abusive and absent father and my mother died when I was 11. He had a great big family that I was so desperate to be a part of.
I made many mistakes, I didn't trust how much 'he loved me' and at the beginning was still interested in someone else. He told me he would leave me if I didn't go and get some help. I have PTSD, anxiety and depression, amongst other things. I don't remember when it started, but I felt disconnected from him emotionally. I couldn't talk to him and he would often refuse to talk about issues we had. Instead encouraged me constantly to go to therapy, not to talk about our issues, but to deal with my trauma that was 'ruining the relationship'. I sought solace in a friend at work and formed an inappropriate emotional bond with him. I admitted this to my partner, who said he forgave me and we moved past it.
We looked and booked so many places for weddings, but they never eventuated. His mother was horrible to me, called me a gold digger and said I made no contribution to society because I wasn't keeping down a steady job. This caused a massive fall out, where I refused to speak to her or see her. He eventually convinced me that I had to go and make peace with her to calm the situation down and 'this is just what she is like'.
I got pregnant 4 years after we got together. I suffered a very traumatic pregnancy and had horrible pre and post natal depression. Ex did not come to many appointments and I was frequently in hospital. Both my sister and father moved in at different stages when I had a newborn because my partner was working all the time and rarely helped.
His mother and step father gave us a deposit for a house, on the proviso we moved to their suburb. MIL started being nice to me again, I guess because I gave her a grandchild. I had no say in the house chosen, partner and inlaws made the decision together.
Partner decided to leave his place of work and start a new business shortly after. He did not ask me what I thought about it, he and the inlaws decided it was the best thing. I had a 6 month old and post natal depression. We moved into the new house, which we did a little work on. I started wanting to leave him, he was never home or helpful and we would fight constantly. He started criticising me 'as a joke' constantly. I felt like nothing I did was good enough for him. But I was terrified of not having this family we had created or be alone. I did all the admin for his business for 4 years. The problems continued, 2.5 years later I got pregnant again. I felt his total lack on interest in this pregnancy. Again, I was on hospital frequently, towing a 2.5 year old along with me. I was admitted due to horrible pains, my friend took me to the hospital as partner was going to his brothers bachelor party. I had gallstones, but could not be operated on due to being too far along in the pregnancy. He then went overseas for the wedding for 4 days while I stayed home with a high risk pregnancy and toddler.
We fought more, then covid happened. At first it seemed ok. Then he started smoking weed again, listening to podcasts, refusing to get vaccinated, which put our home at jeopardy. He would rant and scream about the lockdowns and the rest of it. Eventually he got the vaccines and now says he is 'vaccine injured.'
After covid, I left him, I couldn't handle it anymore. I then found out I had a brain condition called IIH. We decided to stay together until we knew what was going on. He was completely absent from our lives. I was studying, working, raising two children, both who are neurodivergent. The house fell apart. I couldn't clean anymore. My dogs destroyed the floors, my children and I stayed in our bedrooms. I was horrible depressed and couldn't do anymore than I already was. He saw us for maybe an hour or so every night? Started working more on weekends, smoking more weed and was very aggressive.
Last year in July, I called an end to it. I said I wanted to move into a rental, he said it wasn't fair that he was left with a house that was falling apart. I stayed at the house with the children and he moved to his mums house 5 mins away. We continued to sleep together and do things as a family. We made a deal that I would see a therapist, he would see a therapist and then we would see one together. At the end of it, we would decide whether we would stay together or not. From July to February this year, I made it clear to him that I loved him desperately and wanted to stay together. We continued to have sex, he said he was 'helping me out'. I thought it meant we still had a future. I worked on all the things he asked for. I was much more attentive, physically, emotionally and sexually.
In January his attitude towards me changed dramatically. His parents decided to move to a different state and sell their house. He suddenly started hanging out with a female friend that had been overseas for a long time. I asked him about it and was told 'she is gay and lime a sister to me.' We had agreed to fix the house together and then decide what to do with it. He was living at his parents at this time. He said I should move out to a rental with the boys, he would move back into the house and fix it up. I found a rental and signed the lease the next day. He helped me move everything in. He was oh so nice. Then he stopped talking to me. He stopped seeing the children. Every second weekend he would take them, and they would spend the entire time with his new 'friend as well'.
I have now lost track of what happened in what month because it was so traumatising. But since then he took my elderly dog to the vet, who was still living at out family home, told them that I had abandoned the dog at his home and they should put it down. I found this out when the council called me and told me my dog was at the pound. He told me I should give him the house because I have done nothing to deserve it, and in return he will give me the car. A car that I use everyday to take my kids to school and appointments. This caused massive amounts of friction between us. He would call me unstable, said that he couldn't be around me when I was projecting such negativity. At the same time, he was taking his new 'friend' to all his friends and family events. When I left the family home, I left it in a hurry and in a mess. I hadn't been able to get back to the house to sort it out because I had the kids 24/7. So he took his mum and stepdad there, told them I had destroyed this house and it was all my fault. They hated me again. Cut me off, I wasn't allowed at their house anymore. Told people I was an evil bitch. He and his parents then told everyone their side of the story, and I effectively lost all my (his) extended family.
8 weeks ago, his mum and stepdad left for another state. Shortly before this, he confessed he was in a relationship with his 'friend'. We had recently had a discussion about not inteoducing the childten to any partners for at least 3 months. She spent every weekend with them. I don't know how long this had been going on for. He told me if I didn't give him the house, he would move in with her. 2 weeks after being together, they moved into our family home and 'fell in love'.
He refuses to see his children apart from every second weekend. He pays a certain amount of child support, but not as much as he should be paying. He doesn't come to any appointments for the children and brings his new gf whenever he drops off the children or picks them up. My eldest has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Ex refuses to give him medication when child is with him.
I am struggling so much with money because I signed a lease, stupidly, on a house that I couldn't really afford, but believed him when he said he would pay part. There are weeks where he earns $4000. We had a fight about him taking the children away and not telling me where. My lawyer told me that wasn't ok, I passed the message onto him. So he took it upon himself to show up at my lawyers office and demand to speak to them. Efforts at legal and mediations have been refused by him. He would vaguely threaten me by saying I would regret it and I had no idea how bad it would get if I did.
I can't catch my breath. I feel like curling up into a ball and not getting up. I worry that I am the narcissist because I would get so angry at him, call him names, was terrible with our finances. I have no strength left to fight anymore. I am hesrt broken, terrified and have no support. I feel like I am on the verge of a total emotional breakdown.
If you have any words of wisdom, any advice, anything that will help, please share with me. Am I a narcissist?
I'm so sorry this is so long.
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2023.06.03 10:37 sladezindel questions about the school and possible life after

hello i know you probably receive questions like this a lot but i really need to know so i can prepare.
i plan on going into the simulation and visualization (sim viz) course so any advice would be great
what is the cost (rent) that you pay for the apartment or dorms if they have them?
is there a work study program?
are there internships while studying?
what are the the job fairs liker and what is the potential one can gain from it?
and for anyone who has graduated from the school is there any job security for after leaving?

i know my questions are all about jobs and money but that for me right now is the only thing holding me back from going for i don't want to see my work go to waste because if I'm doing this I'm jumping in with both feet and going to push my self i just need to know these things so i can better prepare myself before going so i don't flounder around when i get there.
sorry for the rant and thank you in advance for your help any advice helps
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2023.06.03 10:37 Mmck94 Tandem Sprachschule Köln

Hallo Leute!
I will be leaving Freiburg at the end of the month and have been eyeing Köln to take my next language course in. After looking around at a few language schools through the DaF website and others, one school that keeps coming across my feed is Tandem Sprachschule. I am/was previously at Goethe, and while I enjoy my time there with the teachers, students, and Freizeitbüro, I'm not a fan of paying ungefähr 1800€ pro Monat.
So, I want to ask you guys, how reputable is the school and is it a good place for me to continue learning German?
I know of the VHS but I need some accomodation so that's why I'm not attending it. I'm in the process of doing a Berufswechsel into Datenanalyse so a job won't be feasible at this time.
Danke schön!
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2023.06.03 10:36 Jaded_Newspaper4644 My mom keeps pushing pushing people away, I’m scared of the outcome

To start off, this is just a rant and I’m not good with words and might go a bit off topic for some parts, so things I say might be confusing. Also, I don’t know exactly how Reddit works, so please tell me if this is the wrong thing to post it under
It’s basically what the title says, my (15f) mom (53f) is for the most part a good mom. She has her outbursts and stuff, but everyone does so I try not to hold it against her. My mom and dad(54m) both have traumatic experiences from their childhoods, my dad had to fight in a war when he was 10, and from what I understand my mom’s dad mistreated her and my grandmother very badly. My mom currently doesn’t have a good relationship with her family, she’s not speaking with my grandmother, and barely taking to my uncles. I’m mixed, and am going to have my quinceañera (15th birthday party for latina girls) in a few weeks, two my cousins on my mom’s side are going to be my Dama’s (female escorts), the other two are my sister and cousin from dad’s side.
Honestly, the planning has been giving all of us 78 panic attacks because not a lot has been planned, and my parents don’t have much money. I didn’t even want one until my aunts on my dad’s side pushed for it and I decided to give it a chance (def regretting it now, but it’s too late to back out lol).
Anyways, I’d like to say that because of the stress this quinceañera is causing us, my mom has been more on edge than she usually is. Now, one of my aunts (I’ll call her C) is more well off in the family because she has a pretty good job, and doesn’t have kids. ‘C’ offered to help pay for things for the party, but then quickly started to control it since she was “paying for it”, my parents shut her down and told her she’s not allowed in the planning but can come as a guest and I haven’t really talked to her much since then (there was also a fight about something else, buts that’s too long to explain).
Also, if it’s helpful to mention, my parents are practically on the brink of divorce because my mom-in her words-“Can’t take your empty fucking promises.” Obviously I love both of my parents, and can’t bring myself to take sides, they both have their own faults and strengths. Sure, my dad is extremely forgetful and definitely has PTSD, but he tries and I can tell that he still loves my mom.
Recently, my aunt from my mothers side (her cousin, let’s call her A) started to help with the party planning since we’re nearing the date. ‘A’ bought my sister the shoes she needed, decorations, and other things we might need. Tbh, it was kinda weird the way she said it when getting it for us, ‘A’ kept saying “wow, your mom is going to be so surprised and thankful that we got this stuff!” Now, I know that sounds normal and helpful (and I truly believe that she was), but ‘A’ said this exact sentence about 10 times. I don’t wanna think anything bad of her, I respect our relationship, but I just thought it was weird after some time. Anyways, when we eventually got home I guess ‘A’ said something like, “You guys always do thing at the last minute, it’s a good thing I got these things”; my mom don’t like the way she said that. My mom texted ‘A’ the day after telling her that she didn’t appreciate her comment and that she didn’t want to owe ‘A’ anything, so she would pay ‘A’ back. As you can expect, ‘A’ was very offended and started saying things about how she spent so much money on everything, about retiring things back. She actually did text me about gathering what we bought so she can return it but then calmed down and said that I can just keep it.
So, now my mom’s relationship with her cousin is now probably ruined. I’m terrified for what will happen when it’s my quinceañera, I think ‘A’ was a bit right, my family does do things at the last minute and we’re not the most prepared.
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2023.06.03 10:34 smegmarash What to do with £70k inheritance?

Hello all, soon me and my siblings are going to sell a house we've inherited and the value should land us with about £70k+ each, and I'm just wondering how best to utilize this money?
Some information:
My general plans:
That leaves me with at least another £50k that I don't know what to do with...
I could save about £20k to drop feed into the LISA and make the most of the government contribution. I wouldn't mind travelling once I decide to move on from my current job. I have some hobbies that might require some hefty investment (£10k max).however I'd need space for that.
What should I prioritise with the remaining cash? Is this plan sensible?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 10:34 Alive-Profession7067 First time babysitter need help

I’m going to start my first babysitting job. I will be taking care of a newborn 4 months and a 2 year old. But will be having some assistance from their grandma eventually she won’t be helping me later on due to her getting surgery. How much should I ask for pay? I will be working Monday-Friday for 4 hours a day.
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2023.06.03 10:31 LazyApe_ Will I actually be any better off with a degree? (uk)

So for a bit of context, I’m currently an HGV (truck) driver earning an okay amount of money but my biggest issue is the working conditions and the lack of work/life balance. I’ve been offered an apprenticeship as a HGV mechanic which will mean I’ll have a drop in earnings for a bit but eventually I should be earning similar money to driving them but working almost half the hours, on the other hand I’ve been looking at getting a business management degree whilst I keep my current job but it would take me 6 years to get the degree and then I’d be “starting from zero” trying to get a job with my degree.
So will I actually be any better off going down the degree path rather than learning a trade long term? The student loan debt isn’t a major factor as I’ll have to pay for tools and I’m a career minded person so I’d be looking to progress as much as possible within whatever career I decide to take.
Stay Sexy XoXo
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2023.06.03 10:30 Rae_the_gae I don’t understand people my age who choose to have kids.

I’m 16 and I live in a state where abortion is still legal and where it’s really expensive to live (Colorado).
There are people at my school and my friends schools who have babies around our age…
WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF?!?!!??! Idc if it’s baby fever or whatever it’s such a dumb decision to have kids at an age where you don’t have high paying jobs and are learning to drive.
Don’t even get me started on the losers they get impregnated by. Like neither of them are ready for a kid. It’s so cruel to the fetus as well.
My friend “joked” about getting pregnant and without missing a beat I said “get an abortion”
I know there are teen moms who actually do well but that’s not a lot of people.
Thank god my pills and mugwort has probably made me infertile.
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2023.06.03 10:27 Revolutionary-Pay130 Meirl

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2023.06.03 10:26 kbttbk19 California MT travel jobs

I’m currently practicing as a Full time Tech in the Midwestern US but planning to venture on Travel Jobs soon. Checked on some contracts and found out that California jobs pay really good. Planning to stay in my current area or maybe move to the southwestern states like Nevada and Arizona someday.
I’m planning to get California licensure and take contracts in California and settle in the Midwestern or Southwestern US so I can take more money home and pocket more.
Do you think it’s a smart idea? If not, can someone please enlighten me? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 10:24 Individual_Cream_549 Declined high-paying job, feeling down because I worked hard to get there. Did anyone else pick family over finances and not regret it?

I just declined a substantially higher paying position with more responsibilities and salary than my previous for a move that was lateral (with still higher pay than old position.) I feel sad with the feeling of lighting money on fire and not taking the next step up in my career, but the chances of missing out on my first child’s life just broke my heart. I hope I can get over this quickly, but it feels like mourning a death almost. My husband already has a high paying career with travel, so when I weighed my options, I only thought about the impact this would have on my son. Did anyone else make a choice of family over career and not regret it? Help me shake this feeling. 😞.
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2023.06.03 10:21 ZiezieAdoulin [PUSHX] Push Industries - Professional Courier Service

Hello New Eden and future Pushers!

The courier business is booming more than ever and Push Industries, one of New Eden's premier freight services, is recruiting haulers! Are you looking to make some of the best ISK possible in picking up packages at one location and putting them down at another? Are you tired of the limited opportunity and mediocre reward of public courier contracts? Push Industries might be right for you!
Take pride in assisting the greater majority of New Eden by transporting freight as an essential service of the economy! We have a very talented group of people who are eager to assist you in your professional hauling career!
Apply now and your application will be processed within 48 hours!
Push Industries is proud to set the bar for hauling as one of New Eden's leading freight services. Not only do we offer the widest range of freight classes available; but our customers know that our service comes with reliability, accountability, and friendly customer service. Quality hauling doesn't happen by accident: PushX curates the most comprehensive wiki on hauling in Eve (https://wiki.pushx.net/), and our haulers follow the best practices of asset safety.

Pushers benefit from:

​How to Apply: https://wiki.pushx.net/index.php?title=Recruiting

More Information:
The PushX Wiki: https://wiki.pushx.net
PushX In-Game Recruitment Channel: PushX Recruitment
PushX Website: https://pushx.net
​Have questions or want to meet some of the team? Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/S4Vsux2
​Check out feedback from our customers: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/service-push-industries-hauling-service/13466

Remember: Don't Move It; PUSH It.
We look forward to seeing you in the space lanes!
Ziezie Adoulin
Personnel Director
Push Industries
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2023.06.03 10:21 Fun-Sir2929 Is it normal not being ambitious about career?

Fot social norms, I've studied hard. Went to graduate school in one of the most prestigious universities with good grades. I don't think I'm super smart but I'm fine.
I landed on a job where everyone is hustling and very cold. It pays well and offers career progression but I find myself not motivated enough for those.
Is it normal wanting to work in an average job with work-life balance at the start of the career? Or am I being spoiled or sth? One part of me wants to stay and get those shiny titles, but deep inside I don't want my job to be in the center of my life..
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2023.06.03 10:21 hidivejwkwi is it only me or is working at chipotle way too much work compared to other jobs?

Crew member. I’ve worked a fair share of part time jobs at fast food stores, supermarkets, and Home Depot, but Chipotle takes the cake for the most work despite paying just as much (if not less).
I’ve worked a week here and I know I could make more for less backbreaking work at another place, and I’m honestly considering switching.
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2023.06.03 10:21 iwasrong Hire attendant for hospital toing and froing

Is there any attendant service provider in bangalore which will provide an attendant to do all the toing and froing in govt hospital at an hourly/daily rate? Do conceirge services do this? I am willing to pay for someone to take care of these hassle of moving papers from this desk to that desk in a hospital and queining up in the lines.
I hope you all agree that this is really needed for old age people.
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2023.06.03 10:20 CB_scorpio MultiversX Today - Daily Report 2.06

MultiversX Today - Daily Report 2.06
Your daily dose of @MultiversX highlights is here:
❎ More than currency: Blockchain as a Truth Machine. Hypergrowth begins!
@xPortalApp’s @cyberpunkcity Challenge winners announcement

MultiversX Today - Daily Report 2.06

Ecosystem updates
@xoxnoNFTs announced working on introducing Ledger and Web2 login options
@holoride shared impressions from the @ARealityEvent in Santa Clara
@GiantsVillage announced becoming a #MultiversX staking provider
@oferonetwork has been upgraded from Experimental to Community on @xExchangeApp
u/BHeroLaunchad released a DAO Launchpad participation guide
@Elrond_Builders posted spotlights on @godsoffire_io and @BwareLabs
@blok_project revealed their first property sale opening date
@SuperRare_Bears announced a strategic partnership with @JEXchangeDefi
@ProteoDefi voting on their first DAO proposal ends in two days
@ZoidPay will be present at @SagaFestivalNFT between 23-25 June
@EntityFinance shared their Devnet Adventure Guide
@HeliosStaking posted a comprehensive dive into smart contracts
@JewelSwapX has added @OneDex_X to their platform
@ShroomsCrypto announced their roadmap on Discord
@calileo published a Creator Spotlight on @erd0xbc
@playWAM’s WAM JAM kicks off today
@EGLD_Community shared a recording and key takeaways from @luciantodea’s Spaces
@ThePalmTreeNW dived into what makes @xMoney_com special
@DX25Labs announced an upcoming ‘X marks the spot’ Twitter Space
@drifters_nft shared metrics from their Explorers: Season 9

Source: [email protected]
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2023.06.03 10:17 Bike_shop_owner "Getting better" might be one of the worst things that I've ever done to myself.

After almost a decade of suicide attempts, treatment, hospitalization, therapy, and medication, I had my first day of work yesterday. I hate it. I hate it so fucking much.
I hate my co-workers. I hate the customers. I hate the arbitrary policies dreamed up by some corporate idiot I'll never meet. I hate how I can't dress as I want, do as I want, or talk as I want. Most of all I hate the omnipresent ticking clock that crushes my mind even outside of work. The clock that ticks down to my misery. It taints every action. Every thought. Outside of work, inside of work. It's disgustingly Sisyphean.
And all for what? To what end? 16 dollars an hour? Maybe a slightly less miserable job at some stage in the future? And what's the point of that? Buying the things that I "want"? Perhaps on a more fundamental level, survival? Survival in a world that gets progressively worse and worse?
No. None of that is worth it. Nothing is worth this. The things the job takes from me can't be bought with money. Certainly not the money it pays me. And I don't think there's any job out there that would feel different. What job takes no time, requires no qualifications, no arduous effort, no transportation, no interaction?
Genuinely, completely, truly, and without exaggeration, I would rather be dead than do this for a second longer.
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2023.06.03 10:17 Medical_East_6742 Found out my lazy coworker makes way more than me. Should I say something to my boss?

I’ve worked in my current department for 6 years now. I have a coworker (let’s name her Nina) who has been there for 5 years. We both focus graphic design and in the past few years, Nina has had two company leaves and I had to do all of her work. Sure, she was going through personal issues but Nina really loves to be the victim in every situation. She always stands by my desk for an hour at a time complaining about her husband, mom, work, etc. She comes into every work meeting 15-30 mins late. She never meets deadlines and it’s awkward to email her about the status of a project because 90% of the time she won’t reply. And her work status often says she’s been away from her desk for several hours. I don’t know if my boss notices these things, but my boss is a coward and doesn’t do anything about Nina’s behavior.
Nina likes to talk about herself a lot and overshares a lot of things. She randomly shared her salary with me via text and I was shocked that she makes $18K MORE than I do. In the past few years, my boss has had me finish all of Nina’s work because Nina is lazy and misses deadlines all the time. I know it’s my fault for not setting boundaries, but now I know better. I feel that this company and my manager has taken advantage of me.
BUT things are looking up! I have a new job offer and will be putting in my two weeks notice. My question is… should I share all of this information with my boss and her boss? I feel so angry for being taken advantage of after all these years. While Nina faces zero consequences. I honestly don’t know what she does around the office. I have this strong urge to bring up the huge pay gap, the way my boss has taken advantage of me and made me do all of Nina’s work without any consequences for Nina. Of course I would try to say these things professionally.
Should I mention these things or just move on? I don’t want the next person in my role to be taken advantage of too..
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2023.06.03 10:17 Past-Club-6887 A job that's fulfilling with less financial stability, or a job with more financial stability that is less fulfilling?

Briefly speaking, I am looking for some advice for my current life situation. I want to include some backstory which may help with advice, so it may be a bit of a read.
TLDR at the bottom.
To save the sob story, I (22M) moved out when I was 19 due to family hardship and thinking it would be better for my development and establish some independence.
I was still in post secondary at the time so for the next 3 years I was able to bounce around from my girlfriends place and then into my own spot with roommates. This is where I’ve been the last 2 years. My family ended moving hours away back to their home town to rekindle with the majority of my family. After a couple years of moving out they offered me to move there if I needed it, but this would be at the cost of my network where I’m from and forcing my girlfriend into a rough situation.
Financial stability was never really a problem until January this year. I graduated college about a year ago, and decided to bridge into a degree program as I only achieved a diploma in college. My thought process was since it was in the health sciences field, academia is influential to opportunity.
Decided to give it a shot even though I had to commute an hour out 4x/ week as I couldn’t afford to live out there (big city and Canadian living in Ontario, if you know you know) and the place I was staying was pretty cheap so in comparison, I’d pay the difference in my commute.
Fast forward through a semester, my mental health was shot, extremely burnt out, sleeping like shit, stopped going to the gym and barely eating for about 6 months. At the time I was working part time, enrolled in full time studies and living off my part time income + scholarship. I never really budgeted my finances but always got the bills paid on time.
I quickly started to fall behind in my courses and by the end of the first semester, I barely passed. I was ready to attempt a second semester and take some time off work to focus on my studies. With my scholarship instalments, I was fortunate enough to be able to handle about a month off work financially speaking, to start the new semester off strong and in a better mental state.
Everything was set and then come the beginning of the next semester, I received an abrupt notice that I was being flunked out of my program due to my poor academic performance. I was unaware I had to maintain a certain average to progress in the program, which is my own fault. As a result, this had terminated my scholarship and suddenly I had to find a way to make ends meet; my part time job was not going to cut it. This took me by surprise and shifted my focus in life into survival mode.
For the month I was off work (the unpaid leave had already been in place before receiving notice of being kicked out of school) I had enough money to get by for that month while searching for full time work and regathering my mental health.
During this time, I had a few interviews but by the end of the month I had not landed a full-time opportunity so I decided to go back to my part time job while continuing to search. This was February of 2023.
I was applying to a plethora of jobs, most even not industry-related to my college education. Reluctantly, I only landed a job where my qualifications aligned. It was a personal training job at a corporate fitness facility, which is where my passion lies in fitness + health.
If you know anything about a personal training career, the money does not come quick. You have to establish your book of clients before it can be financially fruitful and this calls for many long days, unpaid hours volunteering your time to sell personal training and ultimately make your mark.
This can take months to start making consistent coin at a steady premium rate but fitness is something I am really passionate about teaching. I knew it would be risky but it was the only option in front of me to potentially make more money and the rate was pretty good IF you can establish yourself to work a full-time schedule.
I’ve been at this job for just over 3 months. I’ve slowly built up a decent client base, but it barely makes ends meet most of the months I’ve been working here and I have debt to pay off from student loans and credit cards.
When I’m working with clients to improve their quality of life by helping them reach their goals with my expertise, it is truly a great feeling. What I’m struggling with is the instability of income and that brings me a ton of stress.
I could have a decently full week scheduled but after some cancellations or rescheduling/what have you, it can turn that around quickly which means less income. This grindy process to build my calendar month to month doesn’t allow me to get ahead whatsoever financially and one unexpected expense could throw me into more debt or falling behind on bills.
Recently I started applying to labour jobs that will give a set amount of hours which will allow me to have some predictability with my finances and create more financial stability; so your typical 9-5.
I have a few interviews lined up, just to explore some opportunity. But now my debate is between less financial stability and more fulfilling work which is where I’m at right now, or a less fulfilling job with more financial stability.
Everyone always says to choose a job you enjoy instead of chasing a pay check, and I feel like I’ll be going against that even though it might be necessary as my finances are struggling which brings me a lot of stress. I’m talking about barely being able to put food on the table right now type of struggling so riding it out brings more risk and unknown to my finances.
I’m torn to make the decision of leaving my job and possibly regretting it. I know it makes me feel a sense of purpose more than a labour job would and the management is pretty great and supportive for success, all while still pushing quotas and hours goals for my position so a bit of corporate stress too. But the nature of the job to get the ball rolling while taking financial impact is weighing on my mental and finances pretty heavily for the last few months. Some weeks are great, others I have a ton of stress and self-doubt.
I feel like if I had a nice financial cushion going into this PT thing, I would have far less worries about staying afloat and could stop living with a sense of scarcity so I could focus on refining my skills and enjoying the process. I want to make sure I’m not missing the mark on life even though money is an obvious need right now.
If I can’t make something happen for myself, I’m forced to move with family and start over. This will bring me less stress in terms of responsibility until I can get back on my feet, at the cost of my relationships (friends/gf) in the city I’ve grown up.

Based on my situation, what would you do?
Looking for constructive advice, or if you can speak from any similar experience it would be insightful.
Love to hear outside perspectives. If you took the time to read this, I appreciate you.
TLDR; if you were financially struggling, would you choose a job that brings you personal/meaningful fulfillment with less financial stability? Or is choosing a steady paying job that’s less fulfilling outside of finances missing the mark on life?
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2023.06.03 10:16 Chromatic_Kitty Ex partner's belongings and vacating unit

My ex left and it's been a couple of months. He's been very difficult because he's mentally unstable. I've been told that I'm liable for his belongings as long as they are in my possession. But this has been going on for months.
He co-operated for a bit and took a lot of it (mostly me driving it to where he is staying) but now we have fallen out and the last of his stuff is still at the unit that we lived in. He is not on the lease anymore already.
The place HAS to be emptied so the bond cleaners can do their job. Then the keys will be handed back by the end of this week.
If he doesn't collect his thing before the bond clean. What can I legally do? I have emailed him (only form of contact he will allow). I might mention here that he has already sold a phone I leant him (I'm still paying the contract off). He also has in his possession a large screen Dell laptop of mine that he agreed to pay for but I am pretty sure he has sold that too and doubt he will pay me for it because he didn't pay for the phone I leant him. (Yes stupid I know to trust him). Since he sold my property, I feel like I shouldn't have take care of his stuff anymore!
He has until Monday night now. I've already extended the deadline to Monday and it definitely can't be there any longer. I can't afford to have it sent to him by professionals and my family aren't going to take it to him as they don't like him and are telling me to throw it out. They are happy to pick it up and throw it out but they won't take it to my ex which is fair enough.
It's like he is holding this over me just to cause me problems. What can I do here legally? Can I throw his stuff out if he misses the deadline?
All it is, is 1 box of stuff that includes sentimental items maybe. And a wooden sideboard cabinet thing with a glass door. It's very big and heavy.
I just want this nightmare to be over so I can move on.
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