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2023.03.25 07:48 StealthyExcellent I'm sensing a bit of a contradiction...

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2023.03.25 07:45 AutoModerator Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi (Real Course)

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2023.03.25 07:42 Willing_Bumblebee_90 Birthday surprise

I'm sorry in advance for how long this is. Also, I totally recognize my privelege and am so grateful for all I have (medical care, great parents, school, etc). I just need to get this out.
Context. When I was six, I started having celiac symptoms. I was always on the bigger side, was always sick, stomach pain, constant fatigue, sore, moody, etc. I'm a woman and have mental health issues (diagnosed young) so of course, when I complained to my doctor, it was anxiety or I was looking for attention or I just didn't want to go to school (suggested maybe I was being bullied), etc. Luckily, my parents stuck up for me through the gaslighting and insisted on testing me for celiac and other diseases when he refused and insisted I was faking it. My antibodies came back HIGH (blood test). My doctor apologized to my parents (not me, but I didn't understand the situation at the time). I went GF then, around 9y/o. My symptoms got better but never fully went away, and I'd mention it to my doctor every once in a while (he flatout refused looking into it).
Fast forward to Jan/Feb of 2022. My symptoms got worse along with symptoms I'd never had (lost a considerable amount of weight but it stopped dropping last Nov, debilitating distinct abdominal pain, BM issues/perianal pain, fatigue, classic IBD symptoms). I was always a top student and had insane trouble with school because of it (was supposed to graduate early, am now graduating late; which sucks cause... y'know... I feel left behind, am socially isolated due to my pain/symptoms, can't do many things I enjoy, can't experience my last year of school or going to uni with my friends like I thought I would; but I'm ultimately grateful because I needed a break and wouldn't have stopped otherwise). My doctor finally retired in April so I saw his replacement. She's an angel. She suspected anxiety at first but eventually realized this is legit. She referred me to a child GI, who I saw in Nov. She put me on the list for tests right away, and I got some scopes + other tests done. I'd had a few weird urinalyses, intermediate calprotectin, but nothing insane. However, my villi were gone fishing (Marsh3a). I have a super strict diet (have nearly all my own dishes, even washed with a different sponge) so my GI told me to meet with a dietician who confirmed I was doing everything right and said the atrophy was likely caused by something else (my scopes didn't show anything indicative of Crohn's or UC like we expected). By the time I spoke to the dietician, I was close to turning 18 meaning I'd be booted from the system. So I have no idea what could be causing it as I'm careful about gluten (extra careful now to make sure no doctor can pin my symptoms on something that isn't causing them). I have a referral to an adult GI but I'm currently left with no treatment, no pointing in a specific direction, no one to update if my symptoms flare, no one to turn to. Just another waiting list (again), left in the dark (I'm Canadian for reference, our healthcare system isn't doing to great). All this is to say I'm going through it and wasn't exactly looking forward to turning 18. I just feel so alone, like I haven't accomplished enough, like a loser, scared of having no diagnosis and treatment (and even more scared of being gaslit again, medical trauma is real).
I turned 18 two days ago. I wanted to distract myself, especially since I don't really have friends to celebrate with (I've always been independant, too independant, but having nearly no friends by force sucks ass), so I went to work like any other day. My mom wanted to pick me up from work to see me for my birthday (I'm at my Dad's house right now). My parents pestered my for what gift I wanted, but honestly... I'm happy with what I have and am so grateful (a diagnosis and treatment would be a nice gift though, lol). I have my own dog (my soulmate), loving parents, a fun job, steady finances, etc. Couldn't ask for anything more. So my mom picks me up, who is infact aware I have celiac (only for like... nine years though). She got me a lotto ticket since I'm legal (made me laugh out loud) and a chocolate bar. I assumed she checked the ingredients (I'm blaming myself by saying I shouldn't have assumed, but it really isn't my fault; she should have checked). I've been sick (infection or something) since Sunday night so I was sticking to bland food but decided chocolate on my birthday is okay. I had like half the bar. I assumed it was post-birthday blues yesterday but I was EMOTIONAL the next day. Felt weirdly, atypically sick. Bloated. Gained weight. Joint pain. Suddenly hated myself a lot. Like I always do when I eat gluten, but I made everything I ate from scratch the past while except the chocolate (I blamed it on work, since it's an active job and movement irritates my symptoms). Anyways, I was going to eat the rest of the chocolate and go "wow, this chocolate is really good I wonder what's in it". Picture me checking the ingredients to the Jaws theme song. Wheat. Bam. Allergen statement and all. So I'd already been sick (chronically and non), had a decently shitty birthday, and got poisoned on it too! Yay!!! I struggle a lot with food paranoia and have had eating issues (from being drowned in diet culture at the ripe age of nine cause most GF resouces at the time were fad-diet based) and now feel like anything the chocolate touched is contaminated. I want to throw all my dinnerware and dishes out, I feel gross and want to scrub myself clean from the inside-out, I'm exhausted, and just so upset that my birthday gift was an immune response. I called my mom crying when I found out (cause now I'm worried doctors will pin my unrelated symptoms on it) but would never blame her or anything. So here I am, writing this, just upset about what a hard year I've had, how 18 is starting off, and hungry yet scared to eat from CC.
Thanks if you read this far ahead, I'm just so frustrated and pissed at myself. Being celiac can really just be the cherry on top of an exceptionally shitty day/week/month/year.
Alas, such is life. I know I'll find a way to make the best of 18. Cheers.
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2023.03.25 07:42 MyNameIsMattYeah Why does one of the light switches in my car feel very hot when I touch it?

Geez...problems after problems after problems with my current car.
Let me summarize:
I own a 2007 Honda Accord. Several times in the past, when I would start driving my car, after it has been sitting parked outside for a while in the cold weather here in Minnesota, the brake pedal would literally "freeze". It would not budge at all when I would push my foot against it. This would all happen while my car was still driving. I was so lucky that I did not hit any incoming cars on the road because this scenario has occurred with my car crossing intersections at red lights. Only after 3-5 attempts of trying to push down the brake pedal, did the brake pedal finally move down.
The most recent incident occurred a few days ago at my apartment parking lot. I left my car sitting outside in the cold weather here in Minnesota. A few hours later, I went outside and I drove off in my car. Right away, my brake pedal was freezing again. After 2-5 attempts of the brake pedal not going down when pushing my foot against it, I turned my emergency brake on. Still, my car was not stopping. I then tried pressing my brake pedal again, and went down and my car stopped. My emergency brake pedal started working again also. Since this was happening it my apartment parking lot, I was driving slow...But, there were many cars around me, and I was lucky to not hit any of them.
I finally took my car to have an auto shop. I had paid the mechanic to do a "full vehicle inspection" on my car, and I also told him the issue with my brake pedal and emergency brake as well. A few days later, they told me that my car needed some major repairs, and that it would cost around $3500. We decided to have those repairs done.
When I went to pick up my car, and I was driving out of the auto shop parking lot, I noticed that my brake pedal felt "loose". It definitely moved, that was not the issue this time...It was moving too much. I literally had to press the brake pedal all-the-way down to get my car to stop. Another issue I have been having with my car for quite some time now is...When I would drive my car, I would frequently hear a "squeaking" type noise coming from the underside of my car. Even after the repairs they did, that problem was also not gone.
The next day, I brought my car back to the same auto shop. They rechecked my car, and then told me that one of the brake calibers was "faulty", and that was what was causing my brake pedal to feel loose. When they repaired my car the first time, they changed/fixed all of the calibers BESIDES for one of them because at that time it didn't seem to have a problem. However, after re-examining my car, they now see that one untouched caliber needed to be fixed. It was going to cost another $560. They said doing this repair would fix the "loose" feeling brake pedal. In regards to the squeaky noise coming from my car when driving, they said: "We don't know what's causing that squeaky nose, but we want to fix "one thing at a time and the first thing to fix is the caliber".
Things seemed sketchy to me and my stepdad. We told the mechanic that we "needed some time to think about it". He gave us back my car, and I brought my car to another auto shop mechanic (which I will refer to as "auto mechanic #2"), explained what was happening, and he stated that he would do his own inspection to determine why my brake pedal was loose and what was causing the squeaky noise.
The next day, auto mechanic #2 called us back. he stated that he did a thorough inspection of the car, and that my brakes were completely fine. There were no problems with any of the brake calibers, even though the first auto mechanic stated that one of them still needed to be fixed.
However, auto mechanic #2 stated that he found some other major problem with my car or its engine, and that some repairs would need to be done. It would cost $1500. My stepdad and I stated that was fine, so mechanic #2 did the repairs.
I just got my car back tonight. The brake pedal is still feeling "loose", even though auto mechanic #2 stated that all of the brake calibers were fine.
However, a new problem that I am now finding out. When I touch the right light switch to turn the light on inside my car, the light switch feels very warm. I have never experienced this before.
My question for you: Why does my car's right light switch feel very warm when I touch it?
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2023.03.25 07:39 Fassarh Investigations into the White Star Match Making System with Real Data (plus a deep-dive into some fundamental problems facing the WS reward system)

TLDR: I've attached a paper and some data that we collected in 2021 to better understand how the WS match making system works. Please read, share, and expand on this information. The aim of sharing this information is to help de-mystify and de-bunk the criticisms that the WS match making system is broken, and full of mis-matched games - this isn't completely true. Instead, the data shows that the majority of matches are between teams that are within +/- 20-25% of each other's WS score. I think this is quite reasonable, given the small size of our community. Currently there is a lot of negative chatter and feedback on HSO about the future of WS in the Dark Nebula update, and one factor that is the mis-understanding of how the match maker system works and the perception that White Stars are rife with mis-matched games. Hopefully this information debunks some of those beliefs and helps give Andreas some breathing space to develop and devote time to the new iteration of White Stars. Hopefully this leads to more informed discussions about how to improve what I, and many others, believe is the ultimate game mode: White Stars.
See the link here for the data:
Hey folks,
This is Arcturus from the Dark Skai Alliance, I'm a scientist and engineer. Back in early 2021 we collected a lot of data about the White Star Match Maker (WSMM) system so that we could make more informed decisions about how we constructed our WS teams, what tech we focused on, and how we levelled our Flagship. Based on the data, we were able to set-up some pretty good correlations and investigate how the WSMM system (possibly) worked.
We were a lot more active back then, but the surge in gaming activity caused by the pandemic has eased, and it has become harder and harder to maintain high levels of WS participation. Like many corps, we've scaled back from two active 15v15 matches per week (casual and competitive) to just two 5v5 matches per week. But our most veteran members still remain active, and we are eagerly awaiting the new and improved White Star experience coming via the Dark Nebula, and hoping for the accociated boost in membership and WS activity that will hopefully follow.
So, a lot of things have changed since 2021, and many more things will change when Dark Nebula launches, and I think it's not worth keeping this data private anymore. So, I have attached a short paper we wrote in February 2021 discussing how the WSMM system (possibly) works, along with the data that was used to build the correlations for others to form their own opinion.
A major catalyst for this sharing of information is recent discussions on the official HSO Discord. I see a lot of negative feedback claiming things like the WS match-maker is broken, the majority of matches are loss farms or mis-matches, the WS game mode isn't popular or isn't accessible etc, etc, etc. I feel like this negative feedback is slowly wearing the developer's patience thin, and this has contributed to the removal of the "WS Reward Incentive System" from Dark Nebula (the damage bar, and scaling rewards etc).
While the current reward system certainly isn't perfect, it does give passionate players and leaders a strong system around which they can build a strong, active community, as well as attract and retain new players - a good group of leaders and veterans can coordinate more successful WS missions and achieve higher growth rates for their members. The WS reward system is also a fine balancing act - if the reward is too significant, it again incentivizes the unhealthy 24/7 WS player activity, which I think the community is tired of. There is a lot of nostalgia for the original "turn-based" or "play-by-mail" style of gameplay that WS was supposed to embody (but got wrecked when players unlocked the highest level modules).
My theory is that the original launch of Hades Star in March 2017 was "nearly perfect" with Yellow Stars clearly representing credit generation, and Red Stars clearly representing technology development... White Star was added to the game about 8 months later in November 2017, and a fairly vague reward system involving relics was added to make corporations relevant. About 11 months later in December 2018, Blue Stars were added and again had a fairly vague reward system of Blue Shards for powering up the new Shipment Relay station - but the Shipment Relay was never really that useful because more credits were produced by shipping manually... The important point I want to make here is that YS and RS had a clear design goal, while BLS and WS had a more vague design goal, with the intention that future updates could flesh out these game modes more properly. In hindsight, I think the game modes were not fleshed out properly when they were added, and the challenges we are facing now in Dark Nebula with the new reward systems are a direct consequence of that... Let me elaborate...
The biggest problem that Blue Stars introduced was the daily credit reward for winning Blue Stars. This reward made the Blue Star Shards almost irrelevant, and the credits awarded for winning Blue Stars began to over-lap too much with Yellow Star income production. This set a precedent (and an expectation) that other game modes should also generate credits as part of the reward...
The developers realized that credit rewards were an effective method to moderate player activity. They saw that White Star participation was low, and (thankfully) wanted to increase participation in this game mode, so in May 2019 (5 months after BLS was released) they improved the credit rewards for White Star, and introduced the Damage Bar, and tiered rewards based on win/loss and 5v, 10v, 15v gameplay that we all recognize today... This was supposed to incentivize players to participate in WS more often...
Now Red Star was in trouble... In September 2018, artifacts were instanced, and this made artifacts much easier to collect without worrying about griefing. The strongest players would join Discord groups and organize RS teams that were super-effective at collecting artifacts. The average player couldn't keep up, and it was easier to trade low-level artifacts for 20% bonus artifacts collected by the top players. This made top-players super rich, and gave them and incentive to create multiple accounts so they could farm 20% artifacts endlessly and get even richer. So in May 2020 croids were added to encourage players (who weren't on discord or part of highly active corps) to still to run public RS missions. More encouragement for public RS missions was introduced in June 2021 with the ability to join already active public stars. As a side note - players who did not follow the strict RS meta (barrage, barrier, mass batt etc.) were at a major disadvantage, and the new public RS at least gave them a way to keep progressing outside of the major Discord groups.
Now the developers had introduced reward systems to all of the optional game modes (WS, BLS, and RS) which ensured players would be active in every star type. The problem now was that there was a huge amount of content that players had to participate in daily in order to get the maximum rewards, and so the game became unhealthy to play, and people started to leave so that Hades Star did not affect their work-life balance.
So now I hope I have shed some light on what I think is the core issues are, and why we are seeing less support, and lower rewards for the White Star game mode... What does the rest of the community think about these issues, and how can we make Dark Nebula an even better game than Hades Star once was? Do we think the WS match making system is fundamentally flawed? Or is it acceptable? How can WS still exist as a major game-mode in the Dark Nebula expansion?
Let's have a discussion :-)
My personal opinion is that the purpose of YS, RS, BLS, and WS has become too "blurred". Credit generation has become too much of a focus in all of the game modes, and only RS has presented a viable reward system that encourages players to be active, without dangling a "credit reward carrot" in front of them (Artifacts and technology advancement). My personal belief is that a player-controlled economy would be a better solution to the "credit reward carrot" system that exists in HS currently. I am suggesting that Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics should all be a tradable resource, and should all have a relevant function in the game - Specifically; Blue Star Shards and White Star Relics do not have a proper in-game purpose, and so the game needs to rely on credit rewards as a system to incentivize gameplay across all game-modes... This is a major flaw, and is the root-cause of the majority of the problems in the game... Andreas' blog posts have identified that there is a flaw, but I don't think the changes in Dark Nebula are completely addressing the root-cause which is credit rewards across EVERY game mode...
If we are going to move away from the credit-based reward system for WS, then we should do it completely across all game modes and move towards a player-controlled economy, where the supply-and-demand of Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics dictates the amount of activity players spend in each star type... Removing credit rewards from White Stars is a step-forward in this direction, but the problem will still remain if BLS and RS award credits for player activity continue to exist in Dark Nebula...
P.S. I know this question will be asked; how does the Flag Ship level influence the match maker? I can only comment based on the data we collected in 2021, but if I remove the WS score of the flagship from the correlation, I get almost the same R-squared value... So it's not really possible to say
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2023.03.25 07:39 Tall_Phrase_9367 Henry David Thoreau Regardful of Solitude

Hi, I'm new and this sub makes me smile. I thought I'd share my favorite regards from Henry David Thoreau. May you regard and be regarded. 💙
I believe that men are generally still a little afraid of the dark, though the witches are all hung, and Christianity and candles have been introduced.
Yet I experienced sometimes that the most sweet and tender, the most innocent and encouraging society may be found in any natural object, even for the poor misanthrope and most melancholy man.
There can be no very black melancholy to him who lives in the midst of Nature and has his senses still. There was never yet such a storm but it was Æolian music to a healthy and innocent ear. Nothing can rightly compel a simple and brave man to a vulgar sadness.
While I enjoy the friendship of the seasons I trust that nothing can make life a burden to me. The gentle rain which waters my beans and keeps me in the house to-day is not drear and melancholy, but good for me too. Though it prevents my hoeing them, it is of far more worth than my hoeing. If it should continue so long as to cause the seeds to rot in the ground and destroy the potatoes in the low lands, it would still be good for the grass on the uplands, and, being good for the grass, it would be good for me.
Sometimes, when I compare myself with other men, it seems as if I were more favored by the gods than they, beyond any deserts that I am conscious of; as if I had a warrant and surety at their hands which my fellows have not, and were especially guided and guarded.
I do not flatter myself, but if it be possible they flatter me. I have never felt lonesome, or in the least oppressed by a sense of solitude, but once, and that was a few weeks after I came to the woods, when, for an hour, I doubted if the near neighborhood of man was not essential to a serene and healthy life. To be alone was something unpleasant.
But I was at the same time conscious of a slight insanity in my mood, and seemed to foresee my recovery. In the midst of a gentle rain while these thoughts prevailed, I was suddenly sensible of such sweet and beneficent society in Nature, in the very pattering of the drops, and in every sound and sight around my house, an infinite and unaccountable friendliness all at once like an atmosphere sustaining me, as made the fancied advantages of human neighborhood insignificant, and I have never thought of them since.
Every little pine needle expanded and swelled with sympathy and befriended me. I was so distinctly made aware of the presence of something kindred to me, even in scenes which we are accustomed to call wild and dreary, and also that the nearest of blood to me and humanest was not a person nor a villager, that I thought no place could ever be strange to me again.
—“Mourning untimely consumes the sad; Few are their days in the land of the living, Beautiful daughter of Toscar.” ---
More regards and meaning from Henry David Thoreau's Solitude
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2023.03.25 07:39 Side_Dull First time and struggling

OK so a couple of days ago I renewed my Planet Fitness membership, and after an hour of lifting weights, I went into the tanning bed for nine minutes. I used to regularly tan almost every day, but it’s been over a year and I was recently in jail, so I have not gotten any sunlight exposure in a long time. I believe I was dehydrated after tanning I felt really warm on the bus ride home. I noticed that I was quite read, but nothing out of the ordinary as I’m used to burning a little bit after I haven’t tanned in a long time. Normally, it just hurts for a day or two. I took a shower with a Ecotools wooden body brush my Dr. Bronner’s Castile lavender soap. That night I went to bed throughout the night I woke up probably seven or eight times, every hour I would wake myself up screaming and crying. (Which isn’t normal for me at all.) The next day I went to Whole Foods and purchased Avalon Organics unscented aloe hand and body lotion. I considered Weleda skin food but opted for the Avalon, even though one of the first listed ingredients is glycerin. The lotion was rather greasy and did not absorb well, rather coated my skin. I went to work the past two days and had to go into the bathroom several times per shift to reapply the lotion. Every time I applied it, I would get uncontrollable and excruciating itching, almost feeling like my body was seizing. I work at Chipotle and throughout most of my shift the pain was tolerable but today I could barely concentrate at all. I nearly had to leave work. My mom brought me some Walgreens brand aloe after sun gel and lidocaine sunburn relief spray. I went into the bathroom to try this and the spray immediately made it 100 times worse. I had to strip off my shirt and run outside behind the building into the cold air, screaming and hollering and trying not to scratch myself. I went home to take a lukewarm shower, this time with a wash cloth instead of my normal brush and took a Vistaril (hydroxyzine) and applied the aloe gel a couple of times, which provided brief relief but I am still drying and now beginning to peel. It’s almost 3:00 AM now and in the morning I’m going to try to obtain some Benadryl and peppermint oil. I’ll be calling off work tomorrow as I cannot even stand to put a shirt on at this point.
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2023.03.25 07:37 CheapAmphibian9798 Little happiness

Alright, don't know what else to post this. The gaming community is something else, never thought it would be such a huge impact in my life.
In 2019 I tried ending my life, I was hospitalized for some time. When I got out though I started gaming.
I meet this fellow gamer named Pablo (obviously gamer tag) after a while meet other gamers with him and we created this group.
We keep updated with our lives have a chat of Facebook and everything.
It wasn't till today I told Pablo that he brought me out of a dark place and he most likely saved my life.
I don't know why I'm posting this to be honest. Maybe to share my short story, maybe to even read similar story's in the comments. Which would be nice actually, to read yalls story's on how gaming has changed you and your life.
I will end my story with this though, I didn't know how old Pablo was, eventually found out he was but a kid (to me). Nearly a 12 year age gap. He graduates school soon and I hope the best for him for he has made the best for me throughout the years.
I hope y'all find someone to game with and change your life for the better.
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2023.03.25 07:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Full Course)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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2023.03.25 07:34 Yuuki2628 Pixiv locks basic functionality behind a paywall. Out of these things only hide adds should be a paid feature

Pixiv locks basic functionality behind a paywall. Out of these things only hide adds should be a paid feature submitted by Yuuki2628 to assholedesign [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 07:33 fatigued- does anyone else struggle to keep friends bc the reality of your life is too much of a bummer for them?

I feel like I have to hide what my life is like in order to keep friends. I try to be positive and stuff but sometimes I do want to complain bc this shit is hard! But then it drives everyone away. I don't know what to do. I need way more support than I am getting. But that's true for so many people right now I guess. What bothers me is some of my friends have a ton of support and resources but even they don't want to hear about this because it's too hard for them 🤦 like trust me if its too hard for you to even hear about it, it's even harder living it, especially even harder living in it and not telling anyone/feeling like i have to hide it or pretend it's all alright.
i try to be empathetic, and i respect their boundaries when they say they dont want to hear about it, but ugh. I am constantly offering support to other people, checking how theyre doing and if they need anything etc, but people dont want to know how i am. like theyll ask sometimes, if i ask first. but they dont want to know. they want to hear everything is fine.
for context i am basically alone 24/7. like i have spoken maybe one sentence in the past 5 days. I mostly live lying down in my bed due to not having a wheelchair yet due to not having a ramp. i don't even own a desk chair, there's no room to put it, due to clothes on the floor, due to inability to set up a dresser. I am extremely fortunate to have a therapist and a disability advocate i meet with weekly each, but yeah. other than that im just pretty much alone, unable to work, unable to go outside or shower more than maybe twice a week, i average about a meal a day bc thats what i have energy for, and some days that meal is a banana or two. i'm finanically dependent on family who sends me enough to survive and pay for medical stuff. I am making some progress but mostly shit just isnt too great right now tbh!
i'm just wondering how do people get and keep friends in this situation? do you just pretend everything is great and cheery so people will not get bummed out? how do you keep that façade up without breaking down?
i also cant hang out irl most of the time due to no wheelchair and cant invite people over bc my room is genuinely disgusting with no energy to clean, and theres not even a place to sit..I have no clean clothes, literally zero, as ive been able to do two small loads of laundry in the past 3 months, and im out of quarters with no easy way to get more.....
the thing is even tho im complaining a ton here and i do complain around friends too id say in general i try to come off pretty upbeat and as positive as i can be about my situation. and im always very supportive to others, sending memes and cute videos when people are going through a lot. i just dont know how to find friendships where im getting that energy back ig without being told im too negative for just mentioning facts about my existence. it's not my fault my existence doesnt meet people's ideas of cheery and great 😅
idk any friendship advice is appreciated!!
submitted by fatigued- to disability [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 07:31 deludedBeyondReality Don't want to go to my part time job today...

I have my part time job in a few hours but I don't really feel like going. I'm a tuition teacher and although I'm more of a support, I'm not particularly great at my job and I feel embarrassed teaching these kids since I feel like I'm fumbling it and the kids are catching on. And then my boss gave me a book to read but I barely have reached the halfway point in two weeks and he's been eager that I finish it.
Tbh, I only took this job because I needed the cash and also because it was nice to hear someone say I had potential. My boss seems to have high expectations of me (he knew me from before) which feels flattering and crushing at the same time. But I'm remembering how much I absolutely hated this subject and how dreadful I found tuition centres to be since it feels like no one really wants to be there at times...
Idk what to do because it feels irresponsible and immature to run away when I'm basically still learning the ropes, but it's becoming more and more apparent that I still have yet to recover from my burnout (or maybe its just feelings of inadequecy?). But then I also need the money and its hard to find another part time job that can accommodate my schedule. I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing and that I'm basically fumbling all the time and waffle my way through things. Any advice on pulling through? Is this just a low point rn? Idk?
submitted by deludedBeyondReality to Vent [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 07:30 berrylover16 UPDATE: I’m so scared but I know it’s right

This is my (still ongoing) positive experience with my medication induced abortion.
I’m in Canada, so my doctor sent me for an ultrasound last week to date the embryo and also see if it was imbedded in the right location. Everything looked good, and I was about 6-7 weeks. I had my follow up appointment where they offered me counselling on my decision, what I should expect, warning signs for infection or hemorrhaging and discussions about medications to take alongside the doses. I was prescribed anti nausea and pain medication, as I have moderate nausea on a good, non-pregnant day, and because my normal periods are quite painful already.
I took the first dose, mifepristone yesterday around 6:30 CST. I had no physical side effects, just some emotions to work through. I wouldn’t consider it guilt and definitely not regret, more so sadness and compassion for myself and the embryo.
I took the second dose, misoprostol around 8 pm tonight. I had been having really bad nausea all day today, I think a combination of morning sickness and anxiety for the second dose, which is why I didn’t take it immediately at the 24 hr mark. I made sure I had some soda crackers and loaded up on anti nausea. The four pills didn’t taste like anything, they were just dry and chalky. I began cramping about 20 minutes after taking the pills, while they were still in my cheeks, and started bleeding and cramping heavier about an hour in. I’d say the pain was relative to my normal period, about a 6-7/10.
It took about two hours to reach the “peak”. My cramps ramped up to an 8.5/10. The nice part about it, they mimicked contractions so I had moments where the pain was lighter and I could catch my breath and relax my muscles. When I knew my cramps were getting bad, I had gone and sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes before transferring to the floor on my hands and knees in fetal position. I was in that position for about another 10-20 minutes, I’m not sure how long because I actually didn’t realize I was over the worst of it until I had fallen asleep on the floor.
I got up and went back to the couch for another half an hour before another wave of 6/10 cramps hit. I had assumed I needed to use the bathroom, and when I was walking I felt a clot leave my body. I passed another clot on the toilet and knew that the embryo was in one of the two clots. I had no pain or cramps at all passing the clots, which makes me think it happened while I was on the floor and I just needed to walk around a bit more for my body to pass it. They were about the size of a golf ball and a match box.
Since then, I’ve just been dealing with the aftermath and side effects of the process. Heavy bleeding and diarrhea (don’t trust a fart…just don’t). I would recommend waiting until your bleeding slows down before having a shower or bath. It was tricky putting underwear on after my shower as I was pretty much streaming blood the entire time. I also recommend requesting anti nausea medication and pain medication. Both helped tremendously. Heating pads are a must, same with heavy flow pads. I went with overnight and they seem to be working well so far. I’m personally using puppy pee pads as a just in case, but an old towel would work fine too.
Listen to your body and doctor and you’ll be fine. I never got the sense that I was in danger or trouble, I always could tell that in the back of my mind things would turn out okay. Your body knows what to do.
Any questions feel free to PM me or comment below, I’ll try to help out as best I can, but I’m not a doctor.
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2023.03.25 07:29 shae_duane How do I use Tradingview to auto trade Bitcoin on Interactive Brokers?

I have a strategy set up in Tradingview and I have Interactive Brokers connected to TradingView. Can someone please explain to me how to use my strategy to auto trade? I have done hours of research and I'm getting really frustrated because I can't seem to find any guides online that can explain to me step by step what to do. People talk about webhooks and Python but I need a step by step guide on how to do everything. Can someone please list resources that will teach me how to do everything from start to finish so that by the end I can use my Tradingview strategy to trade Bitcoin on Interactive Brokers?
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2023.03.25 07:27 HimeHowler My fuckin’ neck hurts like a bitch…

Just had the absolute worst migraine of my life for the last 48 hours and I’m on the postdrome now. My whole body was in agony and I’ve never felt worse. This is the first one I’ve ever had and it came on with zero warning. It started off as awful nausea and I felt like I was dissociating and delirious. Then when I finally managed to fall asleep, the next morning it was torture. My head was splitting and light and sound hurt. I couldn’t focus my vision on anything. My skin hurt, every muscle in my body hurt, I couldn’t move or hardly speak. And fuck eating and drinking, it was not happening. I knew I was dehydrated so I tried to drink what I could but it was nowhere near enough. The nice cherry on top was a hellish fever and chills, too.
I’m mostly better now, apart from nearly passing out if I stand and move around too much, and my stomach is still a little uneasy. The worst part now is the back of my upper neck hurts so bad… I can’t even move my head a tiny bit without agonizing pain. Pain meds didn’t help. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait it out? I can’t even sleep anymore.
Come to find out, this isn’t even the worst they can get! I seriously can’t imagine feeling any more shitty than that. I’m making some lifestyle changes so that I might not ever have to experience this again.
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2023.03.25 07:26 Independent-Creme610 Should I (f 25) break up with my boyfriend (M 24)? - I really need some advice

So my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, and we live ~ 4 hours' drive away. We have broken up before because he cheated on me. But last summer, he reached out to me and kept messaging me, basically telling me that he's missed me & what he did before ( cheating) is due to bipolar, not because of him. He was having a manic episode last summer too. Seeing him struggling with mental health and having a worsening relationship with his family just made me feel so bad for him. So I began talking to him again & he also told me that he'd look for jobs in my city so he could move closer to me in the future ( he lived in a rural area and didn't have a job / I live in a big city and have a job so that makes more sense for him to look for a job here). So after 1 month or so, we got back together last August. And during that time ( August to Jan) he called me every night because he was going thru a lot mentally and I always listened to him for hours. and from there I got used to having a phone call every night with him as we cannot see each other often.
And around Jan, I told him I wanted to go on a weekend skiing trip together, so we looked up hotels and booked one. a couple of weeks after we booked the trip, he signed up for an exam. fast forward to Feb, I asked him if he'd want to spend valentines day together but he said" we are gonna go on the trip on the following weekend anyway so we could celebrate it later". I wasn't 100% happy about that but I was ok to celebrate it a few days later. and then on the Friday of valentines week, the day he was supposed to come to my place and then we would go on the trip on Saturday, he texted me the afternoon in the afternoon saying that " his car is broken" and " there is something wrong with ignition" so he cannot drive on Friday. I was getting packed for the trip so when I got the message I called him right away but he didn't pick up. A few hours later, he called me back, saying that he has called the technician and they probably could come during the day and he could come up to my place on Saturday and we could still go on the trip. So at first, I was like " that's too unlucky, I hope they could fix it" and then I went on the website to just wanna check the hotel status and noticed that the booking has been cancelled by him. So at that moment, I realized there is something up, I called him and asked him where we gonna stay on the trip if the hotel is cancelled. at first, he was telling me" oh we could always find someplace to stay" but eventually, he told me he made up the car issue & he didn't want to go on the trip because the exam he signed up is gonna be in 3 weeks and he wanted to study for it. And he said gonna stay at my place a whole week before the exam so we got enough time to hang out anyway (because his brother needed to take the flight from my city& back to my city and he needed to drop off and pick up his brother so he wanted to save the traffic time, so he wanted to stay at my place for a week). from my point, exams are of course, important and he should take time to study. However, I also knew that he went on a bachelor trip two weekends before and went to a party bus and got a hangover for days a weekend ago so I felt like only the plans with me got sacrificed or cancelled like I'm not important. and even if he needed to cancel it, he could have told me earlier and given me enough time to process it instead of lying to me on the day we were supposed to meet. But I forgave him for this in the end and he said he's gonna make a plan after he passes his exam to make up to me and I accepted it. 2 weeks after he finished his exam, I mentioned that if he wanted to come up to my place and make the trip and he got pissed because the way I mentioned it - I said " remember you said you wanna make up for me for the trip" and somehow things got escalated and he smashed his phone... and he also said " i cannot do it this weekend but maybe I could do next weekend!!" and the next week ( which is this week) he never mention it again about the trip :)
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2023.03.25 07:26 Bvanrules Solo Hunt Experience Question

Hey all!
Just looking for some advice here for solo hunting/if anyone feels the same way. For some quick background, I float around:
I've been having the damnedest time lately with solo hunt. 85% of the time I play this game with friends, but 15% of the time I want to do some solo games. According to the "Active Match MMR Modifier" queuing duos/trips does not impact the quality of players I'm playing against, so I typically do duos.
I keep running into situations where everyone in my game is ~1.3+ KD 4-5 star hunters, and I get 3-4 kills a solo game but it's never enough to actually get out with the bounty. One of those classic "I was good enough to be a 3kd player and secure a bounty token, but not good enough to be a 4 kd player to get out with the bounty" situations. I've been a bit discouraged lately with solo play because even though I do well enough to go up in the game's measurement of skill (KD/MMR stars), I don't achieve the game's "success metric" of getting out with the bounty. With the system currently built out how it is, it feels like it is here telling me "hey, you're getting better and better at the game, but we won't reward you for it."
Don't get me wrong, I understand that the devs have MOST of the "bounty points" built around getting out with the bounty to encourage people focusing the objective, and I almost always do that. Playstyle wise though I enjoy running more close-encounter weapons like crossbow, bow, shotgun w/ pistol, or the occasional vet or win swift w/ calv saber. Weapon sets where I go in there, have fun scrapping around with people/teams, but after an extended enough fight I run out of my vit/regen shots and backup resources. After all, I may be a 1.8 KD player but shit if I go against 3-4 1.3 KD duos in a game, odds are one of those duos will beat me, especially if I'm out of resources.
End of the day I enjoy playing the game even if I die, and it feels good to wipe 2-3 duos a game when I do on occasion play solo. That being said, it feels like I don't really get rewarded for it now that I'm at my current KD/MRR. Is this one of the situations where I just need to deal with it when I play solos and instead of going in and playing how I like to play I should just sit back and do more rifle play to have lower kills but secure the bounty? Should I just look at the kills as experience gained and leave when I get low on resources instead of playing for the bounty? Should I possibly focus more on finding coin pouches and cash registers, then have full inventory so the kills I get will loot bounty points, then leave? Am I just kinda screwed and need to come to terms that the game isn't designed around the way I want to enjoy it solo-play-wise?
It feels like I'm in this weird limbo scenario where on the rare occasions I do play solo, I do well enough to go up in MMR stars and KD but the game doesn't "reward" me for doing it. I know it sounds silly, like I need the bounty points to justify my success in a video game, but it is a system that's built into the game as a success metric. I want to see my skill rewarded.
I'm also interested to see if people feel the same way, if anyone else is stuck in this kind of weird spot of the game saying "hey you're playing well/your skill is improving because you wiped those 2-3 squads, buuuuuuut you didn't leave with that bounty soooooo too bad." To be clear as well, bounty points aren't really an issue for me purchasing things. This is purely just a "measurement of success.
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2023.03.25 07:26 ImaginationSea3679 Peaceful Alternatives! The Experiment Chapter 1

Writing this will be incredibly emotionally difficult, but I’m gonna do it. It might still have some considerably dark moments, but it will be for sure a lot less dark than the original.
Because fuck that torture porn, that’s why!
(Being real though, as emotionally painful and purposefully infuriating as that story is, it’s a good read. It’s written by u/Seeyouon_otherside, who is well known for making memes and inducing near irreversible torture on the characters of his fanfics. He’s actually a pretty good writer)
I wrote this in a desperate need to lessen the pain inflicted upon us by “The Experiment”.
I hope that all of you are less pained by this than the original.
WARNING: Major Spoilers for lore details in The Nature of Peace, both present and future.
Doctor Ka’s Log Pre-Experiment 173-1 Audio Log
Date[standardized human time]: June 28, 2136
There is a shuffling sound as Doctor Ka makes adjustments to the recording equipment.
“Pre-Experiment 173-1 Audio Log, Doctor Ka of the Kolshian Commonwealth speaking. I have big news.”
Long pause.
“I have found something that defies explanation. On a planet that nears the border of Federation space, I have found a planet with a predator species. This predator species doesn’t fit the normal model, however. Observation drones have observed surprisingly complex social behaviors, and even a willingness to interact with other species. This goes against the common concept of predators, leading me to believe that they may be useful in some way.”
There is a moment of silence.
“I have decided that, in the name of science, I will not take this information back to the Commonwealth or any part of the Galactic Herd, at least not yet. I have no doubt that revealing their existence will only lead to their destruction, which is unacceptable at this moment.”
There is silence for approximately two minutes.
“Normally, I would use my research vessel, the Pasture, to enact my plans, but the chances of my signal being detected by the Federation are too high. Instead, I will be taking advantage of a Pirate Vessel known as the Reaver, that is part of our secret infiltration program, with superior stealth technology and plenty of more than armed guards to protect me from Federal officers. I, like all of the other members of my species that have engaged in arrangements like this, will have to be careful. If any of the pirates figure out what species I am, I will most certainly be killed, as they hate our attempt to bring peace to the Galaxy just as much as the Federation does.”
“I have taken it upon myself to do experiments on an individual Human. I have sent a couple of pirates down to the planet, and they will catch and retrieve one so I may study it… Okay. End log.”
Doctor Ka did not offer an explanation as to the exact nature of the planned experiments.
Security Feed of the Reaver Main Hanger
Date [standardized human time]: June 30, 2136
Security footage shows Doctor Ka in what seems like a very cumbersome disguise, alongside several pirates as a pod comes in for a landing Upon landing, the pod’s hatch opens up to reveal three pirates dragging an unconscious human woman out.
Doctor Ka speaks.
“You’re late.”
The two pirates do not offer an explanation, instead hanging their heads in what seems like shame though it is unclear what part of this situation they are ashamed of.
“No matter. Take it to the observation cell and chain it up. Make sure it stays.”
Three pirates comply and drag the Human out of the camera’s line of sight.
Security Feed of the Reaver Observation Cell
Security feed of the observation cell shows three pirates dragging the unconscious Human into the cell. One takes a pair of cuffs and locks the Human’s hands together and magnetically locks them to a wall. Another locks a shock collar around its neck. There are signs of hesitation in their movements. The pirates then leave. There is silence for approximately six minutes until Doctor Ka, still in a partial disguise, appears in the reinforced window to the cell. She speaks into the cell’s PA.
The Human remains unconscious. The pirates appear to have used too many sedatives. Doctor Ka continues to attempt to rouse the Human for an additional five minutes to no avail. She gives up and leaves the camera’s line of sight.
There are no changes for approximately 8 hours.
submitted by ImaginationSea3679 to NatureofPredators [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 07:25 BugSprayUser Fear and Staging in Lakeview

“We can’t stop here this is lighting country” our Engine Boss says as we blow past the lake county fairgrounds. “Yeah that’s the point that’s why we’re here” The 50ft tall wooden cowboy proclaiming “the tallest town in Oregon” glares down at us as he does all travelers. He then turns the engine around in a motel parking lot. 3 different helitack crews are already motel’d up and have been for god knows how long. One crew has a flat tire, a trash bag over there passenger rear window, and boxes of La Croix spilling out of there room. With my window rolled down I could hear them belching that sweet flavored, carbonated hydration. We place an order at Burger Queen but after waiting for 45 minutes we get an urgent call.
“The storm is coming get to the office now”
We pull into the compound and we’re met outside by a man who walked up in tattered greens and yellows and a hardhat and never introduced himself. Seeing the burn scars from the Bootleg and all the other fires that have ran through the district recently we wondered what there was to save. The man hands is a map of the district with giant red arrows all pointing at one range. “YA SEE THAT” he barks “That’s the only patch of green timber left on this district that’s where you boys are headed” He then turns around and walks behind a storage container and we never heard from him after that.
We departed the compound and realized there were no USFS or ODF signs anywhere. “Did anyone catch his name” my engine boss asks as we all shake our heads in confusion. My engine boss calls the phone number we got the call from and it went straight to voicemail. The voicemail read “Just put Dr Gonzo on your shift tickets and bring them back to the orange container”. We depart and head into the ponderosa.
As we picked our way through the burn scars I started to forget what green looked like, until we rounded the corner and saw our oasis. A 5 acre green marsh with 4 large ponderosa in it….as-well as a full fire camps worth of resources. Right as we pull in we’re approached by an emancipated chipper operator.
“How much longer do we have here” he cries “Gotta ask Gonzo about that” the security guard we were talking too says before turning to us and saying “contractors am I right” He then points us to our parking area.
It was nearing dinner time but there was no sign of a dinner tent, or any real support tents for that matter. But we assumed they were just getting set up for the storm and a whole camp for staging seemed a little strange. We waited until near sundown and we’re about to bust out some MREs before we hear a distant helicopter coming closer. Then we hear the other resources start cheering, whistling, then running. We decide they must be going somewhere important so we follow. An A-Star appears over the horizon with a sling load of cardboard boxes appears over the horizon. He circles camp once then dumps his load onto the crowd of a few hundred at this point. The boxes slam into the ground and some break open as everyone around us charges them like a Walmart just opened on black Friday. We figured we should do the same so grab a box and a case of gato’s and head back to our rig.
We open it up to find we scored a box of MRE crackers and carrots. “What the hell is going on in this place” our crew member says says. “No clue, this is stranger than any ODF inmate camp I’ve ever found myself in” Responds our engine boss. We eat our dinner and bed down with no sign of a storm.
The next morning we wake up to a radio briefing that told us “The storm is headed up from Yreka and should arrive above you by late afternoon. “Isn’t this the same briefing we got yesterday?” Our first year says to the Engine Boss “Yes it was, Something must be going on here”
continued in part 2
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2023.03.25 07:25 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.25 07:22 Accomplished_Ad8545 Company paying below minimum wage?

Please can someone help and let me know if this is legal. I am in England! EDIT: I am 24 so my minimum wage right now is 9.5 per hour
I've been calculating this all night and my heads a mess at this point.
I work 37.5 hours a week 52 weeks a year and I am salaried but on minimum wage.
My contract states 18500 per annum before tax however in March for example, there is 23 working days this month between my pay days.
My contract states I am paid from the last payday up until the next pay day which is the last working day of the month.
My salary of 1541.66 divided by 23 days worked divided by 7.5 hours a day worked equals £8.93 per hour.
I've worked out my average hours worked per pay packet is 162.5 hours, even dividing the monthly figure by this brings the hourly wage to £9.48 surely this isn't right?
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