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This community is built upon the bizarre items found for sale and strange events witnessed in gas stations and convenience stores all across this great land. Please add to the collection

2023.06.09 03:27 FeistyButterfly Unknown rusted component on 12V fridge controller (Waeco CDF-35)

Hi there,
I am trying to diagnose temperature control issues with a 12V fridge (old Waeco CDF-35).
I have already replaced the NTC thermistor, and am now looking at the temperature control board. The main temperature control slider seems quite rusted, and so is another component next to it.
I actually found it for sale on the following website, I have no interest on purchasing it at this price but helps with good quality picture:
I have two questions:
1) What component is the B10K in the bottom left corner (mine is heavily rusted, see attached pictures). Is it some kind of pot? Should I be able to rotate it with a screwdriver? Mine is completely rusted.
2) How to diagnose this component? If it is a pot, I expect I need to take some resistance reading, could you suggest across which legs and what values I should expect?
Thanks a lot :)
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2023.06.09 03:27 AutoModerator Copy Paste Agency by Iman Gadzhi (Here)

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2023.06.09 03:26 DeusNine_ why is potemkin so ass

So I'm a new xbox player and I've played up to about floor 7 and stayed there mostly, and I really like potemkin as a character I think he is very fun to play and not a single game with him feels monotonous
However, it feels like he's in the wrong game if that makes sense
His normals are way too slow aside from his punch buttons which are still too slow for a lot of trades, and most of his defensive options are awful. Maybe this is because I don't like to burst or FD but I feel like he just gets fucking railed in the ass by like 60% of the roster
His potemkin buster is very handy except for the fact that its almost impossible to land even on an oki because you can either backdash or just mash the punch button
I've also tried using it in mixup situations and it does work but only after very specific moves that people can simply not use
I still win matches with him and I've learned the tech for him but it really feels like he needs the tech in order to be halfway decent against most of the roster
If anyone wants to critisize me I'd be happy to hear it cause maybe I'm missing something but he just looks plain bad right now
I'm still playing him regardless
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2023.06.09 03:26 a_flying_wombat How to become more comfortable with being vulnerable as a 6 with an 8 fix?

I'm a female sx/sp 648. I have always struggled with vulnerability to the point I really did think I was an 8 when I first discovered the enneagram. It's easier for me to occasionally express vulnerability online compared to in person. When I do, I can be really damn intense. Even then, it's more common for others to be vulnerable/confide in me instead of vice versa. I seem to need to be in a crisis to actively seek support whereas others confide in me freely for daily ups and downs.
I'm able to be vulnerable with my fiance and in romantic relationships I do tend to "rip off my armor" to foster deep intimacy (likely an sx thing). Still, there have been plenty of times I have been a wall that he has had to poke and prod in order to get me to admit I'm hurting. "Are you okay? Are you sure?" I've often gotten angry as a response to what I perceive as "weak" emotions in me and have ended up in loads of unnecessary conflicts with him and others where being vulnerable would have prevented such conflicts altogether.
My vulnerability troubles have made it difficult to progress in therapy. I have been seeing a trauma therapist for 3 years and have been in therapy with various therapists for 7 years. We're doing inner child work that is massively triggering the 8 in me. She's great and holds space well for me when I get stubborn/shut down/or argumentative in therapy, but when she asks me to explore my difficulties with vulnerability outside of our sessions, I get a bit lost.
It also makes it hard to communicate with loved ones in a way that actually comes off as loving. Too often I show care through tough love which doesn't always land well, even with good intentions. This is something my fiance helps to point out to me. I want to be able to communicate more kindly, but "soft kindness" as opposed to "hard kindness" feels like weakness and even with conscious effort to be kind and warm, I am still left with a really uncomfortable feeling which before long makes me default back to my natural calloused way of showing care, or sometimes lack thereof.
How do I become more comfortably vulnerable without recoiling in disgust and/or feeling weak? Any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 03:25 Rudy69 Looking at houses for sale...Even left the FEET!

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2023.06.09 03:25 No-Onion-2920 Profit-maximizing business proposal for Cornell Athletics

Recently I've been thinking about why professional sports teams care about winning. If I were an NBA owner, I'd auction off my roster spots to the 15 highest bidders. Rather than shell out millions in payroll, I'd be the one being paid.
Applying this logic to Cornell athletics, suppose instead of recruiting, roster spots across all our teams were offered to the highest bidders. Plenty of wealthy people here would probably be happy to shell out a few thousand for the privilege of putting division 1 athlete on their resume or whatever.
Their are numerous benefits the university would experience by implementing this practice:
  1. Most explicitly, university revenue would increase with the auctioned off roster spots
  2. I think ticket sales would either remain mostly stagnant or increase. Most events don't cost anything to attend, so even if attendance craters not much would change from a monetary perspective. For something like hockey, I think enough people would be intrigued by the spectacle of the absurd talent imbalance to still sell out games.
  3. By not recruiting athletes, the Cornell student population would become that much more academically focused, likely leading to a marginal increase in prestige and rankings. Moreover, resources and funds that go into recruiting could be channelled back to bettering the university academics and general student quality of life stuff.
And probably some more I can't think of rn.
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2023.06.09 03:24 MrPickle233 Probate questions, and estate/house question(gifting a house), debt collection

My adopted father(biological grandfather) gifted me a house(that he and I both lived in since 79 when I was born, him longer) back in late October or early November. He was taken to a hospital in November after that, where he stayed until he died(Wednesday the 8th). My questions are concerning the house, estate, and probate. He has a pretty basic will drawn up by a lawyer and notarized as well, stating his grand daughter gets his lands(ie his vacation cabin and the lands on it), and that I get any other assets(I guess his bank, 2 vehicles, any personal affects). His daughter(my biological mother who also lived with us) died August 15, 2022, she had his permission to use his credit cards and bank, and his power of attorney(not sure she needed permission with a poa). She ran up a massive credit card debt, nearly 25k before she passed, he lived on a fixed income and couldn’t or wouldn’t pay it and the debt became past his limit and fees ran it to over 38k before they stopped calling. Ok, so on to my questions, if more history is needed let me know. 1) is everything in the house mine, from when he signed the deed over to me? Or is some of the furniture, maybe tools, guns, clothes etc still legally his? 1a) follow up, if some of these items are his, how do I determine value for used stuff like this when I know nothing about them. 2) do the 2 cars and cabin have to be sold to pay off his credit card debt? Ie lose it all 3) what will the process for me to try to be executor of his state be like, I’m very healthy, and currently have 0 income, and 0 savings, we lived off his money, so far been denied disability but still fighting. 4) is it currently illegal to drive the vehicle in his name? 5) is it illegal to use his debt card or atm to pay bills or buy food? A bit more history the hospital claimed at one point I was abusing him, stealing his money, and stealing his house, and said very rude things and opened a case with adult protective services. They investigated, and interview him and myself on multiple occasions and said he was mentally sound to make decisions, his money was being spent with his permission how he wanted it to, and property transfered how he wanted it. Even complain to the case worker that his other grandson hadn’t brought a notary to sign the truck over yet(the grandsons has had possession of the truck since November, but never got it legally transfered). Trying to do as he wished, but wanting to make sure it’s legal. Plan to get a lawyer when I can afford.
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2023.06.09 03:24 Late-Ad-3937 Am I getting a good deal? (Used bike)

Am I getting a good deal? (Used bike)
I’m in the market for a good all-mountain bike that I will use for trails and maybe a bit of downhill.
I ventured to my Local REI where they had a used Salsa Blackthorn C SLX on sale for about $3,200. Im unsure of the year of manufacturer but I’m pretty sure it’s relatively new A few questions:
1) am I getting a good deal?
2) anything to be wary of when buying used? (Especially as a first time buyer)
3) is this too many bells & whistles for a new rider? (I.e will maintenance be a steep learning curve)
Thanks all!
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2023.06.09 03:24 AutoModerator Biaheza Dropshipping Course (last)

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2023.06.09 03:24 beckhem15 has anyone experienced this with their tent?

has anyone experienced this with their tent?
Hi all, I bought my RTT last fall at an end up the season sale used it twice and absolutely loved it! We have had an abundance of rain in my area over the last few weeks and today I went to open it up and get it ready for a trip I’am supposed to be leaving for tomorrow morning and was shocked to find the mattress, underlining, and side walls completely soaked! The brand is Dog House RTT’s I believe it a Canadian owned company. Wondering if anyone has experienced this with their tents? or this brand?
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2023.06.09 03:23 Available_Look5187 Additional thoughts from ex-securities regulator

I shared some of my thoughts earlier about the SEC fine, but something else has come up that I wanted to write about. The church keeps saying this phrase that, in my opinion, is completely inaccurate and misleading.
They keep saying in their public statements that the SEC was not displeased with “what” information they were disclosing but rather with the “way” in which that information was being disclosed. In the church’s view, it didn’t hide any information from the government because the shell companies reported all the information about their investments.
However, in reality, the church was hiding at least one very important piece of information, which is that the church/Ensign Peak owned and controlled the shell companies. This information is absolutely vital to the public financial market. If a large owner of a certain stock goes bankrupt and needs to liquidate those assets, for example, this information will affect the market price for that stock (influx of sales of the stock, supply and demand). So, keeping tabs on who owns what is important for market efficiency.
The church, in my opinion, fraudulently hid information from the public regarding the ownership of the investment funds. Before the fine, if a public investor wanted to invest in a certain stock in which the church had a large ownership interest, they would check the SEC website and see that a shell company, not the church, was the owner of that interest. Maybe that investor kept researching and realized they hadn’t seen any negative news about the shell company or any red flags and, so, decided to invest. Whereas, if they knew the church was the owner and realized the church isn’t doing as great as it used to and may need to soon liquidate assets (thus affecting market prices) the investor may have decided not to invest or to invest in a different way.
The problem is not just the reporting method, contrary to the church’s claims. They were also hiding certain information from the market.
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2023.06.09 03:22 macrophyllum-verde Macrogonus X Collosus 12”-14” - $40 + ship, many for sale

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2023.06.09 03:21 Dry-Organization236 Bowman Hits

Bowman Hits
These are most of my fun bowman hits for the 2023 season. There’s a few 22 cards mixed in here as well. Sorry about that, I’m just lazy. Just wanted to show off the hits. I will get most of these up FT/FS, I just haven’t had the time to go and comp this stuff yet.
This is not a sales/trading post. That’s why I don’t have prices. If there’s something you’re interested in, you’re welcome to send me a chat.
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2023.06.09 03:21 Tedstor Wilson Staff deals. Infinite putter, Wedges, mil/vet/1st responder discount

Infinite putters on sale for $99 starting FRIDAY, June 9th. I’ve played around with these in the golf shop before. Very nice product. If I needed a putter and didn’t want to spend big money, these would be on the radar.
Staff Wedges are currently 2 for $200. All models. Nice deal.
Mil/vets get 15% discount (terms apply) First Responders and Healthcare workers too. See ‘more ways to shop’ at the bottom of the website.
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2023.06.09 03:21 New-Presentation-643 Fat Billy - &Shine

Fat Billy - &Shine
Made a lil trip since &shine was on sale. Has a wonderful light garlicky, kush spice note to it. I may be even getting something floral. I'm not sure. Taste is kush spicy/garlicky, the only way I could put it. I know the effects are different for everybody. For me, slightly indica hybrid. Slightly. It's really not that bad for the price. Relatively fresh and this is one of the cleanest quads I've got from them. 8/10 on the &shine rating, 7.5 overall.
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2023.06.09 03:21 Scoob4099 A CP3, Wemby, and Kyrie trio would be amazing.

Think about it, Wembanyama is going to the Spurs, who already have a decent amount of financial support going into free agency, with probably enough to land Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul would be a good mentor for Victor, and Keldon Johnson is also pretty good. With Ja and Zion coming on and off the court, the Mavericks are the only other major threat in their division. This would be an absolute win for San Antonio.
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2023.06.09 03:21 Automatic_Artist_960 📣 Exciting News! 🚀 Don't miss out on the Billionar Pre-Sale! 💰

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2023.06.09 03:21 Party-Comedian8183 Anthony Iannarino – Lost Art of Closing The Ten Commitments You Must Gain to Win Complex Deals

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2023.06.09 03:19 Nintenbox0731 [US,WW] [H] Japanese Mega Gardevoir EX full art from Pokekyun, Zoroark posing plush, various Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English cards [W] PayPal

Numerous Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean cards. Most if not all in near mint condition. Also selling a mint Japanese Mega Gardevoir EX full art from Pokekyun and a Japanese posing Zoroark plush mint with tag.
Sales images:
Pokekyun Mega Gardevoir EX Japanese($250 shipped BMWT):
Zoroark posable plush:
Japanese cards:
(RRs and higher)
(Miscellaneous cards)
Chinese cards:
(Holos, reverses, RRs, and more)
English cards:
Korean cards:
All cards will be for sale for slightly below tcgplayer market value, slightly below Ebay last sold, Japanese online market sales, Chinese market sales, or your best offer
Feel free to make offers or negotiate with me!
PWE shipping is $1
Bubble mailer shipping starts at $3.5 (price may vary depending on the weight)
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2023.06.09 03:19 mar-bella Taking a 30K paycut? Advice needed!

I [24F] am an industrial engineer in the biotech industry in a LCOL and I started my career as an FTE in June 2022. Biopharma has 3 spaces generally: R&D, Manufacturing Operations and Commercial Operations. Throughout my whole undergrad I was working in Manufacturing Ops and I overall loved it but I didn't like being on site. When I graduated, my husband, also an engineer, went to automatically Manufacturing Ops and I on the other hand had multiple offers, including one in Commercial Ops as a Sales Rep. I accepted an offer for 65K base, 20K commission base (up to 40K), company car, lunch stipend, gas, parking payments etc. Total comp is probably ~100K.
Thing is I am so bored. I miss engineering and working on project development, the overall growth culture of Manuf Ops. I'm the only engineer in the Affiliate, so I'm sure that's one of the reasons. I see the work my husband does and I usually help him with his work issues/ideas, and I feel so envious sometimes.
I have an offer for an entry level Leadership Program at a different (but better biopharma) that rotates talent throughout multiple areas and accelerates development. Some people that graduate from the program end up in management roles 1 year after the program ends. I would absolutely love it, but I'd be receiving a substantial pay cut. It'd be $31.25/hour, eligible for double overtime, 30 min commute, 8% annual performance bonus, 9% 401K match, etc. The company has a ridiculous compensation plan though, and the higher you rise, the bigger it gets. So in theory, I'd for sure be making more, long term.
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2023.06.09 03:19 ghiblix Stray Kids’ ‘★★★★★ (5-STAR)’ breaks record for highest-ever first week sales for a k-pop album with 4,617,499 albums sold

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