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2023.05.28 21:35 DontEattheCookiesMom WELS - A Cult Happy to Accept Public Funds to Practice Fear and Hate
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2023.05.19 07:39 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2023.05.16 20:57 BizzEB Student killed while waiting to board school bus outside of Reedsburg
Yet another accidental death murder by inattentive driver of a large truck. I guess the giant yellow bus with the flashing lights and stop sign weren't enough. Four days later and the driver still still hasn't been named.
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2023.05.12 21:28 wanttostayhidden Student killed waiting to board bus near Reedsburg.

Truly devastating. People need to pay more attention while driving.
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2023.05.09 19:55 InfiniteRelation AmFam Championship to move from University Ridge to TPC Wisconsin in 2025
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2023.05.09 03:40 Sleeplessreader Inaugural World Euchre Championship
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2023.04.19 04:55 duckyp101 MPD Pursuit Policy - Thoughts?
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2023.04.19 01:21 Taumer91

Go Dane County!!!!
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2023.04.17 06:46 MugShots U.S. Marshals arrest unregistered sex offender from Tennessee near ... - - WISC-TV3

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2023.04.08 17:30 Bluest_waters Voting matters: Alder-elect Noah Lieberman has been declared the a single vote!

MADISON, Wis. -- A narrow victory for Madison Alder-elect Noah Lieberman in Tuesday's election narrowed even more Friday after the city's Board of Canvass certified the election results.
Unofficial results reported earlier this week had Lieberman defeating Isadore Knox Jr. by two votes in the race to represent the 14th district on Madison's south side.
READ MORE: Every vote counts: Madison city council race decided by just two votes
During the certification process, one additional vote was added to Knox's total, separating the two candidates by just a single vote.
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2023.04.07 17:38 SOA2166 'I think I did it four times': Man accused of stringing cords across bike path claimed he did it to keep others safe News

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2023.04.06 19:45 SeaLionFacts Sunbathing sea lion sends kayakers overboard in California - - WISC-TV3

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2023.04.06 17:40 Intrepid-Answer This is what happens when you blow off your streak to go get some donuts

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2023.04.05 03:54 skibunne Election Results Megathread

Follow along with election results.
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2023.04.05 03:06 Melodic_Oil_2486 Happy Election Night!

Let the endless refreshing of Channel3000 begin!
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2023.04.04 23:51 USOC_Matchday 2023 U.S. Open Cup Thread: Round 2, Day 1

Flashscore Live Table
List of Streams Round 1 Review Round 2 Preview
Forward Madison FC (USL1) – Chicago House AC (LQ)
Forward Madison postpone U.S. Open Cup match due to expected severe weather
Miami FC (USLC) – Jacksonville Armada FC (NPSL)
2023 US Open Cup Round 1: Nicklas Rulle of Jacksonville Armada voted Player of the Round
Goalkeeper Rulle golden in shootout, nets Armada winner in Open Cup soccer
Miami FC to play Jacksonville Armada in US Open Cup second round
7:00 ET - FIU Soccer Stadium; Miami, FL
Time Event Team Player Score
28' Yellow Card Armada R. Kobiljar MIA 0-0 JAX
30' Yellow Card Miami C. Thorn MIA 0-0 JAX
32' GOAL! Armada C. Eloundou MIA 0-1 JAX
27' GOAL! Miami R. Telfer MIA 1-1 JAX
37' Yellow Card Armada C. Eloundou MIA 1-1 JAX
40' Yellow Card Armada L. Tom MIA 1-1 JAX
43' RED CARD! Armada L. Tom MIA 1-1 JAX
45'+2 Yellow Card Miami B. Akinyode MIA 1-1 JAX
50' RED CARD! Miami C. Thorn MIA 1-1 JAX
57' Yellow Card Armada A. Redmore MIA 1-1 JAX
78' Yellow Card Armada C. Jean MIA 1-1 JAX
82' GOAL! Miami C. Repetto MIA 2-1 JAX
84' RED CARD! Armada A. Redmore MIA 2-1 JAX
85' GOAL! (PK) Miami C. Repetto MIA 3-1 JAX
90'+5 - FULL TIME - MIA 3-1 JAX

Miami FC (USLC) advance to the third round.

Hartford Athletic (USLC) – Lansdowne Yonkers FC (LQ)
A Rare Chance for Lansdowne Yonkers' Old Pro
Hartford Athletic Begin U.S. Open Cup Campaign vs. Lansdowne Yonkers FC
Hartford Athletic Introduces Mascot, Dillon
7:00 ET - Trinity Health Stadium; Hartford, CT
Time Event Team Player Score
27' GOAL! Athletic E. Amoh HFA 1-0 LDY
51' Yellow Card Athletic J. Cedeno HFA 1-0 LDY
57' Yellow Card Yonkers E. Speed HFA 1-0 LDY
72' Yellow Card Yonkers M. Danso HFA 1-0 LDY
73' GOAL! (PK) Athletic E. Amoh HFA 2-0 LDY
82' GOAL! Athletic E. Amoh HFA 3-0 LDY
90'+4 - FULL TIME - HFA 3-0 LDY

Hartford Athletic advances to the third round.

One Knoxville SC (USL1) – Memphis 901 FC (USLC)
How One Knoxville SC can earn a game against an MLS team: What to know
7:00 ET - Regal Soccer Stadium; Knoxville, TN
Time Event Team Player Score
9' Yellow Card One L. Andreassen KNX 0-0 MEM
13' Yellow Card 901 J. Kelly KNX 0-0 MEM
38' GOAL! 901 D. Borczak KNX 0-1 MEM
45'+2 Yellow Card 901 P. Goodrum KNX 0-1 MEM
52' Yellow Card One F. Ross KNX 0-1 MEM
57' GOAL! One I. Ilic KNX 1-1 MEM
74' Yellow Card 901 G. Smith KNX 1-1 MEM
76' Yellow Card One Kelly-Rosales KNX 1-1 MEM
90' Yellow Card One D. Waldeck KNX 1-1 MEM
120'+4' GOAL! 901 J. Kelly KNX 1-2 MEM
120'+5 - FULL TIME - KNX 1-2 MEM

Memphis 901 FC advance to the third round.

Detroit City FC (USLC) – Gold Star FC Detroit (NISA)
Gold Star Detroit FC building 5,000-seat stadium to share with Madonna University
Detroit City FC Begins Open Cup Campaign Tonight
7:30 ET - Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Time Event Team Player Score
14' Yellow Card Gold Star H. Gibbons DCFC 0-0 GSD
16' Yellow Card Gold Star M. Rugova DCFC 0-0 GSD
35' Yellow Card City M. Bryant DCFC 0-0 GSD
43' GOAL! City Y. Matthews DCFC 1-0 GSD
60' Yellow Card Gold Star C. Burris DCFC 1-0 GSD
75' Yellow Card City J. Robinson DCFC 1-0 GSD
82' Yellow Card Gold Star J. Gatt DCFC 1-0 GSD
90'+7 - FULL TIME - DCFC 1-0 GSD

Detroit City FC advance to the third round.

Tampa Bay Rowdies (USLC) – Nona FC (USL2)
7:30 ET - Al Lang Stadium, St. Petersburg, FL
2023 US Open Cup Round 1: Nona FC’s early goal holds up in 1-0 win vs. Club de Lyon B
No Stream
Time Event Team Player Score
5' Yellow Card Nona Jeanderson TBR 0-0 NFC
15' Yellow Card Rowdies C. Dennis TBR 0-0 NFC
22' Yellow Card Rowdies F. Kleeman TBR 0-0 NFC
25' GOAL! Rowdies J. Williams TBR 1-0 NFC
32' GOAL! Rowdies L. Mkosana TBR 2-0 NFC
50' Yellow Card Nona F. Camacho TBR 2-0 NFC
55' Yellow Card Nona L. Rodrigues TBR 2-0 NFC
71' Yellow Card Nona P. Gassama TBR 2-0 NFC
88' Yellow Card Nona C. Dilan TBR 2-0 NFC
90'+4 - FULL TIME - TBR 2-0 NFC

Tampa Bay Rowdies advance to the third round.

Flower City Union (NISA) – Manhattan SC (USL2)
2023 US Open Cup Round 1: Manhattan SC completes comeback with 2-1 extra time win over FC Motown
FC Motown lose appeal, Manhattan SC advance to Second Round of US Open Cup
Flower City Union announces Flower City 1872 as new women's team
7:30 ET - Rochester Community Sports Complex; Rochester, NY
Time Event Team Player Score
3' Yellow Card Manhattan S. Sangary FCU 0-0 MAN
13' Yellow Card Flower N. Cavanaugh FCU 0-0 MAN
36' GOAL! Flower S. Elias FCU 1-0 MAN
42' GOAL! Flower S. Elias FCU 2-0 MAN
55' Yellow Card Manhattan H. Fuller FCU 2-0 MAN
62' Yellow Card Flower M. Kwesele FCU 2-0 MAN
71' GOAL! Manhattan B. Karamoko FCU 2-1 MAN
74' Yellow Card Manhattan C. Coleman FCU 2-1 MAN
82' GOAL! Flower A. Diakhate FCU 3-1 MAN
85' Yellow Card Flower L. Ferreira FCU 3-1 MAN
90'+6 - FULL TIME - FCU 3-1 MAN

Flower City Union advance to the third round.

Charleston Battery (USLC) – Savannah Clovers (NISA)
Charleston Battery opens US Open Cup against familiar faces
Professional Grade: The Savannah Clovers Football Club Kicks Off As Pros
8:00 ET - Patriots Point Soccer Stadium; Mount Pleasant, SC
No Stream
Time Event Team Player Score
7' Yellow Card Battery S. Palma CHA 0-0 SAV
36' GOAL! Battery R. Crawford CHA 1-0 SAV
50' GOAL! Battery A. Williams CHA 2-0 SAV
57' Yellow Card Clovers A. Martinez CHA 2-0 SAV
62' GOAL! Battery T. Trager CHA 3-0 SAV
75' GOAL! Clovers A. Sanchez CHA 3-1 SAV
76' GOAL! Battery N. Markanich CHA 4-1 SAV
77' Yellow Card Battery A. Apodaca CHA 4-1 SAV
78' Yellow Card Battery D. Wynne CHA 4-1 SAV
81' Yellow Card Clovers S. Wright CHA 4-1 SAV
85' Yellow Card Clovers Z. Hargreaves CHA 4-1 SAV
90'+3 - FULL TIME - CHA 4-1 SAV

Charleston Battery advance to the third round.

San Antonio FC (USLC) – Club de Lyon (NISA)
7:30 CT - Toyota Stadium, San Antonio, TX
Time Event Team Player Score
34' Yellow Card San Antonio M. Matsuzaki SA 0-0 CL
45' Yellow Card San Antonio E. Fernandez SA 0-0 CL
61' GOAL! Lyon K. Hernandez SA 0-1 CL
71' Yellow Card Lyon N. Nelson SA 0-1 CL
79' GOAL! San Antonio D. Agustin SA 1-1 CL
87' Yellow Card San Antonio Duprat Salinas SA 1-1 CL
98' GOAL! (PK) San Antonio R. Holt SA 2-1 CL
120'+1 - FULL TIME - SA 2-1 CL

San Antonio FC advance to the third round.

New Mexico United (USLC) – UDA Soccer (LQ)
2023 US Open Cup Round 1: UDA Soccer from New Mexico State becomes first college team to advance
United ‘excited’ for first ever all-New Mexico U.S. Open Cup match
New Mexico United Heading Up The Hill For U.S. Open Cup Match
7:00 MT - Rio Rancho High School Stadium; Rio Rancho, NM
Time Event Team Player Score
3' GOAL! United G. Hurst NMU 1-0 UDA
6' Yellow Card University M. Millan NMU 1-0 UDA
11' Yellow Card United G. Hurst NMU 1-0 UDA
14' Yellow Card United J. Sosa NMU 1-0 UDA
40' GOAL! (PK) United J. Portillo NMU 2-0 UDA
48' GOAL! United J. Dolling NMU 3-0 UDA
54' GOAL! United D. Bruce NMU 4-0 UDA
61' GOAL! (PK) United J. Dolling NMU 5-0 UDA
69' Yellow Card University K. Garcia NMU 5-0 UDA
73' GOAL! United J. Dolling NMU 6-0 UDA
76' Yellow Card United M. Merrit NMU 6-0 UDA
90'+3 - FULL TIME - NMU 6-0 UDA

New Mexico United advance to the third round.

Oakland Roots SC (USLC) – El Farolito (LQ)
San Francisco Originals El Farolito: High Hopes Forged in Former Glory
2023 US Open Cup Round 1: El Farolito erupt in extra time to beat Inter San Francisco, 3-0
Oakland Roots switch home field due to turf problem
7:00 PT - CSUEB Pioneer Stadium; Hayward, CA
Time Event Team Player Score
6' Yellow Card Farolito C. Benitez OAK 0-0 EF
11' GOAL! Roots J. Rodriguez OAK 1-0 EF
16' GOAL! Roots W. Prentice OAK 2-0 EF
24' GOAL! Roots W. Prentice OAK 3-0 EF
44' Yellow Card Roots J. Nane OAK 3-0 EF
45' GOAL! (PK) Farolito R. Delgado OAK 3-1 EF
47' Yellow Card Farolito J. Arias OAK 3-1 EF
65' Yellow Card Roots N. Hackshaw OAK 3-1 EF
66' Yellow Card Farolito J. Mosquera OAK 3-1 EF
70' Yellow Card Roots K. Wright OAK 3-1 EF
71' Yellow Card Farolito L. Becerra OAK 3-1 EF
82' Yellow Card Farolito E. Aponza OAK 3-1 EF
83' RED CARD! Farolito J. Arias OAK 3-1 EF
90'+6 - FULL TIME - OAK 3-1 EF

Oakland Roots SC advance to the third round.

Previous Threads:
Round 1, Day 1 / Round 1, Day 2 / Round 1, Day 3
Visit /usopencup for more U.S. Open Cup news and discussion.
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2023.04.04 18:08 asaharyev Matchday Thread 4/4

CONCACAF Champions League

Home Away Time TV Match Thread
Philadelphia Union Atlas FC 8:00 PM FS1/OneSoccer Match Thread
Club Leon Violette AC 10:00 PM FS1/OneSoccer Match Thread

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup - US Open Cup Thread

Home Away Time TV
Forward Madison FC Chicago House AC 7:00 PM Postponed
Miami FC Jacksonville Armada 7:00 PM YouTube
Hartford Athletic Lansdowne Yonkers FC 7:00 PM YouTube
One Knoxville SC Memphis 901 FC 7:00 PM YouTube
Detroit City FC Gold Star FC Detroit 7:30 PM YouTube
Tampa Bay Rowdies Nona FC 7:30 PM -
Flower City Union Manhattan SC 7:30 PM Eleven Sports
Charleston Battery Savannah Clovers FC 8:00 PM -
San Antonio FC Club de Lyon FC 8:30 PM YouTube
New Mexico United UDA Soccer 9:00 PM YouTube
Oakland Roots SC El Farolito 10:00 PM YouTube
All Times Eastern
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Here is a pre-filled message to the bot.
Bot not working? Here is a guide to making match threads.
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2023.03.31 18:40 Financial-Canary-704 Retainers

Those who applied for a VSP but are getting their requests denied should collectively demand a retainer, similar to the one's that executives get. Clearly you are more valuable to the company than they would have you believe. While this would have been easier with a Union, you still can. Here's example of retention bonuses:
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2023.03.27 12:54 okllamamama On March 31st, 2020, Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre, were found shot to death in UW-Madison's arboretum. Both were killed by their daughter's then-boyfriend.

On March 31st, 2020, Beth Potter and her husband, Robin Carre, were found shot to death in UW-Madison's arboretum. Both were killed by their daughter's then-boyfriend.
Just thought I'd share one of the cases from my hometown that has always disturbed me...not sure if this has been posted & hope I'm doing this right. This is a bit long...but I know how much I enjoy it when you guys write up lengthy posts.
Beth Potter (52) and her husband, Robin Carre (57), were both found shot and left for dead in a ditch on the chilly morning of March 31st, 2020.
On March 31, 2020 at 6:28AM, Madison Police were dispatched to the UW Arboretum in reference to a report from two joggers that they had stumbled across what appeared to be two human bodies covered in blood laying alongside the trail. The bodies were discovered only a few hundred yards away from the Arboretum entrance.
When police arrived at the Arboretum, they were met with a horrifying scene. According to the criminal complaint, Beth and Robin were found off the roadside, surrounded by pools of blood and shell casings, indicating that the crime had occurred at the site. Prosecutors would later describe the killings as “execution-style” and "calculated, cold-blooded, and senseless."
Although it was only 30 degrees that morning, Beth was found in only her socks and pajamas, with no shoes, and Robin was discovered lying face down in his underwear with a visible head wound.
When paramedics arrived, Beth appeared to be showing minimal signs of life but was sadly pronounced deceased at UW-Hospital at 7:54AM. Robin was pronounced dead at the scene and was "cold to the touch," according to responding Officers. The autopsy revealed that both had been shot in the head at close range, with Beth suffering from gunshot wounds to the back of her head and upper arm and Robin suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of his head.

The Victims

Beth Potter was a family medicine physician, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the director of Employment Health Services for UW Health. She would later be pronounced dead at the very hospital she was affiliated with. Beth’s husband, Robin, had a PhD in European History and was an educator and coaching director at the Regent Soccer Club. Both Beth & Robin were beloved members of the community and were described as having a reputation of being generous and extremely kind. You can read their obituaries here.

Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre

Escalating Tensions

Beth and Robin had three children, including their adopted daughter, Miriam Potter Carre. Before the murders of Beth & Robin took place, Miriam had been dating one of her fellow classmates, Khari Sanford. They began dating in 2019.
Khari came from a challenging background; He had experienced homelessness, significant child-hood trauma, conflicts with his previous foster parents, and had attempted suicide on several occasions preceding the murders. According to court documents and interviews, Khari and Miriam also had an extremely turbulent relationship and were frequently in conflict with Miriam’s parents, Beth & Robin. Miriam testified that Khari had told her he “felt like a slave” living under the rules set by Miriam’s parents.
On the stand, Miriam told the court that as their relationship progressed, her parents had become increasingly concerned that the relationship was negatively impacting her mental health and grades; Miriam read a text exchange between them where they both expressed their annoyance with Miriam's parents' "white savior" complex, to which Khari responded via text that it was "cool" because they were "gonna die." Miriam claimed that she did not take his statement literally because Khari had a pattern of using violent language when he was upset.
Shortly before school was canceled due to COVID in March 2020, a classmate came forward with information regarding a conversation he had overheard between Miriam & Khari during their ceramics class. The witness stated that he overheard them discussing how they could get money and that Miriam told Khari that her parents had "bands" of money. A forensic search also extracted a photo (pictured below) from Miriam's phone that showed Khari pointing a "glock handgun" at the lens, which was sent to Miriam during November 2019.
Up until approximately two weeks before the murders, Beth & Robin had allowed Khari to reside at their home with them. Friction quickly emerged due to the Potter-Carres' household rules, such as curfews or restrictions on sleeping in the same room. Miriam testified that Khari rarely interacted with her parents and that he would sometimes even refuse to respond when they greeted him.
Tension between the couple and Miriam’s parents further escalated due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to one of Beth's colleagues, Beth was immunocompromised due to the medications she was on. The complaint stated that Beth had told a colleague just before her murder that she was extremely frustrated and stressed because Miriam & Khari were failing to abide by their COVID protocols, such as quarantining and social distancing. Conflict over the household rules in conjunction with COVID guidelines prompted Beth & Robin to rent an Airbnb for Miriam & Khari to move into until they could find permanent housing. The Airbnb had been rented just two weeks prior to their deaths.

Photo that Khari sent Miriam in November 2019.

The Night of March 30th

According to Miriam’s testimony, who was granted immunity, on the night of March 30th, Miriam & Khari were watching the Hangover 2 at their Airbnb. At around 10:15PM, Khari told Miriam that he was going to borrow and drive Robin’s white van (pictured below) to a pawn shop nearby. Around 11:00PM, Miriam began to send Khari numerous texts and calls but was unable to reach him. Phone records revealed that she texted Khari “At least bring back the car and have someone get you from here. I don’t feel safe here,” and then minutes later “why would you put me in this position.”
Khari never responded to Miriam’s efforts to get ahold of him but returned later around midnight with his friend, Ali’jah Larrue, who Miriam claimed she did not know well. Cell site data recorded that Khari's phone was back at their Airbnb at 12:10AM. When Miriam asked them where they had been, neither disclosed to her where they had been or what they had been doing.
The next morning, Khari and Miriam woke up around 11:00AM, and Khari suggested to Miriam that they drive to the Arboretum to smoke. When they arrived, police were everywhere, and Miriam testified that when she first heard the news of the discovered bodies and relayed this to Khari, he responded with “That’s crazy.” Later that evening, Miriam would discover that the bodies in the news belonged to her parents, and she stated that she ceased all communications with Khari from that day forward.

Photo of the white van that Miriam's parents lent her and Khari. This was the van used to kidnap and transport Beth & Robin.

Investigation, Arrest, and Trial

Khari and Ali'jah were both arrested in early April, 2020 by Madison Police in connection with the murders of Beth Potter & Robin Carre and were subsequently charged on April 16th, 2022. Investigation following the murders revealed through surveillance footage and cell-phone data that the white van loaned to Miriam and Khari by her parents and that was driven by Khari on March 30th, had visited both Beth & Robins' residence as well as the Arboretum on the night of the murders. Further analysis revealed that Khari’s friend, Ali'jah's cell phone records were consistent with the coordinates of Khari and the van.
Testimony from Ali'jah Larrue
During Khari's trial, which began on May 17th, 2022, Ali'jah, a key witness for the prosecution, told the court he had known Khari since middle school, and that although he had been present the night of the murders, he had no prior knowledge of Khari's plan to kidnap and kill Beth & Robin. Like Miriam and Khari, Ali'jah was also enrolled at West High School at the time of the murders.
According to Ali'jah's testimony regarding what occurred on the night of March 30th, Ali'jah stated that Khari had asked him to hangout, and had later picked him up in the van. Later that night, Khari & Ali'jah drove to the residence of Beth & Robin, where Khari parked the car and entered the home. Ali'jah told the court that he saw Khari exit the home with Beth & Robin, with his gun pointed at their backs. Khari forced the couple into the van and demanded that Ali'jah drive to the UW Arboretum.
Ali'jah testified that he remembered being frightened, "because I didn't know what was going to happen...there was a gun involved and people I didn't know." Ali'jah recalled that during the car ride, Khari berated the couple with questions, asking "the male and female why they didn't care for their daughter." Ali'jah further stated that Beth had attempted to answer but Khari refused to allow either of them to speak. After they arrived at the Arboretum, Ali'jah said that Khari quickly exited the vehicle, ordered Beth & Robin to get out, and then proceeded to shoot Robin first, followed by Beth. Khari then demanded that Ali'jah drive them both back to the Airbnb. Beth & Robin were left behind at the Arboretum.
Additional Evidence & Testimony
The prosecution would argue that on March 30th, Khari and Ali’jah had driven to the Potter-Carre residence, kidnapped the couple at gunpoint, and then forced them into the van. The van was then driven to the Arboretum, where Beth & Robin were both shot in the head and abandoned. Further, although Robin was pronounced dead at the scene the following morning on March 31st, Beth had managed to survive until around 8:00AM that morning. Prosecutor Brown made note of this in his opening statement, telling the jury that Beth had "died the next morning in the hospital, after remaining alive in the ditch throughout the night next to her dead husband.”
Footage recovered near the Airbnb also captured Khari & Ali'jah returning to their Airbnb on the night of March 30th and discarding evidence into the woods nearby, including mail addressed to Beth and a broken cell phone. Ali'jah further testified that both he & Khari had used baby wipes to clean the inside of the van after Beth & Robin had been shot.
On April 4th, another witness came forward, informing officers that he had overheard a phone call between Khari and Ali'jah on March 31st. The witness claimed that after Khari learned that one of the victims was still possibly alive (Beth), he told Ali'jah, “I swear I hit them, how did they survive.” Khari also allegedly told the witness that he had shot both victims in “the back of the head,” and that Alijah had been present during the shooting.
Additional surveillance video was also produced during trial that captured Khari at an ATM using the victims' debit cards days after the murders. The footage showed Khari attempting but failing to withdraw several denominations of $300 because he did not have the cards' pin numbers.
Other evidence came from the digital forensics analyzed on Khari's phone during the night of the murders and shortly after them. Phone records showed that Khari had googled the address of Beth & Robins' residence using McDonald's wifi and that his phone had connected to the Potter-Carre home wifi not long after. Following the days after the murders, Khari's phone browser history contained searches such as "how long does it take to know who died?" and "how long does it take to die?" Data also showed that Khari's "find my phone" feature had been disabled following the murder and that a police traffic scanner was downloaded and then quickly deleted from his phone at 4:08 a.m. on March 31st.

Sentencing & Aftermath

Khari Sandford was found guilty of two counts of first-degree intentional homicide in May 2022. Khari was sentenced to two life sentences without the opportunity for parole, and his accomplice, Ali’jah Larrue, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony murder kidnapping as a party to a crime. Ali’jah was sentenced to eight years, followed by 10 years of supervised release.
Both Khari and Ali'jah expressed their regret in court for the roles they played in the deaths of Beth & Robin. Khari told the court: "Potter and Carre saw my potential, accepted my adversities and took me in. So that was me, in the home of Beth and Robin, with mental health issues, not communicating very well, smoking weed, disobeying rules and procrastinating way too much about my future because I was too frantically in love to care." Ali'jah expressed remorse as well, saying: "Thirty months later, I still don't know why this took place. I blame myself every night for not calling police."
Although Miriam was never charged in connection with the death of her parents, an attorney for the estate of Potter and Carre have filed a petition requesting that Miriam be excluded from any inheritance contained in the deceased' wills. Beth & Robin are survived by their three children, Jonah, Ezra, and Miriam.

Another photo of Beth Potter & Robin Carre
If you've gotten this far...thank you for bearing with me, and I hope it was sorta worth your time. Curious to hear peoples' thoughts on the case.
Some Sources: (others linked throughout the article)
Civil Suit
Criminal Complaint
Channel 3000 Article
Law & Crime Article
WI State Journal
Ali'jah Larrue Testimony
Another Good Recap of the Case
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2023.03.09 10:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2023.03.07 00:36 VegetaLubesUp How much Americans spent on holiday shopping in 2022 - - WISC-TV3

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2023.03.06 22:48 BestOfNoPoliticsBot Madison looks to sue Kia, Hyundai for failing to prevent car thefts

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