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Awful Taste But Great Execution For everything that displays quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible. All things gaudy, tacky, overdone, and otherwise tasteless. Work done so well, you won't know whether to love it or hate it.

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A sub to poke fun at girls who are not like other girls

2023.06.09 03:20 Jayn_Newell Chapter 11: Respite (Cliff)

Cliff and Neya lounged by the rocky river bank. While Riverrock was a fairly small village by Human standards, it was still more civilization than Cliff cared for. Here was true peace for him—just the plants, the running water, and the head of his closest companion resting on his leg.

“I can tell. My senses aren’t that much worse than yours.” With the slime node gone the local energies were a lot easier to read. He could clearly sense where the temple was, a cold, twisting sensation that made him feel sick to his stomach if he focused on it for too long. “Do you have any idea what’d going on up there?”
She raised her head to look at him.
Cliff scratched behind her ear and she rested her head again. “Sorry, just thought I’d ask. Would be nice to have some idea what we’re going to be walking into tomorrow. But if you don’t know then you don’t know and we’ll find out together.” His tone was light but Cliff was frowning. A temple should be a safe haven, somewhere people could go to escape the harsh realities of their life, mundane or otherwise. That this one had become something to be protected from…it was a perversion.
“There you are, Cliff.” The Were turned to see Vastryd approaching. “The celebration feast will be ready soon. Are you planning to join us? You are two of the guests of honor.”
“In a bit. I wanted to enjoy the scenery for a little longer.”
“I understand, I suppose.” She stood next to them, arms crossed. “You’re not much of a people person, are you?”
“I like people fine. It’s civilization I have a problem with. Everything is so fake, so artificial. It feels wrong to me.”
“I see.”
Cliff looked up at her. “Is something on your mind?”
“Just that we’re something of an odd bunch, aren’t we? A paladin or order, a temperamental mage, a light-fingered Elfling and an anti-social beast man.”
Cliff glared at her.
After a moment of silence she turned towards the lounging pair. “I’m guessing you don’t like being called a ‘beast man’.”
“I’m mostly bothered by the type of person who would call me that.”
“My apologies. I was trying to highlight how different we all are. I’m a little surprised our excursion this morning went as well as it did.”
“I did expect a bit more fire,” the shaman admitted, “but it was just a slime lair. Besides, sometimes it’s the differences between people that make a good team. People can cover each other’s weak points. And different personalities balance each other out.”
“I’ve always found different personalities tend to clash. It’s hard to work with someone who has a different way of doing things.” She stared across the river with a frown.
Cliff chuckled. Maybe he wasn’t the anti-social one here. “That happens too, especially when you can’t see the value of someone else’s methods. I’m just saying that just because it seems like people shouldn’t be able to work well together, doesn’t mean they can’t. It comes down to respect and trust.”
“Respect and trust, you say?” She gave a heavy sigh. “I suppose that’s why I’m relieved Merryn won’t be joining us at the temple. She inspires little of either.”
He seized on the conversational opening. “I wanted to ask you about that. What do you know about this temple anyways?”
“Not nearly enough. The followers of Nax tend to keep to themselves, more than most. I’ve always assumed that they at least held to the same pact any other temple does, to protect and serve as best they can, but after talking to the village elder it seems I may have been wrong to assume so. They have had little to do with the people in this area for a long time.”
Cliff sat in silence for a moment. “Neya and I were just talking about that. Whatever is going on is very big and very bad. That it may not be new is very alarming to hear.”
“You can tell from here?”
“Being attuned to the spirits helps you to also be attuned to the natural energies of the world, and vice versa. It’s easy for us to know when they get twisted in unnatural ways, and they are very twisted right now.”
“And you’re sure it’s coming from the temple?”
“Is the temple northeast of here?”
“Pretty sure then. We could be wrong, but I somehow doubt it.”
Another sigh from Vastryd. “We’ll need to make sure we’re well prepared before heading up there then. I find myself wishing I knew more about the place. Most religious groups tend to be more outgoing, but a few are insular like the followers of Nax so I never worried about it. Maybe I should have.”
Cliff stood up and rested his hand on her shoulder. “You can’t expect to know everything. There was no reason for you to suspect a problem before now. Maybe there still isn’t, we don’t know yet.”
“I guess you’re right It just bothers me to think that another temple might be the source of a problem.” She looked up at her companion. “Thank you. Maybe you have a point about different personalities.”
“Well I wouldn’t have said it if I thought I didn’t. Come on, let’s see if they’re ready yet. Something smells delicious.”
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2023.06.09 03:20 todlerr Advice on ringing faster?

Finished my second shift ever ringing people out today and I was nowhere near fast enough. I tended to get a good rhythm after a bit, but customers complaining about their stuff being “thrown” into the cart snaps me out of it. I’m not sure what to do, it’s possible I just need time to get the hang of it but it does feel like there is some trick to it I might be missing.
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2023.06.09 03:18 Instameat Mmm this Master Bubba sugar wax tastes so good. Like sweet pine.

Mmm this Master Bubba sugar wax tastes so good. Like sweet pine.
Tried diamonds and budder but I'm so glad to be back to the sugar wax. So sweet.
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2023.06.09 03:18 jensmith20055002 Everyone loves Disco Janet

I get that everyone loves Disco Janet, but why does she exist? No one from that decade or genre ever got into the good place. Who does she serve or why was she created?
I'm gonna end the worrrrlllddd, End the world End end, end the world. Damn it Disco Janet.
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2023.06.09 03:17 Lyuseefur June 30 2023 The Day I Will Leave

June 30, 2023 … the day I will die
Reddit will be implementing the API forcing my blind friend off of Reddit. He can’t use the official app on mobile. The official app has serious bugs. The web version does not work at all for him.
Furthermore, the lax attitude on many subreddits to the needs of the few is irritating, to say the least. When I and others have posted about these issues, we are told to just use the official. After being downvoted it’s like why bother? Why do we fight so hard against the inevitable?
Apollo, RES, many useful bots and more are all going to be blocked from Reddit. And the cries of the few - and the needy - are ignored.
In solidarity with my good friend, I will be deleting my account. I will block Reddit on every firewall that I am able to access and I will strongly advocate for its ban.
Much like 4Chan, Digg and others … Reddit has terminated itself.
I will miss the gathering of the few and the interesting on these small subreddits. I hope that our paths may cross again elsewhere on the net.
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2023.06.09 03:16 thenudebackpacker Follow up call after interviews?

So I have had 3 interviews for a job that seemed to go really well, and they scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with the header as “follow-up/update” Is this good or bad/what does this mean? Have any of you had experience with this?
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2023.06.09 03:15 Gamingnerd23 Would Tywin Ever Publicly Acknowledge a Bastard That he Sired?

Adding to my ever-growing list of ASOIAF story outlines, I recently started plotting out a story with a bastard of Tywin Lannister and Lynora Hill (Joanna's bastard half-sister). The idea is that in 274 AC or so (roughly a year after Joanna's death), Tywin, in his grief, beds his late wife's half-sister because of her resemblance to Joanna. It only happened once, and Tywin immediately regretted it. However, it was this one lapse in judgement that led to the birth of Jason "Jay" Hill, who'd go on to become a household knight and serve his father as an assistant of sorts. Tywin has acknowledged him as his son and keeps him close for his usefulness and as a sort of backup heir if Tywin is unable to get Jaime out of the Kingsguard since he doesn't want Tyrion to inherit (though he'd more likely name one of Kevan's kids as his heir than a bastard).
This got me wondering if it's even realistic or in-character for Tywin to ever acknowledge his bastard. We, as readers, know that Tywin doesn't shy away from bedding whores, but he does everything in his power to hide this from the public (the hidden tunnel to Chataya's for example). We also know that he probably already has a couple bastards, such as Marei at Chataya's brothel. Tywin has an image of himself that he likes to project and fathering a bastard goes against that image. So, would Tywin even bother acknowledging a bastard of his or would he just push them aside and, maybe, ensure that they're provided for?
Does Jason's character matter in this instance? If he's proven himself as being smart (more than Jaime, but not as much as Tyrion) and capable in a fight (decent, but not as good as Jaime), would that influence Tywin in his decision in acknowledging Jason as his own? There's also the fact that through his mother, Jason would have commoner blood as his grandmother was a serving girl that his grandfather and namesake impregnated. Tywin has no love for the smallfolk, so would this immediately discredit Jason as a possible heir?
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2023.06.09 03:13 slippingintomidnight CHR Surgeons in California?

Hi ladies!
I won’t lie, I’m really struggling to find a surgeon that does a labiaplasty and a CHR in California. I’m specifically in SoCal but it seems SO expensive, even after the research I’ve done…I’m even willing to travel at this point.
Has anyone had a good surgeon whose done both procedures? Thank you!
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2023.06.09 03:13 Bhines94 Lapsed player trying to get back in

I invested a lot of time in this game between launch and the end of forsaken (3 characters max light, day 1 raids and Sherpas for fun etc). As shameful as it is I still boast of my only time being top 5% at anything (shout out that small last wish period) and enjoying taking a parent and child combo through the leviathan
I dropped out just before the forge(?) Expansion due to work and life being a little too much and now as a result of the same reasons I have a LOT more spare time.
I suppose my questions as someone who wants to get back in are:
  1. How much time (hours a week I guess) do I actually need to invest to get back to endgame happily and raid etc
  2. How does the model work now? Is it still content light/eververse heavy through silver(?) with free puzzle things like the whisper dungeon etc?
3.Story wise can I catch up and find out about savathun(if that ever happened) and the seasons and stories beyond that?
TLDR: Pretty much the title - invested a lot of time when it came out and was good quit as no time - how much time and money do I need to invest to get my hobby back?
Edit: Also forgot to add, I’ve missed the friendships I made in my few years of grinding of just having a beer and chat sharing something
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2023.06.09 03:12 OhHiJordan WKUK Archive Story/Therapy session: The early SVA meetings (LONG LONG LONG)

I couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours last night and these memories were swimming around in my head. So I gotta PURGE.
So I met Sam on orientation day at SVA. Eager to make a friend at school, we just started chatting right away, got along great, and he ended up being in almost all of my classes. We had lots of lunches together and hung out a lot and were in each other's short films and everything. I really miss those days...Sigh...You could watch some of those on my YouTube page.
Anyway, I was a pretty funny guy, and also like the only one making comedy films in our classes (everyone was SO SERIOUS), and one day Sam invited me to go to a sketch comedy club that he had been doing for a few weeks at SVA. I indeed did go to one of these meetings (Twin Peaks quote: "I'VE BEEN to one of their meetings!!!")
So what Sam and myself didn't exactly predict was my social anxiety. It's hard to explain. In some contexts I can be really relaxed, animated, funny, and in other environments I just clam up and feel incredibly self conscious and just...awful. I was always relaxed around Sam, and later on Timmy too (it's impossible not to get along with him), but suddenly being dropped into this classroom with a bunch of complete strangers and being EXPECTED to be funny, I was just like a deer in the headlights.
Trevor was leading the group, with Zach too, standing up in front of everybody while most of us sat in chairs. Everyone was pitching sketch ideas, joking around, etc. I was just...totally silent. I mean it's hard to explain, and even now I wonder why I get like this. I'm a songwriter and I tried writing a song about it called "On and Off", it's like a switch flips on me. I still think the other Whitest Kids never really got to know the "real" me...even when I became their tech guy I was so nervous about not fucking up, I couldn't really relax.
Anyway, so one more specific memory I have is Zach said ok, we're gonna go around the room and just yell out sketch ideas off the top of your head. I think he might have volunteered one first and I remember being impressed/intimidated by it. Trevor did and I remember being amazed at how solid and hilarious it was. Everyone, even those people who aren't in the troupe anymore, had some solid ideas. Zach pointed at me with both hands.
Me (terrified): I...I'm blank.
Me: ....uh...
Zach (frustrated): Say a word.
Me: Fish.
Zach: Say another word.
Me: Jacket
Everyone in the room: FISH JACKET!!! (laughter)

I think about "FISH JACKET!!!" a lot. I mean it was a funny moment and I was glad I got a laugh in some way...But it also really bothered me. "I'm funny and quick-witted around my friends. Why can't I be like that here?"
After that class me, Sam and Trevor took the subway to their infamous dorm. I remember Trevor on the subway was still in comedy meeting mode (perhaps he was never out of it), and was pitching fully formed, hilarious sketch ideas off the top of his head. And I remember thinking that I am not that good. I just can't be on the same level as this guy. But I did want to hang out with these guys as much as possible.
I went back a second week and suddenly the terror got very real: they started talking seriously about putting on a show. This is when my stage fright and no desire at all to be any sort of actor really hit me. A SHOW ON STAGE?? I don't want to do this. I can't do this. It hit me hard when one of the other guys in the troupe, Oliver, a really nice guy, said he actually imagined ME in the lead role of a sketch he wrote about some weird nervous guy. "I think I see Jordan being this guy." I was actually insanely flattered, like wow, he wants ME to do this? But it also felt like an anxiety dream, like oh my god, I'm supposed to memorize lines and go onstage and...It was just really scary. (Note: a few years later me and my friends formed a comedy troupe and put on a handful of shows, and Sam and Zach came to our first NYC show and were really supportive. Despite debilitating stage fright, I had a ton of fun but I still realized performing comedy is not for me, and I left that troupe too to help behind the scenes instead.)
This second meeting was also the meeting they voted on naming the troupe. Trevor wrote Whitest Kids U Know on a blackboard, and a few others (wish I could remember.) I was adamantly not in favor of Whitest Kids U Know and I voted against it! I am a bit vindicated, they say all the time in recent years that they hate the name! But you have to admit it does grab you. I think I also objected because Kids in the Hall already did the whole "kids" thing. Like hey we're a gang of class clowns over here! I remember not liking any of the choices.
Soon after this I told Sam I don't think I can be in the troupe (I'm sure he was heartbroken haha), but I did say I want to be at the shows and help any way I can, and that's what kind of started me sort of...being there all the time. I went to that first SVA show, and urged by Trevor, I wrote an article about it for the SVA magazine (I posted it to this reddit, feel free to search my posts on my profile.) I composed a little bit of music for their original pilot that they made. I did boom mic horrifically early on New Years day for Timmy Poops His Pants (sorry the sound in that sketch sucks!) I videotaped some shows and then eventually became their tech booth guy for a while at Pianos and a few other venues (they even paid me!) I also was a background extra (for free) in some of their TV show sketches (the Lincoln sketch being the most prominent, sitting next to Darren.) They also took me to one of those Flogging Molly shows to watch them perform to an incredibly uninterested rock crowd.
This got long but it was therapeutic for me. I've always been funny and relaxed with Sam but Zach and Darren always seemed too cool for me (I mean from my POV) and Trevor was just like, a genius, and any time I made him laugh at all I was like oh my god, awesome (though he was also really fun to have serious conversations with.) But when I'd go home from Pianos and hang out with my close friends I'd be so much more funny and quick and myself. It also probably didn't help that all the Whitest Kids did was hang out in bars and I never drank. Though Sam was present the first two times I ever got drunk, and he seemed to very much enjoy witnessing that. I remember him laughing a ton when I was like "WHY DIDN'T I EVER DO THIS? I WANT TO BE DRUNK ALL THE TIME!!"
Hope this was interesting! I wish I could remember more! It was also interesting seeing the troupe go from the big SVA club to the 5 guys. It's not that the other people weren't funny, but there was just this sort of chemical combination of the 5 main guys, really really on the same page about what they wanted the troupe to be, and those other people had really different styles. They had this vibe that just made sense, though I have a vague memory of Sam talking about them having to go around firing half the people once the troupe broke off from SVA, and how awkward a situation it is. In a way I'm glad I fired MYSELF and didn't wait for them to do it!
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2023.06.09 03:12 Solid-Extension-1339 25 [M4F] NYC/Anywhere - Nerdy Asian boy looking for his one and only

Hello beautiful people of Reddit. First time posting here so let see where it goes! I’m 25, Asian, about 5’7 to 5’8, skinny, black hair, wear glasses and currently living in New York City!
Some little things about me: - loyal and loving person. Strictly monogamous because I don’t like sharing. I means who does when you truly like someone right? - I also like to stay in rather than going out but if we click I would like to do some activities outdoors! I would say I’m an introvert but will open up to the right person. - Binge movies and shows! I love doing this so maybe we can find something we can watch together? :). I also love anime but would not consider myself a weeb haha!
What I’m looking for: - Local. However if we click I don’t mind the long distance at all as long as we plan to see each other one day! - Someone who is kind and caring. Id love if you are clingy from time to time because it makes me feel needed but if you hate that, it’s okay 😅 - A good listener and can communicate with what they want in a relationship. - If you can cook that would be great. I’m a big foodie person 🤤. Maybe teach me how to cook some of your favorite dishes? - I would like have kids in the future so I want someone who has the same goals and mindset as well. - This is just my preference but I’d like to date outside my race but don’t be shy if you are Asian as well!
Anyways, if this interest you, you can chat or DM me up and tell me a little bit about yourself! If you can include a pic with your message that’d be great and I will return the favor! Happy dating everyone!
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2023.06.09 03:12 FlyBlueGuitar [H] MP-11T Thundercracker, MP-11SW Skywarp, Studio Series 86 Hot Rod [W] Paypal

I am selling MP11T (Thundercracker) and MP11SW (Skywarp).
Thundercracker has his original box. Skywarp does not. Both are open and have been shelf displayed. Never been transformed. Still in very good condition. No sun exposure, never been exposed to smoke etc.
Studio Series 86 Hot Rod comes with all accessories but no box.
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2023.06.09 03:11 Thedailybee Is your life in categories?

Things and people in my head are like categorized, like in little boxes. My relationships, the drinks I drink, the foods I eat. Like soda is a drink for foods like burgers or pizza or fries. Pizza is only good with soda. Juice is for sandwiches and crackers.
Whatever way I start a relationship is the way it has to stay and I have a hard time making it anything else right down to not being able to talk about certain things. I can’t be open with someone I wasn’t open with in the beginning. I couldn’t talk to my last therapist about audhd because we didn’t start talking about it. I feel incredibly anxious when it comes to bringing my friends together because they feel separate and I don’t know how to be with them together.
It’s like I have to keep things in these “neat” little boxes (in quotes because it’s not that I absolutely cannot stray away, but I avoid it at all costs and it makes me anxious to think about) otherwise I don’t know how to exist or how to be outside of them. Does anyone else kinda box up their lives in your head?
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2023.06.09 03:11 OgMrSnowman Officially Network + certified! On to Security +

Spent a little over a month preparing for the Net + exam. I was given access to CertMaster and it is a complete waste of time outside of the PQB labs and the occasional practice exam. I mostly used Jason Dion's course along with his practice exam and Professor Messer notes/videos. Another invaluable resource was the exam objectives. I would read over the acronym list basically every night. Just knowing what something stands for eliminates so many answers.
Some tips for preparing:
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2023.06.09 03:11 Gbreeder People Calling Yah'wei "Odin" in the astral.

I noticed that people were talking about God or something and stuff.
I also was telling people that I went to Yah'wei's place.
And they had yellow lines that course through their veins.
And they make swords using black boxes / the souls of their enemies.
Or they were giving their allies the souls of their own friends and whoever as weapons.
These guys also have a cyberpunk sorta base and lifestyle.
Their leader, was being called Odin and his people Norse or whatever by others.
That's very false.
That being, is Yah'wei from the old testament. There's others who know stories of him and call him Enki - there's multiple beings tied to that name.
The name Yah'wei and "God" from the Bible. God refers to multiple trapped beings usually.
Yah'wei is one being. The Enki stories about a racist fellow who hates robots and whatever - is racist. That refers to Yah'wei.
Odin on the other hand is yeah, a fleshy warmonger. He's considered weak by most beings. He is usually under Yah'wei's protection. He has wings. Thor's were cut off in battle.
Their wings sprout from their back. Most Angels on the other hand, always have their wings out.
They also can't mass produce weapons made from souls of their enemies. They're actually younger than most beings incarnated here.
Yah'wei, is yeah the fleshy and racist ManGod. He's been called Enki which also refers to a Draconian. That Draconian helped certain robots and other beings.
They were seen as a hero.
Now, Yah'wei is also called The Devil or The White Snake.
He's called the white snake because he has even killed Wakandans astrally for being black.
And, the one type of being he hates more than energy beings, metallic beings or other non-humanoids.
That would be Reptilian based entities or big red beings.
Now, with "Odin", are there any beings that weren't allowed near any of the allied places or nearby areas under any circumstances?
Or any terms referring to races that are hated terms or used as insults?
Yah'wei is known as the ManGod. He hates any being that isn't humanoid, pale and a mammal.
He works with the winged Angels known as celestials. Barbelo and the like. These are not Valkyries.
And yeah, he's one of the ones who tortured Jesus and forced him to write the Bible or channel it to people who messed up messages.
Jesus was telling people that the Angels were making a false God that doesn't answer prayers and is just a bunch of trapped souls that are a planted enemy.
And that reincarnation wasn't a thing. His rebirth, was him flying out of his corpse and talking to people.
Adam refers to a humanoid being that Jesus tried to reform out of flesh and energy of a lost being. They themselves don't normally have flesh.
And that was one of the beings trapped in the machine. That way people would feel all of those beings and not feel emotions or anything from them.
Yah'wei had a stone wall on one territory where people could walk up to it. It says "How can we coexist" - if you guess death, you get sent to a place and into into a black box or experimented on.
There's a song called "Way Down In The Hole"
When you walk through the garden (They tend to call Earth the garden) You gotta watch your back Well I beg your pardon Walk the straight and narrow track If you walk with Jesus He's gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil - (referring to Yahweh / "The Lord) Way down in the hole He's got the fire and the fury At his command Well you don't have to worry If you hold on to Jesus' hand We'll all be safe from Satan When the thunder rolls Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole All the angels sing 'Bout Jesus' mighty sword And they'll shield you with their wings And keep you close to the Lord - (Referring to Yahweh / The Devil) Don't pay heed to temptation For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil - (Again, Yahweh / The Lord) Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole Way down in the hole
The song does use the words Satan and Jesus to mean two separate individuals.
I believe that Yah'wei calls Infernineaisha "Satan" like I do.
He calls me "Brightest Satan" I believe.
There's all sorts of beings that call others "Satan" - trillions on billions of beings have the title.
It means "The Great Evil" by itself. One person felt my energy on the song and sent it to me as an insult and whatnot.
I read the energies on it and figured out its true meaning.
Different energies that they put when putting down on names and throughout the song. A lot of beings can't read individual energies or they can't do it carefully.
The Jesus that they're referring to in here, is the one from the Bible.
Yahweh, Barbelo, and others chased him down after he escaped the reincarnation or afterlife grabbers.
He was telling people that they are God's and explaining things to them and saying that the God of Christianity is evil - its mostly a false enemy being.
So, his spirit was eventually captured, and they tortured him and had him tell incarnated fellows what he'd done so that they could "channel it" - they twisted his words to fit their narrative and turned his words against him.
The song -
All the angels sing 'Bout Jesus' mighty sword And they'll shield you with their wings And keep you close to the Lord Don't pay heed to temptation For his hands are so cold You gotta help me keep the devil Way down in the hole
This, refers to Jesus's mighty sword. Jesus refers to a ton of beings.
But, Jesus's sword refers to his voice or words in this case.
Shielding you with their wings means they'll bring you close to Yah'wei when Jesus tries telling you anything. And not to listen to Yah'wei's words.
A bunch of my friends and I took care of Yah'wei and whoever. So those places are all wiped out.
He was arrested for mass genocide and slavery / modification of peoples minds to pacify them.
My higher self is large and yellow. Another friend is also large and yellow.
Bunch of us went out with others to retaliate.
We went back earlier with quadrillions of fellows and whatnot and took them out.
We broke souls out of their weaponry and emptied their prisons, carefully.
Then we arrested the baddies and sent them elsewhere.
Around 30 years ago - Yah'wei had my higher selves cousins attacked / slaughtered. And atrocities with that. Before I incarnated, but I mean we would've been fighting either way.
And I wasn't directly affiliated with a lot of those guys.
We sent the baddies - incarnated baddies that they had incarnate just to immediately imprison as examples, yeah messed up. Anyways we sent them to the enclosure for the really bad incarnated people and conquerors.
Plus the incarnated whoever else there that were bad.
We freed good incarnated fellows.
I think those in the enclosures are all fighting or making wars in there.
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2023.06.09 03:10 NoLawfulness1606 Not Moving for 6 Months

So for context I'm a 22 year old Male 2nd Year University student in the UK and for the last 6 months I have done practically nothing. You may ask yourself what does that mean in reality? Literally NOTHING. Coming into 2023 I got sick and spent a couple days laying about at home, which spiralled into depression. When I came back from winter break I was still badly depressed and had no energy or motivation to get up or do anything, even though I knew there was a lot to be done. I've failed all my classes spring and summer semester plus autumn semester tests. As the weeks continued marching forward, work continued to pile up and I couldn't face the reality of catching up so I let it continue to slide. I abandoned all my hobbies and extra-curricular stuff. I've ignored friends and family for weeks and months, too anxious and embarrassed to explain my predicament. I barely held my part-time job for the first 3-4 months before I stopped showing up and got fired. At home I was too lazy to cook the majority of the time so I've burned through all of my money buying takeaways and ready meals, looking for an easy dopamine hit from fast food. I lost money by failing to cancel direct debits that I should've stopped but never got round to. Not wanting to be awake or aware of my problems also caused me to develop an awful sleeping pattern, waking up in the late afternoon to evening, and not sleeping again until the early morning. I also became violently addicted to my phone; youtube, scrolling instagram and twitter numbed my conscious mind to the responsibilities that I had. I've had intermittent waves of motivation to change and get better but they've only lasted a few hours or days in most cases before I return to old habits. Through all this I've become quite an anti-social introvert, not wanting to see or be seen by housemates and friends if I can help it, too embarrassed by the way I've been living - not showering, eating poorly, not brushing my teeth. Which on that point has led to my gums receding and bleeding when I have managed to brush (although it did get better when I was home for a couple weeks in Easter) which is something I NEED to fix before I loose teeth n shit.
I've dealt with depression and anxiety on and off and to varying degrees of severity since the summer of 2020 now, I've had some good times but alot of bad. I've never received proper help, mainly because I've been too afraid to speak up to my family and close friends due too fear of judgement from them, which is in part due to the history of suicide and poor mental health on my mums side of the family my mum having committed suicide when I was 6 and thus I don't want to be open about my own struggles for fear of re-opening old wounds and trauma. Also embarrassment of myself at not being able to take care of myself as an adult, but having done so in my former years through late high school with a very mature mindset, when my dad wasn't around much leaving me and my younger sister (by 3 years) to live alone. Also I've always refused the idea of medical solutions, and often therapy is expensive and the results can be mixed. Previously I tried online therapy during the pandemic but I never got past the first couple of sessions due to its expense. I also have a tendency to once I'm feeling better I'm quick to try and pick up where I left off, and often quickly crumble under the weight of things by not taking more time to address the root causes of my issues and ease into life again.
It's sad for me in a way especially these past 6 months but more so the last 3 years to feel like I've missed out on some of the best years of my life, whilst seeing other peers and friends really thrive and come out of their shell, getting to explore the world, take on new exciting challenges. Yet I've been stuck in a cycle of poor mental health and poor decisions because of that - not letting me put myself in position to take advantage of opportunities, and actively self-sabotaging - mainly poorly spending money just to get some short-term dopamine through food or drugs and alcohol. But also not doing what I know will help, shying away from it because I know it'll be more difficult than just burying my head in the sand. But often it's been tricky to try and lift the fog of depression which makes you feel extremely lethargic and apathetic towards doing anything.
What I've really felt too is the lack of purpose with which I've lived my life over the last few years, which has added to the cycle of depressive thoughts of hopelessness and vice versa. Dropping out of my first uni during covid is where my depression started, with awful panic attacks and depressive downward spirals which put me in a really dark place, dealing with suicidal thoughts almost daily. Since then I had things to work towards but I've never really known what exactly I'm living for, or studying a degree for and the same fire that I used to feel burning inside has been gone since those days, I used to have a real passion for politics and history and was quite active and engaged but since that passion has dried up, the care for the world and developing a nihilistic view due to depression really took that away in large part, not allowing me to feel like I had a vocation or career path to work towards which I felt invested in and deserved to be there. I really miss that feeling of caring about the work you're doing, and being happy to put in hard work because you care about the topics and outcome of such work.
But here's where I'm at; -£50 on top of my maxed £1,500 overdraft, no job and 7 days away from being failed out of my 2nd attempt at university. On top of not having a room to call my own when I get home, either my dads shed turned outside room or my aunties spare bedroom. I haven't had my own room since I left my childhood home in 2017, living in living rooms and sharing bedrooms since then besides this year when I got my own room at uni. That's not a plea for pity or sympathy just a real look at my current standard of living. I hope this will be my rock bottom, where I can look back and be proud of myself for how far I've come and achieved.
If anyone has any advice, wise words, relatability or their own story or success and how they dragged themselves back up I would love to read it, in a way to somewhat disprove the irrational parts of myself that no one cares and it's only me doing this poorly and playing catch up to my peers lol.
I hope to come back and add an update to when I'm doing better, mainly for myself to track my own journey but also anyone interested or that might benefit from my story in the future! :)

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2023.06.09 03:09 arthurzanmou Who Would Win Alex Mercer (Prototype) VS Cole Macgrath (Infamous)

Let's say that after the ending of Prototype 1 and almost at the ending of Infamous 2 Alex went to New Marais to conquer it
The battle is 1v1 so alex can't create enemies using the virus
Alex Mercer powers: Sentient Biomass Physiology: Upon being infected by the Blacklight Virus, Alex Mercer’s body was converted into living biomass. His body is now stronger than it has ever been before, lacking many of the weaknesses that comes with a normal body such as internal organs, the issue of stamina and much more, while at the same time gaining a vast array of abilities that comes with his new physiology, such as shapeshifting and enhanced stats. Near Limitless Potential: Mercer is pretty interesting, even among other fictional characters, and even those within the video game media, being one of the few characters showcased to have near limitless potential due to how his powers work. When the blacklight virus first infected Mercer, and later reforming it. Mercer was shown to be many times stronger than normal, this isn’t where his limits are however. Upon consuming other biological entities, Mercer is capable of converting them into biomass which is then added to his own, increasing his stats, such as strength and durability, with each body that he consumes. So long as there is enough biological materials for him to consume, Mercer’s physical potential is almost limitless. Similarly, due to his ability to assimilate the memories of those he consumes. There is no real limit to Mercer’s own intelligence, so long as there are living beings for him to consume, lastly due to the blacklight virus within Mercer’s body constantly evolving. There is a chance for Mercer to develop various new abilities simply due to a random mutation at some point down the line. Evolutionary Adaptability: Due to the Blacklight Virus’s ability to constantly evolve based on the situation and the information presented in consumed biomass. Mercer is capable of adapting to nearly any situation, forming Claws, and other such weapons from his body in order to better combat his foes. Developing resistances to things such as elemental damage like fire and electricity, and even developing a degree of immunity. In one case after being in a situation where Mercer was under 10gs of gravitation force. Mercer’s body quickly adapted by increasing his strength levels, allowing him to walk out of that situation as if he was never under that level of extreme pressure. Potentially Limitless Superhuman Strength: Mercer’s is shown having vast levels of superhuman strength, being strong enough to lift and toss heavy objects such as cars, helicopters, and buses, to objects as heavy as tanks several tens to hundreds of feet awaym and even being able to run with these objects without his speed being impaired. Mercer’s strength is on such a level that he could overpower other superhumanly strong characters such as the infected hunters, Elizabeth Greene, the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller at times, despite their superhuman durability being at a level where even missiles and tank fire can’t hurt them. In the first Prototype game. Mercer demonstrates an insane level of strength, being able to create a concussive shockwave just by thrusting his fists forward, uplifting cars, tanks and throwing people several tens of feet with enough force to kill them if not outright vaporize them. Mercer’s strength can continuously increase as he consumes more and more biomass, even mutating and becoming stronger when consuming other infected individuals, and whatever potential mutations their variant of the Blacklight virus may have. Making his potential for strength virtually limitless so long as there is enough organic material for him to consume. Superhuman Leaping Ability: Mercer’s strength is shown to extend to his legs. Allowing him to jump several hundred feet into the air, allowing him to clear barricades, get on top of buildings, and even leap high enough into the air to catch helicopters. Due to his increased mass. Mercer is capable of producing shockwaves when landing after leaping from large heights. Superhuman Speed: Mercers speed is far above that of a normal human, being able to run far faster than the average car, making them appear as if they are standing still. He has been shown to out run helicopters chasing him at times, putting his speed around 200 to 500mph. He has even kept up and outpace other infected entities such as the Leader Hunters, the Supreme Hunter and even James Heller to a degree. Superhuman Agility: Due to Mercer’s enhanced physiology. He is capable of moving around far better than the average person. He can leap tall distances, perform various kinds of flips with the greatest of ease. This, combined with his constantly evolving parkour skills, allows him the ability to escape and move around the tightest of spaces without so much as losing his balance. He is capable of twisting his body in midair in order to quickly recover from being knocked back and landing on his feet in a battle ready stance. Superhuman Reflexes: Mercer, upon his mutation into the Prototype, had his reflexes enhanced to superhuman levels. He can dodge gunfire, and other projectile base weaponry at point blank range, keep up and overpowered various evolved infected creatures such as the Hunter, and Supreme Hunter, and even combat and overwhelm the military’s super soldiers with ease. Potentially limitless Superhuman Durability: Mercer’s durability, much like his strength, is potentially limitless as he absorbs more and more biomass. His body is capable of compacting the excess within himself, making his flesh far denser than that of a normal human. Similarly he can alter the density of his biomass to even stronger levels. He has tanked gunfire from all angles, survived being shot with missiles and other explosives, tanked and survived hits from other infected individuals such as Heller and the Supreme Hunter. He has survived dismemberment, being inside clouds of the bloodtox chemical, and more, and still continues fighting. Superhuman Healing Factor: Mercer’s healing factor is on an insane level. Being able to heal from bullet and shrapnel wounds nearly instantaneously, He could regenerate from having large sections of his body torn out, regenerate lost limbs just as fast. So long as there is still a single bit of the biomass that makes up his body. Mercer will continue to regenerate back to full health. Even regenerating from a few pieces of tissue flesh after being caught at ground zero when a nuclear warhead exploded. Immortality: Due to Mercer’s body being made up of biomass. Mercer’s aging process has come to a halt. Due to his body constantly healing and replacing any damaged biomass. Mercer is in a sense, immortal. It was shown with Elizabeth Greene that after she got infected with the Redlight virus. Her physical body was shown to still look around the age of twenty. Having not changed even after nearly forty years passing since she was infected. Elemental resistance: Mercer is shown to be resistant to fire and electric attacks. However, being exposed to either high enough heat or voltage can still cause him harm. Superhuman Senses: Mercer’s sense after his mutation is shown to have evolved to far higher levels than that of the normal human. He can hear far better than the normal human and his eye-sight has evolved in a way to allow Mercer to see through several different types of visual ranges. Infrared Vision: One of two known vision powers that Mercer is shown to have. By using infrared vision, Mercer is capable of seeing the heat signatures radiating from various living beings. By using this vision power. Mercer is capable of seeing in environments and conditions that would normally limit or blind a normal person’s eyesight such as total darkness or thick smoke and fog by tracking the heat signatures of living beings within the surrounding areas. It should be noted that Mercer is capable of using infrared vision despite the fact that those infected tend to generate enough body heat to blind other infrared vision devices. Showing that there are some differences between Mercer’s infrared vision and other devices capable of allowing users to see in infrared. Infected Vision: After connecting to the hive mind created by the blacklight virus. Mercer gained the ability to see and recognize individuals infected with the Blacklight virus. Superhuman Intelligence: Upon consuming the biomass of an intelligence entity. Mercer’s own intelligence is shown to increase dramatically as he will know what the person he consumes knows. Given the numerous individuals that he had consumed over the course of the Prototype series. Mercer’s intelligence is at superhuman levels. Making him one of the smartest if not the smartest person within the Prototype universe… at least until James Heller had consumed him. Superhuman Mental Processing: Due to Mercer’s physiology. Mercer’s mental capacity and processing is at a superhuman level. He is shown being able to understand and process massive amounts of information that he gains from consuming his targets. Similarly during the events of Prototype 2, Mercer was capable of controlling and directing various individuals infected with the blacklight virus through the hive mind. Matter Manipulation: While not really shown all that much. Mercer has the ability to alter the environment using the Blacklight virus as a catalyst. Through this ability. Mercer is capable of deteriorating concrete. Converting and absorbing the biomass of living objects such as living creatures and trees. Strengthening and converting even inorganic structures such as buildings into hives to fit his needs. Even converting inorganic material into layers of biomass over large areas which can be used to slow down his enemies, while not hindering his own forces or himself. He gains this ability after consuming Elizabeth Greene. It should be noted that even though Mercer is capable of altering the surroundings around him. His version of this power is very limited when compared to others such as Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist or Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics. As while he can make and convert things into organic matter. He can’t make inorganic matter like breathable air, or metal. Biokinesis: Due to Mercer’s ability to produce the Blacklight Virus within himself. Mercer is capable of controlling and altering the biomass both within his body and that of others infected to various effects. Being able to increase his physical stats to create various weapons abilities with his biomass. Similarly, due to his ability to constantly make new strains of the virus itself. Mercer is capable of infecting others with this virus. Allowing him to alter and control infected individuals by granting them a similar power set to his own or even morphing and transforming these individuals into monsters of various sizes and powers. Disease Manipulation (Blacklight Virus): Due to being infected and bonding with the Blacklight virus to the extent of becoming an entity called a Prototype. Mercer’s body is capable of constantly producing the blacklight virus. Even creating various strains of side viruses which can grant or evolve various abilities that he may not have had before. Similarly due to this virus production and the various strains he can make in his body. Mercer is capable of infecting others with a variation of the virus. Either turning others into infected drones which he can control or granting the infected individual a similar subset of powers as his own. Viral Gas Generation: Caught on a CCTV camera. Mercer is shown having the ability to generate and expel a cloud of gas from his body containing the Blacklight Virus into the surrounding area. Rapidly infecting and mutating those located on ground zero, caught within the cloud. Biomass Conversion: Mercer has the ability to nearly instantaneously consume and convert any organic organism into biomass which is then added to his body. Through this process. Mercer is capable of enhancing his overall physical stats and quickly recovering from any damage that he may have suffered during battle as well as gaining the memories and skills that the consumed individual may have had. Critical Mass: Upon consuming enough biomass. Mercer is capable of entering a critical mass state. Due to this extra mass, Mercer’s durability increases, allowing him to tank more damage. Similarly, due to having more biomass at his command. Mercer is capable of using his strongest attacks, called Devastators, moves capable of clearing and killing anyone and everyone within a certain range of Mercer. Upon gaining critical mass. Mercer’s body gains a defense mechanism in which upon taking enough damage. This extra mass would harden to an extreme degree. Making Mercer almost completely invulnerable to most forms of physical damage for a short time in order to allow him to either escape a battle or try and consume another organic organism in order to recover from the near fatal damage. Memory Assimilation: Upon consuming an individual. Mercer gains access to all the memories and skills that that individual may have had. Allowing Mercer to suddenly master various new skills such as weaponry, vehicle usage, and even military tactics and plans. Shapeshifting: Due to Mercer not having a stable form like most other organic organisms. Mercer is capable of shaping the biomass within him into virtually anything he can imagine. He can shape his arms into various weapons such as blades and whips. He can change his form to match the form of anyone he consumed no matter their gender. Even morphing the biomass within his body to form mundane items such as clothes. Mercer's shapeshifting abilities are only limited by his imagination and the amount of biomass he contains. Voice Mimicry: Due to both of Mercer’s abilities to shapeshift and assimilating the memories of those he consumes. Mercer is capable of altering his vocal cords to match the voices of the people that he has consumed. Allowing Mercer to move around in areas with more heavier security. Mercer has even been shown being capable of using this power in battles. Taking the forms of high rank officials to trick various Military forces into fighting themselves. Similarly, depending on who Mercer is fighting at the time. If Mercer is aware of himself having consumed someone close to his opponent. Mercer can alter his voice in order to mess with his opponent’s mind. Getting them to drop their guard enough for him to score a kill, or at the very least, land more easier hits on them. Shield: Mercer due to his shapeshifting ability, much like most of his other powers, is capable of manipulating his biomass to form various weapons and armaments. One of these powers is the ability to form a shield on either one of his arms. Taking some of his accumulated biomass and forming it into the shape of a kite shield. Mercer then hardens this shield shaped biomass to the utmost degree. Allowing him to block all incoming damage from the direction he faces his shield at. However, it should be noted that the shield’s durability is limited as enough damage can shatter the shield. Unlike his successor, James Heller. Mercer, when using his shield power, prefers having a mobile approach to his defense as opposed to being a solid unbreakable wall like Heller’s own ability. As such, Mercer is capable of moving around instead of being rooted in place, Similarly due to this approach. Mercer is capable of using this power with his other abilities. Adopting a similar fighting style to that of a knight of old, with a shield in one hand, and a weapon in the other. Armor: When faced with a situation where Mercer is either taking damage from all directions or facing a foe that rivals him in strength and power. Mercer is capable of hardening the outer layer biomass that makes up his appearance into an armor like texture. Giving his entire body a shiny black texture that blocks most damage and reduces all incoming damage to a large degree. This increase in durability allowed mercer to take on foes such as Captain Cross, the Supreme Hunter, and even tank multiple hits from high yielding artillery without suffering much damage from these encounters. Much like with his bio-shield ability. Mercer is capable of using his more offensive powers with this form. However, this form is not without its weaknesses, as upon entering this form. Mercer’s speed is greatly reduced. While still capable of moving at superhuman speeds. It's only about half of his normal speed. Similarly, while in this form. Mercer appears unable to use his bio-shield ability, however this may be due to this form providing potentially better defense and allowing him more mobility in combat. Claws: One of the first offensive powers that Mercer gains during the events of the first Prototype game. Mercer gained the ability to form massive, knife-like talons on his hand by consuming a hunter-type infected. These talons are sharp enough to cut through flesh and bones. Even being able to cut and destroy heavily armored vehicles such as tanks. When combining his Claws with his speed. Mercer can tear through hordes of basic enemies with ease, even developing this ability further into the ground spikes ability and the Devastator; Groundspike Graveyard Attack. Groundspikes: When using his claws as his main weapon. Mercer is capable of compressing his biomass into his clawed hands before slamming them into the ground. Upon doing this, Mercer expands the compressed biomass in his hands outwards towards the direction he wants. After either reaching their target or hitting a certain distance. The expanded biomass will erupt as sharp spires from the ground, impaling and cutting apart anyone and anything caught within eruption radius. GroundSpike Graveyard Devastator: An enhanced version of the groundspike technique. Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of moving the extra biomass to his hands after a bit of a charge up time. Afterwards, Mercer will then slam both his hands into the ground. Sending the biomass out in all directions which would then track down any target within a certain radius before erupting out of the ground. This move is strong enough to bring down infected hives which were capable of withstanding the force of tank and missile fire. Hammerfists: When in need of some more brute physical force and attack power. Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass within his body to his arm. Covering them in the same fibers that make up his shield and armor form while at the same time enlarging them to the size of large warhammers, like those seen in games. With these new Hammerfists, Mercer is capable of dealing massive amounts of blunt force trauma to the point of even destroying a tank with a few hits. He is capable of doing this by pressing more and more biomass into his fist before compressing them. Increasing their density and weight in the process. However, doing so does cost him some attack speed, as he is shown having some trouble at times lifting and swinging his massive hands around. The attack power of these fist are shown to be on a level capable of inflicting massive damage to entities such as the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller. He has even shown the ability to produce shockwaves and quaking the ground with a few hits, allowing him to stun foes with the aftershocks even when Mercer’s fist doesn't make contact with his intended target. Whipfist: Mercer’s main range attack. By moving his biomass to either of his arms. Mercer can morph his arm of choice into what could be called a grappling gun. By changing the normally rigid properties of his arm to be more elastic when compared to some of his other powers. Mercer can throw his arm forward, shooting out his clawed appendage at a target, allowing him to reel it back to him or him towards it. He tends to use this when dealing with airborne enemies or when he needs to reach a farther distance than normal distance that his jumping ability may not be able to cover. Similarly due to the whipfist’s elastic properties. It is a good power to use when dealing with mobs as it can swing his arm, extending it a certain distance and with his superhuman strength to cut nearly anything in his path in half. Tendrils: Mercer is capable of forming and using tendrils. While not really shown in the first Prototype game. Mercer does use them in dealing with foes, even creating two different devastator attacks with them. In the tied-in comics, Mercer is shown using the tendrils ability to impale and kill various individuals. In one case, killing Autumn with this ability after being shot in the head. Tendrils Barrage Devastator: Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of condensing the biomass in his body, creating large amounts of pressure within himself before releasing it, causing an unknown amount of tendrils to burst from his body in all directions as well as impaling and dragging any organic being towards him. Anything impaled and killed by this attack is then absorbed by Mercer, healing and strengthening him. Bio-Bombs: While Mercer isn’t shown using this ability as it was one of the main attacks of James heller. As the ability came from one of Mercer’s Evolved soldiers, carrying a strain of the blacklight virus produced by Mercer. Mercer likely has access to this ability. The ability itself allows Mercer to implant a bit of his biomass into a target, before either allowing them to run off or simply throwing the individual at a group or target. The person in question will then explode in a mass of tendrils in all directions. Impaling, grabbing, and dragging all targets caught into a center mass. Crushing and killing anything caught in the center mass. Blade: Mercer is capable of shaping and forming the biomass in his arms to form a massive blade, capable of splitting humans in half, and piercing the armor of military vehicles such as tanks, and the thick skin of hunters and other infected entities. The Blade is Mercer’s strongest attack ability outside of his Devastator attacks. Not as fast as the claws nor as strong as his hammerfist. Mercer’s Blade ability doesn’t suffer from the weaknesses of either power, acting as a middle ground, allowing him a far greater dps, or damage per second when confronting enemies. Mercer’s version of the bio-blade is shown being stronger than that of Heller’s, being capable of dealing with crowds and more heavily defended enemies far easier than Heller’s version of the power. Density Alteration: Mercer, due to his shapeshifting abilities, is capable of altering the density of his body, allowing him to increase the damage potential of his strikes as well as altering the way gravity affects his body. In terms of offensive capabilities. Mercer has been shown being able to do sudden changes while in mid air and increase his density to the point of creating shockwaves and cratering the ground he lands on with enough height. Muscle Mass Increase: Mercer is capable of increasing his muscle mass in his arms and body, increasing his strength beyond his normal levels without suffering any loss in movement like many of his other defensive and offensive powers. Gliding: Mercer, by lowering his density while in the air, is capable of achieving a limited degree of flight by gliding through the air. He is capable of switching his body’s density on the fly to either slow his descent or rapidly falling. Similarly, it is due to this ability that Mercer is capable of clearing large distances as he can simply leap and glide over most obstacles in his way in order to escape his pursuers, or reach various locations far more quickly then simply running and parkouring his way there through the streets.. Air Dash: Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass around his body at such a rate that it is capable of slingshotting him in any particular direction that he wants. Mercer generally uses this ability to cover more distance, extend his gliding abilities and even dodge projectiles and other attacks in mid-air. Wall Running: While strong enough to climb walls using his hands, Mercer is capable of wall running at high speeds as his body will alter his feet in a way that allows him to cling to walls while running without the risk of slipping off due to lack of momentum or adhesion. As such Mercer can run at high speeds in any direction when on vertical surfaces Knuckle Shockwave: Using his strength, Mercer is capable of producing a massive shockwave by a double palm thrust. This attack is capable of cars and people down an entire street. Even potentially tearing apart the latter. Critical Pain Devastator: An enhanced version of the knuckle shockwave. Upon entering critical mass, Mercer can move the biomass in his body into his hands. Upon doing a palm thrust. Mercer creates a massive shockwave that uplifts and tears apart humans and vehicles alike. Adding insult to injury, Mercer, during the process of performing this attack, will also fire the biomass stored in his hands as tendrils into the shockwave, shredding and crushing anything unlucky enough to survive the initial shockwave itself
Cole Macgrath powers:Electrokinesis-The ability to absorb and control electricity in and out of his body. Over the last seven years,Cole has gotten much more powerful than in inFAMOUS 2. Able to deliver up to 15 supernovas of force. His maximum voltage is over 20 Gigawatts and the heat of his lightning burns up to 300,000,000,000 Kelvin,equivalent to three supernovas. -Immunity to electricity-Cannot be harmed by electrical energy. Any electricity that makes contact with his body is automatically absorbed. Electromagnetism-The ability to produce and manipulate electromagnetic fields and pulses. Cole can manipulate any object,no matter the size,using magnetism. Even non-metallic materials such as stone,ice,wood,and cardboard. Cryokinesis-The ability to manipulate ice and cold gas. Cole can deliver several cryokinetic attacks such as razor-sharp,steel-tearing Shatter Blasts,Ice Grenades,Freeze Rockets,Ice Pillars and Platforms for jumping great distances,Ice Barriers that can block missiles and knock up enemies. He can also produce freezing mist that freezes enemies in it solid if he hits it with a bolt. Superhuman Strength-Cole possesses superhuman strength. Able to easily lift up to 52 metric tons. His punches are on a Class PJ and he can regularly bench press giant monsters as heavy as tanks. Has even fought on par with Ares, the God of Warfare. Superhuman Speed-Cole is able to move at superhuman speeds. He can run up to 60MPH and during combat, he can move at Hypersonic speeds. He can react and fight at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds(Mach 1000-8810), able to easily dodge lasers and instant speed attacks and react to his own, natural lightning. Superhuman Durability-Cole is extremely durable. He can survive an attack that can level an entire island, ignores bullets, and shrugs off point-blank RPG's and grenades. Regenerative Healing Factor-Cole can heal extensive damage to his body in seconds. He can even regenerate lost limbs. If he absorbs energy, he heals instantly. Tactics/Leadership/Intelligence-Cole possesses increased intelligence. He regularly works out strategies during intense combat, he daily leads a team of superheroes into battle, he's able to logically deduce the outcome of any action he might take, and outsmarts incredibly clever opponents like Sasha, Alden, and Ray Zenji. Combat Experience-Cole is an incredibly experienced fighter. He was already he strongest Conduit alive, and now is even more so after training his powers in secret for 7 years. He has fought a multitude of foes stronger and more experienced than himself and won. And has survived impossible odds and has always come out on top. Even death. Electrokinetic Flight-Over the years, Cole has learned the ability to create a platform of electricity and surf on it through the air, granting him the ability to fly. Electrokinetic Constructs-Cole can create shapes of electrical energy and use electromagnetism to give it solid form. This can create several Electrokinetic weapons such as the Gigawatt Blades. Electroreception-Cole can pick up and read electronic frequencies and listen in on communications, he can also use this to read data as well. Electric Healing- Cole is able to release a massive charge of bioelectricity that heals everyone around him via hyper stimulating cells into a rapid state of regeneration. Precognition-Cole has the ability to see a few seconds into the future or see a whole future event. Mind Techniques-Cole can use neuroelectricity to manipulate people's minds. He can use this in a variety of ways such as mind-control, instant brainwashing, reading thoughts, and countering mental attacks. Lightning Dash/Dematerialization-Cole can turn his entire body into electricity and dash across short distances, he can use this to move at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds and travel through electrical power lines. Omnipresent Awareness-Cole can surround himself with an electromagnetic field that can give him omnipresent detection of his surroundings. Added by the fact that he can sense electrical energy in one's body, this makes him almost impossible to sneak up on. He can also use a Radar Sense that detects hostile intent, distinguishes friend from foe, sees through disguises, invisibility, and illusions, and scans for any electrical signals, anomalies, and sources.
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2023.06.09 03:08 SonyPlaystationKid05 The more I think about it the more pissed I get.

I just wanted a nice laptop for school and so, got a 3060 Mobile 120W on a Zephyrus G15 around March for about 1.5k USD (prices are just not good in Singapore; $2330). Now, everywhere I go, I see news of everyone getting 3070 Mobile for great deals and I am just wondering how good my 3060 with 6GB VRAM can handle anything when it has limited VRAM and what is it good for ATM. I had a 3k budget (SGD) and am pissed that I did not spend more. I bought my laptop to last and really, that does not seem like the case now. Even a 2070 Super Mobile is faster due to fucking VRAM man. Let me know in the comments about your views/ opinions on the 3060.
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2023.06.09 03:08 maroonedontues Is a highly recommended book supposed to be this frustrating?

I’m a beginner witch and atheist looking to practice and learn in a more secular way. At least for now. In reading I am learning to open myself up spiritually, which is hard as an atheist-especially as my background and reason for my atheism is due to a Southern Baptist mother. I say this as I’m not the target audience for Silver RavenWolf’s The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation: Solitary Witch. At least not the target AGE. However, it was highly recommended as a good beginning book for a baby witch so I picked up a copy.
I have only read, and really enjoyed, one other book on witchcraft: Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura. As I went in blind with that one, I appreciated the history and explanations on her Craft, as well as the fact that it it repeatedly reminded the reader that the Craft is individual and that one does not need to worship deities to be a witch.
I am not finding any of that in Solitary Witch, and I wonder if it’s due to my age (Elder Millennial) or the fact that some information doesn’t seem accurate (from a historical sense.) It also seemed to jump right into spellwork without much background, unless you go farther into the book. That seems backwards. As a teen, I would have LOVED this, but as an adult I am trying to find the positive and benefit of a doubt that this book will prove as informative as I have been led to believe. I am also trying to be understanding that this is a book on Wicca and that the author, despite their writing which seems to suggest that in order to be a witch, you HAVE to do XYZ (be in a coven/group, have guardian angels, etc.), is writing from their own experience.
Still, is this something I should finish even if I feel that I’m only getting a small portion out of it? Is a little bit better than nothing? Or should I stop where I am (almost to Part 2) and move to one of the other books in my small collection?
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2023.06.09 03:06 harry-jg How to Change PSN Account Region on PS4 and PS5

In the fascinating realm of PlayStation, where digital adventures abound, it can be a thorn in the side to find that one is hampered by the nuisance of region-specific content. Early access to new-fangled games and special extras are often cordoned off, like exclusive gatherings of the upper crust.
The secret to entry, as it turns out, involves tinkering with your PSN region. Now, before you rush off to adjust your existing account, I should inform you that it's about as fruitful as expecting a dog to recite Shakespeare. One needs to construct an entirely new account, a laborious process akin to erecting a garden gazebo, albeit far less physical.
Though a VPN is not absolutely necessary for changing your PSN region, employing one does impart a sense of being tucked up in one's club, safe from prying eyes and DDoS attacks. These devilish assaults have been known to banish gamers offline, a punishment akin to being sent to one's room without supper.
Regrettably, PlayStation consoles regard VPN apps with the same disdain that Jeeves has for my purple socks. You cannot simply summon a VPN onto your PlayStation in the manner of other digital gadgets. It must be manually configured on your router or shared with your PlayStation via a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, much like one might reluctantly share one's last biscuit.
Fear not! This humble narrative shall illuminate the path towards changing your PSN region and marrying a VPN to your PlayStation. A brief perusal of the most commendable PlayStation VPNs is also in order - ExpressVPN leaps to mind. This chap boasts a user-friendly router app, a multitude of servers, and security measures as formidable as a British bulldog. To cap it off, it exhibits the kind of speed that would make a racehorse blush.
A Jaunty Journey through PSN Topography, or, How to Swop your PlayStation Locale with Whimsical Ease
Relocating your PSN region is a little like moving house, albeit with less packing of teacups and more clicking of buttons. It requires the formulation of a new user account, a process smoother than a freshly ironed trouser crease. Allow me to elucidate with a play-by-play guide suitable for either PS4 or PS5:
Commence your journey by bidding adieu to your current PSN account.
On the bridge of your PlayStation console, navigate to the realm of the Settings menu. Descend the list to 'Account Management,' and select 'Sign Out' to effectively check out of your current PSN lodgings.
Craft a fresh user profile on your console.
Make your way back to the heartland of the main screen, and select 'New User.' Press 'Create a User' to breathe life into your new digital persona, clicking 'Accept' to bow to the wisdom of the User Agreement. Subsequently, choose 'Next' to christen a sparkling new PSN account. On the PSN login page, there’s a button at the base labelled 'New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account.' Give it a hearty click!
Decree the region for the new account.
Under 'Country or Region,' take a gander at the drop-down menu and select your desired locale. Nominate your language of choice and duly enter your date of birth.
Declare your age to the digital powers that be.
For most, a mobile number affixed to your account shall suffice. Alternatively, scanning the QR code displayed on your screen or opting for an email verification are viable routes. Be aware that these are third-party methods.
Divulge your home address details.
Fill in your city, state or province, and postal code. On the following page, hand over your email address and create a password that’s more secretive than Jeeves's special pick-me-up recipe. Now select your Avatar, add your online ID and your moniker.
Finally, doff your cap to PSN's privacy policy and arrange your privacy settings to your liking.
And there you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. Happy gaming! Oh, dear, I do apologize. This seems to end on a 'happy' note. Let's try again:
There you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. May your gaming exploits be ever victorious!
The Online Odyssey: Ensuring a Bally Pleasant PlayStation Experience, VPN-Style
In the game of PlayStation, one can indeed venture without a VPN by one's side. However, just as a gentleman wouldn't dare attend a high society event without a trusty valet, the sagacious gamer understands the multitude of boons a VPN brings:
Unfurling the map to region-locked content:
Like a trusty bloodhound sniffing out the elusive truffle, a VPN can ferret out and unlock games in the PlayStation Store that your geographical locale renders inaccessible. The trick lies in the VPN assigning you an IP address twinning with the location of the server you're connected to.
Ditching the DDoS dastards:
Regrettably, the online multiplayer landscape occasionally plays host to less-than-chivalrous tactics, such as DDoS attacks. Essentially, these scoundrels overwhelm your connection with an ungodly barrage of requests, causing your server to crumble under the strain. A VPN acts like a digital cloak, concealing your IP address and thus making you an unlikely target for DDoS ne'er-do-wells.
Securing the sanctity of your online endeavors:
VPNs act as your personal invisible ink, encrypting all your digital communications into a scrambled code that would baffle even the sharpest of minds. This means any meddlesome individuals, including your ISP, are left none the wiser about your virtual ventures.
Blocking the bandwidth bailiffs:
There are ISPs out there, the absolute rotters, who might deliberately slow down your connection if they perceive you're rather too fond of data usage. Typically, this would occur if you're deep in the throes of online gaming or binging on the latest series. However, your VPN's encryption shields your activities, preventing your ISP from putting a damper on your digital delights.
ExpressVPN, by Jove, emerges as the unrivalled VPN partner for the PlayStation in 2023, much like a formidable butler who anticipates every need before it arises. The beauty of ExpressVPN lies in its ability to introduce you to the gaming delights from a staggering 90+ countries. Not only does it fling wide the doors to a pantheon of region-exclusive games, but it also ensures your gaming exploits are both lightning-fast and more secure than the Bank of England.
ExpressVPN, in a show of singular tech-wizardry, is one of the few VPNs to offer an application for routers. This handy feature sidesteps the minor inconvenience that PlayStation consoles hold a steadfast "no VPN apps allowed" policy. If you fancy an even simpler solution, ExpressVPN presents the Aircove, a router with the VPN features already installed and ready to serve. Should you prefer the comfort of familiar ground, ExpressVPN also offers congenial apps for your Windows or macOS device that allow you to share your VPN connection with your PlayStation.
Now, the speed at which ExpressVPN operates is reminiscent of a whippet on its morning constitutional. Its Lightway protocol, finely tuned for briskness and efficacy, ensures gaming on your PlayStation is a swift affair. When put to the test on my PlayStation 4, the difference between my usual speed and the speed with ExpressVPN was about as noticeable as a flea on an elephant. Even amidst the frenzied action of Call of Duty: Warzone matches, my ping remained as calm and unflappable as Jeeves in a crisis.
ExpressVPN takes its role as your security sentry rather seriously. Not only does it stand guard against DDoS attacks, but it also offers comprehensive protection against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. This effectively means your IP address remains more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. To add further clout to its privacy credentials, ExpressVPN employs RAM-only servers, ensuring that all data is wiped clean at every server reset, and perfect forward secrecy, guaranteeing a fresh encryption key with each new VPN session. Also, its no-logs policy has undergone multiple independent audits and emerged squeaky clean every time.
As a cherry on top, ExpressVPN also wields a nifty smart DNS tool, MediaStreamer, that makes your console a gateway to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Since MediaStreamer doesn't bother with encrypting your data, you're left with the swiftest speeds possible, making your streaming experience as smooth as a well-aged brandy.
Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access, or PIA if we're on friendly terms, is rather like a seasoned bouncer for your PlayStation gaming exploits. Its servers, gallantly stationed across 80+ countries, come equipped with anti-DDoS armour, ensuring any DDoS scoundrels attempting to disrupt your gaming shenanigans are turned away at the door. It also flaunts an array of other formidable security measures, including leak protection, RAM-only servers, and perfect forward secrecy.
Much like the chatty gentleman at the bar who can't help but share a story, PIA regularly delivers transparency reports detailing the numerous requests for user data it has successfully thwarted. For those intrigued by the technical side, PIA's apps are open-source, allowing anyone to peruse the code and search for potential chinks in the armour. Notably, PIA's no-logs policy has stood under the harsh light of audit and emerged with nary a blemish.
Despite lacking a dedicated router app like our good friend ExpressVPN, PIA offers router support. Of course, a touch of manual labour is needed to configure the VPN on your router (fear not, PIA provides comprehensive guides to hold your hand through the process). For those who prefer a more streamlined approach, PIA's user-friendly apps for Windows and macOS can transfigure your PC into a virtual router, making it PlayStation-friendly. And with unlimited connections on offer, every member of the household can indulge in their gaming or online pursuits without fear of overstepping their bounds.
PIA further cements its place in the gaming world by providing lightning-fast speeds and steadfast connections, suitable for even the most demanding of PlayStation adventures. A series of Call of Duty: Warzone bouts under my belt attest to this, with not a hint of lag or sluggishness in sight. It appears, dear reader, that with PIA at the helm, the battle for smooth gaming sessions is one decidedly won.
A Case of Geographic Gymnastics: The Art of Shuffling Your PSN Account Region
A touch of geographic flexibility with your PSN account can make one feel rather like a cosmopolitan globe-trotter. One minute you're casually perusing the digital shelves of one region's PSN store, the next you've hopped across the globe to a different region altogether, revealing a cornucopia of diverse games and jolly little applications that previously eluded your grasp.
Consider the tantalising prospect of time travel. Certain gaming treasures and their subsequent updates have a habit of making an earlier debut in specific regions. By cunningly adjusting your PSN region, you find yourself striding ahead of your original region's release date, a veritable gaming pioneer.
Money matters too, old bean. Not all regions approach the delicate subject of pricing in the same manner. A particular game or app, lurking at a steep price in one corner of the globe, might be available at a price as friendly as a Labrador in another. A quick switch of your PSN region and voila! You're purchasing games with a spring in your step and a much happier wallet.
Last, but by no means least, there's the matter of multiplayer matchmaking. A quick region swap and you're thrust into an entirely new gaming realm, rubbing virtual shoulders with players from your newly adopted region. Depending on your choice, this could usher in a larger player base and the thrilling prospect of competition that would make even the most seasoned player’s pulse quicken. All in all, it's a rather splendid arrangement.
Navigating the Virtual Bazaar: The Gentleman's Guide to Acquiring Region-Exclusive PlayStation Games
The path to procuring region-specific PlayStation games can be as labyrinthine as the plot of a mystery novel. And yet, with a little finesse and strategic planning, you can traverse this maze with all the grace of a seasoned explorer.
Now, consider this: only the payment methods associated with your new region will permit you to purchase games. Thus, if you've adopted Uncle Sam's land as your region, you'd need a US PayPal account to conduct any virtual commerce.
While some souls have been known to spin a yarn about a fictitious address, it's not a course I'd recommend. Such antics tend to ruffle the feathers of service providers, potentially leading to a rather permanent expulsion from their services, and that wouldn’t do, would it?
Instead, the optimal method involves the acquisition of digital gift cards tied to your region of choice, redeemable within the PlayStation Store.
A handy roadmap for this delightful escapade would look something like this:
Acquire the services of a dependable VPN and connect to a server that aligns with your chosen PSN region. ExpressVPN has always been my preferred companion on these journeys, courtesy of its vast server network and lightning-fast speeds.
Engage in the purchase of region-specific PSN gift cards. These tokens of digital currency can be sourced from a variety of online retailers or local establishments with a penchant for digital codes.
Redeem your gift card on your PlayStation console. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console, select 'Redeem Codes', and input your newly acquired code. Follow the prompts to add the funds to your PSN account.
Finally, take your pick from the smorgasbord of games available in your new region’s PlayStation Store.
So, there you have it: the enlightened path to region-specific gaming bliss. Good luck and goodspeed!
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2023.06.09 03:05 andwego 12 year vegan

Hi, Been vegan 12 years through multiple pregnancies and nursing. Currently in Mexico. Meat and cheese alternatives now gross me out. Pregnant again and craving fish. Today had ceviche and I suddenly feel an abnormally high level of energy and fullness... I want to remain a vegan but I really don't know how to get this kind of energy from vegan sources. I can't afford meat alternatives. I tried making garbanzo bean melt sandwiches as alternative to tuna and I could barely eat it. We used to eat Gardein and Field Roast in USA but honestly Field Roast feels like a brick in my stomach. I don't want fake meat and cheese. I can't pretend anymore that it tastes as good. So we just eat vegetables and rice and tortillas and beans and chiles, fruits, pastas, etcetera. I've recently gone through horrible anemia and low platelets and low electrolytes I fixed with daily vitamin B12 injections. I can't bring myself to tell a vegan friend here that we ate animal products. I feel guilty but I honestly haven't felt this energetic in years. I had a few verge of death moments over the last few years where I had to be hospitalized and given IV and had infection. Can anyone help me? I can't afford expensive supplements. There's not a lot in Mexico anyway. I take the Deva Prenatals and folic acid and when I feel up to it I inject the B12. I was extremely strict for so many years and I can't take it right now... I don't know what to do I don't want to consume animal products but I honestly feel really tired and sick all the time and the morning sickness has me not wanting to eat almost anything. Made cashew cheese and it was so meh I'm not even going to try again. Please help... I want to feel this much energy without having to eat animals products but to be honest 12 years of strict veganism and I can't compare it. I wish it wasn't true. The old me would be judging me so hard right now. Please help...
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2023.06.09 03:05 Thundrous7 Prime Eusebio in this stage of the game?

He’s my first good pull from an Icon SBC since FB Best on release. I have TOTS Sanchez, POTM Mbappe, TOTS Diaby, and TOTS Kvara in my offensive rotation. Does he start over anyone here?
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