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Perfumes have always been synonymous with elegance and sophistication. They have the power to evoke emotions, enhance personal style, and leave a lasting impression. While there are countless perfume options available in the market, one brand that stands out for its commitment to quality and timeless fragrances is GenericPerfumes.
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2023.06.04 10:34 ThatsPog9917 Nurse and blight main here, it’s so funny when

Survivors always throw the you tunnel and always go back to hook argument when they lose. It’s literally the only thing they can say.
People really don’t understand what tunnelling is. People assume you getting chased for the 2nd time is tunnelling. It’s where you literally ignore everyone else!!! Don’t want to get chased after 2nd hook where you healed? Maybe don’t work on that gen next to it because yes I’ll be coming back if I can’t find anyone. Hear my heartbeat? Don’t run instantly clearly showing me scratch marks, give it a sec hide slowly move away
Also there isn’t any survivor rule book if people want to camp and tunnel? Hopefully your team recognises it and they smash gens out. You’re the problem if you dc/kill yourself on hook. Have a problem with it? Just use anti tunnel perks to delay the time in you dying. They are never going to save you, just delay time.
I don’t agree tunnel and camping is fun, and I steer away from it. But if I’m in a sweaty scrim or public game I definitely do it from time to time there are counters you just need to learn them and stop complaining. With my 2 mains people assume they’re being tunnelled because of my fast downs usually.
Don’t be that survivor
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2023.06.04 10:34 hoagsobjectearth AliExpressu Offer

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2023.06.04 10:34 FishingSignificant33 CT: question about automatic weapons and shotguns.

Hi all!
I'm stuck with CT and amazed by how powerful SMG is. If I dig the rules right, the player simply rolls 4 times for shots with no penalty or whatsoever, and basically brutalizes everyone in close/medium range with automatic weapon. And shotgun dopes the same but on a lesser scale. Am I reading something wrong? Are there penalties for using auto weapon (not counting range, cover, movement)? Thx in advance!
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2023.06.04 10:34 RaddaRadda_ Kurumi Calligraphy

Kurumi Calligraphy
Absolutley adore Kurumi and every detail of her. Very happy with this purchase and glad I waited for the memorial day sale. I actually got a new, white shelf and displayed her there instead of this dark cubby here since she seemed to blend into the darkness.
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2023.06.04 10:34 Ahmed_Samir11 Fermi energy calculations - Doping silicon with tellurium - semiconducting properities

Fermi energy calculations - Doping silicon with tellurium - semiconducting properities
Hello, I am a high schooler currently working on a few topics to understand semiconductors. I studied quantum physics through the text book J. S. Townsend, Quantum Physics: A Fundamental Approach to Modern Physics. 2010. I am having some trouble regarding a few concepts I need to reach my objective, which is finding how using a double donor such as tellurium is different from using a single donor such as arsenic. The issues are represented in: 1- calculations of the fermi energy for tellurium I believe that the fermi energy of semiconductors is measured through photoconductor that finds the energy absorbed by the material to eject an electron to the conduction band. However, Can I calculate it theoritically through this formula?
Fermi energy calculated from the energy of 3D box and denisty of states
I tried using it, but I didn't seem to get close to the actual value I found on research papers. I believe that this formula works for metals only and not semiconductors. Is that correct or am I mistaken about some point?
2- I hadn't gone in depth through solid state, so mostly my work is using speculations on my own from quantum physics. The issue is that, I do not have a constructive idea of the comparison I want to work on. Even though it is a simple problem and might be on of the earliest stages of the electronics revolution, I am unable to move forward at a good pace. Should the comparison between single donors and double donors be clear by comparing the electron concentration and electric conductivity, or is there more to get a better understanding of the difference? Any recommendations on what to look at or work with is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. I hope you will have a great day.
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2023.06.04 10:34 hoagsobjectearth AliExpressu Sales

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2023.06.04 10:34 DreamLand5 Why are Islamic Minaras banned while other symbols of worship of other religions are allowed in Switzerland?

Why wouldn't Muslims have the same freedom as other religions to choose how to construct their places of worship as long as they are not hurting anyone?
I understand that you have issues with certain practices in certain Islamic countries, but why would that be used to justify discrimination against Swiss Muslims?
More context:
I'm not trying to start an argument, I love Switzerland and the amazing people that live in it, and genuinely want to know the justification for this.
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2023.06.04 10:34 blargoh the sniffer is so disappointing

the rest of 1.20 is good but the sniffer is so useless. i get that the original showcase explained that the new plants would be aesthetic only but they didn’t really need to be that. they could’ve introduced a new food that rivaled the food meta or a plant with a unique property but they didn’t.
the plants that we did get are so ugly i can’t imagine anyone using them for other than the novelty of, “oh i got these 1.20 plants from digging up an egg and waiting a bit.” no one is going to want to go through the process of brushing ocean monuments for a chance to get a sniffer egg and then have it hatch after a certain amount of time just for 2 useless plants. the worst part is the torchflower DOESNT EVEN GLOW. so much wasted potential.
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2023.06.04 10:34 mistuhj88 Advice

Hey all. I’m 34m and my wife is 26f. We’ve been together almost 6 years now and have a 4 year old son. Been together nearly 7 years. Sex life was great in beginning of dating as it always is. Noticed a decrease after our son was born and we went through an emotional rough patch. Everything seemed to be cleared and good but the last two years the frequency and effort of sex has lacked and becoming non existent. This year alone starting from Jan 1st to the date of this post, we’ve had sex 3 times. Foreplay is nonexistent despite me being vocal and me attempting. It’s only ever missionary and if it goes longer than 10 mins she’s tired and wants to stop. When I try to initiate, Im rejected with an excuse. I try to be spontaneous and really put effort in. Here for the last 3 months, I’ve stopped all of it in hopes she would get the hint and pick up the ball. I know she noticed because she asked me if we’re going to have sex one day after we went to dinner and then never followed through on it. I’m beginning to grow resentful and I don’t know what to do. She often will flash me her Breasts as a joke or touch my groin when I’m sitting in my boxers but does it in a very non sexual way. (Think of it as if you were poking a bellow mold to see it shake) and it does nothing for me because it’s quite cringey the way she does it. I’ll try and kiss her in the kitchen or while in bed and touch her and she denies me or makes it awkward. We recently went to the Bahamas for 7 days and drank and had fun and not once did the bed ever move. I ended up masturbating in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I ended up buying a fleshlight this year to cope since she has a clitoral vibe she uses when I’m away at work and have resorted to using it when I’m sexually frustrated and she’s asleep. I’ve often brought up the fact that it seems she’d rather just use that and if that was the case then we should open up the marriage or go out separate ways. I’ve tried to talk to her about how I’m sexually frustrated and feels like it’s lacking. I always let her speak first to see what I can do to make things better because it’s a team effort after all, but just seems like it goes in one ear and out the other or it hurts her feelings. I’ve never dealt with this before in any other relationship I’ve had so I’m at a loss. I’ve still attracted to her. I still find her as beautiful as she was when I met her. But this no sex is starting to make me question that.
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2023.06.04 10:34 babypinkdaydreams Broken screen

So tonight I was using my mac (m1 mac book air 2020), I went to wipe off a piece of dust from the screen and all of a sudden the screen cracked. In the corner there is a small back hole with lines radiating vertically and horizontally from it. I’m out of warranty and Apple is saying it’s going to cost almost $500 to repair. What are my consumer rights in the us? I believe this is a well known manufacturer default and I should not have to pay for the repair. Any help or advice on my rights and what to say. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 10:34 Phaldaz Muichiro mark color opinion?

Finished the manga and a few panels were in color so I was 'used' to seeing his mark as more blue/turquoise meanwhile the official anime went with red
So it's now lead me to think that all future-colored marks I have seen before will all be red as well (ie Sanemi with his looking kinda gray in previous panels)
Anywho, wondered how you guys feel about the anime officially (more than likely) having all marks being the same red color? Myself... I reeeeeally like the blue/turquoise for Muichiro, it just made it distinct compared to any blood that he may have, same goes for Giyuu's, having a water hashira with red marks... Oh well lol
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2023.06.04 10:34 deeganfan1988 Hailies dad on Instagram

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2023.06.04 10:34 ThrowRALie9504 [55M][20F] I'm not letting my daughter date because I feel she isn't ready, but don't know if I should let her

She's still living at home and she's been dating a guy that's 23. She's still living under my roof, and I don't approve of her dating because I feel she's too young even at 20. I saw her texting him a few times. Yesterday, I decided to fully go into her room and confront her about this. This is what happened last night and how our conversation went down:
Me: I want to know how you feel about dating.
Daughter: (she says with attitude) you really want to know what I want in life, what I feel?!
Me: what's the matter?
Daughter: nothing, everything is fine!
Me: you remember what I told you about dating a few years ago?
Daughter: yeah, I remember that.
Me: so, does my point of view matter? The only thing I'm trying to do is protect you.
Daughter: look, there is nothing wrong with him and he's nice. You just need to accept him!
Me: think to yourself! How do you know if he really cares about you or if he's just trying to use you?
Daughter: So you don't want to accept him?!
Me: your my priority. I can't just stand around and watch you get hurt by him!
Daughter: he cares about me!
Me: so do I! Don't you see what's happening to you, and he's controlling you?!
Daughter: I don't think you want to know!
Me: look... tolerance must have boundaries. Decency is the boundary for tolerance!
Daughter: you aren't understanding! There is nothing wrong with him and he doesn't judge me or anyone else.
Me: I know sometimes dating isn't easy. But, if he accepts things that are inappropriate and outside the boundaries of decency and for a lifestyle, he can get you to accept them. And that can ruin your self-esteem, and your whole life!
She was mad that I confronted her about this the whole time. Shortly after this conversation, she got in her car and left. She left without letting me know, and she was gone for a while.
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2023.06.04 10:34 InsanityShard Having trouble with modding Sims 3 on new EA App.

Hi, I'm Autistic and I just spent 5 hours just trying to successfully reinstall The Sims 3 on my computer after the Origin Launcher decided I need a popup telling me to delete Origin and download the EA App. I'm now fully on this damn thing with a different file configuration than what I'm used to and stuck.
How I got here:The popup was irremovable, bricked the Origin Launcher, and wouldn't let me play the games through the shortcuts after logging in. So, I downloaded that app. It took 5 separate attempts just to try to get the game working, the first 2 attempts using the 'repair' button said there was a download error at %14 on the Sims 3 Pets expansion. So I followed the links and cleared the cache, tried again. Stopped at the same exact spot. So I hit uninstall through the EA App. Oddly fast- no, it only removed the goddamn shortcut and game run file. Everything else was still there, so the attempt on redownloading that time failed, at a different spot. Deleted files I had shortcuts to (My Sims 3 folder) and tried again. Another failure. So, I downloaded Ccleaner, went through my files manually in the program files deep in my computer, and scoured every last inch of Origin and any games installed through it, moving my precious Sims onto a USB and removing it from the computer. On Ccleaner it said there was nothing there when I went to uninstall most of my expansion/stuff packs, but some apparently lingered enough to delete. Then I tried to install again. It took 2 hours to completely download.Where I am:I can not run the game with mods. The file is in a different spot, with a different name, under a completely different configuration. It now goes Program Files > EA Games > The Sims 3 > Game > Bin to see the stuff in it. Nothing is familiar. I have tried moving my fresh Mods folder around in different spots and the mods just won't work. I can't even see my saves in this new configuration. It's not programs(x86), this seems to be a fully 32 bit version. I've got the correct mod folder with the nointro package and just... Nothing. Not even an error message. Just plays like an unmodded version. I love Isla Paradiso, but I am unable to play it longterm without mods like Traffic and Errorwatch! Where do I put the folder? I don't know what to do. Everything online I'm finding is instructions for the old version I had, not this new thing I was literally forced into to be able to even attempt to play the game. Oddly enough my old saves are present, despite me deleting everything I could after backing them up on a USB.
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2023.06.04 10:34 cherrypearls My sister is extremely lonely, and I'm worried

I (20F) am very worried about her. She is two years younger, and she means a lot to me. She has no friends other than me and our family. We're very different as I am fairly social and she is withdrawn and has social anxiety. I have always had many friends and I have a partner, and I recently moved out of my parents' house - which lead me to being worried about her being even more alone.
She has claimed several times that I am her best and only friend, and we have always been very close, literally sharing everything with each other. We play the same games and discuss the same movies.
That's the problem - I am her only friend. She has literally no other friends, and she only spends time with our family. She prefers staying home with her cats instead of going out and is extremely judgemental about a lot of things, alcohol and smoking for instance (she claimed she cannot be friends with people who use those). I have tried to help her by meeting her old classmates in a bar and telling them that can they please message my sister, but my sister has not responded and the conversation died instantly.
A couple years ago she had one friend from elementary to middle school, but this friend she loved so much ghosted her and didn't tell her why. My sister still has dreams about her, and she just won't let go of her. She is not willing to try to make new friends because of this past friend.
I am afraid that she will never experience anything and will become withdrawn from society. Even her studies in high school have been lengthened a lot due to her issues, and she rarely goes to school. I feel like there is nothing I can do to help her.
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2023.06.04 10:34 Toby_Veddo [Star Wars] has the force ever been used for sex?

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2023.06.04 10:34 Mother-Persimmon7390 Upvote and I'll click all links

I have multiple devices I can click from for eligible clicks, let me know u have clicked!
You can use the code: 172806156
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2023.06.04 10:34 hoagsobjectearth AliExpressu Clearance

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2023.06.04 10:34 moon-and-trees What tool did you think you did not need, but now you wonder why you didn’t get it earlier?

What tool or equipment gets you thinking: “damn, this would have made my life so much easier if I had bought this a year ago!”
I’m always of the mantra to not buy things unless I “really” need it, but there are definitely some things that has made a job so much easier and efficient that I am happy to just buy it. Then I wonder all the time wasted not getting it earlier.
For example, a mitre saw. I thought I would only need it for one job, so I wasn’t keen on buying one because they take up a lot of space. But, I have used it since then for so many other things, because it is incredibly fast and easy to make a cut.
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2023.06.04 10:34 ShotCaller_OG Heating/lighting for Dart Frogs

Hey guys. I currently have a 40 gallon breeder with 6 very young highland bronze froglets, and a 20 gallon (tall I believe..) with 2 very young pena Blanca froglets, and a 30x12x16 front opening Zoo med with 5 adult Mourning Geckos.
I talked to several people about this prior and was told that the light will hold a lot more heat than I think, and that's not the case.. Basically if I use a basking lamp (regardless of how high I hang it) if it's low enough to provide the desired heat, it's drying the tank out to quick, and I can't keep their humidity up.
I bought 4 little thermometehumidity readers, that had 4.7 stars with like 17k reviews. And they pretty much read the same. Their hanging out right around 70 degrees. (68-71)
I want them all as close to 75 as I can. So I did a few hours of research last night and bought a few thermostats.. I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU KNOW IF ITS TRUSTWORTHY OR NOT. So I bought a heat gun with tons of reviews and 4.9 stars. Everywhere I scan pretty much shows as 68-70.
I set up a BN Link (BNQ-T7B (H)) And hooked up a "VIVOHOME Seedling heat mat 10"×20.75" " to the 20 gallon Tall. I set it to a low of 74, and a high of 77. (F) I put the probe through the lid, and let it hang about a half inch abave the substrate in the front right corner. The temperature is pretty steady 75 -76, and doesn't activate the mat very often. The tiny thermometer says 78.5, the thermostat says 76.6, and the heat gun says 75.6.
What do I trust??? Also, I don't know if the heat mat is working, because I don't understand the different between the basking lamps, and the strip lights. Right now the 20 g tall has a t5 zoo med fixture with a full length bulb in it, and it seems to provide a pretty steady amount of heat, but doesn't make anything hot. But when I shut it off for day night cycle.. back down to 63-67 (F)
In the Mourning gecko tank. I have the same pad, (but it's green..?) And the same under the 40 g breeder. Hooked up to a "LuxBird" dual thermostat. Set both sides to 75 low, and 78 high (F). They've been going for almost 4 hours hours now, and have come up to 70 degrees from 68.1, and 67.8. Now at 69.8, and 69.7 (F) I just watched one go from 70.1, down to 69.9 while typing this.. The probes are in very similar places. No lights on these guys right now. I know the Geckos need a basking spot, but is was drying the humidity up pretty quick. What do I do about that..? And then I just have a really low, small fluorescent bulb, in a lamp, over the 40 breeder for day time. Adds heat, but mayybee 1 degree at the most..
Please help. I have been pulling my hair out for 36 hours because I'm so stressed, and want to make sure these guys are happy as can be. Any heating ideas, Good thermostat recommendations, bulbs, anything!
How do you guys heat/light your dart frog/Mourning gecko tanks?
The catch is, my house stays at about 62-65 degrees. Otherwise they would stay pretty warm for the most part. I set my thermostat to 74 for the last few days for them till I figure this out, but I think the misting just keeps them at 67, 68 ish..
Thanks for any help in advance! Cheers!🍻
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