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2021.02.04 17:14 MountainPostLiving FortCarsonCO

This community allows from interaction among Fort Carson, Colorado community members. This subreddit is managed by Mountain Post Living (MPL). The goal is to use this forum to feature anything Fort Carson related! Send MPL a chat message if you have a specific question, or concern. MPL is not the Fort Carson PAO (Public Affairs Office). Rules: 1). Please keep posts professional. 2). We'll try to answer Fort Carson community members' questions timely manner (e.g., 48 hours).

2021.05.09 06:32 Thin-Ad-3925 FountainColorado

Fountain is located 10 miles (16 km) south of downtown Colorado Springs and just east of Fort Carson. Fountain and the Colorado Springs suburbs Security and Widefield make up the "Fountain Valley" community.

2023.06.02 23:15 RawVertigo Nellies AFB [Las Vegas] to Butts Airfield (Fort Carson) [Colorado Springs] F16

Just wanted to come here and say, 1 hour 15 mins it took, it’s a cool flight. Used an F16. Flew through the Nevada Testing Range over the Hoover Dam through the Grand Canyon through Monument Valley and over the Rocky Mountains till I realized I wanted to land.
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2023.06.01 03:14 PsychologyConnect849 704th SP BN

Anybody know anything about this BN? Prior Marine and switched over to the Army, and just got orders there for Fort Carson. How’s the life style military pace wise? I know the area is great just want to know about how the unit is if possible.
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2023.06.01 01:46 TJM23315 PCS'ing to Carson

Was wondering about the situations with ON/OFF Post Housing for Fort Carson.
Mainly just wondering about if anyone has lived Off Post there and what the average utilities cost was for most people since a lot of times people don't take into account that BAH is the rent average and wanted to do some quick budgeting before I get there.
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2023.06.01 01:15 Shoddy_Accident7448 Is there someone important in town??

Left work at south academy/I-25 area and there were cops just chillin at all on-ramps and at all the gates by fort carson. Almost like they were getting ready to block traffic maybe?
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2023.05.31 17:37 B_Nasty17 Is there a time limit that the VA/Army has to provide you medical records?

I came off active duty a little over a month ago. I requested all my medical records back in March to file for disability. My physical health records came in but Evans Army Hospital at Fort Carson says I need to wait 180 days for my behavioral health records. This seems pretty excessive in my book. Is there a length of time that they must abide by to give you records?
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2023.05.31 05:08 guitarmanwithaplan A classroom map with the capitals of every state in my "Greater Frontiers" project. A more detailed map with large cities, etc. is coming soon.

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2023.05.29 05:31 Killercopperh3ad Can an E5 afford to buy a house off base at fort Carson

I’m planning on reenlisting for fort Carson and the wife wants to live off base and I want to buy my first house, the problem is that the market over there makes me think it’s going to take my whole paycheck plus my wife’s. So I’m wandering what the payment on a 300k-400k house would cost per month.
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2023.05.27 22:28 InvaderWeezle The leading rusher of each division every year since the merger
Breakdown by number of different players on each team:
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2023.05.26 11:40 Buffahoes Thinking of joining Air Focre or Army and need lots help/ have lots of questions

I’m 23 years old and live in Colorado. I’m thinking of joining Air Force or Army, but really only want to do so for a 2 year enlistment. I do not want to see combat and am thinking of joining more on an ethical belief system than desire to do so. I did 4 year college, but eventually dropped out. I have a long term girlfriend I live with who wants to be a vet and is planning on going to vet school in the near future. I really really do not want to leave Colorado. There’s only a few vet schools in the country and CSU is one of them. I also am really into coding/cyber security and was looking for jobs that would give me more skills in these fields.
What are good job codes for both that have to do with comp sci fields. What are my odds to get stationed at the Air Force academy or Fort Carson. I saw station of choice does that guarantee I’ll get Fort Carson? I’m also veg/vegan how hard is that going to be going into the military. I also have 0 desire to fly planes and would like to handle a firearm a bit even if I spend more time on the technology side. Sorry for so many questions, I want to be prepared before stepping into the recruiter office.
Edit How do I reply to comments I don’t have the option to.
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2023.05.24 11:35 AxQB North America West semifinalists by training camp/program/coach/affiliate

Here's a list of semifinalists for the NA West I compiled. Sources from Fran Lung, Instagram posts, interviews, Crossfit website, and others. Note that there are likely to be errors and omissions, do let me know if you see any. For some athletes it's just my best guess, some appear to use multiple programs or have changed programs, some I just put in their affiliate because I can't see anything definite and assume that they are training by themselves or are being coached at their gyms.
HWPO - 16
Women - Katrin Davidsdottir, Christine Kolenbrander, Nataya Flores, Samantha Petrich, Marisa Flowers, Grace Strachan
Men - Sam Kwant, Cole Greashaber, Roldan Goldbaum, Brian Huynh, Chris Ibarra, Rafael Sancen, Jeremiah Bailey, Nyko Flores, Tony Lauters, Anthonee Yim?
Mayhem - 16?
Women - Baylee Rayl, Adison Balderston, Hannah Hall, Karisa Stapp
Men - Scott Tetlow, Jack Rozema, Logan Ewing, Justin Rhodes, Alessandro Zanet, Isaac Farias, Maximilian Krieg, Justin Dewing, Parker Foster, Adam Dycus, Isaiah Vidal? Eric Evans?
TTT - 6
Women - Lauren Fisher, Bethany Shadburne, Madie Edwards, Stacy Lerum
Men - Taylor Sturgis, Steven O'Brien
Underdogs - 6
Women - Alex Gazan, Alison Scudds, Carson Wolfe, Alina Ward,
Men - Mitch McClune, CJ Gerald?
PRVN - 5
Women - Olivia Kerstetter, Meredith Swindle, Ana Martinez
Men - Nick Mathew, Luis Oscar Mora
Ascend Athlete Training (Triston Patrick) - 5
Women - Madison McElhaney, Kelly Baker (Shirley) Savannah Averitt, Hattie Kanyo,
Men - Jacob Marlow
Invictus - Dani Speegle, Allison Weiss, Jenn Ryan, Chandler Smith
OPT - Amy Hosking, Hanna Mrochuk, Maddison Drader, Matt Brady
Brute Strength - Hollye Henderson, Matt Poulin, Parker Foster
Golden Line - Abigail Domit, Travon Benton, Clay Faris
TTru Fitness (Adrian Conway) - Rachel Noel, Davis Merrill, Drake Lewis
CF i1uvit - Gabrielle Spenst, Carrie Stevenson, Mitchell Stevenson
CF Fort Vancouver - Trista Smith, Justin Medeiros, Adam McAdams
Deka Comp - Freya Moosbrugger, Pat Vellner, Will Bennett?
Comptrain - Sydney Michalyshen, Cole Sager
Misfit - Kelly Clark (Kelly), Natalie Jennings (Talbert)
Step Up - Zoe Warren, John Wood
CF Advantage (Cody Looney) - Chelsea Nicholas, Anton Foss
UPCF - Emily Muir, Tudor Magda?
ONLY Training - Megan Sears, Brent Fikowski
Jump Ship - Chyna Cho, Kloie Wilson
Blade Method (Jump Ship?) - Ashley Walden
ATPLab - Leonel Franco
Kilotrained - Colten Mertens
Jekyll & Hyde - Andris Sturans
Move Fast Lift Heavy - Toya Nelson
Gambit Fitness -Joel Laney
SMTP - Emily White
Levi Kirk - Arielle Loewen
Boombox - Carlie Stone
ES Performance - Greg Cross
No End Performance - Daniel Kuc
Karhu training - Hannah Black
Mercy Athletics - Anthony Davis
The Pack - Harley Pescosolido
BPR Institute - Charles Kackert
Cobra Command CF - Ellia Miller
Cyn Gym CF - Claire Truax (mother is coach)
CF Federal Way - Amber Takara
CF Sea Level - Emily Rolfe
CF Fringe - Ali Thomason
CF Bolt - Rebecca Fuselier
CF Mandeville - William Leahy IV
CF Omnia - Jason Zobott
CF Kemah - Arturo Torres
Koda CF - Stephen Jones
Precision CF - Phillip Muscarella
CF Wildwood - Matthew Greene
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2023.05.23 21:53 MadDog314 Can I get the latest contact info to Fort Carson Inspector general? And congressman latest contact info?

Ok, so basically I have a commander that during a pre-accident plan exercise, he tells me "when is my part done in this?" In a room full of army aviators. He now proceeds to give me grief left and right over RST two days since I'm a DoD contractor and will be overseas during drill. Bearing in mind I have bent over backwards to help him, and I have covered flights for medevac every month since tha start of the year. I have had it with this commander. Does anyone have the updated number to the congressional liason?
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2023.05.23 15:18 lismeauhywba [HIRING] 24 Jobs in remote Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Michael Sullivan & Assoc Work Remotely! Workers Comp Attorney Needed to Join Great Team! El Segundo
Michael Sullivan & Assoc Work Remotely! Workers Comp Attorney Needed to Join Great Team! Fresno
AdeptSource Senior IT Project Manager (AWS) - Remote San Francisco
Frontline Source Group, Inc Remote New Business Intake Supervisor San Francisco
Frontline Source Group, Inc Remote New Business Intake Supervisor Denver
Frontline Source Group, Inc Remote Territory Sales Associate Fort Lauderdale
Super Technology Solutions, Inc Technical Support (REMOTE) - 701849 Trenton
INSPYR Solutions Network Engineer - Long Term Project - Carson City, NV (50% Remote) Carson City
Sun Life Team Coordinator, DentaQuest (Remote) Remote
Apria Healthcare Patient Qualification Specialist REMOTE / Work from Home Remote
Mueller Inc Web Applications Analyst remote Ballinger
The Professional Education Institute Accounting Specialist (remote) Salt Lake City
The Conservation Fund Regional Director of Fundraising - REMOTE or Mtn West office Denver
EBP Skilled Trades RN Triage Nurse - REMOTE Jacksonville
Hive Revenue Mastery Remote RPM CCM Gastroenterology Registered Nurse Macon
Confidential Client Remote Therapist Boston
One Alkaline LLC DC, MD, VA Mental Health Therapist (Remote) Waldorf
Hospice Of Holland Inc Billing Manager- (Non-Remote) Holland
Keypath Education Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track Coordinator (Remote) - Rockhurst University Kansas City
Proud Moments Clinical Authorizations Associate - Remote Brooklyn
Aptihealth Registered Nurse / Care Manager (Remote) Clifton Park
SEK CPAs & Advisors Audit Manager - REMOTE Chambersburg
Confidential Client Remote Therapist Addison
Confidential Client Remote Therapist Saunders
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in . Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.22 05:29 bezerker211 Hooray for fort carson shutting off my water for a whole day

Still don't have water. It's wonderful not being able to flush or clean dishes or anything. Thank you fort carson!
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2023.05.20 19:50 Hack3rsD0ma1n CoS Air Quality

CoS Air Quality
Whats going on in CoS? I thought it was fog till it saw haze-like effect on a building. Something burning? Denver is not the best as well (though I really don't expect it to me decent)
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2023.05.20 19:09 Boring-Accountant-90 Fort Carson Soon

How is fort Carson currently for a 42a? How is the 3-61st cav unit? Do they deploy often how is the work life balance thanks in advance?
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2023.05.20 05:38 Whisp_Is_My_Waifu Found this map on YT, is this accurate? Where should I avoid and who/what should I look out for? First time in Boston

Found this map on YT, is this accurate? Where should I avoid and who/what should I look out for? First time in Boston submitted by Whisp_Is_My_Waifu to boston [link] [comments]

2023.05.19 03:01 Earth_OfficalReddit Places I have commited murder and injured people

Places where I have commited murder:
Las Vegas, Nevada (x7)
Henderson, Nevada (x5)
Paradise, Nevada (x4)
North Las Vegas, Nevada (x2)
Reno, Nevada (x2)
Carson City, Nevada (x1)
Sparks, Nevada (x1)
Elko, Nevada (x1)
San Francisco, California (x1)
Random place in California (x1)
Tampa, Florida (x1)
Orlando, Florida (x1)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (x1)
Dallas, Texas (x1)
Places where I have majorly injured someone:
Las Vegas, Nevada (x16)
North Las Vegas, Nevada (x13)
Henderson, Nevada (x11)
Paradise, Nevada (x10)
Reno, Nevada (x7)
Elko, Nevada (x5)
San Francisco, California (x4)
Tampa, Florida (x4)
Orlando, Florida (x2)
Jacksonville, Florida (x2)
Fort Worth, Texas (x2)
Houston, Texas (x1)
New Orleans, Louisiana (x1)
Carson City, Nevada (x1)
Phoenix, Arizona (x1)
Los Angeles, California (x1)
Sacramento, California (x1)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (x1)
Minor Injuries: 300+ in multiple states in the USA (280+) and provinces in Canada (20+)
Casualties: 111, 411+ including minor injuries and Canadian injuries
Murders: 28
Major Injuries: 83 (1 being in Canada)
Sentence: 28 Life Sentences, 4230+ years (Including minor injuries) in prison (USA) 110+ years (Canada)
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2023.05.18 23:15 tajginyard Fort Carson Housing

Anybody here recently moved into on-post housing at Fort Carson? I PCS there in 2 weeks, just got put on the waitlist & was wondering about how long it took you to get a place.
My wife & daughter won’t be there for another 2 weeks after I process in so there’s some extra time in between thank the lord but I hear horror stories of being on the waitlist for months
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2023.05.18 18:57 F1R3POW3R North America Map (Described by a car guy)

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2023.05.17 20:00 NaTrave [Match Thread] Liga dos Campeões: Manchester City x Real Madrid

[Encerrado] Manchester City 4 x 0 Real Madrid

Gols Manchester City: Bernardo Silva (22/1T, 36/1T), Akanji (30/2T), Julián Álvarez (45/2T) Gols Real Madrid: N/D
Liga dos Campeões - Semifinal Estádio: City of Manchester Data: 17 de Maio de 2023, 16:00 Transmissão: TNT Sports, HBO MAX Link para Live Match Thread Post-Match Thread:ões_mancheste
Manchester City (3-6-1) Real Madrid (4-3-3)
Ederson, Walker, Rúben Dias, Akanji, Stones, Rodri, Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne (Foden), Gündogan (Mahrez), Grealish, Haaland (Julián Álvarez) Courtois, Carvajal (Lucas Vázquez), Éder Militão, Alaba, Camavinga (Tchouaméni), Kroos (Asensio), Valverde, Modric (Rüdiger), Rodrygo (Ceballos), Benzema, Vini Jr.
Suplentes: Suplentes:
Ortega, Carson, Rico Lewis, Laporte, Sergio Gómez, Kalvin Phillips, Palmer Lunin, Odriozola, Vallejo, Nacho Fernández, Mendy, Hazard, Mariano Díaz
Técnico: Pep Guardiola Técnico: Carlo Ancelotti
Arbitragem: Szymon Marciniak (Árbitro Principal)


Começa o Primeiro Tempo! 00/1T ROLA A BOLA! Começa o jogo no Etihad!! 05/1T OPA! Bernardo Silva cai no chão após dividida com Vinicius Junior e pede falta. Árbitro não marca. Na sequência, português empurra Kroos. Falta assinalada, para a ira de Haaland. 06/1T UH! De Bruyne acha ótimo passe para Haaland, que dribla Courtois e, sem ângulo, toca para trás! Ninguém aproveita. 07/1T DE NOVO! Rodri faz ótima jogada individual na entrada da área, driblando Kroos e chutando cruzado! Passou perto do gol! 11/1T BOA! Grealish e Gündogan trocam vários passes na ponta esquerda. A bola chega em Stones, na entrada da área, e ele arrisca o chute de fora. Courtois observa. 12/1T QUASE! Quase o gol do City! Grealish cruza na medida, Haaland cabeceia na pequena área, mas Courtois faz grande defesa! Alaba afasta na sequência! 18/1T UH! De Bruyne cobra falta sofrida por Gündogan e assusta o gol do Real Madrid! Passou perto... 20/1T DE NOVO ELE! Courtois salva de novo o Real Madrid! Depois da cobrança, Haaland sobe bonito e cabeceia firme, no contrapé, mas o goleiro espalma! 22/1TGol do Manchester City! Gol de Bernardo Silva! A bola finalmente entra! Lindo passe de De Bruyne entre Modric e Kroos. Bernardo aparece livre dentro da área e chuta colocado, do lado esquerdo de Courtois! 26/1T UUH! Bernardo Silva faz boa jogada e toca para Gündogan. Camisa 8 acha Haaland com mínimo de espaço. Norueguês puxa para a perna direita e chuta forte, mas longe do gol. 31/1T AH! Rodrygo acha ótimo passe para Vinicius Junior, mas Vini perde na corrida para Walker, que se posiciona melhor em relação à bola. 32/1T AH! Outro lindo passe em profundidade de Rodrygo. Desta vez, para Benzema. Ederson sai rápido do gol e fica com a bola. 34/1T UUUUH! Que bomba! Benzema toca para Kroos, que sotla um chutaço de muito longe! Bola explode no travessão! Seria um gol absurdo! 36/1TGol do Manchester City! Gol de novo de Bernardo Silva! Jogada pela esquerda. Grealish serve Gündogan, que chuta de canhota. A bola desvia em Militão e sobra limpa para Bernardo Silva cabecear para o gol! Exatamente no espaço que dava, logo acima de Alaba. 44/1T UH! Bernardo Silva puxa para o meio e tenta o chute de canhota. Finalização no meio do gol. 45/1T UH! Akanji chuta cruzado! Sorte do Real que a bola é desviada por Alaba! 45/1T FIM DE PAPO! Termina o primeiro tempo! 45/1T ⏱️ Termina o Primeiro Tempo!   Começa o Segundo Tempo! 00/2T BOLA ROLANDO! Começa o segundo tempo! 04/2T 🟨 Cartão amarelo para Rúben Dias, pela falta em Vinicius Junior. 05/2T UUUH! Alaba cobra direto no gol, e Ederson vai buscar no alto! 10/2T 🟨 Cartão amarelo para Carvajal, pela falta em Grealish. 16/2T OPA! Falta dura de Gündogan em Vinicius Junior. 17/2T 🟨 Cartão amarelo para Gündogan. 17/2T 🔃 Substituição no Real Madrid: SAIU: Modric, ENTROU: Rüdiger. 24/2T 🔃 Substituição no Real Madrid: SAIU: Kroos, ENTROU: Asensio. 27/2T INCRÍVEL! Gündogan toca de calcanhar para Haaland, que ajeita a bola e, livre de marcação, chuta de perna direita! Courtois evita mais um gol, e a bola ainda pega no travessão! 29/2T 🟨 Cartão amarelo para Camavinga. 30/2TGol do Manchester City! Gol de Akanji! De Bruyne cobra a falta, fechado. Akanji desvia de cabeça, e a bola pega em Éder Militão antes de entrar! 31/2T VALEU! Gol confirmado! 33/2T 🔃 Substituição no Manchester City: SAIU: Gündogan, ENTROU: Mahrez. 34/2T 🔃 Substituição no Real Madrid: SAIU: Camavinga, ENTROU: Tchouaméni. 34/2T 🔃 Substituição no Real Madrid: SAIU: Rodrygo, ENTROU: Ceballos. 34/2T 🔃 Substituição no Real Madrid: SAIU: Carvajal, ENTROU: Lucas Vázquez. 37/2T PEGOU! Que lance! Pressão total do Real Madrid! Ederson primeiro evita a finalização de Benzema e depois espalma o chutaço de Ceballos! 38/2T 🔃 Substituição no Manchester City: SAIU: De Bruyne, ENTROU: Foden. 43/2T 🔃 Substituição no Manchester City: SAIU: Haaland, ENTROU: Julián Álvarez. 45/2T 🟨 Cartão amarelo para Grealish. 45/2TGol do Manchester City! Gol de Julián Álvarez! Entrou, marcou! Que linda trama do City! Mahrez toca para Foden, que deixa Julián Álvarez na cara de Courtois! Aí fica fácil só deslocar o goleiro! 48/2T ACABOU! Fim de jogo! O Manchester City goleia o Real Madrid e vai disputar a final da Liga dos Campeões! 48/2T ⏱️ Termina o Segundo Tempo!   Fim de Jogo!
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2023.05.16 14:17 Space_Jeep Is this anything?

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2023.05.16 03:34 FreakShow1989 Where should I go next?

10 Year SSG
No deployments and getting off the trail
My choices are Bliss, Hood, Stewart, Drum, Campbell, JBLM, and Riley.
I really narrowed it down to Bliss and JBLM, I have never been to Bliss but I feel like it would be good for the family. I know it's Mech and I was Mech at Carson, it'll suck yes but what doesn't in the Army. I have been to JBLM 1-2 and did not like it much, I have the opportunity of going to 2-2 over on North Fort. I can hope that it will be better but to be I'd not let myself down. I have been to JBLM to Carson to Jackson and the grass is quite literally never greener I just reenlisted for 6 years so I have to just drive on. I got my health my PT is better I gain some experience through the years but 10-year slick sleeve 11B kind of bothers me a little I guess my question is out of those 2 what would you choose? I am a father of 4 and a husband just for a little more context.
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