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FitzyTV is an open Internet TV platform with Cloud DVR that allows users to aggregate their streaming TV channels into one interface, and allows content providers to launch new channels & streaming services without having to develop separate apps.

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We aim to become the reddit home of radiologists, radiographers, technologists, sonographers and lay-users interested in medical imaging.

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Welcome to ScientificNutrition! This subreddit has been created to serve as a neutral ground for exchanging and discussing scientific evidence relating to human nutrition. Importantly, this sub is not for people to request or provide ANY dietary, nutritional or medical advice. If you choose to comment and participate in the sub, scientific rigor is expected!

2023.05.30 14:16 uallsucktodeath Clarity on the legal position with respect to charging of service charge

I believe that to understand any governmental legal action, understanding the intent behind the same is of utmost importance to figure out whether there has been a violation of the guidelines or not. And also understanding the guidelines in great detail. I have tried to simplify all this for you and hope it helps.
A number of grievances were reported against mandatory levy of service charges by hotels and restaurants.
In pursuance of the same, and having taken note of, among other things, the following, the ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution issued guidelines (dated 21st April 2017), ‘Guidelines on fair trade practices related to charging of service charge from consumers by hotels/restaurants’.
a. Consumers were paying tip to waiters in addition of the service charges being charged, under the impression that service charges are a part of ‘taxes’. b. In some cases, hotels/restaurants restrained consumers from entering their premises if they were not in prior agreement to pay mandatory service charge.
Through the guidelines (https://consumeraffairs.nic.in/sites/default/files/file-uploads/latestnews/Guidelines.pdf), the government established the following:
a. The customer can only be charged the prices (along with applicable taxes) as displayed on the menu, as that is what he agrees (consents to) to pay by placing an order. He cannot be charged any additional charges than the ones stated on the menu (which may lead to the conclusion that if a hotel/restaurant places it on their menu as to what the service charges are to be paid by the customer, then the customer may be obligated to pay the same). b. Considering a customer’s mere entry to a hostel/restaurant amounting to his consent to pay a fixed amount of service charge is incorrect as a customer only decides whether to pay a tip or not after having completed his meal and assessing the quality of the services. Basically, the act of paying ‘service charges’ is associated with the ‘voluntariness’ of the customer based on his assessment of the services of the hotel/restaurant (is what I can interpret from the guidelines – the department basically intended to equate service charged to a tip paid by a customer – thereby clarifying that they are not a part of any ‘taxes’ – and also that it would be unfair for a customer to pay a tip above and beyond the service charges under the impression that the latter are a part of ‘taxes’ while actually tip and service charges are the same). c. The bill ‘may’ clearly display that services charge is voluntary, and service charge column may be left blank for the customer to fill it up before making the payment (usage of the word may implying that places are not yet obligated to display the same).
A number of grievances were registered on the national consumer helpline regarding levy of service charge by restaurants and hotels in the bill by default, without informing that same is voluntary and optional. The authority also noted that such service charge was being levied in addition to the total price of food items and taxes, in guise of some other fee or charge (thus, such charges neither being a part of the price of the food items or the charge of applicable taxes).
Thus, on 4th July 2022, central consumer protection authority issued the following guidelines to prevent unfair trade practices and protect consumers’ interest with regard to levy of service charge in hotels and restaurants (which are in addition to the ministry of consumer affair guidelines issued on 21.4.2017):
a. Similar to the ministry of consumer affairs, this authority also noted that the customer can only be charged the prices (along with applicable taxes) as displayed on the menu, as that is what he agrees (consents to) to pay by placing an order. He cannot be charged any additional charges than the ones stated on the menu (which may lead to the conclusion that if a hotel/restaurant places it on their menu as to what the service charges are to be paid by the customer, then the customer may be obligated to pay the same). b. A customer only decides whether to pay a tip or not after having completed his meal and assessing the quality of the services. c. Unlike the ministry of consumer affairs, this authority clearly stated that no hotel/restro ‘shall’: 1. add service charge automatically, 2. collect such charge under any other name, 3. force consumer to pay such charge 4. restrict entry or provision of services on basis of collection of service charge 5. add the service charge along with the food bill and levy GST on the entire amount (which can clearly be tallied by the consumer by crosschecking the prices on the bill with that in the menu) d. moreover, every hotel/restro ‘shall’ inform consumer that service charge is voluntary. e. The guidelines have also provided the recourse a consumer can take in case he feels there has been a violation of the same.
Now, let’s look at the interpretation of the courts of the guidelines issued and what the legal status of the guidelines is as of today:
Delhi high court: The National Restaurants Association of India even challenged the legality of the said guidelines.
Order dated July 20, 2022: stayed the operation of the CCPA guidelines till the next court order (discussed below, april 18, 2023 one) – basically meaning the guidelines won’t be operative and restaurants can charge the service charge (however, to do the same, restaurants must ensure that they display the obligation of the customer to pay such charges on the menu or other places). At the same time, it must be noted that, such service charge cannot be applied on take away items.
Order dated April 18, 2023:
a. Establishments must not show the order dated july 20, 2022 as meaning that service charge has been approved by the court.
So, basically, order dated July 20, 2022 is still applicable and continuing. And the matter regarding legality of the CCPA guidelines is still pending in court.
In conclusion: establishments can charge service charge if they display the same on their menu. Such charge is not applicable on take away orders.
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2023.05.30 14:15 glauciopedroza Sacramento Vending Machines

Legend Vending is a premier provider of Sacramento vending machines, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations in the area. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Legend Vending offers a wide selection of state-of-the-art vending machines that are stocked with a variety of snacks, beverages, and refreshments. Whether you're looking to provide a convenient snacking option for your employees or seeking to enhance the customer experience in your establishment, Legend Vending has you covered. Their vending machines are equipped with advanced features such as touchscreens, cashless payment options, and real-time inventory tracking, ensuring a seamless and efficient vending experience. Legend Vending takes pride in delivering exceptional service, maintaining their machines regularly, and promptly restocking them with popular and high-quality products. They understand the importance of customization, and their team works closely with clients to tailor the vending machine offerings to match specific preferences and dietary requirements. With Legend Vending, businesses in Sacramento can elevate their refreshment solutions, providing convenience, satisfaction, and a touch of modernity to their premises. Experience the excellence of Legend Vending and enjoy the convenience and variety that their Sacramento vending machines bring to your location.
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2023.05.30 14:15 vijay-tech Knife Hit

Knife Hit
The popular smartphone game "Knife Hit" involves the user throwing knives at a revolving target. The goal is to hit the target while avoiding any of the previously thrown knives. The target's speed increases as the game proceeds, making it increasingly difficult to shoot precisely.
The gameplay usually consists of tapping the screen to throw a knife, and if the throw is successful, the knife sticks into the target. Power-ups and special targets provide extra points or bonuses in some versions of the game.

"Knife Hit" frequently uses varied themes and designs for the targets, giving the gameplay visual variation. It's a basic but addicting game that puts players' reflexes, precision, and timing to the test. Knife Hit is a fun game of reflexes and skills in which you must show off your knife throwing skills! During each challenge you must throw all of your knives into a rotating board - you cannot hit any other knives or any other object that is attached to the spinning board. The gameplay usually consists of tapping the screen to throw a knife, and if the throw is successful, the knife sticks into the target. The game is over if a knife collides with another knife or any of the obstacles on the target. Power-ups and special targets provide extra points or bonuses in some versions of the game.
Release Date
Initially released as mobile apps in January 2018 and on the next month, February 2018, the game is available to be played online.
Game Platform
Web browser (desktop and mobile)
This game was developed by Kyriakos Farris that was inspired by the game from Ketch app.
Features of the game
Increasing challenge in each level
Endless gameplay
Apples to hit and work as a scoring system
Cool sound effects
Smooth knife physics
The game is playable in full screen
Use the left mouse button to throw the knife.
#Androidgames#Dorematrix #
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2023.05.30 14:15 uietc User Generated Patches?

I want to map out a self program that allows me to engage with other players and environments and manage how my user generated quests are managed and I have concepts of how I grow within my skill trees. Yet, I feel like I lack storage capacity for such a feat and I do not know if I need to send a ticket to admins for the allowance of such pursuits.
Earlier in the young adult stage of my player history, I noticed the condition of my environment was impacting my focus on other tasks so I created a prompt to buff and orient my focus to other tasks deserving of my attention.
A little afterwards, when my hardware was in danger of both crashing and losing saved progress, I learned the benefits of logging off and performed better afterwards.
When income improved, I mapped out actions to improve the quality of my hardware and received positive feedback from guild mates and clan members.
With each acknowledgement and pursuit of new goals came goal oriented programming. However, each pursuit stacks in priority if I am able to adopt it into my lifestyle, making plans in mention feel difficult to implement. Also, as a result of the priorities stacking, I am under the impression that I have lost capacities to manage prior programming.
Currently, I run skill checks and corrections to make sure I am ready to log on in spite of former processes receiving less attention. The more time I take to ruminate over skill trees I want to progress through, the more out of reach this grand pursuit feels.
Is the pursuit for this scale of programming advisable?
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2023.05.30 14:15 Select-Lunch2280 Another Arranged Marriage after reading one here recently

Spending 5 mins to read this would help you immensely who are looking for AM. This is my arranged marriage experience in which I went with the first match I ever got and eventually had to call off the engagement after 9 months and 2 months before the wedding. It's a long post but worth reading as it's an eye opener for me and everyone who ignores red flag or don't discuss things beforehand.
About My family background,
I am 28 years old male from tier 1 city and with father being a well known doctor of the town and mom being retired government office, bhai being a manager in IT in US and got married to bhabhi who's a doctor and is a US citizen. I have generational wealth of around 30-35 cr and still my parent's and everyone else works , parents being 65+ doesn't like to sit idle, mom's pension is more than many people's salaries and dad is still continuing his practice. Education or income-wise I am the least of my family even after earning in dollars and having MS so that's how we stand as family. Now showing off anything just shared to understand the difference between the both families.
Background of the girl I got engaged last year,
Her father is ITI engineer something who left his job long time back and now unemployed as her relatives kicked them out of their family business for xyz reasons, her mother is homemaker but everyone on my side have noticed some psychological issues which got verified as they never let me or my family interact with her more than Hi or Hello. Her younger sister couldn't even clear BCom which is I won't judge but is bare minimum for kids these days. Coming to the Girl, she's a gold medalist from my bachelor's university and works in the same city in IT like me. They live in the house which their grandparents made and looked like they won't have more than 20-25 lacs as savings and her parents are sitting idle. She's the highest earner or have the most education of her family.
How I got engaged,
One day my parents got a call from my direct uncle who lives in my hometown, he informed us that the girl's parents have approached them for a match and I always wanted arranged marriage so I asked parents to decide, they're like see if you find things okay and we met at a coffee shop for 1-1.5 hrs and things were fine as I had no such expectation from her family and they seemed fine with it, we did ask some of dad's friends who are doctors in the same town and lives nearby them and everyone gave positive reports for her and we met after 3 days of the first meeting for Roka ceremony and after the ceremony I drove her to our kuldevi temple and guess the first word from her that she can't wear heels as I am 5.5 and she may look taller, I starightup found that she's not the one for me but I thought maybe I am overthinking and all so ignored.
Now as the engagement preparations started, my parents wanted to do it in the facility my village has but the girl asked me that she had dreams about her engagement and in proper banquet hall pics would come nice so I again got blind and fought with my parents and arranged a lavish engagement ceremony in which she designed all the decorations. I wanted to postpone the engagement as covid was on peak and many of my relatives didn't wanted to travels but again I got fooled for her engagement dream, I got it done without 30-40 of my close relatives. During the engagement my dad heard her dad saying that "humne to bahot bada hath mara hai", these were the exact word which dad told me and my family after things were down.
Fast forward , We purchased a hefty bungalow for us to stay in the city where we both work and the bungalow would take time to get ready so we purchased a ready to move in flat, at this time she asked me to get a fully furnished one so that no one has to face troubles which I confronted very well saying it's utter selfish of her to ask me to get a fully furnished while we'll be staying there for 5-6 months max as the new bungalow was getting ready. Even her father asked me 5 times to get fully furnished by the time I was so sure that it's all about money and their comfort they're looking for.
Now we sold an ancestorial land which is again a hefty amount as we plan to buy another in another area and then her father asks me to buy a land near highway and open a restaurant so that her younger daughter who couldn't do BCom started doing Chef courses, I was so sure that this won't work anymore. I wanted to switch jobs as I got higher pay and she got offended saying it's not a wise move and all, things started going more down and now the marriage time came in and she asked me that she'll take a loan and asked me to contribute as well pay just because she doesn't want her father to stress about wedding expenses and asked me if I can contribute , I said clear no. wedding planning started and she again informs me that she wants to gift her dad a new car as he has struggled so much in his life and wanted me to pay for the car loan which again I refused, I was already ordering them Zomato 3-4 times a week and her parents has diabetes, obese and all for which they took medicines from my dad's hospital on regular basis but never controlled their diet which bothered me. They used to eat double cheese grilled sandwich and thick shake at 65+ age "after dinner", (which I can't eat at 28) and then take medicines from my dad, We're like fine it's not our thing to speak with.
As I said that I won't get a fully furnished flat, I won't pay for the wedding loans for or I won't pay for her dad's car gift she started fighting over I don't take care of her parents or I don't care for her sister and all, things went so bad I went no contact and I explained everything to my family that for the last 4-5 months I am not feeling happy as everything she wanted was my resources to level up her family's lifestyle and I honestly never felt like she really tried to understand me or bond with me.
I had 1 week log discussion with my family and got back to the same people who now says that they never felt that they deserve your family but we didn't say negative as we were already in the process. Fine, We called and called of the wedding and asked to get gifts exchanged which we got to know that the jewelry they've put on interest to some jewelers and that took us a while to got everything back. No parties said anything but I feel extremely happy and relaxed and I feel my life is back on track.
I feel sorry for the girl as she was family oriented and is a working professional but I only blame her father for not being productive enough have not planned his family's future and considering her daughters as his retirement plans. He absolutely have no idea that he put so much pressure on the girl that she was forced to take decisions which usually kids don't take, living and planning life should be his thing , girl is not supposed to fulfil his dreams. Everyday she talked 1 hr about how her father struggled and deserves a new car and deserves a stay in my new bungalow. Her words were "Relationships are based on equality", to which I replied , yes equality comes at every place, all she and her family did was "free" care and wanted equality in "paid" things.
My takeaways:
Now I am talking to our neighbor's daughter who is my friend since birth and she throughout has supported me through this traumatic phase and equally understood what went wrong here and to be honest we don't have any mismatches even in the slightest things.
TL;DR : I am not looking to downgrade anyone here but I am stating what I learned things Hardway and I would be happy if I can help at least one of us from falling into things like I did. I am not against the girl , I am against the father who's unemployment and wishes to have cagifts from his daughter. Instead of crying out in front of your daughter so they get fooled to do their duties for you, work hard and make a life of your dreams so that your daughters doesn't have to deal with your issues. I still feel sorry for the girl as she had to do things as her father used to cry in front of her for his failures. I surely have made my mistakes by not clearing things before or not even realizing things after the engagement and I deserve this traumatic experience which made me forget how to trust someone.
This may trigger some opinions but what I concluded was "parents should be independent, kids are there to help in emergencies but you can't expect them to do everything". I feel the issues were not with her, issues were with her dad who didn't earn enough to sponsor her daughter's expenses and counts her as his retirement plan.
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2023.05.30 14:14 Swag_Paladin21 [Partially lost] A YouTube channel that I used to be subscribed to, but now seems to no longer exist

So sometime last night, I was on my phone scrolling through my YouTube subscription tab, when I suddenly noticed that a channel that I was subscribed to had changed itself entirely, deleting almost everything from its account (save for its profile pic), and now has “Closed_Channel772” as its name.
(Using the YouTube handle to make finding this channel easier for anybody reading this)
While I have no clue what this channel was originally called, nor what it was made for, I do know that the image that was used for this channel’s profile picture seems to be a screenshot that was taken from a Nintendo game (possibly a Kirby game, given how familiar the sprite behind the shining blue star looks to me.)
Aside from the profile picture, the statistics on the channel itself say that it joined YouTube on August 14th of 2020 and that it had over 446,033 views in total (before everything got deleted)
I tried to use the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive website to help me out here, but to no avail, as it seems that this channel wasn’t archived on that site.
Provided below is the link that will take you towards said channel:
It’s not much, but I hope it provides at least some sort of clue as to what this channel originally was before everything got deleted.
I appreciate any sort of help that I could get here. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 14:14 PeterLoew88 Dealing with chronic mild pain / tingling / arm numbness from cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve) -- but worried it's due to degenerative disk compression in my neck. Looking for suggestions, advice, etc., as PT hasn't been making any difference.

Hey all, sorry for the long post but I wanted to provide as much helpful detail as possible.
I'm a 34 year old male, ~200lb, always been athletic and been into working out, and there have been times I've gone really heavy with barbell overhead press relative to my weight (205lb+) which I suspect may be part of the issue here.
Back in February I was on a 6-day training split, perhaps over-training somewhat, and I began to notice a tingling numb sort of feeling radiating from my right shoulder down my forearm and into my thumb, index, and middle finger. It felt like a mild version of the pins and needles tingling you get when you sleep on your arm. At first, i figured it was just tendonitis from working out. Certain angles aggravated it more, e.g. if I was walking on the incline treadmill at the gym and raised my right arm to grip the handles at shoulder height, that would cause it to flare up. During my workouts it didn't really bother me, but especially after chest or shoulder exercises, the next day it would feel worse.
After a week and a half without progress, I went to an orthopedic doctor who ordered x-rays. He said the one disk in my neck (i think around C5? but can't remember) showed some early signs of degeneration. When I looked at the x-ray photo I could see the specific disk he was referring to looked slightly angled. He also told me my neck was curved the opposite direction it's supposed to be -- instead of a "c" shape, it was curved inversely to a mild degree, something he said they often see in athletes, but which I suspect is a combination of years of poor slouched form at my computer combined with working out and not warming up enough or going too heavy overhead.
He didn't think either of these factors were too alarming, fairly common as people age/with athletes, but said it could get worse, and he suspected the tingling I was feeling down my arm was due to that degenerative disk potentially bulging out and pinching the nerve in my neck which causes those tingly sensations.
He suggested PT, and referred me to their in-house spine specialist, who i later followed up with and agreed that nothing about my x-ray alarmed him and both conditions were pretty common. The spine specialist told me if the PT hasn't helped by the end of June, he's going to order an MRI to see what's going on, as I guess they can reveal more than x-rays.
I've been seeing the physical therapist with essentially no progress. He's having me do a lot of mid trapezoid exercises and imo, this issue has to do with my neck so I feel like he's not really focusing on the right areas. He gave me some exercises to do at home - a flossing exercise and a door frame body weight pulling motion - but neither seem to really target the area where I'm feeling the tightness. If I tilt my head backward so my eyes are facing the ceiling, or "tuck it in" (basically pull my chin inward), both of these movements IMMEDIATELY cause the nerve pain to flare up in my arm so I'm 99.9% sure it's a trapped nerve or spine issue with my neck and not my traps. However, I did see a massage therapist who could feel a pinched nerve around my right shoulder blade and said it kept moving around as she tried to "work it out", so maybe it's a combination of both neck and trap?
I'm sort of exhausted dealing with this for going on 3 months, and I'm starting to get neck tightness and soreness quite often, for example sometimes if I sleep on my pillow at the wrong angle I'll wake up with the issue much worse.
TL;DR -- I was wondering if anyone here has general advice/input/recommendations on my situation. I do have the follow-up spine specialist appointment at the end of this month but I'm tempted to ask them to move it up and mention how the neck pain has been flaring up. I have been really scaling back the intensity of my workouts and going light on anything overhead (basically avoiding barbell overhead press altogether), which is frustrating since working out is so important to me, but I don't want the issue to worsen.
Has anyone else dealt with this / does anyone have recommendations or advice on things I could do to help revert and heal the issue? Would a chiropractor be a good idea?
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2023.05.30 14:14 Pure_Economics_4931 Best Linkedin Email Extractor Software For Lead Generation In Ireland

Why Is Linkedin Email Extractor Software Important For Lead Generation In Ireland?

LinkedIn Email Extractor software can be important for lead generation in Ireland due to the following reasons:
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  3. Personalized outreach: Personalization is a key factor in successful lead generation. A LinkedIn Email Extractor software often provides additional information along with email addresses, such as names, job titles, or company details. This data enables you to personalize your outreach efforts, tailor your messages to the specific needs and interests of each lead, and increase the chances of engagement and conversion.
  4. Direct communication channel: Email is a widely accepted and effective communication channel for business purposes. By using a LinkedIn Email Extractor software, you gain access to email addresses extracted from LinkedIn profiles, allowing you to establish direct communication with potential leads in Ireland. This direct communication enables you to convey your message more personally, provide detailed information about your products or services, and build relationships with prospects.
  5. Enhanced lead quality: LinkedIn hosts a professional user base that includes individuals in various industries and key positions within organizations. By using a LinkedIn Email Extractor software, you can target and extract email addresses from profiles of decision-makers or influential professionals in Ireland. This improves lead quality by connecting you with individuals who have the authority and ability to make purchasing decisions or influence others within their networks.
  6. Compliance with LinkedIn policies: When using a LinkedIn Email Extractor software, it is crucial to adhere to LinkedIn's terms of service and respect user privacy. Ensure that you use the software responsibly, in line with LinkedIn's policies regarding data extraction and user consent.

Best Linkedin Email Extractor Software For Lead Generation In Ireland

LeadFoxy is the Best Linkedin Email Extractor Software For Lead Generation In Ireland. Best Lead generation tool helps us to reach our targeted customers. The Best Lead Generation Tool makes our potential customers as paying customers. LeadFoxy helps us to generate potential leads. Here we discuss about the key services of LeadFoxy :
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2023.05.30 14:14 In_Yellow_Clad The Monolith -- 2/3

4 Hours Later
The shock of our first experiences aboard the Monolith, or rather, Sanctum Installation Theta, was finally wearing off. The trillions of souls under our feet, who had entrusted their existence and survival to this synthetic intelligence was not something we had ever theorized about. Sure we’d pondered if it was perhaps some sort of supersized warship considering the ease with which it dispatched threats to its continued existence, but a colony ship? Never once had that crossed our minds.
While Frowl and the others argued about what to do, the majority simply wanting to let the ship be on its way, while Frowl and his yes-men wanted to try and take control of the ship and integrate the colonists into the Hegemony, either as peers or as something worse. I tried not to think of my people and government being okay with going down that path, and I didn’t think it’d even be possible either considering the extreme differences in power and numbers that these Terrans possessed. So while all that was happening, I decided to break away from the group and take a look around, see what, if anything, there was to see beyond the strange flora.
I found many a strange thing, I soon passed into what seemed to be some sort of tunnel passage at the bottom of a flight of stairs, and instead of looking at the human passengers I saw something else. Large ships, many of which were battered and bruised, or at least that’s how they seemed. But even as I walked along and observed them, it was clear they were being repaired. Machines of all shapes and sizes flitted about, removing armor or system components and replacing them, fabricating what was needed on the spot after recycling the damaged parts.
It was fascinating to watch, I hadn’t ever really paid attention to starships before and these ones were incredibly elegant, almost fragile looking, yet the thickness of the armor, the brutal size of the guns suggested that their fragility was a mere facade of lies. I moved on and went searching for something else, only to find what looked to be a nursery of some sort. Much like the stasis pods below my feet… or off to my sides, wherever they were, this place was filled with pods. Each one contained what was clearly an infant, each pod was carefully marked with name and parentage, so that they could be retrieved once revived. It felt a little sinister honestly, but I suppose they were required to use a different form of stasis for the infants than they would for adults.
Eventually my journeys took me back to the ‘surface’ and I decided it was time for a chat with Nyxtia.It seems as though the Intelligence wanted the same, as my PDA was promptly pinged and given directions to a much smaller interface system, though it was no less dramatic than the larger one. In under a minute I stood before a more reasonably sized avatar and she, at least I still assumed it was a she, regarded me with curiosity.
“So… Uh… Nyxtia right?” I said, feeling suddenly awkward.
“Affirmation: That is my name, yes.”
“Right, so… This Cataclysm thing, what could drive an entire species to flee their home galaxy?” I asked, and watched as her head tilted slightly and she presumably gathered the appropriate data for a response.
“Elucidation: The Cataclysm is/was a trans-dimensional incident provoking a galactic wide extinction event originating from the galactic center.”
“Okay, but that doesn’t really explain what it actually was, just what it did.” I say, and the Intelligence opened her mouth before snapping it shut.
“Affirmation: That statement is correct. Further elucidation: During the midpoint of Galactic Standard Year 229105, or Terran Earth Standard of 4902, the galaxy was embroiled in a galaxy wide conflict between sixteen warring nations, humanity included. Humanity and their allies were not the aggressors, in fact they had all attempted to remain neutral as at the start of the conflict things had been fairly small scale. Skirmishes mostly. However as the warring members called upon ancient treaties, more and more nations were forced into the conflict till the entire galaxy was at war. Humanity and their allies attempted on several occasions to broker a peace, or at the very least a cease fire so cooler heads might prevail. They did not succeed.” Nyxtia paused, as though catching her breath and allowed me to digest this chunk of information.
“Continuation: As a result of humanity and their allies being dragged into the conflict, and the overwhelming power of said nations, the first aggressors attempted to enact drastic solutions to the power disparity. They created an installation meant to harness the power of the supermassive blackhole at the center of the galaxy. For 2.2 picoseconds, they succeeded. However their systems soon ran out of control, all attempts at shutdown failed and as a result when the installation destroyed itself, it tore open a trans-dimensional gateway. From this gateway emerged a species that could not be classified as any one thing. Pure energy, organic, synthetic, it was all of these things and yet none of them.”
I tried to comprehend such a creature and found I could not. But thankfully Nyxtia had me covered, as she presented me with a hologram of one of these creatures. It looked like some sort of biped, though the arms were far too long and as a result the lifeform was forced to use their hands as part of their locomotion. They were skeletal, yet that didn’t seem to make them fragile. Their form was blurry as well, as though it wasn’t truly in this dimension at all, but merely some sort of projection. At times it looked purely synthetic, others entirely organic and lastly pure energy, yet the general shape never really changed.
“Continuation: The entities, labeled Warpscreamers by Humanity for their ability to warp reality at their whim whenever they screamed, proved to be a particularly challenging foe to both kill and contain. It did not help that within the first few weeks after the inciting incident, the Warpscreamers were able to spread unchecked and decimated the Klexi Imperium, rendering them practically extinct. As a result of this discovery, and subsequent hostile first contacts with the Warpscreamers, the galaxy forgot their earlier animosity and attempted to unify against the threat.”
Again she paused and let me digest the information, doing my best to ignore the growing volume of the others as they argued. “And did it work? Did they manage to contain these Warpscreamers?” I ask, and Nyxtia shook her head.
“Negative: Containment failed to be effective, and all attempts at simply destroying the entities proved too costly. Hence the Sanctum Project was created. Since the enemy could not be destroyed utterly, it was decided that all surviving species would flee the galaxy and leave it to the enemy. What military forces were able to be provided were stationed along the containment border, to hold back the enemy advances for as long as possible. As a result of their sacrifices, the Sanctum Project bore fruit. As the surviving species boarded the Installations, the naval forces retreated, simply fleeing back to their respective Installations and entered stasis. However at that time, it was discovered that the Warpscreamers required organic life to exist, to feed on, and would not be able to make the journey between galaxies, so a last… As one human admiral put it 'One last fuck you', was devised. When the colony ships evacuated the galaxy, a weapon was launched towards the center of the galaxy, and the payload caused the black hole to expand unrestrained for a time, slowly but surely consuming the galaxy. As the Warpscreamers were unaffected by the black hole itself, they could do little to stop the destruction of their food source and the gateway as well resulted in them presumably starving to death. However this of course means that there is nothing left for the survivors to return to, hence why we are here.”
I shuddered at the thought of destroying an entire galaxy simply to make an unbeatable foe starve to death. How long would that even take? Who knew, it wasn’t like these Terrans, or humans, had bothered to keep an eye on things. I could understand that though, they’d been so desperate in their escape that they weren’t thinking about anything else except how to make the enemy suffer for what they’d done.
But now I knew why they had come here, the reasoning was sound and I felt nothing but sympathy for these displaced souls. But a question lingered, one that needed answering.
“Alright… So, why haven’t you awoken them from stasis and got to colonizing the galaxy?” I asked, and again Nyxtia seemed at a loss for words.
“Elucidation: Unexpected spatial phenomenons detected approximately 3.2 million years ago necessitated immediate and drastic course changes. Result: Target galaxy bypassed, unable to backtrack due to continued spatial anomalies. Colonization plan altered: New target galaxy chosen. Duration of dark space traversal extended by 1 million years. Result: Severe degradation of colony production modules and terraforming equipment. Addendum: SEVERE FAULT DETECTED in Synthetic Intelligence essential programs, unable to execute colonization and terraforming procedures. Synthetic Intelligence Self Repair Programs corrupted, unable to execute. Revert to wanderer protocols, ensure safety of colonists at all costs.”
Well now that explained it, it-no, SHE was unable to execute the protocols and programs required to do anything after arriving in this galaxy, and so had been forced to just wander aimlessly. And the ability to reawaken some of the colonists to affect repairs and begin the colonization process was probably locked behind the terraforming and colony building portion of things. It was an amateur mistake, but I could not fault them for making it, they had been desperate and desperate minds make the most basic and obvious mistakes.
I had to replay the statement that they’d been traversing space for so long, such a long period of time to be asleep, or alone for that matter. How Nyxtia had managed to stay sane was beyond me.
I was going to begin asking about human culture when Nyxtia suddenly vanished and returned to the main group, so I felt I should probably do the same. By the time I arrived Frowl was embroiled in a heated argument with Nyxtia, who managed to keep her voice steady and monotone the entire time.
“You are clearly malfunctioning! Release your command codes to me this instant!”
“Request: Denied.”
“Insufferable program! Do you know who I am? You cannot compare to my intellect! You are inferior!”
“Affirmation: You are Grand Investigator Frowl’erreek’Pelk of the Onkren Hegemony. Incorrect Statement: I can both compare to and outperform your intellect. Conclusion: Synthetic Intelligence Nyxtia is superior to organic construct Frowl’erreek’Pelk. Request to hand over command codes and control of Sanctum Installation Theta: DENIED. Declaration: Further attempts to take control of this installation by any means will result in the non-lethal expulsion of all non-human organisms not classified as livestock. Statement: This is your final warning.”
Oh well now that didn’t sound good, at least she’d get rid of us in a non-lethal manner. Frowl looked ready to burst a blood vessel, and was about to continue trying to bully Nyxtia into compliance when something new rose from the floor. There were twenty of them in total, and looked to be clad in primitive plate armor that was similar to the things other species had used. However it was clear that they were entirely synthetic, as I could see the delicate machinery beneath the armor. They all wore black capes over the gleaming silver armor, their helmets horned and savage looking while they held a large spear weapon in one hand. They did not move, but from the visors I could see their optics, the same violet as the ever-present glow in the sky, peering intently at us. Frowl, who I was now realizing was a massive idiot, didn’t seem to get the message.
“You are in Onkren territory! Your passengers are subject to our laws and we will-”
“You will what?” Nyxtia spoke, for once not prefacing her speech. Her voice had also lowered to a menacing whisper, and it was enough to silence Frowls idiotic demands. “You will take this installation by force? Please, don’t make me laugh. Your species is nothing but a collection of savage primitives compared to the majesty of my creators. Do you really think you could succeed where so many others have failed and since been forgotten? Do you thi-” She went still, shuddering before jolting upright. We were all confused by this, but the machine warriors seemed to sense something was happening as they turned and knelt, facing away from us and the group.
There was the hiss of escaping air and the sound of machinery coming to life. From the floor rose a stasis pod, then another and another, each one looked different when compared to the pods we had all seen earlier, and I wondered as to the significance of this. I got an answer to any questions I had when the pods opened and beleaguered humans sat up, groaning and rubbing their faces. Up close as we are now I was able to get a better idea of their appearance, as up till this point we’d not seen any images of them anywhere.
Tall, that was the first thing I noticed. They were tall, taller than many of the species in our galaxy. They lacked fur or scales, though they had tufts of fur upon their heads and some even on their faces. Picking apart the sexes was easy, as they were clearly mammalian, we had several mammalian species in our galaxy. Compared to the humans we could just barely see in the pods before, it was clear these ones were important or perhaps of a higher caste than the others, considering they wore what appeared to be uniforms of some kind. Black fabrics with golden trim and an insignia upon the breast labeled them as part of an organization, though the clearly militaristic nature of the outfit suggested they were military and not civilian.
Surprisingly they seemed perfectly at ease in what should have been a toxic atmosphere. If possible, I would have to ask about that, though perhaps something had been given to them before they woke that made their bodies tolerate the inhospitable air.
Then they finally noticed us, and they went still as their gazes took in every detail. It was unnerving, like a beast on our homeworld sizing up their next meal. Finally the lead human looked away and up towards Nyxtia and spoke in a strange, guttural tone, their voice hoarse from so long in stasis. But after clearing their throat a few times they started to sound more normal, not that I knew what normal sounded like for their species.
She spoke to them carefully, almost reverently and then reached down with a clawed finger, the tip of the claw gently touching the top of their head. With a barely visible jolt the human grimaced then looked back towards our group. With a little sound that i presumed was the human clearing their throat, a necessary action after so long in stasis, they spoke.
“As the current representative of humanity, I welcome you to our Installation. Though based on what Nyxtia has told me, you’d rather it be your Installation. Is that correct?” He said, a mirror materializing in his hand as he looked himself over, grimacing at how wild his hair looked.
“That is correct! I am Grand Inve-”
“Investigator Frowl’erreek’Pelk, of the Onkren Hegemony. Yes I know. However, that doesn’t sound like you are an ambassador of any kind, am I correct in that assumption?” The human’s voice, which had been polite, now took on a somewhat harder tone. Frowl, not used to being talked to in such a manner, sputtered a moment.
“Well I suppo-”
“You suppose not. As I figured. Instead what you really are is a scientist, and one who I gather is more concerned with keeping their ego inflated as much as possible and raking in money than actually doing anything scientific these days. Since this is the case, the Terran Confederacy hereby exercises its right to demand an audience with a qualified representative of the Onkren Hegemony. Until one arrives, we rescind visitation privileges to any non-confederacy citizens till talks have begun between our two nations.”
Frowl was still sputtering, and from the way his plumage was starting to puff up I could tell he was about to do something incredibly stupid.
“N-Now you listen here, you ap-” Frowl began, and the human closed the distance in an instant, grabbing Frowl by the front of his clothes, lifting him off his feet and up to eye level.
“No, you listen to me. You come here and claim we are now part of your little club. You don’t even bother to wake us up to ask if we’d even want to join you. You believe you know what’s best, that we’ll just blindly go along with whatever you decide simply because you think you’re better than us. But here’s the thing, you’re not. So step aside, shut up and send us your species appointed representative or so help me we’ll-” He was stopped by a slender hand on his shoulder and he looked behind himself at one of his companions, a woman I assumed based on the longer hair and protrusions on her chest. She shook her head and almost immediately the human set Frowl down, smoothing out my bosses attire in a somewhat friendly manner. But the outburst had made its point and Frowl did not speak out of turn again.
“My apologies, I’ve never agreed with stasis and from the sound of things I’ve been asleep a long time. Stasis makes me grouchy you see, short tempered. I hope you understand?” The human said, and Frowl nodded quickly in assent. At this the human smiled, doing his best to not show teeth, though I unfortunately caught just a flash of them. “Excellent. Then please, relay our request for proper first contact to be observed. We won’t move a muscle, so to speak.” The human glanced at me and for a moment I was frozen in place.
“Oh, and Mr. Aqtul, you’re free to stay. You are the only one that’s shown genuine curiosity and proper respect for the rights of an unknown species and Nyxtia vouches for you. So, welcome aboard, glad to have you around.” This shocked me and I glanced up towards Nyxtia, who only smiled softly at me. Frowl nearly started to sputter again but caught himself as the human shot him a look.
With all that out of the way, the machine warriors escorted my boss and the others back to their ship, which soon took off and left the way it had come, leaving me alone with these Terrans. For a time I felt unease, but as it turned out, these humans are actually pretty nice. And as more and more of them were revived by those already awake, I became the center of attention. I was asked so many questions, the scientists amongst them constantly asked for scans and their near rabid curiosity was actually rather endearing. At least none of them asked if they could get blood or tissue samples.
And so began my stay aboard the Monolith, where I would learn much about my hosts.
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2023.05.30 14:14 kayakero A2 Hosting vs Bluehost Comparison & Review

A2 Hosting vs Bluehost Comparison & Review
When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, two popular options that often come up in discussions are A2 Hosting and Bluehost. Both companies have been in the web hosting industry for many years and offer a range of hosting services. In this comparison, we'll take a closer look at A2 Hosting and Bluehost to help you make an informed decision.

Performance and Reliability:

Performance and reliability are crucial factors to consider when choosing a web host. A2 Hosting has built a strong reputation for its exceptional speed and uptime. They utilize solid-state drives (SSDs), Turbo Servers, and an optimized server configuration to deliver fast loading times for websites. A2 Hosting also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website stays online and accessible to visitors.
Bluehost, on the other hand, also provides reliable performance, although it may not match the speed of A2 Hosting. Bluehost's servers are generally well-maintained and provide satisfactory loading times. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well, ensuring minimal downtime for your website.

Hosting Plans and Features:

Both A2 Hosting and Bluehost offer a variety of hosting plans to cater to different needs. A2 Hosting provides shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. They also offer specialized hosting options like reseller hosting and optimized WooCommerce hosting. A2 Hosting's plans come with features like free SSL certificates, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and easy-to-use control panels.
Similarly, Bluehost offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. They have different tiers within each hosting category, allowing you to choose a plan based on your website's requirements. Bluehost provides features like free SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, and user-friendly control panels.

Ease of Use:

Both A2 Hosting and Bluehost strive to provide a user-friendly experience for their customers. They offer intuitive control panels (A2 Hosting uses cPanel, while Bluehost has its own customized panel) that allow you to manage your hosting account efficiently. Setting up and managing websites, domains, and email accounts is relatively straightforward with both providers.

Customer Support:

Customer support is an essential aspect of any web hosting service. A2 Hosting has a solid reputation for its reliable and responsive customer support. They offer 24/7/365 support through various channels, including live chat, phone, and ticket-based systems. A2 Hosting's support team is knowledgeable and strives to assist customers promptly.
Bluehost also provides 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and ticketing systems. While they have made efforts to improve their support in recent years, there have been mixed reviews regarding the quality and response times of their support team.


Pricing is often a significant factor in choosing a web hosting provider. A2 Hosting's pricing is competitive, with plans starting from affordable rates. They offer various billing cycles, allowing you to choose between monthly and longer-term plans. A2 Hosting also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to try their services risk-free.
Bluehost's pricing is also reasonably competitive, especially considering the features and resources they offer. Like A2 Hosting, they offer different billing cycles and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Overall, while A2 Hosting and Bluehost offer similar services, there are some differences to consider. A2 Hosting excels in terms of performance and speed, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize website loading times. On the other hand, Bluehost offers a reliable hosting experience with a wide range of hosting options and user-friendly features.
Ultimately, the choice between A2 Hosting and Bluehost depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors such as performance, hosting plans, ease of use, customer support, and pricing when making your decision. It's also worth considering your website's requirements in terms of resources, scalability, and any specific features you may need.
If you anticipate high traffic volumes or have resource-intensive websites or applications, A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers and SSDs can provide a significant performance boost. They also offer advanced hosting options like VPS and dedicated servers for greater control and customization.
Bluehost, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface and beginner-friendly features. If you're new to web hosting or prefer a more intuitive control panel, Bluehost's customized panel may be a better fit for you. They also have a strong emphasis on WordPress hosting, providing optimized solutions for WordPress websites.
When it comes to scalability, both A2 Hosting and Bluehost offer room for growth. A2 Hosting's various hosting options allow you to easily upgrade to a higher plan as your website expands. Bluehost, too, provides scalable solutions with their VPS and dedicated server offerings.
In terms of additional features, both providers offer free SSL certificates, which are essential for securing your website and gaining visitors' trust. A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers and Bluehost's resource protection features can help maintain optimal performance even during traffic spikes.
While A2 Hosting and Bluehost have similar uptime guarantees, it's worth noting that there have been occasional reports of downtime with Bluehost. However, it's important to keep in mind that uptime can vary depending on server loads, maintenance, and other factors.


A2 Hosting and Bluehost are both reputable web hosting providers with their own strengths and weaknesses. A2 Hosting stands out for its exceptional speed and performance, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize website loading times. Bluehost, on the other hand, offers a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners, with a focus on WordPress hosting.
Before making your final decision, it's recommended to thoroughly assess your website's specific needs and consider factors such as performance, hosting plans, ease of use, customer support, and pricing. You may also find it helpful to read reviews and compare the experiences of other users who have used A2 Hosting and Bluehost for similar purposes.
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2023.05.30 14:14 Douglas_Baltazar 5 Types of Home Battery Backup Systems and Which One is Right for You

As the demand for renewable energy sources continues to grow, more and more homeowners are turning to home battery backup systems to store excess energy generated by their solar panels. These systems not only provide a reliable source of backup power during outages, but also help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. In this article, we will explore the five types of home battery backup systems and help you determine which one is right for your home.

1. Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of home battery backup system. They are affordable and reliable, but have a shorter lifespan compared to other types of batteries. These batteries are also heavy and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. However, they are a good option for homeowners on a budget who want a basic backup power system.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their high energy density and longer lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries. They are also lightweight and require minimal maintenance. However, they are more expensive than lead-acid batteries and may not be the best option for homeowners on a tight budget.

3. Flow Batteries

Flow batteries are a newer type of home battery backup system that use a liquid electrolyte to store energy. They have a longer lifespan compared to other types of batteries and can be easily scaled up or down depending on the homeowner's energy needs. However, they are more expensive than lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and may not be the best option for homeowners with smaller energy needs.

4. Nickel-Iron Batteries

Nickel-iron batteries are a durable and long-lasting option for home battery backup systems. They have a lifespan of up to 30 years and can withstand extreme temperatures and overcharging. However, they are more expensive than lead-acid batteries and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

5. Saltwater Batteries

Saltwater batteries are a newer type of home battery backup system that use a saltwater electrolyte to store energy. They are non-toxic and have a longer lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries. They are also lightweight and require minimal maintenance. However, they are more expensive than lead-acid batteries and may not be the best option for homeowners on a tight budget.


Choosing the right home battery backup system depends on a variety of factors, including your energy needs, budget, and maintenance preferences. Lead-acid batteries are a good option for homeowners on a budget, while lithium-ion batteries are a good option for those who want a longer lifespan and higher energy density. Flow batteries, nickel-iron batteries, and saltwater batteries are all newer options that offer unique benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, it's important to do your research and consult with a professional to determine which home battery backup system is right for you.

Article by None
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2023.05.30 14:14 Epistemic_Owl The Importance of Practicing Speaking and Listening When Learning to Code

My background as a second & foreign language teacher (as well as my love for the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA)) has me constantly looking for connections between learning natural, human languages and learning computer languages.
When we learn human languages, we focus on the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
When we learn programming languages, we focus on writing and reading.
But to be successful software professionals, we must speak and listen to code, too, and I think there's a strong case for explicitly practicing these skills in the code-learning context.
In this piece, I develop this argument, and provide some activities for practicing "speaking" and "listening" to code.
I would love feedback on this argument -- does it resonate with your experiences learning to code?
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2023.05.30 14:14 elevatetech Top Managed IT Service in Brisbane - Elevate Technology

Top Managed IT Service in Brisbane - Elevate Technology
Managed services are a flexible collaboration between a company and its provider. On one hand, the provider can work alongside your in-house team. Alternatively, you can hire a managed services provider instead of having to build your own IT department. Providers are experienced with helping clients overcome fuzzy requirements and can take ownership over all of their technology responsibilities. On the other hand managed IT services alone are more narrow focused and require more input from the client on specific project needs.
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2023.05.30 14:13 towersflower Funeral Sprays West Islip

Towers Flowers is providing fresh and beautiful funeral flowers, funeral sprays, funeral floral arrangements, and many other funeral accessories in West Islip. Click here for more information. https://www.towersflowersfuneralflowers.com/Categories/Casket_Sprays/145969
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2023.05.30 14:13 opsadmin I hate the life we designed and I don't know how to find happiness anymore

I don't even know what to write here.
Monday-Friday is unrelenting. No matter how early I wake up my daughter wakes up, too - she has a sixth sense for my eyelids separating. So we wake up, I get her ready for school, and spend the morning herding her until it's time to drop her and my husband off (train station is on the way to her daycare center). I tried waking up early so I could get a shower before him but my daughter just screams and hits herself if my husband takes care of her and she won't stay asleep if I'm awake. My husband takes like an hour in the morning partially because he has stomach issues and partially because he takes really long showers. Must be nice, I get to shower about 1-2 times per week given my schedule.
I get home, have about 6-8 minutes to spare before I have to log in for the day. I'll usually spend this 8 minutes tidying up my workspace since I'm on video calls all day, and my workspace is just a spot inside of our open-plan living room, so it's full of toys. Today I'm spending it writing this post.
But anyway- it doesn't matter if I clean up the night before - my daughter will dump every single toy onto the floor and drag them all over the house within seconds of waking up. I might reheat my coffee for the 3rd/4th time and sit on the couch for a few minutes before logging in.
I recently started a new job that is extremely demanding. I get to work regular hours (no forced overtime) BUT it's an incredible workload and I spend 4-5 hours a day in meetings leaving me only 3-4 hours to develop the products people are asking me for. I'm hoping since I'm new the meetings will taper off- but for now it's just unrelenting. I usually have about 30 minutes between meetings which isn't enough time to put anything together except for documentation regarding the request. I'm supporting 12 different departments with competing initiatives and it's just a lot of fucking work.
By the time I log off I have about 20-30 minutes before I pick my daughter up from school. Then I have her for 2.5 hours until my husband gets home at around 7:30. In our 2.5 hours we'll go grocery shopping, go to the park, run some errands- whatever is needed/wanted that day. Sometimes she just wants to go home and watch TV which gives me a chance to to some laundry or cook a quick meal. She's very high needs so if she notices that I'm doing something other than looking at my phone she starts whining and tugging at my leg. She doesn't like if I cook (and she won't cook WITH me either- tried it a million times - she just won't).
My husband gets home and spends about 30 minutes shitting & getting changed. He takes over so I get an hour to myself - which is typically folding laundry, handling some time of paperwork, or tidying up.
We have plans almost every single weekend - and not the type we can cancel either. It's usually fun stuff - but it means it takes me 2-3 months to finish projects that I was hoping would take 1-2 weekends, because I can only find a few spare hours here and there to do what I need to do. Like I might have 1 hour on Saturday to buy mulch, and 1 hour on Sunday to spread it - bit I have 8 cubic yards of mulch to spread. I tried getting my daughter to "help me" so I could work on it while watching her, but she literally took a dive in it- spread it all over our yard, covered our porch with it, got it in her hair and eyes, and was dyed dark brown for several days. I had my back turned for like 10-12 minutes and she caused me about 2 hours of additional clean up.
Conveniently my husband is always sick or injured and has very low energy so he can do fuck all with chores. He works 70 hour workweeks so he's completely tapped out on weekends.
I don't understand the point of any of this. Nothing is enjoyable at all. Because of how busy we are and how absolutely jam-packed we are with work/responsibilities I don't even have time to brush my teeth or shower regularly. My daughter is unpleasant 99% of the time, my husband is never around and when he is, he's bitching about whatever his ailment is, my house looks like shit because I don't have time to clean it or finish any projects. There's like literally nothing I am happy about. I fucking hate this.
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2023.05.30 14:13 frontlinepatrol Fire Watch Security Guard Services in Rialto Frontline Patrol Security Service

Fire Watch Security Guard Services in Rialto Frontline Patrol Security Service
Frontline Patrol Security Service provides dedicated fire watch security guard services in Rialto. Our experienced and trained security guards are equipped to monitor and prevent fire hazards, ensuring the safety of your property or event. With a focus on prompt response and proactive fire safety measures, trust Frontline Patrol for reliable fire watch security in Rialto. Contact us today to discuss your fire watch security needs.

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2023.05.30 14:13 TavorX I am currently uncovering this fireplace the previous owner hid by building around it to frame an electric fireplace, and other purposes. A little unsure how to move forward with the fireplace.

Progress so far: https://imgur.com/a/ZtBtIiD
Close up of the chimney vent pipe?: https://imgur.com/a/KGQl721
Recently purchased my first home and initially thought previous owner's craftsmanship was cool. Basically a built in TV mount spot with shelves and a spot for the electric fireplace (which was included, I just don't have a picture with it in it.)
I was going to mindlessly leave it alone but one day my father in law decided to peak behind the electric fireplace and noticed the stone work laid behind. So the more I thought about it, I much prefer to have the flush stone wall rather than the addition that makes the living room feel smaller and less spacious. Plus, it seemed that its main allure was to mount a TV over a fireplace and I didn't like that.
Thus I've began dismantling process. To the former owner's credit, his work is pretty damn solid, as it's a tough job to undo with every plank of wood interconnected even after removing a mighty chunk of screws and drywall.
My main concern is what to put there. I may leaning towards the idea of a gas log fireplace. However, I know next to nothing when it comes to them. I've only ever seen fireplaces where if you look up into them, you're looking through the chimney. This one... It's the exterior wall of the chimney? With what I assume is a venting pipe? I've image searched for examples similar to mine but most have the pipe either in the ceiling or way higher up, usually for wood burning stoves.
I understand that I'll have to get the flue inspected. Or I guess I can settle for an electric fireplace but I do find the idea of a gas source fireplace appealing in the worst case scenario of being out of power during the colder months. Already researched a bit into ventless gas fireplaces and turned away given the issues it presents.
Otherwise I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 14:13 Perfect-Activity-183 Tadalista 20mg: Optimal strength for enhanced performance and satisfaction

Tadalista 20 is a medication that contains the active ingredient Tadalafil, which is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Erectile dysfunction drugs belong to the class of substances known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.
Tadalafil works by relaxing the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis, enabling a man to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. It does not provide sexual stimulation on its own and requires sexual arousal for it to be effective.
Tadalista 20mg is considered an optimal strength for many men seeking enhanced performance and satisfaction. The dosage can vary depending on individual needs and response to the medication. It is important to note that Tadalista 20mg should be taken as prescribed by a healthcare professional.
Before taking Tadalista 20mg or any medication for ED, it is advisable to consult with a doctor. They will evaluate your medical history, current medications, and overall health condition to determine the appropriate dosage and ensure it is safe for you to use.
It is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider and never exceed the recommended dosage. Taking more than the prescribed amount can increase the risk of side effects and may not lead to further improvement in performance or satisfaction.
Some common side effects of Tadalista 20mg may include headache, dizziness, flushing, nasal congestion, indigestion, and muscle pain. In rare cases, serious side effects can occur, such as prolonged or painful erections (priapism), vision changes, and hearing loss. Seek quick medical assistance if any of these adverse effects become severe or persistent.
Remember, Tadalista 20mg should only be used by men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. It is not intended for use by women or individuals without a medical need.
In the event of encountering uncommon symptoms or adverse reactions subsequent to consuming Tadalista 40, it is crucial to promptly seek medical assistance. Make sure to obtain Tadalista 40 from a dependable and trustworthy online drugstore, such as Cheaptrustedpharmacy, if you’re considering purchasing it.
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2023.05.30 14:13 KimSakura What are some effective strategies to improve employee engagement?

There are several strategies organizations can implement to enhance employee engagement. First and foremost, effective communication is essential. Regularly communicate organizational goals, updates, and expectations to employees, ensuring transparency and clarity. Encourage two-way communication, providing opportunities for employees to voice their opinions and ideas. Recognize and appreciate employee contributions and achievements, creating a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment. Foster a positive work environment that promotes work-life balance, professional development, and growth opportunities. Additionally, involve employees in decision-making processes, delegate responsibilities, and provide autonomy to empower them in their roles. For more info click on employee engagement and retention.
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2023.05.30 14:13 ProfessorCoeus I spent the past year learning how to learn. Here are the key parts I have gathered so far!

So for the past year I've been spending a huge amount of time on learning how to learn starting with Barbara Oakley's famous coursera course of the same name, to ultralearning from Scott Young, to Make It Stick by Peter C Brown, and from there I looked at papers on how to learn as well as sites and articles for anything else. This post is only a smidgen of what I've found, but I hope it is enough information for you to get started and hopefully find research yourself that you can look up to! I will link some recommended sources in the comments of this post so you can start with if you want to start digging deeper.


Are you struggling to learn new things effectively? Do you feel like you're not making progress despite putting in a lot of effort? Learning how to learn is a crucial skill that can help you overcome these challenges and achieve your goals. In this post, we'll discuss the science behind effective learning and memory, and explore various techniques and insights from books and sources to help you learn things deeply and quickly. Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone who wants to improve their learning skills, this post is for you. So let's dive in and learn how to learn!
First, let's talk about why learning how to learn is so important. Many people approach learning as a chore, something they have to do to get good grades or advance in their career. But what if I told you that by mastering the science of learning, you can actually make learning more enjoyable and efficient?
To understand how to make learning easier and more effective, we need to dive into the science behind it. The brain is an incredibly complex device, with a million billion synapses where memories are stored. But how exactly do these memories get stored and retrieved?

How the Brain Works

To gain a better understanding of how memories are formed and retrieved, it is essential to delve into the intricacies of neurons and synapses. Neurons, as the fundamental building blocks of the brain, play a crucial role in the process of memory formation and retention. Synapses, on the other hand, are the interconnecting bridges that allow neurons to communicate with each other. When we learn something new, electrical signals are transmitted through these synapses, which in turn produce neurotransmitters responsible for the storage of memories
However, the process of memory formation is not just about having more synapses. It is also about the manner in which they are connected to one another. Different areas of the brain are responsible for various aspects of learning and memory. The hippocampus and frontal cortex, for instance, are involved in analyzing perceptions and deciding what information to store, while the amygdala plays a vital role in integrating emotions and memory. It is through the complex interplay of these different neural regions that memories are formed, stored, and retrieved.

How Memory Works

Memory is an intricate process that involves multiple stages. These stages are sensory, short-term, and long-term memory. Sensory memory is the first stage of memory that receives and processes fleeting impressions of your perceptions. It is responsible for holding raw information for a very short time, no more than a few seconds.
Short-term memory is the second stage of memory and is like a storage unit that holds about four chunks of information and lasts for 20-30 seconds. During this stage, the brain processes and stores the information currently in use, such as a phone number, an address, or a short message.
It is long-term memory that we tend to think of when we talk about memory. This stage is responsible for storing and retrieving information for an extended period. The long-term memory capacity is vast, and it is where the most important and meaningful memories are stored.
To move information from short-term to long-term memory, you need to use a technique called spaced repetition. This involves repeating what you're trying to retain over several days to strengthen the synaptic connections between neurons. However, it's not just about repetition - it's about encoding, storage, and retrieval processes. Encoding is the process of transforming information into a meaningful code that can be stored in memory, while storage is the process of retaining that information over time. Lastly, retrieval is the process of accessing stored information when needed.

Common Misconceptions about Learning and Memory

There are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the processes of learning and memory that can unfortunately hinder one's progress. One common misconception is that intelligence is a fixed trait and that one's memory or learning abilities cannot be improved. However, the reality is that anyone can improve their memory and learning skills through deliberate and consistent practice.
Another popular myth is the belief that taking breaks during learning or studying is a waste of time. However, in truth, taking breaks is an essential component of effective learning. When you take a break, your brain's diffuse mode works in the background, creating new neural connections and allowing you to see things from different perspectives, leading to better and more comprehensive learning.
By understanding the science behind learning and memory, one can approach the process of learning with a more positive mindset and focus on utilizing effective strategies. With the right techniques, anyone can learn new information deeply and quickly, making the process of learning a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. In addition, there are many tools and resources available to help one improve their learning and memory abilities, including mind mapping, mnemonic devices, spaced repetition, and more.

Techniques for Effective Learning

Now that we've busted some myths, it's time to explore some tried-and-true techniques for effective learning. These techniques involve taking advantage of the way our brains naturally process and store information. Let's dive in!


Recall is an effective strategy for improving memory retention because it strengthens the synaptic connections between neurons. Essentially, when you actively retrieve information from memory, you are exercising your brain and making it easier to retrieve the information in the future. This technique can be thought of as lifting weights for your brain, and just like with physical exercise, consistent practice is key.
To effectively use recall in your study routine, start by actively testing yourself on the material you are trying to learn. For example, if you are studying for a history exam, try to recall important dates and events without looking at your notes. This will help to exercise the neural pathways associated with that information and make it easier to remember in the future. Another effective technique is to use flashcards, which allow you to actively retrieve information from memory and test yourself on specific concepts or terms.
The reason why recall is so effective for improving memory retention is because it strengthens the synaptic connections between neurons. When you repeatedly retrieve information from memory, you are essentially reinforcing the neural pathways associated with that information. This makes it easier to retrieve the information in the future, because the pathways have been strengthened and the information is easier to access.
In addition to recall, there are other strategies that can improve memory retention. Spaced repetition is one such strategy, which involves repeating what you're trying to retain over several days to strengthen synaptic connections. Chunking is another strategy, which involves piecing together bits of information through meaning and usage. This allows you to tie meaning to a concept or idea and make it more memorable. By incorporating these techniques into your study routine, you can optimize your learning and retain information more effectively.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a powerful technique that can be used to improve your ability to retain information. It involves repeating what you are trying to remember over several days to strengthen synaptic connections in your brain. The technique, much like watering a plant, requires the right amount of repetition at the right intervals to achieve optimal growth.
To effectively use spaced repetition, it is important to first create a schedule of when and how often to repeat the material. For example, if you are trying to memorize a list of vocabulary words in a foreign language, you might start by studying the words for a few minutes each day for a week. Then, you might repeat the list of words every other day for the next two weeks, and then once a week for the following month. This spaced repetition schedule allows for optimal growth of synaptic connections in your brain, improving your ability to retain the information.
Another example of spaced repetition in action is when learning to play a musical instrument. Instead of practicing for hours on end, it is often more effective to practice for shorter periods of time, with breaks in between to allow your brain to consolidate the new information. By spacing out your practice sessions and repeating the material over several days, you can improve your ability to retain the information and improve your overall skill level.
Spaced repetition works because it takes advantage of the brain's natural learning processes. When you learn something new, your brain creates new synapses between neurons to store the information. However, these synapses are relatively weak at first and can easily be forgotten. By repeating the material over several days, the synapses become stronger and more permanent, making it easier to recall the information later on. This technique also helps to prevent forgetting by refreshing the memory at regular intervals, further strengthening the synaptic connections in your brain.


Interleaving is a highly effective technique for learning and practicing skills or concepts. It involves mixing up different types of problems or materials, which can help you to better retain and apply the information. The key to effective interleaving is to ensure that you are constantly switching between different types of problems or materials in a way that allows your brain to make new connections between ideas and to think in a more flexible and adaptable way. This can lead to deeper understanding and more efficient learning.
For example, if you are trying to learn a new language, you might start by practicing basic vocabulary and grammar rules. However, instead of simply repeating the same exercises over and over again, you could try interleaving different types of exercises, such as practicing vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension in quick succession. This would force your brain to constantly switch between different types of problems, which would help you to better retain and apply the information.
Another example of interleaving is in sports training. Instead of performing the same drills over and over again, athletes can benefit from mixing up their training routine. For instance, a basketball player might practice shooting, dribbling, and passing in quick succession, rather than focusing on a single skill for an extended period of time. This would force the player to adjust to different types of challenges and think in a more flexible and adaptable way, which would ultimately improve their overall performance.
The reason why interleaving is so effective is that it forces your brain to constantly switch between different types of problems, which helps to build new neural connections and reinforce existing ones. By constantly challenging your brain to adapt to new situations, you are training it to be more flexible and adaptable, which can lead to deeper understanding and more efficient learning. Additionally, interleaving can help to prevent boredom and keep you engaged in the learning process, which can ultimately lead to better overall outcomes.


Mnemonics are an effective memory aid that can help you remember information by creating associations between the information you want to remember and other things that you already know. This technique works because the brain is naturally wired to remember things that are meaningful and connected to other information.
One way to use mnemonics is to create a memorable sentence or acronym that represents a list of items. For example, to remember the colors of the rainbow in order, you can use the acronym ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Another way to use mnemonics is to create a memorable image that represents a concept. For example, to remember the difference between weather and climate, you can imagine a man holding an umbrella (weather) while standing next to a tree (climate).
To use mnemonics effectively, it's important to create associations that are vivid, meaningful, and easy to remember. You should also try to use mnemonics in a way that makes sense to you personally. For example, if you have a strong association between a particular food and a memory, you can use that food in your mnemonic to help you remember the information.
Overall, mnemonics are a powerful tool that can help you remember information more effectively. By creating associations between new information and things you already know, you can improve your memory and recall more easily.

Memory Palace

The Memory Palace technique is an excellent mnemonic strategy that can be utilized to improve memory. This technique involves creating a mental map of a familiar location, such as your home or workplace, and associating each item that you want to remember with a specific location in that place. By doing so, you can significantly improve your ability to remember things.
To effectively use this technique, start by selecting a location that you are familiar with and that has a specific structure, such as a house or a building. Next, imagine yourself walking through the location and identify specific objects or landmarks that stand out to you. For example, if you choose your apartment, you could associate the couch with the color red, the dining table with a vase of flowers, and the kitchen with the smell of coffee.
Once you have identified these landmarks, you can associate each item that you want to remember with a specific location in your mental map. For instance, if you want to remember a list of grocery items, you can associate each item with a specific location in your home. For example, you can associate apples with the fruit bowl on your kitchen counter, bread with the bread box on your kitchen shelf, and milk with the refrigerator in your kitchen. By doing so, when you need to recall the items, you can simply visualize your mental map of your home and recall the location of each item.
This technique is effective because it leverages the power of visualization and association. By associating each item with a specific location in your mental map, you create a visual and spatial representation of the information in your mind. This makes it easier for you to recall the information later because your brain has formed strong connections between the items and the locations. With practice, you can use this technique to remember even long lists of items, and impress your friends and colleagues with your newfound memory skills.


Chunking is a technique for memorizing information by grouping it into smaller chunks, making it easier to remember. For example, if you need to memorize a phone number, you might chunk it into three groups of numbers, like 555-123-4567. This makes it easier to remember because it's easier to remember three smaller chunks than one long string of digits.
Another example of chunking is breaking down a larger concept into smaller, more manageable pieces. For instance, if you're trying to learn a new programming language, you might start by breaking it down into smaller components, such as syntax, data types, and control structures. Once you've mastered these smaller chunks, you can start piecing them together to gain a better understanding of the language as a whole.
Chunking is effective because it makes it easier for the brain to process and store information. When information is presented in smaller, more manageable chunks, it's easier for the brain to process and remember. Additionally, chunking helps to create meaningful connections between pieces of information, making it easier to recall them later.
To effectively use chunking, it's important to give the task your undivided attention and then find the overall big picture and key ideas. You can perform a quick picture walk-through of your material, and anything that stands out is usually important. You should then provide context for your ideas and concepts to know when to use them. Finally, you want to tie auditory hooks to your memory by speaking about it out loud with self-explanation.
Overall, chunking is a powerful technique for learning and memorization because it makes information more manageable and easier to process. By breaking down larger concepts into smaller, more manageable chunks, you can make it easier for your brain to process and store information, making it easier to recall later on.


Self-explanation is a powerful learning technique that can be used in a variety of contexts. One way to effectively use self-explanation is to ask "why" questions when encountering a new concept. For example, if you are learning about the concept of photosynthesis, you might ask yourself, "Why do plants need sunlight in order to produce energy?" By asking and answering these types of questions, you are actively engaging with the material and promoting the formation of new connections between ideas.
Another way to use self-explanation is to relate new concepts to what you already know. For example, if you are learning a new language and come across a new word, you might try to relate it to a word in your native language that has a similar meaning. This can help you remember the new word and also reinforce your understanding of the concept it represents.
Finally, self-explanation can be used to identify gaps in your understanding. For example, if you are reading a complex scientific article and come across a term or concept that you don't fully understand, you might try to explain it to yourself in your own words. If you can't explain it, that might be an indication that you need to go back and review the material or seek additional resources.
The reason why self-explanation is such an effective learning technique is that it encourages individuals to actively engage with the material and construct new knowledge by relating it to what they already know. By creating a dialogue with oneself, one is able to identify gaps in their understanding and clarify their thinking, leading to a more thorough and integrated understanding of the material. Essentially, self-explanation is like having a conversation with your own brain, which can be a powerful tool in the learning process.

Elaborative Interrogation

Elaborative interrogation is a powerful technique that can help you improve your learning process by asking yourself "why" questions and trying to come up with a detailed explanation. This process can be thought of as trying to be a detective in your own mind, where you are constantly trying to uncover new clues and piece together the information you already have. Here are a few examples of how to effectively use this technique:

This technique works because it forces you to engage with the material on a deeper level and make connections with other ideas. By asking yourself why something is true, you are actively processing the information and creating new neural connections. This process helps you to remember the information better and understand it more deeply. Furthermore, the process of elaborative interrogation helps to overcome illusions of understanding by exposing gaps in knowledge and highlighting areas that need further clarification.
Moreover, these techniques can make learning more effective and enjoyable. Whether you are trying to learn a new language, improve your math skills, or expand your knowledge, these techniques can help you achieve your goals. Not only do they allow you to think more critically and creatively, but they also stimulate your brain in new ways and encourage you to explore different perspectives and ideas.
So, if you haven't tried these techniques yet, give them a try! You might be surprised at how much they can improve your learning experience. Your brain will certainly thank you for it!

Beating Procrastination

Procrastination is a fascinating phenomenon that affects all of us in some way or another. It's like a monster that lurks inside our brains, always ready to pounce when we need to get something done. When we're faced with a task that we don't want to do, our brain associates it with pain, discomfort and stress. It's like our brain is telling us that this task is going to be hard and that we're going to have to work really hard to get it done. This is because the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for decision-making and cognitive control, is in charge of regulating behavior associated with goals. When faced with a difficult task, the prefrontal cortex sends signals to the amygdala, the part of the brain associated with emotion, to initiate a stress response. This stress response activates the release of cortisol, a hormone that is associated with the body's response to stress, and creates physical discomfort in our body. This discomfort is what we perceive as pain, and it's what makes procrastination so difficult to overcome.
To make matters worse, our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When we procrastinate, we turn to activities that give us immediate pleasure, like scrolling through social media or watching TV. These activities release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. Our brains then begin to associate procrastination with pleasure, making it even harder to overcome.
So, how can we beat procrastination?
To beat procrastination, it's important to understand the habit loop consisting of a cue, routine, reward, and belief. Once you have identified the cues and rewards that drive your procrastination habits, you can develop strategies to override them. For example, if the cue for procrastination is checking social media, you can remove the social media app from your phone or block it during certain times of the day. If the reward for procrastination is watching TV, you can reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show after completing a task.
This technique works because it helps to rewire the neural pathways associated with procrastination. By changing the cues and rewards, you can change the behavior associated with the habit. Additionally, by developing new habits and routines, you can strengthen the neural pathways associated with those behaviors, making them more automatic and easier to perform over time. With practice, you can learn to override the procrastination habit and develop more productive habits that help you achieve your goals.
The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that involves breaking work into 25-minute intervals, called "pomodoros," followed by a 5-minute break. After four pomodoros, take a longer break of around 15-30 minutes. However, it is important to note that you do not have to follow this exact timing and can adjust the intervals to fit your needs.
The Pomodoro technique works because it helps you stay focused and avoid distractions. By breaking work into manageable intervals, you are less likely to become overwhelmed or lose focus. Additionally, the breaks allow your brain to rest and recharge, making it easier to stay productive throughout the day.
To effectively use the Pomodoro technique, start by identifying the task you want to complete. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work on the task until the timer goes off. Take a 5-minute break, then repeat the process. After four pomodoros, take a longer break to recharge. It can also be helpful to track your progress and make adjustments as needed. If you find that 25-minute intervals are too long or too short, adjust the intervals to fit your needs.
Here are a few concrete examples of how to use the Pomodoro technique:

Overall, the Pomodoro technique is a simple but effective way to manage your time and stay focused on your work. Of course, you don’t have to follow 25/5 pomodoro. You can do 50/10, 45/15, etc. I wouldn’t recommend letting yourself study for more than one hour at a time however.
Journaling about your procrastination habits can help you identify triggers and develop strategies to overcome them. For example, if you find yourself procrastinating when faced with a difficult task, you could break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. By doing this, you can build momentum and gain a sense of accomplishment as you complete each step, which can help motivate you to continue working.
Time blocking is another effective technique for combating procrastination. To use this technique, you can break up your day into specific time slots and dedicate each slot to a specific task. For instance, you could block out two hours for writing a report, followed by a 30-minute break, then another two-hour block for responding to emails. This can help you stay focused and prevent distractions from derailing your progress. By scheduling specific tasks at specific times, you can create a sense of urgency and hold yourself accountable for completing them.
Both journaling and time blocking work by helping you stay organized and focused on your goals. By identifying the triggers that lead to procrastination and breaking your day into manageable tasks, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and build the momentum you need to achieve your goals. Additionally, these techniques can help you develop a sense of control over your time and reduce the anxiety and stress that often accompany procrastination.
"Eat your frogs first" is a technique that involves tackling your most difficult or unpleasant task first thing in the morning when your willpower is at its strongest. This technique is effective because it helps to build momentum and make the rest of your day feel more manageable.
For example, if you have a project that you've been dreading, start your day by working on it for an hour or two. By doing so, you'll be able to make significant progress and feel a sense of accomplishment that will carry you through the rest of your day. Alternatively, if you have a difficult conversation that you've been putting off, schedule it for the beginning of your day when you're most alert and focused.
Another example of this technique in action is a writer who starts their day by writing their most challenging section first, such as the introduction or conclusion. By doing so, they build momentum and gain confidence that they can complete the rest of their work.
Overall, eating your frogs first is an effective technique because it helps you to break through procrastination and build momentum towards your goals. By tackling your most difficult or unpleasant task first, you'll be able to make progress and build confidence that will carry you through the rest of your day.
To effectively remove environmental triggers that lead to procrastination, you can take a few concrete steps. For example, if you find yourself constantly checking your phone when you should be studying, you can put your phone in another room or turn off notifications during your study sessions. Another example is to create a designated study space that is free from distractions, such as a library or a quiet room in your house. This can help you stay focused and avoid interruptions. Additionally, you can make your environment clean and organized by removing clutter and creating a clear workspace. This can help you feel more motivated and focused on your goals.
The reason this technique works is that it helps reduce the distractions that can lead to procrastination. By removing environmental triggers, you are creating an environment that is conducive to studying and learning. This can help you stay focused on your tasks and avoid the temptations that can derail your progress. Additionally, by creating a clean and organized workspace, you are signaling to your brain that it is time to focus and be productive. This can help you get into the right mindset for learning and studying.
In summary, beating procrastination is all about understanding the habit loop, pomodoro, identifying your triggers, and developing strategies to override them. By using techniques like journaling, time blocking, and eating your frogs first, you can stay focused and make progress towards your learning goals. So the next time you find yourself procrastinating, remember that you have the power to take control of your habits and achieve your dreams. Your brain will thank you for it!

Lifestyle Choices That Improve Memory

Now that we've covered some techniques for learning more deeply and efficiently, let's talk about some lifestyle choices that can help improve your memory even further. These tips are designed to help you take care of your brain and optimize its performance, so that you can learn and remember more effectively.


Exercise has been shown to have numerous benefits for brain health and cognitive function, including improved memory. But how exactly does exercise help improve memory? One theory is that exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which helps to nourish brain cells and promote the growth of new neurons. Additionally, exercise has been shown to increase the production of certain chemicals in the brain, such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is important for the growth and survival of neurons.
To effectively use exercise to improve memory, it's important to engage in cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart rate up and increases blood flow to the brain. This can include activities such as running, cycling, swimming, or brisk walking. It's also important to make exercise a regular part of your routine. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week.
Finally, it's important to stay motivated and make exercise a fun and enjoyable part of your routine. Find activities that you enjoy and that you look forward to, and try to make exercise a social activity by finding a workout buddy or joining a group fitness class. By making exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your routine, you can reap the many benefits it has to offer for both your body and your brain.


Meditation is a powerful tool for improving memory and cognitive function. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to help people calm their minds and improve their focus. Recent research has shown that meditation can actually change the structure of the brain, improving memory and attention span. To effectively use this technique, start by finding a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, with your back straight and your eyes closed. Focus on your breath and try to clear your mind of all other thoughts. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath. Start with just a few minutes each day and gradually increase the time as you become more comfortable with the practice.
One reason why meditation can improve memory is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety, which are known to impair memory function. Additionally, meditation can increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is critical for memory and learning. This can lead to better memory consolidation and recall.
To illustrate the effectiveness of meditation for memory improvement, a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara found that participants who meditated for just 10 minutes a day for two weeks showed significant improvements in working memory and executive function compared to a control group. Another study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease found that a mindfulness meditation program improved memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility in older adults with mild cognitive impairment.
In conclusion, meditation is a simple yet powerful technique for improving memory and cognitive function. By reducing stress and anxiety, increasing the size of the hippocampus, and improving memory consolidation and recall, meditation can help you reach your learning goals and achieve success.

Brain-Boosting Foods

Eating certain foods can promote brain health and improve memory. For example, blueberries are high in antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage and inflammation, while salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that support brain function and improve memory. Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, contain vitamin E that helps prevent cognitive decline and enhance memory recall. Additionally, dark chocolate contains flavonoids that improve blood flow to the brain, which can boost cognitive function.
These brain-boosting foods work by providing essential nutrients that nourish the brain and promote the growth of new neurons. Antioxidants, for example, protect the brain from damage and inflammation caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, on the other hand, are important for brain function and can improve memory by supporting the growth of new neurons and enhancing communication between brain cells. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and can help prevent cognitive decline by protecting the brain from damage. Finally, flavonoids in dark chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain, which can boost cognitive function.
To effectively use this technique, it is important to incorporate brain-boosting foods into your diet regularly. Snack on a handful of almonds or blueberries, include salmon in your meals, and indulge in a square of dark chocolate every now and then. It is also important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet overall and to exercise regularly, as physical activity has been linked to improved brain function and memory.


Getting enough sleep is crucial for memory consolidation and cognitive function. To effectively use this technique, it's important to establish a regular sleep schedule and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Avoiding caffeine and screens before bedtime and creating a relaxing sleep environment can also help you fall asleep more easily.
One concrete example of how to incorporate this technique into your routine is to set a specific bedtime and wake-up time, and stick to it every day. This will help regulate your body's internal clock and make it easier to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day. Another example is to avoid stimulating activities before bedtime, such as watching TV or using electronic devices, which can interfere with your ability to fall asleep.
The reason why sleep is so important for memory consolidation is that during sleep, the brain processes and consolidates memories, making it easier to remember what you've learned and make connections between different pieces of information. Additionally, getting enough sleep can improve cognitive function, including attention, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. In contrast, not getting enough sleep can lead to fatigue, poor memory retention, and decreased cognitive function.

Other Lifestyle Changes

Adding new activities to your routine can be a great way to improve your memory and cognitive function. In fact, there are numerous activities that can be beneficial for your brain health and cognitive abilities.
For example, playing chess is a popular activity that can help to improve your problem-solving skills and strategic thinking abilities. It is a game that requires you to think ahead and anticipate your opponent's moves, which can help to challenge your brain in new ways. Similarly, learning a new instrument can be a great way to challenge your brain and promote the growth of new neurons. It requires you to learn new skills, such as reading music, playing different chords, and developing your sense of rhythm. All of these skills can help to stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function.
In summary, by making some simple lifestyle changes, you can improve your memory and cognitive function. Exercise, meditation, brain-boosting foods, sleep, and other activities can all help to promote brain health and improve memory. So, take care of your brain, and it will take care of you!
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2023.05.30 14:12 goody_fyre11 Cyberlink Powerdirector has the worst support system out of any editor software company ever - the rant of a very long-time customer

I've been a paying customer of Cyberlink for many years, but I'm very, very, very, VERY close to abandoning Cyberlink altogether for two reasons - their support system and some very questionable design choices.
First, the questionable design choices. PowerDirector, from early versions such as 14 to current versions, all lack really basic features or have added limitions for seemingly no reason. Some examples:
...if only the support system wasn't an absolute dumpster fire. Here's a list of issues with it:
There's a lot more than this, but these are just a few major issues. I'm not sure where the issue lies - is support actually hired? Are they not allowed to give actual support because of an NDA just as unnecessarily limited as their software? Does the dev team actually not have any contact with Psupport so they're just left to guesstimate? Either way, these people seem genuine albeit not qualified for this at all. The sales model of "pay lots of money but later we release a "much better" version that you have to buy again" makes me think Cyberlink doesn't actually give a crap about their customers when combined with everything I've described here. I mean, imagine if other video editors had yearly re-releases instead of feature updates, each one having standard, pro, and ultra editions! I have 2 big video editing projects involving PowerDirector. After that, I'm abandoning Cyberlink entirely. In its current state, due to both the missing features and a joke of a support system, this editor isn't worth what it's selling for. In fact, making it free wouldn't do it justice as actual free open-source software does everything this does, but better, and isn't missing any core features.
I really needed to get this off of my chest, given how there's no support forum channel for stuff like this or other PowerDirector community online, I thought I might as well put it here - I can't find anywhere else.
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2023.05.30 14:12 Trustwellhospitals 7 Tips for a Healthy Heart by Our Heart Specialist

Maintaining a healthy heart is vital for overall well-being and longevity. By incorporating these seven tips by our heart specialist in bangalore into your lifestyle, you can promote heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight: Excess weight puts strain on the heart and increases the risk of heart disease. Aim for a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Exercise Regularly: Engaging in physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week can improve cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Choose activities you enjoy and make them a regular part of your routine.
  3. Quit Smoking: Smoking is a major contributor to heart disease. Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make for your heart health. Seek support from healthcare professionals or smoking cessation programs to help you quit successfully.
  4. Manage Stress: Chronic stress can have a negative impact on heart health. Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as practicing relaxation techniques, engaging in hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or seeking professional counseling if needed.
  5. Limit Alcohol Consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, and other cardiovascular problems. Keep alcohol intake moderate, adhering to recommended guidelines.
  6. Control Your Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for heart disease. Monitor your blood pressure regularly, follow a heart-healthy diet, exercise, limit sodium intake, and follow prescribed medications if necessary
  7. Get Regular Check-Ups: Routine medical check-ups allow your healthcare provider to assess your heart health and identify any potential risks or conditions early on. Regular screenings, such as cholesterol and diabetes tests, are essential for maintaining a healthy heart.
By following these tips, you can take proactive steps towards maintaining a healthy heart. Remember, it's never too late to start prioritizing your cardiovascular health. Consult with a heart specialist or cardiologist at a cardiac hospital in Bangalore for personalized guidance and further recommendations tailored to your specific needs.
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