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2023.06.03 08:58 three_plants If the Knight supposedly wants to bring the Roaring, then why is it choosing the most public and conspicuous spots possible for its Fountains, where anyone could stumble upon them? Shouldn't this kind of task call for, you know, actual subtlety in case SOMEONE is capable of sealing these Fountains?

If the Knight supposedly wants to bring the Roaring, then why is it choosing the most public and conspicuous spots possible for its Fountains, where anyone could stumble upon them? Shouldn't this kind of task call for, you know, actual subtlety in case SOMEONE is capable of sealing these Fountains? submitted by three_plants to Deltarune [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 08:57 TupperladyDess I really don’t want to give up but we only have 5 days left and I still need all of these 😖 I haven’t gotten a new card in a sticker in 3 days 🤦🏽‍♀️

I really don’t want to give up but we only have 5 days left and I still need all of these 😖 I haven’t gotten a new card in a sticker in 3 days 🤦🏽‍♀️ submitted by TupperladyDess to Monopoly_GO [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 08:55 ACosmicTrip Husband made a hurtful remark to his friends about me stressing about our place

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and we have a 2 year old. I stay home while he works anywhere from 60-70 hours a week. I totally understand he does so much to support us and allow me to stay home, but what he said to his friends was hurtful to me.
We just moved into a new place a month ago, and we’re still not settled in. There’s still boxes and boxes of our packed things. Furniture still isn’t put together. A lot of things I simply can’t do by myself, much less while pregnant and keeping an eye on the kid. I do my best to keep up with the necessary tasks, like dishes, laundry, cooking meals. But the place is just a wreck. It’s getting hard for me to navigate around the clutter, and I’m honestly terrified we won’t have everything in place when the next baby gets here. My husband is only off one day a week (sundays), and at this point I’m basically begging him to help me when he doesn’t have to work. He tells me he will, and assures me things will be done before the baby comes, but Sunday after Sunday he just simply doesn’t want to do any of it. I get it, he’s had a long work week and wants to relax, but I just can’t keep stressing about this.
Today while on a video game chat with his friends, he made a joke that I’m going to bug him on Sunday to unpack when he just wants to relax, then followed up with “she’s the one that’s always home, more could’ve been done by now.” I nearly cried on the spot, and asked him how on earth he’d expect me to move the dressers and desks, or assemble a bed frame, ask the toddler to help? He just shrugged and said this is why he doesn’t ever say it out loud. One of the two friends on the voice chat seemed to be trying to defend me (I couldn’t hear anything, just guessing based off of husband’s responses), but he just kept saying that he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t do it, we won’t lose the place if we don’t clean it. I just don’t get it, I thought he understood where I was coming from and why the clutter of the place is stressing me out so much. Maybe I’m being too emotional, or expecting too much out of him, but I’m really not wanting to bring in a newborn to a place that isn’t ready for one, knowing we’ll have even less free time to try and get everything together.
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2023.06.03 08:54 Livid-Pen227 No Longer You

I thought about you today.
I visited that old bench, by the fountain. There was a homeless man there. I walked by quickly without paying homage to our memory.
I remember that day vividly. You let me in to the most vulnerable aspects of your life: your youth, your childhood, the streets you grew up in. We traversed staircases and paved roads, creeping beneath eye-level windows. The vacant smell of urine juxtaposed with fragrant rose bushes.
That was also the day you humiliated me in public. Teased me for one of my biggest insecurities. I tried my hardest to keep it together, knowing you were "just joking." But it hit hard. I ran out of that restaurant crying.
I remember your exact expression as you ridiculed me. That image is ingrained in my mind. Tainted. Your intent doesn't matter. You knew how I felt. You knew.
As I think back on this incident, I don't resent you. Although I definitely did that day. But now, it just helps me to level you. Removes you off the golden pedestal I once placed you on. It's helping me to move on.
It's been over a year now, and I finally can revisit those spots without feeling a gaping hole growing in my chest. I feel better. About me, about you. I just feel better.
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2023.06.03 08:53 idodo35 Night of the brides, or "How volenta got her groove back"

So, last session i improvised a little ditty i think you guys may enjoy. Some of it needs work but i think it could be a fun addition...
Some context. My party just dined with strahd after being invited by him as "compensation" for what happened during the feast of st. Andral. I modified the feast a bit and used it as a plot by the Wachters to sieze power and please strahd. During that encounter they also met anastrasya and volenta, almost killing the latter while the former ravaged the city (i did the LBH thing where ana is a martial powerhouse and volenta is a rogue, she underestemated the party so they almost killed her and she now has a vendeta against them.)
After the dinner while the party stayed the night at ravenloft, the brides were sent out to the three major cities of barovia to send a message to the party, and remind them who's land this is...
Anastrasya went to barovia, with the instructions to bring ismark into line and invite him to the inevitable wedding with his sister... ana, not liking the idea but instructed to not kill ismark did what she does best and tore through the ranks of the barovian militia, hospitalising ismark and forcing donovich to take over (my players hadn't dealt with/found doru yet so that will become a problem soon...)
Ludmila went to krezk, to check on the abbot, and pressure a repentant vampire in hiding i added to the city (this one i havent run yet so it's a bit nebulous)
And finaly dear volenta, the reason for the post went to valaki, to punish the partie's allies the martikovs and turn the town against them... Volenta is the rogue archetype and a master trap maker, she also had something to prove after her near defeat so with a few spawns to help she set up a diabolical set of traps...
As the party approached valaki they saw a man on the road, he was tied to a post like a scarecrow and dressed to resemble our wizard. To their surprise he was still alive but when they tried to help the man, a hidden blade emerged from the wood, burying itself through his heart and slaying him instantly... Horrified but thinking they can be more carefull the party went on, next was a man resembling our rogue, a boastfull sort, he was also tied up in a simillar manner. Checking the pole the party found a simillar trap, and while here they just flubbed the role, causing the trap to trigger and kill the man in the same fashion, this was only the first of two traps, with explosives in his boots (the rogue bragged to be more nimble and "light on his feet" than volenta during their previous fight)
The next was our kenku druid, for whom they managed to remove a booby trapped crow mask before realisinf he had a blade as well, but located elsewhere, so when my party tried to put something over his heart to block the blade it was in the wrong spot killing him...
Penultimately was our bard, who's blade they neutralised but didnt manage to get rid of her explosive laden lyre before it was too late...
And finaly, standing in a mockery of full plate stood our paladin stand in. He was covered head to tow in armor, and bearing the symbols of the morning lord and the keeper of the feather. The party agonised, and checked all angles before removing his helmet with a mage's hand... But there were no traps on this one... just the drained corpse of adrian martikov...
And that's it. Volenta just rose from laughing stock to the most hated villian in the campaign :)
This was all improv, but i think with a bit of extra thought you can have something diabolical to really send a message to your players and make the brides threats on their own right!
Hope you liked it 😈
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2023.06.03 08:51 Maleknour38 Use the Upside app

You can get cash back on both gas stations and restaurants. And you can link it to your debit card.
I did this on my WI to AL trip last month and got almost $20 from 5 fill ups.
🔲 Frank Vasquez page in Credly
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2023.06.03 08:50 Kyon-4-Yuki Flip the script

Definitely don't have time to tackle this one myself, but wanted to offer it up in the hopes someone might find a use for it -
Minoru Mineta: Sure, he's short. He's got a weird quirk, but all he ever wanted to be was a hero. From a young age he knew he'd have to work hard to accomplish his dream, so he focused on discipline. After all, heroes are defenders of justice, moral paragons who must be above reproach at all cost. Minoru ignored every distraction that might hinder his goal. Even with his short stature, he got buff, and managed to secure a spot in class 1-A of UA's hero course.
You'd think he was well on his way to fulfilling his dream, but there's only one problem... or rather, 19 of them.
His whole class is full of perverts entirely ruled by their hormones, and Midoriya and Uraraka are definitely the worst of the bunch. The teachers aren't much better, with All Might constantly making jokes that he should have chosen the name "All Night." He's seen how Recovery Girl heals people, and that just can't be sanitary. The less said about Shota "call me Daddy" Aizawa and his "bondage" weapon, the better.
Thank God for Midnight, the only one who hasn't stared at him with lust filling her eyes.
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2023.06.03 08:49 help_me_133343544 Scammed by a Lyft driver for fake damage and my dispute wasn't accepted after customer service refused to help.

As stated in the title, I had a normal ride just as I always have for years and got hit with an email awhile after with a receipt for an $80.00 charge for 'damages.' The driver submitted 2 images of what looks like apple sauce or puke or something and that was apparently enough to convince Lyft to steal from me.
I've never had any issues with drivers and I'm always quiet and clean. I had nothing with me that could have caused such damage, I don't drink, and I wasn't sick. I was taking a Lyft home from work, same as always. In point of fact, I'm very particular and careful about how I exit and enter my Lyft rides, ensuring I don't close the door too hard, open it into the sidewalk, scrape my shoe against the doorjam, etc. I check the seats and cupholder and footrest areas for crumbs and trash just in case and often end up removing trash other people have left. There is absolutely no way in hell I somehow left a mess of beige goo on the door handle (as shown in the driver-supplied 'evidence') when I took extra care to ensure it was all proper before I left.
ON THE ISSUES OF EVIDENCE: The driver had nothing to tie me to the supposed mess besides the timing of the ride and the report. There was zero evidence I had done anything wrong. I didn't even have anything with me that could have possibly cause the damage. There wasn't even a shred of evidence linking my existence to the fake mess this driver created. What the fuck. SOME OTHER WEIRD SHIT:
When I was in the car, the driver didn't speak to me once. When I left I said thank you, have a good day, as I always do, and again, the driver didn't speak to me at all and started driving away immediately. I found this odd because generally drivers sit in the spot they parked for a minute or so, I assume to start their next ride on the app or whatever. Rarely does my driver go from a fully parked standstill to tearing down the street so quickly. At the time I just presumed they were in a hurry, but in hindsight I realise now they were hurrying to fake the damage quickly, before Lyft's system determined they were reporting it 'too late.' This was premeditated.
After realising the issue I did the first thing you'd expect: I went to contact Lyft customer service. Unfortunately, their customer service sucks. The phone number they have doesn't actually link you to anything, so you have to contact them in their website or email. The website opens tickets which take you to email, so it's basically all handled by Zendesk email support.
I don't know if they're being managed by robots or if their employees are given strict scripts but they basically didn't do anything. They didn't respond to what I said in the ticket and gave me a copypaste answer of corporate 'sorry not sorry' speak: Per our Terms of Service, we charge a damage fee to help drivers repair and clean affected areas of their vehicle, once drivers provide evidence.
We re-opened your case and after extensive review of the information provided by both you and the driver, no adjustments will be made to this claim.
That's all well and good except, there was no information provided by me, and there wasn't any evidence from the driver either. The driver submitted 2 pictures and a damage reimbursement request. The 'information' from me was just opening a ticket asking to discuss. I couldn't get escalated past this so I simply opened another ticket and got the exact same response. This is when I gave up and went looking for help on Reddit. I'd not made an account before but I do search for people who have the same problems as me to find their solutions.
A quick and cursory search for similar cases yielded an astonishing number of results. This is a consistent issue plaguing rideshare sites and it's just being left to fester. The solution given in the other Reddit posts I found were basically 'just dispute it with your bank - odds are they'll cave to the dispute since it's a small amount and you'll get blacklisted off the platform, but it's better than just being scammed.'
So that's what I did. I filed a dispute (by the way, Bank of America is garbage for disputing. They give you like 140 characters to describe everything and that's barely enough to begin explaining your case.) and got temporary credit while BoA contacted Lyft. Just today the claim was finally closed without any real submissions from me or Lyft.
The full PDF outlines my ride history as evidence on Lyft's side, showing how I take the same rides each day. I presume this is to paint a picture of how I always take these same rides, therefore I was likely in the ride that was damaged. However, it does nothing to address whether the damage was even real, let alone created by me. This seems to be ignored by BoA and Lyft. I was allowed to submit my own description of the incident but it was another 100 characters to talk in and 3 slots to upload images. Naturally it's hard to upload images that actually help my case, since I don't take pictures of everyone's cars like a creep. But hey, maybe that's the only way to solve these issues going forward eh?
GOING FORWARD / LEGAL QUESTIONS: I understand Lyft has policies on this ability to reimburse drivers for damages incurred during rides. However, in reality this is an ability to simply take money from you over baseless claims from the drivers. So, legal question #1: How is it even legal for such a broken and predator-enabling system to exist?
This entire system is predicated upon the concept of 'guilty until proven innocent.' The only real barrier for a driver stealing from you is a couple of pictures of a mess they could have made themselves. There is nothing you can do but try to prove you didn't do it. I found a few rare cases in which the metadata from the images showed they were taken from 6 year old blogs and such, or the passenger had pictures of their own to prove their claim. These were the only situations I could find in which Lyft actually refunded the forced damage fee.
That's fucking bullshit. It makes no sense. I need to rant, I'm sorry, but what the fuck? You can literally just steal 80 bucks from someone and it'll all look legit in the system. That might not seem like much to some, but even if it's not, on a large scale app like Lyft it's insane how much money is stolen with impunity.
So, legal question #2: How do people find justice in situations like this, where it costs them more money to sue for the bullshit than they were damaged for? After all, the damager is still getting away with the damaging, and can continuously do so on a large scale if left unchecked. And legal question #3, I know class action lawsuits exist, but how does one join them? There doesn't seem to be an easy way to file claims or join existing ones, that I can find anyway. Legal question #4, how does the financial aspect of setting up class action suits like this play into your ability to do so? That is to say, is there a breakpoint where it costs 'too much,' or it's a gamble? And lastly legal question #5, do I have a case here? Because I did everything else and nothing is working. I'm still down 80 bucks because some dipshit decided he wanted to swindle someone. And yet, I do understand laws can be weird about interacting with the TOS of companies, and this may be technically legal. In which case...what the fuck.
NARRATIVE CONCLUSION/TL;DR: Some random ass stole 80 bucks from me, and Lyft facilitated it. When I told them it was bs they ignored me. When I told my bank not to let them steal my money I was once again screwed over. This isn't a one time problem and happens with other people all the time and the drivers get away with it because there's no real blowback. Wtf do I do?
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2023.06.03 08:49 velodelia DIY fanless pc build ( in progress ) :)

DIY fanless pc build ( in progress ) :)
~o)0(o~ Straight out I would say this is a fun project and it turned out so much different than I ever expected and also it has been taking days of work. All of which enjoyable, I love building stuff, but building a cooling system from scratch needs some precision work :)
This is one of my first post here, so I hope it all turns out well!
It all started when a friend gave me his old GPU - a strix gtx 970 4gb OC. And that cascaded in getting all other components. I should note that this is not the best option for a GPU in a fanless system, but it's what I got :) To be hones, it ran VERY quiet with original cooling, but... I disassembled it already , there is no going back haha.
CPU is a ryzen 5 3600
MB is mini ITX GIGABYTE B450I AORUS PRO Wi-FiBeQuiet pure power 11 500W . it has a fan, but have seen it spinning only a few times and it's inaudible :)
18gb ram, 1tb samsung nvma and so on, nothing special on this front, just needed some parts to make it run.
All temps are in Celsius! :)
At my work ( I repair clinical equipment) I got a hold of these beauties from a device in one laboratory.
I thought I would need only two of them and have the rest for another project - how wrong was I haha
My first idea was to directly press the cpu against a block of aluminum and the big heatsink.Unfortunately the 2 prototypes I tried, didn't transfer the head fast enough to the big headsing and the CPU would get hot really fast during a stress test.(I glued the nuts with fast glue and baking soda. It got so hard and strong that I had trouble removing it after that! haha )The first 2 tries looked like that:
At this point I was still under the illusion, that this would be a quick job, done in a few hours. I laugh at myself when I think back at how I imagined all this would go...Trying to build and cut everything on the fly, every whole was on the wrong spot, I kept on breaking drills and taps , while making holes and threads...After the first few uncecesfull attepmts I realised I need to take my time to work on every single piece of it slowly and measure everything better if I wanted to go anywhere with this.At this point I still didn't know if I would be able to cool the CPU, much less the GPU.The CPU is 65W and the GPU is twice as much and probably sucking even more power at max load.
Next I decided to use heat pipes, but instead of ordering some and figuring out how to attach them to the CPU die, I decided to repurpose an older cooler master CPU cooler I had around ( also a donation from a friend ) It was for an older intel CPU, so I had to create a mount for it for my AM4 platform :)
So I began and 2 hours later ...
Than 2 days later ...
I drilled holes for half of the pipes and stuck them inside the radiator, the other ones I bent and pressed against the face of the other radiator. At this point I am using two of them.Bending the heatpipes without a proper tool is a mess.I ended up using the neck of a bottle of wine.....I wouldn't go too deep in this topic hahahahTo my surprise it was working!!!! I managed to get to max 80C under stress. :)
At this point I was feeling a bit more optimistic and started working on the cooling for the gpu.This time I didn't even bother with trying to cool the gpu without headpipes, so I did the same as with the CPU - repurposed some heatpipes... or you could say - Destroyed a perfectly fine working cooling hehe -

At this point I was much more careful with the holes I drilled.I have a few jars with old bolts and nuts left from my grandfather - they hold everything in this project. Whenever I needed any size of anything, I found it in there. And everytime I was thankful to him! <3 Love you grandpop!
The first time I ran the Pc with the new GPU cooling, and started stress testing it - the computer turned off without a warning! It obviously overheated.I was a bit disappointed for a while, until I remembered the VRMs have just a small heatsink above them and no fan to blow air on it at the moment...So I cut two big sheets of 3mm aluminum and stuck them on the chips with a thermal pad.That did the trick , but they got around 95C while playing games.I had to address this.
Next I got more presents from a friend - a flat heatpipe from a laptop cooling and an old GPU cooling ( heatpipes and radiator)I should have made more photos of the creation, because it is so funny :) Nowhere near good looking. I put a 2mm copper plate on the vrm chips and the laptop heatpipe, sandwiched with a sheet of aluminum plate. The flat heatpipe curves around the gpu body, goes to the other side and there I pressed the other end between another sheet of aluminum and the other gpu cooler.
This did the trick - VRM are at 62C during gaming. That's fine for me. :)Holding one end with a zip tie... At this point I have no aestetic goals for the inside :D
Building everything together around the gpu is a step by step process in specific order so that everything comes together... I had to build and take everything apart or rework it in order to have access to all the bolds and nuts holding the whole thing together.
When I play Horizon : Forbbiden west, I get 50-60C CPU, 62 VRMs and around 90CI seem to remember that on the build before the vrm upgrade the gpu was not getting hotter than 85C... Will have to work on that more.
There is an original, thin black alu plate on the back side of the GPU that get really HOT. I can't seem to find anything directly touching to it, aside from one small chip ( don't know what its for) with a 2-3mm thick thermal pad on it. I am thinking of changing this thin back plate with a much wider and thicker one. I have some 3-4 mm sheets.That's one of the next steps, when I feel motivated, and after that I will start thinking about making a wooden box for the whole thing. I have a few Teak wood planks.And just for the sake of it am wandering if I should add one fan at the bottom of the box just in caseMaybe an Noctua nf-a12x15, turning at very low RPMs... will see about that :)
I don't know how heavy it is. It's still not in one piece and stays in place thanks to my oldschool sci-fi book collection from Bulgaria :)
At the moment it looks like that and I LOVE it and the whole experience :
It's been 4 months now since I started and I work on the project whenever I have time.
I will add updates with any progress. I have some crazy ideas for the wooden box, to make it even heavier :D
Thanks for the patience of reading the whole thing and greetings from Bulgaria :)
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2023.06.03 08:49 AdventuroussIdea UA POV Dana SPG spotted in combat in Ukraine

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2023.06.03 08:48 BigKidzBackYardTV Need some tips

Anyone have any tips for fishing in and near Jackson county this time of year? (Clarklake, vineyard lake, bear lake, Wamplers lake, devils lake, grand River, River raisin)
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2023.06.03 08:47 Maleknour38 You will get sick to death of sandwiches

We have a Hot Logic and enjoy having a hot meal ready to dish up when we stop for the night. Also, get a tent and stay at free boondocking spots along the way.
🔲 Frank Vasquez in Doodle or Die
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2023.06.03 08:47 cowboyzest i love the single villain dad trope and im so happy it played out in real time in this game (from my lore accurate run, elmclan)

i love the single villain dad trope and im so happy it played out in real time in this game (from my lore accurate run, elmclan) submitted by cowboyzest to ClanGen [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 08:47 dmargnarking [LF]- Orange County, Ca- Japanese Rice fish

Hello!!!!!, I'm starting a 55 gallon tank and was having trouble finding Japanese rice fish in my area so I'm putting my feelers out there in aquaswap to see if anyone can help me make a purchase.
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2023.06.03 08:45 Best-Difference2547 welcome to the ace spectrum

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2023.06.03 08:45 Outside-Layer-6978 What is this?

I’m not sure when this popped up but the inside of my lid itches like crazy. Top and bottom, but only in this one spot. Sometimes it stings. I’ve had eczema on my eyelids before but it didn’t look like this. I also have seasonal allergies but I’ve never had eye trouble during that time. Help, I’m going crazy. :(
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2023.06.03 08:44 4everonlyninja is there a place in Colombo where they sell fish and cook it on the spot for you?

i used to live in India and on the beach people cooked fish and sold it on the spot, like if you wanted prawn or fish you could buy a fish on a plate for a reasonable price and eat it right there on the beach is there something like this in Colombo?
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2023.06.03 08:44 JohnnyBlack22 Tips for 200k

Tips for 200k
I few days ago, I posted asking for advice on how to break 200k without Polaris. I didn't get many responses, so I kept at it myself. Well... I did it! I got 209k with Bardur.

Bardur + Quez

The strategy I used here was to set the tribes to BarduQuez only. I research meditation on turn 1, and then get alter of peace on turn 6. Because the defender's can't really do anything, your warriors can run around and explore, and they won't die (usually).
Trees. Forest temples are far more efficient than other temples, as far as points/star. With only Bardur and Quez, the entire map is covered with trees. You don't want to take an Omaji city and get a bunch of fields. Early forest temples essential for attaining astronomical scores.


It's no secret that diplomacy is the key which unlocks 200k, but how exactly? First, offer peace with every single tribe. It doesn't matter who accepts, play around whoever does. Second, go diplomacy immediately after philosophy and start placing embassies in every capital, starting with the least likely embassies to be destroyed.
One thing Quez bots will do is walk next to someone else's capital with their defender and stand there (menacingly!). This is amazing for embassy chaining. In most games, there is one, maybe two turns where there's a foreign unit inside a bot's starting square. With Quez, a defender could be standing there for 5 turns. Playing against Quez drastically increases the chance of chaining embassies.
Use alter of peace to level your capital, and get a Giant out asap. The bots will think you're "weak," and will be unlikely to accept your peace treaties, until you get a giant out. After that, many will accept.
The bots are also kind of smart with diplomacy. Let's say I walk next to two units, pink and orange, both of which I can kill. We are closer to Pink's capital. Kill the orange one, then offer peace to pink, and they will often accept, even before you have a giant.

Breaking Peace

You're getting 8 stars/turn from your allies, so there's no rush to break peace. If it gets to be turn 20-21, and your only remaining allies have a single city, just leave them alone and get alter of peace between 21-26 (if you didn't get it at the start).
Mindbenders are great for breaking peace. Run them next to the enemy border, and next to any straggling giants. Giants will almost always move towards your cities, so spawn a mindbender in each city with a giant 1 square away, and you can almost certainly convert the giant net turn.
Knights are also great. Knights allow you to break peace, then run through an entire line of catapults before they can attack. This makes the war for those final cities a slaughter, instead of a two-sided blood bath, saving you many unit points, and often capturing the city on the first turn, maybe the second.

Other Tech

Whenever possible, siege and then place a mindbender next to the city. This way, if they giant push you off, you can just convert the giant and resiege, without losing tempo. Often, if you don't do this, a giant push can be a 2-3 turn ordeal.
Cloaks are great because the refund 4-8 stars when they attack the city. They're quick, effective, and cheap. Use them heavily in the midgame.
Pretty much never spawn more than 2-3 giants. Occasionally, you have to giant to prevent an awkward city from getting sieged (I did that in the 209k game), but giants are expensive. A park is 250 points: 50 stars worth of points. You could literally make 2 catapults, 2 knights, and 2 cloaks, instead of your giant, and you're still coming out 2 stars ahead.
Ships are also expensive. Sometimes, they're necessary, but 20 stars is a lot. You'd much rather use catapults for 8 stars than battleships for 20 stars. This, again, is another reason to use cloaks. They're extremely cheap, at 8 stars, some of which you get back, but still quick and effective.
When you're on a 200k pace, every single field tile will have a temple in it (or maybe a forge). Another benefit to BardeQuez is you don't have to destroy 15 farms in order to make this happen. Every deep water, and most shallow water, will have water temples, and of course every non metal mountain will have a mountain temple. Keep that in mind as you play - you are going to max out the board, and also need to spawn 20 knights at the end.

Maybe Obvious, But Worth Mentioning

Destroy every lumber hut, and build a forest temple on that square. Watch out for allies standing on them; there's a bug right now where you can't destroy if an ally is standing on the square. Forest temples come first, and only make water temples once you've maxed out your forests.
Build as many temples on turn 18 as you can. If you're missing custom's houses, temple on turn 18, then finish of your custom's houses on turn 19. You can also temple before turn 18 if it levels a city for the extra staturn, if you're really crushing it with econ.

When to Reset

Some quick benchmarks:
20 stars/turn on turn 7.
30 stars/turn on turn 8.
50 stars/turn on turn 9.
Tech tree finished by turn 11.
You can get far more economy than this, but as long as you have forests, you can hit 200k with just these goals. If it's turn 8, and none of the bots have accepted your treaties, and you haven't gotten any freebie cities, and you're at 21 stars per turn, you're on pace for a ~160k, so play it out if that's your goal, but reset if you're gunning for 200.
In the mid/lategame, if one of your allies gets 3-4 cities, it's probably over. It's going to be too cumbersome and expensive to wade through their wall of swordsman and giants. You can try, but you'll probably end up stonewalled, maybe not even completing alter of peace at the end of the game. It can turn a nutty game back into a 150-160k.
Lastly, don't hesitate to reset on turns 1-5. If you explorer on 0 and it goes the wrong way, just reset (explorer on 0 you should always get meditation on 0). If you workshop, and then the map doesn't work out so you can explore, just reset.
If you're gunning for 200k, you need to get a bit lucky. Cheesy captures where capitals are free for no reason. A random early bot accepting your treaty, or establishing an embassy. Stuff like that. Note that this game, I had no whales in my capital, and only a 2-spot custom's house in my capital, and was still able to get 209k, so there's no need to reset purely off that; you can get lucky in other ways.
Hopefully this helps people break the 200k barrier! I love perfection.
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2023.06.03 08:44 No-Jeweler1383 My friend is ignoring the friend group to spend more time with her crush and I feel spit on.

So, one of my friends in my group, let’s call her Abigale (15), has a crush on a new member of our friend group, let’s call him John( Also 15). At first, it was just her taking an interest in him and stayed back just getting to know him as all the rest of us got to know him too. She then started to move next to him and was always next to him. I saw this and realized that she must have a crush on him. It wasn’t too bad, but it was noticeable that she liked him. We got together more and had more parties. I hosted a movie party with a fun activity before the movie. So, we were all interacting together, except Abigale. She was only interacting with John. John had his body pointed away from her, meaning that he did not want to be in the conversation. She continually left me out the whole time of the activity. Then it was time for the movie, as soon as John sat down on the couch, Abigale beelined right to him and sat down so close to him when the rest of the couch, which is a big couch, was empty. I was the last to sit down and when I went to get a seat, she scooted closer to him to the point where she was basically on top of him to make room for me. There was still not enough room, so everyone scooted back as I found a different spot to sit, but she did not go back to where she was before. She remained on top of him. She took pictures of everyone but left me out of all the photos. When I told her that I wanted to be in the photos and asked her if she could wait for me, she said she would take more, but she never did. To be fair to her, she could have forgotten but it still hurt. After the party, I told her that I felt hurt and left out and she got all defensive of her crush on John. I had to tell her that this was not me telling her that she should not have a crush, in fact, it is amazing that she doesn’t have that voice in the back of her head saying she isn’t good enough to have a crush or for someone to have a crush on her. She said she was sorry for making me feel left out and that she would make sure to make me feel included. (Spoiler alert, it gets worse.) So, we have this thing where we see everyone before school for an hour every Tuesday through Friday. I thought she was keeping her promise when I saw her for the first 5 minutes. Then she would go back to how she acted before. I didn’t think too much of it because I am better friends with someone else, so I just went to them. A different friend hosted a pre-party to a dance we were going to. Abigale was all over John. I kept on looking at him and he seemed uncomfortable, to the point where my sister noticed it and brought it up. Once we got to the dance, Abigale kept on dancing right next to John and he kept on moving and switching where he was. Time skip of about a month and I had broken my foot. I couldn’t move around as easily as I was in crutches and John was kind enough to move chairs out of my way each day for a week so that I could get out of. Abigale’s crush is to the point of obsession. She somehow finds a way to get the conversation about him and always says that we need to get together to host a party. I am DONE with hosting parties where both Abigale and John are there because she will ignore me and go to him no matter what happens to me. I have had multiple panic attacks in a row, and she was still next to him. She did look over at me once. ONCE. He seemed to care more than her. I have left the planning to her and other friends. She planned a movie night at her house, and I thought, “Oh her parents will be there maybe she will not sit right next to him to avoid her parents’ asking questions.” Yeah, no that did not happen. Her parents were upstairs the whole time, which my parents usually are too so that isn’t weird. But she still sat right next to him, and her couch is a lot smaller than mine, so she was on top of him. She was looking at him the whole night talking to him the whole night and not talking to anyone else. Our neighborhood hosted clothespin tag for all the kids 10-18. I couldn’t play, so I sat out with a friend. Once the game was over, everyone got up to talk and have fun, but she was talking to just him outside of the group. Go her. She is chasing what she wants. One last example, we had a lake day and Abigale was always with John to the point where I was left out. I was left behind on shore with another friend who also gets FOMO when everybody else was on an island in the middle of the lake. That hurt because no one came back for me and when they finally did come back, they came back for food. That hurt a lot. The rest of the evening she was always next to John unless other male friends wanted to be next to him. She only paid attention to John the whole time. When it came time for us to go home, I looked at her for a ride because we understand that if one of us gives them a ride to the place, the other brings them home. We gave Abigale and her twin a ride to the lake, so I was expecting her to give me a ride home. When she said she was getting a ride with John I was confused and asked her, “I thought that since we gave you a ride here that you would give us a ride home. How am I getting home?” She raised her voice at me, and said, “You’ll get home!” I was taken aback by her telling this to me one step below yelling and her laughing after to cover it up. This really angered me because I almost had no ride. One of the other people had to go out of their way to take me home. I profusely thanked the person who was able to take me home and her dad because it was so last minute and out of the way. The whole lake day was confusing because it was just thrown together with no real planning. There was no communication, so I texted her to get clarification and she gave a weak excuse that planning it was hard. There were no parents there. My parents were the only parents there. My dad was expecting all the parents to be there. There were no snacks or drinks. The only planning that was done was the times when we should be there. Over the course of John being in the friend group and Abigale’s crush on him, his body language is always pointed away from her in contrast her body language is pointed solely towards him no matter if we are in a group together or not. To me, it looks like he wants to be with everyone else and not in a conversation with her. John is a really nice dude, so he is not going to ignore her or put her aside to do what he wants. He isn’t Abigale. He actually thinks about other people. My friends are almost to an age where they can date so I understand that she is so close to being able to do something about her crush and ask John on a date, but we still have 6 months until he can date when she only must wait another month. Many friendships have broken because one friend got someone, and the friend doesn't like the bf or gf is getting what the friend used to and the friend feels left behind and forgotten about. I have told her that she needs to regulate her attention to both sides. She needs to keep the attention of John and the group the same so that no one feels left out or forgotten. I felt like that, so I told her she needs to not leave her friends behind for a crush. I asked my friend who isn’t in the friend group what I should do, and she said to ignore Abigale and if she notices, make up a random excuse as to why you have been ignoring her. If Abigale does not notice that you have been ignoring her, then talk to her saying that you have been feeling like she isn’t including you and you have been feeling left out. I have talked to her about this before and she did not change. I also asked my sister what I should do, and she agreed with my friend. I have been ignoring her aside from when everyone says hello and gives hugs. I have been doing this for a week now, even with school out and us not getting together in the morning, we have had parties the whole week and she hasn’t noticed. I even invited her twin over for a movie and told her not to tell Abigale. What should I do? Should I confront her about how I feel again?
TL; DR: My friend Abigale had a massive crush on my other friend John to the point where she is always next to him and ignoring the whole group to be with him. His body language tells me that he is uncomfortable being that close to her, but she can’t take a hint from him. I have ignored her for a week, and she hasn’t noticed.
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2023.06.03 08:43 Some_Tiny_Dragon What are some reasons why I feel bubbles in my chest?

21 Male with no history of drugs/alcohol besides 2nd hand cigarette smoke. Possible chemical burns in the lungs from 2 years ago and I have hypermobile joints (this has come up before during an unrelated clinic visit because of bone pain.) Visited the hospital recently for bubbles in my chest and chest pain on the left side.
The doctor said that I'm completely fine because the xray didn't see any black spots and lack of deformation in the area. Says its acid reflux. However I still feel bubbles in my chest moving around as I rotate to my side. I can position myself to make my heartbeat have a kind of splashing sound. I was given anti-inflammatorys and pain killers which were ineffective and only gave me a headache.
Is there simple reasons why I feel this? Is there reason to believe that this doctor did a bad job? Should I specify a test?
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2023.06.03 08:42 Alexis-Bell I think I'm failing at contour

I think I'm failing at contour
My contour is either barely there or its too much and looks like a dark spot on my cheek... I'm still new at makeup. I tried blush before but it looks awful on me, I naturally have a very red and sensitive face from acne so I go in with a green color corrector under my foundation. With contour I used the elf powder contour palette.. and a brush to apply. I've never used a cream contour before, and I'm wondering how can I apply contour better, or if it's just not working for me. Also could bronzer be a better alternative instead of blush? I think I need to find the right colored blush for my skin. I've been thinking I'm an olive undertone and I bought a foundation that's olive- the one in the photo- it seems to blend in better than the foundation I had before which were neutrals, making me look kinda orange.
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2023.06.03 08:39 ignorantnormie Planaria & Hydra - Leave them be or eradicate?

After watching a few of Father Fish's videos (where he advocates making aquariums natural by introducing microfauna and other organisms found in natural habitats), I decided to purchase some leaf littecultures. I now have all sorts of organisms I didn't have before, including hydra and planaria. They're all currently in a container separate from my tanks.
At first, I was going to nuke the tank with No Planaria (or maybe fenbendazole?) but after thinking about it that would go against the idea of making my tanks natural, since planaria and hydra are found in natural bodies of water, and I might kill off other organisms (that I want) in the process. I'm also not too keen on the idea of feeding to my fish scuds that have been exposed to medication.
Should I be scared of planaria & hydra? I've heard so many contradicting things about them. Many people say they're harmless to healthy adult fish (the only fish I'm keeping). But I've also heard that hydras can sting even adult fish (especially ones with long fins), which doesn't sound that unlikely to me. I've also heard of planaria eating a pleco from inside out.
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