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2023.05.30 14:21 Natala21W Dream doll line?

Hiii :)) so... I only collect MH dolls as they are the only ones on the market that peak my interest! I love the characters, how unique the all are, how their faces are the most detailed and their fashion so different for each one. I'm also a huge fantasy and horror fan. I can't get behind other doll lines such as Rainbow high for example as to me they aren't different enough from one another besides the colour coding. But i was thinking the other day that if there were maremaid dolls or fairies on shelves I would definitely collect them if they were more like monster high. Unique characters with distinctive colour schemes based in fantasy world (i like maremaze dolls but I'm not vibing with them being like rockstars, i also love Winx but don't like the dolls faces).
So my question to you is; what theme would your dream doll line be? What would the dolls be like?
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2023.05.30 14:20 Androidtechniques How To Track Screen Time On Android

How To Track Screen Time On Android

Do you know how much you work with your phone during the day? Or the account is out of your hands. You must have experienced this issue a lot when you have been working with your phone for a long time and neglected to do the necessary daily tasks, and sometimes this habit has become a vicious cycle in your life. Don’t worry; there are solutions to track screen time on Android phones. You can get rid of this problem with the help of the digital well-being app. This app is available on all Android phones 10 and above. If your phone is old, you can also use this. Download the app. Using this app, you can easily manage the time you use your phone.
The app timer app is one of the practical parts of Digital well-being. If you are overworked with an app, you can allocate time. When the set time is reached, the alarm program will end. And after that, the color of the app icon will change to gray, and you won’t be able to open it until midnight. How to work with the App timer is like this. Tap Dashboard. The list of programs will appear, select the desired program, tap on the hourglass icon and, specify the desired duration, then confirm the changes. You can delete these settings by tapping the trash icon to delete the changes.
In the past, children worked non-stop with phone applications, and parents could not properly monitor their programs, but Digital Wellbeing has a proposed solution. First, both parties must have a Google account. In the next step, download the Family link app from Google play. In this step, you can limit the screen time on your child’s device. Then the following settings Implement on your phone and your child.
This is how it works. Enter the parental control section from Digital well-being, enable the Show icon in the app list, select the desired app, then tap Set up parents’ control, enter the next page and select Get Started, first page Next, who will be using this device is written, at the bottom of the page there are two options, child or teen and parent. Select parent.
Suppose you don’t have enough concentration to study the course material during university exams or don’t have enough time to do your work. In that case, Focus mode is a practical digital well-being tool that helps to strengthen concentration. Choose the programs that create the most distraction. Probably social networks like Instagram will get the most votes. Be sure to add Instagram to this list. The cool thing is that the alarm goes off even when you’re tempted to open the app. Focus mode disables all app notifications.
To activate the focus mode, enter the Focus mode section, and select the desired program from the list of programs. Activate the Set Schedule section; on the next page, you can enter the desired time. You can set the focus mode during special hours. For example, activate it when you work between 9 am and 5 pm. This mode will not only increase your concentration, but you will have a more helpful work performance. You can also activate rest mode at the end of the day. And then continue with the concentration program again.
If you must check all social networks before going to sleep, the sleep mode option is right for you because it helps you manage your time using phone apps. After the sleep mode is activated, the phone will go dark. In this mode, you can use the do not disturb option to disable phone calls, notifications and SMS. Enter the Bed Time mode section, and select the desired programs from the list. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the calendar. You can set the days and times to activate the sleep mode based on it. Another option is the While charging at bedtime mode, which allows you to activate the sleep mode only while the mobile is charging.
Swipe down from the top of the screen to enter the quick menu, tap the settings icon from the bottom of the screen, then select the Digital well-being app. The pie chart shows the duration of use of the most used programs. Click on the number. On this page, you can see the usage times of the programs in the form of bar graphs and daily. By opening each program, you can check their working time separately and compare the times with each other.
In new versions, Xiaomi has added a feature similar to Digital well-being called Screen time in MIUI 11. First, set a time for the time limit and then view the operating times as a bar chart. If the set time has passed, the alarm will be activated. It also reports the number of times the phone is unlocked. With this feature, you can grab your wrist because when something becomes a habit, the brain gets used to the routine situation, and the mind does not need to think, so the person will not notice how many times he has repeated that action. To increase concentration while working:
  1. Use the focus mode in the Screen time app.
  2. This way, choose the desired time for the focus mode, and as soon as you reach the specific time, the focus mode will be activated.
  3. Remember. You can make or receive calls only when the app is active.
With this program, you can choose the desired duration; if you work with it for more than the prescribed time, the alarm will be activated. The Social fever app reports the time spent in each app separately, the great advantage of the Social fever app is that it protects your eyes and ears, which means you can’t look at the phone for more than 30 minutes. Listen to music apps that require tracking to the list if you want to use this app. Social fever is a tool that checks the amount of work spent so that you can find a solution to change the situation if needed.
To get the best feedback from this program, you must complete a questionnaire about your smartphone usage habits so that you can identify your habits. You can tap your wrist to see how many times you unlock your phone. Space tracks how much time you use apps on your phone and helps you balance. This app is compatible with Android and iOS.
This program is one of the best applications to limit the time of using phone programs. You can control the duration of using the program. The great advantage of the Anti-Social program is to compare your information with others. This data is checked based on age and gender, and you can find a suitable solution based on the results.
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2023.05.30 14:20 EricLambert_RVAspark How the electrical construction market has been trending lately in Richmond

How the electrical construction market has been trending lately in Richmond
Recently poured through hundreds of electrical permits issued by the city of Richmond since January 2021, and decided to hand draw a line graph illustrating the current contraction in the electrical construction market in Richmond.
I looked at the valuation of the electrical permits issued by the city for commercial new construction only. I know commercial new construction isn't all of the electrical construction market, and I know that the city of Richmond isn't by any stretch the entirety of IBEW Local 666's geographic jurisdiction, but I think this is probably representative.
In Q1 of '21 $4,044,369 worth of electrical permits for new commercial construction was issued by the city of Richmond. In Q2 of '21 it was $2,679,102. In Q3 of '21 it was $1,344,880. In Q4 of '21 it shot up to $6,764,363.
We've been on a steady decline since then. Q1 of '22 was $2,590,924, Q2 of '22 was $1,628,380, Q3 of '22 was $1,351,481, Q4 of '22 was $1,288,758, and the first quarter of this year saw a valuation of the electrical permits issued by the city of Richmond for new commercial construction at only $917,547.
It is notable of course that these numbers don't extend back to the pre-pandemic salad days, when I would assume every quarter was seeing more than the peak, we see here at Q4 '21.
The valuation of the permits issued in the first quarter of this year represents just 13.5% of the valuation of the permits issued in Q4 of '21.
That's how much work has fallen off in a year and a half.
That doesn't have anything to do with contractors or unions or immigrants or viruses (at least not directly). That is inflation, supply chain issues, and rising interest rates.
IBEW Local 666 is doing more than 13.5% of the work we were doing in Q4 of '21. A great sight more as a matter of fact.
We won't know for a long time, too long, but I would guess our market share is at least holding its own, if not increasing through this contraction.
I would also assume that if I revised this graph in July, the red line would start on an upward trajectory again, but of course I don't know that for sure.
The permits issued so far this quarter are on a pace for that though.
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2023.05.30 14:20 Disastrous-Welder-65 Idleness and resignation are getting closer to me

I have been failing for over two years, I have the impression that I am used to conversion and temporary abstinence. I've read different things and used different methods. Some worked but in the end I wasn't consistent and they require it.
I'm writing this because it might shake my head. In general, I realize that I have a comfortable situation because I have holidays and my physical health is above average. But sanity is averaged by porn: brain fog, weird thoughts, obsessions, etc. Sometimes I think these two areas are complete opposites (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit).
As soon as I get on the right track and quit pmo I think I got it! and fantasizing what I will be, etc.
I have a few months off. Fuck! A few free months, more than 100 days off from most duties, I must admit that it is a big help to improve my lifestyle: spending time in nature, etc.
Fantasies, I fantasize about things distant from me, but perverted. I'm sick of it. I feel frustration. Every time there is a conclusion: Stop doing it!
When I recover, the rush of thoughts takes over. Well, god's sake!
Yes, yes, I'm complaining, maybe I'm expecting "help". Yes, but I know that it's up to me to change, I'm the only person who, having good will, chooses whether to pmo or not.
I'm dreaming of quitting PMO altogether. Why ? Because every problem, wherever I look, is largely due to pornography. And in addition, most thoughts, about 60% of thoughts during the day refer to porn or even to the very identity of the person "recovering.
What a relief I would feel if I stopped just like that.
I will note that I have progress in life in terms of some aspects, but also when it comes to addiction- Not doing pmo a few times for about 30 days or sometimes more I didn't do it.
When I think about how I felt then, life became much more colorful and fuller, the sky seemed brighter, the smells reminded me of the old days.
Well, I'll try again (although in my head I have a strong feeling as if I'm about to fail again). I have nothing to lose, only things to gain, and I will regain the self-respect I never had. I'll do it .
I'll tidy up the room. I will read a good book. Jacobson's method will meditate. I will write, think, change the way, change what I do, break this anesthesia and surrender. It's definitely worth it, I'll be grateful for it. Today it seems impossible to me, I see myself (black scenarios) locked in the house and wasting time and so on. But no no, this time I will regain myself, I will meet my homies, eat healthy, get up in the morning, spend time in nature, Yes!
I don't want to have such memories in the future as from the past from the old school, (Sitting on the toilet and looking for the right clip :I) I want to be a valuable person with a super personality and quit for myself and with understanding go ahead and never think that porn has "something". I will do it !
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2023.05.30 14:20 Slow_Studio_2940 Wich University to choose? RSM or UvA?!

Hey everyone,
I am new to this group, but think this is the best subreddit to ask this question. But first, let's me start with giving some background info.
I am a 19-year-old male from the Netherlands. I'm currently studying at Windesheim UAS in Zwolle. However, I want and feel like I should be challenged more. Therefore, I want to go to a university soon.
I have applied for the Business Administration program at the University of Amsterdam, made the selection test and got in. However, I'm still doubting about what I should do, because RSM also looks very good. These are my positives and negatives about the UvA:
  1. I can start the upcoming academic year.
  2. The quality of education is good, and there are so many options for going abroad, or following subjects outside the regular program.
  3. Social life in Amsterdam is good.
  1. Amsterdam is very crowded. I really don't like the amount of people/tourists.
  2. Amsterdam is very expensive (I live a 1.5 hour train drive away, so getting an apartment is a reasonable option). And even if I find an apartment, there are so many people competing for it.
And these are my positives and negatives about RSM (Bedrijfskunde/Business Administration program).
  1. RSM has a better reputation internationally.
  2. Rotterdam is (I think) cheaper to live in compared to Amsterdam.
  3. Rotterdam is less crowdy compared to Amsterdam.
  4. Rotterdam is built more spaciously, so it also feels larger and less busy.
  1. I have to wait for one more year to start.
After my bachelor, I would like to get a master's, but I don't know which university has better options and how difficult it is to get a master's at a different university compared to where you get your bachelor. Also, maybe in the future I would like to work outside of the Netherlands (Maybe London or Wall Street). How important do these regions find where I studied?
My gut tells me to go for Rotterdam, but I would like to get some advice from you guys, so please tell me how you think about my situation! Thanks!
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2023.05.30 14:19 IgnCloudi Workings of the recall ability

Workings of the recall ability
So Ive been very intrigued by the new recall ability introduced in tears of the kingdom, like you can literally reverse ANY object you can see and it isnt even limited by the distance between the object and link. How did the devs make it so flawless? I know they didnt share the inner workings so this is just speculation
Note: Im not at all experienced in game development, was just curious so dont go all out on me if this is dumb. If you know better, suggest your alternative :D
The way I think it may work is like, whenever an object (recallable) is moving (let us assume it to be a bomb barrel thrown by a moblin) its positions are stored only when the object changes axis i.e. When the moblin throws the barrel, its initial positions are stored, then till the barrel is moving in a straight line, the same axis coordinates are being changed, but as its about to reach the top of its arc coordinates of any axis starts to change differently ( {**different example**} say x,y and z were all increasing but suddenly the x coordinate started decreasing, i.e. the object changed direction) then those coordinates are stored too. When link recalls that object, the stored coordinates are called upon and the object simply moves to those coordinates making a smooth animation

2d illustration to better explain what i mean
Or it could just be that the game every so often stores the coordinates of the objects and the rest happens, but that could be a lil more resource intensive.
Well if you happen to know bette have a better idea please do comment about it, id love to learn more.
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2023.05.30 14:19 PassingWithJennifer I had a nightmare awful weekend but my bf was supportive and now I have a new whip and more pride than ever

So...God has it been this long? Feels like a week but that week was a life time.
So my step dad and mom broke up like a year ago. Mom sold her house and had 80k in the bank. She is bipolar and not very smart. Believes conspiracy nonsense. She latched onto the idea she was being hacked. Would look through the system files on her phone or laptop and think "aha this is proof I'm being hacked," but anyone that's even bothered to look at those things generally knows 90% of it is unimportant stuff. Like a bsod you just kind of look at the error code and work from there but she would, in this hypothetical, microanalyse every number and word and write it down and assume any dumb thing about it.
She was being super schizo and I think got hooked on stimulants. And stimulants and bipolar mania do not mix. She basically was like schizophrenic worse than any schizo I've ever known.
Tuesday I was getting a ride to work with my step dad. The week before I told yall I had the most amazing date with this guy, my bf. I had him over at my house for the first time and it was amazing. I left my house because I was so giddy and...wet and went to brag to my friend and get wine. A taxi driver ran the red and hit me. That was may 19th.
Tuesday last week, again, my step dad was picking me up for work. We stopped back by his house to grab something he needed before leaving. My mom was...shit...omg she was having an episode. And my step dad (who broke up with her) was yelling and she was screaming. It was scary and I just knew "if we don't get them apart they're gonna murder each other :("
My mom blew through that 80k in less than a year and her drug addiction and refusal to take her antipsychotics or whatever bipolar take (mood stabilizers?) Made everyone fed up with her. My step dad broke up with her after 10 years, she moved in with my transphobic as shit grandpa, drove everyone around her crazy.
Recently my sister got a restraining order against her and I thought it would never happen (cause he treats her nicer than anyone) but her dad kicked her out a couple months ago. She was at step dads cause everyone else was so done with her and he is such an amazing family man and empathetic person that even though it was killing him he just couldn't leave her on the street...yet.
After their awful fight I said my step dad "I feel terrible that this has been dumped on you. Everyone else has washed their hands of her and you're stuck with her like this, I feel like I need to help you [because you've helped me so much] if there's anything I can do please let me know. I know nobody else will."
The day came. Thursday. He said she has a flight Saturday and he has been working on fixing his buddies boat to take out on memorial day weekend. He asked me to take her.
I had plans with my boyfriend Friday and I explained everything and apologized profusely. He was understanding (he is such a great guy so far.)
I had to venture to stay with my transphobic grandfather. told him "I won't let her stay at my house while I'm gone and im locking it up," and I guess grandpa could tolerate it for the weekend. I showed up and said I'm helping her move and will be gone tomorrow.
I got put through absolute fucking hell this weekend. And I stood up for myself constantly. My brother, who says I am his best friend and he mine, was not there. He was stuck a town over with his gf. If he had been not only would the time have flown by but also he would have stuck up for me but I am glad i said the things I did. I remember when one of them said "you're making a mistake," and I quickly and coldly told them "you dumped your pregnant girlfriend you cheated on your wife with," with a scowl and his face went pale and everyone in the room became silent.
All you shameful sacks of shit
I eventually retired to my brother's room to be alone Friday night. So ready to take my mom to the airport Saturday and be home.
Oh boy
I was playing world of warceaft when I got a super inflamed huge welt below my wrist. I saw a mosquito hawk when i entered the room and all over the garage. I thought "damn that mosquito got my ass for sure." But I kept getting them on the underside of my right arm. And I thought this
I jumped up and looked at the bedding and saw bedbugs
I fucking yelled at everyone. To the point the boy voice came out and my throat/voice was fucked all weekend. "This is all I have," "I was homeless for a year and now I have to risk taking this shit home," etc. People and their fucking pride. Istg. Nobody wants to admit to having them. The fact nobody told me was an evil thing. Truly despicable. Because they want to pretend to be perfect but at the end of the day they're just shit. And not just because of the bugs but omitting it. Fucking idiot morons
I eventually relented. And began the process of taking apart my laptop to bathe in ethanol. You can't clean electronics. I've had bed bugs 2 times as a minor and experimented with a litany of chemicals and poisons. I found with 91% isopropyl they sort of ooze blood and die, I assume they're vomiting or something. And it's conveniently the only safe way to wash electronics.
I out my clothes in the wash and grabbed some random clothes out of storage in the hot ass attic. Bed bugs hate heat and would probably die in a summer attic. Thankfully they don't have carpet, because fabrics is hownrhey travel. I went to the most secluded bedroom upstairs in their like 6 bedroom house. I was paranoid the whole weekend. I washed my clothes 5 times. And even ran then dry in the dryer several times then bagged them up in a trash bag. I bathed my laptop in ethanol.
The whole time I'm telling my boyfriend about this and so upset. I was being strong on the outside but inside I was distraught.
He was so affirming. This guy is literally so affirming and romantic that any woman--cis or trans--would be lucky to have him. He kept me company as I avoided my family as much as I could.
I've been having an issue with wet dreams lately. Sometimes while I'm awake even. Overwhelming, powerful fantasies that five me tunnel vision and nearly convulse. I have multiple orgasms without touching myself, asleep. They half way wake me up but only for a moment to senselessly roll my eyes around in a blur like an amusement park ride.
I have been open with this problem with him. I just fuckin leak pre-cum/lubricant when aroused now. From what I understand this is normal because the prostate behaves like the schenes gland (the female homologue of the prostate responsible for lubricating things.) But warned him I ruin my blankets and clothes. These things are out of my control and have been sort of a miserable/confusing but also tantalizing thing to experience. This will be relevant in a second.
My mom Saturday was so unprepared. She wanted to constantly repack all of her shit. She has more clothes and shoes and garbage than most people. Just shit she blew her money on. She told me "if I ever come into money I'll help you," bitch you had almost a 100k in the bank the whole time I was homeless and I never asked for a dime and I never gave a shit so yea go on about how much you care about your kids.
She got into a dui and was leaving the state. If she stayed shenhad to get a breathalyzer in the car and blah blah blah. She realized talking to step dad that she couldn't take the car and nobody would let her park it in their yard indefinitely. Her giving me the car seems less like thoughtful thing than just something that made since given mine was destroyed and nobody else would indulge her a single bit.
So for me im helping my step dad cause what I saw Tuesday was terrible. My brother thinks she will kill herself when she is broke. The last of her money is like 2.2k and she has it in cash. But we both think she is gonna fly out to California and go broke then try to come back and want to be taken care of (get a fucking job you lazy--!) She's always relied on her good looks (oh and she got BA so she can't talk shit about me wanting surgeries tho sometimes she tries and I bring that up) and manipulation and social skills to rely on men she entraps. But she is around or almost 50 now it's apparent now that's a dwindling or nonexistent option for her.
So Saturday sh fought me trying to fit her entire over sized wardrobe into 2 suit cases until like 40 minutes until her flight. I basically speeded where i could but we missed her flight by like 5 minutes. She began to talk about "maybe I'm just not meant to go." And tried ti act cute about it and shit. I tried to tell her "if you fuck this up you have nothing and nobody." She angrily always tried to twist the subject and try to make me into the villain for helping her.
Her flight was rescheduled for Monday.
The whole time I'm just...pouring it out for my boyfriend. I'm so fucking upset about this situation I'm stuck in. And you know how I know this guy is great? He was so empathetic and read every word of it. And he made this living hell bearable for me. I could almost cry.
In fact I bragged on him when I could. Yes I like dick. I came out as gay to you despicable shit heads when I was like a preteen. They act like I everything I do is wrong. How they can feel superior to me with so many skeletons in their closet is infuriating. One of them literally molested someone but is trying to tell me I'm fucked in the head. You should go back to prison and be sterilized! You fuckin maniacs.
Every night I would talk to my bf. I love the way I'm small and atrophied and 5'6 and see more of myself in the mirror. I'm so happy random strangers clock me as a woman. And the little things he says or does are so fuckin special it could bring me to tears.
Finally, Monday came. Step dad was on his way back to help me ensure she got on her flight. She tried not to several times and was anxious and panicked. But we got her out the door and I got her to the airport 50 minutes early. Which is good because they say to arrive 45 minutes early for luggage check.
I'm wearing fucking pajama pants and a thin shirt. My tits, my crotch, my ass, God if I wasn't so determined to see this through I wouldn't have degraded myself to this.
I hugged her and said good by. Got into my new car. Went to Walmart and bought bombs and poison. And got back to grandpa's by like maybe 9:30 pm. And I didn't fuck around. I took all Mt stuff I've cleaned over and over. I doused my whip (car) in poison and then went inside. He tries talking to me and dead named me. I just stepped past him into the garage with a thousand mile stare. I sprayed all of my things with poison. I showered and changed into my poison soaked clothes. Literally my clothes (which I washed and dried over and over and over) were soaking wet in poison. Drenched. I threw the remaining shit into my car and bombed it. I left as soon as the fog cleared.
I was so happy texting my boyfriend. Everything that could wrong and the mental turmoil...God all of it. My bf wanted to do something sweet for me. Wanted to bring me food. I felt bad turning him down. I told him i just needed this time. I pulled up to the gas station my good friend works at and talked to my bf on the phone for a while. I got out and went in and talked to Mt friend. He said when he saw me Saturday he could tell it was catastrophically bad. I had offered to bring him food (they don't get lunch breaks) Saturday and was giving me a hard time (in a friendly joking way,) and I told him I'd do it but not tonight. I'm so done tonight. Got a bottle of wine and left.
I got home and locked my car. Got into my house and just fuckin cried for a minute.
I texted my boyfriend until late at night.
I am going to see him in a few hours. I'm bringing food and we are going to hangout before he goes to work. I sent him videos of my boobs and ass cheeks. I really like that my hips look so much more round now. Especially from the back like doggy style. He really wanted to come over. I suppose I teased him. We were both drunk. Saturday I had an involuntary wet dream and told him about it. It woke me up and I rubbed my legs together and sort of grinded while i came then went back to sleep. Trust me I didn't want want have this dream or to do that. I feel like the hormones are beating me down or controlling me in some way that almost scares me.
It reminds me too much of amab puberty where masturbating felt involuntary and was the only way to make it go away. It's different but gets eerily close to my dysphoria remembering that.
I could hardly sleep. I think the physical effects of the stress are persisting on a physical or biological level. Physiological?
All I ever wanted was a man like this. One that wants to love me. Treats me like a woman and the way I want to be treated. I prayed for so long.
When I was homeless i would drink sometimes and climb into my back seat. I would take my only pillow and wrap it around me and feel the warmth inside of me and imagine a man was holding me.
Early transition I prayed to be pretty. I asked God for so much. While some degree of youthfulness and beauty has been afforded to me it has not come without consequences and new challenges. Then I prayed to God for a boyfriend and dated several men and moped about miserably on apps. And on here.
I feel incredibly fortunate and humbled. Transition for me has been hard. There was a person I did almost find myself with at one time but certain factors made it impossible to be together.
With this car and my own place and boyfriend. I feel my life is normal. I said that too, to my mom. She tried to say "I can't wait to see you one day when stuff like that (family intentionally and hatefully disrespecting and dead naming me) just rolls off you like water on a ducks back." I told her I won't tolerate that from them and ultimately what she is asking of me is to just be ok with them treating me that way. I told her about my boyfriend and the way he treats me or the way my brother treats and respects me by introducing me as his sister and always gendering me correctly: "IT MAKES ME FEEL NORMAL, IT MAKES ME HAPPY."
I was always like this inside. And im so happy that so many people can see it outside.
When I was leaving the airport and paying my parking the parking attendant, a man, said in a jovial tone "how can I help you today, young lady?" It doesn't even have to be flattering. That little bit of validation in a pit of despair made me feel so good.
Today I have my second laser appointment. And i have a date with my boyfriend in a few hours. I am about to get ready to leave. This is the life I want for myself. This one. Not that chaos and misery those morons pretend is normal. Not the way they treat me. Not the way they treat each other and pretend it's OK because "were family." That doesn't men shit to me coming from them. They abandoned me young and I left home at 14. I've basically raised myself and I'm emotionally and socially stunted because of it but I feel like flower that has blossomed into something beautiful. I am Jennifer and I love it.
If you made it this far. Thanks for reading. I'm going to brush my teeth and start my day. I have a date and laser and then a date with world of warcraft to play with my friends. After typing this I feel over all that other nonsense. So over.
If you are out there and reading this I want this (the good) for you too. Don't let those people take this from you when we have already gave up so much.
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2023.05.30 14:19 PurplethePsycmoe Problemas con el envío

I posted the below in Cordoba and it was suggested that I post this here as well. Is this legal? Are there any workarounds? I just want my stuff and to not have to pay an additional $1000 to get it.
Publiqué lo siguiente en Cordoba y me sugirieron que lo publique aquí también. ¿Es esto legal? ¿Hay alguna solución? Solo quiero mis cosas y no tener que pagar $ 1000 adicionales para obtenerlas.
My first language is English. I am posting this in both English and Spanish, but the translation may be off. Please forgive me if it is and ask questions if you need it to make more sense.
Mi primer idioma es el inglés. Estoy publicando esto tanto en inglés como en español, pero la traducción puede estar mal. Por favor, perdóname si lo es y haz preguntas si necesitas que tenga más sentido.
So this is a big reach. My spouse and I recently moved to CBA from EEUU and we're working on getting residency. We're having paperwork difficulties that has delayed this but it is still the plan. Meanwhile, our stuff is stuck in a warehouse, and we can't get it until we have at least residencia precaria.
Así que este es un gran alcance. Mi cónyuge y yo nos mudamos recientemente a CBA desde EE. UU. y estamos trabajando para obtener la residencia. Estamos teniendo dificultades con el papeleo que ha retrasado esto, pero sigue siendo el plan. Mientras tanto, nuestras cosas están atascadas en un almacén y no podemos conseguirlas hasta que tengamos al menos residencia precaria.
Currently I have to pay $500 USD for 45 days of rent in the warehouse. It's terrible. The paperwork issues will take at minimum another 70 days to deal with. While I can technically afford it, it's a waste.
Actualmente tengo que pagar $500 USD por 45 días de renta en la bodega. Es terrible. Los problemas de papeleo tomarán como mínimo otros 70 días para ser tratados. Si bien técnicamente puedo permitírmelo, es un desperdicio.
The person working with me from the moving logistics team said that the warehouse can deliver the items if they can be received by a citizen or legal resident of Argentina who has spent at least 12 months abroad and has recently returned. I do not know how recently is acceptable, but I suspect within a couple months. I can find that information out easily enough.
La persona que trabaja conmigo del equipo de logística de mudanzas dijo que el almacén puede entregar los artículos si los puede recibir un ciudadano o residente legal de Argentina que haya estado al menos 12 meses en el extranjero y haya regresado recientemente. No sé qué tan reciente es aceptable, pero sospecho que dentro de un par de meses. Puedo encontrar esa información con bastante facilidad.
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2023.05.30 14:19 Lillumultipass99 Questioin from potential new player

Hi everyone,
First, a bit of background: I have been playing CCGs (Collectible Card Games) since 1995, starting with Magic: The Gathering, and then many other games such as Netrunner the 1st, Legend of the Five Rings, Highlander, and VS System. I also play a lot of board games as well as online CCGs (Marvel Snap, Runeterra), and LCGs such as Marvel Champions.
My daughter is getting older (8.5yrs old) and is starting to play more complicated card games with me and I have recently introduced her to Pokemon, which has led me to read about other CCGs, such as One Piece and I was intrigued by the core mechanics.
So, here I am with a few questions :
  1. Is the metagame interesting and varied ? Notably, are there various deck styles that are playable (like control/combo/aggro) ? I know there is only one expansion so this may be too early to tell.
  2. Do we know whether they plan some sort of rotation at some point ?
  3. In terms of depth/complexity compared to other CCGs how would you rate OP? In other words, does skill matter a lot or is luck prevalent ? Obviously, this is a card game, there is inherent variance...but the question is how much...How about deckbuilding ? I have to admit that looking at the rules and some cards, I don't see a lot of stuff that "excites" me in terms of mechanics and originality. I like the concept of having a leader though, although sometimes it tends to pigeonhole one's deck into a certain style.
  4. A more general question is also why you play OP over other card games such as MTG, Pokemon, DBS, Digimon...did you play other games before settling on OP or do you play other games ? What are the pros and cons of OP vs. other games ?
  5. What sites would you recommend to brush up on strategies/decks ? One thing I love in CCGs is reading a well-written article about decks' strategies (or videos nowadays as I know they have become popular). Are there some dedicated forums or websites ?
  6. What’s the best way to start as a new player and acquire cards and decks ? In most TCGs, the recommendation is to buy singles. Does that hold true here as well ? If I want to be able to make competitive decks at some points, does it make sense to buy the starter decks ? What about the forthcoming EX01 expansion, which, if I understood correctly contains a set of promos?
  7. Any other point of attention ?
thanks a lot !
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2023.05.30 14:19 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Program (Here)

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If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.05.30 14:19 uh-leash-uh Secrets of Hillsong & mini-megachurches

Secrets of Hillsong & mini-megachurches
THIS. 🙌 It doesn’t end with Hillsong. Much of the contemporary Christian / evangelical churches have been built on this model. That’s why so many of us have had similar experiences growing up in different churches all around the world.
Story time: Back in 2008 I was a worship leader in a local small church, and the pastor more and more became obsessed with megachurches like Hillsong and Gateway. Every sermon turned into a call to tithe more faithfully and how 10% was the required minimum by god. As a worship leader I felt I was participating in manipulating people, as he pushed for more and more emotional responses, with a larger goal of growing the church and selling music like hillsong. I started to feel icky about going to church and being a leader, when I thought that was supposed to be the right thing. That was just the start of my long process, and I’m sure many of you have similar experiences.
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2023.05.30 14:18 lavender_dreams1 Dealing with abusive clients

Please remove if not allowed, but I really don’t know where else to turn.
I’m a Private Client lawyer, specifically probate. I have been doing this job for 5 years now but only in the past year became a client facing fee earner (secretary for 4 years, did CILEx apprenticeship for paralegal).
I get abuse and disrespect from my clients on a daily basis and it’s becoming too much. I completely understand the grieving process, more than most, as it’s my job every single day. I have dealt with my fair share of grief and loss and consider myself a very compassionate individual, hence why I chose this area of law. I keep on top of my updates to clients and remain professional but empathetic.
I have around 55 cases currently, all estates, about 40% of which are taxable, sizeable estates. I also recently inherited a number of cases from colleagues that received complaints so a change of fee earner was required. Pretty much all of my abusive clients are clients from these inherited estates.
I understand that things had taken a long time prior to my inheritance of the file, so when I do get these files they are already pretty pissed off. The fact I don’t have any angry clients from cases that were my own from the start tells me that its not particularly my handling of files that sets these people off.
I get emails every single day from these clients calling me incompetent, I’ve had them leave nasty reviews about the firm, I’ve had them email me, drunk, raging at me telling me their blood will be on my hands, that I’m deliberately holding on to money (which as you know is NOT the case, we have to keep money behind to settle liabilities). I’ve had clients threaten to bomb our office and threaten to commit suicide. Just today I had a client tell me she was “disappointed she didn’t wake up with an email from me” and that she’ll be making a complaint.
I really can’t cope with this anymore, and I want to throw the towel in. I don’t know if this is normal, or I’ve been unlucky, but I just cant do it anymore. I cant take the abuse. I cant take the threats of suicide. My managers know about it but it’s just expected it seems, from all of the fee earners, we’re supposed to put up with it. I’m really struggling to separate my work and home life. My parents tell me it’s not a big deal and not to bring it home, but how can’t I? I’ve dreamed of being a lawyer for years and am now finally doing it, and it doesn’t feel worth it.
Does anyone else experience this from their clients? If so, how do you compartmentalise this and keep it separate? I’m losing sleep, I run on about 3 hours of sleep a night because I’m up worrying every single night.
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2023.05.30 14:17 feellikemakinlove2u Smoke

So much of memory is bound up in the sense of smell. I can still remember the smell of your shampoo that night we all walked to downtown. It was only there for a moment, while you brushed your hair out with your fingers, but it's permanently etched in a special little corner of my mind. Along with the image of those elegant fingers running through those lovely locks…
After camping with you last fall, the smell of the campfire permeated everything. It's pleasant enough, to a point… but everything went in the wash immediately.
But I was so relieved when I found that a bit of that scent lingered on my jacket. I didn't really need a reminder of sitting by that campfire with you, but…
Gosh. So many amazing memories in such a short time.
You, drawing me into the conversation even when I would have been perfectly content to just sit and watch.
Learning more about you, your background, your friends… I want to know everything about you, and while it was still just a drop in the bucket, I got so much, just in that one night…
You, moving your chair closer to me… to "close the circle".
You, sitting opposite me wearing that officer's costume… were you looking at me through those reflective sunglasses?
This wasn't at the fire, but you laughing and laughing during that one conversation at lunch… oh my gosh how I love your laugh.
Oh, my love, that was a wonderful week. And while you weren't there this time, after this weekend my jacket has that campfire scent again.
I'm not washing it out this time.
If you had told me this time last year that you and I would have even one camping trip planned for this season, I wouldn't have believed it… that we have two.
Perhaps one day, if we're very lucky, we'll be able to go off on an adventure, just the two of us. I can't imagine anything I'd like much more than that. But in the meantime… I'm going to enjoy every last second of these upcoming family trips.
And I look forward to making so many more memories with you around those campfires.
Yours, in warmth and light, forever.
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2023.05.30 14:17 T3m3rair3 [Event] King’s Landing in the Year 161 AC

King’s Landing, 161st Year After the Conquest
The city of King’s Landing had grown quickly since its founding, with all the growing pains that that entails. No longer the smallest city in the Kingdom, it remains smaller than Lannisport and Oldtown. Jaehaerys the Conciliator and his Queen did much to ease those growing pains. The Dance had both helped and hindered that growth, with many dying in the strife of that war, but the damage also allowed for bigger, better buildings to replace those lost in the years of peace that have followed.
Three hills dominate the skyline of the city. The highest, Aegon’s High Hill, named for the founder of the city, is home to the Red Keep, and dominates the south east corner of the city. This fortress replaced the earlier Aegonfort and took a total of 10 years to complete (35 AC - 45 AC). It’s name comes from the red stone that it is made out of. Renovations have occurred since then, but as a whole it is much as it was completed then. Map (Ignore the Maidenvault, it doesn’t exist (yet?)) Below the Red Keep, fine accommodation for the nobles not living atop the hill can be found; the higher up the Hill the finer it would be.
The Hill of Visenya, named for the Conqueror’s elder sister, dominates the south west of the city, though it lies entirely within the perimeter walls. At its summit stands a large sept, built in the reign of Aegon the Conqueror and sponsored by the High Septon of that time. It has endured where other structures have not, and much like the city it serves as developed somewhat in piecemeal. It remains an impressive structure, though not the finest in the realm amongst septs. It does not cover the whole summit; a square is also present in which the Faithful may gather on certain feast days, or for other major events held at the sept.
The Hill of Rhaenys, named for the Conqueror’s younger sister, dominates the north north east of the city, though it too lies entirely within the perimeter walls. It was once crowned by a magnificent sept, built in honour of Rhaenys after her premature death in Dorne in 10 AC. A towering structure, it was fortified by the Faith Militant then subsequently destroyed by King Maegor I Targaryen during the spell of confrontation between that King and the Faith. In its place, Maegor ordered the construction of a great domed structure to house House Targaryen’s dragons. Unsurprisingly, it was known as the Dragonpit. 77 Dragonkeepers were tasked with guarding it, though given the scale of it they are likely not the only people there. It was badly damaged in the Dance of Dragons, though much of the detritus of that conflict has been cleared, and the Dragonkeepers reformed, along with the other groups that work there. The dome remains unreplaced as yet, the King’s priorities being elsewhere.
The perimeter wall of King’s Landing is roughly rectangular in outline, with turrets near evenly spaced along its length. It is pierced by a total of seven gates, for the Seven aspects of the One God. Anticlockwise from the Red Keep: Iron Gate: Coastal Road to Rosby, Duskendale, Staunton and beyond Dragon Gate: Inland Road also going to Rosby, Duskendale and beyond Old Gate: Cross Country Road through the Fertile Crescent of the Crownlands Gate of the Gods: King’s Road (North) for Harroway and beyond Lion Gate: Gold Road for the Westerlands King’s Gate: Access to the river upstream of the docklands, with the road going east to meet up with the Gold Road before crossing the Blackwater upriver. River Gate: Access to the docks, for both connections abroad and ferrying across to the King’s Road (South) for Storm’s End and the Rose Road to Oldtown, via Bitterbridge and Highgarden.
Beyond the walls are the suburbs; much ravaged by the war, you would not be able to tell so now, having returned to their vibrant form of yesteryear. Mainly located around the gates other than the River Gate, they primarily cater to the poorer members of society, though there are also more respectable establishments to cater those late arrivals that miss the closing of the gates for the night.
The bulk of the city is dominated by squares & plazas, the broad tree lined streets that run between them and the narrower alleys that branch off them both. Trades tend to cluster around the first two, though not exclusively. Fishmonger’s Square is just inside the River Gate, and is where a market selling fish can be found each day. River Row leads from East and West of Fishmonger’s Square, to the King’s Gate and the foot of Aegon’s High Hill respectively. The properties of those who work in or around the sea can be found here, be they merchants, insurers or shipbuilders. The Square of Staves can be found in the lee of Aegon’s High Hill, and is the domain of the coopers, who supply whoever needs them. The most popular inn is called the Cooper’s Court. The Street of Steel goes from Fishmonger’s Square up the Hill of Visenya. The higher up the hill you go, the more expensive the smiths are. It continues down the far side of the Hill to join the God’s Way. The God’s Way connects the Central Square and the Gate of the Gods. The Street of Sisters connects the Hill of Visenya to the Hill of Rhaenys, reaching the top of each. The Central Square is at the centre of the city, and is the largest square. It is where the Street of the Sisters, the King’s Way, the God’s Way and the Blackwater Way meet. There is also a road leading to the Iron Gate. The King’s Way connects the Red Keep and the Central Square The Blackwater Way connects the River Gate and the Central Square The Hook is a curved street that connects the two, sweeping around in a long arc to do so. A fashionable inn is found where it meets the King’s Way at the lower reaches of Aegon’s High Hill. The Street of Flour contains numerous bakeries. It runs around the south eastern side of the Hill of Visenya. The Street of Flies contains many butchers. It lies on the Hill of Rhaenys about halfway between the Dragonpit and Flea Bottom. The Street of Silver lies below the Street of Steel on the western side of the Hill of Visenya. It is home to the jewelers and workers of silver and gold. The Street of Silk lies to the north west of the Hill of Rhaenys, and is home to many houses of pleasure. The Street of Seeds lies to the north east of the Hill of Rhaenys. It is home to not only sellers of grains, but also of flowers and their bulbs. The Street of Looms lies in the north west of the city, running parallel to the northern wall. It is home to numerous weavers, along with other processes associated with that industry.
Flea Bottom is the poorest area within the city, consisting of tightly packed slums criss-crossed with narrow alleys. It lies between the road to the Iron Gate and the southern foot of Rhaenys’ Hill. Woe betide anyone of worth who goes in there, for they are unlikely to come out again.
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2023.05.30 14:17 Separate-Drummer-701 I hate her.

My boyfriend (19) and I (18) have been dating for 3 years now. We always hang out together and for the first two years of our relationship, I would always go to his house. Well the first couple times I went over there, it was nothing really bad between me and her.
At the beginning of our relationship, covid happened and after about two months, we got to see each other again. One day, my boyfriend invited me to go swimming with him and a couple family members. I’m self conscious about my stomach and stuff so I was really nervous but decided to go anyways because my boyfriend really wanted me to go.
We get there and my bathing suit top broke. I could still wear it but I had to be careful or else it would fall down some. Well, my boyfriend and I were playing around and it fell down making some of my chest show but not a lot. Ever since then, she has not let that go.
About a year goes by, it’s summer again. My boyfriend and I join his friends to go to the river. We stop by his house first so we can change into our bathing suits. I come out of the bathroom, wearing my bathing suit and it was a two piece. His mom looks at me and says “that doesn’t look good on you.” I couldn’t believe it. She started going through her bathing suits, trying to get me to change into a one piece. I refused and went back into the bathroom, texting my boyfriend about what was going on. He came into the bathroom and told me not to worry about it, etc.
She loves to make fun of my weight, hates on me for everything I do for my boyfriend, and always try to bring me down over everything.
There’s so many more situations and I could honestly write a ten page paper on this woman about the things she’s said or done to me.
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2023.05.30 14:17 Negative-Lemon7784 Help for workout split

Hi everyone! As you can see from the title, I need a little help regarding my workout split.
I’ve been lifting 3 days a week for a couple of months now. I do back/biceps, shoulders/chest/triceps and legs. I started doing cardio a few months ago and I do it 2-3 times a week on separate days (not on my lifting days). My main goal is building muscle while losing fat.
I have more free time than I used to now and I was thinking of adding one more lifting day and changing my workout split, so it’d be 4 lifting days and 2 cardio days. I just don’t really know how to change it or what programs I could follow.
I looked up some programs and workout splits of other people but my main issue with them was that they all had 2 lower body/leg workouts in a week. I’m more interested in developing upper body strength than lower body strength. I want to keep doing cardio as well, so I’m just a little lost on how I could change it up. Or should I maybe keep it this way? I wanted to change it up a little so I could have something new to do. For info, I started lifting in october of last year so I’d say I’m still around the beginner level.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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2023.05.30 14:17 heatedaxiom 36 M4F #northeast USA - Daddy looking for his naughty little girl

Hi! Thanks for opening my post. I'm hoping to find a younger girl that wants to explore and have fun with a naughty older man. I have many kinks and like to try new things. I'm looking for something long term with the right partner.
I know we both have lives and can't always talk. Ideally looking for someone to chat with off and on during the day. Teasing here and there. Playing when we are able. Let's see how things go and what works best for us.
I'd prefer chatting elsewhere once we get to know each other some as well.
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2023.05.30 14:16 Fantastic-Bed8208 What are some niche investigative, problem solving jobs?

I have been struggling for many years now trying to be passionate about my career, but everything makes me feel dead inside. I am a paralegal, and I feel like I am wasting away because I hardly ever think during my day. The only joy I get from work is when I optimize a task to take less time, or find a creative trick to make things easier, but it is so short lived it is just a drop in the bucket.
In school I nearly failed out of comp Sci, so I had to switch majors. I am in a different place now and I could go back, but that's a lot of education to catch up on.
I recently have been diagnosed with ADHD at 25. it explains a lot, but now I am struggling to find myself during a time where everyone is building a career.
I don't really like law enforcement, but I could really see myself in an investigation role. I am creative, but never invested in art classes. I am a very good problem solver, but I was never able to pull it into education. I am a hard worker, and I've learned how to be passable at nearly everything I try. I've learned how to survive, but now I want to thrive.
I am just so bored and frustrated I simply don't know what to do! Any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.30 14:16 Khoderrr- Need advice from experienced devs

Right now I’m currently doing a course in programming, which is 2 semesters. This semester ends in 3 weeks, and so far we have learnt C#, a bit of Python and Microsoft SQL, next semester is more so based on JavaScript and React I’m pretty sure. Im pretty much learning how to be a backend dev and I enjoy it, but I’m just confused on where to go next. I know it’s not a sprint in learning as much as I can and it’s not easy, but I’ve seen so many different things to learn and it’s a bit overwhelming, for example I get a month break in between the semesters, should I learn HTML and CSS to compliment JS and give me basic front end knowledge, or should I focus heavily more on backend, doing a lot of projects and try to get really good at C# (I understand syntax and whatnot, just will struggle making my own project as I started in feb).
I know I ranted quite a bit and I know it’s not a one shoe fits all type of thing but I just need some advice and what general direction I should point myself in, and what goals I should prioritise just as there so many different tools and languages i got caught up in it all.
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2023.05.30 14:16 therm0dynamical Odyssey Neo G9 in a shit hole

Jesus, i would never imagine spending 2k on a monitor would bring me such problems. This monitor is a complete disgrace! Even tho its probably the best in the market, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Every two months it goes for RMA, either the problem is on the mainboard, or pixels, or dim. And today is another day for problem. Worked for 16 hours straight then started popping (already knew what was comming) and baaam, 10% brightness. Samsung just keeps selling this shit,i see problems everywhere, and they dont do shit about it.
Has anyone found a way to prevent this? i've lost way too many hours of work because of this shit product. Just a video showing how bad it is
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2023.05.30 14:16 SariayaPaige 35 [F4F] illinois/online/anywhere - cutie looking for her cutie

I have been having a really hard time finding women I vibe with. I feel there is nobody who is into trans women physically and I am losing hope.
I am loving, confident, fun, silly, outgoing, caring, compassionate and I will do anything I can to please my partner. I am a caregiver by choice in my career - registered nurse. I love to care for others and I love opening up and offering myself to others wants and needs.
I am open to anyone 20+ as long as we can vibe. I feel like I often have a younger attitude as I am trying to relive my college days in a way I am sad I missed out on. About me: I am a registered nurse in an emergency room, my hobbies and interests include fashion, video games, shopping, traveling domestic and international, I love cuddling, Netflix/entertainment in general, and fantasizing about how amazing life would be if I were more beautiful. I have 3 sisters and come from a pretty conservative family. I can’t stand Donald Trump and no I don’t need any negative messages about why. If you are a Trumper please refrain from messaging me. I tend to have sexual desires, fantasies, and just daydream about dates and things I wish could happen. I can also totally refrain from this is if this is nothing you’re interested in but I wouldn’t mind having a BFF 👯‍♀️ to share experiences and secrets with. I think a relationship is best started as a friendship then grows, so let’s just chat and see where things go.
I love pets but don’t have any of my own, taking care of myself is a big enough responsibility 😆. I have plenty of other interests and would love to make friends or more seeing if it goes that way. If you want to be friends or just think I’m cute let’s chat 😘 I am definitely on the femme side of the spectrum and I find myself more attracted to that type as well. I am open and willing to share pics. Just to keep you curious, for now I’ll just describe myself.
5’9”, blue/gray eyes, 160lbs, glasses, cute smile, hair style changes pending how I’m feeling.
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2023.05.30 14:16 PeterLoew88 Can chiropractors help with cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve) around neck/spine?

Hey all, sorry for the long post but I wanted to provide as much helpful detail as possible.
I'm a 34 year old male, ~200lb, always been athletic and been into working out, and there have been times I've gone really heavy with barbell overhead press relative to my weight (205lb+) which I suspect may be part of the issue here.
Back in February I was on a 6-day training split, perhaps over-training somewhat, and I began to notice a tingling numb sort of feeling radiating from my right shoulder down my forearm and into my thumb, index, and middle finger. It felt like a mild version of the pins and needles tingling you get when you sleep on your arm. At first, i figured it was just tendonitis from working out. Certain angles aggravated it more, e.g. if I was walking on the incline treadmill at the gym and raised my right arm to grip the handles at shoulder height, that would cause it to flare up. During my workouts it didn't really bother me, but especially after chest or shoulder exercises, the next day it would feel worse.
After a week and a half without progress, I went to an orthopedic doctor who ordered x-rays. He said the one disk in my neck (i think around C5? but can't remember) showed some early signs of degeneration. When I looked at the x-ray photo I could see the specific disk he was referring to looked slightly angled. He also told me my neck was curved the opposite direction it's supposed to be -- instead of a "c" shape, it was curved inversely to a mild degree, something he said they often see in athletes, but which I suspect is a combination of years of poor slouched form at my computer combined with working out and not warming up enough or going too heavy overhead.
He didn't think either of these factors were too alarming, fairly common as people age/with athletes, but said it could get worse, and he suspected the tingling I was feeling down my arm was due to that degenerative disk potentially bulging out and pinching the nerve in my neck which causes those tingly sensations.
He suggested PT, and referred me to their in-house spine specialist, who i later followed up with and agreed that nothing about my x-ray alarmed him and both conditions were pretty common. The spine specialist told me if the PT hasn't helped by the end of June, he's going to order an MRI to see what's going on, as I guess they can reveal more than x-rays.
I've been seeing the physical therapist with essentially no progress. He's having me do a lot of mid trapezoid exercises and imo, this issue has to do with my neck so I feel like he's not really focusing on the right areas. He gave me some exercises to do at home - a flossing exercise and a door frame body weight pulling motion - but neither seem to really target the area where I'm feeling the tightness. If I tilt my head backward so my eyes are facing the ceiling, or "tuck it in" (basically pull my chin inward), both of these movements IMMEDIATELY cause the nerve pain to flare up in my arm so I'm 99.9% sure it's a trapped nerve or spine issue with my neck and not my traps. However, I did see a massage therapist who could feel a pinched nerve around my right shoulder blade and said it kept moving around as she tried to "work it out", so maybe it's a combination of both neck and trap?
I'm sort of exhausted dealing with this for going on 3 months, and I'm starting to get neck tightness and soreness quite often, for example sometimes if I sleep on my pillow at the wrong angle I'll wake up with the issue much worse.
TL;DR -- I was wondering if anyone here has general advice/input/recommendations on my situation. I do have the follow-up spine specialist appointment at the end of this month but I'm tempted to ask them to move it up and mention how the neck pain has been flaring up. I have been really scaling back the intensity of my workouts and going light on anything overhead (basically avoiding barbell overhead press altogether), which is frustrating since working out is so important to me, but I don't want the issue to worsen.
Has anyone else dealt with this / does anyone have recommendations or advice on things I could do to help revert and heal the issue? Would a chiropractor be a good idea?
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