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A place for bored UPS Store Employees to talk about UPS Store things.

2013.08.21 16:37 TheJoePilato Buy low, sell high

A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one.

2012.08.10 17:07 spion23 Militaria Collecting: For those who appreciate the historical relics of wars passed.

This community is designed for collectors and enthusiasts alike to display their collection, discuss military history, assess if an item is original or a reproduction (a huge part of militaria collecting is authentication). All militaria collectors and items are welcome! We would love if you would share what you got.

2023.06.01 04:08 aegorsuch Run Cat6 through basement to rooms, free with TT, BS right?

So I moved into a new place and want to run a 3 way Cat6 jack plus wires from dining room down through basement, then up into 3 different one way jacks in my living room (30'), home office (30'), and bedroom (20'). Called to schedule in home estimate and the agent on the phone was insistent that if I had TT again and bought jacks and cords in store, it would be free labor? Seems too good to be true and they were misinformed.
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2023.06.01 04:06 notmyrealnam3 Where to find motivational and “hustle” type posters in greater vancouver ?

Don’t judge. My buddy hate motivational posters and the “get up and grind” type of stuff, so obviously I’m gonna buy like 5 posters with various things like that and put them up at his when he is out of town. Etsy and those type of places have them online for sale but they are like 80-90 bucks for a rolled up poster.
I have to imagine I can find some variety and better pricing somewhere but for the life of me I can’t imagine what store would carry such things
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2023.06.01 04:06 JoeAceJR20 I asked this in career guidance but I want to hear what you guys have to say. Leave lower paying job with car-lite living for a much higher paying job that is an hour away by car?

Copy pasted from careerguidance with some minor edits here and there.
Leave job for another job?
I am 22M single, rent a $600 a month apartment. I have a car with low ish miles but a little old (11 years old). No college education or trade school. I almost never drive currently just for recreation just to keep the car going for winter since I live in upstate NYS. I ride my ebike to work by choice. No dependents. Its very easy to live on my current checks even with increased grocery costs among other things. I admit I was very lucky getting my apartment in a location I wanted for the price im paying with the amenities I care about.
Current job: $19.26 hourly but I work 60 hours a week by choice so I make just over $70k gross or just over 50k net. 4 miles away from home so I bike there most days. Its that 2 2 3 schedule so I just work 5 12 hour days a week. 3 on 1 off 3 on 1 off 4 on 2 off. Very easy to keep up with.
Another job: $31.77 to $35.73 dollars hourly with $2 shift differential (so I'm assuming 33.77 hourly) for the specific shift. An hour commute by car so im never biking there unless I move out that way. I assume its Monday to Friday because it says 3 pm to 11 pm. It does say there is required overtime which is a plus for me. That could mean well over 100k a year gross (actually its just under 123k gross if I get 33.77 hourly) assuming same hours worked.
Would you trade a lower paying job for a higher paying job if it meant at least a 1 hour commute by car? Would you give up the $600 apartment to be closer to your new job if it meant not having to own a car? But the rent might be a little more? But my landlords are known good. Or would you just suck up the lower pay and live a car-lite lifestyle? I take the bus to the store and back for $1 per direction so $2 round trip.
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2023.06.01 04:05 Outrageous-Doubt9505 C'est la Vie: A Bemusing from a Recently Single Cat Dad

We had been having micro fights the day we broke up. I thought I had bought us a little time with our 2-hour phone conversation. But an hour later, she texted me a jab of “I don’t think I am in love with you anymore” followed by a devastating right hook of “My mother thinks we are incompatible.”
\I would just like to take a minute to apologize to the good people working at Brooklyn’s Bagels Shop who had to witness a grown man walk in their store. Read a text on his phone. Start sobbing uncontrollably. And then walk out.*
If I am being honest with you, I kind of saw that mother text coming. She never liked me. None of her family did. During our last weekend together, I was forced to spend the weekend with her and her family. At their family beach house. They were so nice to me that I suspected it was a trap. I called my dad and laughed as I joked “It is like they know something I don’t”. Little did I know, they did… 24 hours, I was a single man.
A year earlier, we had gotten a kitten together. She was the second woman I had bought a kitten with. And this was the second time, I ended up keeping the cat post break up. I don’t know how this keeps happening. It might be my superpower. But I will tell you two things. I will never give up my cats, and I will never give another woman a cat. I do not think I can afford the litter.
It has been almost a week since the breakup. And while I certainly do miss her. I think it is for the best. (who the fuck puts water in their orange juice?) I would like to turn my attention to the future. Not the past. My goal is to be comfortable with being alone again. I think that’s when I will know it is time. In the meantime, I plan on going to therapy, taking dance lessons, continue to hit the gym, and rebuild my social circle.
C’est la vie!
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2023.06.01 04:05 Rabbersty Rakuten ! Get $30 when you spend $30 - CANADA ONLY

We both earn $30 after a purchase of $30+, within the first 90 days of signing up, on one of the many supported stores.
Sign up now and start earning cashback -
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2023.06.01 04:05 mistresscore Suggest something nice I can do for the cashiers at my store?

I’m a regular at the liquor store a block away from me and I’m especially friendly with two of them that work night shift. Tonight I went in and my card declined (yay for payday tomorrow) and the one who wasn’t ringing me up tossed his card on the counter for the other cashier to pay. I said no it’s alright and the girl ringing me up asked how much I had left on my card. I was like $1.25 short and she said you’re good no worries. They were really cool to me when I needed it and today was an extra fucked up day. What’s something nice I can do for them to show my appreciation despite being an alchy POS?
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2023.06.01 04:05 Rcardy92 A grocery store? Really?

A grocery store? Really?
I know I said a public place but that's not what I meant.
For context, I just moved to the area and he said he'd like to show me around. I'm absolutely not getting into a stranger's car to walk around the beach and go to a "spot." Am I overreacting to feel so sketched
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2023.06.01 04:04 spinoceros13 WDW Trading Board Locations May 2023

I saw all of these boards in person on my last trip.
Magic Kingdom •Main Street Emporium -saw at 5pm •Middle of store on Main Street on the right •Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe •Fantasy Faire gift shop •Mickey’s PhilharMagic Merchandise Shop •Sir Mickey’s •Be Our Guest entrance booth (only there rarely) •Memento Mori (near the Haunted Mansion) •Pirates Bazaar (Pirates Of the Caribbean gift shop) •Star Traders •Frontierland Trading Post •Big Top Gift Shop •Bonjour! Village Gifts
Epcot •Pin Trading Central underneath Spaceship Earth •The gift shop exit of Mission: Space •The gift shop exit of Test Track •Disney Traders (crossover between Canada and Mexico) •Port of Entry (next to Disney Traders) •Mexico kidcot •Norway kidcot •Germany kidcot •Italy kidcot •Japan kidcot •USA kidcot •France kidcot (in Les Halles) •Pin Cart near International Gateway (not out in rain) •Canada kidcot •UK Kidcot •The Crown & Crest (UK pavilion) •Journey into Imagination exit at the cash register
Hollywood Studios •Antique Curios (left of entrance) •Movieland •Crossroad •5 & 10 Store on Hollywood Boulevard (not there if busy) •Mickey’s of Hollywood •Once Upon A Time/Sunset Club Couture •Tower of Terror gift shop •Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs •Tatooine Traders (Star Tours gift shop) •Backlot Express Restaurant had one behind the counter •Frozen Fractal Gifts (next to Vacation Fun animated short theatre) •Jessie’s Trading Post (Toy Story Mania exit gift shop) •Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway exit gift shop
Animal Kingdom •Garden Gate Gifts •Disney Vacation Club stand on Discovery Island •Island Mercantile •Discovery Trading Post •Animal Kingdom Trading Company •Pop up stand near Na’vi River Journey (closes at 6pm) •Restaurant osaurus mobile order stand •World’s Largest Pin Truck in Dinoland
Disney Springs
All the locations include: • Pin traders • Disney Centerpiece in Co-Op Marketplace/Tren-D • Art of Disney • Star Wars Galactic Outpost • Once Upon a Toy • Star Wars Trading Post
Contemporary •Fantasia •Fantasia Market (behind Fantasia) •Contempo Cafe (there was someone standing at the entrance with a board) •DVC Booth next to Contempo Cafe
Polynesian •Moana Mercantile •Boutiki •DVC booth next to Boutiki •Recreation board by the main building doors (only out when raining)
Grand Floridian •M. Mouse Mercantile •White Basin •DVC next to Grand Californian Cafe
•I didn’t go to every resort but the ones I did all had pin boards in their major gift shops, you might have to ask to see it.
•Skyliner Transfer Station DVC kiosk occasionally has a board
•Occasionally in various places there will be a pin trash can with boards on three sides. I saw one at the Pop Century resort and in Hollywood Studios. Just keep an eye out!
Happy trading!
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2023.06.01 04:02 FewAssociation8283 I think I got scammed on shopify

So… I bought a guitar from a site called “The Guitar Shop” that used Shopify for its online store. Everything seemed legit as there were photos of many guitars and the guitar I bought, I reverse image searched and got nothing back so I thought it was legit lol.
It was an $800 electric guitar.
Anyways, fast forward to the next day, I try to access the site and it was literally inaccessible. It just said the store was unavailable so immediately i went to go send an email to the seller (there was an email for contacting that was a bunch of letters and numbers jumbled… sketchy) that was in the purchase confirmation email i got the day before. The whole entire day I got no reply. I also checked the address on the bottom of the email and it lead to a hospital… no guitar store.
Now, I freaked out a bit and started searching some things up and PayPal can’t cancel the transaction, my bank can only file a dispute, and i’m pretty sure I was scammed. I just submitted a ticket to report the seller but all i really have now is a faulty link where the store was removed.
I’m stressing out cuz $800 is a lot.
What more can I do???
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2023.06.01 04:02 WealthizHealth Honolulu Ford Addendum Round #2 2023 Bronco Sport Outer Banks

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2023.06.01 04:02 I_Am_The_Bookwyrm Nuzlocking every game, with a progressively harder ruleset (Red Part 2)

Okay, time for another update, and...yeah, nothing too serious happened. I worked my way through Mt. Moon, beating all the trainers along the way (including that one Rocket Grunt with a L16 Raticate with Hyper Fang, thank you Christoffl the Geodude), and Aya evolved to Ivysaur along the way. And then I beat the fossil guy and got a Dome Fossil (Lord Helix can suck it).
Soon enough I was on the other side of the cave, found an invisible Great Ball nearby, and landed in the grass on Route 4 to catch Jozefo the Ekans. I levelled up a little after that, and decided to see what I could catch north of Cerulean. Which meant fighting my rival again, but nothing he had was a threat so it's fine.
What's not fine is the last guy on Nugget Bridge ALMOST killing Oxum the Spearow with his Karate Chopping Mankey (luckily Oxum's fine now, in fact I've since evolved him). Anyway, on to the encounters: please welcome Astridur the Oddish and Olivia the Metapod to the group...damn it, no Abra. I got that Great Ball for nothing.
Well, anyway, I trained up a little more, then beat Misty's gym. It was easy enough since I had Aya the Ivysaur and Javed the Pikachu in the team (I was worried I was a little underlevelled going into the fight at L19, but Misty's strategy for beating an Ivysaur is apparently just Tackle, while I Leech Seed and Vine Whip her Starmie to death).
I went a bit further than this to try and give something interesting for the update, but honestly, nothing much has happened. I caught Pierre the Mankey on Route 5, killed my encounter in Diglett's Cave (Odran decided to get a crit at the wrong moment), I got Celeste the Drowzee on Route 11, and Odran evolved to Raticate while I was clearing out the SS Anne. Honestly, all that's left to do right now is get Christoffl ready for Surge's gym, so...I'll see you guys then I guess?
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2023.06.01 04:02 lovelifehorsegirl How long should I wait

I have been dumpster diving at a local thirft store for 2 1\2 years after hours and always keep the area neat and clean. Today was the first day someone told me to leave which I did and took my picture. It is legal to dive in my state and my town as long as it is in a public dumpster which it was a public dumpster. How long should I wait before I go check the dumpster again or should I just give up on the dumpster?
Thanks and happy diving
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2023.06.01 04:02 typk0on ACCEPTED IN TO CS

I just had to share this mind-blowing news—I've been accepted into UTSC's Computer Science program! With only a 93.7% average from Crolancia Secondary School, I honestly didn't think I had a shot, considering most people get rejected with 96%+. Talk about a pleasant surprise!
I'm beyond excited right now! This acceptance feels like a dream come true. I worked my tail off, but I wasn't expecting it to pay off this well. I mean, with an 82% in Advance Functions and 85% in Calculus included in my top 6 courses, I was extra scared. But here I am, ready to embark on this incredible journey.
To all the current UTSC students and alumni, I'd love to hear your stories and soak up your wisdom. If you have any advice on courses, professors, or making the most of this program, hit me up!
Thanks for being a part of this wild ride. I'm bursting with pride as I join the UTSC community. Can't wait to see what's in store for me. Cheers to the next chapter!
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2023.06.01 04:01 stoores81 Camping with ATV and 43’ fifth wheel

Hi everyone, newbie here. I am a Colorado native but we are newer to trailer camping (have tent camped my whole life). The hubby also bought a can-am last year. Any recommendations for places that can accommodate a 43’ trailer with trails nearby for the atv? We are open to both dry camping and ones with hook ups. The only thing we worry about is taking the trailer into unknown territory and getting stuck due to clearance or if it’s too rocky possibly breaking an axel (our friend has this issue last year). Also, we are in SW Denver area and are okay with going up to 2-3 hours out. Thanks in advance. Happy camping!
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2023.06.01 04:01 Heavy-Cardiologist75 Owing the store money at cashing out?

My first day driving. I can tell you I had over $60. I did maybe 6 deliveries. Two said keep the change, the rest were credit cards with included tips. Gave them all my receipts I was told to keep by another driver, they type everything in the computer and they tell me I owe the store $44.34… I was pissed. Either someone didn’t explain the process properly, or that manager messed up or is robbing me. Or if this is how they do everything, there’s no way I’ll get caught up on bills!! HELP?! And I feel like I’m asking a million questions. Did three ride alongs, then started driving. I’ve had to ask a thousand times how to clock in and out and how to tap in and apparently I tap out of every order so my time doesn’t run, and guess who didn’t know that!
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2023.06.01 04:00 lasping Spot the Difference: Round 11 vs Naarm

Can Walyalup stay undefeated?
As usual, you'll need to submit your guess before bouncedown, which is 12:10pm AWST, 27 May 2023. If you wish to change your guess, please delete your initial guess and post a new comment with your new one - edited comments will be automatically disregarded.
The competition ladder and last week's results can be found here.
Our 2023 Spot the Difference AFLM competition will have prizes beyond boasting rights and user flairs. A massive thank you to u/xyrgh, u/Bendyrulz, and u/its_vf for their generous contributions that have made this possible. (The exact prize amounts are subject to minor changes, especially if we're lucky enough to pick up additional benefactors.)
First Place: a $70 voucher for the Fremantle Team Store (plus a bespoke "2023 Spot the Difference Winner" flair).
Second Place: a $25 voucher for the Fremantle Team Store (plus a "2023 Spot the Difference Runner-up" flair).
Third Place: a $15 voucher for the Fremantle Team Store.
Last Place: a laminated photo of Colin Young in a bathtub, signed by u/its_vf, plus the highly sought after Colin Young flair.
Thanks again to those who chipped in!
Permalink to the FremantleFC subreddit Discord.
Note: To be eligible to win this competition the requirement is playing a minimum of 17 home and away games.
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2023.06.01 04:00 TCordo Got the old bait and switch from VidaCann.

I ordered the MAC 1 with 21.272% THC and 2.287% Terps and instead I got MAC 1 with 19.338% THC and 1.267% Terps. My own fault for not checking the labels but they didn’t even have a COA on their website for the batch I received today. They have a COA of the batch I thought I was getting and they have a COA of MAC 1 ground flower. Just a heads up to check your labels before you leave the store.
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2023.06.01 03:57 Low_Scientist_1859 Scale my cosmology

The 1st hierarchical realm is the Mortal realm. This realms is where Humans and other life in the universe reside. This realm contains an inner world and outer world. the inner world contains an infinite amount of universes with each universe transcending the other and each universe is numbered. The smallest universe called Number 0 contains concepts such as string theory and metaphysics. each universe is contained within a multiverse of which there are an infinite amount of that also transcend each other. The outer world transcends all of the multiverses by an inaccessible amount. Humans Exist within the Number 3 universe and only have access to an infinitesimally small amount of their brain. they can unlock more brain power by training their mind and meditating. At 100% brain power they can ascend all they way to the outer world.
The 2nd realm is the demon realm. This realm contains corrupted souls with super natural powers. this realm has an irrelevant distance between the mortal realm and is the same size as it.
The 3rd realm is the afterlife. the afterlife contains the contents of all mythological afterlifes such as nirvana, heaven, and hell. This realm exist on a narrative stack that goes on to Infinity. Even the lowest narratives infinitely transcend the mortal and demon world. Humans here will automatically have their brain capacity brought up to 100%
the 4th realm is the ??? Realm. The only two ways to get to this realm are to either transcend the afterlife or get spawned here randomly. this realm contains all that is unknown to the previous realms. the amount of information stored here could make anyone go insane and possibly die. Although, some are able to contain this information are able to go past 100% brain capacity.
The second to last realm is called the edge of all stories (aka the 4th wall). this realm is made for people who go past their max brain capacity and transcend higher. the edge transcends the size of all narrative stacks by an amount that can't be put into real words (Beyond an irrelevant or inaccessible amount).
The last realm is the realm of reality. this is the highest realm to exist in. This realm and the 4th wall have an immeasurably infinite amount of layers between them. this realm can also be called the real world and can be accessed by unlocking and brain percentage that goes beyond infinity. The size of this realm can never be surpassed and has no end.
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2023.06.01 03:53 Imaginary-Remote1119 Xbox games to PC

I'm trying to play my xbox owned games on my PC but only a couple of them show up but say I don't own them. I tried signing in and signing out of Microsoft store and Xbox app as well as deleting the app. I even cleared the cache if maybe that was the issue still nothing. Not sure what else to try.
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2023.06.01 03:52 Blue_Shark_13 I want to do high school over again because I missed out on being a teenager.

I'm autistic and I had no close friends in high school and when I graduated, I just felt empty because I didn't get to make memories with anyone. After that my life fell apart. I failed college because I didn't fit in and didn't have anyone to help me figure out what I wanted to do, so I just stopped going to class. I'm 32 now and have never had a job and my family made me move with them to an isolated area in the middle of nowhere, and I never get to go out anywhere because I can't drive and there's no bus system nearby, so I feel trapped and hopeless.
I feel like my life is ruined because I missed out on being young and I don't see the point in getting older. It makes me want to scream when I think of how many young people are in high school right now and get to have a group of friends to grow up with and go to the prom with and cheer for them when they graduate. I NEVER felt accepted or like I mattered growing up because other kids don't care about you when you're autistic, they just think you're weird and not worth it. It's not fair that they get to have best friends to go to the mall or the movies with, or go on trips to Disneyworld with, or celebrate their birthday with! It's not fair that they get to have friends to hug them and give them emotional support when they're feeling down because I never had anyone who reached out to me or helped me feel like I belonged anywhere! And all these movies and TV shows that glamorize being a teenager and getting to develop a sense of identity with their friends and be independent just make it worse. I sometimes have dreams where I'm back in high school and this time I make an effort to put myself out there and the other kids are smiling at me and inviting me to do things with them and then I wake up and just feel more miserable. Those dreams are really the only time that I ever feel happy anymore.
I really don't have any hope in the future and I don't want to get any older, I just want to go back and re-do those years and if I can't then I should just die because life has no meaning now.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Comfortable-Gold-849 A different kind of recommendation

So I was curious about CM games and if there were any teasers on the website and for the love of god I could not figure out how to use it I mean when I went to people section and said I could learn more I had no way of being able to no button or separate page constantly ruberbanding and for the love of god please request to show the website when you look it up in the top three I understand CM isn’t huge but for a game on the top 5 charts in oculus, pico, and I’m sure PCVR you might want to request Google to put the website higher than some card game stores in my area (not even kidding) just some suggestions take it or leave it.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Ben10nix Anon is prepared

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