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2023.06.04 10:25 Vivid-Ocelot4043 Concerns About Long-term Apartment Stay and Immigration Queries

Hi everyone, I'm a long-term visitor in Thailand and I've rented an apartment for a year here. I'm worried about upcoming interactions with immigration when returning from a trip abroad. If asked, should I disclose that I have a year-long rental even if I'm not working here? Any advice from fellow expats or travelers with similar experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 10:23 Nullerking Maxgree [Factions] [PvP]

Maxgree [Factions] [PVP]
Welcome to Maxgree Community, the ultimate destination for an unparalleled faction and PvP experience! Prepare yourself for intense fights in the PvP zone, perfect TNT mechanics, creating farms with spawners or seeds, battling against powerful NPC bosses with your team, collecting envoys, and so much more! With great availability for making money, you'll be ready to conquer the game in just a few hours of playing.
Supported Features for an Unforgettable Adventure
At Maxgree Community, we offer a range of exciting features to enhance your gameplay and make your time on the server truly unforgettable. Here's some of what you can expect:
Saber Factions
Random Teleport
Custom Features
Give aways
10 Voting Sites
24/7 online & lag free
Server IP:
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2023.06.04 10:23 Complete_Mess_7507 I'm going to be a single OAD parent soon

TW: domestic violence and abuse
Hey there. I've been a regular here with another account but I wanted a new one to share this. I'm not sure why I'm posting here exactly. Maybe because this community is mostly supportive and less mean than others, I don't know. This isn't an OAD issue, so I apologize.
I am leaving my husband. The reasons are many. He's always been verbally abusive, borderline physically abusive too (pushing me, throwing stuff at me, he's done some very ugly things but he hasn't hit me yet, just threatens to do so almost daily to "keep me in line"). He doesn't treat our son well either but mostly he ignores his existence.
He has never been an equal partner in terms of childcare or household chores, despite both of us working from home and me working much longer hours. In fact, that's probably the main reason I'm OAD. I've even told him that I won't be having any more kids with him because he firmly believes that childcare and household are the "woman's job" (at the same time he despises SAHMs and thinks they're "worthless gold diggers"). Even this morning, he was already awake and he currently doesn't even work (refuses to, wants me to support him), yet I was the one who had to wake up to take care of our toddler and it's always been this way, including the first 2 years after we had him, my husband stopped working then as well and just took on small odd jobs, barely enough to pay the bills, leaving everything else to me. There was a month or so last year when I imposed the rule that whoever is already up will be the one taking care of the kid (taking him to the potty and giving him breakfast, nothing extreme) instead of waking the sleeping parent up and it worked for a couple of weeks, then my husband started going out to have his coffee outside any time he'd wake up before me. When he was still a baby, usually I'd be working until 1-2am, his father would sleep all day, literally, and be at his computer at 3am, the baby starts crying, he doesn't even check on him, instead comes and wakes me up telling me the baby is crying, go take care of him. He never takes over anything for me when I'm sick, not even when I was almost passing out from pneumonia, I was still the one doing all of the childcare, waking up at night, taking him to doctors appointments because he was also sick. All my husband has ever contributed was driving because I don't drive. But he won't even get out of the car, just drive, wait for us, then drive us back. A taxi service basically.
He has a mental illness but he quit his meds a few months ago (his psychiatrist approved but he hadn't seen him in 7 years and the doctor didn't even remember him or what his issues were). Instead of feeling better, however, my husband has been gradually entering an episode since then. He's become paranoid and violent. He still hasn't hit me, but every single conversation on any random irrelevant topic leads to him losing his shit and threatening to hit me. And he doesn't just say it, most times he raises his hand, shaking with rage, barely stops himself from hitting me, and doesn't care if our toddler is around or not. I've been walking on eggshells for months and as a result, I don't even talk to him any more and avoid him as much as I can because I know that he's just waiting for a reason to release his anger. And that's a 280lbs man so it's scary enough to keep me quiet. Not that our communication was particularly good before, he'd always refuse to talk about our issues, leave in the middle of the conversation, and regularly give me the silent treatment for days without even telling me what's wrong. But now it's non-existent.
He doesn't realize there's anything wrong with him and his mother and I have been trying to get him to see a psychiatrist for months now but he not only refuses, he becomes aggressive with both of us.
He actually hit his mother a few days ago, in front of our toddler. I think that was what cemented my decision to leave. In fact, I probably should have done it much sooner, maybe the first time he threatened to hit me, while pregnant, 5 years ago. I should have left then, but honestly, I was afraid of being a single mother. I'm still afraid but now I feel that I don't have a choice. He refuses to get help, his mother refuses to start the procedure for involuntary treatment. I don't see any other way, honestly.
I feel guilty and his mother is making me feel guilty for leaving him while he's ill. When I told her that I won't let my son live in a house with DV, she actually said "Do you know there are women who get beat up every day and you call this domestic violence?". Yes, in fact I do, but I get it. She's his mother, she was hoping I'd stay and help, and I wanted to, I have been trying. I know it's his mental illness that took things to this extreme but life before it wasn't that much better. He isn't a bad person, but he is so mean and cruel when he gets angry, he'd call me all sorts of names, humiliate me, disrespect me in every possible way. I just kept compromising with myself and waiting and hoping that things will get better. Well, now they got so much worse and I have no hope left.
I know life will be very hard as a single parent. I don't have any family to help out, but I hope my mother in law will continue to help as she has so far, I don't know.
We'll be renting for a while, and I will have to work even longer hours to keep us afloat, so I guess it's a good thing I've been living on 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep for the past 4 years. But I think ultimately, we will be better off. I won't be watching my sweet boy's heart break every single day when he tries to get attention from dad just to be chased away, yelled at or threatened. They spend less than 5min a day together, not even every day. I don't push them to spend time together any more because his father is too unpredictable, but even in the past it would have been the same if I didn't try to guide them toward each other. Now that I've stopped, they barely see each other, despite living in the same apartment.
There's nothing left for us here. But I'm terrified of being a single mother. I'm also afraid of my husband's reaction and possible retaliation because he isn't thinking straight. I know that having one child will be much easier than multiples in this situation so I'm thankful for the choice I made, maybe the one smart thing I've done in the past 6 years. But I would appreciate some reassurance from other single parents. Lie to me, please, tell me it will be okay.
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2023.06.04 10:23 Stella430 Why would a cop ask for passenger ID?

Tonight my husband and I were returning from the airport and he got pulled over. We were about a half mile from our house and it was about 2:30 am so pretty late. We were coming back from the airport and told the officer that. I’ll say I live in a relatively small town and traffic is next to nothing at that time.
I was a little taken aback when I was asked for my ID (which I did provide) and was told to hand it to his partner who suddenly appeared on my side of the car.
Now I can see maybe if there was some sort of “suspicious” activity (excessive speed, erratic driving etc) but the “offense” was that one of our rear license plate bulbs was burnt out. Now if I want to be technical, our state (Rhode Island) law is that the rear license plate “shall be eliminated by a white light. “A”, one could argue, is ONE so having one of two bulbs out would be perfectly fine.
So, besides being bored, what reason would they have to ask for my ID? Did I have to comply? Is it even legal for me to ask for my ID??
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2023.06.04 10:22 anonuser74 I (27F) have been having issues in my relationship with my SO (28M) of 10+ years.

My SO has been emotionally unavailable for years. He never initiates sex or conversation unless it’s self serving. He either ignores me or snaps at me when we have an issue/disagreement. I’m afraid to get into arguments with him because he has been violent with me in the past.
When he’s mad at stuff that doesn’t even have to do with me, he lashes out by punching my things, including the couch even if I’m sitting there. He calls me names for no reason. My dogs are so afraid of him when he’s like that they run to me for protection.
Also, he never cleans up after himself. He leaves his trash everywhere and gets snappy when I tell him to help me out.
On his good days he will be sweet, and maybe if I ask, we’ll have sex once rarely more- but only if he gets a BJ first. This part is like torture for me because I have an insanely high sex drive and most days he’s either “too tired” “too lazy” or “just doesn’t feel like it.”
When he’s in a good mood he’ll say sweet things like “I’m so lucky to have you,” “glad I get to come home to you,” etc.
But he doesn’t even go out of his way to simply hug me or kiss me when I come home, it’s always me who initiates it.
He barely texts me anymore and even when I’m gone for a few days, he’ll refuse to sext with me and watch porn instead.
I’m ready to have kids and do the whole home with the white picket fence thing and get married but… I’ve been putting it off with him for so long because of these problems. And he doesn’t even seem to care. He just says “yeah, I’ll marry you. Let’s have kids once we find a house.” But he’s simply saying what I want to hear, not saying something out of love or his own desire.
He makes me feel invisible, uncared for, unwanted and unloved.
I know I should leave him and I’m considering it but only after our financial matters have been resolved.
I’m also worried if he’ll be okay because ever since he started working with law enforcement he has been even colder and detached. I worry if leaving him would set him over the edge..
Either way, I have unfortunately resorted to emotional cheating with a guy who is younger than me (25) that I met online and it made me realize how numb I’ve been for so long.
He made me feel something for the first time in years and it just showed me how broken I am.
These last few days I have been crying randomly and can’t seem to control the sinking feeling in my heart because I know… that no one loves me or cares about me the way I do them.
Even this new guy, being that he is younger and coming out of his own relationship, I think it’s more likely that he is rebounding and simply charming me, probably using me for comfort- which I thought I was happy to give but now it kind of hurts just thinking about how this is something he probably doesn’t take as seriously as me.
I say this because I noticed that.. No one obsesses over me like I do them. No one makes time to talk to me, or goes out of their way for me, they only talk to me in their free time or when it’s convenient for them. No one asks me how am I doing or how do I feel. They usually just talk about themselves or their own problems and I’m left asking all the questions which makes me feel like they aren’t really interested and basically, I just… I feel so alone.
I know what I’m doing is wrong, so I probably deserve this but..
I feel more alone now than ever.
I feel like no one would love me the way I love them and I’m sure that once I leave my SO this feeling will get worse, I might regret it and go back to him.
What do you think is the best way I handle both of these situations?
Also, do you think it will ever get better or does it just go downhill from here?
Thanks for any responses.
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2023.06.04 10:22 Dainelli28 Self-hosting Nextcloud on your daily driver?

I'm a total beginner in the self-hosting world.
I keep seeing all these posts about people building their own servers at home or renting VPS to build. Furthermore, I wonder if it would be possible to set up Nextcloud on a Linux system that is used as a daily driver (Office, email, gaming, etc).
Goals for this set up:
- Contact, calendar, and tasks sync with phone;
- Images backup would be a nice-to-have, although it's currently being achieved by Resilio
Docker seem to be the best way to achieve this, but I'm open to other solutions.
Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.04 10:22 PrajwalBabu Horrible Turo rental experience

My opinion of Turo took a turn for the worse when a false claim was raised against us. We had rented a terrible car in San Francisco that broke down due to battery and engine issues caused by poor maintenance from the host.
As the car had to be towed away, we had to end the trip. However, the host started harassing us, bombarding our phones with calls and insisting that we take the car back once it was repaired, extending the rental for an additional two weeks. We declined and opted for a different vehicle.
The next day, the host filed a claim alleging three scratches on the car's side door. We have clear pictures with metadata showing no damage when the car was towed.
To our surprise, the host labeled it as a collision in the claim report and charged us approximately $1,000. The three scratches seemed suspicious, as if they were intentionally made by the host to extract money. Furthermore, the host had already repaired the scratches without informing us and sent us the bill through Turo.
Who in their right mind charges $1,000 for minor scratches? It's absurd! We have evidence to refute the claim, but unfortunately, Turo's claims team has been incredibly unhelpful. They barely answer calls or respond to emails. The host hasn't even provided us with an estimate or shown any willingness to work towards resolving the dispute. It's evident that he doesn't want to cooperate because the scratches may have occurred during the towing process or while the car was in his possession.
While I initially liked their rental options, this fake claim and fraudulent behavior have completely changed my perspective. Does anyone have advice on how to handle this fake claim charges?

Turo #carrental

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2023.06.04 10:22 samsterhamdter23 I need help!

So I've got a guild on icecrown. And it's a fun little chill guild. But there is this alliance guild called counterproductive.... that just won't leave us alone! It's been about a month now and they use a addon called syp to hunt down everything one of my guild members down and kill them.... everyday all day! 24/7 none stop! No matter what lvl, or what zone..They know exactly where we are. And won't leave us alone.
There is about 10 of us in our guild (The Dog House) and we are all good friends. And the only reason they hunt us down... ( I think ) is becuz I stream to promote people to play on warmane! @youngpug
I've got a recording of me lvling my hunter.... and I played for 2 hours, and in that 2 hours, I died a total of 65 times by the same hunter from that guild....
I'm made multiple reports and so has multiple people in my guild to try to get these guys banned for harassment!!! But they say it's not possible becuz it's a pvp server.
65 deaths in 2 hours?!?!?! How is that not harassment?!?!?!?
I know how ever that most of the people in their guild is using illegal programs as well. Becuz when I put a group together to fight them back, they clip through walls.... or can shoot us as a hunter from 2 miles away!
And yet nothing ever gets taken care of.... if a admin or even someone from that guild could please just leave us alone! We just want to play the game in peace. I have nothing against world pvp. But this isn't world pvp at all! It's straight harassment. And the fact that the administration on this server won't do anything about this.... is sad.
I've already lost half my guild over this, cuz they can't even lvl there toons for the first time! Alot of the people from my guild were first time players to wow..... its sad to say, but damn, Blizzard could do better then this......
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2023.06.04 10:21 pinktv2 It’s Called Passive Income

So many people are wondering “gee how is this girl gonna make money when Parker quit his job specifically to help her in social media and now she has quit social media (essentially)”
Passive income.
She said she made a “good chunk of money” from selling their new home before it was finished. She also has millions of rolling income from videos (which she literally doesn’t have to do anything to, they just make her money.. even the old old ones)
No Expenses: + current house paid for, + both vehicles paid for… + no day care expenses .. + everything on and in the house has been paid for with sponsors (including their food, windows, house washing, floors, etc)..
I mean all she has to do is nothing and she gets paid thousands of dollars a week.
So to pass time she exercises, hangs out with old friends, raises her kids, hangs with her family and travels.
For gas money, cell phone bills, lights gas & water, she makes a few tick toks, IG posts, snapchats.
For kicks and giggles (or to just pay Parker and fulfill her contractual sponsor obligations) she makes a 10 minute YT video every once a month or every two months because she will likely generate at least $3000 a week on that 1 video added to the pot of alllllll the others.
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2023.06.04 10:21 EngineExtension459 Sad state of affairs for the average Indian man.

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2023.06.04 10:21 throwradiur Sister(27f)is a little obsessed with my(25F) boyfriend(26M)

My boyfriend cut me and my sister off two months ago for good because of the toxic mess between my sister and I and him. It was a big mess. My sister destroyed my relationship by being in our business and telling him stuff that caused the break up. But blamed my sister and I for being toxic women and didn’t want anything to do with both of us. He cut me and her off and I haven’t spoken to him for two full months and he had blocked me last time I tried to contact him.
My sister works with him and still sees him around work but says he doesn’t talk to her. Whenever I see her she talks about him to me and what he does at work since the break up.
Yesterday morning my sister was driving and she texted me and told me she saw my ex in traffic with laughing emojis while on her way here. My sister comes over to my house and tells me the story again about the traffic incident. Her phone starts ringing few minutes later while she’s in the back and his name is on the caller ID. I tell her she has a missed call on her phone from him and she just shrugged her shoulders and sighed. Few minutes later she calls him back while I’m somewhere else and I assume she is talking to him and she goes to another room. But I say something in the background and pretend to be talking to someone else so he could hear me. Seconds later she hands the phone to me and puts it on speaker. He talks to me and tell me that he missed me but whole time I’m still confused about everything. We talked for about 7 minutes and she takes the phone back but he tells me to call his phone. Later that night I call him but we talk for a short minute. We just talked about the break and asked each other had we been seeing anyone new. He said no cause he felt like no woman wanted him(couldn’t tell if he was joking or not). Then I asked him had he been contacting my sister the whole time but he said no and that he just started talking to her again 3 days ago. I let him know that since we broke up she had been talking about him still and he found that strange cause he didn’t talk to her at work for her to be still talking about him. How do I proceed with this?
Tl;DR: my sister brings up my boyfriend a lot while we are dating and while we broken up.
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2023.06.04 10:21 Professional_Prune11 Renegade Solutions

The galactic union has always had trouble with pirates and ner do wells. They always threatened the stability of the Galactic Union. A nagging reminder as to the fragility of the universe the thousands of species worked so hard to create.
The GU had taken measures for millennia to keep those few who could not conform dealt with, be that: jailed, killed, satiated, or on the rare occasion gainfully employed.
While officially the relationship between higher-ups in the GU and these ever-tolerated rogues was one of hostility. Anyone who actually operated in those positions understood the usefulness of these untamable individuals. They were a way to pass the buck, shift the blame or deal with an unruly situation cleanly.
Sharik sat inside the bridge of his ship, shifting awkwardly. Staring down at the card he had been given by his father.
It had little on it. Just a datapad number and the words “Renegade solutions” both in bright blood-red letters on an eggshell background.
His father was vague about why he should contact the number on it but assured him the Human who would answer was one of the best at resolving sticky situations. The current flop of diplomatic relations that Sharik had dug for himself certainly counted as a “Sticky situation”
When he arrived at Therucal he had no intention of eloping with the emperor's daughter, but one thing led to another, and now he had the entire planet below him searching for him like an animal. His diplomatic immunity meant nothing to the un-elevated planet or its inhabitance. Especially because they viewed their emperor as if he was a god.
Sharik looked over towards the bed, the Grand Duchess of the planet, Farint’al lay underneath the silken covers. They clung tightly to her sensual curves. Her bright red hair draped gracefully around her pitch-black horns. She looked like she had been drawn by the most imaginative artist. Sharik would never have been able to imagine anyone as beautiful as she was if he had not seen her for himself. The fact he shared a bed chamber with her was even more beyond his scope of understanding.
Jerking him from his thoughts was a knock on his chamber door.
“Sir the Humans are here,” the voice of one of his crew members said, muffled by the thick doors.
Sharik stood and straightened his robes, before going toward the door. When the door parted he laid eyes on one of the younger members of his crew. Monthar had only been on the ship for the last few standard cycles. He was usually relegated to lesser duties, the fact he was in front of him was confusing to Sharik.
“Monthar? Why are you here? Where is Arduin?” Sharik asked
Monthar rubbed his claws nervously together refusing to make eye contact with Sharik. Not that that was uncommon, most Huritalik refused to look higher-ups in the eyes. It was a habit from millennia of cultural standings, even if those cultures had long since dies.
“She.. she… she refused to come…” Monthar stuttered nervously.
“Refused to come? Are you sure we are talking about the same woman?” Sharik questioned.
Monthar nodded. “Aye sir, she refused to be anywhere near that Human you called”
What? How could one being possibly scare the champion of Fariactal Nine? Sharik wondered. He had specifically picked Arduin because of her prestige. She had slayed thousands of warriors and trained millions over her lifetime. The fact this human that was in charge of “renegade solutions” made her wary, had Sharik’s scales vibrating in worry.
“Where is the Human now?” Sharik asked the equally worried Monthar.
“It is in the cargo bay sir, it pulled up a chair as soon as it entered the ship. We asked it to come to you but it killed one of the crew who tried to move it” Monthar chirped, his own pensiveness visible in his extended claws.
Sharik nodded and dismissed Monthar, letting the horrified lad have the night off. Sharik needed to care for his crew in these trying times. His father had taught him to do such, ensuring him it would make loyal men and soldiers.
Wandering his way down to the cargo bay the men and women of the ship were steering clear of him. He wondered how many of them thought he was a monster, especially after his “guest” had already killed one of them.
Parting the doors to the cargo bay, the human was sitting just as Monthar described.
The human was seated on a folding metal chair just behind one of the tables, previously used by Sharik’s men. He wore a clean tightly tailored suit. Its dark crimson colors hugged his extensive muscles tight. Allowing an easy understanding of how formidable he would be in close combat, the fact one of Shariks men was dumb enough to try and move the wall of meat he was staring at was shocking.
Atop his dark almond-colored skin was hair as black as the darkest night, slicked back and shimmering under the lights of the cargo bay. Beneath his hair were the most vibrant green eyes Sharik had ever seen. Such a bright and vibrant green, Sharik had sworn for the briefest moment he was deep in the jungles of Reuntal.
His eyes cut into Sharik on his entry to the bay, and a wicked sinister grin crawled upon the man's lips. His teeth were sharper than any dagger Sharik had ever seen. Yet the voice that escaped this well-dressed monster's lips was smooth.
“Why hello there, I assume you are the man who called me to this fine vessel today?” The human sneered.
Sharik swallowed his spit, all five of his hearts screaming at him to run from the beast staring him down.
“I did, oh honored guest of the house solutions. I assume you must be renegade?” Sharik said gutting every emotion he had. His fathers and his lineage demanded he beprofessional and he would not fail his father.
The human stared at Sharik for a few moments before he began to laugh. His deep chuckles vibrated everything in the bay, including Sharik himself.
“Man, you really are Turin’s kid arent you? So formal just like your daddy” The human laughed.
“That is no way to refer to my father. Turin the first gre…” Sharik started before he was cut off by the human, not by him yelling or slamming his heavy fists on the table.
The human drew an ancient-looking weapon on Sharik. Pulling the hammer on the slug thrower back.
“I don't give a singular fuck about yer daddies title kid” The human spat. “You called me here, for something right so out with it, before I make you join the lad over there”
Sharik trailed the direction the human flicked the muzzle of his weapon in, his sight landing on one of his crew mates. His neck twisted full around, as he lay slumped against the cold wall.
“i…i… i” Sharik started to sputter.
“Out with it lad!” the human roared, as he stood and kicked the table away from him. “Yer daddy could deal with me, you better be able to as well.”
Sharik trembled in his robes, the human's very presence causing him to buckle. He fell onto the ground, his knees hitting the deck below them. Sharik could not fathom how his father could have ever stood before such a monster.
Sharik looked up at the human, his presence flowed out of him. Filling the entire bay with a deep bestial blood lust; the darkest shadow Sharik had ever felt was clawing into his body as the human waited eagerly, watching every twitch he made.
Sharik felt a warmth flow down his leg as he realized the only prey this beast could tear into was him.
The human walked up to Sharik, pressing the cold muzzle of the weapon to his forehead. Sharik wanted to move, his whole being screamed at him to run, but the human's mear gaze held him tighter than any shackle ever could.
“Well lad, you got a request or not?” The human growled.
Sharik looked up at the deep green eyes of the human, feeling his gaze stare into his very soul. Searching through him, plucking at any weak twitch or flaw he saw.
“I…I….I want you to kill the Emporer” Sharik muttered.
Sharik did not know what possessed him, it was as if the human reached inside his soul and pulled his deepest darkest dream to the forefront. Ensuring there were no lies there was nothing but the honest truth in his request. ]
The Human leaned forward as he holstered his weapon.
“See that wasn’t so hard” The man sneered.
The human turned and walked towards the doors to the shuttle bay. Leaving Sharik where he was before he passed through the doors. He looked back at Sharik and smiled that demonic grin.
“I will send you the bill later, and thank you for hiring Renegade Solutions”
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2023.06.04 10:21 idkjushere Got duped into buying a $1.2M Home with parents

Im 30M, indian married to an italian wife and have a 3 year old boy.
I lived alone in most of my 20s, moved back home in 2019, while running a business.
Long Story Short, when Covid happened:

3 years later, i come back home with my family in 2023, they made the master room pretty for us. next morning, parents now tell me they want to keep the house, they love it and they want to die here.
Now my investment is stuck. We get heated.
Sad Part: Parents are wealthy, have a $2M house, has assets worth up to $10 million, but always tight on cash. have Ferrari on a loan, Rolex on a loan, but have me in a financial chokehold. If I didn't help my dad with this house, I could have bought a house at the same price myself for my wife and I. I had thought it was a flip, so i never thought it was gonna be an issue.
Dad also has a few successful businesses, and him passing it onto me is always contingent on a bunch of things. Like if I ask for my investment back, he feels i don’t deserve anything to be passed onto me. Or the other day one of his businesses after 10 years got approve for construction and he needed $100k immediately, and if i didnt fess up he wouldnt pass on any of the "family business" to me. he wouldn't say it directly but would allude to it.
Its been a few months here, some days are OK as they help out with the kid, other days we wanna pull our hair out and leave.
I have roughly $200k left and just trying to get my business started. i started my business with 0 capital, 0 connections, my dad always shit on it and then it took off and he resepected me. now that im starting again from 0, he's been giving me this cold shoulder.
Sad part, it Might take us a few years to reasonably save up and get a home.
I stopped keeping in touch with all of my friends and peers due to the embarrassment of having to live back home.
Sorry this post is just a train of thoughts.
I am curious if anyone has experienced a situation similar to this?
If you haven't, what would you do in my position? Really unhappy with how life has been going.
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2023.06.04 10:20 Whimsical_Shift My (F28) dad (67) called me his favorite kid.

I’m not really sure if I belong here. There were some things that may have been neglectful in my childhood—growing up in a dilapidated hoarder home, never having clean laundry until I taught myself to wash clothes, poor diet—but my parents were interested enough.
For example, they were interested enough to know that I liked to write, I won’t say I was talented, but I was a relatively competent studio art student through high school. I never wanted for anything material, but I have memories of begging to be played with while those requests went unfilled. My siblings and I learned early on if our mom was upset, she could be assuaged by putting a cat in her lap.
I remember saying to her one day, ‘I wish you’d treat me like a cat.’ She mocked me viciously and baby-talked me—like a cat—until I cried and asked her to stop. I didn’t really piece together what I’d really wanted out of that request until a couple of years ago.
All that said… if I was abused, a lot of it came from my siblings. Every time I tell my mom something about it now, she seems absolutely shocked and gets upset with me for not having told her when I was a kid who thought things were normal.
Then there’s my dad: distant and glacial.
He worked very hard and very often, hence why we never wanted for material goods outside of a clean and structurally sound home. But when he did have time off, it was all lavished on my brother.
My brother was a very skilled athlete and my parents spent I don’t know how many thousands of dollars over the years on his interests. My interests were cheaper. I did try the sport once to see if we could connect, but my dad didn’t show the interest in me he showed in my brother.
In his older age, dad has started hugging me. Big, strong, two-armed hugs I’d wanted all my life. Hugs I’d have to chide my mom just to get her to half-ass. I was angry at first, because where the hell has this shit been the whole time? Where was it when I needed it? Why is it here now that I don’t?
He’s told me he focused on my brother because he was ‘going down the wrong path.’ My own struggles must have seem minute in comparison. But I’m apparently his favorite child.
Makes sense, since one is a lying ass snake, another hates them both and has fallen off the radar, and the third is an unpredictable, apoplectic disaster. I’m the nicest of the four, I guess.
Mother’s Day was really stressful. My mood steadily declines the longer I’m at their house, and I’d been there for a while caring for my grandmother while they were away before the big weekend.
I’d had an emotionally rough day with my mother and was trying to make it normal again by suggesting we all watch a movie. My husband, mom, and I all love the movie I suggested, and I specifically invited my dad to watch it.
Not two minutes in, my parents get up, leave without a word to me, and split up to do chores. I couldn’t handle it and went somewhere to cry. My dad followed me eventually, gave me a hug, said he’d rather take a beating than hurt me, and told me he wanted to watch the movie now.
What about when he found me crying and sputtering, struggling to microwave fucking oatmeal after enduring over a week of silent hatred from his wife for going on a date with a woman? He didn’t offer shit for comfort, he just said ‘she’s right’
What about when he said he would not be attending my non-Christian wedding and then backpedalled only when I started to cry?
Maybe I’m easier to love now that I have a partner who does the heavy lifting and actually makes me feel loved.
Is that how you treat a ‘favorite’ child? For some reason, it feels gross to know how he feels.
Am I delusional?
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2023.06.04 10:20 HonestlyBadWifi Wordington wisdom

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2023.06.04 10:20 Salt_Lengthiness508 Middle Partition Room at M Vertica, Cheras

Middle Partition Room at M Vertica, Cheras
Virtual 601163816078
Room Detail:
Comfortable Fully Furnished Room For Rent ✨ FREE WIFI
ROOM: ✅ Room With Aircond ✅ Complete Bedding Set ✅ Chair ✅ Table ✅ Wardrobe ✅ Personal Fridge ✅ Smart Meter (Room electricity in individual room (whole room) is measured based on smart meter)
COMMON AREA ✅ Water Heater ✅ Washing Machine & Dryer ✅ Microwave & Induction Cooker ✅ Water Dispenser ✅ Main Door Smart Lock
Rental included 🔴 Fully furnished 🔴 FREE High Speed internet WIFI 🔴 Common Area Cleaning Service
📍 Perfect Location 📍 ➡️ Sunway Velocity Mall ➡️ Walking distance to MRT ➡️ swimming pool, gym, cinema & other facilites
Amenities: ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to LRT/MRT MALURI ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to AEON MALURI ➡️ 2 Minutes to SUNWAY VELOCITY MALL ➡️ 5 Minutes to IKEA & MyTownKL ➡️ 8 Minutes to ZOUK TREC ➡️ 10 Minutes to Pavillion ➡️ 15 Minutes to KLCC
  • Monthly rental depends on room type
  • Queen bedroom can rent for 2 pax
  • Additional RM100 per month for extra 1 pax
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2023.06.04 10:20 FictionalMediaBully "Waking History" Review (The Loud House)


"Waking History", a season seven episode, stars Lisa Loud and her robot companion, Todd, in a traditional blend of slice-of-life and fantasy about interacting with a person from the prehistoric age.
Lisa and Todd's chemistry often results in some of the biggest laughs the programme has to offer, and "Waking History" is no exception, due to the contrasting portrayal of the excited and curious yet irrational Lisa, and the supportive yet moderately emotional Todd, who is the sidekick of the duo; the conceit of family sticking together mixed with shenanigans conjured by the characters' actions establishes both, particularly the dictator, as flawed yet likeable individuals, giving viewers a reason to care about what's going on, and thus generating engagement; a big part of what makes the dynamic enjoyable is the duo standing on their own as characters with fleshed out personalities that work off each other - Lisa the five-year-old first-grade scientific genius with infinite potential, and Todd the human trapped in a robot's body, figuratively speaking, defying the logics of a robot's inner workings, which is contextualised by its creator's capabilities; their love for all things science, plus historical discovery, contextualises the existence of fantasy, allowing an otherwise moderately mundane programme to shake things up without betraying its core appeal.
With such enjoyable dynamic and well-developed characters, the story immediately has all the building blocks necessary to craft a genuinely fun cartoon; and fortunately, said building blocks are utilised effectively to construct a plot about a cave woman named Francis interacting in the present day, applying comedy to an already funny storyline, whether it's Todd translating ancient gibberish to American English, or Francis going haywire in the middle of Royal Woods and eventually Flip; the aimless running about leads to enjoyable slapstick that showcases the consequences of Lisa freeing Francis in an unfamiliar time zone, and the contrast between prehistoric madness and modern sensibilities take the comedy a step further as if the story wasn't hilarious enough, to begin with.
Underneath such comedy is a moral about considering the consequences of not listening to a role model and exploring something uncharted; Lisa may be a well-meaning genius, but she's still a very young girl with social problems and has to consider the dangers of treading unexplored territory; all of this culminates into a satisfying climax that not only employs the use of "Chekhov's Gun" but also has Lisa learn the error of her ways as well as better respect her role model, Dr Alvarez; the story ends on a sweet note, as Francis shows potential in adapting to present times, which opens the doors for further exploration of her and Lisa's friendship; it's not a cartoon ending, though, without funny slapstick.
The visuals are vibrant, colourful, and pleasant on the eyes, and the exemplary animation quality elevates it to a high standard, highlighted by the facial expressions, gestures, and previously mentioned slapstick - all of which are fluid and exude life. The sound design is off the chart, with appropriate music placement that offers plenty of genre variation, crunchy sound effects, and top-tier voice work that notably shows off the wide range of emotions Lisa can express; all of these complement the story to craft a fun, exciting and energetic yet sincere cartoon that's the opposite of a vintage stone from yesteryear.
"Waking History" is a genuinely enjoyable Lisa episode and an excellent start to the programme's seventh season; it's hilarious, well-animated, sweet, tightly structured, and exquisitely polished; if that isn't enough to sell the episode, then maybe Todd as a seal will.
STORYTELLING: 10/11: Although not the most original of the programme's delving into the outlandish, it more than makes up for it through excellent execution, delivering some of the funniest comedy that's tied to a well-constructed and tightly woven story showcasing the consequences of going against the words of a role model.
AESTHETICS: 11/11: The result of embracing what makes a cartoon a cartoon is that of exceptional - expressive, fluid, and bouncy animation, colourful visuals that find beauty in minimalism, and crisp and varied sound design ensure a visually and sonically pleasing experience that will undoubtedly inspire the target audience.
CORRELATION: 11/11: An exceptionally cohesive cartoon birthed by sheer passion from all sides of the production crew - high-quality writing and polished production values meeting each other guarantees a stupendously engaging cartoon that will succeed in its mission of entertaining audiences of all ages.
EMOTIONS: 10/11: "Waking History" isn't one of my absolute favourites, but I nonetheless laughed several times while watching, even at the slapstick, which is usually mediocre throughout "The Loud House"; and the prehistoric interaction proved to be compelling despite being done before in the animation medium; undoubtedly a must-watch.
104.5% - EXQUISITE

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2023.06.04 10:20 Kdolphin17 Too harsh?

I sent this to my friend, do you think it's too mean or harsh? "I'm just wondering something. Remember when I called you a while ago when I was looking for books to get you? And I saw the Twilight series so I called you and I was like asking if you read it, and you said no. So I was like "do you want to read it?" And you said "sure", yet you left it at my house and it seems purposeful in retrospect because you were like hesitant about the books when I gave you your present Thursday. So anyway, I'm just wondering why you said "sure" when you meant "no". Because if you wanted to read them you wouldn't have "forgotten" them. Obviously you didn't forget because you didn't forget the earrings or your jacket which were all in the same birthday bag."
TLDR: I asked a friend if she wanted a certain book series, she said sure, but purposely left it at my house.
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2023.06.04 10:20 Fit_Perception4282 Interested to hear how people believe they should price their offers in the current market

Clearly this will be dependent upon the region you are in as it sounds like some regions are still as hot as ever in which case market value will be determined by competing offers.
In my own region (East Yorkshire) there is an evident slow down.
For me the start point always has to be the last comparable sold house on the street or area.
However if nothing has sold since summer of 2022 how are people pricing things as a lot has happened since then.
For example; demand has fallen greatly as evidenced by both house sales and mortgage approvals. The value of a house with no competing buyers is clearly likely to be lower as there is no bidding war to drive up the price.
The mortgage costs - would you factor those in? Expecting a seller to factor in for the lifetime of mortgage (25-35 years) is naive but for 2-5 years is probably fair is it not? Afterall it was low rates that allowed prices to rise to where they are to the benefit of home owners. At 3% a year this is anywhere between a 4.2% and 15% discount assuming anywhere from a 30% (best case) to 10% (worst case) deposit.
Recent events (ie becoming clearer to the market) that rates will stay higher for longer should push this 'discount' to the higher end of the scale quickly.
Even with this mathematical calculation the fact that there are less people who can afford this 'should' amplify this effect?
What is everyone else's thoughts on this?
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2023.06.04 10:19 Sephiroth508 Need help for October travel!

Hello everyone! Me and the wife are planning to visit Vietnam for 7 days starting October 15th this year. I would like some help for planning the trip.
  1. Is October a good time for travel to Vietnam? How's the weather? How much rain can I expect? Will it disrupt any of the package plans? How crowded is it during this time?
  2. My package plan includes Hanoi, Halong Bay Cruise, Da Nang+Ba Na, Cu Lao Cham. Any suggestions on modifying or adjusting this? How good is Ba Na Hills? How much will I miss if I skip this and maybe add something else? Because I am kinda scared of the crowds and long waiting lines.
  3. Any local delicacies/street foods/restaurants, etc. that you suggest I should try in these places?
  4. I like landscape photography. Are there any places I NEED to see in these places that my tour guide might omit? Should I skip some touristy places that the tour guide may take me to? I am from Nepal and most of the local tour guides or packages are mostly similar and I usually suggest tourists to skip some places because they aren't really worth it and suggest them to just explore some local places on their own instead. So something like that.
  5. How pricy are Hanoi and Da Nang in general?
  6. Can I rent a scooter with my Nepalese driver's license? How safe/efficient is it to rent and ride a scooter as compared to getting a Grab?
Thanks in advance a lot to all who take the time to answer my questions. 🙏
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2023.06.04 10:19 Appropriate-Tip422 16 struggling from insanity

My names Mon, im 16 years old and im struggling with my mental health like most kids. Only different is I’m not sad or anxious. I feel like I’m losing a grip on reality. It’s hard to explain but ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to do something great in life. I knew I didn’t want a 9-5 but to build something of my own. Im failing school and I love my mindset I really do. Im taking the ultimate leap of faith on life. But for some reason lately I had a random thought of a random voice telling me “your different from everyone. You know who else is different? Insane people” “your doomed to go insane” I ignored it at first but after a couple months it caught up to me. I climb bridges to distract myself and randomly if I’m making food or something and I can’t stop the spiral I just walk out of the house and start running barefoot. I know I’ll make it through I always win. But I can’t say all the thoughts and the voices because it genuinley gets disgusting. It’s like I think about some stuff because I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it you know?
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2023.06.04 10:18 badatgamess Recurring dream about my dead dog

[this is a crosspost from Dreams]
Hi DreamInterpretation, I think I need help figuring this one out because I've had basically the same dream at least three times now. Which is really weird since I rarely ever remember my dreams.
For some context, my dog died on December 27th, so relatively recently. She was a sweet old girlie with a lot of health problems, it was her time. I loved her with all my heart and since I'm on the younger side (and very forgetful) I barely have any memories of life without her in it. That's caused some weirdness in the grieving process, since I'm sort of stuck within the denial phase since I have to rewrite my concept of home life without my dog in it.
Anyways, over the past month or so I've had this weird dream about my dog a few times. The "plot" of what happens in the dream is pretty straightforward, with me mostly just doing normal stuff around the house, though not interacting with my parents much (we live in the same house).
The weird part is that for some reason, my parents bought/adopted multiple copies of the same dog, specifically my dead dog. The copies are slightly off from the real one visually in coloring, but I don't think that matters.
All of these doggie clones act and look exactly like my dead dog did, they just end up doing different things at different times. The number of dogs in the dreams fluctuates constantly, the lowest I remember being 3 and the highest being around 13. And this isn't just a weird dream quirk, "dream-me" actually reacts to the fact that the number of dogs is constantly changing which is really friggin weird.
In fact, "dream-me" seems to be fully aware that none of this was normal, and I feel really vaguely unsettled throughout the dream. Just that weird, distant "something is fundamentally wrong with this" feeling that you get sometimes. Other than that distant feeling, "dream-me" is usually pretty comforted by the fact that I'm surrounded by a bunch of sweet, sleepy puppers throughout my day.
However, "dream-me" did approach my parents about the weirdness of the situation a couple times, to which (I think) either they didn't respond at all or just dismissed it like it was normal or something.
Other parts that might be somewhat relevant: - If I remember correctly, "dream-me" may be aware that the real dog is singular, and is dead - All the colors in the dream are muted to greyscale (or close to it, with light yellowish tints instead) - My house in the dream is somewhat different, looking more like an extended version of my poorly designed basement than the real thing
I would really appreciate help in deciphering what the hell any of this means. The closest things that I can possibly glean from it would be 1. I'm not over it (yeah probably) 2. My subconscious thinks my parents aren't over it and are trying to replace my dog (maybe???) 3. My subconscious wants me and my parents to know that my dog cannot effectively be replaced, it would feel wrong (possibly???)
So yeah thanks for reading through this weird clone-dog dream.
TL;DR: My dog died and now I'm getting recurring dreams about sharing a house with 3-13 clones of her, what the hell does that mean
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