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2023.06.03 15:34 lulu0226 Room fridges?

Are mini room fridges allows in res?
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2023.06.03 15:24 Daniele86 Cosmetic Mini Fridge for Skin Care/Makeup, 4L Portable Beauty Fridges DIY Shelve

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2023.06.03 14:09 Marvelhawkeye483 Me and my partner have finally completed our modern console collection with an Xbox mini fridge

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2023.06.03 09:57 devlexander Travelling with Saxenda

I’m sure there are plenty of “travelling with saxenda” type posts, but, I feel my circumstances are a bit different.
We’re going to be on a 14 hour drive, and about an 8 hour wait as well. On top of that, we’ll be on a boat for 24 hours, and with an additional 3-4 hour wait, we’re looking at a minimum of 50 hours travelling time.
I’m planning on taking Saxenda with me. I’m worried that I may not be able to keep it cool enough throughout the duration of the trip. Ice packs may or may not be readily available, Im unsure, and I was genuinely considering a proper mini fridge (the ones with refrigerant) but they’re a bit pricey (£99). My final destination only have Victoza as opposed to Saxenda, and they’re in short supply, not to mention expensive.
What do you suggest?
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2023.06.03 08:12 sjashakdhsjsbshsj Giving away mini fridge

Giving away mini fridge
Heyyo I’m trying to get rid of my 4.4 cu. ft fridge master mini fridge before I move out, it’s in good condition and you can come by to north campus and check it out if interested >:) completely free, but I need to get rid of it by Tuesday 6/6. Pls pm if interested!
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2023.06.03 06:44 Daniele86 New Listing12L Makeup Fridge Cosmetic Skin Care Mini Beauty Refrigerator Portable Cooler US

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2023.06.03 06:29 FireTheLaserBeam Anybody in area selling an old mini fridge?

I was trying to get rid of some of the icy buildup on the freezer area of my mini fridge and I accidentally punctured something. There was a long hiss and some kind of gas smell, for sure. I’m one hundred percent sure I broke it. Unplugged it and removed everything from it.
I’m living in a downstairs apartment and that’s all I have to keep my food cold. Does anyone have an old mini fridge they’re willing to part with? We can talk price privately if you do. I just paid rent so I cant just go shopping for a brand new one. I’m in Centerville but I’m willing to drive to you to pick it up.
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2023.06.03 02:03 KarrieDarling Dear guests: it's your MONEY, not your PROPERTY

The number of extremely dirty rooms I've cleaned as a housekeeper is unbearable sometimes. Today, I cleaned several extremely dirty rooms, one of which had literal chewed-up strawberry chunks all over the carpeted floor. It stained the carpet and the mini fridge in the room had strawberry juice all over it. That room alone took me over an hour to clean. Guests seem to think that because they're spending their money on the room, they can stain it, trash it, rip holes into our bed linen, throw their used diapers all over the room, etc. Yes, I know, job security. But then there's also housekeeping taking the blame for taking over an hour to clean a super filthy room. And the number of guests who've gotten angry for getting charged a $150 cleaning fee because they trashed the room to Hell and back when we explicitly explain our policy that leaving the room in an extremely unruly condition and/or damages done by them will warrant a $150 cleaning fee is just ridiculous. The number of guests we've had get mad at housekeeping over policies and rules we didn't make is also ludacris.
We explain our policy in detail upon checkin. The room you're spending your money on is still owned by the business/person who owns the hotel, spending your money on it doesn't make it yours to treat how you want. You still have to follow policy and you still have to treat the rooms and the staff with respect.
Rant over
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2023.06.03 02:03 fy8d6jhegq You wake up alone on a tropical island…

The Island:
It is not a desert island. It's a moderately sized, lush island. There are no large predators or dangerous wildlife (like boars or moose). There are bugs but they are only a nuisance deep in the forest. The weather is similar to Pacific islands like Hawaii. The weather can get bad but there will never be a severe storm as long as you are on the island.
It is also a partially developed island. You awaken in an open air cabana on the beach. There are lights, electricity, an unstocked bar with a mini fridge and a hard-line gas grill. Nearby you see a dock with and a covered cargo area. There is also an ATV and compatible trailer. Leading into the forest is a well maintained trail that leads to a house with a great view. The house is built in an architectural style that you enjoy. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and a covered porch/deck. The house doesn't have much beyond the standard furniture and cooking utensils. It does have a living room with a big screen TV, Blu-ray player, and CD playestereo. There is also a top-of-the-line computer without Internet access. It has the full Adobe Creative Suite.
You find a note describing the situation. Basically you can stay as long as you want and when you're ready to leave all you have to do is press a button down by the dock and someone will arrive to pick you up within 15 minutes. They will also handle all aspects of your return journey to wherever you were before waking up on the island. During your stay you will receive constant resupply's of essential resources. This means electricity, potable water, fuel etc. will never run out. In terms of food, your diet for the previous week will be evaluated and any ingredients used in the preparation of those meals will be considered "essential foods" that are constantly restocked.
Lastly, it is explained that you can give requests every week for 5 specialty ingredients, 5 Blu-rays/DVDs, 5 CDs, 1 videogame/program, and 1 item of your choosing. Non-networked items only. Nothing you could use to connect or communicate with the world at large. All items are delivered on the same day every week, neatly stacked under the cargo area. They are only delivered when you aren't around or observing (recording or viewing through a camera). The videogame/program will mysteriously be installed on the computer at the same time the other items are delivered. If it requires an Internet connection beyond installation, it will not work. Requests are inputted through a custom program preinstalled on the computer.
Hypothetical Questions:
  1. After learning all of this, how long do you choose to stay on the island?
  2. What special requests do you prioritize?
  3. How do you spend your time?
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2023.06.02 23:31 Automatic-Coat9709 My prep was in a stinky fridge for a few months... Can I use it?

Fun fact: i never used prep. I finally bought it in December, then forgot it in a mini fridge in a hotel during a holiday same month. Second time i bought it in January or February again but left it in my own fridge and didn't have sex for months and totally forgot it's there. And because I never eat at my place (always around the town) i forgot grandma sent me some food around Easter which became insanely stinky when i rediscovered it a week ago. I tried cleaning it when I realized but it didn't eliminate the smell. The prep bottle is made of plastic, never opened, but it doesn't seem like it's vacuum sealed or anything. Has the bacteria entered the bottle? Can I use the pills inside of it? Or it's another wasted 50€?
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2023.06.02 21:02 flipzone Newair Beverage Fridge and Cooler with Reversible Glass Door, 60 Can Freestanding Mini Fridge in Black with Door Alarm $489.99 (lowest)
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2023.06.02 19:47 Monkfrootx If someone is giving a mini fridge away, and someone who agreed to take the item ends up just taking parts of it (without the owners knowledge) and leaving the rest is that considered stealing?

Saw this situation on Craigslist lol. Owners considered it stealing.
Bonus question: If someone is giving stuff away, but specifies you must take all of it or nothing at all (thinking scrap lumber or furniture sets), if you just take some of it and leave, do you guys consider that stealing?
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2023.06.02 19:11 Brookiepoo22 Windowed ac unit BTU help

Hello! I'm looking for some advice that I feel would be better answered by professionals with experience rather than a simple calculator.
I am looking to buy a window ac unit to install in my room. We currently have a portable ac unit that is absolutely HORRIBLE. The reason why we went with this was because we have a side opening window, so we thought going the "easy" portable route was our best bet.. sooo wrong. It runs practically 24/7 and barely makes a dent in cooling.

Anywho, heres the following measurements in sq ft/in:
Additional information:

Look, I'm 24f and have hormone issues which cause me to have hot flashes, which also causes other medical conditions to worsen. I NEED a better ac unit. We live with my fiancés parents because hard times, and basically live in this one room because the rest of the house is too overbearing to stay in. That being said, our room is uncomfortably crowded which means there's a lot of stuff to cool off as well.
I am planning to get a windowed ac and build a frame over the opened top half of our side opening window, as well as hopefully figure out where the window leak is coming from and try to fix it. I would like to know what BTU you guys would recommend considering all of the above. If you also have any suggestions and links on a good specific ac unit or brand, I am all ears and would REALLY appreciate it!!
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2023.06.02 18:30 ABritishFemboy Dragon Ball: Freddie's Final Battle (6)

Dragon Ball: Freddie's Final Battle (6)
Page 1 Max: I forgot how ugly Cells first form was
Page 4 Cell: how are you doing that
Page 8 Freddie: SHIT WE DEFUSED
Page 9 Mini-Fridge: THIS ISNT GOOD
Page 10 Michelle: LEAVE THEM ALONE :Cell: and what are you gonna do? Last time I checked I won our last fight
Page 12 Michelle: say goodbye
Page 15 Michelle: it's called Beast
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2023.06.02 18:14 chaz113 Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!
I’m making my first dry cured salamis. They’re fermenting in the oven with a sheet pan of water for 48 hours. Temperature says 65° and 85% humidity. I’m making a curing chamber out of a tall mini-fridge with a temperature/humidity controller. I have a small ultrasonic humidifier for inside of it. The 32mm natural casing I ordered was smaller than I had imagined. Any suggestions to help make this project turn out successful?
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2023.06.02 18:02 flipzone Chefman Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge With LED Lighting, 4 Liter Mini Refrigerator, Skin Care, Makeup Storage, w/Mirror & Light, Chill Serums And Face Masks, For Desktop Or Travel, Cool & Heat $84.99
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2023.06.02 17:41 dfire32 How should I arrange my new apartment?

How should I arrange my new apartment?
I’m moving into this place in July. I’m 24M and want it to be kind of a bachelor pad, but tasteful. Ground floor, so if anyone has recs on some natural lighting ideas would be much appreciated. Have two TVs, one that I can wall mount, and a desk that id ideally not put in the bedroom. Also a mini fridge, two TV stands. Ideally id get a nice L shaped couch, coffee table and some stools for the breakfast bar, or even a small table in one of the corners for meals. Living room would be for entertaining, as well as where Id put my prized PS5. Small TV will prob stay on the TV stand that doubles as some storage. Currently the bed can go lengthwise with the headboard adjacent to the closet.
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2023.06.02 16:59 Almost_Anything67 Fermentation Chamber and Kegerator Combined

So I recently got into home brewing about 6 months ago and absolutely love it! I’m hooked. However my living situation holds me back a bit (living in a small apartment), but I refuse to let it stop me. I was brain storming ideas on how to get into kegging, but I think temp. control is much more important since it opens doors for different styles and more consistent fermentations. So my idea is to use a mini fridge as both a kegerator and a fermentation chamber. When I am brewing I’ll use the fridge as a fermentation chamber and if I decide to keg I’ll use it as a kegerator. And I’ll switch back and forth based on my current need. I wouldn’t install any taps on the fridge to maintain thermal efficiency and use exclusively picnic taps.
What is everyone’s thoughts about this? Is this even possible or have I gone crazy? Keep in mind I only brew 2.5 gallon batches due to the small apartment situation. In the future when I own a home I can use propane to achieve higher volume boils.
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2023.06.02 16:52 Professorplumsgun Fish

When I was about 13, I went fishing with my dad. I caught a fish, and I was really happy about it. I just felt like I had a connection with the fish it just felt very nice in my hands. It felt like it was chosen for me and so when my dad told me to throw that fish back in the water, but I couldn’t do it, so I threw a rock in the water and pretended it was the fish and I shoved the fish down my trouser. The fish was not bigger than my dick when it’s hard, but it was in there and the fish got warm as we were going home, and I just remember I was getting a boner as I was going home, and my dad was speaking to me and I tried to shift the focus away from the warm fish because I could feel the fish kinda like shaking and dying on my dick. It was kinda giving me a uhm, not a blowjob but it just felt like it was, you know it was having its last moments on my dick and it felt really special to me even though it was weird. And I remember getting home, quickly going to my room and I lied down and got naked. I remember taking my zip down and I saw the fish covered in cum. That one moment just felt amazing to me. And it was still kinda shaking like its nerves were going off, and it just felt so good. And I remember I didn’t want to let that fish go, I couldn’t let it go, because I felt like I was responsible for the fish and so I cleaned up all the cum and I cleaned up myself and I kept it in a freezer in my room. Whenever I would get horny and stuff, I’d use the fish to masturbate, and I would cum all over it again and again and again until the fish was smelling up the house and my dad knew something was going on with me. He could tell from the smell that something was in my mini-fridge, and he found the fish. I remember making up excuses, telling him “It’s not my fish, my friend gave it to me as a prank”. My dad was looking at me with disgust and I had to get rid of the fish which was obviously sad. And it affects me because I can’t speak to my dad without thinking about the fish. What’s even worse is that I can’t jack off without thinking about the fish. Porn doesn’t do it for me anymore. There’s no fish related stuff, no nothing. I don’t like fish as a food that much. I prefer medium-rare steak. Whenever I jack off I kinda feel the fish. I’ll never forget the feeling of it dying on my dick while I cummed on it.
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2023.06.02 16:19 ch1ck3n_t03s A Guest Services story (Also my first time working drive up)

When I was working drive up a couple days ago, I had a customer ping us at 9:45. I was on closing duty and was the only one at guest services. I went to find his order, which was a mini-fridge, and brought it out to what I presumed was a Chevy truck(it was in fact not a truck, but rather a small car). The guy smelled of weed, his girlfriend and himself were sharing a whole pizza(respect), and we’re almost surprised by how big the box was. We tried getting it in the back of his car, the trunk and any other spot we could before he just said “put it on the roof, I got it from there.” I watched his guy from the inside security camera drive off with this fridge untethered to his car with his hazards on. Definitely and odd first closing shift on guest services.
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2023.06.02 13:48 Crunchykandi What do I do about this happening in my mini fridge?

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2023.06.02 12:22 Daniele86 New ListingWRE110 Mini Bedroom, 4L/6 Can Skincare Fridge with LED Mirror, AC/DC 12V Small R

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