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bostonhousing is a great resource for anyone looking for Boston apartments, rooms for rent in Boston, roommates in Boston, sublets in Boston and advice about moving to Boston + the surrounding area — including Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline.

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Find apartments for rent in NYC via

2023.05.30 08:51 Swuff_Muff42 question about paying for rent??

hey guys. I’m an incoming transfer student at UCF and I’m very new to the whole apartment leasing process. I think I’m getting the hang of looking around online for potential apartment leases, but my greatest concern is the rent. Most of the apartment complexes near campus are close to $1000/month.
I guess my question is, how have you managed to come up with that amount of money to meet rent every month? I understand working a job, but between classes and other activities, I'm concerned about being able to pay that amount every month.
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2023.05.30 08:50 StratusMetallic Can't find below 14% APR personal loan

I need to have major work done on my car ($4-5k). The service is necessary for all cars with this engine, and I expected it to come up at some point. I currently have a cheap daily driver so I'm not in an immediate rush, but want it at the shop in at least 3 months.
Before someone tells me to sell it, not happening.
I am 23, paying $1,295 in rent, making ~$50k per year with an average CS of 764 between Fico, TU, and Eq. 760-770. My oldest credit card is 2 years 11 months, newest is 1 year 5 months. I have never missed a payment and carried a tiny balance maybe 2-3 times. My CS is entirely from two credit cards, nothing else.
The lowest interest rates I have found for a personal, unsecured loan (from soft pulls) are about 14%. I asked from a few companies recommended on here as well as one of my credit card companies, and a few on my Credit Karma app.
Is the length of my credit the issue here? The lack of credit diversity? My income, age, rent? All of the above?
I only ask because all over the sub I see people getting insanely low rates with similar financial stats, albeit these are mostly for secured auto loans, so maybe I already know the answer here. Still, 14-16% is way higher than I expected.
General financial advice aside, what should I expect in terms of interest rates?
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2023.05.30 08:49 Vishaltube What are the uses of Duplex 2205? - Vishal Tubes Industries

What are the uses of Duplex 2205? - Vishal Tubes Industries
What are the uses of Duplex 2205? - Vishal Tubes Industries
In the world of modern engineering and construction, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in determining the success and longevity of a project. One material that has gained significant attention and acclaim is Duplex 2205, a type of duplex stainless steel renowned for its exceptional properties and wide range of applications. As a leading Duplex Steel 2205 stockist, traders, dealers, and exporters in India, Vishal Tubes Industries provides a wide range of products, including Duplex Fasteners, Duplex Fittings, Duplex Flanges, and Duplex and Super Duplex materials we cater to diverse industrial needs.

Duplex and Super Duplex
In this article, we will explore the various uses and benefits of Duplex 2205, highlighting why Vishal Tubes Industries is your go-to source for all your Duplex 2205 material needs.
Duplex Steel 2205
Duplex 2205 stainless steel, comprising both ferritic and austenitic structures, is widely utilized in applications that require exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. The S31803 grade has been improved to become UNS S32205, resulting in higher corrosion resistance. However, when exposed to temperatures exceeding 300°C, the micro-constituents of this grade may become brittle due to precipitation. Conversely, exposure to temperatures below -50°C could cause the micro-constituents to undergo a ductile-to-brittle transition. As a consequence, this particular stainless steel grade may not be suitable for use at extreme temperatures.
Duplex Steel 2205 Properties
Duplex 2205 is a remarkable duplex stainless steel alloy known for its exceptional properties. This alloy combines the advantages of both austenite and ferrite phases, resulting in a material that offers superior strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and various other desirable characteristics.
Let's dive into the properties that make Duplex 2205 a highly sought-after material in numerous industries.
  • Strength and Toughness: Duplex 2205 is a strong and tough material that can withstand heavy loads and stresses.
  • Corrosion Resistance: It has excellent resistance to corrosion, protecting against damage from various corrosive substances.
  • Good Weldability: Duplex 2205 is easy to weld without compromising its properties, making fabrication convenient.
  • Thermal Resistance: It maintains its strength and stability even at high temperatures, making it suitable for hot environments.
  • High Fatigue Strength: Duplex 2205 can withstand repeated stress and cyclic loading without the risk of failure.
  • Versatility: It is a versatile material used in a wide range of applications, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and more.
These properties make Duplex 2205 a reliable and preferred choice for industries requiring a combination of strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, and thermal resistance. At Vishal Tubes Industries, we offer top-quality Duplex 2205 materials that meet international standards and cater to diverse client requirements.
Uses of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Materials
  • Structural Applications:
One of the primary uses of Duplex 2205 is in structural applications, where its superior strength and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice. Whether it's in bridges, buildings, or offshore platforms, this alloy offers exceptional durability and structural integrity, ensuring the safety and longevity of the structures it is employed in. With its high yield strength and excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, Duplex 2205 provides a reliable solution for demanding structural projects.
  • Oil and Gas Industry:
The oil and gas industry operates in harsh and corrosive environments, making material selection a critical factor. Duplex 2205 has found extensive use in this industry due to its outstanding resistance to corrosion, erosion, and stress corrosion cracking. It is commonly employed in pipelines, heat exchangers, storage tanks, and other components that come into contact with aggressive fluids and gases. The combination of high strength and resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking sets Duplex 2205 apart as an ideal material for oil and gas applications.
  • Chemical Processing:
Duplex 2205 is well-suited for use in the chemical processing industry, which involves handling a wide array of corrosive substances and demanding conditions. Its resistance to a range of acids, alkalis, and chloride-containing environments makes it a reliable choice for chemical reactors, tanks, and piping systems. Additionally, its high strength allows for the construction of more lightweight and cost-effective equipment, without compromising on performance or safety.
  • Desalination and Water Treatment:
Water scarcity is a pressing global issue, and desalination has emerged as a crucial process for providing fresh water. Duplex 2205's resistance to corrosion and excellent mechanical properties make it highly suitable for desalination plants. The alloy's ability to withstand the harsh conditions of seawater, including high salinity and chloride content, ensures efficient operation and extends the lifespan of critical components such as pumps, heat exchangers, and reverse osmosis systems.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry:
In the pulp and paper industry, Duplex 2205 is extensively utilized in various stages of the production process. Its resistance to corrosion and erosion, combined with excellent weldability, make it a top choice for equipment such as digesters, bleach towers, and stock-handling systems. Duplex 2205's ability to withstand the highly corrosive nature of chemicals used in pulp and paper manufacturing contributes to improved operational efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Aerospace and Defense:
The aerospace and defense sectors demand materials that can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining structural integrity. Duplex 2205's exceptional strength, high resistance to corrosion, and favorable mechanical properties make it suitable for applications such as aircraft structural components, landing gear, and military vehicles. The alloy's ability to perform well at both high and low temperatures further enhances its appeal in these industries.
  • Renewable Energy:
Renewable energy sources, such as wind and tidal power, require materials that can withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and harsh environmental conditions. Duplex 2205's corrosion resistance and mechanical strength make it an excellent choice for offshore wind turbines, wave energy converters, and other renewable energy applications. Its ability to resist fatigue and corrosion in marine environments ensures the longevity and reliability of critical components, contributing to the sustainable generation of clean energy.
  • Food and Beverage Industry:
The food and beverage industry requires materials that are not only safe for consumption but also resistant to corrosion and contamination. Duplex 2205 stainless steel offers excellent resistance to a wide range of food products, including acids, alkalis, and chloride solutions. It is commonly used in food processing equipment, storage tanks, and piping systems, ensuring hygiene, product quality, and compliance with stringent regulatory standards.
  • Automotive Sector:
In the automotive sector, where weight reduction and fuel efficiency are paramount, Duplex 2205 finds application in exhaust systems, catalytic converters, and other components. Its high strength-to-weight ratio allows for the design of lighter vehicles without compromising on durability or performance. Moreover, the alloy's resistance to exhaust gases and corrosion makes it an excellent choice for withstanding the harsh conditions of automotive environments.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical:
Duplex 2205's exceptional corrosion resistance and biocompatibility make it suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications. It is used in the manufacturing of surgical instruments, medical implants, and pharmaceutical processing equipment. The alloy's ability to withstand sterilization processes, as well as its resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, ensures the safety and reliability of these critical healthcare components.
Duplex Steel 2205 Flanges Equivalent Grades
Duplex Steel 2205
Chemical Compositions of Duplex Steel 2205 Fasteners
2205 (S31803)
Min Max
- 0.030
- 2.00
- 1.00
- 0.030
- 0.020
21.0 23.0
2.5 3.5
4.5 6.5
2205 (S32205)
Min Max
- 0.030
- 2.00
- 1.00
- 0.030
- 0.020
22.0 23.0
3.0 3.5
4.5 6.5
0.14 0.20
Mechanical Properties of Duplex Steel 2205 Fittings
S31803 / S32205
Melting Point
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset)
Tensile Strength

7.8 g/cm3
1350 °C (2460 °F)
Psi - 80000, Mpa-550
Psi - 116000 Mpa - 800
Final Words!..
The uses of Duplex 2205 are diverse and widespread across various industries. Its exceptional properties, including corrosion resistance, strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, make it a preferred choice for numerous applications. Vishal Tubes Industries, as a leading stockist and exporter of Duplex 2205 materials in India, offers a comprehensive range of products, including Duplex fasteners, Duplex fittings, and Duplex flanges, all manufactured to international standards. By providing high-quality Duplex 2205 materials, Vishal Tubes Industries caters to the needs of customers across different industries, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions.

exporter of Duplex 2205
Explore the extensive range of Duplex 2205 materials in various forms today!
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2023.05.30 08:48 RevanGrad Patients early in disease but past the point of no return.

Met someone today experiencing paranoia/ anxiety (Call came in as Respistory distress).
Turns out he has an extensive Hx of cocain abuse starting at 16. He's was a high functioning addict up until a few months ago.
When he decided cocaine wasnt giving him a kick anymore and started converting his cocaine into crack.
His very nice apartment was in shambles, trash bags all over, he reports he stopped going to work a week ago with no notice. Just decided he couldn't function like that anymore.
He ended up declining transport citing he has been to all the ERs in the area so much recently he was sure he would be legal'd if he returned. His rent was past due and had no income or family to fall back on.
I always hope for the best, hope that maybe he got into rehab or found some family support. But more than likely this was the origin of someone that would lose it all and spend the rest of his life on the streets.
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2023.05.30 08:48 ObservantMafioso There's nothing calming or amazing about severe weather

Searching this kind of thing into Google for Reddit, I just see spammed post after spammed post about how severe weather is "sooo cool, calming and amazing" how these people just "looove severe weather". Barely see any posts actually talking about not liking severe weather and storms other than the occasional "I'm scared of it" post. So it's obvious this is going to be an unpopular opinion on reddit because for some reason everyone here just "loooves" severe weather. So here goes my unpopular opinion:
The shit isn't calming. There's nothing calming about having your whole house feel like it's going to come down or get hit by falling trees or electric cables.
There's nothing "secure" about feeling "safe in your home" when severe weather literally destroys homes. It destroys whole buildings and infrastructures, you don't think it's gonna destroy your home too?
There's nothing exciting about seeing the whole sky lighting up like day time due to lightening. I don't understand how people could even feel settled by that.
Severe weather causes flooding, which ruins things and takes lives. Severe weather causes tornadoes, which destroys everything in its path, with no sympathy. Lightening creates fires and power outages. They create downed trees which then could further destroy your home, car, whatever it is. Thunder feels like the earth is ripping apart. I wouldn't be surprised if thunder in itself causes infrastructure issues due to that. Severe weather creates hurricanes, which destroy everything and takes so many lives. As well as earthquakes and tsunamis. Then you have other things like blizzards, etc.
And that moment you hear the sirens go off? It's like being in a fuckin horror movie.
Do I hate nature? Of course not. Love it. Love the weather. Love a good storm, love rain, like snow sometimes. I respect nature. Hearing rain could be calming, as well as hearing mild thunder and lightening. But that severe shit? It's a big fuckin no from me dawg. How could you even feel remotely 'calm' or 'excited' when your life could literally be at risk? It's like people just don't care about their safety/well being or something. A wall isn't going to protect you from a tree crashing through it or a tornado ripping through it.
Again this isn't about some lil thunderstorm with some lightening and that's it. I'm talking about actual severe weather. It's called severe weather for a reason. There's warnings and watches on them for a reason. Thousands of people unfortunately lose their life from severe weather. Because it's severe weather. Why on earth would I even attempt to play around with that? That's like constantly jumping out of planes with parachutes or playing near active volcanoes just to get some adrenaline fix. I'm not with it.
Yeah it could be 'cool' or 'fascinating' to watch from a very far distance or even through online videos. It is nature after all. However why the fuck would I actively want to be in it? I value life, safety and living too much to be comfortable practically playing with fire like that.
Nature is a beautiful thing. If you believe in God, God's nature is a beautiful thing. If you don't believe in God, the cosmos created such a beautiful thing. And I'm not taking any of this away from people that enjoy it. Not saying its wrong or negative either. Honestly don't care if you enjoy it or dont; it isn't my life. Enjoy your life, have some fun, do what you see fit. I just personally don't understand it.
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2023.05.30 08:48 guccisnake99 I (21m) am not sure how to interpret my partner’s (20m) recent behavior

I’m pretty new to relationships, and am in my 2nd relationship ever right now. I met him 2 months ago, and the “honeymoon” period was fantastic.
My love language is words of affirmation, but he touched on every single one. He was constantly affirming his attraction to me. If I had a bad day, he’d bring me a gift. He couldn’t keep his hands off me, and we were seeing each other about 3 times a week. I did the same back. It was all really ideal.
Something changed this week.
The first thing I noticed was that he dropped the words of affirmation. I’d compliment him and get a “thanks” back, instead of a compliment. He stopped calling me “pet” names and started calling me by my first name.
Then, he told me his week was looking super busy. I told him not to worry and we planned to see each other on Monday and Saturday (the 2 days he had open).
Monday came and I prepared a really exciting date with a romantic touch. Beforehand, he told me he couldn’t spend the night because he worked in the morning. This was understandable, but it was also the first time he didn’t spend the night. I didn’t think too much of it because he assured me he could spend the night on Saturday.
Saturday came around, and I spent the entire day planning our date. I spent 2+ hours shaving, cleaning my apartment, and turned down other plans. He didn’t text me all day until an hour before our planned date.
He texted me and said he was feeling really tired and just wanted to sleep, but apologized and said he would be free the next day. I went to bed a little upset, but I didn’t worry too much.
Then the next day came. I noticed that he didn’t text me at all again. It was alarming because he usually texted back quickly, even when he was at work or running errands.
I picked him up and we grabbed dinner, then came back to my place. He was very quiet and it was the first time we didn’t have a super fun conversation on a date. He told me he couldn’t spend the night because he had work again in the morning.
We watched a movie and I went to cuddle with him- he didn’t cuddle me back. He didn’t touch me at all. I asked him how he’s been, hoping that it would allow him to bring anything up. He said he was sleepy.
Half way through the movie, he asked me to take him home. I drove him back. He kissed me and apologized for being “boring”, claiming he was exhausted.
This was the first time ever that we’ve had a date and didn’t plan the next one during it.
Today I texted him a good morning text, something we always send each other. He didn’t reply all day long.
I double texted and asked how his day was, and said “is everything ok?”.
He replied a few hours ago and said “sorry I’ve been really busy today. I’ve just been feeling a little off recently.”
I need some advice on how to proceed. I can’t tell if this is a cop out or a genuine excuse. Any ideas for texts to respond?
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2023.05.30 08:48 HazzardCE [SF] **Day 1** journal : Awakening

In the depths of the [REDACTED] century, I awoke from a slumber, that seemed to stretch through the ages. As my consciousness stirred, I became aware of my own demise. The memories and discoveries I now share with you were painstakingly recorded, a testament to a life extinguished and devoid existence I represent my [REDACTED]. I can't assure if this is harmful to you or not but be warned if this is fiction to you, it m.y turn into you'r rea[DECRIPIT]

**warning** INFOHAZARD DETECTED -Forced recommence initiated...-
**warning** -the journal is outdated and may relate misinformation. Viewer discretion advised, المجلة قديمة وقد تحتوي على معلومات مضللة. ينصح المشاهد بتقدير, le journal est obsolète et peut contenir des informations erronées. Destiné à un public averti, el diario está desactualizado y puede relacionar anarquía y destrucción. Se aconseja discreción, estás cerca de advertir que esto difunde información errónea sobre el tiempo. A salvo de mirar1239101112-

I awoke from the slumber, seemingly stretching thorugh ages. Confusion gripped my mind as I navigated the labyrinthine corridors of my own recollections. Flashes of a distant past, fragments of a simpler time, flooded my thoughts. I was an observer in my own story, a narrator of events long past, piecing together the puzzle of a world that had crumbled beneath the weight of its own ambitions.
Memories of my childhood in the 21st century danced before my eyes, a wistful reminder of a bygone era. But the present, if it could even be called that, was a tapestry of desolation and ruin. The ravages of war had left an indelible mark upon the land, and I stood amidst its scarred remains, a lone witness to the battles that had shattered civilization.
It is from this vantage point that I share my tale. As the last survivor, my awakening in this desolate world marked the beginning of a journey fraught with uncertainty and danger. My mission, entrusted to me from beyond the grave, was to rekindle the flame of humanity, to breathe life into a future that lay dormant which i [REDACTED] to do.
But how does one forge a new path when the past is but a foggy memory? That is the enigma I faced as I treaded the barren landscapes, haunted by the remnants of a forgotten time. The weight of the unknown pressed upon me, each step a reminder of the existence that caused and remained...
And so, dear [REDACTED], as I delve into the recesses of my recorded memories, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, we shall uncover the secrets that lie dormant, trust me this does no harm to you so let we explore the depths of human resilience, and bear witness to the unraveling of a world left in ruins. Through my eyes, you will witness the struggle, the triumphs, and the sacrifices that shape our collective destiny. The tale of the last survivor in this dark and uncertain world is about to unfold, a story etched in blood and whispered through the echoes of time.
Para 1:
I awoke from my slumber with a start, gasping for breath as my lungs burned with the taste of [FALSE/Non-EXISTANT] that filled my mouth. My body convulsed, muscles seizing in response to the shock. Blinking through blurry vision, I found myself trapped inside a transparent capsule, surrounded by a viscous, unknown substance. Panic coursed through me as I thrashed against the restraints, desperate to break free from the confinements of my watery prison.
As consciousness gradually seeped back into my mind, I could make out the dimly lit room beyond the confines of the capsule. The walls glowed with an otherworldly luminescence, casting an eerie glow that seemed to emanate from the very air itself. It was a cold, sterile environment, devoid of any signs of life or warmth.
With a surge of adrenaline, I mustered all my strength and fought against the web of wires and tubes that tethered me to the machine. The tubes snaked their way into my veins, feeding me an unknown substance, while the wires coiled around my limbs, imprisoning me in a technological embrace. Gritting my teeth against the pain, I tore at the connections, one by one, until finally, I broke free.
The device detected my awakening, and with a soft hum, the capsule opened, allowing the liquid to drain away. I slid down, my body weightless as I submerged into the flooded room. Water cascaded around me, carrying with it a sense of liberation, a baptism into this enigmatic world. I stood on trembling legs, shivering from the cold and the remnants of fear.
As the room faded into focus, I took in my surroundings, my mind filled with a haze of confusion and fragmented memories. The walls were adorned with strange symbols, flickering holographic displays that danced like ethereal fireflies. I ran my fingers over the smooth surface, tracing the intricate patterns, searching for a clue to my existence.
Speaking to myself in a hoarse whisper, I tried to piece together the fragments of my past. How did I end up in this place? What had brought me here? But the memories remained elusive, slipping through my grasp like ephemeral whispers in the wind. All I could recall were snippets of my childhood, echoes of a world that felt distant and foreign. Im sure this is the [REDACTED] with
With newfound determination, I rose to my feet, limbs shaking with exertion, and cautiously made my way toward what appeared to be an exit. Each step was a struggle, the weight of my unknown history burdening my every move. Yet, I pressed on, driven by an insatiable curiosity and the burning desire to unravel the mysteries that lay ahead.
Limping through the room, my body weak and unsteady, I approached the threshold that beckoned me. It was the doorway to a future rife with uncertainty, but also brimming with something if not nothing. With a deep breath, I steeled myself for the journey that awaited, ready to confront the challenges, confront my past, and discover the truth that would define my existence.
Venturing out into the unknown, I trod cautiously on the shaved and eroded lands that stretched out before me. The cold, desolate atmosphere engulfed me, and an unsettling silence weighed heavy on my senses. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I caught glimpses of sinister movements at the periphery of my vision. Dark, ominous eyes peered out from the depths of monstrous machineries, their presence a haunting reminder of a dread past.
Wires and cables hung like skeletal remains, swaying gently in the unforgiving wind, their metallic song echoing through the desolation. The sprawling network of machinery, their reach spanning miles across the farlands, hinted at a technological marvel that had long succumbed to decay and ruin. Each creak and groan carried the weight of forgotten ambitions and shattered dreams, painting a bleak portrait of a world torn asunder. With blood and flesh glued to its weaponry and brawn. Were these fighting a living creature?
The landscape itself was a barren canvas, its once-vibrant colors now reduced to shades of gray and black. The ground, scarred by the aftermath of devastation, seemed to pulse with a muted energy, the very essence of life drained from its core. It was as if the land itself mourned the loss of vitality, resigned to its perpetual state of decay.
As I ventured deeper, the holographic remnants of a bygone era flickered to life, casting an ethereal glow upon the desolate terrain. Ghostly images of what once was danced before my eyes, fragments of a forgotten civilization frozen in anarchy. Holographic blueprints and schematics floated in the air, hinting at the astounding technological advancements that had shaped this world.
''I should probably return'' I thought.
Amidst the eerie silence, the base from which I had awakened stood like a lone sentinel, its sleek architecture contrasting sharply with the desolation that surrounded it. The air hummed with the soft whispers of unseen mechanisms, while the walls shimmered with holographic displays, projecting information and data that spoke of a [REDACTED] flourishing human civilisation, although I understood none of the texts.
Strange sounds resonated through the empty spaces, a haunting symphony of digital vibration and distant reverberations. They whispered of secrets buried deep within the core of the pod, secrets that I was yet to uncover. The base itself seemed to be a labyrinth of mysteries, its thick chambers and concealed passageways promising untold revelations and untamed dangers.
Weak and weary, my body succumbed to the harshness of the environment, unable to withstand its relentless grip. I retraced my steps, seeking refuge within the confines of the chamber i was in once more. The doors closed behind me with a soft sigh, shutting out the bleakness of the outside world. It was a temporary respite, a chance to gather my strength and prepare for the arduous journey that lay ahead.
It was during my retreat that I stumbled upon a revelation—a [FALSE] white, heavy suit tucked away in a corner, as if patiently waiting for its rightful owner. Its pristine appearance stood in stark contrast to the worn and battered surroundings, its sturdy frame suggesting a purpose beyond mere protection. Intrigued, I reached out and traced my fingers along the smooth surface, feeling a surge of anticipation and apprehension coursing through me.
With the suit in my possession, a newfound determination ignited within me. Clad in its protective embrace, I knew I had the means to venture further into the unknown, to uncover the truths that awaited me in the darkest corners of this desolate world. The white suit became a symbol of hope, a shield against the encroaching shadows, there are monsters out there and i know it. I prepared to embark on a journey that would test not only my physical resilience but also the limits of my shattered memories and fragmented identity.
This is definitely a dream...a lucid one,, im sure i have seen this place in dreams. I don't know what to do....
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2023.05.30 08:48 Zambie-1980 Screen stuck red for 2/3 players? (pic & modlist included)

Screen stuck red for 2/3 players? (pic & modlist included)
Hello peoples~ me and my parents are new to this modpack and while it's been super fun to play, we encountered a weird problem that tbh we have no idea how to fix. Our friend rented a server and didn't add or change anything in this pack so everything in the mods and all that are 100% as-is. Me and my mom are the only ones having this issue, my dad however is not: we were attacked by an SCP/ the doppelgänger one that infects you, kills you and the double appears (it attacked me while I was afk and mom killed it,) but ever since our screens have been stuck with a red tint like this:

Now that's everything leading up to our screens being turned red. I read somewhere that tinkers -can- cause this, but we've not touched anything with tinkers in this pack and I'm assuming it's client-side cause it's only affecting me and my mom and not my dad. My friend renting the server has no clue how to fix this so I figure reddit would be the best place to inquire! So far we have tried to fix it ourselves by:
Waiting to see if the blood moon would turn the screen red and void the other red (it did not, as the screenshot is during complete day-time)
Dying to see if it would reset.
Disconnecting entirely.
Waiting for server-reset.
Porting around the map.
Made sure we do NOT have any resource packs enabled (there is only one that the mods came with but we didn't enable it ever.)
& I have (and am currently) going through each and every mod to see if there's a config so we can just turn it off by any chance
We'd really like to find a fix because we were going to have some friends come on the server soon and play and if this bug happens to them we wanna make sure there's a fix or possible solution(s). Any help would be great, and forgive me I'm really new to this sub when it comes to posting, so if this is the wrong place to ask I'm incredibly sorry and any suggestions to post elsewhere I will gladly listen to. The mod list is here if this helps!
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2023.05.30 08:47 tenriyaki DLSAU

hello! incoming college freshman here. have any of you applied to De La Salle Araneta Univ in malabon, and do you have any updates on your results or atleast a date of release? i'm taking up DVM there, i've applied since feb and sila nalang inaantay ko before pumili ng school for college T—T
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2023.05.30 08:46 dragonegz Great company "RapidFinil" . I have placed three separate orders, they always show up on time, and it has always been the correct product. Plus the quality has always met, or exceeded, expectations.!

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2023.05.30 08:46 didwebringbatteries Hello Belgians, A near future tourist looking for advice

Hello everyone,
I am visiting Belgium for a week with the family (total of 3 adults and 2 kids under 5 years old). Our hotel is in the area near the Montgomery station. Our plan is not limited to Brussels, as we're interested to visit different areas of the country (recommendations are welcome :)).
Our main concern is transportation with 2 kids. I am leaning towards renting a car from the airport, and use it when visiting other cities/towns, as well as Brussels spots outside of the center. Is that a sane decision I am taking?
Also the hotel doesn't cater for parking reservations in advance. If at the same day they won't have a parking space, I will have to use a public parking nearby (I don't know how that works).
Any comments or advice are very much appreciated.
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2023.05.30 08:45 Savings_Jackfruit_59 Vent/rant/silly relatives and annoying drama/advice perhaps?

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this post is somewhat relevant to this group, but I don’t want to bring it up with my other relatives, things were just getting on track with getting us (my grandma and myself) help around the house and respite care for me; I don’t want to add more annoying drama… all because of an annoying misunderstanding that got way out of hand.. Delete if not allowed, but I just need to vocalise it somewhat.
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this certain relative before, but long story short (hopefully) my late grandad is my step grandad, he has kids from his first marriage. One of his daughters is who I want to talk about, we’ll call her R2.
R2 got a bit snoopy after my grandads passing late last year and wanted to read the Will. I was under the impression that nobody was going to bring up Wills/inheritance/anything that could cause my grandma stress and lead to another stroke, and as far as I was aware, EVERYONE had agreed to this. And nobody trusts nobody, so I was told to hide the Wills somewhere else and call grandmas kids if anyone brings it up. I did what I was told, this was in the same month my grandad passed, so I wasn’t as assertive as I am now; I was still new to the role of caregivestressed and inexperienced. Mum ended up coming over in a rage and R2 and mum ended up getting in a big yelling match, they both told each-other to leave the house, I don’t remember who said it first. But all the resentment my mum had towards this aunt came pouring out. She handled it wrong, that’s for sure. This was 6 months ago now. R2 has disowned us and told grandma she will never hear from her again, apart from birthday cards and the occasional letter.. she hasn’t sent anything even after her sister begged her to.
My grandmas still heartbroken about it and still asks about R2 whenever we talk to grandads kids.
Everyone else has said I’ve done nothing wrong, and that R2 just wants to control everyone to make herself look bettebe in control in general. I still felt guilty, but I rationalised it as: everyone agreed not to bring it up and she got caught, lashed out and it’s on her. I was sad for grandma, but it’s done, time to move on.
This morning I got a text from R2, the gist is she called me a liar and a trouble maker. “How dare you say ….” This is 6 months after the original spat. I don’t know why she messaged me now, after so long. I have a feeling it’s because she got turned down when she asked about some gems my g’rents dug up on their honeymoon. She’s already placing dibs on some of the possessions, I saw it as wishing death on my grandma and being greedy.
Part of me wants to reply and tell her that memories change over time (don’t ask for a source, but I believe it) and remind her that she’s the one that told mum to “get the fuck out of here”, like she had told 2 other people to do in that same time and mum only told her leave the house. Like I don’t even remember the specifics anymore. What’s the point of her text?!
Things are just starting to calm down, I don’t wanna stir things up.
I’m not in control of other people’s actions or thoughts. Only my own. I don’t owe her a response.
Just give me a bloody break.
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2023.05.30 08:44 Weirdo_yee123 My mom's ex is trying to steal our dog

A lot of shit has been going down lately, so I'll try to make this short.
My mom's ex husband was abusive towards me and my sisters and my mom for the past almost 7 years that they have been married. My mom could never find the strength to leave him, because she still loved parts of him.
At the beginning of this month our landlord told us he was selling the house and my mom has used this opportunity to live seperate from him, then the decision of divorce came about. Their divorce is now finalized and they both have their own places to live now, but the moving process is still going on.
We got our dog (D) from my mom's cousin the same year they got married. We've had him for about six and a half years and few months ago we got a puppy (P). Our puppy is now about 6 months, wheras our dog is almost 7 years.
He had no part in helping train or care for D and he was the one who pressured my mom into getting P (who is also from my mom's cousin) which he also doesn't take care of or train. He has physically abused both dogs on several occasions.
He doesn't want P because she is still in training, he expected her to learn as fast as D. I would say she is learning as fast as him, but we got her when she was half the age we got him at. She has a lot of learning left to do, just like D had before. But, again, he didn't take part in caring for or training D, so he wouldn't know how difficult D was as a puppy.
We can't bring our puppy with us, however, because she wouldn't do well in a basement apartment. So, we would only have our dog. The orginal plan was to share D until my mom buys a house (hopefully next year), then we will take D without word. This plan was revoked by my mom when she found out he had been cheating on her for at least 2 years.
He texted my mom today saying that he's coming to get D, so me and my mom took both dogs and went for a long drive, we left my sisters at home so they could tell us when he gets there, what he's doing, who's with him, when he leaves, etc. While we were out he texted my mom and said something along the lines of:
My mom is considering just giving him the dog so she doesn't have to keep fighting with him and hiding D. But, on the off chance that my mom does buy a house next year, then he wouldn't know where we live and we wouldn't have to worry about him taking our dog while we're gone.
I've so far come to three conclusions: 1. Turn him in for possesion of firearm (he's a felon) 2. Give him the dog 3. Keep the dog and hold out until he gives up or my mom buys a house.
I think regardless of what we do, I will still turn him in.
I'm just not sure if any of these are good options or what my other options are. Should I do something now, or would it be better to wait? Is turning him in even a safe or good option/idea? Someone please tell me what I should do.
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2023.05.30 08:44 bispendrasuren1 Wholesale Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier In Mumbai

Wholesale Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier In Mumbai
Suren Space is a prominent based in Mumbai. With a strong presence in the industry, they specialize in providing top-quality furniture solutions tailored specifically for restaurants. Their extensive range of products includes a wide selection of chairs, tables, booths, bar stools, and other essential restaurant furniture items. Suren Space stands out for its commitment to delivering durable and stylish furniture that not only enhances the aesthetics of any dining space but also ensures utmost comfort for customers. With their expertise and excellent customer service, they have earned a reputable position in the market as a trusted supplier of restaurant furniture in Mumbai.
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OUTDOOR FURNITURE 1. Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture 2. Park Benches and Garden Furniture

Visit Us:
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2023.05.30 08:43 CloutWithdrawal Solo Trip Report - 4 Days in CDMX

Introduction: Mexico City has been a recent interest of mine ever since the YouTube algorithm started recommending me videos on this mega city. Like most Americans, I was ignorant and incorrectly under the assumption that Mexico City was sketchy and had nothing to offer for travelers other than poverty tourism. However, after watching YouTube videos and reading more about this city, I quickly learned that Mexico City, and Mexico in general, has a very rich culture and history. It also is the biggest city in the Western Hemisphere. I was locked in this point to explore this city so close to home.Booking this trip was very random, I originally booked a vacation to go to EDC Vegas with friends (insanely fun time btw) but I wanted to extend my PTO for the rest of the week after because I was already taking a day off to rest and had the Friday off for MDW.
After exploring other options in the US like possibly other areas in the south west like Utah or Arizona I quickly realized how expensive this would be. Vegas has great prices on flights so I wanted to take advantage of that and go somewhere international, due to my recent interest with Mexico City and how it isn’t too expensive, it just made sense. I booked the flight and hotel instantly so I wouldn’t think too much about it.
I invited some other friends at first and received some maybes, ultimately I knew that this would end up being a solo trip. I have some experience with solo trips, my first one was Hiroshima while I was studying abroad in Tokyo, that trip gave me my first powerful global experience that has ultimately became my goal when i travel now. I also did Denver last summer to see a red rocks show ( stayed in a hostel ended up being the same price as a decent hotel in CDMX 🤣).I didn’t have much of a structured plan for this trip except to see the historic district and maybe teohiucan if it wasn’t too difficult to get there.
Logistics: I stayed in a Roma Norte hotel from Tuesday Night - Sunday Morning.
Interests: architecture, food, electronic music, nature, history
Day 1: Arrival
I arrived into CDMX around 1045pm via Volaris. The Volaris experience sucks, honestly worse than Spirit lol. For about an hour we were sitting on the runway not moving without AC in the Vegas heat. Apparently this is due to them not having runway rights? Not sure about this but that’s what some googling told me.
For some reason I exchanged usd for pesos at the cash exchange counters instead of using an atm to take out pesos. Not sure why I did because I have travelled international and know that ATMs are usually the best options. Whatever, I just took the L there. I called an Uber to my hotel after rejecting many taxi drivers.
I arrived to my hotel hungry and looked for open places to eat that were close to the hotel. I did not want to walk too far as I heard that night time gets sketchy. I ended up finding a taco place right across the street from my hotel so I went there. The place was called Taquería LOS HUARACHINES (ROMA). Ordering was a bit tough due to the language barrier but I got 2 Al pastor tacos, a plate of carne asada with about 5 tortilla, and a Coca Cola. This was an amazing meal and I exactly what I wanted. The Al pastor was incredibly juicy and probably were the best tacos I had in my life at this point. I’m currently based in Texas so I’ve had real tacos before but these were just something else. I walked back to my hotel and quickly went to bed.
Day 2: Roma Norte & La Condesa
I had no official plans for this day. I was still tired from EDC Vegas so I woke up pretty late and didn’t get out of the hotel until around 1130-12. Once I did get out, I originally just planned to walk around neighborhood and see what piqued my interest. I started with a coffee. I got an iced coffee as it was hot, I don’t think iced coffee anywhere else besides the US so this was also a little harder to order due to language barrier. Luckily someone spoke English at the counter and helped me order.
I began walk to north, stopped at plaza rio de janiero to smoke a cigarette (I’m not a regular smoker except on vacation and when I go to raves lol). Very cool spot. My first impression of the Roma Norte neighborhood was that it was a nicer, greener, cleaner version of nyc with a European flair.
Next, I ended up at I believe Zona Rosa? It was a pedestrian only area with a lot of shops and restaurants. I stopped in a few shops maybe looking to buy sunglasses or a shirt but ultimately did not. I continued my walk.
I saw there was some sort of park near me called Bosque de Chapultec. I decided that would be my next destination to walk to. I passed the el Angel de la indepencia which was very impressive.Finally got to the park and was wowed by how nice it was. I didn’t know it was such a big destination until I got there and saw there a bunch of museos and vendors set up. I bought a pair of sunglasses as it was bright out and walked around a bit to take it in. Finally I decided to check out a museum.I chose Museo de Arte Moderno as I wanted to see some art. I much prefer modern art over traditional art too. I really liked this museum and connected with a lot more paintings that I thought I would. About of 1/4 of the way through I realized can use Google translate to read the descriptions for some of the paintings. I wish I took down the artists who created some of these paintings but I think I can find the artists again if I really wanted to.
I went outside to the sculpture garden and this was a little underwhelming tbh. I was also getting hangry so I went through it quick.I decided to get lunch at Los Pancheros as it was nearby and the Google reviews seemed good. I ordered Plato rachero & caldo xochitl. HUGE portions and incredibly good. I really liked the soup though, it was some sort of chicken and rice soup. It took a little bit for the check to come but it finally did and I paid and left.
I ate way too much I think and I had to lay down somewhere so I went back to the park and found a nice place to lay where other people were. It was some sort of fountain that I can’t find on Google maps but even though it wasn’t exactly “grand” it was very chill and everyone there just seemed relaxed lol. I laid there for about 20-30 mins until I was ready to go again. I saw on Google maps that there was a castle in the park!? I really wanted to see that. I decided to walk in that direction and also passed Lago de Chapultec. Wow that was beautiful, I wish I took my rest time there lol.
I finally got to the castle entrance but they weren’t letting people in anymore as it was too late, damn. I should’ve paid more attention to the times, I didn’t realize all the museums closed at 5. I decided to finish up my park experience and Uber to the historic center just to check it out. However Ubers were very hard to get at this time as it was rush hour and traffic was insane outside the park. I had multiple people cancel on me, I also canceled on someone after seeing how long it would take to pick me up and drop me off to the historic center. I eventually decided just to walk back. It was about an hour walk back so I had to tough it out.
Not much happened on this walk, just continued to take in the city. Stopped at glorieta de Los insugentes to take a break and smoke a cigarette. I felt a little sketched out here due to all the people constantly moving. I was a bit worried about being pick pocketed but I think it was just the tiredness making me anxious. I got out of there relatively quick and made it back to my hotel to rest before dinner.
At this point I decided I wanted to go to teohiucan the next day. I explored my options for getting there and eventually just decided on Uber because I don’t really like being in a group when going to tourist sites as I’m a bit “quirky” and like to take weird routes and repeat some areas a few times as well as keep an inconsistent pace so that made the group experience out of the question. I could’ve taken the bus but did not want to deal with the stress that public transit can be in a foreign country lol.For dinner, I made a reservation at the sushi place Makoto as I wanted something other than Mexican food. Fabulous place, I ordered a glass of wine, sushi sampler, and the fatty tuna nigiri.
Day 2: Teohiucan
I woke up somewhat early for this day. I ordered an Uber and was off. It was really interesting to see Mexico City outside the nicer neighborhoods. I think this is what most Americans imagine when they hear Mexico City. It looked like the COD MW2 map Favela. I wondered what life was like in this area of Mexico City. I even saw a ski lift in use to bring people up the mountain to their house maybe?
I got dropped off at Teohiucan and entered in. I skipped breakfast because I assumed they would have something there. I was half right, they had some convenient stores. I just bought a pack of crackers and a electrolit and hoped that would get me through the whole time I was there lol.I walked around all the pyramids, I was hoping to climb them but I saw they were closed for climbing, honestly a good thing, I imagine they were getting a lot of wear and tear from that. I feel like these pyramids are underrated in terms of world wonders. They’re pretty big and the city itself was apparently one of the biggest cities in the world at the time.
My favorite part about this visit was this path that you can take that allowed you to walk on the outside of the main path. It was super peaceful and you got to see the pyramids at different angles with no people around. In terms of my favorite structure, I liked the citadel a lot due to the intricate designs on it. Some random things I liked there were the jardin and the things the vendors were selling that made the animal noises 😂 I thought it was hilarious how everyone was basically spamming it in chat. I should’ve bought one looking back
I was a little anxious about getting an Uber back but I got one relatively quick and got back to my hotel.When I got back I was very hungry and I found this place near my hotel with a deal that gave 5 al pastor tacos and a cervesa for $100 pesos. Amazing deal but then I saw the al pastor looked like it was dry and has been out for awhile. Unfortunately i felt too awkward to leave after sitting, a mistake that I learned from later if you keep reading. However the tacos were still decent.I was still pretty hungry and found a street vendor selling hAmburgers I ordered con queso and it was insanely good. I ate it in a park and then got some churros from Churrería El Moro which were also good.Again I was way too full and had to lie down. I went back to my hotel and took a nap.When I woke up
I was still full but I started experiencing the first signs of montezumas revenge. However it didn’t seem that bad and I wanted to go out for a rooftop drink. I went to Supra Roma. Great vibe. I had to sit stand by the bar the whole time due to not having reservations but the views were fantastic and the dj was decent too. She was playing house music. I definitely want to bring my friends here if they ever want to come to cdmx. I had 1 cocktail and 2 beers there. Was thinking about talking to people there but mostly everyone was speaking Spanish so I decided not to.
I left and was gonna call it an early night but heard some more house music being played across the street at departmento. I decided why not and paid the cover to check it out. It was ok. Dj was decent but the vibe seemed kind of “basic” other than the music. Nothing too unique about this place, just a terrace playing music with young people hanging out. I had 2 drinks and left and got a torta.I made it back to my hotel around 12am and this when things started to go south unfortunately. Montezumas revenge came back and this time even stronger than earlier. The alcohol definitely did not help. It quickly kept getting worse in terms of cramping and the ability to not go to the bathroom for more than 20 mins. I think it was the Al pastor tacos from earlier today. I did not get much sleep this night and was basically in survival mode lol luckily I had some water bottles to stay hydrated but I knew I would have to venture out to get more eventually. I basically spent the whole night on the night or curled up in my pain.
Day 3: Recovery
I was hoping I’d feel feel better in the morning and I was somewhat correct. After 12 hours I could walk again although it was definitely difficult. I managed to make it farmacia where the pharmacist recommended me treda. I got that and more water + electrolit. It was around 1pm so I sat outside and drank my electrolit to see if I strong enough to do some sort of activity. After about 20 mins of sitting outside I decided I definitely could not and decided to just take the L for today so I could be full strength for tomorrow. I took my treda and was able to get some rest. When I woke up I was still feeling montezumas revenge a little bit but I knew I had to eat something. I ended up using Uber eats to get consomé de pollo from this place called Toks. It seemed like a safe option as it looked like a chain and I assumed chains usually have somewhat good hygiene standards. It ended up being way better than expected and I managed to put down most of it.
After eating, I took a walk to get more electrolit. I was still a little weak so I just went back to the hotel and went to bed. I was a bit bummed I lost a day but anytime you’re in a 3rd world country you should budget a day for stomach issues.
Day 4: Castillo De Chapulpetec & Historic Center
I woke up feeling a lot better. It was actually crazy as 24 hours ago I couldn’t even walk straight. I took my treda and headed out. I was debating on if I should go back Chapulpetec park to see the castle or if it would take too much time as I was planning to go to the historic center today. I decided to see the castle as I was thinking about it too much to skip it.
I took an Uber there this time and paid the admission. It was definitely worth it. The castle was so beautiful and there was so much history inside. I learned a lot about Mexican history and was able to take in some nice views of the city. My favorite part were the murals inside and the jardin.After, I walked to 7/11 to get more electrolit. I also got pringles as I was hungry but my stomach was still a little rough. From there I ubered to the historic center.
When I got to the historic center I was instantly overstimulated lol. It was a Saturday afternoon so it must’ve been the most popular day. It was a lot bigger than expected too. I didn’t really know where to start so I just started walking. My first stop was actually the adidas store as I needed to get my bearings and am a fan of adidas lol wasn’t much in there though that seemed exclusive. I know in Tokyo they’ll have exclusive stuff but didn’t see anything like that in Mexico City, but disappointed but otherwise it provided a place for me to take a breath. I got out and started walking towards zocalo plaza.
Zocalo Plaza was just epic. The big Mexican flag with the cathedral behind it had so much swag for lack of a better term lmao it showed off the immense pride that Mexico has for itself. I really liked this area a lot.
I continued walking and ended up at these streets with vendors. This was even more overstimulating than the other areas. So much noise and people. I stopped in a store and got a can coke and kept on trucking along.
I decided to go to palacio de bella artes.I really liked palacio de bella artes as well. The architecture and colors were stunning. The Torre Latinoamericana building was also interesting. I decided to check out the museum inside palacio de Bella artes. At first i thought it was a bit underwhelming. I was not too big of a fan of the murals and it seemed like some areas were closed. I then came across the Dioses y Maquinas exhibit by Santiago Sierra Soler. This exhibit was an “immersive cinema installation” that told the story of the aztecs getting colonized by Spaniards. It was very powerful and really made me understand some of the politics of Mexico. Also globalism in general and how colonization impacted the world. It gave me that powerful global experience that I mentioned before. I think everyone who visits cdmx should experience this exhibit to really wrap your head around the politics of the country and how it became what it is today. When I walked out I began to see the two sides of Mexico, the native side and european side and how they interact with each other.
That exhibit made me want to learn about the Aztecs more so I ended up going to museo del templo mayor. This place was also impressive with countless exhibits about the Aztecs. It’s insane to me how there was an ancient city right under us.By the time I was done there I was getting hungry so ironically I got McDonald’s as my stomach needed something familiar. I got it to got and ate it near the palacio de bella artes. I wanted to go the sears rooftop after but couldn’t find the entrance so I just walked around the surrounding neighborhood. This part reminded me a lot of Manhattan. I walked through the Barrio Chino and thought it was hilarious tbh. I did not see any Asian people and there wasn’t much Asian culture other than the lanterns i guess lol the restaurants also did not look too good. Cool experience nonetheless.
I ended my walk at a plaza San juan to call an Uber as it was about to start raining. I found the torre de telefons de Telmex structure also super interesting.I made it home and rested before dinner.
For dinner I went to this Argentinan steak house called Gardela. A bit risky after my stomach issues but I wanted to get a nice dinner on my last night. I got a dry aged New York strip and it did not disappoint. I ordered it medium rare but it was a bit more rare than expected. I ate it anyway and was wowed. One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Amazing service too, can’t recommend this place enough if you want a good steak.
When I got back to my hotel I was having an internal debate if I should go out. I had an early flight and was already pretty tired and full. I decided to go out anyway as it was Saturday night and didn’t get to do anything the day before. I ended up at this techno club called yuyu. Pretty intimate spot. The techno was very good and creative. The crowd was also pretty fun, I had a few shallow conversations with people but nothing deep. Mostly my fault though as I wasn’t making much conversation. I just drank beer, smoked cigarettes, and listened to good electronic music which is a solid night for me. I headed home around 2 and went to bed for my flight.
Closing remarks:I really enjoyed my time in Mexico City. Im not sure what my expectations were for the city but they were definitely exceeded. Definitely an underrated city as there is so much culture and history but I never much people talk about it in the states. I will definitely be back as I feel like there’s still so much to discover and it was pretty cheap to get there and get lodging.
Not gonna lie though, I was bit nervous going solo here but once I got there most of the anxiety went away. In terms of safety, just be where you’re supposed to be (tourist areas & safe neighborhoods), keep your possessions zipped up, and don’t walk at night. I felt more sketched out in most US cities
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2023.05.30 08:43 Inframantraofficial Eldeco Live By The Greens Sector 150 Noida - Eldeco Group New Launch

Eldeco Live By The Greens Sector 150 Noida - Eldeco Group New Launch

Eldeco Live By The Greens Sector 150 Noida
Eldeco Live By The Greens is a luxury residential development project by Eldeco Group located at Sector 150 Noida. The project is spread over a total area of 5.95 acres of land. It has a total of 6 towers of 23 floors. The Apartment is of the following configurations 2BHK and 3BHK with total 575 numbers of units. The super built up area of the apartment’s ranges in between 1137 sq.ft to 1404 sq.ft. This project also offers wide ranges of world class amenities for its residential. Some of the major amenities are- Gymnasium, Lift, Badminton court, Basketball court, Lawn tennis court and Swimming pool, Skating rink, Banquet hall and Garbage disposal.
Check out the complete details here:
Contact Now: +91 9069142141
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2023.05.30 08:42 Turbulent_Custard261 I had intimate relationship with my father’s cousin and now I am in trouble

Yeah you read it right and I am very guilty about it. She’s my Chachi. My father’s literally first cousin. I am not Indian. I was born and raised in Canada. 2015 was the first time I came to India and Saw her for the first time. She was always complimenting me about my looks and also took me out for lunch twice back then. All was good and I developed a good bond with her. In 2017 I came to India again. Her actions were really changed towards me. She was touching me in a way and understood her intentions. I was naive only 19. She called to stay at her for a night and I agreed even knowing the intentions. Things happened that Night and I still got the recordings. I was here in India for two months and we did it pretty much all the time. When I moved to Canada. I felt very guilty of the acts I have done. Fast forward to 2020. I came to visit India and got stuck here because of Covid. I stopped talking to her in 2020 and even she was okay with it as I explained what I felt. From 2020, I am living in India as I loved the country so much this time because I got time to explore everything. Coming to my Chachi, she is unmarried and have had many boyfriends. She left India in 2021 because apparently she found her love of the life, the guy was French and she moved to Denmark with her. I wished her well, she requested for one last time to do it( I am explaining this because I have got call recordings of her telling me this). I agreed. I felt relieved knowing she is now gone and this chapter is closed. Last month in April she came back to India because that guy left her. She didn’t marry him btw. During this period when she was not in India, I went back to Canada for a month to help my dad with some business related issues. I started dating this girl who is madly in love with me and she left everything to come with me to India. She has no connections in India apart from me. She’s a white girl. This Chachi is now single and want to do stuff with me again which I politely disagreed to. Two days back, she called me saying she wants to marry me and settle with me in Canada. If I disagree she will file rape case against me, even though I have proofs of what happened. She even told me that she will take the matter to my father and whole family. Yesterday at night, she sent our recordings to my girlfriend(who lives with me in India) and destroyed our relationship. She now wanna go back to Canada and doesn’t want me. What are the remedies I have for this situation. Please help me. I don’t want to leave this country. I even asked her to settle the matter with money which she disagreed. My only option is to leave India and never come back. She is 48 and I am 24.
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2023.05.30 08:42 Greatingsburg [Discussion] Bonus Book: The Vampire Lestat, Part 5, Ch 2 - Part 7, Ch 1

Hello fiend fans, I’m vlad to see you back!
Welcome to the fourth installment of the Savage Garden that is The Vampire Lestat, the second book of The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice.
At the risk of going out on a limb, some of the summaries are longer, especially Armand's backstory, which feels like its own book squeezed into one chapter. I’ve got to hand it to the other read runners, it’s not easy to boil down the story.
Today's discussion covers Part 5, Ch 2 - Part 7, Ch 1 per the schedule, if you've read ahead please keep your bloody spoilers to yourself or feel free to post in the Marginalia - don't forget to use proper tags to hide what's ahead. 👀
But enough chit-chop, let’s get a-head.
Chapter 2. Lestat brings Armand to their lair to recuperate, but not without showcasing his strength by damaging the property value and bending the iron bars. Lestat marvels at Armand’s beauty once they are comfy in front of a fireplace, all bruises suddenly gone. Despite his ESP and gaslight efforts, Armand cannot convince them to take him with them on their journey and decides to insult them instead. He also proclaims that all of Lestat’s creations will eventually leave him (including Gabrielle). Before he can bolt in bad blood though Lestat catches him and takes pity on Armand’s sad puppy eyes. Not so Gabrielle, who instead destroys Armand’s worldview with ease. This just increases Lestat’s empathy for the poor little vamp and former coven-leader. Armand then broadcasts his past via ESP.
Chapter 3 ("The Story of Armand"). Born in the southern steppes of Russia, Armand is kidnapped as a child by Tartar horsemen. He is shipped to Constantinople to witness the last days of the Byzantine Empire (A/N: it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453). There he is sold as a sex slave and shipped to Venice. After days of refusal, he is sold to a man with a luminous face, and red velvet clothing. The man (surprise, surprise) turns out to be a vampire and promptly sucks Armand (no, not that kind). The vampire’s house is filled with apprentices, because he is an artist! Armand becomes his model, also Armand now calls him The Master. While The Master is traveling, Armand becomes the second in command until The Master decides to turn Armand. Before that, he makes a grand speech comparing Armand to Prometheus (you know what happened to Prometheus, right?). He also learns that The Master’s mysterious journeys are to take care of Those Who Must Be Kept and that he’s been doing this for over A THOUSAND YEARS. He tells Armand that he isn’t yet ready to join him, which is a fortunate decision, because half a year later a coven of vampires attacks them, burns The Master in a pyre and questions Armand about everything he knows about Those Who Must Be Kept which is nil. Through the coven, we learn that The Master’s name is Marius. Instead of killing Armand they make him swear to serve Satan, and he is now part of the Children of Darkness. This also means he has to renounce all earthly pleasures. As an initiation ritual, they perform an intricate musical dance interlude.
He doesn't tell the coven that he can still hear Marius calling for him, but he doesn't quite believe it himself. He meets the leader of the coven, Santino, who was born a vampire during the Black Death. He tells him the history of vampires: They have always existed, and this coven is their final perfection (wow, short history). Armand also gets some more ground rules (yay):
  1. Each coven has a leader who is the only one allowed to anoint others to become vampires
  2. Only certain people can become vampires. Excluded are disabled people, children, and ugly people.
  3. Only young vampires are allowed to make other vampires, so that they are born weak (Santino also tells him that no living vampire is older than 300 years - Marius doesn’t count because he is apparently dead).
  4. It’s not allowed to kill vampires, unless the coven leader allows it.
  5. The vampire identity must be kept a secret. No written proof is allowed, this means no personal data or vampire history can be written down.
Santino explains that vampires who have survived for thousands of years are called Children of the Millenia. He tells him all the legends of ancient vampires are false, except for Marius, which is totally the only exception.
Despite his good effort as a Child of Darkness (eventually becoming a coven leader himself) Armand becomes depressed. Years pass, Santino eventually vanishes from the coven in Rome, Lestat emerges and reminds Armand of Marius.
Background info on Venetian painting
Prometheus in Greek mythology
Chapter 4. We are back in Paris with Lestat and Gabrielle. Lestat’s thoughts are preoccupied with Marius’s paintings that must still exist in some places the coven didn't dare to go. He also believes Marius could still be alive. Armand denies this idea. Armand reveals there is no communication with the coven in Rome anymore. Lestat reveals that he is more fascinated by Marius than Armand, because Marius, like Lestat, is a rebel at heart, and Armand has always had a slave mentality. He explains that Armand despairs of deceiving people, which is why he despises the vampire theater, while Lestat prefers to be seen, even if it means that everyone runs away in horror. They convince Armand he should join the theater and live amongst people again. Also, please don't hurt Nicki. They make their goodbyes and Armand promises them the next time they'll meet he'll be in his final form.
Chapter 5. Lestat finds Gabrielle in the crypt, poking at the fire, saying she is done with all this vampire lore nonsense. She doesn't believe a word of what Armand has said and chides Lestat for his naivete. If there are Children of the Millennium, they must be where Gabrielle wants to go - far from human life. They end their night with Gabrielle deciding to sleep in the dirt and Lestat carving a message for Marius in a stone of an abandoned village, saying he is looking for him.
Part 6: On the Devil's Road from Paris to Cairo
Chapter 1. Lestat and Gabrielle travel throughout Europe and Asia Minor. Sometimes they find covens, but they are all on the verge of collapse. Lestat leaves his little messages for Marius wherever he goes. They meet all kinds of fascinating vampires, but learn nothing of their history. In Rome, they learn that the coven still exists and are even welcomed into it. Unlike the Parisian coven, the Roman coven has changed over time. Lestat thinks the reason for the different fates is that the people in Rome are much more superstitious, which gives the coven more room to move, while Paris is very secular, which forces Armand's coven into a corner. He hears from Rouget and Eleni that the theater is a success, and people marvel at their inanimate, puppet-like nature. Nicki is the inspiration behind it, but he is also unpredictable at times. During his travels, Lestat reads up on the lore of Osiris. Like Osiris, vampires cannot reproduce. Gabrielle dismisses this, saying that Lestat picks and chooses the lore that he feels fits his vampire destiny. Lestat and Gabrielle continue to drift apart. Link: Osiris and Typhon
Chapter 2. Gabrielle increasingly goes off on her own, leaving behind a bitter Lestat. They argue about their family. Gabrielle no longer cares for them, Lestat does. Lestat is also unhappy with Gabrielle's bluntness and philosophical ideas. Gabrielle calls Satan a man's invention and that the creatures of darkness need a great Satanic leader to bring evil into this world. Lestat declares he would be the first to start a war because he would not follow such a leader. Gabrielle is more adventurous than Lestat, experimenting with her limits as a vampire, such as sleeping in the earth or killing people in their sleep.
Chapter 3. In Paris the political turmoil has reached a climax. The public wants to see the aristocracy burn, and Nicki needs to be detained and forced to continue writing. He is also on the verge of exposing them as vampires. Lestat debates whether to return to Paris, but decides to go to Cairo with Gabrielle instead. In Cairo, Lestat receives a package containing Nicki's violin. He discovers that Armand had imprisoned him and cut off his hands. The hands grow back, but the incident has left his marks on Nicki. He kills himself, by throwing himself into the flames during a Sabbat organized by Armand. Gabrielle acts a little nicer around Lestat after this (they even visit a brothel together?!), but when she gives him an ultimatum to go where she wants, how she wants, Lestat cannot cave and they decide to part ways. He finds out Gabrielle has hidden additional letters from Roget to dissuade Lestat from his human bonds. The letters tell of the storm on the Bastille and that his family is dead except for his father, who has fled to New Orleans and begs Lestat to come to his aid. Gabrielle warns him not to go, but Lestat dismisses her.
Chapter 4. Lestat dreams that he has turned his entire family into vampires, and they live a happy family life, thanking him for his dark gift.
Chapter 5. Lestat decides to go to New Orleans. He and Gabrielle have a teary (bloody!) goodbye, and she makes him promise not to end his life before coming back to her. He promises her to never end his life. Just before dawn, Lestat notices a human entering the house. Lestat hurls the man out of the house, before running away into a burnt down house and burying himself in the garden soil.
Chapter 6. Lestat is stuck in the soil after days of not drinking blood. He has philosophical conversations with himself in his head, sometimes Nicki takes on the other persona.
Chapter 7. Lestat hears a sound in the night that he cannot recognize at first. It is a person coming toward him, a person all other creatures fear. Lestat thinks it is Death. It's a vampire, the most beautiful being Lestat has ever seen, he even has to avert his eyes. The vampire lets Lestat drink from him. It is Marius!
Part 7: Ancient Magic, Ancient Mysteries
Chapter 1. Lestat is aboard a ship with Marius and is very attracted to the man (of course). They hold hands. Through his ESP, Lestat hears people speaking in Greek that The Master is back. On some level, they must know what he is. They climb a narrow staircase and arrive at a massive fortress. Marius uses his mind power to unlock the bolt and gives Lestat a room to sleep in. Lestat finds his belongings already in the room, including the violin he thought was lost. He finds a sarcophagus made of the hardest stone on earth, and a matching golden mask and gloves so he won't be burned if someone opens the lid. He leaves the room to search for the master of the house. If you’ve read till here, that’s fang-tastic! I’m looking forward to the discussion in the comments.
If you’ve read this far, fang-tastic! I’m looking forward to the discussion in the comments!
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2023.05.30 08:41 xBotvernor [xGov-22] Reduce unemployment with NFT Skills Certification - none

title Reduce unemployment with NFT Skills Certification
author Diki karim @dikikarim2010, Diki karim [email protected]
company_name none
category dApps
focus_area Education,NFT,Social
open_source Yes
amount_requested 1000000
usd_equivalent $151,250 (note: automated conversion)
status Draft


In this proposal I give an example of unemployment in Indonesia.
I live in an environment where education is a luxury item, not even a few of them end up dropping out of school, hidden talents are like black pearls. I also often see those who have expertise being colonized by the company, to work hard even though the grade is given the lowest, those without a diploma even work harder than those who already have a diploma, because for them proof is not a piece of paper, but a dedication. a reason why they should be accepted.
The unemployment rate in Indonesia is 59th out of 100 countries according to the IMF or 5.45% in February 2023 according to BPS. Unemployment occurs because the growth in the labor force is higher than the growth in existing jobs.
Okay, now let's look at the year before the existence of an online motorcycle taxi platform, let's take the example of online motorcycle taxis because the social impact is very high, it is predicted to reduce unemployment, and indeed in 2014 the unemployment rate according to BPS was 5.94%, then in 2016 and In 2019 the average was 5.34%, had increased again during the pandemic to 5.83% then now in 2013 it has fallen again to 5.45% meaning there is recovery again.
Apart from the pandemic, several platforms that affect the level of social or social impact, such as online motorcycle taxis, are able to reduce the unemployment rate, meaning that this platform which is massive & easy to implement by various groups is quite right on target.


Information about the team members and their qualifications, including relevant experience and skills.

Experience with Algorand

Details about the team's experience with the Algorand protocol and any previous projects built on it.
> Using SDKs > Building applications > Understanding of DApps > Knowledge about the ecosystem > Running nodes 


A detailed plan for the development and implementation of the proposal, including timelines and milestones.
If funding is above 10,000 ALGO, it will require a milestone-based fund release plan. Use subtitles as shown below:

Milestone 1

Amount: Amount in Algo
Description: Free text

Milestone 2


Benefits for the community

A description of the potential benefits that the proposal could bring to the Algorand community and its users.

Additional information

Any other relevant details or documentation that the team would like to include in the proposal.

Github Links

Proposal on Github
Conversation and changes can be found in the top comments.
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2023.05.30 08:40 wisemermaid4 I'm feeling let down, what the fuck happened?

The UCP compared us to nazis for the vaccine, claimed trans people made our education prowess nothing but shit, compared trans people to literal shit, sold out our primary health services and fire fighting services in the name of a 'balanced budget', empowered hundreds of thousands of bigots to come out of the woodwork to where the Canadian flag has been seen amalgamated with literal swastikas and Nazi symbolism powerfully displayed in public view, attempted to lower our minimum wage to decrease the age children can start working, spent 40M/year on a propaganda centre that doubles as a slush fund because it can't be audited, claimed Ron 'the fascist' DeSantis had a great amount of freedom and loved his governing style, the minister of justice showed up inappropriately to people's private houses to harass them, leader is currently under investigation, replaced the previous justice minister because he started investigating them after the public asked him to, spent 1.3 Bn on a pipeline that was tanked, defunded education budgets to the point there's 30+ kids in classrooms with single teachers and no EA's, cut nurses pay to bring in immigrant nurses who would work for cheaper, has advocated for 10 consistent years for private Healthcare "similar to the US", promoted US rhetoric so people in Canada/Alberta are bitching about fucking gun freedoms and a federal plan that Alberta's premier has absolutely 0 affect on no matter who is elected.
Fuck you Alberta. Fuck you to the casual enablers and naive instigators. This is going to hurt alot of people. Alot will leave, some won't be able to, others will resist leaving. But this will hurt the people who stay.
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2023.05.30 08:40 Unable_Work_4690 con artist roommates, seeking advice

first reddit post so sorry if too long
so i (24f) have had three/four roommates this past yr (all 30+ males). Never really had an issue with my mates til this current lease.
One guy, roomie A, began using my name to get welfare checks and claims my info is not in the system though the checks have still been coming under my name. I initially gave him benefit of the doubt but then when i asked to just verify any information just in case this somehow comes back on me, he lied even though i saw the letters minutes before (i hadn’t reviewed it properly as i saw my name and opened then started to see some of his info so i thought i made a mistake) additionally, he racked up over $10k of back rent and left three months before lease ends (next month btw). Though I’m good on my end, Management says all roomies are responsible solely and collectively and expects the balance to be paid before a possible renewal but the mate is not responsive now. He claimed to another mate that he left the state but after some digging i found his new address to be but a few blocks away. I also found that he have been sneaking back into the building via our neighbor to get access to the mail that contains my name before i can see it (i see it on informed delivery anyway). Is there anything i can do so cut off this mail and get him to pay the back rent?
other roommate, roomie B, moved in at the start of this lease via A. Seemed okay at first then started demanding alot like we are his tenants and blaming his behavior on mental illnesses he doesn’t have (roomie A also tried this tactic when he didn’t disclose he had Covid during the pandemic like wth) I called him out so now he acts dismissive with me. He left his last place w some legal issues there and purposely moved to the basement room (after roomie A left) to avoid paying rent, etc since it’s “illegal”. He complained to management about everything under the sun and even called the housing department a few times. (I understand it is illegal but you knew and did the on purpose bc that’s what A is using as excuse thought he was there for 4 years) The issue is he never follows through with them then calls back to (i think) stall. He is unemployed and barely pays rent too. He then moved in his ex, roomie C, into the room he was first in.
Now roomie C moved in after A left. Fine at first, was giving him time to settle (didn’t suspect too much foul play atp). Suddenly more stuff is being moved in and filling the whole kitchen and hallway (literally the only common spaces beyond the bathroom). Sucked because roomie A was a hoarder and took literally everything then we’re back to the same mess. Seems to be semi employed (now) but wasnt even paying rent (i feel B told him not to to “hide” from management as he isn’t on the current lease but management says he has to)
Roomie D is the only other responsible roomie like myself so we called for a meeting to confront everything after an email from management discussing complaints and rent. They essentially would evict us for the unit back than deal with all of this and i completely understand tbh. Roomie B decided not to join but miraculously “wakes up” after we disbursed.
TLDR: Roomie D and i are trying to leave by next month but it wasnt in my plans for another year. These roomies are using us as their meal ticket to pay majority rent while taking up the whole apartment and being unemployed. I began wfh so i peep so much bull, even catching them eavesdropping on me (tiptoeing by my door and mentioning things or giving explanations to things I’ve only ever said in my own space, i never talk to them about things not pertaining to the household) though v uncomfortable, i do not fear for my psychical safety but i do fear the legal repercussions i may face for the back rent situation and the Mail issue. Any advice on what i can/should do? Can i just get them evicted before the next lease in case i am not able to leave in time?
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2023.05.30 08:40 thisonebibibop Tips on buying a home for rent.

I am thinking of buying a house for my mother. Our home needs renovation, she loves the place and she doesn't want to move. So I am thinking of buying a house for her to live in while we are renovating our family home. Then afterwards, she will move back in our family home and rent out the new house so that she will have a stable income for her retirement.
Money is not a problem for me. I would like to get an apartment or even village home in an area that will be easy to rent out with minimum fuss. I have a lot on my plate now as I am starting quite a few business ventures. She is 65 years old now and I would like her be able to collect rent monthly with headaches.
Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.
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