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2023.06.03 17:56 Upset_Peach Asbestos Testing

long story short I’m an idiot and I was doing a renovation in my 1970s house when I realized that maybe the plaster wall I tore out might have been made with asbestos.
Anyone ever have any asbestos material testing done in Barrie? I’d like to have the material tested before I continue with the Reno.
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2023.06.03 17:56 Tabuhli Are 3D Metroidvanias a thing?

I recently saw a comment that said Dark Souls was a Metroidvania, and this puzzled me because I always thought Metroidvanias were 2D by definition. Yes, I know that Metroid Prime obviously checks all the boxes of a Metroidvania, but I wasn't aware there were any 3D games that were structured like Metroid Prime. I'm realizing I made the assumption based on the fact that 2D Metroidvanias are significantly more common than 3D ones, and so the idea of a 3D Metroidvania never crossed my mind. That being said, 3D Metroidvania seems to be a barren genre as far as I'm aware. I know that there's a Scooby Doo game on the Gamecube that's supposedly a 3D Metroidvania, but I'm skeptical of this since I remember the game having a very segmented, level based structure, and its "collectathon" elements similar to Banjo Kazooie. I'm also skeptical that Dark Souls is a Metroidvania because of its focus on combat, and how you collect a lot of items that are designed for doing better in combat rather than progressing to different areas or finding secrets. But this is probably because I am more familiar with Metroid games than Castlevania games, and I'm sure that the 2D Castlevania games have some differences in its structure.
Do you guys know any 3D games that you would consider a Metroidvania, and have the same qualities you look for in Metroidvanias?
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2023.06.03 17:55 Realistic_Bell_916 Uber sorrows

After playing this game since release in 2000 I finally got the chance to face Ubers. After months of grinding I was able to collect the necessary keys and gear for my Pally.
I took down the three mini Ubers with relative ease. After that I set my sight in Trist.
I baited out Mephisto and before I was able to get a life tap on him I was killed.
Went back and grabbed my corpse and was hit with the “overburdened” message. While trying to figure out what happened I was killed again.
Once I made it back inside I noticed I had multiple corpses. By this time he had summoned so many skeletons that I was instantly killed each time I went through the portal since the Xbox one loading times are abysmal.
Decided to cut my losses and leave the game, pretty upset that I lost all those keys.
When I made a new game, I picked up my corpse but most of my gear, including Grief PB, HoZ, Seaph’s hymn were missing. Can only assume this was due to being “overburdened” when I got my corpse.
Not sure where to go from here or what could have prevented this but I hope it can act as a cautionary tail for others.
TL;DR I attempted Ubers for the first time and ended up splitting my corpse and losing the better part of my gear.
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2023.06.03 17:55 Azant0412 Best soul core stats

I’ve made a corruption build, and I’ve just started (floor 35) to actually farm soul cores with good abilities. I know I want -1 attunement cost, life drain (yokai ability hit), anima bonus (corrupted enemy), but I’m curious what other ones are good investing in. Is yokai ability pulse worth it if barrier talisman is active?
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2023.06.03 17:55 DignityIndex Disastrous problems require creative solutions

We play a relatively homebrewed campaign that's been both challenging and incredibly fun. 10/10 DMing honestly from our long-term DM. So last night we were dealing with a huge assault on Luskan.
Lots of Sahuagins, and a small collection of revenants my party has managed to amass.
We deal with the bulk of the assualt, finally deal with the revs.
We meet up on a rooftop and low and behold there's a big ol' 300ft tsunami.
So we start yelling for people to get to high ground and we're trying to figure out what, if anything we can do to stop this from destroying Luskan.
So our boat captain, to the surprise of our DM, decides that he's going to stuff one of our bags of holding into our bag of pancakes, and YEET it into this tsunami.
How did he get there in time you ask? Our DM created a level 20 druid NPC that glides through our campaign from time to time that can turn into an ancient dragon.
We manage to get him to show up and off they fly straight into the tsunami and it works a charm. Incredibly tense/emotional moment for our party, the stakes were high, but the payoff was so sweet. And even better they both made it out alive, because the Druid did some druidic fuckery got them out of wherever the bags sent them.
The stakes were high and the payoff was good.
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2023.06.03 17:55 NotAmusedDad Doctor weighing in

So I'm a physician that has been kept up at night because of similarities between myself and John.
I never worked in cassville, but I've worked in a lot of the other small towns in the Missouri / Arkansas / Southeastern Oklahoma area. And I've also been subject to irrational child support and maintenance demands from this area as well.
A lot of these small towns and small hospitals are very rewarding to work in, both in terms of professional satisfaction and financially. There is quite a bit of subsidization by the government to keep clinics and hospitals open, to the point where at a rural health clinic you might literally get $78 for a Medicaid patient that you might make $14 on in a city. But, you also get the chance to do a lot more procedures and Hands-On stuff. Whereas a family doctor in the city might just see coughs and colds all day, in this area they may deliver babies or do vasectomies in the office at 500 bucks a pop. And, especially if you live in the town, you become kind of the Old country Doctor affecting the lives of many of your neighbors, and are part of the community.
It's a lot of fun, and financially rewarding. I always drew in the top 1% of specialty specific physician earnings, as did my colleagues. So John's crypto involvement notwithstanding, there is a lot of money involved, and the amounts cited are not unusual.
But the lifestyle can be brutal. You're on call most of the time, and hiring partners or even getting replacement coverage to go on a vacation can be very difficult. Therefore, a lot of facilities rely on travel physicians, which John may or may not have been. A lot of the smaller facilities also don't have on call rooms anymore, so it's not unheard of for doctors to drive a couple of hours to a travel location, or have an RV to sleep in in order to save on hotel fees in the like, even though travelers get more compensation on average.
So bottom line there, even if you're making a crap ton of money you often don't get a chance to enjoy it. But whoever you're married to usually will... And doctors have a notoriously high divorce rate due to practical problems like not being available to their spouse due to 80 hour weeks, as well as personality conflicts and the like.
And that's where I found myself. I was married for about 10 years, and made the mistake of getting married young, which prevented both of us from not really knowing what we wanted in life, but also prevented me from seeing my ex-wife's mental illness, which manifested in her late twenties. Even though the stereotype is domestic violence against women, this was a case of someone with borderline personality disorder and delusional tendencies being emotionally as well as physically abusive against a man. One of her delusions was that, because her birth experience did not go the way she wanted it to, "her doctor raped her." Yes, it is as odd as it sounds, but unfortunately being someone who delivered babies, it was physically dangerous for me to be around her. And unfortunately due to my medical training, I saw it as an illness rather than a criminal or personal failure, and so I was not as assertive as I should have been in either getting her help, or enforcing boundaries.
Anyway, after a while we separated, and the ex-wife took my two children. Despite the history of abuse, because of the significant differential in our pay, I was ordered to pay about $10,000 a month in combined maintenance and child support. It wasn't that big of a deal to me at first, because I wanted to make sure the kids were taken care of, and I again was used to not being able to enjoy high earnings anyway due to the time commitment. But I had to continue to work to pay that. When I first got out of residency, my ex-wife would gaslight me into taking extra shifts, etc in order to " pay down student loans or get a jump start on the mortgage or start some investments," but looking back with a more mature vision, I should not have done that. I was exhausted all the time, to the point where it was potentially dangerous ( if you go 24 hours without sleep, your cognitive and physical abilities are at least as impaired as somebody that blows a point one on a breathalyzer. If I'm impaired enough that I should not be driving, I surely should not have taken care of patients). But even though I argued that, it became my "demonstrated earnings potential."
Unfortunately, and fortunately, two things then changed: I burned out, and financial obligations be damned, took a new job which paid a lot less. I am thankful that even though I was working potentially dangerously, I never had a bad outcome. But it would only be a matter of time, and I refused to put people at risk anymore.I also got engaged to a wonderful young lady.
Two consequences came from this, the first is that it set off my ex-wife to the point where she literally stalked my fiance, sending pictures of our house to her ex-husband, making threats against us to " ruin our lives" and even calling her work supervisor to get more information on her. Basically, anytime I made an appropriate motion in court, she would respond with an extra judicial retaliation. And what is most concerning is that as part of her borderline diagnosis, once she zeros in on somebody who she perceives to have slighted her, it's all or nothing, and she never stops. So, I've been having to deal with that.
But working through the divorce modification process and children's division courts has been a nightmare. In the rural circuit court system it usually takes at least 3 months to actually get an issue decided, and in the interim you have to make sure that you don't fall behind on payments and such. My new job, after taxes, would barely allow me to make the divorce payments, and did not even leave me enough to pay my $3,600 a month in medical malpractice insurance. So, I argued the fact that marital abuse notwithstanding, my ex-wife was capable of working, the amount of alimony I've already paid ( 7 years) in terms of years exceeds the reasonable and customary durations of payment, and the job that I had at the time of the divorce 7 or 8 years ago was a unicorn, and those positions just aren't available to switch to on a whim, and most importantly it is dangerous for me to continue working at that level. The response that the court gave was "if you're a professional blackjack player, you'd better make sure that you continue to have a lucky streak to meet your obligations."I am still fighting this, but in the meantime have had to exhaust investments and retirement funds just to keep up with child support and maintenance obligations.
And why? Because in Missouri, if you fall behind more than $3,000 or 3 months, whichever is less, you lose your professional license (you also have to be up to date on payments in order to renew it). And if you fall more than $5,000 behind, it's felony non-support, and a felony conviction would ensure that you essentially could never work as a doctor again. And although I understand the states aggressiveness for child support enforcement to prevent deadbeat dads, the reality is that it would take most people months to years to fall behind on those kind of numbers...But I would fall behind in a matter of days, and I presume that John could have as well.
And so, it is exceedingly easy to get into a cycle where you cannot pay your child support, but by not paying child support you're not able to work professionally at the job that allows you to pay the high level of child support. And it has been my experience that the courts have been rather indifferent even with significant circumstance changes.
So I don't know, maybe he had significant revenue from his crypto business, but I doubt it. Even with crypto dropping so much over the last few years, if there was an asset division a couple of months ago, a lot of that would probably have gone to his ex-wife, and if he was using that money to make money, he would not have access to that capital to continue that revenue source.
So, I have to conclude that the similarities between his case and my own experience, and that this happened just a little while after the child support ruling, I could easily see him getting into a cycle of despair, because there really is no way out if you were to get into that situation (my attorney and my fiance keep telling me that things will get better, but we're a year and a half into this now, and they have not, and my position continues to worsen). Combine that with the significantly elevated rate of suicide in physicians, and I think that's a likely explanation, and feel for him because I understand just how bad it is to go through that process and not see a way out due to a broken system (and before you ask, no I'm not suicidal, it's just a crappy situation).
Or, maybe he had a crazy ex-wife as well.
I do think it is odd that there was a second vehicle involved, and run through the scenarios in my mind. Sure, it could be a foul play or something else is going on situation, like a secret affair, or someone pointing a gun at him and telling him to get in and driving him away from town.
But, it's also equally likely that it was by his own volition, and the driver actually had no idea what he had planned whatever it was. It might have been someone he knew and trusted and met up with that gave him a ride (if he was a travel physician that usually drove an rv, he probably did not have a car of his own in town, and folks that I know like that are pretty good at asking friends to drive them to the next city over if they need to run an errand, and didn't want the hassle of driving the rv), or even getting an Uber or private taxi (there aren't any real taxi companies in these small towns, but a lot of private drivers provide long distance transportation for hire, particularly for Amish and Mennonite workers, so it really wouldn't be weird for him to hire somebody to drive him an hour away). So, a lot of doctors kill themselves, but a lot also tend to be smart in planning, and want to prevent the additional trauma to family members of discovering the body, or seeing a lethal wound. So there is a disproportionate number who simply "disappear," or who use unusual methods (a few years ago there was a trend amongst med students and doctors to use inert gas asphyxiation by helium). My gut feeling is that this is one such situation.
So yeah, i apologize for the trauma dumping, but I hope that it also may be illustrative of how something so routine and boring as working through a child support process when you're already overextended and mentally exhausted can actually be as dangerous and damaging as any nefarious crypto gang scenario.
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2023.06.03 17:54 Educational-Coat-750 Jobs with one DUI on my record

Last year, I made a stupid decision and I fear it’ll result in me never finding any decent work. I’m in my final year of school to be an electrical technologist. Thankfully there was no damage but I still feel guilt and paranoia daily. Has anyone experienced something similar? In Canada. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 17:54 PrincipledStarfish What careers would you like to see that haven't been done yet?

I wouldn't mind there being a Musical Theater career in the Sims. Imagine simlish versions of actual songs from actual musicals, they sort of thing. Maybe a new world that's made to look like Manhattan, with brownstones and prewar apartments, and a "Simway" with theaters and that sort of thing, where Sims that don't do that career can go and see shows.
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2023.06.03 17:54 cassney_bitxh Britney Spears’ Blackout album cover made in The Sims 2

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2023.06.03 17:54 Internal-Compote-963 [Routine Help] Anything hydrating irritates my skin (dryness, perioral dermatitis)

My dry skin has just been suffering this spring. It all started late last year when I had a reaction to the metal frame of my glasses and I had to use hydrocortisone to clear that up. I was on it for about a month before I got my replacement glasses (plastic this time).
When the sun came out in February I got the worst flare up of perioral dermatitis ever. I've had it twice before but I have managed to get rid of it by just not applying anything on it for a few weeks. Nothing has worked this time, I tried metronidazole and it made the rash worse. My doctor recommended against oral antibiotics due to gut issues.
The rest of my face is also extremely irritated and strangely anything hydrating seems to make things worse. So anything with a thin formulation, toners, serums, even sprays over makeup such as Mac Fix+ make my whole face red and dry. Any ideas why this happens?
I've also had trouble with wearing sunscreen. I usually don't bother with sunscreen during winter months (I live so close to the Arctic circle that there's not even proper daylight and the uv index is 0) but now both chemical and mineral sunscreens irritate my face. In February I just wasn't able to put any kind of sunscreen on my face, now my skin tolerates it if I have a moisturizer underneath. Chemical sunscreen still stings. Mineral sunscreen sucks all the moisture out of my skin.
Another thing my skin hates is oil or balm cleansers. I have no idea why this happens, but the first flare up of pod I got was after trying Clinique Take the Day Off balm about 10 years ago. The Inkey list cleansing balm is the one my skin tolerates the best. Face oils are also a no for me.
My current routine is: Morning: Wash eyelids only with Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser (they get oily during the night and makeup melts away) Goodal Vegan Rice Milk moisturizing cream Beauty of Joseon sunscreen/Bybi Day Defense spf 30 For makeup try to use a mineral foundation powder
Evening: The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm diluted with a bit of the Avene cleanser, otherwise it feels too irritating or Bioderma Micellar Water Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Goodal Vegan Rice Milk moisturizing cream or Avene Cicafalte
I would really like to go back to my "normal" skin, where I'm able to use multiple layers of hydrating toner, serums, sheet masks etc. Any ideas why my clearly dehydrated skin hates hydrating products and gets irritated about absolutely everything?
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2023.06.03 17:54 Acidic97 Hello 28M [friendship] London looking to meet new people

Hello, I'm a 28 year old guy from London who works with children :). I'm always on the lookout to meet new people both in person and long distance and I’m not fussed if men or women message me 😊. I've been doing this for almost two years and have met 4 people in real life and made many long lasting long distance friends, but always looking to meet more 😊.
My hobbies consist of gaming (mainly Fallout 76, Disney Dreamlight Valley and Grounded right now, but I'm open to other games), table tennis, gym, Netflix, Disney+ etc., exploring new places, shopping, late night walks, singing, writing my novel, board games, cooking, keyboard and chess.
If we have things in common and you fancy messaging me, I look forward to chatting with you :). People living in London would be great, but long distance is cool too 😊
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2023.06.03 17:54 2cor2_1 Act 17:11) These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

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2023.06.03 17:53 SpookyBjorn More fat tiefling OC!

More fat tiefling OC!
I'm gonna try to limit my lists to a couple times a week, simply because I have so much art of Idua and KitCat and I don't want to spam! Here she is zooming around with a midnight snack, hopefully KitCat can hold on!!
On a more serious note, As I mentioned in my other post, Idua is a very literal self insert of myself (basically me with horns and a tail) I used to REALLY struggle with drawing her fat because I was so insecure- and quite frankly- in DENIAL about being fat, and I'm 5'11'' high 300's, who was I kidding???
Over the years I've gotten more comfortable drawing fat bodies and in fact I really ENJOY drawing fat characters! I still have a looong ways to go with self-esteem, but drawing her has made me learn to accept myself more if that makes sense?
I love living vicariously through my character Idua, and I hope you all enjoy my pieces of her and want to fly away on an adventure with her too!
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2023.06.03 17:53 BubbleTeaCheesecake6 Omg this man 😭😭😭

Average of everything I want in a man: ambitious but not crazy lunatic, rich but self-made hahahaha, simping me but still very respectful hahahah.
Omg he is so freaking hot 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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2023.06.03 17:53 creasedman My home wrecker from a year ago is trying to antagonize me

TLDR: About a year ago I (21F) got cheated on with this one girl who was an ex of his. This girl (23F) has tried to message my boyfriend for the past year on and off. Now she’s messaging me and removing them after, stalking my stories, and posting about her ex (my bf) trying to antagonize me.
So over the past year I’ve had to deal with this one girl trying to on and off intervene in my relationship, which happens to be with her ex bf. I’ve never met this woman in my life but the first instance I “met” her was over IG dms, I tried to be civil and respectful and ask her for honesty when she had been sexting my boyfriend of the time. This girl lives in another state, I’ve only known her through online interactions. Right now she’s been starting to antagonize me and I think it’s because she wants my bf’s attention again. She’s posted about how her ex’s can’t stay away from he always remember her. And has sent messages to me then deleted them. She’s also started stalking my posts on my IG when I just recently turned it back to public to try and make some friends. I’m not sure what exactly to do, but I have some information that could potentially scare her away, but I want to list some of the things she’s done.
  1. she home-wrecked me: she pretended to not know my bf had a gf when doing this, then I later found out she did know bc she has mutual friends with him online and would ask about him and he also told her. She also later acted like the victim in this scenario Bc he didn’t “choose her”
  2. She cheated on her boyfriend just to message mine: her boyfriend later made out with her best friend and she was very upset over that, I think it’s just karma, but she was seemingly manipulating and bullying her own boyfriend for this
  3. She started to post about me: without actually directly mentioning me, I only know this because one of the times she harassed my bf, I messaged her to stop, and she admitted she posted about me calling me names
  4. She posted about my bf and continued to try and messaged him for the past year: at one point I just followed one of her spam accounts just so she knows I knew and she asked me to “stop” as if I was the one always harassing her. She messaged my boyfriend every other month or every few months. I also found out she mainly did this only when her own boyfriend was not living up to her standards emotionally. She still would ask about my bf in group chats and still knew I was with him.
  5. She tried to antagonize me by posting about my bf and saying lies about him attempting suicide over her: numerous times she’s posted things but this one time she wanted to antagonize me specifically not just pretend she cared about my bf, and she stated lies just to do so and then messaged me etc
  6. She admittedly and openly says she used my bf in the past for emotional support: in group chats she’s openly said how she just used my bf in the past to feel better about herself while still with the same guy of three or so years.
  7. She now is stalking me again: multiple times she’s watched my stories and reacted to my things and has posted about my bf to try and antagonize me. She has pretended as if I was the one who started stalking her first a while back, I’ve only looked at her stuff after she looked at mine
  8. In general she lies and manipulated people then plays the victim: Bc she cheated on her bf with mine, he ended up making out w her best friend and then she wanted to be the victim that whole time. She continually bullied her ex best friend after. And her boyfriend.
  9. She uses her mental health as an excuse to be abusive: her and I both have BPD but she constantly uses it as an excuse as to why she treats her partner and other people abusively, blaming others for her outbursts (splitting), she has used this manipulatively numerous times to get sympathy etc.
  10. She has bullied disabled people and others based on just allegations: she apparently has been making fun of a famous woman who has a disability and in the past had harassed someone her friend said SH her when they were proved to not, she joked about having harassed them wrongfully
  11. She supports mean girls: Hailey Bieber stan (this is more just a funny joke that’s true)
  12. She been to rehab while still boasting about doing drugs: this one is more just sad but she posts about loving drugs often but then also posts how she’s struggling a lot, she makes a mockery of people actually taking recovery seriously and she works in the medical field
I am sparing people of the many details to these situations but overall she’s constantly harassed me and my bf and tried to manipulate us both numerous times. Posting about us and sending messages. She also pretends to be a girls girl and says she supports/protects other women while doing all this and being an OF creator (I don’t have a problem with this but hate to see girls support her when she does all this).
I’m not exactly sure what I should do over this but I’ve been taking the high road other than posting some things trying to stay unbothered and show that. It’s been a few days now that she’s been back to harassing and antagonizing me. I know her bf’s information and I’m thinking of getting in contact with him because I don’t think he knows about all of these things. But I have receipts of everything.
I have told her before even that I just want to live my life in peace but she’s feral and wants to bother me more and more. It’s getting annoying more than anything.
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2023.06.03 17:53 kaunshelly [US-MD] [H] EPIC & Complete Collections, FF Byrne Omnibus 1 [W] Paypal, maybe trade for S.H.I.E.L.D. omnibus or Avengers West Coast Epic 3

Most of these books are 1st printings that were bought from CGN or IST and have sat on my shelf for years unread with only light shelf wear. A couple were bought in other stores and have remainder marks and will be noted next to them. Prices include shipping (US ONLY)
Fantastic Four by Byrne Omnibus Vol. 1 old spine design. Opened/never read. $75
Daredevil Lot: DD by Bendis Ult Collections 1-3, Brubaker Ult Collections 1-2, MK DD: Parts of a Hole, MK DD: Guardian Devil $120
New X-Men by Morrison Ultimate Collection Vol. 1-3 $75
Age of Apocalypse Vol. 1 Alpha, 2 Reign, 3 Omega, and Dawn $80
X-Men The Complete Onslaught Epic Vol. 1-4 and Prequel Vol. 0 $80
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collections Vol. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 (Vol. 5 has a remainder mark) $180
Avengers Epic Collection Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8 $200
Daredevil Epic Vol. 1, 2 & 3 $100
Fantastic Four Epic Collections Vol. 1-7 (Vol. 4 has remainder mark) $200
X-Men Epic Collections Vol. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 12 $230
X-Factor Epic Collection Vol. 1, 3 $65
New Mutants Epic Collection Vol. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 $200
Thor Epic Collection Vol. 1 $30, Thor Epic Collection Vol. 6 $25
Black Panther Epic Vol. 1 $30
Conan Orig. Years Epic Vol. 2 $50
Dr Strange Epic Collection Vol. 8 $30
Venom Epic Collection Vol. 1 & 2 $55
Iron Fist Epic Collection Vol. 1 $30
Wolverine Epic Collection Vol. 1 $30
Excalibur Epic Collection Vol. 1 $25
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol 3 $45
Man-Thing Complete Collection Vol. 1-2 $35
Annihilation Complete Collection Vol. 1&2 $55
Captain Marvel by Starlin & Warlock by Starlin Complete Collections $50
Nova Classic Vol. 1, 2, & 3 $45
Howard the Duck Complete Collection Vol 1 $20
Guardians of the Galaxy : Tomorrow's Avengers Vol. 1 (has remainder mark) $20

For big orders, I will throw in a free trade or 2
Books will be shipped securely with boxes/padding
This is my first time posting here so if I made a mistake please let me know, Thanks for looking.
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2023.06.03 17:53 Acidic97 28 [M4F] - London looking for new friends

Hello, I'm a 28 year old guy from London who works with children :). I'm always on the lookout to meet new people both in person and long distance and I’m not fussed if men or women message me 😊. I've been doing this for almost two years and have met 4 people in real life and made many long lasting long distance friends, but always looking to meet more 😊.
My hobbies consist of gaming (mainly Fallout 76, Disney Dreamlight Valley and Grounded right now, but I'm open to other games), table tennis, gym, Netflix, Disney+ etc., exploring new places, shopping, late night walks, singing, writing my novel, board games, cooking, keyboard and chess.
If we have things in common and you fancy messaging me, I look forward to chatting with you :). People living in London would be great, but long distance is cool too 😊
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2023.06.03 17:53 Opposite-Day5872 Helping my 4yo cope with the death of her grandpa.

9 months ago my dad suddenly passed away. My daughter and I were very close to him. He was actually living with us at the time and my daughter had gotten very used to seeing him every day from the time he woke up to the time she went to bed. She’d go down in our finished basement where he was staying and where her play room also is and play with him for hours. One night, my dad went outside to smoke a cigarette in the middle of the night. When he came inside, he tripped down the stairs and hit his head on the cross beam so hard the medical examiner said he was likely dead before he hit the ground. The next morning as my husband, my daughter, and I all woke up, chaos ensued. Me and my husband found him, called the cops, and tried desperately to keep my daughter who was 3 at the time away from the basement stairs without scaring her. I was a mess. There were police and EMTs running through the house, then detectives, all sorts of strange people my daughter didn’t know. Following his death I tried very hard to explain to my daughter lightly that grandpa has died and we have to say goodbye to him. Of course, she was 3 so she didn’t really have the ability to digest how permanent death is. I made it my goal to make sure she felt comfortable talking to me about it and that it was okay to feel sad or scared. I didn’t want grandpas death, a huge point in her life, to feel like a taboo subject she couldn’t talk about. Fast forward 9 months and she still talks about him on an almost daily basis. She says she’s sad because she misses my dad, she asks when the cops are going to bring grandpa back, and she brings him up often and very nonchalantly to random people she meets at parks, the neighbors, etc. the other day I was talking on the phone with her grandpa that’s still around and when I told her to say hi to “grandpa (insert this grandpas name here)” but she misheard me, got very excited and asked if the cops brought my dad back finally. This breaks my heart and I don’t know if I’m not handling something quite right. I never took her to a child therapist but I was seeing a therapist after the death and she seemed to approve of how I was handling it with my daughter. But i don’t know if it’s normal for him to still be on her mind this often and if there’s something better I could do to help her move on. Child psychologists or general psychologists, I would be very grateful for any tips that might be helpful for me to help my daughter in a still very hard time.
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2023.06.03 17:53 DawctorDawgs [Personal] Be gentler! And then be even gentler than that!

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my skin is just simply being gentler / kinder to it.
This also may also seem obvious but I challenge to think about if you’re being as gentle as you can. It’s a great rule of thumb for your entire body and brain!
Washing and drying my face? I’d use hot water, wash aggressively, and then scrub my face dry with a towel. I’ve had much better results using cold water and patting my face dry with a towel.
Using an exfoliant? I used to fucking SCRUB. Pretty unsurprisingly - terrible results. I stopped using an exfoliant for a while but then a couple months ago started again but VERY GENTLY. Results? Fantastic. My skin feels smooth and lovely.
This one’s harder but picking and popping and scraping. I have OCD and I let it manifest partly as just an insane amount of harmful, violent (by my gentle, lovely little face skin’s standards) self-grooming. Stopped doing that with enormous effort and plenty of time —> fantastic results.
Benzoyl peroxide? Tretinoin? Chemicals that are inherently more aggressive - I used to slather that shit on. I now know, often, less is more because you need to be gentle.
I feel like there’s more but I really just encourage people to be gentle with themselves. It’s easy to get frustrated and think that you can simply wash / scrub away your skin problems.
Routine in morning and at night post shower - wash face with cold water. -Aveeno Daily face Moisturizer (SPF or not depending on time of day) -Almond Scrub Exfoliant (as needed) -5% B Peroxide spot treatment (as needed)
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2023.06.03 17:53 RaccoonNew3194 Blood Lions (2015) - In South Africa thousands of lions are bred in captivity only to be killed by trophy hunters. The film shows the brutality of the practice and dismantles all of the arguments made by trophy hunters on how canned hunting supposedly helps conservation. [01:24:40]

Blood Lions (2015) - In South Africa thousands of lions are bred in captivity only to be killed by trophy hunters. The film shows the brutality of the practice and dismantles all of the arguments made by trophy hunters on how canned hunting supposedly helps conservation. [01:24:40] submitted by RaccoonNew3194 to u/RaccoonNew3194 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 17:53 OddFrosting3770 Wagner’s that’s I rescued from a scrap iron pile this year

Wagner’s that’s I rescued from a scrap iron pile this year
Just thought I would share my rescued Wagner’s. Found em in a scrap iron pile. I don’t have the before pics, took about a day to remove the rust from each of them. My wife just shakes her head when I bring home orphans like these. 😂
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2023.06.03 17:53 chicagodogmom606 Drinking games with friends last night

With my NA Corona. I had a blast and didn’t have the urge to drink, not even once.
When they all left to go to the bars, I went home to my fiancé and my dog. I had a little FOMO, not going to lie.
But then, I woke up this morning to a text from one of my friends in the group chat “woke up butt ass naked with a bruise on my shoulder and piece of bread on my pillow, no more alcohol for me lol”
I made a healthy breakfast and we went to the park with our dog and now we are going to the Greek festival in town.
So what did I miss out on? Memories that would have been snatched from me and a morning of regret and sickness.
I love this new life I’ve chosen for myself.
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