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2023.06.01 05:21 Legal-Entry-1643 Just went long distance with my (22F) boyfriend (23M) of 5 months: He calls me once a day for an hour but I am struggling with lack of communication/disconnect.

I fell in love during my last semester of undergrad with a second year law student at the same institution. It was like five months of a straight dream. I have never wanted to be around someone so much, or felt so complete. I would do anything for him. Unfortunately, I will be going overseas for a masters degree/scholarship for one year (5 hours ahead) while he finishes his last year of law school.
My boyfriend has committed to me that he wants to marry me within the next two years, and that he would willingly and eagerly do long distance with me for a year and this summer when we are working in different states. He wants to move in together and support me through medical school when I am done with my masters.
However, I am struggling with the adjustment of not seeing him and not talking like we used to. It feels like some of the closeness has gone away. We only communicate once a day at night, calling for an hour before he goes to sleep. He lets me know when he wants to call, usually around 9pm. He does not text me at all during the day, which sometimes makes me feel forgotten. He is working but even on the weekends, I won't really hear from him until our call. It is so different than any communication I have had in past relationships. He is unbothered and thinks everything is fine. I have tried bringing my feelings of disconnect up, but admittedly maybe I was not as direct and open as I should have been. He is an introvert and values his personal time and hobbies. I do not want to make him feel suffocated or feel clingy. It just sucks not knowing his schedule, and on the weekends feeling like he only has an hour for me. I'm always on edge for the next text. I wish he wanted to talk to me more. I feel a bit like a box that gets checked off every night.
Does anyone have any advice on how to bring up these feelings? Or just advice in general? I don't want to screw this up.
TLDR: Feeling like a box that my newly LDR boyfriend checks every night by calling. Feeling a bit disconnected.
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2023.06.01 05:21 Johnny-Galt-Jr Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Beginner's Guide

So you want to start growing cannabis, but have no idea where to start?

Items you will need

We also have starter shopping lists put together here that can help you pick a light & tent appropriate for your grow area & # of plants.

Grow Area

Next, you need to determine where your grow will take place. Will it be your closet, attic, basement, custom grow box, etc.? The ideal place needs to be well ventilated and large enough to grow plants to your desired height and width whilst having lighting, fans, and other equipment in there as well. Also, keep in mind that you don't want any light leaks, this is important for stealth and flowering reasons.
Once you have chosen your designated grow area, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned it, painted the walls white or hang reflective material. You do not want a dirty grow room.
Once you have prepared the room, you can now begin to install your lights and ventilation. Be sure that everything is sturdy and done properly. If you half ass this, it's possible that later on in your grow something could fall and destroy your crop. Take your time and do it right.
Keep your lights close as you can. A simple test to see if they are too close is to place your hand at the top of your plant and hold it there for 30 seconds. If your hand does not burn from the heat, neither will the plant
Types of lighting to be used and how much to use:

Planting your first seeds

This is usually where a lot of mistakes take place, so please read this carefully.
There are several ways to germinate your seeds. Placing them inside or on top of a damp paper towel in a dark place), drop them in a shot glass. Or just simply planting them in dirt. Put them in a soaked rockwool cube.
To germinate in dirt you want to start off in a small growing container. Wet the soil first, stick your pinky about half way down then drop 1 seed in. Cover the hole lightly, don't compact the dirt too much. Now, place it under your lighting for 24 hours a day. It may take up to 10 days before it sprouts, so be patient. Seeds don't always sprout, if it's been 15 days and still no show you can probably call it quits and plant a new seed.
Once you have a sprouted seed, water as needed.

Vegetation Period

Soon, your plant will out root the small container it's in You will need to transplant it into a much larger container. Prepare your new, large, drain-able pot. Take the container your plant is in, and gently bend the sides. What this does is break off any dirt or roots that are touching the inside walls. Now that you have done this, you can carefully and slowly turn the cup upside down and the contents of the cup will slide right out. You can break off some of the dirt, but do not let any of the roots be exposed to light. They will dry out and die. Quickly, place your plant into the new pot. Give it a nice watering and place it back into the grow room under 24-on/0-off hours of lighting (or 18/6). Your plant will probably not grow for a day or so, this is normal after transplanting.
It is important that you keep your plants under a strict 24/0 or 18/6 lighting schedule during the vegetation period. If they get too long a dark period they will begin to flower.

Watering and Nutrients and pH, oh my

Water your plant when the soil is dry. This is the #1 mistake new growers make - they water too often. Overwatering is not "giving the plant too much water" it is "giving the plant water too often." There are two simple steps to watering cannabis:
  1. Wait until the soil is dry a knuckle or so deep (use your finger, poke a hole, feel the dirt).
  2. Add water until you see some drain out the bottom of your pot. Go to step 1.
Nutrients should be used carefully and correctly. Follow the dosing schedule provided by your nutrient line, but ramp up the amount slowly. It is not suggested you start with the full dosage right away, but something like 1/4, then 1/2, and so on. Furthermore, it is also not recommended to use nutrients with every watering. Most alternate or put two plain-water feedings in between a nutrient-water feeding.
pH testing is important as all the nutrients you are feeding your plant will only be absorbed by the roots under the proper conditions, and those proper conditions are dictated by the pH of the nutrient mix and the soil. Test your water before adding nutrients, test your nutrient mix, and test your run-off. You want the nutrient+soil mixture to be in the 6.3-6.8 range for soil. You want the nutrient mix to be in the 5.5-6.1 range for a hydroponic set up. Consult these charts for more information. You may need to obtain pH up or pH down products to regulate the water and/or nutrient mix to achieve the correct pH balance.


There are many ways to train your plant to increase the yield. Use one or multiple of these techniques to create more tops/colas (budsites) or to promote stronger stalks and more vigorous nutrient uptake.
It is very important that you do this during vegetation and not in flowering. Abuse them in veg, treat them like princesses in flowering.
You can keep your plant in vegetation as long as you wish. However, most people have space limitations. The key is, grow your plants to about half of your space limits (remember to add space for your light and space for cool air beneath the light). The plants tend to double (or sometimes triple) in height in the early flowering stage. After 2-3weeks of flowering most will have hit their maximum height.


Cloning is a rather easy and faster alternative compared to planting seeds every cycle. Typically, you should cut your clones a couple weeks prior to flowering to give the mother plant a chance to heal and regrow. Here is a thorough guide on cloning.

Flowering Period

In order to activate flowering, you will need to switch your lighting schedule to a strict 12/12 schedule. This means 12 hours of light and 12 hours of pure darkness Any light leaks can cause damage, please be sure it's dark.
You will also want to start adding your blooming/flowering nutrients of your choice. Again, it might be a safe idea to start off small and work your way up to the suggested amount.
After about a week or two, you will also be able to determines its sex. It is a very easy thing to do. If you are not sure on the sex, post pictures and ask the community.
If you get any males, you will need to chop them down and get rid of it. The reason for this is, if those pollen sacks pop, the pollen will spread and the females will become covered with his pollen. To simplify this, she will then produce seeds within her bud and the bud will be less potent. Ideally, you want a non pollinated female, she will produce the strongest and best weed.
As flowering proceeds, you will notice translucent trichomes appear. This is how you will judge when your grow is ready to be harvested. This is ultimately up you depending on what type of high you are looking for. You can expect these to appear around 6-8 weeks or even 10-12 weeks on some strains. Patience is virtue.


Chop and then cure the buds.

Closing Remarks

Growing marijuana is a fun hobby and the outcome is very rewarding. However, it is hard and you need to be dedicated before getting started.

This guide was originally put together by Up_High, with updates/reworking by hsi__. Many thanks the original author and everyone who contributed.
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2023.06.01 05:20 BudgetMagic Can I get Rescinded for this?

I got accepted to Northeastern University starting this fall. I am going to have a D+ for fourth quarter of my BC Calculus class. My final grade for the class will still be well above a C and my fourth quarter and final grade for all my other classes will also be above a C. Is it possible for me to get rescinded for this?

Thanks for the help
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2023.06.01 05:20 metal_addict_101 New Glass Casket EP

You guys remember Glass Casket, right? They were some of the earliest bands to do deathcore. Back when it was more on the technical side with bands like The Red Chord, Through the Eyes of the Dead, or Ion Dissonance. They killed it back in the day, especially with that first album. Pencil Lead Syringe and In Between the Sheets are two all time classics that have definitely stood out in the genre. With that knowledge, I was pretty hyped when I heard these guys were coming back, and I managed to listen to their new EP early today on vinyl.
I'm happy to say that this new EP absolutely rips, and I think it's something that both new and old fans of the genre will enjoy. The band's signature technicality is still there, but we also get a healthy spritz of melodic and groove elements, especially in the last track. Speaking of the last track, it's by far my favorite song. It heavily reminded me of the band's early work as well as other bands of the era. It's such a wonderful combination of the different sounds that were prevalent in the deathcore scene during that time.
This whole EP really just feels like a blast from the past, and it feels good. While I wish we could've gotten a full album, I'm anticipating that that will be coming next. Hopefully. For real though, this EP is a great example of a band modernizing they sound they had. 17 years is a long time to be out of the scene, so to come back this strong shows a lot. I'm really looking forward to more material from these guys, and I highly recommend you check it out next week when it officially releases.
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2023.06.01 05:20 Grand-Year1594 someone or riot pls help me

so I've been a lover for the games riot games has created ever mid release of league(2012), so much so that no matter how much I got made as a child I would still come back to the game. fast forward 2022/2023, still playing their games with so much joy like its brand new(LOL, val, tft), but one day after class, i came to find out that i was randomly perma banned. I asked for help for such random ban and it was due to "third party usage." I tried reasoning with them stating that I don't use any third party software apart from Logitech GHub if that even counts, as well as the fact that even though I received the ban, my brother was still able to play on his account on my computer without getting any ban as well. Unfortunately nothing was resolve and I ended up losing my val account. As sad as I was, I thought all would be okay since I could still watch my brother play val and I can still play league on my pc, until today. 4:45pm log in to my league account and boom, there it was, a perma suspense for another unknown reason. now I'm not sure if other people are getting this as well, but this is highly unfair. there should be no way where someone can get banned their main account, hacked on multiple other accounts and receive no support even when asked for support, and then suspended on a different game 5 MONTHS after the first ban. please I really don't know what to do and I'm getting way to fed up with how every riot employee doesn't seem to care enough to help. any help would be great, just someone help me somehow
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2023.06.01 05:20 BudgetMagic Can I get my offer rescinded for this?

I got accepted to Northeastern University starting this fall. I am going to have a D+ for fourth quarter of my BC Calculus class. My final grade for the class will still be well above a C and my fourth quarter and final grade for all my other classes will also be above a C. Is it possible for me to get rescinded for this?

Thanks for the help
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2023.06.01 05:19 Brachan What is this?

What is this?
I saw one each of the last two days in a bedroom. About the size of a fruit fly and looks a lot like one, but doesn’t seem to fly.
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2023.06.01 05:19 zeqtorr I'm a mess

I (14M) have just began my summer break from school; usually I would be happy by this occurence in my life. It's just that, all of the ambition, fun, interest, and effort seems to be drained from my life. I have a variety of things that just irk me, and I just go upon my business, only escaping it for a bit. In an effort to make this readable, I'll make it organized and as comprehensive as I can make it. Please forgive me for this, I may come off problematic from it, but it's whatever.
Since 2020 when covid began, I had this dramatic shift from life as a cheeky kid in the 5th grade to being rapidly stripped of my prior life. Covid basically kicked me out of school for the remainder of my time in 5th, catapulting me into such a scary and new environment going into 6th. I was weak, and I spent so much time trying to just be normal. I was an easy target back in 6th and it only made it worse. Each "friend" I had ended up being so passive-aggressive, and more often than not, physically aggressive. I decided by the end of 6th grade to just run far away from the school and do online school. A longtime friend of mine made me do it, I was pressured into doing it, my family really didnt agree at first, for obvious reasons. During that 7th grade year online, life detreated. In many different ways. I never did anything, I just stayed inside and never did anything. I lived in a rural area, and I had no friends outside of school. It fucking sucks. All the social interaction I had was my one single friend from the 1st grade.
We had a mutual need for each other, we lacked friends for two separate reasons. I just don't know, I just never made friends in that way. And it is one thing that just makes me not feel motivated to live. My friend sucked me into his shitty reclusive life, and I had bailed from it the minute I was given the chance. I took 8th grade in a new, local school. I had grown and learned alot, I had figured out how to not be a victim in social situations, and I matured enough to not feel so down when the same toxic people tried to embarrass, or make fun of me. That entire year was meh, I did new things. I made progress, and I have earned a few new people who I have a higher connection to. Problem is, they all have lifes and would rather not try and talk to me, or just dont like me enough to care (I guess). Either one, or both.
This friend I had would basically pull me in to do despicable things, his attitude towards life was dark. All he had to say was about himself, or how someone was bad or stupid. To a point its okay, but he just never stopped acting in that way. I had went on a beach trip with my family and he came along back in August 2022, things got tight between him and my mom over some random thing over where we went to eat. When my Mom confronted him on the last day over it, my Mom of course did not let him get away with acting snarky. He ended up ruining the trip and I couldnt do much to change it. I didnt exactly hate him for it, but eventually he sent my MOM a text full of the most disgusting, hateful shit. He even TOLD ME earlier that day about how he was debating saying all that mean things to her. I told him that he shouldnt, and I believed he would let it go because I TRUSTED him to do so.
My family of course made me cut ties, which I did. And I held up this promise until around January when I had a few talks with him over the winter break. We talked the normal stuff, it eventually boiled down to the same mish-mash of bullshit negativity. So he blocked me, and the year went on. We would say a few things to each other every week or so, just to be friendly. Because we knew we weren't ready to end it. Eventually we got back together as friends after he got mad at me for only for saying a few things. He must have noticed me starting to loose interest in going back and forth with random bullshit. So I decided to just shrug it off and talk to him. We would talk a few hours on the weekends, it worked until he started to find it funny to start tearing his way into MY life. He began to gather and post edited photos of administrators at my school, of course, me, a teenage boy naive enough to not confront this when it began, or when it started to become nasty and hateful. Eventually he got tracked down by the school authorities (with my help, him getting info from me) and was guilty of making these tiktok posts, my principal described it as "Cyberbullying to the highest degree" which made the entire phone call and talk I had with him even worse. I had seen how so little concentrated time he had put into using his hateful persona to start hurting my community. I will admit, I am no angel for going along with it. I didnt help, but I surely saw it occur. Laughing at it, because my ENTIRE WORLD was revolving around this guy.
Now, everything happened the last week of school, and now that school ended, and I confronted everything in person, I cant help but wonder what will happen to my friend. I can only trust to myself my mistakes wont continue, and my failure to realize my mistake has cost me to be even a more giant screwup. I realize that me just brushing off my stupid actions only led me to feel worse. My grades declined. It really is making me hate myself. And with another giant switch in life happening, I feel like my life is just as empty, now that I decided to burn all of my bridges, and allow myself to just be a bad person for so long. I want to change, I've made an effort to quit porn, and try and move on.
Please tell me, what am I going to do? How do I even BEGIN to abandon these feelings, and try and feel anymore whole anytime soon? Thank you.
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2023.06.01 05:19 Axolord-2 I don’t feel like adding a real title; make it up

Now, this is, the second to last post I will make on this subreddit, I have something bigger in store, but I plan on quitting World Conquest. I have been banned for “certain fascist ideology imagery”. And bc I know at least 1 mod uses this subreddit, I will probably get into an argument over this. I want to use this to explain myself, not to justify my actions, if they can even be remotely described as what I was even banned for. Now, let’s go ahead and start off with the basis of the story. Bc mustache man and the original Germany were incompetent, Germany found itself haven completely lost Poland and France in 1943. As a result, an initiate Roleplaying as Gregor Strasser had seized power, which as a result made the SS ( myself, and another player ) flee. The other player had taken control over the Congo, and I, as unrealistic as it was, took over France. I renamed France “Reichsstaat Frankreich” and used a Black flag, with the Fasces in the center. Nothing too extreme, just a German name, and fascist-related flag. Now, then came the people responsible for getting me banned. This other initiate began asking me questions related to “how would remotely anybody in France support this?” To which I responded with the obvious,”it’s an oppressive system, and bc I’m ran by the SS, ofc freedom of speech will be violated”. Then, TheAzalea3 ( at least I think that’s their username) had ran up to me to support the first initiate, screaming at me, calling me a Wehraboo, an insane person, and just ranting about something I didn’t believe was too offensive at all. I was pretty much forced to leave mainland france or be yelled at and tormented by these 2 for what seemed like my entire time there. Then, bc I just got ranted at by a lady who to me at the moment, seemed sensitive and didn’t understand much about SS ideology and what that type of government would be like, I left the server, for a Cold War one. I was setting up my character when I got the message. “You have been banned from World Conquest games” “You have been banned for :#### imagery”. Again, I’m not sure about appealing because I don’t know if this was really offensive or not, and I didn’t mean anybody much harm at all. Good day or night, and wait for my last post, should be sometime next week. Cyanara
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2023.06.01 05:18 Finnainae I discovered the notebook of a Victorian sociopath.

Beneath the tools in this almost ancient lockbox, lay an oddly out of place notebook which belonged too a “Kit”. A man I can only assume was a member of the disgruntled middle class who took change into his own cold dead hands. I can’t describe in much detail the truth as links too such old crimes are barely traceable to someone as insignificant as myself. So enclosed below are the chilling recounts of his life.
“The autobiography of a Mr Kit T, Imagine the happiest moment of your life, whether it’s the birth of your first child, the day you proposed or even a new job prospect. I promise you it is nothing, in comparison to the thrill of watching the twinkle of light drain from another humans eyes as life is snatched from their tense hold. I wish I could tell you that it isn’t exhilarating. That it’s disturbing. But that would be a lie, the kind of lie that can cause a severe lapse in judgement. When defending your own life, death is justifiable. However that’s not what I’m here to discuss. I’m talking the hunt and the sweet savoury kill.
My first was very… meh, almost unremarkable unlike how I’d expected from my prior constant temptation. I didn’t get caught. Clearly. the incompetence shown by police led too more true justice via my hand. The word “justice” is incredibly flexible in the mouths of many but my version of justice, is cleansing this world of every last soul. An unachievable goal by any means. My second was perfection, slow and painful almost biblical. She was beautiful, cherry red hair and entrancing brown eyes with a pale complexion. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, that she could never be mine. It broke my heart that this girl I’d never spoken too would pass by and enjoy the rest of her life without me. I wanted to encapsulate her beauty forever in a moment that I could cherish internally. And so I did.
Not days later I was struck with an untameable lust and yet I was still unsure of how I’d progress with my art. A blade concealed in my waist was the obvious option and the one I chose to take. Fate was a word that I had never truly believed in, yet on my usual nightly outing an arrogant looking business man rushed past me, he was carrying himself with such pride that it enraged me with jealousy. He was dressed sharply and well groomed with an almost perfectly grown moustache, he didn’t even glance at me. He struck me as a man with great self importance like most of the upper class. Always looking down on the middle guy trying so hard too achieve that which was handed too the rich. Id say I let him go if it was the dead honest truth yet after this encounter as if written in stone. I did it again.
And again. And again. Unstoppable by any great force let alone police. Until one lonely night in which the sky was desolate and the streets eerily quiet another beautiful woman struck my eye. Similar to the freed soul from many cold nights ago. She seemed out of place like the book on a shelf that opens the passage. She was different and I hated her for it. She looked me dead in my lifeless eyes and as I glanced back i saw the same cold look I share with the man in the mirror. Maybe she too was alone, in need of a helping hand. And yet I didn’t care to find out. Despite the intriguing aura the beautiful woman let off it made no difference to me. Such a majestic creature reduced to a number on my ever increasing tally.”
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2023.06.01 05:18 Bron147 I lost my mom 3 days ago and I have no idea what to do

I got a questions for those who are only child and can relate and give me advice.
I lost my mom 3 days ago and she was all the family I had I'm 25 going on to 26 in June and while we have many family friends and my girl and my best friend were their for me I still feel alone. My father and me hate each other and he hates her didn't show up to the funeral.
My question is did I do good. My mom died at a party she was a very sickly lady and I always told her to chill and relax and to take care but she always loved to party even at 64. She drank some vodica and took some zans and didn't wake up. I got the valley at 3am on Saturday and we warped everything up by Tuesday.
Me and my mom were dirt poor in and out of friends homes some times hitting a good streak and living in apt. But once I moved away to find a better job to help her she decided to live with the closet friends we had that were family.
I was always busy so I didn't see her much and she would always call me. But I worked over time saving up a little dime to give her a life she deserved. The last time we spoke it was 3 hours before she died. The last thing she told me was that she loved me very much and couldn't wait to see me next week and I told her the same.
But I feel nothing but regret and hatred and shame for myself cause I couldn't do more she died poor. And I gave her money as much as I could range every month between 200$ to 3k for 4 years but I was alone doing this by myself.
What I think I'm asking for was did I do good was she proud of me, everyone says she alway talked about me since I out classed all the other kids I am the most successful having my own business and was planning to buy a house soon to bring her with me etc. But why do I feel like I failed I always wished for a older sibling to help me but my parent silpt after I was born.
I have a older sister from my dad side who loves my mom as much as me but she lives in Cuba and didn't have papers.
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2023.06.01 05:18 Unable-Engineering73 I came out as bi this year before I met my bf but for some reason I feel unsafe how to talk to him about LGBTQ+stuff/me being bi.

Hi yall, this is my first time posting on this subreddit or Reddit in general so please bare with me. I’m also not sure if this is the right subreddit or not so please comment if i need to change this to somewhere else thank you. A little backstory, I (21f) came out as bisexual this year in February and it feels amazing to finally come out after many years. I knew I was bisexual since the 9th grade but was too afraid to come out because my family are religious and I hated being told I would go to h3ll or I’m burdening my family,etc etc. Well finally this year I was strong enough to come out and not care about what certain family members said but thankfully my mom is supportive. Now onto the situation right now. So as you all know today is the last day of May and Pride Month starts tomorrow or for those who live in other places it might be pride month for you already. Well I told my bf that I wanted to celebrate Pride since this will be my first time and Idk alot of ppl like me or anything and it would be really nice for someone to kinda guide me in the right direction or just any kind of guidance really. I told him that today and he was just eh about it and it I don’t know, it made me feel kind of sad I suppose. I’m not sure how I feel. I’m not sure if I’m overdramatic or not but I kinda wish he would be more supportive. I just need some kind of advice or something, anything would honestly be appreciated and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Happy Pride month yalll 😁!!
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2023.06.01 05:18 AdDense7020 He said it’s my fault

My (42 HLF) husband (48 LLM) told me that me bringing up our dead bedroom only makes it worse. I only try to talk about it once every few months or so, when hoping for change gets too unbearable. He has ED but refuses to get treatment.
He says we just got “out of the habit,” but he wants nothing to do with me now. He’s been giving me the silent treatment for the last two days, all because I asked him to talk about our sex life.
Just feeling lonely and sad tonight. Please no DMs.
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2023.06.01 05:18 trampled-underf00t I think this fern needs to be fixed?

I think this fern needs to be fixed?
I got this last year. I really love the moth, but the fern’s color looked dark in some areas. This was the last piece and I think it was a bit hurried. Some days I don’t love this tattoo because of how the fern was done. Should I cover it up? Should I have it enhanced? Outlined? Please share me your valuable advices.
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2023.06.01 05:18 puhdaydo_goal 10,000 calories less last week overall but no weight loss

so i struggle with binge eating and am trying to losevweigt for my health through reducing my binges (as advised by health professionals)
so last week i did a bit better with my bingeing and only had one big binge on the monday and a small one on the sunday (6 days later). overall, i ate about 10,000 calories less that week than what ive been averaging each week for the past few months, however, i haven't lost any weight.
im a bit confused as i pretty much went from having huge binges several nights in a row each week to only one and a bit dyring the week and the other days were ok so i feel like just from the maths, i should've at least lost a bit of weight, but haven't. the only thing i can think might explain it is that it's not been long enough for weight loss to occur or that i was actually gaining weight on those calories (which i have been doing over the past few months) and that now im just at maintenance. thanks in advance x
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2023.06.01 05:17 Ieatedyourcookie Are POTS symptoms constant?

I’m considering talking to my doctor about POTS, I have a lot of symptoms that seem consistent with it but I’m still unsure and trying to gather some more info before talking to them. My biggest question is are the syncopal/pre-syncopal symptoms, the lightheadedness, dizziness, shaking, nausea, tachycardia. Do those things happen EVERY time you stand up like they never don’t happen? For me the symptoms aren’t constantly happening all the time. I’ve had 3 “episodes” in the past month and they have all lasted around an hour or so each time. The first I was just trying to use the bathroom (#1), the second I was out shopping, and the third I was taking a hot shower. But these were like a week or more apart each time and it only happened once that day although I would notice more spikes in my HR throughout those days but without the extra symptoms of lightheadedness, nausea, sweating, shaking that I had with each of the initial episodes.
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2023.06.01 05:17 White_Dragon_Coranth Human/Venlil Exchange Program Snippet 8

(David / Naia) (M-Human / F-Venlil)
--and then, with a gasp and frightened bleat, Naia woke. For a moment, she didn't know where she was - whimpering, she thrashed and kicked a bit - but then, the human arms about her squeezed gently, nestling her closer to the human she lay in bed with. Her human. Her David. Loosening his grip just slightly, Naia turned about to face him, nuzzled him, and licked his face, waking him. "Mmmyeah...?" He murmured sleepily. "Whadzit, Naia. S'theweekend; no work today..." Naia nodded, and then in hushed whispers, told him about the nightmare she'd had--about the Venlil freezing up during the bombing of Earth, how due to this it'd been more severe, of the Arxur arriving too late... and of the horrid aftermath on Venlil Prime, where she and David lived.
"It... it was so real..." Naia finished, casting her eyes about their apartment, seeing her collection of human, and Venlil figurines and trinkets undamaged, then breathing a sigh of relief. David's eyes went narrow in concern--then, with a scratch behind the ears that made her purr aloud, her human slowly pulled aside the blackout curtain, shielding his eyes for a moment as they adjusted to Venlil Prime's sun. Naia came to stand beside him and together, they saw... Venlil and Humans, together, everywhere. There: A Human and Venlil raved about the latest human music. There: a female human and her Venlil gossiped as they painted nails and claws.
There: a human told a lewd joke that crossed species and his Krakotl and Yotul companions howled and squawked with laughter! There, a gentle Mazic and his human tended to a garden together; There: a human ecologist and wildlife expert hugged, and soothingly talked to a stricken, tearful Exterminator; There: a human and Venlil sat on a bench, both near stoned in a food-coma. "I don't think what you dreamed will ever happen, love," David stated, as he and Naia looked down on it all, the black-woollen Venlil's eyes shining with happy tears. "Because Human and Venlil will keep working together to ensure it doesn't! Now... if I remember correctly: I think we were gonna meetup with Tarlim, Jacob, Maeve, and Valek to hang out and have first-meal together somewhere, yeah?"
Nuzzling her human with relief, Naia nodded and then made her way into the apartment bathroom to perform her usual morning ablutions. Washing and grooming her head-wool and face, Naia gazed at her reflection in the mirror... and her heart dropped into her stomach-- Why were there faded, barely-there lines on her face, lines that looked like thin scarring from claws? And why was there a place on her neck where her wool had been flattened, or perhaps shorn, in the shape of a large ring?! --and then David deliberately stepped loudly behind her; she blinked, seeing in the mirror her usual, well-groomed self. "Are... Are you okay, love?" her human asked, concerned. Naia nodded, then together, she and David left the apartment to start their day...
... behind them, however, in the Mirror... Naia's reflection remained; its wool growing shorter, and shorter until it was nearly gone, the lines on its face becoming more prominent, splitting, bleeding orange guilt. Abandoned Naia beat her paws futilely upon the mirror--to no avail. The door of the failed timeline shut, and with a last, mournful cry, the reflection faded away. The mirror displayed only the opposite wall of the bathroom once more.
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2023.06.01 05:16 erickgrau 5-7-5 Dose Schedule

Some people i’ve recently saw in a comment, are using a 5-7-5 day schedule of equal doses. The premise is that the effects will last longer after the 5 day because it's more medicine in your system which will make it last longer.
Anyone doing this presently? How is it working out?
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2023.06.01 05:16 Lumpy-Scientist-2012 [Online] [5e] [18+] [Level 9 One Shot][2-4 sessions][Thursday 7am PST] [LGBTQ+] The Demon Queen Awakens

Currently Looking For Two More Player's Have 3/5
(Party Consists of a Wizard/Cleric, Warlock, & Rogue/Undecided or Filling)
Over a thousand years ago the Demon Queen, Neheb'kelat, and her four dread generals ruled an empire that spanned a continent. Her tyranny was opposed by an ancient and noble order, the Eyes of Aten, who after a century of terrible conflict defeated the dread generals and cast down the Demon Queen, imprisoning her for a thousand years. Those thousand years have now passed and the ancient order of protectors who imprisoned the Demon Queen has been lost to time.
In The Demon Queen Awakens, the player characters represent the only heroes willing to assist the last surviving member of the Eyes of Aten - charged with the sacred duty of preventing Nehebkelat from escaping her prison. Upon entering the Vault of Aten, the heroes will realize this is no easy task. Dark forces have awoken to ensure that Nehebkelat will rise again and subjugate the continent beneath her abyssal rule.
Doing a test run of this Level 9 One Shot. This is not a Newbie Friendly game you are expected to know what a Level 9 Character is capable of, I don't expect you to know everything even I look at the rules all the time, but you should have a good understanding of the game. I will not be pulling punches in this game as I normally do as a DM. If you die you die. This game also has a timer attached to it, and if you don't complete it within the allotted time the game will end. Should take anywhere from 2-4 Sessions depending on timer.
Anyone is able to join, but I do prefer to have a mix of genders male, female etc... to balance out the table. LGBTQ+ friendly. We will go over session zero, backstories, character creation, rules, foundry tutorial and table manners, and any other questions you may have before play.
  1. Have a Clear mic for voice & video via Discord with a quiet background audio while playing. Phones are not acceptable as an audio source (Video is not required, but I like to use it as I am a very social person and I like to Roleplay with the players).
  2. The game is played over Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) via Molten Hosting, as such it requires a good network connection & bare minimum specs of a laptop or pc that can play a game via this generation if you're using a chrome book or very weak or old laptop it will not run good and will lag out or crash constantly. The higher specs you have of a better rig the better it will run.
  3. Looking for 5 players, also looking for feedback after the game if any is appreciated if you have any insight for me afterwards if something perhaps needed more context or explaining or if you think I can somehow run it smoother let me know :) always open to constructive criticism.
  4. Character creation will be done on DnDBeyond, Point Buy, Standard Equipment, Sticking to traditional races and classes, No Homebrew. 4800gp to spend on items. Any more questions on character creation or anything else can be discussed during the session zero.
Feel free to message me on here or add me on Discord @: LiquidSn8ke#7350 for an interview and more information on the game.
A bit about myself I'm 34 been a forever dm for the past 6 years and I’m a big rp dm love doing voices and getting into characters. Rule of Cool DM, but I still try to follow raw (rules as written) as much as possible.
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2023.06.01 05:16 throwaway__sam What do you guys wear at gym

Im about to join a gym(yayy!!) But I dont have anything in particular to wear, no shorts outside, cuz I got amazon forest on my legs which is considered too much for my age, and tracks or pants, I live in a place where its sunny most time of the year and been just going to classes and back home in the last 3yrs so just got 2-3bulkly jooggers/tracks and other are casual cottons/jeans
What do I wear?
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2023.06.01 05:16 ChazmaniatimesTM PEACE,LOVE and God Bless

Can't find my original post, Sharing again ♡
We have a military memorial in town, out of the many that are recognized for their sacrifice there is one young lady who served in the middle east and met her last day in 2004.
Women serve in the armed forces in higher numbers these days. For back at that time it particularly stands out. An end to a beautiful young persons life. The memorial doesn't say how she died, i believe the mention is for serving in Iraq. Those particulars i was not focusing on. I was focused on one female out of the several dozen men honored as well.
There's no doubt they were all brave, all served and sacrificed their lives as military theater decisions were made. This one woman, in her picture she has a brilliant and vibrant look on her face. My first thought, mesmerized in a sadness that could only imagine the grief of her family and friends then at her death and no doubt still today.
The span of her life was 1981 -2004. I stood there for only about two minutes, oh my God I said to myself. I lived 19 years before her and now 18 years after her sacrifice to our country.
God bless her for all time and comfort her loved ones. Her life as each and every one honored is one of commitment and bravery. Every single person dedicating their life in this way should be honored, the ones still with us and especially the ones who are now memorialized forever in history.
It's not veterans day or memorial day today but if you think about it long enough you'll realize everyday is a day we should be grateful for the sacrifice of individuals like this young lady. Everyday we should pay attention and be involved to support them.
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2023.06.01 05:16 puhdaydo_goal 10,000 calories less this week but no weight loss

i struggle with bingeing and am currently trying to lose weight fir my health by stopping the binges (as advised by health professionals)
so last week i did a bit better with my bingeing and only had one big binge on the monday and a small one on the sunday (6 days later). overall, i ate about 10,000 calories less that week than what ive been averaging each week for the past few months, however, i haven't lost any weight.
im a bit confused as i pretty much went from having huge binges several nights in a row each week to only one and a bit dyring the week and the other days were ok so i feel like just from the maths, i should've at least lost a bit of weight, but haven't. the only thing i can think might explain it is that it's not been long enough for weight loss to occur or that i was actually gaining weight on those calories (which i have been doing over the past few months) and that now im just at maintenance. thanks in advance x
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