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2023.06.03 09:59 qfury3 Customers who have no idea what it's like

Can we talk about customer etiquette? No I’m not talking about how fucked over we are when they don’t tip (I’m averaging less than $2.50/ order without tips while footing the entirety of the gas, insurance, and maintenance/repair bills as well as the risk of damage to my car, any tickets from having to double park in crowded neighborhoods, drive-by shootings, etc). What I mean is the overwhelming majority of customers who have expectations for their delivery while leaving absolutely no instructions for their delivery. You want me to come up to your apartment in a high rise building but you leave me no door code or name to use on the call box (and most orders don’t have a name/full name) or idea of where to park and then you don’t answer my texts while I’m freezing my ass off outside your boujie condo building. Your house is hard to find or behind another building or you can’t see it from the street or the numbers in your apartment have the weirdest pattern but you don’t bother putting that somewhere your driver can see it. You order at 2am and don’t think to turn your porch light on so I can find your damn house in the dark, or not trip on your yard debris or broken stairs. Your house has numbers in the gentrification font in a shade so close to the color of your house paint that they blends together and are hard to see on a sunny day but you needed your gummy worms at midnight (and your porch light must be burnt out). With the recent events of people being assaulted, shot, killed for simply being in the wrong place, why is there no emphasis on making it easier for drivers to find your damn house? Is it a lack of logic, lack of empathy, general stupidity? Especially now that they’ve taken away our ability to see notes until we’ve already arrived at the location when there might be vital information in those notes in finding that location, this is a major safety issue. I tend to deliver late at night and as a woman out delivering alone, I never know what sketchy situation I might be driving into, but having more information is never a bad thing. I know Gopuff doesn’t care about its drivers, otherwise we’d be making better wages they’d put more emphasis on safety and not having shitty customers (looking at you, serial non-tippers and creeps).
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2023.06.03 09:57 tatebrown Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.

Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.
This was my first experience seeing music at Frost amphitheater. What a treat kids going to Stanford are getting. You get a glimpse of many of them doing tours of the school looking forward to a bright future as me (35m) and my two degen friends(35m) and future wifey (33f) stumbled passed them with a solid buzz. Two opposite ends of the spectrum ships passing in the night.
For the purposes of this post- I’ll refer to
Friend 1 as:
Friend 2 as:
Future wifey:
Getting into the venue, you couldn’t ask for a more fairytale setup. Similar to Berkeley’s amphitheater setup that holds 8,000, frost amphitheater holds 6,900 so a slightly smaller feel and instead of the pure concrete steps stadium seating going up, you get grass sprinkled all over the place with trees sprinkled everywhere surrounding you. It had a very outside lands Berkeley hybrid venue feel.
Starting the day off you got kicked into gear with Big Freedia to start the day off in the 4:00 slot.
When I asked my buddy Dan what to expect, he said, ”bunch of energy and booty popping.”
I can honestly say I’ve never seen more booty popping at a show.
The sheer athleticism and stamina was impressive.
Tuna had gotten us VIP tickets so there was plenty of room. We are normally in GA with our fellow peasants laughing at the gaudy VIPs wasting their shillings.
All jokes aside, vip for the entrance and the standing area was worth it and would do again.
Next up was IDLES at 5:00. I love me some Joe Talbot and his band of merry men. If you’ve never seen them before, it’s a great live act. The angst and energy of Joe as he spits on the stage pounding his chest as you can feel his energy surge through you. With some of my favorites of ‘mother’ which really expands on our favorite phrase ‘mother fucker’ in its literal and metaphorical meaning.
Colossus to start, never fight a man with a perm and Danny Nedelko to end, it’s impossible to not be moving for the entire set.
As we were getting ready to end idles, we wanted to turn up our boogey juice vibes. Me, my future wifey and Dan are all fans of mushrooms 🍄🤪. We’ve done em in small doses tried raw shrooms, chocolate bars and smoothies previously. Our friend Tuna brought a bar of 5 grams of chocolate mushrooms. Conventional wisdom would say based on previous history, one gram aka 3 chocolate pieces from this candy bar should be fine, which is what we did.
This is a glowingly positive review/warning for product schedule 39. I mean goddamn slap my balls, what the actual fuck, they sent this in the mail to Tuna, good for you scientists- can’t figure out cancer - but they sure as shit figured out mushrooms motha fuckas.
We had 30 minutes until jamie xx and the normal things started happening. A little queasy in the stomach. My future wifey gets excited when this happens. People ask her why? And she goes, “because I’ve Pavlov dogged myself to get excited because I’m about to go on my trip.”
I too now get excited when I get my queasy stomach feeling with mushrooms. I have done mushrooms 20 + times and never had a ‘bad trip’.
What ensued next was some goddamn interstellar shit.
As we were into the first two songs of Jamie xx award winning hits, things started to get fuzzy. I slowly stopped being able to hear properly and images started to all look like a kaleidoscope.
Huh. Well this is new. I joked with Dan, “uh yooooo- this is a lot. I can’t hear, I’m going deaf.” I’m a 250lb dude. Dan weighs 145 on a good day.
Fear struck Dan in the face like Joe Talbot’s ‘Car crash’ as the shroom wave started to hit him too.
I inevitably had to lay down and time travel. Tuna had only taken a small amount so he was doing okay.
I learned a lot about my future wife tonight. She undoubtedly saved Dan and i’s life as I laid on the ground time traveling and helping Dan talk him through his drooling stupor. She later described it as a balloon and she was holding the string (our hands) which could not be more accurate. It felt like if she didn’t have my hand held, I would float off into a different space.
I struggled to breathe, hear, and saw different worlds. Because of my experience with shrooms- I knew it would pass, but goddamn that was a lot schedule 39.
The only thing that snapped me out of it was James Murphy and LCD Opening with get innocuous!
He literally brought me out of that dimension. Dan was about 30 minutes behind me on his journey so he had to buckle up that seatbelt Dorothy and enjoy the ride.
I’ve seen lcd 7 times. I truly think they might be the best live band I’ve ever seen- and every other time I’ve seen them Ive had 0 mushrooms.
I praised savior and sweet baby Jesus I could just say words again and hear. Dan tuna and future wifey all had the same sentiments. I danced ferociously straight for the next 60 mins as lcd doesn’t really let you relax (in a good way).
I’ll never forget ‘all my friends’ and dancing with my best friends and future wifey as we shouted from the top of my lungs with pure ecstasy in our hearts, “WHERE ARE YOU FRIENDS TONIGHT, IF I COULD SEE MG FRIENDS TONIGHT!!!”
Thankfully, I was more grateful than I’ve ever been to be able to see, and hear my friends thanks to schedule 39.
  1. Be careful with that shit(schedule 39)- it hits hard. I can’t believe that comes in the mail.
  2. Lcd soundsystem is the GOAT live band.
  3. I love you all, but I especially love my friends and future wifey. Thanks for the incredible night Re:SET.
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2023.06.03 09:56 Significant_Face_125 [Feedback Request] Check out my VIP Edit of "Need Somebody" - Big Biggie [Stream & Support]

Hello, fellow music enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to share my VIP Edit of the track "Need Somebody" by Big Biggie. I've put a lot of effort into creating this special version, and I would greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and support. Without further ado, let's dive into the details!
Track Information:
About the VIP Edit:
The VIP Edit of "Need Somebody" takes the original track to new heights with added elements, refined its production, and enhanced musical nuances. I aimed to give the song a fresh twist while maintaining its essence and capturing the emotions that inspired its creation. I'm excited to present this version to you and eager to hear your thoughts on the changes I've made.
Feedback Request:
Constructive criticism is incredibly valuable to me as an artist, so I kindly ask for your honest feedback on the VIP Edit of "Need Somebody." Here are a few aspects I'd love to hear your thoughts on:
  1. Enhancements and Adjustments: How do you feel about the changes made in this VIP Edit? Are there specific elements that stood out to you positively or areas that you feel could be improved further?
  2. Impact and Energy: Does the VIP Edit bring a new level of energy and excitement compared to the original track? Does it make you connect with the song in a different way?
  3. Overall Coherence: Does the VIP Edit maintain a cohesive sound and flow throughout? Do the additional elements and modifications feel integrated smoothly, or do they disrupt the original vibe?
  4. Comparative Feedback: If you're familiar with the original version, how does the VIP Edit compare? Which aspects do you prefer in each version, and why?
  5. General Feedback: Any additional thoughts, comments, or suggestions you have about the track or my music, in general, are greatly appreciated. I'm always looking for ways to grow and improve as an artist.
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the VIP Edit of "Need Somebody" by Big Biggie. Your support and feedback mean the world to me. Please follow the Songwhip link provided to stream the track and share your thoughts. If you enjoy the song, I would be incredibly grateful if you could support me further by spreading the word, adding it to your playlists, and sharing it with your friends.
Here's the Songwhip link again: Stream "Need Somebody (VIP Edit)" on Songwhip!
Once again, thank you for your support and for being part of my musical journey. I'm excited to read your feedback and grow together as we explore the world of music. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. Let's make this a memorable experience!
Note: If you encounter any issues with the Songwhip link, please let me know so I can provide an alternative way to stream the track.
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2023.06.03 09:55 Logical-District2790 My process

I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
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2023.06.03 09:55 Logical-District2790 My process

I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
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2023.06.03 09:54 Logical-District2790 My process

Hey so I just had my surgery on the 30 and I thought I’d give a detailed description of how the process went for me. Please bare with me. I did the best I could describing and telling my story.
The beginning:
I went to my doctor and asked for her to refer me to the bariatric doctor because I was ready to discuss surgery. Last year before I had my 2nd son I had started a weight loss pill that helped me lose 30 pounds. Which put the breaks on getting surgery. (It was a discussion with my doctor but I wanted to try the pills before doing surgery) A requirement was being over 210 and with taking the pills it brought me to 200 so I didn’t see the point of surgery. But then I got pregnant, had gestational diabetes and gained a bunch of weight. He’s one now and I still haven’t been able to let the weight go which motivated me to go the surgery route. My genetics also play a huge part in why I decided to get the surgery. Me and my mom both have the same body type and she struggles with her weight. And I decided I didn’t want to be on that path.
The program:
So I started my program. Which consisted of monthly appointments with a dietician practicing diets and figuring out any bad habits to try to get rid of them. I’ll be honest I didn’t follow much. I just showed up to my appointments and took all the information in. As long as I didn’t gain weight I was okay. I started the program at 250lbs. At the end of the 6 months I lost 5lbs. I failed the psych evaluation and had to redo it. But it only delayed the process by a couple of weeks. No biggie.
Once I got the okay to have surgery, they scheduled my day. I believe I was called on the 1st week of may and was schedule may 30. I was super shocked it was so close. But was ready for it to be done. I had to do a liquid diet for a week. Also know as the liver shrink diet. Only liquids my dietician said salads for dinner was okay. Which I followed to a T until the 6th day. Before the liquid stage I got sick and had no appetite so I wasn’t eating anything at all. In that week I lost 5lbs, I gained like 2 back when I started eating again but then I went right to the liquid diet and I felt like I was losing it. I hadn’t really ain’t a solid meal in almost 2 weeks. So I had one solid meal of rice and meat (spanish food). I went back to the liquid diet for the next 2 days and lost 7lbs in total on the liquid diet. I was also told to stop any vitamins or pills so I did that as well.
The surgery:
So the day of my surgery I didn’t eat anything. My surgeon recommended I drink a G2 on the way to the hospital to help with the anesthesia. Which I did. I didn’t drink the whole thing cause my stomach was all twisted from not really eating anything. They also wanted me to shower the night before and the morning of using the hibiclens. I had my mom drop me off because they don’t allow you to drive home and I did not want to leave my car in the garage overnight. I got there at 7 am. I was admitted and waited to be called to the back. They put me in a admitting room where they had me change into a surgery gown. Had me document my belongings. And pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. They asked all the same questions all over again which I answered. A nurse wiped my belly again with what I believe was hibiclens again. They then put my iv and started fluid. The anesthesiologist came in asked me questions and then said they were giving me meds to go to sleep. They rolled me out to the surgery room which was almost 10am when I checked the time. 5 minutes later I was out. I woke up in the recovery room.
Waking up:
So I woke up and was out of it. I believe it was around 12-1pm. They let me stay asleep while they made sure my vitals were back to normal. I did hear the nurse a few times saying that my pressure was high but they were able to fix it because they moved me to my own room shortly after. Getting to my own room I slept sooo much. They would come to get me up to walk every 4 hours unless I got up to pee. Which I had to call a nurse to help me go cause I wasn’t allowed to get up on my own. Majority of the times I woke up I felt nauseous. Which lead to me throwing up blood.(this is normal) So for the first 18 hours out of surgery I slept, woke up to pee, threw up and walked around the floor for a lap to get my steps in. They would also give me pain and nausea meds. I was also getting continuous fluids. Which is why I was peeing every 2-3 hours. The pain always maintained level 6-7 it never got worse then that. And the pain meds and sleeping made it non existent. (I want to add I do have a high pain tolerance. I had 2 8+lb babies with no epidural if that helps gauge it.) The next morning I felt so restless I was ready to go. They discharged me around 12pm and my sister in law picked me up. They were able to bring me my meds to take home and I went home feeling way better then I did the first day.
Things I think I forgot:
I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
HW: 250 SW: 237 CW: 231
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2023.06.03 09:54 impr0veskin Having a difficult time understanding UWorld

I am getting wrecked on UWorld. I’m not really sure how to explain it but I’m having trouble understanding the way UWorld phrases its questions and answer choices. This doesn’t apply for all of their questions but a majority of the time, I have no idea what they’re asking or I’ll completely understand the disease they are describing and the main point of the pathophys behind it, but then the question and answer they are looking for will completely throw me for a loop.
I’ve noticed on my past few blocks, I’ll be missing a solid 7 questions based on: not fully understanding/misinterpreting what they were asking and/or being 1 step behind of the answer that they are looking for.
For example: I learned that the deficient enzyme in Pompe disease is the debranching enzyme in lysosomes (aka acid Maltase aka alpha-1,4-glucosidase), but when it was time for me to select the choice, neither of those choices were on there. It was acid alpha-glucosidase, a word I had never heard of until I encountered that question. Sure, I could’ve deduced it and combined the 2 but I didn’t know if that was accurate or not.
Just feeling frustrated with UWorld questions. Does anyone know a better way to understand the questions better? Is it just with more practice?
The more I do, the more I misinterpret and get wrong leading to frustration and anger with UWorld and myself. It makes it hard to continue finishing the block.
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2023.06.03 09:53 Long_Difficulty3611 How much worse can an apt get

This is a warning to those looking for a new apt - always see it in person. And beware.
Even though I actually DID see this place in person, the housing situation in NY is so bad that I was willing to accept something cheap as this shitty apt. But I’m really learning that sadly cheap in NY is most of the time going to be suspect. I went to this apartment on a severe budget and time limit - I already saw how dirty it was but I thought “Hey, with my cleaning skills, this can be fixed right?”
Wrong. The place had roaches everywhere. I had to live in a tiny closet space that I soon got so sick of, next to a guy in his 40s who was coughing every 5 secs and never left his room. It felt like he was right there with me from how thin those damn walls were. I quickly got so incredibly sick of the lack of privacy even if I had my own room.
The kitchen was a … disaster to say the least. No matter how much I cleaned it, it was never going to sparkle up. A foul smell practically lived there. The stains were just there for life; stains from moldy fruit, grease, stains of spilled whatever on the wall - this place was filthy and I wish no one ever go through that. I distinctly remember sweeping a toenail clipping from off the floor. Looking back I just laugh at myself bc I moved in so idealistic that I could change it a tiny bit and contribute. When something is so dirty like that, it’s not going to get any better. You will eventually give up cleaning it just like everyone else in there.
Moreover, I saw how depressing the culture was. It felt like people were just barely surviving, never leaving their room, and it ended up getting to me. I quickly became depressed in this place, but due to my financial situation I felt so stuck. I rarely ever saw any of my FOUR roommates that I shared ONE bathroom with (that also was a disaster half the time). I start to see they’re stealing my utensils that I was forgetful to leave on the drying rack. I quickly end up with no utensils and even a missing pot. At some point I even saw they threw away my only cutting knife in the trash. At that point I just tried to maintain my sanity and not go fight them.
Then the landlord ended up kicking me and only me out??? Due to an inspection coming up? One day he just texted me asking me if I had moved out already, and I was so confused. “I return your deposit. Move out in 2 weeks.” Yeah he is a total slumlord and just shady as shit. I was so incredibly happy to move out ngl, but this shitty real estate agent f me over for my new place so unfortunately I was stuck there for another few months. The landlord told me it was okay - just to say to say that we’re “family” in case inspection came around. FOH, we are not even of the same race …. Idk how he managed to dodge inspection bc they surely would have declared it a hazard to live there.
Then the only other girl there brings her boyfriend to live with her without even telling the landlord - great, 5 other ppl to share the bathroom with. And on the floor below me some guy who just yells randomly and makes weird noises moves in too. Just a whole circus at that point.
I wanted so hard to keep my positive spirits, to not lose myself, to stay motivated, to stay strong and not let the apt bring me down, but let me tell you I quickly sank into the worst state of my life w/out me even realizing it. I can’t tell you how bad it was, and even then I know it could still be even WORSE in this city. Somehow my financial situation got even worse in there?? I started to feel crazy for living in there, feeling like someone with bad problems bc at the end of the day the place still attracted me. Like who else said yes to this?? And yeah, my life got mad messy in all aspects too. Then the only roommate who actually spoke yo me told me that the mold in the bathroom might actually be toxic and a cause of depression. Like oh that explains it.
Then I find out the landlord was kicking everyone out in 3 months due to “renovation.” Well he was actually just evicting everyone from the third floor because of the dude in his 40s who was so immature he just went to the landlord for all his problems instead of talking them out with us. Like WTF this man is just here to collect a coin. He does not care about you. It was all due to the girl and her bf making noise … And you know what the landlord did? Just printed out a half-assed Word doc w/ 12 pt font putting 4 rules down, with the last one being “common senes” (typo & all). So I guess that’s the end of that.
And that roommate was a damn weirdo as well who never even showered (seen him in the same clothes 3 days in a row) or cleaned the bathroom (we at least tried to coordinate on that), calling ambulances because he thought this woman was cooking meth once but it was just burnt casserole. I quickly decided to never speak to him again bc how do you live in NYC and never leave the room AT ALL?! You don’t live in the city atp, you live in your room. I’m starting to think the landlord bribed the tenant before me to make the place sound okay bc he really told me the guy was always out with his gf … Um yeah. His imaginary gf. Let me not rant about this anymore.
Thankfully I’m out of there now. In fact I had to even take a break from NY. Please don’t be like me. Just because you live in this cool city doesn’t mean that you’ll be outside all the time and that your living space isn’t as much of a priority. It should be the TOP priority. Wondering how many people have gone through similar things.
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2023.06.03 09:51 TopPomegranate4432 Octopus Energy – free £50 bonus when you switch to Octopus

Octopus Energy is offering a free £50 credit to anyone that switches their energy provider to them via referral. If you’re a business, you would get £100 for switching. You can switch no matter what type of meter you have (smart, standard or economy 7) but you’d need to switch both your gas and electricity. Another plus: no fees if you decide to switch out elsewhere at any time!
How to get your free £50 bonus with Octopus Energy:
1. Sign up using my referral link here
2. Enter your post code and answer questions about your current energy use to receive a price quote. Click "Sign me up" to see the details about the proposed tariff, then confirm the switch once you’re happy.
TIP: When getting the quote, enter your “actual” energy usage using an old bill instead of choosing the “low, medium, high” options – although, you can easily reduce your monthly direct debit payments online once your account is created. I was able to manually lower my monthly direct debit by about 70% - it’s brilliant that Octopus allows this flexibility.
3. Enter your gas and electricity meter ID numbers, so have an old bill ready as they will be on there. Octopus is brilliant at updating you via email on the whole process with what you need to do at each step.
4. Your £50 reward will be credited to your account after your first direct debit has been taken - I received mine 2 weeks after the direct debit.
My experience: I switched from Shell Energy to Octopus a few months ago as Octopus worked out cheaper across the board for both gas and electricity, so the £50 switch reward was a total bonus I initially chose the Flexible Octopus tariff, then later changed it to their even cheaper Octopus Tracker – so I would highly recommend one of these two tariffs if you’re looking to undercut other suppliers. Another plus: no fees if you decide to switch out elsewhere at any time!
Timeline: The £50 reward was applied to my account less than 2 weeks after my first direct debit was taken and the switch process was probably the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. Really impressed.
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2023.06.03 09:50 sorryfunnel How do I keep qBittorrent running even when the windows is closed in Fedora Linux Workstation?

Whenever I close the window of qBittorrent, it prompts a confirmation dialog box stating
"Some files are currently transferring. Are you sure you want to quit Bittorrent?"
I don't want to end the processes of qBittorrent but I want to just close the window of qBittorrent while letting it run in the background as I seed my completed torrents. This seems to be easily working in any Windows OS app based from my past experiences (where I simply just close it and the icon becomes available in the lower right corner of the taskbar), but this is not the case for Fedora Linux Workstation. How can i close the qBittorrent window while still letting it seed/download in the background, and once I have done that, how can I check or verify if it is seeding or working in the background (i.e. add an qBittorrent icon in the top bar)?
I am not sure which information should I include in this post (so please feel free to ask for more information in the comments section), but below are the details of my client and OS.
qBittorrent v4.5.2 (64-bit) Qt: 5.15.8 Libtorrent: Boost: 1.78.0 OpenSSL: 3.0.8 zlib: 1.2.12
OS: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) Host: ThinkPad L430 Kernel: 6.3.4-101.fc37.x86_64 Shell: bash 5.2.15 DE: GNOME 43.5 WM: Mutter WM Theme: Adwaita Theme: Adwaita [GTK2/3] Icons: Adwaita [GTK2/3] Terminal: gnome-terminal CPU: Intel i3-3120M (4) @ 2.500GHz GPU: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller Memory: 3183MiB / 7754MiB
Thank you in advance for your answers!
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2023.06.03 09:49 HitwaveX I (26M) Confessed to my friend (25F) and lost our friendship and much more.

For the purpose of anonymity I'll be changing some details but I'll try and remain as faithful to the major events that had happened.
A little background about me: I haven't "Confessed" to anyone in a long time (ever since like junior year or so) so I'm pretty inexperienced in this area and I'm pretty decent looking too so I never had trouble with women as there's another one around the corner more often than not, I mostly dated around while thinking "is this it?" And went by my life thinking this is what love has to offer me? I've been mostly disenchanted about the whole thing and if you're thinking "hey this guy sounds too full of himself" well keep on reading because this is a story of how I'm getting humbled.
It started 4 months ago I was enrolled in a program which required (and is requiring me) to study a ton I was in a relationship then and made friends with people in the same program pretty quickly and formed a study group it wouldn't be an exagerration to say they've become my closest friends and I value them a lot but I started to value a particular person in our group more so than the others this person...let's call her "Mona" and she's great we have the same vibes same humor and I felt a genuine connection at first I was just amazed at her and thought she was really pretty a small crush a fading feeling if you will but I didn't plan on acting on it as she too was in a very long term relationship. Around 7 years and and as I was in in one too. So no go, as time went on we grew closer and closer while not crossing any boundaries, we avoided talking about our own relationships around our friends and to each other and she started "hiding" her stories including her boyfriend from me in particular. I confirmed this as I was checking out a mutual friend's phone and noticed her stuff wasn't appearing on mine and upon opening it was her and her boyfriend on a date I was jelous of course but it was fleeting we're not even a thing but then I heard from another mutual friend that she knows I have feelings for her and that she does for me also however we never really openly discussed it instead time passes by and we maintain this sort of "friendship" I'll compare it to "dancing around the flames without getting burned" so to speak with all the subtle flirting, going out of the way for each other without actually going over that set of boundaries that comes when you're in a relationship and for a while I was at a loss I can barely remember when I was last head over heels for another woman much less while I was in a commitment, the feelings came crashing until I wasn't able to suppress it and it affected my progress with my program and in the end I broke up with my ex and decided to block Mona out of nowhere as a means to focus.
So upon learning I blocked her she panicked and asked our mutual friends why I did what I did I would know as I was with our friends during this time and so I sent her a text basically explaining that she was distracting me and that I had to, otherwise I'll get screwed from the program to which she responded with a call and immediately calling me dumb and to unblock her ASAP all the while giggling and sharing a joke or 2 while in the call I thought everything was good after that and my friends found out the drastic measures I did and why I did them and told me they understood and that I should just tell her to get it off my system and so the next day after blocking and unblocking her we had to attend an event and I noticed she was avoiding me (I couldn't blame her though) but I expected we could maintain some sort of civility after that phone call as the whole interaction was positive but being in the same room as her and not being able to share a laugh with her like we used too was absolutely gut wrenching. And I was in a bad mood the whole day, So I decided maybe it was time. I had planned on confessing to her on the way home as my thoughts process was "welp at this point I had nothing left to lose" but little did I know my friends had different plans for us while we were in a conference room my friends had left one by one leaving me and Mona alone in the same room upon noticing I looked out the glass door of the room and my friends mouthing "you got this!" My mouth dried up but I tried to start a conversation anyway and after a whole day of ignoring each other Mona said "you just gonna stand there or help me out?" And I did, it was awkward to say the least and I tried steering the conversation into a confession to which she responded "if you keep blabbing we won't be able to finish" everytime I tried to steer it that way. I looked out the door and my friends told me to hurry as they also needed to use the room we we're in and I panicked and blurted the words "I like you" to which she responded "all of the sudden?" And I said "I just wanted to get it off my system" and she said "well is it off your system now?" And I responded with a "No, not really" "you're too distracting when you're near and you're too distracting when you're far away" and she blushed and smiled and I asked "do you have anything to say? it's your fault after all" I jokingly said and laughed And she said "the audacity of this guy what should I say to that?" Before our conversation continued my friends went in the room and mouthed were you able to do it? And I nodded yes and I ran out the room to take a beat. The night went on normally after that but during our break our mutual friend gave me a heads up that she was gonna turn me down as she is well in fact in a relationship, it was a bitter pill to swallow but a pill I expected I was gonna take. I waited for her to approach me but the day ended without her telling me a concrete answer.
The following day we had to meet again for the same program and by the advice of my friends and sister was to give her space and not to talk to her unless she did first, nothing special happened that afternoon as there was awkward air around us and it's clear we've been avoiding each other until I talked to her before we went home. I gave her my favorite pen and told her "I'm not giving it to you I'm lending it and once the program ends, I'll come back for that and your answer" and it's been awkward since then, we talk from time to time due to the program and still see each other I was lowkey expecting her to give me back my pen imidiately the day after but she didn't I also noticed that she tries to be around my vicinity but not talk to me but talk to the people around me if that means something. we talk sometimes too but not like we used too, the program is about to end in a few weeks and we won't be able to see each other anymore that often, there's a part of me wishing that I should have never told her how I felt and maintained the status quo but there's a part of me that's relieved that I did. Either way now I wait.
Now I ask you guys what are my chances? Should I just kept my mouth shut? And please spare me the lecture I've heard it all. And if you read this far thank you for hearing me out.
TL:DR: Confessed to a friend, things are awkward, and want to know if I did the right thing.
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2023.06.03 09:47 Extasion LGBTphobia

Sorry for the rant girls but I'm a bit taken aback by what I witnessed in the last 2 days.
I am a mod in a champion discord and made a Pride pfp, the mod approved it because he's part of the girlies too.
Ever since, I got members that were there for years, "friends" call Pride grooming children. One "friend" called it grooming, drag/trans people pedophiles pushing their gender change agenda, etc. Most of the hate was towards trans people, most of them were fine with LGB. I tried my best to argue with them but I don't think I changed their mind. I also witnessed a bit of racism, because why not at that point.
The words they were using, it looked like straight out conservative TwitteFox News (even though some of them were Europeans). How can you have this kind of rhetoric when you live in a first world country and even worse, when you're atheist. I would get it if you're religious, they're just inherently hateful, but as an atheist ?
They just proved to me that we really do need Pride and educate more people on the trans matters.
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2023.06.03 09:46 Mrozzbak-_- AITA for “disrespecting” my teacher

So I go to a tuition centre which teaches math and all sciences. Yesterday there was a class with a new teacher who was teaching me for the first time. I during that time was not so active during class thanks to my amazing sleep schedule. Anyways, after he taught the class the head of the TC asked me to stay back for math. Note that the teacher was teaching physics. The same teacher came back in and started going through physics, I was definitely not that happy with this as I scored exceptionally well in physics. I also felt quite bad after the teacher lied to me saying that I had math. After he revised through one topic, he asked me a question to which I replied and he said it was correct, he asked me another set of questions which I didn’t understand. So I said I didn’t know, he was not happy about that either as he revised through it in the class before. After this he spent the next 45 minutes asking us about our lives and stuff. One of his questions was, what my favourite subject was, I didn’t have any specific favourite subject, I took all of them equally and I didn’t like the teachers that taught them at school so I said it straight to his face that I didn’t have much interest in any of them except for digital design or in other words computer science.
The next day I got to know that he complained to the head of TC saying that I don’t have any interest and am attending classes for time pass, he neglected that I solved one question out of the three and said that I didn’t answer any of his question. He also said that I don’t deserve him…. I burst out of tears upon hearing this because I don’t think I said anything that’s wrong, I said my own opinion to which he thought that I was wrong. I don’t know why but he also said that I disrespected his class and him….
AITA for this?
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2023.06.03 09:45 Sushi_chan18 Weekly Manga Live Tracker: 03-06-2023 to 09-06-2023

This Table updates every 15 mins. You can save this post and come back later! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Top Manga in last hour
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- My Junior at the Company Was A Witch - Ch. 11 189
My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago - Chapter 174 59
Gori-sen ~The type of PE teacher to die first during a panic~ Ch. 69.5 42
Moto Ansatsusha, Tensei Shite Kizoku no Reijou ni Narimashita ( Ch. 4.2 ) 24
Shinozaki-kun no Mente Jijou - Chapter 26 15
Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru - Ch. 69 10
Sousai Shojo Teien Activity Diary - Vol. 92 8
Under Ninja - Chapter 23 7
new Umeko-chan is in Love - Vol. 1 Ch. 2 (oh hi :D) 1
←→ Silver Spoon (OZAWA Mari) - Chapter 53.1 1
Top 50 Manga in last 24 hours
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←→ Telework Yotabanashi - Bonus Chapter 20.5 by Kintetsu Yamada (Sweat and Soap) 4093
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch 37&41 2100
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Chapter 42 1511
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 9 1304
←→ Otaku Grandma Chapter 1 1190
←→ - Dating the Kind of Girl You Shouldn't Get Involved With - Ch. 49 957
←→ Mato Seihei no Slave - Chapter 108: Shangri-La 869
←→ "100 Days Until the Female President and the New Employee Have xxx" has been cancelled 689
←→ Kaguhara's Fetish Notebook - Chapter 9.1 595
←→ Beat & Motion - Chapter 8 545
←→ Nick & Lever - Chapter 66 517
←→ Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World Chapter 170 Leviatan Scans 452
←→ Ishigami Senki/Saga of the Stone God, Chs. 1 and 2 (Animated Glitch Scans Version) 337
←→ Kitazawa-kun Is in A class - Ch. 9 290
Hirayasumi by Shinzo Keigo - Chapter 50 281
Tatari (Ch. 2) 262
Modern MoGal Chapter 264 - Beach Memories 253
←→ Maria no Danzai - Chapter 3 247
- Kitazawa-kun wa A Class Ch. 8 229
Mato Seihei no Slave - Chapter 108 RAW 229
J and M (Ch. 1) 215
- My Junior at the Company Was A Witch - Ch. 11 191
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi - Chapter 56.1 173
The Pension Life Vampire - Chapter 8 159
Infinite Level up in Murim Chapter 151 121
Rosen Garten・Saga - Episode44「自信 ~Komplex~」 RAW 109
←→ Living With a Kunoichi (Oshinobi Dousei) Ch. 13 by Ponto Gotanda from What's Typesetting? 109
The Incompetent Woman Wants to Be a Villainess ~ The Young Lady Who Married as a Substitute for Her Stepsister Didn't Notice the Duke's Doting! (Ch. 2.2) 87
←→ Me and my gangster neighbour - Chapter 23 86
←→ Living With a Kunoichi (Oshinobi Dousei) Ch. 14 by Ponto Gotanda from What's Typesetting? 82
Gensou Gourmet Ch. 24 68
Shiroyama to Mita-San: Ch. 21 - 30 by Kusakabe Yuuhei 65
My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago - Chapter 174 56
Isekai Kokka Alchimaira: Saijaku no Ou to Musou no Gunzei - Ch. 7.2 54
Spotlight - Chapter 13 (END) 52
←→ Baki Dou (2018) - Chapter 150 51
Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~ - Chapter 51 48
Gori-sen ~The type of PE teacher to die first during a panic~ Ch. 69.5 44
←→ Deatte Hitotsuki de Zecchou Jorei! - Ch. 31 43
←→ Demon Instructor at the Royal Academy of Magic » Ch. 6 43
Player - Chapter 159 - Immortal Updates 34
←→ The Soul Spewing Wielder - Chapter 6 33
←→ How Do I Get Together With My Childhood Friend? - Chapter 12 33
Moto Ansatsusha, Tensei Shite Kizoku no Reijou ni Narimashita ( Ch. 4.2 ) 26
Rosen Garten・Saga - Episode44「自信 ~Komplex~」RAW 20
Magic Level 99990000 All-Attribute Great Sage-Chapter 30 20
←→ Hellper 2: Killberos Chapter 55 Cubari 18
The Ember Knight Episode 105 16
The Knight and Her Emperor - Ch. 185 16
new Shinozaki-kun no Mente Jijou - Chapter 26 15
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←→ Chainsaw Man - Chapter 131 6836
←→ The inescapable trap (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) 6229
←→ Telework Yotabanashi - Bonus Chapter 20.5 by Kintetsu Yamada (Sweat and Soap) 4093
←→ - Ganbare, Douki-chan - Ch. 223 (Extra) 3742
The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Extra chapter 3543
- One Punch Man - Chapter 185 3541
←→ Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! - Chapter 142 3390
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Ch. 38 & 39 3139
←→ Nan Hao & Shang Feng Ch. 104 - At the beach 3076
←→ When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - Ch 37 by @zyugoya 3042
←→ SPY x FAMILY - Chapter 81 2991
←→ The Grim Reaper Falls In Love With A Human (ch 0) 2877
←→ Dandadan - Chapter 108 2813
←→ - Senpai of the photography club - Ch. 1-10 2801
←→ What Happens Inside the Dungeon, Side Story - Chapter 1 2473
←→ Ignorant girl ◯◯ years later... - ch.1 2446
←→ - The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch. 35 2439
←→ Nevertheless (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) 2337
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling 8 2307
←→ I Was Reincarnated As The Scumbag From a Netorare Manga, But The Heroine is Coming On To Me - Chapter 3 2189
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Ch 37&41 2100
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... Chapter 37 2071
←→ - The Story That the Transfer Student Was My Favorite Voice Actor - Ch. 1-2.2 2044
←→ Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta (Twitter Extras) - Chapter 66 2021
←→ Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 224 2017
←→ Go-Senpai's Counselling Session 5 2006
←→ - Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute Ch. 53 1915
←→ Guessing Game - Oneshot (by @POPON050707) 1818
←→ New Senpai Girlfriend - Oneshot (by @POPON050707) 1793
←→ - Until This Social Outcast Becomes My Wife... - Ch. 1 (By Giba-chan) 1728
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 7 1723
←→ Mato Seihei no Slave Vol. 13 omake raw 1687
←→ Yancha Gal no Anjou-san - Ch 150 1654
- The Case In Which Streaming In Another World Led To The Creation Of A Massive Yandere Following - Ch. 2 1621
- Sad Words Yield Many Blossoms - Oneshot 1620
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Chapter 36 1568
←→ SAKAMOTO DAYS - Chapter 120 1536
←→ The Cool Classmate ◯◯ Years Later... - Chapter 42 1511
←→ Izakaya Onee-san - Oneshot (by @POPON050707) 1445
←→ - I'm Worried About My Classmate Who's Covered in Bruises - Ch. 14 1421
←→ What Happens Inside the Dungeon, Side Story - Chapter 2 1319
- Less than a Sister - Oneshot 1314
What Happens Inside the Dungeon, Side Story - Chapter 3 1310
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 9 1306
←→ Mashle: Magic and Muscles - Chapter 157 1265
←→ Go-Senpai's Counseling Session 6 1246
←→ My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps! - Chapter 3 1198
Otaku Grandma Chapter 1 1189
You and I are Polar Opposites - Chapter 32 1176
←→ - Getsuyoubi no Tawawa - Ep. 432 1152
Last Update: 08:00:02-03/06 IST
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2023.06.03 09:42 ayush721997 iPad Air M1 vs iPad Pro 11” (M1)

I’m looking to get an iPad for myself. Use cases are :
  1. Browsing regarding college research papers and basically lecture stuff.
  2. Word & Excel and note-taking. (I am new to the world of digital note-taking as I’ve always written down stuff on paper all my life)
  3. Occasional Netflix & Videos & hopefully content creation.
  4. Rare & light gaming
  5. I am really intrigued by the world of graphic design & digital art et al, so I’d be actively looking to learn to make stuff and sell it on etsy and print stores etc. (I’ve an M1 MacBook but idk why I’ve never really managed to use the graphic design and art apps as it does not feel intuitive(?).
I’m getting a deal where an iPad Air M1 64GB is around £430. (Wifi only)
The iPad Air M1 (Cellular is £460)
Finally, the iPad Pro 11” M1 is £490 (Wifi).
Which one do you guys suggest?
P.S. I come from a world of zero acquaintance of high-refresh rates. I’m sort of a tech info nerd kinda person so ik what it means and everything, but I’ve never owned a device with higher refresh rates so I don’t really know how it feels irl as compared to the normal 60hz.
(long shot but there’s also the 64GB Mini 6 for £360)
submitted by ayush721997 to ipad [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:42 motorist56 Local multiplayer for Dolphin (mainline) not working

I have switched from Dolphin MMJR2 to mainline (due to discontinuation of MMJR2).
I am trying to play games like Mario Kart Wii on local multiplayer. I have two controllers: 'SN30pro' and 'SN30pro for android', which have slightly different inputs. When I try to map the controller keys, despite being on separate 'profiles', it only would map the input for one of the controllers (i.e., 'SN30pro for android' inputs for BOTH Wii Remote 1 and Wii Remote 2). Therefore, only the first controller works and the other one is not recognised by dolphin.
I have also tried anabling the 'Create Mappings for Other Devices' option, and changing the 'Device' to be SN30 pro for android for Remote 1, and SN30pro for Remote 2. None of these worked. I also have tried manually typing the inputs to include both, but if I do that, both of the controllers do not get recognised by dolphin. And yes, I have also looked online but couldn't find a good answer on this.
Is anyone playing local multiplayer on Dolphin MAINLINE and was able to figure out configuring two controllers with different mappings?
Additional Info: Device - Xperia 1 IV (8gen1 12gb RAM) Controllers - SN30Pro for Android & SN30Pro Dolphin - Mainline ver. 5.0-19229 
submitted by motorist56 to EmulationOnAndroid [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:41 Chikage420 Can't figure out how to build

This is driving me crazy, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to find the menu to open up my buidings in Drezen. I got to it once after I liberated the city, but I cannot figure out how to get back to it. Please help. This is driving me insane
Edit: I tried googling it, wording it many different ways, and cannot find the answer. This is my last resort 😭
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2023.06.03 09:39 emlint What MBTI type do you guys have?

I’m curious about which MBTI types could be more common amongst autistic people. I’m either an INFJ or INFP, tests seem to have a hard time figuring out if I’m judging or perceiving, so I get different results each time.
I’d also appreciate it if y’all can answer these additional questions, totally optional though.
  1. Are you formally diagnosed? If so, at what age did you receive your diagnosis?
  2. What level of autism do you have/were you diagnosed with aspergers?
  3. Do you identify as man, woman, or other? Were you assigned male at birth or assigned female at birth? (optional question, I totally understand if someone doesn’t want to share such information).
submitted by emlint to autism [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:38 No_Elephant_4992 What kind of deal was made? Or what should/can I do?

This might be kind of long and confusing but I’ll try to keep it short and simple, there’s a lot of other details I don’t really want to get into but I will if I have to. Someone I was friends with physically assaulted me for asking if he was messing around with my neighbor. She got him on drugs so he wasn’t (probably still isn’t) thinking right. So when he finally got arrested for it (and for stalking me) she tried to say I was ruining his life and all this other weird stuff that wasn’t true. She is doing a lot of illegal things like boosting and prostitution and probably selling drugs, she is definitely doing hard drugs. She said anything she can get in a needle she’s doing. I’m not sure what she got him on as I have left that whole situation. But during all this he called me from jail twice, I did not answer the first one it was at 4am when he was booked I’m assuming, and the second one was right after he got served the restraining order. I called the jail to tell them and I also made a report. He just got off house arrest at the beginning of April for a 4th degree felony (stolen guns I think). This time he got out after about 6 days and he was right back hanging out around the apartment complex the same night he got out which he was not allowed to do because of my restraining order. I was told to call the cops any time I see him over there so I called and I managed to get a picture. I was told to call his po about it also. So within 2 days of him being out he already got a probation violation and a restraining order violation. He is still out. He also put my address on all his court papers for his address. There is absolutely no proof he was in jail. There’s no records of him being booked or a mugshot or anything but he called me from jail so he was definitely there and I’ve been dealing with this thru courts for about 2 months. There is an informant that lives the apartments right beside where I use to live. Why would they let him out and let him stay out? Is he snitching on her? I’m honestly just so confused on how he could still be out after all the proof of him stalking me and being violent towards me. I have moved and I’m not close to them now, I just do not understand why he’s out and why there is no record of him ever being in jail for this.
submitted by No_Elephant_4992 to legaladvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:38 Last_Yam_4761 Some questions for SF6 on ps5

Answers to any or all of these is very much appreciated.
submitted by Last_Yam_4761 to StreetFighter [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:37 Loftandfound She just had a good shed a month ago, and now she’s got a pink belly… again?! Does a back to back shed ever happen as adults?

She just had a good shed a month ago, and now she’s got a pink belly… again?! Does a back to back shed ever happen as adults?
For context, I’ve only had her for a month and a half, but she is 7 years old. I’m not sure if she’s still stressed from the move, as she has also refused every meal this far. Temps and humidity are solid, she’s got 2 1/2 hides and rocks and other fun things to explore. She has been sleeping more again and with her belly now being pink from head to tail it looks exactly like her last shed. I’m just confused and worrying. And her not eating is a whole other issue (she was eating well bi weekly on f/t small rats at the shelter she was at). Any words of advice or wisdom would be helpful thank you!
submitted by Loftandfound to ballpython [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:37 Kilby- A bit concerned and looking for answers

Hi all. I'm a bit worried I might be coeliac. I'm pursuing it with my doctor but I don't know if I'm just panicking and drawing conclusions or if this is an actual possibility.
For background, I'm 34f and have hypothyroidism, b12 deficency, iron deficency, pcos and type 2 diabetes. I also have kidney issues that are being explored. I have to get b12 shots every three months and am on iron supplements at the moment but have had to have infusions in the past. I'm also on thyroid meds and that is controlled. My diabetes is also under control and yet I still feel like shit.
I'm not asking for a diagnosis, but I feel like I'm experiencing a lot of relevant symptoms, including really bad fatigue (could also be explained by the low iron), bad flatulence and I sometimes get an upset stomach (but i am lactose intolerant), itchy dry skin that is driving me insane, brain fog, insomnia, Irregular period, constipation, bad headaches and sometimes nausea.
I did a blood test a year ago because it was suspected then but didn't have the right markers to go any further. And while I'm desperate for answers because I feel like utter shit, I'm both worried I won't get an answer or I will be coeliac. Coeliac obviously means my whole life changes but the former means I don't know what's wrong with me. Either way it's crap.
Over the past four years I've dealt with multiple bad health diagnoses and I'm sick of always being sick. It's beginning to impact on my life quite seriously to the point I've had to ask for reasonable adjustments at work.
I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice the community might have or any reassurance.
submitted by Kilby- to Celiac [link] [comments]