Ink for hp officejet pro 9015

Efficiency and Versatility Combined: Exploring the HP Officejet 3830 All-in-One Printer

2023.05.30 09:11 hprinter5 Efficiency and Versatility Combined: Exploring the HP Officejet 3830 All-in-One Printer

The HP Officejet 3830 is a compact all-in-one printer designed for small offices and home use. With its sleek design and versatile functionality, it offers printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. The printer features wireless connectivity, allowing users to print directly from their smartphones or tablets.
It supports automatic double-sided printing, saving time and reducing paper consumption. The Officejet 3830 produces high-quality prints with sharp text and vibrant colors. Its intuitive control panel and easy setup make it user-friendly, while the HP Officejet 3830 driver ensures seamless integration with various operating systems.
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2023.05.30 05:28 igmyeongui What's the best but cheapest old server for an offsite TrueNAS backup on a budget?

I'll throw in 2x 20tb drives I have and have the server autostart to rclone my home server every week. I want this server to shutdown once the transfer is successful and to restart at a given day.
Would an old server like a Dell NX430, R620, HP ProLiant DL360P, etc, be enough for this task?
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2023.05.30 05:07 BreweryRabbit I can never get the timing right when cooking shrimp and pasta…

I can never get the timing right when cooking shrimp and pasta…
As the title states. Tonight I made squid ink pasta (store bought) with shrimp and cherry tomatoes. I can never seem to get the timing down on the shrimp and always end up overcooking it a touch… or a lot… I usually add it right when the noodles go in or shortly before (depending on the noodle). Is there some sort of pro-tip to nailing the timing for delicate ingredients like that?
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2023.05.30 01:45 DerangedRavens [USA-TX][H] 18 TB WD External Hard Drives, Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 7 1700, RX 5700 XT's, Mechanical Keyboard Switches [W] Local Cash or PayPal, ATH-M50xBT2, or Beyerdynamic DT 700 ProX

Item Condition Price Availability
PowerColor RX 5700 XT Refurbished. These cards were pulled from a shipment of Gigabyte GPU servers that we received. The cards were fanless before (as pictured in the timestamps) but we've swapped out the complete heatsink assembly for brand new ones with fans. These cards have been repasted, repadded and benchmarked. (They do run a little bit toasty under load but it's still within an acceptable range). $140 shipped / $130 local Available
Ryzen 7 1700 Used. Purchased in bulk from one of our clients. They've all been tested previously with no bent pins. $50 shipped / $45 local 9 Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (111 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $230 shipped / $225 local Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (116 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $230 shipped / $225 local Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (5, 845 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $200 shipped / $195 local Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (23 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $230 shipped / $225 local Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (5, 709 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $200 shipped / $195 local Available
18 TB WD External Hard Drive (4, 331 Hours) Used. It's been tested using CrystalDiskInfo for bad sectors and have been wiped clean. The enclosure has some scratches on it and will come with a USB and power cable. The hard drive is also shuckable. $200 shipped / $195 local Available
Gateron Silver Pro Switches Brand New, Bulk I bought these switches to use them in some of my keyboard builds, these are the left overs. $0.20/Switch+Shipping / $0.20/Switch local, Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50. Available
Gateron Milky Yellow KS-3 Switches Brand New, Bulk These switches are some of the most popular linear switches. They're brand new and was purchased in bulk. $0.20/Switch+Shipping / $0.20/Switch local, Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50. Available
Gateron Black Ink V2 Switches Brand New, Bulk I bought these switches to use them in some of my keyboard builds, these are the left overs. $0.70/Switch+Shipping / $0.70/Switch local, Free Shipping for orders over $50. Available
Gateron North Pole V2 Yellow Switches Brand New, Bulk These were bought in bulk with the rest of the switches, I wanted to try some out but I didn't really like them (a bit too heavy). $0.65/Switch+Shipping / $0.65/Switch local, Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50. Available
Gateron Oil King Switches Brand New, Bulk These switches are some of the most popular linear switches. They're brand new and was purchased in bulk. $0.60/Switch+Shipping / $0.60/Switch local, Free Standard Shipping for orders over $50. Available
For local deals my zip code is: 77407 (Richmond/Katy/Houston)
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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2023.05.30 01:28 Dev4f [US-FL][H] Ai03 Vega e-white, gmmk pro, bakeneko65, savage65, GMK sets, switch sets, deskpads [W] PayPal

Hello MM,I was running a keyboard building service and currently dont have the time to keep it up, so I am selling what stock I have left!
If you buy 3 items ill give a nice discount, most prices are negotiable!
CONUS Only. Please comment before PM, chats will be ignored.
ai03 Vega e-white built once for a youtube video $425
Savage65 - used, bought in group-sale on MM a while back, stupidfish foam $120 obo SOLD
bakeneko65 -comes with pandas? (not sure also got from a MM deal) $120 obo
GMMK Pro -Polycarbonate plate, extra alu plate, gold knob $120 obo

KEYCAPS Notes Price
MK Rainy Day base kit BNIB $200
GMK Maestro - mounted once for youtube video $150

SWITCHES Notes Price
NK Creams 55g spring - unused - 80ct $35 SOLD
Gateron Silent Ink V2 - unused - 120 count $40 SOLD
Gazzew U4T RGB switches - unused - 110 ct - 62g spring $50 SOLD
Gateron Yellow PRO BNIB, 70 ct (2x 35ct sets) $25

EXTRAS Notes Price
DUROCK V2 Stab - smokey screw-in stabs, (2u x4, 6.25u x1) $12
TX Stabilizer Set - Black, WK(6.25u) / 1.6mm PCB $10
Beginner Keyboard Tool Set includes paintbrush, tweezer, stem holder, and switch puller $5
Onmitype Deskpads Periwinkle BNIB, Ocean BNIB, Rose (opened and used once for video) $15

CONUS Only. Please comment before PM, chats will be ignored.
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2023.05.29 23:40 conflictedideology Is there a good printer for elderly parents?

What would you like to accomplish?

I would like to not have to constantly provide printer support to my early 80s parents.

Are there any models you are currently looking at?

Sorry I don't know the actual models. There aren't any that I'm looking at but they had an HP all-in-one and between the ink situation and wifi issues it would work when I would fix it and then wouldn't when they needed to print later.
They also have a Canon all-in-one that would never, ever stay connected to wifi (I had to reinstall everything every time but then it would just stop in the next day or three) so I direct connected it to one of their computers ("Just send it to Mom's computer and print from there") but that's also apparently a problem.

More Details:

Questions Answers
Budget: There is literally no limit to the amount of money I would pay to be able to not have to deal with the slew of calls and texts saying "We can't print our medications and we have a doctor's appt tomorrow, this is a massive emergency!" several times a month
Country: USA
Color or black and white: I'd like to say black and white but I'm not sure if their occasional cruises/luggage tags require color
Laser or ink printer: Whatever will work
New or used: whatever will work
Multi-function: They do seem to need to occasionally copy/scan stuff. No fax.
Duplex Printing: Nope
Home or business: Home
Printing content: Mostly recipes from websites/LibreOffice, stuff for doctor's appts, or cruise luggage tags
Printing frequency: several times a month (but why they can't reuse what they just printed for one doctor for the other is beyond me)
Pages per minute : any
Page size: usually standard 8.5x11
Device printing from: PC
Connection type: Wifi never seems to work for them (or rather keep working for any length of time after I connect it) but yeah ideally wifi.

Any other details:

I think I've described the situation but I'm absolutely happy to answer any questions/provide more info though Im not sure how much more there could be.
Please help me.
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2023.05.29 22:29 MaAdele3 What are the Top 10 Best Desktops for Video Editing?

This desktop features a 27-inch 5K Retina display with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels.

This desktop is designed for professional users who require the best performance for their video editing needs.

This desktop is another great option for professional video editors who require top-notch performance.

This desktop is designed for professionals who require reliable performance for their video editing needs.

This compact desktop is designed for professionals who require a powerful and portable solution for their video editing needs.

This compact desktop is designed for users who require a powerful yet space-saving solution for their video editing needs.

This desktop is designed for users who require a powerful solution for both gaming and video editing needs.

This desktop is designed for users who require a powerful solution for both gaming and video editing needs.

This desktop is designed for users who require a powerful solution for their video editing needs.

This all-in-one desktop is designed for users who require a powerful yet compact solution for their video editing needs.

Read More:
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2023.05.29 22:23 z3hero3z [US-CA] [H] Keyboards, Numpad, Switches, Keycaps [W] Paypal

Timestamp 1
Timestamp 2 (WoB and IFK)
Hey mm!
I'm doing a spring/summer cleaning in order to make space for more stuff. All prices are shipped within CONUS with all prices OBO.
Feel free to reach out if you want additional pictures! Please leave a comment before pm.
Located in OC 92843. Willing to meet local.
Keyboards/Numpad Description Price
Keychron Q1 V2 Knob Black. Barebones, excellent condition. Stabs installed and tuned $120 shipped SOLD FOR ASKING to u/toadx60
Ginkgo65 Black/copper bottom. Stabs installed and tuned. PC plate $180 shipped OBO
Idobao Montex Black. Alu top/bottom + extra acrylic bottom + stabs installed and tuned $50 shipped OBO
Bolsa Supply pbt WOB Hiragana New, opened box to check contents. $40 shipped w tray or $30 in bags OBO - Decided to keep
IFK Monochrome Used for less than 2 weeks. No shine. Excellent condition. $60 shipped OBO
Monokei Series 1 WoB Used for less than 2 weeks. No shine. Excellent condition. $60 shipped OBO
PBTfans Twist (Hiragana) Used for less than 1 week. No shine. Excellent condition $75 shipped w tray or $65 in bags OBO
CK Nicepbt Black-on-Grey Used for less than 2 weeks. No shine. Excellent condition $40 shipped w tray or $30 in bags OBO
Drop Skylight Series (Valiant) BNIB $30 shipped w tray or $20 in bags OBO
NK K-2SO Used for less than a month. No shine, excellent condition $75 shipped w tray or $65 in bags OBO
JWK T1 (110x) L+F, Broken-In. 150k actuations $115 shipped OBO
KTT White Kang (98x) Lubed $50 shipped OBO
Black Inks V2 (107x) L+F, Broken-In. 1.2m actuations $125 shipped OBO
Black Cherry Pies (70x) L+F, cherry top, carrot stem, MM nylon bottom with 55g springs $80 shipped OBO
Kailh Pro Purple (66x) Lubed on railings only $20 shipped OBO
Kailh Box Red (91x) Stock, factory lubed $20 shipped OBO
Gateron Green (90x) Stock, factory lubed $20 shipped OBO
Ink Dream Creams (90x) Oiled and lubed. NK dream cream housing, 70g springs, V2 gat baltic ink stems $45 shipped OBO
Gateron Milky Yellow Pro (87x) Stock, factory lubed $20 shipped OBO
Gateron CAP Golden Yellow (70x) L+F $40 shipped OBO
Wrist Rest
Purple Resin Wristrest Fits up to TKL $20 shipped - SOLD FOR $15 LOCAL to u/zqnhvu

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2023.05.29 21:35 otototototo Since the patch notes are happening soon I made a bingo card for them

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2023.05.29 20:50 Express-Bike-2836 Which SSD storage drive would be most recommended from these 3?

Crucial for 103 euro
WD blue for 98 euro
Or fanxiang for 80 euro.

They all meet the speed requirements and have 2TB's.
Just curious whether one particular brand from any of them would be recommended?
My laptop is a HP Omen 16, c0000.
Is there any way to double check compatibility of the chip before purchase? (I know the crucial is compatible, unsure about the others).
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2023.05.29 20:40 BERTHA77 WTT: EHX pedals and non-pedal gear/software WTTF: Reverb

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is great. I'm really seeking one of a few different reverb pedals. Specifically the Strymon BigSky, Empress Reverb, or Meris Mercury7. I've also been looking for an OBNE Minim, OBNE BL-44, or Land Devices HP-2.
These are the things I'm trying to let go of. Happy to even out either side with cash but my bandwidth there isn't super flexible right now. Just let me know if you have any questions or feel free to chat me with an offer. Happy to take cash offers on any of the items and I have way more flexibility on trading the NI keyboard/software for items outside of the reverbs.

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2023.05.29 20:10 inspork I’m an illustrator who makes pen-and-ink style art on Procreate. How do you work to achieve a “natural” look?

I’m an illustrator who makes pen-and-ink style art on Procreate. How do you work to achieve a “natural” look?
Hi, all. First post. Like the title says, I use to be a pen-and-ink illustrator. I still use that traditional medium in my sketchbook, but I’ve been drawing digitally in this style for 4 years.
Lately I’ve been putting a more focused effort on a more natural look to my digital drawings. I use to utilize the straight line tool a lot. Zoom in until I see only pixels to ensure every stroke was just where I wanted it to be.
I’m currently trying to relax and give that up a bit. Not zooming in too far, not worrying so much. I have also added a distressed/off white texture underneath the drawing so it’s not a sharp white background.
If anyone here uses ProCreate to make art that replicates traditional mediums, I’d love to hear how you go about achieving that effect, any other tips and tricks you might have! Thanks.
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Time stamp: ...... ........
ZERO ROUNDS DOWN THE BARREL, SPIKES 16 inch LE barreled upper, New T marked upper receiver square forged, New Spikes chrome lined 1/7 twist 5.56 NATO chamber, carbine gas, New lo pro gas block and New melonite gas tube, MP HP tested barrel, used STRGR VYPR 15 inch MLOK hand guard, New MBUS Gen 2 sights and New A2 flash hider, used bcg and used Radian Raptor LT charge handle .............$450 shipped or $375 shipped less bcg, charge handle and sights
ppff for payment
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2023.05.29 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, May 29 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms
Comments Link
Wagner boss attacks Russia's defense minister, says his daughter and son-in-law live in luxury while thousands are sent to die in Ukraine
Comments Link
French medical bodies on Sunday called on authorities to punish researcher Didier Raoult for "the largest 'unauthorized' clinical trial ever seen" into the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19
Comments Link


Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans
Comments Link
Man dies after going days in Duval County jail without medication, family says
Comments Link
Cleveland 19 News receives bomb threat against 5 Targets as stores face LGBTQ+ controversy
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Stem cells from the human stomach can be converted into cells that secrete insulin in response to rising blood sugar levels, offering a promising approach to treating diabetes, according to a preclinical study
Comments Link
For the first time, astronomers have detected a cyclone on the north pole of Uranus.
Comments Link
The brain’s protein-destruction machine learns new tricks at synapses, revealing a potential target for treating neurological disorders
Comments Link


I discovered this planetary nebula using a $500 camera lens, now it carries my name
Comments Link
Milky Way framed by Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah
Comments Link
Almost 11 years ago precisely, my crewmates and I captured and docked the very first SpaceX Dragon capsule. Here are some photos I took during the approach. More details in comments.
Comments Link


Nvidia CEO Says Those Without AI Expertise Will Be Left Behind
Comments Link
Study: GPT-4 didn't really score 90th percentile on the bar exam. Implications for the future of the legal profession and AI are discussed.
Comments Link
NVIDIA creates a Minecraft AI that codes and self-improves (using ChatGPT)
Comments Link


What simple mistake has ended lives?
Comments Link
What is something that young people love that you don’t understand?
Comments Link
You can permanently change the price of one item to $1. What is it?
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TIL of the Jim twins, separated at birth and reunited at 39: both had married and divorced someone named Linda, were currently married to a Betty, had sons named James Allan, had dogs named Toy, drove the same car, had jobs in security, and regularly vacationed at the same beach in Florida
Comments Link
TIL that in 67 C.E, Emperor Nero found a Boy named Sporus Who looked Like his deceased Wife, so he had him Castrated, Put in female attire, and made his entire Court play along with the act
Comments Link
TIL Stanford engineers made a folding origami microscope that costs less than $1 to make. 50,000 microscopes were shipped to 130 countries in 2014 to see what people will do with it
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Indy 500 Advertisements vs Racing [OC]
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[OC] Premier League 22/23 table by matchday.
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[OC] Some of the top revenue sources for big tech firms
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Is cooking your Love Language?
Comments Link
Rant: I always mess up the food when I’m cooking for larger groups.
Comments Link
What accidental purchase have you made that in now a regular purchase?
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[homemade] Esquites sweet corn salad (Elote derivative)
Comments Link
[homemade] Lasagna
Comments Link
[I ate] Canadian Poutine
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A rare 1914 silent film called "The Oath of the Sword" was considered lost forever. A professor rescued it from a vault.
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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Scoring 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem’
Comments Link
What’s a movie that you absolutely love but know will never ever get a sequel or reboot?
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How May I Help You?, Jon Silent, Ink and Acrylic, 2023
Comments Link
Eat your water, Alai Ganuza, oil painting, 2023
Comments Link
Vineyard, Olga Rodina, Oils, 2023
Comments Link


Phil Hartman: 25 years after the actor's tragic death, his work still resonates
Comments Link
George Maharis Dies: ‘Route 66’ & ‘Fantasy Island’ Actor Was 94
Comments Link
A bittersweet goodbye to ‘Barry’: The cast on the dramatic turns of the hit man comedy
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Somebody went full math at a casino stairwell
Comments Link
Sandra Bullock wore “the dress” before JLo did.
Comments Link
Just some finishing touches before we close in the void
Comments Link


Good kid spots neighbor's dropped wallet in driveway, returns it.
Comments Link
King Cobra vs. Mongoose
Comments Link
Ship Is Destroyed By Huge Wave During Coastguard Rescue
Comments Link


Geological evolution of North America in the last 550 millon years
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The core of this rope is made of diapers
Comments Link
This green stop sign
Comments Link
This vehicle had an extra set of wheels that weren’t touching the ground
Comments Link


A full 360 swing
Comments Link
*Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition Timelapse *
Comments Link
Dry Squirrel Asks Human for a Drink of Water.
Comments Link


Well that mall doesn’t have to mop. The floor is getting done.
Comments Link
An old Cricket Wireless was turned into a chicken restaurant in possibly the most lazy/ingenious way possible…
Comments Link
Jesus Christ!
Comments Link


What’s this?
Comments Link
Family of racoons in my yard.
Comments Link
I forgot to lock my dorm room and this cat casually opened the door, climbed into my bed and made herself at home
Comments Link
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2023.05.29 15:53 storytelling_gregg HP Latex 110 - bringing it back from the dead

Hello -
I am an artist who uses a commercial printer, printing baked latex ink on vinyl as part of my practice. I took a break with creating art for a few years and I am trying to get my machine (HP Latex 110) back up and running. Looking for any advice someone may have. The machine works and turns on but print quality is not good, do you think any DIY cleaning of the printheads would work, using kits with syringes and sponges, or is replacing all the printheads and inks the way to go. I've spent a lot of time troubleshooting with this machine over the years, running cleaning cycles and test print after test print, so thanks in advance for any advice.
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2023.05.29 15:53 Famas_1234 Whose track is this? How to spot FFXIV music composer by hearing (analysis + review)

Whose track is this? How to spot FFXIV music composer by hearing (analysis + review)

Cover image: Composers of FFXIV Endwalker (Famitsu, Feb 2022). Staffs (left-right): T. Imamura, M.Soken, D. Ishikawa
Yeah it's me talking about FFXIV soundtrack again. The TLDR is in Part 1 (scroll below)
It seems that FFXIV has so many tracks then some people recently figured it out which track is composed/arranged by whom just by hearing. I don't have experience on music producing, but at least I can hear and spot a bit for newer tracks including 6.4. This is for me the naive method to find and spot the composer style and pattern. Although this post can be "in-depth", I'm a bit not sure as that needs proper knowledge on music composing and producing, which I don't have that much for now. If you're working on music stuffs, you can also share the composition breakdown too. I assume you know better than me for this.
The scope I'm using is composers of Shadowbringers and up because we no longer saw previous composers done something after those. I refer to previous composers like ARTUS Inc. and other companies. Although I want to include Yukiko Takada, I'm not sure if she's still working for FFXIV or SE after 5.x so I opted her out as ongoing composer pls hope she's in FFXVI. However, the tracks are not limited to past expansions like Soken's work in the past such as pre-ShB.
Currently the composer lineup is the lead M. Soken himself, T. Imamura, D. Ishikawa, and the new one Saya Yasaki, who debuted from patch 6.1 and up. In case of Yasaki, I'll plan for a separate appreciation post but I have to wait until full 6.x album which is kinda long. Third party composers like Y. Suzuki usually get hired again for few orchestral tracks, at least for each album, so I can still opt him in the guide. The Primals is included. but still discussed in the style of the music for a bit. As I said above, each composer has distinct style in other ways. The purpose of the writing is to guess and spot the composer.
Let's get started. Please beware the tracks maybe a spoiler up to 6.4, but if you don't mind it's fine too.

Part 1: General

This will be a short explanation on what and how they usually do in the composition. I'll say this is basically the TLDR for Parts 2 and beyond


Usually some composers are assigned to do their own scope. For example, composer A only does particular series whereas others like B and C do another series. Sometimes they collaborate together to produce a track. That also describes their style on doing tracks. For example in this current case, Imamura is assigned to do more modern tracks like rock and techno genre, Ishikawa is assigned for orchestral tracks, Yasaki is assigned for more calming tracks, and so on. For example:
  1. Imamura: mostly early parts of Eden raids, Bozja content, and others with modern genres
  2. Ishikawa: mostly dungeon parts with orchestral sounds
  3. Yasaki: mostly calming parts which also includes Alliance Raid dungeon themes
  4. Soken is the oddball here since he's the lead composer. He can be involved anywhere. But previously he worked on main melodies like field music

General mixing

This one is a bit tricky to hear because some are similar. However, the mixing is combined with samples so composers have characteristics in terms of mixing. Example:
  1. Imamura: bass and treble are more clearer. Not as complex as Soken
  2. Ishikawa: the same, but a bit less prominent
  3. Yasaki: can't say due to few tracks, but at least still clear
  4. Soken: likes to dump all to mids especially drums. some instruments don't get the spotlight together due to complexity

General composition style

Assignments can influence composition style. Recurring leitmotifs usually used for driving the melody. Some composers break those leitmotifs apart to carefully place into most crucial moments in their composition
  1. Ishikawa usually uses the piano in the orchestral piece. If it's in band environment, there should be teraditional instruments. He can break leitmotifs into some pieces as if they were hidden in plain sight. In terms of genre, he's playing it safe
  2. Imamura usually takes the modern approach. If you ask me, he's the modern Soken (is it though?). He's a bit unhinged at some times especially when he composed techno tracks. The composition is a bit stable which is noticeable in rock songs
  3. Yasaki's output is still unknown but at least produces some calm output except the hippo ride
  4. Soken is the prelude enjoyer and leitmotif abuser. But he knows how to outdo even with those two factors. His composition is sometimes experimental, a driving force to other composers to do the same. He likes to change movements to make composition interesting. Most prominent on drum progression..

Part 2: Instrument and Genre Usage

In this part, I will break their instrument usage by its genre, from the samples to individual composition style. For tracks, I intentionally don't include the link as I will mentioned repeated examples. Go find in Youtube, at least in private browsing in case you don't want to screw your recommendations. Seriously, annotation is as mess in long posts.


Samples, soundfonts, whatever you say...
In case they're doing arrangements involving drum set, those tracks become obvious. Each composer has their own drum samples. Here are the examples just to hear the drums:
  1. M. Soken: What Angel Wakes Me, A Long Fall, To the Edge
  2. T. Imamura: Fierce Air Forceth, Blinding Indigo, Blood on the Wind
  3. D. Ishikawa: The Extreme (Shadowbringers), Seven Flames
While the others have single drum set samples which seems fine, Soken has so many drum samples that it can be inconsistent in case of which drum did he use. With that, let's flashback a bit on his drum samples across the expansions, let's say prior Heavensward and Stormblood. While the generation seems out of scope, it's still him so I want to bring it historically.
On Heavensward, he's started not to shy away for his quirks about genre exploration. But we're talking about drums now. The best example is Alexander series (Locus, Brute Justice, Exponential Entropy, and Rise). You can hear today how old that sound is. Onward to Stormblood, at that time the drum composition split into two samples, the "retro" one and the "modern" one. The retro one is used when he was arranging Uematsu's music back in Omega raids, and the modern one was what he usually composed during these days, including his work on The Four Lords series. Here are the examples:
  1. The retro leans into more treble sound with muddy mids: A Battle Decisively, Dancing mad IV, Amatzu Kaze
  2. The modern is safer and more balanced: Final not Final, Wayward Daughter, Sunrise, From the Dragon's Wake
But that's just me, I divided his samples and mixing into two. It might be the same samples at all. I can't really comment on his ShB drums besides What Angel Wakes Me because some tracks involving drums were not him, but rather ARTUS Inc. which i don't cover here.
Back to the scope. Imamura has his own samples which is kinda different if we hear the others. His samples are a bit modern, with clear sounding of cymbals and kick. I can hear it clearly. It's something that we can praise for the sound upgrade. Ishikawa rarely done some band arrangements but his premise was at least there. The sound is at least clearer too.
The style
The second one is the style. Some are simple, some are great, but some are maybe unrealistic. Each composer has their own style on composing the drums and percussion. Let's hear again, I'll post the obvious:
  1. Soken: Infinity, From the Dragon's Wake, Hic Svnt Leones, Battle II (Endwalker), Embers
  2. Imamura: Black Wolf Stalks Again, Wrath of the Harrier, On Blade's Edge, Scream
  3. Ishikawa: I can't find anything besides what I mentioned before
Save Soken for a while, I gonna discuss Imamura first. He's the stable and consistent guy. This composition seems a bit more realistic, maybe inline with what we usually hear from The Primals arrange. Black Wolf and On Blade's Edge give similar style which I can associate for Scream. I think Scream is a bit slower on the refrain but at least the premise is there that his style is prominent.
Soken on the other hand...what just happened? Alright you got it, the style is drastically different. He likes fast paced drums with unconventional writing, perhaps too ambitious it can become unrealistic. I appreciate its complexity though. This becomes apparent during The Primals arrangement where the drum composition is a bit different. Compare A Long Fall the original version to band version as the example, or Rise band version too if you want to hear again. How about the fanmade cover? At least I found Joe Muntal doing great drum cover on HSL and Embers. That aside, Soken's not always fast, you can hear the slow parts even though it's still fast, eScape for example when the music towards refrain. He likes to change drum progression and movements, something that becomes a challenge for drum covers.
To differentiate Imamura and Soken composition, another evidence between these two is how it's constructed. Sleeping Penguin did some transcription for HSL and Scream. Then, you know the picture.
That's all for the drums, but how about the other aspects?


Guitars are the powerful part of FFXIV music, ranging from leads and rhythms. But don't forget about the acoustic part. I assume composers already done guitars in some ways and methods. Let's (re)hear the following:
  1. Imamura: lead heavy with clear sound, more acoustic performance. Examples: Black Wolf Stalks Again, Wrath of the Harrier, The Nautilus Knoweth
  2. Ishikawa: a bit heavier on rhythm, also can do acoustic. Examples: Where All Roads Lead, Seven Flames, The Ewer Brimmeth
  3. Soken: rhythm heavy (also fast), warm leads, some are a bit too metallic, chord progression is more personalized. See below for examples
To put it simply, Soken relies more on chords so he likes to emphasize the rhythm but he can also lead even though it's less obvious due to his mixing. On the other hand, Imamura likes to stand out with his leads. Moreover, Imamura also performed the acoustic more, which FFXIV lacked before. Besides these two, Ishikawa also likes to play rhythm more so it seems like he's still learning from what Soken does. His twist is that he's less for guitar, but more to string sections with the violin family (I'll discuss later in classic instruments)
Historically, Soken's guitar style is kinda different for each expansions. The most obvious is his Stormblood era where he liked to spam one chord for the buildup. What's that? I'll give the example:
  1. One chord buildup/progression: Wayward Daughter, eScape
  2. Journeys album: Rise, eScape, Sunrise
Yes, I mention eScape twice. This song has way too much influence for FFXIV music, or basically you can say "one of FFXIV musics of all time".
Have I mentioned retro stuffs in drums section? Yes, with addition, there are some treble sounding guitar compositions he usually likes to do. The examples are here:
  1. Treble-heavy guitar: A Battle Decisively, Dancing Mad IV, Dangertek, Amatsu Kaze
Another one is the progression which dubbed "The Soken Prog". This at least helps what happened until these days. This one is a bit older than the prog he used to do now. Recent example is P8S theme "White Stone Black"
PS: seriously, pre-ShB tracks are a bit like wild west like there's no standard of it. At least late Stormblood was getting stable
As a compilation, the amalgamation of those styles since ARR are into one track which is Endwalker - Footfalls. Each movement has different guitar style. There is one chord spam, the known progressions, warm leads, and more.


You want some fat bass or clear, trebled bass? I'll give example of how they sound like by the composers:
  1. Soken: emphasizes more on mids, sometimes a bit trebled. This one is prominent at "Dancing Mad IV". The bass also sounds muddy at that time so sometimes it's hard to notice the strums especially changing notes. Regardless, his bass work is a complex
  2. Imamura: he likes fat bass, good for basshead users. This is prominent at 'On Blade's Edge" which has bass solo. Besides that track, the composition likes to repeat, playing safely
  3. Ishikawa: somehow he's underrated here. On "The Extreme", while it's not as clear as it suggests, his work is rather interesting as the composition may be like what Soken does.

Piano (and Keyboard)

Alright now this is something. If we're talking about piano, there's no BS whether it's a custom filtering or not, because we're talking about techniques here. Yes, you are probably thinking about Keiko, but what if it's not her? You can see Flow's piano is performed by Soken and The Exarch's farewell scene "Forever at Your Side" was performed by Imamura. Who do what then? I'll give examples for the piano section:
Piano as main instrument
  1. Soken: The Scars of Battle, Tomorrow and Tomorrow (original), Flow (original)
  2. Imamura: Dynamis (early section), Forever at Your Side (early and end section), Answers (piano version)
  3. Ishikawa: Those We Can Yet Save, Each Drop
Piano as supporting instrument (could be in band environment)
  1. Soken: Ink Long Dry, Carrots of Happiness
  2. Imamura: i can't find yet
  3. Ishikawa: basically his work on orchestra environment, such as Heroes Forge Ahead, Finality,
Let alone solo piano, that thing has to understand raw technique. Now let's jump straight to other environment. Soken, besides the solo work, he likes to utilize piano with jazz chord with half modulations. This is evident on his last section of Pulse "Equilibrium" too. That's contrast with Ishikawa's piano on his orchestral works. His piano is utilized as the lead chord, as it is noticed in solo performance (piano concerto? i forgot the term) in Heroes Forge Ahead

Voice Filters

This one is easy. FFXIV relies on voice filters until today. As for the experience whether you like it or not, it varies. Let's get to the point:
Soken is the one who likes to use filters as they (the staffs) have professional experience on singing (it's okay). He intended to use heavy filters for their staffs and himself, but minimal for professional singers like Jason Miller or such. For me, there are types of filters he use:
  1. Clear: Sunrise, To the Edge, Flow Together
  2. Robotic: Locus, Brute Justice
  3. Radio: Under the Weight, Rise, eScape, Hic Svnt Leones, White Stone Black
  4. Distort: Amatsu Kaze, Return to Oblivion
Of all of these, He mostly uses radio mode, the filter he uses since ARR until now. Although it's often, it feels old, like since 2015. The filter breaks on high notes or hissing sounds, something I hope he has to change the filter. On the other hand, clear filter is used for pro singers where he mixed with more treble and a bit of gain. Sunrise and To the Edge is apparent for this. If there's a usage for all or some filters, Shadowbringers (the track) is the best example to represent all the filters he likes to use (I'm not saying Shadowbringers is the best track. I just give the best example).
Imamura also jumped to the ship with filters, except his is different with somehow updated filters.
  1. Clear: Scream
  2. Radio: Blood of the Wind, The Queen Awakens
As you can see, although this one is a bit tricky to discover, at least you can find the picture. He doesn't rely on filters since what he mix here is actual singer (Scream) or a voice sample (Blood on the Wind)

Part 3: Ensembles

Whether you like classical or electronic, this section will analyze the overall style in respective genre

Classic instruments

Classic instruments especially programmed ones become a challenge for composers to make it right. That's no exception for FFXIV composers. The most prominent is how they use strings and brass for the composition. It's hard to break down, but at least given with their composition style, you can finally see the picture.
However, the first thing I want to say is about the evolution of them doing samples, especially Soken. From ARR to Heavensward. the violin solo he used is still robotic at that time. Examples like "Hard to Miss" and "Infinity" is I believe the same font he used. Compare that to Stormblood's "Into the Dragons Wake" where there are solo/duet violin involved but it's much smoother in terms of note changes. That's only one aspect, I believe they also changed the samples for mimicking real instruments.
Orchestra environment
Back to today. Here are examples of how they do in orchestra environment:
  1. Ishikawa: In the Belly of the Beast, Force Your Way (ShB), Heroes Forge Ahead, Finality, The Aetherial Sea, Of Countless Stars, etc etc etc (yeah he's excel at this)
  2. Imamura: Forever at Your Side, Dynamis, Radiance
  3. Imamura-Ishikawa: Tower of Zot (EW), Your Answer
  4. Yasaki: Pilgrimage, Troian Beauty (EW), Favor
  5. Soken: In the Arms of War, Unbowed, In the Balance (double arranger)
  6. Suzuki: Promises to Keep (double arranger), Endcaller, The Final Day
On orchestra setting, Ishikawa takes the lead, hence why he handles more in MSQ tracks alongside Yasaki as today. Imamura is a bit seldom in orchestra environment, at least he's known for Dynamis. But if we blend those, we got "Tower of Zot" and "Your Answer". The orchestration is clearer
The thing about orchestra setting is when they're being assigned to do orchestral tracks together, it's kinda hard to differentiate as their sound is almost the same, except some circumstances where the instrument is a bit updated/outdated. This is noticeable in Soken's composition. Some old instruments since ARR or Heavensward are used until today but in reality it's kinda off-putting combined with updated instruments. That's different to "In The Balance" with double arranger setup. All setups are modern and more clearer.
PS: "In the Balance" is a perfect track. It is their best work on mixing and instrument ensemble usage
Yasaki is a bit new, but I'm going to include here on this environment. Yasaki did some calming tracks, but that's what i only know so far. The best I can do is wait.
Band environment
This is where it gets different even with classic instruments. You can hear the drums I mentioned before. I give you examples again:
  1. Ishikawa: Where All Roads Lead, Seven Flames, Rhythm of the Realm
  2. Imamura: On Blade's Edge
  3. Soken: In the Dragon's Wake, Battle II (Endwalker)
Even in band arrangement, Ishikawa still uses classical/traditional instruments in the track, something that you see unusual for both Imamura's and Soken's band based tracks. If you see some traditional instruments in the band, it must be him.

Electronic instruments

PS: to be fair, most tracks here are MIDI-powered including synth orchestra. Also another note: this is the last section before I post it
Get ready to dance for electronic instruments, ranging from simple electronic beats to fast paced DnB. In this section, I'll include Pulse album because that also influences composer's style until this time. We've seen techno instruments here for a while. Sometimes, we notice the samples used and composition style for techno music. There are subgenres but I don't want to get deep because I don't really verse on this much, but you get the picture. The track examples are:
  1. Soken
    1. Chill: Rival Wings, Sands of Amber, One Small Step
    2. Dance: Equilibrium (Pulse), Return to Oblivion
    3. Trance: Woe That is Madness, White Stone Black
    4. Whatever this is but the share same samples and mixing: Dangertek, Primal Angel
  2. Imamura
    1. DnB and dubstep: A Long Fall (Pulse), Twice Stricken
    2. Dance: Sunrise (Pulse), Rise (Pulse), Miracle Works
    3. Others: Garlemald Express
  3. Ishikawa: Mother's Pride (Pulse), Under the Weight (Pulse)
  4. Yasaki: Hippo Ride
Alright that's it. I want to point out Soken's electronic work. The tracks are noticeable in mixing where sometimes the sound breaks like Dangertek. The same as Primal Angel where it breaks on the treble side. Other than that, he's fine. The chill tracks seems to be his best one to demonstrate.
Imamura's work is prominent on his mixing. As I said earlier, the mixing is in the wide sound range. You can hear the bass louder this time. The best examples are what he's done in the dance subgenre
Although last two can do electronic music, the sample is still few so I can't really describe much on them
PS: Twice Stricken is one of Imamura's best work on electronic style

Part 4: Conclusion and Suggestion

They're simply great.
The only suggestion is make sure to update/upgrade/change the samples if it feels old. But if don't want to, it's fine. Sometimes you don't need to fix what's already stable. Does the
Another thing I want to note is that some composers have their own samples per instrument. I wonder if they can share their samples especially the essentials like drums, strings, and brass

Predicting patch 6.4 and unpublished tracks until the official EP comes

So, how to demonstrate all these patterns to the music with unidentified data like orchestrion roll? I'll demonstrate my prediction for 6.4 tracks. Obviously as the announcement said, we got new MSQ, raids, and criterions
Based on the evidence and analysis I've done above, I can speculate whose track are those:
  1. P8 (6.2): Soken: complex drums, leitmotif usage
  2. P9: Imamura. Explanation: fast electronic beats with robotic voice like The Queen Awakens. The composition has dubstep influence he got from Pulse version of "A Long Fall"
  3. P10: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwww see P9 wwwwwww wwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwww
  4. P11: At first you guess it's Imamura because the stable drum, but about how they sound and how the classic instrument plays, including piano, you probably lean more into Ishikawa
  5. P12: Soken. The voice filter gives it away. Chord progression reminds of Pulse "Equilibrium"
  1. Dungeon: Ishikawa/Yasaki. Explanation: calm composition with acoustic guitar. Bass guitar is present
  2. Trial: Ishikawa. It's a safe bet for classic instruments in orchestra environment, unless Suzuki is hired again. PS: if this doesn't happen, this will be the first time Suzuki is not involved since ARR
  3. Zero's theme (6.2): Soken/Ishikawa/Yasaki. This is hard because it's purely piano unless Keiko is hired again.
  4. Red moon theme: Yasaki. This one is pure speculation though
Other soundtrack posts go here
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I tried IndianGaming but there suggestions confused me even more. I just need a simple monitor that is big enough and shows text like that of a mobile most preferably - if not, at least not hazy and not drop a big hole in my pocket. This has been bugging me for the past month or so and keenly look forward to any help.
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Appreciate your help po, thank you!
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2023.05.29 07:12 999slayter Nintendo seriously needs to buff brellas ( like bad )

The entire class is at the bottom of every tier list, they are countered by most weapons, and the net code makes them even worse. I know there are a good chunk of weapons that could use a slight / moderate buff, but I think brella's as a class need a massive buff. Nintendo killed this class in Splatoon 2 because it was a good counter to the entirely shooter dominated meta.

Canopy more effective against specials ( it should be able to shield against wave breaker. Be more effective against crab tank, inkzooka, inkjet )
Canopy more effective against splatana, bows, blasters, chargers
Fix canopies teleporting into random spots it literally sucks the canopies suck nintendo pls fix ur own weapon or remove brellas from the game if ur gonna ignore them not functioning

Splat Brella:
Make the 2 shot consistent ( especially from range cus it's so useless at killing unless you're like kissing the person you're fighting )
Give it a kit with fizzy bomb, or just any lethal bomb
Fix the canopy ( this applies to all brella's, the canopy is broken in like every aspect )
Allow brella to open faster after firing a shot ( not too much, but enough to compensate for the terrible tick rate and net code lag )
Points needed for special 200p -> 170p
Brella should be doing 90 dmg at closest range

Undercover Brella:
Increase fire rate and dmg per shot
Give it a kit with burst bomb
Canopy HP Buff ( 200 -> 225 )

Tenta Brella:
Give it fizzy bomb
Decrease time taken to open canopy ( by a lot.. )

( Side note: if nintendo makes a new brella I think it should be able to be held like a real umbrella to block things like ink storm, tenta missiles, any ink from above. They could implement this into existing umbrellas, but I don't recall nintendo ever making that a change to how an existing weapon fundamentally works. It'd also be nice to have press L and be able to release shield early. )
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