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2015.07.19 21:36 Jeux_d_Oh We Want Plates

**We Want Plates** crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.

2020.03.23 19:43 Randunel DermatologyQuestions Got Skin Problems? Get Answers.

**Welcome to /DermatologyQuestions!** Ask a dermatologist or medical professional on reddit! Advice on what to do next about your red skin rash or bump.

2023.06.02 23:53 Successful_Peanut233 Need help establishing my first lab.

Hello everyone!
New to posting here, but I’ve been on this sub for a few months now.
ADHD can make it difficult for me to settle my thoughts on what I want out of this, but I’m take a crack at it.
First some introductions.
I’m in my 30s. I reside in the USA, live at home, I do work work full time in a retail environment. I’m fed up of it, and want to start my career in tech.
Let me start off by saying that ultimately I have no idea what field in I.T I’d like to end up in. I’m currently enrolled in college, but due to financial, and psychological issues my GPA has suffered and I’m currently struggling to pay off a class that was not canceled in time due to my procrastination. But I believe my anger with my self is at a boiling point as I’m starting to get treatment for ADHD and trying to brute force my way through inaction. Anyways with that out of the way, I’d like to know how I can go about doing this? I have an old gaming pc that I’ve built in 2016, and modified it once it’s a Intel I7 5820k with a MSI SLI PLUS MOBO, 16GB of DDR4 2400 mhz (XMP ONLY) memory with a MSI Ventus RTX 2060 (got that I believe in 2019?) It’s all powered by a 750 watt corsair modular bronze PSU. The system is enclosed in a corsair carbide 275R I believe it has 2 3.5 inch bays, and 4 2.5 inch mounting slots The MOBO has a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 slot.
I’m trying to decide if this is a good build to start some projects? I don’t want to invest in a new system, but putting new parts in this dinosaur seems like a waste as well, am I over thinking it?
I also have a pretty beefy laptop that I don’t mind using as a desktop replacement, but I don’t know if I care to buy dongles for I/O and how problematic external attached hardware would be with some of the software that I may use. Which brings me to my other conundrum, what exactly to do? I definitely want a NAS, but really don’t care to dish out the money for the premium solutions, so looking in to TrueNas. I assume SATA would be preferred to my Laptop’s USB 3.2 port?
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2023.06.02 23:53 Faaaang Data recovery after a factory reset

I performed a factory reset that deleted all personal files from my SSD drive, without having a backup (I'm an idiot, I know). I thought I had transfered everything important over to my hard drive, but alas, I forgot to export my PGP key pair. It was located in the AppData\Roaming path and had a .key extension.
Minor problem, right? No, because that key pair is tied to a 2500 Euro wallet. So it's practically a matter of life and death that I recover it. Some further notes: I realised it was missing after I had downloaded some (around 8GB in size) things to the clean disk (again, I'm an idiot, I know). I ran some recovery tools but they all kinda suck.
A data recovery professional will probably charge me more money than what is in the wallet, although I'll make some calls tomorrow to know for sure. Until then, does anyone have any reasonable solutions?
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2023.06.02 23:53 wetballjones What is your favorite class/build so far?

Been playing a Necro but it seems every decent build requires corpse explosion or spamming corpse consuming skills to get essence.
Looking to try something else out. What has been fun for you?
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2023.06.02 23:53 sammd3 Olive wood and walnut veneer bedside tables

Olive wood and walnut veneer bedside tables
Olive wood cupboard fronts with black epoxy inlay. Spanish Walnut veneer ply body, with rattan backing and wireless charging pads inset into the underside of the top.
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2023.06.02 23:53 covfefe4dasoul Fraud and NFCU

I know someone close to me who was a victim of a COVID-19 Stimulus refund scam. This individual is also an AD SM. This individual was directed by the scammer to take out 2 x $2500 loans. The interest rates were 17 and 18% respectively. This individual realized much too late that it was a scam. They tried to go to Navy Fed to see what their options were but each conversation with individuals at their branch locations led to situations where they would not or could not help. They were even denied a consolidation on the loan to make payments easier and more affordable.
Is this the norm for Navy Fed? Profiting from the fraud of others? Refusing to protect their members? Unwillingness to help their members who are victims, especially that of Active Duty service members?
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2023.06.02 23:53 rita-on-reddit Looking for advice regarding recent PNES diagnosis

Hi all! I’ve read a couple of posts in this feed and let me start by emphasizing how thankful I am that this group exists and that everyone appears to be so open and welcoming and supportive.
I was hospitalized in March 2023 for several days where I underwent a video EEG and was diagnosed with PNES. The medical team at the hospital discharged me shortly after the diagnosis and recommended I follow up with a specialized clinic. They promised me I would be able to be seen within 90 days. It has been nearly 3 months, and I just received the notice they now are estimating that I will be able to start in November - another 6 months from now.
Right now, I seem to have these ‘episodes’ in bursts. I’ll go several days without them, and then have multiple episodes over the span of a few days. They mostly happen in the evenings, and I normally recognize my precursors with ~2 minutes warning. Sometimes I’ll have seizures, other times I’ll lose consciousness, and other times I’ll just start to feel really poorly and have tremors. I’ve noticed they can be triggered by significant changes in my hormones, such as when I’m on my period, really anxious, really relaxed, or ingesting intoxicants. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any really pattern. I’m a behavior analyst, so trust me when I say I’ve taken thorough data and can’t seem to find any common threads. And as someone with GAD, MDD, OCPD, and complex trauma - changes in my hormones happen often.
I have two incredible partners who have been super supportive, and my family does the best they can, but I feel like no one truly understands how difficult this condition is to live with. My OCPD shows up a lot in my need to control myself and the world around me, so having periods of time where I can’t control my own body has really wrecked my mental health. I feel like I’m burning out the people around me by talking about my ‘episodes’ all the time, but I live in almost constant fear of them. They’ve happened while I was driving, while I was in public, in the middle of the night, in front of my friends, etc. I work with children and one of my biggest fears is that I’ll have an episode with a client. It bothers me to the point where I’ve woken up from nightmares about this exact situation in a cold sweat. I feel like I have no control over my body or over my life, I feel like a burden to the people around me, and I’m constantly living in a place of fear.
Does anyone have any advice? I’ve tried looking up treatments online, but most of what I’ve seen has included a psychiatric service dog, CBT, or intensive work with a specialist. I’m trying to get in to see a specialist and I have been seeing a therapist. I love dogs but I don’t think a psychiatric service animal is in the cards for me - unless someone in this thread has one and finds it super super helpful, I’m not really going to consider that right now. I’m really struggling and sometimes I don’t know where to turn, so any support would be super greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 23:53 exacteve Level Bolt - Auto Unlock DELAY = Annoying

I recently installed the Level Bolt.
I love the idea of walking up to my door with the lock Auto Unlocking!
BUT.. There seems to be a long delay. I literally have to stand in front of my door for 20-60 seconds waiting for the door to unlock. Which is annoying. That 20-60 seconds doesn't even include the time that it takes for me to manually unlock my iron gate that is 15ft away from my front door. If it was not for that, I would be standing in front of my door even longer!
That said.. Everything else seems to work fine..
Anyone have the same issue or have a fix for the issue?
Im on iPhone 12:
I have Location set to Always
I have Boost Range ON
I have Background Refresh ON
I have Low Power Mode OFF
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2023.06.02 23:52 jxuyusu Metal clip of gas spring dropped and can‘t find it

Metal clip of gas spring dropped and can‘t find it
Hey guys, I recently purchased an E36 316i from 1990. So I changed the Gas Springs on it because the engine hood was not held anymore. Unfortunately the metal clippers are not really holding the gas springs very well anymore and the metal clip of the bottom end of the gas spring on the right went off and dropped. I can not locate it and can‘t see it, I tried for hours. I already ordered a flexible magnet to help me find it. Can/Should I drive like this? If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 23:52 JJHinge Mojang cutting features that are too violent, or cruel to the environment, is so pathetic when you see that this is a game where destroying the environment, factory-farming animals, and enslaving people is rewarded.

Seriously Mojang has this paper-thin understanding of environmental and industrial ethics, that they'll cut features that might be bad for optics but not change the game in an interesting way to reward sustainable or ethical building - or even make it possible. If you want to be successful late game, you basically have to build some kind of factory farm for food or build massive mines for blocks.
Some features that are way more unethical than anything Mojang has gone against recently:
I'm sure you could find more but this is plenty to prove to me that Mojang is full of shit when they do stuff like this.
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2023.06.02 23:52 WhenIsSomeday Fridge Problems

I bought a GE fridge with a top freezer for my house recently. It said to set both the fridge and freezer settings to 5 so I did. Soon after water and ice started building up on the inside ceiling of the fridge section. The repair man said it was because the freezer was too cold and I needed to set the settings to 2. The GE website says 1 is the warmest setting and 9 is the coldest with 5 beging normal/default. Im not sure what to do from here because my stuff isnt freezing at 2 but I dont want to change the setting to 5 and wreck the fridge either. Anyone have a GE fridge with similar settings?
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2023.06.02 23:52 liferedaction US Spec Mustang Imports

US Spec Mustang Imports
Hello all!
I have 3 USA Spec Mustangs in stock ready to ship to Dubai! I am a private exporter located in Florida in the United States. The Mustangs that we export are immaculately clean, accident free, and are already legally modified! If you don't like anything in our inventory, I can find the perfect US Spec mustang for you and handle everything from purchase to delivery.
You can view our page on instagram for stock updates at Rogue5.0s, and message or contact us using the phone number there!
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2023.06.02 23:52 KyrosSeneshal What's the logic change between zone industry and specialty industry?

Hey all,
I'm playing a sandbox game, where I have infinite money and all unlocked. I had a really decent city going on until, I decided to put in a fishing industry. At this point I had a number of industrial zones which covered demand
That started the "If you give a mouse a cookie", and there weren't enough fish buyers, so I did oil to get the luxury resource with fish + plastic.
Somewhere shortly thereafter, every commercial building suddenly said that there wasn't enough to sell--I'm wondering if there's some logic that once a specialty industry is detected, it prioritizes that over zoned, and there's a chance it just outright ignores zoned industry.
Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 23:52 Grinseengel Ghostly Heist
It's about a "burglar" who is supposed to check security systems. To do this, he must enter the corresponding buildings and try to steal the valuables. Of course, there are security guards running around that he must not encounter. They have a visual range that is displayed in the form of a cone. The project is still at the beginning:
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2023.06.02 23:52 mynameisdween Messing about with Photoshop Generative Fill, it makes Village 8 look like a spooky standalone building

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2023.06.02 23:52 CryptoSpace79 The Interchain Allocator has a new name: Timewave

The Interchain Allocator has a new name: Timewave

Thyborg, Max & Sam talking about Timewave the Interchain Allocator

In the wake of the ATOM 2.0 paper's rejection, the Interchain scheduler and the Interchain Allocator are rising from the ashes, determined to forge their own path.
As if a sign from the universe, other ecosystems, have shown a desire to build the same concepts, leaving no doubt that these ideas are destined for greatness.
Informal Conversations presents a dynamic duo: Sam Hart and Max Einhorn, the visionary Co-Founders of Timewave, ready to unveil the awe-inspiring Interchain Allocator. Join us as we dive deep into its inner workings, exploring the possibilities and timelines of when to expect Timewave.
Make sure to like & RT so more Cosmonauts can be excited about this news, and give us a sub on youtube to make our weekend great <3
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2023.06.02 23:51 sunrathna My Theory on Hookup Culture

My theory on hook-up culture
I define hook-up culture as the idea that young people are too young for commitment, so instead should engage in casual sex to gain sexual variety and sexual experience before committing to a serious relationship. I would also say hook-up culture believes that this is how humans were meant to mate and that it's in our nature, and society only suppresses our desire to hook up. Hook-up culture is not just casual sex or people engaging in casual sex I want to make that clear. My main argument boils down to human sexual behavior changes due to changes in our environment and hoe exception to behavioral norms don't exist in a vacuum but rather are caused by something. I believe hook-up culture emerged from social and economic factors that are unhealthy for humans. I believe hook-up culture is prevalent in our society because of atomization and alienation, toxic masculinity, mental disorders, amplification of FOMO produced by consumerism, porn culture, careerism (stress from career and relocation of jobs), poor upbringing, bad experience with romance, and pressure from media (self-fulfilling prophecy).

I believe atomization and alienation make it harder to connect and trust people. I think careerism makes us more tired and stressed to even spend time with friends and hobbies. Porn culture and consumerism alienate sex from romance and amplifies the feeling of missing out. Mental disorders make it harder for us to be ok with uncomfortable emotions, and people typically veer towards a coping mechanism which could be casual sex, to escape their problems. Previous bad experiences with relationships might also make people mistrust romance and attain a pessimistic mindset regarding romance. Growing up in an unhealthy household can further push people towards pessimism. Or some people who had healthy upbringing learn to separate sex from love by watching porn, media, or developed mindset that everyone does it so they are inevitably going to do it.

I believe hook-up culture has existed in the past, but it was much more silent in the past, but now it's becoming mainstream since monogamous romantic relationships are crippling due to the factors I mentioned above. Just because a fish dies on land doesn't mean there is a problem with the fish; rather, the environment is not suited for the fish to live. If you put the fish in the water, you will see it thrive and flourish. I am not saying romantic relationships cannot exist now, but rather, the current conditions make it harder for it to exist and flourish especially in our youth. I believe if we build tighter communities, provide better access to mental health care, teach kids relationship skills, and combat consumerism and porn culture, hook-up culture will disappear and long-term relationships will begin to flourish like never before.

I do not believe hook-up culture is how humans were meant to mate. I believe human dating culture changes over time. A socialist feminist named Alexandra Kollantai talks about how human dating culture changes over time in her essay I want to say I don't agree with her on everything but she makes good points in this essay,the%20study%20of%20human%20behavior%20asks,the%20study%20of%20human%20behavior).

I also want to preface that I am not saying casual sex is bad. But I want to point out that hook-up culture is just a product of its environment. If the environment changes to be more suitable for long-term relationships then hook-up culture will disappear. Sure I believe there might be small pockets of people who have casual sex but that's not hook-up culture and only would happen in specific circumstances. At the end of the day, my analysis and conclusion are similar to evolution.

In evolution, the environment changes the organism and even the behavior of organisms. For example, elephants who moved into small islands became small to adapt to their new environment. The dietary behavior or sea otters of the same species changes depending on the environment. In both cases, there is elephants aren't meant to be big and sea otters aren't meant to eat a specific type of fish. Any organism that deviates from the norm exists do so because of a reason. Diversity does not exist in a vacuum something causes exceptions in a given population.,adapted%20to%20the%20new%20conditions.
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2023.06.02 23:51 SurvivorSock Socks Vanilla Helis Codelocks BuildingFortifications PC 1PP US Chernarus

This server has a hardcore vanilla feel but with tasteful mods and cool features that aren't available in official servers. Check it out if you're interested! I'm hoping to grow a community of DayZ enthusiasts who love the vanilla plus experience.
Server Features
Active admins
Vanilla stamina and loot economy
Dark nights
NVGs can spawn in any military area
AK101 and AK74 have rare green and black versions along with the individual attachments spawning rarely
Green and black M4 attachments also spawn rarely
Camo and green plate carriers spawn in military areas
Black plate carriers spawn in dynamic events
Plate carrier attachments of all colors spawn in military areas
Shoes spawn pristine or worn
Loot spawns in green military towers
Less useless items like thermometers and construction helmets
Flashlight have a chance to spawn with a battery
Witch hoods spawn in red, brown, and black variants
Military backpacks with weapon slots rarely spawn in dynamic events and toxic zones
Noteworthy Mods
Advanced Weapon Scopes-Adds a better variety of scopes and adapters.
Building Fortifications-Adds the ability to build window barricades and doors with a vanilla feel. Window barricade kits and door kits are crafted the same way as vanilla wall kits (rope and sticks).
Car Cover-Allows vehicles to be covered with camo nets.
Code Lock
Ear Plugs
Flip Transport-Allows vehicles to be "pushed" in case they get stuck or flip over.
MMG Base Storage-Adds many new storage items such as cabinets, gun racks, and safes.
MMG Civilian Clothing
No Vehicle Damage-Vehicles can no longer take collision damage however they can still be damaged with bullets, explosives, overrevving, deep water, or driving without enough water in the radiator.
Red Falcon Flight System Heliz-Adds helicopters into the game which mostly spawn in military areas. They will require parts, fuel, and hydraulic fluid to operate.
RFFS Heli Car Cover Addon-Adds the ability to cover helicopters with camo nets.
Trader Plus-Adds car codelocks and car lockpicks which are both rare on this server. Car codelocks can be found in the same areas as codelocks however car lockpicks only spawn at dynamic events such as helicopter crashes. Please note that this server does not have traders.
Vehicle 3PP
Zen Notes-Adds pens to the server which can be combined with paper to write custom notes that can be stuck to surfaces.
Please feel free to check out my discord for more information
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2023.06.02 23:51 A_Tired_Indian Cursed Hints

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2023.06.02 23:51 itscorygreen Finally climbed out of Iron

Finally climbed out of Iron
Started playing league last year and started as an ADC playing Miss fortune
I ended up dying wayyyy too much as an ADC because I just wanted to get involved in fights but that left me as a iron 4 0LP a couple months ago
Since then I’ve been playing Vi almost exclusively using the build path KlassicalKill uses and been having massive success with it
I’m only bronze 4 but I’m hoping to get into silver at some point this year and I’ll be quite happy with that!
Long live Vi
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2023.06.02 23:51 NotEAcop Spoilers- A small, annoying departure.

I've just realised that in the show. Walker clearly already knows how to build and use a radio. So the whole subplot during the down deep uprising about walker rigging up massive antennas "to pull the voices out of the air" and figuring out how attaching a potentiometer to change the frequencies and then FIGURING OUT ABOUT THE OTHER SILO'S, independent of Jules. And then eventually being able to talk to her. Is basically not happening in the show universe.
I know they need to keep the relationship between Jules and Walker fresh in the viewers mind. I just think there is no better way for that particular thing to happen other than the way it happens in the books.
The season finale is definitely Jules being sent out to clean. I just hope she still doesn't know that walker fixed her suit. And the cryptic note about the joke being the truth and they're in good supplyvshould be kept. Surely Walk is going to fix the camera and get a video of a cleaning up and figure it out.
Also I want to see a close up of the wall screens. By rights there should be skeletons and dead cleaners everywhere right? Show us!
Idk I get what they are doing. Why does my Wooly ass want to basically see everything that I already read!? Idk.
Also Judicial still annoying. End of this weeks episode gives me some hope for the second half of the season. Enjoyed ep 6 for all my gripes!
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2023.06.02 23:50 Cobalt-Giraffe PSA: Remember to not lie on insurance statements or lease documents or you could get seriously hosed. Choose a landlord/insurance company that doesn't discriminate on breed— but lying can open you to massive legal liability if something goes wrong.

PSA: Remember to not lie on insurance statements or lease documents or you could get seriously hosed. Choose a landlord/insurance company that doesn't discriminate on breed— but lying can open you to massive legal liability if something goes wrong. submitted by Cobalt-Giraffe to pitbulls [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:50 Impressive_Yellow537 [US, US] [H] Tons of NM-MP Vintage, Modern, Trainers, Alt Arts, and more [W] Paypal

Hey all,
Weekly singles dump! There's a stressful amount of cards in this one, but I didn't have the heart to not post them all 😅
Cards are priced up to 10~% off tcg mkt, some are based closer to recently sold comps. I'll cover g&s fees. Can do a lil discount if buying multiple, but realistically I'll pass over offers that are more than 10% off ask.
Shipping is $5 BMWT, $2 PWE. US only unless willing to cover all shipping costs. Cards ship within 48hrs.
Feel free to ask for pictures, but if you plan on making an offer please do so in advance of me sending them. Also bear in mind I don't have infinite time to take photos and may not be willing to accommodate a million requests.
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