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2023.03.22 00:55 7jaykyuyu766 Bryan Harsin Affair Skinny Ninja Mother

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2023.03.02 16:58 Hoopae [Jeffrey Lee] Troy has hired former Auburn OL analyst Joe Bernardi their new OL coach

Bernardi was promoted to TE coach in November 2022 after Bryan Harsin was fired.
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2023.02.18 00:29 cow_penis Asked ChatGPT to write an article about Auburn’s upcoming football season.

The Auburn Tigers football team is a highly respected program in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and is known for its passionate fan base and competitive spirit. The team is currently led by head coach Bryan Harsin, who was hired in December 2020 to replace former head coach Gus Malzahn.
Looking ahead to the 2023 season, the Tigers are expected to face a tough schedule in the SEC, with key matchups against traditional conference powerhouses such as Alabama, LSU, and Georgia. However, Auburn has a strong roster and coaching staff, which should help them compete at a high level throughout the season.
One of the biggest storylines for the Tigers in 2023 will be the quarterback position. After a solid freshman season in 2022, quarterback Dematrius Davis Jr. is expected to compete for the starting job alongside sophomore Chayil Garnett and incoming freshman Holden Geriner. The winner of this competition will have big shoes to fill, as former quarterback Bo Nix decided to transfer to Oregon in the off-season.
In addition to the quarterback position, the Tigers also have a number of talented players on both sides of the ball who are poised to make an impact in 2023. On offense, wide receiver Ja'Varrius Johnson and running back Tank Bigsby are expected to be key contributors, while the defense will be anchored by players like linebacker Owen Pappoe and defensive end Colby Wooden.
Of course, the success of the team will ultimately depend on how well they execute on the field, and there are sure to be ups and downs throughout the season. But with a strong coaching staff, talented players, and a dedicated fan base, the Auburn Tigers have a lot of potential for the 2023 season and beyond. It will be exciting to see how they perform in the upcoming year and what the future holds for this storied football program.
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2023.02.01 17:05 CFB_Referee 2022 /r/CFB Dead Pool Winners

This is a recap of the Dead Pool post from the beginning of the season, with winners announced. As is tradition, Harbaugh showed great promise in being a late entry, but has remained with Michigan through the Feb 1 deadline.
We had a total of 71 users win the /CFB Dead Pool award flair! Anyone who got within a week of the closest correct answer was awarded flair (but we didn't award flair if the answer was submitted after the actual firing/resignation). There were 109 other answers that correctly picked a coach, but not quite close enough to win the award. ilovemyballs and TuhaoGene each got 2 correct answers, everyone else got one.


Coach Team Last Day # Correct # Winners Winners
Nebraska Scott Frost 10/1/2022 103 52 mockg, Wtygrrr, eeman0201, nathans1587, GeauxTheFckAway, TuhaoGene, RiffRamBahZoo, KiratheSilent, Mudrono137, storm2k, UrashibaKazukoto, Rakarei, jrluhn, irisheyes215, buckets41, dupreesdiamond, CommodoreN7, secretlyrobots, ILostTheGame_, SportsFan34, bs6, Disastrous-Pickle155, CapnDanger, kamui55, FarFromTheRiver, Aoyoc, ilovemyballs, swcarter, ledenko_, Mememan696969, recreant129, ALStark69, Justin63121, yousawthetimeknife, TheLiLVlad, LSUDoc, reno1441, DepartmentHorror5197, cammywammy123, guttata, GoSkers29, ClandestineFox, PrimalCookie, thatguy2014, WayPointMatrix, Savoodoo, LandShark707, Dixiehusker, TwoStepCEO, MrPita5, the_McDonaldTrump, isaac20000
Auburn Bryan Harsin 10/31/2022 23 5 TuhaoGene, SoyBoy478, Reddeath195, MaliciousMirth, ewolfy13
Georgia Tech Geoff Collins 9/26/2022 27 4 lloyddobbler, TheVampiricYeti, PanhandleGator, ilovemyballs
Colorado Karl Dorrell 10/2/2022 9 3 OfFireandWater, c3youngman, ImpulseDecider
Arizona State Herm Edwards 9/18/2022 10 2 kappy21, LongJonM
Stanford David Shaw 11/27/2022 2 2 xdjdrx, bigbigbigleague
Coastal Carolina Jamey Chadwell 12/4/2022 3 1 GenuineBoss
Texas State Jake Spavital 11/27/2022 3 1 RavenclawWiz816
USF Jeff Scott 11/6/2022 1 1 jloose128
Purdue Jeff Brohm 12/7/2022 1 1 BallardCapone
Liberty Hugh Freeze 11/29/2022 1 1 attometer00
We had a total of 274 entries, and all but 11 out of 23 eligible coaches were guessed by at least one person. 52 out of 73 winning answers were for Scott Frost. The most common coach guessed that retained his job was last year's runner up in this category, Dino Babers, with 10 guesses. 37 other coaches (including Nick Saban and Kirby Smart) were guessed, but kept their jobs. Congrats to all the winners, you should be receiving your award flair shortly!
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2023.01.23 12:32 6Algfst1 College football second-year coach grades: Lance Leipold earns 'A' at Kansas, Bryan Harsin gets 'F' at Auburn

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2023.01.19 23:44 PopularPresentation4 College football second-year coach grades: Lance Leipold earns 'A' at Kansas, Bryan Harsin gets 'F' at Auburn

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2023.01.19 20:06 Small_Bet_9433 College football second-year coach grades: Lance Leipold earns 'A' at Kansas, Bryan Harsin gets 'F' at Auburn

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2023.01.15 06:46 CatoTheBarner [Christian Clemente] Class of 2024 QB Adrian Posse has decommitted from Auburn. Posse committed to Bryan Harsin and his staff during Big Cat Weekend. In the 247Sports rankings, Posse is the No. 29 QB

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2023.01.03 02:49 recessbadger45 Bryan Harsin

what's he up to now?
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2022.12.22 02:21 anubis647 After firing Bryan Harsin Auburn flipped nine Power 5 recruits

Darron Reed (LSU) Tyler Johnson (Texas Tech) Colton Hood (Michigan State) Connor Lew (Miami) Sylvester Smith (Tennessee) Stephen Johnson (Arkansas) Izavion Miller (Ole Miss) Keldric Faulk (Florida State) Kayin Lee (Ohio State)
Just another excuse to talk about how much of a failure Bryan Harsin was at Auburn.
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2022.12.21 13:18 Sportsfan782 Christian Clemente on Twitter - Hugh Freeze already has one more signee than Bryan Harsin did during his last Signing Day

And it’s only 6:18 AM CT
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2022.12.21 06:51 lostacoshermanos Who are the most disrespected coaches in CFB in 2022?

Coaches people think are a joke or suck and are actually good. Here is my list…
  1. Tom Herman. The best job he could get was FAU. It’s insane how the pos boosters at Texas did a complete character assassination on him when he didn’t win a national title fast enough. 2nd best Texas coach of modern era. FAU should be thanking their lucky stars.
  2. Mack Brown. Very good coach who’s turned into a meme. Best modern coach Texas has had.
  3. Gus Mahlzahn. Had multiple victories over Saban. The best possible coach Auburn could ever get. They wish he was still there.
  4. Ed Orgeron. Another meme coach. This guy is rock solid and it’s crazy nobody has hired him.
  5. Bryan Harsin. Set up to fail by Auburn fans because he wasnt a big enough name. He will be a great hire next coaching cycle.
  6. Scott Frost. Yes it didn’t work at Nebraska but people forget he came in and took a winless UCF team to an undefeated season and Peach Bowl victory over an SEC team that beat Alabama.
  7. Mike Leach. He’s on here because just before he died he was being shit on for not winning the SEC. It’s MSU there is a ceiling and it slightly above Vandy. Coach Leach won at smaller schools (TT, WSU, MSU) and I imagine he could have accomplished more at bigger programs. He was a good coach. RIP.
  8. Jim McElwain. The best post Urban Meyer Florida coach by far. He won a lot of games but because the boosters and media didn’t like him they ran him out with a smear campaign. His career never recovered and it’s a shame because he deserved another chance at a bigger school.
  9. Josh Gattis. Only cordinator on the list. A year ago he was the savior of Harbaugh and he has one bad year in Miami and his whole rep is ruined. Michigan is still winning with the system and players he installed. Without Gattis Harbaugh would still be winless against Ohio State.
  10. Mike Gundy. Solid coach not great but people make fun of him. Oklahoma State has a ceiling and Gundy has hit it repeatedly and stayed loyal. He could have easily been another Brian Kelly. As a matter of fact he’s equally as good a coach as Brian Kelly.
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2022.12.16 15:48 recessbadger45 Bush Hamdan has experience

Hamdan has been developed by some really exceptional coaches: Chris Petersen, Steve Sarkasian (at Atlanta), Eli Drinkwitz, Brent Pease, Bryan Harsin. James Franklin, Dan Hawkins, and Eric Kiesau. He's coached TE, WRs, and QBs, and has had four-years experience as a college OC or co-OC--two of those years with a PAC 12 team. He's recruited at the P-5 level for 9 seasons (and 4 seasons on the west coast), and he's had one year coaching QBs in the NFL. He's had to prep his QBs against SEC defenses for three full seasons.
I get the love affair with Ryan Dinwiddie, as he's had great success coaching CFL football--but that's an entirely a different game: 12 players, 110 x 65 yard field (with 20 yard end zones), and 3 offensive downs. It's a blast to watch, but it rarely translates into fruitful coaching in American football (yes, Tony Knap came to us from the BC Lions, but that was for only one year, and he had been the Utah State head coach before that). RD has never coached American football, never had to recruit ever and build relationships with parents and high school coaches, never read the NCAA guidelines and pass their certification protocols, never evaluated high school tape, never developed a 17-year-old freshman, never game-planned under American football rules or field dimensions. To be sure, he COULD do all those things, but he has no record of doing so.
That Andy could get a 36-year-old coach with this level of P5 experience for $400K is a coup. Now, he could have gone in the direction of getting an old, experienced coach who's a washout--I'm looking at you UNLV--who'd have a big name, but has been exceedingly mediocre over the last 10 years and is crash-landing into retirement. Or he could've dipped into the FCS pool again. Or he might've tried Junior Adams at Oregon or Kirby Moore at Fresno, but neither has as deep experience in developing QBs.
I'm genuinely excited about having a guy with Hamdan's trajectory and experience. Of course, any OC we'd hire would have questions, uncertainties, and Hamdan will have much to improve, but this is an excellent hire.
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2022.12.14 15:57 fuckthisjobIquitYODA missippi state had a vaccine mandate ,so...,..

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2022.12.03 20:53 -Gnostic28 Good

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2022.11.29 02:00 Mammoth_Impress_3108 What P5 coach that was fired this year has the best chance to return to success?

Of the P5 coaches I can think of that have been fired:
Scott Frost (Nebraska)
Bryan Harsin (Auburn)
Geoff Collins (Georgia Tech)
Paul Chryst (Wisconsin)
Karl Dorrell (Colorado)
Herm Edwards (Arizona St)
Who has the best chance of returning to glory? Who is destined to be an assistant high school coach? Let me know if I forgot any.
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2022.11.26 22:29 spartygw This list about to change

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2022.11.26 12:02 recessbadger45 Former Boise State Coach Bryan Harsin Selling Home For $2.96 Million [photos]

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2022.11.21 17:59 djowen68 Let's Talk About: Auburn

Opponent: Auburn Tigers (5-6 overall, 2-5 SEC), Unranked
Where: Bryant-Denny Stadium/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
When: 2:30PM CT, ESPN, 11/26
Coaches: HC (Interim) Carnell “Cadillac” Williams; Co-OCs Will Friend & Ike Hilliard; DC Jeff Shmedding
2021 Record: 6-7(22-24 4OT L to Alabama)
Odds: Bama -22, O/U 47.5
Total YPG: 376 YPG (#54)
PPG: 24.5 (#90)
Passing YPG: 181 YPG (#115)
Rushing YPG: 195 YPG (#31)

Total YPG: 384 YPG (#76)
PPG: 27.7 (#85)
Passing YPG: 212 YPG (#49)
Rushing YPG: 173 YPG (#94)

Overall Thoughts
Auburn has had a disastrous 2022 season, and is an odd place following the mid-season firing of head coach Bryan Harsin. Former star running back Carnell Williams has taken over and led Auburn to a 2-1 record with wins over Texas A&M and Western Kentucky, and an OT loss to Mississippi State.
Auburn comes into the Iron Bowl trying to avoid missing a bowl for the first time since the 2012 season. A win over Alabama would give them a lot of momentum as the 2023 recruiting season comes to a close and their coaching search heats up. I don’t think a win would land Cadillac the gig permanently, but it would be an iconic moment in Auburn’s comparatively lackluster overall history, and inexplicably robust Iron Bowl history.
That said, despite Alabama’s downward trend this year, the Crimson Tide comes into the game as the better team with a better record. Alabama has home field advantage, which is incredibly important in this series. If this game was in Auburn, the Cadillac storyline mixed with Jordan Hare voodoo would be a lot to overcome for a Bama team who has struggled on the road.
Hopefully we can get McClellan going and set up a few big pass plays while shutting down Auburn’s run game. Doing that I think would be enough for Bama to pull away late for a 31-13 win, keeping our AP top 10 streak and NY6 bowl hopes alive.

Videos to get you hyped:
2021 Iron Bowl:
2018 Iron Bowl:
2015 Iron Bowl:
2014 Iron Bowl:
2012 Iron Bowl:
2011 Iron Bowl:
2009 Iron Bowl:
2008 Iron Bowl:
Auburn Sucks:
Auburn thinks they win Final Four game:
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2022.11.15 08:00 Desert_Scorpio Of all of the P5 coaches that were fired during the season, which school do you think will be the first to hire or name a permanent new head coach?

I'm pretty sure we haven't ever seen so many coaches fired during the season (espeically so early) as 2022, but I'm curious to see to everyone thinks will settle on a new HC first. You'd think that the earlier firings would have a jump start on things, yet here we are, almost at the end of the season and nada so far. I believe Wisconsin will end up just rolling with Leonhard, but not-so-sure about the rest.
In order of firing:
  1. Scott Frost (Nebraska)
  2. Herm Edwards (Arizona State)
  3. Geoff Collins (Georgia Tech)
  4. Paul Chryst (Wisconsin)
  5. Karl Dorrell (Colorado)
  6. Bryan Harsin (Auburn)
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2022.11.14 01:09 lostacoshermanos How would you rank the coaches available in the carousel in terms of quality?

My list for coaches personally would be…
1 Urban Meyer number 1 (legendary recruiter not great X’s and O’s guy but despite baggage no available coach is better
2 Matt Rhule (did amazing in a short time at Baylor)
3 Tom Herman (good young coach who got a raw deal at Texas needed more time)
4 Ed Orgeron (good for coming in to a team built to win now, solid 5-7 year solution)
5 Bryan Harsin (another good young coach who was under minded ranking him below Orgeron because lack of success at major program)
6 Scott Frost ( It’s just hard to win at Nebraska and his recruiting pipeline was set up in Florida and the south. This guy took a winless UCF team to undefeated in 2 years.)
7 Josh Gattis (up and comer could be next Lincoln Riley/Lane Kiffin)
8 John Gruden (this one is a wildcard because before the controversy he’d have an easier time recruiting. He said hes open to returning to coach a college team and could be a great fit at a lower profile southern school/Florida school like South Florida.
  1. Eric Bieniemy. Can’t get a job in the nfl but has experience in college as an OC with Colorado. Could be interesting hire.
  2. Paul Chryst. (Won lots of games but needs to modernize his offensive philosophy).
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2022.11.14 00:54 MilitaryJAG Norvell ranks 39th in HC salary. It’s obvious (1) he’s the right HC for FSU and (2) he and his staff are worthy of raises. We must keep Atkins and others. So an extension and bump him up to closer to $6M a year? And more to keep his staff happy? Thoughts?

Norvell ranks 39th in HC salary. It’s obvious (1) he’s the right HC for FSU and (2) he and his staff are worthy of raises. We must keep Atkins and others. So an extension and bump him up to closer to $6M a year? And more to keep his staff happy? Thoughts? submitted by MilitaryJAG to fsusports [link] [comments]