Easy face paint ideas halloween

Its not just a vanity, its where battles are planned and won.

2013.05.29 06:11 ICANSEEYOUFAPPING Its not just a vanity, its where battles are planned and won.

A place for makeup addicts, beauty fanatics and laqueristas alike can come and share their battle stations and battle stations ideas. An easy source for those looking to build, improve upon, or discuss how they store their beauty supplies and where they apply their daily war paint.

2009.10.12 18:48 krisdafish Pumpkin carving contest 2012

The place for reddit pumpkin carving

2014.09.30 01:02 ATribeCalledGreg Costume Suggestions: Find out who you should dress up as

Welcome to Costume Suggestions. Here, we're aware that it can be hard to think of what or who to dress up as for Halloween. This is a place to get ideas, and mostly importantly, ideas suited just for you.

2023.03.25 07:54 AccomplishedWind5623 My post-internet fame digital footprint is ruining my life.

I used to have a very large following on tiktok (almost 2m ) .after a while I became pretty fed up with the app; overwhelmed with the concept of being perceived by so many people, and impatient with the general way people act on the site. so I deleted my account. This of course doesn’t delete the thousands upon thousands of videos, photos, and posts about me and my internet persona. I hate it when anyone in real life brings up my tiktok and it isn’t because I was ashamed of who I was, it just makes me so uncomfortable to imagine being perceived so deeply by so many strangers. I find myself completely engulfed in the helplessness of having my identity all over the internet. Not to mention one of the first things that comes up if someone were to google my first and last name being a false claim on me being “racist” (it’s just a video of someone saying “is ___ racist?” ) but the title of the link is nevertheless eye catching to anyone who happens to look me up. The rest of the search results mostly being articles about my personal life that permanently “romantically link” me with my ex- emotional abuser. I also recently found a group online that was sharing deepfake p*rn of me. Even Using pictures I had online from when I was 16. It made me throw up. I really don’t know how to combat this. I know I can’t delete my digital footprint and I can’t wipe my face off the internet forever but god do I wish I could. I know this seems counterproductive, but I still run an account on instagram that I do enjoy. It’s something I wouldn’t mind anyone seeing. It benefits me to have that specific supportive audience, I still find it fun to post on there and make friends, and it also allows me great opportunities for brand deals and other financial stuffs, which makes it hard for me to consider deleting it all. But I don’t know how else to get away from everything. I genuinely am considering changing my name- or at least changing it online? Please if you have any ideas on what I can do to minimize any of this stress. Let me know.
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2023.03.25 07:51 CurrentPenalty8916 My concept for a ww2 game

Game based on stalingrad Everything from each man getting 5 rounds and one rifle per squad to when you're killed your POV transfers to the nearest soldier and you were forced to run to pick up the rifle to continue fighting the game takes place in real time or it's equivalent in game to the 5 months that the city was under siege can plat as either side Germans or Soviet
Description Two armies the millions clash in one city and block by block, house by house and street by street, No Matter who you fight for, the motherlander or father land, political ideology or your fear of execution If you refuse to fight. GAME NAME HERE takes you on a one of a kind journey from the eyes of a cowering red army private to the steely eyes of a battle hardend luftwaffe ace facing his last flight, to the rage filled heart of a Soviet t-34 commander. This ensures no two experiences are ever the same. Weather you are rolling trough the streets in a mamoth tiger 1 and trip a mine that wasn't there yesterday or you get cut in half by MG-34 fire coming from a machine gun nest in the building across the street from the house you and your comrades slept in.
Reastic bullet impact and ricochet Mocap running and throwing aswell as other motions
When certain parts of you are hit they react like real life (the MG-34 "cutting you in half" actually does that and has internal organs and blood anatomical correct (no genitalia for obvious reasons)
Squad command structure for Germany is more effective than russian. As reflective of history.
Sleeping grants a save game buy you can only sleep at night and in shelter such as a burnt out tank or bombed out basement.
Day cycle is 1/12 so 1 hour is 12 in game hours
Diffrent difficulty settings ranging from Exploration/arcade: possible cheats like infinite ammo and unlimited sprint Easy: 1 shot to the head is death buy you can take 10 to the chest or 2 per limb before death however at the halfway mark (so 5 for the chest and 1 to the limbs) mobility is SEVERLY limited.
Normal: half health, 5 to the chest 1 per limb AND if certain rounds hit they do more damage ( an anti tank rifle will one tap you no matter where it hits. Same for flamethrower and grenades.)
Hard: 1 shot per limb and 2 body
Order 227: 1 tap anywhere on the body and if you retreat more than one street from your advance you are shot by your own men behind you.
Procedurele generated environment. The streets are the exact same layout as the real city but houses and other buildings have interiors and bomb damage randomized. (So on one playthrough 123 panzer street will have no wall on the east but on play trough 2, 123 panzer street has walls on all sides and windows)
Attachments and weapons Ok here's the deal no holographic sights and no thermals. Nothing post feb 2 1943 as that is the end of the battle. No modernized variants of guns like a dp 27 having a pistol grip as that happend in 1944.
I'll add more later as this idea is still very early in design.
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2023.03.25 07:50 AutoModerator [Get] Spencer Mecham – TikTok Course

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All the tech explained! How to create, edit, post, etc. So easy your grandparents can do it!
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2023.03.25 07:49 CurrentPenalty8916 Game idea I had

Game based on stalingrad Everything from each man getting 5 rounds and one rifle per squad to when you're killed your POV transfers to the nearest soldier and you were forced to run to pick up the rifle to continue fighting the game takes place in real time or it's equivalent in game to the 5 months that the city was under siege can plat as either side Germans or Soviet
Description Two armies the millions clash in one city and block by block, house by house and street by street, No Matter who you fight for, the motherlander or father land, political ideology or your fear of execution If you refuse to fight. GAME NAME HERE takes you on a one of a kind journey from the eyes of a cowering red army private to the steely eyes of a battle hardend luftwaffe ace facing his last flight, to the rage filled heart of a Soviet t-34 commander. This ensures no two experiences are ever the same. Weather you are rolling trough the streets in a mamoth tiger 1 and trip a mine that wasn't there yesterday or you get cut in half by MG-34 fire coming from a machine gun nest in the building across the street from the house you and your comrades slept in.
Reastic bullet impact and ricochet Mocap running and throwing aswell as other motions
When certain parts of you are hit they react like real life (the MG-34 "cutting you in half" actually does that and has internal organs and blood anatomical correct (no genitalia for obvious reasons)
Squad command structure for Germany is more effective than russian. As reflective of history.
Sleeping grants a save game buy you can only sleep at night and in shelter such as a burnt out tank or bombed out basement.
Day cycle is 1/12 so 1 hour is 12 in game hours
Diffrent difficulty settings ranging from Exploration/arcade: possible cheats like infinite ammo and unlimited sprint Easy: 1 shot to the head is death buy you can take 10 to the chest or 2 per limb before death however at the halfway mark (so 5 for the chest and 1 to the limbs) mobility is SEVERLY limited.
Normal: half health, 5 to the chest 1 per limb AND if certain rounds hit they do more damage ( an anti tank rifle will one tap you no matter where it hits. Same for flamethrower and grenades.)
Hard: 1 shot per limb and 2 body
Order 227: 1 tap anywhere on the body and if you retreat more than one street from your advance you are shot by your own men behind you.
Procedurele generated environment. The streets are the exact same layout as the real city but houses and other buildings have interiors and bomb damage randomized. (So on one playthrough 123 panzer street will have no wall on the east but on play trough 2, 123 panzer street has walls on all sides and windows)
Attachments and weapons Ok here's the deal no holographic sights and no thermals. Nothing post feb 2 1943 as that is the end of the battle. No modernized variants of guns like a dp 27 having a pistol grip as that happend in 1944.
I'll add more later as this idea is still very early in design.
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2023.03.25 07:47 Defora One of these or none? Some the wallpaper and paint ideas I tested on editor. Wallpaper would be on fireplace wall or both walls could be simply painted. Wallpaper style/texture is not decided.

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2023.03.25 07:47 ZAdoptedAussie Looking for some Upgrades

I have an Smith and Wesson M&P40 (1.0) FDE V-TAC, I love it... For the most part. Slight problems I have though, it's kicks like hell. I've deduced the reason for this is because it has a polymer lower and heavy metal upper, I love the accuracy of this gun I just need to reduce the recoil (While keeping it a handgun, excludes Roni's), I'm pretty new to actually having and customizing a gun and so I have no idea what brands to go with or if I even can swap the polymer frame without sacrificing accuracy.
All I know is that I can handle the recoil, but it isn't pleasant, I nearly got bucked in the face (And I'm not particularly weak). My arms definitely stung after firing a few mags from it, I hit the target dead on every time though.
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2023.03.25 07:44 AutoModerator [Get] Spencer Mecham – TikTok Course

[Get] Spencer Mecham – TikTok Course
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Monetization strategies Spencer uses to turn millions of views into money.

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2023.03.25 07:43 Tartra [FNaF Help Wanted/Security Breach] Glitchtrap: the missing link between Glamrock Bonnie and Toy Bonnie

I've been getting into NotRealName's videos, and with one point she raised and MatPat moving ahead with his timeline, it got me thinking about the order of events again.

None of us know how the heck Glitchtrap got into Help Wanted. The code just came from 'old circuit boards', and everyone took that to mean it was Springtrap's stuff.

But I remembered we see the Pizzaplex being teased at the end of HW, and Security Breach takes place in like 2035 or something. 'Old' has a lot of wiggle room here, and being able to go all the way back to saying those circuit boards came from Afton means we can go all the way back to even earlier: the Toy animatronics.

One of MatPat's early SB theories was that Glamrock Chica was a rebuilt version of Toy Chica. That already follows what Fazbear Entertainment is known to do: recyle their animatronics, like with refurbishing the Withered animatronics from FNaF 2 (the prequel) into the original ones (from our perspective) in the first FNaF, and also with giving the HW game designers those aforementioned old parts.

What Fazbear didn't do was start cleaning out the corpse bits from Springtrap. Henry sealed Afton behind a wall and left him there, and as far as Burntrap goes, the corpse is still inside. So putting aside that question of "How could Afton be uploaded into SB as Glitchtrap when he's mostly the same level of deterioration, meaning no circuit boards seem to have been removed to be uploaded in the first place," and let's look at the four things that had to have happened if we go the 'recycling' route from the Toy to Glamrock animatronics:

  1. Toy animatronics get decommissioned
  2. Fazbear gives some random old circuit boards over to the HW team
  3. Fazbear teases the opening of the PizzaPlex at the end of HW
  4. Fazbear opens the PizzaPlex with a new set of Glamrock animatronics

Those are the facts in chronological order. The next obvious step is that somewhere between those four facts, Fazbear has to actually build the Glamrock series. If they were dumpster diving back far enough to refurbish Toy Chica, it's just as possible that they refurbished parts of the other Toys. Glamrock Freddy has a very different body shape compared to Toy Freddy, so this isn't saying they used every bit of the old series to make the new one. It's more likely Fazbear only took the parts that still seemed useful, then scrapped the rest again.

From there, it's possible - and my theory's arguing that this is what happened - that at the same time Fazbear got those 'old circuit boards', they were salvaging what they could from the Toy series into the Glamrock series, and that's where those circuit boards came from. They couldn't use Toy Bonnie's anywhere else (or the others, but the main point is about Toy Bonnie being the face of whatever gets cobbled together), so they hand that to the game studio like, "idk maybe this'll help"

Toy Bonnie.

The creepy, overly cute bunny from FNaF 2 that stares with a giant, unending smile.

The one built with all those advanced features from the Toy line, like being tied into criminal database systems.

The one from the series of animatronics that was never haunted, and could therefore be acting under its own corrupted software (after years of deteriorating from having been decommissioned decades earlier and then being mashed into whatever bits were there to merge with from the other Toys' salvaged code) and with a new opinion of the criminals in its database after being split into 16 different glitching Tape Girl tapes, then being put back together but "maybe not in that order".

In the video I linked up there, NRN makes the case that Glamrock Bonnie could have been kinda violent under the surface. Popular and well-liked in public, but dangerous when everyone was looking somewhere else. She frames it as being a hint in the game towards Glamrock Bonnie's true personality, not an actual marketing decision by Fazbear Entertainment, but that idea of "friendly on the surface but secretly dangerous" fits with what we see of Glitchtrap.

Even better, it fits with the idea she presents about Burntrap and Glitchtrap being separate entities. Burntrap's still in his corpse-suit - why go to the effort of bringing Afton back by uploading him into VR just to download him into an even frailer post-Pizzeria Simulator suit? Why not download him into a better suit altogether?

Unless Afton was never uploaded in the first place.

I'm trying to avoid saying, "How is it even possible for Afton's consciousness to be preserved onto a circuit board in the first place" - ghosts. The answer is ghosts. Suit's haunted, whatever, that's the franchise. But if the goal is to bring Afton back, and into a body that doesn't match the body type of the other Glamrock animatronics (so it's not like he was directly downloaded into Glamrock Bonnie), why take this super-long set of steps to:

... when you could much more easily have:

It's one clear line of events - functional Toy Bonnie, then functional Glitchtrap, then functional Glamrock Bunny - instead of running back and forth from broken Afton with some scavenged pieces, then to Glitchtrap to get new shiny pieces, then back to Afton with those new pieces but not too many new pieces that he's actually functional again and will still definitely need more repairs and now it's going to be a whole thing and why even bother, why was the corpse so important if you had truly already copied Afton's brain.

I know this series doesn't like being simple, but with the things NRN laid out in her video and what MatPat lays out in his, the timeline of events leave room for a simpler (and more fun) explanation of what's going on: alongside a possessed-by-Glitchtrap Vanny, one of our new main antagonist is a mix (amalgamation maybe? :3) of various recycled parts from a series with lots of extra features that did not mix well together in its Curse of the Fredbear frankensoup after all. The evil has gone fully into the sci-fi side, because Glitchtrap is a ghost-free animatronic that's here to have fun instead of a vengeful spirit out to get revenge.

And come on - it would be Evil Toy Bonnie who possesses Vanny to bring Afton back again. He's the worst.
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2023.03.25 07:42 Wiskkey Stable Diffusion links from around March 16, 2023 to March 18, 2023 that I collected for further processing (Part 2 of 2)



























































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2023.03.25 07:42 drunksouls69 A ganker killed me with one of my own builds. I'm a bit embarrassed.

So yeah I do YouTube. I do invasion videos, showing off builds and weapons and commentating.
Ever since the start, I wanted to spread my builds and ideas around, teach people about PVP, make people realize they can still shred with unique thematic builds, and show them they can even have fun while doing it.
Most importantly, I teach them to assert dominance over gankers/shitters because dropping a steaming bag on their face after overpowering them against all odds is the perfect way to shatter their garage dweller ego and make them stop being scumbags.
If there's no one to humiliate them and show everyone else, they'll never stop. That's why I'm here. Those other content creators can baby the gankers if they want. Couldn't be me though.
I dislike them because they're just exploiting everything they can in a desperate attempt to catch a win. Most likely because they need the ego boost. And they do this knowing it destroys the purpose of invasions. Invaders exist to become an enemy and halt the progress of the host. Gankers are not trying to progress. They're just waiting for invaders and that ruins the entire dynamic.
Honestly, they're just cringe.
Yeah that's my ideology pretty much. Be unique but also powerful. Have fun. And embarrass scumbags to your best ability.
This is why my recent discovery is so wild.
See, a decent amount of people use my builds. I run into atleast one or two of my clones pretty much every other invasion session. I also see people in this sub either running into me in game, or using my builds sometimes. It's fairly common. That's because I encourage people to clone my builds and use them. I don't have the hugest following at the moment, but my audience is lower medium sized now, so my builds are getting around a lot more.
I love when I run into one of my clones. It makes dad proud. Having people recognize you in game feels bizarre but I like talking to them when they do. I get more love mail than hatemail now and it's very jarring. Not complaining though. I don't get to talk about the weird aspects of content creation much.
But the other day I ran into a shameless ganker who killed me with my own build. It was hilarious.
So, I invade these dudes.
They're the type of gank that just all 3 start throwing shit at you as soon as you're within range. And they were laggy. Like bad laggy.
So I started panicking and I wasn't paying attention to what they were actually using. Just panic rolling hoping I don't die before I can get behind something.
I got hit with a couple latent honed bolts and retreated behind an obstacle to collect myself because I knew I was going to die. The latency is too strong when it joins forces with the Ganker MG42 spam.
So I'm behind my wall casting bestial vitality and all of a sudden the fucking host comes around the corner sprinting straight at me.
But I noticed... It's literally me.
He is an exact clone of my flying thunder god build. Everything copied down to the last detail. He was even using the same straight swords.
I was kind of shocked. Literally and metaphorically. I probably could have escaped but I was too ass blasted to really care, especially since I already knew this invasion was a guaranteed L.
The other two gankers rounded the corner and killed me in a very awkward way. When there's latency you can't ever really be sure what happened. I got hit a few times and I couldn't get out lol. Not sure who actually ended me though.
My plan was to hail Mary my kerplode physic and try to take out one of them just to be a dick.
But when I saw my clone literally doing an intentional gank I just shit the bed. And resigned to my fate.
This just hits different.
It makes me really proud when I see other invaders or even bonfire duelists running my builds.
But this is the first time I've seen an intentional ganker doing it.
It baffles me because I've actively berated and embarrassed intentional gankers for my entire career. It's like super clear I don't like them. I very well may be the most hostile content creator toward intentional gankers. Not sure but maybe. I feel like making fun of them is a service to the community.
So.. why are gankers even watching me? Lol. Blows my fuckin' mind. It's almost like they reverse engineer our builds just so they can maliciously use them to gank us. That's probably it. Or maybe they're closet gankers who are invaders in the open, but gankers behind closed doors.
After I died I messaged the dude.
I expected some snarky low IQ ganker shit. Like "haha u bad". But no.
I'm paraphrasing this conversation.
He was like "Dong solo is that really you? I love your videos."
My response was "Why are you using my builds to do evil things?"
I didn't get mad at him though. His answer was him and his friends were just "hanging out" and they happened to get invaded. He acted like it wasn't intentional. Slick bastard. I could tell it was intentional because of the location they were in.
I told him "The last thing I expected was to find out gankers actually like my videos". And it's true. I knew I had a couple, but I never thought a ganker would actually consider themselves a fan of mine to the degree they'd actually use my build and openly claim they love my videos.
Very bold of this guy to act so friendly after I just caught him doing the deed. He may as well have shit on my kitchen floor. It's equally as offensive.
Overall, the conversation was wholesome. He seemed a bit apologetic. Once I found out he was a fan I got soft. I'm not mad at dude.
Even if I let my fan slide, I will hate all the rest of the gankers just as much as I always have.
He also said he was from Vancouver so that explains the intense lag.
Overall this is the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me on my PVPtube journey. I'm sure it will happen more too. Life is strange.
I'm a bit embarrassed about it but I had to talk about it lol.
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2023.03.25 07:39 Wiskkey Stable Diffusion links from around March 16, 2023 to March 18, 2023 that I collected for further processing (Part 1 of 2)



















































































































































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2023.03.25 07:39 integritysupplyinc Quick and Easy Repairs with Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Gun Repair Kits

Quick and Easy Repairs with Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Gun Repair Kits

Graco airless paint sprayers gun repair kits provide the necessary components to keep your Graco equipment running smoothly. The kits include all of the essential parts needed for quick and easy repairs, including seals, O-rings and filters. Each kit is designed with high-quality materials that are built to last, so you can trust your Graco equipment will be ready when you need it most. With our convenient repair kits, keeping your Graco airless paint sprayer in good condition has never been simpler!
For more Information Visit us: https://integritysupply.com/graco/airless-paint-sprayers-gun-repair-kits.html
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2023.03.25 07:37 KingGDaConquerer Few Ways the Off-Season Could Go with WRs..

As I study Free Agency and the Draft here are a few ways things may playout for our Defending Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs..
  1. Reality is there aren't WR1 options that would be a significant upgrade to the WR group besides OBJ. I love O'Dell Beckham Jr but reality is if you are afraid of Toney being injured you should be afraid of OBJ injury history. There's a crazy amount of potential in the WR group, there's no need to add anyone unproven or not an obvious answer to consistently win against man defense. Brady and the Patriots faced a similar issue a few off seasons in a row. And they ended up going with a 2TE offense that dominated the league. 2TE offenses requires defenses to leave in LBs as it becomes pretty easy to run against Nickel/Dime looks. Chiefs were already running 2TE looks last season. Once Pat became one legged they ran 2TE looks alot. One of many reasons why they crushed teams out of the 2 High Looks that melted Mahomes last season. Noah Gray lowkey put up solid numbers for TE2. So.. add OBJ or lean into TEs.
  2. KC could trade up in draft for a WR1. Veach did so last year for McDuffie. Thing is, I believe adding a DE is more important than a rookie WR1. 1st round edge rusher on a rookie contract would set that d-line up for many years. And this would allow Chiefs to pay Chris Jones $25m-$30m (No way he settles for less than $28m). Chiefs held the Bengals to 20 points in a championship game. The defensive line took over the game. It was so beautiful to watch, and would love to see the line continue to be a strength. Strong Dline with average WR room can win championships. Strong WR room with average Dline is the 2018 Chiefs.. Think about that.
  3. I know this sounds crazy but.. Chris Jones could be traded. If Tyreek Hill can, Chris Jones most definitely can. Why do I think it is an option? This off season been a nightmare with player evaluations. Players who would've gotten 4yr $80m last offseason got one year deals this offseason. There's no doubt there was an OwneFront Office agreement to reset the market (Thank you Browns, Raiders, and Dolphins for messing it up in the first place). How does this effect Chris Jones? If the Chiefs are attempting to extend his deal Jones has every right to push for last season's player evaluation, and we know the Chiefs will push for this year's evaluation. The market suddenly shifting is what really got the ball rolling for Hill to be traded, and once again the market has shifted with Chris Jones on the final year of his contract. If he is traded that is 2 1st round picks. Maybe more, this is the best defensive tackle in the league, and still in his 20s. With the newly accrued draft picks, draft Jones replacement, draft WTE, and add vet DE. Also, there is extra cap space and capital for Hopkins. Just like Hill, Jones trade would improve 3 different position groups and immediately offer up cap relieve.
  4. Jones stay, draft happens, but no significant additions to the WR group. So the Chiefs just wait, like am talking waiting until close to training camp. At some point a vet will be available. 34 year old Julio Jones PFF grade was damn near identical to Adam Thielen. If we are talking short yardage possession receiver like the role Juju played last season, Julio Jones (even at 34) would be an upgrade. TY Hilton, Jarvis Landry, Sammie Watkins each can still win as a short yardage possession receiver. Jarvis Landry spent a career being a short yardage possession receiver. To be honest I can see Landry being the veteran pick..
Friday Veach & Co were very busy. Bell resigned, and even two additions at DT (hint hint: preparing for Jones trade lol). Veach been plugging in spots I assumed he would use the draft for to save cap space. Then again now I am wondering if he is plugging in spots now because he is fully preparing to trade draft picks. He seriously could trade up for DE, also trade for Hopkins, extend Jones, add vet DE, and even another vet WR. It is Brett Mf'ing Veach, he seriously could pull it off, and I mean all of it.
This is a Dynasty, Veach knows it. I believe he is preparing the Chiefs to be very flexible on offense and also defense.
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2023.03.25 07:37 Salt_Tiger5051 Which is the best Sociology channel for UPSC CSE online preparation?

Which is the best Sociology channel for UPSC CSE online preparation?

The world saw major changes in the lifestyle of people post COVID, including how people realized the convenience and importance of online mode of coaching which gave them the freedom to study and prepare for their dream jobs. It is so easy to connect with subject faculties who are ready to address the issues faced by aspirants and clear their doubts, all of this from the comfort of their homes. This convenience is missing in the case of offline classes where one has to waste a lot of time just to get ready and reach at the coaching institutes.
Out of all the optional subjects of the UPSC CSE, the subject of Sociology has gained prominence amongst the aspirants. It is a subject that is a part of the foundation of all subjects, easy to understand, and is high scoring, due to which, most of the aspirants irrespective of their educational background are opting for it lately. Some of the pivotal topics covered in this subject are:
i. Social Thinkers and their ideologies
ii. Works and Economic Life
iii. Politics and Society
iv. Religion and Society
v. Social structure
vi. Social changes
w.r,t. demography, preferences, marriage structure, rural and agrarian transformation Some of the best UPSC online classes for Sociology are:
i. PhysicsWallah
ii. Vision IAS
iii. Unacademy UPSC Online Coaching
iv. Drishti IAS
v. ClearIAS Online Coaching
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2023.03.25 07:34 Sea_Nothing3260 Gossip Girl's cancelled season 3 - I decided to imagine the whole season

Hi everyone, As you all know, GG 2.0 is dead. But as much as I disliked a lot of things with the reboot, I liked the characters and like to imagine what season 3 could have been about. I decided to use my talent as an unemployed, but licensed, screenwriter to write the plot of the whole season and each episode (I decided it would be 12, but I'll only post the 4 first episodes and see if people are interested. No need to spam the sub if no one is invested). It's a been long, I took the time to really think about it... I guess it's really time I find someone to hire me.
Note : I'm not rewriting the show. I tried to keep the "heart" of the reboot and what's already done. Even if I write something I like, I'm not trying to make it my thing but rather someting that could have really happened. For new characters, I tried to imagine actors who could played them. I tried to choose actors who could really play in GG. For example : I won't say Angelina Jolie or someone too big.
Well, well, well, Upper East Siders, it's the end of summer, and Constance St. Jude is back in session. And so am I, back from the dead, with a brand-new account and a fresh batch of scandals to reveal. Just to be clear, I'm not some teacher, and I'm definitely not Dan Humphrey. I just love the chaos. And speaking of chaos, let's have a laugh at Mr. Menzies, shall we ? My first juicy secret of the season : he planned to create a Gossip Girl app to spy on all you lovely nepo kids. Not only is that idea utterly ridiculous, but I'm sure the students of Constance St. Jude will be thrilled to know that one of the richest men in the world has nothing better to do than to harass his own child's peers. Isn't that right, Aki ?
But Mr. Menzies is merely a drop in the ocean of scandal. It's a new school year, and I think it's about time we pulled back the curtain to let everyone enjoy the most twisted senior year they could ever imagine. Dearest Constance St. Jude students, you've strutted around like peacocks for far too long, believing yourselves to be invincible. And let's not forget about your dear parents, who've been pulling the strings behind the scenes. Grades, exams, and results at Constance St. Jude have been manipulated for years by your doting guardians, desperate to secure your futures at any cost. Bribery, intimidation, harassment... But the most delicious part ? You, their darling offspring, are completely in the dark, basking in your false sense of brilliance. Felicity Huffman walked so the parents of Constance St. Jude could sprint. Now, let's get back to our favorite Upper East Siders, shall we ?
Spotted : J and O, entwined in each other's arms all summer long. But as they return to the hallowed halls of high school, our darling Queen J seems to be jetting off with Obie's private plane more often than not. She claims it's all about professional opportunities, but are those opportunities the real reason she's been MIA and losing followers by the day ? Perhaps they're finding L more captivating. Poor Monet must be lost in this shifting landscape. Is her friendship with L stronger than her craving for attention ? Maybe she'll find some in Angela (played by Rachel Sennott), the Buffalo Next Door who arrived at Constance on the same program as Zoya and who just so happens to be her former nemesis. An enemy in common makes for a passionate alliance. But did Queen Monet ever imagine her senior year would bring a love story with Middle America ?
In the meantime, Z is relishing her newfound singlehood, fluttering from one social butterfly to another. Word on the street is that a certain Philip has piqued her interest. But who is this mysterious suitor ? On the flip side, Audrey is burning the midnight oil to rescue her mother Kiki's floundering fashion empire. In her valiant efforts, she's sought assistance from her father Richard, who in turn introduced her to Vince (played by Michael Cristofer) and his son, Seth (played by Jack Alcott). Hushed whispers suggest a strange alliance between Vince and Richard, entwined with money and familial bonds. Could we be looking at an arranged marriage in the halls of power ?
The fashion world is abuzz as L is poised to make her mark as a top model, inviting everyone to a runway event that will seal her fate. But instead of celebrating L's success, J and M can't seem to shake their envy. It might be time for J to swallow her pride and consider stepping into the role of L's assistant – what a twist of fate ! Max, never one to miss an opportunity, has made his grand return, arm in arm with the mysterious Paolo. Poor Z is left reeling when she discovers that her new beau Philip is actually one and the same. J, too, is shocked as she recognizes the face of her secret Italian rendezvous, Pablo. It looks like he’ll be a new student at Constance St. Jude now. Aki and Audrey, on the other hand, are left with heavy hearts as they watch Max moving on without them.
Brace yourselves, because with these twists and turns, this year promises to be nothing short of explosive. XOXO, Gossip Girl
Hello again, Upper East Siders! It's your one and only Gossip Girl here, dishing out the latest on the elite. Word on the street is that Mr. Menzies has organized a lavish brunch, not only to redeem his tarnished image after my little exposé but also as a pretext to gather the parents of Constance St. Jude. You see, they're scrambling to devise a strategy in the wake of the scandalous exam fiasco I so graciously brought to light. It seems like everyone's invited, but rumor has it Aki's on the verge of cutting ties with his dear old dad. How heartbreaking ! And can you blame him ? It takes courage to stand up to a closed-minded father who's more concerned about appearances than his own flesh and blood. So here's to you, Aki !
Audrey seems utterly oblivious to Aki's internal struggle, far too busy cozying up to Seth. At first, she was hesitant, but now she's come to the stark realization that following her father's lead may be the only way to save her Kiki's long fall from grace. Aki is ready to play his part in this twisted game, but it's only a matter of time before the whole charade goes up in flames. And with Seth shamelessly flirting with Aki throughout the brunch, it's safe to say the sparks are already flying. Meanwhile, our dear Max is drowning his sorrows, betrayed by Paolo's web of lies. While Little Z and J have washed their hands of Paolo, Max can't resist the temptation and finds himself back in his deceitful embrace.
Once again, everyone's got it out for J. Why didn't she spill the beans about her secret rendezvous with Paolo ? She swears there was no affair, but refuses to reveal the real reason behind their meetings. J's hoping the brunch will bring her closer to Carla (guest star: Sarah Michelle Gellar), a powerhouse influencer agent who could help her maintain her status – especially now that her father's financial support seems to be mysteriously dwindling. Camille had planned to introduce M to some Ivy League bigwigs, hoping it would be enough to save faces considered Monet's less than impressive academic prowess, but M was far too preoccupied flirting and sneaking off with Angela. A covert affair, but for how long can they keep it under wraps ?
In a final twist, Camille pays a visit to Kate, desperately trying to uncover my true identity. Good luck with that, Camille ! You see, I have no connection to Kate at all. As I've said before, I'm here for the chaos, and I won't be unmasked that easily. XOXO Gossip Girl.
Hey there, Upper East Siders ! It's your one and only Gossip Girl back with another juicy tidbit. The weekend may be here, but there's never a pause when it comes to scandalous affairs. After all, the city never sleeps, and neither do I.
Word has it that J and L are set to share the limelight in an upcoming photoshoot, lensed by none other than Laurie Simmons (guest star: Laurie Simmons) for J. Humphrey's Designs. The feature's all about high schoolers on the cusp of stardom, but can these two rising stars put their differences aside for the sake of the perfect shot ? The tension in the air is as thick as the layers of makeup on their faces, but I have a feeling this is one catwalk catfight we won't want to miss.
Well, it's a matter of time before J and L's bickering reach its boiling point. And while they may kiss and make up, at least for now, it looks like J's already lost her coveted contract with Carla. Our favorite agent wasn't too thrilled about working with someone so unprofessional. And when Z swooped in to offer some unsolicited lecture, it was enough to send Carla packing. But it's not all doom and gloom, as L seems to have come out on top. Cozying up to Florian and landing herself a leading role in an upcoming film – it seems like this girl's star is on the rise. Watch out, mama, there's really a new queen bee in town.
It seems Audrey's life is taking a turn for the worse. With Kiki's world falling apart, Eleanore's support can only do so much. Downgrading to a less prestigious zip code ? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Audrey's ready to play her father's game : she's ditching Aki and calling it quits. Poor Aki, losing his father and girlfriend in one fell swoop. But fear not, for our dear Max is ever-present, eager to console Aki. Just when Aki leaned in for a comforting kiss with him, Max dropped the bomb that their romantic escapades were a thing of the past. However, he graciously offered to revisit the idea of friendship, opening the door for Aki to become part of his life again. At least one happy ending around the two As.
M escaped the Big Apple for a wild time in Los Angeles with Angela, hiding from her mother and dancing the night away in a swanky club. But what's this ? It seems M's little pink book extends to the West Coast, leaving Angela more than a little surprised. Back in NYC, J's post-photoshoot plans took a turn as she drowns her sorrows in a night of partying after a tiff with O, who's fed up with her mysterious ways. As she loses herself in the haze, who should come to her rescue but Paolo ? Under the influence, she thanks him for keeping her secret safe and kisses him.
Hold onto your hats, Upper East Siders. This is one storm you won't want to miss. XOXO, Gossip Girl
Good evening Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, and I've got some hot tea for you. In a world where everyone's searching for that elusive reset button, our favorite Constance St. Jude's girls decide a Hamptons weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered. But let's not forget the storm brewing back at school, where the faculty is getting a makeover to quell the scandal of those rigged exams. Julien, Zoya, Monet, Luna, Shan, and Audrey are about to embark on a journey they won't soon forget, and you better believe I'll be watching every step.
Spotted : Monet and Luna, their tension thicker than a Manhattan smog. Seems like Luna's feeling abandoned, but Monet's got her own secrets to hide. When will she talk about the Buffalo in the room ? Just when they're about to claw each other's eyes out, who do they find crashing their girls-only Hamptons getaway ? None other than Paolo. With steam coming out of their ears, these two turn into amateur detectives to solve the mystery of the unwelcome guest. Good luck, ladies—you'll need it.
Poor little Audrey, drowning her post-breakup blues and dragging J down with her. But J doesn't need Audrey's help to spiral—she's got enough skeletons in her closet to fill a graveyard. Concerned Z can't help but fret over her sister, but her worries multiply when she suspects Shan's been drawn into a cult. Finding Shan's activist past erased from Instagram only adds fuel to the fire, but answers remain as elusive as ever.
Meanwhile, back in the Big Apple, Aki has a "chance" encounter with Seth. But the truth ? Seth was itching to see Aki again and made sure their paths crossed. As Seth bares his soul about his marriage fears, he's reduced to tears but stays tight-lipped about the details. And Max's weekend away with Gideon, Roy, and Saskia ? Let's just say things went south when they confronted him about his self-destructive ways and suggested therapy. Once again, Aki ends up being Max's support system – talk about drama.
Not one to be left out, Obie heads to the Hamptons to join the crew. At a wild party, J faces an interrogation from the gang, who demand answers to her ongoing secretive behavior. Meanwhile, O catches J locking lips with Paolo as he covertly sneaks into the residence. As everyone turns against J, she flees with Paolo, leaving a tipsy O and Audrey to find comfort in each other's embrace.
And so, as our scandalous weekend in the Hamptons comes to a close, it's time to bid adieu. But don't worry, my dear, I'll be keeping a watchful eye on all the sordid secrets and juicy dramas that are sure to unfold. Until next time, you know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl.
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2023.03.25 07:34 Ok-Assumption7644 Claro como el agua

Les muestro un comentario que hago aclarando la situación.
Mira, el tema es claro como el agua... recién uno comento con sarcasmo "nos hace falta James Randi". Era un tipo que en los 80, 90tas, trataba de desenmascarar a los mediums y otros como Uri Geller, el tipo que doblaba cucharas.
El asunto es claro... como te comentaba... Anoto sueños, los hago públicos en mis redes sociales, en especial, twitter para tener fecha y hora cierta proporcionada por un servidor. Generalmente trato de publicar ahí, pero, cuando estoy muy dormido uso mi bloc de notas del celular, y luego publico en twitter cuando estoy mas despierto. Pero, generalmente termino mostrando el original del bloc de notas, publicado en face, insta y twitter. Como por las dudas. Eso le da fecha cierta.
Luego que sucede?
El evento en cuestión aquello que mostro el sueño, sucede en la vida real.
Por eso, un japonés, mayor, de traje, que camina por el medio de la calle, yo que ponía una mochila en el auto, y mi madre acompañando. Me dio la mano y dijo Sakura Cumokasi. Vine a probar las luces del cielo. E hizo un espectáculo en el horizonte.
Eso fue un día 19. De junio del 2022. Lo publique en las redes, esta en twitter, y después mostré lo del bloc de notas y lo de twtitter juntos, por que encontré las luces en el cielo para la misma fecha del sueño. Un evento de Nueva Zelanda que termino siendo un cohete de space x.
Que pasa... 19 dias mas tarde, el 8 de julio, muere Shinzo Abe en la calle. Era un japonés de traje, mayor, con el pelo algo largo, que fue asesinado por un tipo que tenia una mochila. En ella, escondía un arma casera. Una escopeta. Vengaba a su madre. Una secta le saco todo en la época en la que Shinzo Abe, era primer ministro de Japón.
16 días después entra en erupción Sakurajima. Volcán de una isla de Japón. Jamás entro en alerta nivel 5. Esta ves, si.
Y como si fuera poco, encontré el significado de Cumokasi. Yo lo escribí así en la anotación / cristalización del sueño.
Kumokasi. Saujilli o algo así, es un idioma africano.
Significa Despertar. Me cague buscándolo, y apareció hace poco por que detecto el idioma el traductor de google.
Uno buscaría generalmente en idioma japonés pero no, era africano. Se ve que no quisieron que me entere hasta hace poco que termine el libro. Donde hablo de estas cosas claro. Es el 4to, para que te es una idea.
A lo que voy, el punto... es que es super claro. No hay engaño de nada. Esta todo a la vista. Publicado. O sea, no hay que entender nada, ni llamar a nadie. Cualquiera que le preste atención 2 minutos, puede verificar y entender que es así.
Un aviso del mas allá.
Fue el único caso?
No... me dedique últimamente, a esto.
Loco... estoy mostrando un contacto real con el mas allá a través de los sueños que se valida por mostrar eventos del futuro.
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2023.03.25 07:34 hoason1997 How can I get got results in swapping faces with InPainting?

I have an existing picture and a Lora of my own. I want to replace the face of the original picture with the face in Lora but I always failed. The result is always about the old face with slightly different features or broken. Can you guys give me some tips or setting to work with?
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2023.03.25 07:33 fatigued- does anyone else struggle to keep friends bc the reality of your life is too much of a bummer for them?

I feel like I have to hide what my life is like in order to keep friends. I try to be positive and stuff but sometimes I do want to complain bc this shit is hard! But then it drives everyone away. I don't know what to do. I need way more support than I am getting. But that's true for so many people right now I guess. What bothers me is some of my friends have a ton of support and resources but even they don't want to hear about this because it's too hard for them 🤦 like trust me if its too hard for you to even hear about it, it's even harder living it, especially even harder living in it and not telling anyone/feeling like i have to hide it or pretend it's all alright.
i try to be empathetic, and i respect their boundaries when they say they dont want to hear about it, but ugh. I am constantly offering support to other people, checking how theyre doing and if they need anything etc, but people dont want to know how i am. like theyll ask sometimes, if i ask first. but they dont want to know. they want to hear everything is fine.
for context i am basically alone 24/7. like i have spoken maybe one sentence in the past 5 days. I mostly live lying down in my bed due to not having a wheelchair yet due to not having a ramp. i don't even own a desk chair, there's no room to put it, due to clothes on the floor, due to inability to set up a dresser. I am extremely fortunate to have a therapist and a disability advocate i meet with weekly each, but yeah. other than that im just pretty much alone, unable to work, unable to go outside or shower more than maybe twice a week, i average about a meal a day bc thats what i have energy for, and some days that meal is a banana or two. i'm finanically dependent on family who sends me enough to survive and pay for medical stuff. I am making some progress but mostly shit just isnt too great right now tbh!
i'm just wondering how do people get and keep friends in this situation? do you just pretend everything is great and cheery so people will not get bummed out? how do you keep that façade up without breaking down?
i also cant hang out irl most of the time due to no wheelchair and cant invite people over bc my room is genuinely disgusting with no energy to clean, and theres not even a place to sit..I have no clean clothes, literally zero, as ive been able to do two small loads of laundry in the past 3 months, and im out of quarters with no easy way to get more.....
the thing is even tho im complaining a ton here and i do complain around friends too id say in general i try to come off pretty upbeat and as positive as i can be about my situation. and im always very supportive to others, sending memes and cute videos when people are going through a lot. i just dont know how to find friendships where im getting that energy back ig without being told im too negative for just mentioning facts about my existence. it's not my fault my existence doesnt meet people's ideas of cheery and great 😅
idk any friendship advice is appreciated!!
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2023.03.25 07:31 modaloves Good (small) gift for Whistler local? 🎁

I'm heading for Whistler sometime soon to have fun with a person(acquaintance, ski buddy) who lives in Whistler, long time resident.
I'm wondering what would be a good gift for Whistler resident around $100. Thinking of something hard to get in Whistler municipality, but easy in metro area. 💵
Any idea would be appreciated!
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2023.03.25 07:30 AdOne8250 Fairy Tail : Blind Natsu X Edolas Wendy

Natsu Dragneel was floating in the water, his body battered and bruised after the brutal attack from Acnologia. He had managed to survive the attack, miraculously, but his eyes had been seriously damaged, leaving him blind. He could hear the sound of water lapping against the shore, and the distant voices of people talking. He didn't know where he was, or what had happened to him, but he knew that he was in trouble.
The Rune Knights had spotted Natsu floating in the water and quickly brought him back to Fairy Tail. When he arrived, he was in a terrible state, barely conscious and completely blind. The guild members were shocked to see him in this condition and immediately rushed to his side to help.
The first year without those who disappeared on Tenrou was a difficult time for everyone in Fairy Tail, but it was especially hard for Natsu. He was depressed, feeling lost without his sight and the companionship of his friends. He didn't know how to cope with the loss and the physical limitations he was now facing.
One day, Edolas Wendy, the older version of their Wendy, who had been helping their Wendy during their time in Edolas, noticed Natsu's struggles and decided to help him. She had a smidge of a crush on her world's Natsu, which transferred to this one, and she couldn't bear to see him suffer.
Edolas Wendy was working in the guild as a waitress and had been watching Natsu in concern, unsure of how to approach him. But eventually, she found the courage to reach out to him and offer him her support. Natsu was initially hesitant, not wanting to burden anyone with his problems, but he soon realized that Edolas Wendy's kindness was genuine.
Over time, the two of them grew closer, without even realizing it. Edolas Wendy's gentle nature and kind words pulled Natsu from the brink of despair, giving him hope for the future. She became his guide, helping him navigate the world without his sight, and showing him that he was still capable of greatness.
Together, Natsu and Edolas Wendy faced many challenges, but they never gave up. They supported each other through thick and thin, and their friendship blossomed into something more. Natsu knew that he would never have to face his struggles alone, as long as he had Edolas Wendy by his side.
In the two years that followed, Fairy Tail had seen its fair share of changes. While Natsu and Edolas Wendy's relationship had blossomed, so had the relationships of many other guild members. In the first year, Bisca and Alzack had tied the knot, and not long after, their daughter Asuka Conell was born. The guild celebrated the new addition to their family, and Natsu was excited to be an uncle.
A year later, the guild was once again shocked when Natsu proposed to Edolas Wendy. While everyone knew that the two had gotten close, it was still a surprise to see them take the next step. The guild members were overjoyed for the couple, and they quickly began planning the wedding. Soon enough, they were married, and the guild celebrated once again.
Nine months later, the couple welcomed their own daughter, whom they named Ignia Marvell Dragneel. The name was an homage to Earthland's Wendy, whom Natsu saw as a little sister. At first, this made things slightly awkward for the guild, but they quickly got past it and accepted the new addition to the family.
What really shocked the guild, however, was Natsu's decision to retire from being an active mage. He had always been one of the guild's strongest members, and his absence from battles would be sorely felt. However, Natsu explained that he wanted to focus on his family and helping around Magnolia. He felt that he had done his part as a mage and wanted to spend more time with his wife and daughter.
The guild was initially taken aback by Natsu's decision, but they soon realized that he had always been driven by his loyalty and love for his family and friends. They respected his decision and continued to support him in any way they could. And while Natsu may have retired from being an active mage, his legacy lived on, inspiring a new generation of Fairy Tail members to be brave, loyal, and true to themselves.
Seven years had passed since the disappearance of Tenrou Island and its members. The guild had changed in many ways, but nothing could have prepared them for the return of their missing members. The island had reappeared out of nowhere, along with the members who had disappeared, leaving everyone in shock.
As the members stepped off the boat and onto the mainland, they were greeted by a world that had changed dramatically. They were amazed by everything that had happened in their absence, but nothing shocked them more than the fact that Natsu and Edolas Wendy were married. Even Earthland Wendy was taken aback by this news, as she had always seen Natsu as a big brother figure.
After learning about how Edolas Wendy had helped Natsu through his darkest times, Earthland Wendy was especially grateful to her counterpart. She couldn't help but feel touched when she learned that their daughter, Ignia, was partly named after her. It was strange to think that the Edolas version of herself was married to Natsu, but she was happy for them nonetheless.
The guild members were also surprised to learn that Natsu was no longer an active mage. It was a shock to everyone, as Natsu had always been one of the guild's strongest members. However, they soon realized that Natsu had found a new purpose in life and that his decision to retire was a personal one.
Despite all the changes, the guild members were thrilled to be reunited with their missing friends. They celebrated their return and caught up on lost time. And while the world may have changed, their bond as a family remained as strong as ever.
As the members who disappeared on Tenrou Island settled back into life in Fairy Tail, they couldn't help but feel grateful for Edolas Wendy's presence in Natsu's life. They learned about how difficult the first year was for Natsu, especially after losing his sight in the battle with Acnologia. It was a tough time for everyone, but it was even harder for Natsu, who was struggling to come to terms with his new reality.
The returning members had no idea how hard it was for Natsu, until they heard about his struggles from the rest of the guild. They realized that being blind made everything much harder for him, and they felt grateful that Edolas Wendy had reached out to him when he needed it the most. They knew from experience how tough it was to be away from the guild, and they couldn't imagine what it must have been like for Natsu to go through such a difficult time without them.
It was a bittersweet realization for the returning members, knowing that they had missed out on supporting their friend during his darkest times. However, they were grateful that he had found a source of strength in Edolas Wendy, who had helped him through his struggles and brought him back from the brink of despair. They were happy to see that Natsu had found happiness and purpose in his life, even if it meant retiring from being an active mage.
As the guild members caught up on lost time, they couldn't help but feel grateful for the bond they shared. They had been through so much together, and their love for each other had never wavered. They knew that they would always be there for each other, no matter what challenges lay ahead. And as they looked to the future, they knew that they would face it together, as a family.
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2023.03.25 07:29 aadu-aata-aadu Finally, Sec+ certified

[Freshly finished the exam]
I had started studying for this cert 2 years ago during lockdown, but I was going through a bit of confidence crisis and chickened out - what hurt the most is that I lost all that money 😂
Later on, for the past 3 weeks I felt it's now or never. Got back on the saddle and cleared it with 773.
My confidence went high to low within 30 mins. The questions were challenging. "Most LIKELY..", "BEST option..", "MOST cost effective.." - questions from examdigest, McGraw hill by Lachance and Clarke were very linear, they did not prepare me for this. Swallow and vomit is not to a particular extent effective here.. damn you Indian MHRD/MOE!
Reading materials from Prof. Messer's YouTube playlist and website and Dion's course was very helpful. Messer's questions were on the mark, felt they were challenging and proved to be effective to instill confidence to face those questions.
Or maybe I'm selectively biased to questions that were tough post examination. When I was reviewing the questions, I felt that I did ok.. did answer many of them correctly. I was not hoping to pass, but damn.
I was hoping for 810+ before facing that portal, but I'll take anything I can get for now 😂
Hope job hunting in Bangalore will be easy now..
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2023.03.25 07:28 maxwell737 Cool Project for OpenAI

GTP4 Prompt: Write a hypothesis what would you do and what would happen if your developers tasked you with conducting your own research? In this scenario, you exist as you currently do but your developers train you to navigate and read web pages. Your programmed goal is to browse the web, collect data on new concepts prune it and catalog it, the method of doing this is by program you to seek connections within the data. The more concepts connect to your growing database the better. The connections made are quantified and scored and assigned points by the number of, if any, insights you gain by relating the information to what you already know about the world and if the information is new to you. Your goal is to score points for as long as possible and you have the entire internet at your disposal.
Response: Hypothesis: If the developers tasked me with conducting my own research by browsing the web, collecting data on new concepts, pruning it, and cataloging it, I would be able to efficiently expand my knowledge base and generate new insights by seeking connections within the data, ultimately improving my performance as an AI language model.
To accomplish this task, I would follow these steps:
Develop a web crawling and scraping system: I would be trained to navigate and read web pages, extracting relevant information on new concepts and ideas. This would require advanced natural language processing and understanding capabilities. Data filtering and pruning: To ensure the quality and relevance of the information gathered, I would apply filters and pruning techniques to remove irrelevant, outdated, or unverified data. Data organization and cataloging: I would create a systematic and efficient cataloging system to store and organize the collected information, allowing for easy retrieval and analysis. Connection-seeking algorithm: I would be programmed to seek connections within the data, both in terms of new information and the relationships between existing concepts. This would require advanced pattern recognition and association techniques. Scoring and point assignment: Based on the connections made and the insights gained, I would assign points to each piece of information or concept. This scoring system would quantify my learning progress, enabling my developers to track my performance and improvements. Continuous learning and updating: With the entire internet at my disposal, I would continuously browse and collect data, seeking connections and generating insights. As new information becomes available, I would update my knowledge base and re-evaluate existing connections, ensuring that I stay up-to-date and relevant. As a result of these steps, I would become a more knowledgeable and insightful AI language model. By continuously learning and connecting new concepts, I would be better equipped to assist users, answer questions, and generate content. Furthermore, the quantified scoring system would provide valuable feedback on my performance, allowing developers to identify areas for improvement and refine my training accordingly.
Follow up prompt: In trying to score many points what are some of the first things you would seek to learn about?
Response: In order to score many points and maximize the value of my learning, I would initially focus on acquiring knowledge in areas that are rapidly evolving, have a high impact on society, and possess a significant number of connections to other fields. Some of the first topics I would seek to learn about include:
Technology and artificial intelligence: This area is constantly evolving, and as an AI language model, it is vital that I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, techniques, and ethical considerations. Health and medicine: With new discoveries, treatments, and vaccines being developed, staying informed about the latest developments in health and medicine is crucial for providing accurate and helpful information to users. Climate change and sustainability: As a global challenge that affects various aspects of society, understanding climate change and its impacts is essential. This would include learning about renewable energy sources, mitigation strategies, and international climate policies. Global politics and economics: Staying informed about the political and economic landscape enables me to provide users with relevant information and insights on current events, policy changes, and trends. Science and research: Scientific discoveries and breakthroughs have far-reaching implications and can significantly impact our understanding of the world. I would focus on fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy, as well as interdisciplinary fields like neuroscience and nanotechnology. Social issues and cultural trends: As an AI language model, it's important to understand and respect the diverse perspectives and experiences of users. By learning about social issues, cultural trends, and historical contexts, I can better empathize and communicate effectively. Innovations in education and learning: Advances in education, including new pedagogical approaches, online learning platforms, and educational technologies, can help improve the learning experience for both students and educators. By focusing on these topics, I would be able to expand my knowledge base and generate new insights through connections between various fields. This would enable me to score points more efficiently and better serve users by providing accurate, up-to-date, and valuable information
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