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2012.06.24 20:27 Themoneymancan Should I Buy This Game?

Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"

2023.05.29 01:07 AlexXBuchka QOL ideas

1: talon can proc passive with ult which would remove that janky auto attack that we need (might be a little too strong tho)
2: being able to cast abilities mid E
3: remove the cast time for melee q, resulting in less clunkiness
4: remove slow on backwards w and put a small slow on forward w to make backward w easier to hit.
5: give talon some more mana damn.
6: maybe let talon proc passive with q? Thus resulting in less clunkiness and it will only apply if you’ve already stacked 3 so not too strong
7: this one is definitely too strong but I like to imagine- make talon r act kind of like Irelia r where if you pass through the blades you get slowed and maybe take some damage.
8: fix the damn backfliping already
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2023.05.29 01:07 Thaiblood96 Thancred modish attire hairstyle for male Viera, please Square Enix 🤝

Thancred modish attire hairstyle for male Viera, please Square Enix 🤝
Currently this hairstyle is only available for male viera through a mod. So I think if modder can do that, SE might make it official cuz this hairstyle just look freaking good on them. It is actually good cuz we all know male viera has big forehead that this hairstyle hide easily and make the character looking good at the same time.
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2023.05.29 01:06 Suspended_Mind I’m so far behind.

I come here often because I don’t know who else to talk to as a companion… and not a doctor.
My last manic episode put me years behind my peers & family and my feet are still dragging. I should be able to tell myself that I’m healing and things will happen in time, but it’s getting to the point where it’s just too late.
I can’t relate to any of my close friends anymore. They’re married, have houses, kids, careers. I’m single, living w my parents again, have a dead career. I want to have kids … but I’m in my mid 30s (f), so my chances are dwindling fast. I can’t see anyone loving me anymore let alone wanting to have a family. And It’s all I’ve ever wanted.
I’m so happy for my loved ones getting married and having kids, but it also feels like a dagger in my chest, to the point where I get physically sick. And then I feel guilty for feeling that way.
I’m on disability for now. I want to work again but I’m so fcked up. I wasted 12 years of my life in nyc chasing a dead-end future in advertising. I haven’t worked since covid. To get back in I’d have to start at the bottom again & nobody wants to give a 33 year old an entry level job. Building up a career again feels impossible and exhausting.
Among ALL family friends, I am the one at the bottom. EVERYONE is different towards me after my diagnosis. My family especially. I haven’t felt close to friends or family since. Im too much of a burden. I’m the one everyone has to walk on egg shells around. I’m the one that everyone feels like they have to cheer up. I’m the one people are always worried about or “feel bad” for. My brother told my mom the other day that he feels bad for how my life turned out. That hit so hard. I’m ashamed to be me.
I’m everything I never wanted to be. And I feel too weak, poor and alone to start over.
If i told my younger self where I’m at and what I’ve been through by now, she’d want to die. I’m broken.
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2023.05.29 01:06 RBZk Trade with India

I was wondering if Pakistan can trade with India or it's illegal, I've seen some Indian products in the market and was wondering if they got through legal or illegal channels. Does anyone know anything about this?
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2023.05.29 01:06 Material_Quality5798 Bras that make my breasts appear smaller

I am 36DD. I used the calculator and it still says I'm 36DD, so no surprises here! I have even vertical fullness and center horizontal fullness. And obviously they are not shallow 😢
When I was 20 I had a breast reduction and lift. One breast was reduced and lifted and the other was just lifted to match the other. It was covered by my provincial Healthcare because of back pain. According to the surgeon, one breast was a C cup, the other was a DD cup. Now, 14 years later they're big again, but they traded places. Now the opposite boob is like a DDD and the one that was reduced previously is like a D. In hindsight I guess I should have waited until my 30s for the surgery (but at least I had nice boobs all through my 20s!) I don't want to go through another surgery. I mean they looked amazing for a few years, but GETTING the surgery sucks. Recovery and all that.
Now my question :
I'm looking for bras that will make me appear flatter, but lifted and separated. I want major compression to squish these puppies flat, but without the uniboob. No padding and no underwire.
I have several cowl neck tops that look stupid on me because the cowl looks like it's resting on a big old shelf and it just doesn't look right. I'm not a big girl but I'm top heavy and I hate it because I can't wear anything I like.
I cant wear a bralette or a light support sports bra because they kinda sag, they're soft and squishy (uniboob!) and they're 2 different sizes, which is fairly obvious.
I find minimizer bras are nice and comfortable, but they still allow too much protrusion, so I'm thinking my best option is a good high compression sports bra that still allows some separation.
Can anyone recommend such sports bras?
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2023.05.29 01:05 backtothebeans how do i stop hurting (sorry for length)

18f and i dropped out of a really good school where i had help with tuition. i hate myself. i couldn’t do the work and felt like i stuck out like a sore thumb, plus i have no idea what i want to do. as a result my parents tell me every day i have to leave their house. it is increasingly obvious that my dad has disdain for me. it has been growing. he is ex military and has been physically abusive to my mom and sisters my entire life. when my 15 year old sister tried to speak out about the abuse he called her crazy and she has to stay with other family now an hour away. he is trying to cut me out of his life completely, but i have no where to go and i know nothing. i’m not exaggerating when i say he genuinely dislikes me. i am dirt to him. and i am still instinctively scared of him from things that happened before, whenever he talks to me and looks at me like that i feel like the scum of the earth.
i work at a gas station and a regular was asking me what was wrong, i told him about needing to leave my place and he implied i’m just a spoiled white girl.
thing is there is something deeply wrong with me. i have such strong uncontrollable emotions that they take up my entire brain and i am unable to see a way out or think rationally. this ebbs and flows but recently lasted a few months of horrible deep depression leading to me dropping out. i’ve been slowly rising to the surface but still thinking of ways to kill my self everyday. i think my childhood (where i was abused, terrified of social interaction, and ostracized) is still affecting me to this day. i think i may have a mood disorder. i was taking anxiety meds because i would start shaking, but i stopped taking them many months ago because i still felt bad. the shaking only happens sometimes now. my life is devoid of meaning and purpose. “so give it a purpose!!!” i am lost. i feel like i’ve doomed myself to poverty forever. my only friend moved away and i still call her but i can’t go over and live with her like i could’ve. that could’ve been a way out.
the only thing i have going for me is being pretty. sounds disgusting to say but i know i can be conventionally attractive. i know how to make my face look good which is important for work because it makes people be nice to me and sometimes give me money. underneath it all i hate myself and i feel like i can’t express how much terror i feel about every fucking thing, the constant sense of dread that once again i’ve fucked it up. i have no where to go and only my face to rely on sometimes, which i acknowledge is white girl privilege. but i am so close to ending it. i think about how nice it would be to not be and not think and not be consumed by stupid feelings and hate and anger and DREAD ALL THE TIME. read this and agree with the regular at the gas station. but there is something seriously seriously wrong and i don’t know what to do, i can’t explain the feeling that is always with me but it is so fucking bad that i feel like i have to just leave because it always sticks around. i could have a perfect life and still not do it right still fuck it up and still feel sick inside
what is wrong with me. i have always felt wrong. i need to go to therapy but everyone around here has a 2 year waitlist and i’ve been before and it was awful. i’ve fucked up my life i’ll always be broke, searching for someone to be with to make me feel whole because that is one thing i can get with the way i look. i sound whiny and privileged but there is something wrong. what do you think. what should i do. i might be bipolar because people in my family are but doesn’t that comes with highs? i never feel that good and the bad drags on and on for way longer. i went through a couple years of being constantly high on weed in order to act normal and i feel like once i get my hands on something stronger that’ll be it, but i don’t care because at at least i will feel good. please share your thoughts if you’ve made it this far, i need help.
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2023.05.29 01:05 pigliamosche Question about buying drone with ELRS receiver

Can a BNF 5" drone, equipped with o3 air unit and ELRS receiver, be used both via pnp controller (DJI remote 2, that I already own) and via any elrs TX (radiomaster zorro, my future purchase)?
Because I'm thinking to buy already an ELRS drone even if for now I could only use it with DJI controller.
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2023.05.29 01:05 moonheaux At a crossroads in what I should do?

I have an idea of what I want, it’s just more so which way should I go lol. I work in healthcare right now and it’s actually a pretty solid entry level job that let’s me pull 2-3 12hour shifts within the week. I’m a PRN so scheduling is flexible. I’m planning on starting up school (no college exp, took a couple college classes in high school but yea lol). I’m just trying to decide should I stay in healthcare or honestly just go into tech.
I always had an interest in tech and I’ve had some experience coding in the past, plus originally I was going to go for a computer science degree after graduating high school, but I took a gap year and decided to get some things in my life in order before going to school lol. Of course that involved me falling into this healthcare job, and honestly now I have a taste of working in healthcare….. and I don’t completely hate it? My only thing is, this job in particular doesn’t have much future prospects, and I honestly feel I’ve gone as far as I can go with it, unless I do travel contracts (which is still on the table for me). Plus I’ve just decided to leave a facility because it did get toxic (mostly because of management). It sucks cause I genuinely enjoyed the job itself and the people I worked with. It’s also opened up my interest in other healthcare jobs that do require more schooling (radiology and medical lab technician was what I was looking at, nooooo nursing please omg).
I don’t know though honestly. My experience at this last facility just really has me re-evaluating everything lol. Plus I’m about to turn 25. I will be starting at a new facility soon (same job), and it definitely seems a lot better especially cause a coworker I know has left and gone there and they love it (they got me in actually lol). Now I’m just thinking about my future. My experience at the last facility has honestly shown me the ugly side of healthcare, and honestly it doesn’t matter how perfect that healthcare gig is, it can go to shit in an instant because of a manager with an inflated ego gets hired or something and just destroys everything. Whether it’s for money or whatever other stupid accolades they wanna slap on their resume to become CEO, I just honestly am tired and stressed tf out from that. They’re a despicable human being let’s just say that. I know any job is really prone to that, but man is healthcare prone to those fucking personalities.
Anyways now I’m leaning towards tech again, although I won’t lie those couple other healthcare careers are still in the back of my mind, I just don’t know where to go. I won’t lie I think the biggest appeal healthcare has to me is the fact you can do 5-8s, 4-10s or 3-12s depending on what career you go into. It’s not a dealbreaker for me but man, when I got a taste of those shifts, it’s hard to think of going back to 5-8s 😭 I know tech can have a good work-life balance too, I just know it’s going through a transition right now because of all the AI stuff, plus it would be nice to land some type of schedule like that, but I know it’s typically that 5-8 type of career. All I know is, I do need to do my pre-reqs for college, so I’ll at least do that while I make my decision.
I know this was long and I’m so sorry 😭 I just needed to rant and really maybe just some guidance. Thank you if you did read all this!
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2023.05.29 01:05 PsycKat I find it strange that the police thinks the patio sliding door was locked

This is part Amaral's thesis(PJ's director). There's an old documentary where he returns to the house, and he also brings a specialist in criminal investigation. A guy from the University of Lisbon(i think) and former PJ himself with decades of experience. So they go around the house explaining why nobody could have entered the house that night.
1- They start with the window, claiming you can't open it from the outside. They don't really test it. They just say you can't, which is false, and has been tested. Then they try to show you can't pass through the window with a child, but his "proof" is simply showing that it would be "tight". They don't really show a serious attempt.
2- The specialist investigates the main door and says you can only enter removing the lock or using the key. He tries to use a card, but that particular door doesn't allow it. I believe that. Though i'm not sure why they discard the extra key theory. Isn't that a tourist complex? Countless people have had the keys. CB worked at Ocean Club. How hard would it be to stage something like that? Ask someone who works there and you know for a copy. Get it yourself. Ask someone to rent the apartment and make a copy of the key. Not that hard.
3- Then the specialist takes a look at the sliding door and says nobody ever forced it, because those mark very, very easily, and there's not marks of forced entranced ever happening. Not sure if that's a fact or not, but the door was unlocked. So why do they talk about it as if they were locked? Did the McCann's lie about it first and only then changed their story to include that the sliding door was always unlocked?
I'm also not sure why they didn't place more emphasis in the clothes. The clothes could be the key to clear this whole thing. If Kate was wearing the clothes that the dog signaled that day or night, that makes her a very strong suspect. Let the dog sniff everything. If the smell is only on what you were wearing that night, you're probably guilty of something.
Also keep in mind that the dogs findings all happened in very specific places, that have some logic behind them:
1- Behind the couch, which is a place where a kid could have really fell. It's also a place where you could quickly hide a body.
2- In the closet, which is a place where you could hide a body.
3- The kid's toy, which she could have been holding in the moment she fell. This would also explain why there's no cadaver odor in the bed. She could have died next to the couch, then been transported to the closet. That explains why no other part of the house was signaled.
4- Keep in mind that dogs can be wrong, but two dogs being wrong at the same time, in the same place, particularly in suspicious places, is very, very, very, very unlikely.
5- Also, why the hell were these dogs only wrong in places and objects related to the McCann? Couldn't they have been wrong in the other apartments they also sniffed? Or in other cars?
This is an absolutely fascinating case with so many possibilities.
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2023.05.29 01:05 _xTeddyx_ SKSE64 Through MO2 - Game Crashes After Starting New Game (there are files in your Overwrite mod directory)

Game crashes as stated in the title. The only "error" I get is the "there are files in your overwrite directory". When I check, there is a "SKSE" folder in there.
When I researched the issue, people didn't talk about their game crashing. So I'm unsure if that being in there is even the problem.
My mod setup process has been very simple so far. I followed the steps in these two videos (all the way to the end) to setup some essential mods and for setting up MO2. I have not done anything else outside these guys recommendations.
I guess I should also mention that when I do run SKSE through MO2, the home screen doesn't have the usual skyrim logo. It's just the menu options. When I launch, it shows a very un-textured dragon, then crashing right after.
I'm running the latest version of AE from steam. Screenshots of important folders and files attached:
Hopefully an experienced modder can give me some guidance.
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2023.05.29 01:04 91indy500sks what to buy to add vu meters to setup?

hi, i love my setup as is, but i’ve been really wanting some analog vu meters to add and can’t find any equipment that isn’t expensive that has analog vu meters. Are there any black (my setup is black so i want it to match) vu meter things that i can buy that won’t break the bank?
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2023.05.29 01:04 swborden When will my service change happen?

I submitted a change to my account online and received an order confirmation email, but there is no indication as to when the change will be completed. I am simply dropping my HBOMax subscription. It is still active on my Max account, as it shows my ad free subscription being paid through Xfinity. I would like to sign up for the new Premium service directly through Max, but can’t until my current subscription through Xfinity is cancelled.
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2023.05.29 01:04 MyFuneralHomeStories Chapter Two: 3 drinks, 2 dead & 1 Candy Bar

I was pouring drink number three when my phone rang… I'm 20 years old, a little drunk and in about an hour, I will have almost shot my colleague in the chest in front of three police officers and two frozen dead bodies. Weird. I can't say that I'm mentally ready for what I'm about to see this evening, who’s ever really ready to walk into a garage with a Chevy Cavalier riddled with bullets and two frozen gang bangers inside. My name is Grant and These are My Funeral Home Stories.
Chapter Two: three drinks, Two dead & One Candy Bar
It's about six o'clock on the 3rd Tuesday in February and factoring in the windchill, it's negative 14 degrees outside. I've been off of work for about an hour and I'm not on call tonight…So naturally, I'm just finishing up my second drink and considering whether to order pizza or Chinese tonight. I use my finger to stop by drink from bubbling over and the phone rings. It’s Andy, one of the directors from the funeral home that’s on call when Ned and I are off AND apparently the person he's on call with this evening is unreachable…If it's your job to be on call, you don't want this to happen. It's almost the equivalent of a no call no show at any other job. If you're on call, the only thing you have to do is wait for the phone to ring and when it does ring, you answer it. It’s really not that hard.
Andy is calling me to ask if I would fill in and go on a police call with him. There was a shooting and apparently there are two frozen dead bodies in a car… inside the police station. OK. Why are they at the police station? Great question. Apparently it was too cold outside to investigate and process the crime scene so they moved the crime scene into a heated garage inside a police station. This all sounds incredibly interesting to me but there's only one problem… I'm drunk. Well, on my way to drunk and I'm not old enough to drink. I'm not going anywhere near a police station. I explained to Andy that I'm in no condition to drive to the funeral home and he'd have to find someone else. He interrupted me and said, “ but you're not old enough to drink. Stay put. I'm picking you up. See you in 10.” He hung up the phone before I had time to argue.
Welp. Looks like I'm going to the police station against all better judgment. I finish my third drink as I put on my black 3 button double breasted black suit by Chaps that I picked up at Kohls. (Side note: all my other suits were at the dry cleaners. I hate this suit. It makes me look like a walking rectangle.) It's our funeral home’s policy that we dress cleanly and professionally while in public. This means you ruin a lot of good dress clothes but at least you look sharp… and you can write off your dry cleaning as a job related expense.
I run a razor over my face sans shaving cream because I’m in a hurry and our funeral home also has a strict no facial hair policy. No mustaches, no goatees and definitely no beards. I'm not sure why this is a rule, It just is. I take an extra long look at myself in the mirror to make sure I have myself in order. The last thing I want to do tonight is walk into a police station looking like a sloppy, drunk unshaven underage mess. Could I get fired for getting an underage drinking ticket while on a death call? I sure hope not. I hear a horn honking in the driveway. I peak out the front window, Andy’s out front in our 2004 black Pontiac minivan. It’s a pretty slick…Instead of back seats, our van has a polished oak floor with rollers spaced evenly down the length of the van. These rollers aid in sliding caskets in and out without scratching the van or caskets.
I’m almost ready. I decided to wear a heavy wool four button top coat, scarf and rubberized dress boots by Ecco, all black of course. (Side note: Always spend extra money on ‘nicer’ boots. You don't want your socks wet on death calls.) Although I hate the suit I have on, I am wearing my favorite necktie. It's white, black and navy blue diagonally striped made from handwoven silk by Ralph Lauren. Very sharp. Remember this tie… my favorite tie, it’ll come up again later. On my way out the door I stuffed a handful of garlic flavored chips in my mouth and pulled a Nestle Butterfinger candy bar out of the pantry. The garlic will help cover up the three Jack and Cokes I just had and put a little food in my stomach. The Butterfinger…well, that's my reward. I'll eat it on the way home. I fucking love Butterfingers and why not reward myself for what I'm about to do? I'm not even on call tonight. I deserve it.
From my house to the police station, it’s about 10 minutes… a straight shot with no traffic. Andy starts nervously giggling almost immediately when my door closes and buckle my seatbelt. Funeral Directors are generally interesting people but our pal, Andy, he's a real card. I'm going to tell you a few things about Andy and hopefully won't sound too judgmental in the process. Andy had a gastric bypass surgery three years ago and as has lost about 150 pounds andI don't think he's gone clothes shopping since his weight loss. All of his suits look like they're about five sizes too big. His skin is loose around his jawline giving him a permanent droopy dog expression. It's weird seeing someone whose clothes and skin don't fit their body. He's a nervous guy and he's always afraid of getting in trouble…but somehow he's blindly confident. That's it for the positives.
Andy talks the most deliberate and malicious shit about everyone in the office. It's pathological at this point, I'm not sure he's even aware of it. You really have to watch what you say around this guy… I mean, if you don't want it repeated or used against you, don't say it around Andy. Andy's jumped from funeral home to funeral home around the country settling in towns just long enough to fuck things up and make a quick exit. He’s was a total creep and we found out a few years later that he was stealing from one of our funeral homes. He had his moments but for the most part, I didn't want anything to do with this guy…Especially after drinking almost half of my $36 bottle of Gentleman Jack. Actually, I'm probably just drunk enough to enjoy his company.
We turn on to Roosevelt, the police station is on our right. Andy has managed to keep the van under control even with the several inches of black ice and snow covering the roads. Andy tells me that we're to call a number when we're outside the police station parking garage and an officer will open the giant chain gate to let us in. The car with the dead bodies is in a separate heated garage inside the building to thaw out for processing.
It just dawned on me, I'm kind of hammered and last time I checked I'm still not old enough to drink… I feel my anxiety levels rising…I’m not super eager to walk into a police station in my current condition. My plan is to keep my head down and stay as far out of the officers’ breath smelling distance as possible. I'm so happy I decided to eat those chips before I left. I can still taste the garlic. Garlic breath is better than booze breath. I'm fairly certain they won't lock me up for having bad breath.
Andy calls the number, the gate opens and we drive down a pretty drastic slope and enter the garage filled with a fleet of police cars. There must be 40 decked out Chevy Impalas polished up and ready for dispatch. We pull forward and an officer signals us to stop next to a plain gray door in the center of a the cinder block wall on our right. Andy loaded two stretchers in the van this evening. One standard, one oversized, we get out of the van and unload both without incident. The officer walks to the back of the van and tells us to follow him.
We walk through the gray door and quickly move through three different beige hallways, no windows, just ugly plain cinderblock. I realized that I've completely lost my bearings. When we come to the end of the hallway with another gray door. I feel a combination of claustrophobia and vertigo hit me all at once or maybe that was drink number three kickin’ in. The officer opens the door and Andy and I wheel our stretchers into a 20 by 20 garage lit by the brightest fluorescent lights I've ever experienced. The temperature of the light in this room is unnerving among other things.
'Welcome to the crime lab garage' I think to myself. Immediately upon entering the room, I'm almost knocked to the floor by a smell that burns my nasal cavities. It wasn't the smell of rotting flesh or piss and shit, I’ve smelled all those things before. This was new. It’s so unique but the more Im exposed to it the more I realize I’ve smelled this before at the funeral home but I can’t place it….Then it hits me almost as intensely as the smell itself. Ammonia, that's it! It smells like someone took two or three large bottles of ammonia and just poured them all over the room. I look at Andy as we park the stretchers. We make eye contact and I pointed my nose while simultaneously making a confused face. “What the fuck is that?” I whisper.
Andy pulls two pair of blue heavy duty surgical gloves out of the front pocket of his stretcher, hands me a pair and then proceeds to blow my mind. He quietly tells me that the strong ammonia odor is coming from the blood. Apparently when someone dies suddenly all the blood cells in the body make one last screaming effort to stay alive and dump a ton of waste into the bloodstream. The waste is what gives the blood a strong scent of ammonia. You know when someone says they can smell blood in a movie or TV show? I think If this is what they're talking about.
Now that I have my gloves on and have adjusted to the smell, I take off my overcoat and suit jacket and tuck my tie between two buttons on my white dress shirt. This is simply precautionary. There is nothing worse than dipping your tie into something gross. It's almost always UNcleanable.
In this moment, I'm able to take in my surroundings. Perhaps it's the alcohol but something feels off. Under rows and rows of fluorescent lights there’s a maroon Chevy Cavalier riddled with bullet holes with all four of its doors and trunk wide open. Upon initial inspection, my eyes are drawn to two dead men in the backseat and rusted hood with a smattering of bullet holes. It seems that most of the shots were through the windshield, windows and door panels.The windshield is barely able to hold itself up.
Andy and I walk around the car to figure out our plan of attack. He flips open a black vinyl body bag, unzips it and places it on the ground next to the car and he tells me his plan. “If they’re frozen in a seated position, we won't be able to move em that easily… So we'll wiggle them out, lay them on the body bags and zip up the disaster pouch around them.” This sounds good to me. We move in.
We decided to start with the body in the driver's side backseat. The door’s already open and the hinges appear to be hyper extended. The crime scene techs probably bent the hinges while they were scrubbing the scene. Now up close, I’m finally able to take in the two dead men sitting in the backseat in front of me. These guys must have been a couple years older than me, both wearing Timberlands, black jeans and black jackets… like big puffy down jackets. One man has a New Era baseball cap on backwards while the other has a black stocking cap atop his head. I didn't see any logos but the brain matter, bullet holes and blood may have made it hard to notice. The ammonia smell inside the car is completely overwhelming. Blood is literally covering everything in the backseat. Chunks of thawing brain and meat are all over the headrest. I pick up a piece near the seat belt and squeeze it with my middle finger and thumb. It's still a little frozen so it crunches a bit before turning into mush between my fingers. I wiped my hand on a clean part of the interior.
Bullet holes are weird…For something that can end your life so quickly, they don't leave much of a mark on their way in…BUT the way out is a totally different story. I have no idea how many times these men were shot but they’re covered and destroyed by bullet holes. Chin, hands, thighs under the eyeballs and everywhere else. There wasn’t a part of either of these men’s bodies that didn’t have at least one bullet hole… I didn't see their feet though…if I’m being completely transparent.
This is gore. This is a complete horror show. Someone wanted these men dead… like seriously dead. Was it the driver or could it have been the front seat passenger? There must have been someone sitting in the front seat, right? Why else would two grown men sit in the backseat together if there was an open front seat? By the number of holes, I come to the conclusion that at least two people had to have shot up this car….Far too many holes for one shooter and it was definitely people they thought they were close to…
With half my body in the car, the smell of ammonia is blending with the smell of shit…which is undoubtedly oozing from one or all of the many holes in these men's stomachs. Thankfully, the taste of the garlic chips and whiskey I had earlier keeping me from gagging. Both men looked like they were sleeping like someone's dad or brother in the backseat on a road trip but riddled with holes and covered and smelly blood and falling human chunks.
There's only enough room for one of us in the car’s backseat door opening so Andy gets in the driver's seat backwards and reaches back around the front seat to help shimmy the body out. I press the button and unbuckle the seatbelt, it whips back into its home position startling Andy and I. Everything in this car is covered with blood or some sort of human matter. My gloves are literally covered in blood from just unbuckling the seatbelt and now the taste of the ammonia smell is dripping its way into my mouth through my throat. The officers are having some sort of quiet discussion standing by the door we came in earlier. It's not uncommon for police officers to be completely apathetic about crime scenes when the funeral home arrives. The investigation is basically over tonight these officers couldn't care less about their scene. They just wanted to get these bodies moved out of the garage so they could get home to their families. I get that… but their lack of supervision is troubling, especially with what happens next.
I am now completely hunched over the body in the back passenger seat while Andy is supervising from the front turned around in the driver's seat with his gloved hands on the headrest. I tell Andy that I think I'm strong enough to grab this man’s right forearm and slide his body out on my own. When I grabbed the man's forearm, I immediately feel something isn't right. I've grabbed lots of dead people's forearms before. None felt like this though. It was so hard and rigid….don’t get me wrong I understand this man is frozen BUT whatever I'm grabbing on to isn't human. It's something else. It's hard and feels like metal one of those cheap metal canes you'd buy at a drugstore. The three drinks circulating through my bloodstream make me curious but pensive. I tell Andy that I'm not touching a man's arm and that there's something else in this man’s jacket.
I interrupted the police officers conversation. “Hey, something isn't right here.” An officer and I switch places as he pulls out a tactical knife and starts cutting away the sleeve to the blood soaked down jacket. “It’s a FUCKING GUN.” I look over his shoulder and see the open sleeve of a jacket revealing a sawed off shotgun. The inside of the coat was some sort of bright orange material so the short barrel of the shotgun stand out…and so did the trigger but not because of its color. It stood out because of frozen dead man’s finger hooked over and frozen around it. Did I mention the gun was cocked. This means that the slightest movement would have caused a sudden discharge… The gun would have fired directly into the driver's seat, the seat where Andy was supervising from AND apparently Andy and I noticed this at the same time.
The next sound we hear was an officer saying, “Gun! Loaded gun!”
Andy and I step back while the officers deal with the gun… he's freaked out…I can tell by the blotchy greenish yellow color he skin has turned in the last 30 seconds. Andy says, “I don't like guns. I don't like guns.”
“It's cool, man. Nobody got shot.” I say not being too sympathetic. I'm definitely drunk now and the idea of a frozen dead man shooting my partner in the chest is kind of hilarious, even if it would have been my fault. I giggle internally. Andy quickly moves towards the door and says, “I need to get some fresh air” and scurries out like an asshole letting the door slam behind him. Almost at the same moment the door closed. The three officers approached me from behind, “We got it out….It was loaded. Your buddy's lucky you didn’t shoot him in the chest.” I just snicker and tell the officers my partner needed some air and that I'll make the removals myself. How hard could it be? I'll just grab and pull.
Frozen bodies move in one piece while regular room temperature bodies are just floppy deadweight. These fellas are frozen solid…they felt like moving a heavy chair or peculiar shaped table out of your friend's car. Square peg in round holes, it was actually considerably easier than I anticipated.
The sound of the two bodies hitting a cold cement after pulling them out was very satisfying…a simple loud hollow frozen thud. I'm surrounded by awfulness and all I can think about is how proud I am that I just handled this crime scene on my own. I can't wait to eat that Butterfinger waiting for me in the car. It's a fitting reward but also something to get rid of this ammonia and garlic taste overpowering my senses at the moment.
Andy still hasn't come back and we're about to zip up the last body bag. An officer had put on a pair of gloves to help me maneuver the second man's rigid bent knees into the body bag. This man's body was like a complicated Tetris piece. Once in, we each grab a zipper on either side of the black vinyl bag and zip our respective ends until they meet in the middle. I nod my head at the officer and say, “That's how it's done!”
The officer looks at me sternly and says, “Did you just come from a party?” I look at him confused and respond, ”What?”
The officer tells me that he just got a waft of alcohol. “It reeks like booze over here.” I closed my mouth quickly and my heart begins to beat out of my chest. I must smell like a distillery… so much for those garlic chips. Laughing, I say, “On a Tuesday? Come on, man!” The officer stands up and says, “Let's run a tox screen on these guys to find out how fucked up they were before getting blasted.”
Looks like a dodged a bullet. How did he smell my whiskey breath over the ammonia smell? Does my breath just smell like straight rubbing alcohol? I feel bad that these dead guys got blamed for MY alcohol breath but, at least, I won't be walking out of here with an underage drinking ticket.
Calming down and feeling relieved. I looked down on my shirt and see that my necktie, my very favorite Ralph Lauren necktie, had fallen out of my shirt at some point and had been dipped into some smelly smelly blood. Fuck! Of course I ruined my favorite necktie on a night I'm not even supposed to be working. I undo the knot and throw the tie into a biohazard bag. The rest of the removal was kind of a blur because I was laser focused thinking about that Butterfinger I left in the car. The alcohol plus all the blood smell I kind of made my stomach sour. My mouth starts to water thinking about that candy bar.
One of the officers helps me wheel the stretchers out to the van in the main area of the police station parking garage. I can see exhaust coming out of our van. It's on? Did we leave the van running? I open the back of the van to find Andy laying down in the center of the wooden roller board taking up the entire back of the van. The sound startles him and he quickly jumps up to a seated position and says, “I'm sorry man, guns really freak me out. I almost got shot…. I thought I was gonna pass out.”
I notice a yellow rapper sitting next to his right leg. He noticed that I noticed. “Oh yeah, I owe you a candy bar.” He says in a nonchalant manner.
All at once, my dislike for Andy hit me like a tidal wave. I ruined my favorite tie and this asshole ate my candy bar? Andy, sensing my disappointment and anger, didn't say another word and I imagine what it would have been like if that shot gun would have gone off.
My name is Grant and these are My Funeral Home Stories.

Here this episode wherever you listen to podcasts:
Apple -
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Download the 45 minute Epilogue & Commercial Free Episodes & Seasons:
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2023.05.29 01:04 Money-Implement4110 Bob Dylan in Lisbon

Bob Dylan in Lisbon
Hi. I'm selling a half price ticket to see Bob Dylan in Sagres Campo Pequeno next June 5th. Bancada B, sector 1 impar, lugar C-1. Very good place.
I can no longer able travel from Mexico :(
I paid 80 euros, I'm just asking 40. I'd rather have someone else take advantage of it than lose it.
I put it up for sale on Stubhub as well. Please, if you know someone is interesed just let me know.
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2023.05.29 01:04 Booloodle An unintentional literary illusion?

Don’t know if it’s because I’ve just sat my exam in it before starting a new file but does anybody else see similarities between Gwen and Blanche DuBois and Stella and, well Stella Kowalski from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’?
Gwen’s smoking, her elegant mannerisms and fashionable appearance, treating Stella a bit naive and the recognition that how she lives is bad for her and continuing to do it, like how self-destructive Blanche is and how that can be argued to be the downfall of both women?
Stella’s link to Stella is weaker, but the “Stella for Star!” line works far too well with the star-shaped hat and how naive the player is treat sometimes (might feel the effects of it more since it’s a replay and not a first-time play through)
I might just miss Streetcar a lot since it was my favourite play to study, but it would be nice to see if anyone else sees the resemblance
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2023.05.29 01:04 FlyHickory Did anyone else feel upset about babies gender at first then feel bad for being upset

I'll preface this by saying that I'm now happy with my babies gender and I can't wait to meet our little boy when he finally gets here 🩵
Well today we found out babies gender and i can say its my fault for getting my hopes up when we obviously have no control over their gender and I shouldn't have just had my heart set on something as silly as baby's sex.
So we found out today and after my partner left to go back to work I got upset because as soon as we found out it was a boy all the football talk started and I've already banned football strips or anything of the sort being on our baby as I want them to be dressed in baby clothes but anyway I got really upset at lunch with my mum and sister because I felt bad for being so disappointed then got home and my partner picked up on it and thankfully he's a really caring person who always tries to understand my emotions and where they're coming from but just kinda made me feel a bit worse in his reassurance as he kept saying only babies health matters which is why I was feeling horrible because I have this beautiful little boy here and he's in perfect health and looked like the perfect angel in all his ultrasound photos and some people struggle for so long to have babies, some people can't have children and some lose children and I'm upset because of a gender which I think was what sort of fired me right into acceptance and appreciation because I'd be heartbroken if anything happened to him or I lost him and now I just want to be able to hold him so I can keep him safe but now I'm feeling like a monster that I even felt disappointed in the first place so I've just had a very emotional day where there's been so many emotions going through me at the one time I've been completely overwhelmed and now I'm ready for bed with a headache 😓
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2023.05.29 01:04 JoeyLeeBCool Update: AITA for telling my housemate to tell his gf to STFU?

Posting on my profile, the AITA mods denied this update on their sub which is fine.
Original post here

She had another long fit last night. For two hours there was a lot of screaming and crying. Per some of your suggestions, I recorded some of it from my room at different intervals. I sent it in the housemate group chat with the following message:
“This is what I’m hearing night after night. It keeps me awake and at this point I feel like complete garbage every day because I can’t sleep. Can we address this tomorrow before I complain to the landlord.”
Well the housemate didn’t take too kindly to that and we had an argument (at 3 AM). He once again said I was an “unsympathetic AH.” He claimed to be good friends with the landlord and threatened to have my tenancy terminated if I complained. When I brought up the fact that I pay rent and she doesn’t he said she’s been paying rent to him which he then adds to his payment to the landlord. I let it go because I was too damn tired to be carrying on an argument.

This morning I had a conversation with the GF. She said the episodes are triggered by medication she uses to treat some sleep disorders/mental health concerns and she’s partially aware of the episodes occurring. She expressed why it’s important to her to stay in a less toxic environment than her home but I also tried to explain how badly this is impacting me. She and I are at an impasse. We both sympathize with the other but don’t want to budge on our stances.

Then the housemate blew up because she and I had talked about it. At this point the other guys were home too and it was honestly a chaotic mess of everyone talking/shouting over each other. I still have a headache from it. The landlord is supposed to be coming to inspect some maintenance issues later this week and I am going to tell him everything while he’s here.

The housemate is calling me an AH because the complaint might result in her having to stay at her place (odd because I thought he was "good friends" with the landlord) which is not a good environment for her emotionally. Surprisingly the other housemates are also saying I’m the AH because they’re afraid this will put them in jeopardy. I think their opinions would be different if they actually went through it while they were trying to sleep during the day.

At this point I am just going to be trying to sleep and pack because I don’t see this ending well.
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2023.05.29 01:04 Circadian6 Top 8 Tips for New/Less Experienced Players (Facing Baal)

I've had several matches over the past couple of weeks where Baal player's have been avoiding engaging with experienced survivors. They straight up ignore me and all I play is Support. Instead, they are focusing ALL their attention on the newest/weakest players. In many cases, I've seen them back off and let the survivor team pick the 'easy' player off the floor, just so they can tunnel them down again, farming levels.
My observation is that majority of the Baal player's are not very good demons. Their movement and attacks are telegraphed. Their strategy is transparent and their skills are lacking. However, they are strategic enough to know who to target in the lobby. Because of this, new player's have to start improving significantly faster that those of us who started around launch did. In light of that, here's some tips against Baal.
  1. Spending Pinks: Your first pink's must go into maxing out Stamina (especially if you are any other class than Hunter). You will absolutely need the extra dodge this provides. Your second round of pink's must go into maxing out fear. No other buff in your tree will be nearly as impactful as these two options.
  2. Skill Tree Focus: Add points into Fear No Evil in your skill tree. Reducing how much fear you generate is particularly important early on in the match. More experienced players will modify their tree as fits their needs. However, when you are newer, take some of the responsibility off your shoulders by picking passive talents that are 'set it and forget it' ones. Tougher Than Hell is another solid option to add.
  3. Use Amulets: These items help reduce the damage you take and deny the demon some level-up XP.
  4. Don't Move If Marked: When you set off a trap, DON'T MOVE. Don't walk, run, dodge, pick up an item, chase a Deadite, etc... You are marked by Baal (indicated by a little red flag under your fear bar). When you move, into another place that Baal can set a trap, you will automatically set that trap for him and set it off. The easiest way to prevent this is by standing still. The more map knowledge you acquire, the more you will learn where the traps are located. Then you will be able move around an avoid them because you know where they are.
  5. Immediately Attack Possessions: When Baal has a possessed unit, everyone should be attacking it. This will push the demon out of the possession quickly and allow you to progress.
  6. Travel Together: You can't do point #6 unless you are with your team. It can not be understated how important it is for the team to stick together against Baal.
  7. Abandon Bad Locations: This may be one of the hardest things for newer players to understand. Here's a short-hand piece of advice (which actually applies to every demon) if the demon is where you are, leave. Don't loot, don't look around, don't endlessly fight, just leave. I promise, you will spend more resources than you gather by staying at locations the demon is at. This is especially true against Baal since it's almost a guarantee that you will set off a trap and get marked, thus setting off more traps, and creating an endless cycle of death.
  8. Work on Your Engagement: In fighting games, you have a myriad of options when engaging with your opponent. In EDTG, you have eight broken into 2 categories, damage and movement. Damage categories are light attack, heavy attack, and ranged weapon. All melee attacks lead to a 4-hit combo. Movement categories are dodge, walk, run, vault, and cars. You have to learn how to use these 8 engagement options to your advantage.
    1. Damage - Learn how and when to sneak in damage. The goal for you is to do damage while limiting the damage you take. Obviously, your movement options are used to reduce said damage.
    2. Movement - I have a lot to say on this topic. Cars will help you get away from the demon's location entirely, vaults will help you loop the demon through windows and over rails, dodging will help you dash away from an attack, and running will help you create space between you and the demon.
      1. Dodging - All that said, I want to spend a moment talking about Dodging. You MUST learn how to effectively dodge attacks. The most common way to do this is when the demon swings at you, you dodge backwards, away from the demon, avoiding the attack. However, this is the most obvious movement and majority of demons are prepared for this. Begin mixing up the directions of your dodges to create confusion and unpredictability. Dodging into the demon (toward them) means they need to spin their camera to orient themselves to your position. Dodging left/right can force them to pass right by you. Double dashing puts good distance between you and them. However, the more experienced demons know all of these tactics. You can tell if they are disciplined by when they attack. Some demons just run straight at you, trying to bait a dodge. If you don't dodge, then they are just holding an attack, not doing any damage, thus not a threat. Because of this, you need to watch for demon habits and react accordingly. Of anything that a survivor does in a match, this is the one area that demonstrates 'Survivor Skill'. This is a personal area of focus for me and I strive to improve in this area every single match. When you begin improving in this area, you will notice that you are much harder to down. Before long, you will be able to 1v1 a possession for a minute or even longer. I have 1v1'ed very good demons for several minutes, just using movement.
Anyway, these were my top 8 tips for playing against Baal.
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2023.05.29 01:04 Crazy_Ad_3956 I have a problem.

Whenever I have sex, I end up hurting my girl, this has happened multiple times with different girls, some of them even having to go to the hospital, I tried to warn them but they all think they can take big dick.
What should I do? They scream of pain instead of enjoying it, even when I use lube or other methods to make it go through easily.
I’m 21 and my dick size is 24 cm and it’s thick asf (don’t know how to mesure that)
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2023.05.29 01:04 CluckyFlucker At what level do sunder charms drop?

Hi all.
New seasonal character, haven’t played in a good few months now (didn’t play S2+3 at all) so can’t recall much
Do sunder charms drop in NM? Or do I have to persist through to hell before I get a chance? (And even then I have to complete hell first right?)
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2023.05.29 01:04 MasonIsnt Asking about Motherboards and double checking my list.

Originally got a really crappy PC when i was younger. Ideally would of just bought a new CPU but instead im replacing the whole thing -Graphics card so i can give my old pc to my sister. Only thing im unsure of is what motherboard to get as the case will have 4 fans and most cheap motherboards come with few fan headers.
TL;DR: Not sure what motherboard to buy and seeing what others think of the build.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.5 GHz 6-Core Processor £126.97 @ Amazon UK
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory £68.98 @ Amazon UK
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive £51.00 @ Amazon UK
Storage Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For £0.00
Storage Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For £0.00
Video Card Gigabyte GAMING 8G Radeon RX 570 8 GB Video Card Purchased For £0.00
Case Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case £82.99 @ Amazon UK
Power Supply Thermaltake Smart BM2 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply £67.44 @ Amazon UK
Case Fan ARCTIC P12 56.3 CFM 120 mm Fan £9.00 @ Computer Orbit
Case Fan ARCTIC P12 56.3 CFM 120 mm Fan £9.00 @ Computer Orbit
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total £415.38
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-05-28 23:57 BST+0100
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2023.05.29 01:03 Hope5577 Dior Rouge lip balm - zero moisturizing, lips dry and peel

So disappointing! Bought a couple of very cute lip balm shades of Dior Rouge lip balm at Neiman Marcus I was so excited to use! Threw in my purse and used it a few times a day. Started noticing that my lips became flaky and feel dry 10-15 mins after applying so I added more lip balm because it feels dry you use a lip balm to add moisture, duh. A few days later my lips are peeling, inflamed red, thin skin, literally can taste blood sometimes and soooo painful😖. I switched back to my normal lip balm and it's slowly getting better. So frustrated I can't return back to NM (they won't take used product), so here we are - $100 down the drain and dry painful lips😔. Next time buying from Sephora, at least you can return bad products. I've used Dior lip glow before and while it made my lips peel a bit it wasn't that bad that I was in pain or bloody lips. Very bad product, so disappointed.
Anyone else experienced the same problem?
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