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Explicit Reddit comment rhymes, parodies, lyrics etc.

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This subreddit is pretty simple: things that are great before they go bad. *Almost* perfect isn't it, it's about acts nearing spectacular fruition right before their ruin. So basically the Seattle Seahawks' last drive in Super Bowl 49.

2014.06.23 03:24 The_Comma_Splicer Click and Consume

You know when you sit down for a meal in front of the computer and you just need something new to watch for a bit while you eat? If you search /videos or other places, you'll find mostly short videos. But while you're eating, you don't want to be constantly fumbling around with the mouse, loading video after video. You just want to 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐞.

2023.05.30 12:07 Sad_Emu_9968 He doesn’t stop trying

I’m texting a boy on Snapchat, that some of my friends know irl and doesn’t live far away from me. He asked me if we could meet, just us two, and I said I’d prefer if we could just meet at a party in the next weeks, since we would’ve gone to the same ones. Turns out we won’t meet at any of the parties, because we aren’t going to the same ones. So, a few days ago he asked me for idk the 10th time if we could meet up and told me that he’d really like to meet me. He asked me if I felt the same and I finally had the guts to reject him and tell him that I don’t really want anything like that right now and I thought I made it clear. We texted a lot the last days and he asked me AGAIN if we could meet (alone) and I told him “Idk, let’s see”, because I didn’t want to fully reject him again. I just don’t know why he doesn’t get it and I don’t wanna keep hurting him by always rejecting him, but I really don’t wanna date right now or be in a relationship. And I already told him that, he just doesn’t stop trying. I don’t know what to do, any advice ? :)
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2023.05.30 12:06 galth88 Ugg Suede Classic Slipper Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:06 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 6. Deluge:

There were enough barrels, tubs, buckets, bottles, cups, gallon jugs, pots, pans, cauldrons, and empty cans to collect a shit ton of water.
We needed roughly 70,000 gallons of water just for one day.
Each person got at least three.
It was more water than we had to start with, but it was enough for the time being.
What was weird for me was that it only started raining after everything was in place. Thinking in terms of it being a miracle, it certainly seemed that way. I couldn't bring myself to just think in terms of it actually being a real miracle.
It was serendipitous.
But not a miracle.
That didn't stop Galax from preaching like it was.
"My brothers and sisters of the Warren, Bahamut provides!" It was such a raw, emotional statement, I had no doubt he firmly believed it happened.
I'm not the kind of asshole atheist who thinks all religion is evil and that it should be banned from the earth entirely. Nor do I think of people who believe in them as deluded fools who should get a grip and face reality.
Hope can be a powerful thing, it can keep a person going even when everything has completely collapsed. It was why the Book of Job was an entire thing in the Christian bible.
So when we gathered for a Council meeting, we were all delighted to learn that Locate Object did find an aquifer, and that the Artificers and Druids were getting right on digging a well.
"We'll go with the classic design, straight down until we hit water, then surround the hole with large stones. We've got plenty to work with from the catacombs, so once we get it set up and the pump finished, we can look for other aquifers." Rekka finished her report.
"I should also note that the more specific I was with my request, the narrower the result was. There are a few aquifers in the area that replenish themselves fairly quickly. We should have enough water to sustain us if we ration it." Merti stated. "If our Rangers have anything to report, we'd love to hear it."
"Nothing yet." Tatla replied. "The rain made it difficult to tell what was constant and what was a result of it."
"We have enough water for roughly six days." I said. "How long until the wells are done?"
"We're estimating around three days.' Rekka said. "And that's just for the first well. We're having to scrap electronics we considered too vital to just break down, one of them being an actual water pump that requires gasoline. I'm fairly certain I can get it to run off of just straight electricity. I have my Artificers working on windmills as we speak."
"Galax, is something wrong?" Tudru asked.
We all looked at the Cleric, who was sat hunched over in his seat, eyes closed, arms crossed, and claws softly tapping at his arm in a wave motion.
"I had a vision." He said.
"Sorry, what?" Dave interjected from across the room.
"When the rain fell, I was struck with a vision." Galax stated. "In my vision, seven songbirds sang to me an old lullaby my mother used to sing to me as a child. As they flew away, I gave chase, following their song until I was parched. And as they perched upon a branch, I saw the merest glimmer of dew upon the leaves, and drank it until I was quenched."
He looked up at us. "This repeated two more times. They would lead me away until I was thirsty, and they would bring me to a branch covered in dew, which was just enough to keep me going." He thumbed the pendant he wore and said, "In three days, we will run out of water, and it will rain once more. And three days after that, we will run out of water, and it will rain." He looked at us with this strange intensity in his eyes.
"I firmly believe Bahamut has granted me these visions to give proof of his miracle. I humbly ask the Council, on the third day, have the people put out their barrels, and catch the rain that will surely come."
"Galax, we don't have time to waste on religion." Tatla said. "We are entrusted with peoples' lives, having them put their barrels out in the hope of rain is not going to make it rain."
"I agree with Galax." I said. Everyone shot me an incredulous look. "Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in any Gods, but I know he does. If he's certain there's a miracle, we can afford to put some barrels out." I looked at the others. "Worst case scenario, we have the barrels out for the next time it rains."
Tatla nodded. "Very well." She said grudgingly.
"Until then." Galax stated. "Now, onto the next part of our agenda. Electricity. I have a proposal."
"Speak your proposal." Merti said.
"Ruuk, it has come to my attention you have access to the spell Witch Bolt. We have rechargeable battery cells that can handle both direct and alternating currents. We want to see how much power one casting of Witch Bolt can give."
I nodded. "I'll be happy to." I said.
For the time being, things were stable. Our crops were well-watered from the rain, and we had a fairly basic irrigation system set up so all we needed to do was load up a barrel and let it do its job. Trying Witch Bolt on a lightning rod definitely charged up half of the ten batteries, with a little metamagic, I could charge them all up no problem.
"What's the plan with these power cells?" I asked.
"Charging power tools." Galax said. "We've just had our first egg laying this morning, we're going to need a nursery."
I gasped. "Wait, someone's having kids?" I asked.
Galax nodded. "Our more nurturing kin are already tending to the eggs, but we need a place to keep them safe. It's the duty of the Warren to nurture them."
It didn't even occur to me until later that what he said was at odds with what we had believed to be the proper way to raise kids. But the idea of them being kept together and raised by everyone made sense in my brain. Maybe it was some kind of instinct? I wasn't certain.
I saw Tallyn helping people out the best way he could. Seeing him doing everything in his limited power to help others always brought a smile to my face, it made the fact that there were still so many unawakened all the more sad.
"Out hatchlings might not even have the benefit of someone who knows what they're doing." I muttered.
The days continued, until the prophesied third day. Everyone put out their barrels, as asked, and for a while, nothing.
Galax fell to his knees. "I was so certain..." He said softly.
"We'll just have to get into the reserve supply." I said.
As I walked away, I heart him speak. I looked back to see him, head to the ground and hands clasped together above praying. I felt sorry for him. I couldn't imagine having that much faith, only to be proven wrong.
There was a loud crash, followed by a deluge of rain. I watched as Galax unclasped his hands and held his arms out, singing, like he had the last time. I looked up, it had been bright and clear literally moments ago, yet now the sky was full of dark clouds.
For a moment, I wondered if Galax was actually right, but that couldn't be. He must have known in advance or done some kind of magic.
I cast Detect Magic, and it certainly was magical rain, but the aura was too powerful for any of us to have pulled off. I walked over to Galax, who stood up and hugged me.
"Thank you, my brother, my friend. Thank you for granting me this even in doubt. May Bahamut bless you."
He began preaching again, arms raised up to the sky, screaming with intense fervor. I watched as people began to gather around him, eyes wide, listening to every word. Here he was, stood in a rainstorm, speaking of his vision, speaking of how Bahamut had granted me the wisdom to test his miracle, and then he shared the rest of his omen.
"In three days time, Bahamut shall grant us rain once again. We shall be as parched seekers, and this shall be our dew!"
The cheer that rose up in the crowd, their excitement, it was infectious. For a moment, I forgot I was supposed to be the skeptical one, simply because for one moment, I convinced myself this really was a miracle.
The next few days progressed much the same, except now Galax was proselytizing in the street, inviting people to come to the temple, to give thanks to the Dragon God.
He approached me, one time that I was watching. He took my hand, and he said, "The time to be apart from the Warren has long passed, Ruuk. Come, even if faith does not grip your heart, you are worthy to be among us."
The day of the supposed third miracle, we placed our barrels out once more, and Galax spoke. "I shall begin praying, and my God will bless us with rain, for he sees our strife, and knows our pain. You are not required to pray."
He dropped to his knees and began imploring Bahamut to grace us with rain once more. One by one, the people in the crowd fell to their knees, echoing his words, staring at the clear, blue sky.
There wasn't a single cloud, yet I found myself getting on my knees and putting my hands together. "Alright, Bahamut." I said. "Give me absolutely zero reason to doubt now."
The clouds appeared from nowhere, blossoming out like someone had turned on a fog machine in the sky. I watched in astonishment as the sky grew darker, and lightning crashed through the heavens. Rain fell upon us, lightning struck the ground not far from us, not just once, but several times, all in the same spot.
"Alright." I said. "I believe."
It was such an alien feeling, faith. I'd had it once before, long ago, had realized that it was pointless and stupid. Yet as the lighting continued to strike the same spot over and over again, I found myself lowering myself to the ground, head to the dirt, utterly shaken by how much I revered the Dragon God in such a short amount of time.

[Navigation for 'Dragon Rising'- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]]
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2023.05.30 12:05 Less-Celery-3060 The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying "NO"

Thats really it, “No” because not doing something will always be faster than doing it. The same philosophy applies in other areas of life. For example, there is no meeting that goes faster than not having a meeting at all.
This is not to say you should never attend another meeting, but the truth is that we say yes to many things we don’t actually want to do. There are many meetings held that don’t need to be held.
How often do people ask you to do something and you just reply, “Sure thing.” Three days later, you’re overwhelmed by how much is on your to-do list. We become frustrated by our obligations even though we were the ones who said yes to them in the first place.
It’s worth asking if things are necessary. Many of them are not, and a simple “no” will be more productive than whatever work the most efficient person can muster.
But if the benefits of saying no are so obvious, then why do we say yes so often? We often agree to requests to avoid being seen as rude, but saying no to people we care about can be difficult. Despite social considerations, many struggle to manage the balance between yes and no, over-committing to unimportant tasks. Our perception of yes and no may be the problem.
Upgrade your “No”
As you progress and achieve success, your strategy must evolve. The value of your time grows, demanding a higher threshold for accepting opportunities. You must decline both distractions and previously worthwhile endeavours to make room for exceptional ones.
Upgrading your ability to say “no” is crucial, preserving the freedom to say yes selectively. Ultimately, by rejecting harmful distractions, you'll gain the privilege to turn down even beneficial opportunities.
PS. This is an extract from my daily email newsletter 'Thekaizen.co' If you want to read more digestible self-improvement posts like this you should check it out. Im on a genuine mission to help people improve themselves and you're in this subreddit for a reason so might as well check it out!
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2023.05.30 12:05 runawayk1dd (17q) where can i run away and be secure and stable as much as possible when i already left? general advice, tips, etc. for running away are greatly appreciated, i am from the Philippines, open to consider any place within, outside the country, and elsewhere... DMs are open for communication

i am 17 years old, assigned-male-at-birth and feminine, School Year 2022-2023 has ended and school break is open, and since it's open, this is the opportunity for me to run away
i am seeking any help that would make me run away successfully and land somewhere secure and stable, as You can see from my previous post, i am seeking to runaway within the Philippines, but since i am desperate to run away, i am considering any place to increase the chances and options for a better place to land on
i am from Cavite and i have to go at least outside of Cavite to decrease the chance of being found, it's much riskier if within the province because if they will find you, they will be announcing the whole town which would neighboring towns within the province have potential reach. as much as possible outside Cavite, if not really, please be in the most securest as possible. Any location in the Philippines as much as i can
hopefully and as much as i could, i would go to Makati, but it's okay if somewhere else too
i also need to get my school transferring papers from the current school that i am in as much as possible and securely, help with that too is also very appreciated, i needed those papers for i could also continue to study from another location that i am in
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2023.05.30 12:05 Fit-Comfortable-6031 How can I set up my husband's phone, so it forwards all of his text messages and emails to me, without him knowing?

Being in a relationship with someone is one of the best things and is a dream come true for many. However, this sweet dream can turn into a nightmare as soon as you find out that your partner is cheating on you via [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone Number
In many ways, new technologies have made our lives easier. At the same time, this technology can be abused to perpetrate bullying and harassment. Whether you're a worried parent or a suspicious spouse, keeping an eye on someone's virtual activities can be beneficial in various ways.
You've come to the right place if you're wondering, 'How to get text messages from another phone number sent to mine?' We'll walk you through the various methods for tracking text messages from another phone in this piece. The idea of such access may be frightening, but it can be helpful when monitoring children and loved ones.
Can You Enter Phone Number to See Text Messages?
Yes, you can, but it is limited. For example, a hacker only needs your phone number to read texts, listen to calls, and track you. Hackers have again demonstrated that no matter how many security precautions someone takes, all a hacker needs is their phone number to track their location and listen in on their phone calls and texts.
But, if you do not have such professional hacking abilities, we recommend getting a mobile phone monitoring app if you want to enter a cell number to read texts for free. Cell phone monitoring apps are software packages that allow you to remotely monitor what your child, husband, or employee is doing on their phones. If you suspect your partner has been spending too much time on their smartphone, these apps are your go-to solution for spying on them.
With these apps, you can see your kid’s SMS history and see who they've been texting. Maybe you don't like your child's friends and want to make sure he's not secretly hanging out with them; you can track their conversations and whereabouts by installing these surveillance tools on their Android or iPhone. The same is true if you suspect one of your employees is leaking sensitive information.
How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone Number by Syncing Phone
If you can sync the text messages in real-time, it will be a perfect way to receive text messages from another phone number. With the development of technology, here are two great tools for you.
Enigmahack Text Messages Monitoring
Enigmahack Text Messages Monitoring app can help parents protect kids' safety online. It has the function of syncing kids' text messages on their Android devices to parent's mobile devices. You can also track the real-time location of the target phone and monitor the phone's surroundings.
How to Get Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine by Forwarding
Forwarding is another method for obtaining a text message from a target phone. So, if you have both an Android phone and an iPhone, you can use a third-party app. SMS texts can be auto-forwarded to any other phone type with these apps, including iPhones. Many will even forward your text messages to your email address.
Here are two helpful forwarding apps for Android and iPhone:
AutoForward Text
AutoForward Text is a fantastic SMS forwarding app for Android. You can forward text messages to an email address using the app. The information sent also includes the phone's contact information and GPS location. Install it on the other phone and set it to forward all or specific messages to your current device.
There are many legit reasons for wanting to monitor someone's phone. The vast majority of mobile phone spy apps listed here operate in stealth mode, so your child, spouse, or employee will not notice them in their app list and will not be aware that you are watching them.
contact email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.30 12:05 galth88 Ugg Sandals Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:04 Wekss3 How I got lucky with bet365 🤣

I was chilling on bet365 and I saw a basketball game between the Lakers and the Nets. I love basketball and I thought, why not bet on the Lakers? The odds sucked but I had a hunch.
The game started and the Lakers were killing it. They were ahead by halftime and I was like, easy money. But then the Nets came back and the Lakers sucked. The game was tight and I was sweating.
I checked the in-play betting on bet365 and they gave me an option: cash out now and get $50 or wait and get $100 if the Lakers win. I was tempted to take the $50 and run but I said, screw it, let’s go big or go home.
The game was down to the last second and it was tied. The Lakers had the ball and LeBron took the shot. He missed but AD got the rebound and scored. The Lakers won by two and so did I.
I was like, holy crap. I just won $100 with a $10 bet thanks to bet365. It was awesome. I took my money and partied with my friends. Have a good weekend!#bet365 #casino online
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2023.05.30 12:04 OBlondeOne ' But those trees are older than me ...'

A couple houses down the road from me there was a nice little place just sold to a lovely young couple ( the Newbies ) about a month ago. Their new yard was bordered by a double layer of nice bushy trees on 3.5 sides, which was part of the appeal. Having lived in the city, privacy was #1 on their forever home list. The property itself is surrounded by farm land used mostly for cattle.
About 2 weeks ago the Newbies moved in and when inspecting the property they found several of the exterior layer of trees had been cut down, leaving large gaps in their privacy line. These trees kept being downed by what was obviously a chainsaw over the next few days on all 3 sides but nobody ever saw anything in such a rural area. Hearing farm machinery or a chainsaw throughout the day is fairly common and houses are fairly far apart with trees in between them. As I'm the closest neighbor to them they stopped in to ask if I had heard or seen anything. ( I did not ). We started talking and hit it off enough to exchange numbers and social media info and started chatting often.
The trees being cut not only cost them some of their privacy, but protection from the winter storms which can get quite bad out here. It also really bothered them that someone would just cut their trees without permission.
5 days ago I was called over after dark to watch their children as their 3 dogs started acting odd and lethargic. Turned out the dogs somehow ate what the vet is calling tainted meat and 2 didn't make it. The third is fighting and their vet bill is already around $11,000 due to emergency services being needed after hours, multiple surgeries and testing. The vet came back 3 days ago strongly suggesting that they look around their property for potentially poisoned meat and called the police. They came up and searched the property and found some more dead animals nearby and pieces of old steak which were bagged and brought in for testing.
Yesterday the police showed up at Farmers home and arrested him. He literally lives right next door to me so it was hard not to see what was going on..
I called the Newbies to ask if it has anything yo do with their issue and Papa Newbie just told me the whole messed up story. Holy crap. Turns out Farmer is a legit basket case...
The Newbies were approached the day they took their final pre-sold inspection of the property about the trees in the back of the yard by Farmer. Farmer told the Newbies that their tree branches were growing onto his land and affecting the effectiveness of his electric fence ( installed just last fall ). Farmer strongly suggested to Newbies that they cut the double line of trees down entirely. Newbies suggested Farmer moved his fence back a foot instead as Newbies stated ' those trees are older than me''.
Farmer kept insisting once the sale officially went through so the Newbies took out their deed and lo and behold! Farmers recently installed electric fence was actually 3 ft over their property line.
Farmer now has no choice but to move his fancy new fence back minimum 3 feet. Which means he has to cut quite a few of HIS trees and remove stumps on HIS property to do so. We are still cleaning up from the last hurricane so this will be very hard to get done this season and will be VERY expensive. Plus the machinery needed to cut trees and shave stumps this size will put massive ruts in the land which will have to be fixed before allowing the cows back into the main pasture.
This has started other property disagreements as it seems this isn't the only property that was encroached on and it's not the first family harassed.
( when I purchased my home I refused to cut or move several mature trees on my property that were close to the fence line because 1. They were full grown 25+ yr old trees at this point and 2. It would have cost hundreds to replace with saplings and over a thousand to relocate them. They all mysteriously 'fell' during winter storms within that first year. Each of the homes bordering the farmland have been standing 20+ yrs )
From what we can gather Farmer has been waiting until neighbors went to work or a storm that reduces visibility/noise and cut down trees on others' property that he felt were too close to his property.
We found out through a member of the community associated with the police just now that Farmer was officially charged for putting out antifreeze laced meat ( huge no no here ) which killed Newbies dog gradually in a horrendous way ( kidney failure in otherwise healthy dogs ).
Additional potential charges also include vandalism, destruction of property, harassment... charges stem from not just the Newbies but quite a few families with property that borders the farm. I wish I could prove it was Farmer that cut down my trees but given all this I know it was. Newbies dogs weren't the first to die this way in our community either. They were the first to get to the vet and tested before passing away though and many neighbors are beyond furious.
I wonder how this will all play out... but this smells an awful lot like Karma.
They say there's one in every community. But I'm thinking thanks to drugs there's far more than that in this once quiet and calm community.
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2023.05.30 12:04 galth88 Ugg Mittens Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:03 bryanadam-1 Plan on Visiting London, England? Reasons to Hire a Minibus for Your Next Trip

The most important part of organising a group vacation to London is figuring out how everyone will get about once they get there. While taking public transportation is a possibility, it may be challenging to coordinate such a large gathering.
Smart Minibus Hire is the place to go if you need a minibus. Using our Minibus Hire London services on your next trip around London has several advantages.
The modern, well-maintained minibuses in our fleet were built with passenger ease and satisfaction in mind. Regardless of the weather or traffic, you may relax in the comfort of your spacious, air-conditioned vehicle
Renting a minibus from Smart Minibus Hire may be more economical than other transit options, such as taking a number of taxis or the subway. By dividing the expense of the minibus among the people going, you can stay within your financial limits.
Third, Smart Minibus Hire provides a service that is customised to meet your unique requirements whenever you rent a minibus from them. They are London insiders who can show you around while pointing out the city's best-kept secrets.
One of the advantages of renting a minibus is the flexibility it provides for last-minute changes. There is no set time limit on how long you must stay at each attraction. You won't have to stress about making it home before the last subway or bus.
Smart Minibus Hire is a London-based firm that values customer trust and security above all else. All of our minibuses are immaculate, and our drivers have proper licensing, a surety bond, and liability insurance.
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You can relax knowing that our clean minibuses and helpful drivers will deliver your party to its destination securely and economically so that you can focus on planning fun activities for your group. Make your vacation to London a reality by reserving a minibus with us today.
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2023.05.30 12:03 stuftpizzabar Visit One of the Best Palm Desert Restaurants to Experience Excellence

There are a plethora of places to eat, but Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill is the finest to-go place in the town. Book your table in advance at Best Palm Desert Restaurants. They serve High-quality food that will satisfy your taste buds and create remarkable experiences.
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2023.05.30 12:03 galth88 Ugg Gloves Womens Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:02 galth88 Ugg Blanket Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:01 Revolutionary-Sky370 Question on marketing

So I'm looking to grow my following on Instagram and other platforms so that I can get more people interested in freely going to a website/discord or app (it changes sometimes I figured I'd save a few posts) And my following has dwindled on Instagram and my other social media sites still have the same following however less useful (people are just scrolling like they do) what has been a good way to interact or get your followers or passerbyers to go to the place you advertise currently I would like to get them on a discord just so I have a gathering and estimation of how many people
But I also want to sike them up for a website so they would purchase a event with a subscription to more events.
How would I get them siked up and get them on a discord so I could view how many people are interested and what the demographic/numbers are ?
Then after send them to a website and purchase the subscription or event ?
(Sorry for the least bit of detail but I just like to sum it up so I don't post this again that way its easier for you guys as I know how much you guys work and look to support businesses and hopefully I can get some marketing advise which I've always needed as this also has kept me up all night cause I always jump in but don't have a big following or actual numbers to support even one round currently it's 5:00 am)
(I'm not looking to hire anyone I want a way to grow my numbers in a non annoying or atleast calm way )
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2023.05.30 12:01 ColsonThePCmechanic Covenanters & Crusaders: Contest Update 1

A competitor has pointed out a flaw in the Covenanter base file. Consequently, I've reposted the contest files contained in the Google Drive link right here.
If you have already started your Covenanter design, you can bring yours up to date by making sure all side armor panels are set to 30mm.
A new cannon choice has also been added, along with a preview file for the King Panther (made by ZeAppelMan) which your entries will be facing. Want to see more about what you'll need to do in order to defeat it? Read on below!
Fall, 1945
After the failure of repeated efforts to break into European territory after the Normandy landings, Britain was looking to upgrade its aging fleet of cruiser light tanks to better combat the mysterious new “King Panther”, which were appearing more and more frequently on the battlefield. Internal conflicts within the British War Office escalated to fierce debates over whether to pursue upgrade packages for the Covenanter tank, or the Crusader tanks. Eventually, it was determined that the best way to determine which vehicle would be better for upgrading is to outsource development and pick the best result. You are now tasked with this momentous task of analyzing the existing fleet of cruiser vehicles, determining which one to upgrade, and designing the upgrade package. Good luck!
Submission deadline: June 19th at 11:59 PM UTC
Contest details:
In this contest, you will get to choose whether to support the Covenanter team or the Crusader team, and utilize newer technologies to procure an upgrade package for your vehicle of choice. Entries will be judged based on their aesthetics and combat performance, along with bonus points and markdowns that can affect the score. While the War Office has permitted any feasible turret (or casemate) configuration to manufacture, they have also specified certain restrictions that entries must follow in the final product.
Vehicle upgrade packages will need to use engines and guns already in production, in order to avoid complicating Britain’s war machine further than necessary.
Available gun options (AP rounds): -Ordnance QF 6-pounder -Ordnance QF 17-pounder -HV 77mm Cannon -Ordnance QF 32-pounder
Available gun options (APHE rounds): -Ordnance QF 95mm howitzer -QF 4.7 inch Mark IX -BL 5.5-inch Howitzer -BL 7.2-inch Howitzer
Adjusting the gun recess and counterweight, along with increasing its thickness, is allowed. You also are allowed to shorten the gun barrel length, but this won’t be looked at as favorably by the War Office.
Available engines: -R-975E-C2 (400hp) -Rolls-Royce Meteor (600hp) -Wright G-200 (800hp) -Rolls Royce Griffon (1000hp) -Merlin XX (1100hp) -Bristol Hercules (1300hp)
All engines can have their RPM settings adjusted.
All necessary files for the permitted guns, engines, and the base tanks (provided by DarioXN, ZeAppelMan, and Prim Olaf in the Discord) can be found in the attached .zip file at the Google Drive link right here.

Bonus points: These can be awarded for vehicles that meet requirements posted by the War Office. Points here will be added to your final score, after assessment of the vehicle’s aesthetics and combat score.
reaches a top speed of 60km/h: 2 points
100mm of effective frontal armor: 2 points
Utilizes twin transmission: 1 point
gun has over 150mm of penetration: 4 points
carries 450 L of fuel: 3 points
Capable of -12 degrees of gun depression: 3 points
Covenanter: Radiators relocated to rear(this is required if frontal armor is added): 5 points
Crusader: New ventilation installed (this is required if engine deck is extended): 5 points

Markdowns: These can occur if vehicles are modified in a way that increases the complexity of the vehicle’s upgrade process, or reduces its effectiveness. Note that some markdowns can be offset by gains through combat performance, such as extending the engine deck geometry to allow adding a bigger engine.
Extra hull armor is applied internally (over 5mm): 3 points
Crew is exposed to standard rifle shots: 3 points
Hull requires labor-intensive disassembly: 4 points
Engine deck does not have sufficient vents: 3 points
Vehicle cannot exceed 40km/h: 3 points
Cannot turn while stationary: 2 points
Barrel length is shortened: 1 point

Hull modifications: Both the Covenanter and Crusader contain thickened frontal and side armor, along with complex mechanisms attached to them. The roof and backside, however, are much easier to modify and build upon. As a result, vehicles will be looked at less favorably if additions to the vehicle’s geometry require dismantling portions of the front, side, or bottom armor plates. This does not mean, however, that you cannot add more to them. Bolt-on armor shielding, regardless of armor thickness, will not incur a penalty. Additionally, the driver’s compartment and its respective armor face can be modified at no penalty.
Vehicle aesthetics: Your prototype vehicles will be easier to get into production if the layout of vehicle components is included with your prototype. The generic hulls that you will be given to experiment with have a standard equipment and utilities loadout, and will be considered a “base” value in terms of aesthetic traits. These will both score 10 points in their current state. Adding more to its aesthetics scoring, and extending it to any turrets you may add, will increase this score by up to 10 points. Consequently, the opposite can lead to aesthetics points being removed. Should you wish to also model the interior, a “combat-ready” version of your prototype will also need to be supplied. Your combat-ready vehicle will be used for analysis in combat performance, interior space, and other physical traits. Meanwhile, your detailed prototype will be used for aesthetics scoring, and will not have weight or space limitations imposed upon it.
Combat trials: Vehicles will be fought against a fleet of captured King Panther tanks in a “trial by fire” match. Entrants will have a budget of 250 tons, meaning that lighter vehicles will have a higher team count during combat. Points will be earned based upon how many enemy vehicles are killed, and how many allies survive the mock battle. Bonus points can also be earned based on performance relative to competing proposals.
We are still awaiting for the captured King Panther tanks to arrive on the mainland, but so far we have received some details about their characteristics: -Front and side armor has received large upgrades compared to typical Panthers, in some cases up to 50mm of added thickness. -The engine seems to have been changed, to compensate for the added weight. -The vehicle’s interior seems much different than previous Panthers, which could mean they have better handling than previous models. -The gun itself seems to be the same as previous Panthers -Shielding has been added to the side, helping to further improve the armor’s performance. Note that the example vehicle provided weighs twice as much as the version that will be used in Custom Battles.
Overall scoring weight: Combat trials: 60 points Aesthetics: 20 points Bonus points: 20 points Markdowns: -20 points
Maximum points possible: 100

Additional Contest Rules
Are resubmissions allowed? Yes
Are multiple submissions allowed? No
Is Aesthetic Applique Armor enabled? No
What vehicle era should be used? Latewar
How much can the loader be file edited? 2.0
Are custom MGs permitted? No
Are custom mantlets permitted? Yes
Can turrets be used to make spaced armor? No
What cheats will be turned on for the judging? “Place anywhere”
Can models be imported via SPETS? Yes
Is there a maximum amount of guns permitted? 6
Can cosmetic compartments be overfilled? Yes
Are “always-spinning” compartments allowed? Yes
How to submit: Email submissions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the .blueprint file and any decals, paint schemes, lore, or other items you wish to include with your submission.
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2023.05.30 12:01 Wekss3 How I got lucky with bet365 🤣

I was chilling on bet365 and I saw a basketball game between the Lakers and the Nets. I love basketball and I thought, why not bet on the Lakers? The odds sucked but I had a hunch.
The game started and the Lakers were killing it. They were ahead by halftime and I was like, easy money. But then the Nets came back and the Lakers sucked. The game was tight and I was sweating.
I checked the in-play betting on bet365 and they gave me an option: cash out now and get $50 or wait and get $100 if the Lakers win. I was tempted to take the $50 and run but I said, screw it, let’s go big or go home.
The game was down to the last second and it was tied. The Lakers had the ball and LeBron took the shot. He missed but AD got the rebound and scored. The Lakers won by two and so did I.
I was like, holy crap. I just won $100 with a $10 bet thanks to bet365. It was awesome. I took my money and partied with my friends. Have a good weekend!#bet365 #casino online
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2023.05.30 12:01 AutoModerator Martes de Comida / Food Tuesday

Martes de Comida / Food Tuesday

La bandeja paisa

Buenas querida gente,
Este será su thread semanal para recomendaciones de comida (ya sea en restaurantes, comida callejera o recetas (pongan links o cuentas de Instagram)) y los lugares donde pueden ir a probarla.
Hello dear people,
This will be your weekly thread for food recommendations (either restaurants, street food o,r recipes (post links or Instagram accounts)) and the places where you can go to try them.
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2023.05.30 12:01 AutoModerator Introduction and Daily Picture Thread

Are you pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant in the future? Then welcome to BabyBumps! This is a daily post where you can introduce yourself and share any photos that you want to share. This is the ONLY place where photos are allowed, please do not make a standalone post with your bump or ultrasound.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules. In short, we do not allow spam, advertising, solicitations, or the sharing of any personal information. Polls/surveys/market research must be authorized by the mod team prior to submission. We ask that ALL bump pictures, ultrasound and announcement pictures remain in this daily sticky only. We ask that if you post a picture of your baby you do so only as a bonus to other meaningful content (like a birth story). We do not allow pictures of your pets and we ask that all political discussion be in the realm of pregnancy, family planning, delivery, postpartum care, and/or parenting. Also, be cool. DBaA.
Please do not ask us if you are pregnant, could be pregnant, or what symptoms others have experienced prior to confirming pregnancy. Likewise, please do not request or offer medical advice.
We have some fantastic resources available to you over in Our Wiki. With links for those of you trying to get pregnant, answers to common questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, resources and lists pertaining to pregnancy and/or common symptoms, conditions, and complications thereof, resources pertaining to birth, and a list of acronyms you may run into, we hope your immersion into our community is as seamless and supported as possible.
If you're looking for your Monthly Bumper Sub you'll find links here. Please note that these subs tend to go private and that the moderators of Baby Bumps are not affiliated with private subs. We cannot add you or request that you be added. You'll have to message the moderators of your private bump sub and ask to be added; instructions for how to do this can be found in the link provided.
Flair is awesome and helps you find stuff.
If you can't find what you're looking for here, you may be able to find it in one of these Other Helpful Subreddits.
If you are not yet pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, believe your period may be late, or have questions pertaining to family planning, please check out the Stickied Weekly Introduction Thread over on TryingforaBaby. It's amazing. You'll learn more about reproduction than you ever thought was possible.
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2023.05.30 12:01 galth88 Tumi Laptop Bag Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 12:01 AutoModerator ★OFFICIAL DAILY★ SV/NSV Thread: Feats of the Day! May 30, 2023

Celebrating something great?
Scale Victory, Non-Scale Victory, Progress, Milestones -- this is the place! Big or small, please post here and help us focus all of today's awesomeness into an inspiring and informative mega-dose of greatness!
Post it here!
Due to space limitations, this may be a sticky only occasionally. Please find it using the sidebar if needed.
Don't forget to comment and interact with other posters here, let's keep the good vibes going!
Daily Threads
Weekly Threads
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2023.05.30 12:00 galth88 Tumi Bags Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

Go to this page for Tumi Bags Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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