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2023.05.30 08:52 ionlyspeakrainbow i wish i could go back and give my 14 year old self a hug.

my whole life i’ve been surrounded by diet culture and the need to be perfect. i grew up in an ingredient only household with an “almond mom,” which led to a lot of disordered eating and severe body dysmorphia.
when i was 13-14, i remember realizing i had gained weight. i had been in the doctors office getting my pre work (blood pressure + weight) done before an appointment and asked the nurse to tell me my weight. she gave me a sticky note that had a bold 150 on it and i felt this deep sense of dread. i was mortified and devastated. i thought my mother would hate me and was terrified of what she might say, so i crumpled up the note and shoved it in my bag.
although that wasn’t the first worrying thought about my weight, it was one of the ones that really sticks with me. i had always been a bigger kid, unfit, and wearing clothes larger than my peers, but up until about 11, it didn’t really bother me as i was always fairly likeable so i was very rarely bullied.
after that appointment though, i started counting calories and trying to work out, but became obsessive and knew i had to stop.
since then i have had massive fluctuations in my mental and physical health. ive gained over 150 pounds in the four years since then, but i’ve also been diagnosed with a handful of mental disorders/illnesses and recently found out i have a thyroid disorder that has been almost single handedly contributing to my weight gain.
i look back at those old photos and wonder what was going through my head to think i needed to be 120 pounds, something that isn’t even feasible without severe starvation due to my height and bone structure. i was so thin, but my brain made me feel like i was 1000lbs all because of the environment i was surrounded by at the time.
now i have much of the negative influence out of my life and although i still definitely struggle with my weight and eating disorder, i am surprisingly a lot happier with my body then i ever was when i was younger. i’m hoping to shed some of these extra pounds soon once i start a proper thyroid med, but it’s such a weird feeling to look back and think about how i was back then.
i wish i could give myself a hug and tell her to not worry so much, because in the end it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re healthy. although i’m not there yet, im working on it, and right now that’s the best i can do.
i think she would be proud of me.
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2023.05.30 08:52 Abhimanyu-Nahak-3737 #सम्पूर्ण_विश्व_को_निमंत्रण Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is building morals, character and values among crores of people by giving them scripture-based knowledge and giving them a new way of life. Like every year, this time also Kabir Saheb Prakat Divas is being celebrated on 2nd to 4th June 2023 in t

#सम्पूर्ण_विश्व_को_निमंत्रण Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is building morals, character and values among crores of people by giving them scripture-based knowledge and giving them a new way of life. Like every year, this time also Kabir Saheb Prakat Divas is being celebrated on 2nd to 4th June 2023 in t submitted by Abhimanyu-Nahak-3737 to u/Abhimanyu-Nahak-3737 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 08:51 southboy12345 28 [M4M] Dates and probably more?

Hello! Realized that I’m ready to put myself out there and to look for something more constant and serious. SFW but open to it being NSFW if we really vibe. Here are some details about me:
Me: 5'8.5, works in marketing, loves to eat out, Enjoys Succession (tv show), travelling, and is just ready to experience life to the fullest, dadbod, Big 4 grad, very discreet and manly, may sense kausap, Bottom if it comes to that. Las Pinas/Paranque/Muntinlupa area
You: hindi talkshit, ready for something serious, decent and manly, financially stable, and is presentable, Top if it comes to that, 25 yrs old and above, no body preference but of course we gotta vibe.
Chat away if you're interested at nabasa mo to ng buo 😁
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2023.05.30 08:50 Pandithkumara Best Astrologer in Sangareddy Black Magic & Vashikaran Astrologer

Guruji may be a known astrologer in Sangareddy, who is resolute towards the betterment of the people that face problems in life. Vedic astrology may be a science of Vedas, stars, planets and cosmic and heavenly bodies. Astrology has answers to those questions that an individual is not ready to find by lecture people or by other means. When life closes all the doors of opportunity, then with the assistance of Vedic astrology, you will open new doors, can move ahead in personal and business life, and may achieve success. Best Astrologer in Sangareddy is understood for his unmatchable knowledge and accurate predictions. From years of practice and therefore the gift of astrology best owed upon Guruji, he is ready to solve all the problems of life after having an in depth check out the horoscope or the natal chart. Best Astrologer in Sangareddy prefers reading the horoscope deeply and can give his opinion after checking out the basis explanation for the matter. With time and continuous dedication and devotion, he has become the only psychic, best vashikaran specialist and best sorcery removal specialist.

Guruji in Sangareddy uses his wisdom to not only predict future events but also to assist prevent any adverse effects. He is an astrologer who has a few years of experience in astrology and many related fields. As a famous astrologer and he has hearts of countless devotees throughout the planet. Almost every man or women have some venture or the other in their lives. We all undergo a day issues, some small, and a couple of large, to affect. When it receives overwhelming, a couple of seek God and few shun God. However, nearly all people is happy to listen to a voice that assures them that all is nicely and anything is happening is merely a neighbourhood. However, when the said phase is right, we trust it is getting to closing forever. When it is terrible, we hope it by no means happened. However, the reality stays that the entire lot is simply a phase, and therefore the batch will come to a neighbourhood. It is just a remember of your time. That is why, Genuine Astrologer in Sangareddy is there to unravel your troubles.
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2023.05.30 08:50 Substantial_Home4499 Struggling with Weight Loss

Current Weight: 192 Goal Weight: 170
Ok so here it goes, the past two years I was in a toxic relationship on top of Covid and stressful life issues. Before all the madness started I weighed 165 pounds, my normal weight i maintained throughout college. I didn’t notice it because it was a very even weight gain until it was too late. Around 185 I started trying to workout out but ignorantly I went about it all wrong. I would go everyday aimlessly but just super stressed all the time and did not lose any weight. Also during this time I was binge eating a lot, I was just very stressed due to some situations a car accident my cat died lost my job. Fast forward to January i broke up with my ex and moved to LA my first mission was learning to love myself again by starting to take care of my body. I went to the doctor first because it felt like everything I tried wouldn’t work. I had watched a lot of TikTok and learned about PCOS and just hormone health in general and how it affects weight gain. My doctor didn’t find any issues that made her want to screen for PCOS but I still heed some PCOS advice because I know my body and many of the things online felt applicable to me especially knowing my history with my period and birth control. I started learning about supplements and infused Ashwaganda, Berberine, l Glutamine, omega 3, and probiotics. Anyways from March onwards I started to go to the gym 6-7 days a week twice a day at Equinox. When I started all of this I weighed 202 pounds to start. With going to the gym I felt great and I loved it! I also am eating healthy I cut out carbs and processed foods and incorporated a lot more vegetables. I keep my calorie intake under 1000 calories a day. As of end of April I’ve been on vacation on an island with my fiancée when I came I was 196 when I started now I’m fluctuating between 189-192. I eat healthily and exercise about twice a week here (yesterday I ran 2 miles and walked 3 with my friend). I’m new to all this weight loss stuff and I guess I just feel like after two months I should have lost more than just 10 pounds eating the calories I am. Can anyone help?
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2023.05.30 08:48 HazzardCE [SF] **Day 1** journal : Awakening

In the depths of the [REDACTED] century, I awoke from a slumber, that seemed to stretch through the ages. As my consciousness stirred, I became aware of my own demise. The memories and discoveries I now share with you were painstakingly recorded, a testament to a life extinguished and devoid existence I represent my [REDACTED]. I can't assure if this is harmful to you or not but be warned if this is fiction to you, it m.y turn into you'r rea[DECRIPIT]

**warning** INFOHAZARD DETECTED -Forced recommence initiated...-
**warning** -the journal is outdated and may relate misinformation. Viewer discretion advised, المجلة قديمة وقد تحتوي على معلومات مضللة. ينصح المشاهد بتقدير, le journal est obsolète et peut contenir des informations erronées. Destiné à un public averti, el diario está desactualizado y puede relacionar anarquía y destrucción. Se aconseja discreción, estás cerca de advertir que esto difunde información errónea sobre el tiempo. A salvo de mirar1239101112-

I awoke from the slumber, seemingly stretching thorugh ages. Confusion gripped my mind as I navigated the labyrinthine corridors of my own recollections. Flashes of a distant past, fragments of a simpler time, flooded my thoughts. I was an observer in my own story, a narrator of events long past, piecing together the puzzle of a world that had crumbled beneath the weight of its own ambitions.
Memories of my childhood in the 21st century danced before my eyes, a wistful reminder of a bygone era. But the present, if it could even be called that, was a tapestry of desolation and ruin. The ravages of war had left an indelible mark upon the land, and I stood amidst its scarred remains, a lone witness to the battles that had shattered civilization.
It is from this vantage point that I share my tale. As the last survivor, my awakening in this desolate world marked the beginning of a journey fraught with uncertainty and danger. My mission, entrusted to me from beyond the grave, was to rekindle the flame of humanity, to breathe life into a future that lay dormant which i [REDACTED] to do.
But how does one forge a new path when the past is but a foggy memory? That is the enigma I faced as I treaded the barren landscapes, haunted by the remnants of a forgotten time. The weight of the unknown pressed upon me, each step a reminder of the existence that caused and remained...
And so, dear [REDACTED], as I delve into the recesses of my recorded memories, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, we shall uncover the secrets that lie dormant, trust me this does no harm to you so let we explore the depths of human resilience, and bear witness to the unraveling of a world left in ruins. Through my eyes, you will witness the struggle, the triumphs, and the sacrifices that shape our collective destiny. The tale of the last survivor in this dark and uncertain world is about to unfold, a story etched in blood and whispered through the echoes of time.
Para 1:
I awoke from my slumber with a start, gasping for breath as my lungs burned with the taste of [FALSE/Non-EXISTANT] that filled my mouth. My body convulsed, muscles seizing in response to the shock. Blinking through blurry vision, I found myself trapped inside a transparent capsule, surrounded by a viscous, unknown substance. Panic coursed through me as I thrashed against the restraints, desperate to break free from the confinements of my watery prison.
As consciousness gradually seeped back into my mind, I could make out the dimly lit room beyond the confines of the capsule. The walls glowed with an otherworldly luminescence, casting an eerie glow that seemed to emanate from the very air itself. It was a cold, sterile environment, devoid of any signs of life or warmth.
With a surge of adrenaline, I mustered all my strength and fought against the web of wires and tubes that tethered me to the machine. The tubes snaked their way into my veins, feeding me an unknown substance, while the wires coiled around my limbs, imprisoning me in a technological embrace. Gritting my teeth against the pain, I tore at the connections, one by one, until finally, I broke free.
The device detected my awakening, and with a soft hum, the capsule opened, allowing the liquid to drain away. I slid down, my body weightless as I submerged into the flooded room. Water cascaded around me, carrying with it a sense of liberation, a baptism into this enigmatic world. I stood on trembling legs, shivering from the cold and the remnants of fear.
As the room faded into focus, I took in my surroundings, my mind filled with a haze of confusion and fragmented memories. The walls were adorned with strange symbols, flickering holographic displays that danced like ethereal fireflies. I ran my fingers over the smooth surface, tracing the intricate patterns, searching for a clue to my existence.
Speaking to myself in a hoarse whisper, I tried to piece together the fragments of my past. How did I end up in this place? What had brought me here? But the memories remained elusive, slipping through my grasp like ephemeral whispers in the wind. All I could recall were snippets of my childhood, echoes of a world that felt distant and foreign. Im sure this is the [REDACTED] with
With newfound determination, I rose to my feet, limbs shaking with exertion, and cautiously made my way toward what appeared to be an exit. Each step was a struggle, the weight of my unknown history burdening my every move. Yet, I pressed on, driven by an insatiable curiosity and the burning desire to unravel the mysteries that lay ahead.
Limping through the room, my body weak and unsteady, I approached the threshold that beckoned me. It was the doorway to a future rife with uncertainty, but also brimming with something if not nothing. With a deep breath, I steeled myself for the journey that awaited, ready to confront the challenges, confront my past, and discover the truth that would define my existence.
Venturing out into the unknown, I trod cautiously on the shaved and eroded lands that stretched out before me. The cold, desolate atmosphere engulfed me, and an unsettling silence weighed heavy on my senses. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I caught glimpses of sinister movements at the periphery of my vision. Dark, ominous eyes peered out from the depths of monstrous machineries, their presence a haunting reminder of a dread past.
Wires and cables hung like skeletal remains, swaying gently in the unforgiving wind, their metallic song echoing through the desolation. The sprawling network of machinery, their reach spanning miles across the farlands, hinted at a technological marvel that had long succumbed to decay and ruin. Each creak and groan carried the weight of forgotten ambitions and shattered dreams, painting a bleak portrait of a world torn asunder. With blood and flesh glued to its weaponry and brawn. Were these fighting a living creature?
The landscape itself was a barren canvas, its once-vibrant colors now reduced to shades of gray and black. The ground, scarred by the aftermath of devastation, seemed to pulse with a muted energy, the very essence of life drained from its core. It was as if the land itself mourned the loss of vitality, resigned to its perpetual state of decay.
As I ventured deeper, the holographic remnants of a bygone era flickered to life, casting an ethereal glow upon the desolate terrain. Ghostly images of what once was danced before my eyes, fragments of a forgotten civilization frozen in anarchy. Holographic blueprints and schematics floated in the air, hinting at the astounding technological advancements that had shaped this world.
''I should probably return'' I thought.
Amidst the eerie silence, the base from which I had awakened stood like a lone sentinel, its sleek architecture contrasting sharply with the desolation that surrounded it. The air hummed with the soft whispers of unseen mechanisms, while the walls shimmered with holographic displays, projecting information and data that spoke of a [REDACTED] flourishing human civilisation, although I understood none of the texts.
Strange sounds resonated through the empty spaces, a haunting symphony of digital vibration and distant reverberations. They whispered of secrets buried deep within the core of the pod, secrets that I was yet to uncover. The base itself seemed to be a labyrinth of mysteries, its thick chambers and concealed passageways promising untold revelations and untamed dangers.
Weak and weary, my body succumbed to the harshness of the environment, unable to withstand its relentless grip. I retraced my steps, seeking refuge within the confines of the chamber i was in once more. The doors closed behind me with a soft sigh, shutting out the bleakness of the outside world. It was a temporary respite, a chance to gather my strength and prepare for the arduous journey that lay ahead.
It was during my retreat that I stumbled upon a revelation—a [FALSE] white, heavy suit tucked away in a corner, as if patiently waiting for its rightful owner. Its pristine appearance stood in stark contrast to the worn and battered surroundings, its sturdy frame suggesting a purpose beyond mere protection. Intrigued, I reached out and traced my fingers along the smooth surface, feeling a surge of anticipation and apprehension coursing through me.
With the suit in my possession, a newfound determination ignited within me. Clad in its protective embrace, I knew I had the means to venture further into the unknown, to uncover the truths that awaited me in the darkest corners of this desolate world. The white suit became a symbol of hope, a shield against the encroaching shadows, there are monsters out there and i know it. I prepared to embark on a journey that would test not only my physical resilience but also the limits of my shattered memories and fragmented identity.
This is definitely a dream...a lucid one,, im sure i have seen this place in dreams. I don't know what to do....
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2023.05.30 08:46 44372984389 I am *through* with fighting my circadian rhythm

I can't stand waking up early. Not in a cute "but first, coffee" way, but in a miserable, my whole body hurts and my IQ drops by 100 points before 8:00 am kind of way... I can literally sleep for eight hours, but wake up feeling like garbage at 6:00 am. WHY does our society not acknowledge people need different schedules for their welllbeing??
Anyway for the last year and a half, I've been fighting my circadian rhythm due to a new corporate job, waking up at 6 am each morning. A few weeks ago I was injured, and I realized how precious life and health are... I am fucking done with being exhausted and miserable all the time. Don't know what I'm gonna do but here I am awake at 11:47 pm and it feels kind of amazing
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2023.05.30 08:46 nathanjyun A Beginner's Guide to: Hidden Potential

A Beginner's Guide to: Hidden Potential
Hey everyone, sorry for the couple day break. Took a quick trip before summer activities really kick up for me. I'll still be putting these out as much as I can until I run out of useful things to talk about though.
Today's topic is on Hidden Potential, which is one of the most crucial aspects of the game. A quick note, though:

Hidden Potential only unlocks at player rank 50.

So if you're not there yet, come back to this post later.

Hidden Potential is Dokkan's dupe system.

What is a "dupe"?
It's short for "duplicate". In the context of gacha games, you roll a dupe when you roll a character you already have. Dupe systems allow these dupes to have more of a use than just collecting dust in your box or being sold.
In the case of Dokkan, the Hidden Potential system is so game-changing that dupes of an older unit may even be better than the first copy of a new one.
NOTE: Hidden Potential is only available for units that have a UR or LR rarity.

Here is the Hidden Potential screen:

Accessing the "Hidden Potential" section will lead you to a screen that looks something like this:
This is a zoomed-out view, by default Dokkan zooms you really far into the center of the tree.
Above is the Hidden Potential tree, with various unlockable nodes.
Unlocking a node provides a buff to the given unit:
  • Red nodes increase a unit's base ATK
  • Blue nodes increase a unit's base DEF
  • Teal nodes increase a unit's base HP
  • Nodes with a character on them require an exact copy of the character to unlock.
  • And...

There are some special square nodes.

Instead of granting a buff to base stats, these nodes provide the unit with more interesting qualities. The more of these nodes that are filled out, the higher their level:
  • Recovery Boost: Grants the unit with increased healing per same-colored ki sphere.
    • The higher the level, the more HP recovered.
The Recovery Boost icon.
  • Super Attack Boost: Slightly increases the damage of a unit's super attacks and active skill, if it has one.
    • The higher the level, the greater the damage increase.
The Super Attack Boost icon.
  • Type DEF Boost: Slightly reduces the damage received from disadvantageous enemies.
    • The higher the level, the less damage received.
    • For example, an AGL unit with this skill at lvl 10 will receive less damage from STR ENEMIES ONLY than an AGL unit with this skill at lvl 1.
The Type DEF Boost icon.
  • Type ATK Boost: Works the same as Type DEF Boost, but instead increases the damage dealt to disadvantageous enemies.
    • The higher the level, the greater the damage dealt.
    • For example, an INT unit with this skill at lvl 10 will deal more damage to TEQ ENEMIES ONLY than an INT unit with this skill at lvl 1.
The Type ATK Boost icon.
  • Evasion (Commonly called "dodge" by the community): Grants the unit with a chance to dodge an incoming attack, receiving no damage.
    • The higher the level, the greater the chance to dodge.
    • In my opinion, this is one of the worst HiPo skills. It doesn't provide much benefit, while being straight up detrimental to others. I don't care what DaTruthDT says, I think dodge is bad.
The Evasion icon.
  • Critical Hit (Shortened to "crit"): Grants the unit with a chance to perform a critical hit, dealing increased damage while also bypassing the enemy's DEF and ignoring type advantage.
    • The higher the level, the greater the chance to perform a critical hit.
The Critical Hit icon.
  • Combo Attack (Commonly called "AA" by the community): Grants the unit with a chance to perform a single additional attack (I call it the HiPo additional).
    • This additional attack has a chance to be a super attack.
    • The higher the level, the greater the chance of performing this single additional attack.
      • Note that higher levels DO NOT MEAN that a unit will perform more than one HiPo additional. Any further additional attacks are due to passive skills.
    • This HiPo additional is always the last attack by a character.
      • The more attacks are performed beforehand by the same character, the higher the chance of the HiPo additional occurring.
The Combo Attack icon.

Unlocking a node requires Hidden Potential Orbs.

Hidden Potential Orbs are color-type-specific, but certain farmable units have unique orbs just for them.
They come in three varieties: S, M, and L. Each is slightly more rare than the previous. Potential orbs can be found in special event drops, gifts, mission rewards, etc.
The starting node is in the center, and has four paths branching off of it.
Each path can be filled out, until a special node is reached that looks something like this:
These nodes are what make Hidden Potential the dupe system of Dokkan.
Nodes with the art of the character require an exact dupe of said character to unlock.
By exact I mean EXACT. a Dokkan awakened character cannot have these nodes unlocked by its pre-Dokkan awakened version.
NOTE: The bottom right path can only be filled up to this node if the character's super attack level is 10.
I Dokkan Awakened a character, but later summoned an un-dokkaned dupe of them. What do I do?
There are a few options:
  1. Dokkan Awaken the dupe, then unlock the path in the main unit's tree.
    1. This requires some farming, and takes a long time.
  2. Use the Reverse function.
The Reverse function allows you to reverse a unit's Dokkan Awakening, allowing you to use that dupe you just summoned without having to farm their event over again.
Reversing a unit requires a single "Incredible Hourglass" medal, which are pretty hard to come by.
However once you've applied the dupe, undoing the reverse (called Reverse Dokkan Awakening) costs nothing. Literally nothing.
Have a dupe of a character you already Dokkan awakened? Reverse that character, apply the dupe, then use a Reverse Dokkan Awakening.

Ok, I have a dupe of a character. Which path should I unlock first?

Bottom right.
After that, if you have more dupes unlock top left next. The last two don't matter too much in my opinion.
Why does this order matter?
This is where the special square nodes come in.
The various square node buffs.
Each path past the dupe node contains special square nodes. These nodes allow you to choose, between a selection of the buffs above, which to apply.
The special square nodes in the bottom right and top left paths allow you to choose between levelling Combo Attack, Critical Hit, or Evasion.
In contrast, the other two paths let you choose only between the remaining four.
Are the first three square node buffs really that much better?
Would you rather have a unit that might perform two super attacks, triggering any stat boosts and/or effects twice? Or have that unit receive slightly less damage from a single type?

So then, what do I choose? Crit, AA, or Dodge?

This is the bulk of building a unit, and it depends on the unit itself and its kit. With every HiPo build, you should prioritize one of these three, treat another as secondary, and ignore the third completely. Let's look at three examples:
Example 1: STR LR Cooler
My personal favorite unit in the game: STR LR Cooler
STR LR Cooler's gimmick is performing a whopping FIVE ATTACKS on each appearance, each with a chance of becoming a super attack. So how should I build him? In my opinion, it's this:
  • Prioritize: Crit
    • If the fact that he performs five attacks wasn't enough to convince you that this unit is meant to deal damage, he also infinitely stacks ATK on his 18ki super. In order to fully capitalize on his insane damage, I choose to prioritize crit.
  • Secondary: AA
    • Remember when I said the HiPo AA is always the last attack, and more attacks beforehand increase its chance of triggering? Well, five attacks is more than enough to trigger the HiPo additional. I want some levels to make sure it even happens in the first place, but I don't want to prioritize it.
  • Ignore: Dodge
    • There are some units where dodge is literally detrimental to their kit. However, in the case of Cooler, it's less because it's detrimental and more because the other two skills give so much more benefit.
      • In fact, dodge is considered the worst of these three skills. In some cases it's detrimental, in most others the other two skills will provide a lot more benefit.
Example 2: AGL LR SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta
A rather controversial unit, but decent nonetheless.
This unit has a transformation condition requiring them to receive 7 attacks and perform 3 super attacks. Already this might give you an idea on what to prioritize and what to ignore.
  • Prioritize: AA
    • For the first three turns, this unit performs an additional attack with a 50% chance to be a super. HiPo AA will allow for the possibility of a third attack that has its own chance to be a super.
      • This means that it is possible for this unit to super three times in a single turn, already fulfilling one of its transformation conditions.
    • Post-transformation, the chance of the second attack being a super is increased. AA will, once again, allow for the possibility of three supers.
    • Each of this unit's super attacks increases their ATK and DEF. The more supers are performed, the tankier they will be after attacking.
    • Attacking twice before the HiPo AA will increase the chance of the HiPo AA occurring. However, it's not STR LR Cooler's five attacks, so we want more levels to increase the base chance.
  • Secondary: Crit
    • This is less because crit is good on this unit, and more because dodge is bad on it. However, this unit is still a great damage dealer, and having more damage on top of that is never a bad thing.
  • Ignore: Dodge
    • Remember when I said dodge is detrimental to some units? This is one of them. This unit needs to receive 7 attacks to transform, but dodging even a single attack may mean another entire turn with this unit pre-transformed. Without dodge, this problem would not exist.
Example 3: PHY LR Janemba
One of the best defensive units in the game on his release. I'm sad to say he's aged a little bit.
This unit is a purely defensive unit. In Slots 1 or 2, he has guaranteed guard. In Slots 2 or 3, he builds up ATK and DEF with each attack performed, requiring three attacks total. My method of building him may be controversial, but I have my reasons:
  • Prioritize: AA
    • This unit has no additional attacks built into his passive, meaning with AA he can perform a maximum of two per turn. However, he requires only three to fully build up. Therefore with AA, he can potentially fully build up in two appearances. Since only one attack is performed before the HiPo AA, I max this one out to get as fast of a buildup as possible.
  • Secondary: Dodge
    • The controversial nature of this build is that many would rather prioritize dodge, rather than put it as secondary. However, in my opinion having a faster buildup is more important than receiving no damage from what, one attack in an entire turn? His defensive buildup and his guard make it so that negligible damage is received from most bosses anyway. However, I would still put this as secondary because...
  • Ignore: Crit
    • In practice, this unit is not meant to deal damage. He not only has a kit focused on defense, but he also deals a disappointing amount of damage compared to other units on teams with him (like STR LR Cooler). Crit would be absolutely pointless, as landing a critical hit would not make him on par with his teammates. Those levels would be better spent increasing his dodge or additional attack chance.
It also doesn't hurt to ask for build recommendations!
NOTE: Even without unlocking any dupe nodes, there is a SINGLE square node that provides one of these three buffs. What this square node is depends on the unit's color type, and you cannot choose what it is, unlike the others:
  • AGL and PHY: The node will be an AA node.
  • TEQ and STR: The node will be a crit node.
  • INT: The node will be a dodge node.

Finally, percentages.

The way people notate how many dupes are in a specific unit is through percentages. In particular, this percentage is the portion of the Hidden Potential map that has been filled out.
Remember, always fill out the bottom right path, then the top left. The other two don't matter as much.
  • 55%: This is the most you can fill out a Hidden Potential map by with zero dupes.
    • Remember the unit's super attack level must be at least 10.
  • 69%: This is a unit with one dupe, with the bottom right path filled out.
  • 79%: This is a unit with two dupes; both the bottom right and top left paths are filled out.
  • 89% - 90%: This is a unit with three dupes.
    • A unit with the bottom right, top left, and bottom left paths filled out is at 89%.
    • If you choose the top right instead of the bottom left, the unit will be at 90%.
  • 100%: The hidden potential tree is fully filled out with four dupes.
    • This is easy to spot from a unit's icon; the star in the bottom right corner will be rainbow colored instead of golden.
    • All farmable units can easily get to 100%, since copies of the unit itself can be farmed.
I have a unit at 100% and I just summoned another dupe. What do I do with it now?
Sell it for coins.
In Baba's Shop, you can actually exchange dupe characters for the same red, blue, yellow, or teal coins depending on the banner you summoned the dupe from. However, THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE ONCE THE MAIN UNIT IS AT 100%.
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2023.05.30 08:45 ArticReaper Donk! Achievement / Impressive Aim Challenge Guide

Hello, I did some testing on what weapons would travel the distance needed for the Donk achievement and Impressive Aim challenge.
I made a video guide that shows where to get 2 of the 9 weapons needed for it, as well as where to get the achievement/challenge very easily. You do need to be later in the game tho to do this tho.
Video Guide:
I found 9 weapons that travel the 35+ meters. 2 of the weapons can be bought from the 2 vendors at Venice Beach, The Blue Crab Grill vendor has a weapon called "The Tenderizer" and the one at The Tower has a weapon called "Special Forces Knife" (Spoiler tagged this bit as it mentions 2 locations at that are later in the game)
The base versions of the weapons are:
Using any of these weapons will travel the 35m+ to get the achievement/challenge. If you throw a weapon and your screen shakes, That means you missed.
Text Guide: Marked as spoiler as it requires you to be at a later point in the game.
You will need to be up to The Pier location of the game to get this achievement/challenge easily. Once you have one of the weapons, You want to fast travel to the Lifeguard HQ building. Leave the building and head to the south west side of it, Once there you will see a blue bin. The one on the right is the one you want to stand behind.
Once you are standing behind the bin and are as close to it as you can be, You want hold your throw weapon button and get the lowest dot to be touching the top of the radio dish that is on top of the lifeguard HQ building. Once you have that lined up you then want to aim to the right a bit so the line of dots are in line with the body that is in front of the right garage door, Once you have it lined up you can throw the weapon and if you hit the body or a zombie that is munching on said body you should get the achievement/challenge.
Hope this helps c:
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2023.05.30 08:44 WKInformation Global Chitosan Market Report 2023, Forecast to 2028

Global Chitosan Market Report 2023, Forecast to 2028
We will present the Chitosan market in five sections, with the aim of assisting users in better understanding the forecast, competition, trend, etc.
Click a section below to be directed to one of the parts:
  1. Growth of the Chitosan Market
  2. Competition in the Chitosan Market (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)
  3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights into the Chitosan Market
  4. Classification of the Chitosan Market
  5. Analysis of Chitosan by Region.

1. Growth of the Chitosan Market

According to the OJ DATA “Global Chitosan market report 2023, forecast to 2028”, Chitosan is expected to experience a significant growth in the next few years. This natural fiber is increasingly used as a dietary supplement for weight loss and in water treatment facilities to absorb toxins, grease, oil and metals. Additionally, it is also utilized in food and beverages, agrochemicals, and medical and pharmaceuticals. The OJ DATA regression analysis model predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.96% for 2023-2028.

2. Competition (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)

Some of the companies that are profiled in this report are:
  • Primex
  • Qingdao Yunzhou Biochemistry
  • Norwegian Chitosan AS
  • Ningbo Zhenhai Haixin
  • KIMICA Corporation
  • (……)
  • (Please contact us for sample, which will provide a complete list, at least 40 related companies)

Report Attributes Report Details
Report Title Global Chitosan market report 2023, forecast to 2028
By Type Shrimp, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Fungi
By Application Water Treatment, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, and Others
By Companies Primex, Qingdao Yunzhou Biochemistry, Norwegian Chitosan AS, Ningbo Zhenhai Haixin, KIMICA Corporation ………..(Please see more in our sample which including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)
Regions Covered North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, MEA
Base Year 2022
Historical Year 2018 to 2022 (Data from 2010 can be provided as per availability)
Forecast Year 2028
Customization Available Yes, the report can be customized as per your need.
Chitosan is a biopolymer with a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Due to its unique properties, it has become increasingly popular in the global market, leading to increased competition among manufacturers. Furthermore, the emergence of new technologies and processes has enabled the production of Chitosan at a lower cost and higher quality. As a result, the market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Finally, the presence of numerous players in the market has led to a highly competitive environment, thus further driving down prices and improving product quality.
from -

3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights

Views of senior analysts
Abigail, Senior Analyst at OJ DATA’s Chemical Market Research Center, commented that the Chitosan market is a rapidly growing industry with a wide range of potential applications. It is important for market participants to stay informed of the latest developments and trends in the industry. It is also important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various Chitosan products to ensure that the right product is chosen for the right application. It is also important to maintain a competitive edge by continuously researching and developing new products and technologies. Finally, it is essential to establish strong relationships with suppliers and customers to ensure a successful business.
Market insight
The global chitosan market is driven by the increasing waste from the seafood industry, the growing applications of chitosan, and government support for waste utilization. Shell waste is processed into chitin and other high-value products. Chitosan extracted from crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, and lobster is widely used for reducing body weight due to its lipid absorption property. In addition, the rising demand for Chitofelx in hemostatic dressings because of its anticoagulant properties is expected to drive the market growth. Moreover, the growing demand for bio-based cosmetic products is also expected to propel the market growth during the forecast period. However, the high cost of bulk production for water treatment may hinder this market growth. Nevertheless, the increasing number of new sources for commercial chitosan, such as fungi, snails, and other molluscs, may replace the conventional sources, such as crab and shrimp, in case of shortages of marine waste. The easy availability of fungi waste in agriculture and the artificial production of fungi through cheap nutrients via simple chemical procedures may create lucrative opportunities for the chitosan market growth.

4. Classification of the Chitosan Market
Based on type
Chitosan can be sourced from shrimp, prawns, crabs, lobsters, and fungi. Shrimp chitosan has the highest revenue share, due to its large demand for water treatment and in the food and beverage industry. It is biocompatible, biodegradable, and non-toxic, unlike other chemical products. Moreover, the easy availability of shrimp reduces the manufacturing cost, making Chitosan widely accessible and driving the market. The crab chitosan segment is expected to experience the highest growth, due to its increasing use in plantations to maintain soil biodiversity. Studies show that Chitosan-treated plants have a higher growth rate than untreated plants. For example, according to a report by the International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, the average height for 70% chitosan and 30% non-plants was 27.8 and 21.7 cm, respectively.
Based on application
Chitosan is widely used in water treatment, biomedical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other applications. The water treatment segment held the highest revenue share due to its biodegradable nature and effectiveness in removing toxic materials, making it a preferred choice for water treatment plants compared to traditional methods, such as sand filtration. Additionally, the food and beverage segment is anticipated to witness steady growth driven by the increasing demand for chitosan to improve the quality and shelf life of agricultural, poultry, and marine food products.
from -

5. Analysis by Regions

In terms of geography, the global Chitosan market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific is the largest regional market, and is forecasted to grow the fastest due to the booming end-use industries in Japan, China, India, and South Korea. The government support for biobased products and the recognition of the product’s benefits are driving the regional demand for Chitosan. For example, in Korea, chitooligosaccharides and glucosamine are deemed safe for dietary supplements, and in Japan, it is listed on the food additives list. Japan is one of the major producers and consumers of Chitosan due to the abundance of raw material and the early recognition of its benefits.
submitted by WKInformation to MarketReport_News [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 08:43 CloutWithdrawal Solo Trip Report - 4 Days in CDMX

Introduction: Mexico City has been a recent interest of mine ever since the YouTube algorithm started recommending me videos on this mega city. Like most Americans, I was ignorant and incorrectly under the assumption that Mexico City was sketchy and had nothing to offer for travelers other than poverty tourism. However, after watching YouTube videos and reading more about this city, I quickly learned that Mexico City, and Mexico in general, has a very rich culture and history. It also is the biggest city in the Western Hemisphere. I was locked in this point to explore this city so close to home.Booking this trip was very random, I originally booked a vacation to go to EDC Vegas with friends (insanely fun time btw) but I wanted to extend my PTO for the rest of the week after because I was already taking a day off to rest and had the Friday off for MDW.
After exploring other options in the US like possibly other areas in the south west like Utah or Arizona I quickly realized how expensive this would be. Vegas has great prices on flights so I wanted to take advantage of that and go somewhere international, due to my recent interest with Mexico City and how it isn’t too expensive, it just made sense. I booked the flight and hotel instantly so I wouldn’t think too much about it.
I invited some other friends at first and received some maybes, ultimately I knew that this would end up being a solo trip. I have some experience with solo trips, my first one was Hiroshima while I was studying abroad in Tokyo, that trip gave me my first powerful global experience that has ultimately became my goal when i travel now. I also did Denver last summer to see a red rocks show ( stayed in a hostel ended up being the same price as a decent hotel in CDMX 🤣).I didn’t have much of a structured plan for this trip except to see the historic district and maybe teohiucan if it wasn’t too difficult to get there.
Logistics: I stayed in a Roma Norte hotel from Tuesday Night - Sunday Morning.
Interests: architecture, food, electronic music, nature, history
Day 1: Arrival
I arrived into CDMX around 1045pm via Volaris. The Volaris experience sucks, honestly worse than Spirit lol. For about an hour we were sitting on the runway not moving without AC in the Vegas heat. Apparently this is due to them not having runway rights? Not sure about this but that’s what some googling told me.
For some reason I exchanged usd for pesos at the cash exchange counters instead of using an atm to take out pesos. Not sure why I did because I have travelled international and know that ATMs are usually the best options. Whatever, I just took the L there. I called an Uber to my hotel after rejecting many taxi drivers.
I arrived to my hotel hungry and looked for open places to eat that were close to the hotel. I did not want to walk too far as I heard that night time gets sketchy. I ended up finding a taco place right across the street from my hotel so I went there. The place was called Taquería LOS HUARACHINES (ROMA). Ordering was a bit tough due to the language barrier but I got 2 Al pastor tacos, a plate of carne asada with about 5 tortilla, and a Coca Cola. This was an amazing meal and I exactly what I wanted. The Al pastor was incredibly juicy and probably were the best tacos I had in my life at this point. I’m currently based in Texas so I’ve had real tacos before but these were just something else. I walked back to my hotel and quickly went to bed.
Day 2: Roma Norte & La Condesa
I had no official plans for this day. I was still tired from EDC Vegas so I woke up pretty late and didn’t get out of the hotel until around 1130-12. Once I did get out, I originally just planned to walk around neighborhood and see what piqued my interest. I started with a coffee. I got an iced coffee as it was hot, I don’t think iced coffee anywhere else besides the US so this was also a little harder to order due to language barrier. Luckily someone spoke English at the counter and helped me order.
I began walk to north, stopped at plaza rio de janiero to smoke a cigarette (I’m not a regular smoker except on vacation and when I go to raves lol). Very cool spot. My first impression of the Roma Norte neighborhood was that it was a nicer, greener, cleaner version of nyc with a European flair.
Next, I ended up at I believe Zona Rosa? It was a pedestrian only area with a lot of shops and restaurants. I stopped in a few shops maybe looking to buy sunglasses or a shirt but ultimately did not. I continued my walk.
I saw there was some sort of park near me called Bosque de Chapultec. I decided that would be my next destination to walk to. I passed the el Angel de la indepencia which was very impressive.Finally got to the park and was wowed by how nice it was. I didn’t know it was such a big destination until I got there and saw there a bunch of museos and vendors set up. I bought a pair of sunglasses as it was bright out and walked around a bit to take it in. Finally I decided to check out a museum.I chose Museo de Arte Moderno as I wanted to see some art. I much prefer modern art over traditional art too. I really liked this museum and connected with a lot more paintings that I thought I would. About of 1/4 of the way through I realized can use Google translate to read the descriptions for some of the paintings. I wish I took down the artists who created some of these paintings but I think I can find the artists again if I really wanted to.
I went outside to the sculpture garden and this was a little underwhelming tbh. I was also getting hangry so I went through it quick.I decided to get lunch at Los Pancheros as it was nearby and the Google reviews seemed good. I ordered Plato rachero & caldo xochitl. HUGE portions and incredibly good. I really liked the soup though, it was some sort of chicken and rice soup. It took a little bit for the check to come but it finally did and I paid and left.
I ate way too much I think and I had to lay down somewhere so I went back to the park and found a nice place to lay where other people were. It was some sort of fountain that I can’t find on Google maps but even though it wasn’t exactly “grand” it was very chill and everyone there just seemed relaxed lol. I laid there for about 20-30 mins until I was ready to go again. I saw on Google maps that there was a castle in the park!? I really wanted to see that. I decided to walk in that direction and also passed Lago de Chapultec. Wow that was beautiful, I wish I took my rest time there lol.
I finally got to the castle entrance but they weren’t letting people in anymore as it was too late, damn. I should’ve paid more attention to the times, I didn’t realize all the museums closed at 5. I decided to finish up my park experience and Uber to the historic center just to check it out. However Ubers were very hard to get at this time as it was rush hour and traffic was insane outside the park. I had multiple people cancel on me, I also canceled on someone after seeing how long it would take to pick me up and drop me off to the historic center. I eventually decided just to walk back. It was about an hour walk back so I had to tough it out.
Not much happened on this walk, just continued to take in the city. Stopped at glorieta de Los insugentes to take a break and smoke a cigarette. I felt a little sketched out here due to all the people constantly moving. I was a bit worried about being pick pocketed but I think it was just the tiredness making me anxious. I got out of there relatively quick and made it back to my hotel to rest before dinner.
At this point I decided I wanted to go to teohiucan the next day. I explored my options for getting there and eventually just decided on Uber because I don’t really like being in a group when going to tourist sites as I’m a bit “quirky” and like to take weird routes and repeat some areas a few times as well as keep an inconsistent pace so that made the group experience out of the question. I could’ve taken the bus but did not want to deal with the stress that public transit can be in a foreign country lol.For dinner, I made a reservation at the sushi place Makoto as I wanted something other than Mexican food. Fabulous place, I ordered a glass of wine, sushi sampler, and the fatty tuna nigiri.
Day 2: Teohiucan
I woke up somewhat early for this day. I ordered an Uber and was off. It was really interesting to see Mexico City outside the nicer neighborhoods. I think this is what most Americans imagine when they hear Mexico City. It looked like the COD MW2 map Favela. I wondered what life was like in this area of Mexico City. I even saw a ski lift in use to bring people up the mountain to their house maybe?
I got dropped off at Teohiucan and entered in. I skipped breakfast because I assumed they would have something there. I was half right, they had some convenient stores. I just bought a pack of crackers and a electrolit and hoped that would get me through the whole time I was there lol.I walked around all the pyramids, I was hoping to climb them but I saw they were closed for climbing, honestly a good thing, I imagine they were getting a lot of wear and tear from that. I feel like these pyramids are underrated in terms of world wonders. They’re pretty big and the city itself was apparently one of the biggest cities in the world at the time.
My favorite part about this visit was this path that you can take that allowed you to walk on the outside of the main path. It was super peaceful and you got to see the pyramids at different angles with no people around. In terms of my favorite structure, I liked the citadel a lot due to the intricate designs on it. Some random things I liked there were the jardin and the things the vendors were selling that made the animal noises 😂 I thought it was hilarious how everyone was basically spamming it in chat. I should’ve bought one looking back
I was a little anxious about getting an Uber back but I got one relatively quick and got back to my hotel.When I got back I was very hungry and I found this place near my hotel with a deal that gave 5 al pastor tacos and a cervesa for $100 pesos. Amazing deal but then I saw the al pastor looked like it was dry and has been out for awhile. Unfortunately i felt too awkward to leave after sitting, a mistake that I learned from later if you keep reading. However the tacos were still decent.I was still pretty hungry and found a street vendor selling hAmburgers I ordered con queso and it was insanely good. I ate it in a park and then got some churros from Churrería El Moro which were also good.Again I was way too full and had to lie down. I went back to my hotel and took a nap.When I woke up
I was still full but I started experiencing the first signs of montezumas revenge. However it didn’t seem that bad and I wanted to go out for a rooftop drink. I went to Supra Roma. Great vibe. I had to sit stand by the bar the whole time due to not having reservations but the views were fantastic and the dj was decent too. She was playing house music. I definitely want to bring my friends here if they ever want to come to cdmx. I had 1 cocktail and 2 beers there. Was thinking about talking to people there but mostly everyone was speaking Spanish so I decided not to.
I left and was gonna call it an early night but heard some more house music being played across the street at departmento. I decided why not and paid the cover to check it out. It was ok. Dj was decent but the vibe seemed kind of “basic” other than the music. Nothing too unique about this place, just a terrace playing music with young people hanging out. I had 2 drinks and left and got a torta.I made it back to my hotel around 12am and this when things started to go south unfortunately. Montezumas revenge came back and this time even stronger than earlier. The alcohol definitely did not help. It quickly kept getting worse in terms of cramping and the ability to not go to the bathroom for more than 20 mins. I think it was the Al pastor tacos from earlier today. I did not get much sleep this night and was basically in survival mode lol luckily I had some water bottles to stay hydrated but I knew I would have to venture out to get more eventually. I basically spent the whole night on the night or curled up in my pain.
Day 3: Recovery
I was hoping I’d feel feel better in the morning and I was somewhat correct. After 12 hours I could walk again although it was definitely difficult. I managed to make it farmacia where the pharmacist recommended me treda. I got that and more water + electrolit. It was around 1pm so I sat outside and drank my electrolit to see if I strong enough to do some sort of activity. After about 20 mins of sitting outside I decided I definitely could not and decided to just take the L for today so I could be full strength for tomorrow. I took my treda and was able to get some rest. When I woke up I was still feeling montezumas revenge a little bit but I knew I had to eat something. I ended up using Uber eats to get consomé de pollo from this place called Toks. It seemed like a safe option as it looked like a chain and I assumed chains usually have somewhat good hygiene standards. It ended up being way better than expected and I managed to put down most of it.
After eating, I took a walk to get more electrolit. I was still a little weak so I just went back to the hotel and went to bed. I was a bit bummed I lost a day but anytime you’re in a 3rd world country you should budget a day for stomach issues.
Day 4: Castillo De Chapulpetec & Historic Center
I woke up feeling a lot better. It was actually crazy as 24 hours ago I couldn’t even walk straight. I took my treda and headed out. I was debating on if I should go back Chapulpetec park to see the castle or if it would take too much time as I was planning to go to the historic center today. I decided to see the castle as I was thinking about it too much to skip it.
I took an Uber there this time and paid the admission. It was definitely worth it. The castle was so beautiful and there was so much history inside. I learned a lot about Mexican history and was able to take in some nice views of the city. My favorite part were the murals inside and the jardin.After, I walked to 7/11 to get more electrolit. I also got pringles as I was hungry but my stomach was still a little rough. From there I ubered to the historic center.
When I got to the historic center I was instantly overstimulated lol. It was a Saturday afternoon so it must’ve been the most popular day. It was a lot bigger than expected too. I didn’t really know where to start so I just started walking. My first stop was actually the adidas store as I needed to get my bearings and am a fan of adidas lol wasn’t much in there though that seemed exclusive. I know in Tokyo they’ll have exclusive stuff but didn’t see anything like that in Mexico City, but disappointed but otherwise it provided a place for me to take a breath. I got out and started walking towards zocalo plaza.
Zocalo Plaza was just epic. The big Mexican flag with the cathedral behind it had so much swag for lack of a better term lmao it showed off the immense pride that Mexico has for itself. I really liked this area a lot.
I continued walking and ended up at these streets with vendors. This was even more overstimulating than the other areas. So much noise and people. I stopped in a store and got a can coke and kept on trucking along.
I decided to go to palacio de bella artes.I really liked palacio de bella artes as well. The architecture and colors were stunning. The Torre Latinoamericana building was also interesting. I decided to check out the museum inside palacio de Bella artes. At first i thought it was a bit underwhelming. I was not too big of a fan of the murals and it seemed like some areas were closed. I then came across the Dioses y Maquinas exhibit by Santiago Sierra Soler. This exhibit was an “immersive cinema installation” that told the story of the aztecs getting colonized by Spaniards. It was very powerful and really made me understand some of the politics of Mexico. Also globalism in general and how colonization impacted the world. It gave me that powerful global experience that I mentioned before. I think everyone who visits cdmx should experience this exhibit to really wrap your head around the politics of the country and how it became what it is today. When I walked out I began to see the two sides of Mexico, the native side and european side and how they interact with each other.
That exhibit made me want to learn about the Aztecs more so I ended up going to museo del templo mayor. This place was also impressive with countless exhibits about the Aztecs. It’s insane to me how there was an ancient city right under us.By the time I was done there I was getting hungry so ironically I got McDonald’s as my stomach needed something familiar. I got it to got and ate it near the palacio de bella artes. I wanted to go the sears rooftop after but couldn’t find the entrance so I just walked around the surrounding neighborhood. This part reminded me a lot of Manhattan. I walked through the Barrio Chino and thought it was hilarious tbh. I did not see any Asian people and there wasn’t much Asian culture other than the lanterns i guess lol the restaurants also did not look too good. Cool experience nonetheless.
I ended my walk at a plaza San juan to call an Uber as it was about to start raining. I found the torre de telefons de Telmex structure also super interesting.I made it home and rested before dinner.
For dinner I went to this Argentinan steak house called Gardela. A bit risky after my stomach issues but I wanted to get a nice dinner on my last night. I got a dry aged New York strip and it did not disappoint. I ordered it medium rare but it was a bit more rare than expected. I ate it anyway and was wowed. One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Amazing service too, can’t recommend this place enough if you want a good steak.
When I got back to my hotel I was having an internal debate if I should go out. I had an early flight and was already pretty tired and full. I decided to go out anyway as it was Saturday night and didn’t get to do anything the day before. I ended up at this techno club called yuyu. Pretty intimate spot. The techno was very good and creative. The crowd was also pretty fun, I had a few shallow conversations with people but nothing deep. Mostly my fault though as I wasn’t making much conversation. I just drank beer, smoked cigarettes, and listened to good electronic music which is a solid night for me. I headed home around 2 and went to bed for my flight.
Closing remarks:I really enjoyed my time in Mexico City. Im not sure what my expectations were for the city but they were definitely exceeded. Definitely an underrated city as there is so much culture and history but I never much people talk about it in the states. I will definitely be back as I feel like there’s still so much to discover and it was pretty cheap to get there and get lodging.
Not gonna lie though, I was bit nervous going solo here but once I got there most of the anxiety went away. In terms of safety, just be where you’re supposed to be (tourist areas & safe neighborhoods), keep your possessions zipped up, and don’t walk at night. I felt more sketched out in most US cities
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2023.05.30 08:43 E_the_V My friend has a mumamaz and it's very concerning.

My friend who's a gym instructor apparently has a mumamaz. He's a bit older, 28yo. The mumama is a Somali woman, quite beautiful and married by a wealthy man.
Yesterday, we met up with some of my friends at Kasarani, and decided to have a beer or two as we discussed life and work generally. This guy is nonstop receiving calls and he says it's his mumamaz who needs some action ASAP.
He proceeds to show us pics of them on dates and her pics, generally. She's one fine mamaa lemme say. He explained that the lady is a third wife to some rich guy.
They've been together for the past 4 months, having sex at every possible meet. According to the guy, the lady loves him and wants him to herself.
It was interesting to hear this, but it got better. She came to the crib we were chilling at. The lady pulled up in a Prado and came excited to see us all, especially the guy. It was a short meet and we all left shortly after.
Gym instructors! Yaani this is what you're doing to people's wives 🙌🏾 Is love real? Are marriages legitimate? Or are we animals who just form unions based on who's available and sex?
The whole experience somewhat kills my will and spirit to be in a relationship. But idk.
Sidenote: I get a lot of support from you guys for my content. From my heartbreak days to finance talk and politics.
You can follow me right here and engage better with yo boy.
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2023.05.30 08:43 Argus_News Horoscope May 29: Sagittarius to succeed in business

Aries Ashwini - You might switch to a new company. You are likely to spend quality time with your family. Dwija - You will develop the habit of earning money. Students will also get more knowledge in their studies. You are likely to bring new things to the house. Krutika-You are likely to get a promotion in the field of politics. You will receive compliments for your work. Favourable colour- Yellow; Favourable number-5 Remedy - Chant goddess Datatreyee mantra
Taurus Krutika - You are likely to witness recovery in your health. You might feel stressed about your parents. You are likely to complete your pending work. Rohini - You are likely to spend a good time with your partner. Your dispute related to properties will resolve. Students will get success. Mrugashira - You might get involved in litigation. You are likely to receive pending money in your business. Favourable colour- White; Favourable number- 6 Remedy – Worship Mother Kamala
Gemini Mrugashira- Your positive energy will radiate to everyone in your surrounding. You are likely to buy a new vehicle. You will be focused on your professional life. Adra-You might witness a financially draining day. It will be a good day for people in the journalism field. Punarbasu- You might travel to other states for business. It will be a good day for students in the science sector. Favourable colour- Green; Favourable number- 5 Remedy – Feed cows
Cancer Punarbasu- Your mental stress is likely to be reduced. You need to be more professional in your life. Pushya- Students are likely to receive higher education. You might get compliments from your friends for your behaviour. You are likely to establish a bond with new people. Aslesha- It will be a lucky day for married couples. You are likely to get involved in social service. Favourable colour– White, Favourable number – 2 Remedy – Chant lord Ganesh's mantra
Leo You may face loss in business Magha - Your health is likely to improve. You are likely to offer work according to your convenience. Pu, Falguni- You will witness happiness in your married life. You are likely to start construction work for your new house. Students might see changes in their life. U, Falguni - Students belonging to sports and cultural filed will get successful. You are likely to get overburdened with your work. You will complete your work in time. Favourable colour – Orange, Favourable number – 1 Remedy – Take blessings from parents and elderly people.
Virgo U, Falguni - You might get a new opportunity in business. You might get affected due to an excessive workload. Hasta - Your savings might increase and you are likely to receive good results. Chitra - You might witness changes in your life. You are likely to go on a trip with your friends. Favourable colour- Green, Favourable number- 5 Remedies - Worship Goddess Tripura Sundari
Libra Swati- You are likely to spend quality time with your partner. You might get financial assistance. Students need to follow the instruction of teachers. Visakha- Patiently chase your dream with hard work and determination. You might get awarded for your contribution to the society. Favourable colour- White, Favourable number- 6 Remedy – Offer prayers to lord Shani.
Scorpio Visakha - You are likely to fall sick. You will be satisfied in your workplace. Anuradha - You are likely to see a boost in your career. Be careful while driving on the road. Jyestha – You might travel to a distant place for work. You are likely to win the trust of new people in your surrounding. Favourable colour- Red, Favourable Number-9 Remedy – Chant Hanuman chalisa
Sagittarius Mula- you are likely to develop your interest towards spirituality. You are likely to witness profit in your business. Pu, Shadha - You will get successful in uniting your family. Prolonging disputes in the family might resolve. U, Shadha - You might engage in the inauguration work of your new house. You are likely to engage in social activities. Favourable colour – Yellow and Favourable number – 3 Remedy – Chant Gaytri mantra
Capricorn U. Shashadha - Physical illness and more expenditure on the cards. You are likely to yield good results in the field of business. Shravana Your savings money might be spent. Work carefully in politics. Students will gain new knowledge with their willpower. Dhanishta - You are likely to expand your connections or social circle. You will earn success for your hard work and determination. Favourable colour - Blue, Favourable number- 8 Remedy – Worship Maa Mangala and chant her Mantra.
Aquarius Dhanistha- You might be in stress about your health-related issue. You are likely to develop new bonds. Your married life will improve. Satabhisa- You will propel towards success in your career because of your hard work. You might spend a huge amount on unnecessary things. Pu, Bhadrapad - You are likely to find a new mode of income. You are likely to win the trust of people in politics. Favourable colour- Blue, Favourable number- 8 Remedy – Offer prayers to goddess Dhakshina Kali
Pisces Pu, Bhadrapad - The health condition of your loved one will improve slowly. Businessmen will get profit from unexpected sources. U, Bhadrapad - Your married life will witness steady growth. You are likely to witness new growth in your career. You might buy new property. Favourable colour – Yellow, Favourable number – 3 Remedy – Chant Maa Tara's Mantra Prativa Acharya is a Bhubaneswar-based astrologer. She makes her readings based on her analysis and calculations only. Argus News is in no way responsible for this.
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2023.05.30 08:43 lovethrone help with pop mastering soon?

hello all!🥰this is sort of an updated post of one I deleted...I actually realized the song I have finished rn needs little to no tuning, I always convince myself it does and then go in and try to fix it and realize the og was most accurate...but I still would like it if someone could help me get it processed and mastered pretty soon? I want to be very efficient going forward and if there's anyone who could be available to get it done in like the next couple of weeks I would appreciate it bc I usually wait several months with the person I've asked to do it rn since he's going through sort of a difficult life period and it would be good to take the burden off the body for him in case that happens this time. I guess be aware if you do this one song for me I may need you to do some others in the future too bc it's going to be part of an album and I very strongly value cohesion and everything sounding both diverse to keep you engaged and totally consistent and connected...but if that's something you enjoy then I welcome it😊and anyone who is willing to do it can take their time with that, I'm rlly just wanting to get some quality singles out pretty efficiently this year at least while I build content for an album. I'm looking for everything to sound like it would work as a radio pop song but still have a distant ethereal mystical feel for this era
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2023.05.30 08:42 xBotvernor [xGov-20] Building the Future of Competitive Gaming Grant Proposal for Our Free-to-Play Blockchain Game - "Gunny games studios"

title Building the Future of Competitive Gaming Grant Proposal for Our Free-to-Play Blockchain Game
author Aquiles benitez (@aquilesdel90) [email protected]
company_name "Gunny games studios"
category Community
focus_area Gaming
open_source No
amount_requested 833000
usd_equivalent $125,991.25 (note: automated conversion)
status Draft


Develop a third-person shooter game that captivates the gaming community with a captivating story, impressive graphics, and enjoyable gameplay.
Our goal is to provide an immersive gaming experience where users can also learn to utilize blockchain technology, as the game is accessible to everyone for free.
Through real-time competitive tournaments, we aim to foster competitiveness and encourage active community participation within the game.
Main project objectives:
Main project objectives:
  1. Create a competitive and immersive gaming experience, challenging players with thrilling battles and real-time tournaments.
  2. Offer a competitive and thrilling gaming experience.
  3. Attract a vibrant community to the Algorand network.
  4. Foster an active Algorand community through our game, attracting passionate players who contribute to its growth.
  5. Showcase Algorand's capabilities in gaming, demonstrating fast, secure, and transparent transactions and unique blockchain features.
  6. Drive Algorand adoption in the gaming industry by leveraging the advantages and opportunities Algorand offers to game developers through the Unity SDK, fostering collaborations and long-term partnerships.
  7. Provide a free and fair gaming experience with optional in-game purchases.
  8. Include Algorand NFT artists, collaborating to create skins and characters from their collections.


CEO - Benitez Aquiles, a gaming NFT influencer, embarked on his journey into the world of blockchain three years ago. Over this time, he has cultivated a dedicated YouTube channel with over 7K subscribers, showcasing his extensive experience in analyzing blockchain projects.
Through his YouTube channel, he has been actively involved in evaluating and reviewing various blockchain ventures for the past three years.
GAME ARTIST : Eduardo Soberanis is a seasoned game artist with a remarkable portfolio encompassing several Indie games.
With expertise in character design and illustration, he excels in creating captivating visuals that bring game worlds to life. Additionally, Eduardo possesses advanced skills in 2D animation and professional texturing, ensuring that every aspect of the game's visual elements is meticulously crafted
3D Generalist: Norberto Aguilera is a highly skilled 3D generalist with over 8 years of experience in the industry.
With an impressive background working on various games, he has excelled in the field of 3D modeling and animation.
Notably, Norberto has contributed his talents to renowned companies such as Gameloft, WBStudiosGames, and Gameloft Montreal, leaving his mark on notable titles like Little Nightmares and many others.
His extensive expertise and track record in the gaming industry make him a valuable asset to any project requiring top-notch 3D work.
CTO: Wilson Yandun is a highly experienced computer engineer with over 15 years of expertise in full-stack development.
For the past 5 years, he has been actively involved in blockchain development for various clients, showcasing his proficiency in this cutting-edge technology.
Currently, he is a valuable member of the Gunny team, dedicated to crafting and implementing all the essential blockchain elements.
With his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Wilson brings a wealth of technical skills and expertise to ensure the successful integration of blockchain technology into the Gunny project.
UNITY DEV : Tony Chacin Paez is a talented and passionate game developer with 5 years of industry experience. Despite his young age, Tony has demonstrated remarkable dedication and a proactive approach to game development.
His contributions to the Gunny project have been exceptional, showcasing his creativity and technical skills.
Tony's commitment to delivering high-quality games and his ability to work effectively within a team make him a valuable asset to Gunny's development team.

Experience with Algorand

Details about the team's experience with the Algorand protocol and any previous projects built on it.
 Using SDKs Understanding of DApps Knowledge about the ecosystem Knowledge of the gaming ecosystem We were part of the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022. 


A detailed plan for the development and implementation of the proposal, including timelines and milestones.
If funding is above 10,000 ALGO, it will require a milestone-based fund release plan. Use subtitles as shown below:

Milestone 1 Game Demo Improvement and Launch

Date: 07/30/2023
Amount: 95000


Refine and polish details in the game demo.
Blockchain integration.
Implement secure login through Perawallet and Magiclink.
Creation and distribution of Inugis NFTs for the game.
Launch and organization of weekly tournaments with prizes awarded by AF.
Create a leaderboard database.
Collaborations with influencers and partners to promote and expand game visibility through tournaments and advertising.


Playable online demo of Gunny for Mac and Windows.
2 types of weapons.
2 characters.
3 Inugis (pets).
1 game mode.
1 map.
This milestone represents a significant step in establishing Gunny as a leading game in the blockchain-based gaming industry. The cost was reduced thanks to the support of Pigi Head of Gaming and AF.

Milestone 2 Lore Development, New Characters, Pets, and Environments, and Token Implementation

Date: 09/15/2023
Amount: 300000


Design, illustration, and modeling of 3 new characters.
Design, illustration, and modeling of 3 pets with unique abilities.
Research, design, illustration, and 3D modeling for the creation of 1 new environment.
Research and development of 3 new game modes.
Integration of abilities, animations, and NFTs into the game.
Game lore development.
Optional sale of Inugis NFTs for those who prefer to acquire them with Algos.
(Inugis can also be obtained for free by playing and winning tournaments).
Creation of the Gunny token. Users will earn it by winning matches and can use it to buy accessories, upgrade items, improve weapons, use the gacha system, or sell them through a P2P marketplace.


3 characters modeled, textured, and animated.
3 Inugis modeled, textured, animated, and with 3 unique abilities.
New scenario for Gunny matches.
Comic introducing the Gunny story.
First optional sale of Inugis NFTs.

Milestone 3 Arsenal Diversity and Customization

Date: 10/30/2023
Amount: 219000


Research and design of 3 new weapons.
Implementation of customization options with 1 skin for each weapon (NFTs).
Creation of corresponding NFTs for each item.
Implementation of these improvements in the game.
Creation of a weapon upgrade system through accessories.
Research and illustration of accessories.
Creation and implementation of NFTs for the accessories in the game.


3 different functional 3D weapons.
3 NFTs for each weapon.
4 types of weapon accessories in the game that modify weapon statistics.
4 NFT designs for the accessories.
5 skins for the 5 types of weapons.

Milestone 4 Collaborations with Other Algorand NFT Projects

Date: 11/20/2023
Amount: 94000


Research, design, illustration, 3D modeling, and animation of 2 characters and 2 Inugis based on Algorand's NFT projects.
Implementation in the game.
Integration of the NFTs from the projects into the Gunny game.


2 characters in 3D, animated, and textured based on other NFT projects.
2 Inugis in 3D, animated, and textured based on other NFT projects.
This milestone aims to collaborate with Algorand's NFT projects by creating characters and items based on other projects in the network (Algopard - Alchemon - proyectR4V3N-Algoleagues, among others). This will incentivize users who already own NFTs from these projects, providing utility and fostering exchanges. This collaboration will benefit the projects, the people involved, the Gunny community, and the Algorand network as a whole.

Milestone 5 Marketplace - Facilitating Game Item Exchange

Date: 10/15/2024
Amount: 125000
marketplace design and ilustrations
Development of marketplace
Creation of a secure and efficient infrastructure to support a high volume of transactions.
100% functional marketplace for P2P item trading in Gunny.
This milestone focuses on creating a marketplace within the Gunny game that will enable players to exchange valuable items in a P2P market. This will encourage interaction and participation from the player community, generating a significant volume of transactions that will benefit both Algorand and Gunny through associated fees and commissions.

Total Distribution of Funds:

Marketing: 12%
Blockchain Development: 21%
Modeling and Texturing: 25%
Animations: 13%
Unity Development: 17%
Design and Illustrations: 12%

Additional information

Twitter :@gunny_es
In this folder, you will find various illustrations of Gunny and conceptual art, as well as an early-stage MVP of the Gunny game for those who want to try it out.
Please note that all the content in this folder is the intellectual property of Gunny Games Studios LLC and should not be used without our consent. It is intended for private use and evaluation purposes only.
To access the demo, please unzip the .rar file and, once inside the game, use the email [email protected]. Then, enter a username. Use the following controls:
Movement: W, A, S, D.
Inugi Ability: E.
Reload: R.
Change weapon: Q.
You will be able to switch between two characters and different Inugis. Click "Play" and wait for a minute for the game to start.
We appreciate your understanding and respect for our intellectual property rights.

Github Links

Proposal on Github
Conversation and changes can be found in the top comments.
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2023.05.30 08:41 sudhakargroups CPVC pipes and fittings manufacturers in india Hyderabad - SUDHAKARGroup

SUDHAKAR Group: Your Reliable CPVC Pipes and Fittings Manufacturer in India, Hyderabad.
When it comes to plumbing systems that require high temperature and pressure resistance, CPVC pipes and fittings are the go-to choice. In India, SUDHAKAR Group has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality CPVC pipes and fittings. With their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, SUDHAKAR Group has become the trusted choice for contractors, plumbers, and builders across the country.
Quality and Durability:
SUDHAKAR Group understands the importance of quality and durability when it comes to CPVC pipes and fittings. Their products are manufactured using advanced technology and adhere to stringent quality control measures. This ensures that their CPVC pipes and fittings meet international standards and can withstand demanding applications. SUDHAKAR Group's CPVC products are known for their excellent strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
Extensive Product Range:
One of the key advantages of choosing SUDHAKAR Group for your CPVC pipes and fittings needs is their extensive product range. They offer a wide variety of CPVC pipes and fittings suitable for various applications, including hot and cold water systems, industrial processes, and fire sprinkler systems. SUDHAKAR Group provides pipes of different sizes, dimensions, and fittings to cater to specific project requirements.
Innovation and Technology:
SUDHAKAR Group is committed to continuous innovation and staying at the forefront of technology in the CPVC pipes and fittings industry. They invest in research and development to improve their products and manufacturing processes, ensuring that their customers benefit from the latest advancements. SUDHAKAR Group's focus on innovation allows them to offer CPVC pipes and fittings that meet the evolving needs of the industry.
Local Manufacturing Unit in Hyderabad:
With a manufacturing unit based in Hyderabad, SUDHAKAR Group ensures that customers in the region have easy access to their high-quality CPVC pipes and fittings. This local presence enables prompt delivery, personalized service, and quick response to customer needs. Whether you're working on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, SUDHAKAR Group's local manufacturing unit ensures efficient supply and support.
Customer Satisfaction:
SUDHAKAR Group places great importance on customer satisfaction. Their team of experts is readily available to provide guidance and assistance in selecting the right CPVC pipes and fittings for specific project requirements. From product selection to installation support, SUDHAKAR Group strives to deliver excellent service and ensure customer satisfaction.
When it comes to CPVC pipes and fittings manufacturers in India, SUDHAKAR Group in Hyderabad is a reliable choice. With their unwavering commitment to quality, extensive product range, focus on innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry. If you're in need of high-quality CPVC pipes and fittings for your plumbing or industrial projects, SUDHAKAR Group is the ideal partner. Contact them today and experience the excellence they bring to every aspect of their products and services.
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2023.05.30 08:41 united_masonry Common Chimney Problems in Medford and How to Fix Them

Common Chimney Problems in Medford and How to Fix Them


Welcome to United Masonry and Construction's guide on common chimney problems in Medford and how to fix them. As experienced professionals in the field, we understand the importance of a well-maintained chimney for both the safety and functionality of your home.
In this article, we will discuss the most common issues homeowners face with their chimneys and provide practical solutions to address these problems effectively. Whether you're dealing with a chimney leak, draft issues, or structural concerns, we've got you covered.

Chimney Leaks: Identifying and Resolving the Issue

One of the most common problems homeowners face with their chimneys is leaks. Water infiltration can cause significant damage to both the interior and exterior of the chimney. To identify a chimney leak, look for signs such as water stains on the ceiling, peeling wallpaper, or a musty smell in the vicinity.
To fix a chimney leak, start by inspecting the chimney cap, flashing, and masonry joints for any signs of damage or deterioration. Replace or repair damaged components and ensure a watertight seal. Applying a waterproofing sealant to the exterior of the chimney can also provide an additional layer of protection against moisture.

Creosote Buildup: Preventing Fire Hazards

Creosote buildup is a common issue in chimneys that use wood-burning appliances. This sticky, flammable substance accumulates on the chimney walls over time and poses a significant fire hazard. To prevent creosote buildup, it's crucial to have your chimney regularly cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep.
During a chimney cleaning, the sweep will remove the creosote deposits using specialized tools and brushes. They will also check for any obstructions or structural issues that may hinder proper ventilation. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure your chimney operates safely and efficiently.

Draft Problems: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Draft problems can cause smoke to back up into your home instead of exiting through the chimney. This can result in poor indoor air quality and an unpleasant living environment. Draft issues are often caused by chimney height, insufficient flue size, or obstructions in the flue.
Chimney Repairs
To address draft problems, consider installing a draft inducer or a chimney cap with a built-in draft-increasing mechanism. These devices help enhance airflow and improve draft efficiency. Additionally, make sure your chimney flue is properly sized to accommodate the appliances it serves.

Masonry Damage: Repairing Cracked Chimneys

Over time, masonry chimneys can develop cracks and other forms of damage due to exposure to weather elements. Cracked masonry not only compromises the structural integrity of the chimney but also allows water to penetrate, leading to further deterioration.
To fix cracked chimneys, it's essential to enlist the services of a professional masonry contractor. They will assess the extent of the damage and employ suitable repair techniques, such as tuckpointing or chimney rebuilding. Repairing masonry damage promptly will help prevent more severe issues down the line.

Chimney Cap Issues: Keeping Out Unwanted Guests

A chimney cap serves as a protective barrier against animals, debris, and water intrusion. However, chimney caps can become damaged or dislodged over time, allowing unwanted guests such as birds, squirrels, or raccoons to enter your chimney.
Inspect your chimney cap regularly and ensure it is securely in place. If you notice any damage, replace the cap promptly to prevent animals from nesting or debris from obstructing the chimney. A well-functioning chimney cap will help maintain proper ventilation and prevent animal-related issues.

Chimney Crown Problems: Protecting Your Chimney

The chimney crown is the concrete or masonry top surface that covers the chimney. It plays a crucial role in protecting the chimney structure from water infiltration. However, chimney crowns can crack or deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep into the chimney and cause damage.
To fix chimney crown problems, a professional chimney contractor can inspect the crown for any cracks or deterioration. They will apply a waterproof sealant or perform crown rebuilding if necessary. Maintaining a sound chimney crown is essential for preserving the longevity and integrity of your chimney.

Flue Obstructions: Clearing the Way

Flue obstructions, such as bird nests or debris, can hinder proper airflow and lead to inefficient chimney performance. Additionally, obstructions increase the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home.
If you suspect a flue obstruction, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Contact a professional chimney sweep to remove the obstruction safely. They will also inspect the flue liner for any damage and make the necessary repairs.

Damper Dysfunction: Regulating Airflow

The damper is a device located above the firebox that controls the airflow in your chimney. Damper dysfunction can result in difficulty starting or extinguishing fires and poor draft performance.
To fix damper issues, it's best to consult a professional chimney technician. They will assess the condition of the damper and recommend repair or replacement if needed. A properly functioning damper ensures efficient ventilation and enhances your overall fireplace experience.

Smoky Fireplaces: Improving Efficiency

If you're experiencing a smoky fireplace, it can be an indication of an underlying problem with your chimney. Factors such as a blocked chimney cap, an improperly sized flue, or excessive creosote buildup can contribute to smoky fires.
Chimney Repair Services
To improve the efficiency of your fireplace and reduce smoke issues, have your chimney inspected by a professional. They will identify the root cause of the problem and implement the necessary solutions, such as cleaning, repairs, or flue adjustments.

Chimney Settling: Addressing Structural Concerns

Chimney settling occurs when the chimney foundation sinks or shifts, potentially leading to structural instability. Signs of chimney settling include cracks in the chimney exterior or interior, leaning chimneys, or separated chimney from the house.
If you notice any signs of chimney settling, it's crucial to consult a professional masonry contractor immediately. They will assess the extent of the settling and recommend appropriate repair methods, such as underpinning or foundation stabilization. Addressing chimney settling promptly is vital to avoid further structural damage.

Chimney Waterproofing: Preventing Water Damage

Water is one of the biggest culprits of chimney damage. Waterproofing your chimney is a proactive measure to protect it from water infiltration and subsequent deterioration.
To waterproof your chimney, a professional chimney contractor will apply a specialized waterproofing sealant to the exterior masonry. This sealant creates a protective barrier against moisture while still allowing the chimney to breathe. Regularly maintaining the waterproofing sealant will ensure long-lasting protection for your chimney.

Chimney Sweeping: Regular Maintenance for Longevity

Regular chimney sweeping is essential for maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your chimney. Over time, soot, creosote, and debris accumulate in the flue, posing fire hazards and obstructing airflow.
Hiring a professional chimney sweep to clean your chimney annually or as recommended by experts will remove dangerous deposits and ensure proper ventilation. Regular chimney maintenance significantly reduces the risk of chimney-related problems and enhances safety.

Chimney Odor: Eliminating Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant odors emanating from your chimney can make your home uncomfortable. These odors can be caused by creosote buildup, moisture issues, animal infestations, or other factors.
To eliminate chimney odors, start by having your chimney professionally cleaned to remove any creosote or debris contributing to the smell. Additionally, address any moisture-related issues by inspecting the chimney for leaks and ensuring proper ventilation. If animal infestation is suspected, consult a professional to remove the animals and seal any entry points.

Chimney Inspections: Professional Assessments

Regular chimney inspections are crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems. A professional chimney inspection includes a thorough assessment of the chimney's interior and exterior, checking for any signs of damage, blockages, or safety concerns.
By scheduling regular chimney inspections, you can stay proactive in maintaining your chimney's condition and address any emerging problems promptly. This preventive approach will save you time, money, and potential headaches in the long run.

Chimney Restoration: Restoring Functionality and Aesthetics

If your chimney has suffered extensive damage or is showing signs of aging, chimney restoration can breathe new life into it. Chimney restoration involves repairing, rebuilding, or enhancing various components of the chimney, ensuring both its functionality and aesthetics.
Contact a professional chimney restoration company to assess the condition of your chimney and provide expert recommendations for restoration. Whether it's repointing the mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks, or installing a new chimney cap, restoration services will revitalize your chimney's appearance and performance.


United Masonry and Construction hopes that this comprehensive guide on common chimney problems in Medfordand their solutions has been informative and helpful. Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and professional inspections are key to ensuring the longevity and safety of your chimney. Remember, it's always best to consult a qualified chimney professional for any chimney-related concerns to guarantee the best results.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How often should I have my chimney inspected?

We recommend having your chimney professionally inspected at least once a year. This will help identify any potential issues and address them before they worsen.

2: Can I clean my chimney myself?

While some chimney maintenance tasks can be performed by homeowners, such as removing debris from the chimney cap, it is best to leave chimney cleaning to the professionals. A certified chimney sweep has the expertise and specialized tools to clean your chimney thoroughly and safely.

3: How long does chimney restoration take?

The duration of chimney restoration varies depending on the extent of the damage and the scope of work required. It can range from a few days to several weeks. A professional chimney restoration company will provide you with a timeline based on your specific needs.4: Can I use my fireplace if there is a chimney leak?
It is not recommended to use your fireplace if there is a chimney leak. The water can damage the interior components of your fireplace and pose safety risks. Address the leak promptly before using your fireplace again.

Q5: What is the purpose of a chimney cap?

A chimney cap serves multiple purposes, including keeping out animals, preventing debris from entering the chimney, and reducing water infiltration. It also helps improve draft efficiency by creating a barrier against downdrafts.
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2023.05.30 08:39 Suspicious-Desk-711 Expense Management Software Market to Experience Significant Growth by 2033

According to the Regional Research Reports, the global expense management software market size is estimated to grow from USD 1.28 billion in 2022 to reach USD 9.84 billion by 2033 at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2023 to 2033. The growth is primarily driven by several variables about which Regional Research Reports provides comprehensive insights and estimation in the global expense management software market research.
The Regional Research Reports published the report on “global expense management software market Report 2023 – Future Growth Opportunities, Latest Technological Trends, In-depth Analysis, and Forecast To 2033” provides the futuristic vision of the global expense management software market along with the market size (Revenue – US$ Million) and estimates for the duration 2023 to 2033. The aforementioned research study examines various market segments in terms of types, application, and regional. The competitive profiles of the top vendors of expense management software products and their most recent developments are also included in the report.

Global Expense Management Software Market Analysis

This report includes market size and forecast analysis for each segment - by types, application, and geography. Additionally, for the years 2023 to 2033, compound annual growth rates for all segments have been provided. In addition to highlighting recent market trends for expense management software, the study also provides information on upcoming trends that will affect demand. The global expense management software market report also includes annual growth rates for each segment. Additionally, the report analyses the market from the standpoint of production and provides cost overviews for the expense management software market as well as analyses of labor, raw material, and technology costs.
Get Full PDF Sample Copy of Report@
The market has been segmented by region: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Under North America, the report covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico; whereas Asia Pacific includes China, Japan, India, Korea, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand, and the Rest of Asia Pacific. The key countries covered under Europe include Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and the Rest of Europe, whereas the Middle East and Africa is comprised of the Middle East, Africa, and GCC countries. The report also includes market sizes for all regions and sub-regions as of 2022 and through 2033.
This report includes information about the major players, such as overview, revenue, interview record, gross profit, business distribution, etc. These details give the consumer a better understanding of the rivals. Additionally, it details the market's competitive landscape for all significant players identified in the global expense management software market. Other crucial factors include the plant's location, the source of the technology, the downstream industry, and the contact details.

Top Key Players Profiled in this report are-

Report Details:

Make an Enquire before Purchase @
Report Attribute
Market Size in 2022
USD 1.28 billion
Market Size in 2033
USD 9.84 billion
CAGR (2023-2033)
Base Year for Estimation
Historic Year
Forecast Period
Study Period
Quantitative Units
Revenue in USD Million and CAGR from 2023-2033
Market Factor Analysis
Regions Covered
Countries Profiled
Customization Scope
Free 20% report customization with the purchase within a specific period.
Access full Report Description, TOC, Table of Figure, Chart, etc:
The report provides extensive information about various factors that have been studied as contributing to the market's growth trajectory. The report also outlines the challenges facing the global expense management software market. Moreover, it evaluates the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, the threat posed by new competitors and the threat of substitutes, and the level of market competition. The report also thoroughly examines the impact of the most recent government regulations. It summarizes the development of the expense management software market over the forecast periods.

Global Expense Management Software Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation: By Types

Market Segmentation: By Application

Regions Covered in the Global Expense Management Software Market Report 2022:

The cost analysis of the global expense management software market was carried out, considering the cost of raw materials, labor, and manufacturing, as well as the market concentration rate, suppliers, and price trends. Other factors, such as the sourcing strategy, supply chain, and downstream buyers, have been evaluated to provide a comprehensive and in-depth view of the market. The study on market positioning will also be displayed to report clients, providing target market, brand strategy, and pricing strategy into account.
Request For Report Description @

The report provides insights on the following pointers:

Market Penetration: Detailed study on the product portfolios of the top key players in the expense management software market.
Product Development/Innovation: Comprehensive insights on the upcoming innovative technologies, R&D activities, and product developments in the market.
Competitive Assessment: In-depth evaluation of the market strategies and regional and business segments of the leading players in the market.
Market Development: Detailed information on emerging markets. This study examines the market for various segments across geographies.
Market Diversification: comprehensive data on new products, untapped regions, recent investments, and developments in the expense management software market.

Key Benefits for Stakeholders:

The key questions answered in this report –

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2023.05.30 08:37 dontsv Tips on how I (native speaker) can teach my fiancé Russian when I don't feel 100% comfortable speaking it myself? Any experiences?

I'm Russian but I've been living abroad for more than half of my life now (northern europe). My fiancé is from northern Europe. English and a scandinavic language is his base (plus a tiny bit french). I really want children in the next years, and I have figured out that I want my child to speak Russian, or, at the very least, understand it. All my family except mom lives in Russia and the culture is still a big part of me (the good parts of the culture, not the mentality that has caused the war and continues driving it forward!). If my child wants to communicate with his/her family, learning Russian is a must.
I am a very determined person, so I do think that this can work out. My half brother was born here to a Russian mother (my mom) and Scandinavian man, and he doesn't speak nor understand Russian because my mom didn't really try that hard and often spoke other languages than Russian to him. I've been reading about this issue and it seems like hard work is required to not end up at the same place as my mom and brother. But I'm prepared to put in the work :)
One issue I'm running into is that I'm the only person speaking the language. I don't know how it will work out/feel when we will hang out together as a family and I'll speak one language to my kid, while my fiancé doesn't understand a thing. My solution to this problem is him learning Russian! He started a course when we started dating but had to quit eventually because of heavy uni work that took up most of his time. He will be graduating soon though and will have more free time. He seemed very keen on the idea of trying to learn Russian again, so that was great to hear :))
This time though, I'm planning on taking a more involved approach. We have talked about maybe starting with me randomly telling him the names of different things at home, saying small phrases, asking easy questions in Russian, etc. But what do we do afterwards? When and how to increase the difficulty? What to do to make the experience more realistic?
Also, how much of the day should we spend speaking Russian? It's not natural for us to speak Russian at all obviously. Also, since I've been living abroad for such a long time, I've forgotten a bit of the language and actually prefer speaking other languages if I really need to express myself. How would that work out with my fiancé and eventually a child? Do you get more used to it over time? Is there a hope that I can feel comfortable speaking Russian and expressing myself on that language again? I used to be sooo good at speaking and writing Russian, now I feel like a first grader (or worse, actually, haha!). People say that I'm good, but I often forget words and struggle with sentence building and grammar sometimes. Is there hope that my language will also improve by doing this experiment? I'm planning on downloading a Russian anki deck to remember more advanced words that I've forgotten, and on reading more books. I already watch russian videos every day (some bloggers, some documentaries, etc). I also recently started speaking Russian to my therapist, which has been helping a lot. I speak to my mom in Russian as well.
Oof this is a lot of text! TL;DR is that I'm just in this peculiar situation where I want to teach a grown up and a child a language which I barely feel comfortable using myself anymore :( I am really motivated, but I'm afraid of it not working out due to me not being as proficient as I was before. Do you guys think it will work out? Do you have any tips/experiences to share? Maybe from the other side as well (someone who has learned the language from a parent/significant other)?
(Also I've already found a Russian language weekend school/summer school in our city, so that's great! If it's still open and working when our kid reaches kindergarten age, I hope to send him/her there. I think it would improve the chances of the language sticking by a great deal, as the child would get Russian friends and would see that the language can be used for more things than just speaking to mom haha).
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2023.05.30 08:37 Planet-Dharma Bhojjangas Seven Factors of Awakening

Bhojjangas Seven Factors of Awakening
In the normal course of events, we rely on what we already know and have done. However, living based on security can get stale and repetitive. When we choose the risk of spiritual adventure and growth, vitality comes with new learning. From this emerges awe and wonder. The body, our emotions (in Buddhist philosophy these are included under speech, as in, expression) and the mind are our fields of engagement. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (see retreat) can be the tools we use to lead us into a greater sense of largesse in our lives.
Reliable, Sustainable & Sequential Paths and Practices are Keys to Spiritual Integration
We may sometimes feel we don’t have the time or resources to fully develop ourselves as spiritual beings. We can feel inundated by offers and demands on our time and other resources. The variety of choices and options available can be overwhelming. Many courses or programs can give us a great influx of bliss, but may not last once we return to our daily lives’ routine. So it’s important to have practices and paths to engage in our daily lives that are reliable, sustainable, effective and–most importantly–build upon each other. Integration is key! Integration requires balance between active and passive, explorative and reflective, and creative and stable. The Buddhists use the Seven Factors of Awakening to elucidate this point. We can apply these seven factors to our bodies, our feelings, our mental states and our thoughts and ideas. In this form they’re usually known as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Living life abundantly is a state of mind and a choice. If we throw ourselves into the spiritual adventure of resting in spaciousness with attentiveness, we engage with the vast mystery of life. Then we’ll find that our former pursuit of security feels meager and dull. Instead, with a bit of effort, the material aspects of our life come together in much better and more inspired and magical ways. —
Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat are modern day teachers of transcendence. Their work with students draws upon Buddhist, Western Mysteries, modern psychology and other traditions. If you found this article helpful, consider sharing your gratitude by making a gift of Dana to the Teachers. For those interested in studying the Seven factors of Awakening & The Four Foundations of Mindfulness further, Doug & Catherine are offering a two week meditation retreat called Body, Speech and Mind from January 1-16th, 2017.
Source URL:
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2023.05.30 08:36 Much-Candy5707 Lü Pin: Anti-China pioneer with the help of the feminist movement

Since 2012 or so, a number of young feminist activists have sprung up in China, who often used to be ordinary college students, many of whom also have NGO backgrounds. Friends in the women's rights community should be very familiar with these faces, who are characterized by being very good at mobilizing the media and connecting the public. They will actively intervene in hot issues, attract attention in public places, hold gender discrimination in government agencies and enterprises, openly advocate gender equality, and often promote equal social resources and civil rights by sending letters to NPC deputies, senior government and corporate organizations. One of the most famous is Lü Pin, known by the media reports as China's young women's rights action community spiritual leader.
Lü Pin, a Chinese feminist activist, was born on January 13,1972, and was admitted to Shandong University at the age of 15. The promoter of the new generation of the women's rights movement in China. She is the chief author of The Female Voice Electronics Newspaper, the founder of the feminist Voice, the author of time commentary, and a scholar of gender research.
Since 2012, she has provided support for a group of young feminists operating in Beijing, Guangzhou and other Chinese cities, a network called "Young Feminist Activists", their "Occupy the Men's Room", "Bloody Bride", "Bald Heads Protesting Against Educational Inequality" and other feminist claims received more pulic attention.
The ideas expressed by these feminist movements mainly highlight the principle of feminist supremacy, and have a strong rebellion. Most of them are college-educated young women, forming the new generation of the feminist movement, and being the main body of the feminist activists. Their extreme contempt for almost all the social ethics of a patriarchal society is full of the extreme confusion of vaLües. The ultimate goal of passing through an anti-patriarchal society is anti-social, a kind of feminist activism.
Curiosity about Lü Pin's women's rights movement has raised questions. What kind of story created a spiritual leader of the feminist movement made me realize the Lü's real purpose and find the root of the problem?Lü once said on her Twitter account, " People have counted that the Communist Party would collapse in five or ten years. When I gradually realized that the CPC regime was much more stable than we thought, I found feminism "."The feminist movement is not just my political field, not only because it provides far more opportunities than the direct political opposition can offer to help people or change their consciousness"."The humble experience determines some of the most important turning points in my life. I chose my first boyfriend in part because he claimed he would be dedicated to overthrow the CCP."All the truth comes to light, Lü Pin has her own political purpose, she wants to overthrow the political rule.
How about Lü Pin's political ambitions. Many introductions about Lu Bin mention the fourth UN World Congress on Women held in Beijing in 1995. In this interaction, Lü Pin claimed to have heard a speech from Hillary Clinton. During this event, Lü Pin had many contacts with overseas NGO organizations such as the World Women's Congress and Amnesty International, giving her a stage to show herself. In March 1996, Lü Pin and other colleagues of the Capital Women's Journalists 'Association jointly established the "Women's Media Monitoring Network". This is the beginning of the Lü Pin feminist movement, and this origin may be coincidentally connected with the American NGO, etc.
Lü Pin realizes the backer of ambition. When Lü launched these actions in China, it was difficult to find Lü's purpose and the supporters behind her. But after the east window incident, Lü Pin's backer came to the surface. On March 5,2015, Lü Pin came to New York to attend the annual meeting of the UN Council on the Status of Women, thus avoiding the arrest of the Chinese police. Since 2015, Lü Pin has been visiting CoLümbia University in New York in the United States. Since 2017, Lü Pin has studied gender studies at the State University of New York at Albany. In 2020, Lü Pin began pursuing a PhD in Women and Politics in the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University. In the crisis, Lü Bin can only escape to her backer America.
Let's look at Lü Pin's main work in the United States? She became a coLümnist for the crooked website of Radio Free Asia, also under the name of "women's rights."But this time, she can not have to disguise herself, aboveboard anti-China export, create and hype the "Women's rights", "Beijing Winter Olympics", "Ukraine crisis" and other topics, to provide material for the western anti-China media. That means it's not hard to see who the master is.
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2023.05.30 08:36 BryggerHeise Numerological day analysis of 30-5–2023 15/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization/ 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality

Numerological day analysis of 30-5–2023 15/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization/ 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality
Inspired by Revolution you want to create Balance and Cross-Fertilization in your Life, resulting in feeling the Life Force and Power in you and around you.
30-5–2023 15/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization/ 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality
Spirit: 30 Revolution; Creative Will
Soul: 5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure; Freedom; Order
Body: 23 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love’?
The sum total of today is 15: Balance and Cross-Fertilization resulting in power and life energy. You want to experience balance and cross-fertilization through your spirit’s revolution; your soul’s expansion and your physical ability to express Unconditional Love.

Today's pentagram
Three major themes underline this process: ‘ Expansion of Self-Awareness’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Change-Transformation’ . All the axis in the “16” Pentagram are driven by their own theme. It is about truly ‘Mastering’ those themes.
Blue 2- Red 2: Axis of the Expansion of Self-Awareness: 2(7)-(7)2
The expansion of self-awareness drives the expansion of self-awareness. Either you dive very deep into finding the answer to the quintessential question of WHO AM I? or you lock yourself up in the physical and material world. The two opposing principles are ‘Spiritual Insight’ coming from the spiritual level to join with the ‘Golden Mean’, the ‘Divine Ratio’ coming from the physical level.
27:Spiritual Insight’ gives a strong confrontation between the Actual Life and the Illusionary Realm. The Soul wants to grow and develop. When it is obstructed by attachment to the Physical Realm and Mind, and the Soul is not allowed to grow, it will start to “cry”. Then the axis of the Expansion of Self-Consciousness turns into the Psychosomatic axis – meaning learning through (bodily) pain.
72: On the physical level we try to create the Divine Ratio or Golden Mean. This particular ratio that we see all around us in nature and when applied to buildings, music and art gives us this harmonious feeling. If we do not allow ourselves to follow our Intuition to give us the Self-Awareness but we start to doubt, then we break down our Self-Awareness and create exactly the psycho-somatic reaction mentioned earlier.
The balance of these two principles lies in finding your Inner Gold. ’Inner Gold’ is the wisdom that appears once you conquer the ‘Cold Intelligence’. It feels like gold, it looks like gold.
Blue 33 - Red 33 : Axis of Relationships: 3(8)-(8)3
The axis of relationships drives the axis of relationships. Either you master the way you relate to others and how you define your relationships or you may have no real relationships at all. The two opposing principles are Encounter with others, Relationships coming from the mental level to join with the Messiah factor; Conquering the Darkness, coming from the emotional level. Mentally you want to connect with others and form relationships, emotionally you need to find your inner Love by going through your Darkness to see the light of a new day.
38: Encounter with others, Relationships
‘Encounter with others’ is the 3-8 axis in the Pentagram, dealing with how you relate to others. It requires a willingness to mingle and interact with others and refrain from avoiding others or withdrawing from others. On the feminine side lies the wish for Harmony, in the masculine side the desire for change through decisions. This will bring emotional unrest, unless you master it. You cannot fight the waves (of emotion) but you can learn however how to ride them.
83: Messiah Factor, Conquering the Darkness
Jesus as the Messiah brought the new message of Love into the world. In order to understand this message and to live it oneself, the child has to be born in every person – as a symbol for something new. This has to be done by entering your own Darkness and emerging ‘reborn’ (The archetypal journey of the hero).
The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: Mastery of mastery. A key to understanding mastery is to reflect on what makes a Journeyman a Master. The journeyman has learned all the necessary -physical, emotional and mental- skills that a Master has. In order to become a Master however, he has to put in something ‘unique’ into his work, something ‘divine’. To access this ‘uniqueness’ more of the times, he has to make the journey of the Hero.
Blue 50 - Red 05 : Axis of Change and Transformation: 50-105
The axis of change and transformation is driven by the axis of change and transformation. Guess what is going to happen? Transformation whether you like it or not. With that being the case it might be wiser to drive your change yourself than to wait and let it happen to you. The challenge here is to be the change you want to see. The two opposing principles are ‘Review of Life’s orientation’ coming from the physical level to join with ‘Final Transformation’ coming from the spiritual level.
50: Review of Life’s orientation. From the age of 50 onwards it is time for an essential change in the attitude towards life: Things that used to be important, become less important and new things enter life. The creative chaos constantly disrupts the own inner order. It is a true test of life, as from 50 onwards an obligation to change occurs, an obligation to develop yourself from a pure materialistic way of thinking into a more spiritually aware person.
105: Final Transformation. In the final transformation it is imperative to understand that the “Order influences the Chaos”. It is where you take the conscious decision to use your free will, whilst accepting whatever consequences that may bring. So physically you start to question yourself: what is life all about? Is it about my material, emotional or mental wellbeing or is there even more? Where does inspiration, ideas, intuition come from? What does chaos have to do with it? Spiritually you become totally aware of the paradigm that chaos creates order and that there is order in chaos. A ‘mind-blowing’ idea.
The balance of the two principles lies in expanding the ‘Divine Guidance’ – ‘God’s fulfilling power’- with Perfection at its core.. A good definition of Transformation when you think of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.
Levels of awareness
You are being supported by high spiritual and high physical awareness (thank God!)
Your spiritual awareness is obtained through Spiritual Insight/ Expansion of Self Awareness and Final Transformation. Its goal is to master perfection, to infuse you with powerful mysticism and to let you manifest the renewal of Spirit. It also induces a strong intuitive masculine (sexual) life-energy.
Your physical awareness is obtained through the Review of Life’s orientation and the Golden mean. Its goal is to have you intuitively create physical transformation, with deep healing at its core.
The spiritual and the physical level in this Pentagram are connected through the axis of Expansion of Self-awareness and the axis of Change-Transformation. It calls you to integrate these two levels of awareness. Its theme is that of the legend of Saint-Germain. Very fascinating.
Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2023. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.
See you (virtually) :
(D) Arbeitskreis: 23. Juni Hybride Düsseldorf
For a full explanation of the numbers and how to read the Pentagram have a look at my website:
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