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2023.06.02 18:28 Incandescion Nen Idiots and Fixing Hatsus

There is a lot of emphasis on talent in various forms in the Hunter x Hunter world. This might be a little disappointing for the average Nen-Joe, but there's something else I've noticed.
The worst Nen users in the series are genuine idiots.
They create powers that just simply don't work for them. Pokkle is a good example. Pokkle is the best example we have of an average but bad Nen user. Before we examine him, here's something I keep in mind.
Nen was probably a very improvisational power system. That's perhaps why we see Hisoka bizarrely able to zoom in by holding his fingers in a circle over his eyes, Killua's assassination techniques and Enhancement increasing the volume of water in divination despite changing physical properties being a Conjuration thing thereafter. Zushi is probably not a one-in-one-hundred-thousand talent in the literal sense because that would be a nightmare to calculate. Is he one hundred times more talented than average? Probably not because that means just opening aura nodes would take more than decades. So I would put him as near average just in the sense that although talent for Nen is exceedingly rare, it doesn't impact that much unless it is Gon level rarity.
Pokkle's Rainbow is stupid. It uses Transmutation and Enhancement which would only give him a 60% return.
So, how would you fix these Nen idiots?
The henchmen who attacked Pariston and Ging with conjured guns that fired emissive bullets.
The Shadow Beasts.
Shachmono Tocino.
Genthru. His abilities are actually quite inefficient, making use of Emission, Manipulation and Enhancement.
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2023.06.02 18:28 CrandeQ My first fursona!

My first fursona!
Hey yall! I am new to the community and decided to draw my first fursona! You can use it as long you give credits and the stuff is SFW 🫶 please rate it, and dont mind how bad i draw lol
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2023.06.02 18:27 LGA83 Something to replace my Fujifilm x100t

After being a diehard Canon user for practically forever I bought a Fujifilm x100t. I really love the old school look of the silver and black, but I've never been happy with how the images look on the camera screen or on my computer. There's just something that's missing that I don't notice when I use my trusty 7d.
Now I'm on the hunt for something compact that's similar in size to the x100t and it's compact nature. Like I said, I have a 7D that can do what I need if I'm looking to lug around a body and lenses, but I'd like to get something smaller to have as well.
There are really only two things that I want to use it for. I'm an art teacher, so I'd like to use it to create demonstration videos for my job and to maybe share on YouTube. I'd also like to use it for taking snapshots on vacation that will look a little nicer than what my phone camera will take.
I haven't checked pricing for what I can sell my x100t for, but the closer I can get to an even trade through B&H or KEH the better.
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2023.06.02 18:27 neurocosmic FP baby's bottom or something else?

FP baby's bottom or something else?
Hi everyone. I have a pen that's been skipping for a while, particularly on the first stroke (top-bottom) after which it somewhat flows nicely until it skips again on the same type of stroke and also on sideways strokes. I've cleaned it a few times, also under running water and with dishsoap, have used different inks, and it still skips. Because the skipping happens on particular strokes (not all), I'm starting to think it's something to do with the nib. On the pictures you can see the nib from up close, and how it performs on top-down strokes (poorly) and bottom-up (seamlessly).
I do think the nib looks rounded, which made me think of the baby's bottom issue. I have never had this issue nor have attempted to fix it / sand it, so before I even try something I'd appreciate some feedback in case someone has other ideas or has experienced something similar.
The fountain pen in question is a very old, Spanish Inoxcrom with a medium nib. It's the first fountain pen I ever got (it was a present) as a teenager and I cannot say I treated it nicely back then (used to press on the nib a lot, and hard, and wasn't even aware that cleaning fountain pens was a thing... oh well). I'd like to fix it if possible even if it's not my best or nicest pen.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 18:27 Maygii [Math] Complete Rubilia Analysis/Guide

[Math] Complete Rubilia Analysis/Guide
Rubilia is here! How does she fit into current Volt teams? Let's take a look with our usual analysis, starting with her kit, and then moving on to advancements and matrices, then finally, teamcomps, rotations, and comparisons!

Video Version

[Math] Complete Rubilia Analysis/Guide


Theoretically up to 10% powercreep over Umi GNN comp, though in practice, 12-18% of your damage is from A1 which requires enemies to stand absolutely still, and you'll lose a good amount of that.
Worse than Tian Lang if you don't have A3 Fenrir, and better than Tian at A1, A5, and A6 when you do.
A5 is the most important advancement, A6 and A1 are small bonuses, A3 nigh useless


Rubilia's kit is very straightforward. The core of it revolves around her Crystamax Thorns, so we'll start with where they come from - her discharge.
Her discharge generates 3 Crystamax Thorns around the target, while increasing Volt Damage by 7% for 30 seconds. While these thorns don't inherently do anything by themselves, they are essential to the kit. The discharge also gives you 2 charges of Feedback, which enhance her dodge attack with a few bonus effects. It causes each dodge attack to do 72% additional damage proportional to the amount of thorns, and then also heals the thorns for 25% of their max health, while resetting their position and duration. So, why does the health of the thorns matter? Let's look at her skill next.
Her skill causes her to draw enemies together, draining up to 100% health from the Thorns. While the Thorns have health to drain, each hit deals an additional 40% damage x amount of Thorns. As such, it is important to make sure to use the dodges after her discharge to heal Thorns back up, so you can get as much bonus damage on this skill as possible. Note that generating new Thorns will not replace old Thorns, even when said Thorns are out of health. The health drain effect on the Thorns additionally counts towards any effects that require you to lose a % of your own health, making Rubilia's strength primarily lie with Fenrir's A3, which deals a large amount of passive damage as you lose health.
Her trait grants 8% Volt Damage for each Volt weapon equipped, as a unique multiplier separate from matrices. This trait gives an edge to triple Volt teams, which we'll touch on later.

The rest of her kit isn't too much to write home about - her basic attack damage can't compare to that of Fenrir, so all her value is essentially in her skill and discharge. She has a funny passive where she can turn a non-boss Grayspace entity into a temporary ally, though the value of this is questionable, as the damage potential of mobs to other mobs is irrelevant, and you essentially make a mob invulnerable from yourself. Aside from combat, though, she offers some neat utility with an unlimited jetpack and super fast gliding!

MV/s Notes
Rubilia Auto 248%/s Good at charging
Rubilia Aerial 317%/s Good at charging
Rubilia Auto Hold 266%/s This makes you dash way past the target but can be useful as a gap closer
Rubilia Plunge 281%/s
Fenrir Auto 481%/s Includes note detonations
Fenrir Aerial 387%/s Includes note detonations
Fenrir Plunge Roar 520%/s Includes note detonations

Let's now look into her advancements and their values!


We'll examine the power of each of Rubilia's advancements in two teams - one team with Fenrir and Fiona, and then a triple volt with Fenrir and Tian Lang.

Rubilia's A1 adds a DOT effect around each of her thorns after triggering Feedback, dealing 66.7% damage every 2 seconds for 30 seconds total. This adds a good amount of damage in both comps, though note that a lot of the potential of this advancement may not be realized in content where enemies move constantly.
Next is her A3, which generates a Thorn when using any weapon skill or discharge. This helps the initial ramp-up, but does absolutely nothing after, as newly generated thorns will not replace old thorns. As such, this only improves damage by a minor amount, and is more useful in shorter fights than longer ones.
Her A5 causes Feedback to restore the HP of Crystamax thorns by 50%. This is a very significant advancement, this allows you to fully restore the HP of thorns after each discharge, allowing you to benefit from the full bonus damage on the subsequent skill.
Finally, her A6 causes her discharge to grant an extra 12% Volt damage buff when casting. This adds a good amount of bonus value to both comps.

Rubilia Advancement Gain from A0 in Fiona Volt Gain from A0 in Triple Volt
A0 100% 100%
A1 118% 113%
A3 121% 116%
A5 143% 132%
A6 159% 147%
Overall, her advancements are relatively more important in the Fiona comp than the triple Volt comp, and this makes sense since Fiona is a buffer, the raw damage on Rubilia's advancements are worth relatively more. Note that, again, this is not a comparison between comps - we'll cover that later!

Next, let's go over matrices.


Rubilia's 2-piece increases Volt ATK unconditionally, working in the offhand. This boosts damage by a decent amount, though this effect is mostly inferior to the Fiona matrix, which might as well be up all the time. The 4-piece effect increases all elemental damage when dealing damage with a Volt weapon. This elemental damage stacks additively with Scylla and Tian's matrices, so note that using multiple of these options together would be inefficient. In addition, this increases the Crystamax Thorn limit from 5 to 6, which contributes quite a significant amount of damage. How much, exactly, let's take a look...
Rubilia's matrix blows the rest out of the water, even Fiona's matrix. However, do note that this is with all A6 units - if you do not have Fenrir A3, then the value will be relatively smaller. Without the +1 thorn effect, the Rubilia 3* matrix is worth around +46% damage instead of +61%. Due to how damage is distributed fairly evenly between Fenrir and Rubilia's on-field time, matrices such as SamiShiro are relatively weaker now because of it.


Let's start taking a look at different teamcomps and their rotations, starting with the Volt + Altered team.
The ideal team here consists of Fiona, Fenrir, and Rubilia. There really aren't any suitable replacement options, as a lot of Rubilia's synergy falls with Fenrir A3, and without that, the damage falls flat. Lin can work as a replacement for Fiona, but note that these raw comparisons do not include matrices, which would push Fiona even higher. We use Hydro Focus and Wellspring as skills here, for the generic buffs. Torrential Force can be a viable option if you want to do the double discharge rotation, which involves discharging to both Fiona and Rubilia every rotation, as opposed to only Rubilia. We use Fenrir, Fiona, and Rubilia matrices here. Tian's matrix is phased out in a meta comp due to stacking additively with Rubilia.
"Why is Lin so close to Fiona here?"
Fiona discharge is skipped in a Rubilia rotation, and this table also does not include matrices, and Fiona's matrices are quite a good amount more powerful than Lin's. Also, execute damage is not included.

For demonstration purposes, an optimal parse with starting charge will be used. You can perform the same rotation minus the discharges, but the ramp up will be slower.
Start out with Fiona's skill, and then switch into Fenrir. Use her skill, followed by A1 to dodge to A1, cancelling the end of the second A1 to discharge to Rubilia. Use her skill, followed by two dodges, to heal the Thorns back up. Autoattack for a couple seconds to wait for Fiona's skill to come back up. Switch to Fiona to use her skill, then back into Fenrir, where you use her plunge to roar combo until her A1 comes back up, and then do A1 to dodge to A1 again, cancelling early to go into Rubilia again, where you do the same as before: skill, and two dodges. Use Fiona's skill again, and then go to Fenrir and start a new Songworld. The rotation for the second Songworld is NOT the same due to Rubilia's uneven skill cooldown. As such, you'll DPS on Fenrir as normal, doing your A1/dodge combo twice, and then a couple plunge roar combos, before going out to Rubilia for her usual skills, then going into Fiona for her skill, and then doing another Fenrir A1 combo. From here on out, the rotation repeats.
A triple Volt team consists of Tian Lang, Fenrir, and Rubilia. Replacing Tian Lang with Nemesis is a viable option if you don't have Tian Lang invested in, but other replacement options are pretty copium, especially if you replace Fenrir. Here, the ideal matrices to use are Rubilia, Fenrir, and Tian Lang.
The Tian rotation plays pretty much the same the Fiona rotation, except you swap into Tian less frequently due to his skill having a longer cooldown. Here, I'll copy pasta that rotation over here for reference.


Let's dive into comparisons! But not before going over our DISCLAIMER, to note that you should take numbers with a grain of salt, as this is theorycrafting, and the numbers shown will be the theoretical maximum, which may not reflect actual combat!

The first important question I want to answer is, "how is Rubilia without A3 Fenrir"? Simply put, not good at all. Fenrir's A3 has so much synergy with Rubilia, that without Fenrir A3, you're probably better off running something else, like Tian Lang, speaking of which, here's a comparison graph of varying advancements of Rubilia and Tian, with Fenrir A1. As you can see, Rubilia is... quite weak here, overshadowed by Tian Lang completely. Next, we'll look at one with Fenrir A6 (the real breaking point is at A3, I'm just using A6 as an example). Here, Tian A3 can perform better than Rubilia A3, especially considering that Rubilia's A1 can miss a lot of damage against moving targets. However, using Tian does mean you'll be hurting yourself a lot, so that's the tradeoff. Rubilia becomes stronger at A5 and above, and recall that Rubilia's matrix buffs her up a ton, so she takes quite an investment to raise the bar. I can't believe they made another Cobalt-B.

Now, how does Volt compare to the rest of the meta? At the maximum investment, Rubilia can theoretically top the DPS charts, though I need to emphasize again that usability is a concern. Her A1 accounts for roughly 12% of the total damage, and a lot of this damage is lost when fighting any mobile targets, so this cuts her value substantially. The triple Volt team lags behind the Rubilia comp a bit, but this comp has more raw damage and is relatively less reliant on Rubilia's A1 damage.

In a dolphin investment comp, Rubilia only raises the bar by a small amount over Tian Lang. The triple Volt comp also does better than the Fiona Volt comp here, as at this investment level, since limited matrices aren't considered, Fiona's powerful matrices don't give her that extra boost.

At an F2P investment, Rubilia is a downgrade from Tian, especially seeing that this is chart is comparing A1, and A1 Tian is useless so you only really need A0 to reach the previous Volt level of damage. That being said, that doesn't mean Volt is in the bad place, as it's still doing better than F2P Physical and Altered, and roughly the same as Frost.
TLDR: Rubilia is not F2P friendly, unless you appreciate her model or exploration features.


Rubilia can be a powerful addition to Volt teams, but needs a high investment level, in both her own advancements, matrices, and even requires Fenrir A3, to function properly. Her kit design is questionable, as you can grief yourself with her grayspace mind-control skill, and her value is literally defined by one specific advancement on another character. But hey, at least she has a nice model!
This concludes my Rubilia analysis.

I'll see you all next time <3
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2023.06.02 18:27 WantToBelieveInMagic Advice requested about zinc

The other day saw a post about zinc and the danger of taking it for too long. I have been taking Doctors Best Zinc Carnosine Complex, 2 capsules a day for 2 or 3 years. Should I be concerned? I'd be grateful for any advice you might have.
Here is the information from the label:
PepZin GI® is a complex of the mineral zinc and l-carnosine, bound together to provide unique benefits. The proprietary chelation process used to produce PepZin GI® provides long lasting support for healthy gastric function. It promotes healthy mucus secretions from stomach cells and helps maintain a beneficial bacterial balance in the GI tract.
Helps relieve occasional gastric discomfort
Helps maintain a healthy GI environment
Helps support the health of gastric cells
Helps maintain healthy mucosal lining
Supplement Facts
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2023.06.02 18:27 Limp-Investigator964 NEED A HACKER TO GET DELETED MESSAGES FROM A PHONE.

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2023.06.02 18:27 RMcChesney The Gulf States Newsroom (based in Birmingham) is looking for stories about reproductive healthcare access across the Gulf South

Hey folks, we're hearing a lot of political rhetoric about the impact of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and how the legal landscape and access to reproductive health care has changed dramatically.
And, it's not just abortion care that is impacted. Doctors in many states now struggle to make decisions about reproductive health care. Clinics in states where abortions are still legal are being overwhelmed with patients. Some women are being forced to carry non-viable or dangerous pregnancies to term. Others are concerned about future restrictions on birth control and in vitro fertilization.
The Gulf States Newsroom -- a collaboration between public radio stations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana -- are hoping to add your voices to that mix.
Here's the question:
"When it comes to reproductive health care, at what point did you realize things have changed since Roe v. Wade was overturned? "
You can email a voice memo with your name, where you’re from and your answer to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Or, call us at 205-538-2213 and leave a message with your answer.
This is a pretty broad question, but if you have questions about what we're looking for and how your answer will be used - please feel free to send me a message.
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2023.06.02 18:27 WannaBe-Tech_Genius Discover how to build a todo list app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Discover how to build a todo list app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript submitted by WannaBe-Tech_Genius to learnjavascript [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 18:27 johnmakhubele5 How to Pay Back Your Student Loan Fast?

How to Pay Back Your Student Loan Fast?
Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Although we are independent, we may receive compensation from our partners, but this does not directly or indirectly affect the loan and interest.
There are stories about people paying off their student loans early, and many of those stories are real. Some students have paid off their R80,000 loan in under five years. How did they do it? You shouldn’t need a lot of motivation to pay off your loan as quickly as possible to enable you to do other things with your money.

Loan Priority

Does buying a new car, buying your first home, or traveling sound better than paying off a loan for years? That student loan needs to be paid off first, and here’s why. There are more than 44 million Americans with student loans and owing over R1 trillion. No doubt, they all want to pay back their loans as well. The average college student has more than R38,000 in student loan debt when they graduate. Some students make it their priority to pay off that debt. It doesn’t matter whether they are federal student loans, private loans, or education grants. If you should prioritize paying off a student loan as soon as possible.

What’s the Best Way to Quickly Pay off Your Student Loans?

Start with your mindset. If you do nothing, then nothing changes. You need to be willing to work hard. Be ready to make some short-term sacrifices. They will eventually pay off. Keep a focus on your goals. That feeling of freedom when your debts are paid will be great. Imagine that feeling of happiness and satisfaction when you make your last payment.
Besides changing your mindset, here is a list of real steps to pay off your student loan fast. Some are budgeting tips, and others are opportunities you can create yourself. See what category will fill you with inspiration to push you towards a debt-free life.

Understand Student Loans

Make the time to understand fully all about student loans and what other financial aid there is available. A student loan may sound straightforward, but there are a lot of potential options that you can also consider.
Many students graduate and have several different bad credit loans from direct lenders and the federal government. You need to make up your mind about which loan best suits your situation. Choose from federal student loans, financial aid from the state, scholarships from colleges, and many more. If you select the suitable one, you will pay it off in no time!

Paying Off Student Loans While Still in College

Here are a few tips on how to pay off student loans while still in college.

Apply For Grants and Scholarships

Find out if there are any grants or scholarships available. You might be pleasantly surprised at the number of private and public awards for which you can apply. There are scholarships for sports accomplishments, good grades, music success, and many more.

Look For a Part-Time Work

Can you manage a part-time job while studying? If the answer is yes, start looking for a gig that fits into your study schedule. The money you earn can go towards your education. Most students find good offers in college bars and cafes, libraries, and shops.

Try Alternative Ways to Make Money

There are numerous money-making jobs you can do while attending school. Things like freelancing, crowd-working, tutoring, and signing up for work-study programs.

Start Repayments Before Graduation

You may be able to pay back the student loan before graduating, depending on the type of loan you have. Carefully read the terms of your student loan before signing it.
Warning! Any money you pay before graduating goes straight onto the principal loan balance because interest does not accrue until you have finished or left school. You need to check that your loan does not attract early payment penalties.

Simple Tips For Paying Off Student Loans Fast

There are a few steps that will help you repay your student loan faster. Some of them include payment setup, schedules, and sticking to budgets.

  • Calculate Your Loan
If you want to pay off your student loan quickly, you better figure out the payments you will need to make to achieve that goal. Use a student loan calculator. You will see the amounts and the time frame quickly and see if it’s realistic.

  • Arrange Auto Payments for Student Loans
This is silly and simple. Lenders sometimes offer lower interest rates if you set up automatic online payments.

  • Punctual Payments
Late payments or defaulting on payments will cost you penalties and additional interest. Just add all that to your total repayable amount!

  • Pay Student Loans Fortnightly
By paying fortnightly, you will make one additional payment each year. It also means you are paying down your principal faster, and that helps shorten your loan period.

  • Is Your Student Loan Interest Tax Deductible?
When doing your annual tax return, see if the interest you have paid qualifies as a deduction. When you receive your tax refund, put the amount towards your loan.

Stay on Track With Your Goals

Buying a new car or taking a luxury vacation may sound great, but if by doing any of these, you set back your loan repayment goals, it’s not worth it. Live within your means, or below them without taking additional same day loans, and make paying back your student loan a top priority.
Source Page for this post:
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2023.06.02 18:27 aitavenezuelantrowra My mom asked me to send her $1000 dollars a month, wasted it on vanity stuffs, and got mad when I unveiled her scam.

Hello, I'm 41 years old. I'm from Venezuela and my family is still there. I got married to an American man and we have a great live here. When the Covid pandemic started my mom said she wanted to do repairs around the house, like having a new kitchen, a new patio, a new water tank, and some other things that came over like buying a protector for the electricity in the house. Overtime I ended up sending her $1000 dollars a month. When I started working and making good money just sent her like $100 dollars a month, but her constant demands started to inflate the "help" and I gladly did it because I love my mom.
Until I came to Venezuela to visit, so my husband could see my beautiful country and meet my family and my neighborhood. But the encounter was disappointing and embarrassing, since my mom didn't do any of what she said wanted to do with it, instead I discovered that she had an iPhone, some nice and new wardrobe, that my older brother bought a car that he would never be able to afford with his salary working at a public university, and that my younger brother had a BABY and his babymama was living in my mom's house. I discovered that they had been living beyond their means with my money, and didn't even had the decency to tell me I'm an aunt (Later found out that they kept it a secret because the baby mama was underage when got pregnant, while my brother was 23 years old at the time, and year, it's disgusting).
Well, me arreché with my mom and told her I would cut her off. She and my brothers tried to guilt-trip me, telling me that my poor nephew (who I didn't know that existed) would die if I stopped sending money.
I did leave my hometown with my husband, who told me I was right to be angry at my mom for leeching off me, and spent 2 weeks traveling through Venezuela, going from the Paramo to the Salto Ángel (better known as the place Up is based off) and the island of Margarita. He loved Venezuela, and even said that if it weren't for the general instability of the country, he would love to live there (I had to convince him not to stay, I left for many good reasons). He even learned a bit of Venezuelan Spanish (which is nothing like your high school spanish class) and got along with almost everybody.
I contacted some old neighbors and said they were ashamed of how my mom used me and they called her out of her behavior many times, they gave me the contact info of some construction companies that would do what my mom wanted to do, so I could pay them directly for doing the job. This seemed like a great idea, so I called my mom and explained it to her. She didn't like it, she said "I am your mom, I sacrificed a lot to raise you and your brother, you have your "Plata gringa" and no salary is good for living in this country, I wouldn't have let you go to the US if I knew you would become so "gringa" and leave your family behind, money runs out, but family is forever, and you will cry at my funeral remembering how bad of a daughter you were to me".
At this point, I'm arrecha, for real, I told my mom that this was my last offer and she has just thrown it out the window. She better try to find a way to get money by herself, because Venezuela still has at least 28 million people and only a few has family outside to help them out.
I'm still upset because I never thought I would have to regañar my own mom, but my husband is on my side. Some Venezuelan friends has told me this is the exact reason why they don't send a single dollar to their families, and told me to do not feel bad for cutting my mom out.
Es triste de pana, pero ya, equis, lo que pasó pasó and I need to focus on my own live here. I'm thankful to my husband for putting up with me and hear me rant for hours while being upset.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.02 18:26 NewToBangin Back On The Market: Rebuilding Stamina

Hey all!
So, using a throwaway because it’s a little embarrassing. Just recently divorced. No bad feelings, we just decided we had different priorities, still great friends, but just don’t have the right “click” and thought we were in love but aren’t.
Now- sex was never an issue. And in fact, there in lies the issue... We’ve been dating or married for 10+ years, and my wife climaxes incredibly fast from intercourse. Like- 30-45 seconds. And she wants to rush right into it. And… likes it when we climax together. So I’ve literally trained myself to get off incredibly quick and I am now facing reentering the dating scene and am mortified about how to regain stamina. (And before you say, why don’t you just keep going, she has
Now- I never had porn star levels of stamina (unless I’ve had some drinks) but I need to figure this out. Even masturbating anymore ends up being a minute affair and I hope I haven’t completely screwed myself (pun intended), and was hoping somebody had some advice on how I can get back to satisfactory levels without dumping gallons of numbing lotion on my piece.
And yes- I know to focus on foreplay. I get that. That’s not the issue. Im purely interested in stamina building and I’m wondering if it’s not mental+physical that I need to fix.
Thanks everybody. Yay for sex!
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2023.06.02 18:26 Lloyd_32 Here's a tutorial on how to use texture painting to mix between to textures or shaders, hope you enjoy, free Useful PDF to help below :)

Here's a tutorial on how to use texture painting to mix between to textures or shaders, hope you enjoy, free Useful PDF to help below :) submitted by Lloyd_32 to learnblender [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 18:26 Particular_Log_8686 Top 10 Best Coffee Carafe Thermal: Keep Your Coffee Hot For Hours

A coffee carafe thermal is a container specifically designed to keep coffee hot for an extended period. It is commonly used in households, offices, or catering settings where coffee needs to be served over time without losing its temperature or flavor. Here is a description of the features typically found in the best coffee carafe thermal:
  1. Insulation and Thermal Performance: The primary feature of a coffee carafe thermal is its excellent insulation to retain heat. The best carafes use double-wall vacuum insulation, which creates a sealed air gap between the inner and outer walls. This insulation prevents heat transfer, ensuring that the coffee stays hot for several hours.
  2. Capacity and Size: Coffee carafe thermals come in various sizes, typically ranging from 20 to 68 ounces (0.6 to 2 liters). The capacity you choose depends on your needs, whether you're serving coffee for personal use or a larger group. Consider the number of servings you require and choose a size accordingly. Additionally, carafes should have a compact design that fits well on countertops and under most coffee makers.
  3. Durability and Construction: Look for carafes made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust or stains. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintains the flavor integrity of the coffee. Pay attention to the construction quality, ensuring that the carafe has a sturdy build and reliable seals to prevent leaks or spills.
  4. Easy Pouring and Ergonomic Design: The best coffee carafe thermals have a well-designed spout that allows for smooth pouring without dribbling or splashing. Look for carafes with ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip, even when the carafe is full. A wide mouth opening facilitates easy cleaning and filling with coffee.
  5. Lid Mechanism: The lid of a coffee carafe thermal should have a secure and tight-fitting mechanism to prevent heat loss. Some carafes feature a push-button lid that opens with a simple press, allowing for convenient one-handed pouring. The lid should also be easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning.
  6. Heat Retention Time: Consider the heat retention time advertised by the manufacturer. The best coffee carafes thermals can keep coffee hot for 6 to 12 hours or more, depending on the model and the initial coffee temperature.
  7. Additional Features: Some coffee carafe thermals may come with additional features like an indicator on the lid to show the amount of remaining coffee, a built-in thermometer, or a locking mechanism to prevent accidental spills during transportation.
Remember that individual preferences may vary, so it's advisable to read customer reviews and choose a coffee carafe thermal that suits your specific needs and requirements. learn more
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2023.06.02 18:26 AnemoneMeer My thoughts on Fixing Sanity: Identity Strain.

So, we know Project Moon wants to fix Sanity to be less "You always have 45 Sanity" and make Sanity a more valuable resource. However, many identities right now just kinda die if they can't get there (looking at you TT Hong Lu). Additionally, we do have our first EGO Identity coming.
Give each Identity a "Strain" value, based on how mentally taxing the Identity is on the Sinner using it. Their base ID's have a Strain value of 0, applying no malus to Sanity gain. Particularly challenging identities, such as ones with inherent EGO or particularly traumatic designs (N Heathcliff) have higher Strain values, thus generating less Sanity.
If we want to take this even further, we could add a Synchronization value as well. Constant use of an Identity results in slowly gaining Synchronization and working off the sanity penalties. Or you can throw large quantities of resources at pushing the penalty down, acting as a resource sink.
The result of this is that Sanity is important and needs to be managed, but you can build teams that just sit at +45 all fight long with no issue as well.
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2023.06.02 18:26 notreallyarobot12 [14M] Talk to me on my cake day

Apparently its my cake day today. I didnt even know that lol. Well, i guess my account is 3 years old now. Makes me think about how i started using this app way too young.
Anyway, im just looking for some people to talk to. Don‘t be dry and have interests similar to mine please. I like history and things similar to history and im a huge music nerd
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2023.06.02 18:26 IStanSlowking Mega Knight is NOT a win condition

It is a defensive card you can counter push with. Here’s my reasonings for thinking this way:

1. Vulnerability to being stopped

It is incredibly easy to kite due to its high sight range and jumping ability. Furthermore, it can easily be taken on by most mini tanks and tank killers due to its low damage output. (Some examples of mini tanks/tank killers that can easily take them on are Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Knight, Prince, Hunter with support provided and Dark Prince. Almost any building works countering too with a bit of support, such as Cannon, Tesla, Goblin Cage, Inferno Tower if they lack a resetter…)

2. Opportunity cost.

While it can work well with support, why would you use it when you account for other win conditions? It doesn’t have the sponginess of the Golem nor the high reward of the Balloon or Giant Skeleton. It can’t close out games easily with a bridge rush like Royal Giant can. All Mega Knight offers is splash damage and a mediocre damage output compared to others.

3. Valuable defensive profile

Using Mega Knight directly offensively has a tendency to put you in a bad spot in terms of elixir advantage due to how easy they are to counter. On the flip side, they pack incredible defensive value against most siege and spawner decks, as their spawn damage is often more than enough to take out the support cards in a push while also packing the HP to trade blows with opposing win conditions that don’t only target buildings. As a side note, they can also counter things such as Goblin Drill, Goblin Barrel and Skeleton Barrel in a pinch.
TL;DR: Please use MK as a defensive card, not a wincon.
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2023.06.02 18:26 noableenglish G2710 scanjet in w11

Hello everyone, I have an hp scanjet g2710 scanner, how to use it in windows11? what program for this?
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2023.06.02 18:25 Kalanthropos Anyone know of a hymnal or other resource with lots of metered hymns?

I was talking with my choir earlier about how I would like to shift more towards metered hymns in the short term, and implement a gradual in the longer term. I explained how there's many, many musical settings for each meter, and you can put any musical text of that meter to any of the settings. They were very excited about it.
So what I really need then is a lot of musical texts that we can use, a good hymnal.
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2023.06.02 18:25 javieracevedog Need Help! - Build a Subscription Newsletter with Payment and Dashboard on WordPress

I'm building a subscription newsletter using either MailerLite or Mailchimp on WordPress. How can I enable users to pay for the subscription before joining the newsletter? I also need a dashboard where clients can manage their subscriptions and cancel anytime. Any plugin recommendations or tips for achieving this?
Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.02 18:25 Wodl_App Journals?

Hey everyone! Just out of curiosity, how do you all keep track of the products you purchase from the dispensary? Do you use an app, excel, good old fashioned pen and paper, etc?
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2023.06.02 18:25 natacat110205 AITA for having a hookup outside of my relationship

Fort context, I am a polyamorous person with someone who is monogamous. Me(18F) and my boyfriend (18M) have been together for a year and a half. But after 14 months, he broke up with me. He didn’t tell me why, but he did. I finally got him to talk to me and it was an issue with communication. We were broken up for 3 days. Right before we graduated, and our 18 months, he broke up with me again. Last year, early in our relationship, we had a falling out due to boundaries being crossed by me and this came up again, but he was also scared of the future and a life away from his family. He broke up with me because he was scared. We were broken up for 5 days. Last time we broke up, I spent everyday grieving and trying to get him back, this time, I spent the first 4 days doing the same. He informed me that this would likely be a long term breakup and even suggested I find someone else to go with me to a concert in July. He also told me that I should take this time a part as an opportunity to experiment and figure some stuff out. So 5 days after we break up, I decided to sleep with someone. We were still broken up. Later that night I got to talk to him about feelings and fears and everything else. Before we got back together, I made sure he knew I slept with someone. Out of respect, I thought he should know. He seemed to be ok with it and he asked me some questions. I answered any question he had, like who or where or how it was and I was being as honest as I could be. Anything he didn’t ask about I figured he probably didn’t care too much about if at all. Apparently that was wrong. That night I also told his best friends girlfriend and a couple other people. It was something I’d never done and I desperately needed their opinions. It somehow didn’t cross me that the day might be relevant. When he was told by his friend (I’m assuming) when it happened, my bf laid into me about how I’m manipulating him and how I’m lying to him and using him and he’s been pissed at me for the last 2 days. I seriously don’t understand what I did wrong. IG am I the asshole?
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