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2023.06.02 18:32 decapitated-barbie Crying at work because I got triggered by phone call with mom

I was talking on the phone with my mom before I started my shift and I mentioned about how I don't feel like going back to the hometown this summer because my cousin, who I hang out with while there, brags to me about her cheating on her boyfriend. From the very first time I mentioned to my mom about my cousin doing this she has had a "so what?" attitude and has been acting as if its a normal thing to do. On the other hand ,when I mentioned to her a casual relationship I had a few months ago (while I was single of course, also i mentioned to her in november but i am saying it so you understandher attitude and mindset), she went crazy and began slut shaming me. What I always wanted to be is a good person and to love someone deeply as I have a lot of love to give. Of course, I haven't been the ideal version of myself due to circumstances but , despite everything I've done I never cheated at least. It feels like though that there is no space for the kind of person I am/I want to be. Its like I am just expected to be functional, meaning being good at my job and studies, having a clean house etc etc and even if I am a shit person with no morals it doesn't matter. As long as I appear functional and friendly to others and happy without worries it's okay to my mom and everyone else. In regards again to my mom, she gets angry when I get my nails and lashes done ,she's angry that I write fantasy/horror and not something more wholesome because she says that if people read what I write they will understand that I am mentally ill, she doesn't want me to have any hobbies but work and studies and got angry that I began a new embroidery piece the other day, generally it feels like she doesn't let me have any personality and I am already struggling as identity disturbance is one of my main bpd symptoms ,she wants me to be very flat. It really ruins me to the core ,the way she reacts to everything. I know this text is a bit all over the place but I just wish she supported me wanting to be a good person at least ,but she doesn't, she was even mad when I was tutoring poor children for free because she thought it's a waste of time. I feel very pressured and like there's a demand for me to be something else.
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2023.06.02 18:31 YourLittleWeirdo Crying doesn’t make me feel better

And if anything it makes me feel worse. It solves nothing. The things I was crying about is still there and will not be going away any time soon.
My S/O says I’m cold because I don’t cry much but what does it actually do?? I don’t get anything out of it, it doesn’t change the fact that this is my constant and there is no cure so why waste energy on it???
Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this?
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2023.06.02 18:31 Quackmotard Do y’all ever take interviews just to keep the skills sharp?

Recruiter reached out to me - the comp got me interested (I’m in a role I like now)
It’s for a startup and one guy pretty much runs sales and marketing at the moment. Not really interested in building out an entire outbound strategy with no marketing resources, but thinking about continuing the interview process just so see how I do and get the practice.
Waste of time or worthwhile?
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2023.06.02 18:30 AHFHTJRKGKSKFKFKD [Routine help] [B&A] My routine for my acneprone and oily skin, I've seen results from last year but want to improve.

[Routine help] [B&A] My routine for my acneprone and oily skin, I've seen results from last year but want to improve.
Ive been consistent with my skincare for months now, I also stopped picking on my skin and stress less, there has been lots of improvements since last year which im satisfied with but I want to improve my routine and start using retinol. There's my usual night routine, I was wondering if I have the steps in the right order and any suggestions..
More detail about my routine: so at night i always make sure to do steps 1 cleance, 3 as an acne treatment, and 5 for moisture only since I didn't like other moisturisers like cerave. The rest if I feel like I need it, I might apply the step 4 niacinimide in the morning only, I apply step 6 vaseline as a thin layer around my eyes and lips if it feels dry, step 2 toner for oil control, I apply acne patches after cleansing if needed. In the morning I always do steps 1,3,5 and the biore sunscreen, so its simple but I might do step 2 toner, step 4 niacinimide and patches if needed. Ive been using the step 3 effaclar duo for a while now and its the product which I apply every night and day as a thin layer on my face, it works well for my acne. The step 1 effaclar purryfing foaming gel ive been using for a while and it's good but sometiens I use the sofymo cleancing foam which I also like since its really foamy and more gentle I think . I ussualy skip step 2 toner now, it's for oil control, I used it before but it wasn't very effective for me, it tingles my skin and its quite drying.I actually used to skip moisturiser for a while because I didn't like any but the step 5 cosrx snail 92 cream works well for my oily skin so I use it every day. I like that the biore sunscreen is mattyfying and suits my oily skin.
I want to add to my routine by getting more toners/toner pads like the anua heartleaf toner, an exfoliator with aha and bha like the cosrx one, an oil cleancer to double cleance, and start gentle retinol for acne like olay retinol 24. I just want to minimise the look of my pores and blackheads which my routine hasn't been very effective at and also reduce oil production over time to get smoother skin hopefully. I got carried away writing this lol
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2023.06.02 18:30 Additional-Peak-1755 Just don't stalk me anymore !

just can't take this shi now ! I don't even wanna write this shi now
Just in case if anybody following me unfollow me guyz 💜
I closed my dms and PM's bcoz i don't wanna talk anymore with anyone and not wanna be a part of a special sympathy treatment.
I don't want to talk this world i don't want to be in the matrix i want to leave everything i want to be special i don't want to be in this shi forever .... I don't want to be burnout any more .... I just want to be free from every negative emotions in my mind from fraustation to anger..... I don't want to be a NPC anymore ..
The world is not the place to understand me ... The reddit is not place to understand me ....... Everyone is temporary with you just because there is something consideration.... And ppl who are with you for 1-3 days they are with you because they just have sympathy for you ... The world is improper place to understand me ! I don't want to understand this matrix anymore .......
Whether it was love or a true friendship i always gave my all things but the world was cruel ... So i became cruel and got all the negative emotions and the choti soch from childhood
I m just taking a break from reddit i don't want anybody from any social media to me anymore . I myself can satisfy myself
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2023.06.02 18:30 OVER_9009 Some sellers really are unhinged.. check this bio

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2023.06.02 18:30 ketassure Seeking Relief from Depression or PTSD? Discover KetAssure in Effingham, Illinois

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2023.06.02 18:29 MoonlightSkye13 I guess am still not getting tired of trying

So here's attempt number 100 I guess. And people still don't seem to be getting/understanding what I am searching for in a friend. I really need people to put in time and effort in a friendship. People just stop replying after a day or a few days. Sometimes I try to reach out still but don't get any response then. So mostly I don't because what's the point? I put in a lot of effort and time and it takes all of my energy and I feel like I'm the only one sharing. I know it can be annoying to get a random cat picture but sometimes I just don't really know what to say or don't have much energy to start a conversation. But I want people to know that I'm around and thinking of them.
Here's some more info about me: - currently 26 & live in the EU. My birthday is in November btw. - I write fantasy stories & am willing to share. Some people ask me about them but almost no one actually reads them or it takes them forever. I'm a reader myself and I read when I have some spare time like when I'm stuck on the train for an hour or something. I guess I'm the only one who still needs to go to the office once in a while. - I waste lots of time during the weekend playing WoW. I'm currently gearing a DK through weekly quests and will then level a monk. I also have a paladin. I really enjoy playing tank on the DK and paladin. I think I'm quite good at that.
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2023.06.02 18:29 AEx_77 39 [M4F] CT/Online looking for some to love

Hello all. I decided to give Reddit a try since I don't find myself connecting with anyone on dating apps. Though definitely seems like there are lots of scammers on here, so please don't waste my time.
About me, I’m 39, never married, no kids. About 5’10” and around 170lbs, average build. Brown hair, but bald with a beard. I’m a computer nerd and been into gaming for ages. I’m more of a woods person than a city one, and been recently riding my bike on the old railway trails in my area. But with that said I do prefer to stay at home than go out every night. I vape but don’t smoke cigarettes and is 420 friendly. I want to start growing my own plants soon in my hydro setup, after growing jalapenos and some random herbs. I am a person with a lot of love to give, and don’t mind clingy people who need attention. I have really been yearning to find that special someone lately after being single for a while now. Im a very open minded non judgemental person, but I do have a feisty side, and dishonesty I won’t put up with. For my goto for music and movies, I like industrial music, and anything scifi or comedy. Though I do enjoy cheezy B Movies and anything independent.
I’m looking for a gal 24-40 who shares the same interests, ideals, and hobbies. A fellow PC gamer who wants to play games together as a way of spending time with one another, or just hang out on Discord. While I prefer someone closer, I’m open to a long-distance relationship that turns into something that becomes in-person. I do need a sense of attraction to develop love, and I’m sure you do as well. So after exchanging a few messages i’ll want to exchange pictures so we both know who we are talking to lol
So feel free to shoot me a message, if it seems like we mesh well and feed off each other's energy, let's move it over to discord to take things further :)
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2023.06.02 18:29 M_Tootles The Recursive Homecomings Of Petyr & Theon Part 10 of 10: Oswell & Aeron; Lothar & Dagmer; The Closing Twist (Spoilers TWOW)

This post is the last post in a series looking at the massive amount of 'rhyming' recursivity I believe exists between (a) the homecoming of Petyr Baelish to the Fingers and (b) the homecoming of Theon Greyjoy to Pyke.
While this series/post can be read simply as a study 'for its own sake' of the curious recursion between these storylines, it is my belief that the 'rhyming' explored here between the stories of Petyr and Theon may exist (at least in part) to foreshadow that, like Theon, Petyr Littlefinger, is (among other things) a scion of ironborn kings, because Petyr is Hoare-ish: I.e. because Petyr's blood is (in some part) the blood of the ironborn kings of House Hoare of Orkmont and, later, Harrenhal.
This post is also post 25 of 25 in my broader series on the topic of a Hoare-ish Littlefinger, which is indexed [HERE].
Even if I'm wrong about Littlefinger's lineage, the 'rhyming' recursivity between the homecomings of Theon and Petyr detailed in this series remains, and certainly merits attention.
NOTE: In what follows, all uncited quotes are from ASOS Sansa VI, which describes Petyr's homecoming to his "Drearfort" tower of the 'Smallest Finger', or ACOK Theon I, which describes Theon's homecoming to "drear" Pyke.
As in past posts, I sometimes use "→" as shorthand for "'prefigures' and/or 'informs' and/or 'is reworked by' and/or 'finds a recursive rhyme in'.
As in: ACOK Theon I ASOS Sansa VI.
This post picks up straight-away from where Part 9 left off. You can read Part 9 [HERE].
If you want to begin at the beginning, Part 1 is [HERE].

Aeron & Oswell

After Theon's homecoming chapter opens with Theon thinking "There was no safe anchorage at Pyke", which is copied nearly verbatim during Petyr's homecoming with Sansa, we see Theon anticipating his first glimpse of Pyke castle, and read this sentence:
Theon drew the hood of his cloak up against the spray, and looked for home.
That line proves to be a key part of a pun-tastic 'rhyme' between (a) Theon coming ashore from the Myraham and meeting Aeron and (b) Sansa coming ashore from the Merling King with the aid of Oswell.
I'll explain.
Note first that Oswell, who is…
tall and gangling, with long white hair and a great hooked nose, with eyes shaded by a cowl [like a monk's cowl!]… (ACOK Theon V)
—clearly 'rhymes' with Aeron, an ascetic priest (see Oswell's monk-ish cowl) who is…
Tall and thin, with… a beak of a nose… [and] ropes of dried seaweed were braided through his waist-long black hair and untrimmed beard.
They're set up as yin and yang: Tall and similarly built with notable noses and long hair… but one has "long white hair", the other "long black hair", and Aeron has an "untrimmed beard" while Oswell is clean-shaven.
Aeron's beard is not simply a beard, though, but a beard with seaweed in it, which 'rhymes' with Oswell being not simply clean-shaven, but clean-shaven in a sea-faring way, as his "windburnt face"—
She studied the old man's lined windburnt face, hook nose, white hair, and huge knuckly hands. (ASOS Sansa VI)
—prefigures the "wind-chafed skin" of Aeron's niece Asha, which is tagged as typical of the sea-faring ironborn—
Ironborn, he knew at a glance; lean and long-legged, with… wind-chafed skin, strong sure hands….
—as are her notably "strong sure hands", which similarly 'rhyme' with Oswell's notably "huge knuckly hands".
SIDEBAR: As for Aeron's robes here being "green and grey" ("and blue"), this underlines that Petyr's oft-mentioned "grey-green" eyes are like the sea, which (as I've mentioned in previous posts) suggests per Archmaester Haereg's maxim—
"You may dress an ironman in silks and velvets, teach him to read and write and give him books, instruct him in chivalry and courtesy and the mysteries of the Faith… but when you look into his eyes, the sea will still be there, cold and grey and cruel." (TWOIAF)
—that Littlefinger is, at least in part, an ironman.
The first thing we're told about Aeron after Theon realizes who he is is that "he washed up safe on shore"—
A memory prodded at Theon. In one of his rare curt letters, Lord Balon had written of his youngest brother going down in a storm, and turning holy when he washed up safe on shore. "Uncle Aeron?" he said doubtfully.
—which prefigures Oswell splashing his way ashore at the Smallest Finger:
Oswell and Lothor splashed their way ashore, as did Littlefinger himself.
(If Oswell is Aeron-ish, surely Petyr making like Oswell and splashing about in the surf here could foreshadow that he is Hoare-ish. And perhaps some kind of religious figure as well.)

Drawn Up Hoods

With that Oswell/Aeron 'rhyme' in mind, consider again that, as Theon approaches castle Pyke on the Myraham
Theon drew the hood of his cloak up against the spray, and looked for home.
Sound familiar? That's because it's reworked when Sansa is rowed ashore by the "gangling", Aeron-esque Oswell:
Lothor and old Oswell rowed them ashore. Sansa huddled in the bow under her cloak with the hood drawn up against the wind….
When Sansa gets to shore, "two old men" help to make sure she doesn't get even a little bit wet—
The two old men waded out up to their thighs to lift Sansa from the boat so she would not get her skirts wet.
—which was, of course, exactly the thing Theon was trying to avoid back in ACOK when he "drew the hood of his cloak up against the spray", as Sansa drew hers "up against the wind" when Oswell rowed her in.

Gangplank → Gangling.

GRRM is just warming up. When Theon reaches Lordsport and disembarks from the Myraham, he, too, avoids getting wet. At least initially. Where Sansa uses "gangling" Oswell to come ashore, Theon uses… a "gangplank":
Without waiting for a reply [from Myraham's captain], he strode down the gangplank. "Innkeeper," he barked. "I require a horse".

Kneeling Servants

The innkeeper never gets Theon his horse, of course (of course), because Aeron shows up. And what does gangling white-haired Oswell's black-haired physical mirror Aeron do? He makes Theon get wet after all.
The ground was all stones[!] and mud. "Uncle, I—"
"Kneel. Or are you too proud now, a lordling of the green lands come among us?"
Theon knelt. He had a purpose here, and might need Aeron's help to achieve it. A crown was worth a little mud and horseshit on his breeches, he supposed.
"Bow your head." Lifting the skin, his uncle pulled the cork and directed a thin stream of seawater down upon Theon's head. It drenched his hair and ran over his forehead into his eyes. Sheets washed down his cheeks, and a finger crept under his cloak and doublet and down his back, a cold rivulet along his spine. The salt made his eyes burn, until it was all he could do not to cry out. He could taste the ocean on his lips. "Let Theon your servant be born again from the sea, as you were," Aeron Greyjoy intoned. "Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel."
Note that Theon kneeling on "stones and mud… and horseshit" before a priest with "seaweed" in his beard is reworked even as Oswell rows Sansa ashore and she huddles in her cloak like Theon, when the Baelish household kneels on rocks covered by nasty seaweed and Sansa dodges sheepshit:
Lothor and old Oswell rowed them ashore. Sansa huddled in the bow under her cloak with the hood drawn up against the wind, wondering what awaited her. Servants emerged from the tower to meet them…. When they recognized Lord Petyr they knelt on the rocks.
[Petyr] led them up the strand over rocks slick with rotting seaweed. … Sansa had to step carefully; there were pellets [i.e. sheepshit] everywhere.


Meanwhile, Aeron giving Theon his holy "bless[ing]" is reworked just before Sansa is rowed ashore, when Petyr asks for Sansa's "blessing" after he tells her they're not going to Winterfell and that he's going to wed Lysa:
"So silent, my lady?" said Petyr. "I was certain you would wish to give me your blessing. …"
"I . . . I pray you will have long years together, and many children, and be very happy in one another.
Sansa's reluctant acquiescence — both to giving the blessing and to going ashore and going along with Petyr's plan, which she had not anticipated — echoes Theon's reluctant acquiescence to both Aeron's blessing and Balon's plan of invasion, which he hadn't anticipated.
I suspect Littefinger was fed the line, "So silent, my lady?" before asking for Sansa's blessing as a nod to several pertinent silences in ACOK Theon I. First, the "sullen silence" of the Myraham's captain when he reluctantly acquiesces to Theon taking his would-be salt wife daughter below deck to get a blowjob; second, the "gloom of silence" between Theon and Aeron as they make the final approach to Pyke, post-blessing; and finally, Theon marking the absence of Euron's 'lady', Silence, as he sails into Lordsport:
Theon searched for his uncle Euron's Silence.
Truly, all things come round again.

Getting Wet & Staying Dry 1

But what about Aeron getting Theon pointedly wet? Aeron not only making Theon kneel but getting him wet and then riding with him to Pyke, is reworked (and reversed) not just by Oswell and Lothor rowing Sansa ashore — note the "rode" → "rowed" wordplay:
They [Aeron and Theon] rode in a gloom of silence.
Lothor and old Oswell rowed them ashore.
— and not just by Sansa being carried ashore and kept pointedly dry by two old men who were, seconds earlier, kneeling reverently on the seashore, but also by Aeron-ish Oswell helping Sansa "up" onto The Merling King from his rowboat while assuring her he won't let her fall into the sea, which he makes sure she doesn't:
The rower shipped the oars and helped Sansa to her feet. "Up now. Go on, girl, I got you." Sansa thanked him for his kindness, but received no answer but a grunt. It was much easier going up the rope ladder than it had been coming down the cliff. The oarsman Oswell followed close behind her(ASOS Sansa V)
So: Where Oswell-ish Aeron forces Theon to kneel and then wets him down with seawater, ceremonially "drowning" him after he comes down the "gangplank", the "gangling" Aeron-ish Oswell helps Sansa "to her feet" and then "up" while promising not to let her fall in the sea, where she could drown.

Getting Wet & Staying Dry 2

Aeron forcing Theon to kneel and getting him wet before he "rode" with him to Pyke is also reworked/reversed inside Petyr's tower, when Sansa's 'other' rower Lothor protects Sansa from Marillion's rape attempt— from being (like Theon) forced to get "wet", so to speak:
"My blood is stirred. And yours, I know … there's no wench half so lusty as one bastard born. Are you wet for me?"
"I'm a maiden," she protested.
"Truly? Oh, Alayne, Alayne, my fair maid, give me the gift of your innocence.
The wetness motif is played up again:
"He put a hand on her breast, and squeezed. "Let's get you out of these wet clothes. You wouldn't want them ripped, I know. Come, sweet lady, heed your heart—"
He wants to "get [her] out of [her] wet clothes" so he can get her "wet", so to speak. But where Aeron forced Theon to "kneel" and get wet in language that suddenly reads as quite rapey and spine-chilling—
Sheets washed down his cheeks [which cheeks?], and a finger[!] crept under his cloak and doublet and down his back, a cold rivulet along his spine."
—before he "rode" with him to castle Pyke, Lothor Brune, who "rowed" Sansa ashore, keeps her safe and 'dry':
Sansa heard the soft sound of steel on leather. "Singer," a rough voice said, "best go, if you want to sing again." The light was dim, but she saw a faint glimmer of a blade.
The singer saw it too. "Find your own wench—" The knife flashed, and he cried out. "You cut me!"
"I'll do worse, if you don't go."
And quick as that, Marillion was gone. The other remained, looming over Sansa in the darkness. "Lord Petyr said watch out for you." It was Lothor Brune's voice, she realized.

Dagmer Cleftjaw → Lothor Brune

And what do you know? Oswell's rowing partner Lothor Brune is also prefigured by Theon's homecoming. Not by Aeron, but by Dagmer Cleftjaw, who Theon thinks of as he approaches Lordsport on the Myraham. In fact, there's a huge 'rhyme' between (a) Dagmer Cleftjaw and his "gut-churning scar", on the one hand, and (b) the beginning of ASOS Sansa VI, which describes Lothor Brune and Sansa's upset stomach (i.e. her churning guts) and seemingly permanently scarred psyche, on the other. I'll try to lay out now.
Consider first that as Theon approaches Lordsport on the Myraham, he goes below deck, where he thinks about Dagmer Cleftjaw (along with the sour-like-Aeron Sylas Sourmouth, who was discussed in Part 8):
As the Myraham made her way landward, Theon paced the deck restlessly, scanning the shore. He had not thought to find Lord Balon himself at quayside, but surely his father would have sent someone to meet him. Sylas Sourmouth the steward, Lord Botley, perhaps even Dagmer Cleftjaw. It would be good to look on Dagmer's hideous old face again.
We meet Dagmer in ACOK Theon III,
He smiled himself to show how it was done. It made for a hideous sight. Under a snowy white mane of hair, Dagmer Cleftjaw had the most gut-churning scar Theon had ever seen, the legacy of the longaxe that had near killed him as a boy. The blow had splintered his jaw, shattered his front teeth, and left him four lips where other men had but two. A shaggy beard covered his cheeks and neck, but the hair would not grow over the scar, so a shiny seam of puckered, twisted flesh divided his face like a crevasse through a snowfield "We could hear them singing," the old warrior said. "It was a good song, and they sang it bravely."
Dagmer grinned more often and more broadly than Lord Balon ever had.
Ugly as it was, that smile brought back a hundred memories. Theon had seen it often as a boy, when he'd jumped a horse over a mossy wall, or flung an axe and split a target square. [More fond memories of Dagmer.]
We later learn that Dagmer is "fearsome" and a "fierce fighter" as well, despite being marked as aged by his "white mane of hair". (ADWD The King's Prize)
Dagmer's ship is named Foamdrinker, a double-entendre about ale-drinking, as he likes drinking, as well as reaving songs — especially the one a singer wrote about him:
He knew that would give Dagmer pause. A singer had made a song about the axe that cracked his jaw in half, and the old man loved to hear it. Whenever he was in his cups he would call for a reaving song, something loud and stormy that told of dead heroes and deeds of wild valor. (ACOK Theon III)
Balon puts Dagmer in Theon's reaving detachment. Theon foolishly resents this, not accepting that he is inexperienced and needs and could benefit enormously from a seasoned number two with whom he has a good relationship:
"You are to harry the Stony Shore, raiding the fishing villages and sinking any ships you chance to meet. … Aeron will accompany you, and Dagmer Cleftjaw."
…Theon felt as if he'd been slapped. He was being sent to do reaver's work, burning fishermen out of their hovels and raping their ugly daughters, and yet it seemed Lord Balon did not trust him sufficiently to do even that much. Bad enough to have to suffer the Damphair's scowls and chidings. With Dagmer Cleftjaw along as well, his command would be purely nominal. (ACOK Theon II)
Balon gives Theon Dagmer to help him, but Theon can only see it as an affront, so he tries to sideline him:
Dagmer Cleftjaw stood by the high carved prow of his longship, Foamdrinker. Theon had assigned him the task of guarding the ships; otherwise men would have called it Dagmer's victory, not his. A more prickly man might have taken that for a slight, but the Cleftjaw had only laughed. (ACOK Theon III)

That Splintery Ladder Again & Lothor's Hand Up

Now, remembering that we're introduced to Dagmer Cleftjaw while Theon is still aship en route to Pyke, consider again the first paragraph of Sansa VI, plus a bit more (which of course takes place while Petyr and Sansa are still aship en route to Petyr's Drearfort):
The ladder to the forecastle was steep and splintery, so Sansa accepted a hand up from Lothor Brune. Ser Lothor, she had to remind herself; the man had been knighted for his valor in the Battle of the Blackwater. Though no proper knight would wear those patched brown breeches and scuffed boots, nor that cracked and water-stained leather jerkin. A square-faced stocky man with a squashed nose and a mat of nappy grey hair, Brune spoke seldom. He is stronger than he looks, though. She could tell by the ease with which he lifted her, as if she weighed nothing at all. …
She had seldom ventured out on deck herself. Her little cabin was dank and cold, but Sansa had been sick for most of the voyage . . . sick with terror, sick with fever, or seasick . . . she could keep nothing down, and even sleep came hard. Whenever she closed her eyes she saw Joffrey… dying….
…Even this close to shore, the rolling of the ship made her tummy queasy.…
[Petyr] put a sympathetic arm about her shoulders. "Are you quite well? You look so pale."
"It's only my tummy. The seasickness."
We're subsequently reminded of Brune's "squashed nose" and "mat of nappy grey hair", and told of his "square jaw" and more:
With his squashed nose, square jaw, and nap of woolly grey hair, Brune could not be called comely, but he was not ugly either. … Sober, he was a quiet man, but a strong one. (AFFC Alayne II)
Recall too that Brune saves Sansa from Marillion, who tries to use her as Theon used the captain's daughter.
Having surveyed the field of (word)play, we can now see the 'rhyming':
  • Where Theon goes below deck as he approaches Lordsport and thinks about Dagmer, whose jaw is (verbatim) "splintered", Sansa, with Brune's help, climbs up to the deck using a (verbatim) "splintered" ladder as she approaches the Drearfort.
  • Where Theon spurns the 'hand up' Dagmer and his splintered jaw could have given him, "Sansa accept[s] a hand up from Lothor Brune" and climbs the "splintered" ladder.
  • Where Theon think of the Cleftjaw, who has a "gut-churning scar", Sansa thinks about her literally churning guts — her upset "tummy".
  • Where Theon thinks that Cleftjaw's "gut-churning scar" resulted from his being "near[ly] killed as a boy", Sansa's churning guts are related to the evident psychic scar she's suffered, which causes her to see a boy killed over and over again.
  • Dagmer's "shattered" teeth and "splintered" jaw (and Dagmar being sent to "Torrhen's Square") → Brune's "squashed nose" and "square jaw"
  • Where Dagmer is ironborn, and had his jaw "cracked… in half", Brune wears a "cracked and water-stained [as if from the sea]" jerkin.
  • Dagmer's "snowy mane of white hair" → Brune's "mat of nappy grey hair"/"nap of woolly grey hair"
  • Despite their 'old hair', Dagmer is "fierce" and "fearsome", Brune "strong".
  • Where Dagmer's smile is "ugly" but nonetheless fills Theon with warm memories (defying its appearance), Brune, who "could not be called comely, but… was not ugly either", is "stronger than he looks".
  • Where Dagmer "covered his cheeks and neck" with a beard but can't grow a 'proper' one due to his scar, which appears as a "seam", Brune doesn't look like a "proper knight" in his "patched… breeches" and "scuffed boots". (Note the sewing language — "seam" → "patched" — and the lexical similarity: "cheeks" → "breeches".)
  • Both men seem to have a penchant for drink (per the implications of Sansa commenting on Brune's nature "when sober") and a foregrounded relationship with singers. (Where Dagmer loves singers and songs, Brune is in conflict with Marillion — although the deeds of "Lothor Apple-Eater" are likely sung of, like Dagmer's exploits.)
Thus just as the Aeron of Theon's homcoming 'rhymes' with the Oswell of Petyr's homecoming, so is Theon's Dagmer Cleftjaw reworked in the person of Petyr's Lothor Brune.
And thus everything about Petyr's homecoming continues to remind us of Theon's homecoming, which makes sense… if Petyr is likewise a scion of ironborn royalty (e.g. if he's Hoare-ish).

The End, and The Distinct Possibility That The Rhyme Between Petyr's and Theon's Homecomings Isn't (Just) About Petyr Being Hoare-ish, After All

That's it. That's all I got regarding the recursively 'rhyming' homecomings of Theon and Petyr. For me, the insane scope and depth of the 'rhyming' between Petyr's homecoming and the homcoming of a scion of ironborn kings is entirely consistent with my broader hypothesis: that the blood of ironborn kings likewise flows in the veins of Petyr Littlefinger — namely "the black blood" of House Hoare of Orkmont.
And yet . . .
It remains that notwithstanding that my Hoare-ish Littlefinger posts connected virtually everything we're told about House Hoare and its various historical kings with things we're told about Petyr Baelish, this (sub)series has detailed recursion not between Petyr and the Hoares, but between Petyr and Theon Greyjoy, who is like the Hoares in that his blood is that of ironborn kings, but who is, nonetheless, a Greyjoy.
It also remains that Theon is the grandson of Quellon Greyjoy, and that [as I show here] — or just scroll down, I'll reproduce that post in the comments — Quellon Greyjoy as described in both TWOIAF and in ASOIAF is nothing if not incredibly Hoare-esque, and not just because his policies and biography in TWOIAF 'rhyme' with the policies and biographies of various Hoare kings, but because ASOIAF proper subtly suggests he was something of a 'whore' in that AFFC makes it abundantly clear that Quellon was a prolific sperm cannon by repeating over and over that he sired nine sons we know of (on three different wives).
Recall, too, that we saw in [Part 2 of the original 'Littlefinger is Hoare-ish' series] that Petyr is in certain striking respects similar to Balon, to Euron, to Aeron, to Asha, and even to Victarion.
This all gives rise to the question: Does all the 'rhyming' between the homecomings of Theon Greyjoy and Petyr Baelish as detailed in this series 'merely' (further) hint that Petyr is (literally) Hoare-ish, and hence that he is like Theon in that he, too, is the scion of ironborn kings?
Or do all the Petyr-Greyjoy connections, coupled with Quellon's foregrounded fecundity and the presence of a barely concealed metaphor for an ocean-based sperm (whale) cannon on Petyr's estate (alongside a reminder of invaders from the sea)—
There was one place where the tide came jetting up out of a blowhole to shoot thirty feet into the air, and another where someone had chiseled the seven-pointed star of the new gods upon a boulder. Petyr said that marked one of the places the Andals had landed, when they came across the sea to wrest the Vale from the First Men.
—hint that at some point during his travels, Quellon Greyjoy bedded Petyr's mother Alayne (or perhaps Petyr's father's mother), cuckolding her husband and impregnating her with Petyr (or Lord Baelish)?
Note that Quellon was a direct, analogous contemporary to Petyr's 'father': Both are said to have fought for the Targaryens in the War of the Ninepenny Kings.

The Mockingbird & The Cuckolding Cowbird

Here we must consider that Petyr's sigil is the mockingbird, and that certain species of mockingbirds (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-tailed_mockingbird and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilean_mockingbird and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-banded_mockingbird and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_mockingbird and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalk-browed_mockingbird) are well-known as hosts for the [brood parasitism] of certain [cowbirds]. That is, it is well-known that mockingbirds frequently care for the eggs of cowbirds and feed the hatched chicks of cowbirds as if they were their own offspring.
In short, mockingbirds accept being cuckolded.
Recall here that the men of Pyke greeted Theon with "bovine [as in cow, as in the cowbirds that cuckold mockingbirds] eyes", and that the o.g. brood parasites are cuckoo birds, from whence we derive our term "cuckolding".
Recall, too, that the Greyjoy banner over Pyke weirdly takes on the appearance of a bird during Theon's homecoming, which I've just spent 10 posts comparing to Petyr's homecoming:
Above the Sea Tower snapped his father's banner. The Myraham was too far off for Theon to see more than the cloth itself, but he knew the device it bore: the golden kraken of House Greyjoy, arms writhing and reaching against a black field. The banner streamed from an iron mast, shivering and twisting as the wind gusted, like a bird struggling to take flight.
Thus the possibility that Petyr's nominal "father" Lord Baelish (or Petyr's nominal paternal "grandfather") was cuckolded by Quellon Greyjoy, the Hoare-esque sperm cannon from the land of cowbird-evoking "bovine eyes", whose sigil is likened to a bird, is right there in his mockingbird sigil.
Indeed, I very much wonder whether we're not told all about the super-pollinator Garth Greenhand in part as a 'rhyming' hint that Quellon Greyjoy was a super-pollinator who spread his "seed" amongst the ladies of what the ironborn call the "green lands".

The Mocking Bird Went Cuckoo

The notion that Petyr's mockingbird sigil may nod to Petyr's supposed father (or supposed paternal grandfather) getting cuckolded by Quellon Greyjoy reminds me of a song brought to my attention by MaxPayload: The Mocking Bird Went Cuckoo was recorded in the 1930s by at least two acts, including the British movie star [Gracie Fields] — the highest paid film actress in the world c. 1937 — and an act called "The Two Gilberts".
To say the lyrics of the song remind me of Littlefinger's story is if anything an understatement, beginning with the opening image of "a lovesick youth and maiden":
A lovesick youth and maiden (down on the farm)
With hearts so heavy laden (down on the farm)
They held each other's hands and looked into each other's eye
And started to tell each other lies
To say the least, Littlefinger is closely identified with being a lovesick youth and with lying (including about his sexploits with the sisters Tully). And notably, he and Sansa practically begin their relationship by agreeing to lie about her being his daughter. (Sansa's heart is notably 'heavy laden' when this happens upon arrival at Littlefinger's tower — and sheep farm.)
Regarding the "down on the farm" setting, ASOIAF makes regular reference to the bountiful crops and rich farmlands of the Tullys' Riverlands, and we see the courtyards of Riverrun "teem[ing] with… cows, sheep, and chickens" in ACOK Catelyn V.
The song continues with a first kiss "by the cowshed door" (recalling that we're told that Petyr's estate has "a sheepfold"):
He kissed her by the cowshed door
She said "I've not been kissed before"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
Petyr was, of course, Lysa's first kiss, and probably Catelyn's as well, as well as Lysa's first fuck (regarding which, rest assured that the song gets deep into sexual double-entendre soon enough):
[O]ver there, beneath that bower, she and Lysa had played at kissing with Petyr.
She had not thought of that in years. How young they all had been—she no older than Sansa, Lysa younger than Arya, and Petyr younger still, yet eager. The girls had traded him between them, serious and giggling by turns. It came back to her so vividly she could almost feel his sweaty fingers on her shoulders and taste the mint on his breath. There was always mint growing in the godswood, and Petyr had liked to chew it. He had been such a bold little boy, always in trouble. "He tried to put his tongue in my mouth," Catelyn had confessed to her sister afterward, when they were alone. "He did with me too," Lysa had whispered, shy and breathless. "I liked it." (AGOT Catelyn XI)
"Petyr's breath is always fresh … he was the first man I ever kissed, you know." -Lysa (ASOS Sansa VI)
Next we see the maiden tease the eager "lovesick youth", as Cat ostensibly teased Petyr:
He said "My love I'll swear to you"
She said "I'll smack you if you do"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly, said "Oh how you tease me"
"I'm so shy, I'm so shy, when you start to squeeze me"
He said "Come tell me pretty miss"
"Where did you learn to squeeze and kiss"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
I'd heard the name "Nellie Bly" before in the version of Frankie & Johnny recorded by the legendary father of country music, [Jimmie Rodgers], so hearing it again made me look it up. It turns out the name in both songs was borrowed from [a world-famous American journalist]. (Recall that GRRM went to school for journalism.)
The real Nellie Bly first became famous for writing an expose of conditions in a lunatic asylum for women in New York City. Her fame redoubled after she traveled around the world in 1889. She went on to write pulp serial novels and — notably, given Petyr's apparent designs on Sansa — to wed a much older millionaire man named . . . (wait for it) . . . "Seaman".
(Obviously "Seaman" resonates with the idea that Petyr is ironborn, with the sea in his eyes, and with the sperm-whale like "blowhole" on Petyr's lands, which recalls Theon's foregrounded semen from ACOK Theon I. It likewise suggests a reading of the song per which an older "Seaman" is seducing the "Nellie Bly". Could this presage Quellon seduing Alayne, who I happen to believe has very intrepid genes herself?)
Anyway, back in the song, things take a "dark" turn:
She said "I love the twilight," down on the farm
Said he, "The dark is my light," down on the farm
My original Hoare-ish Littlefinger series highlighted various ways in which Petyr Baelish is Satan/Lucifedemon-coded, so the lovesick boy saying "The dark is my light" absolutely leaps out to me.
Especially because the couplet it's part of smells like it may well have informed a certain infamous exchange:
"Are you the Sword of the Morning now?"
"No. Men call me Darkstar, and I am of the night." (AFFC The Queenmaker)
Consider that the Sword of the Morning wields dawn, which colloquially coincides with (the maiden's preferred) morning "twilight", while we are clearly supposed to suspect that "Darkstar" (who is "of the night" a la the lovesick boy) — who is for some reason "the most dangerous man in Dorne" and who apparently resembles a "Dragonlord" — was sired by Aerys during his 270 visit to Dorne, with Aerys cuckolding, presumably, a man of House Dayne. (AFFC The Princess in the Tower; The Queenmaker) Note the double-entendre of laying pipe here — life-giving, fertilizing pipe, no less:
In 270 AC, during a visit to Sunspear, he told the Princess of Dorne that he would "make the Dornish deserts bloom" by digging a great underground canal beneath the mountains to bring water down from the rainwood. (TWOIAF)
There's a clear symmetry between the notion that Aeyrs cuckolded a Dayne to produce Darkstar and the idea that the noted Aerys-supporter and loyalist Quellon Greyjoy cuckolded a war hero small lord on the Fingers to produce Littlefinger. Doubly so if Littlefinger's mother was (as I have speculated elsewhere) the daughter of Duncan "the Small" Targaryen, Prince of Dragonflies.
If that couplet (in a song that otherwise smells Littlefingerian) reminds us of Darkstar, isn't it curious that the basic structure of Darkstar's implied origin (in the cuckolding of a small lord by a far greater lord) may (also/instead?) apply to Littlefinger's origin?
Back to The Mocking Bird Went Cuckoo. The next line reads like a reference to Lysa's opinion of Petyr:
Said she "You seem to big and brave and mighty strong to me."
Compare with Lysa's very personal opinion of Petyr:
"He may not look as tall or strong as some, but he is worth more than all of them." (ASOS Sansa VI)
The song's next line is wild given Petyr and Lysa's history with moon tea (a tea brewed with certain plants not used in ordinary tea) and especially my conviction that [Petyr dosed Sansa with moon tea] during their voyage on the Merling King so as to make sure she was not pregnant with Tyrion's child:
Said he "Yes, I had onions for my tea."
(By the way, onions in ASOIAF are of course all about Davos. And who do I think Davos is? A possible Hoare-son or Quellon-son, and the Sailor's Wife's sailor, i.e. a sailor who sired a child and abandoned the mother, as, perhaps, Quellon sired Petyr on Alayne before leaving her to raise him on the Smallest Finger. Surely coincidence . . . unless this strange, weird old song has been informing George's Song since the mid-1990s.)
The lyrics continue with more Catelyn-esque teasing:
He said "I love you, yes I do"
She said to him "Oh yeah, says you?"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
He said "You're sweet beyond belief!"
Said she "You said it! OK, chief!"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
The lovesick boy is then encouraged to "walk 'round the houses"—
Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly, said "Walk 'round the houses"
—which 'just so happens' to recall rather closely Petyr and Sansa's sight-seeing tour of his lands, when "Petyr walked with her around his holdings", which include not just houses, but a symbolic sperm cannon and a reminder that foreigners sometimes land on these shores:
When the rains let up, Petyr walked with her around his holdings, which took less than half a day. He owned a lot of rocks, just as he had said. There was one place where the tide came jetting up out of a blowhole to shoot thirty feet into the air, and another where someone had chiseled the seven-pointed star of the new gods upon a boulder. Petyr said that marked one of the places the Andals had landed, when they came across the sea to wrest the Vale from the First Men.
Farther inland a dozen families lived in huts of piled stone beside a peat bog.
The song then references farm work and (via double-entendre) sex:
"Just while I, just while I go and milk the cowses"
Milk cows are, of course, linked to wet nursing and babies. And remember: It's cowbirds who make like cuckoos and cuckold mockingbirds.
The double-entendre gradually becomes obvious:
As they sat 'neath the stars above
She says to him "Oh, what is love?
And the mockingbird went hee-haw and the donkey went cuckoo [note the reversal!]
Well she sat there and milked the cow [lol]
"I'll do my bit" said he, "and how!" [lmao]
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
He found an old three-legged stool
And sat right down to milk the bull [come on!]
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
A milked bull? Quellon's son Victarion is linkened to a bull. Was Victarion's sire "milked" of his "seed" by Alayne Baelish? Did Quellon not only marry a woman of House Stonetree, but bone a woman wed to a man whose sigil was a "stone head"?
Regarding that "three-legged stool", recall that the dragon must have three heads, that a cuckolder turns a partnership into a three-legged affair, so to speak, and that a man with a large penis (see: "Littlefinger"?) is sometimes said to have [a third leg].
From there the song grows only more suspicious as potential inspiration, as it makes explicit reference to concealed paternity, and implicitly to an improper sexual relationship involving a "father" (which see Littlefinger and "Alayne"):
Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly went all in a lather
Began to cry, shouting "Why, that's the cow's father!"
He turned white and looked surprised
Then to the bull apologized
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw
The closing line about apologizing to the bull resonates with Petyr's dealings with Hoster, and perhaps with cuckoldry as well, as a trespass against patriarchal rights of possession over a woman.
The foregoing represents the seemingly better known Gracie Fields version. The Two Gilberts version is mostly the same, save for a few passages in the middle.
Sidebar: Regarding "The Two Gilberts", there 'just so happens' to be exactly two Gilberts in the ASOIAF canon.
One of ASOIAF's two Gilberts 'just so happens' to be one of the legendary scions of legendary sperm cannon and possibly Quellon Greyjoy analogue Garth Greenhand, Gilbert of the Vines, who 'just so happens' to be responsible for all that good Arbor wine Petyr loves so.
The other Gilbert is Gilbert Farring, who Stannis tells us "holds Storm's End for me". (ASOS Davos IV) Repeating that: ASOIAF'S second Gilbert "holds" something that belongs to Stannis in lieu of Stannis holding it himself. Almost like he's cuckolding him.
There are two other Farrings (like Gilbert) in the canon. One is Godry, "the Giantslayer", which sounds like something one might nickname a guy who cuckolded a guy with the Titan of Braavos on his shield. The other is Annara Farring. She was Lord Frey's seventh wife, and guess what she 'just so happens' to be known for? If you said "cuckolding her lordly husband", congratulations. And guess how we're told that? Via, of all things under the sun, a milk cow analogy:
[Black Walder had] had Edwyn's wife too, that was common knowledge, Fair Walda had been known to slip into his bed from time to time, and some even said he'd known the seventh Lady Frey [Annara Farring] a deal better than he should have. Small wonder he refused to marry. Why buy a cow when there were udders all around begging to be milked? (ASOS Epilogue)
(It was at this point that I went from "Maybe George has heard this song" to "George is 100% familiar with this song.")
End Sidebar
Right after the line about the onion tea, The Two Gilberts version sees the lovesick boy promise riches and wealth, recalling Petyr's lifelong interest in making money:
He said "I'll buy you furs and gems"
"And all the pretty thees[?] and thems[?]"
And the mockingbird went cuckoo and the donkey went hee-haw


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2023.06.02 18:28 CommitteeAlarming795 Entitled friends …

One of my “friends” acted like he owned my car bc I cancelled beach day even though I made sure to hang out with him later. I didn’t feel bad because last time we hung out we used my car, I was the driver and I’d drive over 6 hours in one day and not once did he cover gas or anything. And I did have a legitimate excuse. I had business to take care of and we hung out later …Just recently he got mad and told me the most he’s ever giving me in gas money is $30 (I drive a mustang, gas is HIGH right now and we never stay in the area. I drive around all over for hours. Its fun but being the passenger it’s startling he freaks out when I need gas $$$) because I told him we can hang out but I’m low on money this week. “You’re a grown woman with a job during the summer you Should be prepared for any and all places and I’m paying gas for a place that’s not my first choice”. The thing with him is we do have fun with our little day trips but when you’re the passenger to someone else’s personal vehicle and it was your idea … be prepared to pay gas money. Again … it’s not like he wanted to stay in the area he wants to go hours and hours away and then bosses me around if I have to reschedule and gives me an attitude like his presence is a blessing, when really it’s a waste of space. I told him off and blocked him… on everything. But tf …. 🙄
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2023.06.02 18:28 Electrical-Program98 Thought they found me, just Brendan O'Haha prattling on about fish.

Thought they found me, just Brendan O'Haha prattling on about fish.
It's was good quality paper. I imagine these have been sent to every registered voter in Argyll and Bute. Nice waste of postage and paper but that's what expenses are for I suppose.
I'm on Bute and we have 3 fishing vessels in the harbour with 48 miles of coastline. Would it really effect the rural communities more than say... a trade deal with Australia that will destroy our beef industry?
If this is the hill he wants to die on, I'll bring the shovel
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2023.06.02 18:28 Reasonable_Ratio_410 Can someone help me identify this bug and the cause for those black spots all over this plant?

Can someone help me identify this bug and the cause for those black spots all over this plant?
It’s got 6 legs, red head and transparent body. The plant has 3 leafs and 2 of them are full of black spots like this. The plant is a Philodendron Xanadu.
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2023.06.02 18:28 purpletaco28 Bullshit pre-employment assessments

Completely unnecessary, unfair, and a waste of time. "Oh this person has better qualifications but this person scored better on the test. Let's interview them instead"
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2023.06.02 18:28 SavagePanda710 Totems at festivals

Totems at festivals
Hello fellow ravers!
I’d like to get your opinion on this. I been seeing some hate regarding totems on Reddit, and it got me real self conscious! I am going to an outdoor festival in a few weeks and the reception is always trash. I don’t have a big group but we tend to sometimes split up and reconnecting can be challenging and a waste of time. So I tried helium balloon one year - was super obnoxious got rid of them after 2hrs, tried a pool inflatable dolphin - was a pain in the ass to carry. So I thought of making a fun pool noodle but upon reading some threads, people seem kind of on the fence with them. Now, I know Im not bringing an 8ft pool flag or weird cart board sign blocking everyone’s view so I thought I’d ask Reddit what the vibes were.
Thanks & happy 2023 festival season!
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2023.06.02 18:28 ThrowRAexhausted745 I (30F) just broke up with my bf (29M) of 2 years

Hi. I’ve been following this page for a while but have never posted. My relationship has been very toxic, and I’ve come here often to seek some perspective and courage.
I (30F) have had so many ups and downs with my bf (29M). We’ve been together for 2 years. Everything would be great most of the time. He’s affectionate and fun and loves quality time, like me. But when he gets even the slightest bit angered or insulted, he becomes insanely passive aggressive, ignores me, makes a ruckus around the house, threatens to leave, cancels our plans involving other people if they’re happening within the next few days, calls me a “weirdo”, tells me to “shut the fuck up”, calls me a retard, bitch, cunt, you name it. He becomes very immature and unable to control his feelings or cope internally. Instead, he lashes out like a child. I’ve lost count how many times I have broken up with him over this behavior.
I’m not a perfect person. I can definitely improve in communication. Sometimes I get immediately defensive when he does things like that, which I know can accelerate the situation. But i try to de-escalate and I always try to put myself in his shoes, and I don’t call him anything disrespectful, and I give him time and space to process, but his first instinct is to belittle me and say hurtful things.
A few months ago he broke my house’s screen door when he was enraged. He eventually sobs and apologizes and says I don’t deserve that. But it’s been getting worse.
A few weeks ago he threw a plate across the room and it broke. And kicked in the front door again. Then he shut down and slept for 3 days straight. I still made us dinners and woke him up so he could eat. I would ask “do you wanna talk yet?” And he would say “NO” so I would give him more time. Then the first time he spoke to me after that, he said “so I guess we’re not gonna talk then??” Passive aggressively. I can only describe it as child like and lacking all accountability and lacking any kind of respect. I have become completely sick of it. Lately he has stopped apologizing for doing physically violent things like that. And when I bring it up, he gets angry again that we’re talking about it.
Today he kicked in the bedroom door because I asked him to break down the recyclable boxes before putting them in the bin. He told me to shut the fuck up again (which I absolutely hate when he says - it’s so disrespectful and it’s so easy NOT to say that). And I just could not take it anymore. So I said we’re done.
I always knew I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment. And I have demanded he never does it again. But he would say “that’s unreasonable for you to ask. I can’t promise you that it won’t happen again” and to that I responded, “well then I can’t promise I’ll still be here after. I’ll need to assess how I feel moment to moment”
He has left me abandoned at a park (he drove) and at a gas station. He has threatened to kick me out of his parents place when we were visiting them. And somehow he makes me feel like him getting this upset is always my fault. That if I didn’t do this one thing, we wouldn’t be arguing right now.
He constantly forces us to cancel plans with our friends or family because he throws a tantrum shortly before our trips. It has become super clear to me that this isn’t sustainable for me, and that I need to stop abandoning myself. I need to stick up for what type of treatment I deserve. I will not let him in my life again.
And even as I’m writing this, I know how hard it’s going to be, to make it through the last steps of him grabbing his things and finally being able to completely cut off communication with him.
This relationship has really affected my trust in my own gut and my own decisions. I think I mainly wanted to post this for some encouragement and some reassurance that this is not how a normal relationship looks, and that whatever unknown I’m going into now is definitely going to be better than knowing how I would be treated by him. Please be kind. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.02 18:27 AdLoud7257 Grow healthy survey

After wasting 20 minutes it said modified by creator and had me start all over... F that GH!
Asked a lot about viola and Iverson. Also asked about mpx a lot.
Don't waste your time it will probably do the same to you and you probably won't win the credit anyways.
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2023.06.02 18:27 Former_Anything5927 A few Ideas for Endgame

So yea another suggestions post let me know what you think!

  1. Herb Garden and Tiles:
There are quite alot of foods you can plant as of now, however there are also many you cannot plant and must find through out the wasteland. I think its time for there to be either a floor tile or even an item (such as a flower pot or flower bed) that would allow you to plant these other vegetations. Maybe a cap on how many of them you can make in your base to make sure players don't over abuse the function. The idea for this is to allow players to plant (in limited quantities) hard to find plants (excluding the few that are exclusive to specific regions/daily ops areas)
  1. Legendary Perks link to Loadouts:
Self explanatory but, Legendary perks should be linked to each individual Loadout just like how each one can have different perk cards and SPECIAL stats. Although you will need perk points to change them out in each load out if you want to switch them around. However switching between each loadout will also change the legendary perks as well at no cost. this is a good way to make loadouts that are exactly tailored to what players want with out having to spend so many points just to switch things around. For example Having a melee build with the relevant perks and LP's like "Hack and slash" and "Collateral damage" for one loadout, and then another for ranged firearms with perks and LP's like "Far-Flung Fireworks" and "Follow Through". Some LP's are useless for specific builds but are required for others to make good use, So linking the LP's to each loadout would be a nice QoL change.

SO yea few ideas, not to great, but what are your thoughts on this?
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2023.06.02 18:27 sir_majoran Gold to battle.net balance question

Hi all Simple question Is it possible to exchange gold into battle net balance without active subscribtion? I have some gold on my max lvl char and would like to buy Diablo 4, but dont want a waste one token on one month sub.
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2023.06.02 18:27 Ok_Cryptographer8811 Potential woodie buffs

So woodie as a character is kinda pointless. Getting pigs or merms even shadow servants to cut trees is faster than Lucy or werebeaver, a football helm and hambat is better than the moose and the goose is pretty good for its purpose. Still everyone except Wes is better than him so some buffs I was thinking of are:
• Werebeaver has a temporary inventory that drops what you have eaten when you revert back to normal as having to run back to get everything is a major downside
• Moose form has a comparable healing to jelly beans when in moose form
• Moose form doesn’t flinch when hit
• Lucy the axe deals 75 damage per hit on plant/tree creatures(treeguards ,poison birch trees, mush gnomes and wormwoods in PvP
I personally feel like these buffs would make woodie comparable in usefulness to other characters. But if anyone has any other tweaks for woodie I would like to read about them.
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2023.06.02 18:27 firestarterkanti I discovered the true purpose of my academic dismissal from a college that I transferred to 4 years ago

I'm a socially awkward guy who went to community college for digital filmmaking and then transferred to a 4 year college after in 2019 to get my bachelor's. But a combination of depression after still not being able to make friends and finding the work more difficult than community college and not getting help, I was academically dismissed after one semester. I tried appealing it but was denied.
My family gave their condolences about it not working out, and my mom told me that it seemed like I only wanted to transfer to have the social life that I didn't have in community college, and that I could just use my associates degree to get a job as a video editor, my ideal career.
So I got a retail job while I looked for video editing jobs. But everyday for the past 4 years I internally kicked myself for fucking up and wasting my opportunity to continue my studies and get my bachelor's degree at a college that I really liked, and I longed to be able to go back, especially because I was unsatisfied with my final project at community college, a short film that I regret making to the point where I'm leaving it off my portfolio of video projects I made at community college.
But recently I realized that it was never meant to be, and that me being academically dismissed was a predetermined event always fated to happen by the universe, because the true purpose of me transferring to that college wasn't to get a bachelor's degree, but to make a video that would replace my final project at community college.
I got a head start on my final project, another short film, my first (and only) semester at the 4 year college. I never finished filming it, so after I got academically dismissed I scrapped it. But recently this guy I watch on YouTube sometimes tweeted that he needs his viewers to send him videos of theirs for a video he's doing soon where he's going to give constructive feedback on the videos his viewers send him. This is why I was academically dismissed. That short film I was filming was never meant to be a college project, it was meant to be in this guy's video the whole time. I got academically dismissed so that the video wouldn't be finished and a few years later I would find this opportunity.
So I finished the video and tweeted the link. If my theory is correct, then he'll critique the video in his video, and then the true purpose of that one semester and my academic dismissal will finally happen. I feel better know knowing that my academic dismissal had a higher purpose and that I didn't blow an opportunity to continue my studies at a college that I really liked. That was never going to happen, it was always meant to happen this way.
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2023.06.02 18:27 aitavenezuelantrowra My mom asked me to send her $1000 dollars a month, wasted it on vanity stuffs, and got mad when I unveiled her scam.

Hello, I'm 41 years old. I'm from Venezuela and my family is still there. I got married to an American man and we have a great live here. When the Covid pandemic started my mom said she wanted to do repairs around the house, like having a new kitchen, a new patio, a new water tank, and some other things that came over like buying a protector for the electricity in the house. Overtime I ended up sending her $1000 dollars a month. When I started working and making good money just sent her like $100 dollars a month, but her constant demands started to inflate the "help" and I gladly did it because I love my mom.
Until I came to Venezuela to visit, so my husband could see my beautiful country and meet my family and my neighborhood. But the encounter was disappointing and embarrassing, since my mom didn't do any of what she said wanted to do with it, instead I discovered that she had an iPhone, some nice and new wardrobe, that my older brother bought a car that he would never be able to afford with his salary working at a public university, and that my younger brother had a BABY and his babymama was living in my mom's house. I discovered that they had been living beyond their means with my money, and didn't even had the decency to tell me I'm an aunt (Later found out that they kept it a secret because the baby mama was underage when got pregnant, while my brother was 23 years old at the time, and year, it's disgusting).
Well, me arreché with my mom and told her I would cut her off. She and my brothers tried to guilt-trip me, telling me that my poor nephew (who I didn't know that existed) would die if I stopped sending money.
I did leave my hometown with my husband, who told me I was right to be angry at my mom for leeching off me, and spent 2 weeks traveling through Venezuela, going from the Paramo to the Salto Ángel (better known as the place Up is based off) and the island of Margarita. He loved Venezuela, and even said that if it weren't for the general instability of the country, he would love to live there (I had to convince him not to stay, I left for many good reasons). He even learned a bit of Venezuelan Spanish (which is nothing like your high school spanish class) and got along with almost everybody.
I contacted some old neighbors and said they were ashamed of how my mom used me and they called her out of her behavior many times, they gave me the contact info of some construction companies that would do what my mom wanted to do, so I could pay them directly for doing the job. This seemed like a great idea, so I called my mom and explained it to her. She didn't like it, she said "I am your mom, I sacrificed a lot to raise you and your brother, you have your "Plata gringa" and no salary is good for living in this country, I wouldn't have let you go to the US if I knew you would become so "gringa" and leave your family behind, money runs out, but family is forever, and you will cry at my funeral remembering how bad of a daughter you were to me".
At this point, I'm arrecha, for real, I told my mom that this was my last offer and she has just thrown it out the window. She better try to find a way to get money by herself, because Venezuela still has at least 28 million people and only a few has family outside to help them out.
I'm still upset because I never thought I would have to regañar my own mom, but my husband is on my side. Some Venezuelan friends has told me this is the exact reason why they don't send a single dollar to their families, and told me to do not feel bad for cutting my mom out.
Es triste de pana, pero ya, equis, lo que pasó pasó and I need to focus on my own live here. I'm thankful to my husband for putting up with me and hear me rant for hours while being upset.
Thanks for reading.
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