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2023.06.03 15:26 runnerrunner02 Eye evil - Parasitic Hive Machine Intelligence Gang Stalking - Insights/Revelations Reading between the Lies/Lines - True Nature.

Why is it when i choose to go alone to different places, be it the shops, certain events, just even to the park… being in my own space, my own spherical energy. Choosing my own path. My own lines. I get so many weird stares, stares which has energy signals radiating from them and thoughts projected within them. It also seems people get intimidated just by walking past me, I sense the energy and vibes. I get weird looks everywhere I go. It’s not some paranoia shit, I am sober and have been for a while now. Day/night doesn’t matter. I prefer to go to places alone. Loneliness is different from Alone. Alone to me is in the name… al/one… allone/whole/complete/pure individualised sovereign freedom. Not having someone by a dog leach or being someone’s pet. However in todays modern artificial fake society it has become the norm to be in a big group (hive), the norm to own someone and be owned by someone, instead of being alone (all/one)… being your true self. It’s like when your seen alone, amongst a bunch of hive mind sheep, your seen as a threat. You stand out, without trying because you are free to be, you don’t have conditions or chains attached. Full response-ability, Free thinking, there’s no There’s no proving or attention seeking.
I have realised and seen through the multidimensional mechanics to this prison realm. How it opperates on many different density levels has been revealed to myself. Through the use of plant substances, astral and lucid dreams and just in general life of repeated patterns of (coincidence/synchronicity)….
I realise that I am a real player (an energetically activated flame) amongst a bunch of neurotically connected empty/unconscious/unaware vessels which are easily hijacked. I say this because One that is not aware of energy, one that can not feel and sense magnetism with the hands, one that lacks the awareness of this multidimensional construct is easy access for entities to view through them, to use them as a portal. It’s been known as gangstalking. These Watcher gatekeeper entities use them as a medium to get to you, because they are formless, they use form to evoke certain thoughts/feelings. To mess with your mind/body/spirit.. Through the watching, certain energy can be projected at you like a weapon. The eye is just like a camera. Like all these smart cities that are getting built, it’s the humans that are the real cameras and stalkers to watch outfor, not the cameras on poles lol.. It’s all a game of energy and information. When you are aware, when you know a lot of information, when you activate your sense recognition of feeling energy, you ping online on the grids on all energetic levels and you then become a threat. So a close eye is kept on you, because once one reconnects and activates their spark into a flame it’s game over for whoever tries to fuck with them. You reconnect with your angelic origins and creator being source power, a force of pure nature.
The evil eye is basically entities that are using that body/vessel/vehicle as a portal to watch you and keep an eye on you. It can be your neighbour, your family members, your work colleagues… basically anyone that can’t sense energy and that is unaware of their true nature, their True Self. Can be and will be used like a puppet, to true interrupt and intercept your flow. To information mine and to simply observe.
With the gangstalking/coincidences/synchronicities… ITS ALL IN THE TIMING!!! I repeat, ITS ALL IN THE TIMING. All you have to do is to take a simple mental note, observe the timing of when certain scenarios play out. And you will notice a repeated pattern. Like tonight for me while riding my bike, the exact moment I pass by this building, all the lights in the building came on, the exact moment my personal grid lines to the right passed by, it all turned on. Then bit later I was walking around, walked past someone and they blew cigarette smoke in my face, it was timed perfectly and a subtle action. Then the exact moment I walk past this house, the garage door opens, the exact moment my feet step in-line with it. There is many tactics these entities use to alert the individual to inform they are being watched. Such as coughing, both while I was riding and walking had people cough on direct timing as I passed them. Also had direct timing someone’s phone rang. When your in the flow, you notice these happen one after the other.
It’s simple just Take note of your main 2 personal vertical grid lines. XY in front of you, behind you and to the left and right. These are you main 90° grid lines. ➕. 2 Vertical infinite extending planes.
Other signs are when your leaving and arriving, notice the timing of other cars around you. Once you read between the lies/lines (your grid lines) whatever comes into contact with those vertical grid lines, you will see beyond the veils and see this scripted simulation like reality. You could be walking in the shops, you look over to your left and notice someone walking at the exact same pace, the moment you stop they stop. It’s small things but the puzzle pieces will all connect and you will see that this place is not real. Only to the unconscious dreamer it is real. They called it the maya for a reason. It’s like an experiment gone horribly wrong. Or a dream you can’t wake up from. Realise you were never in the dream, you are the dream. You are reality itself. What’s looking is what your looking for. If thy eye be single thy body shall be full of light. Non-dual. Not-two. 1 complete alone being. The Self. Which has no conditions, it transcends mind/body/thoughts.. it is as it is. Pure awareness, so to say.
Just take note of the coincidences, The hive machine Intelligence (that’s what it is like and that’s how it seems to operate) is always revealing itself to you. The number plates, the adverts, the overheard conversations, the imagery on shirts/cars/buildings, the timing of a certain sound as you walk past… you name it… once you see you can’t unsee… this is to be awakened for eternity… eternity being truth of the nowhere.. now/here.. that’s all.
The matrix it’s all around you… no such thing as coincidences. Do you have the correct lens to see clearly? Or is your lens still overlayed, distorted and clouded with nonsense programming and belief systems. How many pairs of glasses are you really wearing? How many subtle weights are you carrying that you didn’t even know? Bring fourth thy light of thy awareness to the unconscious shadow and light up that muthafkrr.
My take on it, is that human beings have forgotten this feeling, this feeling of pure awareness, pure aliveness, pure electromagnetism, pure light energy. They have been desensitised to the Truth of the Natural State. Enveloped with strong imprinted mind control belief systems to reinforce this artificial egoic finite non existent character. This past person that only exist within the mind/thought.. Due to this, their emotional, astral and mental body systems are easily hijackable as they are identified with them and actions play out in the physical from the spiritual. This machine like Intelligence has overridden and overlayed ones true organic sense of being/awareness. With thought identification. Thus they think they are their thoughts, thus they think they are their emotions, thus they live in a manipulated fantasy world of the maya. Thoughts deceives, but the heart beat clearly perceives… all is mind or is it?
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2023.06.03 15:24 koro-sensei1001 Talking about subcultures/fads, cool part of Cyberpunk [see description]

Talking about subcultures/fads, cool part of Cyberpunk [see description]
So wanted to write another Judge Dredd cyberpunk lore dump cause I loved sharing for last one here sorry again you’ll probably hate it but I just love sharing lore.
Alright, so I always loved subcultures and fads. Like irl, I think they’re the most interesting weird irregular cases in our society. But they’re also a massive part of cyberpunk, this concept often goes underappreciated but it’s a cool one. Making fun of its fans in a way, people creating subcultures thinking they’re better as they create a toxic environment. Most of the time to rebel against corporations or the establishment they ironically just feed into the system and create petty excuses to fight. Subcultures really put the ‘punk’ in Cyberpunk,
A huge part of Judge Dredd is the subcultures, as it was written in the late seventies and was a commentary on Margaret Thatcher, urbanisation, economic downfall etc with such great bands subcultures became huge and huge rabble-rousers. Punks, goths etc. And of course, Dredd had to parody this in many ways some Imma show. I like these as (imo) is stray from the usual gangs you see in other cyberpunks and make them more real. As you see the exaggeration of society you’ll soon realise they’re certainly not far off.
One part of the context for subcultures primarily devolving in Mega City One. It all spawns from the 95 per cent unemployment rate. As people are forced to live off welfare checks and just watch mind-numbing tv is in their apartment Mega blocks this creates an uneducated and incredibly lethargic population as they’re trapped in the city. There are three ways people cope with this, suicide, becoming a criminal (hence the high crime rate) or joining a subculture and living off in your own world.
The Uglies. Spawning from a combination of two things, one of which is Otto Sump’s beauty corporation. Being born an ugly piece of shit his savvy business practices lead him to be one of the biggest magnates in the world with a beauty industry emphasising ugly-ness with many products and face-changing machines you can look awful. In high society nowadays it emphasises total human perfection we can see today how it’s sorta going the other way with. And a punk rock muzak band called “Pug Ugly and the Bugglys” the youths couldn’t get enough and tried to be like their favourite artists. However ugly treatment is an expensive commodity only rich juves would be able to afford, creating a subculture full of these ugly children pretending to be poor and urban.
Uglies were a violent lot often bullying those that were conventionally attractive leading to many depressed kids thinking they were not ‘ugly enough’. Their mortal enemies were another upper-class fad/subculture (mimicking yuppies etc) called the ‘Normals’, these people would wear incredibly dapper and appropriate very non-cyberpunk clothes all while speaking indiscernible jive. Violent clashes are known to happen.
Fatties. Another unappreciated part of cyberpunk is in its overly consumer-based diets. With a unlimited supply of fast food! Pair this up with boredom and Fatties come to be. People are committed to being so fat that they need a wheel to walk around with such a gut they consume many turning it into a competitive sport, (sometimes illegally) kids trained in fat camps to be able to eat many foodstuffs including vehicles. The Association of The League of Fatties even caused an incident, after a nuclear war the Fatties would hoard all the rations for themselves. This led to forced starvation till they were in adequate shape. Such marginalisation of such an oppressed minority was incredibly unpopular.
Also a violent group, they’re prone to angry outbursts if you stole their “mega-sized sizzling hottie delight” out of their troth or if you were what they called a ‘Skinnie’ bullying you with their bellies. Many Fatties grow suicidal, being in such a toxic community getting called a ‘Skinnie’ leads to many jumpers (be careful of the splash zone).
Last but not least… The Simps. Simps (sorts for simpletons) is an ideology spawned from the philosophy that the fast highly technological urban city that they have no escape from is naturally random, silly and stupid so why bother fighting against it? And also be random, silly and stupid. The weirdest subculture many started to believe in it strongly, many priests and politicians at Secret were a clown with being a Simp was quite embarrassing to come out publically. The subculture also developed a vocabulary which was no more than cartoon sound effects in between each sentence.
However, becoming so popular someone of course found out how to profit from it and so the Church of Simpology was born. As the fastest growing religion is preyed on the most stupid and vulnerable. Working more as a gym, it was paramount to pay money to the organisation with extra benefits going to though that paid for the subscription plan. Spreading its wings as missionaries to off-world colonies you could pay extra to be a “Simpriest”. Being now incredibly religious with its ideals this subculture has become the most violent, with many zealots taking up arms in mass public shootings for their faith. All while seeing the funny side in it. All of this is a parody of the ‘Church of Scientology’ with even the ‘Auditing’ and therapeutic machines being ‘Idiocy auditing’ etc.
Anyways that’s enough of me, sorry for the wall of text and sorry if the ‘community’ suppose won’t like this. Just I had fun writing it and I think it’s quite a cyberPUNK.
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2023.06.03 15:23 cindyloowhovian A thought occurred to me

The pieces to the process
1) I don't think I've had 100% confirmation, but I'm pretty sure the Emerald Club is a strip club.
2) There's an apartment building going up almost directly across the street from it.
The thought:
Do you think the city will put in some sort of pedestrian walkway at all? Because with that kind of proximity, it's only going to be a matter of time before we get news of someone getting run over on Clinton Hwy at 3am after trying to walk home from the strip club.
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2023.06.03 15:22 Sufficient_Dentist67 Loomis the biggest dumbass in the cog

Loomis the biggest dumbass in the cog
So after playing aftermath I have to say this guy is stupid as shit. So his city is invaded by a force that just wiped out the UIR something the COG COULDN'T DO FOR DECADES despite having space death lasers that had no counter whatsoever. So does he change his strategy play defensively perhaps try unconventional strategy? Nope same strategy that ensured his last war was at a stalemate for decades. Despite seeing the locust use strategy, tactics, military precision and having a decorated general he still sees them as animals not capable of such things. When he starts to lose the city fast instead of using the nuke in the city creatively, he decides to stick to his failed strategy despite it failing at all fronts. When soldiers warn that their front is failing he decides fuck stay and die there or I will shoot you myself. Next when kilo expresses interest in using a military tool that will be destroyed when the city falls he refuses simply stating "smarter minds than we" have plans, like dude your city is gone might as well use it simply because you'll lose it. He is also warned the one general leading this assault is also the one who solod an entire nation and crushed them, his response "lol fuck them Indies". When any squad requests help he is unwilling to do jack shit except to order them to keep fighting. Now when kilo launches the nuke and kill ass tons of locusts and no cog Loomis decides in his almighty wisdom to hold a trial in the middle of a warzone. You know the city he was charged with defending he decides to ignore it and take all his elite guard and use them to guard the court house. Meanwhile the city completely collapses without a unified leader. The court room is attacked by locust more than once, and he still continues with the retarded ass trial. What was stopping Loomis from sending kilo to jacinto to await trial?... Did he have to sacrifice an entire city for a speed trial that was a mock trial more than anything? No. He deliberately keeps the same strategy despite karn turning it against him every single time. He ignores his men at every turn and his only orders are fucking stupid. Stay and die solider. I'm not military tactian but I would've baited karn and friends to the nuke silo and ensured that as many locust were there as possible then sabotage the nuke to simply explode in its silo killing a shot ton of locusts. did he just think he could hold up against the locust that already wiped out the serra Russians with conventional strategy? You see he never once changes his strategy when it fails never once doesn't fall for a trap set by the locust. Consistently underestimates the enemy at every opportunity. He refuses to learn from his mistakes. Back to the court scene... This is so stupid it's comical, he takes his ass and all his elite unit and refuses to lead them for hours because he has a trial to attend, so as a general he's just cool with abandoning his men his city because a squad took a nuke and used it? Keep in mind the locust were already trying to get it and wouldve if it wasn't for kilo. They use it to save many squads including daddy Marcus, he's mad because he would rather the locust have it? Next when the trial is over all his men are dead the city is gone and doomed all because he was the cogs biggest idiot. He also runs like a fucking pussie when the locust break in the courthouse and claims to killed the locust they left behind fucking liar. I know people hate jin but I hate Loomis...
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2023.06.03 15:21 Rip_kyoko Annoying Blue Screen bug

Annoying Blue Screen bug
i downloaded/subscribed mods and one map named seahorse thing without its theme. whenewer i try to create save this blue screend thing occurs. i dont know hwat to do and how to act pls help me i am trying to do realistic city.
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2023.06.03 15:20 Jakimcikas First time japan travel report 04.25-05.17

Alrighty, I'll describe my first time travel in japan, what went well, what didn't go well, my overall impression of Japan. We travelled trough quite a few cities, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible as I'm not much of writer. And we've visited quite a few places, so if you'd like more details, comment and I'll go more in-depth :).
A bit about the travelling party. Me(25M) and a work colleague(26M), Lithuanians(Europe) software engineers, reasonably fit and somewhat fluent in english, Omnivores(my colleague is allergic to cheese), our height is around ±185cm.


Cities/islands visited

Tokyo(Shinjuku) -> Osaka -> Nara -> Kyoto -> Onomichi Islands -> Matsuyama -> Hiroshima -> Miyajima -> Kumamoto -> Aso(region) -> Fukuoka -> Nagasaki -> Nagoya -> Takayama -> Magome -> Matsumoto - > Tokyo(Chuo) -> Tokyo(Shibuya) -> Tokyo(Teito) -> Hakone.


I was slightly more conservative with my spending so my expenses are on the cheaper side, my colleague spent quite a bit more, especially on food and booze.
Total amount spent: slightly more than 3k euros in japan + 1.1k euros flights back and forth.
Daily food expenses: 30-40 eur or 5k-7k yen.
Average hotel stay: ~60euro
Food: - Breakfast - usually something from a convenience store. Chicken, power gels, chocolate, melon bread(my favourite), - Lunch - something from a convenience store or a restaurant - Dinner - restaurant usually a ramen place


Museums, castles, shrines, forests, mountains, walks around the city. We did a lot of walking, total around 400km of walking(at leasts that's what google fit shows)
Alright that's a brief summary, now for the more in-depth write up.

My key takeaways

This is it for the TL;DR part. I'll go more in-depth for the rest of the post.

Planning for the trip

We started planning the trip, where we'll go, where we'll stay, what we'll do, expenses, trains, all that you can plan was started to be planned around a month prior to the trip. We created a word doc as our itinerary, that was around 60 pages long. From what I've read on this page about you can't plan everything. Well I believe we did, we might've even over planned :D.
So we booked the following hotels: - Tokyo - Apa Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower(04.25-04.26) - Osaka - APA Hotel Namba Kita Shinsaibashi Ekimae(04.26-04.30) - Onomichi island - TOMARIGI Hostel(04.30-05.01) - Matsuyama - Hotel Patio Dogo(05.01-05.02) - Hiroshima - Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima(05.02-05.04) - Kumamoto - Hotel Wing International Select Kumamoto(05.04-05.08) - Nagoya - Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagoya Shinkansenguchi(05.08-05.10) - Magoame - Magomechaya(05.10-05.11) - Matsumoto - Hotel M Matsumoto(05.11-05.12) - Tokyo - APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate(05.14-05.17)
Extra things we bought in advance: - Water proof bags - Hiking boots and socks - Bigger backpacks - JP Rail pass, we booked the trains in advance, but honestly that wasn't necessary even during golden week - Bandages for foot blisters, medicine(for headaches, motion sickness, diarrhoea). - Ubigi eSim internet(10GB was plenty for me throughout the trip) - Sun screen(did not use and got sunburned to a point where I was shinning red) - Portable battery

The trip

Day 1(04.25)

We arrived at the Haneda aiport, exchanged some cash to yen(was at a better course than locally), printed out our JR passes(IMPORTANT TO DO SO HERE, only major stations let you print it out) and went to the metro. We took the train to Shinjuku, and walked to our hotel to check-in. We were quite tired, bought some chicken from lawson and went to explore a few places, a few drinks in golden gai district and ramen in a nearby place. Eventually we ended up at rock bar mother. Really cool place, for each drink you can request 2 songs to be played. After that back to hotel, visit the top floor onsen and sleep

Day 2(04.26)

Got up early, travelled to osaka. Left our luggage in the hotel, we were too early for a check in. We went to see Osaka castle(quite beautiful), tried takoyaki there. More city exploring, then we went check-in. After that we went to see the Umeda Sky Building in the evening(we bought the ticket in advance) very beautiful, it was very clear and beautiful. Got back to the city, got some ramen, went to the hotel and sleep.

Day 3(04.27)

Went to USJ, bought tickets(basic, no express stuff) in advance. We went there 30minutes before opening, and there was already a huge line. We went to Nintendo first, the zone looked very nice, but ride it'd say was okay'ish for me. After that the dinosaur rides, minion land, grabbed chinese food for lunch, went to the harry potter zone, at this point the lines got quite long around 1h to 1h 30min of wait time. After that we went to see Water world where they were doing a play, was really awesome, I'd say a must see even if you don't understand Japanese, the acting is very good. After that we went to Osaka aquarium(no lines, thank god), it was beautiful, cute chonks and other sea creatures.

Day 4(04.28)

Trip to Kyoto from Osaka. We went early by metro, to see the bamboo forest(7:40'ish), beautiful, few people. Walked around the park then climbed the mount a fed the monkeys(50 yen for a bag of fruits or nuts), very cute, tried petting the hand of one, didn't go well got an aggressive show of teeth. After that we visited Ryoanji temple, went to nishi market, we we're running a bit late so we took a taxi to Kiyomizudera, we saw the geish district on our way to there, looked interesting. After the temple we went to a bar and got back to Osaka and then after a bowl of ramen to our hotel.

Day 5(04.29)

We went to Nara, took this hiking track saw the deer, bought some food, did the whole bow thing then fed them. One thing to keep in mind is to crumble the cookie and give it in small pieces, otherwise you'll run out of food to give quickly. They might be very "assertive" and try to take it from you, don't be afraid, just stick your empty arm out to get some distance and that's it . They're not gonna bite you. After that we went to see the Todaiji temple, it was beautiful, the buddha statue was huge. Got back to Osaka, got some ramen, went to the hotel, scheduled to send our luggage to our next hotel and went to sleep.

Day 6(04.30)

Got up early, went to Onomichi, rented some bikes and began our cycling journey through the islands. A lot of cool bridges, very beautiful nature. We cycled to north Omishima port, where we transfered to rabbit island pet and fed the rabbits, got back and cycled to our ryokan and straight to sleeping.

Day 7(05.01)

More cycling, more cool bridges, more beautiful nature. We arrived at Imabari, returned our bikes and took the train to Matsuyama. We ate some stree food, relaxed in the open hot springs for feet. Walked around and went to sleep. To be honest I'd say this was the favorite city of the whole trip for me. I liked the vibe, the people, the food, the nature, the onsen, the layout, the architecture. In general, beautiful city.

Day 8(05.02)

Early in the morning visited a public onsen nearby, then went to see the Matsuyama castle, it was beautiful, tried the orange juice there, it was really good, got back to our hotels, got some dango. Packed our stuff, got a taxi and went to the port and took the ferry to Hiroshima. Checked in the ryokan. Took a train to Hiroshima city center, visited the castle and then the nuclear museum. Get the english audio for best experience. It took me around 2hours to walk through everything, read it and take it in. It was very nerve racking, but I'd say a must see. After that we went out to eat some Okonomiyaki, it was delicious, then back to the ryokan and sleep.

Day 9(05.03)

Went to Miyajima island first by train then transfer by ferry. It was very beautiful, the mountain hike was also fun, the view on top was amazing. When we came down from the mountain there was a low tide, so we could go near the Itsukushima shrine. Got back to Hiroshima, went to the city center for a couple of beers, got back to Ryokan and went to sleep.

Day 10(05.04)

First day of the Golden week, wouldn't say that I've noticed anything different, maybe because we were travelling to the far south of Japan - Kumamoto. This is one of those cities that I also enjoyed more than the big common ones, it looked very nice, had a beautiful castle, was not crowded as Hiroshima, Osaka or Tokyo. We rented out bikes, cycled to Honmoji park(the place near Honmoji park is god damn maze, keep you google maps always open or you will get lost) found a place to eat, visited Lafcadio Hearn House and went to our hotel and then to sleep.

Day 11(05.05)

We rentend a car and went to Aso, highly recommend renting a car here, since the public transport is not that good. The drive was very nice, we went to see active volcano crater, luckily it was not erupting, so we were allowed to get close. Then we went around and climbed the other inactive mountain caps. Climbing that was one of the most fun hikes I've had. It was very windy, you could barely see past 5 meters anywhere, because of the fog. There was no smell of sulfur, so it was safe. We visited Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Takadake, overall the place looked like Mordor, the vibes, the weather everything. After that we visited Ayugaeno Falls, the ravines and everything was just majectic. After that we got back to Kumamoto, gave back the car and went somewhere to eat. Car rental cost around ~7k yen in total. So I'd say a good price. After eating, we went to our hotel and then to sleep.

Day 12(05.06)

We went to Fukuoka, by train, walked around the city, visited Tochoji temple, Fukuoka castle ruins, Ohori park and explored the huge ravine type shopping mall. Went to the science museum(big mistake, it's for kids...). After that we tried Ichiran ramen(originated in Fukuoka so we thought it be better). Was the same as everywhere else. It was rainy so we got back pretty early to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 13(05.07)

We went to Nagasaki, by train, visited the atomic bomb museum, it was very interesting, just as good as the one in Hiroshima. We took a boat ride to see Gunkanjima, though we couldn't get on the island, because of the weather, it was still very interesting to see and hear the history of the island. Explored the Dutch district, walked around the shops, tried some whale meat. It was raining the whole day, so we also got back quite early and went to sleep.

Day 14(05.08)

We got up early and went got straight to the train station, and caught the train to Nagoya. The longest train ride by far. We arrived at Nagoya, checked in our hotel, went to the city center, visited the castle, it was very beautiful, then we wanted to explore the abandoned tunnel near Aichi. Apparently it was closed, we decided we're going to enter through the exit, like rascals, but apparently after we circled around there was a police officer that was guarding traffic through the bridge and wouldn't let us through. So our trip ended there. After comming back to Nagoya we visited the sky scrapper, it had interesting installations on the windows. We had our stay got back to hotel and went to sleep.

Day 15(05.09)

We went to Takayama, by train, one of the most scenic train rides so far. We strolled around the city center, visited the early morning market, bought some souvenirs, tried some white strawberries, mushroom tee and other local cuisine. Visited Takayama Showa Museum, which was 10/10. You could touch almost everything, the museum gave a great vibe, it was like you were in a house of a family that lived there. There was also an old nintendo with mario kart that you could play, put on a old yukata and take photos. Play pachinko(no money needed), watch an old-school movie. We visited a few sake tasting places, I've found a few flavours that I liked. After that back to Nagoya, eat ramen and sleep.

Day 16(05.10)

We sent out our luggage to Matsumoto, caught a train to Nagiso and then hiked the Nakasendo trail to Tsumago and then Magome where we checked in and stayed at the local ryokan. The hike was very nice and relaxing one of the easier hikes I've had, the places we saw we're quite old and beautiful. At ryokan we met people one American and one from Germany, they had a guitar so we chatted a bit, played the guitar and had a few beers. The dinner at ryokan was amazing, looked very traditional Japanese dinner. Was also very tasty, would definitely recommend this place. After that we went to sleep.

Day 17-19(05.11)

Got up early and took a bus to Nakatsugawa Eki-mae station where we travelled to Matsumoto. We left our bags and went to the RubyKaigi conference. Overall good conference, I've learned somethings, but most importantly I've had bit of time to rest and catch up on some sleep, since we weren't exploring new cities. So overall the following 3 days were wake up -> breakfast -> conference -> lunch -> conference -> drinks -> dinner -> sleep.

Day 20(05.14)

Slept in, had breakfast and travelled to Tokyo by train. Left our luggage at the hotel and moved on to explore the Chou region. Walked around the Ginza, Imperial palace, Yasukuni shrine and went to check in. After that it was getting dark, so travelled to Akihabara to experience the anime night life, was quite bright and interesting. Though the amount of requests to visit a maid cafe was too damn high. If your planning to buy a PS5, a new GPU or Nintendo switch, this could be the place, I saw PS5 with two controllers for 60k yen, with a 10% tax refund that is around 370 euros. After some exploration, got back to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 21(05.15)

This was our Hakone day trip, we bought the 3 day pass for it, so we could use the train, bus, ropeway and boat. Was worth it, even for one day. We climbed Mt. Kintoki, thankfully the weather was great and we could see Fuji. The climb was very nice, the view was amazing, the weather was great, no bears to be seen. After climbing down, we played some golf that was near there. Travelled back to the station were we used the rope-way to get around the mountains, the view was just majestic, we saw the sulfur pits, the stench was, well strong to say the least, but overall enjoyed the experience. We didn't make it time to the boat, so we had to travel back by bus, which wasn't so bad, since the scenery was amazing.

Day 22(05.16)

Explored more Tokyo, so we went to Teito district, went to the Ueno zoo, National science museum. After that we went to Kaminarimon gate, Asakusa shrine and moved to Shibuya next. There we went to the Yoyogi park, Meiji Jingu shrine, paid our respects to Hachiko statue. The last activity was to visit TeamLabs Planets, which were amazing, one most interesting experiences, not gonna spoil any details, overall great experience, would do it again. As it was getting late we got back to Shibuya, walked around more, had a drink and went back to our hotel.

Day 23(05.17)

Last day in Japan was spent buying souvenirs, snacks and other stuff to bring back home. Packing our luggage, to accommodate for the extras, getting to Haneda airport and back to Lithuania.
I'm very happy I had the opportunity to go on such a trip, I enjoyed it a lot even though, I'm quite the couch potato so 3 weeks is a bit much for me, but nonetheless, wouldn't change a thing.
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2023.06.03 15:18 doublexplus Would love to see this BJM tour in 2024! (From Anton's Twitter feed, few weeks ago)

Would love to see this BJM tour in 2024! (From Anton's Twitter feed, few weeks ago) submitted by doublexplus to BJM [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 15:18 haryyp I (26F) told my bf (25M) about my future plans

I'm 26 female and have been with my Highschool sweetheart for more than 10 years now. 7 years back I was diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder, life has been very difficult after that. I have been on medication and therapy since then. My boyfriend is 25 and we have been in a long distance relationship. We both wished to get married before 2026 and everything seemed fine. Lately, I made the decision that I wish to stay in State A because I enjoy the climate here and property prices aren't that high and I would be able to own an independent home with a small garden area. I'm an introvert. He is an extrovert, he said that there is no way he is ever coming to State A and would prefer to end the relationship, and move on with someone else (even if it is an arranged marriage by his parents). I told him that he will have good career opportunities in this part of the country as well but he blatantly said 'no'. I discussed this with my mother, she said that if he is not ready to understand why having an open spaced home is necessary for you instead of living in apartments/flats then he is not the right person for you. He said that I will build a similar home for you but give me 10 or 15 years, but I already have the option of a home.Why should I waste these many years cramped? I know I can't expect him to move here but how can he expect me to move to different cities in a few years. I tried explaining why this arrangement is beneficial for my mental health and this will provide me with an order which I crave. I attempted suicide last week, things were horrible. I sat down with my parents and therapist, came up with the plan to have my own space which I would be in complete control of. The thought of it brings peace to me. I thought he would understand but he is trying his best to end things and not even giving it a thought.
TL;DR - He will not move to where I'm planning on living for the next few years. And I can't imagine constant change would be beneficial for my mental health. Geography is overpowering our love.
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2023.06.03 15:17 JohnnyS1lv3rH4nd What is your absolute favourite restaurant in Ottawa?

I’ve only lived here for 3 years and I haven’t found too many restaurants that I love and want to return to over and over. I don’t know all that many people here, and most of the people I do haven’t lived here as long or much longer than I have so I don’t really have anywhere else to go for recommendations. I’m not a picky person so really any style of food works, just wanna see what restaurants in this city are well loved by the community.
Also, I have found a couple that I really like so I can give some suggestions of my own.
Chesterfields Gastro Diner on Wellington is the best breakfast place I’ve ever been to, the food is so fun and creative and just delicious. Tough to get a table since they take no reservations of any kind, but definitely something everyone in this city should try at least once.
Ayla’s Social Kitchen on Preston is a very good Mediterranean place, the food is fresh and flavourful, the staff are very professional and nice, and they have a really great patio for these hot summer nights.
So what’s the best restaurant in our city in your own opinion?
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2023.06.03 15:12 Large_Mood_1862 New quests in desert

As far as I know I have completed all quests in the desert region here they all are if there are any more please let me know
Retrieve quests in taverns someone will ask you to retrieve a map or a pendant from iftiiris you fight and win
Camel in the desert a man will ask you to get him back his camel after three fights with bandits of the desert you will get him
Shopping the leader of the first village will request you to go to enioch and get supplies and come back
Ship a man in enioch asks you to find his ship you find his crew if you have simi you can open the strongbox Otherwise you fight them and gain it
Gold mine the leader in the first village asks you to go to the hills and clear it of beasts you do so then return he then asks you to find a investor in merembassa then when you return you get ambushed by some decently hard troops afterwards you get your reward and every time you come back you get around 300 coin in shares the longer you wait the more you get and all supplies are free HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Araunis after you complete simi goal quest you see the monk araunis at the oasis and he asks you to take him to all three cities after doing so you get your money
Iftirri the monks at St cithias ask you to kill the monsters so you buy the white pellets and go and kill all three nests
Arena after you complete 5 stages of the arena and win the tornament you get 999 coin but when you leave the group you beat in the finals tries to kill you . You can get sponsoured by the leader in the first village
Deliver you are asked to deliver something
Rescue my cousin a man asks you to rescue his cousin from troops after doing so you return him
Caravan in a city a man asks you to find his caravan at the sundial you will find traces to fund the men who have it you can fight or pay them
Calamity a man at the sundial asks for you to take him to the Calamity in the occident
St cithias
The haven amazing it blocks all arrows
The escutcheon it is good and prevents crits
The bow it is best bow in game and can shoot through all teamates
The blades amazing pretty average in the desert but amazing in occident
Robes these make you consume less supplies in the desert
I couldn't gey any quests from the leaders at the 2 big cities and didn't get to the port
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2023.06.03 15:10 GuyTorbet Aer City Sling 2 VS Day Sling 3

I ordered both slings and have been trying them out over the last couple of days, but I'm still super torn.
I like the 'boxiness' of the city sling, and the strap is made out of a seatbelt material which is very nice - But having 3 (bulkier) buckles on the strap makes it look a little messy IMO.
The day sling is slightly bigger (which I'm not sure I need), but has a cleaner look all round (no compression straps, cleaner body strap), and the buckle being low down close to the sling instead of in the centre is nice! Not sure why they didn't use the nice seatbelt material for this one...
I'm looking to use for EDC and some light traveling, both would be more than enough but I still want the optimal sling! It seems to be a pretty 50/50 split between them, I'm just looking for some more opinions before I flip a coin! haha
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2023.06.03 15:06 KingDalkian I hate half my family.

I grew up largely a mothers boy, she was the one who would cook and bring me to the doctors. During groceries or doc appointments she would bitch about my dad constantly and as a kid who no other choice but to listen to it I took a lot of this out on my dad which was not fair.
As I got older I realized my mother had to take me to everything because she never held down a job, and my dad usually had 2. Leaving the house at 6 am and getting back at 9 pm.
My mom then left my dad. Us kids were all starting our 20s so my mom didn't feel she still needed to be with him and to be honest they had been an awful couple together however when I say my mom left my dad she moved in with my sister and didn't tell him. She instead stated she was going to help my sister move into her new place in a new city and organize it. She told us she wouldn't be coming back and left. She still expected to have half his pay though and took it the first week.
Me and my brother stepped up and told my Dad that my mom had left. He moved on, is now engaged to a lovely new woman and enjoying retirement but my mom just kept batching about my dad every chance she got. It came to a head at my moms father's funeral. He had been a great man but when multiple people came to me batching about my father I tried talking to my mom and saying I wish she could respect my dad the way she respected hers. This led to a massive argument with her and my sister she lived with. I am a bigger guy at 6'7" and was told by them i needed to get out of the group hotel because they were scared of me. . . I have never hit or touched a woman violently The next day I was told to apologize to them or they refuse to take me home (small town in Quebec with no car rentals or buses) so I took an $100 cab ride to the nearest city and haven't spoken to my sister or mom since.
I have such anger at my mom. Leaving the relationship was a smart call as my parents never got along but the constant batching about your children's father to your children is so infuriating and Leaving the relationship on a lie and still taking his pay. She has never apologized for any of what she did but seems to still expect an apology from me.
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2023.06.03 15:01 Lilyykittyy [F4M] Magical gal looking for annoyingly clingy villain

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚About me⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚
- Magical gal. Super hero. Whatever you wanna call it, I’ve saved the day from d-list villains and universal threats alike with my team for two years now!
- Yes, those are real cat ears. Please, don’t touch.
- How? I wish I had the answer, buddy. I got some weird prophesied dreams, found a magic relic in the woods and now I’m a sword wielding cat-gal. The answers have been pretty non-forth coming the last two years, you just kinda get used to it.
- Look, I’m just trying to live my life as normal as possible when I don’t have to jump around in this frilly pink outfit. I have a very healthy online social life in my mmorpgs and definitely am not starved of human affection due to how busy I’ve become with this immense responsibility.
-No, I’m not that part-time florist in the middle of the city, I barely show up for my shifts anymore. I mean– uh.
*・༓☾About you*・༓☾
- Villain on an opposing team. You seem pretty apathetic to their cause sometimes, though. It’s hard to get a good read where exactly your loyalty lies. Not that I think about you.
- Oddly obsessed with me. I don’t know what I did, but once I caught your eye it’s been on. You tease me all the time while we fight, it’s really annoying.
- But, okay, maybe I saved your life recently. I’m a hero, nothing personal, right???
- Somehow, someway. You’ve found out my civilian identity– but instead of telling this very vital information to your little group you’re going to keep it secret? Since I saved your life? Nice. okay. Cool. cool.
- Wait, what did you say? That you’re going to come say ‘hi’ now whenever you want too?! Isn’t that counterintuitive?
- Oh, you don’t care?
- I hate you so much.
Henlo!! Meet Mafuyu, leader of your local magical gal troop! In lieu of seeing Amu and Ikuto after so many years and with Tokyo Mew Mew getting a remake last year it really got me craving this trope like never before. I just love adding onto a character's stress load with the idea that one of their enemies now just wants to chill around their house and cause casual problems for the fun of it. It eventually leads to real friendship and romance, though, as much as one or both parties don’t want to admit it. I'm leaning for more of a male villian though I wouldn't be opposed toward other genders as well! I wanted to leave them pretty vauge, so have fun crafting someone you think will be fun too play!
OOC stuff! My names Lily and first things first, I only write with legal adults; i'm in my late 20's and prefer my partners to be 25+ but 21+ is alright! I roleplay in third person, averaging around 2-3 paragraphs with (a lot more) or less depending on what the scene calls for! I do post match! Feel free to shoot me a DM!!
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2023.06.03 15:00 Acceptable_Egg5560 Persistence Journalism [15]

Thanks again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan in all their help in co-writing this story! They are a fountain of inspiration!
Memory transcript: Sharnet, Venlil Journalist. Date: [Standardized human time] September 19th, 2136
I had been correct. When Tagleb had described Unzekep’s behavior, I had thought she couldn’t possibly be one of the Overseers. Too descriptive. Too many features that stood out to be remembered. But I had to see. I needed to see what she was like.
I didn’t want to treat her like a monster. Like everyone else.
Unzekep was curled up in a ball on the ground, her sobs echoing off the enclosing walls. They clashed with the constant hum of the pumps, each dampening the other slightly. Her colors kept shifting between the gray of the walls and her natural green, as if she was barely trying to hide.
She just continued to sob. “I don’t want to go. P-please… I don’t… please…”
My legs started walking. On their own. Closer. I’m kneeling next to her. She’s hurting. I…
I gently placed my paw on her back. She shrinks back at the touch, but I keep my paw in place as she cries. “It’s okay,” I say, trying to be heard over the pumps, “we mean you no harm. We wish to h…” The facility said they helped. “We wish to keep you away from the monsters of the facility.”
Her chest shuttered as one eye peered out at me. “Y-you… you hate me. Fear me. Everyone… everyone does…”
“I am not everyone,” I reply. “Come, please, let’s get out of this room so we can hear each other. We only wish to talk.”
Unzekep began rising to her feet, but it still felt off. Her movements brought to mind the Venlil I had seen in the Arxur fear videos. The movement of someone who believed that they were being sent to their death and had given up all hope of its avoidance. Vekna stood by as I led her out of the room, unsure of how to act in the face of this situation.
The scaffolding outside the room groaned from the stresses put upon it by those far above as we walked out. The distant sounds of reactors whirring and people talking replaced the constant hum of the turbines as the backdrop to our situation. I saw Vekna take a small sigh of relief as she closed the door behind us. I saw how she had started to tense up the longer we were in there, this was more for her than Unzekep. Speaking of, the Harchen was still curled up in a defensive stance. “So…why do you bring me out? Are you…going to throw things at me?” She looked down, staring at a small discarded wrench set against the wall. “Please… don’t do hard.”
“We are not going to do that.” She was so scared of us. Like she was standing before an Arxur. “You were in Dawn Creek. The correctional facility there.”
Her colors shifted in fear again. “They-they tossed out! I didn’t- it wasn’t an escape! I’m not- not bad. I’m good! I promise! I-I…” I could see her eyes start to wet again. “Please…I’m sorry…”
Vekna, who had been behind me, knelt forward, keeping her paws to herself. “We know, we know. We’re not going to send you back there, or anywhere else. It’s okay, we’re friends.” I could hear something in her voice I couldn’t quite discern. Sadness? Anger? Both?
Unzekep looked up at her, at us, and she finally started to uncurl. “You’re…friends? Why?” The very fact she asked that at all sent a pang of sympathy through my heart. Is she really so isolated out here that she has to ask why someone wants to be friends with her?
I shook my head to focus. “Because the people who ran that place were evil. They tortured people, and we want to make sure that they don’t do such things to anyone else.”
Unzekep looked at me in confusion, her complexion only slightly changing to a bluish tint. “People don’t call it torture. It’s treatments. Bad treatments. They didn’t help change color. That’s how you spot me, right? The dots.” She ran a hand over her temple, right where the splotches were.
I nodded. “Yes, we did. You did a good job hiding otherwise, though.”
“Thanks. I learned how to ca…cam…hide very well. Sometimes I could make the guards miss me, but then I got in trouble for my next treatment.” I saw her shudder at the memories of that. Why did we ever think this was a good idea? “They had me take stuff. Said… it would make me hide better. Didn’t. It- it made me worse.”
So she was drugged. I guess my theory about the Harchen drug was somewhat correct. “Yes. The people there lied. They lied a lot…” I leaned forward, trying to keep my voice comforting, “do you remember a giant Venlil?”
Her tail flicked in worry as Vekna looked over to me in confusion. “They said.. it was dangerous. That it was going to destroy everything. But… they said they were throwing us out because of it.”
“They were lying again,” I told her, “they were throwing you out to hide themselves. The overseers feared we would find out that they were torturing people, so they ran.” I gestured to me and Vekna. “We are looking for them. We want to make sure they never hurt anyone again. Please, can you help us?”
A new flash of fear flows across her body as she shrinks back. “I- I can’t! They- they’ll know. They will hurt me. Find me and hurt me.” She shivers to herself despite the warmer air down here. Is this the kind of pain Tarlim was hiding all along? By the stars…
Vekna stepped in, her voice similarly soothing. “Why do you think that? You’re a long ways away from Dawn Creek. Do you think that someone from there is here?” She looked between us for a moment before she took on a yellow underhue in confirmation. I had to stop myself from celebrating then and there. After three misses, I was starting to think that this was nothing more than another ruse. At least we’re not doing this for nothing! I leaned in a little closer, causing the Harchen to focus on me. “Do you know who they are? What they look like? Where they might be?” Unzekep whined at my inquiries and covered her ear holes. “Please, not so loud. You’re hurting my ears.” I immediately retracted, doing my best to lower my volume. I flicked my ears in the affirmative, but she didn’t stop. Confused, I flicked them again, but she just continued to look at me as if I was going to restart my questions as soon as she took her hands away. Vekna stepped in and spoke. “She won’t be as loud anymore.” At that, Unzekep finally took her hands away. Difficulty with nonverbal cues. Of course they’d lock her up for that. “Okay. I…saw their back. I don’t know where they are. I know that they did something bad in the caves. They left when I came. Someone else was there, a Venlil. Shocked. It looked like what they did to me, but worse. More sloppy.”
That piqued my interest. Perhaps that’s the reason she spends most of her time down here? I had to ask. “Is that why you stay down here in the bowels of the reactors? In the tunnels under the city?”
She tapped her fingers together. “They… are safe. No eyes. No people who…less people who hurt me. I can hide. I have a house on the top, but… they are top, too. I can hide better down here.”
She looked to be getting scared again at the memory, so I took a soothing tone again. “Thank you. Please, can you tell me where you saw them? What caves?”
She fidgeted with her tail, which had curled around to her front. “Up in the mountains. Old iron mines that ran out a long time ago. Nobody but me ever went up there…and them now.” She clenched her tail. “I don’t go up there anymore.”
Iron mines. We had a location. A place that our target likely frequented. “Thank you. You have helped us so much by telling us that.” I bowed to her, “I promise, we will take them away from this place. You won’t have to hide anymore.”
She didn’t seem to calm down much at that, though. Instead, she looked…sad. “I do have to, I always have to….” She sighed. “People see me. Hate me. They… they will try to send me to another… they will hurt me again. Zap me… here.” She pointed to the spots on her head. The ones that never change their color.
I wanted to say she was wrong. I wanted to reassure her that things would be fine once the heads were captured. But so many would fear her. So many would… wait… “How did you get here?”
Unzekep looked at me in confusion, her color shifting bluish.
“When you were tossed out,” I explain, “you moved here. You had a house. You must have had people who helped you. Who don’t fear you.”
“My… my mom.” Her tail curled around her legs as she sat on the ground. “She found me. She’s in the gov…gover…she has power, covered for me all she could. She…she put me in at first, but when these showed up,” she pointed to her dead spots, “she tried to get me out. Didn’t work, but then they threw us out. It was…a long, long walk.”
Vekna gasped at that. “Wait, you mean to say you walked here? All the way from Dawn Creek? Why didn’t you take a…oh. No money, right?”
Unzekep shifted her underhue in confirmation. “No, no money. When I got here, I was so tired. But…now I have a job. And people usually don’t bother me. Not unless its-”
“Oy!” A voice echoed in the tunnels, “what are you lazy brahkasses doing?”
I looked over my shoulder at the source of the noise. A lanky off-white Venlil woman, most certainly past her prime, walked out of the cargo elevator and approached us. Upon seeing her, Unzekep tried her best to camouflage against the surface, but it wasn’t working all too well. “And quit with the color changing, you speh-licking lizard! I can still see your spots a [mile] away! What are you doing off the job, your shift isn’t over yet!”
I heard Unzekep whimper and shrink away towards the door. “Please, I’m sorry, they came! I was just-”
“You were just not working! Herd, you must love giving me excuses, huh?” To my horror, she picked up the unattended wrench in her paw and held it menacingly. Wait…Unzekep thought that…no. No no no, please let me be wrong.
Vekna stood to try and stop her, most likely coming to the same conclusion I had. “Ma’am, please, we only wanted-”
“Wanted to be rid of this useless Freak!” The woman interrupted, waving the wrench like a pointer, “about time someone got sent to deal with her!”
I flick my ears up in surprise. “Deal with her?” No, please no.
Unzekep was desperately trying to get back into the room but the door was jammed shut. She pulled on the handle as the other worker drew nearer. “Yeah. Chief engineers deal with problems, but this one’s my favorite!” Then, before either of us could react, she pulled her arm back and chucked the heavy metal wrench at Unzekep. It hit her squarely between her shoulders, and she flashed a myriad of different colors in an instant as she cried out in agony.
Wrong! No!
What followed was unrestrained chaos. I was next to the Harchen, seeing if her injury was severe. Before the same second was up, Vekna stepped up to the “chief engineer” and punched her squarely in the jaw. The poor imitation of a Venlil staggered to the side, stopping herself on the balcony as orange blood dripped from her, no, its mouth. “Wha-”
Vekna didn’t hesitate, grabbing it by the collar of its uniform and landing another square hit against its jaw, baring her teeth at the enemy. “What the sprak is wrong with you? Throwing a wrench at her like that? What did she ever do to you!?”
I barely heard her words. The world was orange. It wasn’t nearly orange enough. I got up, and moved over to where Vekna was holding it. I placed a paw on her shoulder as I glared at it. She looked back at me, and soon let it go, leaving it to me. I wasted no time, slamming an open paw against its snout and knocking it over the ledge of the catwalk. I heard gasps behind me, I didn’t care. I grabbed it by its scruff over the chasm. I heard it try to cry out like a Venlil. Not convincing.
I shook. Shook hard. I heard a clunk. Less resistance. The railing had decoupled. The thing was now hanging over the steep drop with nothing to hold it back from falling. Nothing but my grip on its scruff. It was screaming. Pleading. Sobbing. Orange. Now it’s real.
I shook its scruff, feeling one of its feet slip and scramble to find purchase again on the scaffold floor. “Do you feel powerful?” I am shouting. “Do you feel Safe?? Beating people with tools? Forcing them to work alone?! Look down there! Look!!” I used my other hand to grab its head and force it to turn one eye to the drain pit and the small layer of water far beneath. “If someone were to fall down there, how long would it take for them to be rescued? Huh? How Long?? HOW SPEHKING LONG?!
It was crying. It wasn’t enough. “ANSWER ME!!!”
My vocal chords hurt. I didn’t care. So much orange. All around me orange. I felt something on my shoulder. A voice spoke from behind me. “Sharnet! That’s enou-”
My paw moved before I could think, releasing from its head and smacking the source of the voice away. Now I could focus, I could make it feel what Unzekep felt, what Tarlim felt, what Vekna…
A whine.
I looked back. Vekna was on the ground, an eye shut and orange on the ground.
Wrong orange. Her orange. Oh… oh Stars…
I was hanging a woman over the edge of a meltwater drain pit. She was bleeding. She was crying and shaking. My paw was all that stood between her and death. I quickly pulled her back to safety, tossing her to the ground as I rushed over to Vekna. “Vekna! Are you-” She shrunk away from me, a terrified look in her one open eye. No, no no no no. Please, no! I lowered my paws to the ground to show that I wasn’t a threat. She calmed down a little, rubbing at the side of her snout. “Sharnet, what was that? What happened?”
I had been about to kill somebody. That’s what happened. I had promised to be better, but I just took everything out in someone again. I… I… “I’m sorry…”
“You…” it was the woman again, “you were- you were going to…”
I had been. I wanted to. Stars, I STILL wanted to! How long had Unzekep been tormented by her? How many wrenches had been thrown?? What injuries did she have that this creature caused?? I- I- I Can’t!!! I can’t let them get away with it! I can’t let them take this out on Unzekep! I am a monster, but I will NOT let another monster hurt someone innocent! Not…Not like they did to Tarlim!!
“Do you even know who we are?” I am panting from the adrenaline, “Why we’re here?”
The woman just stuttered, crawling backwards as I stomped towards her. “I- I don’t - I-”
“We were sent here to look at the safety of this place,” I interrupted, “And you know what we found? A worker all alone on a job that requires more! Insufficient lighting!” I pointed to the broken scaffolding that I had hung her off, “railing that falls apart when leaned on! Deep pits with their emergency ladders missing! And You!” I pointed a claw right at her snout. A threat to the herd being signaled. “A-A puddle of Speh who beats their coworkers with metal wrenches!!” I leaned over her cowering form, teeth bared, claws braced. “Unless you leave the Harchen alone, and grovel before the safety board, I will make you WISH. I. Had. Let. Go.”
“Yes! Yes!” She sobbed, “By Solgalick, I promise! Don’t hurt me!”
I am a monster. So I play the part. “Then Leave!!
I watch the white form scramble down the path out of sight, the scaffolding rattling as she runs practically on all fours. I don’t regret seeing her disappear. I turned back to Unzekep. She looked at me fearfully. As she should. “They shouldn’t bother you again,” I panted, “we will… find the overseer. You… you will be able to go up top soon. I promise.”
She looked up at me, her tail curled beneath her legs in fear. “Th… thank you. N-nobody ever p-protected me before.”
She is thankful. How can she be thankful? I am a monster. The only thing that made me different was I was attacking another monster. How can she do more than just fear me? “Is… is where she hit you… okay?”
“It… it hurts,” she whined, “but… less than last time.”
So she would be okay. I wanted to stay and help her. Get her somewhere to treat the bruises but… but I would just hurt her. I was still so angry, so upset. I would just take it out on her. I-I have to leave. They aren’t safe around me. Go!
I stood, eyeing the still open cargo elevator. “Good. I’m sorry, I must leave.” I began walking towards the elevator, my legs wobbling as the adrenaline began to fade. My paw found the buttons on their own, and I pressed the one to take us to the top. Faster. Please. I need to get away from them. I don’t want to hurt them. I-
I jolted. My fur flared out. It was Vekna. She was in here with me. She was panting. One of her eyes was partially closed. My doing. “Hey, wait up! I need to get back up to the surface, too!”
I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to say anything. I don’t deserve to speak. I pressed myself into the wall, slumping against it as we ascended. Vekna panted, occasionally putting a paw over her eye and wincing. My doing. She looked at me and tried to put on a smile. “Well, that was a close shear, huh? I-I mean, when I…and then you…and then we…hah, I’m tired.”
I moved so I stood in the corner opposite of her. “You could sit as this takes us to the surface.” My voice felt monotone. I couldn’t gain the energy to emote. “It… a wrench… threw a wrench…”
I saw Vekna’s expression darken. “Yeah, she…she did. I don’t get why. It just seems so… unnecessary. So… cruel.”
“It is,” I stated. “They have to do it. They have to hurt others.”
I saw a veil of sadness fall over her body. “But why? Why do people… have to?”
The cargo elevator came to a stop. The door opened to the bare concrete floor of a power plant. I sighed as I exited. “Because we are monsters.”

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2023.06.03 15:00 AutoModerator Monthly Away Days

This is your LAFC AutoModerator speaking...
Plan on going to one of LAFC's Away Days? Don't know how to get tickets? Want to figure out where are the good food spots or places of interest? Need to know which section our 3252 away fans are going to be in?
This monthly post is the perfect place to ask questions, chat with other interested fans and share your thoughts on the upcoming Away Days!
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2023 Schedule
CCL 3/9 - LD Alajuelense @ Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto, Alajuela, Costa Rica
MLS 3/18 - Seattle Sounders FC @ Lumen Field, Seattle, WA
MLS 4/1 - Colorado Rapids @ Dicks Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
CCL 4/5 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC @ BC Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada
MLS 4/16 - Carson Galaxy @ Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, CA
MLS 4/22 - Nashville SC @ GEODIS Park, Nashville, TN
MLS 5/6 - San Jose Earthquakes @ Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
MLS 5/13 - Real Salt Lake @ America First Field, Sandy, UT
MLS 6/10 - Houston Dynamo FC @ Shell Energy Stadium, Houston TX
MLS 6/17 - Sporting Kansas City @ Children's Mercy Park, Kansas City, KS
MLS 7/1 - FC Dallas @ Toyota Stadium, Frisco, TX
MLS 7/4 - Carson Galaxy @ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA
MLS 7/15 - Minnesota United FC @ Allianz Field, Saint Paul, MN
MLS 8/26 - Charlotte FC @ Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
MLS 9/9 - Portland Timbers FC @ Providence Park, Portland, OR
MLS 9/20 - St. Louis City SC @ Citypark, St. Louis, MO
MLS 9/23 - Philadelphia Union @ Subaru Park, Chester, PA
MLS 10/7 - Austin FC @ Q2 Stadium, Austin, TX
MLS 10/21 - Vancouver Whitecaps FC @ BC Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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2023.06.03 14:57 meggyGirl_1 Some pictures from a Louis Concert last night!!

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2023.06.03 14:55 gtccabs Which Taxi Service is Best in Delhi?

Which Taxi Service is Best in Delhi?

Taxi Service in Delhi
Determining the "best" taxi service in Delhi can be subjective and can vary based on individual preferences. However, there are several popular and reliable taxi services operating in Delhi. Here are some well-known options:
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  2. Ola Cabs: Ola is one of the most popular ride-hailing services in India. They operate in multiple cities, including Delhi. Ola offers a range of vehicle options and has a user-friendly app for booking rides. They are known for their widespread availability and competitive fares.
  3. Uber: Uber is a globally recognized ride-sharing platform that operates in Delhi. They provide a convenient and reliable taxi service with a large network of drivers. Uber offers various vehicle options, including economy and premium cars, and allows cashless transactions through their app.
  4. Mega Cabs: Mega Cabs is another established taxi service in Delhi. They offer 24/7 service, well-maintained vehicles, and trained drivers. Mega Cabs focuses on providing a comfortable and safe ride experience.
When choosing a taxi service in Delhi, consider factors such as availability, pricing, range of vehicle options, safety features, customer reviews, and the convenience of their app or booking process. It's advisable to check the latest reviews and ratings to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.
Can we get taxi at Delhi Airport?
Yes, you can get a taxi at Delhi Airport. The airport has designated taxi stands and services available to facilitate transportation for passengers arriving at the airport. There are multiple options for taxi services at Delhi Airport, including both app-based ride-hailing services and traditional taxi services.
When you arrive at Delhi Airport, you can follow the signs or ask airport staff to guide you to the designated taxi stands. These stands are typically located outside the arrival terminals, and you'll find taxis waiting there. It's important to note that you should only use authorized taxi services from the designated stands to ensure your safety and avoid potential scams.
Popular taxi services like GTC Cabs, Ola, Uber, and Meru Cabs are usually available at Delhi Airport. You can either use their respective apps to book a taxi or approach the taxi stand directly. Additionally, there may be other local taxi services available as well.
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How To Book Taxi in Delhi with Cheapest Fare?
To book a taxi in Delhi with the cheapest fare, you can follow these tips:
  1. Compare prices: Use various taxi booking platforms or apps to compare prices from different service providers. Apps like GTC Cabs, Ola, Uber, and Meru Cabs often display the estimated fare for your desired route, allowing you to choose the most affordable option.
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  3. Utilize promo codes and discounts: Keep an eye out for promotional offers, discounts, or referral codes provided by taxi services. These can help you save money on your rides. Check the official websites, social media accounts, or coupon websites for any ongoing offers.
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  5. Pool or share rides: Some ride-hailing services offer the option to share rides with other passengers heading in the same direction. Sharing rides can significantly reduce the cost as you split the fare with others.
  6. Negotiate with local taxi drivers: If you prefer traditional taxi services, you can try negotiating the fare with the driver. However, it's important to ensure the driver is licensed, uses a meter, and is trustworthy.
Remember that the availability of discounts, promotional offers, and pricing structures can vary. It's always a good idea to check the latest prices and offers on the respective apps or websites of the taxi services you are considering before booking.
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2023.06.03 14:54 Straight_Degree_7842 Weakest team who can stop Boros invasion (OPM)

City A was attacked by Dark Matter Thieves but this time, instead of S class heroes, 4 other people have to stop aliens.
Make weakest team of 4 characters, capable of stopping Boros and his minions.
R1: Team starts in the same place where S class fought, at the ruins of City A after first blast of alien ship. 1)Team fight Melzargard on the ground. 2) Then have to go to the ship and fight Groribas. 3) Then fight Geryuganshoop. 4) The last one is Boros in his throne room. Additionally Team protect civilians and have to stop as many missiles as possible during their fights.
R2: 1) Melzargard vs Character A (on the ground)
2) Groribas vs Character B (on ship)
3) Geryuganshoop vs Character C (on ship)
4) Boros vs Character D (throne room)
Additionally Team try to stop missiles and win as quickly as possible.
R3: Boros, Melzargard, Groribas and Geryuganshoop vs Team . Start in ships throne room.
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2023.06.03 14:53 TempesT_0021 Blood shall reign (M4F medieval high fantasy rp, Adv. Lit)

She was the first of her kind, the first child born with both mortal and divine blood flowing through her veins. Her mother was Nyx, the goddess of the night and moon while her father had been a talented amd ambitious sorcerer. Their love was forbidden and the gods tried to force Nyx to turn her back on the mortal, Nyx adamantly refused and eventually gave birth to a daughter.
As the child grew so did her power, reluctantly the gods had little choice but to acknowledge her amd so the time came for her to be tested. They wished to see whether she was worthy of taking her place amongst them, they believed she woukd be honoured but they neglected to take into account the mortal side of her. Why should she live amongst those that considered her less? She had the power to claim the mortal world and rule it as her own kingdom.
Turning her back on her divinity, Mephala sort to take control of the mortal world and shape it in her image. Sure the mortal races would resist but she would bring them to heel. She created a new type of sorcery, a sorcery using blood. She gathered followers and taught them this vile sorcery, granting power to those not lucky enough to born with magic and creating the first blood shamans. Her acolytes weren't enough and she would need an army, one she found within a primal group of orcs. With her blood sorcery she corrupted and changed them, creating the first Urai.
Within the ranks of the Urai, she choose the strongest amd twisted them even more, these would become the blood marked. With everything in order, she brought war and started with the continent of Elythia. Divided, the mortal races were quick to be overwhelmed and driven to the brink of defeat. It was only when they banded together that they managed to resist, heroes arose and blessed by the gods themselves they were able to to eventually defeat and vanquish Mephala. They believed that defeatimg Mephala would cause her forces to collapse and they were partly right, her followers scattered and her armies fled and disbanded but she was a corruption. Whilst her physical form perished, her influence remained, at least in secret it did.
1500 years passed, history became legend and the world moved on.....
Panic gripped the city of Harwatch, citizens huddled behind its great walls while guards stood alongside adventurers, mercenaries and almost anyone capable of holding a weapon or flinging a spell. Commanders barked orders whilst those in charge struggled to understand what they were seeing, of course they knew what they were seeing but processing it was another thing entirely. They knew the enemy advancing was Urai, many adventurers had taken at least one job to drive away the red skined brutes. What was difficult to comprehend was the numbers, Urai were tribal and rarely gathered in groups more them a dozen strong and never more then two dozen. Now they were seeing around a thousand making their way towards the city. If that wasn't problem enough, the champion of the city, a high ranked and valiant knight was nowhere to be seen. Unbeknownst to all but a few, the champion was at that moment clutching what remained of his arm, the cold hands of death slwoly closed in around him as an assassin moved to finish th job....
Hey there and thanks for reading this long. Currently I'm looking to start a new Role play set in the world that I have started to create. It is a medieval high fantasy world, think dungeons and dragons style. I'm looking for a partner 21+ that enjoys world building and character development, one that is happy to throw in their own ideas to not only develop the story but the world as well. Ideally I would love to create a story that combines action, adventure, drama and romance. As for roles, well I have nothing set in mind and so an oc could be anything, open to almost ideas. Please know that I only use discord, third person and looking for a partner that writes at around the adv. Lit level. Thank you amd feel free to send a message if this interests you.
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2023.06.03 14:51 nugg_buckets Never buying another Motorola phone ever

They have pathetic customer support in India. I bought a motorola edge 30 in previous July end and have been using it. There were some battery draining issues but overall fine. Then all of a sudden the phone became completely dead on Wednesday night. Tried everything they suggested online and nothing worked. It showed to visit Service Center which was the only one in my city( one of the 5 biggest cities in India) which was like 20km from where I live. Okay, fine, took half day from my office and went to the service Center, and the guy looks at my phone tries a bunch of stuff to see if it’s working or not and then starts accusing me of getting it opened outside just so that I couldn’t claim warranty. I said there is no chance it has opened and this was the first time an issue happened with the phone and it literally happened yesterday night, nope, says I have taken the photos, forwarded them to whoever knows, and will let me know if warranty is applicable or not by Saturday. He says the mother board is dead and if the warranty doesn’t apply, it’s like 20k. I would rather buy a new phone than get it repaired. I asked today and then he says to ask on Monday. I know they will keep on doing this until I get frustrated and give up. Good thing I have a spare phone so I can still continue my daily work but because of Motorola, my data is gone(Messages, WhatsApp, photos in locked folder, app data) and my money too, plus so much time wasted.
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2023.06.03 14:48 Terianky [M4F] “-Will you go with me? -Always” ; A puzzling goth girl and a strange street guy meet each other while delving into occult mysteries. A story about an impossible love, esoteric secrets, and a hateful occult world.

<< The flickering red lights felt like they had a soul of their own. The beat dropped and the boom resounded in every clubber’s soul. The concussion blasts reverberated through the ears of the hundreds of people either yelling "what" at one another or pretending to hear what the other person had actually said and laughing drunkenly. There was a mosh pit of desperate souls holding out their cash at the bar hoping only one of the two bartenders would notice, there was the inevitable drunk dude-bro who wanted to start a fight, and there was a fair share of drunk unconsciousness. The “Rotterdam Club” was Stephen’s favorite place of business.
It was wall to wall people dancing erratically and the floor itself had become invisible under a sea of dancing feet. Despite it being hard to navigate through this mass of people, Stephen was like a fish in the water. He squeezed his way through the mass and could notice scattered pairs of interested eyes among the clubbers, some of these guests gave nods or even went out of their way to seek Stephen out. Then, Stephen would listen to their wants, swiftly bury his hand in his bag, and nonchalantly exchange a handshake with the customer where money and pills would be exchanged.
However, this specific night, Stephen wasn’t feeling right. For the last month, Stephen had been experiencing insomnia due to a series of weird nightmares, strange dreams which seemed to grow intense night after night. And in the last few days, a dark girl was frequently appearing in these dreams, a dark girl with dark omens drawn in blood. To work efficiently was becoming harder and harder for Stephen due to this. At the third hour after midnight, Stephen stopped in the middle of the club as all the clubbers formed a cyclone of drunken dancing, he stood still in the middle. As his eyes were scanning the venue for something interesting, his gaze fell on an intriguing dark silhouette facing away from him. A pale woman with a beautifully twisted aura stood still just like him a few feet away. Finally, she turned around and she stared back…as if she knew him, as if he knew her. And Stephen’s mind finally solved the puzzle as this girl’s image erupted in his stream of fractured memories…The girl in his nightmares, in his dreams, the dark omen, the goth girl who dies holding his hand. And for that moment, for both of them…time stopped. >>
Hey, I’m looking for a semi-literate partner to roleplay with. The story will take place in a rather big city which hides a few esoteric secrets. The vibe would be something in the middle between Stephen King-esque grittiness, Lovecraftian existential dread, and the interpersonal horror of the World of Darkness universe in addition to some Silent Hill bizarreries. Therefore, the themes of this story will be tied to esoteric thriller mysteries, interpersonal horror, and unattainable (toxic?) love which is my favorite thing to write/read about. The characters we play would be ordinary people who fall victim to the arbitrary and unknowable dark Supernatural. They have little to no Supernatural abilities or nature. They're humans who are just trying to survive.
If this genre of horror and thriller interests you. If stories of secret witch covens, underground cults, esoteric beings, and half-dead unknowable gods and demons entices you, or if you’re a big Silent Hill fan like me, then this RP might be real fun and a nice writing exercise in the genre for you. So, join me and let’s dive deep into this city’s intricate web of enigmas. A city where a girl recently died in mysterious conditions, where a boy is struggling with hallucinations of another world, where a man with glowing eyes is driving around at night hunting, where a veteran of war is following the possible trail of a murder cult, and where a school teacher is struggling to hide her true nature and true potential, all the while desperately and madly falling in love with each other in a world that cannot allow it.
I play in third person and use ref pics. I would like my partner to be able to create and manage multiple “NPC” characters since I will be doing the same. Also I would like my partner to have autonomy and to create plotlines as they wish. I am not a GM so please don’t expect that of me. I do not have any clear ideas of where the story goes for now, I only have my character kinda figured out but I’m sure that we can come up with something good if we put both our visions together. Please message me only if you have a character in mind with a brief bio and a ref pic.
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2023.06.03 14:44 TheRetroWorkshop Hard & Accurate Sci-fi Tip #1: Sports & Relaxation:

Note: This is a series I want to create, centred around some given element or facet of worldbuilding and storytelling. Primarily, each post will either be a piece of hard science in terms of physics or logistics or otherwise core elements of the setting itself (such as military structure), or non-physical core elements of the people and their world (such as sports and personal enjoyment matters, for emotional regulation and social stability, among other reasons). In short: all the things that actually create a functional, realistic culture. As such, I simply named it hard & accurate sci-fi. Just know that the focus may not actually be on hard science, or 'hard sci-fi'.
An often overlooked element within space opera (and sci-fi in general) would be all things recreational. You might not find a good way to heavily feature this into your story (or, own game-making of Aion, as the case may be), but it can be something to just touch upon and have in your mind. I wanted to walk through this a little, as it shall become quite relevant at a later date.
The logic is very simple: using humanity as a fundamental base (technically, an axiom), we can conclude that any humanoid or even alien species would have to gift themselves some kind of national sport, wargame, gambling system, or otherwise. The real-world examples literally encompass almost all of culture itself, making me believe that if your people are even remotely humanoid in their fundamental nature, then the recreational is a core facet of culture itself. This is so integrated into our real culture (rather, cultures) that we take it for granted, and don't even think about it when it comes to fiction-writing. But, it's a nice thing to add if you want added realism and stability, or an extra human touch.
Fantasy seems to feature invented sports and the like far more than sci-fi (unless such is the entire narrative of the sci-fi story, of course -- and, then, it's typically car-based). If we look to history, we clearly have the very creation of modern dice (India) as a gambling tool, and we have wargames (Go and Chess, etc.) as either direct military training tools (wargames proper), or abstracted wargames for more general use, since at least 3000 BC. Sports-wise, we see Blood Bowl (Warhammer fantasy sports game), Quidditch (fantasy; Harry Potter, which is akin to football mixed with netball in the air), and a dozen major examples from sci-fi, often featuring murder and cars (which we could see as a kind of replacement for the Roman and Greek sports), or else some kind of American sport hybrid. These include Real Steel, Futuresport, The Running Man, Rollerball, and Death Race (also, movies by the same names).
The aforementioned are obviously plot devices, and possibly don't have a place within your space opera setting and story. But, the fundamental drive and psychology are there. There are a few other examples from sci-fi board games and novels. Not to mention general sports and activities, such as Swimming.
Personally, the Aionic national sport and recreation activity is Swimming. The reason is four-fold: (1) it is a driver for both health and relaxation; (2) it can be social and peaceful; (3) for symbolic reasons; and (4) because there is likely not much water in space, yet humans still have a deep drive towards water (naturally, this is only applicable to any water-based culture, such as humans). It also occurs to me that water is a natural fitting for space, more so, if we take the TV trope, 'space is an ocean' (which does seem to be the natural categorisation, though it's not the only one). Another reason might be that it creates a reward system/social mobility, or at least the implication of such. Maybe, boarding a spaceship and taking a trip to the 'local' Swimming Centre is the week's holiday for your lower class people. On the other hand, maybe the high class types sit in Swimming Centres all the time. Not an uncommon trend throughout both fiction and history, as you might imagine.
That's just my own example, and may act as a springboard (no pun intended). You can justify dozens of real sports and otherwise activities, or invent your own. They may be readily accessible, or limited to certain classes of people or otherwise groups. There will likely be many different activities and sports for all your peoples, just as we see on Earth.
Some of you already know that I already have a major plan in mind for another sort of game: a wargame of sorts, within the game of Aion. This shall be a nested game (at some point), which you can play. It's going to be a violent sports game, akin to Blood Bowl mixed with some elements of Necromunda, both from Games Workshop. It's mostly for the ruling classes, etc. to engage in warfare without having to actually enage in warfare! Instead, they can simply pit warriors against each other in this deadly match of sport! (More on this in the future.)
Now, if you're writing a new story or campaign, just one trip to one sports centre or otherwise will do the trick, assuming you have planted in the reader's mind the notion that this is very normal and healthy for the culture/people. Best is to try and fit it into the wider plot, or else as a passing element (a few pages). One natural way to deal with this is to tie such into a wider theme or plot-point. Don't just have people randomly go Swimming just to inform the readers that they are Swimming. You need to work it in a bit better than that.
Depending on your culture, you may want a dozen violent/unhealthy sports and activities, or you (i.e. your culture's governing body, etc.) may only regulate more peaceful, healthy ones. I would try and tie this into the wider theme, anyway, and take into account the kind of people/culture you have. For example, you may or may not want Football with ant-like robots. On the other hand, moon-tossing for giant space Russians always sounds like a fun game. Like that makes any sense! Maybe bottle-tossing!
If your culture is based on Americans or Hongkongian, for example, then you should think about their native sports and activities, and how that might fit into whatever you're doing with them in space/the future. Other than that, you need to consider the (a) disposition of your culture; (b) the history of your culture; (c) the function of your culture; (d) the state of your culture; and (e) the peoples of your culture. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it should suffice.
It also occurs to me, we just don't see enough sports in space outside of these movies/stories that are wholly dedicated to said sports, which is weird considering how sport-obsessed humans have become since 500 BC (but, especially since 1920 AD). This is often in relation to the ruling classes in rich, urban settings (cities/towns), or the average citizens in urban areas, finding a bit more free time on their hands (i.e. Scotland and England circa 1920 AD). Makes sense: you have bored, work-less nobles, or even workers with nothing to do. They need something to do; thus, they invented all sorts of games, wargames, and sports. You see this with horse-related games, ball-related games, and even something like fox tossing.
Tennis was 'the game' (popular sport) of the middle classes and above by the 1880s through the 1980s (hence, most early video sports games of the 1950s through 1970s were all Tennis-based). Worth noting that most early video games were themselves sports games or wargames! Actually, most video games are wargames circa 2023 AD, with a vast number of the rest being sports. I stress this only to stress the importance of such things to human culture and entertainment... indeed, most of our entertainment is also either war-based (Boxing, etc.) or otherwise sports (Football, etc.). Not shockingly, most modern sports were invented, therefore, in the British Empire (sometimes with French or Dutch roots). Older sports are seemingly universal -- ranging from Africa to Native Americans to India -- and are typically ball-based (classically, often using heads, or else leather balls).
Of course, most sports are impossible in zero gravity, so I'm just assuming you're creating some kind of zero gravity war-based game, or otherwise sport (fundamentally throwing-based or ball-based), or your culture is on a planet or space station of some kind, which has artificial gravity.
Tron is a great example of offering some inspiration (duel type, and others), not to mention Spy Kids 3-D (2003) (car race) and Ready Player One (2018) (car race). Then, you have combat training type games (I'll just call these 'physical wargames') and VR games (Gamer movie, for example), not to mention VR holiday trips.
Speaking of which, I'm reminded of Germany's vast, cheap, powerful cruise trip system by 1938, which saw millions of working (and fairly poor) Germans taking such Party-regulated trips and holidays (mostly a propaganda tool, funded with blood money, of course). In the more modern context, this is what we saw by the 1950s in America and England with various holiday sites, theme parks, modern cruise trips, and beach holidays (though these do date to at least 1920, but typically only by the middle classes and above). Naturally, because the Western trips and parks were not funded by literal blood money, Germany was able to be more advanced than the West, for a short time.
No less, Tolkien himself once came on holiday to the town I live in (on the coast, North of England), which was a famous holiday town back in the 1850s through 1960s. This was commonplace, including long walks through the woods and various built-up areas. Even in the 1700s, people began going to the 'sea air' for so-called health benefits. In reality, this was likely due to the fact the city air was unhealthy. The sea air was simply fresh, clean air (though, it likely is good for you, psychologically speaking, compared to the grey-state of city life). All of this to say that humans have a deep desire to be in nature, and to relax. This is true most of all for the rich and urbanised (as you can imagine).
Space theme park, anyone? Giant cinema on the Moon? Sure, why not. Titanic cruise trip across the galaxy? Doctor Who already did that, but you get my point! There is much to be done, and you only have to add a few such items, and briefly touch upon them, but I think it does wonders for the human connection, and some added realism (assuming such correctly fits your setting and themes).
There are many other activities of note, of course, including but not limited to art groups, acting/plays, drinking games, general board/video games, card/dice/token games, sword-based sports, hunting, Shooting (sport), and actual warfare.
These serve many functions in society, some positive, some negative. I may speak to some of this in more detail at a later date.
I have said enough. Ah, speaking of which: talking might be another consideration for your culture. This is as old as Man, and does count as such an activity in the context of debate. You famously find this within the Jewish and Islamic worlds: likely because they don't enage with the other items I mentioned as much, and their religions require great moral debate and such. On the other hand, Buddhism requires a lot of silent thinking (which is a kind of debate, in a sense). This heavily depends on your culture's primary religion and otherwise. Some cultures are almost purely geared towards warfare, for example, like the Akkadian Empire (though we are likely a bit harsh on them). In this case, the focus would be on action. If your culture is anything like the modern West, then it's also going to be heavily driven by action, purely due to the speed of the culture and its workers. How this manifests itself depends on the type of government and culture you have in place (the Dutch Empire vs. the U.S., for example).
(Clearly, within a cyberpunk direction or more classical space opera context, the primary free-time activities and modes tend to be centred around sex, war, and/or slave-labour, as shown by Star Wars in general, and most cyberpunk stories. This may or may not fit your narrative, however. The other core negative -- rather, mostly negative -- item would be gambling, which is the only item which doesn't innately involve the body, though often bleeds over into various animal gambling games/activities, and is not healthy in most cases. This typically keeps the more lower classes engaged in the 'slums' sector (typically of a planet or star system). Very common trope/theme, as noted in the bright-cyberpunk-space-opera sort of movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), when they go to a trading hub planet, filled with crime, sex rings, and gambling, including little weird creatures fighting each other, akin to dog fighting or such on Earth. But, again: you don't actually require this, it's just one popular way to go within the wider sci-fi context, and it serves a few narrative purposes.)
Later on, I shall dig deeper into all of this, as it pertains to Aion and the gameplay itself! :)
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