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The Internet's walk-in clinic. Because going to a doctor would be too expensive.

2023.06.02 18:30 JoelSilberman Joel Silberman has been included among the Super Lawyers, New Jersey 2023.

Joel Silberman has been included among the Super Lawyers, New Jersey 2023.
For nearly two decades, Joel Silberman has dedicated his practice to criminal defense and civil rights litigation and has built a reputation for treating his clients’ fights as if they were his own. Visit our website
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2023.06.02 18:29 Mysterious-Pudding37 Diagnosed T2 and have a question for those who know about slow-acting insulin and pricing.

I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes almost a year ago or so. I wasn't on insulin at first, but once I got over a 9.0 A1C my doctor prescribed me it. I couldn't take it, because she told me that I had to take 33 units and each vial was 100 units. She said at the lowest price in the doctor's pharmacy it was $10 a vial. I told her if that's the case I'd be paying $100 a month or so, which is very steep, and she never corrected me, never explained pricing other than that, and even said pharmacies (like Walmart) are more expensive. Now, I haven't been taking my insulin because of pricing, and my sister who has a T1 diabetic husband knows insulin pricing a little more than me said that she's confused by this pricing. How the price of insulin has gone down, can change if it's pre-loaded sticks or syringes, etc. Just a few facts about insulin and what she knows.
These are things that not even my doctor explained to me. Again, my sister doesn't know much about all the types of insulin, but knows a bit about some, and she just was confused about the pricing my doctor alluded to and how I could only get 33 units out of a vial of 100 units and she asked how small the vials were? How her husband has a 100 units in his vials, takes 15 morning and night, and he has had this vial for two weeks. I didn't understand what she meant... Which kind of sucks considering that means my doctor didn't explain it. I've been trying to advocate for myself, but clearly to not a good extent... Is something wrong here?
This is exactly what my doctor told me when she told me she wants me to be on insulin over 6 months ago:
-Our pharmacy (the doctor's office) sells vials at $10, which is cheaper than the Walmart or other pharmacies, like the grocery store -I can get pre-loaded sticks or buy syringes and vials -Each vial is 100 units and I have to take 33 units every night -The insulin is slow-acting and I take it once every night
That is it. I have expressed to her I can't get it right now due to money, because if that's the case, I'd be spending $100 or so a month, and I am very, very poor.
I don't know anything else and I expressed I don't know anything else to her. Is there something she possibly isn't telling me properly or incorrectly? I even had to ask her if syringes come separate and she said good question to me. I don't know why she couldn't tell me that and why I had to ask it. I literally should have been on insulin over six months ago and have been trouble managing my A1C. I even lost over 4 pounds this month, and in the past six months 12 more, but my A1C hasn't gone down much. So I know I am trying, but I could try more.
I have no quips taking insulin but it was just pricing constraints. I don't have a job, or medicaid, and I'm very poor.
This time I told her to put the prescription in for me, because maybe I could try and save up or beg my family. She did, and I got this text yesterday after my apopintment:
1 rx: LAN has been filled for a total of $18.
What does LAN mean? I asked her for a 90 day supply of all my medicine. Is it possible this is a 90 day supply of LAN? I don't understand this one bit and if anyone knows, please help me. I want to be more knowledgeable.
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2023.06.02 18:20 Potential_Toe_538 Help regarding eye issues

I'm 17 & I see things blury not in the range of 24inches with my left eye. I've been telling about seeing blury with my left eye tp my parents for about 7 years now, but they didn't ever take me to the eye specialist or any doctor. My mom gave me some medicine to eat but it made no difference. Even nowmy vision has become more blurry. Is there any solution to fix my eyesight? Please help me, I don't want my life to be like this 💔
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2023.06.02 18:20 Tricky-Habit-7396 Birth control prescription not being filled.

Hello, American here with a pharmacy question. I have a prescription for birth control. It’s the kind you take for 3 months, so I only need 4 a year. My doctor wrote me a script for 11 refills (which may have been a clerical error thinking you need one per month). Well it’s been a year and 2 months (so I’ve filled it 4 times) and now Walgreens is refusing to fill the script, telling me to call the doctor. The doctor office says they don’t know why it’s not being filled but maybe it’s because I need a well woman exam, and they can get me in a few months from now. What are my options here to not go without birth control for months? I’m not sexually active, but my periods are terrible and painful and I have a lot of trips this summer that I wanted to schedule around. I hate how doctors can hold your medicine hostage in order to force you to come in for an exam. That should be a separate issue and not tied into one. Can planned parenthood provide birth control? Would insurance cover it? Would I be able to do the 3 month type? Thanks, y’all.
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In summary, this website provides general information for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with qualified healthcare professionals for personalized guidance and care.
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2023.06.02 18:10 A_Man_of_Iron WON: Notes on AEW Collision creative and ticket sales

From the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

The belief is Punk and Ace Steel will be heavily involved in the creative of the show. At least they will be for Punk’s stuff and the main angles and storyline on the show will revolve around him and obviously he’ll have great input into that.

The 6/17 Collision debut from United Center in Chicago at press time has 7,602 tickets out, so they moved about 700 tickets after announcing Punk being on the show the next day. It is the best advance for any AEW show aside from Forbidden Door and Wembley. The announcement of Punk has not helped the other cities as much, as 6/24 in Toronto is only at 1,762, 6/29 in Hamilton, ONT, is at 730, 7/8 in Regina, SK, is at 1,325, 7/15 in Calgary is at 3,293 and 7/22 in Newark, NJ, is at 3,947. Newark is the New York metro area and that fan base has likely been aware of Punk for a couple of weeks. He absolutely means something in Chicago but by next week we’ll have a pretty good gauges to see what his name means in other places
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2023.06.02 18:08 cranceapples7 Can you ship prescription medicine internationally?

This might be a dumb question but I was wondering if you can ship prescription medicine internationally? I have a family member in Europe who left some prescriptions in the US and asked that I send them. Is that possible or would I get in trouble?
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2023.06.02 17:55 StrikeVirtual5637 Advice

I've heard the phrase "study where you want to work at". I'm an int student thinking of studying medicine abroad. My current option is UK But I've heard that the living there is hard and the income doctors earn are less though they offer the best degrees. My main purpose is to work at a country with a decent lifestyle and that offers justified amount of income for a doctor. In addition what about the university degrees and medical schools? What about Canada, USA, Australia? ... And are there websites that focus on these criterias?
(Btw I went through IDP website )
If anybody has information regarding any of this, I would love to know!
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2023.06.02 17:52 Over-Thinker-29-99 AITA if I refuse to make amends with someone who has been so hurtful but wants help now that he's disabled?

Daniel (36M) and I (38M) dated 6 years ago. A month into dating he complained about his eyes. He set up an appointment in an eye clinic and I drove him to it. After the doctor did some tests we got called into a meeting room where 4 doctors of that clinic were
They tell him they agree there's nothing wrong with his eyes but his optic nerves are too inflamed and he needs to urgently go to the hospital to treat it and he was at risk of irreversible damage to his nerves. They gave him all the documents of the tests, the medication and dosage, referrals with neurologists, etc. Daniel said he would call his uncle. He called him and the uncle said, "go and get this medication and rest for the day”. Well, his uncle is not an MD, he has homeopathic practice
He refused the doctors’ advice from the clinic. Weekly his condition got worse to the point of blackout in one eye and he then reached out to his parents. Turns out his family is anti scientific medicine (all of it). They agreed to continue with only uncle’s treatment. So his friends and I were the ones taking care of him. His family lives out of town. But after almost missing a month of work he gets an ultimatum: get disability certification or get fired
To get certified for disability here you need to go through the public health system. So he goes to the hospital and gets admitted for treatment and evaluation. During his stay and treatment he started to regain his vision. His evaluation said indications of autoimmune. So he gets discharged with temp disability, prescription filled, and test orders. But refused more tests and medication and in less than a week later he was at square one again.
His family came and took him back to his hometown but the blaming games began. I got blamed for pushing him to get admitted to a hospital repeatedly by him and his family. He left but we talked that he needed to heal and we will see it through.
I continued to help him out as much as I could (ie devices with enhancements for visually impaired, accounts for podcasts and audiobooks, talk to him as much as possible, etc). But eventually he started to get hostile and angry and saying hurtful/insulting things to me
One day I was busy when he called me and I replied that night. Next morning he sent me a nasty voicenote. I replied and said sorry about not being able to talk. He doubled down and called me all the hurtful things you can think of being told you
I cut him off after that interaction. But he send me an email months later. He talked about where he was at in life. But he didn’t apologize for what he said, just that he missed me and was thankful. I accepted his invitation to talk again but he went for the same hostile and hurtful comments. Cut him off again. He has reached out several times since. But has never apologized for anything. As far as I know he still is vision impaired and wants to connect with people because he's lonely and could use help
AITA if I refuse his attempts to make amends?
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2023.06.02 17:28 trollthumper [Comics] I'm With Stupid: Marvel's Civil War

So, we already discussed what DC was doing to match the tenor of the early years of the War on Terror: A grim, smarter-than-it-thinks miniseries full of gratuitous rape that was meant to take the shine off the Silver Age by showing the darker side of its greatest heroes. Marvel, on the other hand, was trying to find a way to capture the zeitgeist of a post-9/11 era of existential threats, constant government surveillance, and the idea that if you weren’t with America, you were against it. A Captain America storyline saw Cap wrestle with the very concept of Guantanamo Bay; like any story arc that involves Cap doubting whether America lives up to its ideals, this made certain conservatives pissy, to the point that bad movie cataloguer Michael Medved wrote an entire article asking if Cap was a traitor. Avengers Disassembled briefly saw the Avengers face down their demons, as the Scarlet Witch goes crazy (again) and starts killing team members, her reality manipulations causing fault lines to form among Marvel’s greatest superteam. But there hadn’t yet been a storyline that would tie the entire Marvel Universe together with the burning question, “Which side are you on?”
Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with the Sokovia Accords. We’d be a lot better off if it did.
Part 1: Mark Millar’s March to the C-Word
Content Warning: Sexual assault. None of this is germane to the topic of the drama, so feel free to skip ahead to Part 1.5 if you don’t want to deal with this. Tl;dr: Mark Millar, the writer of the event, has a near pathological need to be a 3edgy5u contrarian.
Every comics crossover is ultimately a chance for one creative in the stable to shine or falter. The editors pick a writer who has turned out dependable work and give them a chance to try to alter the status quo but good. And for Civil War, Marvel’s EiC Joe Quesada decided the best person to lead the charge was Ultimates writer Mark Millar.
But who is Millar? Well, we could say “edgelord” and leave it at that, but we’re trying to dig deeper. Millar came up in comics alongside fellow Scot Grant Morrison, long before Morrison said the only time they want to bump into Millar on the streets of Glasgow is while going at 100 miles per hour. This antipathy is alleged to have stemmed from Millar copping several ideas from Morrison that went into Superman: Red Son. But after getting a start on Superman Adventures and as a cowriter on parts of Morrison’s JLA run, Millar soon branched out to WildStorm, where he took over The Authority from departing creatowritesex pest Warren Ellis.
The reason I bring up Red Son (for those non-geeks, an alternative universe comic premised on “What if Superman’s rocket had landed in Soviet Russia?”) is to frame a constant refrain about Mark Millar. He has good high-concept ideas… which often get trammeled up in an almost Pavlovian urge to shock, disturb, and/or titillate the reader. For instance, in The Authority, Ellis had introduced Apollo and Midnighter, two close companions who just happened to share the rough power sets and demeanors of Superman and Batman, with a few tweaks. Then he revealed they were boyfriends, which was a pretty bold move for a late Nineties comic book full of widescreen action and lovingly-rendered eviscerations.
In Millar’s first arc on the title, centered on a villainous Jack Kirby clone sending out a team of baddies who totally aren’t the Avengers, Apollo is subdued and is strongly implied to have been raped by someone who’s not Captain America. Apollo gets revenge by destroying EvilCap’s spinal column with his laser vision, then leaving him to the tender mercies of Midnighter, who is strongly implied to have sodomized him with a jackhammer.
In case you can’t tell, Millar loved him some rape. And it kept showing up in his creator-owned titles as well, all of which were basically written as Hollywood pitch docs. Wanted asks the question, “What if the supervillains won and secretly ruled the world from behind the scenes?” Well, an Eminem clone would take the opportunity to step into his dead villainous dad’s shoes and commit a lot of rape (yeah, there’s a reason the movie version replaced this with basically the Euthanatos from Mage: the Ascension getting orders from a magic loom). Chosen asks the question, “What if Jesus were born today?” Well, in a blatantly obvious twist, it turns out he’s actually the Antichrist, and part of his journey into realizing his evil nature involves being raped by all the demons of Hell.
It’s not that Millar can’t write innocent or restrained; he got started on the Superman: the Animated Series comic spin-off, and some of his titles such as Huck and Starlight have been praised for being relatively wholesome (keep in mind Huck is basically “What if Superman was Forrest Gump?” when I say “relatively”). And, as mentioned above, his works are made for high-concept log lines. You might recognize some of his various pitch docs: Kick-Ass, The Secret Service (source for the Kingsman movies), and, as mentioned above, Wanted. It’s just there’s this unctuous contrarian streak to a lot of his titles, a tendency to focus on venality, grotesquerie, and sodomy, with an air of pop culture edge. This also leaked into his image outside of his writing, with comments like “Games are for pedos” and ventures like the creator-owned comics periodical CLiNT (yes, the kerning is intentional). This streak continues to this day, as The Magic Order, a title that emerged from his deal with Netflix, features a magical escapologist who, she feels it very important to tell the reader in a direct monologue, escaped her own abortion. Bottom line, Millar has a sense of vision, but it’s betrayed at times by this reflexive desire to prove he’s smarter than the reader, to rub your face in the contradictions and make you a party to the artifice of it all. Usually with a dash of rape.
But at Marvel, Millar was riding the lightning of the Ultimate Universe. His Ultimates title was drawing on the wide-screen action image of JLA and The Authority, creating the cinematic language that would come to define the MCU. The choice to fantasy cast Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is why we have Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. He also painted the Hulk as a cannibalistic monster, cemented Hank Pym’s reputation as a wifebeater, and gave us Captain America yelling “Surrender? Do you think this A on my head stands for France?”, so let’s just keep that in perspective.
But the Ultimate Universe was its own pocket universe. Millar was being tapped to write a story for Earth-616, the main Marvel Universe. And he had a vision:
“I opted instead for making the superhero dilemma something a little different. People thought they were dangerous, but they did not want a ban. What they wanted was superheroes paid by the federal government like cops and open to the same kind of scrutiny. It was the perfect solution and nobody, as far as I'm aware, has done this before.”
Yeah. About that.
Part 1.5: What Has Come Before
Ultimately, the crux of Civil War is something that has been explored lightly in the past at Marvel: The idea that, instead of being unlicensed vigilantes who decide the best solution of societal issues is to beat up assholes in spandex, superheroes become licensed government officers that register their true identities with Uncle Sam and solve societal issues by beating up assholes in spandex. In Marvel’s history, it hasn’t gone well. The reality of government liaisons to superhero bodies has ranged from Valerie Cooper, who worked with government mutant team X-Factor but still found herself backing the genocidal Sentinel program as a big “Yeah, but what if…?”, to Henry Peter Gyrich, an inflamed obstructionist asshole who had to be held back from flipping a switch that would depower every superhuman individual on Earth. The idea of heroes themselves bristling against a government they disagreed with had a long history, as there was a period where Steve Rogers quit being Captain America, and the government had to find a replacement while he rode around on a motorcycle in a surprisingly slutty costume. But the idea of registering with the government has usually ended up on the “No” side due to one big cohort at Marvel: Mutants.
Ever since the days of Chris Claremont, a general conceit of the Marvel Universe is that mutants are a stand-in for your minority group of choice. Hated and feared, born different and feeling alienated, painted as an existential menace and threat to the status quo. Of course, it’s long been pointed out that the metaphor breaks down on the general grounds that, say, gays can’t shoot laser beams out of their eyes. I have my thoughts on that which I might share in the comments if someone pokes me hard enough, but it’s been general editorial consensus that people with powers, especially those of persecuted minorities, being compelled to share their true names, addresses, and natures with the federal government is a “That train’s never late!” move. Not only that, it’s a slippery slope. The classic X-Men story “Days of Future Past” is entirely premised on the idea that a government program of genocidal robots built to wipe out mutants will eventually run out of mutants… and then start turning on humans who could give birth to mutants, and then it’s Skynet all over again.
Another running meme in the Marvel Universe is that the X-Men usually exist in a Schrodinger’s cat situation with the rest of the superhero universe, both coexisting and in their own worlds. Yes, mutants have served on the Avengers, and yes, Thor intervened when the Morlocks were nearly wiped out in the sewers under New York. But Captain America, for all his proud statements of living up to America’s ideals, has a habit of missing the plot whenever the US government (or Canada, seat of all the Marvel Universe’s governmental evils - no, really) decides it’s Genocide O’Clock. And when the mutant nation of Genosha was completely wiped out by said murder robots, the Avengers seemed to be all “New phone who dis?” But when the two do intersect, there’s usually support for the mutants. One story in Fantastic Four had Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic, stretchy man, greatest genius in the Marvel Universe, guy who’s probably being cucked by a fish-man - get tapped by the US government to make a device that detects mutants and other people with powers. He does… and then uses it to show why the government probably doesn’t want it, as it pings several members of Congress as having just enough genetic variation to qualify as “mutants,” even if they don’t have powers.
All in all, while the argument has some merit, for years, Marvel has come down on the position that asking people with powers to reveal their identities to the federal government is something that could go really bad if somebody with a hate-on for superheroes ends up in power. Something that would never happen oh yeah it totally did. But before it all went to Hell, Civil War at least gave an opportunity to reexamine the concept and see if it had merit.
It might have. But not with this argument.
Part 1.75: What Else Has Happened Before?
And now, some things that will ultimately give context for what happens next:
Part 2: Connecticut Can’t Catch a Break
The big kick-off for Civil War involves the New Warriors, a team of teen heroes who have, as of a recently canceled series, been trying to make it big as reality TV stars. They get in a fight with a bunch of villains in the small town of Stamford, CT, when exploding villain Nitro goes positively nuclear, resulting in a blast much bigger than any he’s generated. [1] Not only does this mostly wipe out the New Warriors (save for kinetic energy-absorbing goofball Speedball), but it also happens to hit a nearby school. In the end, 612 people are dead, many of them children, and the nation wants answers.
With public opinion turning against the New Warriors, former member Hindsight starts leaking secret identities to get the heat off his back. This only makes things worse. Secret identities have only recently stopped being a thing for some heroes: Captain America only came out a few years ago, it was only recently that Tony Stark stopped pretending Iron Man was his bodyguard, and Daredevil was almost outed in the pages of his book. But something needs to be done, so Tony helps work with Congress to pass the Super Human Registration Act, which requires that all people with powers or working as vigilantes register their identities with the government to receive training and oversight. If you don’t? Believe it or not, jail, right away.
Fault lines quickly develop in the superhero community. While Tony is leading the “pro” side, alongside Reed Richards (yeah, we’ll get to that), Captain America, usually painted as the embodiment of the dream of America despite its compromised history and many sins, is against it. He’s lived through Richard Nixon being a secret fascist and shooting himself in the head after being fingered as mastermind of a vast criminal conspiracy (yes, that happened ); he knows how badly this could go in the wrong hands. Needless to say, Maria Hill and SHIELD hear his concerns, understand his problems with it, and are willing to iron out the kinks through reasoned debate.
Just kidding. Before the law has even been signed, Maria sics SHIELD’s elite Cape-Killers squad on Cap with the intent of getting him behind bars. Cap swiftly goes underground and starts his own group of anti-registration superheroes.
The fight continues for the next few issues. Spider-Man, caught in the middle, reveals himself to be Peter Parker at a press conference, declaring his support for the SHRA. Doctor Strange is so powerful that he tells the government to fuck off, and somehow, Maria Hill doesn’t decide to go charging up his asshole. Ben Grimm, the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing, is so sick of all the conflict he goes to France. But things are still at a stalemate, and while SHIELD may be acting like a bunch of merry assholes, it seems like there’s a debate to be had that could still be resolved reasonably… except for one key factor.
Part 3: I Fought the Law, and the Law… Huh?
No one ever really defined what the Super Human Registration Act, the legislation that tore the Marvel Universe’s superhero community asunder, did. Every book that had an issue that touched on the event seemed to have a different understanding of its principles, as well as just how fascist it might be in the long run. In the pages of She-Hulk, attorney Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk argues the law is a net good, as it gives heroes the backing and resources they need to not have to go it alone, while also having some measure of government oversight. In the pages of Civil War Frontline (oh, and we’ll get back to Civil War Frontline, don’t you worry), Wonder Man is told by the government that he needs to do a job for them, and if he refuses, well, one thousand years dungeon.
Which then leads into the other issue behind the SHRA. Namely, that everyone in favor was either starting to swing towards fascism or embracing bootlicking as a lifestyle, not a kink. In the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter asks Reed Richards, who has always bucked authority and once stopped the US government from doing something just like this with mutants, why he’s pro-registration. Reed then reveals that an uncle who has never been mentioned before was called before HUAC; he refused to name names, his career was ruined, and he killed himself. From this, Reed - the man who stole a rocketship because the government said “no” to his planned space voyage - has learned that the government is always right, especially when they could step on your neck (this was received so badly that a later comic revealed he’d actually borrowed the concept of psychohistory from Asimov’s Foundation, he’d made it work somehow, and his calculations showed that this was the only way to avoid a greater disaster). This comic also revealed that people who were in violation of the SHRA were sent to a literal extradimensional Gitmo, a prison in the Negative Zone that later comics would reveal was overseen by… Captain Marvel. No, not that one. No, not that one. The Kree superhero Captain Mar-Vell, who had famously died of cancer decades before. How did he come back from the dead? Fuck if we know.
This “the law says what you want it to say” approach spread across various books and miniseries meant to cross over into the event. In the pages of a crossover mini between the Runaways and the Young Avengers, this meant SHIELD Cape-Killer squads were using lethal force against teenagers. The second-to-last issue of the mini ends with several members of both teams in extradimensional Gitmo, about to be dissected by a guy who’s horny for torture. The fact that all the captive heroes were the queer members of both teams? Total coincidence. Honestly.
So, it quickly becomes clear that the editorial control on this event is less than cohesive. There are different ideas all over as to what the SHRA does, and some of those ideas are tacking pretty fashy. But if the law is being painted as that bad, then clearly, there must be some greater statement of freedom vs. security. Maybe Millar’s really painting a subversive picture of what happens when you trade liberty for control, right?
Part 4: Why Do You Hate the Good Thing?
After the publication of Civil War #3, Millar would say in an interview he was actually pro-registration. I can’t find that interview, but here’s a similar sentiment shared years later:
“Weirdly, some of the other writers would often make Tony the bad guy, which I thought was a strange choice because I was actually on Tony’s side... In the real world, if somebody had superpowers, I’d like them to be registered in the same way that somebody who has a gun has to carry a license. But a gun can kill several people while a superhero can kill several thousands of people, so on a pragmatic level I’m 100% on Tony’s side. Maybe on a romantic level, Cap’s position makes sense but I don’t think anybody in the real world would really want that."”
And again, here’s the thing: He’s not entirely wrong. As said above, the idea of civil liberties for all and “free to me you and me” falls down a little when one of your neighbors can blow up a city block by thinking real hard. But Millar is fighting against years of ideological inertia in the Marvel Universe, as well as painting Captain America, the guy who has always embodied the ideal of a righteous, just America, as in the wrong. He needs to make one hell of an argument.
So here’s what happens in the pages of Civil War #3 to sell the audience on the SHRA:
Again. Tony’s in the right. The SHRA is good.
Part 5: Yadda, Yadda, Yadda
The next few issues of Civil War might best be described as “They fight, and fight, and fight and fight and fight.” The anti-registration side picks up The Punisher, Marvel’s most avowed murderer of criminals - and Cap is somewhat shocked but not entirely surprised when two minor villains join the anti-registration side and Frank promptly kills them on sight. Spider-Man starts realizing things are weird on the pro-reg side and defects, after he has set his entire life on fire. The X-Men have continued to stay out of this whole mess. In the lead-up, Emma Frost called Tony out on the Avengers’ complete absence when Genosha got nuked. Later, Carol Danvers (then Ms. Marvel, now Captain Marvel) will show up at the Xavier School to pitch the SHRA just after a massive terrorist attack kills dozens of students. Emma responds by telepathically dogwalking her.
By the final issue of the miniseries, the SHRA has expanded out into the Fifty States Initiative, wherein each state gets its own superteam. There’s a big final battle, Hercules kills Robo-Thor, and Cap nearly takes out Tony, only to be stopped by… the heroes of 9/11. No shit, Captain America is subdued by cops, firefighters, and paramedics. And when that happens, Cap finally takes a look around, realizes their big ideological street brawl has resulted in collateral damage, and surrenders. The SHRA wins, though Tony feels a little bad about it. Cap is ready to stand trial and to argue that, while he may have done something wrong, he did it for the right reasons.
Once again: Yeah. About that.
Part 6: MySpace Tom Didn’t Die For This
Running alongside Civil War is Civil War Frontline, a street-level book written by Paul Jenkins that managed to capture this world-breaking conflict through the eyes of people on the street. Though it has side stories, its main leads are Ben Urich, Peter Parker’s journalist buddy at The Daily Bugle, and the aforementioned Sally Floyd. Throughout the series, they start to realize there’s a story underneath the SHRA, as if somebody is playing the angles.
Before we talk about that conclusion, let’s talk about a side story. Remember how we said part of the comics community saw Identity Crisis as a driven effort to make things less “wacky” and intentionally darken the DCU? Well, that same tonal approach led to one of the more laughable moments of a pretty laughable arc. See, despite the fact that, as established, it was Nitro who blew up Stamford, it’s Speedball, the only survivor of the New Warriors, that views himself as responsible and is held up as a scapegoat by the general public. In addition, the blast screwed up his powers. Now, he doesn’t absorb and reflect kinetic energy; rather, he generates energy based on pain. So, he builds himself a new, extreme outfit lined with 612 spikes, one for each person who died in Stamford. This will drive his crusade to make things right - not as Speedball… but as Penance.
It was so laughably DeviantArt “OC do not steal” that no one could take it seriously. Look what you did, you took a perfectly good goofball and gave him an emo streak. The turn is swiftly mocked in other Marvel books, and it’s eventually revealed that Speedball still had his original powerset and always intended to put Nitro in the Goofy Suit of Dark Inner Torment as punishment for his crimes. But this turn gives you a sense of the tone and heft Jenkins was bringing to the proceedings.
Anyway, back to the main plot. Ben and Sally follow the thread as Namor, as he is wont to do, declares war on the surface world after an Atlantean diplomat is shot. But it turns out the assassination was arranged by Norman Osborn, who decided it was better to beg forgiveness than ask permission and manipulated Atlantis into war so that Tony could have another piece of evidence for getting superhumans on a leash. And the two journalists deduce that, on some level, Tony had to know this would be an inevitable outcome of giving state backing to an unhinged mogul who dresses like a Power Rangers villain. Weighing what to do with this information, Ben and Sally, who are kind of sick of the collateral damage by this point, sit on it while they go in for an interview with Captain America, now in custody and willing to tell his side of the story.
And then. And then. The monologue. If you want a lesson in how to assassinate a character in 30 seconds or less, this monologue is a great example. Sally Floyd calls Captain America out as completely divorced from American values. Now, again, Captain America has long served as the beating liberal heart of the Marvel Universe. He has always represented an America that reckons with its legacy of things like internment camps, Manifest Destiny, and Jim Crow, in order to transcend these scars and embody the promise offered by Emma Lazarus’s New Colossus, carved on the side of the Statue of Liberty. Why is he out of touch with Americans at the dawn of the 21st century?
Well, he’s never heard of MySpace. [2] He doesn’t watch NASCAR. He doesn’t follow American Idol. There are pop culture moments that have aged like milk; this one had all the permanence of an ice cream cone in a blast furnace. But despite the inanity of Floyd’s argument - and trust me, there are fan edits dedicated to Cap pointing out how full of shit this argument is - it’s clear it represents something else. This is a post-9/11 world. Fuck civil liberties, we have a no-fly list and Gitmo, and if the American people really cared, they’d do something other than watch Simon Cowell read aspiring singers to filth. What does Captain America stand for in this moment of crisis?
Nothing. Because he just looks away from Sally Floyd. No doubt thinking, “Oh my God this bitch.” But to underline the argument in question, Sally storms out of the interview, Ben in tow. She still has that information on Norman Osborn’s false flag operation… and while she and Ben confront Tony on everything that went down, they decide the story should never see the light of day. Because they wouldn’t dare jeopardize the SHRA, because security is more important than the truth.
Oh. And then Cap gets shot. And dies. He totally dies (except he doesn’t but we’ll get to that). If ever there was an unintentional thesis statement for this event, running in the late stages of the Bush era, it would be this: “It’s better to trust that the powers that be who oversee the new America will keep you safe, even when they stage false flag operations, stick you in a gulag, and put their trust in monsters. All that civil liberty stuff was the old America. And the old America was hopeless. It wasn’t even on MySpace.”
Epilogue: Consequences Keep Consequencing
As you can tell from that last paragraph, a lot of the fan reception to Civil War likely had a lot to do with the period. This was the Bush era, a time where you were for America or against it. We were in the shadow of the Patriot Act, Gitmo, and widespread wiretaps, paranoid about what civil liberty we’d be asked to put on the pyre next in the name of Freedom. A story all about the warm, clenching fist of government control that tells you to ignore the collateral damage… well, it wasn’t great for the cultural moment.
The ideas of Civil War aren’t necessarily bad ones. I frame Cap as the liberal dream of what America could be, but there are good arguments to be made that America has never been that and Cap is just copium for liberals. His most recent title, Sentinel of Liberty, opens with Steve saying he is out of touch with the average American - not because he doesn’t watch NASCAR, but because he’s a WWII veteran who looks maybe 30 years old at most and whose best friends are all superheroes or spies. A narrative that has him on the wrong side of the issue and detonates his beliefs isn’t impossible, but it probably shouldn’t be one where people who got powers due to a fluke of birth or a radiation accident are told by the government, “Join with us or we’ll send supervillains after you.” Hell, as the Civil War movie proves, there is a way to tell a story about a superhero community torn in half by the idea of mandatory registration as government-controlled actors, and just why people would think that could be a bad idea (“Hey, remember when a good chunk of our intelligence apparatus turned out to be Nazi stay behinds?”).
But in the context of the era, and coupled with the execution, Civil War felt like a hard sell, and you could feel the thumb pressing on the scale every second while reading it. The moral center of the Marvel Universe is wrong, the winning side employs sadistic murderers and has an extradimensional Gitmo, and the writer is telling you that any sane individual would be on Team Green Goblin Employer.
So how did that all work out? Well…
As for Spider-Man? It might not shock you, but having a hero without the resources of Tony Stark out himself to the world carries liabilities. An assassin who tries to kill Peter instead hits Aunt May, and it appears she’ll die of her injuries. All this leads to One More Day… and if you thought the fans hated Civil War? Oh, BABY.
[1] This is eventually explored in the pages of Wolverine, of all books, as Wolverine decides maybe somebody should track down the person who actually killed hundreds of children. It’s revealed that Nitro was given power-boosting drugs by the CEO of Damage Control, Marvel’s designated “clean up after the super-battle” corporation, as a way of generating business. In a sign of how little this matters, Wolverine tells Maria Hill to her face that the person responsible for a mass casualty event is the pawn of a powerful conspiracy, and she basically says, “Not my problem.” Cobie Smulders must thank the gods that her Maria Hill is written as somebody with basic human decency.
[2] Hilariously, when Sally Floyd was brought back during Nick Spencer’s Captain America run because no one had piled enough dung on her corpse, this line was retconned to her asking him about Twitter. Given everything Elon’s been doing lately, we’ll see if that ages just as poorly.
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2023.06.02 17:23 WallabyUpstairs1496 If it needs to be said. Bosley should be avoided at all costs. They are terrible, unethical, bottom of the barrel standards for surgeons and technicians. Here are their job postings for their surgeons and technicians, which are disturbing.

Their disturbing job listings for a surgeon speak for itself
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Ensure compliance with all health care regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA. 
Board certified/eligible. Licensure to practice medicine in state at time of employment. 
Job listing for their hair techs
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Bosley is seeking a top-notch Medical Assistant to support our New Orleans, LA surgical office.
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Why Bosley?
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Candidates must have:
Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate with patients, peers, and management. Ability to communicate with proper etiquette. Mathematical Skills: Basic math functions. **Ability to use a calculator and calculate percentages.** Education/ Experience: Certified medical assistant. **Willing to train the right candidate. Get paid while learning to become a hair transplant technician from the best team in the business.** Reasoning Ability: Ability to multi-task, while being attentive to patients and remaining flexible to the needs of the business. Ability to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision. Organizational Skills: Ability to follow up on leads, schedule consultations, obtain patient consent for treatment and manage time management skills. Other Skills: Enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic with a genuine desire to provide outstanding service. Need to be reliable and outgoing, detail-oriented problem solver with exceptional customer service skills. Will exhibit high attention to detail, dexterity, and hand/eye coordination. Must be punctual and can prioritize and multitask. 
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The technician working on your procedure should be making 6 figures if done in one of the well off countries, which Bosley is in, the US.
Nobody should have their previous, very limited grafts being dissected from straight out of high school 17$/hour teenagers. According to independent reviews of Dr Diep, he has used technicians that seemingly are straight of out high school, and look at the physical and mental trauma he's inflicted onto his patient, including destroying of patient's previous limited grafts.
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2023.06.02 17:22 artofjosephshelton Long time headache/migraine sufferer, at his wits end with avenues to get these to stop. Seeking help.

I've had headaches/migraines all my life. I'm 38 years old. And in recent years, they've gotten more and more debilitating, Nothing changes with diet, sleep, exercise, they don't come on at a specific time. They are just always there. And always at a 9 or a 10. So for the last year and a half, I've sought the help of one of the best neurologists here in Utah.
We've run the gamut when it comes to prescriptions; Sumatriptan, Rizatriptan, Gabapentin, Nurtec, etc. We've even tried botox x2 and none of these have helped. The two triptans work fine as rescue pills, but I also don't want to live off RX medicine the rest of my life, but I fear I might have to.
The doctor told me the next course of action would be a Rhizotomy in my neck. Since that's where they seem to trigger and stem from. And I've tried chiropractors too, btw, and both times left worse than when I went in.
To do this rhizotomy, I had to do 6 weeks of physical therapy for insurance purposes, and then two trials of lidocaine shots in my neck to see if the numbing works. Because it the numbing doesn't solve the issue, why would torching the nerves solve it? The first round of shots went fine. The second round I had last week was worse. Seemed to hurt more with the injections, didn't alleviate my pain like I wanted it to... and I still ended up having to take pills that night anyway to get my headache to go away.
So my issue and guidance I need is this... Is it even worth it for me to get the rhizotomy? I'm scared shitless about it, for one. And two... is it worth the trauma if I'm still going to have to take pills for my headaches anyway?
Any help/guidance/similar experiences is/are greatly appreciated. And if you made it this far, thanks for reading my story.
TL;DR Getting a rhizotomy as a last ditch effort to alleviate migraines, but have some concerns that I'm still gonna have to take pills anyway, making the procedure seem pointless. Seeking help.
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2023.06.02 17:21 Devanand100 Can someone please explain my diagnosis, I did went to a ENT specialist after bloody mucus today, got laryngoscopy.

Can someone please explain my diagnosis, I did went to a ENT specialist after bloody mucus today, got laryngoscopy.
A brief medical history about myself.
I do take Atenolol 25mg for anxiety and high bp which both are controlled and I am an active person who workouts 5 days a week.
This is the first time I experienced something like blood in mucus and it happened after eating dark chocolate.
ENT specialist said it could be sudden high blood pressure or some pimple that he noticed in video laryngoscopy.
I am finding it hard to read my diagnosis as mentioned by the doctor and also the medicines that he mentioned.
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2023.06.02 17:18 miarrial This armed Russian opposition to Vladimir Putin dreams of "liberating Russia"

Link in French – Cette opposition armée russe à Vladimir Poutine qui rêve de « libérer la Russie »

Despite ideological differences, the two paramilitary organizations that attacked Belgorod on May 22 are united in their desire to topple the Kremlin's master and end the war in Ukraine.
Des membres du Corps des volontaires russes, lors d'une conférence de presse organisée avec la légion Liberté de la Russie le 24 mai 2023, dans le nord de l'Ukraine, près de la frontière russe
"May 22, 2023 will mark the anniversary of the future free Russian republic. But we won't stop until we get to Moscow," Ilia Ponomarev, a Russian opponent of Vladimir Putin, tells Slate. From Kiev, where he currently lives in exile, this former elected member of the Duma, who opposed the annexation of Crimea in 2014, represents the Freedom Legion of Russia, a unit of Russian fighters incorporated into the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
On Monday, May 22, these anti-Kremlin Russian fighters led an armed incursion into the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine. As a result, the territory was placed under an "anti-terrorist" regime for 24 hours by Moscow, which finally claimed to have "crushed" the perpetrators of the operation on Tuesday May 23. This was the second ground incursion into Russian territory since the start of the war in Ukraine - on March 2, the villages of Lyubetchané and Souchany, in the Russian oblast of Bryansk, had already been attacked by another formation, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK).
"It's time for Russian citizens to take back their country"
"Even if we didn't last long, we flew the white-blue-white flag on our land," says Ilia Ponomarev in an interview with Slate, pointing out that the unit is made up of four battalions.
Referring to his exile, the former Russian MP evokes the figure of General de Gaulle, who was able to continue the fight against Nazi Germany from England. "De Gaulle is a source of inspiration. His aim was to defeat Hitler, liberate France and re-establish democracy, which was already present before the Nazi invasion. For me, the goal is to create, in Europe, a Russia that would have a political structure totally different from the one before."
To this end, Ilia Ponomarev participates in the Congress of People's Deputies. "This is a shadow Russian parliament, created by a dozen former deputies, which is designing the future by drafting a new constitution," elaborates the dissident politician. "The plan is to establish a transition period that could last probably two years, during which time this new Constitution would be adopted following free and fair elections."
ALSO READ – Will Russians finally rise up against Putin?
"It's time for Russian citizens to take back their country. Today, we often hear reproaches that no Russian opposes Putin and his war," declared Anastasiia Sergeeva, secretary of the Civic Council, a political association based in Warsaw (Poland), in a video published in November 2022.
Interviewed by Slate, she describes the Civic Council, made up of twenty permanent members, as "a grassroots initiative of Russian citizens who believe that military resistance is inevitable to topple Putin's regime and end the war in Ukraine".
The Russian Volunteer Corps, a paramilitary unit with a neo-Nazi leader
According to our information, this Civic Council is responsible for recruiting the Russian Volunteer Corps, the armed group that carried out the brief incursion into the Bryansk region last March. Their leader, Denis Kapoustine - also known as Denis Nikitine, or "White Rex"-, known for his membership of the neo-Nazi movement, immortalized the moment on video.
"The incursion into the Belgorod region was carried out by two units: on the one hand, Ilia Ponomarev's legion, and on the other, the Russian Volunteer Corps, a paramilitary unit founded in August 2022, made up of people experienced in combat," notes Adrien Nonjon, a doctoral student at Inalco specializing in the post-Soviet far right and nationalist movements.
On Wednesday May 24, following the operation in western Russia, the two groups held a joint press conference in Ukraine. Denis Kapoustine said he was "satisfied with the result" of the attack, declaring that his troops had held "around 42 square kilometers" of Russian territory. Contacted by Slate, the RDK press service did not respond to our questions.
READ ALSO – The war in Ukraine has propelled Poland to the center of Europe
Since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, Poland has played a major role not only in delivering weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but also in gathering information. A Polish Ministry of Defense source explains: "The Russian Volunteer Corps wants and needs to show that there is an independent Russian force that opposes Putin's regime. Its creator, Denis Kapoustine, lived in Ukraine before February 24, 2022. He was helped by a Pole to create the Russian Volunteer Corps. The Ukrainian Armed Forces give the Russians of the RDK the opportunity to develop and fight for the liberation of Russia."
According to Ilia Ponomarev, the legion is made up of several categories of volunteers: "Russian soldiers who defected, in Kharkiv for example, prisoners of war, but also Russians married to Ukrainian women and Russian political activists who left the country at the start of the war".
Ideological oppositions
In August 2022, the various Russian armed and political groups present in Ukraine sealed an agreement with the Irpin Declaration, named after the town on the outskirts of Kiev that was heavily targeted by Moscow's armies at the start of the war and became a symbol of resistance to the Russian invasion.
"On August 31, 2022, the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom Legion of Russia and the National Republican Army, a partisan group in Russia, jointly signed a declaration enacting a form of implicit alliance in the name of safeguarding Russia. [Their aim is] to remove Vladimir Putin from power and help the Ukrainians recover the territories they have lost in the Donbass and Crimea", explains Adrien Nonjon.
READ ALSO – How the Ukrainian conflict has become a laboratory for far-right terrorism
During the Belgorod operation, however, the RDK explained on its Telegram channel that it wanted to mark its opposition to its ad hoc allies: "We adhere to right-wing conservative political views and traditionalist beliefs," it wrote. Any political initiatives from outside organizations are not linked to the RDK's official position."
From the Russia Freedom Legion, Ilia Ponomarev makes a similar observation. "We considered creating a new joint regiment with the RDK, but in the end, because of their very right-wing political views and orientation, they decided they didn't want this coordination agreement, that it would harm them politically."
Growing internal dissent
On May 22, the day of the attack in the Belgorod region, blue-white-blue balloons were released over Moscow, and tags with the letter "L" - standing for "For Freedom"- were seen in Russia. A sign that the two armed groups are not alone in their disapproval of Vladimir Putin's policies.
However, for opposition leader Ilia Ponomarev, it is difficult to count the exact number of resistance fighters in the country: "Based on my statistics, my current estimate is between 1,000 and 1,100 supporters. Three months ago, we were recording an average of one attack a day [attacks on railway signal stations, burning of administrative buildings, etc., editor's note]. Today, the figure is rising. For example, the day before yesterday there were six attacks, and four yesterday."
"We are working on developing the resistance movement to carry out effective operations inside Russia by training professionals in resistance groups," adds Anastasiia Sergeeva of the Civic Council.
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2023.06.02 17:18 markrb24 Skin Tag Question

Hi all, I’m 23 M and was diagnosed with Crohns around 13 years ago and am very fortunate to have been in remission for many years since thanks to Humira. This past winter I had a bad incident of food poisoning and ever since have been struggling with anal drainage/discomfort that is seemingly unidentifiable. I’ve had MRIs, colonoscopies, and a flex-sig all which showed normal healthy results (with the exception of some minor Grade 1 internal hemorrhoids which were treated recently with IRC.) Throughout all of this examining my doctor has made a point that they noticed anal skin tags which I don’t remember having been mentioned at any other time when my Crohn’s was flaring, it’s my best guess that these are somewhat recent and I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the symptoms of drainage/anal discomfort related to skin tags. I know it’s not recommended to have the skin tags removed but if they are the source of these problems (possible that they’re preventing the muscle from closing properly) and considering I’m still in remission based on all recent results, has anyone ever gone through with removal?
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2023.06.02 17:05 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Greensboro
Mission WorkWell Registered Nurse - PRN Asheville
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Clinton
Geode Health Outpatient Psychiatrist - Durham Durham
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Forest City
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Franklin
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Greensboro
Nu-Tec Systems Customer Service Representative Mooresville
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Raleigh
Geode Health Psychiatrist Raleigh
Edward Jones Associate Financial Advisor - Wake Forest, NC Wake Forest
ISOFlex a Division of Sigma Plastics Extrusion Supervisor Aberdeen
ISOFlex a Division of Sigma Plastics Press Assistant Aberdeen
Best Buy Geek Squad Autotech Installer (Retail)-Starting Pay $16.00/hr. Asheville
Best Buy Retail Sales Associate- Starting Pay $16.00 /hr. Asheville
Georgia-Pacific Industrial Electrician Brogden
Georgia-Pacific Forklift Brogden
Discount Tire Tire Technician Cary
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Part Time Customer Support / Data Entry $18-20 Cary, NC Cary
Aic AV Tech - Any level - Raleigh/Durham Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. RN Support Team MedSurg III Chapel Hill
Duke Health Certified Medical Assistant - Duke Primary Care - Brier Creek Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Chapel Hill
Aic Lab Scientist 1 Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. Nurse Practitioner (NP) Chapel Hill
INSPYR Solutions FLM Technician Charleston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 16:35 Competitive-Board424 ENT appointment - urgent ear infection

I'm an international student on my second month here in Montreal. Yesterday I got a really bad infection in my ear which includes pain and hearing loss. Does anyone know a fast way to get an ENT? I have had infections before but none like this and specially the hearing loss is worring me. Some ENT doctors have appointments starting October..
For now I have a private appointment in a clinic that hopefully can direct me quicker to an ENT but not sure if there is a faster way of getting one. Can I just go to medical emergencies? Would my insurance cover it? Any help appreciated!
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2023.06.02 16:34 Uselessbuddy [Store] Brudda's Store of TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/Diretide 2022 Collector's Caches Sets

Selling my sets for below mentioned price in items.
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Proof of gifting Caches Sets?
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Also, why would scam ? I got like 800+ cache sets to sell.

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Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 20+ $15
Spoils of the Shadowveil Spectre 20+ $15
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Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 20+ $6
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Secrets of the Celestial 📷 Skywrath mage 20+ $5
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Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 18 25$
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Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 30 10$
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Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum Bloodseeker 20 8$
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud Dark Seer 18 4$
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel Spirit Breaker 21 $5
The Murid Divine Necrophos 22 15$
Molokau Stalker Venomancer 21 $10
Morbific Provision Witch Doctor 22 10$
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin Queen of Pain 20 15$
Grasp of the Riven Exile Weaver 20 5$

The International 2018 Collector's Cache II

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Pitmouse Fraternity Meepo 37 10$
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Shackles of the Enduring Conscript Axe 37 6$
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Loaded Prospects Brewmaster 39 15$
Ire of Molten Rebirth Phoenix 36 10$
Pattern of the Silken Queen Broodmother 26 5$
The Rat King Chen 28 10$
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge Underlord 22 20$

The International 2017 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Rumrunner's Carronade Brew master 20 15$
Abyssal Vortex Enigma 27 10$
Samareen Sacrifice Huskar 22 10$
Spoils of the Vodou Rover Witch Doctor 27 10$
Shadowforce Gale Luna 24 10$
Mechalodon Interdictor Gyrocopter 27 10$
Cunning Corsair Riki 24 20$

The International 2016 Collector's Cache

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Nightsilver's Resolve luna 2 M* dtygod* 20$
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror Chaos Knight 2 dtygod* dopey* 20$
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Don't add me if you don't like the prices.

*if you don't reserve the sets.
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2023.06.02 16:17 Various_Station_5862 Its a week till my next pain Doc appointment…

I see my pain doctor next Friday, and my refill date will be 18th. I don’t have enough. To get me until my refill, if I keep taking them to actually get pain relief. He prescribed 3x Oxy 10 mg. And it is not enough even remotely.. I have to cut one in half and make it 15 MG 3x a day… and that will last me six hours maybe. I’m taking around 4 1/2 to 5 pills a day. I have been calling the doctors office every day for the past week and ask for permission from the doctor, but I haven’t heard anything back. I set aside 24 pills because that’s how much I should have on my appointment day. I understand that they have strict rules and you have to take medicine exactly prescribed. But what I supposed to get a month of no pain relief. Because I had absolutely no relief with 10mg… 15mg I get so much I don’t know why. I will go the next week with no pain relief, but I had a great last two weeks. I’m going to ask him to increase it to 15MG 4x a day. Which I know I doubt he will do.
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2023.06.02 16:17 FisherTompkins199 Would it be worth looking into a lawyer?

I'll try to be concise...
People are telling me I need a lawyer. is there any way to get the original doctor to amend their statement on the report regarding the reasons for my injury without a lawyer? Would doing that even help Sedgewick change their minds about denying my claim? I appreciate any help and advice people can give! I've never been in such a sticky situation before and I'm feeling on the verge of a panic attack. If I do end up needing a lawyer, how do I find one? I know next to nothing about legal problems and have never needed legal help before. I'm not sure if this is even the right "flair" THANK YOU SO MUCH ANYONE/EVERYONE.
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