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Vinyl to Gunite Calculating the Cost of Pool Conversion

2023.05.30 10:09 halalharamworld Vinyl to Gunite Calculating the Cost of Pool Conversion

Vinyl to Gunite Calculating the Cost of Pool Conversion
If you own a vinyl pool and have been considering a conversion to gunite, you're likely interested in understanding the costs associated with such a project. Converting from a vinyl pool to a gunite pool involves a significant transformation that can bring numerous benefits and elevate your swimming pool experience. In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to the cost of a vinyl to gunite pool conversion and provide insights to help you calculate the overall expenses.

Construction and Excavation

One of the primary costs associated with converting a vinyl pool to gunite is the construction and excavation process. This involves removing the existing vinyl liner and excavating the pool area to prepare for the new gunite shell. The cost will depend on the size and shape of your pool, the complexity of the excavation, and any additional features you may want to incorporate, such as steps, benches, or unique design elements.

Gunite Shell and Finish:

The gunite shell is a crucial component of a gunite pool, providing structural integrity and durability. The cost of the gunite shell itself will vary depending on the size and depth of the pool. Additionally, you will need to consider the cost of the finish, such as plaster or pebble, which contributes to the aesthetics and longevity of the pool. The type and quality of finish you choose will impact the overall cost.

Upgraded Features and Accessories:

During the conversion process, you may decide to upgrade various features and accessories to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your pool. This could include adding a spa, water features, custom lighting, or even integrating smart pool technology. Each additional feature will contribute to the overall cost, so it's essential to consider these upgrades when calculating the expenses.

Decking, Coping, and Landscaping:

Another aspect to consider when calculating the cost of a vinyl-to-gunite pool conversion is the decking, coping, and landscaping around the pool area. You may choose to update or enhance these elements to complement the new gunite pool and create a cohesive and inviting outdoor space. The cost will depend on the materials chosen, the size of the area, and any additional landscaping features you wish to incorporate.

Professional Services:

Hiring a reputable pool contractor to handle the conversion is essential for a successful and seamless transition. The cost of professional services will vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the contractor's experience, and the region in which you reside. Obtaining multiple quotes from qualified contractors and thoroughly researching their expertise and track record will help you make an informed decision.
While the cost of a vinyl-to-gunite pool conversion can be substantial, it's important to consider the long-term benefits and return on investment. Gunite pools are known for their durability, longevity, and customization options, which can significantly enhance your pool experience and increase the value of your property. It's advisable to weigh the initial investment against the potential long-term advantages when making your decision.


When calculating the cost of a vinyl to gunite pool conversion, it's crucial to consider all the aforementioned factors and consult with pool professionals to get accurate estimates. Pool contractors can provide insights into the specific costs based on your pool's size, condition, and desired upgrades. By carefully evaluating the costs and benefits, you can make an informed decision about converting your vinyl pool to a gunite oasis that will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family.
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2023.05.30 10:09 Salt-Active-9169 How to i connect with someone at Virgin who can help?

I have internet and cell + data with virgin cdn. Yesterday am the internet stopped. I did all the trouble shooting but no luck. I then noticed my data was also not working. Front line staff keep on saying it is a modem issue and a replacement is needed Except my data also does not work & text messages also failed of and on yesterday. Next door neighbours use different provider but still a bell line. They also had an outage but resolved it. After speaking to several reps who kept on focusing on the modem. I emailed executive’s support. Still no response. I am new to virgin internet and really annoyed now. Any suggestions for next steps.
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2023.05.30 10:08 zMulhaam Full SMC/ICT Trading Plan, Step By Step & Checklist

Full SMC/ICT Trading Plan, Step By Step & Checklist
Hey guys. After learning ICT/SMC for a while, this is my final trading plan putting all together step by step. Open your chart, and you will see this happen most of the time. No need to write more in here, everything is well explained in the image Any questions, I am here to help!
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2023.05.30 10:08 ProOnlineClass Myopenmath Answers: how to cheat it?

Myopenmath Answers: how to cheat it?

Myopenmath Answers Cheat
Writing online tests and assessments might be one of those things to an average student, but getting good grades in myOpenmath quizzes and assessments is not as easy as it sounds. Only the brainy and hardworking students pull through. Others, however, surrender to myOpenmath cheating.
Although cheating on myOpenmath is not easy, students will perform complex tasks to get an ‘A’ in their myOpenmath course instead of writing it themselves with hard work. It is even surprising that most students use myOpenmath without having a good knowledge of what myOpenmath platform entails.

What is myOpenmath?

MyOpenmath is a free online platform for the management and assessment of mathematics and other quantitative courses. It was created for different people who use it for different reasons.
It was initially used by students who wanted to hone their mathematics skills. Some students also get the myOpenmath app to answer their myOpenmath homework or myOpenmath assessment. They quickly get good grades by using myOpenmath answers.
This practice went on until teachers also discovered they needed myOpenmath. Hence, instead of writing tests, homework, and the likes, they use myOpenmath quiz, assessment, or myOpenmath homework and ask their students to get myOpenmath on their devices.
This structure makes it easy for them to quickly assess their students since they don’t have to grade students themselves.

Is it Possible to Cheat MyOpenmath?

While the only guaranteed way to get answers to myOpenmath homework or any form of assessment is to study hard, some students claim to be too busy for the extra work. Hence, they look for myOpenmath answer hacks.
MyOpenmath cheat provides the easiest way to go about it, allowing you to get answers and score high in myOpenmath homework and its likes.

MyOpenmath Cheating

Understandably, writing myOpenmath assessment might not be as easy as it seems, but neither is cheating. However, if you need myOpenmath answers and can’t study hard, you have no choice but to cheat.
It might be a little hard for those with conscience, but you either have to study hard or cheat since you don’t have multiple choices.

MyOpenmath Cheat Ways and Methods

Before you settle down for cheating, let me make it known to you that it is more difficult to cheat than to study to get myOpenmath answers. MyOpenmath quiz is randomly generated, meaning you can’t predict what questions come next.
Although some claim to have the myOpenmath answers key, that’s almost impossible because they change as the questions change. Now you see how difficult it can be. You will be wasting your money and time paying to get myOpenmath answers.
The only person that has access to the correct answers is your teacher. However, there are ways out for the lazy or extremely busy students.
It is important to note that these methods require that the student has a myOpenmath account.
  1. The test paper method: All you have to do is take a picture of the test paper and send it to the myOpenmath online tutors to help you get myOpenmath answers. There are lots of online tutors who work 24/7 to ensure that your mathematics problems get solved. This way, you don’t entirely look like you’re cheating. You portray yourself as a student looking for answers for self-study instead.
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Note that you have to get a free account to gain access.
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Guide on myOpenmath Hack

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Final Submission

Writing tests, homework, quizzes, or assessments using myOpenmath is an easy way to make work easy for teachers. But, more than that, it is also a way to help students who have difficulties learning Mathematics or other quantitative courses. Hence, myOpenmath comes in handy for both teachers and students.
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Writing quizzes and tests will not be as hard as you imagined when you had done your assignments.
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2023.05.30 10:07 Fantastic_Log_2465 Horrible Neighbor

Not sure what this is going to accomplish, but honestly I think I just need to share my experience.
I live in Chicago in East Lakeview, on the corner of Sheridan and Broadway. I can give a specific address too just in the insane chance someone lives in the same apartment building as me.
Our building is in an L shape, so this particular neighbor ends up being right across from me on the same floor, even though his unit number is far from mine.
But anyway, this neighbor, a man, is the most unhinged individual you’ll meet. He’s clearly on a litany of drugs and used to play loud music all hours of the day. I’m talking blasting that shit. Like it’s a rave. At times like 3am on a Tuesday. He also tried breaking into my apartment one time. That was fun. He started off seeming like a nice, normal guy, but has turned into quite literally the worst neighbor you can possibly imagine.
Well, he’s since replaced the loud music with his girlfriend who will literally just sit in the apartment all day and scream her head off while the owner of the apartment, who’s name is Eli Solano, is out doing god knows what. Like it sounds like she’s quite literally dying, it’s screams of bloody murder. She will just periodically let out these blood curdling screams every few minutes. She’s currently doing it now and I have no idea why she does it. I’m guessing the best explanation is just intense mental health issues coupled with hard drugs. But it’s insane and just intensely aggravating.
I’ve knocked on his door countless times and called the cops countless times, but the former doesn’t do a damn thing and the latter can’t accomplish much because they just don’t answer the door when the cops knock. I’ve told my landlord multiple times about this person and she’s well aware of him. Well aware. She keeps telling me that because of the countless people complaining about him and his lack of paying rent, she’s working on evicting him. I’ve heard this for months. And I’m slowly learned that evicting someone is just next to impossible in Chicago.
So, to sum it up, this guy and his girlfriend absolutely suck and make my experience living in my apartment, which I otherwise live, pretty fucking annoying. Is there anything I can do outside of just finding a new apartment? I’m open to literally any suggestions. Any at all. Thank you.
P.s. however awful I made it seem like my neighbors are, I assure you it’s ten times worse. By neighbors I mean the man and his girlfriend. Ok post done. This was my first time posting on here. So, I apologize for the rambling.
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2023.05.30 10:06 FoggyGlassEye The Only, Part Twenty-One: A Trap

Quinn tapped his impatient thumbs against the steering wheel, muttering under his breath as he stared at the red light. “Call him again,” he ordered, glaring at the light intently. It was as though he believed he could manifest a faster light change, that his willpower could overwhelm the traffic control system. The whole thing’s run by computers, Milo thought as he tried to call Allen again. Unless you can glare in ones and zeroes, staring won’t be doing you any good.
“Straight to voicemail again,” he reported, pocketing his phone. “Might be a good idea to circle back.”
“No!” Quinn snapped, gripping the steering wheel tightly. “She’s here now. We need to find out where she’s going or we’re squandering an opportunity.”
“Fair enough,” Milo relented. Arguing wouldn’t do him any good; from his experience with the man, Quinn hated being questioned above all else. It was like walking on eggshells with him.
Allen had texted that the target was on 12th Avenue before going silent. She was on foot, and they hadn’t seen any busses on the way down the road. They were nearing the southern border of the Pearl District, and had no idea where she was heading from there.
It’s not a hunt, Milo considered. She didn’t sound very dressed up according to Lee’s description, and it doesn’t fit the kill pattern. What is it, then? Does she have other obligations? Does she know she’s being hunted? Is this a trap? These and countless other considerations and theories swirled in his head, but one thought kept surfacing before all others, one idea that wouldn’t stop nagging at him.
“She’s not in a disguise right now,” he muttered, looking down the street. “When she hunts, she’s dolled up, but she’s clearly not trying to be noticed, or possibly trying specifically not to be noticed. This is a different part of her life. The feeding, the pattern, it’s an event. What does she do with the rest of her time?”
“She’s going down 11th," Quinn replied.
The light turned green, and as they continued south, Milo looked towards the intersection to their left. Sure enough, the Black Widow was there, crossing the street, heading in the same direction. “We need eyes on her,” Milo said, “but we need distance. Stop at the curb. I’ll follow her on foot. You can go back and look for Allen.”
Quinn shook his head. “You’re staying with me. We don’t know where Allen is. She could’ve killed him. We need to keep our distance, but there’s strength in numbers in case she sees us coming.”
Milo shot a text off to Justin as well: Can’t find Allen. Phone off. Look between 12th and 11th. If Allen was hurt but not dead, he wasn’t going to let Quinn’s obsession get the man killed.
As he looked back at the intersection at 11th, Milo noticed the tracks through the middle of the street. “Shit, she’s taking a streetcar,” he realized, pulling the Trimet site up on his phone. The car would be there soon.
“Well let’s follow her,” Quinn replied, turning towards the curb.
“She’d spot us if we were in the car,” Milo countered, holding his phone up. “We can track the car, keep an eye on the stops and wait for her to get off.”
* * *
They continued south, past the border of the Pearl District and through downtown Portland. Finally, as the streetcar turned onto Lowell Street and came to a stop, prepared to continue up the track and begin the long trek back north, she appeared. Still with her hood up, still with her hands in her pockets and her head down. Quinn turned into an alley between two weather-beaten buildings that looked nearly as old as the city itself, then stopped the car, lowered his seat and leaned back. “Tell me when she’s out of sight,” he ordered.
“Sure,” Milo agreed, taking out his phone. he watched as she turned right, heading down Moody Avenue. Go ahead and make yourself look as little as possible, he thought. I can still see you. As he prepared to send an update text to Justin, his phone rang. “Yeah?” he answered.
“He’s alive,” Lee said quickly. Milo could hear the smile in her voice, the deep inhales of someone who’d been holding their breath for far too long. It was the sound he chased whenever he went looking into missing persons cases, whenever he got to tell someone’s mother or father that their child was alive. He was far more familiar with wails of grief or the deafening silence of anguish.
“He okay? What happened?” he asked, watching as the Black Widow continued south at the three-way intersection up ahead, down a trail. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he nodded to Quinn and opened the car door.
“Are you on speakerphone?” she asked after a brief silence.
“No,” he replied, lowering the call audio before holding the phone close to his ear.
“That’s the thing: she knew he was there,” Lee warned. “She knew we were following her. It was a trap. Allen said that she destroyed his phone and told him that we were warned not to get involved.”
“Funny, I don’t remember getting anything in the mail about that,” Milo joked. He exited the vehicle, pushing the door shut quietly.
He heard Allen mumbling something unintelligible to Lee, his voice weak and raspy. “Exactly. She told Allen that she warned Quinn to back off, but Quinn told us that she was already gone when he found the body in Bennington.”
“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind,” Milo assured. “In the meantime, your car is parked by an auto repair place by the corner of Moody and Lowell. We’re heading south from here. There’s one more streetcar heading down here, so we’ll follow her for now and meet back up here.”
“Will do. Stay safe,” Lee said.
Milo looked back at Quinn, then to the path the Black Widow had gone down. “Don’t know if that’s up to me, but I’ll do my best.”
* * *
They continued down the street, then onto the trail. To the right of it were some old train tracks, one end of the old trolley they ran north from Lake Oswego in the summertime. The path was shrouded in darkness, but before long opened onto a street. They were down at the waterfront, approaching a small side road with nothing but large office buildings and larger parking lots.
Milo and Quinn kept their distance, allowing her to nearly exit their site before continuing. It was dark and the street was poorly lit, but all she had to do was take one look back. Really rolling the dice on this one, Milo considered. There was no one else on the sidewalk, or on foot in any direction for that matter.
They passed by an office building, then another, and the road turned to the left. As they rounded the corner, Milo saw that the woman was nowhere to be found. Either she’d quickly turned the street, or she’d circled around the hotel. There seemed to be a path going down that way, a stone walkway deeper into the darkness between these buildings and the shore. “Looks like a trap,” Milo said, retrieving a small crucifix from his jacket pocket. “Shall we?”
Quinn nodded, then gestured for him to go ahead. Coward. “So where do you think she’s heading,” Quinn asked. “Is this just a trap or does she have business here?”
“Business…” Milo considered. There were only office buildings nearby, and they tended to operate mainly during the daytime. Didn’t mean there weren’t reasons for someone to be there after hours. “I think she’s heading to work,” he suggested.
“She’s going to work?” Quinn whispered.
Milo began down the path, the grip on his crucifix tightening. “If you were a vampire all of a sudden, where would you live? Can’t live on the street without being hassled by people, and you need a place to doll yourself up so you can lure unsuspecting men to their demise. You need a home- probably an apartment if you’re in the city. She has to pay rent just like everybody else, right?”
“You’d have to assume she has money, though,” Quinn countered. “Vampires always have money squared away, right?”
“Assuming she actually is a vampire,” Milo pointed, squinting his eyes and hoping to see her up ahead, “what makes you think she’s ancient? Even if she is, why would that mean that she has a lot of money? Not like she can ever go to the bank during business hours.”
“Huh,” Quinn grunted, and as Milo continued down the pitch-black path, a shiver went up his spine as he could feel Quinn’s breath against the back of his neck. “That’s good to know.”
Milo whirled around, holding his crucifix up without knowing for certain what he intended to do with it, and inhaled sharply as a knife entered the side of his chest. Quinn pulled the knife out, then pushed it into Milo’s stomach.
Milo felt the grip on his crucifix loosening, and tried to tightening his grip. His strength was leaving him. “What… the fuck…” he whispered, unable to raise his voice. He tried to breath deeply, but a sharp pain in his chest put a stop to it.
“Don’t try to talk,” Quinn ordered, twisting the knife. Milo’s body tried to let out a shriek of pain, but he could already feel his strength leaving him completely. “I think I punctured a lung. Sorry about that. Or maybe I shouldn’t be.” He pulled the knife out, reversing his grip on it, then plunged it into Milo’s shoulder. “You did trespass, after all. You’re no use to me if I can’t pluck your strings, but the others are good little marionettes. Besides, maybe she’ll start to reconsider when someone finds your body. If you’re right, they’ll go around asking questions, put some pressure on her, and she’ll finally realize that I’m a dangerous enemy to have.”
You want her to turn you, Milo realized. He tried to say as much, but no words would come out. His body was in shock, and he couldn’t get a word out. You really think she’s a vampire, and you want her to turn you.
Quinn rifled through Milo’s pockets, retrieving his phone. “Can’t have you dialing 911,” he said, slamming the phone against the ground once, then again before throwing it into the grass near the path. “If this brings you peace in your final moments,” he added, getting to his feet, “this is as much your fault as it is mine, maybe even moreso. You just shouldn’t have questioned me.” With that, he pulled the knife from Milo’s shoulder, a quiet groan all that accompanied the shooting pain, and got to his feet.
I knew you were a monster, Milo thought, watching helplessly as his vision began to blur. Quinn stepped back into the light, onto the street, and continued back the way they’d come. Streetlights in the distance became vague blobs of light surrounded by an inky blackness that seemed to dance around it. Didn’t peg you for a killer.
As warmth and light began to give way to the cold dark, a soft laugh broke the silence. “At least he’s not boring,” a woman’s voice noted. Was it distant, or was he fading from consciousness for the final time? “You seem a little lost for words, friend, but I know what’ll put a pep in your step.”
He winced as the Black Widow lifted him by the shoulders, sitting him up. She held one of her palms up, then dug into it with a fingernail, drawing blood. “Drink up. You have a long night ahead of you.”
Her bloody palm was pressed up against his mouth, and while Milo resisted as best his could, he couldn’t stop the coppery liquid from reaching his tongue. As soon as it did, something passed through him. It was a chill, but it was electric. It made him feel restless, but he couldn’t move an inch. All he could do, despite his better judgement, was continue to drink.
She held him close as he drank, one hand pressed against his mouth and the other wrapped around him in a cold, comfortable embrace. “I’m gonna tell you something that I wish I was told. When I was turned, I thought that I would rise again as a monster, but I didn’t know how it worked. When you pass- and you will- your soul will leave your body behind. You’ll go wherever souls go, and you might find peace or be reunited with your ancestors, maybe some loved ones who you’ve had the misfortune of outliving, but then something will take your place. It will grow, and it will fester, and it will take your body over. It won’t be you, of course, and you may watch from above as it terrorizes the living world, but it’ll have your memories. It’ll believe that it’s still you, but it won’t be. It’ll be something new.
“It’ll remember how you valued human life, and how you cared enough to try and stop the big bad monster from taking more.” She turned his head, and as he felt himself fading once more, she smiled. “It’ll remember how much you loved your friends and family. It will remember your values, your beliefs, your fears, but it will inherit none of them. It will watch the lives of countless innocents end by their hand, and it will not care. It will take any life I tell it to, and it will not care who.
“Sleep. Sleep for the last time. And keep an eye out for your friends; they’ll join you soon enough.”
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2023.05.30 10:06 zMulhaam Full SMC/ICT Trading Plan, Step By Step & Checklist

Hey guys. After learning ICT/SMC for a while, this is my final trading plan putting all together step by step. Open your chart, and you will see this happen most of the time. No need to write more in here, everything is well explained in the image Any questions, I am here to help!
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2023.05.30 10:06 Anrhaa Outdated design of bench

Outdated design of bench
Hello, I need help. Does this bench still exist at FCS? How is named if it does or how can I get it? I want to use that building for a mod in progress
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2023.05.30 10:06 Sorry-Nectarine3747 AITJ for not spending time with my Roommate, or being upset for comments on my food intake?

I had a conversation with my roommate after she got upset about me going to the store without her. When she got home, we had a conversation on why I could go to the store to get food for me but didn't want to go with her to Dentist/doctors visits, or to go to the store for hours when I feel constantly sick from being pregnant. She was upset I couldn't handle certain smells, or was scared of being sick in public. The last straw was a comment on how much food I was eating, and making me feel self conscious.

For context I am 20yrs old and my roommate is 39yrs old, We'll call her Mandy. I had gone on Vacation in a different state to go see my now fiancée and learned shortly after I came back that I was pregnant. In the beginning everything was fine but slowly the toll of morning sickness really hit me. My mother had a hard time with morning sickness and I did not realize how hard it would hit me as well. It has been bad enough there are somedays I can't eat at all and just have to sleep it off so I can eat again, and there are days that I can not leave the house because I feel scared of getting sick in public places. Also to note, I am extremely allergic to Peanut Butter, I have to have Epi pens on hand, and break into hives just by touching it. It used to not be that bad but it got a lot worse after I found out I was pregnant. This is all important later. On to the story!

It all really hit the fan about a week or so ago, I was getting really sick, constantly having a trash can by my bed, and trying to keep down crackers and soda. After a couple days it would pass and I would be able to eat again, but about 4 days later I would go through another 2 day spell of it. The cycle continued for about 2 weeks (As of yesterday it finally calmed down) before I got to a point where I felt comfortable to go to the store. I had left shortly after my roommate left for work and got home about 3 hours later, I guess what my mistake was, was having my mom take me to the store instead of waiting for my roommate to have a day off and to take her with me. I had gotten home about 3 hours after I left originally and had just put the groceries away when I laid down to fall asleep as being out that long just made me amazingly tired. When I woke up I had a message from her asking me if I was mad at her. I had said no and that I was asleep. This is how the rest of the conversation went.
Mandy: So what all did you get?
Me: Just food for me so I can stop eating out so much, and try to help with my morning sickness. I did get myself some paper plates and bowls though.
Mandy: Why?
Me: I can't wait for your days off to have dishes done. You make peanut butter sandwiches and I can't touch that with how bad my allergy is. I tried doing the dishes when I had my entire arm covered and I can't risk that when I am home alone.
Mandy: We need to talk on my next day off
*Skip trying to figure out what it was and just being told "Things"*
Me: Lets just talk when you get home.

I had left the conversation at that. I had asked my fiancée who was on the phone at the time if he would be awake for me when she got home. (We are long distance right now since he is serving in a different country and we are hours apart) He said of course and I took a nap with him on the phone while I waited for her to come home. I had woken up before she got home and realized he was still asleep, but I wasn't going to wake him. He was still on the phone and that was good enough for me. So, she comes home and I go to talk to her. I had cleaned up the living room as much as I could since I can't lift anything over 10 pounds right now (doctors orders because of how rough this pregnancy has been) and I was proud of what I had done. My roommate instantly berated me for not cleaning more than I did and I had to remind her yet again, I couldn't do much more than I already had.
She let that go and then went on about how I never wanted to go anywhere with her anymore and how I have stopped talking to her when she gets home. Now keep in mind, she gets home at 2 in the morning, right about when my nausea really tends to hit and all I want to do is try and sleep/lay down and avoid getting sick again. So of course I really don't want to talk very much then. As for going out with her, she spends an easy 4-5 hours in the store when we go, or she wants me to go to the dentist with her or something along those lines. Normally sure, I don't have a ton to do since my job put me on one day a week as to keep me unstressed (Which I had agreed to). Lately I have had issues with certain smells and I politely decline to go as to not stress my body more than I already have.
She gets upset trying to convince me to go to the store with her because she needs help finding cute shoes so she can start walking again, or she misses spending time with me. I told her she didn't need "cute shoes" to go walking around (especially in our neighborhood as it gets extremely muddy after it rains). As for spending time together I get it can be frustrating, but I can't spend time at 2am anymore, and she sleeps up until she goes to work at 4pm the next day. Now, I will admit that I do stay up past 2am, but nausea is amazingly hard to sleep with, and if I fall asleep too early I end up getting sick when I wake up. Strange I know, but it is something I am going to mention when I see the doctor in a few weeks.
Today was my last straw, I had just made a small lasagna (my second one of the day, just one of those little microwave one) and was trying to cut it up. She walks in the door and her first response as I go to start eating it was "How many does that make for you today?" as if I was eating a ton. I just quietly said it was my second one and slowly put my fork down, pushing my plate aside. She went back in her room and I just kinda sat there almost in tears. I know I picked up on how much I was eating but I didn't think it warranted that.
So tell me, AITJ for not spending as much time with my roommate? Or being upset for comments on how much I am eating?
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2023.05.30 10:05 zMulhaam Full SMC/ICT Trading Plan, Step By Step & Checklist

Full SMC/ICT Trading Plan, Step By Step & Checklist
Hey guys. After learning ICT/SMC for a while, this is my final trading plan putting all together step by step. Open your chart, and you will see this happen most of the time. No need to write more in here, everything is well explained in the image Any questions, I am here to help!
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2023.05.30 10:03 AcrobaticFeedback This is not entirely on Jaylen Brown

Irrelevant to future contract decisions
This is entire team failure to address the issues of the offense when Tatum isn’t on the floor.
I’m sick of fair weather fans that don’t know a thing about sports point at the box score or the game and simply say he played like shit.
Anyone who knows anything about coaching and sports should agree with this.
He did play like shit, but it’s not entirely his fault. Brown was simply put into a position to fail.
There’s a reason why advanced analytics hate Jaylen Brown and love Jayson Tatum.
It is the way the offense is run when Brown is on the floor and Tatum is not. The talent is there, it is up to the coaching staff to put the team and lineups in the best position and play to their strengths. The fact that they had the whole season to address this issue and didn’t is a complete coaching and team failure.
Once Tatum got hurt, it was a Brown led offense in a game 7 which had failed the Celtics all year against a smart discliplined defensive team that knows how to expose Browns weaknesses. There was no way it was suddenly going to work.
It was set up that Brown was always going to end up having a nightmare game from turnovers and missed shots.
Again, Brown cannot suddenly change his limitations in ECF game 7. Brown can’t change his poor handles against this Heat team now. So why is our only offensive half court option these Brown drives against this zone defense?
Why wasn’t brown instructed to play in such a way to limit these limitation throughout the regular season? Why didn’t the team go through different offensive ideas when Tatum is off the floor? Why isn’t Brown instructed to play in such a way that limits his turnovers? These are coaching failures, not player failures. Players cannot, I repeat, cannot change their limitations on the fly, they need to work with what they have.
Most importantly, this is why Miami is in the finals and not Boston.
Miami puts their players into the positions where they can most likely succeed. Boston does not. And this is why it is a complete team failure and why we are sitting here at a loss in the ECF again.
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2023.05.30 10:02 shout-at-noisey Daughter singing bubble just got burst :( looking for parenting advice

TL;DR, my daughter loves singing, but has just been made aware that she's not as good as her friends. How can I, or should I help her?
Ok, so I'm looking for genuine advice for this situation. It feels like the first of many potential convos like this, given my daughter's age.
My daughter (10) is in a choir at school and she really enjoys singing, and always has.
There was a multi-school choir meetup around the weekend, where kids from schools all over the city formed a mega-choir, with teachers selecting the top three from their choirs to join. My daughter wasn't picked, and it upset her. She's over the past year, as the teacher has done assessments, she's been placed in the back line, but hasn't really understood until now that this is where they move those who aren't as good as the kids towards the front.
She has a sweet little voice, but I've been aware that she sings off pitch about half the time. When I heard she wanted to join the choir, I gently tried to coach her at the piano, but I'm also her dad, and SO BORING AND INCREDIBLY UNCOOL 🤦‍♂️
We've had a similar discussion before, about some of her friends not wanting to draw any more when other kids in the class were 'better' than they were, and she was wondering about her drawing abilities. So we chatted about how some people were naturally better equipped than others at certain things, like running, drawing, swimming, basketball or singing. Also, some people had families that might just do these things more over the years, so they had more practice. So I asked her:
Do you enjoy drawing? If you do, then congrats, you're already as good as you need to be, because enjoying it is the most important thing. Do you want to be better at it, or are you happy just to enjoy it how you're doing it now? If you want to be better at it, it'll take some time and patience, but we can take some lessons.
So, now to my question. Has anyone got experience in chatting to their kids about this kind of thing? It kills me seeing this arrival of some (admittedly low key) realities for her, external judgement of your abilities, or who you are and the value you have, what you can and can't do.
I'm wondering will she feel betrayed if I validate her concerns around her abilities, but I honestly just want to help her choose what she really wants to do, and support her however I can. I know that if she does want to learn how to improve her singing it will be possible, but it'll be tough, and potentially take the joy out of it for her.
Some other factors I couldn't work into the story, but might help as context:
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2023.05.30 10:02 noexany Laptop suggeations

Around 600-650€ in Lithuania
Looking for a laptop as an university student so a long battery life would be really useful. I also plan to play some games on it but nothing too much.
13 to 15 inches but it really does not matter
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2023.05.30 10:02 NoReading4527 Forgotten FH Hero Reword Ideas

Peace Keeper -
Give peacekeeper the kidney stab on parry and make it a single stab that deals good bleed dmg. Apply dodge cancels to all moves, unblockable finishers, and a real dodge attack. apply something similar to "Way of the Shark," that reduces stamina cost while a bleeding enemy is nearby. Maybe sprinkle in some trajectory updates and I think you'll have an A tier hero.
For goki, give him a triple heavy with the final hit being an unblockable demon ball that knocks back less than the current one. Then get rid of demon ball on gb. His head but will not count as the second hit in chains. Remove the healing from demons embrace and increase the damage. Give him a feat that heals upon landing demons embrace for more than it currently heals. He has plenty of light parry pressure from the new dodge attack changes so he can land demons embrace consistently or can hyper armor through dodge attacks, or faint to a gb that ACTUALLY allows you to continue pressure. Adding the "heal on block" feat might be too op, but it sure does sound fun.
Nuxia could follow up her traps into an enhanced light or bash. All she really needs tbh. Covers her a++ in most situations and if they end up dodging she can gb.
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2023.05.30 10:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni
The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is a superb robotic vacuum cleaner that has made cleaning your home easier and more efficient. With its advanced technology and innovative design, this vacuum cleaner sets itself apart from other similar products on the market.


One of the most notable features of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is its powerful suction. The device comes with a high-performance motor that delivers powerful suction, enabling it to pick up dirt, dust, and debris from carpets, hard floors, and even pet hair with ease. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner also employs a HEPA filter to capture allergens and other small particles, making it an excellent option for those suffering from allergies.
Another impressive feature of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is its intelligent mapping technology. This vacuum cleaner uses lasers to scan and map your home, creating a detailed floor plan that it uses to navigate around obstacles and avoid collisions. This means that you can sit back, relax, and let the robot do the work while you focus on other tasks.
View on Amazon
In addition to its advanced mapping technology, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is also very user-friendly. The companion app that comes with the vacuum cleaner allows you to control and monitor the device remotely. You can schedule cleaning times, adjust cleaning modes, and even receive notifications when the bin needs emptying or when the vacuum cleaner requires maintenance.
Moreover, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni boasts an omni-directional wheel that allows it to move seamlessly in any direction, enabling it to navigate tight spaces and under furniture with ease. This feature helps to ensure that the vacuum cleaner reaches every corner and crevice of your home, leaving it spotless and dust-free.
Finally, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is incredibly adaptable. It uses AI technology to analyze your cleaning patterns and adjust its cleaning modes accordingly. For example, if you tend to clean your home at the same time every day, the vacuum cleaner will automatically adjust its schedule to match your preferences.


The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner that offers a range of advanced features and design elements. With its powerful suction, intelligent mapping technology, user-friendly companion app, and omni-directional wheel, this vacuum cleaner has made cleaning your home more efficient and effortless than ever before. Therefore, if you're looking for a high-quality robotic vacuum cleaner that can keep your home clean and tidy, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is an excellent choice.
View on Amazon

iRobot Roomba j7+
The iRobot Roomba j7+ is the latest and greatest addition to the Roomba family of robot vacuums. As a longtime user of the Roomba line, I was excited to see what new features the j7+ had to offer. And let me tell you, this vacuum did not disappoint.


One of the standout features of the j7+ is its advanced mapping technology. Using a combination of cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence, the j7+ can create a detailed map of your home. This allows it to navigate your space more efficiently, clean more thoroughly, and avoid obstacles with ease. It's truly impressive to watch the j7+ in action as it seamlessly maneuvers around furniture and other objects in its path.
Another fantastic feature of the j7+ is its ability to detect and avoid items on the floor. Thanks to its advanced sensors, the j7+ can detect everything from cords to pet toys and will automatically work around them. This means you won't have to worry about the vacuum getting stuck or damaging your belongings.
View on Amazon
One of my favorite things about the j7+ is its automatic dirt disposal feature. With a charging dock that doubles as a dirt bin, the j7+ can empty itself after each cleaning session. This is a game-changer for anyone who hates dealing with the mess and hassle of emptying a traditional vacuum. Plus, the j7+ can hold up to 60 days' worth of dirt and debris, so you won't have to empty it nearly as often as you would a regular vacuum.
Speaking of cleaning, the j7+ does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris from all surfaces. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, the j7+ has adjustable suction power and brushes that can handle it all. Plus, with the ability to customize cleaning schedules and zones, you can ensure that your home stays clean without lifting a finger.
One thing to note about the j7+ is that it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. However, if you're someone who values their time and wants a high-quality, hassle-free cleaning experience, then it's definitely worth the investment. Plus, when you factor in the time and money you'll save on traditional vacuuming, the j7+ pays for itself over time.


I highly recommend the iRobot Roomba j7+ to anyone in the market for a top-of-the-line robot vacuum. Its advanced mapping technology, obstacle detection, automatic dirt disposal, and powerful cleaning capabilities make it a standout product in its category. So sit back, relax, and let the j7+ take care of the cleaning for you. You won't be disappointed.
View on Amazon

Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum
The Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is a powerful, versatile cleaning tool that has been making waves in the world of robotic vacuums. This innovative vacuum features a unique design that allows it to clean both wet and dry messes, making it an ideal cleaning solution for homes with pets or children.


One of the standout features of the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is its ability to clean both wet and dry messes. This is achieved through a dual-tank system that separates dirty water from clean water, allowing the vacuum to effectively deep clean floors and remove stubborn stains. The vacuum also comes equipped with a SpinWave Brush Roll that agitates dirt and debris, ensuring a thorough and effective clean every time.
Aside from its impressive cleaning capabilities, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is also incredibly easy to use. With its intuitive touchscreen controls and automatic docking and recharging capabilities, this vacuum is perfect for busy households that need a quick and efficient cleaning solution. It also features multiple cleaning modes, allowing users to customize their cleaning experience to suit their specific needs.
View on Amazon
Another standout feature of the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is its advanced mapping technology. Using advanced sensors and mapping algorithms, this vacuum is able to navigate around furniture, stairs, and other obstacles with ease, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience every time. It also features a variety of sensors that help prevent it from falling down stairs or getting stuck in tight spaces.
In terms of performance, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum truly shines. Its powerful suction and brush roll are able to effectively remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris from carpets and hard floors, leaving them looking and feeling clean and fresh. Additionally, its dual-tank system ensures that floors are left free of residue and streaks, making it an ideal cleaning solution for homes with pets or children.
When it comes to maintenance, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is also incredibly user-friendly. Its washable mop pads and easy-to-empty tanks make it simple and hassle-free to keep clean, and its filter can be easily replaced as needed. This makes it an ideal cleaning solution for busy households that need a low-maintenance vacuum that can keep up with their hectic lifestyle.


The Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is a powerful, versatile cleaning tool that is perfect for busy households that need a quick and efficient cleaning solution. With its advanced mapping technology, intuitive touchscreen controls, and innovative dual-tank system, this vacuum is able to effectively clean both wet and dry messes, leaving floors looking and feeling clean and fresh every time. If you're in the market for a high-quality robotic vacuum that can handle all of your cleaning needs, the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum is definitely worth considering.
View on Amazon
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2023.05.30 10:01 Hisuiiki Trying to create a full tunnel with Wireguard on TN Scale but it's not working. Please help!

I've setup WG on my scale server to access it remotely via SMB. It was pretty easy setting it up. Just installed the app and create a config for each offsite device. I have not done anything else.
Until now I've allowed connections to only my server via WG. I've done this by adding is my TNS local IP) to the "AllowedIPs"in the "peer"section of the tunnel config. Now that I've setup Pihole, I would like to route all traffic of the offsite devices through the server so I get the benefit of pihole.
I've tried changing one of the offsite devices' tunnel config to "AllowedIPs =,::/0" but using this config, I lose connection to the internet and only retain connection to the server. Seems like a split tunnel works but a full tunnel does not. I assume I am doing something wrong with my WG setup. Do I need to set up some forwarding rules? Any ideas?
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2023.05.30 10:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread May 30, 2023 - Upcoming Event Schedule - New players start here!

Yahoooo! Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread! Have a very cool day! Luigi numbah one!
Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread. This is the place for asking noob questions, venting about netplay falcos, shitposting, self-promotion, and everything else that doesn't belong on the front page.

New Players:

If you're completely new to Melee and just looking to get started, welcome! We recommend you go to and follow the links there based on what you're trying to set up. Additionally, here are a few answers to common questions:
Can I play Melee online? Yes! Slippi is a branch of the Dolphin emulator that will allow you to play online, either with your friends or with matchmaking. Go to to get it.
Netplay is hard! Is there a place for me to find new players? Yes. Melee Newbie Netplay is a discord server specifically for new players. It also has tournaments based on how long you've been playing, free coaching, and other stuff. If you're a bit more experienced but still want a discord server for players around your level, we recommend the Melee Online discord.
How can I set up Unclepunch's Training Mode? First download it here. Then extract everything in the folder and follow the instructions in the README file. You'll need to bring a valid Melee ISO (NTSC 1.02)
I'm having issues with Slippi! Go to the The Slippi Discord to get help troubleshooting.
How does one learn Melee? There are tons of resources out there, so it can be overwhelming to start. First check out the SSBM Tutorials youtube channel. Then go to the Melee Library and search for whatever you're interested in.
But how do I get GOOD at Melee? Check out Llod's Guide to Improvement
Where can I get a nice custom controller?
I have another question that's not answered here... Check out our FAQs or post below and find help that way.

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Upcoming Melee Majors

Melee Online Event Calendar

Make a submission to the tournament calendar here. You can also get notified of new online tournaments on the Melee Online Discord.

Current DDT Dynamic LinkPrevious DDTs
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2023.05.30 10:00 IWNDWYTmod IWNDWYT - May 30, 2023

I Will Not Drink With You Today

This is the daily motivation thread for today. Please feel free to discuss what ever is on your mind.

Other resources:

This is a place for anyone who does not WANT to drink today to come and be around like minded people. Conversation is open to anyone but is limited to the daily motivation threads. If you have something you need to discuss comment in the latest thread or there are other alcohol support groups available should you choose:

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2023.05.30 10:00 xgdmcratlv Exit opportunities?

I joined as a Consultant (graduate) last September and have been dreading my job for a few months now. I understand that it is a great opportunity that I should be grateful for, especially as a non-EEA and non-UK national, where finding a job is more challenging due to visa sponsorship requirements. But honestly, it’s taking a huge toll on my mental health….
I think it’s quite a pity than I earn £10k less than my cohorts who are London-based (I am in a regions team). May be my fault for ending up with a £1k rent (inc. bills) per month (last-minute panic to find a place in a new city, then was not able to end contract early), but it has been hard to save up with just £600 before food etc. every month. With council tax to pay, I barely have anything left in my account. I am moving to a much cheaper place as soon as this contract is finished.
I also don’t feel like I have been growing or learning much due to the nature of the work I do and how my seniors decide to train me. They are great people with ample experience, but the way they let new joiners learn is by giving us the independence to explore alone, then go to them for questions. Normally, this would work very well if I have basic/working knowledge of the things I need to figure out. However, a big part of the things related to my engagements are not taught in university (I’m in Financial Risk and did a master’s in Finance - people in my team acknowledged the lack of coverage in university material, said it comes with experience). This led to me experiencing massive imposter syndrome and feeling like I’m running in circles, never knowing something with high certainty or feeling like I’m contributing. Every single day.
I worked really hard my whole life to make it here. I spent countless nights fighting my way to become valedictorian and get into an Oxbridge uni, with great optimism that there is an exciting future ahead. But here I am, having been at a stagnant point for 9 months now. I’m very thankful for the opportunities my parents have given me through their hard work to send me to study abroad, but now I feel like I cannot even tell them happy stories about my job, let alone give back to them.
I’m glad this opportunity came to me and saved me from getting sent back home due to unemployment, but honestly, I don’t know how much more I can take. I feel like a monkey in my current job role. I had to get back on antidepressants. I have called 111 so many times due to job-related breakdowns. It’s hard to explain my frustration to others without looking like an ungrateful whiny person because I have nothing bad to say about my colleagues or workload, but it’s just simply that I don’t feel like I’m getting enough out of this job, financially and intellectually.
I’m looking for other opportunities, hopefully something in industry where there is more structure to things as opposed to the client-dependent workload I currently have (I found out I’m on the spectrum, thus have been having such a terrible time with the inconsistent level of workload throughout the day/week).
Does anybody have any pointers please? Any sort of advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 10:00 NoReading4527 Forgotten FH heroes rework ideas

Peace Keeper -
Give peacekeeper the kidney stab on parry and make it a single stab that deals good bleed dmg. Apply dodge cancels to all moves, unblockable moves should be accessable without bleed and give her a real dodge attack. apply a new passive that reduces stamina cost while a bleeding enemy is nearby. Maybe sprinkle in some trajectory updates and I think you'll have an A tier hero.
For goki, give him a triple heavy with the final hit being an unblockable demon ball that knocks back less than the current one. Then get rid of demon ball on gb. His head but will not count as the second hit in chains. Remove the healing from demons embrace and increase the damage. Give him a feat that heals upon landing demons embrace for more than it currently heals. He has plenty of light parry pressure from the new dodge attack changes so he can land demons embrace consistently or can hyper armor through dodge attacks, or faint to a gb that ACTUALLY allows you to continue pressure. Adding the "heal on block" feat might be too op, but it sure does sound fun.
Nuxia could follow up her traps into an enhanced light or bash. All she really needs tbh. Covers her a++ in most situations and if they end up dodging she can gb.
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2023.05.30 09:58 Far-Squash-1120 And again me desperately searching for help and advice

my baby from acute cystitis was prescribed an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory as a spasmalgotic, human analgin and no-spa, as well as cystone and plant-based herbs, the diet did not change, we are on a royal canin urinari diet for former kidney stones, he said don’t need to change it confuses me that he prescribed analgin for cystitis, since it is prescribed for something serious and as an antipyretic, but it will not be appointed as the first method for cystitis, I ask him to change it to something for animals, but he rested on his own and does not prescribe, since here where we are there is nothing for animals but I said it's my problem that I'll find it ready to order from large cities but now he completely ignores me I hardly found an antibiotic and my baby still suffers I'm in complete despair I want to quickly treat him before it's too late we are not lucky again and I'm afraid and don't want to take risks with analgin and no-spa .
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2023.05.30 09:58 Tommy_Beggins Relationships when working in the adult industry.

Relationships when working in the adult industry.
Hey there, everyone!

It's been a hot minute since we last talked about the not-so-great parts of working in the adalt industry.

Sure, there are some awesome perks like cash, fame, and feeling good about yourself. But there are also downsides to the job, like any other.

Today, we're gonna chat about a super important topic: how your job affects your relationship with your partner. Whether it's your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whoever, it's a big deal when you work in this field.

I've been in the adalt biz for over four years now and I've seen all sorts of situations. I've worked with webcam models, Onlyfans stars, porn actresses, and escorts. Being a curious cat, I've always wondered how the job affects relationships.
And most of the time, it does. It's not surprising since every job can impact your relationship, but ours even more so!

Based on my experience with all the models I've worked with, I wanna share some stuff with you today.

First up, let's talk about whether or not you should tell your partner how much you make in adalt.

It's not an easy question, and there's no clear answer. You gotta decide how important your job is to you. If you're just doing it for some extra cash over the summer, it might not be a big deal. But if you're trying to make it your career, it's better to be honest.

Here's the thing: everything becomes public eventually. The internet never forgets, and your partner will find out eventually. So it's better to be prepared.

It's a good idea to suss out how your partner feels about the adalt industry before you tell them. Watch a movie about it together or mention a friend who works in porn and see how they react. If they're totally against it, you might wanna think about whether or not you wanna be with that person. They might freak out when they find out and cause a big scene.
If you do decide to tell them, make sure you explain why you're doing it and why it's important to you. If they understand your motives, it'll be easier for them to accept it. Communication is key, folks!

But pay attention to how they act during arguments, even if they say they're cool with it. If they keep bringing it up, it means they're still bothered by it. That's a sign that you need to talk things out and figure out what's going on.

Overall, the topic of relationships in the adalt industry is hella important. We'll probably talk more about it in future posts, but for now, just remember that it's crucial to find someone who accepts you for who you are and what you do. If they can't handle it, it's better to let them go and find someone who gets you. There are plenty of amazing people out there!

That's all for today folks! We wanna hear your stories on the topic, so drop them in the comments and let's chat!

Remember, it's important to choose the right people to date. Don't settle for less!

The Rockstar Agency!
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