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[FOR HIRE] Need Someone Living in US to Help Me Receive Mail (I'm Canadian) $50

2023.06.03 08:50 Beneficial-Item9344 [FOR HIRE] Need Someone Living in US to Help Me Receive Mail (I'm Canadian) $50

Hi there, I'm a Canadian and sometimes need to receive mail in the US for my business. I'm willing to pay you to help me receive lettermail occasionally. You just need to take a picture of the letter's contents. I can pay per letter received. DM me if you can help out.
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2023.06.03 08:49 velodelia DIY fanless pc build ( in progress ) :)

DIY fanless pc build ( in progress ) :)
~o)0(o~ Straight out I would say this is a fun project and it turned out so much different than I ever expected and also it has been taking days of work. All of which enjoyable, I love building stuff, but building a cooling system from scratch needs some precision work :)
This is one of my first post here, so I hope it all turns out well!
It all started when a friend gave me his old GPU - a strix gtx 970 4gb OC. And that cascaded in getting all other components. I should note that this is not the best option for a GPU in a fanless system, but it's what I got :) To be hones, it ran VERY quiet with original cooling, but... I disassembled it already , there is no going back haha.
CPU is a ryzen 5 3600
MB is mini ITX GIGABYTE B450I AORUS PRO Wi-FiBeQuiet pure power 11 500W . it has a fan, but have seen it spinning only a few times and it's inaudible :)
18gb ram, 1tb samsung nvma and so on, nothing special on this front, just needed some parts to make it run.
All temps are in Celsius! :)
At my work ( I repair clinical equipment) I got a hold of these beauties from a device in one laboratory.
I thought I would need only two of them and have the rest for another project - how wrong was I haha
My first idea was to directly press the cpu against a block of aluminum and the big heatsink.Unfortunately the 2 prototypes I tried, didn't transfer the head fast enough to the big headsing and the CPU would get hot really fast during a stress test.(I glued the nuts with fast glue and baking soda. It got so hard and strong that I had trouble removing it after that! haha )The first 2 tries looked like that:
At this point I was still under the illusion, that this would be a quick job, done in a few hours. I laugh at myself when I think back at how I imagined all this would go...Trying to build and cut everything on the fly, every whole was on the wrong spot, I kept on breaking drills and taps , while making holes and threads...After the first few uncecesfull attepmts I realised I need to take my time to work on every single piece of it slowly and measure everything better if I wanted to go anywhere with this.At this point I still didn't know if I would be able to cool the CPU, much less the GPU.The CPU is 65W and the GPU is twice as much and probably sucking even more power at max load.
Next I decided to use heat pipes, but instead of ordering some and figuring out how to attach them to the CPU die, I decided to repurpose an older cooler master CPU cooler I had around ( also a donation from a friend ) It was for an older intel CPU, so I had to create a mount for it for my AM4 platform :)
So I began and 2 hours later ...
Than 2 days later ...
I drilled holes for half of the pipes and stuck them inside the radiator, the other ones I bent and pressed against the face of the other radiator. At this point I am using two of them.Bending the heatpipes without a proper tool is a mess.I ended up using the neck of a bottle of wine.....I wouldn't go too deep in this topic hahahahTo my surprise it was working!!!! I managed to get to max 80C under stress. :)
At this point I was feeling a bit more optimistic and started working on the cooling for the gpu.This time I didn't even bother with trying to cool the gpu without headpipes, so I did the same as with the CPU - repurposed some heatpipes... or you could say - Destroyed a perfectly fine working cooling hehe -

At this point I was much more careful with the holes I drilled.I have a few jars with old bolts and nuts left from my grandfather - they hold everything in this project. Whenever I needed any size of anything, I found it in there. And everytime I was thankful to him! <3 Love you grandpop!
The first time I ran the Pc with the new GPU cooling, and started stress testing it - the computer turned off without a warning! It obviously overheated.I was a bit disappointed for a while, until I remembered the VRMs have just a small heatsink above them and no fan to blow air on it at the moment...So I cut two big sheets of 3mm aluminum and stuck them on the chips with a thermal pad.That did the trick , but they got around 95C while playing games.I had to address this.
Next I got more presents from a friend - a flat heatpipe from a laptop cooling and an old GPU cooling ( heatpipes and radiator)I should have made more photos of the creation, because it is so funny :) Nowhere near good looking. I put a 2mm copper plate on the vrm chips and the laptop heatpipe, sandwiched with a sheet of aluminum plate. The flat heatpipe curves around the gpu body, goes to the other side and there I pressed the other end between another sheet of aluminum and the other gpu cooler.
This did the trick - VRM are at 62C during gaming. That's fine for me. :)Holding one end with a zip tie... At this point I have no aestetic goals for the inside :D
Building everything together around the gpu is a step by step process in specific order so that everything comes together... I had to build and take everything apart or rework it in order to have access to all the bolds and nuts holding the whole thing together.
When I play Horizon : Forbbiden west, I get 50-60C CPU, 62 VRMs and around 90CI seem to remember that on the build before the vrm upgrade the gpu was not getting hotter than 85C... Will have to work on that more.
There is an original, thin black alu plate on the back side of the GPU that get really HOT. I can't seem to find anything directly touching to it, aside from one small chip ( don't know what its for) with a 2-3mm thick thermal pad on it. I am thinking of changing this thin back plate with a much wider and thicker one. I have some 3-4 mm sheets.That's one of the next steps, when I feel motivated, and after that I will start thinking about making a wooden box for the whole thing. I have a few Teak wood planks.And just for the sake of it am wandering if I should add one fan at the bottom of the box just in caseMaybe an Noctua nf-a12x15, turning at very low RPMs... will see about that :)
I don't know how heavy it is. It's still not in one piece and stays in place thanks to my oldschool sci-fi book collection from Bulgaria :)
At the moment it looks like that and I LOVE it and the whole experience :
It's been 4 months now since I started and I work on the project whenever I have time.
I will add updates with any progress. I have some crazy ideas for the wooden box, to make it even heavier :D
Thanks for the patience of reading the whole thing and greetings from Bulgaria :)
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2023.06.03 08:48 Eureecka Most Expensive Tip Ever

Nearly 15 years ago, I went to work for a company. The intent was for me to complete a project in quality and then move over into program management but someone quit and I was asked to fill in as a customer quality engineer. This meant that every month, I traveled to customer sites, did the first pass analysis of our defective products, and got yelled at - A LOT. It sucked.
Also worth mentioning, our branch of the company was too small to use the corporate travel so for every trip I was scouring discount travel sites to find the cheapest flight/hotel/car. I was ridiculously vigorous in seeking best prices. If the shittiest shitbox car was $32/day and the not-so-shitty car was $34/day, I picked the $32/day car to save the company $2/day.
One fine trip, several months in, was spectacularly awful. Not only did I have a truly terrible car, the hotel was all new depths of yuck. My shoes stuck to the carpet in my room and the security flipper thing on the door was plastic. Also, it was in the worst part of town and I worried about my safety to the point that I ended up pulling the little couch over to block the door and sleeping on it.
Adding to my misery, I was sick. I had some creeping crud that plugged my sinuses and made me long for death. Normally, I’d have canceled the trip but the customer was in an uproar about our continued repeating defects and required someone to be there.
I made this trek every month. And once during every trip, I would eat at the local Outback Steakhouse. It was a known quantity, the people who worked there were great, and it helped me to have that connection.
On this particular trip, I made my way to the outback for dinner and I was clearly sick and miserable. And the workers took care of me. They sat me next to the fireplace, brought me tea, and had the kitchen make me chicken noodle soup even though it wasn’t on the menu. I nearly cried I was so grateful. My bill for dinner was less than $10 so I charged $20. Yes, more than a 100% tip but their kindness kept me going.
I got home, did my expense report, and turned it in. My director called me into his office and screamed at me about how the corporate policy was 10% tip and it should never exceed 15% and what was wrong with me for paying them so much. Remember: total bill including “excessive” tip was $20. It broke me. Well. It shattered my loyalty to the company’s bottom line.
So, I made them give me the corporate travel policy where the tip policy was outlined and from that moment on, I followed the corporate travel policy exactly. No more shitbox $32/day cars; I’m in midsize or better. No more flying out at 4am in the center seat; the flights fit my schedule and I sat where I wanted. No more scary hotels in the worst part of town; now I’m staying at the nicest executive hotel allowed by the policy.
The cost of my trips were pretty regularly double or triple what they had been, adding up to thousands of dollars a year but I never disobeyed their allowable tip policy again.
The true irony: their corporate tip policy actually had verbiage that said “exceptional” service could be recognized with an additional gratuity but basically, don’t make a habit of it. Also, the allowable per diem was $50/day and a receipt was only required if over that amount so the tip that started the whole thing was within per diem, allowable for exceptional service, and the receipt for it had not been necessary.
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2023.06.03 08:47 Akario_ I messed up! Mistakes were made!

TL;DR: I got scammed into buying a property and a business where the owner promised me the company could pay for the mortgage and then some, only to find out it was a dead business!? And the buildings needed expansion permits and water meters because the owner had it set up as residential and not commercial. I began with a mistake; around January of 2023, I was convinced by my dad and uncle to buy a property partnered with my uncle; essentially, my uncle and I were going to pay for it via a mortgage.
Now let me give a bit of background to this. First, this all takes place in Puerto Rico, and as you know, PR, well... it's not in the best state, I guess you could say; as for me, I was 21 at the time with no knowledge about real estate what's so ever, so as you can already see we're starting on the wrong foot, as for my dad he knows a couple of things but surface level nothing too profound, now as for my uncle his the one who brought us the deal. My uncle works on a small business owned by the property owner, also located on the property my uncle was offered. According to the owner, he wanted to sell the property to someone who would also take over the Air conditioning business. His sons didn't want it and were doing their own thing, so he decided to sell it to my uncle AKA "the son he never had," however my uncle, well, he doesn't have the money, and that's where I come in at the time I had recently received a lot of money from some insurance my dad had done a long time ago so my uncle came to us and pretty much sold us on the dream that the owner had promised which entailed the following: first from an original price of 1 million dollars he would sell it to us by half $500k it is a 3.88-acre approx. property and has two buildings, one large building divided into 4, two used by the owner's business. At the same time, the rest are for storage, and the other building is a container with a garage. There were also two other containers, but they were pretty messed up and only used for storage. But the cherry on top was that he was going to give us the business and that with the business, we would be able to pay for the mortgage as well as grow plus, he was going to stay with us every step of the way for the next six months also it was a ten year 0% fixed interest rates with a 25k down payment. the owner flexed about how much the company made, how he owned X, Y, and Z, and that he had traveled to many places, etc., and like good little trusting fools, we bought into it.
I'm not that social my communication sucks and I'm way to passive I all ways had my questions and doubts but I never mustered the courage to state them or anything my dad and my uncle were full on head first trusting especially my uncle since he had been working there for years and according to him the business was doing great and moving a lot of money (emphasis on "Moving"), my dad did ask some important questions about numbers and debts and other things but the "numbers" were never really shown only checks and words that were tossed around with a lot of "yeah, yeah tomorrow" or "soon" it's also important to note that both my uncle and my dad can be quite gullible for reasons that we shan't name but yeah after merely a couple of weeks passed everything was extremely fast and rushed and we were told we could go seal up the deal anytime and we went with a lot of trust and hopes and so we took over the business and we quickly found out how false and shit everything was starting with day one the owner left for vacation and along with him went the promise to stay with us for the next six months and guide us we didn't even have access to the company's bank accounts till nearly a moth later so I spent the first moth learning with the secretary wtf I had in my hands and I quickly learned that what I had in my hands was a near dead horse full of NEGATIVE RED NUMBERS! as well as a horrible infrastructure and a hand full of angry clients that hadn't been tended to for weeks or a month and also an imbalance between income vs expenses I check with the business bank and its history for the past couple of years and found it full of negative numbers now I have no idea to this day what the hell the owner was doing whether he was laundering money, avoiding taxes, using the business as a credit card I say this because every time he made a check with NSF (non-sufficient funds) it would still be accepted and not returned essentially the bank would pay it and the account would go negative and he kept injecting into the account every now and then and especially at the end of the month to close the moth positive or some sort of other trick (I don't know if that's common and some business operate like that since I've never seen others operate like that I hope you guys can explain that one to me) but yeah that about sums it up after that I decided to detach my self from the company and leave my owner ship to my uncle but stay with the property to get some rent going because I did see some potential in that with a payment of $4000 a moth I could have cover that and then some but that was until I quickly found out how bad the infrastructure of the whole buildings was a long with some other issues like a building expansion with out permit and that we had to pay $10k+ to restore water to the buildings which we knew that there was a debt of like $600 with the water company which according to the owner some people stole his water connections cause they were made of copper and were exposed and spent 3 days leaking but the 10k is not for the debt which he said he would cover and he did its because he had the water system as residential and not comercial so there was only one water meter and we had to pay for the whole set up as well as add additional water meters. and that's it. I think that covers it; remember that this happened fast in about a month.
Yesterday I finished up with the layer and stuff to undo all this. Thankfully it went smoothly with no issues with the owner or anything well, minus another long wait for him to come back cause the owner had left once again, this time for medical reasons, but such is life overall. I lost like 40k-50k during the whole thing. Some fail, and some win. Still, I've been studying hard since all this happened to avoid repeating these mistakes. I want to think I've improved overall since before this, all I ever did was just stay locked up 24/7 playing games and stuff; I don't regret it much since it was also a great lesson and scary yet necessary experience this single step, this single mistake shattered all lack of confidence, nearly all shyness (still working on that one) and all absence of motivation now I'm simply going to push forward and this time I'm starting small one step at a time.
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2023.06.03 08:47 RetaredMF Rate this story

Mary had three adorable little lambs. Their wool was as shiny as a silver at the centre of a lighting strike. Mary excitedly waited for the moment when she could spin their wool into threads....But one unfortunate morning, mary awoke to a dreaded surprise waiting for her,the tree of life, it was naked ,stripped of all its leaves and fruits. The tree was Mary's most precious treasure .Mary stood devastated ,the last leaf fell on her lap,she cried and cried relentlessly as everything around the world started darkening.
The little lambs tried their to make her stop crying and then,the sky,it started to roar,A cloud,it came down to the earth in that cloud were two messengers of god."Don't cry yet,there is no end to life on this world"said one messenger.Mary's voice changed to depict hope and she asked them"What should i do?"
The messengers,clearly amused by all of this jarggen, said jously "you know about the shrine of forest goddess in the mountains?go and collect the ashes of the fire burning at the centre of the shrine and bury it near the roots of the tree.the tree shall then sprout and live till the end of time.."
But, was taboo,it was a taboo to touch anything that beloned to gods by mortals, how could mary possibly do that,she declined it,frown making the land scape face . Later deep in the night,mary went,she went deep in the mountains to search for the shrine.There was it.....The fabbled shrine,the that was shinning,golden light so vivid that it lit up the whole forests.Mary baffeled,appoached the shrine,her feet shivering, she snatched the ashes and ran back.......she had stolen the ashes from the fire,"will the goddess forgive me?afterall i am doing it for the greater good"thought mary.
The Next morning ,she buried the ashes near the roots of trees.The tree,it came to life, was magnificent,even more beautiful than before,it sprouted,the golden fruit,the fruit of life.Mary was overjoyed,she was fazed by the beauty of the tree,alas....she turned a blind eye towards her lambs
Understandbly,The goddess was furious,it was,afterall,a taboo.The goddess decided to punish Mary,the goddess killed the youngest lamb of the three.The lambs begged for forgiveness but nothing softened the goddess heart."Oh! great goddess,what have we done,what is are sin to recive this judgement?"said the oldest lamb
the goddess laughed and said"Punishments are supposed to be unjust,punishments don't serve justice,they are there remind the innocents of there positions..... moreover it was the fate of the little lamb which had to be served,no matter what"
Fate?how electrifying......,maybe at the end,at the point of the destiny,at the top of the holy moutain, i would be able to pass the judgement of this word 'fate'.....
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2023.06.03 08:45 Kakuzan Creators and how audiences fit into their work.

The relationship between a creator and the people who experience their art can be tense, and not even from harsh criticism (though there is plenty of that). There are plenty of literary theories that can in part be related to this relationship, with one of those theories being Death of the Author, which we have talked about before.
I am half tempted to say that the modern day has radically changed this relationship, but though I can say that the modern age has impacted the ways in which audiences see creators (for example, it is very easy to have a pipeline and know the intent from the creator), I am not sure if the same can be said for creators save for scale.
You often hear about "creating for yourself", but in the the least cynical way, people often adjust their behavior when around others. Just compare something like a diary that is typically more stream of consciousness and is for the self versus something like an edited blog that can be seen by others. In my view, it is near impossible for a creator to not think about a hypothetical audience at least to some extent (please feel free to chime in and discuss).
This is all important when looking at controversies that amount to an audience perceiving an attack on them by the creator. Danganronpa V3 captures this tension since mocking fans was not the intent and the message in the game itself is very much not that, but by its very nature, the game is a response to at least the broad concept of fandom.
Then you have the extended ending of Mass Effect 3. Although I do not feel that that the added ending was put in solely due to spite (though there definitely or even a lot), it would be insane of me leave out the fact that the extended cut is pretty much a direct response to the backlash.
Point being that I do not think most people go out with the intention of butting heads with audiences. Not necessarily because of things like "biting the hand that feeds you" (a saying I dislike for many reasons), but because there is a greater than 50% chance that possible reactions from an audience are in the minds of a creator. And I don't think this is a binary "yes/no" thing since I'd dare say that most creators have some grievances with their fans but still greatly appreciate them.
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2023.06.03 08:43 ofshlagenheim 28M from France looking for some foreign friends

Hey :) my name is Simon, I'm a 28 French guy, I live in a small town near Paris. I don't have any foreign friends and I'm looking to practice my English. I would like to reduce my ugly French accent (Les français, françaises et autres francophones sont également les bienvenus)
About myself: I'm working in the sociomedical field as a psychologist. I have a cat. I like science fiction, psychedelic and experimental music, art, sports, football, concerts, video games (currently playing TOTK) and I'm open to a lot of new stuff
If you decide to write me, please introduce yourself a bit, and tell me your favourite colour (it's a way to check if you read my post until the end)
See you :)
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2023.06.03 08:43 Pokeversegb I want to sell my class 11th commerce book if you want it dm me

so i am class 12th student now so i want to sell my last year commerce books
i want to say that all books are in good condition if you want to buy the books i will send you pictures of each book before selecting meeting place
and also i know myself how expensive class 11th and 12th books are from experience i will give you 4 free Delhi govt approved support material for free
if anyone is interested comment down or dm me i might not reply immediately since my school are open and my time table is a mess
i live near jasola in southern part of Delhi
thank you for reading 🙏
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2023.06.03 08:42 Interesting-Appeal87 $126 billion and Two counts of tax evasion only landed me 13 years in prison. Not too shabby 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2023.06.03 08:41 faizaninjabunny Be careful what you wish for

I don't want it to come off as bragging which is what I am afraid of and that's why I haven't talked to anyone about it not even my fiance but I am struggling so badly I just need to let it out.
For the longest time all I wanted was to buy a house, get married and get a better job thats more suited to me.
And I got all of that. But somehow I have never struggled more mentally in my life, even though I have everything I ever wanted. Each of those things that I wanted so badly are now killing me and the pressure of all things going wrong on every avenue at the same time is giving me suicidal thoughts.
We bought a house but we decided to go through extensive renovations and have been stuck in a 6 month cycle of bad lying contractors & unfinished unpacked home that has drained all out savings. People doing bad job and ruining our laundry room that we had to pay double to redo and fix,, paying someone nearly 30k for other major reno, for him to not finish the job, someone to take our money and not finish the job they started but also apparently doing cocaine in our house. Then lie about it get the guy who didn't finish the 30k reno to lie for him and trying to sue us.
Because we have had to do a lot of the things around the house ourselves we have been too tired to even think about the wedding that is literally months away. And I have nothing planned not even the invited had been sent but we have the venue that we would loose all the money on if we don't have this wedding.
Also because of house stress I haven't been able to focus on the job that I so desperately wanted and dreamed out. It's my dream job but I am doing such a shitty job I won't be surprised I am fired. I am just so stressed.
We lived in my MILs basement for the first 3 months of reno and I thought once we are in the house it'll be better, so I worked 8 hrs in the office then go to the house and do housework for 6 hrs and then go sleep in the basement. I did this for a month and we managed to move in but now that we are here with no shower no master bedroom no laundry nothing. I can no longer force myself to get things done.
My plants are dying. I haven't showered in 2 weeks, I haven't groomed my dog who is struggling because of me.
I feel like I make bad decisions and trust people too easily. I have wasted so much money because I trusted the wrong people and I feel like I am continuing do make the same mistake and I want it all to be over.
I wanted this new job so badly and it's my dream job but now I still with the guilt that I am doing a shitty job because I am too stressed or tired
I just want it all gone.
I just want to lie in bed with my dog and I want everything in the world to stop.
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2023.06.03 08:41 Proud-Party1968 Dress delayed several months: can I get a refund?

Hi! Hoping I can please get advice from the international brains trust.
Has anyone had to go about getting a refund for a dress that didn’t arrive in time for alterations before? how did you go about getting a refund?
I ordered my dress from a US designer, via a boutique in my home country, 12 months out from my wedding. The estimated arrival on the contract was 2 months ago, and the dress was paid for in full halfway to the ‘delivery date’ (so December last year).
I’ve since received several confusing and conflicting updates. In mid April, I was told the dress was on its way and would be here in a week. 2 weeks later, I called for an update, and was told that was actually someone else’s dress (oops!), but not to worry, mine ‘is probably nearly ready’. They then were able to secure a size down for me, somehow (despite needing the standard runtime) and it was again, apparently on its way, 3 weeks ago, eta 1 week. Now, 3 weeks out, I can’t get a solid reason for the delay, or an idea of where it’s at. They won’t answer my emails or calls. I’ve now contacted the designer and have so far received a holding response. This was on Friday so not expecting a full response just yet.
I’m at the point where I think I need to just buy something else in time for alterations.
It’s not currently clear to me who is at fault, although the boutique is definitely pointing the finger at the designer. However, if my dress arrives, technically in time for the wedding, but not in time for alterations, and the designer is at fault, would I be eligible for a refund from the designer under US consumer law?
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2023.06.03 08:40 luxurytempotravelers 10 seater tempo traveller on rent

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2023.06.03 08:40 Plane-Beautiful2342 Twice vs once a day for a month

Twice vs once a day for a month
I just wanted to share my experience as it may help some of you since I did both ways, and to show you the same person a year apart.
On the left is a picture of me using minoxidil twice a day for a whole month (I stopped for a year from laziness, and lost the growth). The second picture is now after a whole month of applying it once a day.
As you can see in the first pic I was able to grow vellus hair in the patchy areas while applying it once was no way near the effectiveness of applying it twice for me.
Note - on the second pic, the beard looks thicker due to me not shaving the goatee area for a longer period, and growth in general. I’m 22 now.
I will be back to using it twice as I didn’t see any difference yet with once a day.
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2023.06.03 08:39 snow_sheikah Importance of Cooldowns and Staggers

So from some of the IGN videos I had begun to see some interesting utilization of the systems in the game, and how you use them really sets apart players. Although we've seen some flashy and cool combinations in trailers, the IGN videos actually highlighted more of what I think is the main combat loop and premise.
First they introduced some of the new Ramuh skills, and these are the ones I think the JP IGN player utilized the best. The most interesting of which was the lightning rod skill, which seemed to put a sort of bomb on the arena that when hit, either by the player, or the opponent, would do damage. I already can theorize that skills like these are gonna be what people build towards, as he made great advantage of it in the fight. At one point, we can even see that after he placed it down the boss left, but then he baited the boss right back into it. The different utility of the cooldowns are what seem to especially set this game apart from those like DMC, and that also lends into the next important aspect.
Ironically enough, much like in CBUIII's previous work with XIV, managing cooldowns seems to be another important aspect to the game. While you can simply mash them all up and cycle them continously, the game rewards smart usage and timing of them. In the video, we can see the difference between a misaligned burst damage window, and a proper one during the liquid flame fight. During the first stagger, we can see that this player had actually ended up using all his high damaging cooldowns too late and didn't have them up properly for the incoming stagger, leading to very minimal damage, mostly with normal attacks.
In contrast, later on during the fight in the second stagger window we can see that this time he had adjusted his cooldowns, and lined up all his biggest damage attacks with the impending stagger. The resulting damage speaks for itself, being nearly 3 times the damage he did for the first one, and from both inside the stagger, and the boss recovering doing a ginourmous chunk of his life bar, just about a third of it.
This is largely what I think a lot of the combat of the game will be about, smart usage of eikon abilities, proper lining of cooldowns, and combining the effects of them all to deal massive damage during the proper windows in fights. The footage we got to see definitely made me even more excited to get my hands on it...hopefully in the demo coming soon Square?
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2023.06.03 08:39 Majestic_Falcon_4864 Help please!

Morning. I developed a tooth abscess overnight basically. My tooth was hurting the day before and I thought nothing of it, over night it must’ve swelled and I looked like a chipmunk, went to the emergency dentist who said I have an abscess and gave me antibiotics, this was on Thursday afternoon, I have been taking 250mg phenoxymethylpenicillin 4x a day, the swelling has reduced slightly but I can’t open my mouth due to swelling on my jaw, it’s not overly painful but it’s really making me miserable. I have been using ice which isn’t helping the swelling, it has been nearly 3 full days now.
Should I ride the antibiotics out or should I go to a&e?
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 08:38 Dangerous_Shallot207 I Have A Reticon SAD 1024 IC And I'm Looking For Someone To Help Me Build an EH Electric Mistress V2 Flanger Pedal

I'm new to Reddit. I recently obtained a NOS Reticon SAD 1024 IC and I'm looking for someone to build a near clone of an EH Electric Mistress V2. Is there anyone out there who might want to take this on? I'll obviously pay you for your time and materials. Please contact me if you're interested. Thank you
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2023.06.03 08:38 Yaruga123 Is there any place i could go to start life over? (venting)

Is there any place i could go to start life over? I've been jobless for a year, over 200 applications for northern utah trying to get a job and afford a home and take care of myself. Everything i have tried has failed. so many rejection letters or ghosted. I've even tried for lower end jobs that i KNOW i would never be able to use to pay a rent on for the area and i still can't get a job. I'v had suicidal thoughts almost every other day and just tonight i fail back into an old habit of beating my head in because the emotional pain of being a failure is just to much.
I wish i knew of a place i could go where i could start life over. Have my own place, my own job, and just be able to take care of myself. None of this, "share an apartment or live with family" crap where you are not really being independent because you are relying on someone else to help pay the home/rent bill. I'm talking about truly being financial independent where what i work covers my own expenses and nothing else. I'm ok with that: not having extra, if it meant i could just take care of myself.
I'v seriously considered standing on the tracks of the front runner because it would be fast and hopefully be over without much time to feel pain. every day i am alive what little of savings i have left is burnt just trying to hold out for what i see as no hope of job, of home, of independence...
People talk of programs to help but let's be real: i live in box elder county where there is no support, no money to help people, and even if i talk to someone it's not like they have a jobs program that would guarantee me something to afford a home. Programs that try to give support don't work, at least for me, if the core/root is being able to take care of one's self. No amount of friends or therapy can solve having no home, soon to not have enough money for food let alone gas to get to the next interview.
Maybe i am just venting here.... but i just.... All my life i was told if you just do X then Y would follow: meaning when people said if you just work hard, if you save money, be honest, get good grades, etc etc, than life would come to you and it would be ok. i feel and believe it all to be a lie.
Just because you do X does not mean y follows. how many good people die, lose a job, are homeless, ad yet mean, selfish, cruel, greedy people have life easy. As a society i believe why humans have a potential for good we see around us the WORSE of human kind when there is no question of resources to help people and yet many suffer. It's why my hope is near gone and every day i think is it worth going on or just giving up: because another day is just more suffering and to what end does that achieve?
I wish there was a place i could go to start my life over. to have a small home, not even talking big just 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and kitchen to cook my own food. i'd seen tiny homes that were used as part of a thing to help homeless people and that would be a dream to me right now. but will never see a program like that where i live. always about the money, the cost of who is paying the land that ever increases, the cost of building the home, money, money, everything, money just so god damn fucking sick of seeing that my self and others of this town EVEN if we got a full time job would never be able to afford any home in this valley. a quarter of a million for the cheapest homes and trailor homes on land have you paying 500-800+ just for the land you will never own. and rent rates start at 1500+ require the old first month, last month, 3X income.
at this point i know i am venting hard on this and writing my thoughts out. i'm just so fucing tired of trying when there is no hope that i can see.
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2023.06.03 08:37 ECEML-849 Do any of you have precarious stories of how you barely graduated?

Graduated last summer with a CompE degree, just started my first SWE job today but I constantly get flashbacks to my data structures final project. I already failed the class once, I am only allowed to retake it once or else I get kicked out of the major and I run calculations and realize I need a 87 or higher on this final project to pass. The TA sends out a rubric beforehand and I tailor everything for a week just for this project -> Zoom checkouts, some stuff crashes, other stuff doesn't but I manage to get a 91 and get a C- on my transcript, allowing me to continue on in this degree program. I constantly think about what might have happened if I chose a different TA, spent just a few minutes less on the code, started a day later, etc. It's nervewracking but at the same time, seems like the avenues of economic opportunity are quite narrow (one admissions decision, one exam, one grading decision, one hiring decision: there are ~300ish R1/R2 universities and ~2000 listed firms - those corridors of economic opportunity are quite narrow and you have only those few chances to get it)
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2023.06.03 08:37 12HoneyBeeHives Persistent Ich? Epistylis? Help!

I have two black moor goldfish, lovingly named Donut and Toot by my students. I've had them for two years with no problems, despite moving their tank to a new school, until April of this year.
On April 10th their tank cracked (completely my fault), but the fish were fine. I got them a new tank, moving them up from a 30-gallon to a 35-gallon. Got new substrate, set everything up, got the fish all settled, and assumed that was that. But by the end of the week, they had little white spots. I read an incredible amount about ich and then treated my tank with a teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon, an increased water temp to 86 degrees, and methylene blue. It took about 2 weeks but they seemed to be better and I couldn't see any more spots, so I turned the temp back down and changed out about half the water. It did not last.
Since the second go-around started, I've kept the tank consistently at 86 degrees. I've treated with methylene blue twice, and done the salt thing once again at the beginning. But I don't know what else to do and feel like I'm going crazy. So far my thoughts have been:
Am I gaslighting myself into thinking they're sick and they're just sifting through the substrate and it's sticking to them or is it micro bubbles? Lately, it feels like when I look at them the spots are less and then more and then less and different sizes but all very small. Their substrate is that course grain sand with mixed blue/white/black colors. Most of the spots do seem to be on their heads, with the occasional inconsistent spot on their sides but rarely on their fins. They're also very energetic, swim around without a care in the world, and are still very interested in food and chasing fingers across the glass.
Am I just not being patient enough and have to treat them longer? Should I just back off and see if the disease starts to progress? It seems like their fins are more transparent than before but I don't know if I'm imagining it because I'm constantly stressing about them. I don't want to the treatment to add stress for them either because I know goldfish don't like higher temperatures.
Does the methylene blue wear off or become less concentrated after a while - should I be dosing them multiple times between water changes? I've been changing 1/3-1/2 the water out about every other week. I've kept a close eye on the nitrates/ammonia/etc and the only problematic reading has been the pH. I talked to someone at an aquarium store near me and they suggested adding crushed coral, but also said it wouldn't be worth putting in until the ich was cleared since it requires large volumes of water changes.
Did I misdiagnose them and they actually have Epistylis? Everything I've read about Epistylis says that heat exacerbates the disease but they have been less spotted when the temp is higher. When I turned the temperature down earlier this week just to see if I was crazy the spots have gotten more intense seeming again, but again, I have no idea if I'm just imagining it.
I need somebody to tell me what I'm doing wrong, what more I can do, literally anything because I can't handle losing them right now. They represent a huge piece of my life I had to give up last year and am not ready to let go of, and I don't know what else to do. I had a lot of fish growing up, but this is the first setup I've had on my own. Please help me.
tl;dr I've been treating my goldfish for ich with salt, high temps, and methylene blye for a month and a half and every time I think they're getting better they get worse again. What else can I do?
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2023.06.03 08:36 CoastSpecialist7699 WIBTA for hiring movers to relocate my ex-stepfathers stuff?

I am 41, female. My mom is 71 and her ex-husband is 75. They started dating when I was 6 and were married for 29 years. I grew up with this man in my home as my primary male role-model. He has a number of problems including being an alcoholic and narcissist. He made my life a living hell for over 30 years - he was constantly degrading, controlling, and gaslighting myself and my mom. I honestly do not understand why/how they ever "fell in love" because from the time that I moved out of the house at 17.5 I have avoided him as much as I could without cutting off contact with my mother.
About 2 years ago my mother and stepfather got divorced. Long story short - my husband and I now own most of the property (house in FL and house in ME) that used to belong to both of them. I purchased it from her in order to finance a large payment/buy out to my ex-stepfather to make the divorce happen. My mom and he have stayed amicable but she is finally at a point where she doesn't want to deal with his destructiveness anymore.
Fast forward to the present day. Ex-stepfather has asked my mom numerous times to let him come live with her again. She allowed him to stay rent free in the FL house while she was in ME, but the house was destroyed (along with everything in it) during hurricane Ian. After that he has lived in a motel in CT near his remaining family. He asked if he could "rent" a room at the house in ME. I said "absolutely not - I own it and you can tell him that I'm the bad guy who said no" because I don't want him anywhere NEAR my 2 little kids (both girls - 7yo and 5yo). Frankly, I also don't want him around my mom!
About 2 weeks ago he announced that he found a room to rent for the summer! It's half a mile away from mom's/my house. (Incidentally, he's staying with a woman who I am 99% sure he had an affair with). He still has all of his crap (furniture, clothing, boxes) in the garage of my/mom's house where it has been for 2 years. I want to hire a mover to come and get everything of his out of the garage and move it to his new place. I am worried that if we rely on him move it himself, it will never actually happen. He will just use it as a reason to keep on showing up unannounced at my mom's house whenever he wants to. Am I an asshole for wanting to butt into this situation and move the stuff even if he doesn't want me to? I will gladly pay for the movers and give him a range of delivery dates. To be fair, I am pretty sure he will not have a place/space to store it all, but he can rent a storage unit or something right? Why should we have to store his stuff and wait around for him to pick it up? The lack of good/safe boundaries with this man while I was growing up make it feel like this is an asshole thing to do - but my brain keeps saying "MOVE THAT SHIT"!
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2023.06.03 08:35 devaaa23 What are some projects for lending portfolio analytics?

I work for a mid size NBFC in the Analytics division for portfolio management. (There is a separate team for credit risk and collections).
Some of the things we focus on is prediction analytics of attrition. But beyond that, I feel like a glorified data secretary. I want to take on interesting projects, but there is not enough mentorship at work- it seems they hired ex- credit risk professionals, including me.
Community- I’m on the lookout for research papers, BIS guidelines, even snippets of work other lending portfolio analysts do to have some thrill in what I do. I am on the lookout for which kinds of projects would be helpful in this space in the long run.
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2023.06.03 08:35 glamcode22 beauty parlor at home Noidasalon at home Noidabeautician near me

Glam code is a sophisticated luxury home salon which providebeauty parlor at home allows for a more flexible and relaxed experience. Unlike crowded salons where you may feel rushed or uncomfortable, you can create a soothing ambiance in your own space, complete with soft music, scented candles, or any other elements that contribute to your relaxation. The beautician near by you can focus entirely on you, dedicating the necessary time and attention to ensure your satisfaction. This personalized salon at home in Noida by glam code approach fosters a stronger rapport between you and the professional, enabling them to better understand yourbeauty goals and provide expert advice accordingly.
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