I have a favor to ask

2023.05.29 19:41 Nosexuskitty I have a favor to ask

I am applying for a job with a pet centric company. I asked for a tip on BringFido (awesome app) & they said one of their best hires wrote their cover letter from their dog’s perspective.
I’m not a creative writer, except for erotica. Would anyone be silly to help me out. I’ll send you & your baby some treats! If you’re interested, please DM me so I can give you specifics for what kind of Mom I am. This is for a WAH job & I just can’t stand the thought of leaving her. I’m her support human.
Chiweenies are a picky bunch & we go to the ends of the earth for them. Believe me, it took us a year to settle on a diet. I had so much rejected food I made bags for my neighbors. Told them if they need it (2020) & here we are again with astronomical food prices. Dogs are being surrendered because they can’t feed them or give them proper veterinary care. People are homeless but I can guarantee they feed their dog before they eat themselves.
Anyone willing to do this, please DM me 🐶 ❤️
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2023.04.12 10:19 RideLionHeart (Affordable) doggo friendly hostels in Bangkok

So I adopted a dog in Chiang Mai, and am now about to take the train with the canine to Bangkok.We need to find an affordable hostel to stay at. Affordable = less than 600 baht/night.There's a bunch of pet-friendly resorts, but we can't afford those.We don't need a swimming pool. A/C would be nice for the pupper but really we just need a safe room. Does anyone know of any cheap hostels in Bangkok that allow doggos?
His name is Ryger btw Thanks!
Update: So I found this great website:
And found two different affordable hostels through it, so we'll be staying at one of these: Ploykhumthong Boutique Resort
Decor Do Hostel
Hope that helps anyone else seeking the same (;
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2023.03.04 12:03 remote-enthusiast 100 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2023.02.24 18:27 Hart_24 Traveling with Cat on an intercontinental flight, Airline Choice

Hello Everyone,
I am traveling with my cat on a long distance flight (11 hrs) + layover + (2hrs) for a permanent move.
My cat is an American shorthair who is up to date on all her vaccines and the vet will provide an international health certificate on demand.
I am currently looking at airlines to book my flight with and have several options:
Update: I’m going with Lufthansa since overall the flight and layover are far shorter and it will be the better experience. I will try to keep the post alive with my experience
Update 2: Booking with Lufthansa is/was very straightforward using the phone. I managed to book my flight and register the pet on the same phone call. Still waiting for the confirmation, it is usually issued in 48/72 hours after reserving. Now time to get the international health certificate.
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2023.02.19 12:03 remote-enthusiast 100 remote jobs (tech & non-tech)

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2022.12.17 06:20 alyssajones Surgery in Vancouver, but we live in the interior. Need temporary accommodations. What resources are available?

My partner was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with a rare circulatory issue, and just got booked for surgery early Jan. I am in the interior, and am coming down at the beginning of January and stay for two weeks to be with him before and after. The problem is, I really want to bring our dog. I could stay with family otherwise, but with the stress of it all,my anxiety is through the roof, and so is his of course, and our dog helps with that. I want him to have his whole little family/household with him before he goes in.

I am looking for a room from Dec 31-Jan15 for both of us some nights, just me others (he'll be in the hospital for a few days to a week) and our basset hound, near surrey/delta/whiterock area. I can of course pay, and am looking at Kijiji and airbnb (if there are any redditors out there who can help out and make a little scratch on the side, I would appreciate it so much.)

I've been checking bringfido, airbnb, and kijiji. I'm no longer on facebook so I can't see marketplace. if there are any other resources i haven't checked, let me know, please!
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2022.11.12 21:18 abolitonbb Quit my job to travel with dog as long as I can

34F traveling solo from Kentucky with my 80lb dog. Tell me anything you can offer. Planning to do dispersed camping in National Forests (as they're all dog friendly) and BLM land.
Trying to do whatever I can with around $5000. I have as much time until I run out of funds, and am ready to head out. Decision paralysis is real though and I need to pick a direction to start. The weather looks similar in the badlands and sedona. Which way do I go?
I plan to drive and camp along the PCH, so anything to the California coast and back is an option, weathesafety permitting. I wanna see the badlands, and Moab and sequoias and death valley and yellowstone and glacier. And my ADHD brain is overwhelmed with options. I've done a lot of reading and am scared of bears and hypothermia and driving on snowy roads. For myself and the dog.
I've downloaded Rover, iOverlander,, Kayak, Hipcamp, Hotels, BringFido and Nomadher. I figure once we get stinky or too cold I'll find a pet friendly hotel, hostel, cabin or vrbo to stay for a night or two. I'll use that time for checking out local eats, doing laundry, and vehicle rearranging and cleaning.
I have the gear and feel prepared for tent and car camping in cold temps, (sleeping bag is comfortable in 15°) outside of having only FWD. Please let me know if you're somewhere you know I shouldn't risk driving to. I don't have tire chains but I do have an anxiety disorder.
I'd never even pitched a tent before I quit my job. It took about 30 minutes the first time, practice camping in the backyard. I chose a $160 Coleman from Walmart after having spent weeks with decision fatigue, googling and reading reviews. I had to buy so much shit and I over-researched everything. I didn't like camping as a kid so I knew I would need to feel as comfortable as possible or I'd bail. I spent more on a self-inflating sleeping pad that's over 3 inches thick because I'm a side sleeper and the internet told me these things are important.
I spent about 3 weeks camping in Eastern Kentucky doing disaster relief volunteering. Had all the supplies I needed besides firewood. Diesel Dog did great. Everyone loved him. He could be better at recall and we'll definitely be working on it. If I do that messed up parenting thing of pretending like I'm gonna leave him he comes running though. It's toxic but effective.
I went to Seattle in that one month that the US beat Covid a couple of years ago. Remember that? Before I left one of the old guys stopped me and said "I heard you're going to Portland!" (Men gossip more than any women I've ever known.) I corrected him that it was Seattle and he yelled "well I was just gonna tell you to be safe! It's filled with antifa!" And as soon as I came back to work I knew I couldn't stay there anymore. It is so toxic. And unsafe. Their handling of Covid and employee deaths broke me. But I had seen more! I had flown over miles and miles of giant mountains and land untouched by capitalism.
My brain couldn't even absorb it. Even living in a rural part of KY, I hadn't realized how much of my scenery is parking lots. And our eyes ignore them like the banner ads on a website. As though its been fine to be so removed from the earth. I read Braiding Sweetgrass and grew a garden while I worked up the confidence to do this trip.
I was numb my last year at work outside of union contract negotiations, which is partially why I didn't leave sooner. I had learned so much from the women organizing protests the summer before. I spent weeks talking to the guys about mutual aid during a strike. And labor laws of other countries. Shit, of our own company in other countries. I educated good ol' boys on the 1600 companies using prison labor instead of opening factories and paying livable wages. And how the people running corporations, so far removed from the actual labor, make ungodly amounts of money while exploiting our bodies and time.
These men do not like me, but they heard me. We voted down two shitty contracts. I'm talking hella exploitative shit. Our UAW is worse than useless. They dont have to be but this one is. And after a meeting with corporate about our "family" and "loyalty" the union voted in the worst offer so far with 51% of the vote. They got scared of losing more so they risked nothing. It's definitely a choice and heartbreaking.
Doing manual labor in male dominated fields all 18 years of my employment has broken me. I have anxiety. I've heard too much "locker room talk" and ignored too many messed things. I've pushed my body too hard to prove myself to people I do not respect. I'm clinically depressed. I still can't afford a home without a partner. Rent is insane. Our systems are terrible. I didn't file for unemployment because I was told work would fight it since I quit. And I wanted time off without the requirement of looking for another job and the judgement of not working.
I just want to see the beautiful, natural things before I die, or they melt/freeze/burn/flood/dry up from climate disasters. Or get cut down/mined/flooded/privatized/exploited/endangered/poisoned by corporations.
I moved my 401k into an IRA and pulled money out to travel and live off of until I figure out what to do with myself. Pulling out of my 401k cost a lot in taxes and more in fees for taking it out before im 65. I put in 5% each pay period, for 8 years, which was the maximum that the company will match. I understand that non-union laborers do not even have 401ks and it seems generous of a company. But 1.That's a real low bar for retirement from a global corporation. And 2. The stock is in their own company. Which obviously benefits them.
So if your looking for risky financial advice to fund your travel- A 401k was never meant to be a retirement fund, we just got screwed out of a pension and the market could lose that money tomorrow. The government ain't ever gonna let anyone younger than a boomer retire. Or they'll raise the retirement age to 75 and most of us will die from lack of health-care before then.
Quit your job and see the things with me? Take a long weekend and meet me somewhere?
Where should I go? Where should I Not go? Can we do laundry at your place? Does anyone need us to help on their land? Know of a community that's not a cult?
Thanks for everything!
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2022.10.08 00:12 Whisgo Howl-o-Ween 2022 - Let's Get Spoopy Megathread!

Hey spoopy pups and owners! It's Howl-o-Ween season - and you're likely getting prepared or thinking about all the festivities from Harvest Festivals, Trick or Treating, Costumes and more!
I'd like to take a moment to reiterate that while Halloween can be an AMAZING time for socialization you must also be very cautious because pups who may be experiencing a fear period. So PLEASE be weary of just jumping right into crowd of costumed children if you believe your pup is in prime fear period age or is generally a bit more timid. Never ever force interactions, always go at your pup's own pace and remember you DON'T have to bring your pup out for parties or other festivities, it's OKAY to crate them, leave them with family/sitter or even board them. Use your best judgment and don't worry about what so-and-so does with their pup, all puppies are different.
Okay now over onto the fun links and infographs!
And of course if anyone has any additional tips, comments, concerns about Halloween please ask them here so we can keep the sub free of redundant posts. Oh! And photos!! Feel free to share super cute and spoooky halloween photos of their pup (or fall ones, everyone loves cute puppy pics!) here in this thread!
We hope everyone has a Spooktacular Halloween!! :D
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2022.08.26 16:56 SnooGuavas1093 Where dogs are welcomed

This topic has come up in the saskatoon subreddit. I just found this website that tells you which hotels, restaurants, etc. welcome dogs: and the search includes several Saskatoon businesses.
Great for those of us who, astoundingly, want to avoid having dogs around while we shop, dine out, or stay at a hotel.
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2022.07.28 20:39 andy404040 23 pet websites - Find your next pet buddy, Watch heart warming animal videos, travel with ease with your pet, get someone to pet sit for you while you are away.

Find a Pet - Find the perfect puppy for your family. From breed selection to training to long-term healthcare, PuppySpot will be your first and last puppy stop. - website for finding the perfect puppy dog breed for you and your family. See breeder advertisements and puppy ads. - From finding an AKC Puppy to connecting with a S.A.F.E. Groomer, AKC Marketplace is your Expert Source for Canine Connections - Our massive directory of dog breeders with puppies for sale will make finding your next puppy a breeze. Check out our informative dog breed profiles to find the best puppy for you! - Directory of dog breeders with puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. - Find healthy, vet-checked puppies and dogs from trusted breeders and shelters. Easy to Apply. Arranged Transport. Free articles and resources. - Bringing a pet into your home is a huge commitment. We'll help you navigate through everything from adoption to training and care.

Adopt a pet - Pet adoption with less stress. Rehoming a dog or cat at no cost. Adopt a pet directly from their owner, who knows them best. - Search dogs or cats near you. Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of dogs and cats who need a home. Search by breed, age, size and color. Adopt a dog, Adopt a cat.

Pet youtube channel - place for everyone who loves animals and cares about their wellbeing. Our goal is to make caring about animals a viral cause. We want our fans to fall in love with animals, be entertained while they’re doing it, and feel empowered to help animals in need.

Vets - Ask a Vet Questions Online Now. Verified pet experts standing by 24/7 - Fuzzy vets are on call 24/7 for members pet health questions, big and small. We take the time to make sure that your pet is getting the care they need with wellness and care products delivered to your door. Weave heard it all, so don't be shy. Become a Fuzzy member today!

pet transportation - Find current pet travel info to transport your dog or cat to over 200 countries. Serving pet owners for 20 years. - APHIS Pet Travel - Take your friend wherever life takes you. U.S. and International Pet Shipping Services" - Fly Your Pet in the Safety and Comfort of the Main Cabin, NOT in the Dangerous Cargo Hold

Pet tracking - PetHub's original digital pet ID tags return lost pets in under 24-hours. Free accounts. Use AI, IoT, GPS, SMS, etc. to make Rover wag while walking.

Pet Sitters - The nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers - Find experienced pet sitters near you who treats your pet like family. Pawshake is the largest and fastest-growing online community of pet care providers.

Pet friendly places - Where do you want to bring Fido?

Other Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter Consultation You Can Trust. - (fun find) Your dog has a lot to say—our technology gives them a voice Helpful traveling with pets article

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2022.07.18 04:31 nitro_cola Best dog-friendly restaurants?

Just moved to the Brookline area and am trying to find restaurants/pubs/breweries/cocktails/etc. that are dog friendly. I’ve used the website Bringfido with varying success, so was seeing if anyone had any personal recommendations. Brookline spots ideal but honestly looking for anything in nearby areas. Thanks!
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2022.06.18 23:22 zach_brown Any dog friendly restaurants with indoor seating?

Anyone know any restaurants in the Fayetteville/Rogers/Bentonville area that allow dogs indoors, or at least have a covered patio with fans blowing or something? I'd like to take my dog out to lunch or dinner but the heat lately has been unbearable. I've checked but its hard to tell where exactly they will allow dogs. Thanks!
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2022.02.12 21:51 chilimamiii Cabin Pet & American Airlines

Hey guys. I planning a trip with my 9lb terrier mix on American Airlines. I’m so nervous flying with them but I really don’t have an option seeing as they are the only airline that works for the trip I’m taking. Has anyone had a decent experience taking their dog with them on an AA flight?
The recent reviews on are so low, apparently people who follow the rules are still being turned away. I’m really hoping I can get a good agent on the day of my flight.
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2022.02.02 02:03 kw_nj Atlantic City recommendations list




Animals & Nature












  • Tropicana has like 4 clubs -- I think Boogie Nights is the biggest.
  • Harrah's Pool After Dark



(within Atlantic City unless otherwise specified)

Treats, Bakery

Fine Dining, Upscale, Casinos


Casual - Bars

Casual - Breakfast

Casual - Sandwiches

Italian, Pizza, Etc.


(I’m not a seafood person & my partner is allergic so my list is devoid of some VERY GOOD seafood places)


Alcohol - Winery/Brewery/Distillery

Cannabis Dispensaries






Non-Casino Hotels

North Beach

Really lively area of the boardwalk -- four casinos and the Steel Pier clumped all together, so there's usually people and activity going on around here.
  • Ocean - Newest and tallest building in Atlantic City. Formerly Revel building. Large, sprawling property. They have a neat outdoor "park" with a fireplace and some awesome views of the boardwalk.
  • Showboat - NOT A CASINO, just a hotel. Seems to be aiming for family-friendly. Large arcade, water park under construction.
  • Hard Rock - Formerly Taj Mahal building. Sprawling, huge property. Restaurants and music. Very lively casino with lots of people traffic.
  • Resorts - First opened 1972, first casino in Atlantic City. Still houses the first slot machine ever in the city (inoperable but cool). Very straight, easily navigated layout due to being a former hotel.


Active area of the boardwalk around Bally's/Caesars. Well-situated at the center of the boardwalk. Easy access also to the Tanger Outlets shopping in the city.
  • Claridge - NOT A CASINO, just a hotel. Some great restaurants & a very cool bar at the very top of the building. Awesome old and beautiful building.
  • Bally's - Purchased by new owners in 2020 and has made consistent renovations and updates since. They do a lot with the space they have.
  • Caesars - Many rooms renovated throughout 2021. Several towers, one of which is a former Howard Johnson converted long ago. Roman themed, but barely. Also owns Wild West underneath Bally's Tower. Live music and some table games located in Wild West.
  • Tropicana - Six hotel towers, massive property. Many restaurants and shops. Lots to do within the casino itself (activities, food, etc.). Poorly situated on the boardwalk -- further south, there's not a lot going on, it's very quiet. It's about 3/4th of a mile north to Bally's.


You have to drive to anything outside of the casinos, if you choose to stay at a marina casino. The marina casinos are separate from the boardwalk. You can only walk between Borgata/Harrah's (via a boardwalk on the bay, or a large empty field/parking lot). Everything else is a drive. Some people consider the separation from the boardwalk/city as a benefit. Everything is expensive in casinos, but the marina casinos seem to charge a premium because they know people don't want to drive out to get necessities or similar.
  • Borgata - Dominant casino in terms of revenue for a very long time (Hard Rock/Ocean are very competitive now). It is very nice, probably with the most upscale interior of the casinos. It's starting to show its age a little, and some rewards program changes have some players upset. Still an extremely active casino.
  • Harrah's - Relatively easy to navigate, it's a loop on the inside. Limited dining and entertainment options late at night. On the back end of the casino, there's a boardwalk along the bayside.
  • Golden Nugget - I don't know a lot about this casino, I've only ever been inside once.

Casino Rewards

There are whole communities dedicated to rewards programs and similar, so these are just some starter points.
  • Three casinos (Caesars, Tropicana, Harrah's) are owned by the same parent company. The rewards program is the same so stuff transfers, you can get a promo at any of the three casinos, etc.
  • No casinos within Atlantic City (except as noted above) share rewards between them. However, many casinos have other properties (e.g., there are many Hard Rock casinos, there are many MGM properties for Borgata, etc.).
  • Some casinos will match your status at another rewards program. So if you can get a status at one casino, you may be able to upgrade at another.
  • If you want to get started in a reward program, look for a credit card accompanying that casino. Many of them have a credit card that will give automatic status, or status with $X purchases on the card per year.


In 2020, Caesars closed the Wild West poker room due to COVID, leaving three poker rooms in the city.
  • Borgata - Largest, frequently considered best, poker room. As of March 2021, the only poker room hosting tournaments.
  • Tropicana - The only poker room on the boardwalk, everything else is in the marina. As of COVID, the Trop poker room closes from 5:30 AM to 11 AM on the weekdays. It's fully open on the weekend from Friday 11AM-Monday 5AM.
  • Harrah's - Relatively tiny poker room tucked in a back corner of the casino.


  • Monday-Wednesday, especially in Not Summer (Sept 30th through Memorial Day), many things are closed. These are the quietest days of the week and many places just don't open on these days. The casinos are always open, but not all of the restaurants will be open. The town isn't completely closed, but your options are definitely a bit more limited.



Books & Reading

All praise 🙌 to JReedNet
  • Associated Press. (2010, May 17). Atlantic City's Claridge gets $20M upgrade. Retrieved from
  • Atlantic City Free Public Library. (2006, January 6). History of Atlantic City. Retrieved from Atlantic City Free Public Library:
  • Atlantic County. (2010, October 2). Abescon and Absecon Island. Retrieved from Atlantic County Government:
  • Cunningham, J. T., & Cole, K. D. (2000). Images of America: Atlantic City. Charleston, SC: Arcadia.
  • D'Amato, G. A. (2001). Chance of a Lifetime: Nucky Johnson, Skinny D'Amato and how Atlantic City became the Naughty Queen of Resorts. Harvey Cedars, NJ: Down the Shore.
  • Johnson, N. (2002). Boardwalk Empire. Medford, NJ: Plexus.
  • Kent, B., Ruffolo Jr., R. E., & Dobbins, L. (1998). Atlantic City: America's Playground. Encinitas, CA: Heritage Media.
  • Meter, J. C. (2003). The Last Good Time. Crown: New York.
  • Pencak, W. A. (2004). Friends and Enemies in Penn's Woods: Indians, Colonists, and the Racial Construction of Pennsylvania. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University.
  • Peterson, R. A. (1998). Patriots, Pirates, and Pineys. Medford, NJ: Plexus.
  • Reid, R. (2001, June 1). A Brief Time Line History of Absecon. Retrieved from Westfield, NJ:
  • Sokolic, W. H., & Ruffolo Jr., R. E. (2006). Images of America: Atlantic City Revisited. Charleston, SC: Arcadia

💐 RIP, Closed :(

  • Harry's Oyster Bar
  • Ri Ra
  • The Continental
  • Buddakan
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2022.01.05 05:08 KuboBear2017 How dog friendly are Bend restaurants during winter? Getting mixed reviews online.

I want to try and visit Bend over the MLK holiday weekend with my huskies. I hear it is the most dog friendly place during the summer but how is it during the winter? I am getting mixed reviews from and when it comes to dog friendly restaurants in the winter? Any specific suggestions? Any other events or recommendations for snow dogs apart from obvious sno parks ?
Edit: I am not talking about inside. I am talking about patios with space heaters or fire pits. I don't understand why people are assuming I want to take my husky to a grocery store. I am not a dick. That is why I am checking the local website, bringfido, and asking the locals.
They are huskies, not chihuahuas. We want to be in the snow.
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2021.12.06 03:23 eggpudding389 Is JJs homemade hamburgers in San Juan Batista worth the trip?

Best burgers I’ve had were Clarkes in Sunnyvale but they closed down due to pandemic.
Found this JJs place on Looks legit
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2021.10.05 21:56 Zootrainer Enrichment Idea of the Month - So Spoopy!

(originally written and posted by our mod Whisgo)
Last month we welcomed fall in the Northern Hemisphere. This month we're embracing it! October marks spoopy times as many around the world start preparing for festivities. No matter what your local traditions are... whether you celebrate Halloween, Día de los Muertos, or it's just your average day... Canine Enrichment is a great way to engage your pup in mental or physical stimulation as well as help reinforce much wanted behaviors!
Because many of you may be looking forward to dressing your pup up in a fun costume, or it's really getting chilly out and you might need to use some protective clothing for your dog... we're going to focus on activities that are fun and rewarding as well beneficial in making dressing up your dog less stressful. This will allow you to make progress over time rather than waiting until the day of - and having a struggle of a time! After all, we want our dog's cooperation - we want them to be comfortable. Forcing them into an uncomfortable situation is not ideal and can lead to less desired behaviors. So let's try to make it fun.
The cone game is a very fun simple game that helps condition your pup to items being placed over their snouts and heads. It's also a great way to boost confidence. So to condition the act of putting anything on our dog's head - whether it's a costume, a muzzle, or even an Elizabethan collar, we want to first make this action non-threatening and fun by making it rewarding for the puppy.
What you need:
  1. cone - this can be a sports cone, a large cup can also work if your pup can fit it's face in comfortably.
  2. training treats
How it's done: - sit on the floor with your puppy. you can use a drag lead to keep pup from wandering off, but remember to keep this game short, simple, and rewarding. - present the cone - you can hold on to the end of the cone or cup and watch your puppy and their interactions. - if your puppy knows target touching, you can use this to cue your pup to touch the cone. if not, simply allow for your pup to check it out. - reward for any positive interactions - any sniffs, touches with their nose or paw. On contact, mark either with a clicker or a marker word and reward the pup with a treat to reinforce. - the goal is for the dog to offer the behavior of placing their nose into the cone or cup. This does not need to be a full face in, but any movement towards placing their muzzle into the cone should be rewarded. - once you get successful repeats of the behavior we want, add a cue word. We just use the word cone. Then reward on success for reinforcement.
This site has a video for display - disclaimer, it is a marketing page for their online training materials. Providing this video is not an endorsement specifically.
Once your pup has mastered this, you can then switch out the cone for other things such as a muzzle - or a costume piece that goes over their head. Even a harness that may go over the head.
Costumes can be a challenge for some dogs especially if it's the first time! They don't really have an understanding of what it is - it's uncertainty... If we want their cooperation with wearing anything, we need to teach them that wearing a costume is rewarding. So how can we make this a fun game? How can we get our dogs excited about wearing this silly thing? How can we get their cooperation?
Get yourself some treats. If you don't have a costume you're planning on using - that's okay! You can select some articles of clothing that can work just as well. This can be a sock, an old t-shirt, a bandanna. Sit on the floor with your dog and choose one piece of the costume (something easy like a bandanna or a shirt). Let your dog sniff the item, mark for success, and give them a treat to reinforce. Repeat this a few times; teach them this piece of the costume equals a treat. Don't move to putting the costume on immediately. We don't want to force this process otherwise it's going to be a negative experience for the puppy.
Use the same technique to actually put the first item on your dog. Put their leg through one arm hole and then mark for success and treat. Take it off, mark for success (but don’t give them a treat), then put it back on, mark for success and give them a treat. Remember, the lesson is that the costume equals praise and treats. work with one item at a time... keep the sessions short. This is why you should start this now instead of slamming it into the week or the night before.
When you get to a point where all the costume pieces have been placed onto the puppy - it's treat jackpot time! Make it rain treats and throw a huge party. This is a major accomplishment for you and your puppy!
Tips: Your puppy may think these are toys - that's normal. Use your leave it cues to discourage your pup from trying to chew on the items they are wearing. Redirect them to other cues they may know. If you find you or your puppy is struggling with this - end the session. There is no need to continue to force your pup who not engaged in the activity to continue. Table it and try again later.
Leading up through the season, your local community may have some fantastic enrichment and socialization opportunities. Look for dog friendly events such as a Howl-o-ween Parade. Most local shelters will host seasonal events to help drum up support and donations for their organization. Some pumpkin patches may also allow dogs on lead to join you in finding the perfect carving pumpkin.
BringFido is a website that might be of use. They have an event section where you can check out the local dog friendly events in your area. (*this may be specific to the North America region, if any one else has additional websites for other areas in the world, please share in the comments below!)
Remember, exposure to these events can be a good thing, but keep in mind some pups might feel overwhelmed. Do your best to make it a positive experience for your pup with treats and praise. If your pup seems uncomfortable or starts to get overtired, step back and give your pup a break. If your pup has not had it's full vaccinations, remember you can still carry/cart your dog to a variety of locations for exposure and enrichment. It may also be a great opportunity to expose the puppy to people wearing masks or costumes which will make trick or treating less scary for your pup if you're participating in the classic tradition.
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2021.08.31 22:35 thighGAAPenthusiast Looking for Dog Friendly Vacation Spot Suggestions - US!

I'm beginning to plan a vacation for later this fall and if possible I'd like to bring my dog along with me. I came across this post from 4 years ago, and I was hoping for some updated suggestions as things can change significantly over 4 years. I'm looking for suggestions of places with dog-friendly hotels/AirBnBs, coffee shops, stores, restaurants, bars, breweries, beaches, the whole 9 yards. As it'll (hopefully!) be nice fall weather, places only allowing dogs on the patio will be just as appreciated as places that allow dogs indoors. I know is a thing, but at least where I live it's always been a year or so out of date.

While I'm in the SE and would prefer driving distance, for the benefits of people searching in the future please do not limit your recommendations to only my region! I've done most of the day trips to the North Georgia mountains as well as to the lakes and other state parks.

Currently thinking of the following spots:

I do understand potential COVID risks, however I am vaccinated and prefer outdoors over inside when congregating without a mask.
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2021.05.06 16:02 SteeeveDaPirate Best places to take a dog

Hello all! On Sunday I'll be coming from Topeka and spending the day in KC before I need to pick up a friend at the airport in the evening, so I thought I'd make it a special day out with me and my dog doing things around town.
Do you have any suggestions of the best pet-friendly places, stores, restaurants, activities, etc. in Kansas City? We will definitely be going to Bar K (she LOVES that place), but beyond that I'd love some other thoughts. I'm open to anything! I took a look at BringFido and have some ideas, but I wanted to see what locals thought.
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2021.04.20 01:12 SnowKatten A local's guide to attending USGP this fall

Since tickets have started going on sale (for those who made a deposit) and since I’ve answered some questions in individual threads, it made sense to make a single post.
One note: I’ve lived in Austin for decades, but I moved out of central Austin to the suburbs a couple of years ago. I’ll make updates with local feedback.
Getting here by plane:
Getting around:
Where to stay:
Where to eat & things to do away from the race:
What to bring:
Edit: Added links, Pearl District, bus info, West stops, Whataburger, 24 Diner, allergies
Edit 2: Added local transport info
Edit 3: added convention center parking, rail line, and brewery info
Edit 4: added NASCAR race info, reminder to apply sunscreen
Edit 5: Added additional food options, what to bring, and COVID info
Edit 6: Updated train and shuttle info
Edit 7: Update on clear bags
Edit 8: Update on Covid, drinking, cedar allergies, BBQ App, Texas Monthly's new BBQ list
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2021.04.12 05:12 B_Hound Fave Dog Friendly Places?

Have the day off on Wednesday and fancy going for a drink, or lunch, with the hound in tow. I check out places like, but anyone have any particular ‘this place was awesome to being my dog’ joints? Sometimes it just ends up being a single table in the parking lot, which isn’t really the most fun.
I’m in Oakland Park but don’t mind driving a lil bit, especially if there’s multiple places near each other that are worth checking out.
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2021.04.07 13:50 RedPanda5150 Dog-friendly outdoor dining in Durham?

My folks are coming to visit in May once we are all fully vaccinated and have been asking about going out to eat. They are traveling with their dog so I have been looking for a dog- and family-friendly (ie not just a brewery) outdoor dinner option. We only just moved to Durham during the pandemic though, and have barely started tiptoeing out into the world so I don't know the area well yet. Many restaurants on seem to be sticking with takeout only for the time being. So - any recommendations for taking a small group of people and a dog out for dinner yet? Or a nice park where we can pick up takeout and have a picnic if the weather cooperates?
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