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2012.02.01 23:25 hs0o New Brunswick, NJ: Home of the Fat Karma

Known as both "Hub City" and "The Healthcare City" and situated on the banks of the mighty Raritan River, New Brunswick is the Middlesex County Seat, home to Rutgers University, Johnson & Johnson's international HQ, the NJ State Theater, and several world-class hospitals. Stop in, grab a fat sandwich, a basement show, and a cocktail at Clydz. Just don't let us catch you rooting for Penn State.

2023.06.02 23:58 Drakolf TftM- Murder Planets:

Murder Planets were a logistical nightmare, and were heavily regulated. It didn't matter if you were some entrepreneur wanting to adapt an ancient bloodsport for the modern era or a psychopath willing to risk life and limb to kill another person, you had to go through customs before you were allowed to be set free on the planet without repercussion.
Many members of the more carnivorous species attempted to play dumb when it came to visitation, trying to ignore that stadium seating was legally considered a 'safe zone', or that specific embassy locations were meant to be a safe place for prey to escape to.
There was no thrill of the hunt if victory was assured, after all.
Humanity was the most vocal against the concept, citing it as just 'Purging', though most species didn't get the reference, and those who did countered that, yes, that was basically what it was, so why are they complaining?
Even the herbivores agreed with the rest of the galaxy, some were adrenaline junkies looking for the ultimate high, pain and the chance of death only made things better, those who survived often befriended the person who just moments before tried to kill and eat them. Some Humans even joined in on the fun, usually as the predator, one that was horrifically efficient even to the eyes of the rest of the galaxy.
Rarely was it when a Human was prey.
Grahim was not allowed on the hunt, David had expressly forbidden him from attending, stating he didn't want him getting hurt, not when he couldn't guarantee his survival, not like on Caniti Grau.
They had met a trio of Canicians on the planet, in a hunting lodge, Grahim wanted to go to boast about his kills and wrestle with the other hunters without worrying too much about accidentally killing his companion.
David wasn't concerned with being the only Human in the hunting lodge, being a doctor, he had more than his fair share of belligerent Canician patients who didn't realize he was their final straw, that he was the only one willing to work with them, and if they managed to piss him off, their next serious injury would likely be their last.
The jokes cast at his expense were quickly cut off by Grahim's warning growl, the big old fluffy murderball was highly protective, he didn't care about his reputation, as long as his companion remained unmolested. It was that trio that pressed on in spite of his warnings.
"Look, the little hunter wants to protect his pet!" The first one chided.
"Stop playing with your food, pup! This lodge is for proud Caniti, not pretenders!" The second one barked.
The third was the one that approached David, licking his chops and very intent on eating David. "I'll eat it if you won't."
"Harm one hair on my companion, and I'll tear your intestines our of your anus!" Grahim had threatened.
Three against one isn't favorable odds, the trio rounded on Grahim and attacked, it took the rest of the lodge to pull them off, Grahim was still standing, if severely wounded. David patched him up, the trio mocked him for having a medic.
"If you touch my companion again, I will ensure you learn why you should fear medics." David stated. The trio never backed down from a challenge, which is why Grahim paced nervously as his companion was flown down to the deathworld, alone.
Only proud Caniti were worthy of Caniti things, that was the raison d'etre the trio of Caniti supremacists. They had mocked Grahim as he demanded to be at his companion's side, only to be gently rebuffed and forbidden to follow.
"You would be angry with me if I interfered with your own hunt, Grrhaf, just trust me on this."
The rules were simple: The Human would choose a spot on the planet to land, the Caniti would land a short distance away, and they would start tracking the Human. The Human would not be required to kill, to abide by his Hippocratic oath- which the trio disparaged as a coward's oath- and the hunt would end when one side was either incapacitated, or dead.
Naturally, the event was televised. The trio wanted to use it as a launching point for their racist and hateful rhetoric, David simply used what little air time was dedicated to him to simply smile and say he looked forward to winning.
Grahim paced nonetheless, eyes glued on the holoscreen that depicted what was surely his companion's last moments in the galaxy.
The showrunners only gave David a single camera, mostly to give the viewers the vicarious sense of chasing down prey. When David stayed at his landing site, picking up sticks and cutting them, the view was automatically shrunk to give more space for the trio, who were just beginning their descent.
"You look worried." Grahim looked at the Human who had approached him. "Never thought I'd see a Canician worried for the prey."
"The prey is my companion." Grahim replied. "He refused to allow me to accompany him."
The Human nodded. "He probably didn't want you getting caught on the traps." Grahim looked at the Human, who looked... ecstatic. He knew no Human would enjoy watching their own being brutally mauled to death unless if was clearly a horror movie.
The Trio landed, they headed for David's landing spot. The room was silent, most wondering how the hunters would react to their prey sitting in the open, few had paid attention to what he was doing.
"Look!" One of the trio barked. "The prey wants to be devoured!" The trio rushed forward, and then there was the sound of a snap as all three were caught in a grass net. David didn't move, he simply observed as the Caniti cut themselves out of the net. They collided with the ground, which them broke away underneath them, leading into a pit.
The room was silent, shocked. The trio were scrambling at the sides, the loosened dirt giving no purchase as they struggled to climb out of the pit. David faced the camera. "They're still in a fighting mood, I'll wait to see if they can actually get out." The words were cold, chilling even to Grahim.
The Human beside him simply laughed. "When you know how your prey is going to act, you don't need to do anything special. A net, pulling you over a pit, on top of some other basic hunting traps." The Human's grin sent a chill down Grahim's spine. "Even if those poor pups get out, the hunt's only just begun."
Eventually, the trio put their heads together and made a Canician ladder, allowing one of them to get out and pull another out. They didn't have enough to get their third out, not that it mattered, they still had a clear line of sight on their prey.
The snap of bone as one of the hunter's legs slipped into a hole, their forward momentum putting too much stress on it, pierced the silence of the room.
"Your Human oath is to not harm!" The remaining hunter barked.
"Just like the Geneva Convention only really applies to those who sign it, the Hippocratic Oath only applies when the medic isn't going to be killed." David stated. "I won't kill you, but I'll sure as hell make you wish I did."
The Canician slowly approached David, ignoring the pained whimpers of his incapacitated ally and the demands to know what was going on by the other. It became clear there were no more traps, the Canician charged at David and tackled him. David stepped out of the overgrowth behind the dummy, naked as the day he was born, a syringe in his hand, one that he expertly poked into the Canician's body.
"I've just injected you with a Class B paralytic, in one hour, every muscle in your body will grow still. you already feel your limbs stiffening, don't you?" The Canician struggled to push himself up. "I will see you three in the medical bay, we're done here..."
There was, of course, an uproar, mostly Humans cheering, some were Canicians who declared it an unfair fight- which Grahim was quick to point out that three against one was inherently unfair, and not even the mark of a good hunter when there was only one prey.
The next time Grahim saw his companion, it was in the medical bay, having treated the trio for the injuries they sustained, and putting the third on life support until the paralytic ran its course. The other doctors gave him a small berth, they didn't approve of his actions, or his words, but they understood the circumstances required a certain degree of ruthlessness.
Grahim picked up his companion, hugged him with an appropriate level of strength, and poked his cheek with the tip of his snout in a 'kiss'.
"Let's go home, Grahim, we still have two days of vacation time, and I just want a nap."
"Of course." Grahim replied. He was so proud of his Human.
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2023.06.02 23:55 penguinchange leaving new york after midnight/ seeking kind of unconventional travel advice

basically im a musician living in philly who is trying to go to this open mic/ jam thing once or so a month in NYC as a way to branch out into a different scene + hopefully eventually get friends / musical connections based in ny , plus theres just so many better people there musically and creatively etc


the open mic is from 8 until 1 am, im trying to figure how i can afforadbly do this. my initial thought was take nj transit in like i normally do , and then secure a 10 dollar after hour amtrak ticket to zip back to philly after midnight
- seems the amtraks have a break after midnight and resume at 3 am? so i would be getting out of mic at 12/1 am depending, and then have 1 or two hours to kill in city. if it was one hour i guess i could just sit in the monyahan train hall place - is it safe there at that hour? cops around and stuff?

only other option i can think of is stay in an airbnb room or something but that always winds up being 100 dollars after taxes .

any advice appreciated if theres something im not thinking of as a possibiliy. otherwise i guess opttion A is all i have for the forseeable future
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2023.06.02 23:54 DS018 Best way to remove this cable?

Best way to remove this cable?
I'm turning one of our spare bedrooms into a nursery for my son, and this cable has been hanging out the wall since I bought the house 2 years ago and never been used by us.
Is there an easy way for me to remove this? A bit of Googling suggests that there's no voltage going through it, and it would be safe to just cut and patch up the wall. However, I don't want to go ahead with cutting wiring without being certain that it's safe. Does anyone have any insight on what the best way to go about this would be?
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2023.06.02 23:54 ipscDUDE247 Anyone in NJ and need help working on their LWRC?

So I'm not sure if anyone here is in NJ needs help to work on an LWRC barrel or upper, but I know I had a hell of a time trying to find an in stock barrel nut tool to loosen the nut and swap my barrel out. finally after literally months of looking and asking people to borrow or rent a barrel nut tool, the guys over at On Point Shooting LLC in woolwich/swedesboro actually took the time to locate a tool to help me get it all worked on!! So if anyone is in need of service for their LWRC they got you covered and have all requisite tooling to get it all done in shop
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2023.06.02 23:53 ElGeroIngles function executes 4k+ times in less than a second

function executes 4k+ times in less than a second
I don't know what is going on, just watch this (loud audio warning):
Bro, even Spotify lags, can some explain me how a simple function that is suposed to only execute once it executes thousands of times in less than a second, I have similar parts like this one in the code and they doesn't do that. Later I run a test and the function executed 4k+ times in less than a second (I have run more tests and I have got greater results):
The code that runs the function is this:
execute if score @s nyx_dialogue matches 20 run function boss:ai/nyx/summoning
And this is what I have in ai/nyx/summoning:
# Test:
scoreboard players add func try 1tellraw @s ["","try: ",{"score":{"name":"text","objective":"try"}},"\n","func: ",{"score":{"name":"func","objective":"try"}},"\n",{"text":"nyx_dialogue: ","color":"white"},{"score":{"name":"@s","objective":"nyx_dialogue"},"color":"yellow"},"\n",{"text":"tags: ","color":"gold"},{"nbt":"Tags","entity":"@s","color":"gold"}]# Summons Nyx:summon piglin_brute ~ ~5 ~ {NoGravity:1b,Silent:1b,Glowing:1b,DeathLootTable:"minecraft:empty",Team:"boss",Health:250f,IsImmuneToZombification:1b,Tags:["nyx","boss","boss_dtpck","1phase","normal"],Passengers:[{id:"minecraft:armor_stand",Invulnerable:1b,Marker:1b,Tags:["nyx_particle","boss_dtpck"]}],ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:player_head",Count:1b,tag:{Unbreakable:1b,SkullOwner:{Id:[I;-945579702,-250591797,-1928931627,1500917902],Properties:{textures:[{Value:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvMTE2MjIyZGUwNjE1OWE1OWE3ZjM3MDNiYmZiYjYwNjBiYWJkZWZkMDc5Y2MyYmNhYmNkZTc1ZjI0NTVjNjlkMyJ9fX0="}]}}}}],ArmorDropChances:[0.085F,0.085F,0.085F,0.000F]}# Titles:title @a title {"text":"Nyx","bold":true,"color":"red"}title @a subtitle {"text":"The Nightbringer","italic":true,"color":"dark_blue"}# Playsound:playsound minecraft:entity.wither.spawn ambient @a# Bossbar:bossbar set nyx color greenbossbar set nyx name [{"text":"Nyx, the Nightbringer","color":"dark_blue"}]bossbar set nyx visible trueexecute store result bossbar nyx max run data get entity u/e[type=piglin_brute,limit=1,tag=nyx] Healthexecute store result bossbar nyx value run data get entity u/e[type=piglin_brute,limit=1,tag=nyx] Health
I know how to "fix" it (somewhat) by putting the "execute if score @s nyx_dialogue matches 20 run " before everythin inside "ai/nyx/summoning" but the function still executes that many times, I have never experienced anything like this ever, if someone knows what is happening and how to solve that would mean the world to me.
(Just to clarify the function isn't called in other parts of the code, just there and I don't have any gamerules of randomTickSpeed or anything like that, just pure vanilla java minecraft and my datapack, minecraft version 1.19.4)
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2023.06.02 23:52 viorwisteria [Routine Help] Struggling with creating a routine for acne prone, dehydrated, rosacea skin

Hello all! I’ve been struggling with finding a sunscreen (or any products for that matter) that doesn’t irritate my skin.
I’ve found through personal research + trial & error that I have reactions to: - Phenoxyethanol - Jojoba Oil
The products I’ve tried thus far are:
Sunscreen: Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense spf 60 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen spf 70 ^ These two caused my face to swell up a lot, become red & burn in less than a weeks time of use.
Sheer Zinc kids mineral sunscreen spf 50 ^ As soon as I applied this one on a test patch it caused my skin to sting + red bumps to appear for a few days
Force Shield Super-light Sunscreen ^ I thought this one was safe and used it for a little over a week. Then I got a runny nose and slight facial swelling. + a headache & sore throat that lasted hours.
Vanicream Sunscreen ^ Currently using this but huge white cast & very oily + it’s already making my face sting & itch slightly
Moisturizer: Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Face Moisturizer ^ A patch test caused stinging
La Roche Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer ^ Gave me new acne after using it
Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion ^ Broke me out as well
I made the mistake of using 1.5% salicylic 3 times a week since I just thought it was only acne but I’ve since stopped. I’ve recently been prescribed with 100 mg Doxycycline & a cream to help with the redness. The soonest I can get a patch test with my current Dermatologist is in late July.
For now I have a daily routine of:
☀️Am: Peach Slices Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser Metronidazole cream 0.75% Vanicream Sunscreen
🌙 Pm: Peach Slices Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser Metronidazole cream 0.75%
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2023.06.02 23:52 Former_Character9757 Continuous ERROR #132 Fatal exception! game crash

Continuous ERROR #132 Fatal exception! game crash

ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!
It seems like since the patch Tuesday, I've been bombarded with ERROR #132 and my game crashing. This happens a lot if I switch between characters, or just seemingly out of nowhere. I've tried Blizzard support but haven't gotten anywhere so far with them. I'm at my wits end.
So far I've followed these:
I've uninstalled every single addon, every addon manager, moved the game to another drive, moved it back, did a clean install twice, renamed cache, deleted cache, deleted my recycling bin.
Hardware wise:
  • flashed bios
  • updated graphics
  • made sure all drivers were up to date
  • swapped RAM around
I've also tried:
  • running the game as administrator
  • disabled discord overlays
  • disabled xbox overlay
  • disabled nvidia overlay
  • uninstalled nvidia broadcast
  • disabled wallpaper engine (this appeared in a crash log)
Help 😅
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2023.06.02 23:52 D4nnYsAN-94 Where is the gore?

No blood when hitting human enemies at all and very little for monsters… I thought I was buying a Diablo game and not Hello Kitty simulator. The trailers had way more blood and gore effects on the floor when hitting enemies and now all that is gone entirely for human enemies and almost gone for the rest.
Blizzard please tell me that you will increase this in a later patch at least for the nations that allow there to be more blood in the game.
I don’t want to suffer from very unsatisfying gameplay with no juice coming out of my monsters just because 1 or 2 other nations have a problem with blood.
I would really really appreciate it. Hell, to me this is such a big deal that I would even pay for it. But please give me back some satisfying blood effects when hitting monsters.
I have no other complaints, rest is great.
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2023.06.02 23:51 defnotajournalist My new lawn looks horrible and I don’t know where to begin

My new lawn looks horrible and I don’t know where to begin
I bought a new house in the winter and didn’t realize how bad the lawn was until spring. Clearly I did not do the right things over winter or spring.
Not even sure what kind of grass I have to read up on lawn care basics. Looked online at a couple grass identification posts, but kinda struck out on successfully identifying… Bermuda?
And the weeds, weird other type of grass, bare spots and the brown patches…my god. Where do I even start?
I want a nice lawn but feel way in over my head.
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2023.06.02 23:50 xSugar-Sweetx Moe seems to have little dry patches on the top of his tail- is this normal?

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2023.06.02 23:49 deadcellsmoon What the actual F$%@$!

Can anyone explain why after building something , and you walk like 30 feet away and come back the vehicle you built and left on the road just vanishes completely . No loading screens or anything just walked into a patch of trees , looked around and came back and my ride is just gone
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2023.06.02 23:49 TehNoiceBoi A little help???

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2023.06.02 23:44 Due-Albatross-2253 Shoot it down if this idea is dumb.

So, I was looking at this gov proposals and I'm not a huge fan of them. Investing in the community and everyone votes for the most algo for everything is cool and all but it's like were just jerking each other off.
So, I remembered TERA LUNA and how that exploded in a giant ball of fire. One thing that was cool about them (to me) was how they were buying bitcoin to back their stable coin.
That got me thinking about algo. What if say 1% of the transaction fees went to purchasing BTC and it was then vaulted until the community decided what to do with it.
Not Shure the best way about distributing it. But it can be used as an anchor to help the value of ALGO. Maby the wrapped BTC from the vault can become a part of gov rewards.
I feal this could bring some good publicity to the chain and economically strengthen it. And as time goes on we could just vote to stop or even change the target investment.
In a way it could force other communities to engage with Algorand. If the BTC maxis want to swap tokens and have a safe fast network that's helping, their network sounds like a good place to go.
With El Salvador and running on algo rails it makes sense that we embrace it.
If what I'm saying is totally outa the question that's cool it just kind of popped in my head when thinking about our current rough patch.
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2023.06.02 23:43 hrd234 Need recommendations for C-Section after care

What is the best abdominal binder for after a C-Section? Also, the best scar silicon scar patches? I tend to get keloid scars and l’d like to try and prevent that. I plan on doing scar massaging and the patches. If anyone else has any other recommendations please let me know.
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2023.06.02 23:41 Such-Possible8367 I bought Minecraft but I can't play it

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2023.06.02 23:37 alfiegb178 Version mismatch? Xbox-Pc

Hey I'm sorry if I'm missing something that was said previously here but me and my friends on Xbox cannot connect to each other, each time we do it says 'version mismatch' and all of us are on the most updated versions. Does anyone know a fix? Is it because of the Mac release or something? any info on a fix or when it will be patched would be great thanks
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2023.06.02 23:37 Danciusly Fairfax Chief's Ban On Recording Causes Reston Leader To Resign

Bob Sledzaus resigned as the chairman of the Reston Community Advisory Committee on May 23, citing Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis' decision to prohibit the recording and livestreaming of committee meetings.
Each of Fairfax County's eight police stations has its own CAC, which are meant to enhance communication between the department and county residents. The Chief's Community Advisory Council serves a similar function...
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2023.06.02 23:35 Junel_Fe Am I on the right track here? [Vague mentions of CSA memories]

Hello everyone,
I'm a survivor of CSA in early childhood. I can't remember very much about the abuse itself except for things like how my abuser made me feel and how he messed up my self-perception. There's a lot of questions that I have about my abuse, like the identity of my abuser, how many abusers there might have been, and what they did to me. The validity of my abuse isn't what's up for debate here, because I know that I was most definitely abused. What I'm wanting to know, primarily, is what I'd need to do to start remembering the tougher stuff about the abuse.
I've gotten close to remembering more specific abuse stuff before, but each time I get close to remembering those things, it's like my brain is taken back to the fear I had back when I was really little, and I run from remembering what's trying to come up. I've also tried doing EMDR to process things, but that is often fruitless. Although, one time, I did do EMDR with my therapist and I ended up getting the scent of incense and I started feeling like someone was physically violating me. After that, I remembered the feeling of feeling dirty and I ended up taking two separate showers that day. That wasn't the best experience. I would try EMDR again, but I also happen to have a dissociative disorder and that makes finding a therapist who will do EMDR with me a bit more complicated.
So, with all that being said, I'm trying to process and go after the locked memories in a more organic fashion. I know I shouldn't dig for memories, and I try not to, but I'd also be lying if I said that I didn't want to know specifically what happened to me. So I've thought of a way to try and start remembering things as I am ready to remember them.
Everyone tells me that in order to remember things like this, your brain has to feel ready and safe enough to bring them to the surface. I've gotten close to this several times, I believe, but it gets to overwhelm my brain too much in the end and the memories duck back under the surface. I imagine my hidden memories like an injured rabbit in a burrow. I want to take a look at the rabbit's injuries so I can patch up the rabbit and make it feel safe again, but right now, the rabbit is refusing to come out of the burrow. I could try to reach in and drag it out, but if I did that, I'd likely only end up hurting the rabbit further, hindering any sort of trust that I could get from the rabbit. So, my approach is to continue trying to lure the rabbit out with a carrot. The carrot represents me treating myself with patience, kindness, respect, and care under the partial guidance of a therapist. With time, the rabbit may feel safe enough to peek out from its burrow and come closer to me, but even if it doesn't, letting the rabbit know that I am here, that we are both safe and that there are no threats around (like "wolves", aka abusers or power imbalances) is better than abandoning the rabbit.
Fellow redditors, do you think that this could be a good approach? Also, please do not send me any DMs as I will not read them or respond to them. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 23:33 Lesbian_Lynx Suspension Tuning Guide

Each corner can be divided into three sections. - Corner Entry - Mid Corner - Corner Exit
Pay attention to which part you're having trouble with. Tuning different parts of the suspension will affect where you understeer or oversteer.
Tune each component one at a time between tests. This will allow you to see if your adjustments work how you need them to. Eventually, you'll get a hang of what everything does and you can create a baseline setting for each car and minimize the time you spend tuning and testing.
Fixing Oversteer
- Corner Entry
Increase rear damping (expansion) Increase front damping (compression) *these settings will stop the car's weight from transferring onto the front wheels as you brake, keeping the rear wheels gripping the road. *
Increase rear negative camber and toe-in as the car's weight shifts from one side to the other, more negative camber will allow the outside wheel to keep a larger contact patch with the road. toe-in will point the outside wheel more towards the inside of the corner, resisting the tendency to wander towards the outside of the corner. rear toe-in will also help with straight line stability in general.
Stiffen the front anti-roll bar if the front anti-roll bar is too soft, the weight at the front of the car will shift too far too fast, putting more weight on the outside steering wheel, turning the nose too quickly.
- Mid Corner
Soften the rear anti-roll bar this allows more of the car's rear weight to stand over the outside wheel, keeping it planted more firmly to the road.
Reduce rear spring rates if the rear springs are too hard, not enough weight will transfer rearward, causing the rear wheels to slip.
Reduce rear ride height the lower centre of gravity will reduce lateral (sideways) weight transfer, resulting in more grip.
Increase rear negative camber with softer springs and anti-roll bar, it maximizes contact between tyre and road.
- Corner Exit
Decrease rear damping (compression) Increase front damping (expansion) this is the obverse of corner entry, it transfers more weight rearward.
Fixing Understeer
- Corner Entry
Decrease front damping (compression) Decrease rear damping (expansion) this will allow more weight to transfer to the front wheels.
Soften front anti-roll bar if the front doesn't roll fast enough, the steering wheels will lose grip early.
Increase front negative camber and toe-out with softer front suspension, as the body rolls, the front outside tyre will need a larger contact patch with the road.
Decrease front ride height lowers centre of gravity, increasing grip.
- Mid Corner
Stiffen front anti-roll bar as weight shifts off the front wheels, this returns the front centre of gravity to the middle quicker.
Increase front spring rate this limits body roll and nose dive, and prevents the front from staying too low when you apply throttle.
- Corner Exit
Stiffen rear anti-roll bar as the car accelerates out of a turn, this returns the rear centre of gravity faster, causing the outside rear to lose grip slightly.
Increase rear damping (compression) stops weight from shifting rearward too quickly, keeping grip on the front.
Increase rear ride height raising the centre of gravity exerts more turning force, pushing the rear end outward.
Increase rear spring rate this reduces the distance that the rear end squats under throttle.
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2023.06.02 23:32 1hate2choose4nick A2G hasn't changed a bit - And the G2A patch made the real air game worse

Yes, occasionally a rookie ESF pilot gets too greedy and gets destroyed by a lockon. But I observed the A2G situation over the last few weeks and A2G farmers can still spam pretty much unhindered. While lesser experienced pilots catch some lockons, experienced pilots easily dodge them or break the line of sight. And I don't care what some data says. I can show you a dozen clips of ESFs just farming from point flip to base capture.
Unfortunately, the long range and the buff from 600 to 1000 damage, really hit the other air units and the A2A situaton that doesn't happen at sky ceiling height. And if there is a Dalton Lib 400m over the base and a PPA Scythe 50m over the base, you can bet, the Lib gets locked on. Or the smoking ESF that's in 1v1 fight.
So the patch to help against A2G did nothing against A2G and it hurt the real air game. It was often suggested to reduce the range of lockons (would be good for all AA). In return, buff the damage.
Make G2A deadly and rewarding.
Punish A2G farmers in close range.
Protect the A2A game by reducing the range of AA.
Protect ground by reducing the effective range of A2G weapons (all Lib belly guns, all ESF anti infantry weapons).

I don't see how the plans to nerf ESF spam noseguns slightly and buffing their resistance against lockons will help with any of these points or improve the situation. But if I missed something or if someone has an argument against those ideas, please share.
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2023.06.02 23:32 Bandicoot2468 Bark peeling on red maple - how to fix?

North NJ - no rain for a few weeks - will the tree survive?
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2023.06.02 23:32 C0chonou Neeko Supp's items

Hey, I'm a Mid Neeko Main, and I don't really know what items to play in support, the mythical ones I think it's the same (everfrost/rocketbelt), but for the legendary ones I had thought of the Imperial Mandate since the last patch, what do you think about it?
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