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Ex No Contact is a breakup support group focused on self-reliance and general healing. Our members listen, support, and encourage each other on their path to independence.

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A subreddit dedicated to helping struggling LDS members and missionaries with regards to serving an LDS mission.

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Generation X was born, by broadest definition, between 1961 and 1981, the greatest anti-child cycle in modern history. Nevertheless, we grew up to become the world's most devoted parents; the "workhorse of America." This sub welcomes links, photos, graphics, memoirs, commentaries, stories, etc., for and about Gen-Xers, the 13th Generation of Americans. (GenX also translates to CAN, ENG, IRE, AUSTRAL, NZ and other parts of EUR.)

2023.06.09 03:12 CryptographerWeak116 eating after surgery

I was advised by my surgeon to start eating as I’m comfortable (my surgery is this upcoming Monday), and he even said that I could technically eat a burger after surgery, but there is definitely no chance I would want to. He said something about how once the plates are secured there’s no moving my jaw. My surgeon is regarded as one of the best in my city and he’s been doing this for a long time (and I could not find anything online about him ever giving someone a botched surgery). However I see almost everyone on here being on a liquid for min one week and often 4+ weeks. I’m not saying I trust Reddit more than my surgeon, but do u guys think I should do a strict liquid diet for a week just do be on the safe end, and then switch to no chew, etc as I heal? Has anyone one else been told this and were fine without the strict liquid diet?
Edit: I think I should mention that I found one post of someone given similar advice but they didn’t really do any other follow ups on how that went for them
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2023.06.09 03:12 OhHiJordan WKUK Archive Story/Therapy session: The early SVA meetings (LONG LONG LONG)

I couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours last night and these memories were swimming around in my head. So I gotta PURGE.
So I met Sam on orientation day at SVA. Eager to make a friend at school, we just started chatting right away, got along great, and he ended up being in almost all of my classes. We had lots of lunches together and hung out a lot and were in each other's short films and everything. I really miss those days...Sigh...You could watch some of those on my YouTube page.
Anyway, I was a pretty funny guy, and also like the only one making comedy films in our classes (everyone was SO SERIOUS), and one day Sam invited me to go to a sketch comedy club that he had been doing for a few weeks at SVA. I indeed did go to one of these meetings (Twin Peaks quote: "I'VE BEEN to one of their meetings!!!")
So what Sam and myself didn't exactly predict was my social anxiety. It's hard to explain. In some contexts I can be really relaxed, animated, funny, and in other environments I just clam up and feel incredibly self conscious and just...awful. I was always relaxed around Sam, and later on Timmy too (it's impossible not to get along with him), but suddenly being dropped into this classroom with a bunch of complete strangers and being EXPECTED to be funny, I was just like a deer in the headlights.
Trevor was leading the group, with Zach too, standing up in front of everybody while most of us sat in chairs. Everyone was pitching sketch ideas, joking around, etc. I was just...totally silent. I mean it's hard to explain, and even now I wonder why I get like this. I'm a songwriter and I tried writing a song about it called "On and Off", it's like a switch flips on me. I still think the other Whitest Kids never really got to know the "real" me...even when I became their tech guy I was so nervous about not fucking up, I couldn't really relax.
Anyway, so one more specific memory I have is Zach said ok, we're gonna go around the room and just yell out sketch ideas off the top of your head. I think he might have volunteered one first and I remember being impressed/intimidated by it. Trevor did and I remember being amazed at how solid and hilarious it was. Everyone, even those people who aren't in the troupe anymore, had some solid ideas. Zach pointed at me with both hands.
Me (terrified): I...I'm blank.
Me: ....uh...
Zach (frustrated): Say a word.
Me: Fish.
Zach: Say another word.
Me: Jacket
Everyone in the room: FISH JACKET!!! (laughter)

I think about "FISH JACKET!!!" a lot. I mean it was a funny moment and I was glad I got a laugh in some way...But it also really bothered me. "I'm funny and quick-witted around my friends. Why can't I be like that here?"
After that class me, Sam and Trevor took the subway to their infamous dorm. I remember Trevor on the subway was still in comedy meeting mode (perhaps he was never out of it), and was pitching fully formed, hilarious sketch ideas off the top of his head. And I remember thinking that I am not that good. I just can't be on the same level as this guy. But I did want to hang out with these guys as much as possible.
I went back a second week and suddenly the terror got very real: they started talking seriously about putting on a show. This is when my stage fright and no desire at all to be any sort of actor really hit me. A SHOW ON STAGE?? I don't want to do this. I can't do this. It hit me hard when one of the other guys in the troupe, Oliver, a really nice guy, said he actually imagined ME in the lead role of a sketch he wrote about some weird nervous guy. "I think I see Jordan being this guy." I was actually insanely flattered, like wow, he wants ME to do this? But it also felt like an anxiety dream, like oh my god, I'm supposed to memorize lines and go onstage and...It was just really scary. (Note: a few years later me and my friends formed a comedy troupe and put on a handful of shows, and Sam and Zach came to our first NYC show and were really supportive. Despite debilitating stage fright, I had a ton of fun but I still realized performing comedy is not for me, and I left that troupe too to help behind the scenes instead.)
This second meeting was also the meeting they voted on naming the troupe. Trevor wrote Whitest Kids U Know on a blackboard, and a few others (wish I could remember.) I was adamantly not in favor of Whitest Kids U Know and I voted against it! I am a bit vindicated, they say all the time in recent years that they hate the name! But you have to admit it does grab you. I think I also objected because Kids in the Hall already did the whole "kids" thing. Like hey we're a gang of class clowns over here! I remember not liking any of the choices.
Soon after this I told Sam I don't think I can be in the troupe (I'm sure he was heartbroken haha), but I did say I want to be at the shows and help any way I can, and that's what kind of started me sort of...being there all the time. I went to that first SVA show, and urged by Trevor, I wrote an article about it for the SVA magazine (I posted it to this reddit, feel free to search my posts on my profile.) I composed a little bit of music for their original pilot that they made. I did boom mic horrifically early on New Years day for Timmy Poops His Pants (sorry the sound in that sketch sucks!) I videotaped some shows and then eventually became their tech booth guy for a while at Pianos and a few other venues (they even paid me!) I also was a background extra (for free) in some of their TV show sketches (the Lincoln sketch being the most prominent, sitting next to Darren.) They also took me to one of those Flogging Molly shows to watch them perform to an incredibly uninterested rock crowd.
This got long but it was therapeutic for me. I've always been funny and relaxed with Sam but Zach and Darren always seemed too cool for me (I mean from my POV) and Trevor was just like, a genius, and any time I made him laugh at all I was like oh my god, awesome (though he was also really fun to have serious conversations with.) But when I'd go home from Pianos and hang out with my close friends I'd be so much more funny and quick and myself. It also probably didn't help that all the Whitest Kids did was hang out in bars and I never drank. Though Sam was present the first two times I ever got drunk, and he seemed to very much enjoy witnessing that. I remember him laughing a ton when I was like "WHY DIDN'T I EVER DO THIS? I WANT TO BE DRUNK ALL THE TIME!!"
Hope this was interesting! I wish I could remember more! It was also interesting seeing the troupe go from the big SVA club to the 5 guys. It's not that the other people weren't funny, but there was just this sort of chemical combination of the 5 main guys, really really on the same page about what they wanted the troupe to be, and those other people had really different styles. They had this vibe that just made sense, though I have a vague memory of Sam talking about them having to go around firing half the people once the troupe broke off from SVA, and how awkward a situation it is. In a way I'm glad I fired MYSELF and didn't wait for them to do it!
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2023.06.09 03:12 Solid-Extension-1339 25 [M4F] NYC/Anywhere - Nerdy Asian boy looking for his one and only

Hello beautiful people of Reddit. First time posting here so let see where it goes! I’m 25, Asian, about 5’7 to 5’8, skinny, black hair, wear glasses and currently living in New York City!
Some little things about me: - loyal and loving person. Strictly monogamous because I don’t like sharing. I means who does when you truly like someone right? - I also like to stay in rather than going out but if we click I would like to do some activities outdoors! I would say I’m an introvert but will open up to the right person. - Binge movies and shows! I love doing this so maybe we can find something we can watch together? :). I also love anime but would not consider myself a weeb haha!
What I’m looking for: - Local. However if we click I don’t mind the long distance at all as long as we plan to see each other one day! - Someone who is kind and caring. Id love if you are clingy from time to time because it makes me feel needed but if you hate that, it’s okay 😅 - A good listener and can communicate with what they want in a relationship. - If you can cook that would be great. I’m a big foodie person 🤤. Maybe teach me how to cook some of your favorite dishes? - I would like have kids in the future so I want someone who has the same goals and mindset as well. - This is just my preference but I’d like to date outside my race but don’t be shy if you are Asian as well!
Anyways, if this interest you, you can chat or DM me up and tell me a little bit about yourself! If you can include a pic with your message that’d be great and I will return the favor! Happy dating everyone!
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2023.06.09 03:11 mart_man800 Should I be frustrated with a shop?

On April 22nd I went to a local bike shop and asked them to order a new GRX drivetrain, DT Swiss wheels, a seat post, and stem. It took them until May 4th to track down the parts and place the order. Additionally, they were unable to find the wheels I was after, but said that if I was ok with a little extra cost they could build them for me. I went ahead with the order and wheel build. On May 27th I received an email stating that the shop had purchase spokes that were too long so there would be a delay. On June 5th I reached out to ask how the bike was coming along and the shop said that they were working on it and did not provide an ETA on when they would complete the work. At this point I'm feeling a bit frustrated. I went into this with the intention of supporting a local shop instead of ordering the parts online, doing as much of the work as I could, and then taking it to the shop to finish. I feel as though I went out of my way to support this shop, agreed to pay more to have them build wheels from scratch, and they are not being timely or responsive. It has been about 6 weeks since first visiting the shop and my bike is still not done. Am I justified in my frustration?
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2023.06.09 03:10 ab1g41l I [24F] made traveling plans with my gay friend [26M] and now my boyfriend [32M] is mad at me. AITA?

Hi. Mobile so excuse any formatting mistakes.
So my friend, let’s call him Ace [26M], texted me the other day asking if I wanted to go see Beyonce in Las Vegas. I want to make note right away that I have never been out of state. This is important later. Lately I have been feeling awful about my life because all I do is work and I don’t have time for anyone, not friends nor family. So I said yes, let’s plan it!! We booked a hotel right away and I’m going to buy my plane ticket soon. The concert is in August. I also want to mention that Ace is gay and we’ve known each other since I was 17-18. We met at work when we both worked for the same store at the mall. We’ve been really close since!
I live with my boyfriend, let’s call him Daniel [32M], so I basically hang out with him only and see him every day. I love hanging out with him and I love spending my days and nights with him. He’s a store manager so he’s always working too. I told him yesterday that we were planning to do this, and I was excited since I have never been out of state. I also mentioned the hotel, and how it we booked it together and where we were staying. Daniel is immediately shocked and becomes upset. I wanna save the long boring part of me basically begging him to talk to me and tell me what he feels/thinks because I was genuinely confused about it.
I asked him if he didn’t trust me. He said that wasn’t it. I asked him if I made him feel unloved and he said yes. When I asked how he didn’t have an answer. He also mentioned that I would be unhappy if he got a hotel with a girl… but my friend is gay. Anyway, he ends up going to bed on the couch. I leave for work and he doesn’t text me for hours. When I finally get a text, it reads “The fact you made major traveling plans without telling me tells me that you have no respect for me, and that I'm not your priority. Everytime I've made plans I've gone out of my way to include you because I want to share life's special moments with you because I love you but you can't do the same for me.”
I tried to explain to him that I do include him in important things in my life such as family events, and we have a lot of firsts together. I told him we don’t need to have all of our firsts together and there were many things I wanted to experience with him still. But in the end, he said he still felt disrespected and told me he wasn’t ok with it. Well i’m not cancelling. AITA?
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2023.06.09 03:09 thunderist General Programming Problems? (ex-post from r/lc)

(I posted this on leetcode earlier to not much traction. Hoping it catches on here, but if I'm breaking any rules apologies in advance). Backend engineer with 4 YOE here looking for a new role later this year. I understand that data structures, algorithms and general patterns are the way to go for most problems on leetcode / FAANG interviews. But from my recent interview experience, there were a lot of “General Programming Problems” in the mix too. At least 50% of the problems I got were of this type. They usually dealt with Arrays, Hashing, and/or Strings. They were much less about applying a pattern (Sliding Window, DFS, etc) and more so about hitting some decently long list of specifications. I need to practice these more. I’ve done almost the entire Arrays and Hashing section of Neetcode All so I’m looking to expand beyond that. I’m just having trouble finding these problems through leetcode filters. Where can I go to practice these problems specifically? Is there a website that has them? How do I find them on leetcode? Also feel free to send examples of problems like this. A few problems from Neetcode of what I mean in case the post wasn't clear:
Length of Last Word
Word Pattern Word Pattern
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2023.06.09 03:09 arthurzanmou Who Would Win Alex Mercer (Prototype) VS Cole Macgrath (Infamous)

Let's say that after the ending of Prototype 1 and almost at the ending of Infamous 2 Alex went to New Marais to conquer it
The battle is 1v1 so alex can't create enemies using the virus
Alex Mercer powers: Sentient Biomass Physiology: Upon being infected by the Blacklight Virus, Alex Mercer’s body was converted into living biomass. His body is now stronger than it has ever been before, lacking many of the weaknesses that comes with a normal body such as internal organs, the issue of stamina and much more, while at the same time gaining a vast array of abilities that comes with his new physiology, such as shapeshifting and enhanced stats. Near Limitless Potential: Mercer is pretty interesting, even among other fictional characters, and even those within the video game media, being one of the few characters showcased to have near limitless potential due to how his powers work. When the blacklight virus first infected Mercer, and later reforming it. Mercer was shown to be many times stronger than normal, this isn’t where his limits are however. Upon consuming other biological entities, Mercer is capable of converting them into biomass which is then added to his own, increasing his stats, such as strength and durability, with each body that he consumes. So long as there is enough biological materials for him to consume, Mercer’s physical potential is almost limitless. Similarly, due to his ability to assimilate the memories of those he consumes. There is no real limit to Mercer’s own intelligence, so long as there are living beings for him to consume, lastly due to the blacklight virus within Mercer’s body constantly evolving. There is a chance for Mercer to develop various new abilities simply due to a random mutation at some point down the line. Evolutionary Adaptability: Due to the Blacklight Virus’s ability to constantly evolve based on the situation and the information presented in consumed biomass. Mercer is capable of adapting to nearly any situation, forming Claws, and other such weapons from his body in order to better combat his foes. Developing resistances to things such as elemental damage like fire and electricity, and even developing a degree of immunity. In one case after being in a situation where Mercer was under 10gs of gravitation force. Mercer’s body quickly adapted by increasing his strength levels, allowing him to walk out of that situation as if he was never under that level of extreme pressure. Potentially Limitless Superhuman Strength: Mercer’s is shown having vast levels of superhuman strength, being strong enough to lift and toss heavy objects such as cars, helicopters, and buses, to objects as heavy as tanks several tens to hundreds of feet awaym and even being able to run with these objects without his speed being impaired. Mercer’s strength is on such a level that he could overpower other superhumanly strong characters such as the infected hunters, Elizabeth Greene, the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller at times, despite their superhuman durability being at a level where even missiles and tank fire can’t hurt them. In the first Prototype game. Mercer demonstrates an insane level of strength, being able to create a concussive shockwave just by thrusting his fists forward, uplifting cars, tanks and throwing people several tens of feet with enough force to kill them if not outright vaporize them. Mercer’s strength can continuously increase as he consumes more and more biomass, even mutating and becoming stronger when consuming other infected individuals, and whatever potential mutations their variant of the Blacklight virus may have. Making his potential for strength virtually limitless so long as there is enough organic material for him to consume. Superhuman Leaping Ability: Mercer’s strength is shown to extend to his legs. Allowing him to jump several hundred feet into the air, allowing him to clear barricades, get on top of buildings, and even leap high enough into the air to catch helicopters. Due to his increased mass. Mercer is capable of producing shockwaves when landing after leaping from large heights. Superhuman Speed: Mercers speed is far above that of a normal human, being able to run far faster than the average car, making them appear as if they are standing still. He has been shown to out run helicopters chasing him at times, putting his speed around 200 to 500mph. He has even kept up and outpace other infected entities such as the Leader Hunters, the Supreme Hunter and even James Heller to a degree. Superhuman Agility: Due to Mercer’s enhanced physiology. He is capable of moving around far better than the average person. He can leap tall distances, perform various kinds of flips with the greatest of ease. This, combined with his constantly evolving parkour skills, allows him the ability to escape and move around the tightest of spaces without so much as losing his balance. He is capable of twisting his body in midair in order to quickly recover from being knocked back and landing on his feet in a battle ready stance. Superhuman Reflexes: Mercer, upon his mutation into the Prototype, had his reflexes enhanced to superhuman levels. He can dodge gunfire, and other projectile base weaponry at point blank range, keep up and overpowered various evolved infected creatures such as the Hunter, and Supreme Hunter, and even combat and overwhelm the military’s super soldiers with ease. Potentially limitless Superhuman Durability: Mercer’s durability, much like his strength, is potentially limitless as he absorbs more and more biomass. His body is capable of compacting the excess within himself, making his flesh far denser than that of a normal human. Similarly he can alter the density of his biomass to even stronger levels. He has tanked gunfire from all angles, survived being shot with missiles and other explosives, tanked and survived hits from other infected individuals such as Heller and the Supreme Hunter. He has survived dismemberment, being inside clouds of the bloodtox chemical, and more, and still continues fighting. Superhuman Healing Factor: Mercer’s healing factor is on an insane level. Being able to heal from bullet and shrapnel wounds nearly instantaneously, He could regenerate from having large sections of his body torn out, regenerate lost limbs just as fast. So long as there is still a single bit of the biomass that makes up his body. Mercer will continue to regenerate back to full health. Even regenerating from a few pieces of tissue flesh after being caught at ground zero when a nuclear warhead exploded. Immortality: Due to Mercer’s body being made up of biomass. Mercer’s aging process has come to a halt. Due to his body constantly healing and replacing any damaged biomass. Mercer is in a sense, immortal. It was shown with Elizabeth Greene that after she got infected with the Redlight virus. Her physical body was shown to still look around the age of twenty. Having not changed even after nearly forty years passing since she was infected. Elemental resistance: Mercer is shown to be resistant to fire and electric attacks. However, being exposed to either high enough heat or voltage can still cause him harm. Superhuman Senses: Mercer’s sense after his mutation is shown to have evolved to far higher levels than that of the normal human. He can hear far better than the normal human and his eye-sight has evolved in a way to allow Mercer to see through several different types of visual ranges. Infrared Vision: One of two known vision powers that Mercer is shown to have. By using infrared vision, Mercer is capable of seeing the heat signatures radiating from various living beings. By using this vision power. Mercer is capable of seeing in environments and conditions that would normally limit or blind a normal person’s eyesight such as total darkness or thick smoke and fog by tracking the heat signatures of living beings within the surrounding areas. It should be noted that Mercer is capable of using infrared vision despite the fact that those infected tend to generate enough body heat to blind other infrared vision devices. Showing that there are some differences between Mercer’s infrared vision and other devices capable of allowing users to see in infrared. Infected Vision: After connecting to the hive mind created by the blacklight virus. Mercer gained the ability to see and recognize individuals infected with the Blacklight virus. Superhuman Intelligence: Upon consuming the biomass of an intelligence entity. Mercer’s own intelligence is shown to increase dramatically as he will know what the person he consumes knows. Given the numerous individuals that he had consumed over the course of the Prototype series. Mercer’s intelligence is at superhuman levels. Making him one of the smartest if not the smartest person within the Prototype universe… at least until James Heller had consumed him. Superhuman Mental Processing: Due to Mercer’s physiology. Mercer’s mental capacity and processing is at a superhuman level. He is shown being able to understand and process massive amounts of information that he gains from consuming his targets. Similarly during the events of Prototype 2, Mercer was capable of controlling and directing various individuals infected with the blacklight virus through the hive mind. Matter Manipulation: While not really shown all that much. Mercer has the ability to alter the environment using the Blacklight virus as a catalyst. Through this ability. Mercer is capable of deteriorating concrete. Converting and absorbing the biomass of living objects such as living creatures and trees. Strengthening and converting even inorganic structures such as buildings into hives to fit his needs. Even converting inorganic material into layers of biomass over large areas which can be used to slow down his enemies, while not hindering his own forces or himself. He gains this ability after consuming Elizabeth Greene. It should be noted that even though Mercer is capable of altering the surroundings around him. His version of this power is very limited when compared to others such as Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist or Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics. As while he can make and convert things into organic matter. He can’t make inorganic matter like breathable air, or metal. Biokinesis: Due to Mercer’s ability to produce the Blacklight Virus within himself. Mercer is capable of controlling and altering the biomass both within his body and that of others infected to various effects. Being able to increase his physical stats to create various weapons abilities with his biomass. Similarly, due to his ability to constantly make new strains of the virus itself. Mercer is capable of infecting others with this virus. Allowing him to alter and control infected individuals by granting them a similar power set to his own or even morphing and transforming these individuals into monsters of various sizes and powers. Disease Manipulation (Blacklight Virus): Due to being infected and bonding with the Blacklight virus to the extent of becoming an entity called a Prototype. Mercer’s body is capable of constantly producing the blacklight virus. Even creating various strains of side viruses which can grant or evolve various abilities that he may not have had before. Similarly due to this virus production and the various strains he can make in his body. Mercer is capable of infecting others with a variation of the virus. Either turning others into infected drones which he can control or granting the infected individual a similar subset of powers as his own. Viral Gas Generation: Caught on a CCTV camera. Mercer is shown having the ability to generate and expel a cloud of gas from his body containing the Blacklight Virus into the surrounding area. Rapidly infecting and mutating those located on ground zero, caught within the cloud. Biomass Conversion: Mercer has the ability to nearly instantaneously consume and convert any organic organism into biomass which is then added to his body. Through this process. Mercer is capable of enhancing his overall physical stats and quickly recovering from any damage that he may have suffered during battle as well as gaining the memories and skills that the consumed individual may have had. Critical Mass: Upon consuming enough biomass. Mercer is capable of entering a critical mass state. Due to this extra mass, Mercer’s durability increases, allowing him to tank more damage. Similarly, due to having more biomass at his command. Mercer is capable of using his strongest attacks, called Devastators, moves capable of clearing and killing anyone and everyone within a certain range of Mercer. Upon gaining critical mass. Mercer’s body gains a defense mechanism in which upon taking enough damage. This extra mass would harden to an extreme degree. Making Mercer almost completely invulnerable to most forms of physical damage for a short time in order to allow him to either escape a battle or try and consume another organic organism in order to recover from the near fatal damage. Memory Assimilation: Upon consuming an individual. Mercer gains access to all the memories and skills that that individual may have had. Allowing Mercer to suddenly master various new skills such as weaponry, vehicle usage, and even military tactics and plans. Shapeshifting: Due to Mercer not having a stable form like most other organic organisms. Mercer is capable of shaping the biomass within him into virtually anything he can imagine. He can shape his arms into various weapons such as blades and whips. He can change his form to match the form of anyone he consumed no matter their gender. Even morphing the biomass within his body to form mundane items such as clothes. Mercer's shapeshifting abilities are only limited by his imagination and the amount of biomass he contains. Voice Mimicry: Due to both of Mercer’s abilities to shapeshift and assimilating the memories of those he consumes. Mercer is capable of altering his vocal cords to match the voices of the people that he has consumed. Allowing Mercer to move around in areas with more heavier security. Mercer has even been shown being capable of using this power in battles. Taking the forms of high rank officials to trick various Military forces into fighting themselves. Similarly, depending on who Mercer is fighting at the time. If Mercer is aware of himself having consumed someone close to his opponent. Mercer can alter his voice in order to mess with his opponent’s mind. Getting them to drop their guard enough for him to score a kill, or at the very least, land more easier hits on them. Shield: Mercer due to his shapeshifting ability, much like most of his other powers, is capable of manipulating his biomass to form various weapons and armaments. One of these powers is the ability to form a shield on either one of his arms. Taking some of his accumulated biomass and forming it into the shape of a kite shield. Mercer then hardens this shield shaped biomass to the utmost degree. Allowing him to block all incoming damage from the direction he faces his shield at. However, it should be noted that the shield’s durability is limited as enough damage can shatter the shield. Unlike his successor, James Heller. Mercer, when using his shield power, prefers having a mobile approach to his defense as opposed to being a solid unbreakable wall like Heller’s own ability. As such, Mercer is capable of moving around instead of being rooted in place, Similarly due to this approach. Mercer is capable of using this power with his other abilities. Adopting a similar fighting style to that of a knight of old, with a shield in one hand, and a weapon in the other. Armor: When faced with a situation where Mercer is either taking damage from all directions or facing a foe that rivals him in strength and power. Mercer is capable of hardening the outer layer biomass that makes up his appearance into an armor like texture. Giving his entire body a shiny black texture that blocks most damage and reduces all incoming damage to a large degree. This increase in durability allowed mercer to take on foes such as Captain Cross, the Supreme Hunter, and even tank multiple hits from high yielding artillery without suffering much damage from these encounters. Much like with his bio-shield ability. Mercer is capable of using his more offensive powers with this form. However, this form is not without its weaknesses, as upon entering this form. Mercer’s speed is greatly reduced. While still capable of moving at superhuman speeds. It's only about half of his normal speed. Similarly, while in this form. Mercer appears unable to use his bio-shield ability, however this may be due to this form providing potentially better defense and allowing him more mobility in combat. Claws: One of the first offensive powers that Mercer gains during the events of the first Prototype game. Mercer gained the ability to form massive, knife-like talons on his hand by consuming a hunter-type infected. These talons are sharp enough to cut through flesh and bones. Even being able to cut and destroy heavily armored vehicles such as tanks. When combining his Claws with his speed. Mercer can tear through hordes of basic enemies with ease, even developing this ability further into the ground spikes ability and the Devastator; Groundspike Graveyard Attack. Groundspikes: When using his claws as his main weapon. Mercer is capable of compressing his biomass into his clawed hands before slamming them into the ground. Upon doing this, Mercer expands the compressed biomass in his hands outwards towards the direction he wants. After either reaching their target or hitting a certain distance. The expanded biomass will erupt as sharp spires from the ground, impaling and cutting apart anyone and anything caught within eruption radius. GroundSpike Graveyard Devastator: An enhanced version of the groundspike technique. Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of moving the extra biomass to his hands after a bit of a charge up time. Afterwards, Mercer will then slam both his hands into the ground. Sending the biomass out in all directions which would then track down any target within a certain radius before erupting out of the ground. This move is strong enough to bring down infected hives which were capable of withstanding the force of tank and missile fire. Hammerfists: When in need of some more brute physical force and attack power. Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass within his body to his arm. Covering them in the same fibers that make up his shield and armor form while at the same time enlarging them to the size of large warhammers, like those seen in games. With these new Hammerfists, Mercer is capable of dealing massive amounts of blunt force trauma to the point of even destroying a tank with a few hits. He is capable of doing this by pressing more and more biomass into his fist before compressing them. Increasing their density and weight in the process. However, doing so does cost him some attack speed, as he is shown having some trouble at times lifting and swinging his massive hands around. The attack power of these fist are shown to be on a level capable of inflicting massive damage to entities such as the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller. He has even shown the ability to produce shockwaves and quaking the ground with a few hits, allowing him to stun foes with the aftershocks even when Mercer’s fist doesn't make contact with his intended target. Whipfist: Mercer’s main range attack. By moving his biomass to either of his arms. Mercer can morph his arm of choice into what could be called a grappling gun. By changing the normally rigid properties of his arm to be more elastic when compared to some of his other powers. Mercer can throw his arm forward, shooting out his clawed appendage at a target, allowing him to reel it back to him or him towards it. He tends to use this when dealing with airborne enemies or when he needs to reach a farther distance than normal distance that his jumping ability may not be able to cover. Similarly due to the whipfist’s elastic properties. It is a good power to use when dealing with mobs as it can swing his arm, extending it a certain distance and with his superhuman strength to cut nearly anything in his path in half. Tendrils: Mercer is capable of forming and using tendrils. While not really shown in the first Prototype game. Mercer does use them in dealing with foes, even creating two different devastator attacks with them. In the tied-in comics, Mercer is shown using the tendrils ability to impale and kill various individuals. In one case, killing Autumn with this ability after being shot in the head. Tendrils Barrage Devastator: Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of condensing the biomass in his body, creating large amounts of pressure within himself before releasing it, causing an unknown amount of tendrils to burst from his body in all directions as well as impaling and dragging any organic being towards him. Anything impaled and killed by this attack is then absorbed by Mercer, healing and strengthening him. Bio-Bombs: While Mercer isn’t shown using this ability as it was one of the main attacks of James heller. As the ability came from one of Mercer’s Evolved soldiers, carrying a strain of the blacklight virus produced by Mercer. Mercer likely has access to this ability. The ability itself allows Mercer to implant a bit of his biomass into a target, before either allowing them to run off or simply throwing the individual at a group or target. The person in question will then explode in a mass of tendrils in all directions. Impaling, grabbing, and dragging all targets caught into a center mass. Crushing and killing anything caught in the center mass. Blade: Mercer is capable of shaping and forming the biomass in his arms to form a massive blade, capable of splitting humans in half, and piercing the armor of military vehicles such as tanks, and the thick skin of hunters and other infected entities. The Blade is Mercer’s strongest attack ability outside of his Devastator attacks. Not as fast as the claws nor as strong as his hammerfist. Mercer’s Blade ability doesn’t suffer from the weaknesses of either power, acting as a middle ground, allowing him a far greater dps, or damage per second when confronting enemies. Mercer’s version of the bio-blade is shown being stronger than that of Heller’s, being capable of dealing with crowds and more heavily defended enemies far easier than Heller’s version of the power. Density Alteration: Mercer, due to his shapeshifting abilities, is capable of altering the density of his body, allowing him to increase the damage potential of his strikes as well as altering the way gravity affects his body. In terms of offensive capabilities. Mercer has been shown being able to do sudden changes while in mid air and increase his density to the point of creating shockwaves and cratering the ground he lands on with enough height. Muscle Mass Increase: Mercer is capable of increasing his muscle mass in his arms and body, increasing his strength beyond his normal levels without suffering any loss in movement like many of his other defensive and offensive powers. Gliding: Mercer, by lowering his density while in the air, is capable of achieving a limited degree of flight by gliding through the air. He is capable of switching his body’s density on the fly to either slow his descent or rapidly falling. Similarly, it is due to this ability that Mercer is capable of clearing large distances as he can simply leap and glide over most obstacles in his way in order to escape his pursuers, or reach various locations far more quickly then simply running and parkouring his way there through the streets.. Air Dash: Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass around his body at such a rate that it is capable of slingshotting him in any particular direction that he wants. Mercer generally uses this ability to cover more distance, extend his gliding abilities and even dodge projectiles and other attacks in mid-air. Wall Running: While strong enough to climb walls using his hands, Mercer is capable of wall running at high speeds as his body will alter his feet in a way that allows him to cling to walls while running without the risk of slipping off due to lack of momentum or adhesion. As such Mercer can run at high speeds in any direction when on vertical surfaces Knuckle Shockwave: Using his strength, Mercer is capable of producing a massive shockwave by a double palm thrust. This attack is capable of cars and people down an entire street. Even potentially tearing apart the latter. Critical Pain Devastator: An enhanced version of the knuckle shockwave. Upon entering critical mass, Mercer can move the biomass in his body into his hands. Upon doing a palm thrust. Mercer creates a massive shockwave that uplifts and tears apart humans and vehicles alike. Adding insult to injury, Mercer, during the process of performing this attack, will also fire the biomass stored in his hands as tendrils into the shockwave, shredding and crushing anything unlucky enough to survive the initial shockwave itself
Cole Macgrath powers:Electrokinesis-The ability to absorb and control electricity in and out of his body. Over the last seven years,Cole has gotten much more powerful than in inFAMOUS 2. Able to deliver up to 15 supernovas of force. His maximum voltage is over 20 Gigawatts and the heat of his lightning burns up to 300,000,000,000 Kelvin,equivalent to three supernovas. -Immunity to electricity-Cannot be harmed by electrical energy. Any electricity that makes contact with his body is automatically absorbed. Electromagnetism-The ability to produce and manipulate electromagnetic fields and pulses. Cole can manipulate any object,no matter the size,using magnetism. Even non-metallic materials such as stone,ice,wood,and cardboard. Cryokinesis-The ability to manipulate ice and cold gas. Cole can deliver several cryokinetic attacks such as razor-sharp,steel-tearing Shatter Blasts,Ice Grenades,Freeze Rockets,Ice Pillars and Platforms for jumping great distances,Ice Barriers that can block missiles and knock up enemies. He can also produce freezing mist that freezes enemies in it solid if he hits it with a bolt. Superhuman Strength-Cole possesses superhuman strength. Able to easily lift up to 52 metric tons. His punches are on a Class PJ and he can regularly bench press giant monsters as heavy as tanks. Has even fought on par with Ares, the God of Warfare. Superhuman Speed-Cole is able to move at superhuman speeds. He can run up to 60MPH and during combat, he can move at Hypersonic speeds. He can react and fight at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds(Mach 1000-8810), able to easily dodge lasers and instant speed attacks and react to his own, natural lightning. Superhuman Durability-Cole is extremely durable. He can survive an attack that can level an entire island, ignores bullets, and shrugs off point-blank RPG's and grenades. Regenerative Healing Factor-Cole can heal extensive damage to his body in seconds. He can even regenerate lost limbs. If he absorbs energy, he heals instantly. Tactics/Leadership/Intelligence-Cole possesses increased intelligence. He regularly works out strategies during intense combat, he daily leads a team of superheroes into battle, he's able to logically deduce the outcome of any action he might take, and outsmarts incredibly clever opponents like Sasha, Alden, and Ray Zenji. Combat Experience-Cole is an incredibly experienced fighter. He was already he strongest Conduit alive, and now is even more so after training his powers in secret for 7 years. He has fought a multitude of foes stronger and more experienced than himself and won. And has survived impossible odds and has always come out on top. Even death. Electrokinetic Flight-Over the years, Cole has learned the ability to create a platform of electricity and surf on it through the air, granting him the ability to fly. Electrokinetic Constructs-Cole can create shapes of electrical energy and use electromagnetism to give it solid form. This can create several Electrokinetic weapons such as the Gigawatt Blades. Electroreception-Cole can pick up and read electronic frequencies and listen in on communications, he can also use this to read data as well. Electric Healing- Cole is able to release a massive charge of bioelectricity that heals everyone around him via hyper stimulating cells into a rapid state of regeneration. Precognition-Cole has the ability to see a few seconds into the future or see a whole future event. Mind Techniques-Cole can use neuroelectricity to manipulate people's minds. He can use this in a variety of ways such as mind-control, instant brainwashing, reading thoughts, and countering mental attacks. Lightning Dash/Dematerialization-Cole can turn his entire body into electricity and dash across short distances, he can use this to move at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds and travel through electrical power lines. Omnipresent Awareness-Cole can surround himself with an electromagnetic field that can give him omnipresent detection of his surroundings. Added by the fact that he can sense electrical energy in one's body, this makes him almost impossible to sneak up on. He can also use a Radar Sense that detects hostile intent, distinguishes friend from foe, sees through disguises, invisibility, and illusions, and scans for any electrical signals, anomalies, and sources.
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2023.06.09 03:08 erichschwer13 Burlington Outdoor Rink

Burlington Outdoor Rink
How do we get Burlington to create an outdoor rink that most cities in the northeast have? All the community rinks are packed all winter long. So many people love to skate. What an awesome winter attraction it would be to put something down by the waterfront. I wish they did this where “the frame” went up. However, just down the bike path there is a pad that is currently covered in spray paint and has skate board ramps. Right next to a brand new skate park…. You make a permanent board setup and it would also allow for roller hockey leagues in the summer… who do I have to talk to?
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2023.06.09 03:08 jennuhlynnuh white oak disaster

so we just got back to our hotel after leaving early. i was the girl in the green jumpsuit if u saw me lol. i got there at 7am and everything was going super smooth until the weather notice. they opened the first row gate up where i was in and people started shoving and pushing their way through thinking the venue was open. it was terrible and everyone was being super disrespectful and shoving and pushing the people who had been there longer. turns out it was a storm advisory thing, when lightning strikes we have to go inside and wait 30, then if it goes again we have to wait 30 more. we huddled into the indoor venue. the problem with this is that the first people that got there were shoved into the back. then everyone was moving towards the doors despite the white oak employees screaming to push back. this kept happening until they started letting people out who just so happened to be by the exit, rather than organizing by the lines we had. i know this was white oak’s first time with a situation like this so i’m not mad at them at all, i am so frustrated with the crowd though. people barricade through to the outdoor venue and i saw people who were in the very back of the group who got there last get barricade. i was super upset, we drove 10 hours straight to get here. then lightning strikes again and we all go back inside. people inside are doing their thing again where people tell them to push back and they stand there. i just left after they brought police. people were trying to climb the walls and i saw a lot of people crying and i started to feel unsafe. the med team looked in tears. everyone was having panic attacks left and right and as much as i love the boys, no amount of stress is worth this. white oak had no time to organize it and have everyone get back into their rows and it would have been upsetting to get a shitty seat after waiting so long for barricade. i’m really upset and it’s not white oak’s fault, they were doing their best i think, idk how to get a refund but i hope i can. it was just such a mess. i hope everyone stays safe <3
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2023.06.09 03:06 harry-jg How to Change PSN Account Region on PS4 and PS5

In the fascinating realm of PlayStation, where digital adventures abound, it can be a thorn in the side to find that one is hampered by the nuisance of region-specific content. Early access to new-fangled games and special extras are often cordoned off, like exclusive gatherings of the upper crust.
The secret to entry, as it turns out, involves tinkering with your PSN region. Now, before you rush off to adjust your existing account, I should inform you that it's about as fruitful as expecting a dog to recite Shakespeare. One needs to construct an entirely new account, a laborious process akin to erecting a garden gazebo, albeit far less physical.
Though a VPN is not absolutely necessary for changing your PSN region, employing one does impart a sense of being tucked up in one's club, safe from prying eyes and DDoS attacks. These devilish assaults have been known to banish gamers offline, a punishment akin to being sent to one's room without supper.
Regrettably, PlayStation consoles regard VPN apps with the same disdain that Jeeves has for my purple socks. You cannot simply summon a VPN onto your PlayStation in the manner of other digital gadgets. It must be manually configured on your router or shared with your PlayStation via a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, much like one might reluctantly share one's last biscuit.
Fear not! This humble narrative shall illuminate the path towards changing your PSN region and marrying a VPN to your PlayStation. A brief perusal of the most commendable PlayStation VPNs is also in order - ExpressVPN leaps to mind. This chap boasts a user-friendly router app, a multitude of servers, and security measures as formidable as a British bulldog. To cap it off, it exhibits the kind of speed that would make a racehorse blush.
A Jaunty Journey through PSN Topography, or, How to Swop your PlayStation Locale with Whimsical Ease
Relocating your PSN region is a little like moving house, albeit with less packing of teacups and more clicking of buttons. It requires the formulation of a new user account, a process smoother than a freshly ironed trouser crease. Allow me to elucidate with a play-by-play guide suitable for either PS4 or PS5:
Commence your journey by bidding adieu to your current PSN account.
On the bridge of your PlayStation console, navigate to the realm of the Settings menu. Descend the list to 'Account Management,' and select 'Sign Out' to effectively check out of your current PSN lodgings.
Craft a fresh user profile on your console.
Make your way back to the heartland of the main screen, and select 'New User.' Press 'Create a User' to breathe life into your new digital persona, clicking 'Accept' to bow to the wisdom of the User Agreement. Subsequently, choose 'Next' to christen a sparkling new PSN account. On the PSN login page, there’s a button at the base labelled 'New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account.' Give it a hearty click!
Decree the region for the new account.
Under 'Country or Region,' take a gander at the drop-down menu and select your desired locale. Nominate your language of choice and duly enter your date of birth.
Declare your age to the digital powers that be.
For most, a mobile number affixed to your account shall suffice. Alternatively, scanning the QR code displayed on your screen or opting for an email verification are viable routes. Be aware that these are third-party methods.
Divulge your home address details.
Fill in your city, state or province, and postal code. On the following page, hand over your email address and create a password that’s more secretive than Jeeves's special pick-me-up recipe. Now select your Avatar, add your online ID and your moniker.
Finally, doff your cap to PSN's privacy policy and arrange your privacy settings to your liking.
And there you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. Happy gaming! Oh, dear, I do apologize. This seems to end on a 'happy' note. Let's try again:
There you have it! As if by digital magic, you're the proud owner of a brand new PSN account, complete with an updated region. May your gaming exploits be ever victorious!
The Online Odyssey: Ensuring a Bally Pleasant PlayStation Experience, VPN-Style
In the game of PlayStation, one can indeed venture without a VPN by one's side. However, just as a gentleman wouldn't dare attend a high society event without a trusty valet, the sagacious gamer understands the multitude of boons a VPN brings:
Unfurling the map to region-locked content:
Like a trusty bloodhound sniffing out the elusive truffle, a VPN can ferret out and unlock games in the PlayStation Store that your geographical locale renders inaccessible. The trick lies in the VPN assigning you an IP address twinning with the location of the server you're connected to.
Ditching the DDoS dastards:
Regrettably, the online multiplayer landscape occasionally plays host to less-than-chivalrous tactics, such as DDoS attacks. Essentially, these scoundrels overwhelm your connection with an ungodly barrage of requests, causing your server to crumble under the strain. A VPN acts like a digital cloak, concealing your IP address and thus making you an unlikely target for DDoS ne'er-do-wells.
Securing the sanctity of your online endeavors:
VPNs act as your personal invisible ink, encrypting all your digital communications into a scrambled code that would baffle even the sharpest of minds. This means any meddlesome individuals, including your ISP, are left none the wiser about your virtual ventures.
Blocking the bandwidth bailiffs:
There are ISPs out there, the absolute rotters, who might deliberately slow down your connection if they perceive you're rather too fond of data usage. Typically, this would occur if you're deep in the throes of online gaming or binging on the latest series. However, your VPN's encryption shields your activities, preventing your ISP from putting a damper on your digital delights.
ExpressVPN, by Jove, emerges as the unrivalled VPN partner for the PlayStation in 2023, much like a formidable butler who anticipates every need before it arises. The beauty of ExpressVPN lies in its ability to introduce you to the gaming delights from a staggering 90+ countries. Not only does it fling wide the doors to a pantheon of region-exclusive games, but it also ensures your gaming exploits are both lightning-fast and more secure than the Bank of England.
ExpressVPN, in a show of singular tech-wizardry, is one of the few VPNs to offer an application for routers. This handy feature sidesteps the minor inconvenience that PlayStation consoles hold a steadfast "no VPN apps allowed" policy. If you fancy an even simpler solution, ExpressVPN presents the Aircove, a router with the VPN features already installed and ready to serve. Should you prefer the comfort of familiar ground, ExpressVPN also offers congenial apps for your Windows or macOS device that allow you to share your VPN connection with your PlayStation.
Now, the speed at which ExpressVPN operates is reminiscent of a whippet on its morning constitutional. Its Lightway protocol, finely tuned for briskness and efficacy, ensures gaming on your PlayStation is a swift affair. When put to the test on my PlayStation 4, the difference between my usual speed and the speed with ExpressVPN was about as noticeable as a flea on an elephant. Even amidst the frenzied action of Call of Duty: Warzone matches, my ping remained as calm and unflappable as Jeeves in a crisis.
ExpressVPN takes its role as your security sentry rather seriously. Not only does it stand guard against DDoS attacks, but it also offers comprehensive protection against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. This effectively means your IP address remains more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. To add further clout to its privacy credentials, ExpressVPN employs RAM-only servers, ensuring that all data is wiped clean at every server reset, and perfect forward secrecy, guaranteeing a fresh encryption key with each new VPN session. Also, its no-logs policy has undergone multiple independent audits and emerged squeaky clean every time.
As a cherry on top, ExpressVPN also wields a nifty smart DNS tool, MediaStreamer, that makes your console a gateway to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Since MediaStreamer doesn't bother with encrypting your data, you're left with the swiftest speeds possible, making your streaming experience as smooth as a well-aged brandy.
Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access, or PIA if we're on friendly terms, is rather like a seasoned bouncer for your PlayStation gaming exploits. Its servers, gallantly stationed across 80+ countries, come equipped with anti-DDoS armour, ensuring any DDoS scoundrels attempting to disrupt your gaming shenanigans are turned away at the door. It also flaunts an array of other formidable security measures, including leak protection, RAM-only servers, and perfect forward secrecy.
Much like the chatty gentleman at the bar who can't help but share a story, PIA regularly delivers transparency reports detailing the numerous requests for user data it has successfully thwarted. For those intrigued by the technical side, PIA's apps are open-source, allowing anyone to peruse the code and search for potential chinks in the armour. Notably, PIA's no-logs policy has stood under the harsh light of audit and emerged with nary a blemish.
Despite lacking a dedicated router app like our good friend ExpressVPN, PIA offers router support. Of course, a touch of manual labour is needed to configure the VPN on your router (fear not, PIA provides comprehensive guides to hold your hand through the process). For those who prefer a more streamlined approach, PIA's user-friendly apps for Windows and macOS can transfigure your PC into a virtual router, making it PlayStation-friendly. And with unlimited connections on offer, every member of the household can indulge in their gaming or online pursuits without fear of overstepping their bounds.
PIA further cements its place in the gaming world by providing lightning-fast speeds and steadfast connections, suitable for even the most demanding of PlayStation adventures. A series of Call of Duty: Warzone bouts under my belt attest to this, with not a hint of lag or sluggishness in sight. It appears, dear reader, that with PIA at the helm, the battle for smooth gaming sessions is one decidedly won.
A Case of Geographic Gymnastics: The Art of Shuffling Your PSN Account Region
A touch of geographic flexibility with your PSN account can make one feel rather like a cosmopolitan globe-trotter. One minute you're casually perusing the digital shelves of one region's PSN store, the next you've hopped across the globe to a different region altogether, revealing a cornucopia of diverse games and jolly little applications that previously eluded your grasp.
Consider the tantalising prospect of time travel. Certain gaming treasures and their subsequent updates have a habit of making an earlier debut in specific regions. By cunningly adjusting your PSN region, you find yourself striding ahead of your original region's release date, a veritable gaming pioneer.
Money matters too, old bean. Not all regions approach the delicate subject of pricing in the same manner. A particular game or app, lurking at a steep price in one corner of the globe, might be available at a price as friendly as a Labrador in another. A quick switch of your PSN region and voila! You're purchasing games with a spring in your step and a much happier wallet.
Last, but by no means least, there's the matter of multiplayer matchmaking. A quick region swap and you're thrust into an entirely new gaming realm, rubbing virtual shoulders with players from your newly adopted region. Depending on your choice, this could usher in a larger player base and the thrilling prospect of competition that would make even the most seasoned player’s pulse quicken. All in all, it's a rather splendid arrangement.
Navigating the Virtual Bazaar: The Gentleman's Guide to Acquiring Region-Exclusive PlayStation Games
The path to procuring region-specific PlayStation games can be as labyrinthine as the plot of a mystery novel. And yet, with a little finesse and strategic planning, you can traverse this maze with all the grace of a seasoned explorer.
Now, consider this: only the payment methods associated with your new region will permit you to purchase games. Thus, if you've adopted Uncle Sam's land as your region, you'd need a US PayPal account to conduct any virtual commerce.
While some souls have been known to spin a yarn about a fictitious address, it's not a course I'd recommend. Such antics tend to ruffle the feathers of service providers, potentially leading to a rather permanent expulsion from their services, and that wouldn’t do, would it?
Instead, the optimal method involves the acquisition of digital gift cards tied to your region of choice, redeemable within the PlayStation Store.
A handy roadmap for this delightful escapade would look something like this:
Acquire the services of a dependable VPN and connect to a server that aligns with your chosen PSN region. ExpressVPN has always been my preferred companion on these journeys, courtesy of its vast server network and lightning-fast speeds.
Engage in the purchase of region-specific PSN gift cards. These tokens of digital currency can be sourced from a variety of online retailers or local establishments with a penchant for digital codes.
Redeem your gift card on your PlayStation console. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console, select 'Redeem Codes', and input your newly acquired code. Follow the prompts to add the funds to your PSN account.
Finally, take your pick from the smorgasbord of games available in your new region’s PlayStation Store.
So, there you have it: the enlightened path to region-specific gaming bliss. Good luck and goodspeed!
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2023.06.09 03:06 Vision-Quest-9054 Less Food More Thought Short Play

Let me know if this play is theater material. If not, I can scrap it.
This was a comedy-drama short play that I wrote for my theater's new work program.
Less Food And More Thought
By Vision-Quest-9054
Draft Completed –May 15, 2023
Jonah O’Connell- An autistic man with anxiety and an eating disorder. He lives with his younger brother, Nate, his sister-in-law Katya, and his nephew, Damien. (Jonah can be played by anyone between the ages of 27-49)
Katya O’Connel – Obviously not her maiden name since she is a mail-order bride from Russia. She is Nate’s wife and the mother of Damien. She has a distinct Russian accent. She is also quite callously insensitive as she initially lacks understanding of her family’s personal issues. She can be a younger adult or middle-aged adult.
\Puppeteer* – Though this is not an actual character, it is a professional puppeteer that has experience with either arm rod puppets, dummies, or hand puppets. The puppeteer will operate an arm rod puppet depiction of Bob Ross on a TV screen complete with a large afro. The other puppet will be Damien. Damien can be either a hand or rod puppet.*
\Voice Actor* - The voice actor will perform behind the scenes and out of sight either hidden backstage or with an amplified microphone. He will primarily provide the voice for Nate off-stage.* If the puppeteer is unable to produce a unique voice for ‘Bob Ross’ and/or Damien, then a separate voice actor will be provided for both puppet characters.
An autistic American man and his Russian sister-in-law struggle to find methods of coping with their own emotional problems as well as their ability to interpret others’ feelings.
Stage Setting:
The stage will consist of a kitchen Island countertop and cupboards beneath the countertop positioned center stage. Next to the main kitchen on stage left will be another row of ground-level cupboards stashed with food. On either side of these right-hand cupboards is a cheap rack of wire shelves filled with snacks and a garbage can. All of these edibles will be dried goods. Some of these dried goods may consist of Pringles, Lays Potato Chips, Pretzels, Ritz Crackers, Fig Newtons, cookies, pretzels, pasta, nuts, dried fruit, rice, etc. Also, be sure to include these items in as many other cupboards as possible. On the right-hand side of the Island kitchen countertop is a portable television. The television should be made out of cardboard and the open ‘screen’ should be facing the audience at the front.
(Stage lights illuminate the main center stage. Jonah is frantically opening and closing cupboard drawers on the main countertop and left stage cupboards so that he can binge eat. He gets into a box or bag of chips or cookies and begins eating hurriedly. Katya enters from stage right and looks at him in frustration and disbelief.)
What in the hell are you doing? I turn my back on you for one second and you start stuffin’ your face with food!
(Jonah freezes mid-motion center stage from taking a bite out of something, his eyes wide open and his whole body stiffens. Katya briskly crosses over to Jonah and snatches the food out of his hand before throwing it away.)
(Finally moving in protest) Hey! I was enjoying that! Why can’t I get a bite to eat around here?
You already eat too much! Look at this kitchen! Almost every tasty morsel we have in here is in your giant gut! (She points toward his stomach)
I have a bad impulse to eat when I’m stressed and I can’t seem to work it out.
I don’t get you, Jonah. You have no job, you don’t contribute, all you do is fret around the house all day sometimes overeatin’, and I find myself having to clean up your mess while tending to that miserable brother of yours I call a husband!
(A bit calmer) Hey, Katya, you’re an O’Connell now. Sometimes we do things differently in this house. I mean, my bro Nate ain’t perfect, but he sure tries his darndest to be understanding of you. At least, he used to…
(As if outraged) Understanding? I caught him flippin’ thru dirty, topless magazines the other day! Do you know how much crap I found in his room? It’s not like he tried to hide it anyway. (Мудак/Mu-dak! I coulda’ made a bonfire out all the magazines I find stashed in his room.
Easy there, sis, your face is starting to turn red. Damn, I could cook a hot pocket on it if I wanted to…
There you go thinking about food AGAIN! Why does it always have to be about junk food with you? You can’t even eat healthy like me…
(Katya is interrupted by Damien, who is a little boy puppet. He peeks his head from behind the right stage curtain just enough so that the audience cannot see the puppeteer’s hand. Seeing her son, Damien, Katya lowers her voice to calm down but still has a somewhat grumpy tone.)
Hi mommy.
Damien, what is it? You see that I’m havin a chat with your uncle right now?
I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you that I finished my homework and was wondering if could play online with my friends.
(Annoyed) Sure, go have some fun. Go indulge in some game violence. Oh, and by the way, what’s daddy doing right now? Is he workin’ on his work charts?
He’s on his computer.
Working? Good.
(Giggling.) Yeah. He’s watching naked people hugging.
(Outrage) HE’S WHAT?!
(Katya regains her composure after a couple seconds and addresses Damien in a cooler tone of voice. Jonah shoots her a quizzical look)
Sweetie, go along now and play with your friends. I’m going to have a chat with Daddy.
(Happily) Okay.
(Damien puppet retreats behind the right curtain out of sight.)
Katya, please give yourself a chance to cool down…
Excuse me, but I have an unfaithful husband to go punish.
(Katya rolls up her sleeve and exits stage right walking briskly again. Her angry voice can be heard echoing offstage with Nate’s. Jonah stands almost motionless with his face cringing as a reaction to the shouting.)
(Nervously) Oh-uh…hi Katya. Just finishing up a project…
(Interrupting) Cut the bullshit! I know what you’ve been doin’ in here. Damien saw you and told me a-all about it!
Really honey…It’s not quite what you think…
What is it with you and your compulsive desire to look at sexy stuff? First magazines, and now internet pornography? I’m a damn good wife! Do I not give you enough pleasure in the bedroom? When you got me through mail order from Russia, you told me I was the hottest woman you ever seen! And now you have to look at this? (Гавно/Gav-no!
(Scared) Wait…I can explain!
(A series of comical slap-stick punching and smacking sound effects ensue.)
Wait…Ow!what are you?...OW! OW! OW! Sorry…OW! OW!
(Katya re-enters the scene from stage right and returns to center stage to meet up with Jonah. The moment she re-enters Jonah begins ruffling through the cupboards again.)
That was so not cool.
What is it with you men? With Jonah, it’s food. For Nate, it’s sex! And look at you. You’re stuffing your mouth again like a friggin’ chipmunk!
You know what, sis? You’re yelling stresses me out. It makes me want to go into Winnie-The-Pooh mode.
(When he says Winnie-The-Pooh-Mode,
He places a large empty bag of chips or some other snack over his head.)
(Shaking her head crossly) Take the bag offa’ your head! You look ridiculous.
(Ignoring her, Jonah hums the classical theme song of Winnie The Pooh. After a few seconds, Katya snatches the bag from his head)
(Softer but firm tone of voice) Like I’ve always told you, Jonah, put your energy into something positive. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move on from your pitiful problems.
(Shrugging.) Easier said than done.
You were supposed to be doing research or even flippin’ thru the Television channels to find something that could become a passion of yours – you know? A hobby to keep you occupied from eating and dirtying up my house. Oh yeah, maybe a JOB opportunity, no? Look here!
(Katya turns on the tv dial on the fake cardboard set.
Instead of a screen, there is placard filling in the square gap. Once the tv is ‘switched’ on, the placard is removed to reveal the Bob Ross puppet facing the audience through the large square gap. A small propped-up canvas is next to him. A paintbrush and paint pallet are taped to his hands. The puppeteer should be concealed behind the Island countertop where the TV is resting on the surface. There should be ample room for the puppeteer to operate Bob Ross in the gaping square space known as the TV screen. )
(soft-spoken tone) Today I want to start out with some Indian Yellow. Just enough on the two-inch brush…just tap it a little. Now let’s start off with a nice pretty little sunset…
(Relieved and Ecstatic) Ah, perfect! (clapping hands together) Educational painting! This should be a perfect distraction for you. When you learned enough, then you can take a brush and start painting.
(Bob Ross’ soft voice trails into the background as the characters continue their dialogue.)
(Wistfully) C’mon, Kat. You know I hate painting. BOB ROSS
We’ll just drag a little color across like so. Like that. Like that.
(Bob Ross continues to fake painting)
You need to build some character, man. Nate and I have tried showing you cooking, sports, fishing, camping, hiking, golf, sailing, music, piano, ballet, dancing,…what more do you want?
(Frankly) I want to be understood.
Mix in a little blue there with gentle brush strokes. Such beautiful effects you can make with this here. Such beautiful effects. And remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.
(A bit tense and argumentative) You are understood. I understand that you need some professional help. I understand that you need more guidance. I understand that you need more motivation and thicker skin, but you won’t grow it!
Tap a little white into my yellows
And greens there…
(In frustration) (Гавно/Gav-no!
(Katya jostles the television out of frustration interrupting Bob Ross’ broadcast. Bob Ross’ painting canvas falls through the TV screen and onto the kitchen floor in front of the audience. Bob Ross looks straight at the audience and maintains his calm voice)
(Soft Voice) Oh shit.
(Bob Ross maintains his blank stare at the audience)
(Indignant) I happen to have problems coping with stress in a tense environment, especially around you. I have tried. believe me. I’ve been to counselors, therapists, and doctors, and they can only do so much. Right now, I struggle with my own demons, and it’s on me to fix my problems. It pains me to see how you pop off at people when they bring their problems to you. It’s like you try to turn them away.
So? People need a good dose of reality sometimes. What do they expect? For me to coddle them?
Remember when I was rejected by this one rare autistic woman that I thought was the love of my life? You told me to stop crying, grow up, and move on with my life without finding a source of comfort, relief, or something to help me cope with it all. Or better yet, that time my only friend died, you told me you were sorry to hear that but were just being polite. Nate told me that you shrugged it off like it was nothing.
I know you were sad, but there are ways to find new friends. Don’t you know how to make friends?
I have autism. It’s hard for me to make friends. Most people look at my behavior and my issues with things like…poor memory, or poor organization skills, or my weird cleaning habits, or the way I walk funny or maybe the fact that I can’t drive. And, and, they think I’m some kind of freak.
(Frowning and shaking head) But that’s no excuse. There has to be other people like you. Other unusual people to connect with.
Believe me, I’ve tried. Even the special needs guys think I’m a freak because I’m not mentally disabled enough to be like them. Oftentimes, I feel alone and sad and I just want to eat and eat and eat.
Well, getting’ fat isn’t gonna’ help anyone, especially you. Why do you have to be so upset about everything?
I could ask you the same question. For me, I can’t help it. I have a sensitive heart. I hate seeing people getting hurt, and I hate getting hurt myself.
Well shit happens. The world doesn’t owe you nothin.’ Nobody owes Jonah for his sensitivity. Stop lettin’ yourself be so sensitive. It’s like being a crybaby. Do what everyone else does and suck it up!
(Jonah furiously bangs his fist on the countertop and glares at Katya with scathing eyes. The television set teeters over and falls behind the kitchen counter. The puppeteer should pull down the fake set. The Bob Ross puppet flails his arms and yells “HELP!” before he hits the ground.)
That’s the last straw! I am so sick and tired of hearing the phrase ‘suck it up!’ ‘You’re going through a divorce? Suck it up. You lost your job and career that you worked so hard to hold all these years? Suck it up and get a new one! Your mom died? Suck it up!’ It’s the same crap I hear day after day since I was five. And you know what? It sickens the hell out of me!
(Perplexed) What do you want me to say?
(Calming down with a sigh) I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I just wish you could understand me a little more. Back in your old country, did you ever feel like you were singled out? Like, when you felt as though you stood out from everyone else because you did something different and everybody didn’t like you for it?
(Looking thoughtful) I don’t recall. Maybe when I was little?
(Katya and Jonah sit together on the center stage floor in front of the Island counter)
Times when you were bullied, Katya?
(An awkwardly silent pause for a minute)
(Hesitantly) (да)/da. It’s happened. Long time ago, when I was seven, my mom made me wear a summer dress to a social gathering in our town. It was a festival in honor of our founder of the local Oblast region. The hand-made dress was tattered with yellow splotches all over it. The other girls were wearin’ good dresses. Seeing me, they began teasing me and calling me ragdoll cuz I was dressed in rags. I told them to stop, but they kept making fun of me. I had this crush on a boy named Vadim in the neighborhood. I asked him if he could dance with me, and he told me to go get a bath and change my clothes because I looked ugly.
That’s horrible. And it saddens me to hear that.
(Katya begins to choke up and stutter) The teasing wouldn’t stop. I fought with other girls at school and around town because of that stupid dress. My mom would always look at me when I came home all bloodied and bruised and shake her head, telling me that I was never a lady. When my mom and brother died in a tragic accident when I was fourteen, my friends consoled me the best they could, but most people told me to suck it up. It’s a way of life in my Russian community.
(Jonah places a comforting hand on
Her shoulder.)
I can see how it’s always been eating you. Ya know, my parents were pretty ultra-conservative Christians. They didn’t believe in helping me when I felt down, hurt, or bullied by the other kids at my school. They told me to ‘suck it up’ a lot. That’s why it’s a trigger phrase for me. So when they dismissed my emotions, I used to raid the kitchen at night to cope with my hurt, my loneliness, and my stress at school.
(A bit surprised) Wow. I didn’t know your parents were that way. These were American parents, huh?
Uh-huh. They didn’t care at the time. But today, this is a new America. I try to live in the new and improved America. The new America of today has a growing awareness and respect for all people with special disabilities.
You’re right. I’m technically a naturalized citizen here too. And if I want to fit in more, I guess I gotta try and be open-minded to the unusual.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
What about your sensitivity, though, and your inability to find work? Why can’t you find a way to make something happen?
It’s really hard to do, considering how my mind works. Many neurotransmitters in my brain don’t connect like your neuro-pathways. The chemical reactions don’t help me make sense of many things, like numbers, music, or planning things out. It just doesn’t work that way. Then there are dopamine receptors that are poorly stimulated. Dopamine is a hormone that gives your brain a rewarding emotion or a sense of accomplishment. In my brain, it’s like it’s been shut off. I can’t take much pleasure with most hobbies because it’s just not wired into my brain. It's why I hate art so much. I wish it were different, but I was born that way and can’t change it.
(Katya gives Jonah a sympathetic glance and an innocent question)
Is it really that difficult to manage what’s in your head? I didn’t realize it.
Yeah. It’s hard. But I don’t give up either. It’s not like I’m trying to find a convenient excuse for my condition. I want more than anything to have a job. To have friends. To help you guys out. I try to achieve something, but they are mental limitations. They’re harder to see when compared to physical limitations.
I know. Instead of forcing my philosophy on you, I ought to work more closely with your limitations instead.
Yes, try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for once. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Unfortunately, Russians are not very good at doin’ that.
Didn’t you know of anyone that had disabilities back in Ruissa?
No. The ones who were badly off were segregated from the rest of us into special schools. They were treated as second class. If you had mental health problems and didn’t look disabled enough but close to normal, you were treated like garbage. How would I know? I have no experience.
It’s never too late to learn. There is always room for improvement as human beings. Maybe you didn’t have the awareness at first, but it’s coming.
I guess so.
By the way, I’m sorry I was a jackass by not listening to you while binge eating.
(Smiles) Ah, forget it. Like you said. There’s always room for improvement. We all have ways of coping. My way is bottling up my feelings until they explode. Your way is to pork out on food, Nate’s way is to watch pornography. Hey, why do you think my sweetheart Nate is coping with his feelings using X-rated stuff?
Well, do you show him understanding when he’s in distress? Do you show him other forms of affection around the house besides sex?
(Troubled Expression) Well, now that I think about it, no, I don’t listen to him very well and I don’t empathize with him when he’s upset most times. He’s upset right now over having his dream job application rejected. He also went through a botched tonsil surgery that causes him occasional pain as you know.
There you go. Give Nate a hug and a kiss, sit down with him, and comfort him a little. Don’t nurse-maid him, but show a little understanding. It will go a long way. Try acknowledging him more throughout the day. Do this, and I can guarantee you the X-rated material will go away!
(Katya gives Jonah a big hug before he helps her up off the floor. Both characters are now in a standing position.)
Thank you.
Don’t mention it.
Have you ever tried yoga? It’s great for mind, body, and health! I’ve heard that It can help with eating disorders too. Oh, and tai chi.
You know what? I will definitely give it a try!
Great. And this time, I’ll do it with you so that you will feel more comfortable. There will be plenty of positive and kind encouragement coming from me during yoga lessons.
(Damien’s puppet body partially comes through stage right and interrupts Katya.)
(Nervously) Mommy. Daddy is watching naked people play choo-choo train on his phone.
(Damien exits same direction
By pulling out of view again.)
(Smiling) Please excuse me while I go kiss my husband.
(Katya exits stage right with a
Casual walk.)
Are they really playing choo-choo?
(Shrugging at audience) Kids. They say the darndest things.
(Lights fade out.)
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2023.06.09 03:04 harkuponthegay r/Monkeypox will not be going dark on June 12 — this is why

We've received a couple inquiries about this so we felt it was important to let the community know that Monkeypox will not be going dark on June 12th as many other subreddits plan to do in protest of changes to Reddit's API.
This was a tough call to make, and we have given the topic a great deal of thought over the past several days. Here is why we came to this decision.
As moderators, we believe in the cause behind this collective action, and hope that Reddit's leadership reconsiders their misguided policy by finding ways to make Reddit more not less accessible.
While we condemn Reddit's API changes as unduly restrictive and harmful to our community and others, we are committed to maintaining this space as an active, publicly accessible resource, that will remain available to anyone who might need to make use of it, in spite of Reddit's apparent disregard for these principles.
We believe that access to accurate and timely public health information is a human right, which should never come at a cost greater than free— and it is not our place to restrict the availability of that resource to anyone, for any cause, no matter how noble.
We have maintained this forum for the past year because we believe that it serves a critical niche, and in doing so this place has become an often quiet, occasionally cacophonous, but always committed community dedicated constantly to continuing the public conversation about this disease.
Even absent the panic-driven attention which put mpox on the top of the social and political agenda last summer, Monkeypox has stubbornly persisted and insisted on not moving on until mpox is truly gone.
Because no one who is at risk should feel left in the dark when it comes to mpox.
In this time of renewed concerns that we are at risk of an mpox resurgence, and at the height of pride month in many parts of the world, it would be unethical to turn our focus away from that higher purpose that this place represents.
Nevertheless, we wish the subreddits participating in this protest success as they shine a light on Reddit's shady decision making.
You have our support.
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2023.06.09 03:04 intothevortex0 Husband of 8 years completely checked out.

Tl;Dr: need to accept marriage as it is (shit show) or find peace with the terrifying idea of moving on
Marriage breakdown is getting worse by the day. Husband of 8 years decided back in October that he could no longer trust me because "I would have cheated on him had he not walked up" on me not wanting to go home after a wedding. I was having a great time and was talking to another couple about their after plans. This, on top of his not accepting our "fundamental differences" (religion, politics, social issues), has made him completely disengage and start acting like a rebellious child. He drinking more often, even being caught drinking and driving (I've found open containers in his car, which he blames on me), he's shifting money around, no longer contributing to our joint savings account (no idea where that money is now going), and stonewalling any time I want to discuss wtf is going on. He lies and deflects when I bring up anything that could remotely be his fault. Demands that I work more even though I've been a stay at home mom this whole time and only relatively recently took a part time job just to have something to do. He complains if I ever take off for kids' school events, but asks me to take off early or entire days so he can play golf.
We have 2 young kids who I know he loves, but he's not very involved in their day to day care taking - he gets himself ready instead of helping get them ready for school, has only ridden in the car to take them to school 3 times even though he only works weekends, makes himself dinner without offering anything to them, lays in bed while I get them ready for bed and only gets up to tell them goodnight.. he's very self centered, but insists our entire marital breakdown is my fault.
We did weekly marriage counseling for over a year until he quit on 2 different therapists because it didn't "work" although he didn't put in the extra effort. The things that I recognize that I've done in our marriage include becoming increasingly irritable over the things that have been brought up needing attention that go ignored, the multiple times I've heard "I'll try harder", the lack of empathy or emotional insight, the selfishness.. he complains when I ask anything - a favor, more details about what he's saying, for us to be a team and for him to include me in decisions.
We are definitely not right for each other, but because of his character, lack of judgement, and selfishness, I can't stand the thought of starting the divorce process knowing I could ultimately be signing my kids away to him 50% of the time.
I guess the question is how do I accept that reality and move forward with my life? OR how do I accept my life as it is and at least be present for the kids all the time? I have never been so stressed in my life and this has been going on for a long time.
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2023.06.09 03:04 Punsdale Went To See a Psychiatrist, Did Not Go Well, And He Made Me Cry

WARNING: long! there should be a short summary at the bottom.
I have been pursuing diagnoses for autism for a couple of months now, actively, and a couple of weeks ago went to see a doctor. I'm very lucky in that my mom works somewhere with onsite doctors and a psychiatrist, so this wasn't hard and I already kind of knew him so it wasn't as anxiety-inducing as it could have been.
Since proper assessment where Iive is $2000-$5000 CAD, I wanted to know if he would take a much cheaper professionally reviewed screening seriously and put the conclusion on my record. He was not sold on this, and said if the emotional validation was important to me I should get a proper assessment. This was after some questioning on why I believe I am autistic and not just... different in a 'normal' way.
He said he would ask around about assesments and that the receptionists would make an appointment for the next week. I got a call to make an appointment, but for some reason it was to make one with the psychiatrist instead of the general practitioner. I went along with it but had been anxious leading up to today when I went in for the appointment.
I had prepared a long list of autism-related info and behaviors, along with a list of stims and self-screening results just in case. I didn't get to show them at all. When I went into the appointment the psychiatrist asked questions about my childhood, self perception, loneliness/social stuff, along with doing an OCD screening (I knew I had OCD but wasn't officially evaluated for it). When I brought up that I had spoken to the other doctor about autism, he kinda scoffed? I think? I found him hard to read, and he was saying things like 'you have to be careful with he word diagnoses. You can diagnose cancer, or an illness, but there's no way for me to X-ray your brain' and that 'autism is a spectrum,' which I already knew but didn't say in case it was rude. He said some stuff I don't quite remember, I said that nothing he had asked me was about autism specifically, but THEN he said that I'm not autistic because autistics 'don't desire connection with others' which I had said I wanted earlier. I told him that that was a misconception, that many autistic people desire connection but maybe in a different way, and it is often much more difficult. I always mentioned the DSM-5 being deficit centered, since I recognized it. He got annoyed.
Started saying that he's had over 5000 patients, that he's tired of them arguing with him, and that he doesn't want to argue about my 'opinion'. He kept talking and saying something similar over and over and I was very overwhelmed, and started crying. He said 'I think we're done here' but I didn't leave because I hate people seeing me cry/melt down and I wanted to at least freeze it until I made it outside, but then he continued talking, saying how privileged I was to have access to a psychiatrist who wants to build a relationship, which in a way is true, but I never asked to see him!
He kept going and I blurted out asking him to stop talking, to which he responded 'well you aren't leaving when I asked you to.'
I said I was trying to calm down first, he said he would leave the room until I did but I hated that idea, so I rushed out while crying. My dad had driven me so I wasn't on public transit or waiting alone so that is good. But I still have a headache and am so exhausted hours later. I keep playing what he said to me back in my head, and it really hurts. My friends say I should report him and that it was extremely unprofessional to say what he said, especially since he was being mean while I was crying in front of him. I don't want to cause any trouble though.
I know some psychiatrists really suck and that at some point someone would stonewall me during the diagnoses process, but I really hate hearing outdated stereotypes be perpetuated by supposed professionals.
This may not be a very emotional seeming rant, I just feel the need to record bad things so I don't forget details, and in case anyone else can relate.
TL;DR the psychiatrist I went to see said autstic people don't desire connection and got annoyed and made me overwhelmed/cry when I tried to explain otherwise
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2023.06.09 03:02 AutoModerator [GET] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine 4.0

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Imagine building your very own business that pays you every single month, and watching your income grow exponentially over the next year.
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2023.06.09 03:02 AMA_TotalFuckwit Weird lump

So a few days ago I noticed what looked like a mosquito bite in size and appearance, but flat and not raised. Definitely not a bite though because there was zero itchiness.
This afternoon I saw it hasn't gone away but is maybe a tad bit bigger. I poked at it a little and there's a small lump underneath, maybe about the size of a chickpea or a small grape.
Obviously I'm going to call first thing in the morning for a mammogram, but holy shit there's always like a 6 week waiting list. How am I supposed to wait that long without losing my fucking mind? Is there anything I can do to get it seen or biopsied like, YESTERDAY? I'm 42 so I'm right in that range where risk starts.
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2023.06.09 03:00 sunshne-daydream Advice on stopping the hyper-analyzing of the relationship

I am dating someone after a 13 year relationship/divorce and he is amazing. I could definitely see myself in a long term committed relationship with him so far. However, I feel that mostly due to social media, I am hyper aware of “things to look out for”, potential red flags, “signs he is losing interest” and a plethora of other things that I can barely tell if it’s my own preferences/observations or just toxic dating culture shoving these things down my throat and causing my anxious attachment to flare up and sabotage the relationship (look, how many buzz words did I use in that one sentence!) Anyway, aside from trying to stay off social media (which is hard because I also use it as a coping mechanism for these very feelings(!)) do you have any tricks or advice on overcoming this and actually figuring out how you feel about a relationship?
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2023.06.09 03:00 DavidDawnDeluxe If you want to avoid becoming discouraged by initial rejections and failures, shift your mindset the following way..

Hi, David here!
When initially starting out, you should redefine in your mind what you consider a successful outcome. It is quiet unrealistic to expect that you will become a natural Casanova within a week. If that's the sole metric for success against which you measure yourself, then its almost inevitable that you will become disappointed and discouraged.
Your initial definition of success should not be dependent on external factors such as other people’s actions, but be solely dependent on your own actions.
Define success as being willing to start a conversation or interaction.
Define success as being willing to put yourself out there.
Define success as not being afraid of making your honest interests and intentions known.
These are metrics for success that you can succeed at 100% of the time as long as you are willing to take action.
You can't be rejected if your desired outcome was to simply start a conversation and give the other person the opportunity to get to know you.
The beauty of this is, when the other person detects that you are self-fulfilled and don’t want or need anything from them, the probability of them being willing to take you up on what you offer skyrockets.

Adding to that, I just finished putting together my dating eBook "How to Date Any Girl" version 4.0 and would LOVE to get some honest feedback from you!
I decided to give it away for free for the first 100 people who join my mailing list.

By joining the mailing list You would get:
- 27 pages long eBook (free for subscribing) that gives you a practical step-by-step solution to meeting women (14+ years of knowledge put into it).
- bonus emails where I share awesome advice on how to improve your dating life.

You can get the eBook and join the list by clicking here!

This book is the result of going out and socializing with girls for over a decade. I have put in there all the fundamentals I have learned over that time so you know I have something to say ;)
P.S: You can unsubscribe at any time with a click of a button if you feel you don't like the content of the emails anymore (but I am sure you will ;)

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?
Let's discuss in the comments :)
Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!
Coach David
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2023.06.09 03:00 KeyOfShadow13 Is LR Meli too strong?

I've been seeing showcase after showcase of what LR Meli can do, and I can't help feeling more annoyed than happy about it. I'm glad that an older unit got an update and is viable in the modern meta again, but I'm also annoyed about how quickly Purg Meli is seemingly being pushed out of the top spot. If memory serves, it was a whole year before Purg Meli came and took T-Meli's place on Demons or just in PvP in general, but now Purg is being knocked out after only half that time? This could just be because I've been able to put more into Purg than LV, but this just feels WAY too fast for this kind of change to happen.
To clarify, I'm all for LV getting buffed, but I would have liked if he was more comparable rather than just outright dominating. Like having LV be best for a 7DS team, but still have Purg be best for Demons. Just something that would allow more variety rather than just an outright replacement. What's everyone else's thoughts on this??
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2023.06.09 03:00 dirkpeta First experience with a 100% authentic Karen

I'm (28M) a Customer Service Representative for a very reputable insurance company in the US. I have experience in this job in different companies ever since I finished HS. (As a disclaimer. I do NOT and would never work in underwriting. I'm just in charge of regular CSR stuff. I do not have a say on insurance claims and that's an entirely different department.) Also, I'm an outsourced employee. Most customers don't mind, some occasionally ask where I'm from, and there's the very rare asshole that asks for 'someone that speaks english' as soon as they hear my accent. I don't care, I'm used to it. Generally speaking, american customers are very nice and patient. More than the ones in my country. So I never really understood where do all the retail and customer service horror stories from the internet came from.
Today I DID.
So, Karen calls. As soon as I answer, I hear a lot of background noise, and the first thing I do after introducing myself, is ask for the policy number. I hear a man in the background yell between a lot of noise what I realize is in fact the policy number, and I ask him to repeat it since I could not hear very well. Karen decides to take the lead and let me know that she is driving through the INTERSTATE while calling me and that she does not want me to waste her time. I'm like, okay, how can I help you. I shit you not when I tell you this woman started SCREECHING to the point I had no idea what she was saying. Yes, I am not a native english speaker, but it's never been a barrier for me. I could not for the life of me understand why this woman was so angry. Between the insane yelling I could make up something about her policy being cancelled and her being charged anyways, and seeing the direction this call was going, I decided my best move was to immediately contact a supervisor through chat to get some assistance. I inform Karen of this, and I ask her to give me a few minutes while I check on my side of the screen what is happening with her policy. Karen, however, decided that I was a genie and I was supposed to grant her wishes, and solve the issue she was having without even knowing what it was and without checking for possible solutions. She decided I was not allowed to place her on a hold, but I've had my share of angry customers and I know better than to let them take control of the call, so I explicitly tell her that if she wants my help she will need to cooperate with me, and let me figure out what is going on. She reluctantly agrees, but says she will be 'counting' when I specify the hold will not be longer than five minutes. First sup interaction and I'm just like, I have no idea what this woman wants, she's yelling at me, very angry, what is happening here. We start piecing together emails, notes and everything left and realize that she requested for the policy to be cancelled and provided proof to have a backdate cancellation, and it all was processed smoothly! She even got a response telling her she would get the refund she expected, and now I was even more confused. My assumption was that maybe she was just angry because she hasn't been refunded yet which is just bank time shenanigans and nothing we can do about it, so I'm like, okay m'am don't worry you will be getting your refund it's just bank timing, and that's when she informs me (at least in a coherent way) the real issue: She was magically charged again last night. So I double check, triple check with sup. There are literally no traces of this supposed charge she got last night. Don't get me wrong, I don't really believe she was lying about it, we just... had no proof of it. So I asked her to send us a copy of the bank statement so we can issue a refund right away. And she just loses it. Once again she starts screeching, about how she's driving to go into surgery, how she's going to sue the company, me personally, all the colorful insults you can imagine including my accent and country of origin. How we stole her money and she wants her back. I insist that I just need some record of it to issue the refund. I genuinely try to reason with her, explaining to her that I can't just issue a refund for someone who calls asking for it when we it's not showing up in our system and that I genuinely want to help her. Apparently she was so freaking angry she was driving like a maniac and got PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE and was given a ticket. She asked for my name so she could send me the ticket as she was not going to pay for it because we were the ones causing her distress. I kindly explained to her that she shouldn't be calling while driving and that is not our responsibility. (However, I gave her my name. Good luck with that, I'm on the other side of the world, lol.) She said 'that's what hands free is for' and I had to hold back laughing because it only then hit me how stupid this woman clearly was. The part that really got under my skin was not the insults, the yelling, the racism or whatever. It was just how insanely unreasonable this woman was. Her concern was completely valid and I told her multiple times that she was right to be upset and right to call us to get things fixed, but she needed to cooperate with me, and she was just hellbent on releasing all her anger and frustration on me. She literally would scream insults at me and stop and say 'What else can I call you so you can understand how angry I am?' The worst part is that in my employee handbook I am 100% allowed and justified to hung up on a customer like this. Karen thought she had some sort of hold over me but it was not the case. I could have ended the 2 hour long call at any time I wanted with all the verbal abuse she was throwing at me, but I still wanted to help her because I did believe that if she was being charged it was unfair and I had to fix it. I started to get suspicious when she consistently refused to send me proof of the charges no matter how much I reassured her that this would all be fixed as soon as she did. It came to a point where she started telling me that if she died in surgery and made her husband a widow it would be my (personal) fault. Don't ask me why but that made me snap. For the first time in the call I told her to not speak to me like that, and to not say stuff like that. She was so thrown aback from my reaction that she calmed down for 5 minutes, give or take. I actually had hope then, that maybe we could end this on a good note, but to no avail. Karen still wanted me trust her word that she was being charged 59 dollars on a cancelled policy and wanted the money back. I finally told her that if she was not willing to send proof, to dispute the charges with the bank. She said she shouldn't have to call her bank and I told her "You've told me many times that this is illegal and fraud. Given what you've told me yourself, I STRONGLY encourage you to dispute the charges with your bank." I asked if there was anything else I could do for them, and I ended the call while they were still insulting me. I change my status to take a breather and realize most of my coworkers were looking at me extremely concerned. Apparently the yelling could be heard through my headset. My supervisors (more than one joined in to help) congratulated me for keeping my cool and keeping control of the call. I still feel guilty because I couldn't help her, I'm not saying this for pity points, I really do. I was so willing to help her, I love my job. But she just wanted someone to be mad at. Fuck you Karen.
tldr: karen wants a refund for a payment that does not show up in my system, i ask for any kind of proof she can send and she refuses.
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2023.06.09 03:00 Admirable-Ask9549 AITA for telling my best friend I didn’t like his girlfriend?

Me and my best friend have been friends for a long time. Since elementary school even. We ended up going to college together and decided we would finally room together our senior year as everything worked out for it. It was planned for us to finally start hanging out together at home since school kept us so busy the previous years we didn't really see each other.
Well summer before our senior year he found a girlfriend that wasn't that bad at first. Then after a while when we lived together she start taking him away all the time and would fight with him any time he was away from her. So this meant he was now gone all the time and never home when I thought we would be hanging out more during our senior year.
She had some nasty things to say and I've even been there with him while he was on the phone with her. She would cuss him out and yell at him just cause he mentioned wanting to hang out with some of his other friends for a bit. Especially if a girl was involved. She would tell him that her ex thought he was terrible just to let him know she was talking to him again. I heard her cuss at him about his religion. She even fought with him the night of my then girlfriends birthday when we all were hanging out as a group cause she wanted to be alone with him.
Fast forward to after college and we ended up not to far from each other but covid hit. She was ok with him coming over as long as we only hung out outside on my patio and whatever we do we aren't inside. We did this for a while but I started getting noise complaints so I told him not to come back over till she was ok with us hanging out inside where I wouldn't get in trouble with my apartment. He then stopped talking to me after that. I told him a couple times since I heard her cuss him out in college to then about how I don't think she is right for him and I didn't like her and how she treated him.
I feel as his long time best friend I needed to be the one to do this as it coming from anyone else would've been from someone who didn't know him as well as I did. We went from being such best friends that we promised to each other to be the best man at each others weddings to me not even getting an invite to his.
All of our other mutual friends have talked to me about how he has pushed them out of his life and wondered if I knew anything cause we use to be so close.
I'm glad he's doing well and he has a life with someone he loves but AITA for telling him my true thoughts about his now wife?
*Edited only to make paragraphs instead of wall of text.
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2023.06.09 03:00 No-Preparation-8989 Interactive Widgets?

I know they have just announced the ios 17 update, but how long do you think until lifx will update to include interactive widgets? Unfortunately, my home kit doesn't always work because of how the wifi is set up in my house so I can't do it through that.
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