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Kinston, NC is an amazing city in Eastern North Carolina. Some people call it the Paris of the Inner Banks. Paris is the Kinston of Europe.

2019.12.08 09:56 realtreasurehunts Sub for Marauders interested in our virtual & real life treasure hunts

We organise both virtual & real life treasure hunting encounters where, for a fee, entrants have fun visiting places of interest within a host city, virtually or physically. We've added the chance to win a prize or "treasure" in a race against other competitors. You'll need to use your best puzzle solving prowess to decipher riddles & cryptic clues to progress to the final treasure location. You'll also need to make calculations to reveal the map coordinates of the locations you are to visit.​

2023.05.30 12:10 Far-Instance5908 Opulent Properties In Gurugram For The Best Buy

Gurugram, located in India, is popularly known as the "Millennium City" and is a very well-known city for its vibrant and steadfast life. Gurugram is an urban hub that is considered to be one of the growing areas. Gurugram, which is only 20 miles away from the Indian capital, is popular for being one of the richest cities due to experts growing in the city. Gurugram is a city that has multiple activities and various tourist attractions to explore. Find these stimulating residential properties in Gurugram.

Homes In Gurugram

Landmark AvanaContact: +911166103768

Located in Sector 85, New Gurugram, Landmark Avana is a project developed by Landmark Apartments Pvt. Ltd. Find these housing apartments which offer opulent homes that nicely escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The adorable views and cross ventilation make the home a peaceful place to reside. Also, there are a large number of benefits of living in homes with a decent locality. Landmark Avana is a live example of very well-designed architecture. Here you’ll see that design not only becomes a part of regular living but also enhances it. 3 bhk flats in Gurugram are available at a selling price of INR 1.17 Cr.

Waterfall Suites

Located in Sector 36A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram, Waterfall Suites is a project developed by Krisumi Corporation Private Limited. Waterfall Suites is conveniently reachable from important parts of the city. This brilliantly planned project is nearby to all the important landmarks. Excellent education, health, and recreational amenities are not really far. Waterfall Suites is an example of brilliant minds. You’ll see a shining example of what can be achieved when technology and talent come together. A unique blend of cutting-edge engineering, well-curated architecture, and skillful craftsmanship, it gives you everything you need for a modern lifestyle. 1 bhk flats in Gurugram are available for a selling price of INR 1.41 Cr.

Builder Floor C1213AContact: +911166103762

Located in Sector 67, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram, Builder Floor C1213A is a project developed by Sai Tech Construction. These homes in Builder Floor C1213A are mindfully constructed with the best of architecture both from the interiors as well as the exteriors. Builder Floor C1213A, with its good location, can earn supreme esteem and turn out to be one of the most prominent addresses you would want to reside at. 4 bhk flats in Gurugram are available for a selling price of INR 2.2 Cr.
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2023.05.30 12:08 Destroyer_911 Exploring the Royal Heritage: Unveiling the Magic of Jaipur Jaisalmer Tour Package

Exploring the Royal Heritage: Unveiling the Magic of Jaipur Jaisalmer Tour Package
Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the royal heritage of Rajasthan with Ventika Tours' Jaipur Jaisalmer Tour Package. This carefully crafted itinerary takes you on an unforgettable adventure, immersing you in the vibrant culture, magnificent architecture, and breathtaking landscapes of Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Let's delve into the enchanting world of this extraordinary tour package and uncover the treasures that await.

Ventika Tours

1. Majestic Jaipur: The Pink City
Experience the allure of Jaipur, known as the Pink City, where every corner exudes a regal charm. Discover the architectural marvels of the city, starting with the magnificent Amber Fort. Marvel at its grandeur as you explore its ornate palaces, breathtaking courtyards, and intricate artwork. Visit the City Palace, a splendid blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, and immerse yourself in the history and opulence of the royal era. Don't miss the iconic Hawa Mahal, with its unique honeycomb-like façade, and the astronomical wonders of Jantar Mantar.

2. Regal Splendor of Jaisalmer: The Golden City
Jaisalmer, the Golden City, beckons with its mesmerizing beauty and rich heritage. Discover the crown jewel of Jaisalmer, the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, perched atop the golden sandstone cliffs. Step into a bygone era as you wander through its narrow lanes, adorned with intricately carved havelis that depict the tales of the Rajputana grandeur. Experience the ethereal charm of the desert with a thrilling camel safari, traversing the golden dunes of the Thar Desert and witnessing the captivating sunset that paints the landscape in hues of gold and orange.

3. Cultural Extravaganza and Exquisite Cuisine
Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Witness enthralling folk dances, traditional music performances, and the lively atmosphere of local bazaars. Indulge in delectable Rajasthani cuisine, known for its rich flavors and royal heritage. Sample mouthwatering dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, and Ghewar, tantalizing your taste buds with the authentic flavors of Rajasthan.

4. Comfort and Luxury Every Step of the Way
Ventika Tours ensures a seamless and luxurious experience throughout your Jaipur Jaisalmer tour. Relax and unwind in handpicked accommodations that epitomize the regal grandeur of Rajasthan. Enjoy the convenience of private transportation and the expertise of knowledgeable guides who provide fascinating insights into the history, culture, and traditions of the region. Every detail is meticulously planned to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, allowing you to focus on immersing yourself in the rich heritage of Jaipur and Jaisalmer.

Embarking on a Jaipur Jaisalmer Tour Package with Ventika Tours is an invitation to unravel the magical allure of Rajasthan's royal heritage. From the architectural wonders of Jaipur to the desert charm of Jaisalmer, this journey promises an unforgettable experience filled with opulence, cultural immersion, and natural beauty. Book your tour package today and let Ventika Tours be your guide to discovering the treasures of Jaipur and Jaisalmer, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
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2023.05.30 11:57 dnvfoodsandspices Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master

Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master
Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master
DNV Foods, a renowned provider of a wide range of food items including pickles, sauces, masalas, and papads, is committed to enhancing your culinary experience. In this blog, we will dive into the world of French cuisine and explore five classic French sauces that every home cook should master. These sauces are not only versatile but also elevate the flavors of various dishes.
French cuisine has always been known for its rich flavors, delicate textures, and exquisite presentation. It is no wonder that it is gaining popularity in India, where people are always on the lookout for new and exciting food experiences. French cuisine has something for everyone, from the classic dishes like Coq au Vin and Bourguignon with more contemporary offerings like plant-based steaks and vegan options.
One of the most popular French dishes in India is pasta. French pasta dishes are known for their creamy sauces, fresh herbs, and perfectly cooked noodles. They are a great option for those who want a filling meal that is also light and refreshing. Soups are another French classic that is gaining popularity in India. French soups are known for their rich flavors and wholesome ingredients, making them the perfect comfort food for a cold winter day.
Bagels, a staple in French cuisine, are also becoming more popular in India. These chewy, doughy treats are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. They can be filled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, or any other topping of your choice. Bagels are a great option for those who want a quick and easy meal that is also filling and satisfying.
French cuisine is known for its sophistication and elegance, and the sauces are no exception. These sauces are the foundation of French cooking and can transform a simple dish into a gourmet masterpiece. The five classic French sauces that every home cook should master are Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Hollandaise, and Tomato.

With high-quality French sauces, you can bring the authentic taste of multiple cuisines to your kitchen and impress your family and guests.
Béchamel Sauce:
Starting with the mother of all French sauces, Béchamel sauce is a creamy white sauce made from butter, flour, and milk. It serves as a base for many other sauces and dishes. Mastering Béchamel sauce opens the doors to creating delectable dishes such as lasagna, gratins, and creamy pasta. With premium-quality Béchamel sauce, you can achieve a smooth and velvety texture that adds richness to your culinary creations.
Hollandaise Sauce:
Known for its rich and buttery taste, Hollandaise sauce is a classic French emulsion sauce. Made from egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice, it pairs perfectly with eggs Benedict, steamed vegetables, and grilled items. Achieving the right consistency and avoiding curdling can be a challenge, but with expertly crafted Hollandaise sauce, you can effortlessly create this luxurious sauce in your own kitchen.
Velouté Sauce:
Velouté sauce is a versatile sauce that acts as a blank canvas for various flavors. It is made from a light roux (a mixture of flour and fat) and a clear stock. This sauce forms the base for many classic French dishes such as vol-au-vent. A premium Velouté sauce can elevate your dishes with its smooth texture and delicate flavors.
Espagnole Sauce:
Espagnole sauce, also known as brown sauce, is a rich and hearty sauce that adds depth to dishes. Espagnole sauce is the foundation of classic dishes like veg bourguignon and demi-glace. High-quality Espagnole sauce, you can infuse your dishes with the authentic flavors of French cuisine.
Tomato Sauces:
Tomato sauce is a classic sauce made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs. It is used in dishes like spaghetti and pizza. These sauces are not only versatile but also easy to make at home. With a little practice, you can master the art of French sauces and take your culinary skills to the next level.
Let’s take a quick guide:
DNV Foods, with their wide range of food items, including pickles, sauces, masalas, and papads, empowers home cooks to explore the world of French cuisine. By mastering these five classic French sauces - Béchamel, Hollandaise, Velouté, Espagnole, and Sauce Vinaigrette - you can unlock a world of flavors and elevate your culinary creations. With DNV Foods' high-quality sauces, you can bring the authentic taste of French cuisine to your kitchen and impress your family and guests with your culinary prowess.
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2023.05.30 11:50 NewYork-CityAdvisor 🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟

🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟
New York City is renowned for its diverse and delicious ice cream scene. Here are some of the best ice cream shops in NYC:
  1. Ample Hills Creamery: Known for its creative flavors and playful atmosphere, Ample Hills Creamery offers unique ice cream concoctions like "Salted Crack Caramel" and "Ooey Gooey Butter Cake." With multiple locations in the city, it's a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts.
  2. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen is famous for its artisanal, made-from-scratch ice cream using high-quality ingredients. They offer classic flavors like "Honeycomb" and "Mint Chip," as well as vegan options like "Vegan Chocolate Cookie Dough."
  3. Big Gay Ice Cream: A popular NYC ice cream shop with a twist, Big Gay Ice Cream serves up soft-serve ice cream with inventive toppings and combinations. Don't miss their signature creations like the "Salty Pimp" and the "Bea Arthur."
  4. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: This iconic ice cream parlor in Manhattan's Chinatown has been delighting locals and visitors for decades. Known for its Asian-inspired flavors like "Black Sesame" and "Lychee," it's a great place to explore unique taste experiences.
  5. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream: Morgenstern's is a small-batch ice cream shop that prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a range of classic and innovative flavors, including "Burnt Honey Vanilla," "Salted Pretzel Caramel," and "Green Tea Pistachio."
  6. Milk Bar: While primarily known for its inventive desserts, Milk Bar also serves delicious soft-serve ice cream. Their signature flavor, "Cereal Milk," captures the nostalgic taste of the milk left behind after a bowl of cereal, and it's a favorite among visitors.
These are just a few of the many exceptional ice cream shops in New York City. Each one offers its own unique flavors, ambiance, and charm, providing delightful frozen treats for locals and tourists alike.
Follow for more: Explore New York City
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2023.05.30 11:27 SourcerBot King Charles turns down thermostat to swimming pool to 'save money and the environment'

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-05-29 at 23:31, this article is written by national post wire services and published by national post. (2 minutes)
Save 2 minutes of reading with this summary:
An insider also said Charles probably thinks the pool, which senior members of the royal household are permitted to use, “is environmentally unsound, because the water has chemicals and has to be heated” and it “doesn’t fit with his exercise regime or his world view”. Charles – who obsessively switches off lights and eats vegan once a week – is known to be keen to achieve net zero emissions in the royal household before the government’s target date of 2050. Prince Harry, 38, said about his dad’s environmentalism in the documentary ‘Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70’: “He” a stickler for turning lights off.
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2023.05.30 11:18 JadonAluminiumq Who are the best aluminium dealers in Jaipur?

While it is subjective to determine the "best" aluminium dealers in Jaipur, there are several reputable aluminium companies in the city. Here are a few well-known aluminium dealers in Jaipur:
  1. Jadon Aluminum: Known for their wide range of high-quality aluminium products and customized fabrication services, Jadon Aluminum is a trusted name in the industry, catering to diverse project requirements.
  2. Aludecor: Recognized for their innovative and sustainable aluminium composite panels, Aludecor is a renowned aluminium dealer in Jaipur, offering aesthetically pleasing solutions for architectural projects.
  3. Hindalco: As a leading aluminium producer in India, Hindalco supplies high-grade aluminium products to various industries. They have a strong presence in Jaipur and are known for their reliability and quality.
  4. Alfa-Ica (India) Ltd.: With a focus on architectural solutions, Alfa-Ica offers a wide range of aluminium products, including windows, doors, and curtain wall systems. They are known for their expertise in providing customized solutions for modern building designs.
  5. Shree Rajasthan Syntex Ltd.: Specializing in aluminium extrusion profiles, Shree Rajasthan Syntex offers a diverse range of aluminium sections for different applications. They are recognized for their product quality and customer service.
It is advisable to conduct thorough research, consider customer reviews, and compare offerings to select the most suitable aluminium dealer based on specific project requirements.

Read More-: Aluminium company in jaipur
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2023.05.30 11:14 Stray-Lion Berserk/Claymore/Castlevania style Dark Fantasy [Discord] [M4A]

I'm in a big time mood for some Dark Fantasy (or some fun action-adventure).
I'm a Multi-Para/Novella style rper, and I get quite into worldbuilding and narrative craftsmanship. Please be reciprocal in that regard.
I use a lot of horror-stylized Dark-Fantasy the likes of Berserk, Castlevania, and Claymore, and I'm into general D&D-style High-Fantasy too.
I'm fond of anime-ish aesthetics, and I'm not into picrews, AI art, or real life face claims.
Being said, onto what I'm looking for.
I'm working on a character who can best be described as a murderous vagabond.
He's known as The Riven. And he's kind of a bad guy. This figure is disdainfully regarded as a monstrous manslayer and kingslayer, trailed by ghoulish rumors. He is wanted for his heinous actions, including high treason, murder, and conspiracy, and he is known to be a massive brute in full armor, wielding a massive spear.
I like running him against characters who would serve as a foil to his evil actions. They could be hunting him for some transgression he's committed against them, or they could be working on behalf of a similar agency.
[Ex. Your character is the Paige of a Duke who was recently slain by a certain, murderous vagabond. You hunt him down to seek revenge...or answers.]
He also works well against more lighthearted characters who would struggle to maintain such a bright disposition in an otherwise foreboding world. For example, healers, kind strangers, magi, etc.
[Ex. Your character meets a bloodied and unconscious brute in the woods outside of a city. She naturally wishes to provide aid.]
I don't like "mercenaries" or "just looking for a good fight" characters, as they often lack conviction that helps make the rp feel more multi-dimensional.
This world of mine is full of fantasy, horror, and rich lore that I'd love for your input on.
Please DM me for more discussion. I do not reply directly to comments. See ya!
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2023.05.30 11:13 Stray-Lion Berserk/Claymore/Castlevania style Dark Fantasy [M4A] [Discord]

I'm in a big time mood for some Dark Fantasy (or some fun action-adventure).
I'm a Multi-Para/Novella style rper, and I get quite into worldbuilding and narrative craftsmanship. Please be reciprocal in that regard.
I use a lot of horror-stylized Dark-Fantasy the likes of Berserk, Castlevania, and Claymore, and I'm into general D&D-style High-Fantasy too.
I'm fond of anime-ish aesthetics, and I'm not into picrews, AI art, or real life face claims.
Being said, onto what I'm looking for.
I'm working on a character who can best be described as a murderous vagabond.
He's known as The Riven. And he's kind of a bad guy. This figure is disdainfully regarded as a monstrous manslayer and kingslayer, trailed by ghoulish rumors. He is wanted for his heinous actions, including high treason, murder, and conspiracy, and he is known to be a massive brute in full armor, wielding a massive spear.
I like running him against characters who would serve as a foil to his evil actions. They could be hunting him for some transgression he's committed against them, or they could be working on behalf of a similar agency.
[Ex. Your character is the Paige of a Duke who was recently slain by a certain, murderous vagabond. You hunt him down to seek revenge...or answers.]
He also works well against more lighthearted characters who would struggle to maintain such a bright disposition in an otherwise foreboding world. For example, healers, kind strangers, magi, etc.
[Ex. Your character meets a bloodied and unconscious brute in the woods outside of a city. She naturally wishes to provide aid.]
I don't like "mercenaries" or "just looking for a good fight" characters, as they often lack conviction that helps make the rp feel more multi-dimensional.
This world of mine is full of fantasy, horror, and rich lore that I'd love for your input on.
Please DM me for more discussion. I do not reply directly to comments. See ya!
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2023.05.30 11:13 meowmiia AITA I don't want my ILS to stay over night at weekend

As the title says, next weekend, my in-laws are gonna stay over night in my and my fiance's apartment. I really like them, they're amazing people, and we have a really good relationship. The problem comes from them getting a new dog that is not used to cats. I have 3 cats. The plan is that they'd sleep over night in our place, which I don't agree with personally, just because I don't want their dog to kill my cats. Even if I were to lock them in a room, they are cats, and they always try to get out of the room if it's locked. I have no problems with them spending a few hours with us, and I'd lock the cats in our bedroom, and not go in at all for that amount of time. But staying over night, when we have to be going in and out of the bedroom to the bathroom, to eat, etc, that is not an option at all for me. I love my cats, and I can't risk and I won't risk anything happening to them. They are indoor cats, they never go out, they are used to dogs, since we also have a dog, who has grown up with cats since being a little puppy, so they have no problems. I have no doubt that my cats would try to get pet with their dog and they'd try to be friendly since they're so used to dogs, and I'm not taking any chances at all on them getting killed under no circumstances.
Now this is something my partner and I don't agree on, but I think I should have the say in this, since it's both of our place and my reasoning is not out of a malicious place, but I genuinely don't want anything bad happening to my cats, and I'm just trying to protect them. Our apartment is a 1 bedroom apartment + living room (which is where they would be sleeping in), so it's not like we could lock the cats in a separate room and sleep ourselves in another room, it's not an option.
I don't really know what to do, because I feel completely lost right now. I don't have anywhere else to go with my pets (my family doesn't even live in the country) and we just recently moved to this city last week, so obviously I don't know anyone here to be able to go to a friend's.
I don't know how to explain this to my partner and make him understand. I don't want anyone to think I have any vendetta against them, nor do I have anything against animals. I have pets myself and I've lived my whole life with pets, so I love animals. And as I said my in-laws are very nice people and we have a really good relationship.
I'm honestly feeling like what I say doesn't mean anything, and my concerns don't matter at all. But I really don't want them to stay over night if they're gonna have the dog here. What should I do?
They're adopting the dog on that same day (next saturday) from a shelter, hence why I said in the post that they have a new dog (sorry if I didn't clarify it well enough 😅). Therefore, it's completely uncertain whether the dog is well-behaved around cats or not. Even introducing their dog to my dog is something I'm scared about because there is no known background on the dog's behavior. Their dog is a bloodhound dog-breed (Americam Staffordshire), which is the same breed as our dog, but the only difference is that our dog has grown up ever since a puppy with cats. So they're very used to each other. Our dog is 9 years old, and the cats are 19, 6, and 1. So they're very used to each other.
I haven't agreed to anything myself, my partner has, tho. Which I'm not fine with, honestly, because I really think I should have a say in this too, since we share the house together, the contracts are under both of our names, we pay everything in half, etc.
I wish I could sort them out a hotel room for the night, I also thought about it, but right now, we're completely broke since we just moved to this city and house last week. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any problems finding them a good place to stay for the night.
I'm also heavily pregnant, and I really don't feel either like I could deal with any more stress on top of how stressful moving 500km in one trip only has been 😅 They have also helped us with the whole moving, since I can't carry heavy furniture myself nor do a lot due to my pregnancy. I feel like I owe them
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2023.05.30 11:11 vikki_singh_01 M3M City of Royal Plots Coming soon to a closing near you!

M3M City of Royal Plots Coming soon to a closing near you!
M3M City of Royal Plots is a residential plots development located in Panipat, Haryana. It provides luxury plots with quality features for your modern lifestyle. It has 24x7 security, a 24/7 power backup, a gated community, a landscape garden, and other facilities. It is located in the well-known area and well-connected from the major areas of the city. It is close to the Hospitals, Schools, clubs, and shopping malls. This project is being sold at a reasonable price, and the plot sizes will be announced soon. So, you can invest your money in this project without worrying about your investment, because it is being developed by the M3M Group in Panipat. Visit the website for more information.
M3M City of Royal Plots
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2023.05.30 11:11 livingwithtavr Living With TAVR: Discovering the Best Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons in Jaipur for Superior Heart Care

Living With TAVR: Discovering the Best Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons in Jaipur for Superior Heart Care
Living with a heart condition requires access to the best medical professionals who specialize in cardiac care. In Jaipur, the quest for exceptional heart health leads us to the best cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the city. This blog aims to explore the significance of finding the best cardiologist doctor and cardiologist in Jaipur, along with the role of skilled cardiac surgeons. By understanding their expertise and the services they provide, individuals can make informed decisions about their cardiac health. Let's delve into the world of cardiology and uncover the top cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in Jaipur.
The Role of a Cardiologist:
Cardiologists are specialized doctors who diagnose and treat heart conditions. They play a crucial role in providing comprehensive care, from preventive measures to advanced treatment options. The best cardiologist in Jaipur possess extensive training, knowledge, and experience in the field of cardiology. They focus on various subspecialties, such as interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology, and preventive cardiology.

The best cardiologists in Jaipur combine their expertise with the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately assess heart health, identify underlying conditions, and develop personalized treatment plans. They offer services like stress tests, echocardiograms, angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, and more. These medical professionals prioritize patient well-being and provide guidance for maintaining a healthy heart through lifestyle modifications, medication, and follow-up care.

Finding the Best Cardiologists in Jaipur:
When searching for the best cardiologist in Jaipur, several factors should be considered:
Experience and Expertise: Look for cardiologists with significant experience in treating a wide range of cardiac conditions. Their expertise should align with your specific needs.
Credentials and Accreditations: Ensure that the cardiologist is board-certified and affiliated with reputable medical organizations, indicating their commitment to excellence.
Patient Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from patients to gain insights into the cardiologist's bedside manner, communication skills, and treatment outcomes.
Accessibility and Availability: Consider the cardiologist's availability for appointments and emergencies. Accessibility to their clinic or hospital is also essential for convenient access to care.

The Importance of Cardiac Surgeons
Cardiac surgeons are highly skilled professionals who specialize in performing surgeries on the heart and blood vessels. They play a critical role in treating complex heart conditions that require surgical intervention. The best cardiac surgeon in Jaipur possess extensive training, expertise, and experience in performing various procedures, including bypass surgeries, valve replacements, and TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement).

These surgeons work closely with cardiologists to provide comprehensive care for patients with advanced cardiac conditions. They assess the need for surgery, evaluate the risks and benefits, and perform intricate procedures with precision. The best cardiac surgeons prioritize patient safety, utilize advanced surgical techniques, and employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Top Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons in Jaipur
Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao - With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Ravinder Singh is recognized as one of the best cardiologist doctor in Jaipur. He specializes in interventional cardiology and is known for his expertise in performing angioplasty procedures.

Living with a heart condition necessitates access to the best cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. In Jaipur, individuals can find exceptional medical professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive cardiac care. By seeking out the expertise of the best cardiologist doctors and cardiologists in Jaipur, individuals can receive accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support for maintaining heart health. Additionally, the skills of top cardiac surgeons are invaluable for individuals requiring surgical interventions. With a collaborative approach between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, individuals can lead fulfilling lives while effectively managing their heart conditions.
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2023.05.30 11:07 thrown-away-husband1 I was cheated on and I feel like the bad guy

I dont know if i was a good husband, but I tried. My (36m) soon-to-be-exwife (35f) and I have/had been together for 15 years. we dated for 5, were married for 10. Communication for us wass alwas a bit rocky, I have ADHD and communication is a weak point of mine that i've always been working on since even before we were married. I made it a point to never lose my cool, or let me anger get the better of me in our relationship, though when we did have argeuements, she would always start to insult me personally to try and provoke a response. example would be: "well who else would want someone as heavy as you?" or "you should feel insecure about your pen-15." or one time "i fucked my best friend and he was so much better than you" immediately followed by 'i did mean it, i was only trying to hurt your feelings." (As an aside, I have confirmed with that friend that she in-fact did not sleep with him and he said he thought she was a better person than that). That was the rough stuff, but we had plenty of good times too, and I can say I loved her with all my heart. We have a beautiful little girl together, and she is the apple of my eye.
I supported my wife when her mom passed away, I was there to support her when a friend SA'd her. I had friends come out as trans-women and i set boundaries with them, because my wife wasn't comfortable with me being close friends with women. (this one hurt me to my core as a person, I'm trying to mend relationships now)
About a year ago, we moved across the country (USA, from NC to SF, California) for her job. She was offered her dream job, so I gave up my career and moved us away from everything we knew. instead of going back to work, she wanted me to try to be a stay at home dad for a little while, until we got settled. Things felt good at first until she started going to the clubs. She met this guy, 10 years older than us, and same first name as me. He was also from back east, but lived in the city now too, and worked in her field albiet for a different place. They hit it off right away and I started feeling uncomfortable. She would stop cuddling me to answer txts from him. when she would answer txts from him, she would hold her phone at this awkward 90 degree angle away from me. She would leave me daughter and I to have dinner alone with him. Then after about 2 months she would dissapear for the entire night to be "partying with friends" and wouldnt come home until 4 or 5 in the morning.
I may struggle with communication, but I notice patterns. I started having anxiety attacks at night while she was out. She started doing drugs (not shit from a dispensary, just w/e gummy or shroom she was handed at the club). she would say she was going to spend the night at a mutual friends house cause she lived over 40 min away, while i wasnt always sure, i wanted to trust her cause she was my wife. One weekend, she didnt tell me she was staying at anyones house, she didnt come home, and it was so unlike her to not let me know what her plans were that i started to panic. I called her frantically at 6am trying to find out where she was, called some of her friends, said they last saw her at the club. she called me back at 630 to tell me she was at Ns house (i already asked N if she knew where wife was), and that they just fell asleep cause they were really drunk. begins telling friends and family "oh man last weekend I fucked up big time." about how she fell asleep at a friends house w/o updating me about her plans. (I promise I'm not controlling, I just like to stay informed of the plan. does that make me sound more controlling?) next weekend, she leaves work on friday to go party, doesn't come home until 5 am Monday morning. No calls, no idea where she is. she comes home and I'm awake and in a full blown anxiety attack. She tells me "you have a lot of nervous energy, I feel like the best way for you to get it out is to hit me." Im shocked, why would she say that, I tell er as much, im not going to hit her, I love her I can't even to begin to comprehend the idea of hurting her. I tell her the next day, I'm not comfortable with her relationship with her guy friend. She tells me they had dinner one night to discuss their mutual attraction towards eachother and how they were going to deal with it, but that she wasnt going to stop being friends with him, he made her feel safe at the club. I pointed out how she made me set boundaries with my trans friends and she said "i was terrible for that but ive grown to realize how wrong of me that was. You need to grow too." I start therapy.
Come valentine's day, I order about $300 of flowers to be delivered to herr office. Our 10 year anniversary is around the corner and I have an artist friend painting a portrait of us from our wedding day. The week before our 10 year she tells me she doesnt want to be married any more. I ask her if she;s in a relationship with Guy. She says "I dont want to tell you because I dont know how you will react." I say, if the answer is "no: then I wont have anythig to react to, and she stays quiet. I get mad, I yell at her for about 20-30 min, she's in tears because she's never seen me this angry before, despite that fact i felt like I held a lot of my anger back. I never insulted her, just a lot of "how could you do this to me?" and "you moved me across the country just to dump me."
She moved out of our apartment a week later. She comes home on my birthday to have a "work from home day" but ignores me the entire day. her birthday comes around and asks me if I can make something special for dinner and out of habit like an idiot I agree. I made her special dinner and cake my daughter and I sing her happy b-day and she leave to go party with Guy.
She only sees my daughter usually once a week, for about 2-3.5 hours a week, and asks me to leave the home while she;s visiting. My daughter refers to mommy a "gone."
Ex has been staying with friends and co-workers, telling them I'm too scary to be around, and that I'm mean and hurtful.
If you've made it this far, guys, i feel broken. Holy shit I 've never felt this hurt before in my life. I know I can't but I really want to scoop my child up and take her back across the country. Now my Ex is saying she wants to spend more time with our daughter but doesnt know how to ask me. You've known me for over 16 years, and your job has a focus on conflict resolution, either you never paid attention to me or you suck at your job if you cant figure it out.
I have so much hate an animosity towards this woman that I loved, and feeling this way hurts me to my core. I have no outlet or support system over here, almost all of my friends and family are back east. Im looking for work now, but its starting over again at ground level. I have no connections our here or network. I keep asking myself what did I do to drive her away? Was I not fun enough? We cant both go to the club, someone has to stay with our 7 y/o. The club was never my scene anyway. I feel terrible cause I feel the love I had for this woman turning to hate and vitriol and that's not the kind of person I am, its not who i want to be. We moved to the city in June last year, and I believe the affair started in Sept. Therapist thinks I have "PTSD from years of narcistic abuse." How could she throw away 15 years together in 2-3 months? I'm at such a loss, and I have to keep masking how I feel for the sake of my daughter, Oh, her AP collects street rats as pets too, like real f'n upgrade there. This ast paragraph is about as jumbled as my brain atm. I have to stay strong for my daughter's sake. Thanks for letting me vent, Reddit.
TLDR: Wife moved family across country for her job, just to have an affair after a few months. Now I feel bad about myself for feeling bad.
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2023.05.30 11:00 EffectiveElevator602 Who is the evilest character in the cosmere?

Okay, so there are a lot of antagonists through out the Cosmere but they vary in types of evil. I have included a list and small summary (non-exhaustive) but who would be evilest?
I have separated characters from shards as I feel the shards intent in itself detracts from inherent choice to make evil choices. Like calling the terminator evil for being programmed to kill Sarah Conner.
I have tried to exclude as many spoilers as possible however there are definite spoilers for Mistborn Era 1, Mistborn Era 2, Elantris, The Stormlight Books, Warbreaker, and Tress of the Emerald Sea. That said, each has been identified as a possible spoiler so you might be able to read without reading all the above novels. Just be careful in the comments section.
Evil Characters
1.Rashek - Lord Ruler
3.Straff Venture
4.Riina the Sorceress
8.Tonk Fah
12.Captain Crow
This is my list. I have not included villains who aren't in the story much such as Bloody Tan. And I have also not included characters who were mentally unstable such as Bleeder. And I did not include the Voidbringers or the Unmade as they are unduly influenced by Odium.
Please let me know if I missed anyone or if you agree or disagree with the order!
P.S. Started this myself and found a few existing threads where this has been discussed before but don't include all the recent books I've included the ones I read through while writing this below, although most of my information was from the coppermind
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2023.05.30 10:57 Artur_463 [Wewantout] 33m 27f UAE -> Germany, EU

Hello fellow Redditors,
About us:
- I am a 33-year-old iOS developer with over 10 years of professional experience in the field.
- My wife is a 27-year-old QA engineer with 6 years of experience.
- I hold master's degrees and my wife has bachelor degree.
- Currently, I am citizen of Belarus, wife is citizen of Armenia. (I was born in Armenia too btw.)
Looking to Relocate to Germany while Working Remotely for Current UAE-based Company or another EU-country since we don't see my future in Belarus with current political situation. We believe this move will provide us with excellent career opportunities in future and a high standard of living. However, we are not sure if it will be easy to do, we couldn't find dirrect solutions in google, so if someone already did it before - will happy to hear an advice.I am not looking for new job since my current salary is above average in our field. And I'm not looking to move for example to Spain, even I like the country very much and my salary is way higher than average, cause I'm planning to stay and IT-market is much better in Germany right now.
Here are a few specific questions:
If the answer to the first question is negative - check PS.If the answer to the first question is positive:
Is it possible to get visa and work permit for software developer, working on company outside of Germany? If no - check "ps", otherwise:
  1. What are the necessary steps to obtain the appropriate visas and work permits?
  2. Are there any specific legal or tax implications we should be aware of when working remotely for a foreign company?
  3. How is the job market for iOS developers and QA engineers in Germany? Are there any specific regions or cities known for their tech industries that we should focus on?
  4. Are there any specific relocation services or resources that can assist us in the process of moving to Germany, such as finding accommodation, setting up bank accounts, or navigating the healthcare system?
  5. What are some tips or suggestions for successfully integrating into German society?We are open to any insights, personal experiences, or resources you can provide. We greatly appreciate your help in making our relocation journey as smooth as possible.Thank you in advance for your support!Best regards,\[Artur_463\]
ps: if there is no way to move to Germany, advice me please, where else we can move in EU with a relatively easy way to immigrate and the possibility of acquiring citizenship in the future?

Edit: formatting.
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2023.05.30 10:55 itsallalittleblurry Private Club

Watched an old Richard Pryor bit about the Mafia just now, and it reminded me of the time I accidentally met some.
They were active in the City. Not necessarily the Italian Mafia of Godfather fame, but organized crime. It was known that various businesses were run by them. Legit businesses, but they had ways of making more money off of them than a legit business should provide. One was shorting the pay of employees. On the books, a guy would be getting paid X amount of dollars an hour. But he would actually be taking home less than that. His employers would pocket the rest. Who were they going to complain to, especially when they were people with few other options who were just glad to have the job? Just one dodge among many.
And of course, less legal enterprises.
I was treating myself to a rare solitary night out, and had been meaning to go check out one particular club that had caught my eye previously. It looked like it might be a nice place to have a few drinks. Not a big place, and not ostentatious. Sat alone by itself. Nice, quiet-looking bar where you could relax for a while, maybe listen to some music.
There was no one on the door, so I just walked in. The place wasn’t brightly lit. Not dark, but a little dim. And I stopped not far inside the doorway. I realized that the flow of conversation I’d heard upon entering had suddenly ceased. The dancer on the lone small stage in the center of the large room had stopped her desultory, seemingly bored movements. She was a bit of a surprise herself. Older than you might expect; maybe in her forties, but not unattractive. Hair too blonde to probably be real. A little heavyset.
She stood there now, just staring at me. The low-key music she’d been moving to went on for less than a minute more, then cut off. Don’t know if someone had unplugged a jukebox, or what.
And glancing around, I realized everyone else in the place was quietly staring at me, too.
Not too many people there. Mostly middle-aged or slightly older white men, who seemed to run mostly to hefty with various degrees of beer belly. Almost a uniform of jeans, athletic shoes, and short-sleeved button-up shirts.
Younger men sitting more or less hovering around the older ones.
No conversation now at all. No one asking me anything or saying anything. Everyone in the now-quiet place just sitting and staring.
Ever be in a place and get the strong feeling that you’re not welcome, and maybe shouldn’t be there?
So I turned and quietly left just as easily as I’d come in. Exiting the door, I heard the music start up again. Strange place.
I mentioned it to one of the guys on our crew at work on Monday morning:
“What did you say the name of the place was?”
I told him, and he had this advice: “Dude, don’t Ever go there again. Felt like you weren’t welcome? No shit. That’s a mob joint. You don’t go there unless you’re invited. You Are invited, even more reason not to go. Stay away from it.”
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2023.05.30 10:55 Event-Planner-Bang Modern Inspirations for Traditional Flower Decorations

Modern Inspirations for Traditional Flower Decorations
Flower Decoration in Bangalore plays a significant role in enhancing the ambiance and symbolism of traditional celebrations. The city's rich cultural heritage is beautifully reflected in the exquisite floral arrangements crafted by talented Event Planners in Bangalore. Here we will know about the cultural inspirations behind flower decoration in Bangalore's traditional celebrations and the expertise of event planners in creating stunning floral displays.
Also Read: Flower Decoration in Bangalore is essential for any Occasion

Festivals and Religious Celebrations

Flower Decoration in Bangalore's traditional celebrations is deeply rooted in religious and festival customs. Event planners draw inspiration from Hindu festivals like Navaratri, Deepavali, and Ganesha Chaturthi to create elaborate floral displays. From vibrant rangoli designs adorned with marigold flowers to intricate garlands and floral arches, these decorations pay homage to the spiritual significance of the festivities, infusing joy and devotion into the atmosphere.

Wedding Decor: Sacred and Opulent

Weddings are grand affairs in Bangalore, and flower decoration takes center stage in these joyous celebrations. Event Planners in Bangalore create opulent floral mandaps (wedding canopies) using roses, orchids, and jasmine, evoking a sense of beauty and purity. Elaborate garlands, known as "varmala," are meticulously crafted using a variety of flowers, symbolizing love and unity. The meticulous attention to detail in wedding flower decoration reflects the significance of this sacred union.

Traditional Décor Themes

Event Planners in Bangalore draw inspiration from traditional themes for flower decoration in cultural celebrations. For example, the vibrant colors of Mysore's Dasara festival inspire the use of bright marigolds and gerbera daisies in décor. The traditional dance form of Yakshagana inspires intricate floral backdrops and props. These cultural inspirations infuse the celebrations with a sense of heritage, adding a touch of authenticity and nostalgia to the flower decorations.
Also Read: Perks Of Using Balloon Decoration In Bangalore For A Successful Advertising Campaign
Flower decoration in Bangalore's traditional celebrations is a remarkable blend of cultural heritage, symbolism, and artistic craftsmanship. The Event Planners in Bangalore expertly incorporate cultural inspirations into their floral arrangements, creating visually stunning displays that evoke a sense of spirituality and joy. From festivals and weddings to temples, these cultural celebrations come to life through the meticulous artistry and creativity of flower decoration, making them truly memorable and reflective of Bangalore's rich traditions.
For Audio: Click Here
For Direction: Click Here
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2023.05.30 10:53 HotelRoyalPark1 Best Hotel in Ghaziabad

Best Hotel in Ghaziabad
Hotel Royal Park is a renowned hotel in Ghaziabad, known for its comfortable and affordable lodging options. Its strategic location provides guests with convenient access to key transportation centers within the city. The hotel offers a diverse range of well-appointed rooms and suites, thoughtfully designed to meet the varying requirements of its guests. For bookings, contact us!
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2023.05.30 10:50 Ok-Yesterday5702 Create Lovely Memories with Rajasthan Family Holiday Packages

Create Lovely Memories with Rajasthan Family Holiday Packages
The best time to deepen ties and rekindle love between loved ones is during a joyful holiday with your family. What could possibly be a better location than Rajasthan to spend time with your family? You will be in the best mood to enjoy the best time with your family thanks to the nice weather, lovely scenery, and delicious food. We at Trinetra Tours, a leading tour and travel agency provide a range of services to make your Rajasthan family holidays more enjoyable, from hotel reservations to travel tickets. You can look through our selection of Rajasthan family vacation packages for a relaxing getaway. With our Rajasthan family vacation and tour packages, you and your loved ones can explore the many attractions of this lovely location away from the daily grind.
The family tour of Rajasthan's 18-day itinerary is specifically created to ensure that everyone in the family, especially the kids, has a positive experience. The cities and villages of Delhi, Udaipur, Ranakpur, Sardargarh, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Nagaur, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and Agra are among the places we'll take you.
The Key Highlights of Our Package are Listed Below:
Delhi (Dil Walo ki)
  • We will tour New Delhi's fascinating heritage sites, such as the well-kept Humayun's Tomb, Qutub Minar, and India Gate.
  • For your child to learn about and explore India's cultural and historical heritage, a cycle rickshaw ride in Delhi would be a worthwhile experience.
Udaipur (The White City and Lake City)
  • A romantic boat ride on Udaipur's most beautiful lake, Pichola.
Jaipur (The Pink City)
  • Along with enjoying Jaipur's Old City Walk, we will visit Amber Fort in a Jeep.
Jodhpur (The Sun City)
  • Enjoy your ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the clock tower bazaar as you explore Jodhpur, a graceful land that looks like it just popped out of a fairy tale.
  • A night safari and a journey on a primitive train through Sardargarh's fascinating villages.
Jaisalmer (The Yellow City)
  • In the deserts of Jaisalmer, we will see a way of life that is very different from our own, ride a camel, and experience a real desert outback. We will also spend the night under a starry sky.
Agra (The City of Love)
  • Witness the enormous Agra Fort, the deserted capital of Fatehpur Sikri, Mehtab Bagh, and of course the Taj Mahal, the most coveted structure in the entire world.
Ranthambore (Known for Tiger Reserve)
  • Last but not least, we will pursue larger animals in Ranthambore National Park in search of the tiger.
We offer a variety of family vacation packages, each unique in its own way, so you can choose from one that will not only be a fun-filled family vacation but also be safe and easy on your wallet. Additionally, you can get special discounts when booking Rajasthan family vacation packages with Trinetra Tours. Contact us and book your most relaxing and memorable trip today!
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2023.05.30 10:44 aquaticcms Hire a Top Quality Pool Management Companies in Atlanta

Hire a Top Quality Pool Management Companies in Atlanta
Are You in Search of Reliable and Professional Pool Management Companies in Atlanta? Look No Further! Hiring a Top-Quality Pool Management Company Is Essential to Ensure the Smooth Operation and Maintenance of Your Pool, and to Provide a Safe and Enjoyable Swimming Environment for All Users.
Atlanta, Known for Its Hot and Humid Summers, Is a City Where Pools Are Highly Sought After. Whether You Own a Residential Pool, a Community Pool, or a Commercial Pool, Entrusting Its Management to a Reputable Pool Management Company Is Crucial.
When You Hire a Top-Quality Pool Management Company in Atlanta, You Can Expect a Range of Exceptional Services Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs. These Companies Are Staffed with Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals Who Are Well-Versed in All Aspects of Pool Management.
First and Foremost, a Reputable Pool Management Company Will Prioritize the Safety of Swimmers. They Will Ensure That All Necessary Safety Measures Are in Place, Including Proper Lifeguard Staffing, Compliance with Local Regulations, Regular Equipment Maintenance, and Routine Inspections to Identify and Address Potential Hazards.
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2023.05.30 10:38 givemesomecheesecake Electronics, Furniture, Clothing, and More! Get a Commission If You Help Me Sell

General Info

Pickup Location: Bentley Park Subdivision, Antipolo City, Rizal
Mode of Payment: Gcash / Bank Transfer (UnionBank / BPI / Maya) / Cash
Available for Pickup or Shipping only. Please read more about the shipping details in the "Notes" section.
- - For shipping orders, you must pay first before receiving the item/s.
- - For pickup orders, we can meet at the said location and do the transaction there.



Here is the link to the list of items for sale:
Inside, you will see sheet tabs with the names of each category: Electronics, Furniture, Appliance, Clothing&Acc, General, Giveaways
By going through each tab, you will see items listed as follows:
Item Code / Item Name / Description / Status1 / Original Price2 / Current Market Price3 / Offer Price4 / Photo Link / Price Reference



Get a Commission if you help me sell5
Items that cost 100 - 500 Pesos: Fixed 50 Pesos Commission
Items that cost 501 - 1000 Pesos: Fixed 100 Pesos Commission
Items that cost greater than 1000 Pesos: Commission equivalent to 10% of Sell Price



1 Status will indicate whether the item is still available or is already sold.
2 Original Price: Items that have no value in their original price mean that I cannot remember the price or find the receipt anymore.
3 Current Market Price is aligned with the lowest market price being sold by the brand itself or by their authorized resellers based on my research.
- - If you find a much lower market price than what is listed, please post the link in the comments section so that everyone can verify it and then I can change the price accordingly.
- - If there is no value in the current market price, it might mean that the item is phased out, or is considered antique, or is listed in bulk.
4 Offer Price is exclusive of shipping fee. The buyer will shoulder the shipping fee (except for bulk-buy orders as stated in the "P.P.S." section below).
- - You can comment your counteroffer below. I will only accept reasonable and logical counteroffers.
5 Commissions can be stacked or accumulated. Commissions will be paid to the referrer once I receive the payment of the buyer.
Giveaways are only eligible for people who buy at least one item. This may change as the sale progresses.


Other Notes:

I will be updating the google sheet file to reflect which items have been already sold or if there are any other necessary changes.
You can check it every now and then because I'll be inputting more items each day and probably mark-down items randomly.
Please be patient if I take too long to reply to your inquiry because I'm also in the process of inputting more info about the items, taking pictures, and sorting out which items need to be disposed of.
Take note that the highest bidder and the first to make a deal will always win.


Reasons for selling:

- My mother and I recently transferred to a smaller apartment. We need to declutter to be able to live comfortably.
- We will use the proceeds to acquire the necessary equipment, ingredients, and packaging to kickstart our business of selling custard tarts.



It would be great if you upvote this post so that it will be more visible.
I'm hoping to sell/declutter all of these before June 30, 2023, as I plan to focus more on the business in July.
Once I dispose of everything, I will make a separate post about offering a free taste of my signature custard tart.
- - The custard tarts are not the traditional ones you see being sold in the Philippines or around the world.
- - Mine have a crispier crust and a creamier custard center (if you eat them hot) which is not too sweet but still full of flavor.
- - Another distinguishing factor is that my custarts (yes, I call them that) have a relatively low calorie count by weight compared to the traditional ones, or to other well-known snacks/desserts like donuts and cakes.
- - The quantity/scale of the free taste will depend on the proceeds of this sale. I'm looking to give away 100+ pieces of custard tarts if I am able to get 60k pesos or more from this sale this June.
- - This is my way to thank fellow redditors for helping me with this strenuous activity of mass decluttering.



Do you know someone who is willing to bulk buy 100+ unused, and preloved items for 80,000 pesos? (inclusive of free shipping!)
Get an 8,000-peso commission if you refer me to the person and we settle for a transaction.
The buyer also has the option to bulk-pick specific items and we'll just lower the special price and commission accordingly depending on how many he/she will get.
Take note that the said special price is inclusive of free shipping wherein the items are securely packed in new balikbayan boxes and are delivered to your home through a truck (for metro manila people or kung hanggang saan man kayang magdeliver yung truck).


For your reference, all of the items are cumulatively worth 200,000+ pesos (see the spreadsheet for proof. you can also countercheck the current market prices of brand-new items and compare them to the marked-down prices of my items.)
I am offering a special price of 80,000 pesos for all these items because it is much more convenient for me and would eliminate all of the burden of going through multiple transactions.
The buyer would ultimately save 120,000+ pesos.
Take note that the said special price may change depending on if some items are already bought or if I would put more items for sale.
Please just check the comments section and/or the spreadsheet for the updated prices.


You can offer this to a couple on a budget who recently acquired a home and are looking to buy well-kept furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothing with a huge discount.
You can also simply buy these wholesale and re-sell them individually for a higher price and ultimately make a profit.
There may be many more people you know who might need this bulk sale. Just don't be afraid to approach and offer these to them.
Isipin mo, may commission ka na, nakatulong ka pa (at syempre makakakuha ka rin ng free taste ng custard tarts ko - see the "P.S." section for more info).
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2023.05.30 10:34 Opposite_Leather_793 Self-doubt (extremely long post)

Growing up, I never really understood it when people say they're in a "good/bad place" and yung sinasabi nilang "demons in my head"--I always thought they referred to temptations only. Until recently.
For reference, I am very socially awkward, not exactly anti-social, just very very awkward. You can invite me to a party and aside from being too lazy to prepare for it, I don't exactly have problems going, just don't expect me to be good at socializing. Nung highschool, I don't exactly have enemies--save for this one guy, but other than that, I get along fine with people. They don't hate me, I don't hate them either. Mejo nafi-feel kong there are people who don't like me and I do tiptoe around them but I really wasn't bullied, in my opinion. Not ostracized either (if they did, I won't know, but I don't think they did).
Of course, minsan may discussions and disagreements, but focused kami masyado sa pagsstudy so I don't think I had major conflicts with others. I don't have anything to complain much about them. Baka insensitive lang talaga ako so I often just get confused kung bakit may nararamdaman akong "aura" minsan na parang ayaw nila sakin, pero di naman nila ako explicitly inaaway and they're far too busy to backstab me just as I was too busy to mull over it. That's not to say wala akong friends--there were a few--but otherwise walang toxic eme. I can go around talking to people from different circles. Civil lang, ganun.
Same thing during college. Though I admit mas gusto ko yung college days ko kasi I genuinely like my course, and naturally, if you love what you're doing, other peoples' opinions don't really matter much to you. College was stressful, but far more fruitful. That was the time I realized what "friend" really meant, because I don't think na-orient ako nyan growing up. Di ko alam kung autistic ba ako or what, but when I was a kid, ako yung type na di nakakaintindi when other kids say "panget" or "maganda", ang nagegets ko lang is negative/positive sya based on the way people said it. Like, kung sinasabi nila "ew, maganda" with a disgusted face, I would think it's a bad word, ganern. As far as paano nasasabi ng mga tao na "panget" o "maganda" ang isang bagay--I didn't understand it. Basta yung mga adjective na masyadong subjective and abstract, I could not comprehend it.
Ngayong matanda na ako, of course I do understand those things, but that's just one example. There are still times na caught off-guard ako minsan kasi I don't understand how people can tell things apart.Same thing sa "friendship". I never really understood it, and I didn't understand why some kids would rather hangout with friends than rest at home and read books--my hobby. I just chalked it up to maybe yun lang talaga nagpapasaya sa kanila, but I didn't know why you needed a friend.
Di ako na-orient nyan as a kid. The girl na kapitbahay namin na I thought was a friend would one day play with me and we would be happy but the next day, she'd be mean and would laugh at me from their doorstep and when I ask if maglalaro ba kami, she would forbid her siblings from doing so. She switches from these modes often. It always felt like it was my fault by the way she looks at me and hates me, pero always akogn clueless. I don't thnk I cried or was saddened by it, but I remember being very confused every time she switches back and forth from being the Ate I could play with to being unreasonably mean. I would ask why but she will never answer and will snub me instead. Ako, helpless, would just be confused but helpless so I'd go do other things--like playing that old coin-operated Super Mario game machine or just going back home to read. I was never sad about it, but confused and frustrated, yes--frustrated kasi di ko magets kung bakit ganun nangyari. That for me was a "friend" so I really didn't think I needed one, because I figured people could be whimsical--one day magkasundo kayo, the next day, for some reason hindi na kayo friends. Ganun din parents namin eh.
Even "pakikisama" is such a foreign concept to me. Nung naging teenager ako, anime was the only thing from which I remotely learned about socializing, including paano maging reasonable and stuff. Being a mahirap na Filipino, realistic tayo by nature, so di naman ako nagka-chuuni syndrome. 😂 But I learned to appreciate emotions and people around me--specifically my family. When I was 12, my youngest sister was born. That was the time I realized what the word "cute" meant--literally; because just like panget/maganda, I also did not understand "cute" until I saw my baby sister. Ganun pala yung feeling makakita ng "cute". That was also the time I felt something na di ko maexplain, I just know na I decided I wanted to treasure this tiny little human blob. Perhaps I felt the same thing with my younger brother when he was born all those years ago, but that time, I was still a toddler myself so I was more jealous than happy hahahaha (hey, I love my brother, but when we were kids, we'd be at each other's throats due to early childhood rivalry, lol).
Anyway, sorry masyadong mahaba yung segue lol, basta the idea is, I have A LOT of things I don't know when it comes to interacting with people. Masasabi mong EQ = -1 ganern. This means I'm bad at talking. (Sa hinaba-haba ng post na to, di pa ba obvious?)
Chatting is just as hard. For some reason, I have grown to be very opinionated as well, so there will be times na I could go strong with my opinions. I've always been aware na perhaps I'm just wrong because there's an underlying connotation or social context clue na nami-miss ko. But when you're an adult, people expect you to have known things like that already--well, no I don't. I am aware na maraming mga tao who will find people like me who "can't read the atmosphere" irritating. The best I can do is just stay silent once I notice na I ruined the mood for everyone.
Seriously, I just wish there's like a manual for interacting with people. I even wanted to join etiquette classes so that I don't make people uncomfortable (pero wala tayong cash, bes, so tiis2 na lang tayo sa pagreresearch online).Rest assured, I am trying to hold back bombarding chat groups with my strong opinions (like for example mga issue ng mga artista). I'm not a know-it-all, that's for sure, but maybe the way I say things kind of give that vibe? Minsan pag may shine-share sila na link ng mga controversial posts, pinagkakatuwaan nila, but when I try to say the same things, they all go silent and it seems like I didn't have the right to say it?
Well, whatever the case I'm obviously still not doing good enough sa "pakikisama" portion. Baka awkward lang sila sa akin because I do tend to come off strongly with my opinions. I'm really bad at conversations except when it's work. But this isn't really the problem I'm worrying about. I know my friends aren't that shallow (ffs, we're too old for drama), and we do get along when we find a subject we can all relate to (the convo could go on until madaling araw). So it's really not that bad.
The problem I'm facing right now is that these things are haunting me these days for some reason. Up until a few weeks ago, I never had breakdowns and I felt content. Maybe I felt a little bad about my weight but I was otherwise okay. However, recently, I am having thoughts of how inadequate I am (for reasons I have narrated above, mostly about being socially awkward). It just so happened na quiet ang gc namin lately and somehow (despite this happening many times in the past, because we're kind of low-maintenance as a friend group) I felt like my presence was not needed which I think isn't really true, because these girls, despite being sarcastic to things on social media, were never mean to me. If there is anything, they are the type to say it to my face or will calmly advise me.
Like I said, I know they are not like that, but lately, it's like a little voice keeps telling me I'm not needed. It's not just about this gc either. I'm starting to think I might be underperforming at work kahit na I KNOW FOR A FACT I AM DOING VERY WELL at it. I even get thanks from the client sometimes! There's also the thought na baka I'm not being a good daughteate because I feel like I'm getting more toxic by the day, but I know that my sister and my mother don't feel that way.
Naiisip ko rin na maybe yung reason kung bakit wala pa akong boyfriend/partner is because there's something about me that males don't like. I'm kinda convinced that if I had a partner, they would cheat because I'm just not perfect (the ex did cheat). And I know that not all men cheat, but I think there won't be a decent guy my age (yung hindi red flag) who would take me--all the good ones are taken or married at this point, and the rare ones who are still single probably won't like me either. Pero sa totoo lang, kahit na I feel lonely, I honestly don't think may oras ako for that kind of relationship and wala akong boyfriend because yes maybe I am difficult to be with but I also don't go out and meet new people so malamang noh, wala tayong prospect. Anyway, I'm at the age na focused ako sa work, so di talaga big deal na wala akong jowa (mostly because choice kong magstay sa bahay).
But for some reason, since last week, bigla na lang na I'm feeling bad about myself because of these things. Always na lang akong may napupuna and I'm constantly thinking na kasalanan ko lahat. There's this stupid little voice that keeps saying that I'm useless, that the world is better off without me. And it's weird because I am sure that's not true. I may not be the best person in the world, but alam kong may iiyak when I'm gone; at least my sister would. I could not do that to her kasi may history din sya of trying to cut her wrists back then. The reason umuwi ako from working in Japan is largely to prevent that from happening again. She's come a long way now, and she can express herself as well. She's still very considerate of others (unlike a certain someone) but she at least now knows how to say "no" when she doesn't like something. She can now criticize as well! 👏 She's now confident of herself and no longer hides from the camera, she's even dressed up very beautifully and enjoying their graduation ball now as we speak! Anyway, I cannot bring her such grief now na magco-college na sya.
Di ko talaga alam kung saan galing tong mga negative thoughts na to. I feel like a wreck even now as I am writing this. Minsan, pag ako lang mag-isa, naiiyak ako bigla. I keep reminding myself that all those negative thoughts are just me overthinking things again (I had a history of chronically overthinking). Ang naiisip ko lang is baka yung slimming coffee na I started drinking ko is making my brain hyperactive that I'm now having these self-deprecating useless thoughts na di naman talaga totoo. Sabi nga nila, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." I never really understood that until now. Baka sobrang bored ng utak ko na kahit ano na lang iniisip neto? Do I need a new hobby? Ito na yata yung sinasabi nilang "demons in my head", kahit anu-anong bullshit na lang pinagsasabi.
Yung coffee, ininom ko lang sya kasi I felt like I have been overeating. I've been over eating for years by the way (maybe 5 yrs now?), to the point na there were nights where I ask my sister "Ano kaya masarap kainin bukas?" while we are on the bed, trying to sleep--ganun kalala bes. Napapadalas na rin yung pangangasim ng tiyan ko sa dami ng kinakain ko, so I decided to find a way to stop overeating. Admittedly, na-curb na yung appetite ko with the coffee. I still eat regularly, just not as much. Di rin laxative yung coffee, di naman ako napapatae eh. It does dehydrate me more often (which means I have to drink more water) and I feel light headed after drinking it. I did stop drinking it for a few days, but the negativity didn't go away.
Anyways, I'm not sure if it's the coffee. Regardless, I have to make sure na kahit anong factors pa yan, I want to stop thinking negatively about myself like this. Once may ni-share yung friend ko sa gc namin. Kung may negative thoughts daw, either kelangan mo lang kumain, mag-exercise or maligo. I'm doing those. I feel like kelangan ko lang talaga ifocus yung attention ko sa mga mas importanteng bagay rather than this shithole, but I also don't want to burn myself out. I just probably need to be genuinely happy with myself to get rid of this negativity.
I cannot tell my friends or my family about this. I don't want my friends to go "here she goes again" and burden them. They are MY friends, I've already unloaded a lot to them over the years, so baka mamaya sila na yung ma-overburden. As for my family, as much as I love them, my parents unfortuantely cannot help much in that department. They're very strongly opinionated, and it will just be a long narrative of "you know, back in my day" and the conversation will then become about them--either that or if they're in a bad mood, they'll angrily ask me "what do you want me to do about it?" Hindi uso yung weak-minded sa kanila. Don't get me wrong, my parents did their best to raise us and frankly, they did awesome, but they themselves are also struggling to be happy. I cannot give them one more thing to worry about.
Sorry, this has been a long post. I'm just actually trying to yap away to dissect my thoughts. I'm glad we have this platform where I can write anonymously. Writing does help out a lot in organizing thoughts after all. Now that I've written this far, the rational part of my brain has some solid ground it can use to fight back against that "voice". I thought about private journalling as well, but somehow, I want people to read it too. Perhaps it's a narcissistic tendency? It's anonymous anyways.
If ever I have episodes of feeling badly about myself again, I hope I can read this and remind myself that I am not what those voices say I am.
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