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2023.06.05 19:06 Few-Wait4636 Lag solution

Posting again cus obviously barely anyone's knows, seeing beaver choose to play 14/60 tickrate community server for him then complaining about lag?
If u play a low tickrate server you are going to lag and rubber band in combat, it's a server location issue..I play 40-50 tick rate at least and get 0 lag. Never have I ever seen rubber banding or lag out of islandenycta servers (servers that happen to be low tick rate for me) and I play old gen ps4.
Official servers I find most are laggy for me when full (guess they can't handle it? Or not enough near me?) but can get lucky and land in a laggless one.But community servers you can play without lag consistently.
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2023.06.05 19:05 lovedove8 How long after a debt consolidation will a lender approve you for another line of credit?

Back in august 2017 I had lost my job. It was my first career job out of college. It didn’t pay great but I didn’t have many expenses at the time. I was able to file for unemployment as it was due to downsizing and not being fired for reasons other than being last hired… you know the saying.
With the unemployment I was able to pay my bills while I looked for another job. Finances were tight but I was managing. I was asked to be In my best friends wedding… ok expense there. I was also working part time at a nursing home doing reception work to make a little extra. I tried for months to get a job in my field and there were very limited opportunities and required years of experience…. I had only been working that job a little over a year and a half so obviously didn’t have the 5 year experience most were asking. I finally had found a job in boston through a college friend who was a recruiter and although it was a contract job it had a potential for being hired full time on staff after the contract was up. Well they realized after 3 weeks they hired too many of us (I think there were around 6 contractors hired around the same time) and didn’t need everyone as the work wasn’t as busy as they thought. Of course last one in first one out. Just my luck. I had spent everything I saved moving there and I even borrowed some from my parents. Couldn’t find another one there and my friend didn’t have anything so I had to move back home. Well a month after moving back someone ran a red light and totaled my car. It was an 18 year old car so I got $200 for scrap metal and parts from an auto body shop as the damage was not worth fixing. A family friend lent me theirs for a few months as he knew I was looking for a job and he had a few extra junkers as he called them sitting around. I finally found a part time job on contract through a recruiter with a job offer at the end of the contract. Got a car loan and was paying that. Due to everything I had racked up a bit of debt on a credit card and had a hard time making the minimum payments for a few months before and a bit after I got the job and they were asking for a minimum payment of $600. I did a debt consolidation at the advice of someone and it hurt my credit. I am still struggling financially now due to having to leave a very abusive relationship so all of the financial progress I made the past few years went down the toilet.
I need some serious dental work done that is an emergency and needs to be done asap but will likely cost around if not more than $5,000 and I just moved and am having a hard time financially due to unexpected expenses that popped up. I am in so much pain but I can’t seem to find anyone willing to do a payment plan. I still have a tooth that needs a crown from a root canal years ago as well. The issue I’m running into is the only options I’m getting is to apply for care credit. I used to have a care credit account years ago but once I paid it off I didn’t use it and they closed the account which at a young stupid age I was never told so it was news to me. Care credit is through the same lenders as the card I did a debt consolidation with. I’ve tried but they won’t approve me and I have one payment left on the old account. Literally it’s like $71 and some change.
My question is how long after you do a debt consolidation and pay off the whole debt will a lender approve you for a new line of credit. I had a hard time even when my credit score was in the upper 600’s. Now it’s back to mid-upper 500’s because of late payments on a few things. I don’t know what to do. Any advice? I can’t even get a loan due to my credit history.
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2023.06.05 19:05 Persia029 About speed pedelecs

I'm sorry but I have to get this off my chest.
I'm a long time bicycle traveller. Been using my bicycle for over 25 years and switched to a (26km/h limited) electric some years ago for convenience reasons (less sweaty arriving at work).
Lately the speed pedelec craze has reached its peak annoyance level. Where they used to be experienced cyclists trying out the new stuff, it appears the target audience has shifted to inconsiderate midlife crisis idiots. I imagine them being some middlemanagement for company "Idon'tcare" with enough money to buy a way-too-expensive bike and think they are doing sports. They happily swap their BMW X5 company car for their new toy (only when the sun is out mind you) and go terrorizing the bike lanes instead of their usual tailgating excercise on the left lane on the highway. I feel like mostly they're incompetent cyclists who are not used to driving on two wheels.
I know I'm generalizing but I notice that speed pedelec drivers are mostly inconsiderate about other cyclists. Bicycle highways (fietssnelwegen) are a huge asset and improvement to the Flemish cycling landscape and they are meant for fluent traffic, not for speeding. Being taken over by a 50km/h bike which you cannot hear approaching is dangerous to say the least. Especially when nearing city centers where there's a lot more traffic and there's even kids on the bicycle lanes. You are not the only ones on the road.
If this is you, please slow down when passing or crossing other cyclists. Ramming your bells (or worse: these horrible horns) is NOT enough. Pass at an acceptable speed (like 30km/h) before accelerating again. It does not hurt you and won't have impact on your time of arrival.
End rant. Thank you for listening
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2023.06.05 19:05 chaosicist *SPOILERS* my Returnal theories

Returnal is shrouded with subtle hints and coincidences with Greek mythology. Let me show you some of the ties I’ve made and my theories on them. Feel free to debate or add to it. The name of the character is Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon. Selene’s ship’s name is Helios, Greek god of the Sun She is on a planet named Atropos. Atropos was one of the 3 Greek goddess’s of fate and destiny. Specifically, Atropos was the goddess of death, determining how and when a mortal dies. So the planet Selene is stranded on is death. And one of the symbols for Atropos was a sundial. Could this have any relation to the sunface on the piano, the wall decor, and the fragments? Her mother’s name was Theia, Greek Titan of the sky. The suit her mother would have worn was a space suit from the Apollo space age; Apollo was the god of pretty much everything. So she has an Apollo-era space suit following her around, like a god of all things watching her every move. Selene only speaks of her father one time that I could find, and it was very brief and vague in a scout log. Let’s tie this into a theory I have. In the game, the 4th boss you face is Hyperion. In Greek mythology, Hyperion was the Titan god of watchfulness and heavenly light. He was the father of… guess who? Helios (Sun) and Selene (Moon), king of the Titans, and the husband of… guess who? Theia. Could Selene’s mind have manufactured Hyperion as her father watching her from heaven and judging her guilt, playing the same tune on its tree organ as Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” the song playing in the car the night of the car accident? The 1st boss that you encounter in the game is Phrike, Greek word for horror and “trembling in fear.” This could be that Selene is still figuring out what is going on and she’s scared. The 2nd boss encountered in Ixion, the Greek son of Ares and murderer that searched and yearned for forgiveness and purification to almost no avail. Ixion fathered the Centaurs on Mount Pelion. Notice that Ixion is at the top of a mountain? Perhaps Selene relates to Ixion in that she is also searching for forgiveness and purification, seemingly to no avail. This theory ties into the next and 3rd boss, Nemesis, the god of retribution and revenge for evil deeds and undeserved fortunes. Nemesis is also related in the game to White Shadow, the words that the child says just before the car accident. Perhaps Selene faces Nemesis for something she did that was evil or a fortune she received undeservingly, such as having a child. Is the child in the car Selene’s child, and Selene the driver? Did the child die in the river while holding Octo, giving root to mostly all of the enemies on Atropos having tentacles, and the final biome being a water world? The final boss, Ophion, was the Greek God ruler of the heavens before being overthrown by Hyperion’s brother, Kronos. Ophion was then cast into Oceanus, or the depths of the oceans. Notice that Ophion is at “The Depths” in the last biome. But at the deepest depths in the game is the car and the being that Selene saw in the river. Since the car is at the deepest depths of the ocean, does she consider HERSELF as Ophion? Was Selene once the ruler of the heavens in her mind, and something happened that made her own guilt and conscience cast her into the depths of the ocean? Selene often speaks of trying to climb to Olympus, only to fall down the mountain and back to Hades. She even mentions being in Tartarus at one point. Even her gear upgrades have Greek-derived names: Hermetic Transmitter allowing teleportation (Hermes, Greek god of journey) Icarian Grapple allowing zip lining and tethering (Icarus, the Greek son who flew to close to the sun and had his wings melted, only to fall to the ocean and drown - Notice this is gotten from defeating Ixion, and the 3rd form of Ixion is when his wings are burned off and he walks) Promethean Insulators allowing walking on red terrain (Prometheus, Greek Titan god of fire and forethought) Hadal Ballasts allowing ocean traversing (Hades, Greek for Underworld - Notice that this piece allows you to go to the deepest depths in Selene’s mind, Biome 6. Is there a link between this being where Ophion was cast to and her needing the boots of Hades to get there? Is Biome 6 essentially the Hell that Selene manufactured in her mind? Delphic Visor allowing use of “hidden” platforms (Delphi, rooting from the word “womb”, was the Oracle Pythia prophesied from the words of Apollo, and she often spoke with “hidden“ meanings and riddles) Many, if not most, of the enemies in the game have morphed names of Greek words, such as Gorgoliths, Kerberonyx, Titanops, etc. I think the kid was hers. She had a child, as she says in her scout logs that she was not a great mother but not as bad as her own. I think they crashed in the river, and only Selene made it out. Maybe she's on life support and is sedated? I think she has PTSD and is in our her own Hell she created from the guilt, sadness and regret she feels. I think the whole game is construct of her own mind, and instead of climbing to Olympus to get out, she only plunges further into her Hell, and no matter what she does, the recycles are only further punishment that her mind is purposefully inflicting on itself. Maybe it's a stretch, but it's debatable I'd say.
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2023.06.05 19:05 txharleyrider Well, my 2 year old finally lied to me

I was carrying him to the car after a neighborhood family event and he tooted. On my arm. He laughed. I laughed. He then looked at me and said "Dada tooted."
Let me tell you, the betrayal hurt but was quickly wiped away by how funny he thought it was to blame me lol
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2023.06.05 19:04 deuxthrowaway555 Odda/Tyssedal to Stavanger

I’m travelling solo to Norway during the first week of July and will take public transport. The plan is to hike Trolltunga, then travel from Odda (or Tyssedal) to the Stavanger area, and hike Pulpit Rock. According to Lonely Planet (Jan 2022 version):
In July and August, Tide ( runs an express coach once a day between Tyssedal and the real Preikestolen car park near Stavanger, allowing you to summit both of Norway's most famous climbs in just a couple of days. It costs 695kr one way.
Does anyone know if this Tide bus still runs? I can’t find any information about it on the website or online. If not I can always plan the alternative route (and there’s a lot of info on this sub about it) but a direct bus would be so handy.
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2023.06.05 19:04 SuccessfulPen6539 Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me

Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me submitted by SuccessfulPen6539 to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:04 Yakuwari How do I replace Ubuntu on my Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot PC with Parrot OS while secure boot is enabled?

I have Windows and Ubuntu installed in Dual Boot. I want to replace Ubuntu with Parrot OS but my UEFI doesn't let me change the boot order to boot from my flashed USB device. It says that unauthorized changes to the boot settings were made and then proceeds to boot me into Windows. It says this is because of secure boot. How do I deal with this?
I asked ChatGPT about this to get some ideas and one of the options it gave me is to sign the Parrot OS boot loader myself. I don't fully remember how I set up Ubuntu in dual boot because it's been quite a while since then but I remember secure boot uses a key to authenticate stuff. Maybe a brief explanation of what the goal of secure boot is and how it works is also in order. So yeah, how does this stuff work and how do I replace Ubuntu with a different Distro?
PS: After attempting to change the boot order from the bios/uefi to boot from my usb device, I don't get asked by the GRUB boot loader which OS to start anymore.
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2023.06.05 19:04 dwhitt87 Random Shutdown on Proxmox 7.2 (VM)

Hi all,
Looking for some guidance please. OMV recently started randomly shutting down. The only help I can find online relates to faulty hardware when installed as host. My installation is on a VM through Proxmox though.
I'm getting random shutdowns and cannot work out why. I've run the below code and get zero returns, indicating cron deciding to shutdown. I'm at a loss.
Can anyone help / guide me please? Thanks in advance!
for user in $(getent passwd cut -f1 -d: ); do echo $user; crontab -u $user -l; done 
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2023.06.05 19:04 Throwawayadvice2022_ How messed-up my life became in less than a year

I (early-30s) was in relationship that was going well on the surface but we had deeper problems. This girl (Ex-GF from now on) and I lived as roommates, almost no sex, we had confessed to each other that we had zero sexual desire for one another. We finally decided to try and have an open relationship to see if that could reignite the spark. Of course it all went terribly wrong but that’s how the story with another girl, I’ll call her B (mid-20s), started.
B is a difficult person to deal with. She has diagnosed mental disorders and abysmal self esteem, her parents never really cared about her and, although she spent almost a year in hospital during high school, they don’t consider her issues “real”. She’s very shy and private and really struggles with letting people get close (probably doesn’t think she deserves being loved in any way). She’s in a toxicrelationship with a guy (let’s call him BF for boyfriend, same age as B) who shares the self esteem problem, it’s pretty clear they don’t love each other but they don’t think anybody else would ever want them. The last person in this story, S (same age as me), is a mutual friend who had been B’s educator in the past and the only person whom B tells about her private life, her best friend. S’s opinions have a very strong influence on B’s, almost unhealthily, luckily S is a very good person and tries hard to do what’s best, but she’s still a fallible human being.
I had known B for about a year, but we had grown closer in the last months, we started texting daily for a silly reason and never stopped. We planned a summer vacation with a group of friends (Ex-GF, S and a bunch of other friends), BF couldn’t so he told us that he and B wouldn’t go. In the end we convinced B and spent a lovely time until she had to leave early for BF’s birthday. She clearly didn’t want to leave and even put it off a couple of days (she had me tap on her phone to cancel the return ticket). I came to know later that she had been thinking to break up with him for more than a year at that time. They were in an open relationship too, apparently because BF is very insecure about his masculinity and needed to try and seduce girls, B didn’t care but she has a very open idea of love so she agreed on an ideal level and encouraged him to hit on girls, but he’s so awkward he never managed to get any.
A couple of months later, ex-GF and I decided to try and open the relationship, I told her I thought about B and it happened pretty soon. It was a weird night, we were alone and got closer and closer until I started kissing her. She froze and asked me if ex-GF was ok with this, I told “Yes, we’ve talked about this. You told me you’re in an open relationship too, right?” she said yes but was clearly uncomfortable. I asked her many times if she wanted to stop and said no, after some time she loosened up and was even more enthusiastic than me about having sex but the best part was spending the night together, talking and cuddling, she opened up and started telling me about personal stuff. When she told BF about this, he was ok at first, just a bit unhappy it was with me instead of a stranger, but that changed abruptly very soon when, at first, he decided their relationship should have been open only for him and then that B and I shouldn’t be friends anymore. B was even ok with the first part but couldn’t accept the second and this led to many fights between them. As I said earlier, ex-GF and I broke up.
BF started texting me alternating threats and calls for help. I didn’t know what to say, we almost never talked before and he rarely went out with the huge group of mutual friends, while B was always with us. He told me all kinds of stuff and repeatedly changed his mind: he loved her but needed to break up with her, she was his soul mate, B and I could be friend, no we couldn’t, we could but never be lone,when friends threw parties I should go with B and he should go with ex-GF and so on. He wasn’t well at all but I clearly wasn’t the person who could help him, and I was even developing feelings for B. I simply suggested he saw a therapist but this got him incredibly angry.
S was kinda monitoring the whole situation, she wanted B to break up with BF so much that she was very happy about what happened as it could show B that BF wasn’t the only choice. But she didn’t want anything else to happen because she thought I needed time to get over my break-up and B needed to understand on her own that she needed to leave BF.
On a couple of occasions during these months, B and I secretly kissed and texted, she was very romantic (she never is) but it all felt wrong and we stopped almost immediately. Just before the end of the year she asks BF for a break and tells both of us she doesn’t know what she wants and that at New Year’s Eve party she would probably end up doing stuff with me or with whoever made a move on her. I got very worried about this self-destructive behaviour I informed S (who didn’t worry too much) and I went to visit her. I told her she was free to have sex and all with whoever she wanted, I would be there too but I didn’t want to be one of the many, if she wanted to be with me and it had to be because it was me. She told me she said those things just to push us away and didn’t really mean it, we cuddled and slept together. BF was supposed to be at the party but he got Covid so he didn’t go.
However, at the party she drunk a lot and did make out with a random guy. S saw it and immediately took her away. I was drunk too and got angry for her lies, we fought and then talked more calmly. B explained again that she did that because she wanted me to see she is a piece of garbage, I felt so sorry for her. She asked me if we could spent the remaining time as a couple and I said yes. We were in this rented house along with a lot of other people for the following couple of days, the last day we went back at her place and stayed together there too. It’s probably the fondest memory of my time with her, we had the best sex and all. When I left the agreement was she had to think about what she wanted.
A week later she informed me she broke up with BF but wanted to stay friends and needed to be alone, she needed time and didn’t want to be in a relationship. She also had to study hard so we only texted for a month or so. After an exam she invited me at her house and we spent a fun night as friends, a couple of days later she invited me again with a silly excuse. We ended up making out and having sex. She told me this changed nothing about not wanting a relationship and I said we would just do what we felt like doing, as long as it felt good. Another month went by without seeing each other, then she had finished her exams and we met almost every day. We were still intimate but she was a bit more reluctant, she asked me if I would still be her friend if she got back with BF. That caught me by surprise and I found out later from S that B was having panic attacks and feeling extremely lonely during those months.
Some days later she texted me telling me yet another time that we had to just be friends without any sex because she couldn’t manage that. I said ok but I wanted to talk in person so we had this talk. She hates talking about problems so she was very uncomfortable. She told me it was ok to meet alone, even cuddle and all but no kisses or sex, I said “you know there’s a party coming up this weekend and when we drink we always end up together”, she answered “well, if once every now and then we fuck it’s not a big issue”. I was puzzled and asked her why not having sex one last time, she said no but didn’t back out kissing and yes, it ended in (terrible) sex. But later she texted me and told me she wasn’t happy at all because she felt I tricked her by telling her I just wanted to talk and we had sex anyway, I said I was very sorry but I sincerely felt it kinda happened. At the party, just as expected, we slept in the same bed spooning. She started kissing me, I wasn’t really in the mood but I let her go on, but when she got on tap and started rubbing on me I stopped her and told her it really wasn’t the moment, considered everything we discussed. She said ok and we slept.
The following days and months she would alternate being very friendly to being incredibly avoidant. For example, she had dinner with all our friend (as she was preparing to leave for a long time) and she not only avoided me the whole time, but she even told stories about her that I was part of leaving out all the little bits concerning me or my actions. I felt I deserved explanations and pressed her on her behaviour, but she never wants to talk about problems and to have to explain herself to others, so it all spiralled downwards, although she insisted she still wanted to text daily and be close friends, to meet and watch shows and movies together, to visit her abroad. In the meantime S told me B described our last sexual encounter in a much worse way, I felt like shit and texted B telling her she should have told me and that when S was telling me I almost broke down and cry, she answered “that’s what I wanted to avoid”. S also suggested that, once B would have left, I should have openly told her not to have any contact until she felt better, because she needed to just be away from all her problems. I agreed but by the time she left two important things had happened:
- I already almost stopped texting her so it felt like overkill to send a long text explaining everything. And again, B hates those kinds of serious talks.
- Although apparently nothing had happened, a couple of days later S brutally insulted me and we fought and stop talking to each other.
Since B and I had already planned that I would visit her abroad, I had to text her about it. I didn’t really want it to happen anymore but it always seemed that she would think I hated her. So I informed her it was almost that time and she told me she wouldn’t host me at her place abroad but she would spend time with me during the weekend. I asked myself why she wasn’t capable of just saying no, so I did, I told her I wasn’t sure to go anymore but it shouldn’t matter to her because I wouldn’t want to see her anyway, she said ok.
I thought that was it, no contacts until she came home at the end of 2023, and even then I would wait for her. And since she never makes the first step, we would probably never be friends. I was so wrong. She texted me two weeks ago asking me if we could make up, I told her we would need to have a long talk and I knew she hated it, she said it was the right thing to do and so I told her what all my issues with her were. We decided to text every once in a while and be friendly, trying to be carefree as we had been before the whole sex thing started or the days after New Year’s Eve and when I visited her at home. She texted me with the first silly excuse a couple of days later and we kept on texting for some days before I closed the conversation to avoid problems.
Last weekend a couple of our friends got married and invited everyone, I was so happy to have a party with nothing to worry about... except a couple of days before I found out B and BF would be there. I texted her telling her I didn’t know she would be there and asking if she wanted to make up just to avoid being awkward at the weeding but she assured me it was just because she cared about me and our friendship, that we could have just avoided each other at the wedding anyway.
Well, come the wedding and... it’s super awkward: she’s back with BF without telling anybody and they emanate such a repulsive aura almost nobody speaks with them for the whole party after the ceremony, you could see friends were talking with her just when they were separated, otherwise they would just sit together in silence without looking at each other with nobody near them, “two lonelinesses together” as S described them, not even her talked with B because S hates BF so much for how he polluted B’s like she couldn’t stand being near him, not even for a second.
When I met her at the wedding I asked if I could hug her, she told me no. She has issues with being touched but she doesn’t want people to know so she lets others hug her, in the past she told me I was one of the three people she felt good hugging (the other being S and BF, of course), but that changed recently. Later on I sat with her (when BF wasn’t around) and talked for 10 minutes, just to try and be friendly and help her a bit feeling less lonely. Then I fucked up: I asked if she didn’t want a hug because of her or because of somebody else and she told me it was just her, she was a bit sick and didn’t want to spread it. 30 minutes later she’s leaving and I’m drunk and tell her “if it’s just becauseyou’re sick, I don’t care, hug me” and proceeded to try and hug her, she said no and pushed me away and immediately hugged S to say goodbye. I commented “well, apparently S is immune”. It was supposed to be fun in my head and I was kinda of calling her bluff, but it may have appeared much more aggressive. At that same party I managed to talk to S and tell her we needed to talk about ourfight of two months ago, even though things already were better and we started talking again. She said she knew and she wanted to talk too, but it hadn’t been the right time so the following day (yesterday) we finally talked.
She told me two months earlier she was very stressed about a lot of things and B told her she had thought AGAIN about the last time we had sex and used even worse words, she said she had seen Promising Young Woman and identified a lot with the story. And that’s why S was furious and attacked me, but during this two months she thought a lot about it and understood that it’s not always that easy to know where to stop, and with B it's even worse because it’s very difficult for her to say no, she almost always wants to please the people she loves because she’s convinced that otherwise people would just leave her alone and hate her. And that we should accept that B used me to self-harm.
But at the point I didn’t care anymore about S, I only cared about B feelings. S didn’t use any “buzzword” but they are all in my head: I feel I sexually assaulted my friend. I keep telling me in similar occasions she behaved the same way but did want to have sex, as she confirmed, that she tried to have sex with me four days later at that party and I had to stop her, that her “if once every now andthen we fuck it’s not a big issue” didn’t exactly point in that direction but this are all excuses. Of course avoiding me and all her behaviours make sense now, but I don’t know why she still wants to be my friend, why she specifically asked me to make up when she was away for nine months and could not worry about that, and she did so without being pushed, against her normal behaviour (she hates and avoid confrontations at all costs) and surely against her BF’s will who hates me and I’m sure he would prefer I disappeared from their life. And what’s the last thing I did? Trying to hug her to call her bluff “for fun”, except I was drunk and probably seemed aggressive. I really hope she will talk about it with me at some point, I can’t ask her to, but I know I won’t be able to look at her in the eyes knowing this. I should be able to dissimulate via text message and I won’t see her again until August, maybe until December but I don’t know what I’ll do then, I kinda hope she tells me to disappear and at the same time I don’t want her to waste her life in the poisonous relationship with her BF (that’s what everybody thinks, though).
That’s it I guess, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Any advice is welcome, I’m sorry for the length and the infinite repetitions of words, English is not my first language.
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2023.06.05 19:04 Smiilley Finance application not able to find much info on me.

Hi all,
I filled in a finance application form looking to get a car, provided address history and employment hiatory as accurately as I can. All my bills/banks/electoral, incomings & outgoings are registered at the address I've been living at for just over a year now.
The finance company called me almost immediately to query the fact they couldn't find anything on me. Confirmed a bunch of info which matched what I'd given them and still nothing. They said leave it with them and they then got back to me 20 minutes later having found a little something, indicating I had good credit but not enough information to get finance at a good rate.
They advised I get in touch with Equifax and see if they could help. I'd never heard of them before but from the looks of it they're like Experian which I did use back in 2017 to get a free credit check, and my score was as good as it could be and shouldn't have changed seeing as I've never missed a payment on any finance or ever had a credit card.
As I write this, I've realised my address with Experian has never been updated, could this be the cause? I also might have miscalculated an emplyment period, I worked somwehere for 3 years 3 lomths rather than 2 years 2 months, could that be it?
I've saved up £2000 and am looking at buying a car.
I'm just wary, as afaik finance applications/multi credit checks can have a negative affect on your rating. Any advice?
Thanks :)
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2023.06.05 19:04 SuccessfulPen6539 Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me

Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me submitted by SuccessfulPen6539 to AMZreviewTrader [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:04 gatorsss1981 Third row access with 2 rear facing car seats installed

We have one child that's almost two and another due in a couple of months. We are looking to get a van so we can fit 3 adults and two rear facing car seats. Due to the age difference in children we want to have them on the outside seats in the second row, but still want to have access to the third row for an adult.
The Odyssey with magic slide looks perfect for this, but living in Florida we have serious concerns about the lack of ceiling vents.
The Sienna 2nd row seats slide far enough back that we can go in front of the car seat and then access the 3rd row from the middle. We would probably go this route, but the local dealerships can't give us any information on when they might be available.
We saw a Carnival with the VIP 2nd row seats that also slide far enough back, but they are so wide nobody can go between them to get to the 3rd row. Does anybody know if in the Carnival with 8 seats, but the middle seat removed, can the 2nd row seats go far enough back to walk in front and go between them to the 3rd row?
Does anybody have other suggestions for us on a vehicle that could meet our needs?
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2023.06.05 19:04 thaMagicConch I really dont know what happened.

I really dont know what happened.
Before yesterday my PR for 9 holes was +4, for 18 holes, +11. Playing hungover, at a course I have never played, behind a slow ass 3some, with 10-15 mph winds, I somehow managed my first ever under par 9 with a 34, and the rattled off another PR beating 38 to round out my first ever 70 shot round with a 72. I was fully expecting it to take forever to shave off strokes and barely scrape out a 79 or something... Damn near cried draining the last putt to close it out.. thankfully I was with my GF so the boys couldnt roast me. HOW MANY PUTTERS DO I BUY.
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2023.06.05 19:04 JDB_7741127 Just Received This Winner 😂

Just Received This Winner 😂
Definitely my last passenger I had before I stopped home to take care of some personal business. She asked me once to turn the radio down, which I did, and commented that my car was loud.
I drive a 2017 Chevrolet Sonic RS with a number of performance modifications including a new 3” catback exhaust from ZZP. It does make noise that most passengers compliment or end up falling asleep to late at night.
Oh, the radio was the latest JRE podcast about how a wrongfully convicted man was just released after 29 years in prison. On top of this she tipped me. Make this make sense 😂
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2023.06.05 19:03 ThrowRAHolyDuckz I Am Kidnapping My Child and I Don’t Give a Fuck

I (24f) have a son (1.5) with my ex (25m). Well y’all I’m at my fucking wits end. I can’t go into too many details because I know he uses Reddit a lot. Mainly the sex pages where he can jerk off to chicks, allegedly, even though every time I went through his phone it was always pages with dudes and their dicks out. Hell recently he even said “who said it’s a girl” when I told him I didn’t even care about whatever girl he was seeing I just wanted to talk to my son. But hey that’s his fucking truth not mine.
I moved my entire life AFTER we broke up to follow him so that HE could see our son still. I wanted my baby to still be around his father. He lied and manipulated me saying that we’d try to work things out and the moment I got here every thing fucking changed. He stopped answering calls and texts from my family altogether even though they fucking had his back and was there for him when he had no family really of his own where he was previously. I found my own place, got my own job and made it work. Well his ass never fucking bothered to work. He lived with his siblings and would help her out with her business or do little side hustles but he didn’t fucking work. He complained I needed a consistent schedule so I got one. He said I needed to make more money so I got the highest paying job I’d ever had. I for a boring ass 8:30-5 job Monday-Friday and made it work so that it was the most consistent schedule he’d ever have.
Since he didn’t work it just made sense for him to watch our son. We never had a custody order in place, when we were in our old state I left him come get our son whenever, never withheld him, always let him call and see him, I’ve never distanced him from our son. I don’t have a car yet here because the move and everything else was just so expensive. But I had everything else. I just relied on him to pick up and drop off our son. With no actual job that should’ve been easy. He only lives 20 minutes away. But he hasn’t. He’s from my baby. At first limiting me to only seeing him on weekends, then he would take him for WEEKS on these road trips to different states as he was doing roadie. But he would at least answer his phone a good amount of times when I called. Lately we got into an argument because he won’t even answer the phone anymore saying to only text him. I told him the only reason I FaceTime him is to see our son who’s too little to have a phone. I’m his mother and I should know where my baby is at all times… he still refuses.
So I spent THOUSANDS of dollars to put him into daycare, scrapped and scrounged to figure it all out. Full time daycare is expensive and hard to get into where I live but I did it. He went the first week and loved it! But he got sick the second week and couldn’t go so I let his dad have him for the week telling him we had a flight to catch that Friday so he needed to be back. Friday comes and he’s ignored every call and text. I eventually tell him we’ll have him back on Sunday so that he can go back to daycare on Monday. Nothing. Now here we are Monday and he’s still not back he missed daycare and they are saying his presence is not optional it’s mandatory or else they will de-enroll him and get the next kid on the list. There will be no refund.
I’m pissed and now I’m beyond done! I will be staying calm, being cool with his dad and the next time he does finally drop off my son, I am packing up and we are going back home with my family. Where I will take his ass to court for full custody and let his evil, petty ass fight for his fucking rights for trying to take away my son. He will NEVER see my baby again (unsupervised).
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2023.06.05 19:03 Mura-Rajan JioCinema Premium in JioFiber

I know the first comment will be to ask customer care but trust me, I tried and my friend tried, All we got was "Okay sir I'll ask my superior and inform you" and if we called after that "No sir, My superior didn't pick up the phone"
Okay, so I recently purchased JioFiber and they advertised all these 13 OTT apps for 999 per month. It looked like an amazing deal and something too good to be true... So they didn't tell me that the Prime subscription lasts only for a year. There's a TON of bugs.
When I asked the guy MULTIPLE times if JioCinema Premium was included, He kept saying yes. And when I asked him if it would come for my mobile device as well, He said yes. But right after installation he tells me my mobile device won't have the Premium feature...
I wanted to watch Succession, A couple days back I was able to access it in my TV but today it asks me to subscribe to JioCinema Premium. Any solutions?
Thank You!
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2023.06.05 19:03 SuccessfulPen6539 Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me

Dash Cam 2K WiFi Car Camera 1440P Dash Camera for Cars,Front Dashcam for Cars with Super Night Vision, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, 170°Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, WiFi &APP, Support 128GB Max... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $49.99... Inbox me submitted by SuccessfulPen6539 to AmazonReviewClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:03 ChechTheMan 3D printing in Richard L’Abbe Makerspace

Im looking for a place to print my model car on short notice, exept I'm only a high school sudent nearby. apparently I need to be a student there to use the printers at makerspace but Im wondering how loose those guidlines are. do I need a student ID? can I get a friend at uOttawa to print it for me?
please follow up with me if you have an answer :)
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2023.06.05 19:03 athaki President Trump visits McDonalds [OC]

I was working the till at McDonalds when the president of the United States himself, Donald Trump walked through the door. “Can I take your order, Mr. President?” I asked. “I wanna Big Mac, and some covfefe.” Not understanding, I asked again, “I’m sorry Mr. President, could you please repeat your order?” His orange face scowled, he tightened his tiny, sausage-like hands into cute small fists and he said, “You are fucking retarted!” He stormed out of the McDonalds. Not wanting to embarrass myself further, I followed him out to his shiny black Chevrolet Tahoe. “I apologize sir, I didn’t know what you meant.” He turned around, his thicc backside escaping my view. He gestured towards the car and said, “Get in the car you piece of shit.” Being the beta male that I am, I obediently complied. That is when he struck, like the sexual predator that he is. His tiny hands reached around and firmly grabbed me by my loose, prolapsed bussy. I screamed, “Mr. President! Not out in the open like this!” He replied, “I can do whatever the fuck I want, and I won’t lose any supporters.” He ripped off my black McDonald’s uniform pants and pulled down my skimpy black thong. “I want hertdergs now,” Donald Trump, the God-King said. He took my cock into his orange, pucker-like mouth. I squirmed, but being the obedient sub that I am, I allowed him, and I started to work my hands down his pants, putting my hand underneath his Depends incontinence briefs and started to work on his own mushroom like prick. He moaned, “You’re so much better at this than Ted Cruz or Mike Pence.” I pulled his pants the rest of the way down, and stuck my prick into his ancient, diseased looking pucker. “Oh yeah, give it to me,” Trump said. I worked as fast as I could, with every pump of my prick as it entered and left his ruined asshole feeling so good. I came and pulled out, he immediately shat himself because he no longer has control of his bowels and then he went to work on me, sticking his tiny prick into my pucker. Not wanting to embarrass him, I said, “Mr. President, it’s the biggest that I’ve ever had. '' He seemed pleased, as he pumped twice and came. We made out very quickly, his toupee sliding off of his orange painted face. “I’ll be back next week,” Trump said. He put his clothes back on, kicked me out of the car and drove off. I walked back into the McDonalds, happy in the fact that I had willingly fucked Donald Trump and that I had made him shit himself.
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2023.06.05 19:03 Emergency-Ghost10X Config.blk not affecting game?

Whenever I change a setting in "Config.blk" it doesn't seem to affect the game. For example, changing debug mode to be affected by Dev mode, or changing it to enable sound mods. Whenever I try to do "fmod_sound_enable:b=yes" in the config and go In-game it doesn't change anything even though I have the sound mod installed. Before all these things worked and now it stopped working. I've tried resting the game and redoing the commands but it doesn't seem to work, this also applies for changing text on killed targets such as "Target destroyed", or "Aircraft Destroyed". If anyone could please help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 19:03 Random_Imgur_User Collections agency flagged my credit after missing an automatic payment on a small debt due to a debit card error. How do I make sure I'm not dragging this around for 7 years?

Title and more, this is in Durham NC.
So I have a very small debt I've been paying off over time, and I'm down to less than $250 left on the account out of the original 600ish. The owner of this debt sent it off to their collections agency, who told me this wouldn't effect my credit unless I was missing payments. They have all of my contact info from email to address so I didn't see anything wrong with that, and I set up automatic payments that have been coming out for more than a year unimpeded.
Late last month, apparently there was an error with my debit card and the payment didn't go through. It was an honest mistake on my part, and I fixed it immediately, but still my credit score dropped a whopping 22 points after it was flagged. I was never sent an email, letter, SMS, nothing in writing. Apparently they called me once at about 7pm on a Tuesday night, didn't even leave a voicemail, and since I didn't pick up in that instance I was sent to be reported.
Is there anything I can do about this? I understand that I did miss a payment, but this slip was nearly impossible to notice until it was too late and I don't want to be carrying the scars of it's effects well into my 30s.
Any advice is appreciated, and sorry in advance if there are more appropriate subs for this.
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