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2023.06.02 17:38 atlasnova12 Help! I need to find a cheap rental car, I’m 21 but I know it will be cheaper than using Lyft!!

My buddy and I were planning on splitting Lyft costs to travel around while we are in ATL. However I know it will be far more expensive to do that than renting a car. So how can someone under 25 cheaply rent a car for Friday-Sunday night???
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2023.06.02 17:36 triptriptricky Young-ish Professional, Wanting to Travel More

Hi, everyone! First off, I want to apologize for posting yet another travel credit card recommendation request... I have been trying to do my research and compare cards, but I still have no idea which one to choose.
Some background:
*30's, single, doesn't currently travel much (maybe 1-2x per year, domestically), but wants to travel more. My goal is to travel at least 2x per year, both domestically and internationally. *I live near BWI, so that will be my main depature airport. *I am open to the higher AF cards, as long as the fee is easily recouped (I already have TSA PreCheck through my employer, but I'd be interested in Global Entry). *I may be purchasing tour packages through tour companies for my international travel, if that makes a difference in what a company consideres a form of travel for points accural. I should be purchasing the airline ticket myself, though.
Thank you for your help!!!
* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of: Discover It $29,500 limit, 08/2015, $0 balance // Tower Federal Credit Union Gold Mastercard, $6,000 limit, 09/2014. This is my oldest credit card, and it is not currently in use. // Never missed a payment and never carried a balance.
*FICO Score: 820 TransUnion per Discover, 813 TransUnion and 817 Equifax per CreditKarma
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 0
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 0
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 0
* Annual income: $115,000
* OK with category-specific cards?: Yes, if able to transfer in order to maximize travel benefits/points.
* OK with rotating category cards?: Yes
* Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below: * Dining: $125
* Groceries: $300-$400 exclusively via Walmart online grocery delivery/pickup.
* Gas: $25
* Travel: I would say $0 really, but maybe $60 (~$1,450 total over the last 24 months - $1,160 on flights, ~$100 on UbeLyft. No car rentals or hotels.)
* Do you plan on using this card abroad for a significant length of time (study abroad, digital nomad, expat, extended travel)?: No, not a significant amount of time, but would prefer a card that is accepted while traveling abroad in order to maximize travel points. * Any other categories
-Phone: $55
-Car Insurance: $41 (paid semiannually) -Spotify: $14
-Hulu: $16
* Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: No
* Can you pay rent by credit card? No
* Current member of Amazon Prime?: Yes, $140 paid annually
* Current Verizon postpaid customer?: No
* Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? No
* Currently paying $13.99/month or more for Disney Bundle (Disney+ / Hulu / EPSN+) or other Hulu services? Yes, Hulu only
* Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: No
* Active US military?: No
* Are you open to Business Cards?: No
* What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: Travel Rewards
* If you answered "travel rewards", do you have a preferred airline and/or hotel chain? No preferred hotels, and no preferred airline really, but I do exclusively travel out of BWI.
* Do you have any cards you've been looking at? The usual travel cards that are frequently recommended here. Chase Sapphire lines, Capitol One, etc. I'm a bit apprehensive regarding Amex, since I hear they are not widely accepted abroad.
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2023.06.02 17:36 platinurm I have a couple of questions about cat behavior in general (wondering if my cat is being a cat or something is wrong)

General info about my cat: He's turning 2 somewhere in August. He's around 4.7kg. Neutered at around 1 year old. He was a feral cat up until he was 5 months old, then around 8 months he started coming inside and enjoying it more, that was until he was like 1, now he's strictly an indoor cat only (9 months). He eats both dry and wet food. He east two meals 12 hours apart and gets 2 food puzzles in between plus before bed I do a training session with treats. I play with him around 4 times, in the morning after his meal for around 5 mins, when I come back after his second meal for around 15 mins, and again in the evening for around 15 minutes, and before bed again for as long until he stops which usually takes 20 to 30 mins.
My questions:
  1. I've noticed my cat has gotten more active ever since spring season started, he was soooo much calmer during winter. Is that the norm for all cats?
  2. He also started waking up much earlier, which I think is normal, right? Since the sun rises now earlier than it did in winter
  3. When he wakes up he goes batshit crazy. Not zoomies, he jumps on me and bites my legs and arms hard, he quite literally attacks me and it's very painful, sometimes he leaves scratches and bite marks. I try to redirect his attention to the teddy bear or rabbit stuffed toy, sometimes it works other times it's like he want to attack ME not just anything. (I never got him used to playing with my hands btw, always toys, so idk where this came from). Weirdly enough sometimes he is purring when he does that, to him it might be just playing but to me it's painful. Sometimes I have to push him off of me and sometimes he's literally latched onto my arm that I have to pull him off by the scruff of his neck (not carry him, just get him to stop) and I yell at him to stop because it gets so stressful and painful, he sometimes calms down after that and other times he just gets in this 'I was going easy on you now I'm gonna kill you' mode and tries to launch at me again. I play with him for about half an hour before bed. He runs and jumps and chases and eats, so it's not like I'm not providing ways to release his energy. My question here is that normal? If not how can I stop him from being so aggressive in his plays?
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2023.06.02 17:36 ComprehensivePoint22 Pet Policy

So I really need to know if I’m still breaking a apartment policy. In my apartment we cannot own pets like dogs and cats. I’ve been living here for a while now and never had any pets. Until a stray cat came and begged me for food. Since then I’ve been feeding it and made a bed for it to sleep in. I admit I bring him inside for 10 minutes to play around but I take him out after. This has been going on for half a year now until my Property Manager gave me a warning about the stray cat. Since then I’ve stopped letting him inside but he still comes by for food and sleeps by (he’s always slept outside). I need to know if I’m still breaking the policy by keeping him around but outside. I still feed him but if he stays to sleep is up to him. I do not want to get evicted but I also don’t want the stray cat to get taken away. I’m stuck between letting things be or taking the stray cat to a shelter since no one else I know can take care of him. My question is; Am I breaking my apartments pet policy by still feeding the stray and giving him a place to sleep outside my apartment?
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2023.06.02 17:36 shinigami081 Multiple vlans with att bgw330-550

I have att fiber (5gbps). I also have a mikrotik switch (CRS312-4C+8XG-RM) and cisco switch (sg200-24P). I would like to have 4 vlans. 1) home network 2) IoT 3) my work 4) my wife's work
Is this possible with my setup as it is now? Right now I have 2 wireless routers set up in AP mode that have no multiple vlan support (one for IoT, one for home network), but planning getting 2 APs in the near future with multiple vlan support.
If I configure the vlans as port vlans, and just make the port on my mikrotik that the att router is plugged into a member of all the vlans would this work, or would it just combine all the vlans at that port so all traffic can cross at that point, negating the vlans? Kind of new to this setup I'm wanting. I appreciate any help provided.
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2023.06.02 17:35 Common_Victory9385 Looking for feedback on the first chapter of my story [3400]

This was just copy/pasted from google docs so apologies in advance for any formatting issues.

19°28’N 37°14’E
Near Port Sudan, Sudan, Africa.
Another helicopter thundered past in the distance, following the line of the oil pipeline back towards the port facilities.
"That's three in the past hour," Cody observed. "Still think nothing's going on?" "I think if you want to bother Adams again it's gonna be your ass." Keith replied.
"Come on, don't be like that." Cody said.
"Come on, don't be a bitch."
"Bitch says what."
"Got fifty bucks says you won't do it."
"Will both of you shut the fuck up," Eduardo groaned from the back seat of the vehicle. "We're almost done here and you can go harass Adams in person when we get back to base."
"Yeah but I'm curious now." Cody said.
"Well, tell Miles to turn this vic around and we can go."
"What do you say, Miles? You know Adams doesn't check the log timestamps too closely."
"The final marker is literally thirty meters away," Miles said patiently. "I will turn the vic around there and we will drive back to base and you can badger Adams into a stroke on your own time. Until then, watch your sector."
"Uh well, my sector's full of sand, can I have a different one?"
"There's some rocks in mine."
"Like the face of the fucking moon out here, man." Cody moaned.
"Maybe you shouldn't have signed up for a job in the fucking Sudan, genius." Eduardo said.
"Man, I'm just here for the money." Cody replied.
"Well, I'm not here for the weather." Martin said, cranking the wheel around in a practiced motion. The battered white SUV slewed around, wheels spraying dust and pebbles. Cody keyed the radio on his vest. "Base, this is Cody checking in. We're at the outer marker for the southern patrol path, heading back, over."
There was the faint buzz of static.
"Copy that, Cody. Any contacts?"
"No contacts, base. All quiet here. Out."
Martin patted Cody on the shoulder. "Proud of you, buddy. That took real strength."
Cody flipped him off.
The radio crackled again. "Cody, this is base, where did you say you were?"
"Base, this is Cody, we are at the outer marker for our patrol route, heading back your way, over."
"Uh, copy Cody, hang on one second."
“Cody, this is Adams,” a new voice said over the radio. “I need your team to swing west and investigate unauthorized activity near the pipeline in, uh grid square A54-41."
"The fuck this is Cody's team." Keith muttered from the back.
"Copy that, Adams, we'll move to investigate immediately," Cody said crisply. "Any intel on the intruders?"
The radio crackled again. "The uh, number of intruders is unknown at this time."
Miles keyed his own radio. "Adams, who called this report in?"
"The report was forwarded to us by local security forces."
A chorus of groans rose from the interior of the SUV.
"Fuckin' locals." Eduardo said.
"And why isn't local security handling this?"
"Miles, I don't need to remind you that Vericom has been contracted to guard the terminal facilities and pipeline-"
"Yeah yeah, spare me the geopolitics, Adams, I'm just a dumb trigger puller, remember? I'm not asking you why I'm here, I'm asking why the very much armed local security isn't apprehending the trespassers."
"The local security called it in," Adams replied in a tight, angry voice. "And under the terms of our contract we are responsible for apprehending any trespassers in our zone. Is that satisfactory, Mr. Martin?"
"Copy, moving to apprehend. Out."
"Fuckin' locals." Eduardo muttered again as the SUV turned towards the new destination.
"Coming up on the location now." Cody was tapping at the topographical map displayed on his ruggedized tablet.
"Copy that," Miles said absently, maneuvering the SUV around a scattering of larger boulders. Behind him Keith rolled down his window and propped the muzzle of his M4 carbine on the opening.
"Relax," Eduardo said. "Just some lost people."
"Maybe." Keith said, squinting out over the dusty, rolling terrain.
The SUV bounced over the crest of another low ridge, the long dust plume trailing behind it in the harsh midday sun. Miles slowed to a stop. In the far distance there was a glint of light off a moving vehicle traversing the coastal highway. There was no other sign of life in sight.
"Yeah, there's nothing out here." Cody said after a few moments.
Keith had extracted a pair of binoculars from his chest rig and was scanning the surroundings.
"Nothing on this side, boss." Eduardo said.
"Keith?" Miles said.
"Nothing moving but heat haze."
"Cody, call in negative contact. Let's head back to base." Miles said as the SUV rolled forward.
"Copy copy." Cody keyed his radio. "Base, this is Cody, we're at grid A54-41, negative on contact with intruders, over."
"Copy that Cody, we haven't gotten any other reports in your zone, go ahead and head in."
"Thanks very much, base, will do. Cody out."
The SUV bumped and bounced its way back onto the “paved” road. While the main coastal highway was in decent shape, the smaller roads were mostly potholes and washouts held together by cracked concrete and gravel. Although flatter than the surrounding landscape, it was a bold or desperate driver that would risk driving on it at normal highway speeds. This fact most likely saved four lives as Miles had plenty of time to spot the dusty tan plate lying in the road as the vehicle slowly bounced towards it.
“Guys, is that a land mine I’m seeing in the road ahead?” Miles said, pointing. “Directly ahead, maybe twenty yards, just past the two bushes.”
Cody sat up, peering through the dusty windshield. “Slow up, slow up. Shit, I think you’re right.”
“Call it in,” Miles said. “We use this road all the time, what was the last team through here?"
"Dallas' team had outer perimeter patrol this morning." Keith volunteered.
"Base, this is Cody, we've got what looks like a landmine on Route 33, maybe two or three klicks from the coastal highway, please advise, over."
There was a brief hiss of static. No reply.
"Base, do you read, over?"
“Base, this is a fucking great time for a coffee break!”
No answer.
“Guys, I think this is a no shit situation,” Miles said, putting the SUV in reverse. “Let’s get off the X and back to base.”
Cody slid his AR up into the ready position. Keith and Eduardo already had their rifles out and ready.
Miles executed a hasty three point turn and gunned the SUV back the way they had come.
“How concerned should we be right now?” Keith shouted over the engine noise. “Not the
first time we’ve lost comms with base out here.”
“Could be nothing,” Miles shouted back. “But out here it could be a strike on the port or oil terminal. Not that hard to jam comms and drop a few mines on the roads.”
“Hell, I’m here for it.” Keith shouted.
“I’ll keep trying to raise base or one of the other teams.” Cody shouted.
The SUV bounced and lurched its way back over the route it had taken and finally reached the coastal highway where Miles jammed the pedal down. Cody still couldn’t make contact with base but was able to reach another patrolling team who confirmed that base was incommunicado. As they roared up the coastal highway Cody pointed towards a rising plume of dense black smoke ahead of them. “Looks like shit’s gone down, boys.”
“Fuck,” Keith swore, peering around Cody’ headrest to look ahead. “So much for site security.”
“Guys, we’ve got a roadblock ahead.” Cody said, pointing. A dilapidated cargo truck had stopped and was attempting to turn around. A pair of pickup trucks were just visible beyond it, blocking off the road in a shallow V. Men in mismatched fatigues and headscarves stood atop them holding rifles.
“Are those our guys?” Miles asked, slowing the SUV.
“Fuck if I can tell from here.” Cody said.
“Well I’m not fucking moving up.” Miles said.
“Go around,” Eduardo said, peering out his window. “No ditch here.”
“Go now while the truck is between us and them.” Keith added.
“Hang on.” Miles gunned the SUV down the shallow embankment parallel to the roadblock.
Keith twisted around in his seat. “They’re tracking us”.
Miles glanced in the rearview mirror. The guards were pointing and waving their arms at the SUV. One of them with a pistol in one hand and a radio in the other seemed to be giving orders
“Are we still under the ROE?” Cody asked. “I’d really like to shoot back if they try to kill us.”
“I’m not dying over fucked comms and a misunderstanding.” Keith said.
The checkpoint guards were scrambling into their trucks. One of them ripped off a burst that went wide.
“Fuck it, that’s good enough for me,” Miles said, slamming on the brakes. “Dismount and engage hostiles.”
The men threw themselves out of the vehicle. Eduardo and Cody went prone in the dirt and began firing. On the other side Keith propped his rifle on the vehicle’s bumper and squeezed off several careful shots.
The checkpoint guards had been caught by surprise by the sudden attack. One of the trucks had just roared into motion when the bullets began punching through the windshield. The other was still parked, its crew climbing into the cab when the shooting started. Multiple rounds smashed the windshield into a starred, opaque mess. The driver leaped from the seat and ran for cover behind the truck wheels. Miles shot him in the back and he dropped.
The other truck rolled forward down the shallow incline with a dead driver at the wheel. The guards in the back continued firing over the roof. The back window of the SUV shattered and bullets banged off the steel frame, showering Keith and Eduardo with shards of safety glass. Miles fired at a guard crouched in the truck bed and the man disappeared, then popped back up again when Miles shifted targets. Miles shifted back and fired again, his gun clicking empty on the third shot. He dropped the empty magazine and yanked a new one from his vest. The new mag clicked into place and Miles resumed shooting. A corner of his mind was pleasantly surprised at how easily it was done under fire.
One of the guards on the far truck bailed off the back and fled across the road, disappearing into the ditch on the far side. Suddenly no one was firing back at them.
Miles cautiously rose to his feet. With Keith and Cody covering him, he and Eduardo circled wide around the checkpoint, scanning for any sign of life. Nothing moved but wisps of steam from under the hood of one of the trucks. He waved the others in. They swept the checkpoint carefully. There were six dead guards and a blood trail leading out into the brush.
“Fuck.” Keith said emphatically.
“Fuck me,” Cody said, slotting in a fresh mag. “You guys good?
“I’m good.” Keith said.
“Good here.” Eduardo said, patting himself down.
“I’m ok.” Martin said.
“Fuck,” Keith said again. “Fuckers just opened up on us. These weren’t local security, right?”
“Check the bodies for intel,” Miles said, already rifling through the pockets of one of the shooters. “I don’t know who the fuck these guys were but we’re gonna get grilled about this.”
The three of them methodically searched the bodies while Eduardo held overwatch. None of the bodies had any documents on them. The weapons were gathered and stacked in the back of one of the trucks while the bodies were laid out next to it. Martin retrieved their SUV which proved to have suffered no worse damage than shot out windows and the four of them piled in.
Cody finally got a response on the radio as they neared the base. A rattled Adams responded to their calls by ordering them in to assist with base security. “Radio shack got hit and we’ve been dealing with jamming. We still have two patrols out in the field who haven’t reported in, we need you to assist in maintaining a defensive perimeter.”
“Copy that, boss. Tell base we’re coming in so don’t fucking shoot at us. Already dealt with that once today.”
They dismounted in the central courtyard. The comms building had taken a direct hit from an RPG and was still smoking. Two sheet covered bodies lay beside it. Several of the other buildings had bullet holes and other signs of battle damage.
As directed, the team took up defensive positions on the roof of one of the perimeter buildings. Dallas’ team was on a nearby building overlooking the main entrance. Miles got on the radio and contacted them.
“Glad to see y’all made it,” Dallas said by way of greeting. “Been a real shitshow here.” He pointed towards the billowing black smoke belching out of the wreckage of the oil pipeline terminal. “Probably not getting our contract renewed for this site.”
“So what the fuck happened?” Miles asked.
“Don’t know. We were in the bunkhouse when we heard the radio shack get hit. Whoever it was lit the place up and then peeled out. We had barely gotten outside when the oil terminal went up. Someone said they saw Sea Ports Corporation logos on the trucks but I don’t know if that’s true. All I saw was dust.”
“Shit, you think that’s true? Locals were behind this?”
“Someone with more brains than your average fanatic is. They knew exactly what to hit and exactly how to jam our comms.”
“They mined the roads along our patrol routes too, so either they’ve been watching us or they paid off someone on the inside.”
“Smart.” Dallas said.
“I saw the two bodies by the radio shack. Any of your team get hit?”
“Negative. They were in and out. I think someone in the admin building caught a stray round but that was all.”
“I know Shedge was on shift in comms,” Miles said. “Who was the other?”
“Morris.” Dallas said.
They fell silent for a while.
The two missing patrol teams drove in thirty minutes later in a single shot up SUV. They had come under long range fire from hidden enemies and had evaded out into the desert. One of the vehicles had been disabled, but the team managed to dismount and take cover while the other vehicle moved to pick them up. One team member had been grazed on the leg and another had taken a hit to the chest plate. The uninjured team members joined them on the perimeter defense. No attack materialized.
A convoy of Sudanese military vehicles rolled in late that evening to take charge of the terminal. The PMC personnel were ordered to collect their personal items and evacuate the site. The Sudanese wanted them out, so while the company lawyers argued with the Sudanese administration, all personnel on the ground were transported out to Port Sudan International Airport for flights back to the United States.
Miles, Keith, Cody, and Eduardo caught up with each other outside the terminal. Keith was chatting with two of the airport ground crew in passable Arabic as the others walked up.
“Hey, you guys aren’t going to believe this but apparently there’s been a bunch of foreign fighter types coming through here in the past several weeks.” Keith said by way of greeting.
“Go fucking figure.” Miles said.
“I don’t even give a shit,” Cody said, unwrapping a pack of cigarettes. “In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way back home with a fat early contract termination check in my pocket.”
Eduardo nodded. “We all survived, importantly.”
“Amen to that.” Cody said.
The ground crew members bid Keith farewell and sauntered off towards the terminal.
There was silence for a minute while Cody methodically extracted and lit up a cigarette.
“That was pretty fucking badass though,” Miles said. “Shot our way out of an ambush and drove home.”
“Pretty wild.” Keith agreed.
“Never saw the people I killed before,” Eduardo said. “Returning fire yes, but not securing the bodies. Always gone afterwards.”
“I definitely had that out-of-body feeling you get sometimes under fire,” Cody said. “Like you’re just watching your own body go through the motions while you sit and watch.”
“I never got that,” Miles said. “I was inside my own head but I always knew somehow what to do next. Like even when we swept the roadblock I knew exactly where to turn and where the bodies were going to be. It sounds crazy but I wasn’t really scared of getting shot, I was scared of moving wrong or stepping in the wrong place and I’d break the focus and suddenly I’d have to think through every motion again.”
Eduardo nodded. “I know how that feels.”
Another silence. Cody took a deep drag on the cigarette.
“You don’t think we’ll get fired over this, do you?” Keith asked. “Because I still have bills to pay back home and I don’t need this on my record.”
“I doubt it,” Cody said. “I mean, its completely out of our hands so who the fuck knows really. But its not something you get fired over. You see how fast they’re pulling us out of here, like no operation debrief or anything? Company’s got bigger problems to worry about right now.”
“Like the oil pipeline that got blown up, not about a possible bad shoot in the desert.” Keith said.
“Oil terminal.” Miles corrected quietly.
“You watch,” Cody continued. “In about three days some Vericom executive is going to strap on his golden parachute and take a dive off the top floor because the company stock dipped by sixty cents. Then we’ll all get an email with a big fat non-disclosure agreement attached showing up in our inboxes.”
“You would work for them again?” Eduardo sounded surprised.
“Fuck it, why not?” Cody said. “The pay’s good, and what are the odds that a fuck up like this happens to me twice?”
“Seems like higher odds than before.” Miles said.
“Everybody’s running a little hot these days,” Keith said. “You’ve got the Syrian and Yemen civil wars, the military coup in Turkey, the bombings in Europe, the riots in India, the drug wars in Mexico and southeast Asia, plus that bombing at the Olympics.”
“I still think that one was a false flag.” Cody said.
“Bullshit, that was the work of ISIS scum.” Eduardo replied angrily.
“He’s got a point, Cody,” Miles said. “They grabbed one of the bombers before he could clack off his vest after all.”
“Maybe,” Cody said. “Now the shooting at the Clinton rally, that was a false flag, no question. The FBI practically admitted it. They’re terrified she’ll lose and they need a few martyrs.”
“Don’t know why you pay so much attention to that,” Miles said. “Not like the other guy is any better. Just a pair of narcissistic old fucks getting their rocks off on the American people’s dime.”
“I like to know which side is going to be screaming about a rigged election for the next four years while their savings and civil liberties go up in smoke.” Cody lit another cigarette from the butt of the first.
“You know I hate it when you chain smoke and turn into Alex Jones.” Miles said.
“Brother, you should see me on meth.” Cody grinned.
“I didn’t know you smoked at all.” Eduardo said.
“Only on the way home,” Cody said. “Otherwise I don’t.”
The four of them stood around on the airport tarmac until the encroaching evening chill drove them inside with the rest of the Vericom personnel. Miles’ last glimpse of Sudan was the stark black outline of the western hills as the sun sank behind them. Then night fell and the only light was the harsh white arc lights of the airport illuminating the red and white airliner being fueled to carry them home.
News Headlines of the day:
FBI: Philadelphia shooter had ‘strong ties’ to right wing ultranationalist groups.
US economy signals uncertainty as Far East trade war heats up.
British lawmaker shot dead, EU referendum campaigns suspended
Prominent Mexican politician, family among the dead following Sinaloa cartel gun battle.
‘Terrorism is not welcome here’: Sudanese President issues warning following oil pipeline bombing.
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2023.06.02 17:35 Fagaroni_goth_moth Stressful short life story and A WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITY!

Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old, recently married, planning to move to a new state for the first time. My lease ends in 28 days and I have no income and no apartment secured, and I quit my job that I worked at for 1 yr and 7 months, 2 months ago because I was going through extreme burnout. The manager was awful and only pretended to care about his employees, but did not give two shits when customers yelled at us, harassed us, or made us uncomfortable. There was a gun threat and he just brushed it off like it was nothing… $18/hour was not worth it anymore, and I quit.
I began an aggressive job search for a remote data entry position because I had no other experience than customer service. I thought this was the only job I would be able to get, but I was wrong, because I couldn’t even get this job. I actually got scammed with a fake job post and lost money. I will not say the amount because it is very embarrassing and I still feel very stupid about it. It sent me back a lot and I was extremely stressed out and could not focus on any of the positivity in my future life. I could not see a future anymore. After the scam, I buried myself into applying to hundreds of jobs, and I did not hear back from any of them. I only got one actual interview and they rejected me anyway. I was losing all hope. Then I got a message on ZipRecruiter from what seemed like a “customer service rep job” it wasn’t a very good description but my expectations were falling so fast I was willing to take anything remote. To my surprise, it was for becoming an independent insurance agent. The person I spoke to was very nice and welcoming, but I was very skeptical because being an insurance agent is something I never thought about, I don’t know anything about finances. Completely new career industry. But I took a risk, and I started studying and I passed my state exam in a week. Studying is over exaggerating actually, I just memorized the answers from the practice quizzes and then crammed other information that explains the answers like for two days prior to my exam. I am now a licensed life and health and accident and annuities insurance agent at 21!! I feel so much better about my future. No more altering my resume, applying for jobs, and no more awkward job interviews!!
Detailed job description: The company is called Pinnacle Elite. Pay $125 for 1. Background check federal and state 2. You get added to the payroll (will get paid every Tuesday and every Friday) 3. Access to the company platform in all 50 states 4. Complimentary training every week 5. World class mentorship
Other Licensing Fees (some depend on what state you’re in) 1. Pre-Licensing Fee $30ish to get access to study course 2. Application fee $53ish for when you pass exam and apply for your license 3. Errors and Emissions (Business Insurance) for Life Licensed Agents $40/Month (I did not pay this yet) 4. Platform fee for Licensed Agents $15 (I didn’t have to pay this yet either)
Get 24 hours of studying time (this is the requirement for PA. And you don’t actually have to study for this long, just have to have the screen open and let the time tick)
Complete all of the practice quizzes (they tell you not to go back and redo the quizzes, but you can and I did to memorize the answers) the questions and answers are almost exactly what they will be on the actual exam!! Made it super easy! Also you only need 70% on the exam to pass! In CA it’s only 65%
After you pass you have to get fingerprinted which costed me $25 Apply for your state license - $50-$60 (already listed above)
Then is the waiting period for getting your license approved. This is where you have to plan how you are going to broadcast and promote your own INDEPENDENT BUSNIESS. You are working with WITH a company, not for it. Every single thing is done from the comforts of your home over Zoom. They will figuratively “hold your hand” and personally help you through every single step in the process. They will train you on the job, be with you while you are doing practice appointments, and help you get clients. Right now I am currently waiting on my application to be processed. So I’m in the process of finding potential clients and potential future agents.
One of the great things about this, is you are learning how to help YOURSELF and then helping your family, friends, and anyone else. You will learn how to do anything you can imagine with finances and secure your financial future!
You also do not have to quit your current job if you cannot afford to. You can apply yourself to this around your current schedule. Everything is done around YOUR availability. But you have to COMMIT.
Anyone skeptical about being an insurance agent, just google how much you possibly could make if you get through the initial process.. it might change your mind.
It is a process and a risk but I hope I explained everything enough and maybe caught some of your attentions. If you are genuinely interested and ready to commit to change your life around completely, please reach out to me! If you want, I can keep updating you on my career and maybe inspire you to join so you can help me help you!!
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2023.06.02 17:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone Courses Bundle, List inside the post description. (

[Download Course] Grant Cardone Courses Bundle, List inside the post description. (
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.02 17:35 OXTyler Should I do an unpaid internship

I am a recent graduate, and when in school I was never able to get an internship because trying to afford rent in 2 places (college town, wherever id need to relocate) and tuition just made it impossible. So now I am in a position where I have 0 experience, and I cant seem to secure even interviews. Right now I am at about 200 applications, and I have managed to get one interview, and maybe 3 calls resulting in ghosting or them being sketchy consulting companies that have questionable legal history.
So right now, I have a decent chance of getting an unpaid internship at a startup (I know this is legally questionable), and I am wondering if I should do this for a couple months just to get experience on my resume, or continue going through the grinder to hope for a full time position. I have looked into other internships, but every listing says they want a current student, so I am thinking this is my only option
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2023.06.02 17:34 ThrowRA_6564 My girlfriend (23F) came out to me (20F) as asexual and I’m not sure what to do as I am the opposite

My girlfriend and I have been together happily for a year and a half now and a few months ago she came out to me as asexual. I was surprised by this as up until this point in our relationship we had been having sex normally and she had shown no signs of not wanting to/not enjoying it. When I asked her about this she said she had thought she might be asexual for a long time including when she was with all her exes but never told them and would just have sex so everything was normal and said that’s what she had been doing with me up until this point. So obviously I felt really bad she felt she had to do something she wasn’t comfortable with this whole time but was glad she had told me now at least. She also said I’m the first person she’s felt comfortable enough with to come out to.
The problem is that I am quite the opposite of asexual and have a super high sex drive so I obviously don’t love the fact that she’s asexual as I know already it’s causing me to feel unfulfilled in the relationship which I assume will only get worse as time passes. I’m really conflicted and don’t know what to do because apart from that she is perfect and I am so so in love with her and we have an amazing relationship. I don’t know if this maybe means despite how in love with each other we are we’re just not compatible? I also would feel terrible breaking up with her (If it comes to that) because of her asexuality because it’s something she can’t change about herself and she’s been insecure about it up till now so it would feel really shitty, especially when I’m the first and only person she’s told about it. I also feel it would make her feel even more insecure about it which I wouldn’t want. I wouldn’t want to lie to her and say it was for another reason though because that’s also shitty :/
What do you think I should do?
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2023.06.02 17:33 vp314 Saying hello to neighbours

I just moved to an apartment complex in Yorkville. And I wanted to say hello to folks living in apartments next to me. Should I just knock and wait for somebody to respond? Or is that too awkward? What's the norm when it comes to interacting with neighbors?
I am not from Canada/Toronto originally, hence the question.
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2023.06.02 17:33 Qeikli Update on the Scam that happened to me.

So today i am starting the process of starting a police report towards a person that scammed me out 600 dollars in deposits for an apartment (Previous post i have here has a bit more details about it).
Any who i kind of want to make this a PSA about what info i got on the person who did this too me so it does not happen to others.
To start off i made a post on Kijiji about being a new renter and got a response pretty quick (should have been a red flag). So they start off by saying Hey still looking? then get your phone number. when you send this to them the next person will greet you with a hello my wife sent me your details about this and that. They will then send you a post about a place being available. they even took the time to understand that i was new to renting and would be okay with a month to month.
They then asked me to put down a deposit so i can secure the place for a viewing so others can not. i thought this was okay. A few days go by and as the day rolls in for me to see the place, a unexpected accident happens to their daughter delaying the viewing. so i am alright with this being moved on to another day.
The weird part about all this is a week after the so called landlord i have been talking to sends me an email and text letting me know he sent me a lease for the place and its signed and everything. I even still have the lease email on me and the receipts he claimed to have given me.
The emails i have sent the deposits too were Alexanderethabib1 and Alexethabib8. they are both gmail accounts. The landlord goes by Brian Ward and his gmail is brian.ward8859.
TLDR: Make sure you view the place and do not put any deposits down. Don't be an idiot like me. Hope this information helps people out. i do not want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.
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2023.06.02 17:33 handCream007 The Adventures of the Immortal Lord Walters

The Spiritual Journey of an NPC.
An adventure as a child, I dreamed of going on an adventure with my friends, traveling around the world. However without warning, from a child, we became an adult, almost in a second. I was still a lost child when I reached my twenties. And like in most cases, my friends and I grew apart. There wasn't anything in particular, and it was quite natural. Surfing through my socials, my friends had it figured out, at least that's what it seemed. And just like the others, I thought that too. My life was good, I had above-average grades and knew what I'll do after my graduation. It was like my life had already been planned out. One would say, perhaps my life was easier, yet why was I feeling like an NPC? " So, like as if you're in a game ?", you'll be asking. The feeling was out of control, almost unbearable. It was getting troublesome and outrageous, my thoughts I mean. I swear I thought I was inside a game and I wasn't the main character of my own life. Everything was slipping away from me. I realized sooner or later, I had to take charge of this matter. So, I did what every person would do, surfing the internet. As I deep-dived into it, I came across spirituality. "What do spirituality and feeling like an NPC have in common?", well I don't know much about what you are thinking but for me, it sure had a lot in common.
The lifeless heart in me sparked and I read tons of articles, speeches, books, and many different source materials that I could smell my brain wires fried up. But, hey, at least I was feeling something! The more I learned about it, the more confusing it got. I didn't want to drift apart, and I had to stop distressing over it. Then, I found my answer. 'Doing it consciously!'. I bet for every single person, the meaning of spirituality is different. Sometimes, I felt like they were saying things I already know, which irked me out. I liked the simplicity of my answer, so I stopped obsessing over it. And before I knew it, I was already on its journey. When I started it was nothing short of an adventure. Getting up early, meditating, and doing yoga, it was tormenting. I hated it yet what I learned from spirituality is not to give up. Even a little action creates a vast difference. So, I didn't. It almost became my routine. I suffered a lot during this period and felt all this wasn't worth it. 'I'm just a college student, I have a lot of time ahead of me.'.
But soon, my view of the world changed. I wasn't an NPC, I just wasn't unconscious of my surroundings. I realized a college degree wasn't going to fulfill my desire. I had to stand out. With my work, as a person, I had to be better. If we don't want the bare minimum, we gotta stand out, right? We can't always be an idiot, sleeping in our surroundings when opportunities are just lingering ahead of us. The more conscious I was becoming, the more opportunity I grabbed for myself.
I started to see who I am, why I am here, and what I needed to do. I started to appreciate myself more, this journey made me realize that people would kill to be in my situation. The luxury to rest, take a breather, and have amazing quality time with myself, isn't something that everyone could afford. Because a few years back I couldn't. This adventure wasn't planned, however, I am glad that I dared to take this opportunity. Well you see, I am not telling you to listen to gurus while sitting still on your yoga mat trying hard to meditate. I mean if you want to, you do you! But this sort of epiphany might hit you, one day out of nowhere, while raking a simple stroll down the road or just by taking a little rest keeping aside your busy life.
No spiritual experiences are the same, there are no set rules, no fixed destinations. Some have it bumpy while others have it smooth but I guarantee that it would be a memorable one for sure. In my case: I am still in the process, and if my memories serve me right this journey is an endless one.
Though I never spent a dime to travel physically, I did go somewhere. Into the unknown, into a dimension that is yet to be discovered.
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2023.06.02 17:32 EingelegteEssiggurke X-H1 vs. X-S10 vs. X-T4

Hey there, I come to you in a great time of need. I’m currently looking for a camera to replace my Ricoh GRIII, I’ve decided to go back to Fuji because of the greats looks and awesome film simulations.
I’ve watched tons of videos about the X-H1, X-S10 and X-T4 but that made decision making even harder. I got to enjoy a great IBIS with my Ricoh so I really want my new camera to have one too (maybe you can convince me otherwise?😅)
I will be using the camera mostly for street/ landscape photography and motorsports photography. Also I shoot mostly with jpegs to use those nice film simulations.
The prices for those cameras are pretty far apart which makes it not really easy for me to make a decision. X-H1: 680-740€ X-S10: 990-1030€ X-T4: 1190-1430€
I really hope you can help me out to choose the right camera for me.
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2023.06.02 17:32 Kageyblahblahblah makes sense

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2023.06.02 17:32 Swapika_Exchange Experience Hassle-free XMR Swaps with Swapika - Swap 700+ Coins Including BTC, ETH, Without KYC or Registration

Experience Hassle-free XMR Swaps with Swapika - Swap 700+ Coins Including BTC, ETH, Without KYC or Registration
In the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, it's important to have tools that make trading as easy and accessible as possible. This is why we'd like to introduce you to Swapika, a service designed with convenience in mind.
Swapika is a hassle-free service that allows you to swap over 700 top-ranked cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and XMR, with just a few clicks. What sets Swapika apart? The entire process is designed to be transparent and straightforward - no tricks, no complicated KYC procedures, and no need for registration.
Our mission at Swapika is to provide an efficient and user-friendly platform that meets your crypto trading needs without the usual hurdles. So whether you're a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the crypto world, Swapika is here to streamline your trading experience.
For more detailed information, feel free to visit our website. We also regularly post updates and helpful content on our Twitter account, so make sure to follow us there.
At Swapika, our main goal is to make crypto swaps simple, accessible, and effective for everyone. We look forward to serving you and assisting with your cryptocurrency exchanging needs. See you on Swapika!
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2023.06.02 17:32 destructionsolitaire Finding roommates

Hi everyone,
I'm an incoming exchange student at Boston College from Paris, France, for the 2023 fall semester. My acceptance letter mentions that I won't have on campus housing. Thus, I'm currently trying to find housing near to the university, and I was planning on sharing an apartment. Do you guys know where is it possible to find roommates? I've tried Facebook groups, but I find them quite useless if you don't already have a place so I'm looking for other ideas.
Thanks for reading!
PS: I know I should have posted this in the BC subreddit but I don't have enough karma and don't really have the time to farm it...
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2023.06.02 17:32 oofusernametaken I want to be me, to be happy, to be seen for who I am, valued or left alone.

I have severe PTSD and I'm so tired of the things my family say/said about me, think about me and the way they treated me. It feels like I'm not being seen, like I'm forced to play a role in life that they think would suit me best. A role that is horrible, I think it's just for them to hate on me. But that is not me, the things they say, it's not me. I get compared to my abuser, even though we couldn't be further apart.
It makes me want to run away and hide from society but there's nice people, who do see me. It makes me happy, it gives me hope.
I just feel so forced to be someone I'm not. It makes me behave like they say I am, just so they can hate me and leave me. Just to be alone, so I can be myself. Now I don't even know who I am or how to be me. I just want to run away, hide and be myself.
Because it hurts. It hurts being someone I am not. It hurts being something I don't like. It makes me want to die.
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2023.06.02 17:32 Poltaire Child maintenance - mortgage variation advice

I pay my ex child maintenance and pay half the mortgage in the house we co-own, where she lives.
This has recently become unaffordable for me and I have been trying to negotiate that she pays more of the mortgage, as a kind of informal occupational rent.
She is resistant to this so I’m considering applying for a variation so that me paying £280 a month on the property she lives in is taken into account. Does anyone know how mortgage payments play into the maintenance calculation? Does the CMS deduct it from income and then use that reduced income to calculate maintenance, or does it view those payments as payments to the ex spouse?
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2023.06.02 17:31 Protector_iorek USAA jerking me around...

I've had USAA a long time. I haven't had any any accidents, tickets, etc in 11+ years... about 2 weeks ago I was driving on a highway and a huge SUV started veering into my lane slowing down. I honked my horn for a solid 5 seconds and started slamming on my brakes but the other vehicle just kept coming. We collided, the front right corner of my bumper hitting the rear left of his vehicle as I veered off into the grass trying to avoid him. No air bags deployed and everyone was fine.
Unfortunately I don't have a dash cam to prove that he drifted into me; ironically I had been planning on buying one very soon.. it was sitting in my Amazon cart.
Of course, this is being labeled as my fault. And it's incredibly frustrating. I get that technically I hit him but I literally could not stop on time for someone who just suddenly cut me off on the highway. And of course because his vehicle is a ginormous monster (one of those giant Chevy Tahoe's) my little Hyundai probably has a lot more damage.
USAA originally told me I was covered and they will repair the damage so I drove it to a shop and got a rental. Now, over 2 weeks later, USAA is telling me its a "possible loss" and they need to tow it for further inspection.
I called the repair shop to sign off on it being towed.. and the shop guy said "the vehicle is taken apart and I've already got all the parts here."
So basically, no one has any idea what is going on. I don't know how this all works but clearly USAA isn't communicating with the shop or the adjuster or me, and it's all a clusterfuck.
Because I have a Hyundai (and the issue with all the Hyundai's/Kia's being stolen isn't going away) I'm honestly thinking of just getting rid of my car regardless of the outcome...
But I don't know the best course of action here. If its totaled, what is the best course of action?
The worst thing is I am scheduled to go on a long road trip very soon.. one that has been planned out and paid for well in advance of this accident.
For future reference: how do I go about those "interviews" they do with you about what happened? I feel like this is a bullshit tactic and I always feel played.
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2023.06.02 17:31 BKsundae 27 [m4f] Michigan / Online -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- let's defeat our loneliness together!!

Hello there! I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share a glimpse into my world and hopefully connect with someone special. I'm a 27-year-old son of Michigan who's all about embracing life's adventures, both on-screen and off. If you're into video games, movie marathons, and seeking a genuine connection, then I'm here with open arms!!
Let me start by saying that my love for video games runs deep. It's more than just a hobby; it's a passion that allows me to unleash my creativity, embark on thrilling quests, and explore fascinating worlds. Whether I'm wielding a controller or a keyboard, gaming is my go-to stress reliever. But hey, I'm always up for a challenge and would be even more excited to find someone who shares that excitement.
When I'm not busy on Steam you'll often find me curled up on the couch, engrossed in a captivating movie or binge-watching a series. From thought-provoking dramas to light-hearted comedies, I appreciate the power of storytelling and the emotions that great films evoke. So, if you're someone who enjoys cozying up and escaping into the silver screen, we'll have plenty to talk about.
What sets me apart is my sensitivity and empathy towards others. I genuinely care about the people in my life and strive to make a positive impact on their journey. I'm an excellent listener, and I believe that strong relationships are built on understanding, trust, and open communication. I'll always be there to support and uplift the special person who enters my life.
Beyond my indoor pursuits, I also love exploring the outdoors and taking in the beauty of nature. Whether it's going for a hike, strolling through a park, or even just enjoying a picnic under the sun, I find solace in the serenity of the great outdoors. Sharing these moments with someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of life would be a dream come true.
In terms of what I'm looking for, I'm searching for a strong, kind-hearted individual who can challenge me intellectually and call me out when I'm in the wrong. A great sense of humor is essential, as laughter truly is the best medicine. I value kindness, honesty, and a genuine curiosity about the world around us. Let's explore new places together, indulge in deep conversations, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
If you're someone who loves to delve into the realms of imagination through video games, embraces the magic of movies, and appreciates the beauty of life's simplest moments, then I believe we may have a special connection waiting to be discovered. So, if you're ready for an exciting adventure filled with shared passions, heartfelt conversations, and endless laughter send me a DM so we can see where this adventure takes us :)
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2023.06.02 17:31 -CaptainCrack- The mother of my kids committed suicide

B and I got together when we were both 20. We were friends in middle school and high school. She would later tell me she had a huge crush on me and would have jumped on me given the chance. She had a boyfriend who was 2 years older than us, played hockey and had a badass truck given to him by his parents and B (my ex) was a blonde smoke show. I was not even in the same league in my eyes, but apparently he would walk her to and pick her up at social studies because she had told him she liked me and he was jealous.
Fast forward to when we were 20. I was scrolling Facebook one night and she had posted she was bored. I commented simply "do something about it" she Dm'd me right after and I asked if she wanted to hang out. It just so happened to be a provincial holiday with fireworks, so we walked to the harbor and watched them, after we went and played pool at a bar and to finish the night we drove to a beach and laid on the hood of my truck and watched the stars, then had the best sex I've ever had in my life. Turned out to be the perfect date just by chance.
I had found out a few days later through the grapevine that she had just gotten out of a very bad relationship and had gotten tied up in heroin with the guy. She was still addicted, but being a 20 year old working in camp and the connection we had from before everything I kept seeing her when I was on my off shift.
Turns out when you fuck someone 12 times a day for 7 days straight who has a less than perfect routine with birth control, they can and will get pregnant. We were 20 and more or less FWB and she was still doing drugs so I asked if she would get an abortion. She said no. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving a child with a drug addict, even if she was young with good parents and on track to clean up, so I stayed.
Over the years we ended up having a great relationship. looking back on it 12 years later and it was amazing. She cleaned up while pregnant, we rented a big house in a rural suburb, we had our daughter and we had our perfect little family. She ended up starting college to be a nurse when our first child was about 18 months old .Were then making good money and were getting set up pretty well in life at this point, so we decided to have another child.
We ended up buying a house in the same area later on near some friends of ours. At the time I thought it would be great being so close to good friends, later it turned out this was not the case.
Over the years of living in our own house my ex would drink with her friends more and more. To the point it got really bad, she would drink every day, wake up at noon or later on every weekend leaving me to do things with the kids alone. She gained alot of weight and started smoking cigarettes too. She was getting depressed and would not make any changes to her lifestyle saying it's not that bad. All of this was a huge strain financially and emotionally on our relationship. We got abusive and toxic with each other and our perfect life and family was turning into hell.
I ended up leaving the house 6 months ago. I took our travel trailer and lived in it at my aunt's. I kept paying the mortgage and car payments as we were going through our separation, I was offering her a buyout over 100k below market to keep her and the kids in their home, this would give me just enough to start over and her mortgage payment after child support would be very easy to deal with. She was not taking the separation well, she believed I would come back but I told her over and over that we were finished.
My mother in law called me a couple days ago and told me she found B dead in her bed with family photos around her. She overdosed herself. I'm going to say right now that B is one of the strongest ppl I know, she overcame that terrible drug for aver 10 years and we had the picture perfect life that would not have been possible with her hard work and determination. I had no idea I still loved her so much still. I've been crying for 2 days straight. My heart is breaking for my kids, they are destroyed by this.
I feel like a peice of shit. I should have helped my best friend when she was on a downward slide, yet I just left. Now she's gone because of me leaving. Everyone is saying it's not my fault but it is, we were holding each other up. She would have never touched that stuff if I hadn't left and now my children's beautiful mother is dead and I have to try and raise my 2 beautiful children by myself.
Look around you and your life, remember how short it is and dont take for granted those you love.
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