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2008.04.18 11:25 The Tarot

For tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels and belief systems. Beginners, professionals and skeptics welcome! Discuss the history of tarot cards, oracle cards, lenormand, and other cartomancy systems; learn theory, compare reading techniques, and more. Whether you believe in divination or just want to learn more about yourself, you have a place in tarot.

2023.04.22 16:18 StretchSimple3709 Tarot card “research” book recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a physical book with a guide to tarot cards, please? Not necessarily how to read and engage with the cards them, but more the history and symbolism of each card in depth.
Something a bit like Biddy Tarot or Labyrinthos, but as a physical book.
Hopefully this makes sense! Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.06 14:55 ririchie Help with interpretation

Help with interpretation
I'm very new to tarots but I wanted to try using Celtic cross for myself to see if I could interpret it. But I also wanted to get some input from others on what my reading could be since I'm not sure. I used the spread placement from biddy tarot and my question was: How will I deal with my internship next month?
1) Present - The devil 2) Challenge - 5 of swords 3) Past - Page of cups 4) Future - 7 of cups 5) Above - 3 of cups 6) Below - Page of wands 7) Advice - 3 of coins 8) External Influence - The hermit 9) Hopes and/or Fears - 4 of pentacles; 8 of cups (clarification card) 10) Final Outcome - Ace of swords; the magician (clarification card)
I'm probably wrong but I think this means I've been withdrawn and have been overindulging myself during my internship? I find myself being alone or often keeping to myself so can't seem to fit in or work well with my peers. I want to keep that in control , or I'm a bit stubborn even though I fear that I'm missing out or I'm dissatisfied with it. I'll get over it though and will manage.
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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2023.04.06 04:14 uppercasemad My Buddy Tarot deck arrived! I was looking for a deck for my smol hands.

My Buddy Tarot deck arrived! I was looking for a deck for my smol hands.
My history: studying for just over a month, was working with Mystic Mondays deck but struggling to shuffle due to my very very tiny hands. Didn’t want a tiny mini but just something more comfortable.
The Good: - my favourite colour is purple and I love the gilding - cards have a bit of flex to them so they shuffle nicely - The colour palette is small and consistent so I think it looks very soft and clean - backs are entirely symmetrical (unlike MM) so draws are a surprise like they should be! - comfortable to hold in my hands - guidebook has some good takeaways/questions for each card which may help beginners understand how the cards are answering them.
Good or Bad depending on your style: - the nudity is Barbie-esque without any details (which I prefer personally)
The Not So Good: - the cards are still a bit too big for me to rifle shuffle in one stage. I cut the deck and then rifle shuffle each half before just recombining them together. - the Biddy Tarot method puts so much emphasis on relying on intuition vs rote memorization so I was surprised that the guidebook relied so much on using the buzzword meanings. I took the free BT course and she spoke about how learning the suits and basic numerology are the easiest way to learn tarot so I think it would have been great to focus on that instead in the guidebook.
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2023.03.30 21:38 papillondegar96 Help with interpreting please?

Help with interpreting please?
So I decided to go for a Celtic cross spread for a general glance at what’s going on with me as I’m feeling somewhat out of touch with things. For reference I’m using the Biddy tarot layout suggestions and interpretations (I’m a noob)
  1. ⁠Present/myself: Queen of Pentacles
  2. ⁠Challenge: The Chariot
  3. ⁠Past - The Lovers
  4. ⁠Future - 8 of Pentacles
  5. ⁠Conscious/Above: 7 of Pentacles
  6. ⁠Unconscious/Below: 6 of Pentacles
  7. ⁠Advice: 5 of Pentacles (?????????)
  8. ⁠external influences: The Emperor
  9. ⁠hopes/fears: The World
  10. ⁠Potential Outcome: knight of cups
As soon as I drew the cards and set them down I immediately had no clue as to what they’re trying to tell me. For example;
I don’t have a job and I’m on benefits which is minimal so I don’t have ‘wealth’ to be spreading around. I thought about emotional wealth as a potential alternative but I have very little of that for myself let alone enough to spread to others. So I’m already experiencing financial hardship, how can that be advice?
I’m already pretty in tune with my emotions and I’m pretty good with self awareness so I’m confused as to how this can be an outcome if I’m already there?
Can I have some help? Idk if I’m not in the right frame of mind or if it was a dud draw but regardless, I haven’t a clue lol
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2023.03.26 11:34 SOmuchtosay2you Next Steps in Tarot Education

Hi All. I'm at a point in my practice that I might compare to the Knight of Wands. I'm past the beginner and intermediate stages, I'm confident and easy with my cards, I can identify my intuition and weave insightful stories. I'm self-taught using RWS cards, the Waite and Crowley guidebooks, and various online resources like Tarot Library and Biddy. I'd like to take the next leap forward in expanding my knowledge of the cards.
After your knowledge of the cards themselves (artwork, etc.), the nature of a spread, and your sense of intuition, what was an important direction of growth for you? I've been focusing on meaning and intuition, and I'd like to learn something esoteric. I'm thinking about astrology in the cards, or maybe the Judaic mystic associations like the Tree of Life. Or...I've only ever read using RWS decks, I could learn additional contemporary decks, or even learn the Marseilles. Everything will be rewarding, I know; I just wonder what you all have found particularly valuable in opening up new understandings.
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2023.03.19 22:45 Affectionate-Can6324 pulled tarot with the ex -intentions are thoughts and feelings on our relationship. he pulled 3 cards that he felt the strongest to and i shuffled until cards fell out for me. this is what we got.

pulled tarot with the ex -intentions are thoughts and feelings on our relationship. he pulled 3 cards that he felt the strongest to and i shuffled until cards fell out for me. this is what we got. submitted by Affectionate-Can6324 to Tarotpractices [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 01:00 Specialist-Yam-728 2nd opinion needed

I did a basic 3 card pull on myself to see what the cards had to say regarding me being pregnant or not using a Biddy Tarot deck. i've been getting baby signs everywhere. i pulled the lovers, ace of swords, and seven of pentacles. the lovers obviously represents me and my boyfriend and our relationship. having the ace come out of the deck right after was giving me fertile/possibly pregnant so far into the reading since the aces of the tarot are good indicators of fertility. i was also getting 2 different vibes about that bc of the double edged sword. somebody wants to handle things 1 way & somebody sees it another but either way somebody might get "cut" the last card was the 7 of pentacles & honestly i'm so confused with this card. i almost ignored it. it's giving a maybe energy i may just be seeing what i want to see so i would like a second pair of eyes to take a lot.
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2023.03.07 17:08 bfeeny Tarot community scammers can be super frustrating

My experience has been, that if you post to a tarot or tarot related community, you immediately get DM’s from people wanting to give you readings, always with the angle of getting paid, even if they say they are wanting to do a free reading. They even copy paste from the internet because they are too lazy to actually personalize any of it.
If you follow a legit tarot person on Instagram, say @biddytarot, then you immediately start having people like @biddytarot1101, @biddytarot_real, @biddy_tarot1234, etc. following you and then trying to get you to follow them back, or they will DM you.
It’s super annoying and I have been on many communities, but the amount of scammers on tarot is in a league of its own. Thoughts?
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2023.02.19 16:38 kennedy1999a I did a Celtic Cross spread to answer the question: Should I give up on the romantic interest in my life, or should I keep trying. Can anyone please help with an interpretation?

I did a Celtic Cross spread to answer the question: Should I give up on the romantic interest in my life, or should I keep trying. Can anyone please help with an interpretation?
So here’s some extra info: I’m using the Biddy Tarot deck, Black and Gold edition. I did a Celtic Cross which is a 10 card pull. Card 1 is the Empress and represents the current situation. Card 2 is the Queen of Swords which represents the challenge. Card 3 is the Three of Swords which represents the spiritual lesson. Card 4 is the Six of Pentacles which represents the past. Card 5 is the Two of Wands which represents the present. Card 6 is the Eight of Wands which represents the future. Card 7 is the Nine of Pentacles which represents my attitude. Card 8 is the Two of Swords which represents my influencing of others. Card 9 is the Wheel of Fortune which represents my hopes and fears. And lastly card 10 is the Ace of Wands which represents the outcome. I am dealing with a hot and cold relationship, with my partner pulling away and wanting space. I know that I am at a point where I either need to accept that this is who he is, and that emotional consistency just isn’t possible with him, or I need to cut my losses and leave before I get in any further. The question I asked before my spread was if I should stay, or go.
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2023.02.18 18:11 meyrlbird Decisional Pull

Happy shitpost Saturday! Just a pull I did on trying to decide about going into business with a coworker or not using the spread from Biddy Tarot book.
El picture - imgur
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2023.02.07 04:02 Ovirfrushtm Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study – Brigit Biddy Tarot

Here’s what you’ll get in Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study

Pillar #1 will include:
Dream big about the type of company you wish to run.
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Establish precise objectives that respect your aspirations for both your personal and professional lives.
Create your own personal profit map to turn your entrepreneurial ambitions become reality.
Pillar #2 will teach you:
How to visualize your ideal client—the one who values and loves what you do and works with you to the fullest extent possible
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You're a gifted Tarot reader, but how do you spread the news without coming across as a sleazy marketer? I'll show you how to truly sell your brand and company in Pillar #4.
Pillar #4 will teach you:
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You will discover what in Pillar #6:
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How to outsource without turning into the feared "micro-manager" and when to do so
Why self-care is essential to your continued success and how to incorporate it into your daily operations
Source By: Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study – Brigit Biddy Tarot
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2023.01.22 02:32 MotherofPitbulla Funny Moment With My Cards

I’m still learning tarot and I sometimes refer to Biddy Tarot for interpretations when I’m not sure of the answers on my own. I’m visiting my parents and my mom asked me if I wanted her “special tea”. I guess she calls it Poop Tea because…that’s the desired outcome. I’ll be going home tonight and asked the cards if it was a good idea to try the tea. I drew The Tower. The Biddy Tarot short response was sudden change, upheaval, chaos. I promptly declined and thanked the cards for saving me for an uncomfortable ride home. 🤣 I love my deck lol.
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2023.01.12 07:48 magicplanet1212 [DOWNLOAD] Biddy Tarot – Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study

DOWNLOAD: Biddy Tarot – Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study
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What does this all mean? You’ll get the exact information, tools, resources and support to build your confidence and really go for it in terms of building the Tarot business you really want.
DOWNLOAD: Biddy Tarot – Grow Your Tarot Business Online Home Study
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2023.01.10 03:24 theyeoftheiris Another Reading for my Dramatic Italian Greyhound

Another Reading for my Dramatic Italian Greyhound
Last month I posted this reading on my senior Italian Greyhound. At the time, he was struggling with a move to a new state. I read his cards again this month and he's still being dramatic (go figure) but this one seems to have a more optimistic outcome, I hope. I'd love to get a second opinion.
Based on the advice I got online and here, I made some changes: He sleeps solo in his crate at night. He has new puzzle toys and a snuffle mat. He gets probably 2-3 long walks a week (I am literally 9 month pregnant and about to pop out a kid any day. Prior to the move, he was getting 3-5 small walks a day.) He's on NutriCalm, an herbal supplement recommended by his vet. I suspect that given his age, he might be started to suffer with some dementia and sundowning :/ We are all trying to be patient with him and it's hard to see him struggle.
OK so the reading. I just pulled three cards and asked What is he trying to tell me?
Two of Swords
I think he's still struggling with the move and trying to settle into where we live now. He's at an impasse with no clear direction. Biddy recommended drawing two more cards to see what he's trying to decide between and it said this...
Three of Swords
- Living in heartbreak, sadness and emotional pain. Trying to focus on what's ahead. Being overly sensitive to words.
Contemplation (RWS The Hermit)
- Choosing Isolation and drawing inward
5 of Pentacles
I think this move really humbled him and bruised his ego a bit. He used to run the house when it was just me, him and my SO and now he's not top dog where he lives anymore. I think he's trying to move forward and focusing on the positive but is feeling worry.
Prince of Staves (RWS Knight of Wands)
This card gives me some hope because it shows he's excited about the future (I hope?) And is ready for adventure. We've gone on some walks in the woods and he seems to really like that. He also really enjoys his puzzle toys and getting more treats and food. I think if he can work through some of his worry then it could be a positive experience moving forward.
Overall, this feels still not very great. I was hoping to see some more positive cards from last month. He does have good days and bad days. I think he's still struggling to accept his new reality and the bruise to his ego seems pretty lasting. However, I think if I keep focusing on providing him new opportunities like walks in the woods and intellectually stimulating toys, that could help him through it more.
What do you all think?
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2022.12.31 20:31 CuriousForestWitch My drawing for the new year. I used a spread from biddy tarot

My drawing for the new year. I used a spread from biddy tarot submitted by CuriousForestWitch to tarot [link] [comments]

2022.12.29 14:18 Diligent-Yoghurt-225 Different interpretations from different guides?

Hello - sorry, reposting this as my previous post was taken down (sorry! I'm learning as new to this sub!). This sub has been so useful with its advice and the breadth of discussion going on. Sorry if I'm doing any of this wrong. I'm using the basic Rider–Waite–Smith deck.
How do you deal with different interpretations from different guides? I've followed some advice on this sub and am keeping a notebook of daily card readings etc so I can re-familiarise myself with what each card says, develop my own interpretations, etc. I've also been using the Waite guide (The Key to the Tarot) and the Labyrinthos app as reference, and sometimes Biddy Tarot. Sometimes, the guides don't match up or even contradict each other. For example, for a reversed Four of Cups, Waite and Labyrinthos suggest new beginnings, novelty, or new relations... while the Biddy Tarot site suggests withdrawal, retreat, going into yourself. How do you deal with contradicting information? Am I being a massive idiot and over-complicating things?

Thanks :)
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2022.12.26 07:57 cl4udia_kincaiid A reading for The OA and it’s potential future, using my new tarot deck

A reading for The OA and it’s potential future, using my new tarot deck
So I’ve had this OA inspired tarot deck for a bit now and now I’m starting to feel more connected to it with my readings, I wanted to try and do a reading for the show with it.
I have broken it up into three rows and questions
  1. what is stopping the OA from coming back?
Knight of Pentacles, reversed: financial or personal issues
  1. What would The OA need to come back?
Knight of Cups - idealism, using creativity to achieve goals. Taken from BiddyTarot:
“When it comes to making decisions, the Knight of Cups is ruled by his emotions and his heart. When this card arrives in a Tarot reading, you are making decisions based on how you feel about a situation rather than what you think, even if others can’t make sense of what you are doing and why, and your intuition guides you in everything you do”
Justice - pretty straightforward. A judgement would need to be made by netflix to revoke the cancellation decision. When paired with the knight of cups I believe this means the decision maker would need to believe in the story and make the decision regardless of financial risk
  1. Can the OA come back?
Nine of Cups - this card speaks of wish fulfilment and abundance. However it also comes with a sort of “be careful what you wish for” type of warning, warning to not get too comfortable or hold expectations on how the wishes will manifest. I think this matches with OA looking out the window to her father. We may not be getting the OA back how we envisioned.
Ace of Wands, reversed: taken from BiddyTarot: “The Ace of Wands reversed suggests that you can sense an idea emerging from within but are uncertain what form it will take or how you will manifest it in the world. You may have energy and passion in spades, but you do not yet have a clear outlet to express them. You may be waiting for something else to happen before you pursue this idea. Or, you may prefer to keep your idea private until your confidence kicks in. All of these wonderful ideas are bubbling up, but now you must find a way to harness this creative energy to set you up in the long term.”
I feel like this may point to the fact Brit and Zal most definitely do want to finish the story but it may not be for quite some time or in the original format.
I also got the Death card originally when asking this question, both upright and reversed but that may have been directed at me about letting go of the outcome (since the death card talks of letting go of past hurts etc). I have gotten quite a few “let go” messages when trying to do this reading which feels a bit like a spiritual indirect telling me to stop obsessing over the outcome of this 😅
But nontheless I wanted to do this reading since I thought it would be fun to use my OA deck. I would love to get you guys interpretations on these cards too. Maybe even do a daily pull to post here for a general message for this little collective. Let me know if you guys would like that ❤️
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2022.12.11 08:17 Pineapple_Quesadilla What is the meaning of this?

Hi there! I just started learning tarot and I noticed something somewhat interesting happening. Even though I do not know the meaning of most cards, in some situations, I have found myself thinking about wanting a specific card to pop up. A few weeks ago I was thinking about the high priestess and how I would like to pull it from my deck and decided to pull 3 cards, surprisingly my second card was the high priestess (I shuffled them with my eyes closed). Yesterday, It was the fool. I opened biddy tarot to read about the major arcana and for some reason I thought "I wish I could get the Fool". Finding this weird, I decided to pull 3 cards. While shuffling them I was thinking with my eyes closed how I would like to understand whats going on with my life because I feel that I am just not good enough/immature for my current position and that I will fail. I pulled the devil, the fool and 4 of swords.
Am I getting the cards that I "want" because I am thinking about them or is this something else?
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2022.11.21 05:05 incompetentcoconut Deck Interview - Murder of Crows, Moon Oracle

I saw u/shewhowalksbeside did a post interviewing their new deck so I wanted to do the same! I’m brand new to tarot and thought itd be a nice way to get more acquainted. I asked the same questions to my 2 new decks
Deck: Murder of Crows Authocreator Lo Scarabeo Artist - Credited as “Torino”. Amazing artwork, black and white. Crows are seen as messengers and thats what drew me to the deck. the guide book has cool lore/story. I’ve started to pick up the vibe that it can be a blunt deck but it’s well-intentioned
Deck: Queen of the Moon Oracle, Stacey Demarco. I was drawn to the lunar energy of this deck. I feel like the moon and its phases really affects us. the artwork is beautiful and its a very warm, kind hearted deck
I’m open to interpretations!
  1. describe yourself to me
Crows - 4 of swords (up) caring, nurturing, reflective, hopeful, strong
Moon - Faith (31) optimistic, hopeful, trustworthy, good intentions
  1. What is your opinion of me?
Crows - 2 of cups (up) friendly, warm, friend/a new partner, positive
Moon - Hunger (29) emotional, passionate, ruled more by emotion
  1. which type of reading do you like?
Crows - XX Judgement, self evaulation, awakening, reflection
Moon - pleasure (18) light hearted, happy, fun, joy, play
  1. Which type do you dislike?
Crows- 4 of pentacles (up), materialistic, selfish, greed, inflexible attitude, financial questions (lmaooo, Crows basically saying finance Q’s are boring AF)
Moon - self love (6) seeking outaide validation. unsure of this one
  1. What is your strength?
Crows - 10 of wands (up), hard worker, problem solver, passion, motivator
moon - Fruition (37) manifester, patient, celebrating success (we stan a positive queen here)
  1. What is your weakness?
Crows - VI Lovers (up), honest, indecisive? i pulled a card to clarify and got Knight of Wands, which seems sassy and straightforward, so I think Crows is saying shes a blunt biddy
moon- Resilience (21) afraid of mistakes?
  1. What do you have to teach me?
Crows - XX Judgement (Reversed), self doubt, self loathing, take time to reflect, judge yourself too harshly. This resonated so hed I wanted to cry. I’ve got bad anxiety and struggle with self worth
Moon - Beauty (20), “beauty is everywhere and it raises my vibration”. Enjoy nature. Enjoy beauty. Dont get botox
  1. What do tou need from me?
Crows - 8 of swords (reversed), release, face fears, freedom from anxiety, self acceptance, make way for the new
moon - Beginnings (2), look after your health and well being, new beginnings, within the dark you will always find the light
thanks for sticking around to read! Im so excited to learn tarot and lean into my intuition. Crows is giving me Daria vibes, while the Moon gives me Elle Woods vibes
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2022.11.20 03:31 unicornas_rex Help a newbie with interpreting tarot cards?

Hi! I've been a lurker for a bit, but wanted to make my first post and ask you super nice and lovely people for help.
I am fairly new to tarot and am generally having a hard time interpretting cards. I wonder if its because I tend to be a super literal person...... Another issue I might be having is that my brain is in hyper-arousal mode from all the stuff I've been going through lately. I did do a meditative shuffle before pulling the cards to calm my brain a little bit.
My Question: How can i move forward with my partner? (after a lot of hurt and communication breakdowns)
Spread type: WTF spread from interrobang
The cards I pulled:
I don't know if its helpful, but I can add in the card meanings from my little booklet for my specific deck. I can also add in any more info that might help with interpretation, or I can even add what I gleaned from the cards.
Also.......sometimes the card meanings for my cards don't really match what I read in other places, like biddy tarot. Is it okay to interpret cards using meaning written by someone who didn't make your specific cards?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. :) I really want to do more tarot readings, but I often put it off because of my difficulty interpreting cards.
edit: if you saw my atrocious formatting before I fixed it, no you didn't
edit 2: omfg I didn't realize this spread had a cross for the first question (what is the crux of my issue)......I didn't notice the two cards, I guess I just thought it was artistic lmfao. So I've absolutely been doing this spread wrong >_<
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2022.10.26 02:27 Berabouman What to do when you have too many interpretations? Stick with those that resonate?

I typically use Biddy Tarot for interpretations for the Minor (I am familiar with the Major) I have been using the Tarot Divination app and it has sub categories like for spiritual journeys, career, relationships etc.
Some resonate more than others. I have a slight issue with some readings as they are mononormative (I'm queer and poly) but I usually just pluralize them in my head.
I have been following the advice on the sub and pulling clarifying cards which seem to work better.
Do I just outright ignore the interpretations that don't feel congruent?
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2022.10.17 18:55 juliabetts Hi, could someone help me with an interpretation of these cards?

I got a King of Cups (reversed) for my first card. For my second card, I got a Knight of Wands (upright). For my third card, I got a Ten of Pentacles (reversed). I am using a Biddy Tarot deck.
I asked about how to find success in my career (I am an artist). To me, asking about my career doesn’t specifically have to do with my art, but is more about how my art is received by the world.
I used a spread that has the first card representing what you are doing wrong, the second card representing what you are doing right, and the third card representing advice on what you should do.
I interpreted the King of Cups reversed to be talking about how I repress my feelings. The Knight of Wands is about that I have a lot of ideas and ambition with my artwork. The Ten of Pentacles reversed is talking about that I need to redefine my idea of success. Financial gain might not be part of my success as an artist. Or it might be talking about to stop thinking about the practical side of being an artist and just focus on making art. I’m not sure how all my cards fit together.
I’m just a little worried about this spread and if anyone can help me I would be really grateful!!
Thank you!!
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