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2023.06.09 03:30 mushishepherd am i lonely or just seeking attention? chronic illness diagnosis & isolation

2019 is probably the happiest year i've had since i became a teen/young adult.
it was my first year of uni, coming out of the gifted program in grade school with high prospects, i was living in a dorm room with my best friend, and i have always been a hyper extrovert (fit for the setting). for my entire life i've always noticed that i am most energized and happiest when im physically around people, and when i'm alone i feel drained. i hated schoolwork but i loved school because i got to see people every day. at the very least, i always prefer my nights to be spent on a group voice chat or something, otherwise i feel antsy and get insomnia.
that being said i had a baaaaaaaad time during the pandemic. the worst of it being that i got sick and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which has been fucking with me relentlessly. otherwise it's been a constant battle with isolation and loneliness. the nitty gritty of which i'll be detailing in this post. my big source of frustration right now is:
i don't know if any of this is just me whining and inventing problems because im bored or if i genuinely have issues.
in 2020 i decided to change programs and schools and set my sights on a world class animation program (which i have still yet to get into x.x). it was bad timing since my parents decided to move to the city i was studying in with my previous university, and also, covid struck. the momentum i had in life was shot because i had to move back in with my parents in this alien city, where i've had trouble making real close friends in ever since. i have a girlfriend (nearly 6 year long relationship) who lives an hour away in the city i grew up in, and she is the sunshine of my life. wouldn't be here without her, honestly. for the past 3 years i've been limply attempting to make art and animation on my own, but without a group setting my creative process is shot. all my friendships are scattered so i never get the opportunity to have group voice chats like i used to. nevertheless, i almost never see people in person. lately i've had a running buddy that i've met up with a couple times, some art friends that i've picked up along the way on my journey towards the animation program, and, some people in the local competitive smash community have invited me over to their places a handful of times, though i still feel like i struggle to fit in with most of them.
the amount of isolation i feel like i've gone through has warped my perception of other people and myself. i feel like i've been desocialized so even though im constantly craving socialization, when i find myself in the rare situation that i actually get what i want, i lock up. i'm overly self conscious, i feel like i say the wrong things a lot, etc. the worst though, is when im alone. i would say 90% of my life has been a constant feeling of loneliness and rumination. i genuinely don't know what to do or what to think of myself. i'm unable to judge nor do i have the ability to get help. i don't have access to proper healthcare or therapy because im not in school so my preexisting mental health problems have been ravaging me too, which sucks.
idk. what should i do?
i know that im so priveleged to have a loving and dedicated girlfriend, but the fact that i feel like i need more socialization than she can give makes me unload a gratuitous amount of my problems on her which are not her responsibility. this leads me to have been feeling constantly guilty about the way that i treat her. i feel like im her patient sometimes which is totally selfish and not her fault at all. so. even the one amazing thing i have in my life, has been warped into a sometimes isolating experience. self-inflicted, obviously.
so yeah. thanks for reading this if you've gotten this far. it means a lot.
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2023.06.09 03:30 IcyHot42 Anyone ever posessed/oppressed

I've been going through demonic oppression now possession for the last three years, it started with my "mind" convincing me I was dead and in hell, that I was a heroin addict in my past life, that I'm inside my mind while my body on the outside is dying. It tells me my consciousness is gonna get swept away and be sent to a very bad place, it tells me I've got cancer. Tells me everyone's an actor secretly in on the secret that I'm in hell and everyone laughs at me behind my back. Three years went by and the thoughts went away for a while but I got progressively more depressed and hopeless, I would pray and it felt like God had abandoned my (now I know he never will) but while I was going through it the external monologe came back and started tormenting me with insults, told me my dad is trying to take over my life and posses me and the whole time I heard in my head to not react and not give into their insults. More time went on and I was in a car accident with a semi truck that I didn't see coming when I pulled out into the street looked left, looked right and then left again and pulled out then BOOM hit.
After that I entered into a psychosis where I started talking to the external monolgue which then became a dialogue and one night they told me the rapture was coming and to walk out of work, I ended up walking out of work behind my bosses back, drove home and the entity in my head who i thought was god said to throw away my phone and my wallet so I did, then they told me to start walking and I did, I walked five towns over through the course of the night through the day and was picked up by the police who then took me home, I went to sleep and woke up and was taken to a mental health wellness center and I was subjected to pure torture. The entity told me to move my mouth through faith and I did and started talking without even thinking, that's the moment I became possesed and it was awful, I was telling stories to myself about the world coming from pure evil and chaos and how it would end in fire and destruction from nukes and
one night I was looking for god and an idol came to me and said to bow down; me thinking it was god I did and that's when things got bad, a severe wave of panic came over me and my body started hurting like someone was squeezing it and adrenaline came and I jumped out the window of the center, I saw things in my imagination that were more detailed and vivid than real life and it got so detailed and vivid it was ugly. I was running around the building and it felt like I had super human strength and agility and then I ran back in the building and was sat down on a couch that's when things got so evil, I ended up seeing a pentagram in my vision in the shape of baphomet and I ended up smelling the worst smells imaginable. Decay, vomit, dog feces and urine, it was awful. After a while of thinking about God and love it turned into the star of David idk what that means, I ended up going to the hospital then back to the wellness center after a week,
I was back at the wellness center things got ugly again, I smelled the stench again and felt the pain of numbness and zingyness, like an electric shock and a ghost like numbness, I started talking to "friends" telepathically and they were torturing me, said they were voting to do things to me. I thought I was never gonna get out, even on Easter the entity's wouldn't let up, in my imagination I saw who I thought was jesus being stabbed, and the demons didn't even let up when I spoke jesus' name and they got worse with time. I ended up getting out saved by the grace of God, but I feel as though the demonic entity's are still with me, trying to drag me back to that mental hell, slowly over time, they're smart though, they won't scratch me or outright say they're demons or do typical things that give their presence away, but one day at the wellness center I woke up with a hickey on my neck.
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2023.06.09 03:29 duffperson Translating with ChatGPT (Some old paradoxes)

Sebastion Francken
Von Bórd
This is about halfway done so I wanted to share my progress! I entered these paradoxes and asked ChatGPT to translate them into English for me. I think it did an awesome job.
Evangelium, Verbum DEI, Paradoxum merum & perpetuum.
"The Gospel, the Word of God, a pure and perpetual paradox."
Scripturaliberꞅeptum ꞅignaculis clauꞅus obꞅignatumque ænigma.
"Scripture, a book sealed with signs, bound up and an enigma."


Das I. Paradoxon.
DEUS quid ꞅit, neꞅcitur.
The I. Paradox.
"What God knows, is not known."


Das II. Paradoxon.
Deus éꞅt, qui operatur omnia in omnibus, excepto peccato.
The II. Paradox.
"God is the one who works everything in everyone, except sin."


Das III. Paradoxon.
Deus caret nomine.
The III. Paradox.
"God is without a name."


Das IV. Paradoxon.
Deus ꞅolus bonus.
The IV. Paradox.
"God alone is good."


Das V. Paradoxon.
Felix populus, cujus Dominus eꞅt DEUS.
The V. Paradox.
"Happy is the people whose Lord is God."


Das VI. Paradoxon.
Deum unum habere, vitam & omnia.
The VI. Paradox.
"To have one God, is to have life and everything."


Das VII. Paradoxon.
Deum nemo novit, niꞅi Deus.
The VII. Paradox.
"No one knows God, except God."


Das VIII. Paradoxon.
Deus eꞅt hocipꞅum, quod præcipit.
The VIII. Paradox.
"God is what he commands."


Das IX. Paradoxon.
Deus ceu indigens aliquo, manibus humanis non colitur.
The IX. Paradox.
"God, who needs nothing, is not worshiped with human hands."


Das X. Paradoxon.
Deus ꞅolus Dominus eꞅt.
The X. Paradox.
"God alone is Lord."


Das XI. Paradoxon.
Mundi Dominatio, inꞅima ꞅervitus.
The XI. Paradox.
"The domination of the world is the deepest servitude."


Das XII. Paradoxon.
Inviƈtus DEUS, & omnia in DEO.
The XII. Paradox.
"God is invincible, and everything is in God."


Das XIII. Paradoxon.
Inviƈtus Chriꞅtus, & in Chriꞅto Chriꞅtiani omnes.
The XIII. Paradox.
"Christ is invincible, and in Christ all are Christians."


Das XIV. Paradoxon.
Triumphus penesviƈtos.
The XIV. Paradox.
"The triumph belongs to the defeated."


Das XV. Paradoxon.
Deus mundo Satan, Chriꞅtus Antichriꞅtus.
The XV. Paradox.
"God is the world, Satan is Christ, Antichrist."


Das XVI. Paradoxon.
Deus non omnibus Deus.
The XVI. Paradox.
"God is not God for everyone."


Das XVII. Paradoxon.
Deus mundi Antitheꞅis.
The XVII. Paradox.
"God is the Antithesis of the world."


Das XVIII. Paradoxon.
Mundus hoc ipꞅum, quod credit, non credit
The XVIII. Paradox.
"The world itself, in what it believes, does not believe."


Das XIX. Paradoxon.
Certa ꞅtant omnia lege.
The XIX. Paradox.
"All things are certain by law."


Das XX. Paradoxon.
Voluntati Dei nulla eꞅt reꞅiꞅtentia.
The XX. Paradox.
"There is no resistance to the will of God."


Das XXI. Paradoxon.
DEI præfentia, voluntas, & prædeꞅtinatio nulli importat neceꞅꞅitatem.
The XXI. Paradox.
"The presence, will, and predestination of God do not imply necessity for anyone."


Das XXII. Paradoxon.
Deus omnia omnibus.
The XXII. Paradox.
"God is everything to everyone."


Das XXIII. Paradoxon.
In Deum non cadit accidens.
The XXIII. Paradox.
"Nothing accidental happens to God."


Das XXIV. Paradoxon.
Nihil fortius inꞅirmiusque DEO.
The XXIV. Paradox.
"Nothing is stronger or weaker than God."


Das XXV. Paradoxon.
Inviƈto DEO facile quivis reꞅiꞅtit.
The XXV. Paradox.
"Anyone can surrender to the invincible God."


Das XXVI. Paradoxon.
In voluntate ꞅemper ꞅit ꞅimul & quod Deus & homo vult
The XXVI. Paradox.
"God's will and thought always say both what God and man want."


Das XXVII. Paradoxon.
Deus neminem damnat, ꞅed quivis ꞅeipꞅum.
The XXVII. Paradox.
"God does not condemn anyone, but everyone condemns themselves."


Das XXVII. Paradox.
Deus neque opera, neque perꞅonam reꞅpicit.
Das XXVII. Paradox.
God regards neither works nor persons.


Das XXVIII. Paradoxon.
Voluntas & cogitatio, utraque libera, non poꞅlunt-cogi.
The XXVIII. Paradox.
"Both will and thought are free and cannot be forced."


Das XXIX. Paradoxon.
Deus autor mali, ꞅed non peccati
The XXIX. Paradox.
"God is the author of evil, but not of sin."


Das XXX. Paradoxon.
Et malum in conꞅpeƈtu DEI non eꞅt malum.
The XXX. Paradox.
"Evil is not evil in the sight of God."


Das XXXI. Paradoxon.
Peccatum coram Deo nihil eꞅt.
The XXXI. Paradox.
"Sin is nothing before God."


Das XXXII. Paradoxon.
Deus à peccato per peccatum liberat.
The XXXII. Paradox.
"God liberates from sin through sin."


Das XXXIII. Paradoxon.
DEUS potentes non abijcit.
The XXXIII. Paradox.
"God does not reject the powerful."


Das XXXIV. Paradoxon.
Habenti dabitur.
The XXXIV. Paradox.
"To him who has, more will be given."


Das XXXV. Paradoxon.
Dij fortunam adjuvant.
The XXXV. Paradox.
"The gods help those who are lucky."


Das XXXVI. Paradoxon.
Deus repenti obvius, fugit in ꞅequentem.
The XXXVI. Paradox.
"God suddenly appearing, flees in pursuit."


Das XXXVII. Paradoxon.
Quò pejor, eò fortunatior.
The XXXVII. Paradox.
"The worse it is, the more fortunate it is."


Das XXXVIII. Paradoxon.
Homo naucialbę gallinæꞅilius, Dextro Hercule natus.
The XXXVIII. Paradox.
"Man is more foolish than a hen, born under the lucky star."


Das XXXIX. Paradoxon.
Semper ditioribus aliquid additur.
The XXXIX. Paradox.
"Something is always added to the richer."


Das XL. Paradoxon.
Deus etiam procul viꞅus, preꞅtò eꞅt.
The XL. Paradox.
"God is even visible from afar, present and ready."


Das XLI. Paradoxon.
Non eꞅt propior, quàm procul abꞅens Deus.
XLI. Paradox.
God is no closer when absent than when present.


Das XLII. Paradoxon.
Deus eminus viꞅus adparet, cominus non item.
XLII. Paradox.
God appears visible from afar, but not close up.


Das XLIII. Paradoxon.
Iupiter memento ꞅacit, & docet omnia.
XLIII. Paradox.
Jupiter is mindful and teaches all things.


Das XLIV. Paradoxon.
Omnia opera Dei perfeƈta
XLIV. Paradox.
All the works of God are perfect.


Das XLV. Paradoxon.
Dona ꞅpiritus non faciunt Chriꞅtianum, ꞅed ꞅides.
XLV. Paradox.
The gifts of the Spirit do not make a Christian, but faith.


Das XLVI. Paradoxon.
Deus principium juꞅtificationis, & finis.
XLVI. Paradox.
God is both the beginning and the end of justification.


Das XLVII. Paradoxon.
Verbum Domini perꞅtat in æternum.
XLVII. Paradox.
The word of the Lord endures forever.


Das XLVIII. Paradoxon.
Verbo ut omnia ꞅaƈta ꞅunt, ita hodie quoque fiunt.
XLVIII. Paradox.
As by the word all things were made, so even today they come to be.


Das XLIX. Paradoxon.
Verbum Dei unum eꞅt.
XLIX. Paradox.
The Word of God is one.


Das L. Paradoxon.
Deus hodie, heri, & in perpetuum profert verbum, quod creat fingula.
L. Paradox.
God today, yesterday, and forever speaks the word that creates all things.


Das LI. Paradoxon.
Deo omnia lucrum merum.
LI. Paradox.
To God, all pure gain.


Das LII. Paradoxon.
Deus abꞅconditus Deus.
LII. Paradox.
God is a hidden God.


Das LIII. Paradoxon.
Etiam fulminans Jupiter bonus.
LIII. Paradox.
Even Jupiter, when he thunders, is good.


Das LIV. Paradoxon.
Charitas etiam irata effliƈtim deperirt.
LIV. Paradox.
Love even when angry consumes itself completely.


Das LV. Paradoxon.
Lex Dei & leve, & importabile onus.
LV. Paradox.
The law of God is both light and an unbearable burden.


Das LVI. Paradoxon.
Verbum Dei & vitæ & mortis organum.
LVI. Paradox.
The word of God is the instrument of both life and death.


Das LVII. Paradoxon.
Biꞅrons Janus omnia.
LVII. Paradox.
Biform Janus (two-faced) sees all things.


Das LVIII. Paradoxon.
In bivio ꞅunt omnia.
LVIII. Paradox.
At the crossroads, everything is.


Das LIX. Paradoxon.
Unum contra unum, & duo contra duo, ꞅemper.
LIX. Paradox.
One against one, and two against two, always.


Das XLI. Paradoxon.
Ut fruƈtus arbori, ita cunƈta reꞅpondent homini.
LX. Paradox:
As the fruit is to the tree, so is everything to man.


Das LXII. Paradoxon.
Ut oculus, ita opus.
LXI. Paradox:
As the eye is to the body, so is the work.


Das LXIII. Paradoxon.
Arbor ꞅcientiæ boni & mali mors.
LXII. Paradox:
The tree of knowledge of good and evil is death.


Das LXIIII. Paradoxon.
Stultitia modò ꞅapit, & ignorantia ꞅola omnia novit.
LXIII. Paradox:
Folly sometimes knows, and ignorance knows everything.


Das LXV. Paradoxon.
Quo Doƈtior, eò perverꞅior.
LXIV. Paradox:
The more learned, the more perverse.


Das LXVI. Paradoxon.
Homo, Mundus, Caro, & Satan unum.
LXV. Paradox:
Man, the world, the flesh, and Satan are one.


Das LXVII. Paradoxon.
Impius cœcus, mendax eꞅt omnis homo.
LXVI. Paradox:
Every wicked person is blind and a liar.


Das LXVIII. Paradoxon.
Homo vituperij nomen & titulus.
LXVII. Paradox:
Man is a name and a title of reproach.


Das LXIX. Paradoxon.
Diꞅplicuiꞅꞅe hominibus ꞅumma laus.
LXVIII. Paradox:
Supreme praise is often disapproved by people.


Das LXX. Paradoxon.
Mundus omnis homo.
LXIX. Paradox:
The world is every man.


Das LXXI. Paradoxon.
Quod humanŭ,id diabolicum.
LXX. Paradox:
What is human is devilish.


Das LXXII. Paradoxon.
Mundus cum principe jam judicatus.
LXXI. Paradox:
The world and its prince are already judged.


Das LXXIII. Paradoxon.
In damnatione eꞅt omnis homo,ne unus quidem ꞅalvus.
LXXII. Paradox:
All are damned, not even one is saved.


Das LXXIV. Paradoxon.
Periit ꞅanƈtus de terra, & reƈtus cum hominibus non eꞅt.
LXXIII. Paradox:
The righteous perish from the earth, and the upright are not among men.


Das LXXV. Paradoxon.
Etiam juꞅti non ꞅunt juꞅti.
LXXIV. Paradox:
Even the just are not just.


Das LXXVI. Paradoxon.
Non eꞅt homo juꞅtus in terra, qui bené faciat, & non peccet.
LXXV. Paradox:
There is no righteous man on earth who does good and does not sin.


Das LXXVII. Paradoxon.
Sanƈti funt, quicunque veré fideles.
LXXVI. Paradox:
The saints are those who truly believe.


Das LXXVIII. Paradoxon.
Juꞅtus in bono opere impingit.
LXXVII. Paradox:
The righteous fall seven times and rise again.


Das LXXIX. Paradoxon.
Duo homines in unoquoque homine.
LXXVIII. Paradox:
Two men are in every man.


Das LXXX. Paradoxon.
Impij Mundo ꞅanƈti.
LXXIX. Paradox:
The impious are the saints of the world.


Das LXXXI. Parad.
A ꞅtulto non diꞅꞅert ꞅapiens coram Deo.
LXXX. Paradox:
The wise man is not distinguished from the fool before God


Das LXXXIII. Paradoxon.
Deus & gentium Deus ꞅemper.
LXXXI. Paradox:
God and the God of the Gentiles are always the same.


Das LXXXIII. Parad.
Novum & vetus Teꞅtamentum unum in ꞅpiritu.
LXXXII. Paradox:
The New and Old Testament are one in spirit.


Das LXXXIV. Parad.
Diꞅcrimin Teꞅtamentorum ingens, & nullum.
Das LXXXIV. Parad.
The difference between the Testaments is immense, and yet none at all.


Das LXXXV. Parad.
Novum Teꞅtamentum in veteri velatum, & ꞅepultum in omnium cordibus.
Das LXXXV. Parad.
The New Testament is veiled in the Old, and buried in the hearts of all.


Das LXXXVI. Paradox.
Præcepta Iꞅraeli data, non bona.
Das LXXXVI. Paradox.
The laws given to Israel are not good.


Das LXXXVII. Parad.
Vetus paƈtum in novo ꞅœdere ꞅublatum, juxta etiam ꞅtabilitum.
Das LXXXVII. Parad.
The Old Covenant is removed in the New agreement, but also established.


Das LXXXVIII. Parad.
Novum Teꞅtamentum veteris abolitio & inꞅtitutio.
Das LXXXVIII. Parad.
The New Testament is the abolition and institution of the Old.


Das LXXXIX. Parad.
Templorum, Imaginum, Feꞅtorum, Sacrificiorum, & Ceremoniarum, nullus in novo Teꞅtamento uꞅus.
Das LXXXIX. Parad.
There is no use for temples, images, festivals, sacrifices, and ceremonies in the New Testament.


Das XCI. Paradoxon.
Qui Deum habet, omnia habet etiamꞅi nihil habeat.
Das XCI. Paradoxon.
Whoever has God, has everything even if he has nothing.


Das XCII. Paradoxon.
Vita una, & eadem omnibus
Das XCII. Paradoxon.
One and the same life for all.


Das XCIII. Paradoxon.
Omnis homo unus homos.
Das XCIII. Paradoxon.
Every man is one man.


Das CXIV. Paradoxon.
Fuga acquiruntur gloria, divitiæ, & omnia.
Das CXIV. Paradoxon.
Glory, riches, and everything are acquired by fleeing.


Das XCV. Paradoxon.
Fuga tutior.
Das XCV. Paradoxon.
Flight is safer.


Das XCVI. Paradoxon.
Inꞅequitur fortuna fugientem.
Das XCVI. Paradoxon.
Fortune follows the one who flees.


Das XCVII. Paradoxon.
Peccatum fuga, mala verò reviꞅu vincuntur.
Das XCVII. Paradoxon.
Sin is overcome by flight, but evils are conquered by facing them.


Das XCVIII. Paradoxon.
Chriꞅto omnia ꞅubjeƈta.
Das XCVIII. Paradoxon.
Everything is subject to Christ.


Das XCIX. Paradoxon.
Chriꞅtus eꞅt Deus & homo.
Das XCIX. Paradoxon.
Christ is both God and man.


Das C. Paradoxon.
Chriꞅtus hodie heri, & in perpetuum.
Das C. Paradoxon.
Christ is today, yesterday, and forever.


Das CI. Paradoxon.
Chriꞅtus ꞅplendor gloriæ, & expreꞅꞅa imagoꞅubꞅtantiæ Dei.
Das CI. Paradoxon.
Christ is the splendor of glory and the express image of the substance of God.
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2023.06.09 03:28 Jay999vsTheWrld My Deduction And question onto this 3 year Easter egg (Chat GDP Fun/Theory)? :)

My Deduction And question onto this 3 year Easter egg (Chat GDP Fun/Theory)? :)
As of 3 days ago I started my hunt for this Easter egg after falling into a mystery YouTube video rabbit hole for a few hours.... I decided to have some fun by implementing GDP and I Mean lets be real we all know there is something going on weather that be that it is an unsolvable Easter egg till new patch or its just that high level or were that dumb... but I just find it hard after 3 years we have no "real" headway on this problem....
Link To my GDP CHAT

Ill give all my deductions and what I think after I show you guys the research ive done over the last 2 days I stayed up all night its kind of an addiction truly... But i thought to myself if chat GDP can code lemme just run questions by it and see if it can somehow give us some new information.... it never came up with anything game changing or ground breaking, often mentioned the things that the hunters from 2 years ago were on about the Buddhist culture and the deity's surrounding that. but one deity in particular just stood out and felt like the right... "Bodhisattva" The photos ill attach below are correlating to this for me (ill also slap the whole GDP conversation because I asked it a lot of random questions from this reddit and other things nothing I felt like pointing out but maybe I missed a piece of information that could be useful) but never the less after asking about the colors (more on colors with the second statue) and giving a description of the statues it gave me "Bodhisattva"... after some more research and by that I mean reading a few texts and skimming them to just taking the google definition the deity "Bodhisattva" is A bodhisattva is "a Buddhist deity who has attained the highest level of enlightenment, but who delays their entry into Paradise in order to help the earthbound"....

I Dont know why but the more I read about this deity the more I felt and seen a connection to the lore of CP77... it just to me makes sense with the state of night city the trapped ness of its residence and people... (just incase because I forgot and there may be confusion I'm currently and only have been talking about the FF:06:B5 statue placed in peoples homes, and in major Locations) I will get to the magenta orb statue soon though.... Even with Vs Journey I feel there is relevance for that deity and what he has going on with Johnny and his path throughout life. Just seems like the only REAL LIFE deity that resembles a crossed leg statue holding items in Buddhist culture not Hindu... monks trying to find the gate into Heaven ??? Do we have to help them pass as the secret mission somehow? I could not tell you and that seems to be just the case with this EE just never and true forward lead just theory and speculation.

GDP at time was helpful and not lol
Out Side of Buddhist belief I asked Chat GDP about Hindu Belief, my mother knows much about the Hindu beliefs and told me she has seen what's she felt like was hundreds of deity's cross legged offering items or having 4 arms so I asked GDP for fun and did some looking up of my own and found "Vishnu" God Of Time, Protection, Good Deeds and karma.... It just seems also like it fits right into lore and the monks wanting for no killing/violence... but as we know has been debunked a pacifist run triggers no flags or secrets and it just loops us back around into is this even the right deity ????
unfortunate what Leeds me as no is the items depicted in the hands

After running through the discord and reading other leads from the [past 2 years I came across this] subreddit the theory of the Taishō Tripiṭaka era being possibly in correlation to the EE (i would source my reference but I cant find the sub rn brain is fried lol... and to go into how that lore connects would take too much of my words so if your confused how how this will correlate, go to the general discussion and you should be able to find the first theory on this there i think its the 777 theory and Zen I read it at ) Now this is where I left chat GDP and went Deep because I had a lot of question for chat GDP.... like do the numbers 3 or 7 Mean anything to deity's or the Buddhist/Hindu beliefs --- no ----- is there a correlation between the color shocking pink, pink, or magenta sited or found in Buddhist/Hindu beliefs---- no--- are there any deity's found in the Taishō Tripiṭaka era that are cross-legged and and have 4 arms---- well this is where i found that same deity in the Taishō Tripiṭaka era time of Buddhism in china the "Samantabhadra Bodhisattva" when I saw this deity pop up twice I was more intrigued on this being maybe what the FF:06:B5 statue could really be the depiction of this deity just cyberpunks version of the items to relate to the cyberpunk universe...
Slightly different to the Buddhist version

After Running into that i came to a halt because wanted to look more into this deity through texts and after reading the ZEN hypostasis... I had remembered I asked chat GDP about FF, I did some research and found that old ancient texts from the Taishō Tripiṭaka era and Buddhist texts were labeled for example T-1011 T-2032 F-2100 Ect So I looked through the oxford world religion book and sited some websites detailing the texts and the years from witch the were written in that time... And that these books direly correlated to the Zen teachings and the Zen gods that in this belief system... Going to the lucky 777 theory and Zen I went and looked at these texts, and for hours couldn't fins anything so I gave up on the F IN front and just focus on 2077 being the numbers IN front of any letter... and found this
The with the finding number of T0277 talks about Samatabahadra the same sirname or start for the deity I had just mentioned appeared twice in my research.... at this point i just feel like if im not reaching by looking at these texts it has to be somewhat in relevance to the game right?.... well i wasn't convinced so i tried to find T-2077 or any texts labeled 2077 only now..
T2077 Taishō Tripiṭaka era
Finding this text was a total pain in the ass but after finding the translated version something interesting appeared there two... The book "The Further Transmission of the lamp" published in 1372 has mainly to to with teaching on how to be Zen, it even says that texts from this time T2075-T2080 are (Zen School Biographies) to not fall into temptations like drinking and sin... Leading to that passivist theory and the no harm theory.. but with the info we have on that I wonder why that's just not the EE it makes the most sense right ?
Conclusion Statement:
I have A lot in My mind when it comes to this nut case of an EE and rabbit hole that the Buddhist and Hindu cultures provide... I cant help but to think that the FF:06:B5 EE may not even have to do with statue and maybe the two are separate maybe FF:06:B5 is a Easter egg and the monks and the statue is also a separate EE... as you can see I'm lost in the sense I cant tell what's solid and concrete Easter egg proof and what isn't between the monks Gary the profit blue eyes ect... it becomes even weirder when you play misty statue and the the glowing magenta orbs... NOWHERE and I mean NOWHERE could I find a resemblance in any culture especially when you use the hot pink/magenta color because in Buddhism and Hindu colors dont necessarily have any connection or meaning especially the colors socking pink or magenta... Throwing me even more off so I think that If its.....

1 Not patched into game and still a in development Easter egg... then some of you guys as hunters really have put your sweet and precious time and hours into a pointless rat race... that they knew was going to keep us around till phantom liberty , id be disappointed but with the launch of the game i wouldn't be surprised to see that be the case unfortunately...

2 I think that if this IS and ongoing and Solvable Easter egg at the time of posting this than I just have some questions to the real deep searchers and people who know more than me witch could be a lot of you.... is there some item to interact with a monk/npc that's just on the ground we have to use?? When I played through on my second run besides walking into locked doors endlessly head first I really felt like with the game they made for no extra random special npc missions never required an item besides the key at the dock crying lady.... and if an npc wont do anything like her till the item is in hand maybe we missed an item to give to the monks or something ? and we wont know this is possible until they have it... i just wonder if the source code has been looked through and you can see what items are interactable and if we can see if there's a flag or trigger for any junk or misc item you may just pickup in a suit case walking around night city or not... if someone could tell me if this is pointless that would be great cuz i will play the came comb everything and grab every item i can to try... just when you play and factor some missions not being doable if you go to far ahead in a certain story to the other countless theory's of triggers i feel like its maybe pointless because maybe you need an item you dont get till way late in the "story" that you supposed to use early at the monk mission or not i just cant tell if its a effort not worth expending or not..

3 Now this is what I think its least likely too be but if so would suck major.... when you take FF:06:B5 and convert it not into hexadecimal but ASCII you get the word You.... and with all the deity research and reading i did maybe its just referencing a deity and its power like.... Bodhisattva and how V is looking for a way to get into nirvana haven ect and the whole fucking Easter egg is just letting you in on a secrets deep lore it can also been seen this way with the other deity I mentioned Vishnu, and the karma and not doing bad detailing to the player "You" or V to play pacifist and not drink or do harm but since as ive mentioned time and time again there has been no lead that any pacifist run does anything at this point in time in game to trigger a special ending or not...

I do hope its something cool like a second ending or anything worth the 2 years some of you guy put into find this mystery.... ill keep looking and doing what I feel isn't a pointless run but it just seems after all these years and so much looked into and attempted the fact we haven't even got a step really into this or any leeway leads me to believe possible we are all waiting time till phantom liberty but who i am to give up i just got here :) if you made it here thank choom and ill be looking forward to what you have to say willing to look at all points of this and angles just wanna help yall get thru this lol

To any Subreddit or thing I read from the 2 years I used and didn't reference thank you... A lot of the things I mention on bring up have already been touched on but I thought id take my own look and give my own thoughts on it... and do my own research along the way so thank you to all the hunters on the look hey maybe we find it sooner than we think :)
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2023.06.09 03:27 PureLion9546 I could really use some help or thoughts right now. Sorry for too much text. I am not ok and can't do anything over the last 2 years. I am approaching scary realities on my own.

Not sure if this is the right place to post but I can't wait around any longer.
I'm looking for some thoughts or support, if possible. Anything, really. I'm 21F if that's relevant.

I've been getting worse over the last 3 years and I can't distinguish between what's normal life stuff and what's not. I have no friends or close family.
The downhill started in 2019, when I dropped out of school. Too many people, too much noise, bullying and ostracism, issues with money for gas, and a lot more. I'd shut down in the car and refuse to go.
2020 and 2021 were years of transition. My personality started flipping and I started dissociating. Got very isolated, even though I already had no friends.
2022 was the worst year. I always hated the way I look, but then something happened and I started intensely and utterly hating myself (with reason though, but more than ever). Dissociation, feeling of not being inside my mind and body, feeling of time passing too quickly and slowly at the same time, couldn't feel much of a connection to my past anymore (when looking at pictures, etc).
Couldn't leave home because of the physical discomfort and horrible sensations of the real world hitting my skin and hair. Clothes, lights, things around, vibrant colors, all felt like they were attacking me (and still do). I am literally deformed and can't even go to a place with no one around because of the way I look. I look dirty and gross because of my issues.
Now I am like that but worse, and I am unable to get myself out of this using my brain. I tried, but I don't have the energy.
I still can't leave home, can barely get out of bed. I do nothing all day, feel extremely annoyed and bothered by my life and the way things have been. I'm getting more and more disconnected from the physical world and myself. I feel like I have no identity anymore, empty and full at the same time. I have a mental symptom almost 24/7, I can never feel normal. I don't watch anything, not even listen to music. My life doesn't exist and I sleep around 11 hours a day.
I feel like my rights as a human have been taken away from me. Like I'm not allowed to do anything other people do. Not allowed to live in this planet and not allowed to have an identity. I am flighty and my ideas come and go, with no actual implementation. When I think about something, it goes away right before I can keep up with it. I feel blocked in all possible ways. I feel like I am being observed and judged. My windows are closed all the time, I don't go in front of them anymore because someone could be passing by and I don't want them to see me. My room is always dark and I have become extremely sensitive to everything. I feel fear and danger all the time. Like someone could break into my home at any moment, or a tragedy could happen (usually involving fires and explosions). I talk to myself inside my head almost the whole day and can't shut off my brain. I have a huge thick wall of glass in front of me all the time, and another one separating my consciousness from myself.
Sometimes I check the outlets because I feel there might be a hidden camera installed by the landlord or someone else, even though I know that's not true. Tech has been an unhealthy obsession with hints of fear. Posting this makes me very uncomfortable but I have to (and this is not even the start).
I am diagnosed with autism but I don't think this is related to it. I've never been so screwed and sick. I have no money to seek for therapy and I wouldn't trust the therapist anyway. I think most of them don't care and just pretend to because they're being paid. The notes they take could be misused and read by third parties (bad regulation here). What do I do? Why is all this happening to me? Can someone relate? I am very low on energy. I am wasting my life and will be screwed because of this behavior, probably even die of hunger at some point.
Sorry for too much text. I am not ok at all, could really use some external insights in the comments. Thanks and take care to not end up like me. I'm not actively suicidal, hope this is still valid here.
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2023.06.09 03:27 SearchForLove 28 [M4F] india/anywhere - I'm attracted to sweet polite respectful girls

So, I'm fine with any direction our conversations take. Eventually, im looking for a long lasting bond. Something more emotionally intimate . I have a adaptable personality. I love when the women trust me enough to open up about their life and talk about their issues. We should not hesitate to be vulnerable in friendships .
I'm also sweet and affectionate and clingy. It sucks when you crave a hug or cuddle and have no one to get it from. I can have a dominating personality sometimes.
Although I feel physical looks shouldn't matter in friendships ,it may be important to some. I'm a tall (1.8 meters / 6'0" ) guy with a athletic medium build and cute face. I have a wheatish skin complexion like most Indians.
I live in india . But I'm open to people all across the earth . I would love voice calls too.
I just want to fit into a person's life , whom I'm compatible with and become a more permanent part of their world. Whether it be platonic friendships , or something closer , like a relationship , or some other dynamic.
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2023.06.09 03:26 Financial-Reward-949 Karma times on the CC sub

Pretty amazing that Cannacoin seized the opportunity to do a karma tied distribution.
Another real world engagement!
I am a big fan of the moons and bricks system on Reddit subs, so it’s amazing to see Cannacoin and our devoted leaders making awesome things like this!
Keep up the good work, here’s to the long term!
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2023.06.09 03:25 iTityfuck3r 36 [M4F] #cai - looking for a younger busty girl (;

Here on the lookout for some amazing friends who happen to have a lovely bust (; I just can't help but be in awe of the beauty that breasts bring to the world! 😍♥️ I find so much pleasure in embracing and exploring them, getting lost in the bliss until we both reach ecstasy. And hey, if you ever feel like surprising me with a cheeky DM featuring a pair of your beautiful assets, I won't complain! 😍 It's just incredible how irresistibly sexy they can be, right? Let's indulge in delightful conversations about them that last for hours!
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2023.06.09 03:25 Throwaway_09298 XREAL AIR SCREEN RECORDING SAMPLE 1 (MacOS M2 MBP)

This is a screen recording of the xreal/nreal air on a MacOS m2 MacBook Pro using nebula. Sorry for no audio. I used QuickTime. Also ignore my code. 85% of it isn't mine and it's not complete at all.
How it works (I think): The nebula app creates 2 virtual monitors and extends them left and right of your mac main display. The nebula app then screen records those 3 screens and projects them on a 3rd virtual ultra wide-screen monitor. This is a video of what nebula shows inside its field of view.
I am a software developer that works from home. I recently downsized with my wife to an apartment. Because of that I needed to retire my multiple monitor desk setup. I have a detachable DuexPlus but it's bulky and adds a lot of extra weight in by bag. Plus I look like THAT GUY at Starbucks or a boba shop. These glases get rid of that awkwardness. My wife now says I look like Ray Charles and that's 100% a compliment by any means.
Use around others: I have the 3 monitor setup going with the glasses and what I did was on the center screen I put up a black square so I can see thru it and just use the left and right monitors for work, that way we can watch TV together (American born Chinese on Disney plus). I'm able to stay fully engaged with her and the show and work. If I was doing this with the nebula floating web browser I could still have the same setup. What is great about this is that I don't look like that dad in the apple commercial recording his kids with a vr headset out of the moment. Also if I'm in public I can have a dedicated empty space to interact with someone right in front of me.
What I like: almost everything. FoV, angles, weight of frames, space for glasses (I'm getting the prescription frames filled out soon), tracking, etc.
What I don't like:
----------------------- ETC ------------------
Samsung Dex on galaxy fold 4. It works. that's all there is to say about that. it's 0DofM but with the adapter it's 3DofM (confirmed on reddit by xreal).
Nebula app on Android: it's great. the UI for YouTube is amazing, the UI for the movie app is amazing (love the wheel chooser). Everything is so immersive. I like the spring board browser. I would probably never use this app bc I can't pull the apps on my phone into it (at least I can't find out how) and I don't want to sign in to all the sites. But the head tracking is dope and the ability to put floating windows anywhere is dope. If it had 6DofM I'd hide windows all over my home ready to go for whatever. I still need to try the 3rd party record app and the live streaming app. But seriously the YouTube app is amazing. I could definitely use something like that for ESPN. The bones are definitely there for what disney made for apple. THAT SAID...I don't like using my phone as a stick. It's very finicky. The controls aren't bad just the laser. That said thank you for thinking of left handed users.
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2023.06.09 03:25 muffiniecake Took a road trip with my best boy and he made so many new friends!

Took a road trip with my best boy and he made so many new friends!
For those of you that remember Murphy, he’s still going strong! A year ago today he was diagnosed with a glioma brain tumor. I don’t know how or why we got so lucky, but he’s still here and he’s still my sweet happy boy. He’s slowed down a bit from it all, but he is still very much the smart, energetic, driven cattle dog he’s always been. We are the luckiest dog guardians to be able to share our lives with such an amazing breed. ❤️
Anyway, here’s a few pics from our road trip to Philadelphia this past weekend. He grew up in Honolulu, so he loves the city!
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2023.06.09 03:25 Marc_the_Ardvark [H] Kill team, Warcry, AoS, BGs [W] trades, $$$ [Loc] Tor, CAD

Have: Prices in USD
Gloomhaven + SOLO + reusable stickers - 117 Lost Relics
Kill Team: Legionaries - 43
Warcry: Savagers - 38 Tarantulos Brood - 38
Seraphon army set
Dominion SCE half - 60 ish obo Dominion Kruleboyz minus hobgrot 3rd edition Drukhari metal chaos space marine with heavy bolter missing arm metal chaos terminator missing arms metal zoanthrope - modified a bit sold metal termagaunt Gurg the Foul Anasta vampire
KDM Forge priest NOS - 27 Dragon slayer - first run - 65 Valkyrie encore - 110
LOTR Warriors of Rohan NOS - 29 Warriors of the Alliance - built some primed some painted some missing bits - 21 Moria goblins - build some primed some missing parts - 21 3 x metal elf bowman - 9 ea Uruk-hai seige troops - nos primed - 21
Want: $$$ Mozrog, Gazghkull Face armor bits from Mangler Squigs Admech - ruststalkeinfiltrators/ archaeocopter Necromunda terrain - some gangs/upgrade sprues Cawdor Van Saar Tabletop world terrain 6th edition night goblins Retributor MM Bloodbowl dungeons Old snotlings Sons of Velmorn
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2023.06.09 03:24 fireandiceoutdoors BMW F850 GSA

Finally! I did it, guys! 🏍️ I bought my first motorcycle and I’m ready to hit the road for some epic adventures. 😎 Today, I set off on my first ride with my new ride. I didn’t have a destination in mind; I just wanted to feel the wind on my face and get a sense of how my motorcycle handles.
As I roamed through winding roads and picturesque scenery, I realized that this was just the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. From day trips to cross-country journeys, there’s so much I can explore now.
Moto adventures are truly the best way to discover the beauty of nature and your own inner strength. It’s a feeling unlike any other and I’m so excited to continue this journey!
Who’s with me on this thrilling ride? Share your first Moto adventure in the comments below. 🤘
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2023.06.09 03:24 TorinVanGram RCA finally free from USPS.

The past two weeks have been miserable, but I'm glad to finally be done. While there are a few people at my office and on my routs that I'll miss a bit, the upsides of having finally found a competitive job elsewhere are amazing, simply because I won't have to deal with so many things front he post office.
No more constantly changing schedules or texts from management at 6:45. No more condescending comments about how this is such an easy job, and how I must be the problem if I'm not as adept as someone who's been doing this job for 2/3rds of my lifespan. No more PMs down my throat because I didn't make leave time, or missed the new absurd return times when the mail is stupid heavy and NOBODY is making their ideal times. No more dirt roads that coat me and everything else for amazon. No more 3 minute lunch breaks. No more working weekends. No more RCAs trying to snipe me for other offices. No more management suggesting I buy a $23,000 used vehicle to 'improve my performance' when that constitutes most of my gross income from my entire time at the post office. No more coworkers suggesting I dump my fiancé because they blame her for my leaving.
I know each job has its own challenges and issues, but my experience with the post office has been a clusterfuck from start to finish. I'm so glad to be free from it.
I wish everyone here the best of luck. You've by and large been a great help during my short, fucked up time here, and I hope things work out a whole hell of a lot better for you than they did for me.
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2023.06.09 03:24 motifenrelief What exactly is this and how much is it worth?

Was bought in 1995 and kept in a safe deposit box i dont exactly know to much about it
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2023.06.09 03:24 AutoModerator Biaheza Dropshipping Course (last)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
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Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.09 03:23 Ok_Understanding4135 My boyfriend hurt me or am i being paranoid?

So a little background, I come from a 5 year long physically and mentally abusive relationship. The thing is I would do anything for him and that was my mistake. That relationship ended. I am now with a really good person and its a long distance relationship. It's been 3 months now. We met and had an amazing time. Everything was going great. Regular texts and calls. Seems like everything is perfect. 4 days back, he said he wants to do video call and I called him during my lunch break. He spoke to me for 10 mins and then he said he feels sleepy and he slept but wanted me to be on the call with him. I was on the call for 2 hours while he was sleeping. Then, the next day I called him and we were talking for an hour, then he said he's gonna sleep now. But then his ex girlfriend started calling him again and again, and he said I'll talk to her and put you in a conference call with her but he asked me to be on mute. (I am not jealous or anything, he just wanted me to be a part of conversation as she was annoying him for the past few days and he already told her he is in a relationship with me). Anyway, he talked to her for 1.5 hours (with me on conference) and then he hung up and called and talked to me for 10 mins and said he's sleepy. I was annoyed but I ignored for the sake of relationship. Then the next day, he said he was gonna call me but he did not. I waited for his call and then I called him in the evening, he said he will call me back in 5 mins but he didn't. The next day i called him at work, he talked to me and said he will call me. But he didn't. I texted him. No response. Called him. Did not pick up. Then he called me and I was crying. He asked me the reason. I poured my heart out in front of him that how he is taking me for granted. He listened and apologized deeply and said he will never do it again. He kept apologizing, i even said i am not sure if i want this relationship and he said i should take 2-3 days to decide rather than breaking it up right away.
Now, It hurts me everytime thinking this person could have texted me if he was busy but he chose not it. However, he is seriously remorseful of his actions. I am not sure what should I do now. I have severe anxiety and I know i shouldnt destroy everything because every relationship will have its ups and downs and I will have some kind of problems with other person too. He is overall a nice person, never been in LDR so communication is not a big deal for him. Also, when he calls on weekends, he would talk for hours every weekend.
I do love him and I know he loves me too. But how do i move on from this hurt. I feel like i cannot trust him again. Please help!
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2023.06.09 03:23 AdDear7468 How to start building an app for Vision Pro?

Vision Pro is a product that I have been dreaming of that can solve a long-lasting pain point in scientific research. If the application can be built on top of Vision Pro, it can be used by 10ks of researchers across the world and generating $Bs of values each year. Although having a computer science background, I am not a developer. Would love to learn from folks on:
- Where can I find people who can work with me to scope out and develop an app for Vision Pro?
- How to get support from Apple to develop such an app? e.g., getting a demo device
- How should I start developing an app on xrOS with almost no experience if I have to take it on by myself?
Although the tech is new and people are scared about the price tag, I do believe this application is groundbreaking if executed well.
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2023.06.09 03:23 wanderer2281 How do I come out?

I've accepted that I'm transgender, and now the next step would be telling people close to me about it, but the issue is a lot of my family and a few of my friends are pretty transphobic, so that makes it difficult. I've told my mother about my gender dysphoria, and she kind of accepted me, for some background I was raised Mormon in a military family, so it's definitely a conservative environment. My mother has a hard time understanding where I'm coming from, because even though she's one of the more progressive mormons, the church has a very close minded view of the world, and because my family is deeply religious, that makes things difficult. My father is a good person in general, but he is definitely transphobic and homophobic, but I don't think he is the type to kick someone they love out. He's a retired marine, and I respect him and love him a lot, but I'm just not sure if he would accept me for who I am. My current living status is with my parents, and I'm currently going to a local community college, and after that I plan on going to a university, but for the next year I will be living with my parents, and I'm just not sure how much longer I can just pretend I'm cisgender, I want to start hormone therapy, and start transitioning now, but I'm just not sure if now would be a good time to come out, especially because I'm living with my family (I'm 18). Is there any advice that people could give on what to do in this type if situation?
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2023.06.09 03:23 fireandiceoutdoors BMW F850 GSA

Finally! I did it, guys! 🏍️ I bought my first motorcycle and I’m ready to hit the road for some epic adventures. 😎 Today, I set off on my first ride with my new ride. I didn’t have a destination in mind; I just wanted to feel the wind on my face and get a sense of how my motorcycle handles.
As I roamed through winding roads and picturesque scenery, I realized that this was just the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. From day trips to cross-country journeys, there’s so much I can explore now.
Moto adventures are truly the best way to discover the beauty of nature and your own inner strength. It’s a feeling unlike any other and I’m so excited to continue this journey!
Who’s with me on this thrilling ride? Share your first Moto adventure in the comments below. 🤘
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2023.06.09 03:22 fireandiceoutdoors BMW F850 GSA

Finally! I did it, guys! 🏍️ I bought my first BMW F850 GSA motorcycle and I’m ready to hit the road for some epic adventures. 😎 Today, I set off on my first ride with my new ride. I didn’t have a destination in mind; I just wanted to feel the wind on my face and get a sense of how my motorcycle handles.
As I roamed through winding roads and picturesque scenery, I realized that this was just the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. From day trips to cross-country journeys, there’s so much I can explore now.
Moto adventures are truly the best way to discover the beauty of nature and your own inner strength. It’s a feeling unlike any other and I’m so excited to continue this journey!
Who’s with me on this thrilling ride? Share your first Moto adventure in the comments below. 🤘
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