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2023.06.04 09:08 hitmanbrett12 Been almost a month and a half and I’m struggling

Hey everyone thank you for reading this !!
It’s been close to 2 month, honestly I’m great mentally I know what I need to do and I’m staying to course, it’s just nice to express myself to the understanding people of this community.
I miss her so much 😭😭 I really hope she feels the same. I hope she misses me and the belly rubs. I loved her so fucking much and still do. I broke up with her and I don’t regret it but I still want to be with her (doesn’t make sense but it’s very complicated)
We went no contact 2 different times and this is the 2 time we’re in now. She is such an amazing woman and I truly wish nothing but happiness for her in her future. First time no contact I was hoping she would reach out. She never did. I finally reached out. I took her on a couple dates and she stayed at my house a couple nights and things were good. We did a lot of reflecting and talking and I thought things were looking good.
She told me she didn’t want to get back together now and wanted to focus on herself (until the summer was over, “until summers over “ exact words) which hurt. The night we broke up. We had talked about something and she agreed to not do it. Next morning she was doing it. So when she got home at night from a baby shower I was about to confront her and she was in a bubbly mood. So I confronted her. She got very defensive . And tbh I was wrong for this but I stonewalled and asked for a break. At that moment she paused and packed all her things,
I gave her a ride home and she didn’t say a word the whole car ride, after I dropped her off I helped her carry her things up, I just dropped them and made a quick exit (found out later she really didn’t like this) on my way out she came downstairs and leaned out and said “I don’t think I should come back” (We lived together for 2+ years)
Anyway I’m just really hurt, I’m too proud to admit that I’m really hurting so at least I can express it here. It’s a mixture of literally every emotion imaginable and if anyone or any group of people couple understand it would be this group.
Thank you everyone if you read this. Have an amazing night !
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2023.06.04 09:07 Head-Piccolo-9634 I miss Deerhunter so much.

I realize this is a personal problem to some extent lol, but I really miss Deerhunter so much and I think about it way way too often. I keep reading speculation that they're done, and embarrassingly it's hard for me to accept that. I've been a fan for a long time but never had the chance to see them live, and now it seems like I probably never will and it's hard to feel like I missed out on something incredible. I'm not in a great place right now (not going to get into that - it's boring and irrelevant!) and I guess I'm just fixating too much at the moment because I have a void that needs to be filled and it feels like a new Deerhunter album would do it! lmao
Obviously we don't know what the future will hold... I just really hope we'll hear from them again in some capacity someday. I'd love another Atlas Sound or Lotus Plaza album, anything... I totally understand that things change, but I miss the days when they were releasing tons of stuff and Bradford was giving his signature wild interviews and making headlines in the indie music world all the time. I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic at 2 AM, so here I am dumping all of this and hoping that someone out there can relate. :') I'll get over it eventually. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.04 09:07 Phaynel Anime you don't watch!

I'm trying to find anime I can have playing while I game, that I don't have to glance at. I realized while I was rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL that it was the perfect anime for watching while gaming, and I'd like to find more shows that fit this formula.
  1. The characters aren't even moving. All the action happens while they're pretty much stationary around the duel field.
  2. Everything that happens is explained out loud. "I play X in attack mode and activate its ability that does Y..."
  3. Once you understand the fundamentals of what's going on, you can basically mind's eye envision the entire battle without ever needing to look.
So obviously, pretty much every Yu-Gi-Oh is going to fall into this category, but I don't want to burn out on them. Could I get some suggestions for shows that offer the same high quality listenability?
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2023.06.04 09:07 Attrest A Message To Her I Will Likely Never Send

It took me a while to put this into words. I did not understand my own feelings at first. I knew you were right for me over this perfect girlfriend you likely envisioned for me, but I couldn’t really explain why I felt this way. But I now understand. I now understand what truly makes you my soulmate. The girl who pushes me to be a better version of myself is truly what a soulmate is. A soulmate isn’t always what you want but it’s what you need. That’s why I could always feel how perfect you are for me, even if I didn’t know at the time it’s what I needed. Maybe I’m not your soulmate, but for this reason especially you will always be mine.
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2023.06.04 09:06 stavro24496 Reviving old ottoman wonder tales: The King's Son and the Dervish's Daughter

Hello everyone. I posted last week about a similar video. What I am doing at my channel is creating new videos with old wonder tales that have elements from the arabic, persian, ottoman, african, (and mabye in the future european and american) folk. With the help of AI I am generating these wonderful images and meanwhile the stories being narrated are quite old.
I am also writing my own original story with the same elements from their folklore. Everything you would see, is very similar to the famous 1001 nights/ arabian nights. Below you find the story for today and I will be posting here every week.
I believe what I am doing will bring value to people who love folklore, mythology, old tales, legends and some original content.
A huge thanks also to the admins of the page who allowed me to do this after a quick chat.
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2023.06.04 09:06 jaehyunnie127 [MOD ANNOUNCEMENT] On July 1st, Reddit will kill the use of major 3rd party apps. This decision will majorly change this site as we know it. Here is what you should know about it:

Hello everyone,
Today the kpopthoughts mod team and I would like to talk to you guys about an important topic that’s going on with reddit at the moment. I am especially passionate about this topic as I pretty much only ever have used reddit through a (fantastic) third party app. Other mods on the team also exclusively access reddit on mobile through a third party app. I’m sure some of you guys as well use third party apps, and if so, you may have already heard about this. For those completely unfamiliar with this topic and why it is so important for this website, please read on.

Okay, what’s going on?

API Pricing
Recently, Reddit announced drastic changes to their API pricing. In short: APIs are what third party apps, including bots, rely on to work. What Reddit is doing, is driving up the prices of their API usages to insane heights, making it impossible for the devs of third party apps to pay for them and thus are unable to keep their app running. For example, Apollo would be forced to pay upwards of $20 million USD/year.
Please read some of the developers own statements, they can explain their own situation much better:
Safety tools for subreddits
This is bad! Why is this bad? Because the official app and website lack a lot of functionalities for moderators. A lot of mods, if not the majority, rely on third party tools and bots to moderate subreddits. For example, there are bots that are specifically created to seek out and remove (NSFW) spam or help discover illegal pornographic content.
When these tools cease to exist, our subreddits will be vulnerable when it comes to anti-spam and user safety. One of the most important mod tools around, toolbox, are also unsure of their future.

Will this affect me and how?

If you are currently browsing Reddit on a third party app, you will no longer be able to do so if this change goes through on July 1st. If you are already using the official app, this will probably not personally affect you.
However, we are most likely going to see some important subreddits close if their moderators are no longer able to keep their users safe from harmful (NSFW) content, spam or if they simply don’t want to use Reddit without their favorite app. Every subreddit is plagued with (NSFW) spam and trolls, even ours. Reddit is not equipping moderators with tools to combat these on their own.
Old Reddit
Another topic entirely, but also important, is that the general consensus seems to be that these changes are being enforced so reddit users are forced to use the official app. There they are able to track your data, show you unlimited ads and basically do whatever they want - nothing of it with your best interests at heart, which is what third party apps have always been doing. Furthermore, this suggests the removal/discontinuation of

Can we stop this?

Hundreds of communities are being vocal about how much they disagree with this change, asking them to reconsider and recognize the important role third party apps play in keeping this website alive. I encourage you to read this open letter which further elaborates on the topic:
ModCoord: An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.
Additionally, there are talks of a 24h Reddit blackout in other subreddits, which have worked in the past. They are however highly disruptive to the community but if Reddit doesn't back down on this, we will be participating in this as well.
So please, be vocal about this. Comment on any of the popular posts linked in the post. Make some noise, as they say. Make them listen.
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2023.06.04 09:06 flourishersvk What's your opinion on these reasons NOT to date someone?

How do these reasons NOT to date someone sound?
So I started dating this girl. She's 23 and I'm 27.
It's going relatively well. She actually initiated this and she's really into me. Trying to spend as much time with me as she can, bringing me food to work etc.
I take her out to dinners etc. I find her really cute, smart and attractive. When it's just the two us we usually have a lot of fun joking around.
But here's the two big things that make me want to stop seeing her.
  1. I'm very introverted and she's the opposite. In a bar with friends whenever she gets the chance. Which is cool but kind of a mismatch I guess. She wants me to go out with her. Which is sometimes fun but I always feel like I don't really enjoy it. I can have a lot of fun with people but I was never really a bar going person. I just feel like in the future this won't work because I'm starting to focus more and more on stuff like progressing my career and studying further in my field. Going out to bars and festivals is the last thing I have on my mind haha. But I don't mind going to a beach for example or even concerts sometimes. It's just that I don't want to drink at all.
  2. Well I want to work and focus on improving my future. And I feel like this is slowing me down honestly. Like I like spending time with her but it's not so great that I feel like delaying my work over it. I've been doing content creation for some time and I'm trying to build a side business with it. I've been doing great recently, building my own brand etc. But then these weeks I have barely done any recording and I can't focus because I'm thinking about this.
To be honest I wouldn't mind dating these days even if I'm busy. But I feel like it must be working well and be a better match for it to also work well with my schedule and current life style/goals.
I'm just curious if anyone here thinks I'm just overthinking stuff.
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2023.06.04 09:05 DemoWeeb Computer screen does a weird blackout thing when freezing, then restarts with no issues

(i would attach a picture to this, except its a rare occurrence and if it can be forcefully replicated I have no idea how.)
Explaining this the best way I can, sometimes after I've been using my computer for a while (at least a couple hours) my monitors will go almost completely black, with the exception of whatever i had on at the time being partially outlined (the highlighted parts being whatever colored parts were completely red or magenta from an RGB perspective). It doesn't seem to affect the audio whatsoever, and after about roughly 5 seconds the computer shuts off then immediately restarts itself back up like nothing happened.
I've had this problem for at least a couple of months, only problem is that its such an infrequent occurrence that I think its fixed whenever I update my graphics drivers or do a system update, so im at a complete loss as to what's causing it. Google hasn't been much of a help either since i have no real way of describing it in a way that doesnt bring up BSoD.
Any help with this is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.04 09:05 Faridh – a calendar app like no other

Hi Apple fans,
I'm excited to share our recently launched calendar app with this community!
Watch our short trailer on youtube
When it comes to time management and calendaring we realize a lot of options exist, but in our experience, most are either too basic in their functionality or too complex in their adoption. And using a project/knowledge management tool to tackle your day-to-day feels a bit unnatural/overwhelming. So – we opted to build something powerful, but in a more familiar calendato-do list package that appeals to the average consumer but does not alienate the power user either. It’s fully native on iOS (made with love and occasional despair in SwiftUI) and uses your Calendar and Reminders data as its data source.
We just launched on Product Hunt this past week (made it to the top 10!) and so far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.
Considering the number of new entrants in the space who have made similar claims, we can understand your skepticism. So here's a summary of our differentiators to help you decide whether to follow through with a download. Fingers crossed none will be Sherlocked by Apple at tomorrow’s WWDC announcement (=
  1. A single timeline to review your Reminders, Tasks and Calendar Events without context switching. Several apps are starting to offer this now, but we’re focused on making our “today” view the most useful blend of your events, your tasks, and your breaks/gaps. Our "anytime tasks" are like post-it notes for your day. They stay top of mind throughout the day (or week even — you can set tasks to be for anytime during a week). You can easily check them off, or set reminders so they don’t get missed. If something does slip (it will happen!), we’ll give you a soft nudge, but we are intentional in presenting a blank slate each day/week so to reduce any overwhelm that could ultimately lead you to declare task bankruptcy. We want to help you, not burden you.
  2. A universal entry point to capture anything you want to plan around. While we don’t support NLP (…yet), our flexible entry form makes adding reminders, events, or tasks natural and perhaps even faster than typing. You can also annotate things with #tags and emojis and a many other custom fields like energy, priority, Eisenhower matrix, LNO and more. All these fields are customizable so you can toggle on/off to just the ones that suit your lifestyle. Spoilers: we plan to add more metadata points so there’s something for everyone (ideas most welcome, especially for your priority system of choice), and eventually want to empower you with the tools to create your own. Think Notion for calendars!
  3. Powerful filters and views to get a perspective on your upcoming timeline (or a retro on your recent past). Two important takeaways from our user sessions were that 1) busy people don’t like their calendars because it’s a source of overwhelming anxiety and 2) busy people are really busy. Short of the powers to free them up, we offer them the next best thing: the ability to dramatically simplify their calendar through filters: there are a ton and can be combined in unique and creative ways. This helps unlock fresh and insightful perspectives, and are also supported by a special Week view that leverages them to digest what’s ahead in a snap. For anyone with a busy calendar, this is a game changer! It’s one of those obvious features that once you’ve tried it, you’re going to wonder how the heck has no calendar app done this before.
  4. Space for (private) notes for each task/event to help with preparation/recall. We’ve found that our notes app is chock-full of random single-page (sometimes single-sentence) entries with no additional context. A lot of times these are related to something that's happening in our life at that point in time (whether a calendar event or a task). So we decided to put together a “scratchpad” to let you write something within the context of the task/event. You can export these notes to your favorite app if needed or just leave them on your timeline for future reference.
  5. Event discovery and inspiration Part of what makes planning challenging is the “what”. With so much happening in the world (and locally) that might interest us, it’s so easy for things to slip. There are thousands of websites with lists of things to do, but they are not aware of our time (or our interests), making it a catch-22. So we decided to bring these two worlds closer together by adding event discovery directly in the app, where you can one-tap add them to your calendar. We currently support local events (certain geo’s only), live sports and many special interests categories like release dates, social media events and so on. We plan to enrich our sources over time (any recommendations most welcome).
  6. Beautiful and thoughtful design We’ve been extremely considerate with every design detail in the app, however big or small. Right from the go, we were determined to not build just another calendar. There are many of those — arguably too many — and so we weren’t motivated to simply make up the numbers. The goal has been to build something different better. A genuine alternative. Admittedly we have not always balanced those two priorities equally with initial versions perhaps being too opinionated resulting in a too unfamiliar experience. However, with the help of early users (as well as inspiration from other apps, notably the Camera), we’ve re-iterated a ton and — although there’s still ways to go — we think we’re on the way to accomplishing our objective: something fresh but still familiar.
We have so much more planned but we couldn’t wait any longer to share what we have with this community. We know you have good taste so hopefully you’ll check us out and we can build this next phase together – and apologies for the long-ish post :)
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2023.06.04 09:05 And_be_one_traveler Mods of r/Blind reveal that removing 3rd party apps will effectively remove the blind from reddit. and advocates for a reddit wide protest blackout in response on June 12th

Post on /Blind
Unfortunately, new Reddit, and the official Reddit apps, just don't provide us with the levels of accessibility we need in order to continue effectively running this community. As well, the Transcribers of Reddit, the many dedicated folks who volunteer to transcribe and describe thousands and thousands of images on Reddit, may also be unable to operate.
One of our moderators, u/itsthejoker, has had multiple hour-long calls with various Reddit employees. However, as of the current time, our concerns have gone unheard, and Reddit remains firm. That's why the moderation team of blind now feels that we have no choice but to take further action.
The protest:
In solidarity with thousands of other subreddits who are impacted by this change, we will be shutting down the /blind subreddit for 48 hours from June 12th to June 14th. You will not be able to read or make posts during that time.
ModCoord also has a post talking about this issue and advocating for a protest:
In the rush to draft a response to reddit's decision to kill Third Party Apps, our team made an omission in calculating the impact this move by reddit will have on its users.
For the visually impaired, iOS is a disaster.
Here is how this was explained to me:
On Android, the official Reddit mobile app is reasonably usable with the Android screen reader, but the experience on iOS is a completely different story. There are missing elements, broken navigation, nonsensical labels, and more problems that plague those who just want to interact with the site. If you decide to become a moderator the problems are compounded even more.
Third party apps, like Dystopia for Reddit and Apollo, have addressed this niche left so underserved for so many years because Reddit won't. It took literal years of tickets and complaints to get New Reddit to be accessible, and now the door has been shut in our collective faces. As things currently stand, this change doesn't just take away our clients; it takes away our voice.
It takes away our voice.
And what is reddit's official response to this madness? (Make no mistake, this move by reddit is madness.)
Figure it out yourself.
Here is where we stand on June 3rd: Reddit has nothing but contempt for its users, mods, and developers.
A blind moderator responded
As one of the mods of blind I depend on third party apps. Once the apps are gone, I may be left with no choice but to step down and close my 17 year old account. I hope it wont’ come to that.
There was also cross post on modsupport.
So in response to these concerns and others, Save3rdPartyApps has been formed and is also supporting the protest.
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2023.06.04 09:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
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Start Here: Intro & Onboarding

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🧠 Phase 2 – Certification
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🧠 Phase 4 – Ramp
🧠 What is Remote Closing
🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

Sales 1o1 Crash Course

👉 Intro
👉 Sales First Principles
👉 The Belief Ladder
👉 Setter Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown (Setter)
👉 Closer Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown #1

Sourcing a Gig

📖 Landing a Setter / Closer Contract – Intro
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The Ramp Up

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Sales Philosophy & Inner Game

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📈 Discovery Syntax #2: Goals First Syntax
📈 Want to Become a Master At Asking Skilled Questions? Watch This
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📈 Transitioning to the Pitch
📈 Transitioning to the Pitch (Alternative Method)
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📈 Example Call: Problems First Syntax – Business Offer

Closer Training Part 2: Pitching & Closing

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📈 Committing Phase

Objection Handling

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🚀 PartneSpouse Objection
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BONUS #8: Inner Game Of Sales™

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 09:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Denzel Yomi – Ecom Pro ™ 2023 Full Course (

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E-Com Pro TM
Qu’est ce que c’est?
Ecom Pro est le seul programme dont vous aurez besoin pour réussir dans le E-Commerce, peu importe votre parcours, vos connaissances et vos compétences de départ.
Une marche à suivre étape par étape pour construire votre boutique E-Commerce en partant de zéro, ainsi qu’un accompagnement personnalisé par nos coachs.
Pour qui? Cette formation s’adresse à 2 types de personnes: les débutants qui n’ont aucune expérience dans le E-Commerce ainsi que les experts qui veulent connaître les stratégies pour améliorer leurs résultats.
Comment? E-Com Pro contient une marche à suivre étape par étape pour construire votre boutique E-Commerce en partant de zéro, ainsi qu’un accompagnement personnalisé pour valider chaque étape de votre parcours.
Quand? Le programme est 100% en ligne et conçu pour être suivi en 6 semaines. Cependant, vous pouvez le suivre à votre rythme et le commencer quand vous voulez. Vos accès sont illimités et valables à vie. De plus, vous bénéficiez d’un accès gratuit à toutes les futures mises à jour de la formation.
Pourquoi? Le but d’Ecom Pro est de permettre à toute personne déterminée de profiter de la révolution du E-Commerce 2.0, pour radicalement changer sa vie et atteindre la liberté financière, géographique et temporelle.
Et ça fonctionne!
Nos membres ont généré plus de 250’000’000€ de chiffre d’affaires et ont noté la formation 4,8/5. En moyenne, chaque étudiant qui rejoint la formation génère plus de 10’000€ et 54 ont dépassé le million de chiffre d’affaires.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 09:04 stupidityWorks I relate to Tiffany Tumbles... how bad is this? lol

God, she is so relatable (aside from the right-wing stuff, anyway). The self-hatred, the dysphoria, the anger, the way she explains being trans... it's all so relatable, and I see a lot of me in her.
Does this mean I have a lot of internalized transphobia and self-hatred?
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2023.06.04 09:04 TheGayMusician Please help.

Before I make up my mind on this I just want to say a few things. No one has ever understood me. Not a single soul. And while their hearts are in the right place, the only friends I’ve ever had were there because they pitied me. They always chose to talk to other people over me and half the time they just ignored me and leave me by myself. And my teachers never understood me, neither did my parents or my family, or anyone. Even though I’ve explained it to so many people, they never got any less distant. Imagine that you look like everyone else but you’re actually a different species. Now, hear me out on this one. You’re completely different from everyone but you live in a society thats meant for humans. You struggle with everything every day and it’s always things that no one that you know has ever dealt with. But because you look like everyone else and nobody else has dealt with it, they say that it’s ridiculous. Some people try to give you advice, and while their heart is in the right place, it just makes it worse. It’s always “make a list” “set a timer” blah blah blah. These things work for them but they don’t work for you, because you’re different. Then there’s the people who give you pity. That makes it so much worse because you’re just trying to connect and people end up pitying you and treating you like an infant. Everywhere I go I feel more and more distant and more and more alone and more and more hopeless. Even my parents feel distant. I’m completely alone. I’ve always been isolated and never heard, even though I’m surrounded by people, and it’s worse than anything you can imagine. Worse than any kind of physical torture. It’s terrible. Cruel. I want out. I’m trying to make up my mind, and I probably don’t have the courage to do it, but I really goddamn want to. I’m living an endless nightmare and everywhere I go it just keeps building and building, and I just want out. I apologize for venting here but I really don’t know what to do and this subreddit is full of people like me. How do I reconnect? I can’t go on in these conditions. I need some serious advice.
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2023.06.04 09:04 CreativeTree3266 I'm in the middle of a really stupid experiment, here are my findings

So I have a LOT of alone time, hardly around people at all. I decided what could be fun instead of talking to myself would be creating a language to speak to myself in. I gave me the one rule that I am not allowed to think about what I'll be speaking before I speak it. So literally every syllable I'd speak would just be whatever felt natural. The idea being over time something natural or consistent could be built. The obvious flaw in this is none of the words will ever have a direct translation, and it is more then possible to try to communicate the same sentence using entirely different words/syllables, making any consistency extremely lacking
After doing this around 3 months I've noticed a few things.
I'll notice I still can't decide what any of the words I say mean, but I would say syllables and words tend to correlate with feelings I'm experiencing in the moment.
Overall speaking has become much more natural feeling even if I still have no idea what any of the words mean. I've noticed lately even my thoughts have been starting to change to think I'm this language. Things like singing in the language are easier and natural feeling since I don't need to think about it
I really have no goal with this, but I have noticed that I've caught myself almost responding to people in this language and had to stop myself, because that would be really awkward to explain. I still can't tell you what the words I think or say mean
Lay-bee oun-tay-ah-toe say-ah-stah dee-ah-lay-mun-tou aye-la-ta
Okay, tell me I'm weird now
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2023.06.04 09:04 Sad-Consequence-7800 Need advice old vs young dating. 37m 18 f

I know I'm catch heck for this, and it's going to be a long post. Please just read the whole thing and feel free to offer advice.
Me 37-year-old male, one son who is 17, not having any more children. Career driven, have my own business, have myself situated. Had a pretty hard life growing up, and been single a while
Her almost 19, graduated school early, already finished one college program works full-time at the hospital. Had a hard life as well growing up and similar trauma to mine.
I met her because she came to a family function with my aunt. I liked her as soon as I saw her but I did not know who she was or her age she did not look her age. Inadvertently she liked me as well. We were introduced to my aunt asked me if I would help her look for a car and she was getting ready to purchase a newer one and since that's one of the things I specialize in of course I would help. Eventually we were texting about cars and then the conversation took off elsewhere and she admitted that she liked me.
I I'm fairly jaded as far as dating and at my age I just don't have the time and patience for a lot of the women in the dating pool and while there's some amazing ones out there I have just never found them. I have pretty much given up on it but I still give it a shot every once in awhile. I work on my cars, I work for myself, me and my kid and my family do stuff all the time I have a great life. However I was hurt with my first major relationship and I still gave it a shot but I could just never rekindle that type of Feeling Again.
Either way we start talking, she gets my sense of humor. We joke we laugh. We feel the same way about a lot of stuff, and politely disagree on a few things but it's no biggie. We start hanging out, she is so affectionate and sweet, but she's not really like that with anyone else. She's dated three guys before and two of them cheated on her or were on Tinder while talking to her, and the other one stalked her and threatened to kill her.
I believe in chivalry, I try to be sweet and thoughtful but I can still be self-centered as far as really wanting to work on my projects and stuff like that. Like today, I cut some trees up, weeded, mow the grass, and hold the trash off and she just hung out with me for all of it. One of the few people that want nothing but my time.
We have a big age Gap, and a difference in life experience as one would expect. It bugs me, if she was just a few years older no questions asked I would marry her. I've tried to talk her at a dating me, I told her I might I have a heart attack and 10 or 15 years or something it never fazes her. She doesn't act like any 18-year-old I know, she works hard, she wants to succeed. She never complains. I used to say I would never date anyone younger than 28 and here I am.
So am I just really messed up or is this something that can be functional? I mean most of my family's on board with it, the ones that have concerns have the same ones essentially I do but I'm not opposed to it. I just don't know what to make of it and worry and I'm doing something wrong. We get along famously and we have deep conversations about stuff like this and she's looking towards the future, she doesn't want kids. Just not certain how to feel about it and wouldn't mind the unbiased opinion of the fine people of reddit!
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2023.06.04 09:04 wakeupindayone Are Limited Wallpapers a strictly one-time thing only?

I'm a returning player this year so I missed a lot of event/limited wallpaper offers. Had Dalcom released an events or missions in the past that gives out or atleast sells these expired offers of wallpapers? I was hoping that like LE cards (not the events one) where they get released again thru another future events, they'd do the same for the wallpapers.
Some of them are really pretty and I'd buy a few of them given that they release it again 🥹
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2023.06.04 09:03 solhunter111 AdLunam: The Future of Launchpads in the Web 3.0 Attention Economy

AdLunam: The Future of Launchpads in the Web 3.0 Attention Economy
The AdLunam X-Factor is truly exceptional! By introducing the concept of Proof of Attention, AdLunam is transforming the attention economy and revolutionizing the token ecosystem. The simple act of giving attention not only contributes to the success of projects but also rewards us as investors.
What sets AdLunam apart is its commitment to mutual success. Both investors and projects reap the benefits of this innovative approach. It's a win-win situation where everyone involved can thrive together. The emphasis on collaboration and shared achievements is what makes AdLunam stand out.
I'm excited to be a part of this groundbreaking venture that recognizes the value of attention and rewards active participation. AdLunam is reshaping the token economy, and I can't wait to witness the amazing outcomes it will bring.
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2023.06.04 09:03 shikalmahyrf Rusty out

Can someone please explain?…. I’m 71 years old and not much of a cartoon guy… At least not since “The Far Side” retired…. Rusty out
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2023.06.04 09:03 fiduciasolutions1 PHP Training Course in Noida: Enhance Your Web Development Skills with Fiducia Solutions

If you're looking for a PHP training course in Noida that offers comprehensive learning, hands-on experience, and industry exposure, Fiducia Solutions is an excellent choice. Their well-structured curriculum, experienced trainers, personalized attention, and placement assistance make them stand out among other institutes. By enrolling in their PHP training program, you'll equip yourself with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive field of web development. Invest in your future and join Fiducia Solutions to unlock your potential as a PHP developer!
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2023.06.04 09:03 DevelopmentNo1350 Friend is out of my life

English is not my first language. Apologize for spelling error and whatnots.
Group of five that has been friends since we were 17 (now 30-31ish). Anna (fake name) I've known since we were four and are still close. Jenna (also fake) I met through Anna when we were 17. Tilda and Emma (fake ) were also a part of that group. Tilda and Jenna were also childhood friends since age 7ish.
All of them were at my wedding last year in September. We have a group chat we chat in sometimes since we all live a distance from each other. During adulthood we always made sure to meet up at least twice a year, but you know life gets busy. But we always made time for each other in the group chat.
After the wedding I started to notice that Jenna always read everyones replys or texts, but never answered. In November we started planning another get together, aiming for february. Never got an answer wether she could or not. We asked her, but didn't get any response. The rest of us decided to go ahead with the date and either Jenna joined or not. Might add she still read every single message, just chose to not respond. We never heard from her. During the last six months I've shared two major events in my life in that chat: that we bought a house and that I was pregnant. None of them I got any response from her or any congrats. The rest did.
Now Jenna and I used to be close from age 18-24 ish. Somewhere after that it sizzled a bit, but we still talked and did things. And then work came, boyfriends etc. I understand that as we grow and evolve relationships are never the same as they used to be. In time she got a job she loved, boyfriend, house, dog. And I noticed she liked meeting new people in the dog community and through work. I never blamed for anything. I also gained new friends and acquaintances. Maybe her avoiding us started earlier than the wedding, I don't know. I also chalked it up to her and I not being in the same phase of life.
Either way, back to an event yesterday. Now I've been pretty hurt that she at least never acknowledged the house or my pregnancy. The rest I didn't care about, but I thought at least that would warrant a response. Yesterday we were all invited, along with other friends and family, to Tilda to celebrate her finishing a bachelor degree. I had been debating wether I would talk to Jenna before about her behaviour, but both me and my husband decided to wait until this event. There was a chance everything would pour out with congratulations and whatnots. So I bid my time and off we went.
Adding: It was both me and Anna that experienced the silence and felt something was off.
At the party I saw her, we walked up, everyone congratulated once again on the baby and asked question. Anna? None. Zero. Never made any eye contact the entire evening. I made several attempt at saying hi, and everytime she turned her back on us and walked in a different direction.
At one point she, along with my husband, her boyfriend and another stood outside talking. Anna and I walked up to join and she immediately walked away.
Neither Anna and I know what's wrong. I've asked both Tilda and Emma and no one knows. She still talks to them (Emma is also her sister, so that's explainable). It was just Anna and I that was silenced.
I'm just so hurt and confused. We can't figure out if we have done anything wrong. I thought about writing to her about my feelings, but decided against it. Nothing will come out of it and I'm not sure I will get any closure from it.
I still talk with Emma, Tilda and Anna and we all still want to keep in touch. For now I've archived the previous group chat and started a new one with just the four of us (The old one will still be active, I just won't see any messages). I just don't want to have anything to do with Jenna at the moment. Maybe she will come around, maybe she will not. But Anna and I have accepted that we will have to live in the unknown.
It just hurts.
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2023.06.04 09:02 London2510 My experience with the Ausländerbehörde in Stuttgart for my work permit extension

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share my experience requesting the extension of my residence permit for work in Stuttgart, hopefully this helps someone who is also struggling with this.
My residence permit expires on the second week of May 2023. I had been trying to contact the ausländerbehörde for many months. I sent several emails in English 5 months before the expiry date, requesting an appointment and information for the process. I sent a follow up email 2 months before, this time in German. No reply for any of these emails, also impossible to get in touch by phone during the hours they are supposed to be available.
I sent a final email a week before my permit expired with URGENT in the subject, attaching all the documents that seem to be required for the process in the website, asking for an appointment and mentioning that I would go in person to get a temporary extension (fiktionsbescheinigung).
Two days after sending this email, I received an email from them saying they would immediately send the fiktionsbescheinigung by post, giving me an appointment on the third week of June, and defining which documents to provide (which are different than stated on the website).
Coincidentally, the day I received the email I was in line to try to get in without an appointment since I had not received any response at that moment and I was completely out of options. On that day, I arrived half hour before opening time and there were already 50 people in line. Unfortunately, when I first approached one of the security guys, he might have been new, he told me to wait in line. I waited for another security guy and he was more aware about the situation. I explained my case to him, showed him the expiry date on my residence permit, and he immediately let me in without standing in line and provided a number to wait. As soon as I went in, they took me very quickly, checked the status of my case, and said I will receive the fiktionsbescheinigung by post and they would contact me for an appointment.
That’s as far as I have gotten right now. I might provide an update later if something extraordinary happens. To anyone reading this, hope you are able to resolve your case and good luck!
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